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Ranking In Google Maps For Carpet Cleaners

Ranking in Google Maps is the key to success for carpet cleaners. The more you rank, the more customers you’ll get! In this video, I show you three different ways that will help your business be found on Google Maps – and will help rank your carpet cleaning company higher than its competitors.

Topics Discussed:


Our Proven 4 Step Formula for Getting Carpet Cleaning Businesses Ranked in Google My Business in even the most competitive markets.


The #1 issue that could be preventing your company from ranking on the Map in your area.


The key ingredient for a top 3 listing and how to leverage it for great long-term results.


How to properly claim & optimize your Google My Business listing beyond just typing in your PIN.


How to develop your authority through proactive citation development & the best tools to automate the process


How to identify inconsistency with your NAP profile across the web and how to clean it up for improved rankings.

Audio Transcript:
So we’re going to be talking about google my business so we’re we’re kind of you know into the last quarter of the year and uh so there’s lots of changes with google my business so we’re going to kind of walk through sort of the the big stuff uh the the the ideas the stuff that you guys can do the stuff that uh you know digital marketing agency if you’re working with us if you’re working with somebody else what they should be doing um if you’re working with the kid across the street you know that kind of stuff welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clindening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry.

We’ve been doing a couple webinars on the one last month was all about website conversions setting up your optimization on the conversion stuff like that and it’s all part of a our digital dominance method you know digital marketing digital has taken over the world as we know so the days of yellow pages are gone doesn’t mean that you know every door mail flyers print mail things like that don’t have a place but most of us live on our digital devices these days digital world that whole thing so we know that in business that’s where the customers are and we need to be in front of them in a bunch of different ways there’s a whole bunch of things that make up a digital dominance method and this is one of the main pieces and there’s a reason why but there’s lots of others there’s paid ads and stuff like that as well so we’re going to kind of get into into that a little bit but as you know there’s you know your there’s a lot of things your reputation your authority uh your rankings your google my business we’re talking about your facebook your paid ads.

All of that kind of stuff all fits around this whole digital dominance method and there’s ways to make all of them connect with a with a great compelling sales proposition with great converting elements and stuff like that they all just kind of start compounding together as you get more authority in your marketplace video is another big one we’ll be doing a whole webinar on on maximizing video in your business as well and things like that coming up but for now we’re just going to talk about you know what something is very near and dear to my heart and something very excited about is the uh the whole google my business google maps uh world here so let’s go through that so a little bit housekeeping uh you know you’ve kind of committed to the next 60 minutes or so to go through this i’ll try and i’ll chime in you guys can chat in in the chat with with remo she’ll try and catch my attention as well if there’s something very specific you want to you want to ask as we keep going but turn your cell phones off we don’t you know you don’t want to kind of get distracted during the middle of this.

You want to make sure that you know if you’ve got a facebook tab open close it you know this isn’t the time for that and yeah if you’re serious about you know doubling and tripling your carpet cleaning leads and then the next you know 60 i’m not going to go 90 minutes but the next 60 minutes or so is is going to be one of those pieces that’s really really going to help it’s a cohesive strategy but you know and things have to build over time depending on where you currently are but this is one of those major pieces that that really really helps move the needle as well so we’re going to talk about that so what we’re going to cover today the latest updates with google maps and google my business listings it changes all the time so google’s constantly changing the algorithm tweaking things um banning things creating all kinds of problems um and and that kind of thing so there are five the biggest issues that could be preventing you from ranking that’s worth knowing noting and and then we’re going to talk about you know our our proven model for google my business.

Google rankings expanding your your zone your reach and the keywords that you’re showing up for and then the best tools to systemize and automate some of the heavy lifting for you as well so we’ll go through that there so who am i for those of you who don’t know yet haven’t been on a webinar can’t remember or aren’t one of our clients um so you know i i have been a business owner since the 1990s so 1990s actually it’s a little bit earlier than that but i was in high school and uh a friend of mine and i wrote a a a project an executive summary for a for funding for a business class and on a lark took it to a bank and um we were we wrote it on doing a window cleaning business and including buying van and ladders and all this kind of stuff we had part-time jobs and that was about it as high school students and the the bank manager was uh so impressed uh that he actually gave us the loan and it was hilarious so we we went out that summer bought the van the ladders.

