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Your Complete Guide to Growing Your Online Reputation for Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners who are looking to take control of their online reputation and drive more sales, need to know these CRITICAL things. As the owner or operator of a carpet cleaning business, it’s important to have an online reputation that will drive more sales. Learn how to take control of your online reputation the correct way with these important tips and strategies!

Topics Discussed:


Why you can have all of the best tools in the world for generating online reviews but still fail when it comes to consistently driving 5-star reviews


How to tap into the power of multi-channel communication (Email, SMS, Physical) to increase your review count


Reviews and reputation is a TEAM SPORT and to succeed you need to get the entire team on board & bake a focus on online reputation into your team culture


Why Trust Engineering™ is far more valuable than hounding for Google reviews.

Audio Transcript:
Hey guys it’s john here back for another uh hopefully exciting uh uh webinar training on everything you need to know to uh to run a great service business and and very very important things that you need to know in the world today welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry so we’re going to be talking about taking control of your online reputation to drive more sales so this this training is something that uh i’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Because it is sort of where um where i cut my teeth so um we’ll get into a little bit of my history very very briefly but online reputation and and even before online offline reputation and and all of that kind of stuff and and how you use your authority and your reputation in your marketing uh has been a huge part of my growth and in the service businesses i’ve owned and in in everything that i’ve done for the last 30 years took probably about the first 10 or 15 years to figure out what it was like to actually really put my head around it um but then i became a consultant i’m helping franchise networks and um and organizations and groups uh learn this stuff and and became a speaker for our chamber of commerce and stuff like that for years all on this topic so uh and it evolves constantly so we’re going to talk about some of the evolutions of that so ultimately through my 30 years of business and growth and and you know successes and and failures early on and then more successes and couple hundred thousand dollars worth of investment.

In my own marketing and business knowledge um i’ve been able to sort of boil it all down in creating a highly successful home service business this works for any service business um even if it’s not in home service businesses but supporting businesses and things like that is you know there’s a strategic way to go about building your business um and marketing your business and it’s all about your brand your authority and your visibility and none of this changed with online it just went different places but if you’re building it properly your brand your authority and your visibility then you’re the go-to provider of those services you’re the cat’s ass you’re the ones that everybody wants and a lot about your business can change because of that your pricing can change the way you speak to people can change um the way they speak to you changes all of that kind of stuff so we’re going to talk about how you manufacture that how you how you manage that and manufacture that and deal with that in the online realm.

So um we call it our digital dominance method all in so all in the digital dominance method is your brand your authority and your visibility and how all of the pieces tie together so we’ve been talking about a bunch of these over the last few webinars and stuff like that we’ve been talking about um sort of the you know optimizing your website for conversion which fits into convergent con conversion focus personalization all that it overlays a little bit into authority as well and then you know we’ve we’ve talked about your google my business and ways to sort of hijack that for visibility so we’ve been talking about different elements of of this chart we’re not just going around in order we’re realizing that you need all three so there’s sections in each one of these you need to implement then you come back around and do more here more more in authority then more invisibility you come back you do more and and in brand then authority than visibility and we always call it the rule of threes.

If you can be implementing three things at a time it doesn’t care if that takes a week a month a quarter whatever but three strategies that you implement lock and load so that they’re automatic all your standard operating procedures are in place it’s repeatable it’s documented it’s being done it’s working and then you move on to the next three and so you’re constantly growing because there’s many many businesses we talk to that you know oh yeah i’ve been in business 20 years and you look at it and you know i look into their businesses and do some consulting and go no you’ve been in business one year and you’ve repeated it 20 times but you’ve done nothing different since year one you haven’t grown a 20-year business you’ve just happened to be the same business for 20 years and you want to get out of that rut so that’s just a good mindset to kind of think of with all of this so a little bit of housekeeping turn off cell phones turn off facebook uh if you’re actually serious about doubling and even tripling the number of leads that you pull from the internet presence.

All in then this next 60 to 90 minutes it’s not going to go 90 minutes but the next 60 minutes or so is really really critical just to pay attention and understand where where we’re going and what this is all about so so what we’re going to cover today today is um why you can have the best tools um and still not be sort of driving five star reviews or a five-star reputation and we’re really going to define the difference between this word reviews and reputation because they’re they’re actually different and you focus too much on on one and the other one actually falls by the wayside do you want to how to tap into the power of multi-channel communications so email sms physical mail handouts things like that there’s there’s ways that you can do that to increase your review count which is again part of the equation and then online reviews are really a team sport it can never be driven by one person in the company or the head of the company or anything like that it really is um something that everybody has to be on board with it’s got to be baked into your culture.

Everybody’s got to know why when i first started talking about this seven and eight years ago it was sort of like i’d get people looking at me from the audience going you know yeah i don’t my team knows nothing about i don’t really care and yeah i’ll push this through because it makes sense as a business owner but not really you know the average person’s not really figuring this out i really can’t get my team on board nowadays we all know that your reviews and reputation and the way they’re they’re they’re integrated into the online experience is so powerful your staff obviously knows about it you have to let them know why it’s important to you and your company so we’ll be talking about that as well uh why you must acknowledge and respond to all your reviews good bad or ugly and there’s ways to respond correctly not just not just the good or the bad there’s just ways that you need to be responding to uh to those those reviews that help the search engines that help the future people looking at it um all of that kind of stuff so there’s ways you can really support that and then what trust engineering is it’s a little term that i’ve trademarked.

Um why it’s 100 times more valuable than hounding for google reviews and that’s where we’re going to start showing the differentiation between reviews and your overall reputation and how um reviews are good without them it’s meaningless but reviews are an end product of doing all of the rest of the stuff right to build your reputation and authority it’s not what you’re trying to do it’s it’s a byproduct of it and they’ll come in spades if you’re doing all the other stuff right so so that’s what we’re going to be hitting on a little little quick about me for anybody who’s new on here but um yeah so i’ve been a business owner since i was in high school uh in 1990 um so that ages me and dates me quite a bit but um and um so yeah part of a project in business class and uh i’ve heard the story took it to the bank just just for for fun.

Um and the actual banker was so impressed he handed handed me and my buddy that were together on the project in grade um handed us the money um to actually open up a business so we did that summer and um we actually ran it for a that business for a year and a half until he went off to college and i actually bought more businesses and just grew that way just decided that’s what i’m doing so um i have a lectured uh around the world um including the island of samoa and vegas and chilliwack and a bunch of other places had speeches and presentations and three-day trainings for for for helping businesses understand the um the blueprint for success around us running a service business again way before the internet even but um so i’ve been doing all that kind of stuff and i’ve bought and systemized and sold um a maid franchise for twice the price um in a five-year period i’ve bought and sold other businesses been in the cleaning industry with um with restoration businesses and duct cleaning businesses sold our two-band carpet cleaning business just this year.

