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SEO For Carpet Cleaners – Step By Step Guide To Higher Rankings

Looking to improve your SEO and rank your carpet cleaning business higher? In this masterclass, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on what is working now, in 2022 to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

We’ll cover everything from keyword research to on-page optimization, and show you how to get the most out of your content. And you will discover what may be hurting your rankings and COSTING YOU CUSTOMERS.  So whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, this video is for you!

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


How to get ranked for your most profitable Carpet Cleaner and Home Service Business keywords. Hint: You need to think beyond just "Carpet"


How to build authority so that the pages on your website rank


How to build relevant links that will move the needle in the Google search listings


Why having duplicate content on your city pages could be killing your rankings


How to communicate your "true service area" to Google automatically


What are the most important online directory listings you should be listed in?


How to get rid of bad links that could be holding your company back


What are the most important Carpet Cleaners keywords that I should be targeting?


Can I still use fake addresses or UPS addresses on Google Maps to rank


What are the most important online review sites?

Audio Transcript:
So what we’re going to be talking about this month is the new seo formula so any of you guys who’ve been around for a while you know that seo is constantly changing it’s it’s one of those things where google is always trying to make the user experience for the people that are searching using their product better and google’s the number one search engine but yahoo bing and the other ones as well that’s all what seo is about search engine optimization so we’re going to be talking about that how the rules have changed they’ve actually trained changed fairly dramatically within the last 24 months or so welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry.

basically what we’re going to go through is the changes the things you need to be doing now that are different than you need to be doing for things that you might have done before that could be damaging your website things like that we’re really going to help kind of clean up the the fog and the mess around around what seo really is what organic rankings are where they play a role in your marketing mix and why your marketing should be a mix and things like that so we’re gonna we’re kind of gonna cover all of that so what we’re going to cover today the latest updates in the google algorithm very important to know if you’re in business in today’s day and age at all um things that you may have put in place in the past that could be hurting you now how to optimize your website for the new seo formula so i need your attention so turn off your cell phones unless you’re watching this on your cell phone then you’re going to see a small screen but you know keep it on but if you’re not watching it on a cell phone turn it off i’m actually going to put mine in do not disturb mode right now so nobody tries to call me there we go um and turn off facebook don’t be browsing around i talk fast anyways so you’re gonna have to pay attention some people on webinars talk slow and then you get all distracted and bored try and keep up there will be a replay you can go back through and look at any of this stuff if you’re a carpet cleaning company small business cleaning firm anything like that work with small businesses service company and you’re serious about getting better results and the next 60 minutes does need your full attention so for all of you on here that don’t know who i am we always get a mix of our clients who really like to you know kind of dive into the master class research and kind of the stuff that we like to teach out there’s things that that we do for our clients there’s things that our clients should do for themselves or you know and and a mix of all of that but any of you that aren’t any any of our clients i want to tell you a quick little bio who i am but um started the business career back in 1990 still in high school i’ve owned cleaning service franchises independent businesses ecom products i’ve got a product line on amazon and a bunch of other places like that for over a decade now i’ve been a marketing agency for over a decade i’ve lectured for many associations in the cleaning space and the flood restoration space and stuff like that i’ve hosted three-day elite retreats i was flown to the island of samoa back in 2010 but i’ve had other um retreats in chilliwack and in vancouver and in vegas and all those kinds of places as well so i’ve been doing marketing consulting for a long time for individual businesses and entire franchise networks and you know keynote speaker and local chamber of commerce and on large events and large stages as well so i’ve bought sol systemized and sold a made business uh in the middle of my career there while running a 27-year carpet cleaning company while owning a duck cleaning company i’ve done janitorial ran janitorial companies as well for for many years and just a mix of all of those kinds of service businesses and finally sold sort of my last brick and mortar business there last year almost uh almost a year to the day of two days from now to be a year to the day um was able to sell sell a two-van carpet cleaning system they’ve been running for 27 years and generated over half a million dollars right in the middle of a pandemic so um and there’s reasons for that there’s systems in place like that i’m the uh host of the carpet cleaner success podcast you can go check that out on spotify and you know apple podcast anywhere you get your podcast and and that kind of thing so that’s a little bit about me more importantly who are our customers well we’ve got lots of

customers that have seen fantastic results over the years we hope to see you as the as the next one but these are just um some of them are well known figures um other ones are just well known in their industry and but that’s what we do is we help carpet cleaners and cleaning service companies home service companies and others stand out from the crowd become the local authority be seen as an authority and just build their brand so that they they can get all that brand equity that that name recognition um from their customers so we do help our clients become the top brand in their local marketplace top brands attract the best customers they can charge the top rates it’s not about price anymore if you’re seen as the best you know you can charge more you need less customers to be just as profitable um and you can be booked out weeks in advance because you’re in demand so even in today’s day and age where everybody wants things immediately and they want it now now now it’s always good to have a service system that helps with that but that should be a premium it’s like hey we’re booking for two weeks from now three weeks from now our schedule’s completely full if you need it sooner than that we can rush and squeeze you in it’s an extra fee it’s a you know an employee staying late coming in on a weekend things like that but yeah you should be booked out solid because that’s what in demand means um so what we talk about on these calls and what we’ve been doing on these master classes for almost a year now consistently we’ve always done sort of trainings and webinars but we’ve started doing a consistent monthly one to basically go around the horn and talk about our digital dominance method so we’re talking about seo and seo optimization we’ve talked about google my business optimization and citation development and things like that um we’ve talked about pay-per-click we’ve talked about all kinds of different aspects of marketing reputation and reviews and setting your whole entire system up around feedback and things like that so we just try and provide a wealth of information for anybody who runs a small business to really get a sense of how to do all of this stuff properly so and i’ve actually got a book coming out soon that goes through all of this as well i’ve got about three or four more chapters to write is about 20 chapter book a nice good size all on digital our digital dominance method as well so anyways enough about that let’s get into the content ultimately what we want to talk about here is uh is the big concept of does seo still matter so kind of if you want to put in the chat um if you find that seo search engine optimization still matters in 2022. let me see what we’ve got coming in here let me switch my screen okay we’ve got some people saying no got a lot of people going yes of course so yeah let’s talk about that because i i want to prove to you a couple of facts so um so yeah so let’s let’s first talk about what is seo well seo is basically what comes up this is a search results page a local search results page when a local search is done so denver carpet cleaning was the search and i’ve this this is a long they can normally would pull up on your browser you scroll down so we just split it in two but what we’ve got up here is we’ve got the local service ads so that’s a paid area pay per lead service right and that could be anywhere from depending on your industry and your marketplace twenty dollars to fifty sixty dollars a lead but you’re competing you see the other these other people and you only pay when a lead actually connects with you through google so that’s google’s pay-per-lead service then we’ve got cool google’s pay-per-click you pay every time somebody clicks then you start getting into what’s called organic organic means you don’t pay to be placed in here you have to be you have to represent what google wants to show you have to represent a good user experience there’s a whole bunch of stuff we’re going to get into today to explain how you show up in the google maps packs that’s google maps listing the first three and then you have to click the more businesses to see the rest and there’s always there’s a map showing up either above or beside google’s moved to the side lately and then you’ve got the organic listings down below that where people scroll down to read and the question is do people scroll down and read anymore what you will notice is a lot of times these the organic list listings are dominated by yelps and they’re dominated by angie’s list you might see thumbtack in there and the better business bureau and all of these directories they literally pay millions and millions of dollars a year to do really great national and local seo to dominate in here but you can see that um businesses can end up in there as well um and have three in the top five on this page is actually unique normally you’ll find that it’s only one or two businesses maybe in the top five and then a few of them lower down if they’re doing really good seo so we’ll talk about it but so the point is where do people actually go to search interestingly enough if you run the stats on the service industry 73 percent of the clicks still end up going to the maps listing or the organic so when people come to a local search results page so a local search results page