All that kind of stuff and started a window cleaning business actually started a high-rise window cleaning business within a year dropping over the side of 40-story buildings and all that kind of stuff so skipped college goes great the last year of high school skipped college for that my partner took off to college and i literally just started opening other businesses so i’ve used the you know the schooling of hard knocks and learning hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in my own marketing and business education but running lots of businesses so i i’ve owned and run cleaning franchises and very different various different franchises janitorial businesses i’ve i’ve done all of you know that kind of thing i’ve got into doing some ecom products on amazon we have an amazon store that uh that we run as well and i’ve done service business consultancy for the last 15 years uh just one-on-one consultancies for for service businesses.

And networks and things like that and opened up the digital marketing agency about seven eight years ago and made it very specific to the cleaning industry and carpet cleaning about two years ago it’s kind of one of those things where you know open it up and started doing chamber of commerce presentations and stuff like that and uh never even uh never really even occurred to me that hey i have all this cleaning knowledge maybe i should just target the cleaning industry so not saying i’m the brightest light bulb there but uh kind of kind of figured it out late in the game but our digital marketing agency um is is mostly focuses on the cleaning industry we still have some of the legacy clients from my chamber presentations and stuff over the years but that’s where we’re at i’ve i’ve hosted three day elite retreats on like on the island of samoa was one of them vegas chilliwack bc where teaching carpet cleaners and cleaning business owners how to um automate and optimize their business.

Not digital this is just like everything else around the business so a little bit on digital but you know that kind of thing and so done that keynote speaking written a couple books around the topic actually sold my uh system driven two van cleaning business during the pandemic uh for you know about and then half a million dollar range and well worth it to the buyer as well because it’s fully operational um fully systemized marketing running all that kind of stuff and number one reputation in the local market area and just highest price point all that kind of stuff so that’s what i do i help business owners reach their growth potential take them from where they are to where they want to be with a bunch of different things so our digital marketing agency but also consulting them on the stuff that they need to do that is outside of digital marketing so what we do at carpet cleaner marketing masters is we make our clients the top brand in their local marketplace so they can attract the best clients.

Get the top rates and be booked out weeks in advance so the way that happens is creating a lot of authority so it’s it’s getting your digital presence right and then it’s expanding upon that and again video and stuff like that we’ll talk about on a different webinar really really helps with all of this but there’s a foundation you need you don’t want to be on a foundation of sand you need to fix the problems that were existing in your business and we’re going to talk about some of those big problems so one question i get asked a lot here is does google maps or google my business so the names are interchangeable it used to be called google maps it is the map listing but google my business is the dashboard that google’s created to manage all of this does it really even matter and i get asked that question a lot um it’s sort of like well you could do local service ads you can do pay-per-click you can do facebook ads.

There’s a lot of people that you running running different types of facebook ads um discount ones or higher-end delete ones and stuff like that and getting some leads on it so why why would we really need to even worry about google maps google my business and i want to kind of prove to you here why that’s important through this through this webinar but it is again part of that mix you don’t want to just be in one place or one other place you you kind of want to start dominating and we’ll we’ll talk about that and google maps is very very important in 2021 going into 2022. it’s a huge driver so what we’ve noticed is there’s all different numbers on the internet but from our own stats from our own clients google maps actually so this is like a a chart here of of talking about the you know the overall for most service businesses what we found is actually closer to 43 of the clicks to your website or the phone calls directly to your business and i’ll show you how we track that as well.

But it is you know you’re looking at the google maps listing as being a big driver so we’ll be we’re getting into some of the nuances about how you manage that how you deal with it when you’ve got a market that you don’t have a physical presence in and things like that um because we’re not about spamming google they’re catching on or they’ve already caught on so but yeah you do have at the top um pay-per-click and actually even above that local service ads are almost in most major markets now and then pay-per-click and you got a map itself people click on the map and open the whole maps program and then you’ve got the three pack there’s only three listings there and then you’ve got the organic results and if you notice here the organic results done well are still the number one place that drives clicks and calls most people scan down there but you don’t want to miss the other the other half of them up here so we’ll kind of walk through what that’s all about.

