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The Ultimate Guide To Google Local Service Ads For Carpet Cleaners

Looking to dominate Google Local Service Ads for carpet cleaners and home service businesses? Look no further! This MasterClass is packed with all the tips and tricks you need to get your business ranking at the top of the search results. From setting up your account and optimizing your profile to convert, to secret hacks for setting the ideal budget, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know. So sit back, relax, and let me show you how it’s done.

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Why Local Service Ads is a no-brainer for most carpet cleaners and home service business owners


How you can jump on board (if you have not already)


What it takes to rank in the top 3 results


How you can take advantage of high-quality leads at low CPL and maximize your ROI to truly WIN with Local Service Ads


…and more!

Audio Transcript:
some great information i think you’re going to really really like this one we had a lot of interest in learning more about local service ads big part of of the marketing mix that carpet cleaners and home service providers should be looking at so we’re going to kind of dive deep into that how to make sure you do it properly and that kind of stuff so welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clindining has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

the interesting thing about this this is really um really interesting webinar um something i i find very very impactful for our clients um it’s something that as a digital marketing agency um we don’t make any money on at all this is just um there’s no services around this that we can really provide to you a little bit here and there as part of you know our main core package and stuff i got to help you guys get set up but other than that this is literally just something that as a business owner you need to know how to do you need to how to manage and see if it fits into your model so so that’s what i wanted to share with you today is all about how to win with google local service ads because they’re still fairly new and a lot of people aren’t quite sure how to how to go about using them properly to actually maximize the results and right now um way back in the day like you go back 15 20 years ago um google pay-per-click ads were pennies a click now we know they’re 5 10 15 20 some mark is 25 a click for every every click that just comes through to your landing page or website and that you know how many clicks do you need before you get generate a phone call and how many phone calls do you need before you generate a a job out of it you’ve really got to be careful and aware of the math because the bidding has gone insane well google local service ads are still just sort of like you know um the new kid on the block so to speak and the the cost for the per lead can work out in a lot of businesses if you run the math correctly so we’re going to be talking about that here today so i need your attention turn off your cell phones i’m actually going to turn and put mine on mute right now i’m actually going to try and prevent my siri from talking to me on my phone as well which sometimes happens during these turn off your facebook um you know if you’re cleaning or service business owner and you’re serious about getting better results from your marketing the next 60-90 minutes i don’t think it’s gonna take that long we’re gonna walk through this pretty quickly 45 to 60 minutes um as it says could change your life it’s definitely could um could really really impact your marketing and and that’s the important point here is to is to is to really see how we can help grow your business and give you some actionable advice again that is not something that we even can provide as a necessary as a service something you guys have to do um and work on you know on your own about as well so

so um what we’re going to be talking about what we’re going to cover is what are google local service apps we’re going to let you know what they are where are they active how do you get involved with them how do they work how can you jump on board if you’re not already and if you are on board already um what you can do to really really um maximize your results and get the best chance of ranking because we’re going to talk about there’s only three results that show up and google decides those three results it’s all part of google’s algorithm still that google everything google does is all about an algorithm as you guys know and how do you influence that um that’s the really important part um and how do you take advantage of of these high quality leads at a low cost per lead so you can maximize your roi so if that sounds exciting if that sounds like what you’re looking to do is hey i need a lead source and i need another lead source i need multiple lead sources can i employ this one in my business as another lead source that that’s valuable to me and if i can how do i maximize it how do i use this tool properly so for those of you who don’t know me i know we’ve got some customers on like some of our regular clients on the line um we’ve got people that have talked to you before uh but there’s some newbies