only about 25 to 27 of the clicks end up in the page section the rest all end up in the organic they’re they’re looking for what other people say so that’s reviews that you know that that’s they’re going to scroll down here and see the different options they’re going to look at websites and again if you do it right you can actually have reviews showing up in your organic listing as well they’re going to be looking all around for more information more topical information we’ll talk about that what kind of keywords people are actually searching for as well so um it’s really important to kind of understand that the paid has its place do you want to miss out on 25 to 27 of the traffic of course not but so does the maps and so does the organic because that’s where you’re going to get a lot of of of awareness a lot of authoritativeness and you’re going to start standing out over your competitors and it’s also about the differences of keywords some keywords just don’t show up with with paid results doing some research so there’s sort of like a top of funnel and we’ll have a little bit as well

also becomes really important in this interestingly the stats also show that 67 so 70 73 um target organic or we’ll click on the the organic listings whether it’s the maps or the um or the actual websites but 67 percent uh we’ll click on the first five listings so that’s the three in the maps and the first two here that’s where most people are going to click so ultimately you want to be in that you know top one or two organic especially in marketplaces where you can’t be in the maps and we’ll talk about what that means as well so um but that’s the point to cover here is that you want to make sure that for all the different keywords that you can possibly answer questions for help a customer influence the search results you want to make sure that you’re in that one of those top five positions as well and there’s a lot of keywords that we’re going to that you’re going to want to be considering for so does seo still matter in 2022 yes it does you do not want to be missing out on 75 of the potential traffic to your website and and people learning about your brand and potentially calling you and there’s all kinds of ways to influence that it’s one of our clients back-end stats as well just want to show you that again this client here 75 percent of their leads comes from organic so what do we buy organic google my business listing that’s an organic that is again it’s google’s algorithm determines who’s there it’s not a pay-to-play and google organic again is below that so out of all the leads they they got in this month 268 inbound leads 75 percent of them came from the organic rankings that they have and then the rest came from the facebook ads google ads ad extensions um ad content things like that so and that that’s really important as well to understand that you don’t want to just be in in one area um jim rohn a a great business um um consultant and and mind who died just a few years ago jim rohn used to always say that you want to have like somewhere between five to seven very solid sources of leads to run a successful business minimum we always say that you should be you should have sort of like a race for 20 to 30 some of them might only generate one or two leads a month some might you know like a real estate agent referring you in or you know a referral partner things like that but as far as the actual really solid um consistently generating sources the goal is to have five to seven really solid sources like that because say for example one month facebook changes the rules a new competitor comes in and your facebook ads slow down you definitely want to make sure that your organic is still generating leads or if the organic slows down or there’s less people going to um you know seeing the adwords or you know things like that um anything can happen where one source just changes dynamically month by month just based on demographics based on how those platforms operate based on competitors all kinds of things and you want to make sure you have multiple so this is a good example of multiple but also that why organic over time is your best play because the other side of this is

yes seo still matters and you can’t rely on paid advertising alone the point with that is of course you can pay google right now and within you know 24 or 48 hours you can have a campaign set up and generating clicks and if you’ve got a good landing page and you know the audience is buying audience and all that those kinds of good things then you know you’re generating leads the leads from paid sources will always be your most expensive that doesn’t mean you don’t do them that just means in the mix your cost per lead will be higher if somebody organically searches and over time you’re able to influence the search engine so it doesn’t happen right away you can’t pay to show up organically you have to influence over time with lots and lots and lots and lots of ranking signals and we’ll talk about what those are but so if you influence good organic rankings in the

maps and good organic rankings in the search engines you’re going to have that as a stable base foundation and then if you add paid the paid might again you know in the carpet cleaning world you might find that a cost per lead so somebody you know your cost per click might be anywhere from five to fifteen to twenty dollars depending on your market but typically you need five six seven clicks to get one person to fill out a form typically that depends every marketplace is a little bit different but that is a typical number but a lot of people just look and then back off go check somebody else they don’t care if it’s pay-per-click they don’t know that they charged you money they’re just searching around like they do and they click on this link and then they click on this link and some of them you paid for the click so um they’re gonna they’re gonna bounce around like that and to get somebody to fill out a form or to pick up the phone and call you you’re gonna be paying multiple clicks before that becomes an actual lead and then how many leads do you need before you book them but you book at 50 do you book a 75 percent you only book at 25 so how many leads do you need before that becomes a job so you could be looking at you know 75 100 150 a lead now if your average lifetime value of a client is three or four thousand dollars for a decent client even as high as five thousand dollars in carpet cleaning or you know a lifetime value of a recurring made client is over ten thousand dollars from our days only molly made franchises and things like that then it’s well worth it it’s well worth it to pay a couple hundred you know 150 for a lead or for an actual booked job if they’re going to be a recurring client and they’re going to come back and then that’s up to your systems to make sure you wow them make sure they they come back again and again and become a regular client and then if they refer a new one person to you that becomes a client some point you’ve just doubled their lifetime value so it’s always best to think of the lifetime the the job value then the lifetime value of the club your average client run that math and then the referral value of your average client if one out of every 10 clients refer somebody one out of every 50 put that math into your calculations it allows you to out market your competitors but point being on this slide um paid advertising alone is is not a good place to stick there’s a dime a dozen i’m sure you probably get 100 emails a week nowadays you know hey we can run your facebook ads hey we can run your google ads hey you know buy you know paper lead buy the lead buy the lead you know they’re selling you leads they’re selling you leads the downside about that is they’re the most expensive part of your business and as soon as that one source dries up um you’re you’re back to square one again so you want to make sure you have multiple sources so if i beat that one to death enough let’s talk about the biggest changes in in that’s that’s happened in seo