Still during the end of a pandemic um for a decent return because of the way it was built and systemized and all of that kind of stuff and it’s just my passion is to build businesses and to organize and systemize them work on them not in them so that’s that’s what i help other businesses do as well and that’s how we’ve built the digital marketing agencies that we have the consultancies and all that kind of stuff so so what we do um we help make our clients the top carpet cleaning brand for carpet cleaning marketing master carpet cleaning brand in their local marketplace so they can attract the best clients able to charge the top rates and are booked out weeks in advance so we do have clients um with our legacy our main agency um that aren’t carpet cleaners and um we have the carpet cleaner marketing masters which is our very specific to you know my history in that specific industry as well and our entire team focused around that but we still have we have lots of clients that are outside of that that read this sentence as being make our clients the top fill in the blank brand in your local marketplace.

So that you you have the best clients charge the best rates all that fun stuff so does it work i’m just i’m not going to pause on any of these we’ve got clients at 45 55 um number one from being non-existent um you’ve got uh clients that have used us for decades you know a decade or more now and and things like that so um yeah what we do helps businesses change where they were and go go in the right direction and it’s a holistic approach we’re not about just being the person that only provides pay-per-click ads and then if you need something else you go somewhere else or you know there’s services that we don’t perform that uh that we would suggest hey you need this it’s part of your mix that’s part of the consulting that you get but you know we don’t do that but here here’s some companies that we say could fit in with that but it’s all part of the full marketing approach that that you need to be ascending and growing through so if that makes sense so why reputation like why why is reputation such a big focus that i’m doing an entire training on it so online reviews and reputation can make or break your company um and i think we most know that but if any of you if if you’re not sure of that write that down.

If you don’t understand that people um we’re in what we call the recommendation economy now so um it’s not the reputation economy it’s the recommendation economy so people basically say hey i need a mechanic i need a plumber i need you know i need to wrap my vehicles in graphics i need a carpet cleaner i need you name it what a lot of us do now is we we we ask on on forums and groups that we’re part of we ask you know we’re part of a local small business group we’re part of a local mommy blog group or you know whatever and we we ask for some recommendations and then we don’t just pause there we go and look to see if the recommendations we got are worth it or not and so again price is not even part of the conversation at this point it’s not about the cheapest if you’re looking for the cheapest most people do that on their own they go to groupon they go wherever they just find cheap and off they go they’re actually looking for something serious.

It’s it’s these recommendations that we’re looking for and when they come around get a recommendation go online do some searching and your reputation is not where they see it so not just google but wherever they find you wherever they’re they’re referred to their your facebook pages your other thing we’ll go through all of this if they don’t see that you are the one that everybody’s talking about you know your stuff you’re the authority and you your your reputation um precedes you uh then they go somewhere else and they thank their friend for the recommendation or whatever and they find one of your competitors will pop up during their search and you you know all of those efforts and all of that stuff that you’ve done has actually driven them to go to a competitor so worth thinking about as well um your online re reputation maybe it doesn’t reflect the top quality uh service that you provide so if your reputation shows that you’ve got six google reviews and an average of a 4.1 star rating and you know you’re amazing and your customers know you’re amazing.

Though there’s a disconnect there so if your competitor who you know is not as good as you has 250 reviews and a 4.9 star rating and you know you’re better then that’s that’s that’s a you problem because you know you’re better but nobody else does and you can’t be found that way so getting a handle on this is really going to allow you to show why you are that that authority play in that choice so um there’s some of there’s many many tools that you can use and we’ll talk about some of them as well but the point is what we end up dealing with is we talk to a lot of a lot of clients do a lot of consulting and they’ve invested in tools there’s people that bounce through most of these but it’s still not doing what it needs to do it’s still not driving um enough reviews if that’s their end goal but as i said reputation online reputation should be your end goal not just google reviews on google important to have google reviews but not an end all be all so it’s not about the tools so the thing is the other point is regardless of tools.

All what we’ve just kind of covered is that your reputation will drag down all of your other marketing it wastes conversion opportunities one of the number one conversion elements normally sort of at the it could be at the beginning middle or end of the of the buying cycle beginning they find the guy with the best reviews and then start looking around and the best reputation start looking around at the middle they’ve found they’ve narrowed it down to a few and then they check um while making some of the decisions and stuff like that and picking up the phone and finding out if you do the service they’re looking for at the end of the buying cycle is okay they’ve narrowed it down now they know who they’re they’re they’re targeting they’re renovating their kitchen they’re they’re in office and they’re getting you know their whole office properly cleaned their carpets clean you name it and they’re now down to a couple of choices and then at that point your reputation your authority your reviews what they see about you is going to be that final deciding factor.

So you don’t want them going to your competitor you want to get this right so that means there’s an opportunity so the the problem is where do you fit in in your local marketplace visibly so you know you might say well john i’ve got 200 reviews and the next closest guys got 90. okay are they visible are you number one in the google maps like we talked about last month are you because it is one of those ranking factors but only one of the ranking factors where do you fit in for them to be able to see that and if they don’t go to google what does it look like i’m bing what does it look like on yelp what does it look like on facebook angie’s list judy’s book all of those citations we talked about last month as well so there’s a huge opportunity so the opportunity is to be the provider of choice in your service area and stand out from your competition.

With a great reputation that has multi-faceted facets faceted and you’re going to see that in when i get to that point at the end as well um but you want to be able to leverage the systems and psychology to the fullest uh to get the highest quality feedback and if you write nothing else down write down this word feedback and put an x through the word reviews so i will prove to you that feedback is far more important than reviews and how leveraging feedback automatically generates reviews and most of these tools don’t even understand that psychology but there’s a psychology to um to to leveraging these systems properly and you want to have your reputation speak for itself online everywhere so and online online’s not the only place um like there’s a lot of companies that will use customer testimonials as their only advertising i’ve seen it with apple auto glass on billboards like physical billboards on the side of the highway i’ve seen it with um i’m trying to think of a couple of companies where literally all they have is a customer review.

Customer testimony their their ratings the number of raving fans and that’s their ad you know you should be next is their message um so there’s ways that obviously having it speak for itself but having having the ability to share that out as well that we’ll get into so so sex success is being seen as the number one carpet cleaning authority or again replace carpet cleaning with what service business you provide um authority in your area um and ranking accordingly so if you’re the authority and you don’t rank there’s a disconnect in people’s minds that one they can’t find you but even if they do find you it’s like why is this guy so invisible if he’s so good how come he’s not and people don’t understand online marketing and why those things may or may not happen but that is something to be very cognizant about and you want to maximize your conversions as well so why do reviews and online reputation matter so much i think we’ve kind of gone through a bunch of them but we’ll just kind of quickly cover sort of what we talked about last month.

