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The Ultimate Blueprint for Social Media Success for Carpet Cleaners

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing for your carpet cleaning business? In this video, you will learn the blueprint for social media success. From setting goals to creating content, you will have everything you need to get started.

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


The idea Social Media RECIPE


How to create video content for Social Media


A weekly planning process for posting


How to Syndicate and Repurpose content for maximum reach and increase the frequency of your posts

Audio Transcript:
we’re going to be talking about the blueprint for social media and we’re going to go off on a really interesting angle so we’re going to we’re going to talk about social media in the context of how does it work for your your home service business your carpet cleaning business your maid service business home cleaning business that kind of thing what should you be doing what are all the questions around it and then what actually is working right now that you need to be doing so that’s what we’re going to talk about welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

foreign if you’re serious about growing your your business and getting better better results for your marketing budget how to get better results you know on a shoestring budget for free from some of the stuff that we’re talking about with social media and things like that that the next 60 Minutes can actually change your business and your life because if you can get more and more results from for sort of less and less effort on your part you’re growing and that’s the most important thing we like to see with everybody all of our customers and all the people that are following us is that your business is on an upward trajectory you’re not just repeating the same thing you do year in year out I talked to a lot of businesses that might have been around 5 10 20 years but they haven’t grown by a factor of 5 10 or 20. they’re kind of running Year One repeatedly so they’ve run year one 20 times and the results show for it if you’re constantly growing constantly learning constantly putting new things in place and staying attentive like you are by being on webinars like this and trainings then then you’re definitely putting things in place that help you to grow so um so what we’re going to cover today we’re going to cover the ideal social media recipe we’re actually going to give you the exact recipe that you should be doing on social media we’re going to explain why social media as well why it’s one of the things you need to have in the mix we’re going to be talking about how to create video content and before you go oh no I don’t want to be creating any videos we’re going to show you a very simple process to do that the perfect framework how to make it super easy and then how to Syndicate and repurpose that content to get maximum reach you don’t want things just lying in one place we say that with our reputation and reviews you don’t want Google reviews just sitting in Google you don’t want Facebook reviews just sitting in Facebook you want to syndicate syndicate means grabbing from one place and sharing it everywhere and and you want to make sure you’re doing that with your social media as well so quickly before we start if you don’t know who John is who am I and why should you listen to me so um essentially what you’re looking at is I’ve been in this business for years I’ve owned cleaning businesses since 1990 when I was still in high school I’ve owned franchises I’ve I’ve consulted with major franchise networks I’ve owned independent cleaning businesses I’ve helped businesses grow from forty thousand a year as a hobby to six hundred thousand dollars a year as a as a business friends of mine and and customers and and Consulting and stuff like that that’s spoken around the world I’m the author of the book the internet marketing how to the complete guide internet marketing for carpet cleaners so you can pick that up on Amazon you can see that and I’ve bought and sold businesses systemized businesses this is what I’ve done for years and um transitioned into not only Consulting but then digital marketing as the marketing World changed so learning marketing understanding the principles and the psychology of marketing and then where where the media changes obviously so it’s always about the message the market and the media where the media changes where you need to get the eyeballs from so that you can grow your business as that changes marketing has to change around that and you have to develop that so that’s that’s who I am but more importantly what do we do well we help customers get growth like this we help carpet cleaners and Home Service businesses be seen everywhere get phone calls from everywhere and and just really dominate their local Marketplace as the authority in that Marketplace so that’s what we do we help take our clients become the

top brand in their local Marketplace that way they are attracting the best clients they’re able to charge the top rates and they’re booked out weeks in advance so marketing is all about making sure you you do that well how do we do that well we do that by leveraging the Three core principles of digital marketing success you want to maximize the opportunities to generate a lead where are all the leads possible and are you maximizing those opportunities you want to maximize your brand Impressions so are people seeing you are people knowing about you are you being seen as the authority we’re going to talk a lot about that in the social media context as well and you want to maximize the conversions so when people hear about you are they buying from you or are you driving them to a competitor you talk them about the services and they need them but you’re not converting them you’re actually driving them to a competitor that can happen a lot if you’re not being very very strategic right so those are the three core principles of how a business should grow and run those those are the the most important factors you need to focus on and in social media what we want to talk about today is you know we the the social media dilemma I don’t know if you watch that um on Netflix that documentary it really really cracked the code on on the algorithm and how it is designed to suck people in the way they’ve manipulated psychology to give you dopamine hits and cause people to spend time on Facebook to spend time on Tick Tock oh my gosh to spend time on on Instagram and Twitter and wherever those social signals you get from even even LinkedIn is is a social platform for business to business and they’re all designed to give you those little dopamine hits and keep the eyeballs within their system so you should be posting you should be relevant in those platforms because they have eyeballs right and most people The Dilemma is that you know you know you should be there but most carpet cleaning business owners home service business owners don’t really feel they’re doing a good job the odd few might the most of them don’t feel they’re doing a good job and why aren’t you doing a good job well one of the big fears or one of the big problems is inconsistency so it’s you need to be consistent you need to be posting on a regular basis do you have a competitor out there that every time you open up your your social media platform there they are you see them all the time they’re getting all of that billboard effect brand awareness brand Impressions because they’re being consistent right and it might be in your industry it might be just somebody else in your Marketplace but there’s certain there’s certain people that you see are posting all the time and that consistency breeds results as well but what’s the problem with that well creative creativity takes time right so you know what your audience actually want to hear why are you even doing this like what what is the net outcome you want from this we’re going to talk about this today because what is it that you’re going to do and how do you make it systemized and easy so you’re not just constantly racking your brain on how to what you should post when you should post it how often what platforms you should be posting on what’s it even going to do for your business you know all the time we audit lots and lots of businesses we go through their SEO we see if they’re ranking organically and getting those leads we see if they’re running paid ads and getting those leads we see if they’re ranking the maps and they’re getting those leads we check out their social media and to see if they’re actually in getting eyeballs on their content right are they actually creating an awareness of their brand and Rising their brand above their competitors and what we find is that some people the very odd few do it okay major already you know you go into the social media feed and when they change their cover graphic that’s the most recent post um maybe they posted once a few months ago and it’s not there’s nothing engaging about it might be an offer oh look at our discounts look at our deals all of that kind of stuff is that engaging is that what you go and look at when you’re on social media if it’s not don’t assume that that’s what your your um your audience is looking at either so and then ultimately you post stuff and then all you want you want that immediate dopamine hit that’s that whole idea behind the social dilemma is like you want you want to be hit by dopamine oh my God look at people are liking it people are comment commenting on it I’m getting all of this engagement right we know part of the algorithm is if the more engagement you get then obviously the more um um the the higher up in the uh the the the the algorithm you show the more often you’re being seen by by people but there’s another variable that’s mixed into this as well so if you’re always waiting for likes and comments and then deciding it’s not not really worth it if you don’t get those I’m going to show you a little stat that maybe changes your mind on that as well so But ultimately the fails that you’re worried about is you know low Authority low positioning low organic momentum on social media on Facebook on on social platforms there’s paid and there’s organic we’re not going to be talking about the pay

