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The 5 Most Important Components of a Winning 2023 Internet Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners

As we enter 2023, it’s important to have a winning internet marketing plan in place. In this year-end workshop, I’ll go over the most important components of a successful plan for carpet cleaners. From SEO to social media to paid advertising, we’ve got you covered!

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Goal setting - how many leads to hit your target


The 3 fundamentals of marketing success


How to optimize your website for conversion


The BIG picture of all the online marketing channels you should be tapping into to MAXIMIZE your lead flow online


The latest trends that you need to focus on in 2023


Developing your custom action plan based on where you are now & what you need to do now

Audio Transcript:
You know the years and years and years 30 years or so that I own my cleaning businesses this was pretty much the the most important if not the favorite part of the year I almost always took the week between Christmas and New Year’s off and did things like this I still went into the office still worked uh I did the planning I recapped on how the previous year went I looked forward to what’s coming up I and you know what new Services I wanted to add what marketing I was going to do all of that kind of stuff and just really really got ready for the year ahead where I wanted to grow the business took here and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

and we always say about every quarter you should be checking in every at the six month Mark you could be doing like a half time check-in to see how close they are to your goals do you need to adjust or things you’re pushing for were there amazing plans yet at the beginning of the year that you didn’t quite get to and things like that so that’s what we’re going to talk about here today okay so so regular housekeeping rules so make sure you turn off your cell phones uh you know turn off Facebook if you’re watching this on a cell phone the very least uh turn off your Facebook turn off your notifications don’t get distracted they’re cleaning business owner carpet cleaning business owner maid service home service business owner and you’re serious about getting great results the next 60 minutes or so are really really really going to be transformative to your business so what we’re going to talk about why do I think it’s so important we’re going to talk about goal setting for 2023. we’re going to get right right down to the nitty-gritty and be very specific about it but we’re going to talk about goal setting for 2023 and how to hit your targets we’re going to talk about the three fundamentals of marketing success if you know these it makes marketing your business infinitely easier in fact I just did a um a quick little um uh take five it’s called with Jeff Cross uh clean fax magazine on the Issa media uh website so it’s on the YouTube channel and on their website we just did a week or two ago um whatever it’s just gotten really least and it was all about the three fundamentals so it’s just a quick little five minute primer to that just because they’re that important so you want to know how to optimize your website for conversions we’re going to talk about why conversions are so important most people miss this most marketing companies miss talking about conversions and it’s critical and I’ll show you why it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website or how much traffic you drive to your offer how much traffic you drive to your social media if you’re not converting that traffic you’re spending a lot of money on nothing so big picture of all the online marketing channels you should be tapping into and they’re different they they change like channels are like channels on your TV marketing channels are are they have individual attention so you know there might be people that watch the discovery Network there might be people that watch um ESPN there might be people that watch have the Weather Network on all day or CNN or Fox News or ABC or NBC and all of those kinds of things so those those are those are channels we’re used to in the tradition National World well what why do they run those shows why do the news have why are news stations even in existence seems like they’re trying to hand out news and give you good stories but ultimately they’re a media company and the media company is is trying to sell eyeballs to advertisers right so you’re an Advertiser and there are eyeballs around the internet there are eyeballs in different forms of media and we’ll talk about that so you want to be able to maximize those you want to tap into the um the right places to be doing that and how to do that right so that you’re not wasting your time doing something that no longer works uh that’s old school or you’re not missing out on a major Trend so we’re going to talk about the latest trends and what you really need to be focusing on because we’re I think you know that our world changes constantly so what the kids are into you know the tick tocks and things like that may not be right for for your business at you know the the type of clientele you’re looking for but it doesn’t mean that the type of clientele

you’re looking for is still reading the newspaper print by they’re still flipping through the Yellow Pages um you know you think of all the old traditional media that that used to be the way us carpet cleaners and Home Service businesses generated attention and that has shifted and we know that shifted over the last decade or so well it’s continuing to shift and at a faster and faster pace so when you’re the owner of a business you your number one job I really want you to understand this and write this down the number one job is not delivering the service you can hire to people to do that and as you grow you should hire people to do to do that the number one job even if you want to be the guy in the truck and that’s where you want to be but you want to be the guy in the truck that makes a hundred hundred fifty thousand dollar a year take-home income how do you do that well you do that with better marketing right marketing drives the sales marketing is the engine behind the company and marketing isn’t just running an offer or a flyer a discount that and in fact it’s it’s vastly different than that what marketing is is marketing is is your ability to get attention to your brand and create brand Impressions so it’s the the vehicle driving down the street it’s the uniforms on the technicians it’s it’s it’s everything that you do that impacts the marketplace is a moment of marketing um Google calls it a zmod zero Moment of Truth and it’s the the moment the brand impresses upon somebody else right and puts a thought in their head and there’s a million touch points where that happens and you need to be thinking of all of them as a as a moment of marketing and then ways to get in front of your Market the right way so we’re going to talk about that and we’re going to build a custom plan we’re going to teach you exactly how to build a custom plan we’re going to get started on that we don’t have enough time to kind of go through that in depth I used to do um a whole day of of coaching and Consulting with them that when when I got into coaching and Consulting still own my business but started coaching Consulting other other carpet cleaning businesses and and franchise networks and stuff like that we would do an entire day um there’d be some prep work ahead of time a good couple of hours with a coffee close the door and just fill out some forms and fill out so get some ideas written down and then a whole day of um action planning to create the year so um so yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna go through you know the prep work of that and I’ve got a little bit of a of you know a bonus for you as well just so you know um if you stay until the end

got some goodies for you as well we’ve got some work worksheets and things are going out but at the end of this presentation I’m going to teach you how to get our our checklist our online marketing checklist so you can gauge yourself against where you should be um our website conversion machine um summary so that you understand what should be on your website and the things that need to be changed if you’ve got a webmaster somebody building your website you know what you can tell them to do next to fix it up if you need help with that then you know you can reach out uh and we’re gonna you know how to optimize the Google my business guides so the most recent version of our Google my business guide I’m going to be giving out as well so Google my business is the Google Maps listing and we know in our service injury industry it’s one of the main places you should be it’s not the only place but it’s one of the main places where if you’re ranking well for all of the different Services you provide you get a lot of good phone calls day in and day out so um and that’s that’s without sort of paying for leads um so just just something to keep in mind there as well so who am I anybody who’s new most of you guys know me by now um but who am I so uh John clementing owned uh carpet cleaning businesses janitorial business maid services Bots bought built and sold for you know 30 years I was actually owned a window cleaning company while I was still in high school uh and grew that and then got into all of the other services as well over the years and had Crews and teams started in a town of 30 000 people so we’re not talking to Millions population deliver a generated realized start I needed to learn marketing most important thing not how to do the work but how to market the work so within two years early 20s I was out of the truck not the guy in the truck anymore hiring people then had to learn how to hire and manage and all that fun stuff started doing um lecturing and teaching about and three-day workshops around the world and um and I literally mean around the world island of Samoa Chilliwack BC Vegas um all of them Orlando places like that and teaching other carpet cleaners and service business owners how to how to deliver and Market deliver a client experience that gets people talking about you and how to Market your business better and different than anybody else um so all of that’s kind of culminated into um our digital marketing service that we have carpet