Google my business google my business is a mess as far as how many different factors influence the way you rank and for all the different keyword terms you rank for a lot of people go oh you know i’m a carpet cleaner and i’m in google i’m in the three pack one two or three for carpet cleaning in my city or carpet cleaning near me or whatever so question being okay if you drove halfway across town are you still right that’s that’s important because it’s proximity but what about all the other services you provide are you do they pull up a map and are you also in the the listing for those because it’s not about just one so and there’s ways that re reviews even influence that but your citations your reviews and your your seo on page and off page actually seo all influence the rankings in google maps but reviews are a big one and not just from google google actually looks around and says oh by the way this this business is can also hear some comments also found around the web google knows to aggregate that that data at least in their algorithm and again reviews aren’t like hey if you get if you have the most reviews.

You’re gonna rank in the three pack no it’s it it’s weighted at about um again it’s a guess because google doesn’t tell you but on on average somewhere somewhere between 15 and 20 at the most um but that’s still a significant weighting of 26 or 28 known factors that are built into that algorithm so um reviews become that important because they can move the needle but pardon me they also um the words in the reviews have a huge significant uh benefit as well that we’ll talk about so there’s sort of ways to influence influence that a little bit eighty-four percent of people trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation so we talk about the recommendation economy.

Well if if they get recommended to somebody and they see that you’ve got great reviews or poor reviews they’ll that’s a trust level if somebody recommends you and then they go and they they find a bunch of negative stuff like we all do hey if somebody’s got a 3.9 star rating what’s the first thing you’re gonna do is go read through the bad stuff and figure out you know is is that is that really that bad is that somebody having a bad day and writing a bad review do i want that experience you’re going to do a little bit of due diligence on on that as well but and they’re good people are going to trust that that that that review as much as a recommendation and 77 of consumers think that reviews more than three months old are irrelevant and in fact um the younger crowd the sort of that 25 to 40 range 25 to 35 25 to 40 consumer range are actually finding that um it’s it’s usually about in in a lot of their searches focused studies have found that’s about two to four weeks and after that i don’t care because they might have changed their staff.

They might have a different process yeah how good are you right now right they don’t care about how good you were a year and two years ago so it’s not about having the most reviews it’s about having recent reviews in an ongoing predictable velocity that’s the other thing that the algorithm actually checks is if you get 200 reviews in a month and then none again for a year that’s not a benefit to your business not only to conversions because of this but it’s also not a benefit to google’s algorithm because they see that you did an event of some sort to collect a bunch of reviews and then you stopped and people are not commenting on you people are not um remarking about you you’re not remarkable because they’re not making a remark about you on on platforms like this and the algorithm knows that as well so just keep that in mind so again reviews are part of that ranking factor but they’re more importantly a conversion factor so if again if you’ve got on google for example your google reviews will generate more phone calls because the better your your reviews are the better your rating is all that kind of stuff.

The more people will call and you’ll see that on your google google insights for you google my business google can track how many people are on a mobile device and clicked the phone number to call and so that number we always see improve over time as your reputation improves especially especially on google so on specifically thinking of only google um again 151 reviews over here and generating a good ton of map maps leads and calls and all of that kind of stuff as well so it’s it’s part of that that mix where if you’ve got a bad reputation you may not be ranking high enough for all the different search terms as well but you’re also not getting those conversions so reviews should be should be streamed and found everywhere so do people just find you on google no do they go to your website sure do they go to your facebook page sure do they go to your youtube channel if you have one sure um are you out reaching on twitter are you reaching on instagram things like that like if you’re on tick tock all of that kind of stuff is there a way that you can influence them with your reputation.

And showing them this stuff on a platform that isn’t review centric itself because don’t make them go looking for it you got to make sure that where they are is where you’re showing them your stuff so they impact your rankings consumers look for online reviews to make a buying decision and it’s therefore a major conversion factor so um so right now if you want to type in chat you guys can add this write it down on your note notepad whatever you’re doing but why is controlling and managing your online reputation and reviews critical to you what is it about your business that you find from what you’ve just heard here pause for a minute you can definitely by all means put it in chat but this is more important for your own self-study um what is it that you understand from that that you know maybe you already knew but you want to reinforce maybe you didn’t know again bringing your getting your team involved things like that.

What have we kind of covered so far that um managing your online reviews and your online reputation is critical for the growth of your business so make a couple points down there just to kind of focus your brain back into um because we’re going to get into sort of the house next and you want to always keep in mind why you’re doing whatever you’re doing or then the house just don’t make sense and people just don’t take action and the most important thing is is to take action on this stuff so we’ll give you a little bit of homework at the end of this as well so five key principles you have to provide world-class customer experience in today’s day and age there is too many people that will go online and flame about a bad experience they had and stuff like that you have to have the systems in place that you your staff all of that kind of stuff is um the look and the feel of everything that you put together has got to come across and represent you and your brand properly it’s got to be world world class so they can’t have a great experience on the phone.

Have a great experience when somebody gives them a quote and then say for example you come out to do the service whatever that is a carpet cleaner a painter whatever and the employee has you know um comes in looking like a slob the equipment’s terrible every time they walk out the door to go to their vehicle they’re spitting all over the front lawn and the neighbors are seeing that that kind of stuff you have got to be able to wow at every level so the disney side of this um a good friend of mine vance morris talks a lot about this um in his deliver service now and stuff like that he’s a former disney executive teaches how to disneify your business runs a service business themselves very very successfully based on these principles but the whole idea is baking in to your culture your systems that everybody knows when you’re on stage versus when you’re off stage and what on stage is so a dirty van pulling up in the driveway it would be the same as going to disney and finding garbage lying all over the ground you just doesn’t happen because they know the experience is every little detail and the better you get at controlling and managing those details.

The better you have a chance of delivering a world-class experience that makes you remarkable and remember you want to be remarkable which means you want people to remark about you you want them to be so impressed that they remember you and talk about you at every stage of your business so um the other point is you want to build an online reputation um build your online meditation management and reviews into your company culture everybody has to know that we need people to see before they call us and find find us personally we need them to see when they’re looking for something in our category that we’re great and that comes from staff so when the staff buys in at this they they deal with customers differently they deal with different difficult customers differently as well um there’s a lot of differences and they they put the pieces in place that elicit more reviews as well they they drop the seeds early on in the conversation they you know you know well i hope you’re happy with what we’re going to do for you here today and if you are i love you you know how did you find this well i read some of your reviews great and i’d love you to be writing review on us when we’re done as well our goal is to wow you.