So hopefully just quickly there i’ve kind of proven that yes google maps do actually matter because you know it’s part of the digital mix you need to be uh you need to be looking at so so what we’re talking about here here’s an example right here um number one ranked in in the local search and driving you know this would this is the monthly budget that includes paid ads that includes every you know all the digital ads going on right now this is about a month or two ago i didn’t grab the updated one but averaging about 6.53 cents a lead across a whole bunch of different places but 152 are considered organic calls so what that is is we actually have a tracking number on the on on the websites and stuff like that anything that we can determine google will tell us where the lead came from that got to the website so and that kind of thing so if somebody actually went to a directory listing and just picked up the phone and called from there hard to track those we don’t want to put.

We don’t want to put funny numbers on that we’ll talk about that but we do track the website so we’ll put an uh a call tracking number on the website that they call but we’re still going to make sure the website’s optimized properly for the real number and then pay-per-click calls again usually one of your more expensive calls but you can target and be high quality clients if if you want to and then the google maps calls and then web form fills and and chats and stuff like that so that you know again that was 421 total leads coming in at about six dollars and 53 cents so real case study there um another one would be an example here another one of our clients elite carpet care again lots and lots of reviews a little bit higher budgets on some of the paid ads and stuff like that but generating 148 calls from maps so a good mix across the different sources organic pay-per-click google maps that kind of thing um and this is actually just this screenshot probably has a little bit of a glitch because their chat to text is just blows up constantly.

So um so that would have been counting in there but uh they those the web forms and chat detects sometimes get blended into the organic depending on the source of the data and the way google analytics is hit up so it doesn’t really matter the point is lots and lots of leads lots and lots of activity 13 is the the cost per lead so in the carpet cleaning world go back to the yellow pages days i used to invest anywhere from five to seven thousand dollars a month in yellow page ads to run a half a million dollar carpet cleaning business really dialed in yellow page ads properly but a bunch of different books a bunch of different territories competing books all that kind of stuff drive drove that price up but that was really one of the main sources that flyers yard signs back before digital that was the main source and we would be happy if we landed a client for the um that that neighborhood around uh around about fifty dollars um sixty dollars uh.

A lead because we were converting 50 to 75 of them on the phone into clients so you know again that that was really good if if if the number of leads we generated from the the yellow pages in the day divided you know again they a tracking number on the ad would be the way we would do it out of the whole course of the year divided by our huge budget for the year maybe about 50 to seventy dollars a lead but you know our average ticket sitting at about three to four hundred bucks back in the day was probably about 300 bucks now um the business i just sold 400 to 450 average average job so 1200 1500 jobs every day plus your 200 minimum jobs average right around that that that 350 range or so and that’s how you you figure out your average cost per lead so definitely a major source without it you would just have a hundred and without google google maps generating any phone calls to google my business you just have almost 150 less less leads in a month to try and convert.

And it really depends like we’re actually going to do a whole training on convert like phone conversions at some point as well outside of digital marketing but the proper scripts and the ways to actually book people properly so and this is the one that’s outside of the um the carpet cleaning industry but one of our clients that has uh basically a large operation and very very specifically wants driven on google my business been around for a while they’ve got multiple territories they’ve got multiple offices and it’s a big part of their business i see they don’t do paid ads at all they just want to drive on their name recognition only so digital budget’s pretty low because it’s really there’s not a lot of paid ads at all it’s just maximizing this so that’s where they’re getting all of it now again plumbing emergency plumbing things like that uh it is a matter like their cost per lead is is is really low uh carpet cleaners usually a little bit higher than that oddly but um just because such a competitive industry.