there’s a lot of value in having a paid ad service going on a paid awareness paid brand building put some budget behind it because there’s lots and lots of lots more eyeballs you can you can attract and there’s ways to play that game but we’re not talking about that right now we’re talking about the free organic reach that you can get when done well so that you’re actually becoming an influencer in your local Marketplace and it’s all part of that all part of that building your Authority which is a big part of what we talk about you’re you know you want to have your brand your Authority and your visibility right so your brand it that that that is the cause of your your company you need to have that that brand that brand awareness what does your brand stand for what is your main messaging all of that what is your Authority are you seen as the obvious expert in your category locally right are you seen as that if you’re not and somebody else is they are getting the majority of the phone calls the referrals the everything because they’re the authority and then are you visible everywhere and this is one of those Avenues where you need to be visible as well and seen as the authority so what’s the hardest part about creating content right what is it like put in the chat what do you what do you run into when you’re when you’re trying to post and create content yeah exactly Susan part of it is not knowing even what to create like you don’t know what topics to talk about how do you even typed out what kind of mix absolutely any other comments like what else yeah originality yep thanks Tom originality is a big one as well you want to have you want to be unique you don’t want to be sort of you know taking over from what somebody else is doing you want to watch other people that are doing it well maybe in a different industry maybe there’s a local landscaper that just does amazingly well on social media um and you’re always seeing his stuff maybe there’s a roofer things like that well you can learn from those but you want originality for sure you want to your voice your you know you have a a direction for your company you have you have a something that you stand for right you have a brand message and you want that to come across as well and you want the authenticity right so the hardest part of that is what do you do and you want the content that flows so what do I mean by content that flows well you want you want to make sure that again it’s consistency that it it has a reason for being there but you know it’s it’s it’s it’s something that just kind of comes out across the different channels that you’re on right so but you don’t want to be difficult you would rather it be paint by numbers right if you had to constantly think of the best way to like what to post when to post how to post and all of that kind of stuff you’re gonna you’re not going to you’re not going to do it you’re you’re it’s going to be too overwhelming you either have to hire a social media manager in your company you have to hopefully you know have an office secretary who has a really good handle on social media or it’s just hit or miss it’s just that shotgun approach and it’d rather be paint by numbers you’d rather know that you know red goes where the ones are and and orange is where the twos are kind of idea you want you want to go back to that easy I know what I’m doing and and how to how to get it to run and you want to be prolific when you get those other two right then when it’s easy to produce and you’ve got that content flow going all that you’re prolific you are seen everywhere you want people to really the the goal of your your social media again is not to get likes and comments and all of that kind of stuff that’s great but the goal really one of the primary goals of your social media efforts your organic social media efforts specifically is that when somebody comes to the platform when they’re when they’re in their Facebook when they’re on Instagram you’re in their news feed they are seeing you they might pause only for a short period of time they might they might engage with them they pause longer and I’m going to talk to you about those engagement rates and and sort of like the the math on that but you want to be seen you want to be like driving to work there’s that billboard and two years from now there’s that billboard still and it catches your attention and there’s the back of the bus and there you know it’s there’s the yard sign and people start going oh my gosh these guys are everywhere you want that you want to get that that that sentiment across and that’s being prolific so success means that you lead your Market you’re the one that everybody knows and sees around and we’re going to show you how to make that super easy to do again it’s it’s easy um and simple are kind of two different things you really want you you don’t want to make it difficult but actually putting it in place there’s gonna be some work it’s not something where you give it 10 minutes thought a week if you want to grow a business there’s areas that you need to focus on you need to train your technicians you need to deliver client experiences you need to make sure your Vans are clean so you don’t have a dirty van showing up to clean carpets at aisles that looks terrible you’re like you know all this you want to wear uniforms you want to look like the job is done right and see you you put time and effort into that you

want to do the same thing with social media you want to make sure that you’ve put some thought into it but you want to have a framework to build that thought process in you want to become that Authority and The Trusted is the go-to company and organic social media is free it costs you time but there’s no ad costs so there’s a benefit to doing it that’s one of the big reasons why it’s it’s really key right so that’s we just mentioned that that’s your reasons why you want to have a really good reason why you’re doing this so that you’re not focusing on oh I got a whole bunch of likes views great watch how many views things are getting and really trying to ramp up views and I’m going to show you ways to really really sort of Skyrocket the views on things on your organic posts but again it’s not necessarily all about engagement you’re gonna get jobs you’re going to get conversions you’re going to have people see you as the authority and therefore choose you over somebody else that’s higher prices than somebody else for example you don’t have to be the discount guy because it’s it’s you’re seen as the authority that can do it right and there’s a way to do that there’s a pattern to make that happen so anyways so hopefully we’ve uh figured out sort of in your own brain the reason why social media needs to be one of those core features of running a successful business local business local service business it’s just got to be one of those things you tackle and and put in place so now that we know why you’re going to want to know what to post right and I like to break it down into two separate categories so what to post you want to post daily with curated content that is your social social activity you want your accounts to be active right so you want something hitting them once twice a day maybe a little bit more often on a platform like Twitter but you know you want some activity so those are those are the posts and we’re going to walk into what what kind of posts are activity posts but then you want to post regularly with personalized content and the personalized content provides the social conversions so now you’re seen as the authority now people are getting a really good sense of what you’re doing right we don’t want you know we don’t want people coming to your social media platforms and only seeing a whole bunch of the same thing so you want to make sure that you’re doing a mix and there’s a there’s actually a recipe for this the what is the right mix of content and how do you kind of go about getting it and then how do you add that personalized personalization in there so would you like to see what the actual recipe is for social media content put one in the chat if you’d like to see an easy to follow recipe that takes the thinking out of it great got a couple ones coming in come on everybody if you if you want to see this if you want to really understand sort of finally once and for all what kind of what kind of approach you need to put behind your social media to get the most bang for your buck or your time not your book perfect okay let’s show this so here is it you know take a screenshot of this if you want um this is the recipe right and we’ve kind of broken it down to the actual acronym of of recipe so and it what you want to kind of understand is that it’s no different than you know if getting a newsletter from your insurance agent do you want that newsletter all about insurance do you want that newsletter all about your agent no you want it to have a mix of stuff Readers Digest dialed this in really really well social media is basically just the same idea as years and years of those little Readers Digest books it’s it’s what what is that short Snappy short form content that you will be engaged in and be interested in and can you apply that to your social media channel like if you go to your dentist’s office and you know there on the on the um coffee table is a whole bunch of different magazines and they’re not Dentistry today right of course not they’re you know Good Housekeeping and um there’s going to be a People magazine and there’s going to be you know you know maybe a tech magazine and consumer reports and things like that for all different types of people it’s going to be that mix of of of content that is easily absorbed and engaging so think of your recipe like that so ultimately you want to have content that is first and foremost curated activity-based content right so this isn’t the personalized stuff this is just the curated stuff so facts and trivia tips and tricks case studies surveys and polls fill in the blanks um advice and questions and answers funny jokes Throwbacks holiday messages and stuff like that um you know inspirational quotes you might want to have some before and after type stuff client success things like that so what you’re looking at is in fact when we look at this this this chart here the p and the E of the word recipe are actually the personalized right so you some promotion and some entrepreneurial behind the scenes personal life and stuff like that so that’s the personal stuff we’re talking about so the bulk of your feeds are going to be sort of sort of this stuff so ultimately a good number score to run by as well is you know you want if you’re actively posting you want for every six sort of just general recreational type posts you want to have a mix of five educational posts four that fit in the conversational area three of them

