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Marketing for Carpet Cleaners: 7 Website Tips for 2023

Marketing for Carpet Cleaners: 7 Website Tips for 2023

Carpet Cleaner Marketing Masters

Marketing for Carpet Cleaners: 7 Website Tips for 2023


Is your carpet cleaning website ranking well on Google? Are you getting traffic but struggling to generate quality leads? It’s possible that your website is lacking essential components or not providing a great user experience, which can hinder lead generation in the competitive home cleaning service industry.

In this article, we will explore 7 crucial website elements your carpet cleaning business needs to convert online traffic into paying customers in 2023.

Let’s dive in!

Carpet Cleaning Website essentials

1. Assess Your Website Traffic

“Technical Warning: If marketing jargon confuses you, feel free to skip to our second recommendation.”

Before we delve into the elements necessary to convert traffic into high-quality leads, it’s important to understand your website’s target audience. It’s possible that your website is ranking well and attracting consistent traffic, but it might not be for the right search terms. To evaluate this, we will focus on two key performance indicators (KPIs): Traffic Source and Engagement Rate (formerly known as Bounce Rate).

Traffic Source

Why is it crucial to know which search terms are driving traffic to your carpet cleaning website?

Consider this scenario: Your website’s content is geared towards residential carpet cleaning services, but you might be ranking for a less competitive term, like commercial carpet cleaning. This means that most of your traffic is sourced from search terms that might not align with your target market.

So, how can you identify the source of your website traffic?

Google offers a free tool called Google Search Console, which provides insights into your organic search performance. For example, under the “Performance” tab, you can discover the search terms your website is ranking for (impressions) and which terms are driving the most traffic (clicks).

Note that this tool doesn’t provide historical data, so you can only analyze future traffic and search actions. Therefore, after setting up your domain in the search console, it’s recommended to wait at least 3 months to gather enough data for informed decision-making.

Engagement Rate

Now that we’ve identified the source of your organic traffic, it’s important to determine why these visitors aren’t converting into leads. The primary purpose of your website is to generate carpet cleaning leads, which usually involve a contact form or appointment booking application. If visitors aren’t engaging with these on-site elements, it can result in a low engagement rate.

First, ensure that you have Google Analytics installed on your website. Similar to Google Search Console, this tool reports on future traffic, so it might take a few months to gather sufficient data for actionable insights.

To find your engagement rate, expand the Acquisition tab and click on User Acquisition.


A healthy Engagement Rate in the carpet cleaning industry is 60% or above.

A low Engagement Rate could indicate that you’re targeting the wrong traffic or that your website has a poor user experience.

To identify which pages on your website contribute to a lower Engagement Rate, navigate to the Pages and Screens tab located under Engagement. Next, sort the Views column to display the page with the most views at the top of the list. Finally, filter the Event Count column by “user_engagement.” Since this metric is relative, compare the performance of your most visited page to the rest of your website.

If the most viewed page on your site has minimal engagement, continue reading for more actionable insights.

2. Include a Contact Form CTA on Every Page

To convert website visitors into carpet cleaning leads, it’s crucial to make it as easy as possible for customers to reach out. However, any friction in the process can lead to visitors bouncing off your website. Ideally, you should have a contact form in the sidebar or footer of every page on your website, but implementing this may require some technical skills.

As a simpler alternative, you can add a “Book a Free Quote” button at the bottom of every page. Make sure to color it in a vibrant and attention-grabbing hue, such as red, and link it to your contact page. This provides clear direction to your visitors and increases the likelihood of capturing their information.

Highlight Your Phone Number

3. Highlight Your Phone Number

Just as visitors may prefer contacting you online, some may prefer to pick up the phone and speak with you directly. Make it easy for them by prominently featuring your phone number in the header and footer of your website. Increase the font size and make it bold to ensure it catches their attention.

4. Implement a Live Chat Application

Expanding your points of contact is an effective way to convert website visitors into new carpet-cleaning leads. Live Chat features, such as Tawk, allow you to offer immediate assistance the moment someone lands on your website. Consider implementing a free chat application that enables you to monitor and respond to website visitors.

However, it’s important to note that you should ONLY utilize this feature if you or someone on your team can actively monitor the mobile app for new messages. A delayed response is one of the primary reasons potential carpet cleaning leads fail to convert into paying customers.

What we actually recommend is for businesses to utilize a Chat2TEXT feature that is integrated into a Lead Nurture and Messaging Automation CRM. This way when a lead starts a chat conversation on your website or landing pages, they instantly get an SMS message on their phone and your team gets alerted to hop into the conversation as soon as they can, but in the meantime, the lead is receiving warming messages and questions to keep them engaged and move them along the estimate and booking flow.