cleaner marketing Masters and on Amazon if you want to get it the complete guide there’s a copy of the book right there the complete guide to internet marketing for carpet cleaners any service business any home service business will get a lot of value to it’s literally that 30 years of knowledge plus the digital side of it all um in disseminated into 17 chapters and 300 Pages took a good long time to to kind of pull all that information together and write that but it’s it’s it was released this year in the summer and it’s the most Cutting Edge information everything you need to know and we’re gonna tip into a little bit of that stuff right now um just kind of an overview on it so more importantly what do we do for people we help companies grow we help carpet cleaning companies grow and um be seen number one everywhere become the top local brand in fact that’s our mission is to turn 500 carpet cleaners make them the top cleaning brand in their local Marketplace because we want you guys to be attracting the best clients and they’re our best clients in every Market I don’t care how big your Marketplace is there are people that pay more to get Services done well it’s better than being scraping the bottom of the barrel and competing against all the people that just run to the bottom at the lowest discount because the customer will find the lowest price guy next time so you know you don’t want to be that so what do you do to Market differently well you don’t you don’t model the Stanley Steamers and the and the sort of like the discount volume marketing because it’s it’s a rough life and it’s a hard way to grow you you you deliver great services at Great Value and especially with the our economy economy being all in flux that one cool thing about that is the people that have discretionary income continue to have discretionary income through any market slowdowns and stuff like that so if you’re tapping into them more and more they don’t buy the discount stuff anyways obviously they want to they want value for their money and they want to see a good deal there’s ways to put a marketing message in front of them and we’ll actually talk about that today but you want to make sure that you’re delivering a huge amount of value so you don’t need the volume of jobs because you’re charging really well so you’ve got the top rates and you’re booked out weeks in advance and there’s ways to position yourself like that so that you are seen as the best in the marketplace and people are willing to pay more for that sometimes twice as much more three times as much more literally some companies their average job is 120 and in the exact same Market we’re working with the companies their average job is 400 450 same exact market so people literally are willing to pay three four times more sometimes um because there’s more value in it so and if that if that seems a little shocking to you you’re gonna get a lot out of this if that if you guys go John I know that that’s what we do we’re the value driven um higher end carpet cleaner then that’s perfect as well so um so how do we do all of this well we do it by leveraging Three core principles of digital marketing especially specifically in the digital marketing side of it so we maximize the opportunities to generate a lead that’s what you want to do you don’t want to have one source to generate a lead you don’t want to take a phone call from somebody saying hey I’ll sell you Facebook leads I’ll sell you Google you know Google pay-per-click leads all you know all that kind of stuff you don’t want people selling you leads because that’s not building a business you want to maximize the opportunities to generate a lead that’s from your list that’s from your list of of anybody who’s inquired in the past who didn’t book with you yet that list is a very active list that you need to be working that’s from your social media that’s from you know your Google Maps listing and Google you know Google ads and search ads and things like that your organic rankings every one of them can generate a possible lead your van driving down the road can generate a lead you want to maximize the opportunities generated lead you want to maximize your brand Impressions how many times did they see you so they don’t forget about you right so you know they we do know that you know the average person needs to hear from you five to seven times before they decide to to book with you they’ve already seen you dozens by that point they’ve looked you up they’ve heard about you it’s rare that the the one and done oh I just saw you I just heard about you I’m calling and now I’m booking very rare and you need to keep that going even after they become customers of yours and you need to maximize your conversions so maximizing conversions means it’s great to drive traffic to your website to your social media to an offer to a video to anything like that you can drive traffic to anything you want if that traffic does not convert into a phone call and you know and your phone calls convert them into a um a customer then you’re not maximizing your conversions and you’re leaving most of the money on the table I’m going to show you how shocking that is and how much money you could actually be leaving on the table so so what’s the hardest part about marketing a carpet cleaning business online

type in the chat let us know what what do you find Difficult about marketing your carpet cleaning business online I got to tell you what some of the answers are going to be right now as they’re coming in there’s too many options completely unclear where to spend your budget what is your budget how much should you be spending on marketing that’s the question we get all the time as well and where do you actually place that money where is the attention of your Marketplace and where are you going to get the best bang for your buck and where are places that you can continuously hedge your bet because you do not want to be in just one place because they constantly change the way the rules go and and the way they work and if you’re only in one place and it starts to Peter off you’re back to square one again you’re starting your business all over again so so yeah you’ve got SEO and pay-per-click and websites and social and you got directory listings and um you name it like there’s there’s there’s there’s lead aggregator Services there’s a million different places that you can actually Market your business online that you can brand your business all of those kinds of things and it is very very confusing in fact we’ve built this little chart for our customers we talk about it from time to time and like the internet side of things are down here paid leads and and Google Maps and organic rankings and social Outreach and that even on social Outreach there’s online groups there’s project shares there’s local awareness Facebook has display ads offline there’s radio and Direct Mail repeat clients and referral clients should be marketed to online and offline very very well strategic partners that means that you can be on their websites but also offline as well so we know in our industry there’s a lot of good strategic partners your website needs to have conversion optimization retargeting people most people who visit leave well what do you do you don’t just let them walk away Amazon doesn’t let you walk away most online stores don’t let you walk away as soon as you leave the site you’re being chased around with ads about the thing you just looked at that should be happening for small businesses as well because it’s it’s a great way to maintain that brand Impressions and intention as as people are thinking about it and moving away from your website they’ll forget about who you are they didn’t bookmark you so you want to be in all the online directories neighborhood marketing offline and online and brand Authority building how-to videos that’s all online that’s YouTube That’s website things like that helpful articles helping people understand why you know your industry better than anybody else in your local Marketplace you may not know your industry better than everybody else in your local Marketplace but you better have content that makes them think you do press releases really really really help move the needle on in on marketing and sponsorships and all kinds of stuff so that’s the list right problem to Major investment right the other problem is not so much to show for it if you’re not doing it right you’re spending a lot of money and and wondering where the results are so that’s a fail so you don’t you don’t have a clear plan you can overspend or worse you can understand and I really mean that or worse you can understand we see that all the time people putting in you know a couple thousand dollars for a carpet cleaning business doing 100 150 200 000 500 000 and they’re trying to get away with a you know 500 to a thousand dollar marketing budget thinking that that’s going to grow a service business it just doesn’t happen and it literally doesn’t because your competitors are are going going crazy so um so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to drop a workbook on you I know the graphic says 2022. it’s actually the 2023 version of the book um so you can go to carpet cleaner slash 2023-workbook Rima could put that in his chat right now that link so you can get it it’s the 2023 version um it’s it’s a it’s a thinking tool it goes along with these um the the presentation we’re doing here today uh so you don’t need to you don’t need to download it and watch it along with us it’s it’s a takeaway that you can now fill in the blanks we’re going to get you to do some some sort of writing and stuff like that right now just grab a scrap a piece of paper and start writing on it but you can download the workbook print it off and fill it in when you’re when we’re done as well so what’s the opportunity so we just said the fail the problems here’s we all know it’s you know it’s expensive and it doesn’t return what’s the opportunity well with a clear plan and clear goals in clear targets and kpis if you don’t know what kpis their key performance indicators what numbers do you need to hit how many leads do you need to and phone calls and messages do you need coming in to meet your targets when you have that clear you know this Source isn’t going to be enough I need to be adding these multiple sources and you want to have a bunch of things automated and just generating leads different times of year different times of the the month they you you’ll get more leads from One Source than another all in you’re going to be generating