jumping on the line as well so who am i uh well uh so my name is john clendening i’ve been in the cleaning industry since 1990 while still in high school um i’ve been the owner of many many um cleaning businesses service businesses um franchises i’ve also even got an ecom line on amazon i’ve done i do seo and marketing all over the place but my near and dear to my heart is the cleaning industry and carpet cleaning business specifically um i’ve lectured around the world many three-day elite retreats and and 90 minutes on the stage and all of that kind of stuff vegas and chilliwack bc and miami and the island of samoa i got flown into things like that so i’ve been a long time consultant and speaker trainer author all that kind of stuff um so i bought systemize and sold made franchise businesses during the years the whole time through that period of time from 1995 until just uh just last year i had my brick and mortar carpet upholstery and cleaning business we also had duct cleaning businesses and added the tile grout and stuff like that and i was able to sell that during the pandemic and cash out really really nicely i’m also the author i’m proud to announce of the complete guide internet marketing for carpet cleaners you can go find it up on amazon it’s it’s available um kindle version and the the printed book it will arrive to your door in about two to three days if you go order it from there it’s just a new release something i’ve been working on for a very long time but it is a literally a step-by-step program of everything you need to do to um for internet marketing for carpet cleaners it literally is the complete guide based on the case studies our clients all the work we’ve done the 20 years of experience in in marketing the 15 or so experience of years of experience in digital marketing and our entire team so that’s uh that’s a good resource to grab um as well and to have sort of in your back pocket more importantly than that what about what we do for our clients so there’s just a bunch of happy clients um getting their best months ever their best years ever um ranking number one showing up everywhere online in their local marketplace dominating everywhere which is what we want to do what we call it is our as our digital dominance method and it’s it’s based on again my 30 plus years of experience 15 20 years of consulting and everything i’ve done to build my own businesses to help build franchise networks to help build individual companies help them grow and understand it’s an all in mentality it’s not a one and done you can’t just be doing one thing it’s all about how you put all the pieces together to build a momentum and a machine that is just generating leads and cash and a business that you’re it’s not all based on being the lowest price or any one advertising source it’s firing on all cylinders so if one thing kind of goes down for a little bit you got 20 other sources of leads coming in anyways and that’s how you grow bigger and bigger and bigger and you have an asset that you can sell not just a lead source um uh you’re not just paying for leads all the time so we are going to be talking about you know pay-per-lead today but what we’re going to be what we we always share in our company is that’s just one of many ways of of getting leads into your business so what we do um is we market our clients as the top cleaning brand in their marketplace so they can attract the best clients are able to chop charge the top rates and are booked out for weeks in advance um our core principles are all around maximizing your opportunities um to generate leads from your digital marketing so google local service ad is an opportunity so is google my business so is google pay-per-click so is your website so as facebook ads so is social media all of these things are opportunities the goal is to maximize all of your opportunities because it’s a it’s it growing a business is about is about doing all of those kinds of things and how do you implement that and how do you automate it so it’s not like a pain in the butt it actually gets easier the bigger you grow um you want to maximize your brand impressions so we always talk about the brand authority and visibility you want to be maximizing your brand impressions in your marketplace so you’re seen everywhere as the authority as the one people should call so are you maximizing your brand impressions everywhere you can and then you want to maximize conversions i like to call those lead multipliers so if you’ve got people coming to your website and you maximize the website for conversions you’re multiplying the effect of every single visitor that comes to your website if you’ve got pay-per-click running and you maximize the conversions on your landing page you maximize the words on the page you maximize the offer you’re maximizing everything for conversions and now you’re multiplying the efforts and the effects of the marketing that you are currently running and that that the maximizing conversions you do it once and it continuously maximizes that that vehicle so you’re just constantly thinking of how do i maximize my conversions on every sort of thing how do you maximize conversions on referrals how do you maximize your conversions on repeats how do you maximize your conversions on landing strategic partners locally everything is about maximizing

conversions and that’s that’s a lead multiplier so today what we’re going to talk about we’re going to talk about what are google local service ads um so i’ve heard this story and i i i don’t know if it’s true or not but it it kind of makes sense to me but so google local service ads are these um these are called um they’re they’re they’re pay per lead ads so you don’t pay per click right below it down here is the pay-per-click every time somebody clicks on one of these ads you’re paying google local service ads are pay per lead so we know other lead sources like homeadvisor and thumbtack and um you know bark and a number of these places that want to sell you the lead right so the story that i have heard is that you know you know somewhere along the way google was watching these companies like like homeadvisor and angie’s list and yelp and thumbtack and all this rank in the organic algorithms pay for ads in the paid algorithms so that they could generate leads in all of these different spaces carpet cleaning roofing you know um locks locksmiths plumbing you name it all those different categories of local services um they were watching these companies use their platform generate leads into their their own platform these other companies and then sell the leads that they were generating back to businesses and google went well wow isn’t that a great idea not only can we do that we can do that better and we own the we own the the sandbox as i say we can put it right up at the top so um pay-per-lead is visible right at the top of the search in those marketplaces that have pay-per-lead turned on like in those marketplaces that google is is is providing this so if the marketplace is way too small you’ll notice it’s not there if it’s a decent sized market um they know that they can sell this stuff they have it turned on because there are people looking for these services the interesting thing is different than other lead sources think of it this way this is a person on the phone and that is insanely different so when somebody like again you notice they only show three um before you have to click this more tab that very few people click so they’ve got the top three well when you when somebody clicks on i’m going to walk you through what what happens but when they click on it you’ve got somebody on the phone pay per click it’s just a click they have a click to a page home advisor you have you you get the hey somebody is interested in a lead go chase them now you now have to try and get them on the phone and if you’ve ever used um home advisor or services like that you know how hard that is this is actually a live person on the phone going i’m interested in what you offer tell me more right that is an actual real lead and that’s why the rois can be amazing with with google local service ads so what we’re looking at here is you notice that there’s a couple things we’re going to talk about so the google guarantee badge we’ll talk about that later as well but that’s really important as what that means and the google tracking number so google tracking number means that google puts their own number in there all the calls are recorded their ai bot is actually listening to all the calls as well and you can actually because they’re all all recorded you can dispute a call and we’ll talk about that how to do that properly and you should be you you can dispute a call that is billed to you as a lead and the they will google will go back and listen to that call and and and they will mark it as um you know you’re right that was if it’s in the disputable category we’ll talk about that any one of those they’re gonna market as um as not a lead and and take that charge off your account so you will no longer you won’t be charged for that lead and and that’s really really important so google’s tracking the calls but we’re also finding that their ai bot is getting so good at this that um that a lot of leads are actually marked as already marked as spam by the time um or you know or as as not charged by the time you see them and they’re marked that way because the ai is actually listening to the call and understands that it wasn’t a booked appointment and they’re only charging you for booked appointments not charging for the phone call they’re only charging for the booked appointment so that’s that’s really important as well so let’s let’s um pile through this so um the other point here is that obviously when somebody clicks on the actual one of the the cards so say for example they click on this um team carpet and flooring then there’s going to be a um it doesn’t go to your website it doesn’t go to some you know some other weird place it goes to a landing page that google builds that you that you um can set up and we’ll show you how to set it up in the ways that that make it way more likely that people are going to call you and become a lead to you right but so they click on that you haven’t paid anything yet they get to here they haven’t paid anything yet now if they call your business and are a qualified lead then then you’re going to be paying per lead right so