So much that you can’t help but write a review you drop those seeds because it’s not you it’s the staff that has to be thinking that way and that’s all part of the culture as well that you build what you measure inspect and celebrate you create more of so that is something where you you want to measure keep an eye on um know every time that somebody gives you feedback or review celebrate it share it with the team member ask the customer to you know as an employee you want to make sure you ask the customer that hey when you’re when you’re providing feedback so not always straight to a review we’ll talk about that but when you’re providing feedback can you mention my name because you know we got you know there’s some brownie points back in the office and some you know kudos you know that that kind of helps my job right you make mention of that then because that also helps with it and then you celebrate all of that and then here um leverage a process to request feedback at every service call and ensure that you communicate using all the channels available to you email sms physical people just respond in different ways like email open rates plummet like i’ve plummeted over the years.

SMS is still really high right now so but you don’t want to leave one for the other some people just respond to emails and don’t check their texts or don’t want text from people that that aren’t friends and family and things like that so you’ve got to be cognizant of all that so we say hit them up on all platforms and let them respond on the one that makes the most sense and physical becomes a process of anchoring so anchoring is really really big in in neuro-linguistic programming in sales in in in the way we get you know sort of train people to do things you want to anchor something to something else well physical could be handing them out a postcard or a flyer and say hey we really you’re going to get a a message for your feedback um if you want to beat it um you know beat us to it just go to this link here but i just you know when you do that could you put my make sure you mention my name in it and just write your name right on the flyer and hand it to them will they beat you to it by going into that link never maybe one percent of the time but when that when that message comes in from the company saying hey we’d really love your feedback they go oh yeah i got handed that thing i it becomes tactile it becomes part of their um something they agreed to well they feel more indebted to do it.

So um and then you want to acknowledge and respond to every single review we talked about that we’ll talk about that a little bit more but every review good bad or ugly you want to go in at any source so you want to know where they are did you get a review yesterday on foursquare did you get a review over on angie’s list you need to be monitoring all of these places not just google but you want to be writing a response and this is something that can be delegated to staff it could be outsourced but you know if you’ve got a set group of say 20 or 30 common responses um for positive comments and negative comments so you can put a slight little twist on but they’re already in the can this doesn’t have to take a long time it’s just the fact that you have to do it and acknowledging responding to every view review also gives you the ability to actually embed some key terms that maybe the customer didn’t so because google reads those and they know keyword phrases and stuff like that so something important so now we’ve just gone through those those those five points right there which one of those do you think you can work on because as we said we really only get in our brains at groups of threes so if you want to pick a couple of those things that you want to work on there.

Which ones of those should you work on write that down right now is it a matter of getting the culture in your company right is it a matter of making sure that you’re sending out multiple requests or requests across multiple platforms is it the fact that you’re gonna go back and respond to all of the reviews you’ve got good and bad in all the different platforms or you’re gonna you’re gonna task that to somebody like pick a couple of things that you’re actually good action steps you’re gonna take away with um and and implement within you know i would say within the next uh have a plan in place within the next 24 hours or less make this an instructional workshop not just something to listen to so so strategy for driving consistent reviews leverage tools to request review after every service call so it’s tools you need not um it’s got to be simple something that takes like you know 10 20 seconds or less and you know an army is employed behind or deployed behind you to do this for you um leave printed review cards we’ve talked about train your your text to plant the seeds and deliver world-class service explain to them why make it an important part of your culture remind them every single you know if you do weekly meetings on tuesday mornings for your entire team.

Remind them every single time show them how many reviews have come in so much time feedback has come in and remind them why it’s important and just keep hammering that home give rewards out for people who get mentioned all of that kind of stuff make a call after the service to walk them through the review process so hey how was everything great um you know so some some of our clients do that every single like right after you’re going to get a message or you got a message i haven’t seen um you fill out feedback yet i’d really appreciate that that really really helps um we can actually do that over the phone if you’d like pull the form up fill it out whatever if you’re using a survey whatever you’ve got on the go but you can you can do that with a follow-up phone call and at that point you can actually say hey by the way thanks for that great feedback um you’re gonna have the opportunity to write that online as a review we’d really appreciate that that’s that really helps but it you also have that point of contact as well if you can make those phone calls but you want to make sure that you’re you’re helping all the way through we’ve got some clients that call once a month like they have a referral or sorry a feedback contest.

If you provided feedback anytime during that month there’s a prize at the end like you’re putting a draw and there’s a prize so at the end of the month it’s a reason to call hey you haven’t provided feedback yet from your cleaning visit at the beginning of the month um we have that contest wrapping up your odds are really good we’re not like we don’t service thousands and thousands of customers a month so your odds are really good at winning um would you like to fill out that feedback with me over the phone about your service visit and just make it contest driven as well there’s ways to do that and then rep you know recognize it in the company and and leverage um multiple sources so that’s that’s the strategy for driving consistent reviews if you want to take a screenshot of that pause on that again there’s some there’s some resources we’re going to give out at the end but uh some of these things are really great to grab just sort of like bullet points like that for yourself as well so as we said there’s lots of tools that will help like there’s again um nearby now bird eye customer lobby podium review buzz there’s probably about 50 others so tell us and i mean i i’ve met a bunch of them at conferences and conventions and stuff like that i know most of the people that have jumped into this space.

Because it’s become that important but most of them come from a corporate standpoint and they’re they’re only driving one variable and they don’t get it so that’s why i’ve got the butt right here and the butt is where we kind of turn the corner sure reviews are important but you need to take it much further than just reviews all of your competitors know reviews are important too the guy that’s got no reviews and if unfortunately if that’s you i’m sorry if i’m picking on you but the guy that’s got you know a handful five 10 15 reviews in today’s day and age you don’t look credible you don’t look like you’ve been in business long enough you just don’t meet um what people are expecting and if you go well yeah but my competitors in my marketplace only have that as well then be ready to do a happy dance because that puts you in a position of learning this information and enacting this information before them and standing out so much in front of them that they won’t even know what hit them and why more and more and more work is going to you over them based on just this one piece alone so so yeah we call it trust engineering and because it’s not a matter of hoping.

It’s not like oh oh please sir write me a review we call that hounding um or hoping that you know that all the stars align right and and and you get some positive mentions and oh by the way you also get them around the web not just in one place i’ve seen people that have had 200 and 300 yelp reviews and nothing anywhere else there’s there’s nothing about that that unless somebody goes to yelp they didn’t find you they didn’t find your reputation they know nothing about you you want to engineer this you want them you want to have a strategic and systematic plan to be seen as the expert and the market leader you want you want to create that you want to engineer that and it’s not as hard as it sounds so your authority are you the go-to are you the number one are you the thought leader in your space plus your five-star reputation so you can have great authority but if your reputation doesn’t back it up you don’t have trust the consumer will not trust you so they go oh this this person has a lot of authority and we’ll talk about what that means in different ways you could sort of um you can hack your authority but if you don’t have the reputation and if you’ve got a great reputation but no authority in the marketplace you’re it’s better.