a lot of a lot of those uh those leads from different sources so you want to generate enough leads to hit your goals that’s that’s the goal and you want to have a great return on your investment always think of marketing as an investment not an expense I have this conversation almost on the daily basis um with people interested in you know having a conversation with me about the services we offer but also people that we just talked to and consult and other carpet cleaners in the industry and stuff like that they go you know John on marketing just seems like such a a waste of money and it’s it to me that that conversation does not make any sense I’m probably thought of that my first year in business again in high school but I was actually running a business um the window cleaning business because of a project in in business class and it turned into an actual job that started my whole journey um just to get a marks in business class so I was already learning that marketing is an investment in the growth and the future of your business if you don’t invest a dollar today you don’t make five ten dollars tomorrow so some of the marketing you invest in today literally shows up tomorrow or next week some of it doesn’t show up until the next month and some of it doesn’t show up until next quarter and all of it should be snowballing to build your brand and pressure so in six months and 12 months and 24 months you’re just continuing to grow and add and and the best way to think of marketing then is a percentage of Revenue as your Revenue grows your marketing budget needs to grow to support it and there’s very specific numbers in the home service industry cleaning industry that if you drop below those um you’re treading water and if you go well John I’ve only spent five percent of Revenue you know I do you know two hundred thousand dollars in sales and I only spend ten thousand dollars in all all in in my marketing I’m gonna tell you right now that it’s the riskiest place to be in because you might get away with it for a little while you might be the only guy in town you might be the latest you know they’ve been around the longest and stuff like that but there are people and other companies and other people waiting to enter the industry that know more about modern social media than you that know more about connecting um and any one of them could come in and be a disrupter and take over 90 of the business in a local Marketplace from all of the other competitors just by out marketing them really really well so it really comes down to investing strategically in your marketing so you need your goals what are your goals for 2023 as Brian Tracy says success is goals everything else is commentary if you do not have your goals written down and planned it’s not just I kind of want to get to right that’s a lot of you know kind of by the seat of our pants um running a business that’s not running a business sorry it’s a hobby right running a business is thinking as a business owner being very strategic what is my branding what is it what what what is who are my customers what do I wanna what I want to project into the marketplace who are willing to pay me what I want what are my goals in my business how much revenue do I want how much profit do I want how much money do I want to take home to um Satisfy My Lifestyle how am I going to get there if I’m not there yet how am I going to get there if I’m there how do I maintain it and how do I plan that this thing I’ve built becomes something you can sell for you know three 400 500 000 half a million dollars like I did in the middle of a pandemic a million dollars two million dollars depending on the size of your business how do you bundle it up to sell it well you don’t do that if you don’t have goals so right so without goals the other thing is goals are like the wind in your sales if there’s no wind your boat ain’t moving right you’re in a sailboat and there’s no wind you’re sitting there until the wind you know shows up when when you’ve got goal set clear goals they are pushing you forward can you adjust and Tack back and forth for sure okay you can you can you can watch what’s coming you can check you know look in your rearview mirrors here where you’ve gone where you’re headed and and you know tack into the wind so you can keep on path then there’s ways you can adjust and do those check-ins at three months and six months and and once a year on a you know on a two and a three and a five year plan things like that but you got to have those goals set or you’ll never get there Harvard did a study um I’m you may know about the Harvard study 1979 um there was an interview of grads right so the grad the graduates who had graduated from Harvard of those graduates 84 percent of them had no specific goals so what they did is they had a class and they they watched the class for I think it was a decade after maybe five years but I think it was 10 years after they came back to the the graduating class and um and and asked them a series of questions and when they were when they left school did they have any specific goals 84 had no specific goals 13 had had goals that they planned for their life when they graduated but they had not written them down and three percent of of the all of those graduate graduates that were um were interviewed had written down goals and a plan to accomplish them from

whatever vocation they are graduating from right of the class 13 of the class who had goals were earning on average twice as much so the 13 of the class here that had actually had goals in mind when they left specific goals just didn’t write them down they’re earning twice as much as the average in the class more staggering is the three percent that had clear goals written them down and knew had a plan in place to accomplish them even if their plan didn’t work out and they had to adjust they had a plan in place when they left school of exactly what they’re going to do I’m going this is what I want these are this is how much I want to make by this and this and this this is the type of company I want to work for this is who I’m going to interview with you know these are all the resumes I’m going to put out blah blah blah and if I don’t like the company I’m going to move up I’m going to do this and they had all that written out earned 10 times 10 times as much as the 97 percent of the rest of the class the three percent that written clear goals earn 10 times as much so hopefully that impresses upon you how you need to set clear goals because it gets in your head it gives you a direction it really rallies all of your sources some people talk about manifesting and all that kind of stuff um you know you can manifest something that you want in your life what I truly think manifesting is is just part of the human condition and the way the brain works um sure you might be aligning some quantum physics in the universe and and spirituality and all that stuff sure but you’re also focusing your attention on a very specific outcome and next thing you know it’s no different than when you see you know you buy a red car and all of a sudden everybody go oh my God there’s so many red cars I didn’t see them before because now your attention is focused on seeing something you hadn’t looked at before and I when you set goals you’re focusing on that thing and when you focus on that thing um you conversations that happen you focus in oh my gosh you’re talking about something I’m interested in um you start aligning yourself with the right people you start getting the right training you start thinking about how do I go from here I don’t know how to do this but I want to accomplish this and you start asking the right questions and and finding the right people um in your life and that’s the power of setting goals it’s the power of focus so there’s a framework to focusing on goals you need to have written goals and a plan so we’re going to show you how to do that but you’re going to write the goals down you’re going to what what do I wanna accomplish and by when do I want to accomplish them you need to set one-year goals quarterly goals and monthly goals that’s a good start right not 5 10 20 year goals start with you know where are you at the end of this year take stock of where you are where you want to be this time next year on this date December 29th 2023 you look back on your business what would you want to have accomplished you want another van on the road do you want to if you want Revenue up 25 do you want Revenue up 50 um Do You Want It Up 100 what are you going to do to make that happen how do you what how do you break that down quarterly and how what what has to happen every month to get you there you must have a stopping point at the beginning of every new new year and the end of each quarter to reflect on how your goals are and how what has turned out from the goal setting you’ve had and what you want to do next um how are you going to adjust going forward so a stopping point every quarter and at the end of the year this is the big one we’re talking about right now right so here’s some things you’re going to be asking yourself what is your Revenue Target for this time next year how much did you earn in that 12 months how much is that monthly pretty easy divided by 12. if it’s a ramping up process think that out a little bit saying hey right now I’m at this level you know say you’re at 20 000 a month in sales and you know that’s roughly 240 000 a year but you want you know you want to hit 400 000 right so you need a hundred and sixty thousand more well you might be twenty thousand at the end or twenty five thousand at the end of January if you put some marketing into place but you might be 27 000 in February close to 30 000 in in in in March so plan it out how are you going to get to a year-end goal of of being all in at the 400 000 what do you need to do to grow through what does that number need to look like right so how many jobs will that require and what’s your average job value right and all of these things are changeable all of these things you you have control over so say you want to hit 550 000 bucks that’s 45 000 a month in Revenue right pretty simple so what’s your average job is your average job 375 right now which is a decent average to generate good marketing and to generate good profits and to pay your technicians well is it lower than that do you know how to get it up to that right so put your number in where it’s at now or where you want it to be again whether this is a goal where do you want your average job to be and are you going to learn how to get from here where you are here to how to get there do you package your services so people have bundles to choose from and things like that which always UPS the value and can up

the price a little bit and things like that so you’re not just selling one thing and then at trying to add on the protectors and all the other stuff as separate Services have them bundled into packages people can choose which one they want um but that’s going to be if your average job is 375 that’s gonna be 122. um jobs that you’re required it’s pretty simple math you just take 45 000 divided by 375 and it’s 122 jobs so pretty simple pretty simple math to get to so what is your average conversion rate from inquiry right now do you know that number are you tracking how many calls how many text messages emails all of those kinds of things you’re getting social messages that you’re getting asking about your services and what is you know what is the the number that you’re actually converting into a job right now you divide the total number of calls or leads or inquiries coming in by that conversion rate right so for example in this scenario say you book 50 right of all the people that inquire about you over right away or over the next coming weeks the ones that come back because you’re chasing them a little bit you actually have lead nurture and conversion in place something we’ll talk about here you’re getting about 50 of the people that inquire booking so you should get about 100 of your repeat clients