that are inspirational two that are promotional and one or so that is behind the scenes so where this really fits in is for example if you’re creating video content which we’re going to talk about obviously as well um if you created if we’ve got you know right here there’s 11 15 21 posts so that would roughly be three a day if you’re doing you know seven days a week and if you’re doing five days a week you’re just under between four and five posts a day right so Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday that kind of idea so 20 20 to 25 posts a week across the platforms recreational funny jokes and stuff like that though that’s just those are that’s a Content hell those are memes those are again they’re curated your their things that you find around the the web we actually have a service that we offer where we will create um uh like a a series of one to two posts a day of just this kind of stuff and then you can throw in reviews customer reviews you get reviews from um from Google take screen captures of them or take you know create little canva Graphics around them but you know you can take reviews from one platform and share them as a post in another platform right so offers and stuff like that again if you’ve got a promotion on the go just mention it once or twice a week that’s it just in the mix don’t don’t not 20 times just understand that things in social media scroll away people tend not to scroll down so take out like too far so take a take a look at what shows up in the first and second scroll and you can repurpose and bring things back again as well right so webinars and trainings you can you can have uh you know a little how-to that could be a video a little how-to how to do something right so you could go live and do a demo that’s that’s an option of something personalized as well right a little bit about your personal life you can have share a little story um why you got into this business in the first place and things like that so we’ll talk about sort of how to create those stories and share it but the rest of this stuff is just is literally just stuff you know Martha Stewart um how to prepare your home for the holidays you might share that out hey here’s a great article coming you know for the holidays coming up you you curate a bunch of content and then you you put it into account content calendar and you just post it out so you can curate 30 days worth of content in maybe an hour’s worth of your time and there’s tools we’ll talk about the tools that you can use as well so that is the recipe is you want to have a mix of stuff that you can post out on a regular basis that you spend a few hours collecting and then put it into a posting calendar we’ll talk about that like the services that you can use for that that are you know pretty inexpensive where it’s just a tool that you can load up or you can hire a service that does this type of stuff for you and it leaves you just having to worry about um some of the personal stuff and how to do the personalized content so does that make sense so that you’re just doing a mix of of of things you’re just sharing like a client success story well you can have 10 of them in the bag and you can share one of those every couple of weeks that could be one of your three posts that week you got quotes inspirational quotes maybe one of those a week one two of those a week some before and after but then a client success story um inspiring images you know things like that you can just have a mix of those waiting and just put a couple of those in your weekly mix right and you just drag and drop it and you know this client success story might show up again three months later why not you know the people that saw it before it’s not going to hurt to see it again and there’s gonna be all kinds of new people that see it that show up and it just becomes part of that mix in in your in your um in your feed so that’s the way you think of it this is the most important right this personalized content is the conversion side of it as we mentioned in the previous slide this keeps your keeps giving you social signals allows your Social account to get picked up more it creates all of that kind of stuff you’re not going to get a lot of people liking and and subscribing because of that um they might share it around and things like that but you’re going to get eyeballs on it you’re going to get some engagement you want to put your branding on a bunch of it um if you can like just a little Watermark or a logo things like that but the very most important part is you don’t you want to make sure it’s a mix when they land on your social media pages and when they land into your feeds but you want to have this personalized stuff running past them on a fairly consistent basis okay

so the again the curated content create a gallery of it that’s what you’re going to be posting we can we can talk about that at depth at a later date but it’s not that difficult it’s just a matter of finding things that your audience needs to know a little bit more about what what do they like to do like you know if it’s homeowners and Housewives what’s if that’s the bulk of the people that call you if that’s the bulk of your client interactions then that’s going to be the type of content what are you know not about carpet cleaning not about home cleaning

maybe a little bit about green cleaning maybe a little bit about home decor and and interior design and things like that think of those types of General topics that they’re interested and just have some of that passes by as a link to a blog post as a link to an article with your own little one or two sentence comment and again once you build that that dossier of those it’s just sitting there in a spreadsheet or whatever now you’ve got content forever now you’ve got now you can reuse that and repurpose that content over again but what you want to concern yourself with is the personalized content so I want to with that in mind what I want to do is I want to talk you through the five key principles of creating this personalized content and video is becoming one of the most important sources of that content so we’ll kind of focus on video but think of it you can also you can also create sort of like a written content and some photographs and things like that and a collage but video is faster and actually in the end of the day even if you’re shy on camera it’s the easiest content to create