so one of the biggest changes that’s happened uh in the last only the last couple years it’s become more and more important google rolled out um an update called eat authoritative or it’s expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness what that’s how they rank websites in in the in the natural organic rankings so what that means is you want detailed well-written content it now matters more than anything you don’t want to have spammy content you don’t want to have lightweight content you want to make sure it’s detailed well-written deep content so think about it for example in the carpet cleaning industry you could have um you could have a you know a sentence that says hey we do carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning tile cleaning um we clean berber and you know synthetic and natural carp as berber and cup regular cup pile and on and on and you can have all kinds of you know in a list right and that’s one sentence you could also have an entire chapter in a book on how to properly clean berber carpet you can have an entire chapter in a book if you know the difference between like a sheet of paper a one-liner and and deep content google is respecting the deep content you know those 600 800 1200 word pages as as you know as long as they’re written well and and they’re easy they’re understood well and the user experience is proper and we’ll talk about that that is considered authoritative content and it helps you show up more than your competitors for a whole bunch of different keywords and you also want to make sure that you don’t have low quality spammy links pointed back to your website this can crush your chances of ranking so doing a link audit is really important if you’ve been around for a while because years ago it used to be that everybody you know like back in the day um companies figured out like seo um technicians and experts what they’re just trying to do is reverse engineer what google’s algorithm is so if they realized that you know the more links you had the higher you ranked then it became a tactic let’s get more links doesn’t matter the quality doesn’t matter anything let’s just get more links and google comes out with algorithm changes that go oh we we

realize that they’re they’re they’re trying to game the system a bit they’ve figured out a little bit of our our process let’s make it tighter let’s make it better let’s change that and boom within no time all of those get wiped out ideally you need to have a real physical office in the target city you want to rank in as well for google maps we’ll talk a little bit about this going forward as well and site speed matters so those are the some of the really important changes that have happened really recently within the last couple of years so detailed well written content we’re talking about this um let’s just load them all there so um so basically content is king every service you offer should have its own page of well-written informative unique content so every service should have its own page google does not rank websites google ranks pages and it ranks pages for authoritative informative content that people read and stick on um so that’s really really important that you have deep content on a page that is all about that one topic and we’ll even talk about how you can link to that page with even more content that supports that that page and that content that ranks independently on its own as blog posts and other things that is sort of a sub set of what you’ve just written that page on but every single service that that you offer should have a full detailed page about that service and about the nuances of that service as well if you clean wood floors talk about the different types of wood floors that you clean and the different types of finishes that could be on the wood floors have a really deep page about wood floor cleaning and all the different variables about that again the same with carpet cleaning do you do residential do you do commercial um do you do certain you know synthetic do you do natural fiber what’s the difference in those what do people need to know google’s going to read google only really only knows how to read so it’s going to read those pages and it’s going to make an assessment based on the the density of the words and the way the words are placed and it’s getting better and better and better with their deep brain ai on understanding sentiment on those pages so it understands if the page is written well or if it’s written you know by some sort of a bot that doesn’t speak english well and because in the old days you used to be able to get a way to spin out really really bad content and create thousand page websites in like an hour with a spinner and that would rank super well because google didn’t only saw keywords and it didn’t really understand nuance google is way better at understanding nuance um carpet cleaning companies tend to serve for example in any cleaning company and most local businesses tend to serve about um a 25 to 50 mile radius if you’re a local brick and mortar shop it might be smaller than that but um again if you’re a service company that that runs in a in a city that you know it’s not like one on every street corner kind of idea then you’re normally a 25 to maybe 50 mile radius around that city and surrounding cities so and those neighborhoods you should have a page that targets each of those and you need to make that page unique that page has to talk about that city benefit you know things about that city saying things about your service in that specific city um show maps of that city talk about attractions in that city and then talk about your services it’s got to be a really deep page that talks about both your company what you do and the city itself and you need to make those unique um so you the interesting thing about this is you can create all of these pages that are super seo friendly but a customer comes to it or potential customer comes to it and it doesn’t read well it doesn’t sell them you still have to have an eye on persuasive sales and you know explain you know explaining why you you have a paragraph of text or two and then you have a call to action hey if you’d like this if you need to know you know if you want us to help you with this click here to book a you know appointment click here to fill out a form click here to you know call our office make it super super easy for them to get the next piece of information from you for them to request more information from you to pick up the phone and call you that kind of thing it’s got to be big it’s got to be bold and it’s got to be easy so that they you know they know as they scroll down the page they don’t have to kind of oh what do i got to do next every little bit of content oh by the way so if this is something that you need give us a call fill out a form so you you want to make sure that the content has those keywords in it and has the the the the the other the the it’s called um lsi keywords as well which are the you know the ones that support that your main keyword the ones that commonly come together in conversation google knows what those are as well so as you’re writing content you’re not just stuffing keywords the same the same keyword over and over again google can understand that that’s not natural either so you need to be writing with a mixture of the the the keyword the topic you want to rank for and all of the synonyms that work for that as well but you want to be able to have it read in a way that’s compelling and salesy um so that’s that’s really important second point we made was if you have too many irrelevant low quality links pointing

back to your website it could actually hurt your business and there are little um penguin there because that was the penguin update that caused caused that one um it used to be all about links as we talked about penguin update addressed this there was actually a day when uh when the penguin update rolled out um like millions and millions and millions of websites around the world just all of a sudden stopped showing up in page one it was like a bloodbath because google finally figured out how to control these spammy links um so you’re gonna have to do a review of your links and there’s a word here called you can either remove them if you if if you know the source or you disavow them so if you go look at your links and they’re coming from really spammy crappy sources you’re going to want to make sure that you tell google hey you know that’s not mine somebody else pointed at me i don’t i don’t agree with that point or that was from before i can’t get rid of it so i disavow that link you want to tell google that you realize that that’s not a quality link and please don’t use that against me because you want to make sure that you’ve got high authority authoritative backlinks so and just for anybody who’s not quite sure what a backlink is because that could be one of those techie terms that people don’t quite understand um say for example um you are you you sponsored a charity event and that charity event put a link from their website back to your website saying hey thanks so much to abc cleaning for supporting us and donating whatever and there’s a link from them to you that that link is that’s all it is that’s what’s called a backlink it’s a link from some other site to your site and that better be a quality link it better makes sense it better be relevant and what we mean by relevant as well is google knows that there’s certain like a link coming from you know a cooking page in you know in south africa to your carpet cleaning or home cleaning website makes no sense at all that is not a relevant link so that link doesn’t carry any authority and it can actually cause you know if you’ve got a ton of those looks so spammy that you know your your site starts to be demoted and de-ranked because of that so you want to make sure that the the links make sense they come from business directories they come from things in your industry they come from fellow businesses in your town like you know if the local real estate agent links to you that’s totally natural but it doesn’t make sense if it’s sort of like one of these spammy links as well so you want to keep an eye on that because that’s really important and you want to diversify your anchor text so again techy a little bit but what anchor text stands for is um when a link is coming to you the link could be just your website url right that could just be the the your website address the link could also be click here and then when on the when they click here that now that text itself is actually linked back to your website behind it is the is the actual hyperlink that that takes the the visitor when they hit the click here button to you so the anchor text in that one is click here it back in the day it used to be that people would say for example you you were carpet cleaning you know dallas right if that’s the keywords you wanted to rank for hey you would send that you’d every anchor text would say carpet cleaning dallas carpet cleaning dollars carpet cleaning dial so all around the web every anchor text that you every link back to your website would be that google quickly caught on again and created an algorithm the our penguin here that said hey if you’ve got a whole bunch of similar spammy keyword stuffed anchor text that’s bad that’s not natural because the other people that would link to you wouldn’t always use that term you’re obviously trying to game our system so diversified anchor text means that it’s just a it’s just natural it’s like some of them going to be click here some of them are going to be just they’re all linked to your website some are going to be um you know check out my friend bob’s carpet cleaning company you know on and on they’ve got to be diversified around the web so even when you’re when you’re doing it yourself or when you’re working with an seo company there’s a lot of diversification figured out to be natural in in building these anchor texts um you need a real physical office to rank while in google maps um so i’m gonna kind of dig into this one a little bit so google maps still counts as as organic right so it’s all part of that stuff that you’re ranking for that you’re not buying leads from right so um and we did a whole entire training on sort of google maps that you can go back and watch in on our website but in in the organic conversation um google maps had a major change with the pigeon update so pigeon update was this huge update that really affected the maps rankings and there was about i think the number was somewhere around 5 million um in that range 5 million businesses worldwide about 500 000 in the us alone um dropped instantly when the pigeon update rolled out because they were they were being spammy um so the the the whole idea behind sort of having um a real physical presence is it’s really about the fact that google wants to know that you’re legit that that you’re an actual real business that they can um they can send business to um your primary uh your