usually about 90 of referrals maybe 80 to 90 of referrals some referrals still just think about it um you know and then everybody else is at fifty percent forty percent twenty percent all in what’s your overall booking rate divide that by the number of of of um the the calls that you need um and you’ll know that you need 244 leads per month based on that last slide we saw you’re going to need 244 leads per month to generate 122 actual bookings to meet your goal do you know where you’re going to get 244 leads to run your 550 000 a month business or a year business right that was the level that that our business was running at and in a couple small markets and we knew where our leads were coming from at all times and as they changed from offline to online um we knew where that was all coming from as well so um so the next thing I’m going to give you is a I’m going to walk you through a quick little calculator so you can figure this out but you guys can play with this um just make a copy I’ll show you how to use this quickly and then we’ll move on but this is this is a a really great Tool uh to to determine to figure out this math for yourself so let me see here [Music] um there it is right there okay so that’s the link you so it’s it’s the um worksheet so it’s carpet cleaner two zero two three dash worksheet so Rima can put that um in the chat as well for everybody so you can all see um that link

perfect um and for example here’s just so simply what you’re going to do first is Click file up here and make a copy so you have a copy of your own to play with because you only got view only copy of this right now um and yeah so what you’re going to do is you’re going to put in what is your annual Target rate so anything with a little arrow you’re just going to move put a number in right so if say you wanted to be 450 or our example that we just had before let’s call it 550. all right all right so you want there’s your 45 000 a month to hit that say we said that say your average job was 375 let’s just put the numbers in we had there we know we need 122 um your booking percentage was 50 say you’re actually a little higher say you’re at 55 percent right you need you need um 222 um 222 uh leads to book in and what’s your average cost per lead average cost per lead is on the next tab are you running PPC you know these numbers might be a little uh low in today’s day and age you might be as high as 65 dollars and as low as maybe 30 dollars on pay-per-click because the cost of pay-per-click is going way up see the way that up that number there Google local service ads that’s a good range some markets are as high as 75 now before you can even buy a lead on Google Google guarantee Facebook ads that’s a good range for every inquiry leads you get if you’re running Facebook ads repeating referrals this is your mailings and your um you know the marketing that you do a lot of it’s in-house but cost of a stamp you should be mailing your database once every month to two months once every you know 30 to 60 days period get in their mailbox as well as emails because they don’t open their emails but they they’ll see you in the mailbox for sure postcards and letters and and things like that different ways to to Market people like that so in the course of a year that might be 17 per per qualified customer you want to be able to rank and rank in Google apps and you might have some other sources so now we’ve got 27 dollars is the average cost to buy a lead if you run all of these kind of Blended through now there’s lots of other things we can do but that gives you a good idea so how much you need minimum minimum monthly marketing budget to hit that goal at that cost because you figured out how much a lead cost you to buy you need to spend of your forty five thousand dollars just about six

thousand dollars of it right you need to spend that to generate that much revenue so and where do you allocated it that’s the third tab across and now you get to see there’s that 50 you know 550 000 just showed up I’m going to tell you right now that we’ve got a little um you’re gonna adjust this number right here 15 is the lowest number you’re going to want to put in there in fact what you’re going to want to do if you want to continue to grow and not just maintain 20 is the service is is what a service business needs to spend a service business doing half a million dollars needs to spend about a hundred thousand dollars in marketing 20 and that’s database marketing that you might be oh my gosh that’s a lot that leaves you four hundred thousand dollars to run the business um so that you’ve got technicians to pay you’ve got equipment you’ve got supplies and you’ve got your own wages the owner of the business and you have a profit that the business generates every single year now you’ve got a mature business that’s not just gonna flounder because you take every every dollar out it’s not going to flatter because you’re not investing well in your marketing you’ve got a business that is a mature business running really really well well and it’s going to go from 550 000 to 650 000 the next year and 700 and 750 you’re going to grow the company because you’re investing for growth fifteen percent you’re investing just to maintain and you will not grow less than 15 you might hover for a while and then you’ll drop off a cliff it doesn’t happen gradually it hovers slowly comes down and then just drops I’ve seen it a million times from three trucks to one because you just didn’t continue to invest and other people caught up and then the second they catch up and pass you you know the lights are off so um anyway so you want to allocate about 70 of that to online these days because that’s where most people’s attention are and their eyeballs are 20 to offline and ten percent to repeating customers to get them back into your database so very simply on that twenty percent over the course of the year you know you’re going to be putting with ad spend and you know and companies that you’re working with you know management fees and things like that you know put about seventy thousand seventy seven thousand dollars in 22 into offline marketing that your your door hangers and your yard signs and your postcards and you know taking the uh the real estate agents out for lunch and things like that that all becomes an offline marketing expense and repeat business is your your mailings and anything that has a cost to get your customers to come back so we’re not talking about discounts and things that it’s just the cost the actual raw physical marketing costs to get the customers to come back and then so that’s the breakdown if every month is fairly even in the area that you’re in that you’re just going to break it down by this this value right here the online the offline and the repeat business about a thousand dollars a month in marketing back to get customers to come back in that’s how you support a 45 000 per month cleaning business is your marketing your database your marketing offline and your Marketing Online to generate new leads and new customers as well and then in the online breakdown we suggest SEO that gets you ranking really well paid ad sources that’s Google Facebook local service ads Google guarantee stuff like that and then a specific budget and told you it’s a much smaller but a specific budget going towards retargeting anybody lands on your website they’re getting followed up and chased around so display ads and retargeting so you split it like that SEO um and or and and organic type stuff social media SEO the organic play um Facebook and and Google ads pay per lead pay per pay-per-click services and then retargeting and that’s your good mix and then we even got on the back end here of the last tab you can actually there’s our digital dominance method of how to actually build a growing carpet cleaning business uh and what kind of offers you can add all throughout the course of the year so you got to think of this ahead of time so you got 12 months do you have 12 months worth of offers and we’re not talking offers like hey three of them haul for 39.95 99.95 129 no no that’s we’re talking what kind of offers can you give where you’re adding value here’s what we would give you and if you take us up on this month we’re going to give we’re going to add value it’s Father’s Day we’re going to give you a free barbecue set you know valued you know 69.95 or whatever you you bought on Alibaba about a case of you know 50 of them for five bucks each and a dad’s favorite armchair clean free with any minimum Carpet Cleaning Service things like that value-added offers that’s the best way to go so hopefully that makes sense but that’s you’ve got this to play with but I would start this is your your planning I would start with pay tab one you got four tabs to work across but just put in your numbers where do you want to be at the end of the year be reasonable you’re not going to Triple your business in a year but be reasonable and um and work with this uh play with this so carpet cleaning 2023-worksheet hopefully you find find that an amazing and valuable tool because it really is it’s a it’s a planning and thinking tool that allows