here’s what like what we’re talking about is your google guarantee shows up right here um we also see all of your reviews and we’re going to talk about how much that influences what’s happening as well so there’s ways to influence what this card is but this is what happens at this moment so why does it matter well it matters because 87 of consumers go to google for their home service providers and we’re in the home service industry so if they don’t already have a preferred vendor or a referral from somebody if they’ve if they’ve got a referral they went like ask them by as they say they asked their friends they asked on social media they might go and start google your name and those kinds of things google local service ads aren’t going to show up then but if they’re just googling the category they’re trying to find a carpet cleaner near me a tile and grout cleaner near me upholstery cleaner near me things like that um they’re going to see those ads at the top 87 of people go to google and that’s really really important um it’s the number one place new play new customers are looking for service is google so the google search results and page one of google specifically so page one of google includes the local service ads um local service ads come up first on both mobile and desktop what you’re trying to do and what google is influencing google’s only showing the google local service ads to people have who have consumer intent so they’re actually using keywords and sentiment that google’s algorithm knows is that they’re in a buying mode so google only cares to show the local service ads to people that have buying intent based on on what they’re searching for so there’s no higher intent than a customer who is proactively looking for your services at the moment with buying keywords so you need to just have a plan in place to win and you’re you’re you’re tapping into this really really nice stream

so how does it impact on search so what we talked about is this is you you need to own the page right

studies that have been done

they know that when

shown on a page so you have the circle local service ad then you got the adwords the pay-per-click right there and then you’ve got the we all know about the trusty old maps pack and then you’ve got the organic listings where the websites go right we know that 14 of the clicks go to google local service ads on average 11 then when google local or service ads are showing 11 go to the pay-per-click ads 35 go to the um google maps listing google business profile as it’s called and a full 40 go down into where the websites are the organic seo stuff that’s the breakdown of average click volume um found in the home service category carpet cleaning category 14 is still a tremendous opportunity and as we said as i said earlier the goal is always to maximize your opportunity to get phone calls and leads from your from the source from this source is google how do you maximize the opportunity well the app the way to maximize the opportunity to get phone calls and leads from google is that you understand that each of these areas is an opportunity you don’t just look at this and go ah 40 all i’m going to worry about is seo at 35 all i’m going to worry about is google maps now 11 i’m just going to worry about pay per click 14 i’m just going to worry about local service ads every one of them is an opportunity every one of them is an ability for you to influence and get all of these working for you so i need to think about that in your in your as you’re managing your business what are all the opportunities to get leads we’re talking about google today but what are all the opportunities to get leads in your business and are you maximizing all of them right so how do you get set up that’s the next step um you must complete a local service application so something we can help you with again if you’re one of our clients we we we help with this kind of stuff um they’re gonna run a background check um on you and your employees um they’re gonna make sure that you’ve got um your business insurances in place and all of that kind of stuff and there there’s a bunch of stuff i’m gonna show you in the next screen a little bit about what they’re gonna do but they’re gonna run a check to make sure you’re verified why because google is gonna guarantee your services that’s that check mark right here it’s it’s google guarantee some people call so google local service ads google guarantee those names are kind of interchangeable um once approved um and active in your area you only pay on a lead basis what we’ve seen is the leads average usually between sort of 20 25 and 45 dollars a lead depending on the size of your

market but expect those to shift over time expect this to be the early days of google local service ads and though the cost per lead is going to go higher as more and more people bid on it and as just as costs go up for everything um the price will vary by city by the service type um so there’s different services that you can that you can suggest like that are in our carpet cleaning category services that you can say yes i do those please make my ad show for those as well and then the different types phone versus chat or both there’s an opportunity to take chat leads as well not just phone leads right through the google local service um ads platform so we’ve seen them come to as low as like 15 bucks um for a chat lead in a small market and we’ve seen higher than 45 for some of our clients in high markets with high volume for phone messages on core services so just you know google will let you know what range you’re going to be in when you set up and then you run your budget we’ll talk about how to maximize your budget to get the most amount of leads but it’s requirements to get improved you do need proof of insurance um so you have to be a legitimate business with at least a million dollar liability insurance that’s the current unless they’ve changed it um you need the background check you need to have customer reviews so if you don’t have customer reviews get them like that’s that’s requirement for your business right now anyways the number of you reviews you need kind of um is dependent on your marketplace and stuff like that and the services but you definitely need to have customer reviews that are going to be pulled over into google local service um you need to have a budget um and then you need to provide your building information so um so once you pass those criteria um we’re going to talk about you’re going to need to set your weekly budget um so google bases it all on your weekly budget so if we do some um and it’s going to determine the maximum amount of leads you’re going to get that week right so say for example let’s just do some simple math say you want to spend a thousand dollars a month towards these leads that is roughly a 250 per week budget right and we know there’s you know a couple extra days over over 28 days in a month but that’s that’s roughly 250 a week which is on a five-day work schedule i’ll talk about why the number of days that you’re running your ads is important as well that’s 50 a day um and we know that the average cost per leads about 25 so you’re gonna you know you could get 40 leads a month without budget you’ll pay for them because you’re only paying per lead which is 10 leads a week which is two leads a day so if google can maximize your budget at 250 a week um then you’ll get two leads a day now it won’t be the consistently two leads today two leads tomorrow google kind of blends it over the month or sorry over the week based on their own algorithm and the budgets and stuff like that but that would be the goal and once your weekly budget is spent it turns you off you’re completely offline so i want to give you a secret tip right here that we do um with with our clients and and one that we strongly strongly suggest our clients do