But your trust is still way off because no trust means no sale in today’s day and age that’s part of our recommendation economy um your job is the owners to build trust to get more sales and you need to excel you need to accelerate that at the speed of trust it’s moving really really fast you need to accelerate that you need to cross syndicate comments you need to do a lot more stuff you need a lot more volume for example in just staying in awareness i don’t know if any of you guys follow gary vaynerchuk garyvee but if you follow him he’ll tell you about syndicating content he’s got people that follow him around all day long that just videotape everything he says put into snippets and throw it out there he believes at a couple of hundred pieces of content a day across all the different platforms he is still not producing enough content to be relevant and he knows he’s ahead of most people but he understands the speed at which um we make decisions and get found and stuff like that and content being done properly and valuable and and syndicated in other platforms so you don’t have to make 100 and 200 pieces of content you have to create valuable content that you can syndicate to 100 and 200 different places and in our world that should be you know on a daily you know.

I know carpet cleaners that can create five and ten solid pieces of content syndicated around every day so they might only create one piece a month or one piece a week but it turns into five or ten a day and that’s part of it and it’s you can do the same exact same thing with your reputation so the three rules so again rule of threes things actually fit in our world and our brains in threes really really really well there’s a magic to that number nikola tesla knew it and you know the bible has you know the father son and holy ghost there’s threes all around us um the trinity is on everything well it’s actually there’s a lot deeper reason for that as well if you ever want to go and research that but trust engineering actually comes in a group of threes as well first rule have a system to request feedback from every client have a system to request feedback from every client so why feedback so the benefits of asking for feedback and not just a review is so the aberdeen research council basically um a research group does research they charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars they’re going to pay about 500 a year to get their download the report every year and it’s basically the state of the consumer.

Uh and what is influencing brands what is influencing small businesses based on what consumers tell you um and what they tell you and what the data shows very clearly is uh when when a person provides feedback the voice of the consumer feedback you have a 55 greater customer retention rate when they provide you internal not public but internal feedback there’s a different psychology to it they feel like they’re helping their next experience with your company they’re helping you get better they you you enter a different place in their brain and their psyche uh you have an average of 23 decrease in year-over-year customer service costs you ask for feedback they’ll tell you how to solve the problem.

and it’s less than what you think it is almost always a ni 292 percent greater employee engagement we’re in a world now where employees are one of the hardest things to hire maintain um stay engaged for a whole bunch of different reasons help wanted signs are everywhere and even pre-pandemic it’s been a problem like for the last five or six years it’s become a growing ever-growing concern there’s entire industries that can’t find people there’s entire trades that can’t find enough new trades people and stuff like that employees are are are are one of the you know as a business owner always one of the biggest um things that keep you awake at night but even more so now and then during and now as we’re transitioning into post-pandemic it’s it’s a it’s a big big piece and you know a millennial crowd has a different way of thinking of things anyways it’s just not good not bad not right not wrong just different as as cultures change um attitudes change and if you can you can share great feedback with your employees that they received give them kudos and wins for that their engagement goes way up and that’s that saves as a business owner saves you a ton of money um it’s another stick strategy that helps the employee want to stay around you know on top of wages and feeling rewarded.

And all that stuff but this really helps that they know that they’re doing a good job and that the end consumer is seeing that um 14.5 increase in customer satisfaction just by filling out a survey their satisfaction with your company actually goes up which means they refer you more and on average it accounts this alone accounts for a 28.3 increase in annual company revenue for the companies that institute a voice of consumer feedback survey versus asking for just reviews so who doesn’t want 30 from just doing something like that what you also do is we actually get to figure out who our cheerleaders are because our cheerleaders are five five times more responsive they’re the ones you can market more to the ones that will refer you more they’re the ones that love you more the ones that will you know you ask for something they’ll deliver it they’ll do it for you you ask them to fill out a survey hey we’re looking at adding this new service what do you think those that’s that that 80 20 rule and you want to find your a-list cheerleaders that just respond to everything and one great way to find them is ask them to fill out feedback because those people will the cream will rise to the top and you’ll know who they are within a couple of iterations of them filling out feedback every single time.

And and just being really engaged and that can you can grow your company just on cheerleaders and and strategic partners alone so um you’ll immediately hear um and respond to anybody who didn’t have a great experience that’s really important you have the opportunity to recover them and save that that referrer relationship when you ask for feedback as soon as it’s a public review hey can you go to google and tell us how we did yeah you guys sucked ain’t going anywhere it’s permanent now everybody knows and they won’t just tell you there they’re gonna copy and paste that around five other directories it’s gonna end up on facebook and and and yahoo bing and um yelp and everywhere so we just know that you want to be able to internalize that more you know avoid negative reviews getting online you want to generate ongoing positive feedback to share with your staff so and there’s a reason for what we’ve what we have discovered is that done properly 50 to 75 percent of your clients will provide you with feedback fill out a survey a short survey uh and it provides a whole bunch of benefit only about 10 to 15 of the population right now writes reviews and writes them regularly.

That’s even a smaller number so if you’re spending you know for every 100 customers that walk in the door you have a chance of getting 15 reviews by asking a lot and doing a lot of work but you have a chance of getting 50 to 75 of those people provide feedback and then you can thank them for the feedback and and tell them why it’s important if if you could help our company out thank you so much for that great feedback um i’d love you to do me a favor and help our company out um one step further and just go publish that online here’s that the nice comments you made and here’s a couple of links to go do that now you get more reviews you can you can jack that 10 to 15 percent of the population up to 20 25 because they feel more indebted because of all that other stuff that we just talked about there’s actually a deeper um psychological relationship you’ve built some more rapport just at this step alone so and you’re not hounding for reviews there’s a point at which every employee saying you know hey well reviews are really important to our business and if you can go write a review i actually get a little bit of a stipend for it and stuff like that i’d really appreciate more reviews and they say that every single time all the time customers are hearing that from everybody and it does feel and there’s a lot of people yeah yeah yeah but it’s only 10 to 15 percent.

Um but it’s they they hear that from everybody and it’s becoming a hounding thing it really makes more sense to say hey the company’s going to send you a survey about the services you’ve received from our company and every point across the board i really appreciate if you could mention my name when you fill out that survey a little bit of neuro-linguistic programming there but when you fill out the survey assumes that they’re automatically going to can you mention my name is asking for agreement and you’re never hounding for a review and it sounds way more authentic and legitimate and the benefits of doing this is you get a consistent easily manageable way of getting a lot more online reviews but you create a ton more content by the feedback it comes in but you can then share it that feedback can be shared all over the web and i’m going to show you all the places so the breakdown looks like this you add a customer to some form of reputation system some people piece this together by creating a survey monkey survey and then um sending that out and then when it comes back in they they have an email an auto email that they can automatically send out hey thanks for the fee you know the the feedback if it was positive um or if it was negative.