you to really get focused so what goal what are your goals for 2023 how many leads do you need monthly to get there figure that out now you can update your marketing message right the fundamentals of marketing is the market the message the market and the media so you can kind of go around this this one here but really the message is the what what do you do why are you different why should your customers choose you over anybody else that’s your message what is unique about you what what attracts them to using your services and the uniqueness should not be the cheapest price or you’ll go out of business it really shouldn’t you can’t have a race to the bottom because the next time that customer needs service they just find the next cheapest guy your Market is who so who is your ideal customer right who who is it that you want a service think of the last 25 50 customers that you did work for which were the best customers which ones had no problem paying the rates you wanted to charge which had the nicest you know the easiest jobs love the service you did gave you reviews just really thought you’re amazing think about the ideal customer that you want to clean for and then and only then once you figure out who that you want to Target do you want to Target all of the you know million dollar homes is there enough of them in your area the you know people with large discretionary income half a million dollars and up um you know that kind of stuff household income of 150 200 000 where are those communities you can find that data that data is available online you can find out where they you know the demographics of each little neighborhood and you can start marketing the neighborhoods that you want but you have to Market differently because of that because there are different people um and that becomes the message why should they choose you over but everybody else the people that live in you know million dollar homes aren’t looking for a 99 carpet cleaner I can tell you that right now and then you can figure out the media what’s you know what media they uh attracts them how do they actually get to see who you are what is that because it’s different for every demographic so who’s your ideal customer let’s think about that for a little bit we call it the customer Avatar right so think about who your ideal customer is and what are some of their um what do we know about them right we’re targeting homeowners renters tend not to pay for cleaning services repeatedly because it’s somebody else’s carpeting tile floor hardwood floor things like that they might own the furniture they might not um but we typically find that the best customers are the 35 to 55 year olds because they’re in that period of life where things are getting dirty kids are around but they’re trying to they’ve got a little bit more discretionary income their careers are a little bit better um and they’re they’re growing through their careers and they’re maintaining their stuff they have better stuff and they’re maintaining it typically it’s the female at least 75 percent of the time that call us so you want to make sure that you’re targeting the you know the females in your message right so you want to make sure that it’s the it’s it’s that’s the sentiment um somebody who cares you know as kids they’re the head of the household or you know head of the you know thinking about the household more you know you know it’s I know it’s very stereotypical but you know men might be the one that go out and cut the grass stuff like that and and the women might be the ones more caring about who’s coming into the home to do stuff in in general um so again it’s a generality but in marketing it actually Bears out with you know some demographic information and that you want to Target for sure annual household income that’s really low um but you want to make sure that like in some markets that’s not bad but you want to make sure it’s at least above that we usually find 80 90 000 and up is a better household income um depending on the economy of the local area family oriented um reliable they typically own pets we know that you know pets make a mess and they typically own pets take pride in their home and they’re into home decor so think about that how can you like they’re into home decor they’re looking and thinking about you know home decor as well so is there ways you can tap in that way um they like to help others um they you know maybe maybe not the gardening crafting entertaining there’s there’s there’s things that they like to do around the home they’re not just in grab a meal go out for the night that’s not the crowd right so you think about it they tend to live in suburbs or quiet quieter areas upper middle class neighborhoods and that kind of thing that’s that’s our demographic right think about those um they’re pains and frustrations around our industry can’t seem to get a carpet cleaning company on the phone to return their phone call they text they can’t seem to get messages back things like that um they they definitely need their carpet and pulse and Furniture cleaned um things aren’t smelling well the animals have made a mess whatever teenagers have made a mess they’re too busy to deal with it they’re just trying to get it solved they’re worried that the situation the house could get unhealthy and they they want to know that they’re

maintaining the home and their belongings properly those are the fears right so the implications of the fears they don’t want to be ripped off or overcharged right they don’t want that sense that they’re that they’re they’re not going to get a good job they’re paying so too much for something got somewhere else that does not mean you need to be the cheapest that’s not what we’re saying here you need to understand that you need to express the value that you’re providing they have um they don’t want their home damaged by faulty workmanship they don’t want carpets soaked for days um they won’t want to wait around you know for somebody to arrive at their home they want to know when you’re arriving things like that we all know this stuff but that’s fear that they have oh my God how how do I uh you know I need to hire this I’ve never hired it before the last time I hired it the you know the whole situation sucked can you talk about that in your marketing hey we guarantee this we’ll always text on the way over we give you a one hour rival window blah blah blah blah blah like whatever it is talk about it in your marketing because that’s their fears right um you know we won’t cause a disaster in your home you know you know whatever like there’s ways that you can talk around those things um you know we have honest upfront pricing um you might guarantee the price that you give over the phone you might guaran you know you might let them know that you know we’ll come out and do an in-home or in-home quotation first um the price you give them before the job starts is the price they’ll pay things like that um and then the goals and desires obviously they want to have the carpets cleaned they want to put the issue behind them which also means they want once they solve it once you the you become their service provider that’s what that means as well so because they want to have a well-capped home you’re going to be advising them you’re now the consultant to that um they want to take care of their family you know they obviously want more income money and wealth so you can talk about that how you can save money by maintaining and not having to replace the furniture it’s expensive not having to replace the flooring it’s expensive um maintaining it is always better than replacing it um and they could be living in a nicer home because of it in a cleaner home so you know things like that so you just want to go down that list and we’ve given the list in the workbook as well so you want to make sure you really understand who your ideal customer is you want to these are some ideas you want to figure out which one’s yours are so hopefully that makes sense because once you know who your ideal customer is now you can talk to them because if you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes then you can sell what Joe Jones buys I’ve always loved that little that little Limerick that little um quote because it’s so true if you can actually see you know not from your own perspective and you know what you knew growing up and what where you where where your life is at right now but where’s their life at and what do they care about and if you can put yourself again marketing is basically math plus psychology if you can put yourself in the head of the other person and speak to them in the way they they you know make them feel at ease about oh this is such a great company these are who I want in your marketing you dominate you absolutely dominate so that’s now you’re crafting your message um

you know why should you um so now you know who your Market is you’re gonna start crafting your message so uh why should someone choose do business with you versus your competition you need to answer that what are the top three reasons write them down put them in the chat like what are some of the reasons why people should uh you know choose you over your competitors right and again price should not be one of them in fact price is about fifth or six on in in the average consumer’s mind of what they need when they pick trust is more important than than price and um you know safe healthy products and those kinds of things always come up higher in consumer surveys over the price they pay we always think price is a concern consumers actually have better concerns and if your marketing message can tell them why the cheaper price can’t offer what you do and here’s why you you don’t run those prices because we pay great technicians um who stay with us for years and have families and blah blah blah all those kinds of things you can tell them a really good message so why should they choose to do business with you or anybody else and what benefits do you offer your target Avatar that will res resonate with them right your benefits have to resonate with them you can have amazing benefits to you but if it doesn’t resonate with your target Avatar the target person you want it doesn’t matter those are those are useless benefits so messaging that work eco-friendly 100 satisfaction guarantee it’s free if the spot comes back so do we free of charge if we can’t get a spot out and you find anyone else you can we’ll