To learn more about Chat2TEXT and all the other amazing features in the most effective Lead Nurture CRM built for carpet cleaners and home cleaning services, check out CARPET CLEANER LEAD PRO – HERE


5. Consider Online Appointment Booking Applications

While some customers still prefer phone calls, it’s important to realize that the younger generations are learning to prefer contactless booking methods. Implementing a simple appointment booking application with automated reminders can make it easier for visitors to schedule a free “quote” and/or a convenient time for you to call them back to provide an estimate, directly while on your website without needing a call, message, or email.

Online booking apps can be highly effective in converting website visitors into carpet-cleaning leads if you understand their strengths and limitations. An example of a reliable application is Calendly, which integrates with your existing calendar to prevent double booking. It can be embedded directly on your website and automatically sends out appointment reminders, reducing cancellations.

There are also online book tools that can help a visitor directly book their cleaning appointment directly into your schedule. While this does sound very attractive and it would appear that this would cut down the need for customer service reps to take calls and book appointments, there are a few things to really consider before trying to fully automate this step of your sales and conversion funnel.

Oftentimes, unless you are positioned as one of the lower-priced, discount service providers in your local marketplace, being able to explain the type of service you provide, the guarantees you offer, and how your company differentiates itself from the low-priced, bait-n-switch providers, is critical to being able to convert more of your inbound leads into booked jobs. While your repeat clients who already know about your services and pricing may find it a convenience to grab a spot in your schedule by themselves, a new lead could easily decide they can get what they perceive as “the same services” elsewhere for cheaper, without having the right context to make an informed decision.

Another common issue with self-booking tools to consider is that you may end up with jobs scheduled on your routes that are at opposite ends of your service area, whereas with the help of a live customer service rep, the customer could have been ok in taking a different day and time that would allow you to maximize your routes.

6. Integrate Website Forms with Email Marketing

Automation can significantly reduce your workload while ensuring consistent communication with potential customers. Leverage a free email marketing provider like MailChimp to create contact forms directly within the platform and embed them on your website. Whenever a visitor submits the form, you will receive a notification, and they will be automatically added to your mailing list. The great thing about MailChimp is that it integrates with appointment booking apps like Calendly, allowing you to capture new appointments as well.

For optimal results, consider creating two email lists:

  • Leads: Add anyone who submits a form, books an appointment, or leaves their email address to this list. Nurture these leads with monthly promotions and relevant content.
  • Customers: Utilize your past customers as a referral source by offering incentives like a monetary reward for each referral or a discount on their next service. Use these emails to request reviews by including a link to your Google Business Profile.

Showcase Your Testimonials

7. Showcase Testimonials and Social Proof on Your Website

Building your online reputation is crucial for attracting potential customers. Therefore, your carpet cleaning website should feature real testimonials and social proof. Testimonials, especially those accompanied by photos of satisfied customers, create a strong connection between the services you provide and your ability to deliver exceptional results. Authentic testimonials and reviews with real stories about how your carpet cleaning services have made a positive impact will establish trust and credibility with potential customers.


Testimonials and Reviews

Most customers will leave reviews on your Google Business Profile or on social media platforms. However, if you receive positive feedback over the phone or through email, consider showcasing those testimonials on your homepage or in the footer of your website. Including before/after images with the testimonials can further enhance trust and credibility.


Social Proof

For the majority of customers who leave reviews on Google or social media, you can leverage free review embedding tools or plugins to display those reviews directly on your website. One effective plugin for WordPress is “Widget for Google Reviews.” It allows you to showcase your Google reviews and ratings, providing social proof to visitors on your website.



By implementing these 7 website tips for your carpet cleaning business, you can optimize your online presence, increase lead generation, and convert more visitors into paying customers. Remember to regularly monitor your website’s performance using tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your website’s effectiveness.

In summary, the key website elements to focus on for marketing your carpet cleaning business in 2023 include reviewing your website traffic sources, improving engagement rates, incorporating contact forms or “Book a Free Quote” buttons on every page, prominently featuring your phone number, implementing a chat application, utilizing an online quote and estimate booking system, integrating website forms with email marketing, and showcasing testimonials and social proof. Following these tips can enhance your website’s conversion potential and drive more business for your carpet cleaning services.

About the Author: As a business owner in the carpet cleaning and cleaning service industry for over 30 years as well as a marketing consultant and author, with well-over a decade of lead generation experience managing a results-driven marketing agency for Professional Carpet Cleaning and Residential Cleaning Companies, John Clendenning is wildly known as a leading Marketing Expert within the Professional Cleaning Industry.

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