I’m so sorry about that and they can manually send out an email like a pre-written email template and and ask them to take that and put it online somewhere and do all that kind of stuff um send them a text message with the same stuff and just kind of do that always obviously better to have a system in place that just automatically does that you put the customer in and all of these things happen so they get triggered and also we know in our world that people treat their email the same way they treat twitter as soon as it’s scrolled past it’s gone um as soon as it drops off the page it’s gone never to be found again um no different than google search page two of google and beyond is the best place to hide anything because nobody ever gets there so they used to say that’s the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of google because it will never be found so same idea here if they didn’t open the email they didn’t see the email there’s their smart technology that can figure that out like um then then it’s counted as not having been received and you send again if their email is dialed so tight that it end up in junk or spam they’ll never see it so you that’s why you double it up with a text hey i sent you an email about this if you missed it here’s a link we’d really love your input things like that.

So it’s you’re one chewing the whole entire process making it multi-step and then stopping those as soon as they they respond or or click on something and go to it have it smart technology where in the world of ai’s now and all that have it stop have it transition to something else then the customer fills out a survey fills out the feedback um on that form some other psychology you want to make sure that when they’re filling that out there’s other customer testimonials all over that form anywhere that people your customers go to see more about you you should have testimonials and feedback everywhere so if it’s on a sales page if it’s on a page about your carpet cleaning service ton of carpet cleaning um feedback on that page upholstery cleaning service ton of upholstery cleaning feedback on that page live streaming reviews on your home page and on your contact us page and again on a survey page and then you want to smart road that so if they fill that out properly you can do this manually or have tools that do this um then invite them to leave it leave their their great comments online because that’s now the favor you need from them this is you know the first part is hey this helps our company this helps you next time this helps you know if you’re referring people to us.

It helps everybody get a better a better experience with our company tell us how it was everything about it how was the phone answering how was the technician how was the the service delivery all that kind of stuff so um and i’m going to give you a little secret right here on these surveys you can also ask them about other services you provide don’t assume they know about all your services so in the carpet cleaning world you ask about hey would you like us to send information and maybe future specials and savings on our upholstery cleaning tile cleaning hardwood floor cleaning duct cleaning area road cleaning pet urine cleaning things like that the number of people that will respond back and go wow i didn’t know you did all these other things even though it’s on the side of your truck it’s all over your website it’s everywhere they’ve looked but they only focused on the one thing until they had to check a box and of course i’d like to learn more savings on this what we found in our own company is that that about 20 25 of people will actually answer that question that they want more information on one of your other services and you immediately call them up thank them for the feedback it’s all about hey thanks so much for the feedback i’m glad tommy did a great job for you um i’m definitely going to share that with all your great comments with them.

So i just wanted to you know thank you for that by the way i noticed that you checked off that you wanted more information on our tile and grout cleaning sorry that the the technicians didn’t mention that to you when they were there but yeah by all means there’s actually a savings that when we’re in the home doing service for you if you add on another service you get a 20 savings for example um now if you’d like to book that you know if you’d like more information on that i can send it over to you if you’d like to book that in as long as you book it in within uh the next you know 30 days from your your service date uh then uh we’ll all i have no problem honoring that 20 discount you would have got we found that one out of five people said yeah i just booked me in for that and now you’ve got an automatic upsell and you’ve doubled the value of that job so that alone can add thousands if not ten thousand dollars monthly just by having a survey and asking a strategic question as one of the points and then you get them to give you a star rating and tell them tell them one or two sentences a little bit about their experience with your company and that experience is becomes the the testimonial and the review and if they have a negative experience.

Immediately they should be telling ask to tell what went wrong and how would you like us to solve it and the big button on that should say go right to the manager’s desk 85 percent of people reported that the reason why they actually go and complain online is because they don’t believe the staff will ever tell management and it will never get solved that’s why they do it they’re not trying to destroy your business by and large they’re trying the customer’s negative reviews because they either tried to get it solved and didn’t or they don’t believe you will so immediately when they fill out that if the feedback comes right away like within a few hours to a day at the most of the service comes multi-channel and they’re not happy and for any reason and you give them the opportunity to make it go right to the manager and then automatically they get an email back we delay it on our system about five minutes and then hey thanks so much um this is owner of business this just came across my desk i will look into this and get back to you um shortly within you know within the next 24 to 48 hours at the latest right that’s an automatic message that goes across gives you time to go talk to the people involved in the company figure out what the problem is and call the customer up knowing already one of the questions was on this negative impact.

What how would you like to see us resolve this you already know what they want before you pick up the phone and have that difficult conversation and you’ve blocked them in a way from going online and writing a negative review because they know if you if they give you a negative review you may not solve the problem they already know that we’re in a world where people figure that out already so if they stay positive if they say hey i just like it solved that’s my most important thing again unless they’re you know a complaining care and of of the world or i can’t remember the male version of that complaining kevin i don’t know um whatever we call our karens and kevin’s or whatever um unless they’re just out to out for blood um and they do that with everybody they’re gonna wait because they want it solved and that’s their most important metric so so rule number two now you want to dominate online marketing um by marketing your reputation as your local brand your brand is not your name your brand is how people perceive your company that already exists whether you’re managing it whether you’re engineering it or not so let’s engineer that so you want to make sure that you have reviews live reviews and testimonials and feedback all over your website.

You want to make sure that you’re marketing those all over social media so if you’ve got a good google review that’s got to be marketed snapshot take picture um do whatever market it all over all of the other platforms as they come in so they they become dynamic they’re not just sitting hoping somebody shows up over there they’re becoming dynamic everywhere across all platforms even in google my business you can put a post up of a yelp review you can put a post up of a facebook review an angie’s list review a foursquare you know anything like that so or even it doesn’t have to be a review it could be a you could put post up of feedback and testimonials that have come in as well um so there’s lots of ways that you can play with that then you can also um turn them into images and share them on on image sharing sites a lot of a lot of image sharing sites let you share the image and then put a comment well the comment becomes the their their text and their text is full of keywords i had blah blah carpet cleaning come over and do blah blah blah pet urine they’re using keywords all the way through and that’s being picked up around the web and your um image sharing sites around the web.