pay their bill to do that for you we guarantee to get more spots out than anyone else things like that we can’t guarantee to get your carpet cleaner than anyone else we have highly trained technicians bonded and insured trustworthy you’re going to get a picture of them you’re going to meet them you’re gonna you’re gonna get um some you know a quick little video or an introduction message from them before you they even show up in your home things like that you could talk about things like that you can easily set this type of things up um we have phones and chat um live two-way chat answered live during business hours you’re not going to get recorded messages and um that kind of thing honest pricing no sales gimmicks no hidden costs things like that so those are the messages that resonate well with your customers so and you can make the case for you know um other things that you can actually add in there is fast same day estimates maybe it’s an estimate not same day service um so on the same day you can pop out and do an estimate or you know phone estimates things like that um you have money saving offers they can bundle and save if they get the carpets and upholstery clean there’s a discount on the upholstery things like that um you leave the job job site squeaky clean um so you’re not going to make it dirtier you know in their entrance way and around the home just because you’re cleaning the carpets everything gets cleaned up afterwards the floors get swept you know all that you you use um you roll out the red carpet you use booties and mats and and all of that guys if you talk about that let them know that you do it you do the job differently you have experience proven track record don’t just say it show it have very specific testimonials and reviews that you’re going to show in your marketing that talk to that and you have great service guarantees it’s great to have um um you know risk reversal guarantees they’re called where you’re reversing the risk the customer doesn’t take any risk to take you on you’ll end up with 10 times more customers than will ever after you get the odd customer that might ask for a refund or ask you to honor the guarantee but you’ve attracted 10 20 30 50 more customers because you have it so you’re always at a net gain if you run a great company and deliver great service a great guarantee will always put you ahead of your your competitors so keep that in mind as well and have have testimonials and reviews and all that speak to that right I didn’t I didn’t think that they uh they would honor the guarantee but I had a spot that came back and they came right back out gave me a gift when they arrived to apologize for having to come back out and took the stain out permanently and it stayed gone right and they explained why it came back um blah blah blah and a review like that will sell 10 20 30 more people um because they read that and go oh my gosh these guys seem so honest right so once you’ve got the market and the message now you can figure out the media everybody jumps to the media first oh I want to do Facebook ads oh I want to do you know Google local service ads oh what if the Google local service ads only attract discount buyers do you really want to do them if your message and your Market is not that it’s not just they’ll give me any jobs I can get no you don’t grow a business that way you target to grow a business right so now you want to make sure that your Hub converts so now you’ve got your your Market you know who they are you’ve got your message to that market so you need the market and the message match that’s part of it now you you have you know what media that you that has their attention right so and there’s a couple media we’ll talk about here but once you have their attention what do they do they don’t just pick up a phone and call you a lot of them end up on your website that’s how they get to your website they’ve heard about you they’ve seen they’ve read some reviews okay let me check these guys out right and your website is the Hub of all of your digital marketing it is your digital storefront and your digital storefront better be set up to convert and what do we mean by that there’s a bunch of things that are really really key to to make sure your your website is set up to convert but when your website is set up to convert we’ll talk through a few of them but this is an example of of a site that’s got a lot of conversion principles and psychology built just like the first thing you see before you even scroll down the amount of psychology and conversion um that’s built into the top of this website this is one of our clients but at the top of this one is is insane and what it does is it drives down the cost per lead so your average cost per lead is is because what that means is you’re spending the same amount of money to trying to track the customers but more and more and more of them become bookings and your average cost per lead drops substantially so you want to have multiple sources to get them again that as many places as you as you can can get a good Roi if you put a dollar in the slot machine pull the handle and you get 20 or four dollars out put another dollar and get four dollars out why would you ever stop right so if you’ve got you know five six seven eight ten twenty different levers that are generating new customers

but every single one on one of them you put a dollar in it’s three dollar you know three dollars back worth of customers Dollar in three dollars back another one’s a dollar in five dollars back another one’s a dollar in and four dollars back and ten dollars back and all that the goal is how many of those levers can you put in place at any one time how many customers can you serve because you just want to keep racking up levers and that all of that with the with a great conversion principles when they get to your website they really feel like doing business with you over anybody else they really get what you’re all about when that happens your cost per lead just goes down so what are those conversion principles you have to have real authentic images the baby lying on the carpet with the dog and the family sitting on the couch and blah blah no you have to have real family authentic images does your does your text speak to your customer Avatar does it talk about those fears we talked about does is your marketing message that they see right away answering those questions and making them feel that they can trust you do you have video elements on your website people watch video nowadays more than you know then read text you want to be able to show them in pictures you want to be able to tell them in words and you want to be able to tell them in videos um does it showcase your online reviews prominently so feedback and reviews right on the home page and is it like not just just those static ones that come back the next time they come back it’s the exact same reviews scrolling through like a plug-in we’re talking actual online live reviews they click on it they end up on that website where those reviews came from and they can see the actual online reviews does it make it easier for them to take action are there multiple ways for them to connect with you um does it have basics in order do you have the phone number in the top right hand corner if you don’t have your phone number big and in the top right hand corner people miss it it can be buried on the site they’d have no clue um you want to is there a place where they can fill out a form and start you know in a web chat can they start talking to you right away and do you have all your credibility symbols are you part of the Better Business Bureau Angie’s List you know Yelp five-star rating on Google you know with 522 reviews what you want to be able to add The credibility so that they know they made a good decision are there calls to action every time they scroll down the page you know you Scroll once is there a call to action there you scroll again there’s a little bit more information is there a call to action there um and are you leveraging offers in any way check out our you know our bonuses check out you know the different offers again not discounts but value-added offers that speak to your audience and are you giving them that opportunity for a two-way chat more people want to chat nowadays than ever pick up the phone and call and you want to be able to have a two-way chat one of the best ways to do a two-way chat is chat to text so it gets them off your website once they’ve been there they start talking their phone pings and hey we’re going to carry on the conversation over here and now they’re texting you you don’t want to give away your text number but there’s technology that does that and we can talk about that as well I know you’re loving leveraging automation so that they’re getting emails and text messages and other forms of communication automatically so are you are you leveraging all of that so what does that look like

carpet cleaning conversion machine there’s very specifics that a carpet cleaner a service Business website should have like they can look and feel differently but they have to have these things built in the title tag the phone number the logo the risk reversal guarantee right at the top call to action Y U the trust icons the client testimonials the the forms the live chat doesn’t have to be 24 7 but the live ability to chat with you again this is available stick to the end and you can get all of these resources um available as well give out that link so you want to pull up your website right now if you want to pause um you know pull up the website is it built to convert do you know what you need to tweak do you have personal pictures of you and your family do you have social proof and credibility do you have a form they can fill out do you have a chat do you have a phone number in the top right corner are you using all of those elements what does it look like on a mobile device versus a desktop device all of those things so think about those and write down right now um three of those conversion elements that you want to implement on your website what are you missing do you need more pictures of you and your team and your staff do you need a video of you saying hey welcome to Moya my website my name is Joe and I’ve uh I’ve owned Joe’s Carpet Cleaning for the last 22 years here’s why I became a carpet cleaner and here’s why I want to be your carpet cleaner do you got that message on your website like are people hearing from you is it in text with your face is it like you know when they scroll down do they see like you know some stock photo of a carpet cleaning dude um or do they see you and your team and the equipment that’s going to be in their home does it look professional and presentable or is it all A Rat’s Nest and messy looking as well things like that

so now the biggest challenge facing carpet cleaners literally is unconverted leads because you can generate leads there’s a million ways to generate leads um with our with our clients we’ve got we’ve got multiple ways to generate leads we every client that comes with comes on board with us has like dozens of lead generation things added into their their website and their marketing just as part of our core package because it’s never a one and done it’s not just one thing it’s it’s all of it online right but the point is unconverted leads are the biggest problem and we’ll show you how to solve that the reason why is 50 to 60 percent of inbound inbound um leads leave they come to your website they come to your social media they go under they just leave they just leave 90 of web forms completely fail to convert completely so doesn’t mean you don’t have web forms it just means because nobody answered them there wasn’t an effective communication on the back end the truth is you need to be following up in your leads within 5 to 15 minutes or they go cold and I say stick closer to five closer to one minute the better whether they filled out a form emailed your company sent you a message on messenger sent you a message on your website a text message anything like that any way that they communicate with you or picked up the phone and called treat them all as a live phone call a live phone call you will answer it hey you know ABC Carpet Cleaning how can I help you today it’s a great day here in Sacramento how can I make it a great day for you whatever your script is and you’re talking to the customer right away when they message you and say hey I’m interested in this do you guys do that if they get a message back right away hey thanks so much for you know yes um absolutely something we do or they get a message saying yeah we’ll get back to you soon right away just an automatic message shows up on their cell phone they go oh cool it’s over here now that’s great I don’t have to sit on the website anymore off they go about their day and within a minute or two some hey yes I can definitely help you with that you know um what are you looking to get done let me ask some questions and you start the process right the average customer must also be followed up five to seven times before they book they do not book on the first okay let me think about it let me come back they come back with another question are you dripping upon them are you giving them more information in between those those interactions did they take a day or two and in the meantime you’ve shown them a great before and after um case study of a job that you’ve done similar to theirs you know things like that there’s ways to influence the lead to keep them engaged with you and today’s consumers prefer text messages over phone calls a lot so if you’re doing if you’re still answering a lot of phone calls and emails and you don’t have a text message solution then you’re missing out somebody else in your Marketplace who does is getting those messages it’s not that the customer go okay I just I guess I’ll call they will actually default and find somebody the text message if they can so you want to be able here’s the solution you want to be able to Market leverage marketing automation you want to follow up with web forms within the first two minutes um of the submission again five to Fifteen sooner the better two minutes is actually um infinitely better than five minutes uh and you want to be a phone email text message all of it you want to automate the follow-up so every Prospect is touched five times and they’re able to engage in two-way text messaging so you want to be able to to connect all of the dots what does it look like it looks like this so we have a solution called carpet cleaner lead Pro but either you build your own solution you patching up something but what you need is whether it’s organic rankings Google Maps um you know the the they come to University there’s organic rankings whether it’s um Google ads Facebook ads Google local service ads directory listings social media however they find out about you they dropped into a funnel and they instantly get message back thanking them and letting you know if somebody’s going to get a hold of them whether that’s and on the phone you’re talking to them whether that’s um an email or a you know a form on your on your website or again a text message or a messaging service or Facebook Messenger instantly get a communication back they get some you know if you don’t get back to them right away it’s not during business hours you’re not available that that kind of thing then they get a nurture message within a short period of time to keep them engaged and ask them a few more questions get a little bit more detail from them and that should be