primary address has got to be is the local maps listing so where this this nuance always starts to happen is there’s a lot of businesses especially service area businesses businesses that service outs like people don’t come to their shop to get the work done or come to their office they leave and go out you know they service them at their residence or at their office so it’s a service area business um it’s easier and cheaper to live outside of town and then work in the big town the downside is you don’t have an address in the big tech and what we’ve actually noticed even more so in the last even four to six months is showing your having an actual physical address um and showing it even more so um because you can hide it but having a physical address and showing it in the town that you want to work in is has become critical to having that chance of ranking against everybody else who already is in that town already has proven that they have already been verified and are showing because part of google’s algorithm is proximity so say for example you’re in you know even um you know uh somewhere like um let’s pick a city here miami and you’re on the far east side of miami in one of the suburbs and you just stand in there and you type in your phone you know carpet cleaners near me roofers in miami whatever the list you’re going to get there and if you drive across town to the west side of town to you know one of the nice suburbs there near the golf courses and you type in the exact same thing the list you’re going to see there is entirely different why because google puts all things considered proximity becomes a very important ranking factor as well we’ve also noticed that that proximity window is getting a little bit smaller so it used to be that you could rank maybe seven eight nine miles away from your pin location um and it seems to be tightening up there are things that can happen but this is where you know knowing that where your target market is this is part of that mix we’re talking about so you want to rank really well in google maps for where you can rank really well in google maps and sometimes it may be is opening a second office is is is worth it if you’re going to generate 10 20 30 000 worth of extra business and for that it’s going to cost you 500 bucks to a thousand bucks to open a a satellite office maybe that’s worth it um so those are kinds of some of the considerations to make that way but you also want to make sure that you can organically rank even in areas where you don’t have a map and we’ll talk about how you organically rank there as well and then you may want to have paid ads and you want a facebook ads you want to have google local service ads so it’s a mix of everything where you can influence people in different ways and get different parts of the crowd so um so anybody had had um fake addresses that was huge so mailbox um ups stores and mailbox etc places and you know regis business offices and things like that those ones were wiped out with the um with the um pigeon update so um talked about that there um work from home addresses and businesses that hidden actually again are becoming more and more influenced to to not show up as well now if you’re in a category where most people hide their address most of the businesses are work for or work from home or that kind of idea then it’s less of a concern because google’s making a local decision but you know in in your local market but if you’re the one guy that you know is hiding your address and all your competitors have you know shops and places where people can pick up their spot remover and drop off their area rugs and stuff like that and that’s the majority of the people that are ranking well and you’re not it’s going to be much harder not impossible but much harder to ever rank in the google three pack in that proximity around you know around where your your your location is so a real physical address in the city um really helps you rank and ideally you need to show it so again as i said you can hide it but there still needs to be an address in that city to rank

so we’re going to move on to site speed because this is another one as well that has become really important because google said it’s important google doesn’t tell us a lot of stuff they they sort of make you inference it and they um they they don’t really come out with a lot of this information um so seos have to sort of band together you know test everything across thousands and thousands of websites band together figure it all out together and then see what changes look like are coming along a whole bunch of websites start not ranking as well anymore well what was that change and they all get together and talk about it there’s forums and and and all kinds of stuff that help but this is one of the ones that google said you know what this is this does matter the longer it takes a site to load um the less likely we’re going to show it because there’s sort of a threshold there where people just aren’t getting a good user experience and google wants you to build a user a better user experience so how fast your website loads in comparison to not only google’s metrics but your competitors um

is is important mobile and desktop must be considered google is a mobile first platform now so they really look at your mobile environment first seventy percent of traffic starts on a mobile device so that’s why they care about that more but both of them play a role you can check your site speed on google’s actual development page slash speed on page speed slash insights so kind of a long one there take a screen cap if you want but you can you can check that so it really is a matter of comparing against competitors there’s a lot of things that can affect site speed um so here let’s kind of take a look at some of them as well and it’s a work in progress because some sites that look really pretty might slow down a little bit because of the way they look and function other sites that run really really fast may look too plain jane to convert well so it is always a game to to play that and there’s lots of plug-ins and things like that that can help and there’s different ways to play with this so um this is way techy so i’m going to kind of rattle through it really quick but here are some of the many ways to increase your site speed so enable compression there’s lots of different tools plug-ins and platforms that can help with compression minify things like the css javascript and html so there’s there’s ways to do that as as well within the build of the site within sort of post site architecture reduce the redirects so don’t have a lot of redirects going on within your website remove render blocking javascript so there’s certain scripts that you can put in place that block certain things from happening um and and that’s that’s helpful sometimes again to make a mobile experience look different than a desktop experience but it’s gotta it’s really a matter of really limiting those and keeping an eye on those leverage browser caching so have have the ability to have somebody’s come to the website the next time they come it loads really really fast that really does help improve server response time so don’t be on like a godaddy server um their siteground is a faster one wp engine is faster amazon um hosting lightspeed um or light sales sorry hosting by amazon are fast servers as well and they’re always competing each other for these these really fast servers the actual server you’re on could be slowing down your entire website speed as well content distribute content distribution networks that what that is is there’s ways where your website can be sort of protected behind a service that the website kind of loads into it first and then when anybody goes to your site they’re actually going to the content distribution network for seeing it there and it’s loading super fast and any changes might be slow to show up you don’t change your site right now and it shows up a second later um any of those sort of changes will happen over a period of an hour or two because the content distribution network grabs your site and and it’s the one that pops it out to the the um the world and it grabs the information back from where your actual site is hosted so things like that really help optimizing images is a big one um so there’s a lot of times we take really cool images that are like you know taken on our phone and they’re you know 12 000 or 12 000 megapixels and blah blah blah massive 4k images well that’s great they look amazing um but the size of an image on a website like look over here the size of this little graphic um you know it’s a couple hundred kilobytes it’s not it’s not megabytes and megabytes and megabytes of information there so you can take a lot of your images and and reduce them right down so there’s plugins and tools and stuff like that that we use that just you know we scrape through a whole site and minimize the images without even damaging the quality because the size that it’s showing up on might only be 400 pixels by 800 pixels yet you’ve got you know it’s reducing down to that and it’s literally like 10 000 by 12 000 the original image so you don’t need the 10 000 by 12 000 image if it’s only going to be showing 400 by 800 pixels you just need the 400 by 800 version so things like that can really help improve the site speed so what else has changed um so seo tastics for from two years ago can know some a lot of them are no longer effective because google is again ranked brain their their ai and and and all of that kind of stuff and the um eat upgrades with the authoritativeness the expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness are really important so all of the um the barnyard animals that showed up panda pigeon penguin all of those are all about the user experience so that’s really really important in seo as well is that the user shows up and stays so the new seo approach requires a heavy focus on user experience and technical on-site optimization