we recommend that you set your monthly budget as your weekly budget because what this does is this tells the google algorithm you are willing to take as many leads as they can give you it’ll never spend all of it there is never going to be that many leads in your marketplace clicking there and by the way there’s only three ads showing up and we’ll talk about that but there could be dozens and dozens and dozens of people on other businesses that are trying to influence those top three ads and we’ll show you how to do that so the chances of you spending the whole budget very slim but say for example there isn’t some sort of um an event some sort of thing happening um you’re not aware of it even just the back-to-school rush or just before the holidays rush things like that and you have that budget you always have the ability to go in and pause your ads dial the budget down turn it off for a while so if you can’t take any more leads right now or you can’t effectively take leads that can convert right now talk about that in a minute as well then yeah you can always adjust your budget you could go in there every single day and play with this it’s not that hard so if you set your your monthly budget as your weekly budget and then monitor it you’re going to get the maximum amount of leads and you’re going to monitor the conversions of those right within the dashboard and we’ll show you how to do that as well so you can scale back as you need if you max out on your budget or you max out on the number of bookings you can take and things like that you can just scale back so plan just you know plan to set it that way and then monitor it and you’re gonna maximize that’s one tip that a lot of companies um who help manage this for you don’t know and what a lot of you know um a lot of carpet cleaners just would never have thought of um so again you may get a different number of leads from day to day but you’ll never spend more than your budget um you also have the

ability to immediately dispute a lead if you receive a lead and it’s not valid you get a phone call um it’s not a valid lead you can go right in there and dispute it the algorithm may have already picked it up but otherwise um and we’ll talk about what leads can be disputed here next but you can dispute it right away and then that charge will not go against you and your budget stays wide open so what leads can you dispute let’s take a look at that so you can dispute any leads that are solicitation so normally again the algorithm is getting really good at picking these up but somebody trying to sell you something somebody trying to get it to find a job um you know things like that you know the caller did not discuss the business services that you offer it is just a solicitation ad you know entire yelp is calling you to try and get you on their platform you need all those kinds of things um you can dispute those calls from the wrong number is basically what you’re thinking of or calling you have nothing to do with trying to buy your services spam calls so any call that was pre-recorded or anything like that anything that’s not a live human totally disputable doesn’t happen at all um your location not served so um this is another so if if you set the ads to the location you’re willing to take jobs from and we always set set it as large as you can and work your way backwards dial it in tighter if you need to afterwards um we’ll talk about sort of how how often you show up and where you show up in a second but it’s a good idea just to start with a larger a larger swath to your server make sure it’s your service area but you know kind of kind of go wide if you can first and worry about that but if this is somebody who’s calling from outside your service area entirely google shouldn’t be showing those ads to them and if they just happen across it say they’re sitting at their office in your service area but their home is outside of the service area um you didn’t book it but make sure you have all of your scripts like you when you’re booking somebody you have to have booking scripts everybody needs to know they’re asking the right questions whoever is answering your phone because one of those questions is um asking them where they’re you know where they’re located and to confirm that they’re within the service area if you’re asking those questions in your script and you find out they’re not in the service area then it’s obvious that um that you can’t help them well that’s one that you can dispute because it shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be in the service area you’ve set up in the google local service ads as well so um basically the rule of thumb write this down if you book the job on the phone google will charge you and you will not get your money back regardless of how you dispute it if the end result was you booked the customer in that’s on you so even if it turns out not to become a job that’s on you right the booking is what they the is is is what google is matching the dispute on right and if the services are not offered so if you’ve got um the callers looking for a service that you do not provide and you have not set up as one of the services in your google local service ads um then it wasn’t listed in your profile um and you declined the job and you decline the job you you can dispute that one right away and you will not be charged for that that that booking so it’s really good to know so what we’ve found from feedback from from active carpet cleaners that are using these uh google local service ads um it’s the lower cost per click than pay-per-click doesn’t mean you should not do pay-per-click but you can actually get or sorry lower cost per lead than pay-per-click so pay-per-click again as i said you’ve got to influence the click get then your pay you instantly pay how many of those clicks need to come to your landing page before somebody decides to fill out a form answer your your chat to a chat or pick up the phone and call you how many of those leads do you need to get before that so even if it’s five dollars a lead but you need ten of them that’s fifty dollars before you even get somebody on the phone that fifty dollars versus um google’s paper lead at twenty five dollars and then we know from both of them what’s your booking percentage well your booking percentage tends to be higher they’re higher quality leads than home advisor they tend to even be higher quality leads than than many other sources there’s more likely they’re going to book with you um you still get some price shoppers but what we find is there’s less price shoppers here’s something to really understand all consumer data consumer studies show that 20 of consumers are price shoppers 80 of consumers are not price shoppers so if you could influence the right elements to convert them into a customer for you that is outside of price if everything you do is market your price your price your price you’re the cheapest price you’re a low price you got discounts you got savings your price price price and you tell me no no john every customer is a price shopper look in the mirror that is on you and on your marketing because you’re only attracting the twenty percent of the marketplace that are price shoppers eighty percent of the marketplace is looking for something outside of price they want it’s got it’s got to be fair value but they’re looking for results and quality and guarantees and and person you know somebody they