Actually link back to your website your your name address your phone number these become those unstructured citations we talked about two months ago so you get a lot of benefit back to you as link building videos you can talk about the review in a video hey we just got these three or four reviews in recently i just wanted to share some of the information and uh blah blah blah there’s different ways you can do videos we actually hire spokes models and create videos that we post up on youtube and stuff all around reviews to really really make when somebody goes looking for you they can find a video on your website on youtube on on google my business posts on facebook on twitter everywhere they’re going to find videos about you as well with a spokes model talking about your review it’s hard to get customers to do video reviews sometimes you can um there’s a lot that’s involved in that if you need to know more about that we can talk about that privately but there is a whole process involved in trying to get regular video reviews but one way to do it is just read the reviews and share some information on it and then what we really like to do as well is we like to re-target so retargeting is when somebody lands on your website and then leaves so 94 to 96 of all web traffic to a local website leaves and didn’t do anything didn’t fill out a form didn’t call you did nothing they just looked at it and left it doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

It’s just not interested right now or they’ve got three or four other websites to look at and they didn’t find you they forgot about you didn’t find you back again didn’t look at their history and just went with somebody else they maybe three four five days go by they’re ready to make the decision and you’re not on the top of their list what we have found is retargeting anybody who lands on your website keeps you top of mind when they go to the weather network webmd any website anywhere around the web they could be looking up how to do something in photoshop and it’s a blog well blogs have ads around them they connect to ad networks so they can make some money from their blog and that ad network is running display ads well what we have found is that display ads not only get people back to your website and it’s like billboards online it’s a it’s a billboard system for the internet but retargeting means that they had to come to your website first they’re now in your herd and you’re trying to put a fence around them well what we have found is the ads that get the most clicks back to your website are the ones that talk about a review so you have your branding on these ads switch the ads up a little bit.

Change the look and feel of them a little bit but have a spot where the most salient point of that review and that feedback that customer testimonial is put into that ad and follow people around with a whole bunch of those and everywhere they go they see different ones different ones different ones and they’re going holy crap these guys are great and all everybody’s talking about is how great they are that builds your authority that’s authority building right there by marketing it and now you want to position yourself as a local authority beyond just those types of tools there’s ways that you can do that so we’ve built your reputation and we want to build your authority as part of the play so you want to deploy um prolific authority branding so you want to you know we’re the number one we’re the best we’ve got the most reviews we’ve got we want to brand the authority that you have in the marketplace and that there’s a whole bunch of different ways you can do that with influencers and you know who you work for becomes part of that as well credentials awards um things like that but you want to we want to make sure that you’re prolifically building your authority the stuff we talked about up to this point with reviews and reputation will also help that mixes into the prolific side of branding your authority.

Other people’s comments are the most important and let’s put that all over the web as well you want to publish images and content to build your authority so again what we’re talking about does that as well but also think of youtube think of going live on facebook think of quick little how-to tips think of the 10 questions that most people ask every single time they engage with your service think of the 10 questions people should have asked but didn’t and barely ever do um think of the how to’s that you can help people with if if you’re teaching somebody how to do it and you think that that’s going to mean that they won’t call you if they’re looking at how to do it um you want to be the authority to show them how so that you become an authority if they decide not to do it themselves they’re going to pick you if they decide to do it themselves they would have never picked you and you still built an authority and when one of their friends says hey i noticed you just did this yourself um how do i do that oh that sounds too hard yeah well i learned it from this guy so he’s local give him a call right think of it that way so video content is becoming huge and it is a huge authority play um you want to leverage referral marketing to build your authority.

So um and that’s the referral strategic partners people that are in front of your ideal target audience you want you want to hit them up you want to take them out for lunch you want to talk you want to you want to get referrals from them you want to all of those kinds of things well what’s the first thing they’re going to do as soon as you call them message them meet them at a bni meet them at a chamber of commerce or board of trade meetings shake their hand hand them the card and say hey we should go for lunch sometime um i’d really like to you know talk about ways that we can help your customers um you know referral swaps a kickback program whatever it is you want they go yeah great yeah give me your card let’s do that what’s the first thing they’re going to do if they’re even slightly interested they’re going to go look you up online and see if you’re even worth talking to and if your reputation doesn’t precede you positively you’ve lost that opportunity um you want to get local expert interviews anywhere you can you want to be you know if the newspaper is putting out a you know ask the expert section if there’s any videos or anybody doing anything you want to make sure that you’re you’re leveraging that and local press releases even if you write them yourself.

In the third person but giving your authority i’m talking about things that can help the consumer not how to buy from you but how to deal with problems that you’re that you’re innately capable of helping to solve or know a lot of information on that can be put out in press releases and and that becomes part of an authority play as well and then obviously you publish those press releases on your website and everywhere else you can anytime you’ve got anything like that going on you’ve published all of your social media and your authority is just growing and growing and growing so that’s how you make an authority play all in it looks like this rep like our reputation building and marketing process map just on reputation alone this is our process map so enter a customer’s name and then all of this stuff happens surveys phone calls yes or no were they happy were they unhappy did it get syndicated anywhere was it a feedback or a review did it get posted you know to become um what do you call it uh retargeting and branding for your company did it get posted to social media to get it turned into images do you have like 150 to 200 citation sites that you can influence with this content can you post to them all of that kind of stuff all linking back to your website.

All linking back to you all linking back to your social media all linking back to your authority so anywhere anybody looks or if somebody types in the the google search company name they know your name the number one addendum to the end of your business name is either complaints or reviews so if you start typing your business name in um sometimes you don’t have to put the r in there but if you put the r like start typing your business name into a google search and then you’ll see that google has suggest and you’ll see that complaints or reviews will pop up in that you might have to put the r in to influence that in google but google suggest is just based on what people have been typing in in your area with your name with those keywords so and review and suggest um auditory review and complaints almost always comes up in google suggest because that’s what people care about the most so this is how you influence that that’s the process map so um would you guys like to see what this all looks like in the real world when it’s put together how it looks where it shows up and and just put one in the chat if you’d like to see sort of a lot of information shared now let’s take it all the way down and say okay now now show me what this means john show me how somebody’s authority and reputation can be influenced by by doing the the trust engineering.

So putting a budget towards that um is like you know a couple dollars a day and switching those up great great authority play uh and then actually running um image posts on your on your your your all your social media properties where you’re actually showing the text and the images of feedback you got doesn’t have to be reviews online just feedback because again if you’re getting you know 50 to 70 people out of 100 leaving you feedback and only 10 leaving your reviews this is the volume play this is the way you build authority and dominate digital storefront so youtube um see the header there’s reviews and authority play right there there’s authority play right there um there’s a a an interview video right there that’s that’s all authority and reputation play and we’ve got um facebook here again header graphics should not be just a picture of your company it should be customer testimonials it should be switched up every quarter at least things like that and it should just really represent your brand and your brand representation is what other people say about you and then again there that’s on twitter and things like that so all played together um this is retargeting we talked about so look um cnn there’s there’s an ad running on cnn with the reviews.

Um weather network there’s ads running on their in their ad platforms on on reviews so so a whole bunch of different ways to play play this um retargeting of the reputation with different types of ads ultimately what we like to see is depending on on ad budget and stuff like that you can get as much as 60 000 impressions in a month and 100 people clicking back into your website and post-click conversions all tracked by knowing that they they targeted well they came through to you retargeted because they’re on your website brought them back and actually got them to make a phone call you’ve influenced them all over your website there should be your testimonials and your live reviews streaming so the feedback if it’s digital then it’s coming in digital the old days of having a whole bunch of testimonials in a filing cabinet um that just sat there and did nothing made no sense i’ve always stated that what we used to do is we we sent out a self-addressed stamped envelope to all of our clients after every cleaning next day follow-up call and then an envelope that went out a couple days later and we wanted their feedback on it and often we didn’t even run a contest we just said hey can you just tell us how we did we’d really appreciate it blah blah blah all that kind of stuff.