so first point you want to come up with topics in advance if you have to sit there and think what am I going to create you know a post on today what am I going to create a video on right um you’re never going to do it you’re going to procrastinate but there is a way to do this so um Marcus Sheridan uh if you guys have heard of him there’s a book called they ask you answer he he was one of the co-owners of a pool business he learned content marketing to grow the pool business realized how important it was and the content marketing was around the questions that he gets asked as a as a pool salesman in ground pool salesman um the questions he got asked every single day and he made content around all of that and it became that sticky content that drove more and more views and likes and stuff like that and that was just for blogging that was for SEO but it works across social media and everything what are the questions they’re asking so there’s a framework called 10 and 10 which is what are the 10 things that you get asked every single day about your business in carpet cleaning you know how soon can you get here what is the best carpet cleaning method um think of how much do you how much do you charge how what kind of pricing what is what is the average going rate for carpet cleaning in our area and anyways what’s the difference between steam cleaning and shampooing or whatever you know those those kinds of questions think of the 10 most common questions you get asked every single day that you’re answering all the time when you’re in front of customers when you’re on the phone with customers you know when you’re at meetups anything like that what is the what are those 10 questions um think of the 10 questions that you know they should ask so the audience your Marketplace always asks specific questions um all the time how much does it cost to blah blah blah but you know yourself that there are far more important questions than that that they never ask right um so you know things like you know what is eco-friendly cleaning you know why do you use um why you know why do you use a CRV before CRV before you um um before you start the cleaning process and and other people don’t um what is the importance of pre-vacuing like things like that you know there’s there’s a lot of questions in the marketplace what what you know why do the different types of carpet matter in a proper carpet cleaning you know um process right so think think of those kinds of things that you know people should ask but they never do because they just don’t know the Nuance you do but there is more important questions to ask you know you know why why are some companies discount and why some companies costs charge more you know based on risk reversal guarantees and you know there’s all kinds of things you can get into but think of those questions the 10 and 10 10 questions you get asked every single day 10 questions that you know people should ask but don’t there’s 20 pieces of content right there and a lot of times that content can be broken down into multiple pieces of content if you start really thinking about and going deep right and then again they ask you answer what are what are the the deeper answers around that um so that book they ask you that you answer is um is really is worth picking up um or if you’re like me listen you know get the audiobook and listen to it there’s a lot of just great great insights into how to have a limitless amount of content because you don’t have to really think it up you just have to write down what you’ve been asked right and then it becomes fairly easy so once we move past the topics you want to have topics in advance you just want to you want to block out half an hour an hour and just write a list write a list of of the types of things you can you know that your you know your customers need to know how to get a red wine stain out um you know why carpet cleaning on its own won’t get rid of urine stains you know all of that kind of stuff think of those kinds of things right then when you’re doing video you don’t want to grab it once a time you want

one at a time you want to shoot the video in batches right so you want to set aside some time and do say three to five of these videos all at once right you’ve got your you get all geared up you’re all ready to go you’re either using your cell phone you’re gonna have like a a um a digital camera set up on a stand however you wanted there’s different ways to do that but you’re gonna record them in batches so that you you can you can piece them together create the edit edit the final version sometimes you you know you can just go live a couple times in there now you know answer four or five questions in a row and now you’ve created four or five pieces of video content that you can then use elsewhere again right so you want to create batches but you don’t want to just Freewheel you want a freestyle within a framework so there’s a very specific framework that that we use that I can teach you we’ll talk about in a few minutes that will show that kind of um how to how to just kind of structure a video that crap captures people’s attention gives them some valuable information and then directs them what to do next right so problem agitate solve that kind of that kind of solution but you want to do it within a framework and then you know your topics really really well so don’t don’t pigeon yourself your whole your pigeonhole yourself into creating a script and having to read from a script it’s going to feel like you need to at first trust me I know you don’t you know your topic inside and out give yourself that framework and then it all the rest becomes easy

and then from there you just want to amplify your reach right so amplifying your reach basically means syndicating it out so you want to be able to share that out to the world in a bunch of different places you don’t want to just create one video and and then it sits on one place right there’s ways that you can create content that allows you to cut it up slice it put it in you know repurpose it for all the different platforms and you want to be able to to share that out and amplify your reach by posting that one piece of content in multiple forms and we’ll talk about that as well and then essentially pardon me you want to be able to move yourself remove yourself from the posting so when you get really good at this you will let it actually have all of this content and then you’re going to have somebody do the posting for you right so you’re just going to provide the content and let it go so you’re gonna you’re gonna create this repository you’re going to use a tool to let you know to have your activity post go out you’re gonna your personalized content is going to be created in batches and then put into that tool so you’re removing yourself from having to do the posting you’re just putting it into a scheduler or you’re hiring somebody you know maybe it’s a student maybe it’s again a digital marketing firm um your vendor your provider you’re gonna you’re gonna have them post it out for you help help the process but you want to make it super easy where you’re not the one constantly constantly thinking about what to post next when to post because you might get all excited and understand the value of this and how it can really transform your business and really make you a local Authority as one of those pieces of marketing that you should be doing and you might do it for a couple weeks or a month or even two months and then something happens it gets harder and you stop doing it because you’re individually posting every single day and you forget to and then you forget to post a couple times tomorrow okay I’ll get it the next day no no you want to schedule that out and be weeks in advance

right so there’s a a really cool book called the content rule another book worth worth reading um in the content rule they talk about the stats of the 9190 rule and what that basically is is one percent of everybody on social media platforms are the actual creators there’s only one percent of the people that are on the platforms that are creating anything there’s only nine percent that are the contributors those are the people that comment they share um they like all of that kind of stuff that’s only about nine percent ninety percent of the people on social media are lurkers they see but they don’t interact so when I was saying that hey you’re not getting enough likes you’re not getting enough you know follows and this and that it’s because the the nine percent is really the only ones that will do that which is fine but 10 times bigger of a crowd is seeing your stuff so visibility and Views is way more important like sure the the interactions Drive the algorithms and that’s great right so you do need some interactions and you you do want to kind of get but don’t think because you’re not getting tons and tons and tons of interactions that it’s not um it’s not valuable to have out there the 90 are the ones that you’re creating that billboard effect the back of the bus the the door hangers the the yard signs things like that you’re creating that awareness of your brand and you’re creating it in a very strategic way and I’m going to show you