can trust they’re looking for how soon you can get there they’re looking for how quickly it dries they’re looking for how healthy it is for their home they’re looking for something other than price so and what we found from our users is of all again from all the active users um that we if we know amongst our clientele and ones that we’ve talked to and stuff like that is it’s a really solid or roi for right now i’ll say that again it’s a solid roi right now because right now we’re still in the early days it hasn’t taken off to the point where the cost per lead is much higher and maybe when it gets higher you’re you’re gonna have to really consider the roi you’re gonna have to really do your math and you’re gonna really have to consider your your phone answering your conversion tactics everything that you do to land them as a customer so you can maximize that because the ones that don’t will not be using google local service ads in the future because they’ll just be too expensive at some point so why is this a no-brainer for most carpet cleaners you show up at the top of the results you only pay on a lead basis the cost is lower than pay-per-click much higher quality leads than places like homeadvisor and angie’s and bark and thumbtack and all that kind of stuff and you’re able to modify your budget based on your schedule increase and decrease it based on it on on your um uh your your again your budget on on the on the schedule that you uh you have set one of the things in our industry um just keep this in mind as well if you’re taking bookings right now in your current business for two to three weeks out right you probably shouldn’t be running google local service ads they’re going to want to have a booking within the next couple of days at the most and you’re going to notice your booking percentage drop and when your booking percentage drops i’m going to show you how google is going to actually affect where you show up so your booking percentage drops you don’t you don’t appear as often as well and there’s a reason for that we’ll kind of get into that but you want to make sure that you you have capacity so adding extra cleaners adding extra time there’s ways to modify capacity in our industry if you’ve got three crews on the road maybe you have one crew that runs from um seven to three pm and you got another crew that maybe starts at um you know 10 or 11 and runs right through to seven at night for example um now you’ve got broader capacity to help people out as well and you’ve got ways you’ve got a floating crew that bounces in between you got you know employees that can be off on certain days of the week so that you got saturdays covered and things like that there’s ways to sort of modify your capacity so that you can be booked out for core jobs and repeat customers that don’t care about the timing if they really don’t care how quickly put them farther away so you always have openings earlier um and then you can bump people up if you’ve got a gap in your schedule just call somebody and say hey i noticed you wanted something a little bit sooner can we bump you up but this will fill those gaps so plan to have gaps filled using a service like this okay so now that you got the whole strategy around it how do you get set up

so if you’re one of our clients if you work with us let us support you let us help you get this set up this is something that we can help you with um for some of our packages it’s inclu it’s included if you’re looking to do this will help you other packages it’s a very modest one-time fee to help you get set up and if you do need us to sort of manage the back end for you we prefer you do but if you do need there’s a very modest charge for for our team to be in there every single day and connecting with you to confirm some details and things like that but you can work with us and for a lot of it it’s it’s it’s included but for those that don’t really simple you’re going to go to that’s now it’s run by google ads it’s local service ads now some of you guys are driving i’ve heard somebody mention in the chat that you’re driving um you know you don’t need to write this down if you don’t want the other option you can is just google go go to google and type in local service ads click that link that’s the link right so nothing fancy here that’s just you know that’s not a magic tip just google it um that’s how you’re going to get in there okay so once you’re in there what’s going to happen what what are we doing here so um basically when you start setting it up it’s going to walk you through the checklist of eligibility requirements and what you do want to do is you want to make sure that you connect this to your google business profile it used to be called google my business you google maps right because the reviews over there are going to be pulled into your your your google local service ad dashboard so all of your reviews over there can be pulled in we have seen it where some people have been set up by other agencies and the account setup is brand new even though they might have 200 reviews 150 reviews on their google local service ads they’ve got or on their google google my business google business profile they’ve got three in their local