And we would get a good chunk of those back because we left a stamp on it so there’s a little bit of that uh reciprocity or that little um you know you gave like you you invested some money in it they know that they’re going to go tick tick tick write something down and send it back we didn’t just put those in a filing cabinet and say thank you did it help us run the business better did it help us improve services did it help us improve weaknesses we didn’t even know we had absolutely totally better company because of it but we also took a ton of those put them in binders and every job we went to we showed them to customers saying hey here’s a binder of everything we do all of our services and by the way there’s a you know some comments from our customers as well and we just put like five six pages of our services and a hundred pages of of these testimonials coming back to them.

Anytime we were trying to land commercial jobs we would take 10 20 30 letters written to us from other commercial jobs that we’d asked for they didn’t just do it on their own and we’d put that into the quote and send that over still do that digitally in a pdf but we used to manually physically add those photocopy them add them and say hey you know if you want to be like some of these other companies you know city hall and this and that here um here’s our quote and here’s some testimonials why you should choose us so that’s all part of it that’s why you do it digitally now too so recap you got to be the top trusted company to get most of the work your public and social reputation must be your number one focus best customers do not look for the lowest price they look for trust all of your advertising efforts online offline word of mouth anywhere is impacted by what people see when they look you up so you need to know what that is at every moment of every day when you build and then market your five-star reputation you’re positioning yourself your company as the market leader when you therefore you’ll attract more clients and grow your business and it becomes way easier because you’re seen properly the bottom line is reputation marketing provides more customers and more profits.

So action items we’re we’re at the end of of of the main tools right here i’m going to give you something a strategy you can go kind of look up what you are if you’re not one of our clients by all means this is really important take a look at where you’re where you’re sitting right now um but you want to write down your actions steps what are you going to do like we’ve gone through a lot of stuff there’s going to be a replay you might want to go back and watch the replay and take even more notes but what are you going to do to influence and and make that all happen and we talk about this on a lot of the webinars but you can go to scan and we actually do a reputation audit a full visibility report um it’s a tool that we’ve invested in and that does a whole bunch of of of research in the background finds connection points finds what google sees and and makes some connections that way as well so you can see where your game is weak and where you need to pick it up.

So steps to trust engineering piece it together piece together a survey um create a review capturing page of some sort write a number of emails in the series set up an autoresponder if you know how to do that so that they go out automatically train your staff how to request reviews publish and post reviews to your website create shareable social review images and syndicate them everywhere you can part of your seo strategy and your reputation strategy and monitor all the directories for for positive and negative reviews and respond to every single one of them not just google but all of them that’s how you do it what if you don’t have time or the know-how to do all this i get that the only the only easy button to get something like this in place.

Would be talking to us we can point you in the right direction obviously we’ve got some tools that can help and we can talk about how that fits into your business we like to do it as part of a whole holistic marketing but we can always do a deep dive see where your business is at um and go from there if you’re if you’re interested at all in kind of just having a marketing consultation done for you um what that looks like is uh we we do actually um it’s it’s free for people to jump on the webinar we have limited spots but what we actually do is we put our entire research team to work and analyze your online visibility but we also analyze your competitors find the gaps find out where you’re not showing up well things you can do more of do a whole bunch of stuff but we don’t just leave it there we don’t just send you a report and go oh here go do all this we schedule a one-on-one meeting for one hour with me.

I charge 499 dollars an hour for my consulting when i’m being when consulting on business management and growth and stuff like that for corporations and companies and franchises and you name it i give an hour for free with with these and again there’s limited spots in my schedule there’s not a lot of openings but if you want to jump on one of those we will go through all everything that that our team found out everything i found out we’ll go through every little piece you will come away with that with a step-by-step action plan whether you want our help with it or whether you’re just going to try and do it yourself or piece something together you know it’s you know it’s it’s it’s a friendly conversation no pitch it’s not a sales conversation it’s just here’s where you are here’s where you need to be here’s a path to get there here’s some of the things that we can help with if you’re interested um and some of the pieces we can pick up here’s some of the things that you need to do with your team and your meetings and things like that.

And here’s how you move forward so if you’re interested in any of that just schedule some time remo will reach out to you you can actually even mention in chat right now room i’m interested and give her your contact information she’ll reach out to you but you schedule something she’ll reach out she’ll get the information we need to set put the research team in place get everybody working on your behalf it’s like it’s the value to you is way beyond 500 bucks of my consulting time and it’s complementary for people that jump on these webinars that are interested and find a time that fits with my schedule and yours is something that we’re willing to do to help out so ultimately what we’d like to see everybody have is a fully functioned functioning digital dominance system in place again not all of these things we do this is what you need to do we can help in some of these things and we can advise on others and we can point you in the right direction on others but we want to see everybody have a full digital dominance method in place and become the local authority in their marketplace and and and stand out from the rest and just be the dominant brand be the be the mcdonald’s of your area in your marketplace be the one that everybody knows.

And goes to like the market leader that makes your business more sellable that’s why my business was more sellable that makes business easier that makes attracting employees easier because employees are looking at what company they’re that that you know they just they just put a an indeed resume into and you responded back saying hey you like it you’d like to interview them what do they do they’re going to look you up before or after they put that resume in and go yeah i don’t want to work there oh my god yeah these guys are great so again you’re influencing so much when you influence um and your reputation and you start doing trust engineering so if you want to learn more about trust engineering and all that hit me up if you found this valuable by all means let us know tell us in the comments email us back let us know that that this was you found this is valuable share the replay out with any friends and business colleagues that you know that you think could actually uh to learn a little bit and help their business as well as business owners we want to work on our business not in it and we want to always grow and learn cutting edge stuff and what i like to bring to you guys is what’s actually working.

You know you know with brass the brass tacks of it all um shoe leather to to pavement stuff um that is actually working right now um and cut through all the clutter and all of the tools and all of the the the mess that’s out there and say hey here’s how it all fits together and works properly so that makes sense to you um hit us up um if you’re one of our clients thanks for being on it you’ve got a lot of more information and if there’s some things that you know that you’re not doing in in-house and you want a little bit more help with that give us like schedule some time with me as a client and we’ll we’ll walk through ways to help you do the stuff that has nothing to do with even what we’re doing for you.

I hope you found this valuable and we look forward to sharing more information and really getting your digital dominance dialed in in these these upcoming sessions thanks so much take care.

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