how the first 10 seconds is the most important um in when you’re creating video content and how to really dial in and rule the first 10 seconds as well so content rules tells you what’s happening in social media and you start creating some content you’re part of the one percent which is really interesting as well so 65 of all face Facebook video views come from mobile device so you want it mobile friendly for sure which is tall not wide um 85 of Facebook users watch video with the sound off so you want to make sure that you’re not worrying like you’re having captions right there’s lots and lots of free ways to have captions you do it in Instagram it’s built right in you can actually have captions turned on and it will just start creating captions when you’re talking there’s other tools that do that but you want to there’s apps that you can download and have on your phone when you’re creating content content that way but you want to make sure that your video content has captions that people can read in the content as well and most people only watch 10 seconds we just talked about that so that’s fine they watch 10 seconds because it’s not their topic they’re not interested it’s not they’re not interested right now does that mean you didn’t influence them in those 10 seconds when somebody’s flipping through a magazine they only see an ad for a split second when somebody’s reading a blog post and there’s ads around they’ve they’ve got a few seconds of eyeball attention and that’s it if they’re not interested their attention turns away but there was there was an impression made right and it’s repeated Impressions so that 10 seconds there’s a way to rule that 10 seconds so you want to keep your content in bite-sized three minute or less chunks one to three minutes is the rule now and that’s a good starting rule ultimately the truth is the content needs to be as as big or as long as it takes to make the point right and there’s ways that you can take 10 minute content and tell them an entire story around you know your risk reversal guarantee what it means and all the nuances of it but out of that you might be pulling two three five little 45 second 30 second one minute Snippets some platforms only allow one minute um so like Instagram and stuff for example reels you want to make sure that you your whichever platform you’re using your content fits within that as well so there’s ways to to create one piece of content and then break it up and use it in the right platforms and ultimately if you start at first just to get used to this start creating little one to three minute um pieces of video content just grab your phone put it on a stand hold it in your hand have a digital camera whatever it is and just just create those little pieces of content I’m going to show you what content you create how easy it can be to to create that schedule but you’re just going to do the one to three minute bite size pieces um to start with and then eventually if it’s longer content understanding your brain you’re going to start breaking it up but everybody invariably you know sucks at doing content hates doing content when they first start but you you just do it you just create it create it a couple minutes it does not to be perfect just just get it out there and and then as you get better at it and I’ll give you that framework to make it super easy as you get better at making that content what’s going to happen is you’re going to start seeing content everywhere so you’re going to go oh that’s a really cool point oh that I just that that’s a really good thing oh that customer just asked me a question I’m going to make a video of that like that’s a great question you know you’re going to start seeing content everywhere because it becomes natural what you want to do right so so that becomes the the point is if you get used to creating these little bite-sized Snippets it becomes easier and easier and easier and then you might end up with a little bit longer content down the road but that’s fine it’s it’s and some of that longer content might get engaged with differently better on some of it if it’s answering a very important question but by less people and the smaller content might get but seen by more people but again it’s your ideal audience is going to be the ones that that resonates with right now at that moment when they come across it so hopefully that makes sense put a one in the chat if this is kind of helpful if it’s useful if you’re getting some value out of this this this this um training this master class on how social media Works in our world and how you need to be engaging with it to grow your business awesome awesome I like seeing ones coming through the chat any questions at all pop them in the chat um obviously rima’s gonna try and uh direct us and if there’s any really pertinent questions um she can bring it to my attention as we move forward so one of the things you want to make sure you’re doing is not hitting the same key every time so what that means is you don’t want all your content to be to be the exact same thing so you don’t always want to be just showing you know if you’ve gone to you know a carpet cleaning Facebook page and all you see is before and after before and after before and after before now that’s you scroll down forever and all it is before and after pictures that’s hitting the same key there’s a point at which the what the hell okay yeah I get it right but

if in the mix of that is customer reviews shared from this source to that Source it’s helpful tips it’s a you know a whole customer story with you know um you know a a project that you’ve done in a you know in a case study if there’s a video of you going hey I want to tell you um if you’ve got this problem or whatever you know like you’ve got a really dirty area um right off your kitchen as you enter the dining room so you got your carbon your dining rooms carpeted um or your rec room family room is carpeted right off the hard floor you’ve got a really dirty area before it it kind of Blends back into looking like what your carpet should you want to know what’s causing that blah blah blah off you go right you know that stuff you know what’s all that’s all about you know what to do to solve that that’s a video right so if you’ve got a mix of all of that content you’re not hitting the same key so would you like to see some examples of what this actually looks like in the real world I’m not sure if you’re gonna be able to hear these um Rima can let us know if uh if the audio is coming through um but here’s an example of some mixes of content right so devron’s really good at this um he’s got some content out there that’s that’s done really really really well um three and four million views on some of it which is insane but you know again don’t expect to that level but um here’s an example of sort of how-to videos and again Rima can give me uh a thumbs up um if uh if if we’re hearing the audio on this one excuse the second here

I’m not actually hearing the audio right now either so maybe there isn’t any at this beginning oh there we go

probably a bit quiet can can you hear that Rima can you give me a one in uh the chat

oh hit pause let me let me see if I can turn the audio up a little bit no maybe not okay

all right

so before and after our how-to video we’re talking about um how soiled it is what you’re going to be doing to do it what type of material it is things like that so this is a little bit longer this is five minutes but yeah there’s

he’s talking about breaking down the dirts and soils and things like that and and emulsification so all of that kind of normal stuff all right and then a little bit speed up here you don’t need to be fancy but this was a good way of you know showing the process you can be a little bit you know slower on one section but you get the idea

and see the difference

so I read a bit of an audio I’ll try to get my computer audio to play through the the webinar thing and it’s not uh it’s not working as I wanted to but um let’s see here so anyway is that the board after you can see how much different is but again that’s a five minute video we can easily see how that could be one to two minutes right just uh how how to care for your upholstery properly right that’d be a how-to video um this is a before and after there is actually no talking on this one but it is like just a whole job build and spell

right so that’s another way to do it just using an app right on your phone take the take the video you know say oh this is going to look really good and just fill the whole process time lapsed

right this is only a minute and a half long all right so going around cleaning the edges then they get their rx20 on the go

right and again this is that example off a hard surface Honda entrance you know things like that this was like huge traffic Lanes not been cleaned obviously in years but look at how well it turned out right good carpet good standard resistant carpet obviously but yeah that’s a that’s a great video that’s the Eraser video where you’re actually erasing the Dirt away and showing people that your funky machine your method whatever method you’re using provides a really good job now this is one way to do a before and after another one is hey hey folks