automated that’s the automated process and then you get a hold of them go a little bit more detailed on on what they want ask them if they can jump on a phone call run through your script with them have a text messaging script that you can have little conversations with them it’s called chat to text so you’re you’re you know um you’re you’re chatting um they’re sell by chat sorry you’re selling by chat and you have to know how to do that you have to have your team trained on how to sell by chat properly you do all of that kind of stuff and now you’re engaging and you’re converting at a much higher rate and then the people that turn out yeah let me think about it whatever they kind of go quiet most businesses never talk to them again right most businesses don’t message them back don’t call them again don’t email them again an automated business means that if they’ve gone quiet for a couple of days they should get a voicemail that drops into their voicemail go quiet for a couple days then she got an email and a text message and this should be ongoing for the first couple of weeks until they they you know yeah I think I’m gonna hold off right now or I went with somebody else whatever the message is um now you want to drop them into your long-term nurture and you want to be able to get in front of them you know once a month or so with just a you know hey just checking in type message is there anything that we can help you with by the way here’s something we’ve done for one of you know another person in town that we’re really happy here’s their testimonial here’s their the work we did um if you ever need something like that we’d love to you know we’d love to give you some pricing on that you’d keep dropping like that over time and that person might have chose somebody else they might have decided to push it off and then they’re going to come back up and go okay yeah how much would they let me how much would that be yeah great I got a few more questions for you I went back and looked at the notes but you know is it great to give you a call and ask you a few questions boom you’ve now landed that client that was a lead six months ago they’re now a job now they would never have called you or found you again if you’re if you’re not nurturing and and bringing them into your world and what that looks like is really simple math say you get 100 leads so in our previous example that’s that’s about 15 10 days 10 to 15 days worth of of of leads coming into a company um that might be a whole month to you right whatever that is 100 leads coming in and you convert it 30 which is sort of like a an average no no follow-up they come in you either answer them or you don’t you don’t get back to text messages instantly your Messengers instantly you don’t get back to emails maybe but once a day that kind of idea you’ll book out of those about 30 30 jobs out of those 100 messages and you’ll be frustrated and working them oh my God this these these people are just all Tire kickers say your average job is 325. so you’re decent right that’s a nine thousand dollar um a month business 100 leads nine thousand dollars a month right not bad you know nothing to write home about you take the exact same hundred leads and ramp it up to 70 conversion because you’re you’re responsive you’re on top of it you’re chasing them down you’re giving them reasons to buy from you all of that kind of stuff now it’s the same 100 leads that’s all automated so you’re not doing anything extra they get you get 70 bookings from that right so that’s something carpet cleaner lead Pro can help with you get 70 bookings 325 nothing else changed there now now with the simple math you’ve now generated 22 almost 23 000 so you’re up thirteen thousand dollars for the exact same amount of leads would that transform your business is that once a month is that once you know twice a month you get 200 leads a month you know whatever that is you build the leads you get the right target market and then you convert um and have conversion principles in place and Automation and you’ve got it solved so it makes every lead way more valuable like that’s a key slide right there it really does so what 3 conversion elements will you implement on your website think about that for a second what are the conversion elements that you’re going to implement on your website so some takeaways right we’re almost wrapping up here which has been just over an hour um probably about five five six seven minutes left um but we wanted some takeaways put in the chat write down what did you learn what do you what do you understand more now about the business is it that you should be investing more investing more in your marketing 20 is key that you need to plan the you know the the growth you need to know who your Market is you need to know where they live how are you going to Target them and what message do they want to hear what are some of the things you took away you understand that once you get all these eyeballs to you and you got the right message the message is going to help convert but so are these other conversion principles the ability to see you ahead of the job and hear from you um and be you know on you know and start feeling that trust so that because people buy based on trust especially with home cleaning services or Home Services in general

they need to know they want to trust you and it’s not about the lowest price your prices can be quite a bit higher than than than the discount folks around and you’ll easily easily get those prices if you’ve got the right message in the marketplace and the final one is just know your know your know your numbers no one track your kpis when you know and track your kpis you know how many you know how many sessions are coming into your website how many how many people are there what is what’s happening um you know how many people are bouncing from certain offers you want to be able to have data on all of the different things that are out there so that you you have things you can adjust you need you know that you know you’re you’ve got Google ads running and your Google ad um you’ve got a conversion rate of 12 percent is that good you know you know it’s you know it’s 20 better well you know is is 10 too low the the conversion rate might mean that the the landing page or the you know you’re not taking the land of page you’re taking them to a website and they’re and they’re they’re they’re going off to somewhere else and getting confused and leaving or if you have a dedicated landing page for carpet cleaning and a dedicated landing page for upholstery cleaning and a dedicated landing page for area rug cleaning and a dedicated landing page for tile and growth that’s all you’re talking about that’s all your examples that’s the whole and you give them one thing to think about one thing to do and your conversion should go higher as well so again once you know your kpis you know where to do the math so hopefully that about tracking and knowing right so example case study from one of our clients um is October to December um they were converted they went up from converting at 31 to 65 percent over that um from the previous year the 367 leads is the number of leads that we tracked coming in based on our marketing efforts for them in a month or sorry that two month period three months three month period um so they they’re converting at 60 uh 65 percent they generated 238 booked jobs that’s the exact number we know right from their their their their database their average ticket is 415 they run a decent business 415 is a good a good a good um higher end Market

so in that three-month period of time they generated just under a um almost a hundred thousand dollars was that a hundred and thirty dollars short of a hundred thousand dollars um in that in October to December three month period um so yeah so they’re the 300 that this is a business that was a one truck operation that was growing now to um two two and a half trucks and in a very short period of time they’ve almost doubled their business because they got the conversions right the leads were coming in and then they got the conversions right so they’re they’re projected Roi return on investment because we know their investment um to do that over that period of time it was 6 677 in all of the different types of marketing that were being done for them including the management fee 15 times Roi which is absolutely amazing numbers so think about it if you got your conversion right you can spend more on marketing right so that’s roughly about 2 000 a month and if you run the math that’s sitting right around that um um 20 percent 18 um of Revenue of the of their new growth and their marketing budget is going to go up because the revenue has gone up and they need they spend more Revenue to Market even better and grow even faster and get even bigger right so that’s you know that’s that’s the point of how you get to growth so so far what we’ve talked about clear goals and targets you need to set those we’ve got a guide for you I’ve got a worksheet for you all that kind of stuff you need to have Clarity around your Market who they are then the message right why should they choose you and then pick the media where do they hang out and how are you going to get that message in front of them you want to make sure your website is optimized for conversions and you want to have a kpis and tracking so key trends for 2023 let’s keep an eye on what’s coming up this is all very important you must have an all-in perspective uh this is this is critical omnipresence is the is the key you need to be talking thinking about SEO pay-per-click local service social media email Direct Mail all of it you need to be omnipresent you need to be everywhere your your potential customer is that can find you because that is how you convert marketing is is tough the market is saturated the economy is going to go you know is up and down like a yoyo right now we have no idea where it’s going to go and you need to be seen by everybody who is interested and could be interested in your cleaning your ideal customer video 2023 um if 2022 was sort of the year of of of text and automation 2023 is the year of video um you need to be looking at how can you generate more video content there’s ways there’s ways that we help our clients do that there’s trainings involved in that but is there any way can you add some some video to your