so what are we talking about by user experience and technical on-site optimization so what we’re talking about here is things like um click-through rate click-through rate starts so google looks at you know did somebody do a search find your page organically and click on it right if if they did a search and your page showed up but nobody clicked on it that’s a ranking signal that said google says i don’t think people care about this this topic

this site enough so that’s where on your website things like your title description your meta tags um how they’re written uh and all of that kind of stuff you know they’ve got to include the keywords because google’s looking for those kinds of things on the page and in the title tag and the meta description so in the coding of the page google’s looking for all of that stuff but it’s also got to be compelling enough for somebody to click on it or you don’t even start with the click through rate then scroll time and time on page is essential are they scrolling down when they show up are they bouncing right off so if they scroll down the page read the content if they you know say for they said they’re looking for the best made service in manhattan and they’re looking for that keyword and they they come to the page they scroll down and they’re reading that’s different than if they come look for that and within two three five seconds they’d go nope i don’t think i see anything about that that i’m interested in off they go again that that time on page tells google well these people came you know a number of people went looking for this exact term they found a website we gave them a website that that talks about that exact term and we think it’s authoritative um but people show up and then leave too quickly on average compared to the competitors so it’s always in comparison to the other ones that would show up at the same time and so this this page isn’t as good for that keyword so the page might rank for a couple different keywords or a dozen different keywords around that similar topic but some of those keywords might be falling down and falling off and that’s that’s the matter of actually constantly monitoring your your keyword rankings for different keywords because are you getting pages that are ranking are you getting pages that are are moving up or down and they’ll always be moving but what is some of the reasons and can they be influenced better by having better content having videos that the people watch having other things that just keep them on the page more so that’s that bounce rate it’s got to be watched very very closely as well um branding is huge now google loves brands so it used to be in the day that you could you know you create a lot of spammy websites you know that you could have carpet cleaning dallas as the name of your business and is the name of your website and it’s all you know all keyword keyword keyword google has actually decided in a lot of their recent updates that they prefer the authoritativeness of a brand over the um the the just the key like the keyword stuffing right so does the brand represent the best carpet cleaning in dallas right does the what does the brand and google’s making all of these brand connections now so having just stuffed keywords can actually confuse google having keywords stuffed into your name um like as you know again city and and service and all of that too much stuffing can cause a problem you definitely want to make sure that you know your brand represents the services that you provide but you want to make sure that you’re not just calling yourself city name service dot com and that kind of stuff and then citations reviews and relevant links are all really important so citations are just your name your address and your phone number shared around the web so better business bureau chamber of commerce angie’s list yelp facebook all your social sites um you know best of the web and and foursquare and all of those kinds of places there’s actually sort of 50 60 really core um places that most businesses should get sort of national citations from there’s probably at least a dozen local citations you should have if you’re in business locally um just your you know some of them you have to pay to be a member of but there are citations that are considered you know normal and acceptable um places that should link to you from a local environment and then there’s industry links as well you know all the different associations and board of trades and stuff like that for your for your industry they should have that your name and address and phone number on those sites being you know sharing back to your website and being found on these other sites building that brand being exactly the same the exact same business name exact same address the exact same phone number all around the web really really helps build that those ranking factors those signals that google picks up on and decides that you are more authoritative than your competitors obviously reviews we know are big and you want to make sure you’re answering reviews but not just reviews on google google doesn’t just look on google if you actually go look at your at a search page when you type your business name in and see google pull up that on the left hand right hand side there um they pull up the um your search card your info card basically your google business profile um you’ll see that they’ll find google’s already found reviews on other sites if you scroll down you’ll see also found on you know you know x number of reviews found on facebook and yelp and and better business bureau chamber wherever they can they’ve found them they’ll list a few of the others as well google is looking at all the other review sites you don’t want to be sort of a one and done pony as well

and then again relevant links um that’s you know links from quality sites coming back to you as well and even links from other businesses like if you’ve got a link from you’re a carpet cleaning company you got a link from a real estate agent or a you know carpet store or anything like that google sees that obviously as a very relevant link so you know that’s more important so you know the charities the the chamber of commerce the local associations are all great and then any of your fellow businesses that you know that make obvious sense that would likely share out you know carpet cleaning link and you know hey here’s some of the local businesses we trust kind of thing or whatever that kind of stuff as well so that’s all part of what we need to be talking about in in building our our seo so the new seo formula figure out what the most important keywords are based on your service the service areas which is the cities and the neighborhoods and the search volume of those keywords that’s important so you can use google keyword tool word stream spyfu google adwords to see what the search volume of these keywords are but you want to start building a list of the keywords the most important keywords for your services your service areas what people are actually typing in and then their search volumes you want to set up a great website with unique pages that target those keywords and those keyword clusters so you don’t need a new page for every single keyword but you need a page for your carpet cleaning service for example and your upholstery cleaning service and your tile and grout cleaning service and then within those there’s going to be nuances there’s going to be the difference between cleaning granite tile versus cleaning ceramic tile versus you know um cleaning you know an aggregate stone tile things like that you want to make sure that you you have all of those listed within that that service page you don’t need separate pages for each one of them necessarily but you definitely want to have them all on that page and all of your service areas covered as well so a page for each service and each city and each neighborhood and what we mean by neighborhoods is if people actually say that they live in tribeca if they say they live in soho if they say that they live in the upper east side the upper west side things like that they’re all in manhattan which is just a borough of new york city so new york city manhattan is another key word and then all of those city pages or those neighborhood pages if people say that they’re going to find a locksmith in near me and near me might mean that google knows they’re in they’re in the upper east side or whatever um they might find that they um they they’re they’re looking for a carpet cleaner in battery park they’re looking for a maid service you know the services soho things like that they’re going to be using their local keywords in in those searches so you want to make sure you have pages set up that help influence google so that even if your maps listing isn’t close enough to rank there and these will actually help your map listing a little bit as well spread a little bit wider if it’s within that sort of five mile seven mile sort of max range but you’re trying to get it as wide as possible these pages help but even if you’re not in that window then what you do want to make sure you have happening there is that you’re showing up in the in the um organic listings right below that so that’s the key that we’re going with there so that you do have a page on on on on those each of those neighborhoods and the services you provide and google with a good amount of link building and influencing and stuff like that is going to show your page right below that in the organic listings um you want to optimize your website for user experience make it super easy for people to see you know to navigate through your page find other content watch videos make it nice and sticky um you know show reviews on your service pages and things like that as well so that people you know are going to pause to read those because oh what did somebody else have you know find is a great experience in indianapolis using this service for example and things like that right so you want to make sure that you know it’s another reason for people to stay on the page you want to make it super easy for them to interact with your website so if they’re they’re going to want to find a quote um they’re going to want to call you they’re going to want to get a hold of you in some way it’s got to be super easy and intuitive and and make make sense and not sort of um block them at any any part of that and not be hard to find as well um you want to optimize for your on-site optimization so that means things like your title tags your meta description um we’re talking about things like schema codes and stuff like that so schema is a technical term of how the you know how search engines read your site and you want to make sure that you’ve got all of the right interscope schema markups and all that you want to build your authority off site as well so you want to make sure that you have all of your directories set up you want to have all your social media set up linking back to your site you want to have um again you want to have all the citations around the web you want to be having relevant links coming from understandable places so you can take a you