I’m here you know at one of our clients house Sally’s and you know I want to show you uh um we got this area here and it’s that you know first couple of steps up a flight of stairs and they’re really dirty and the rest of the steps look okay less because this is being used as a doormat blah blah and um we’re gonna go ahead and clean this um shortly and we’re gonna apply our funky pre-sprays and our blah blah blah and we’re just going to show you the kind of results we can get right you might pause your video camera turn that video Stitch them together or just press pause go ahead and clean half the step turn your video back on and go okay so I’ve cleaned about half this step here and you can see the massive difference I’ve used this tool right here in my hand and look at this is what we’re getting out so you don’t have to necessarily do a time lapse you could just do an expose that and then pause again and finish it completely and go okay now we’re all done and this looks amazing I strongly suggest we put a protector on this but you know you get the idea right so those types of videos the before and afters the how to’s the how to take a spot out all of those you know how to get rid of you know what to do when you’ve got a red wine stain what’s the first thing you should do um if it doesn’t come out this way then give us a call again teach your audience um what they should do and they’re going to see you as the authority uh we’re gonna switch over here as well to um a company that actually creates a ton of videos so let me see Mountain rug cleaning they’re out of UK but as you can see for an example they’re running they’re running a channel they’ve got videos every week um they’ve got kind of a different strategy for it but they’re an area of a cleaning company and they’ve got like tons and tons of videos now they’ve had some other videos like two million views 4.8 million views from six months ago things like that um they’re kind of they’re targeting not only their company but the whole um ASMR sort of thing like it’s all about the relaxing sound people can play in the background as well different reason but there is some videos in here as well that have um the owner talking and explaining the process and stuff like that and there’s some shorts and they’re you know all of that kind of stuff so it’s just an example of how many videos you can create totally totally easily just by um turning on the camera when you go to do something right there’s a lot let me see if they’ve got the shorts here these are this so longer videos turned into short videos so again there’s not going to be any talking in this one I don’t believe but you’ll see in the short again short is a tall version see that the way so that would work well on your cell phone right it’s got the audio turned up so you really hear the audio but look at you’re also seeing Oh my gosh that’s a disgusting rug it obviously gotten a flood or something like that but you’re seeing them and their cleaning process and now you’re going to question who are these guys right these these videos can be targeted to local marketplaces and local keywords as well so you get that idea right so really cool videos and this guy’s going after sort of an audio version of the video but um the other examples let’s go to the next view here so there’s a roof for example there’s there’s Roofing videos so we’ve got this right

again a four or five minute video that could be easily repurposed around the web for other content as well but this is an on-the-job video so think of this in carpet cleaning maid service janitorial we’re doing a strip and wax um we’re doing a commercial carpet cleaning job for example so let’s there we go hey guys Gator here with Texas select instruction we’re at first day on our new project First United Methodist Church Garland just wanted to walk around and show you some of the problems they’ve been having here so he’s walking around showing the problems um what the customer so again he’s problem agitate right so you know why that’s a problem he’s gonna be talking about um he’s got the text down here

now he’s agitating the water permeates everything it gets in it’s creating leaks it’s got low spikies again I know nothing about Roofing but he’s taught he’s walking around talking about this job coming up City and the things that he’s gonna have to run into the the way they’re going to be solving it and then the solution um

putting on a roofing system and solving that problem right so another one here how to Consumer education same guy you got a magnet on the side of his truck that’s the number one sign that he is probably a little shady right talking about how to how to spot a shady roofing contractor how to spot a shady carpet cleaner how to you know you know things like that bait and switch you can have those little how to you know the answers to those crab grab a you know get a video up and running this is only a minute and a half long good for almost every

platform and it’s just it’s a how-to consumer education consumer education video on how to shop in your category right and then another example is of a visual um so this is um Andrew Andrew is from master roofing so I kind of just I kind of stuck to the roofing theme on this uh on for these examples here but this is his Instagram so I’m going to show you example of an Instagram video again explaining how to solve a problem a tip and then I’ll show you his channel his whole Instagram Channel he’s a master of this so let me turn the I don’t know

about it is

all leaves off your house so he’s talking about keeping leaves off your house problems that’s that’s not like again he’s at the end of it we’re gonna I’m gonna show you a little bit about a formula he’s going to mention he’s going to have a call to action um but he’s coming across as a local Authority and now if we go to his channel he’s a master at this like he’s if we go to the Instagram Channel look at the feed yes I can hear there we go um you know he’s got he’s got some drone videos again that’s Roofing drone videos but he’s got some you know zooming in on on a problem area he’s got his family a little bit of his family he’s got a charity give back that they’ve done um he’s got team he’s got ones that are just text over top of a video so created a video film some content and then just ran some text over top of it right so doesn’t even have to talk on it on this one this is the four Lessons Learned selling roofs right he’s gonna teach the four lessons so he’s got some video content and then he’s gonna right um the three steps to removing red wine stains properly that’s another one you’ve got some video content don’t always have to be the one talking um there’s some Team videos or images and things like that so posting that mix but it’s there’s a lot of reels a lot of video in that mix right so you can do some static posts things like that but you’re also going to be doing a lot of that video content on the job and how to’s and a little bit of that family little story of how you got in the business things like that as well so just another example so hopefully that makes sense um that’s kind of the point I’m trying to drive home here is that you want to make sure you’ve got that kind of mix of content

so here done look through the actual Doom right so you want to have a monthly plan and the monthly plan just means what types of videos are you doing and we’ve talked about them success story um character story like your Origins what you got a white guy in the business um um teaching on a topic motivation share your favorite Mantra quote whatever um be the expert show a tool that solves a problem do you guys use you know um crbs you um kind of rotate yeah see our yeah kind of crbs um do you guys are you using um Corner guards are you using you know um door genies and things like that talk about you know be the expert talk about that kind of stuff right um you want to teach on a topic so you could have it where every Wednesday as you’re teaching on a topic day if you want to do it five days a week you can have one or two pieces of this video content a week it mixed with all of your other stuff and then it’s just that again that monthly plan one of these could be on that personalization before and after success story could be a post could be um a um uh collage and then a little story of how you got in the business that could be you just grabbing your phone and filming it teaching on a topic again could be you know one of those um create some video put pull the content together a little bit and put text over top of it right there’s lots of apps that make this super super easy as well we’ll talk about that so um again you just want to have that mix so you want to have that monthly plan uh and you want to have it just just kind of running through the same type of content right so character study character study team story you want to talk about your team you know you want to be the expert a bunch of times things like that so you want to create a monthly plan and then you want to have a framework that you can that you that you you don’t you know you can follow but you’re not reading from a script so you can Freewheel a little bit within the framework so this is the framework we recommend is where you start off with a promise right what is this video going to deliver just like um Andrew did in the previous example I want to tell you guys about this here’s right you want to quickly then mention your branding because that’s that first 10 seconds and you want to plant the seed of what you’re going to solve and why like what what why you’re making decision why this comes up what it what what that’s all about and that’s your first 10 seconds is promise branding and usually seed and people hear that and then

