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10 Mile Domination Strategy


We are in uncertain times with Coronavirus & COVID-19 plaguing our nation.  Despite the hysteria & downturn in the economy, we believe that the Plumbing & HVAC companies are posed to survive & even thrive during this crisis.

  • People are being isolated to their homes for extended periods of time along with their kids and family. They will be in their home all day with nowhere else to go. This is way outside the norm.
  • Their usage of the plumbing & HVAC system will be taxed to the limit (toilets, water heater, air quality, septic systems, etc). This will inevitably lead to emergency based service calls.In addition, they will be bored out of their minds looking for productive things that they can do. While they might not be looking to do a major renovation any deferred maintenance will be more evident than ever (the dripping faucet, the weird smell coming from their air conditioner).

This will lead to an increase in demand rather than a decrease. If you can keep yourself & your team mentally engaged the opportunity is there. Now is the time to STEP-UP for the sake of your team, your family & your community. 

In addition to an increase in demand for your services, there is going to be a massive increase in Social Media consumption (especially Facebook).

  • Everyone is on lockdown at home with no-where to go & nothing to do
  • They will feel isolated and crave community/connection
  • They will be spending more time than ever on their phones & social media

This increase in Social Media Consumption will be met by a decrease in advertising.

  • Most businesses are down for the count (gyms, restaurants, hotels, etc)
  • They will NOT be advertising on Social Media

So there is an increase in Social Media usage & a decrease in advertisers meaning you can get in front of your customers with a higher frequency and lower cost than ever.

(Your phone’s ringing & trucks running)

The only reason your customer would not call when in need is for one of two reasons:

  1. They don’t think you are open
  2. They are fearful that it is not safe to have you or your technician in their home

So we MUST communicate via every mechanism possible “We’re Open & We’re Safe”. 

  • Update your website messaging (Home Page Pop-up, Blog Posts)
  • Social media profiles
  • Communicate via eMail with your customers & prospects
  • Tap into Social Media Marketing

Enter the 10 Mile Domination Strategy

So we need to tap into the exposure of Facebook & keep our message (we’re open & we’re safe) in front of our ideal customers.

This can be done via a simple “Video View” or “Reach Campaign” ideally using video views as the mechanism to garner attention.

Here is how it works:

  • We target the homeowners with the ideal demographics in your service area (ideally a 10-mile area or less)
  • We run a “Video View” or “Reach Campaign” hammering our message home
  • We recommend a budget of $10-$15 per day
  • Your customers/prospects see it with some degree of frequency

What we need from you:

In order for this to work best, we need a Video shot by you or your team that we can run on Facebook.

Here is an example of the type of video that would work best:
(We’ve also included video scripts as a point of reference below)

In the perfect world you would shoot this type of video on Facebook Live to get maximum exposure & simplify the upload process:

How to shoot Facebook Live Video: 


Example 1: 

This is <your name> with <your company>. We’ve taken precautions to be able to provide our cleaning and sanitizing services in a safe and responsible manner . We’re here if you need us. We understand the responsibility that comes with entering your home:

  • Our office staff is working fully remote
  • Our technicians are not working if they are sick or showing any flu like symptoms
  • They have also been trained to enter you home with an abundance of caution to protect your family by sanitizing their hands & equipment before entering, wearing booties and gloves, and even masks if it would make you feel more comfortable.  

If you need service…CALL US at <your number>    We’re here to serve you. Stay safe & God Bless.


Example 2:

Hello I’m <your name> with <your company>. Like you, our co-workers and team have been hearing a lot about the Coronavirus and are concerned about their health. I’d like to update everyone on the steps we are taking to ensure our business is open and ready to serve you.

Everyone at <your company> knows that it’s our responsibility to keep you, our customers safe. We’ve stepped up our efforts to ensure your safety. We are taking every precaution to ensure we do our part to increase public health by creating a higher standard of hygiene that includes:

  • Sanitizing our equipment before entering your homes or workspace with our Hospital Grade sanitizer
  • Wearing gloves and booties and using protective walk off mats.
  • And our technicians are washing their hands multiple times throughout the day and using hand sanitizier before and after every appointment.

As we have all heard, good cleaning and sanitizing techniques can save lives and we take this responsibility very seriously. It is our mission to do our part in assisting with keeping our communities safe and healthy through this uncertain time.

We are committed to serving your,  your family and this community. If you need service…CALL US at <your number>.    Stay safe & God bless.


Now would be a great time to run a 10 Mile Domination strategy on Facebook. While the video is the ideal format for these types of campaigns, here are examples of the types of ads to run:


  • Decide if you will shoot your own video (preferred) or just use an image
  • If you plan to shoot a video, reference the script and record via your iPhone or upload to Facebook Live Directly
  • In Facebook Ads Manager:
    • target the homeowners with the ideal demographics in your service area (ideally a 10-mile area or less)
    • Run a “Video View” or “Reach Campaign” hammering our message home
  • We recommend a budget of $10-$15 per day


If you would like to have me and my team help running this 10-Mile Strategy for you or if you would like me to personally review your whole online marketing strategy and show you where you are ranking, where there is room for improvement and how we can work together, then click below to schedule your Leadflow Acceleration Session now.

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If you would like to have me and my team personally review your online marketing strategy and show you where you are ranking, where there is room for improvement and how we can work together to make this your best year ever and finally get your Internet marketing right, then click below to schedule your Leadflow Acceleration Session now.

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