can do a deep dive in your competitors links look at their link profile and take a look at which ones like the ones that are ranking in the first second third fourth place um for a keyword that you’re not and you know take a look at all of the links that they’ve got coming in to that page that’s ranking and make some decisions like which one of those can you go out and get yourself which ones of those have a lot of of um of authority that are passing that authority on to your competitor that you think you can acquire a link on as well so things like that become part of it and then you track your results you track how well these things are ranking and moving over time so for all our carpet cleaners on the call what i want to do is i want to give you an idea of the keywords because keywords are really really important and see how we’ve got sort of like your city it could be your city your neighborhood it could be carpet cleaning in your city it could be your city carpet cleaning so these are sort of interchangeable as well but these are the types of keywords across and i use carpet cleaning a little loosely here because i did these are actually in fairly decent national order of the types of keywords people type in and the search volumes the number of times they type it in so for carpet cleaning companies who do things like carpeted upholstery tile um you know area cleaning stuff like that this is the kind of search volume order that people type type things in so again your city can be your neighborhood and can be interchanged on either side of the keyword but carpet cleaning carpet cleaner carpet cleaner near me is considered a different keyword carpet cleaning near me upholstery cleaning cleaning upholstery seems very similar um but one is searched more than the other so do you need two separate pages no no no but what you do need to do is see how you rank for both of those and make sure that on your upholstery cleaning page that you’re using variations of different versions of cleaning cleaner and different orders as you write the content as you go deep with the content because it’s really going to help so steam cleaning best carpet cleaners so that’s you know things like best top and top rated are add-on words that can be used but in the carpet cleaning world it’s actually considered a top keyword that people type in best um you know before other types of words you know terms like services are add-ons as well we’ve got mattress cleaning and we just keep coming down the list so this is kind of the types of keywords that you want to be knowing where do you fit in which ones are on your page who who’s ranking for what in your local market and what changes when you change these keywords when you look them up you know if your site is ranking number two or three organically for carpet cleaning but for carpet cleaner you know in dallas you’re you all of a sudden you drop down well your carpet cleaning page needs to also be ranking for carpet cleaner because there’s enough people typing that in and you’ve you’re actually demoted slightly and stuff like that so it’s part of the way to think and then near me has become huge and that’s because of mobile devices and google knows your ip address and knows your location from cell towers and pings and all that kind of stuff um so it knows what near me means it knows where you are on a map if you’ve got your location services turned on so in in my area and near me google actually is able to append what what you’re talking about and add the city on so sometimes you might not use your city name but you might just put near me if you type in carpet cleaning it might give you a wikipedia page on what carpet cleaning is and how to carpet clean if you type in carpet cleaners near me or carpet cleaning near me it googles oh i understand the inference now that’s subtleties right so family oriented green certified recommended residential affordable reputable free estimates free quotes can all be appended to these keywords to see if you still also show up for those and these are great things to talk about on your various service pages and service area pages city pages is you want to talk about that for sure so on-site optimization we’ve touched on a few of them um strong website with good content and a good user experience killer every page has got a it’s got to have a reason for being and be complete to it a really insane depth um you want to leverage multimedia and improve your on on page time so a video on every page would be great video by the owner hey let me tell you about this service and tell you or showing videos of the the the technicians or the company doing the work on that if that causes people to pause and watch that is brilliant because that increases your time on page a page for every service we talked about that um pages for cities and neighborhoods quality content that is well optimized so deep deep deep content your main keyword in the title of the page so we can pop over and take you know pop out and take a quick look at what this means but the title of the page is what shows up in the search bar above above the website relevant keywords um are in the h1 text so that’s the heading and then in the h2s and h3s down the page so we’ll show you what that means as well but that’s really important how this is all structured again this is the

techie stuff but knowing it or knowing that you you’re working with a company that understands this and has it figured out and can deal with this is really really important the meta description is the description that is that it’s in the meta metadata basically so it’s the hidden data it’s the description that sometimes shows up like in the search when you search for um best carpet cleaners what it’s going to show you is a list of websites well it’s going to show you the title more often than not that’s the dark blue in a search results and below it’s going to give you a little blurb of text google kind of bounces between grabbing just a blurb off your website or the meta description but google has already read the meta description and you want to make sure that that meta description is bang on and that it’s a bit salesy as well so if google’s going to use that and lean towards it then it’s it’s going to help you not hurt you name address phone number in the footer with that schema code you want to have service schema on your service pages you want to have city schema on your city pages new schema on your press release news site pages things like that you want to make sure that this schema markup is is um the structured data that that google sees behind the scene is is understood and is designed and built well the most of the websites that we audit when we when we deal with new clients and talk and audit to the audit for them and stuff like that that’s missing um you want to blog on a weekly basis um bi-weekly maybe maybe in a small market you’ll get away with it but your content needs to be deep and you need to be updating your website a lot blogging is one of the best ways to do that because you can write a page about one of those services but go deep about a certain city and a certain service and give people like the five best tips to do whatever the 10 reasons to whatever and it your you interlink deep from the blog into those city and service pages and you can even link out to authoritative sites which generates a few brownie points as well but you want to be deep on that and so blogging every single every single week with a you know 500 or 600 000 1500 word blog um you know you can usually keep it about 600 to 1000 words is usually fine but sometimes in some marketplaces you might need to go deeper than that but having that weekly blog post going deep on the content you guys know about is really really really important um so whether that’s outsourced to somebody blogging for you as part of an seo strategy because then the other thing you can do once you have a blog written is now you can syndicate it and promote it across everywhere you can make a google my business post about it or google business profile is what it’s called now google business profile post a facebook post you can share that out on some of these other directories as well you can put a link to it from your foursquare and from your you know you know anywhere else that allows you to link to it you can set up a tumblr and link back to your blog post and you can start creating some links were to places where other people like you know read it have a reddit hey here’s a great topic here’s this you know the the 10 best reasons to whatever and just give them the headlines and say you know for for the full copy or for the full story click here and bring him back to your blog post there’s lots of ways that you can create great content um that that people will read that will engage them that you can share out and bring them back to your website and now you’re creating a better user experience more time on page better seo optimization more traffic all that kind of stuff and more customers ultimately all of this is not just to look pretty this is all to get more customers and one of the big ones we talk about is a press release media room so it’s one of the things we do uniquely media rooms cost usually about five thousand dollars to build by routers and places like that it basically turns your website a page on your website into a news outlet um what we do is we build them off site and actually link code and to make it show up there we build it within a really cool tool that we have um but what it does is allows us to run press releases so the press releases are allow you to generate more of what is called google signals so everything in google nowadays is about signal so a press release can have a map listing in it a map embed listing so your google your google map listing is embedded in the press release your website link is embedded in the press release a review could be embedded a like a a google review a facebook review whatever could be embedded in in the press release like an image shows an image of that and they if they click on it it takes them to that actual review all of these are signals that is telling google all about your authority it’s creating links around the web you take you take somebody to a google my business um listing and that google my business listing then links back to your website you’ve now taken them from a newsworthy site to a google listing to a back to your website and that creates a ton of authority for google so we find that press releases are just amazing amazing tools a lot of times it takes you costs you know anywhere from 300 to a thousand dollars to get a press release out onto the newswire we help with all of that