move on and they at least see you as the expert they know what you’re talking about and this is sort of a little bit of social proof as well um and then you want to give your tips your training then you want to have your call to action and you want to sign off and all of that can be done within one to three minutes so let’s see an example right here right so here’s an example for typical carpet cleaner on this video I’ll share you I’ll share how to determine the cost of carpet cleaning in kitchen and Waterloo right so on this video I’ll share the how to determine the the cost of carpet cleaning and kitchen Waterloo hi it’s John cleaning here with Mighty cleaning systems this is one of the most common questions we get from homeowners right so there within 10 seconds promise what I’m going to do who I am my branding right away and Company right up front and this is one of the most common questions we get from homeowners um I’d like to help you you know understand so let’s talk about what goes into the cost of a typical cleaning right and now you’re just going to Rattle off the stuff you know the type of carpet cleaning um is there spot cleaning included or is it extra um is there urine involved that’s a that’s an extra cost um you know is there Furniture to move are there area rugs in the area things like that um you know that kind of stuff so you’re gonna all of those things are gonna you know the type of method being used think of the stuff that you know of right so what goes into the typical cost of carpet cleaners in your area that guarantees how long they take is it somebody that’s gonna be in your in your home for like 30 minutes or are they going to be there for a couple of hours and do the job right that kind of thing right so so depending on these different variables you know carpet cleaning in our area typically runs at a range of you know 35 to 75 a room or you know an average three rooms in the hallway from 125 to 250. really depending on you know as protectors included pre-vacuing all of those kinds of things if you’d like to receive a detailed estimate on whole house cleaning carpet cleaning please visit our website at or and schedule a free estimate thanks so much um you know thanks for joining me on this quick video we’ll talk later alright that’s your sign off so that becomes your framework where you know promise in this video I’m going to talk about uh you know the best way to remove red wine stain so that you don’t leave a permanent Mark hey it’s John here from mighty cleaning systems this is a question we get around the holidays all the time you’ve got guest overs there’s spills and stains happening and you just don’t know what to do and you don’t want that embarrassing permanent stain so let’s talk about it well the first what you want to do is act quickly you want to blot up as much of that liquid as possible and then you want to put something down on that to dilute it some people say well put red wine or white wine on red wine well no that’s sticky we don’t suggest that at all but club soda good fizzing carbonated water would be good put it down and put another you know clear the white towel down stand on it absorb up as much as possible right you can just give a few tips like that and if you’d like to if you’ve got a red wine stain or any other stains on your carpet you’d like to receive a detailed estimate um to get those stains taken out you can visit us on our website uh hit us up on social media send us a DM um we’ll get back to you and we’ll schedule a free estimate thanks so much for joining us look forward to talking to you next time right there’s another video you can do dozens of these really easily because now you’ve got a framework and see how easy that is with a framework that you’re just following along right so have that framework and and then you’re gonna you it’s going to be so much easier right so what I want to do as a video exercise so um right we’re gonna we’re gonna be wrapping up here in about the next 10 minutes and what I We’re not gonna have time to record a video right now so you know before you kind of go oh crap I don’t know I’m not going live I’m not coming on I’m not recording a video what I want you to do is actually I want you to pick three topics right what are three topics that you know you can talk about that can just solve a problem we’ve given you a couple of examples type some in the chat if you want um let me know what you’re thinking but three topics that you want um that you know you can talk about quickly and easily right take that framework that topic is going to become basically that fourth slide right you’re gonna do the intro the promise the foresight of the how-to and then the rest of it is just the frame right and then what you’re going to want to do is when you get off this video so write down three topics right away when you get done this training before you go anywhere record your three videos follow that framework record your three videos so let’s go back really quickly take a screen capture of the framework promise branding seed topic call to action and sign off and here’s an example right you can do this one if you want sorry about my yellow squiggles all over the place um

nope apparently erase so take a screen capture of that pause it like on your on your phone if you’re on a smartphone on your computer just capture that use that as your framework plan three questions fill in the blanks and shoot um three videos so three topics three videos two to three minutes each I don’t care if you use a webcam right on your computer right on your laptop smartphone if you’ve got a digital camera don’t overthink it start with either just a webcam or a smartphone just get them recorded don’t critique it don’t think twice about it just just do it and you’ll get a little bit more comfortable about it doesn’t mean you have to post them right away I think you should but at least get them video recorded

and then you know that you’re going to repurpose your content everywhere so we talked about that as well so for example this is our social media feed right here’s a lot of our short tips so um interviews with Jeff Cross been on cleanfax magazines take five things like that those are little Snippets of a longer conversation that’s on Instagram the longer conversations are on YouTube our webinars our podcasts things like that all on you know YouTube in longer form but they’re also in short cut up a little bit and then just just again little this is these are from webinars these are from trainings things like that there’s a little segment that’s only a minute long right so that’s the kind of stuff you want to do you want to you want to just have your channel be a mix of content

and then you’re going to use tools again we want to remove you from the posting process you’re going to use tools like sendable social pilot Sprout social plannable meat Edgar these are all tools that you can get for you know a few bucks a month that allow you to create a posting schedule across multiple platforms so now you can re you know you can take a hundred pieces of content 50 pieces of content 30 pieces of content and just drag and drop them around and reuse them again know that you know you know just because you recorded a how to get red wine stains out now is that you know is that still applicable in six months from now well if you mentioned the holidays it’s good for next year but if you just you know if it’s pet urine stains if it’s whatever now you’ve got content that you can reuse again and again and put back in the mix so you don’t as you make new content it’s going into a library of content it’s not just gone right so think of it that way as well and then you can create that curated content and put that in the mix and together you’ve got a great content plan

so what are the next steps you want to customize your content plan you want to plan it out what are you going to post where’s the content coming from you want to put some time into it you want to think about it um and and create that that good mix of stuff you want to block out time that you will shoot your videos I suggest weekly right so you can do a you know you can do on the job videos if you’re out on the job um you can have your technicians send back before and after pictures and and images and quick little videos and stuff like that teach them how to just grab content without even speaking if you have one of those technicians that really likes to go on camera by all means exploit that but otherwise just get them take pictures you know sound off that you can add again you’ve got a sort of b-roll content that you can add in add in your own text over top of or use in different ways as well but you want to grab a phone and some you as the owner of the business the principal manager of the business you want to Market your business so you want to you want to be able to answer some of those questions even if you’re just sitting at your desk on your webcam or whatever or walking around your van right so you’ve just got a quick little topic you got your little framework and you’re just going to walk around the van so on the you know there’s Motion in the background but you’re holding the selfie stick or the the camera in your hand just press go and record right and you want to set up your syndication so that when you post it here you post it everywhere right so you’re posting on Facebook it also goes to Instagram you you’re using one of those tools that’s going out to your LinkedIn all of those are connected in there and boom your one piece of content is being syndicated everywhere it possibly can be so hopefully that makes sense it’s a it’s actually a very basic three-step plan but with everything we gave you here today with the the Frameworks and the examples and the you know all of that kind of stuff and the recipe it becomes a full strategy that’s going to have your business become more visible and you’re going to have more of those brand Impressions and create more of that Authority and you’re going to stand out where your competitors don’t right so what do we talk about today what have we covered we covered the idea of the social media recipe how to create videos um content