website can you add videos to your social social media is there you know is there ways that you can add video and tell you know teach and tips and or at least hi thank you welcome to my website is there ways that you can add video because that is really going to resonate with with more and more people and conversion optimization and artificial intelligence artificial intelligence is taking over everything is there ways that you can tie the two together um can you have automation that answers questions for customers before you even have to jump in things like that is their way to to add those pieces can you have Automation in the background lead automation lead nurturing things like that so you really want to think about that so you want to be building your plan so um want to think about where all your jobs can come from so this will be in the um the workbook and the guide and stuff like that as well you’ve stuck around to the end we want you to have um the custom action plan you want to go through the checklist see what you need to put in place print it off go through it check off the things that um that uh that that you need um that you don’t have in place and think about how you’re going to get them in place into your marketing plan so you want you want to eventually have every one of these checked off you want to have all of your digital marketing checked off so but what you want to do is you want to do it in in chunks so we always say in groups of three what are the top three internet marketing initiatives that you need to implement to hit your and again that should be 2023 goals so what do you want to do to hit your what did you do to hit your 2022 goals did you hit them what do you want to do to hit your 2023 goals what are the big things you want to do and what are the things that you can handle in the first quarter and what are you going to break them down by the month so what are the you know write down to the specifics you want to go through and spend some time doing this so this was just an overview of how to get there so we’ve covered do you need to set the goals you need to know you we know the three fundamentals of marketing success which is the market the message and then the media in that order I want to optimize our website for conversions for sure and everywhere else that we can for conversions you want to be you want to give them a reason why they should buy from you and part of that is telling that message but part of that is making sure it’s optimized everywhere the big picture on all marketing channels should be to maximize your lead flow you want to be omnipresent the latest trends to focus on again you want to be all in on your marketing you want to be finding ways to continuously Market in more and more channels because the more channels you’re on the more eyeballs people will see you and your ideal customer you want to be on the channels that your ideal customers are on you want to develop a custom action plan based on where you are now and where you know you need to be right so get that all in place key takeaways right we talked about what we what have you learned what are you going to implement don’t just walk away from that hey that was a lot of great information my gosh listening to John is like uh drinking from a fire hydrant there’s so much information no what are you going to implement what can you do what resonated with you start with that go back through the worksheets we’ve got um all of that kind of stuff and you know for those of you who stuck around to the end go to carpet rewards we’re going to give you the checklists and the guides and all that stuff we talked about in the website conversion machine you’re going to learn all of that and you’re going to be able to understand what you need to do you don’t have to be the one to do it you can hand it off to somebody to do but you’re going to understand what you need to get in place and you can really add that to your plan knowing that you’re going to get your website made totally personal just about you in the next 30 60 days 90 days get some pictures taken whatever you need you know hire a videographer for a day have your brother-in-law chasing around with a cell phone doesn’t really matter find ways to make it all about you know you and why you’re different structure your message that you want your customers to understand right we call that our digital dominance method it includes everything from your risk reversal guarantee things that we know convert a business your personalization um your citation development things like that your Authority which is your get feedback from your customers not just reviews Syndicate the feedback Syndicate reviews cross-channel promotions retarget in a very strategic way you can actually retarget almost like a funnel where they see different different retargeting messages every couple of days that lead them through a path make sure you’re running paid ads somewhere in the mix you can’t survive without with some paid marketing some organic marketing you want to be having referral marketing every client should be referring you and posting out on social media about you and there’s ways to make that happen automatically you want to be getting strategic Partners in your Marketplace to promote you as well and there’s ways to do that you want to be doing emails and newsletters and all that kind of stuff you build to this this isn’t all done at once but you build to this

and you’re running a machine of a business that is profitable and fun to manage easy to run you’re not necessarily the guy in the truck if you don’t want to be the gal in the truck if you don’t want to be if you want to be that’s great these things can be done and you’re you’re you know outsourced and you’re a profitable company if you want to be running a business with technicians and growing and adding other services maybe in your Marketplace you want to add maid services janitorial services um you know you want to do hardwood refinishing not just cleaning things like that there’s all these other services that once you get this right you can add to your business if that’s your growth plan over the next multiple years so anyways we always like to end these webinars anybody who sticks around to the end and is on the webinar you’ve got the ability to actually get a consultation so go through the planning download the stuff just hop on a call with us we’ll do it with you but for a limited time it’s a thousand dollars worth of research consultation and advice why do we say that because we literally put our research team in place to go after check your Market check your competition check your demographics check the average household income check the pockets and areas of your neighbor of your Marketplace that that you could Target and and and and have a different looking business than the one you have now or expand the business you have and then we go through all that and you jump on a call on a one-hour call with me where we dive deep into all the numbers and the metrics what’s holding your website back what’s holding your social media back what’s holding your paid ads back all that kind of stuff and where are you at in your business and where do you need to go it’s a great time of year to do that you can jump on one of those calls um and to do that we have limited spots so you you connect with us you can connect with Rima in the chat or you can just reach out to us at schedule and what’s going to happen is you can schedule a time you’re not locked into that that appointment until Rima gets a hold of you and get some background information to put our research team to work for you so you always want to schedule a couple days out so and and take the call from Rima or she’ll message you and make sure that we’ve got the information that we can do our research and then you can jump on a call I do a couple of those a month and you can pick a time and jump on a call and once the slots are gone we just shut it down to the next month so this is me giving back a way to help your business if there’s something we can help you with um you know with our services and it makes sense sure otherwise it’s here’s a whole step by step here’s what you need to put in place let’s get going so you know depending where you’re at we can help at any level so hopefully that makes sense um hopefully you found uh found the information that we’ve provided here you know helpful to you foreign there we go let the bubbles go by so um another thing you can actually do is pick a couple copy of the of the book it’s on Amazon um you can get the Kindle version for a couple bucks um or the actual physical version where you can put notes and highlight and and all that kind of stuff um we’ve got worksheets and stuff like that in here as well it’s a deep dive into marketing for your carpet cleaning business um it’s I think it’s retailing for about 20 22 bucks on on Amazon so you can find that easily but um yeah hop on a call if you need us um and hopefully you found this valuable but do the work right now plan for plan your 2023 goals and what you’re going to put in place and break it down into bite-sized chunks and just start doing it that’s how your business grows you don’t want to be a business that the majority of businesses 75 80 of small businesses repeat year one over and over and over again they don’t really get much better than the end of year one maybe year two and they just repeat the same things they know what they know and that’s all they do and they never plan for growth the Strategic businesses that that smaller percentage they plan for growth put it in place and they’re the ones that survive and last and and don’t go out of business in the five ten year average lifespan of a business window they they can hand it off to their kids they can they can sell the business for good value and and build a nest egg and have a profit and all of those kinds of Lifestyle things that you started your business for in the first place so you can get to there it just takes a bit of thinking and and planning and hopefully this was a good guide to help you plan your 20 uh 2023 outright and again if you need any help give us a call and in the meantime thanks so much guys really appreciated being with you here today and uh I look forward to chatting at you next time take care

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