as well for some of our clients but we build the media rooms within a really cool tool it’s just a unique coup that we’ve got there that allows that your website to become seen as the news authority site so the press release actually lives on your website and then is shared elsewhere so just something to keep in mind as well as far as ranking goes so let’s talk about a few examples here for example we’ve got carpet cleaning brantford so one of our clients um elite carpet care so you can see here when they came to us they weren’t ranking anywhere they weren’t in the maps listing they’d completely fallen out and they weren’t ranking organically um they now rank number one for pretty much everything um every every service that they they do that we work on for them but so here’s a point for example so up above that is the paid ads but we know there’s a paid ad right there but then maps listing number one and they’re the ranking number one for carpet cleaning brantford because they’re optimized for that their website is optimized for that the google listing is optimized for that all of the link building we do is optimized for that as well that’s one of their major terms they’re number one organically also because they get ton of tons of reviews they’ve actually you know with our system they’re optimized for getting reviews right now 169 as of this picture um there’s a service called three best rated which is again a directory well there’s their van they’re they’re promoted as the premier um number one cleaning in brantford um and there’s a picture of their van um because like you know and they’ve got competitors as well but we know that they’re they’re one of the three best rated for um for that term as well so as an example their website this is just a picture of their website but their website is all about um again the the h1 tags the h2 tags the h3 tags the meta descriptions the carpet cleaning pages the you know all of that kind of all the blogs all the content all of it is built around their major keywords and then as they rank we want to keep these ranking and add more over time so ranking the you know we get asked that question a lot um how long does it take to rank well every market is different but when you’re a brand new website for example a brand new authority you know so again google ranks web pages not websites but it takes the authority of your website and all your pages together and then ranks that page based on the merits of that page as it’s contained by the pages linking to it within your website and off of other websites so um a brand new website or and even a brand new page on a website can be sandboxed for a little bit um so on on its own you’re trying to get in the race and run a little bit faster than the people that have already way out ahead of you they’ve already built links they’ve already got years of authority they’ve already got content you’re trying to do better than them by a little bit provide a few more links get more people to click on those links get that click-through rate up over time and just over time you’re basically catching up to them because you’re running at a slightly faster pace than them and then eventually you overtake them so i always used to say about six to nine months to start getting some really good rankings for the more difficult terms and stuff like that you might get rankings for easier terms less search terms things like that which still are valuable because people still pick up the phone and call and book your business but the bigger terms the more grand daddy terms kind of idea you it might take six to nine months well google’s basically said that it’s closer to a nine to twelve month window minimum because even if you would have been ranking by six to nine months they’ve paused you because you’re too new for them to give you authority so that’s part of the new eat update as well is they’ve delayed the length of time that you rank now the bigger your site is and the more pages you have that rank and the more authority that you’re building on your brand because their brand is huge the faster some of your newer content can rank but that’s the reason for these these these blog posts that are not trying to rank for the granddaddy terms are trying to rank for you know and get clicks and get people reading them time on page and all that kind of stuff they’re trying to rank for longer terms more you know more more words in the term so instead of you know carpet cleaning you know how to remove pet urine stains from my carpet that could be again you might only have 10 searches a month for that in some variation of that but if you show up and rank for that and that page links to your carpet cleaning page or your pet urine removal page you’re helping to build authority of those pages as well so just kind of think in those terms that it really is a matter of influencing and then growing that keyword influence over time it’s not a sort of a three month six month nine month oh that didn’t work seo is about a long-term game to build your your website up to become a monolith and rank for everything and just dominate over time by really being you know you know being very very um thoughtful about how you’re going about doing that and being very intentional was the word i was looking for and once you’ve got that whole thought and intention behind it you’ve got a strategy and then you just monitor and watch it and you