service ads that’s just a bad setup um so what you want to do is you want to make sure if that’s you that you get on the horn with a google representative and get them to help you connect those two because now after the fact it’s much more difficult to connect the two but you want to connect that right away now what we do notice is that some people start questioning well after a period of time how come i’ve got more reviews on my google local service ads than i have in my google business profile you know i’ve got 232 reviews in my google business profile and i’ve got 250 in my google local service ads how does that happen well it’s because google local service ads you can you want to get reviews directly there from verified um customers so once they have booked you you’ve marked them as book you’ve told google that you booked the job and i’ll show you where you do that and that’s really important that you do that now you can request reviews from these people now they’re considered a verified customer just like on amazon when when you guys go and buy my book for example or the kindle version but the physical copy is good you can make notes in it you go buy that i’d love to get a review on it from you guys you’re going to get a request from amazon as a verified purchaser and those reviews are way more important than just anybody who decides to write a review on something so same thing with google you just have to initiate it so just so you know that as well so you’re going to fill out the profile pretty simple just walk through the steps now let’s let’s talk about how the rankings work because this is really really the critical part here um because there is only three listings that show at the top and so why is google showing that before you click that more button there’s nothing to scroll it’s three listings how does google pick that well one of the things is google local service ads has advantages and disadvantages right there’s some advantages and disadvantages like only three showing um that’s a disadvantage and you you and advantages you get you can get a lot of leads if you know how to influence that google business profile has advantages and disadvantages google pay-per-click has advantages and disadvantages your website organic rankings has advantages and disadvantages not any one of them is the full solution for for maximizing google as one of your lead sources google’s a great lead source it’s one of your most important ones it’s not your only one but it’s one of your most important ones but not any one of these platforms or these parts of google is the full solution to maximize your leads from google but all together they can provide amazing results are you doing seo to rank organically for all of your keywords hundreds and hundreds of them are you ranking in the maps for all of your services in the top three i are you are you in google pay-per-click for areas outside of your google maps listing are you in google local service ads for areas in and outside of your maps listing are you maximizing all of them right so just keep that in mind as we’re as we’re kind of going through there because only three spots as we mentioned and google’s algorithm is running in the background um and there may be anywhere from 20 to hundreds of other carpet cleaners trying to influence those three so what is it what does google base that on how do you get yours to show up more often than anybody else’s well one of them is proximity right so all things being equal where the searcher is searching from and where you are matters so sure you might want to be in the google local service ads two or three towns away but if google knows that your location is back here and there’s somebody closer the proximity filter is going to it doesn’t mean you’re never going to show up but it’s going to be less often and hard so keep that in mind that you know again the wider you stretch it too far the proximity filter is going to be an issue but you can influence that with other things like your review score and the number of reviews you receive so again what how many reviews do you have that came from your google business profile that’s taken into account how many legitimate verified reviews do you have from within google local service ads have you been getting people because you think of that process um where you’ve got somebody who who booked through you like they google’s tracked all of that all the way through and they gave you a review that is that is insanely valuable to the algorithm as well and that’s going to have you showing up more this is a this is the one of the most important ones to your entire business but google knows it well enough that it impacts the um the rankings your responsiveness to customers inquiries and requests basically do you answer the phone are you going to let it go to voicemail and call them back later like when any customer calls i don’t care if it’s midday on a thursday and they came from a facebook ad i don’t care if your neighbors friends brother or sister handed over your referral card and they called from there are you answering the phone google cares about that if you don’t answer the calls and remember google puts a tracking number in place you can’t get rid of that that is how it works they’re verifying that you’re a legitimate business that knows how to run a business because they want

their customers the google search person the individual to be so happy with them to come back and use google again so they’re tracking all of this so your responsiveness are you answering the calls if you answer those phone calls every single one of them um then google is is going to reward you for that if you man answer those chats within one minute right treat the chat like a phone call somebody chats you answer right back you should be doing that with your website and your forms and your emails but you definitely need to do that with google um your business hours then really matter you’re not wanting the ads to run 24 7. are you really going to answer the phone at 2 am to book a carpet cleaning job i don’t think so so only run the ads when somebody is available to answer your phone so if you’ve got an overflow call center answering your phones on saturdays and sundays yeah sure run the ads if they’re not and they’re not doing it or you don’t they’re not doing a good job anything like that do not run the ads if you’re using a call center make sure that they that that you’re connecting the dots or they are connected somebody’s connecting the dots between this was a google local service ad call so that they can market if they book it right because somebody’s got a market booked and when you go to market book we’ll talk about that as well when you should do that

if you start getting serious or repeat complaints about your business this is where google guarantee jumps in so google guarantees up to two thousand dollars money back to the customer if they file a serious complaint there’s bells there’s hoops they have to jump through but if they file a serious complaint and a dispute google guarantees to give their money back from google you bet your bottom dollar that if you have serious complaints um and money given back from google or you’re getting a ton of complaints through your service they’re not going to be showing your ad because they’re not stupid so just keep that in mind as well um in addition those ranking factors google will attempt to spread the leads out

over time right so basically they don’t want to spend your entire budget too early that’s why i suggest that you you put your monthly budget as your weekly budget and manage it that way and you work on pausing ads temporarily things like that because you know if you’ve got more than enough leads to handle and you you don’t have capacity to book another job for the next two weeks pause the ads like that’s that’s just smart business hire somebody else in your business to help you know to help do the job ask your employees to to work overtime an extra two hours a day so you can build some more capacity do something but you don’t want to be running running the ads when you can’t meet them um so again google’s trying to spread that budget out so maximize your budget is a really core strategy but make sure you’re you’re um understanding how they’re actually doing that as well and that’s all part of the rankings so think of it for example if google knows that you only have 50 a day um and your average lead is 25 bucks obviously google’s going to try and spread that out it’s not a day by day basis they do on the weekly but if they got you three leads yesterday they might pause it for a couple days themselves and not show your ad as often for a couple days to catch up so that they don’t overspend your budget so the algorithm is very intelligent that way okay so now let’s get into the nitty gritty and the dirt um um the dirty down details as i like to call it so how we’re gonna win right so we’re gonna do a bunch of stuff i’m gonna go through each one of these individually we’re gonna dial in your service area profile and budget talk a little bit about that let’s get let’s get deep on that you’re gonna mark your jobs as booked i’ve alluded to that that’s really important we’re gonna deal just with disputes properly i’ll show you that you’re going to drive verified reviews and you’re going to target an 85 booking rate so if you’re used to people calling your business messaging your business you know all that kind of stuff and out of you know every 100 leads you get 50 of them as clients or 25 of them as clients 40 of them as clients go back and check your numbers that’s your booking rate on google local service ads you want to hit 85 because they’re more qualified so the way you do that is by having appointments available and a bunch of other stuff i’m going to teach you right here so the first one is dialing in your profile so this is what your profile is going to look like kind of back behind here um and you get to turn on and off certain things to make what you’re you get to kind of adjust it’s really simple you get to adjust what what shows up on the screen a little bit but you want to dial in your profile but what are the keys to dialing in your profile so you want to set your budget open it up to have capacity really important um these are very cost effective leads you want to update your schedule make sure that again only when somebody’s

