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Carpet cleaning can be a rewarding business “IF” you can generate consistent leads to fill out the schedule for you and your crews. It’s one of the many reasons there constantly appear to be a lot of brand-new carpet cleaners coming into the business. In order to continue to gain direct exposure to new clients, staying current with fresh carpet cleaning marketing ideas can help bring your business the attention it deserves.

In this article, I’ll share eight of the leading carpet cleaning marketing ideas to help your business increase your visibility, income, and brand reputation.

Beginning a carpet cleaning business has a relatively low entry cost, and high-profit margins, and with nearly $5.4 billion in industry income to fight over, it’s a service to get into.

Still, the reality is some 95% of cleaning and janitorial businesses stop working within their very first year of operation (according to information from the International Janitorial Services Association.)

– EEEK!!  If you want your guarantee your business can keep flourishing, follow along. We’ve assembled eight carpet cleaning marketing ideas to help do simply that.

1. Choose a specialty and tap into conventional marketing methods

carpet cleaning marketing ideasOne of the best ways to make sure your carpet cleaning company is in the 5% that make it past the very first year is to specialize in a niche. Picking a specialty, like high-end residential carpet cleaning, for example, can considerably increase your chances of success.

Not just will there be fewer competitors than trying to be a discount cleaner, but you will also have an easier time ranking in search engines for crucial keywords.

Also, do not hesitate to utilize conventional marketing approaches to promote your specific niche services, as many are still very effective. From flyers, direct mail, and yard signs to professionally wrapping your vans with your logo and eye-catching design and phone number – just remember, not all marketing needs to be online.

However, the most reliable marketing strategies nowadays are going to attract customers who are looking online for services.

2. Start content marketing to create inbound leads.

Another leading carpet cleaning marketing approach is using content marketing. Content marketing has to do with developing and sharing quality, informative content online. This kind of content is produced to inform your audience and generate consistent inbound leads.

From big to small, every carpet cleaning business should have a quality, well-optimized website. Part of what makes a website great or not is the content. In specific, adding a blog, and project pages to your website can assist produce inbound leads, improve your organic web traffic, and improve your professional image.

For example, Chem-Dry is one of the biggest carpet cleaning businesses in the United States. They have a substantial blog site where they share tips in different locations, from cleaning to green living and allergies.

Their blog helps establish them as a market leader and attracts leads from customers who are looking for carpet cleaning recommendations. Even smaller carpet cleaning services will gain from adding regular, informative, and helpful content to their website.

Nowadays 77% of companies have a content method according to data from studies by SEMrush, so do not get left behind. Start a blog, create a weekly content plan and watch the increase in your incoming leads in a short period of time!

The secret behind a successful content strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). Without creating blogs, videos, and other content that will appear on Google, new clients will not be able to find you when they are searching online!

3. Produce and optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) for local SEO

Before starting your blog, you need to develop your presence online so customers can discover your business. The very best way to do that is with local SEO and an optimized Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business or GMB)

Local SEO is the procedure of increasing your service’s visibility in local searches and on Google Maps. This all starts with a great GBP. GBP enables Google to include your company in local search results.

The local results box appears above natural search results, but below paid advertisements. Since Google Maps listings are used by many consumers to find local service providers, landing a spot in these search results can cause constant incoming leads from consumers trying to find a carpet cleaning service.

However, there are pages and pages of local results. If you wish to get to one of those top 3 spots that show up on page one of the search results, you’ll require local SEO services and an in-depth small business SEO strategy.

4. Request and react to reviews

Often new carpet cleaning services are too shy when it comes to asking for reviews, even when they do an excellent job. Do not be shy! A good amount of consumers nowadays will leave a review if asked.

Reviews are incredibly valuable these days, especially for local services. In truth, according to data from the research firm BIA/Kelsey, 97% of people check out reviews for local organizations. Plus, according to Google, “high-quality, favorable reviews from your clients will improve your organization’s visibility” for local searches.

Not just that, however, Google also states you’ll need to respond to reviews consistently to improve your rankings in local search results and on Google Maps for essential keywords. “Responding to reviews shows that you value your clients and the feedback that they leave about your service.”

5. Build your local consumer base with citations in business directories

Developing a local client base takes some time, effective marketing, and constant quality services. Nevertheless, if you do not have that time, you can conserve years of work building a consumer base with local SEO to increase inbound leads.

One of the leading strategies in local SEO is building citations in service directory sites. Citations are online references to a service that note your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) to potential clients. This can also consist of a link, map, and more, depending upon the directory site.

A great deal of carpet cleaning companies like to get citations from general business directories like the Better Business Bureau. These citations are solid lead generators. Meaning, that these citations help to enhance your professional image, and improve your business’s local SEO.

Other carpet cleaning businesses use more industry-specific carpet cleaning directory sites to secure citations. These are typically totally free, and while the traffic to their websites is much lower, they supply more relevant recommendations and a backlink. Backlinks are essential in determining your company’s position in local and organic search results.

6. Get published in online publications and press to enhance your online presence

Getting published in online publications and news sites is among the strongest methods to improve your online presence.


Online publications will supply a backlink to improve your website’s domain authority. A backlink is a link from one website back to yours. These backlinks will help you rank in the top spots in search engines for important keywords. The higher you rank for appropriate keywords, the more organic traffic your site will receive. More organic traffic = more sales.

If you’re interested in getting published in an online carpet cleaning blog, or in having a story about your organization included in an online publication, contact our team for more information.

7. Usage local social networks groups to market your services

One of the best methods to promote your carpet cleaning business is on local social bulletin boards. These can be community or neighborhood groups, where homeowners near you are constantly trying to find quality services.

We have clients who we’ve shown how to generate thousands of dollars per week simply by posting in their local community  groups on Facebook

It can be a very easy to deploy strategy:

  1. First, make a case-study post with before and after shots of the carpet cleaning work being done and the great results achieved.
  2. In the post copy, just mention how happy you are with the results you or your team achieved on a recent job.
  3. Add in a testimonial that you received from your client thanking you for your great work.
  4. Do NOT make it a promotional pitch… position this as just a share of a great outcome.
  5. Then reply to everyone who engages with the post – and direct message those who ask for more information or want a quote.

The instant connection with potential customers is one of the reasons why you ought to consider using social media.

Even if you don’t have the time to post every day, the tiniest of social media efforts can yield big rewards. And a quality social media presence can generate a flow of hot leads and creates a professional image for your company.

8. Use a checklist to guarantee you have your digital presence set up right

Finally, one of the most vital parts of carpet cleaning marketing ideas or strategies in our modern-day world is making sure you have your total digital marketing set up to maximize your online presence. That way you can attract organic traffic and also convert that traffic into paying customers.

We provide a lot of free resources to help carpet cleaners market and grow their business, including our Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist for Carpet Cleaners.  By investing the time into creating your marketing plan, and getting the help you need from seasoned carpet cleaning marketing experts, you will be well on your way to establishing a fun, successful, and very lucrative cleaning business in no time.