keep that thing rolling so hopefully that kind of all makes sense how does it help a business like say for example this is another kpi off of off of that so 269 total leads v of seo so their total leads were higher than that but this is just the seo side of the stats and we see that you know 178 were phone calls organic phone calls 91 were google maps that’s how many searches they got this is a mixture of their entire budget with ads and everything else like that but you know you know that it’s a cost per lead coming in that many leads came in um filled out a form picked up a phone started a chat and it’s cost of eight dollars and fifty one cents a lead of people that found them and are interested in doing business with them so that’s a really good cost per lead for a cleaning business so what drives these types of results well you definitely need to claim and verify your google google my business listing is now called google business profile but your google maps listing um you don’t want to spam the company name so you don’t want to be adding words to the company name that aren’t part of your actual business license so you don’t want to be you know best carpet upholstery cleaning in dallas texas as the name of your business if you’re if your name your business is joe’s carpet cleaning right you know you don’t want to do best joe’s carpet cleaning in dallas texas you don’t want to be adding any of that because that spam will hurt you and it’ll eventually get your listing shut down you want to be very legit you want to be able to back it up with actual business license that said this is my business name because google may ask at some point and they do ask a lot more than they ever used to before they just sweep through entire industries do what they call a soft suspension it still shows up but until you can’t get back into the back end of your google business profile until you prove that that’s the exact name phone number whatever the information that they’re requesting is um you need to get lots of online reviews across the web you don’t want to just get them all on google so you want to get reviews around the web um and you want to be asking you know your customers for feedback is our strategy works really well you ask them for feedback get a lot of people to fill out feedback and then the happy customers also hey by the way can you do an extra favor and write an online review the only people that can write a review on google are people with a google account the only people can write a review on facebook or people with a facebook account the only people that can write on yelp are people the yelp account the only people who can write on angie’s list have to have an answers list account so you want to make sure that you’re asking for reviews um from people and giving them the ability to go to any of these platforms that they have and that’s why we always say feedback is better because feedback can be marketed and then ask for the review after they’ve provided feedback as well good bad or ugly you don’t want to be review gating as they say but you want to make sure you get lots of reviews um you want a keyword in the title tag um and some variation of it so again the title tag is when you load a website it’s what shows up at uh right here so for example that little line right there is the title tag it’s the code inside so elite carpet care brantford ontario we’ve got our carpet cleaning so we got this carpet cleaning that’s a key word and branford right so for brantford carpet cleaning we’ve got all three words in the title tag so that title tag is buried in the code but it’s what google shows and then this below it here that is the meta description and again we want to have we’ve got brantford in there carpet carpet care um quality carpet cleaning you know guarantee call to action all that kind of stuff um so you want to make sure that you’re optimizing each one of your pages for what you want that page to rank for you want to want your website built out with lots of content and lots of content being added you want lots of citations and you want a solid link profile across the web with consistent seo work and and lots of those authority signals we talked about as well so that’s the press release stuff that’s the you know blogs being shared out that’s social posts that link back you want a lot of authority links around the web as well and that’s really going to help you so being respectful of your time we’re almost hitting that um you know 315 mark i like to be done you know somewhere around 15 20 minutes after the hour at the very latest so here’s some of the key takeaways that you need to be concerned with a great website with pages with each of your services and service cities and neighborhoods get your keyword and geo modified in the title of each page we just talked about that now so a couple of those new pieces into this these takeaways as a modified modify as modifiers geo modifiers in your title tag you want to have unique content on every page you’re not writing the same page over and over and over again you want to leverage multimedia to enhance the time on page you want to get reviews across the web you want to build your citations and consistency across all the major citation sites and again when we went deep on that we talked about you want to get citations locally you want to get citations that are industry specific and you want to

get citations that are um you know national and obvious that people would get you want to post updates on a constant basis so you want to post updates to your website you want to post updates to your google business listing so google posts linking back to your website linking to content your website linking to reviews linking to anything you can link to but you want to have constant posts going out about your business you want to build links and authority around the web you want to get links from really relevant sources coming back to you and you want to leverage paid search in this you know not only to drive traffic you want to leverage paid search you want to leverage page traffic but you can leverage page search to identify high converting keywords so when you’re running pay-per-click and you find that the majority of people come through um any once one specific source then maybe that’s you know like or a lot of people are buying from that source then maybe it’s a

keyword in then they’re going to your landing page or your website then they’re converting so that’s really really important so you want to you can use paid search to also identify high converting keywords so something to keep in mind as well so as we wrap up do we think that this knowing this i guess i understand there’s it’s a technical topic seo is not easy it’s a very technical topic but there’s things that you can do on your own um and there’s things that you need help with to help have a chance of ranking organically so you’re not just paying for leads all the time ranking takes time but once you build that that that snowball and it starts to get bigger and bigger and roll downhill you’re you’re getting all of that brand equity and authority so it’s a mix of all of those jim rohn 101. you need to have five to seven i like to say closer to 20 to 30 lead sources that are generating leads big granddaddy ones five to seven and then secondary ones of strategic partners and things like that everybody generating leads but seo is one of those big grand daddy ones it’s got to be something that’s on on the radar and being invested in as you grow so if it’ll help you make money attract more leads and grow your business um that’s great i hope you agree with that because that’s why seo still exists that’s why it’s still important so for any of you here that want some time um to speak with me about this to have our team do a deep dive research do a competitive analysis on your entire internet visibility and presence get score your actual visibility online your social media your your um your website your reviews um your keywords your all of that kind of stuff what we offer here is very limited um time but you get to actually meet with me for an hour but prior to that our team does all of the research in your marketplace on your business and we identify all of the any key issues that that that we find and we give you a full full strategic plan on how to solve that so some of the things that we can help with that’s great some of the things that your your company that you’re currently working with can maybe do better um some of the things that you’re doing great on that you can you know expand upon all of that kind of stuff so what we do is a full lead acceleration consultation to really help you you know tap into all of those things we’re not one of these companies that hey let us sell you more facebook leads hey let us get you more you know pay-per-click leads it’s a mixture of all of it the best way to run a business trust me from 30 years of experience and building exceptional businesses and selling them for great prices is we built authority in our marketplace we upped our prices we became one of the the the more elite services because we could because we built all of that authority around even in the days before the internet it was all built up in in same psychology different platforms the internet is just a whole bunch of different media that people can get to they can go to facebook that’s social media they can go to google that’s search media there’s different places people can show they go to youtube you know obviously that’s video media um but they can also still pick up a flyer they can also still see the back of a bus they can a fully wrapped van is is important to the success of your business as well billboards can help and all of those things it’s all just part of the the mix and what we can do is we can help you figure out the digital side of it and give you a consultation on all that and see where you fit into the marketplace and give you a hand on that so if you’d like to collect connect at all there is a um button that just popped up in the chat there’s also you can just go to here schedule you’ll actually be booking a time into my calendar and prior to that remo will be reaching out to you to um to do a quick chat with you to ask more questions about your business get more of the details that she can hand over the research team so we know more about you so you know you definitely don’t want to book an appointment for you know a day or two from now because our research team needs some time so if there is an opening always book you know a couple days out to a week out that way rima can get a hold of you take that call for sure and then um we’ll do

this thousand dollar worth of research i do charge 495 an hour to consult with businesses i still do i rarely do them anymore but you know maybe once every month or two i’m still doing a one-on-one consultant with a consultation with a business that just wants more help on stuff and it’s just years of experience and and knowledge and practice and expertise that can help with that i provide that for anybody who watches these webinars and can pick a time in our schedule there’s not that many slots but when there is we put our research team to work the same team that does all the research when we onboard a new client and then we put our um they hand all that information to me i spend some time going through it before we meet and then we meet and we go through what we found and ways to help so if that sounds cool great that’s great if you just learned a lot from this this information here by all means reach out to us give let us know give us a big thank you um hit us up on on facebook or instagram or linkedin or anywhere you find carpet clear marketing masters and give us a big shout out that would appreciate it as well um if you know anybody who could you get some value out of this any business owners that could get value out of either these master class trainings where we go really deep or just you know anybody in the industries that we service that you know could use our services um by all means we appreciate the uh the recommendation as well so thanks everybody i really appreciate your time it takes a little bit there we go so i hope you guys appreciated it um again sorry it’s a deep topic not sorry because it’s a deep topic and it’s part of running a proper business and you need to know this stuff as a business owner you need to take off the doer hats and just keep on that entrepreneurial marketing hat build your business that way that’s what i i believe in take care love you all and see you next time

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