available to answer the phone and only when you have the ability to book people in within the next couple of days that you’re you’re um you’re showing that as well you want to set up your business bio properly so you want to turn on and off those things that really accentuate your business um fill in the information when you’re setting it up you want to set up a very very um attractive personable bio um you want to select the type of jobs that you want so you don’t you’re going to pick the services that you want google local service has to show your ad for so in the carpet cleaning category it can show for a bunch of different things if you don’t want upholstery cleaning jobs don’t take it off if you don’t want you know area cleaning jobs don’t take it off um you want to make sure that you’re targeting the type of server you don’t you you don’t want commercial carpet cleaning don’t take it like manage the types of services that you want so that you’re you you’ve got it really really well honed in set up your service area as i said i suggest start wide target it down a little bit the wider you go the less you’re going to show anyways but if you take jobs out there might as well have it showing up there update your business hours and this is killer right here add lots of photos personality you want photos of your team doing the job you want photos of your team with the truck you want photos of yourself you want to follow you know you want photos of your customers standing beside you you want like anything you can do before and after pictures you want to load your profile up with very engaging photos real photos no stock photos of you doing the job you want to make sure that they understand when they see those photos oh this is what it’s going to be like for me to get this service in my house you want them to see themselves in the job that’s a dan kennedy marketing strategy 101 whenever you’re writing sales copy whenever whenever you’re you’re doing any marketing you want the customer the lead the potential customer to see themselves already using your services and that really really happens with good good images and most of the businesses that we see their profiles the first time have not done a good job on that and that is one of those conversion factors that is going to cause help you get to that 85 percent next one is you want to mark all the jobs that are booked as booked

why do you want to do this this is extremely important you want to tell google that you’re the right business for them to show somebody clicked the ad picked up the phone called you or message you if you have that turned on and and they booked and you’re telling google every single time that they booked so now google goes oh i need to show these guys more they are the type of business and and profile and company and they provide the type of services that consumer our consumers want let’s show them more often because that’s a good um that’s a good experience for the google user and that’s all google cares about they don’t care about you they care about a good experience for the google user um so again so you wanna you wanna mark them as booked scheduled you wanna add the customer details add in include their email address add all that information that you can into the backend let google know that you’re responsive you answered the phones right away you booked the job and anybody that is non-converted opportunity archived them so what that means is you booked them they booked on the call you know they’re booked they’re marked as booked and then say for for some reason the job got cancelled it didn’t show up didn’t happen again that’s on you um doesn’t happen very often but that’s on you to to can qualify that booking and and then keep that appointment if they didn’t stick which happens in our business we know that just mark them archive them because that helps google’s algorithm as well that lets them know that you’re very responsive and you know what you’re doing you want to deal with disputes right away so you won’t be charged as we talked about for disqualified leads so leads outside of your area we talked about this um not the services you provide all that kind of stuff you just want to go in and mark them in in let me go back here for a second i think it’s on this slide yeah three little dots show up over here on the lead so anytime there’s a lead it’s right in the back end and you can mark it’s booked you can archive or you can deal right here dispute the lead and dispute it on one of those those the grounds that google allows you dispute it you won’t be charged for it and it also helps maximize your budget maximize your listings everything and you want to drive verified reviews right from users of your carpet cleaning business into the back end of your google local service ads so this is what we call closing the loop so think of it for from from google’s perspective they have the call tracking number what they know is you answer the phone within a few rings every time you mark the lead as booked 85 of the time you requested a review from those verified jobs that have now been complete now they know you’ve completed the job because you’re requesting a review and then

the customer left you a five-star review all of that is done within your local service ads dashboard this is huge this is closing the loop on google this is teaching their algorithm to be pick you as one of the top three over everybody else so as you can tell it’s not just about reviews it’s not like hey this guy’s got you know this guy’s got um you know whatever this guy on his google local pro google business profile he’s got 300 reviews and you’ve got a hundred it’s not about that it’s about closing the loop within the google local service ad environment as well so if you can do that you’re winning