for your social media weekly planning process for posting perfect video framework that’s that’s golden right there I don’t think anybody’s ever shared that with you before something internal that we’ve developed that works really really well based on your normal again problem agitate solve a principle things like that how to take content for maximum reach repurposing content for increased frequency of your post so you’re not constantly having to make new content all the time you’ve got a a a reservoir repertoire of content that you can just pull from and put into your posting calendar so you’re just constantly growing that so from that list what are your takeaways right write them down put them in the chat what are you guys going to do next are you going to start making more content are you going to start creating videos are you going to take that framework and come up with a list of questions and start aiming at that right are you going to start filming more when you’re out on the job right well before more more before and afters things like that don’t over complicate it if you really want to create some of those speed up videos and things like that and you’re not sure you’re not that’s not technically what you do for your own family and your own social media find a teenager who whose it is give them a few bucks and say hey I’ve I’ve captured all this video can you can you help me convert it into something like a little speed up this and that that kind of stuff it’s not going to cost you much at all every kid and every kid who’s on social media knows how to do something like that so you know hire a student um do have go to your local high school um talk to the the co-op director say hey I’ve got a little bit of social medias or somebody I can you know have come in for a few hours a week you know for the next semester things like that and do that have them film you have them hold the camera up and film you as you as you as you do it things like that so it’s not that challenging you want to build that that repertoire of content and you want to kind of get good at just being the go-to person that answers tips and questions and ideas and helpful information and who you are and why you got into this business and your family history and all that kind of stuff um just really really personalizing yourself to the community because that is the conversion content and it all fits into our digital dominance method it’s all part about you know defining your brand building your brand anchors and your voice creating that Authority and creating that visibility so brand Authority and visibility is everything we talk about around the web whether that’s pay-per-click whether it’s SEO whether it’s your website all of them play a role in making you the dominant player in your Marketplace which protects you in case of recessions and downturns in the economy because you’re you’re the dominant the other ones fall away and you’re the one left you a lot of times if you’re the dominant player in the marketplace you end up with more work when the economy slows down because other people end up going out of work and you’re the one collecting all of that you know their phone numbers no longer work their websites are down they’re not getting any interaction and the person comes to you and they see you everywhere because of that so think of it that way um social media is one of those pieces you have to add in you can’t just do one thing we’re in an all any um mindset with uh with marketing nowadays and uh and digital marketing specifically it’s not one thing it’s dominating everywhere increasing and maximizing those opportunities to generate a lead where are all the opportunities well this is one of them on top of all the other ones and then you want to maximize your brand Impressions this is a way to maximize that those first 10 seconds when people hear about you and they come to your Facebook page they hear about you and they they come to any of your social media channels you’re not just it’s not just crickets on your on your on your feed you look like the obvious expert you’ve got videos you’ve got testimonials you’ve got before and afters and they go oh my God this these guys are amazing right and you’ve now stood out from your competition that’s that’s conversions because now you’re maximizing from the brand Impressions you’re maximizing your Authority therefore you’re maximizing your ability to convert that is the role so if you want to talk to us about it you know what’s your next step obviously you can hop on a call with us so we have what we call lead acceleration consultations we break down your entire business we check out all of your marketing you hop onto a 15-minute call with Rima um and she she gets all the background information on your company and it goes to our research team the same team that does the research and the work for all of our clients every single week it goes to those those members of our team we break down what we see missing what you’re doing well what your competitors are doing better than you where you fit into that dominance and Authority structure in your local Marketplace and how to go from where you are to where you need to be and then that is created generates a report and then you and I meet on a call to go step by step and create a plan on how to go from

where you are to where you need to be and we create all that and that’s a thousand dollars worth of Consulting and marketing advice and and tools and and budgeting advice and all that kind of stuff and resources and and everything worksheets all that kind of stuff absolutely free for a select group of people so we do it for a limited time we only do it very select you you all you have to do is contact us um any of our social media platforms DM us go to our website there’s chat there with Rima um give us a call leave a message anything like that and say that you’re looking for your lead flow acceleration or you’d like a consultation you’d like to chat you’d like us to look at your social media you like this look at your web presence um you’d like to see if your current pay-per-click provider your current Facebook ad provider is actually doing a good job or not do you have a mix of multiple marketing um and uh yeah you can go to uh if you want to schedule that session right now carpet cleaner schedule and you can again hop on that calendar and then Remo will reach out to you and before that before that meeting we’re going to get all that information from you run all of our reports do all of our Deep dive do a whole bunch of research for you and that’s all free to you if you qualify and qualifying means that you’re actually running a business um and your your service business that that uh that we can help out that that we’ve got the ability to give you that advice on right so we are specifically in the cleaning industry I’ve run cleaning businesses as you know for 30 years um can we help other service business providers sure we could but we know cleaning inside and out we know what your customers want we know what the buzzwords are we know what the keywords are we know what the competitors are doing and not doing we know what the franchise networks are doing and not doing we know how to get you ahead of the competition and we know how to give you that step-by-step plan so that’s what we want to do and if that makes sense to you guys by all means and schedule one of those and otherwise let us know what you thought of this webinar this is uh again we do this training for free we help out the industry so that so that you guys can get the most value and be able to run your business successfully make it easier to run the business and grow your business so that you’re not just repeating the same thing year after year you’re locking and loading new strategies new ways to generate clients new ways to generate leads new ways to generate your Authority and you’re building over time that you just become a snowball running downhill an Unstoppable momentum machine and to do that you need to be learning new strategies all the time from books webinars podcasts all of those places and you need to be picking a couple of those and putting them in place locking them into a system getting them off your plate and going on to the next making them super easy to use and that’s what we do we build systems we help out where we can and we provide the training that helps the industry move forward and the big players in the industry the key players whether you’re a one truck or a 10 truck operation we’re here to help you grow your business with lots of free training and lots of other stuff that we can help you with as well so anyways hopefully that was valuable hope you enjoyed this webinar like subscribe to all of our stuff so you don’t miss anything in the future and we look forward to seeing you next time take care everybody

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