right so what it looks like if you look at it here again just for this carpet cleaning company right here they you know asked for um for reviews they and those are the ones pending right now and look at right here google verified job this these ones are for plumbing that’s an example and this one actually the the pop of the drop down but this is you know this was one type of job this was a verified another type of job this is another type of job so the person clicked on what type of job they wanted in carpet cleaning these are going to be carpet cleaning and going to be upholstery cleaning and they’re going to be other other types of services the list of services you turned on so you’re going to verify reviews based on the type of jobs that your um that people have booked with and that is very very critical to the other people reading they know what type of work you did and um and they know it’s a verified purchaser as well so the last one here here is um is again what we’re talking about is targeting that 85 booking rate how do we know that making um that that marking the leads as booked is important we know it’s important that you mark the leads as book because google is actually tracking it in their dashboard and they’re telling you that the the booking percentage as well this customer this company here has got a 56 booking rate you really want to target 85 percent by all of that those suggestions i gave you making sure that you’ve got the time of days right making sure you’ve got all of the other things right um in your setup and that you’ve got openings in your schedule and all of that kind of stuff because if you can if you can start getting to that 85 percent booking rate um you are really influencing google’s algorithm and we know it’s important because google’s tracking anything google’s tracks is important period right so recap how do we increase the lead from local service ads open up your budget um you want to expand your services job types ad schedule business app you want to make sure that all of that’s available that’s that’s how you can increase it by expanding your business hours again having overflow technicians things like that you want to close out every lead as booked scheduled archived um and you want to request reviews from every lead that is how you increase your lead flow okay so what do we do now um so if you’re one of our clients get with your strategy partner um on our team and let’s get this set up for you if you’re not go get signed up right now start completing your background checks it takes a while um put this in place and start gauging your roi you know which customers these are you know how many dollars they paid after the after dump you can run the reports determine how much did you spend how much did you make what is the return on investment easy easy math to do um be sure that you leverage the platform to close the most amount of jobs possible all the strategies we just suggested here today make sure you’re employing all of them just be active it’s a really good lead source right now but play the game as long as the roi makes sense right now you’re building customers the whole idea in carpet cleaning as you know if you run discount ads all over the place you get discount customers then you have to constantly be chasing for new discount customers new discount customers every time you might get the same customer back if your discount is as good as they want to see it or they might go to somebody else because they only care about price the game in carpet cleaning to build something that can sell for half a million three million or half a million three quarters of a million a million dollars and plus um the way you build an asset value to your company is building a database that doesn’t go back to the well every single time and find somebody else they only use you right so the lifetime value of your client that is the most important so what is the roi from this lead source and what is the average size of your job are you between that three and four hundred dollar average job or you 200 to 300 or you are you somewhere between 100 and 200 all of that determines how you play the game of running a carpet cleaning business in the first place if you’re constantly buying leads um from and that’s it that’s your only only game then you’re going to be chasing you know chasing an uphill battle for years if you’re building value and you’re going back to that customer again and again and again and the average lifetime value of your client is three four five thousand dollars and you run that math we

can show you how to run that math um then yeah does it does it matter that you spent 50 to land them if the average lifetime value is 5 000 that’s an entirely different conversation and a different business than if your average customer only shows up once and the average lifetime value is 150 bucks did you spend 50 for 150 uh customer you’re gonna go to business pretty quick so um anyways so put in the chat here um will you make money is this something that you understand can you attract more leads and grow your business if you maximize google local service business ads as one of the lead flow programs that you put in place one of the marketing programs you put in place for your business let’s put a one in the chat i’m gonna pop back over to chat um put a one in the chat if you think that you can uh you that this can make you money cool cool cool we got a couple ones coming in already hey the rest of you you know wake up a little bit sorry i know i’ve been talking for a little while here um but we’re going to wrap this up so definitely make sure that you’re considering these types of things if local service ads are running for your business and your category then jump on it give it a try run the math make sure it makes sense for you and make sure your business is structured in a way that it does make sense it is just one of the pieces it’s part of this right here google local service ads it’s just one of the pieces of a proper terrible circle there guys um digital dominance method it’s one of those three core elements your goal is to maximize the opportunity to get phone calls and leads so each of these areas is an opportunity and you want to be using all of them you want to be maximizing obviously all of your opportunities you want to be maximizing your brand impressions as we talk about that is and which is your brand authority and visibility you want to make sure that that’s being seen everywhere um so you’ve got all of this good stuff in place and then you want to be able to make sure you’re maximizing your conversions so you want to have all of those conversion boosters in place we talked a whole bunch about a whole bunch of them here for google local service ads um but there’s the conversion boosters for your website personality on your website having calls to action on your website um all of those kinds of things there’s ways to make your website work better than others having your phone number in the top right corner something as simple as that can help you want to have you want to make sure you’re you have conversion maximizers on all of your social media what what’s your cover graphic look like on on your facebook and on your youtube is it does it get calls to action is it influencing people to want to choose you is it building your reputation um so that your brand authority and visibility is is growing things like that that is a conversion multiplier so you want to be multiplying your conversions everywhere you can as that third core principle of creating a dominant marketing plan and making sure that you are the top provider in your marketplace cool cool cool so if that makes sense um then what we do is we we invite you to jump on a call so if there’s something that we can help you with um we offer a comprehensive audit currently right now this this will go away at some point um but right now for a limited time a few of these a month we offer a comprehensive marketing audit where you hop on a call with rima you give some information our research team goes to work looks at all of your stuff does a whole bunch of metrics on you does a whole bunch of metrics on your competitors sees where you’re winning where you’re where you’ve got some opportunities to grow and then you jump on a 60-minute marketing conversation consultation with me and we go through the research we give you a step-by-step plan things that you should be implementing now things that were going to help grow your business so we identify the key issues website ranking reports website optimization tips conversion tips just we walk through all of it in 60 minutes and all of that is available and rima is going to get mad at me again because i normally should put this in the chat way earlier but in the chat is you can schedule a strategy session if that makes sense to you so in the strategy if you want to jump on a call with us to schedule appointment if you want to refer us if you’re one of our clients and you know a whole bunch of other people that should be using us as well go tell them about us and refer them to to check out our stuff check out our podcast on itunes and spotify go check out the book um on amazon um follow us on instagram we’ve got lots of content we give away for free all over the place follow us on these these monthly uh webinars but let your friends know about us um let’s get them in the club here and if if you’re not one of our clients by all means let’s schedule some time and let’s have a conversation let’s get our team put to work for you thanks so much everybody really appreciate your time and i’m glad we got this one in in just an hour so that’s good for me so take care love you all bye

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