But yeah that’s that’s one of the most important things to think of is is it part of the mix of the leads you’re getting every single month and these are monthly numbers not annual not quarterly these are monthly numbers so um so yes google maps drives calls the size of your market determines how many people are actually on the maps looking and then the number of services and keywords that they type in that a map shows up so in our space in the cleaning industry it could be carpet cleaning area rug cleaning tile cleaning upholstery cleaning mattress cleaning things like that pet urine if google pops up a map listing sometimes they don’t but if they pop up on that list map listing at all then those are all terms that you need to be optimizing for in a various different ways and it takes a while to get google to understand that you do all of these different services and there’s a lot of little games to play but what we’re going to talk about here is sort of the big ones that make it you know move most of the the issues.

So um biggest biggest changes so we know that google google used to have a seven pack it used to take up a good chunk of the page um and then the seven pack shortened into a three pack a few years ago and people freaked out and cried because if they were number four five six or seven they were no longer on the first page of google and people had to click that that little down here if you can see it says more places to see the rest of them so that that obviously restricted it you’re in a marketplace that’s got 40 50 60 80 100 200 competitors that are in the maps listing um to be in the top three it becomes really really important so and then google’s actually been testing this year you know much to the chagrin of a lot of us a two pack because google wants to make money and the more sort of free areas they give you the the less the the paid so the local service ad becomes a paid at the top the pay-per-click next becomes a paid you can actually pay to get in the maps listing right here.

Um there’s ways to do that with your your google ads if you’re running google pay-per-click ads um you can ask google to put it in and it’ll it’s an algorithm it’ll it’ll pop in and out it doesn’t sit there permanently you can’t say i want to pay for this spot but you can influence it with your google ads and allow it to happen as an extension so so there’s paid people so you can end up with a fourth person in right now but that’s one of the reasons why google’s looking at two and one paid is what their thought is it’s been a test on different markets and we’re part of a group that just constantly keeps an eye on what google’s doing and reports back and that was people were screaming about that back in in april and may that google is testing in a few key markets uh those kinds of things same key markets that they tested local service ads in for quite a while before they rolled it out everywhere else and stuff like that so they test stuff and sometimes it comes to fruition.

Sometimes it doesn’t but something to keep an eye on um so look local service ads are live in most markets as we mentioned so home service and maps takes up what we call above the fold so it’s when somebody goes to a search page before they scroll down that’s the first place to see so you want to be visible there and um even part of that it’s not a bad idea we we do recommend um that you know you you complete that advanced um verification process google guarantees stuff like that even if you’re not going to sort of use it if you’re not going to go into the local service ads it doesn’t hurt to run through the process it’s not an easy process there’s a lot of stuff you have to step through we can help actually if anybody’s interested but um it’s yeah it’s it’s just a process of proving that you’re a legitimate business and all of that kind of stuff you have insurance and all that kind of stuff so you want to go through the advanced verification process if you can.

So yeah so here’s an example of an ad being in the three pack because that’s a paid from a google google ads used to be google adwords it’s now just called google ads and this is an example of how that’s sort of above the fold as we’re talking about so you’ve got the um local service ads at the top one paid ad here right now the picture of the map and google’s tested moving that picture around a bunch of times and then the actual maps listing and you have to click um more businesses before you can see the full maps listing so think of it as a modules in a way so google’s search page is just a bunch of different modules it used to be just the organic searches that start below this that was the search page and then they added in the maps module so you’re where you’re you’re actually your um your your business location is at and then they added in the paid and then they’ve added so there’s just these modules that are bolted in and they’re all slightly different or they’re all different algorithms that determine who shows up where.

So just kind of think of it as modules put in so again maps and local service ads we’re just highlighting it there to talk about it so um the idea is you know because you’ve got all of these different zones here the more you can the more you can dominate i like to say that obviously maps and organic are the most important maps are going to drive a lot more phone calls organics going to drive a lot more leads to your you know and page views and and things like that where you can now re-target people they landed on your website and left you can actually start following around with ads and do stuff like that so you don’t want to miss out on those and then the paid platforms you test to see if they make sense so if you can if you can dial in a good a good ad for a good budget and you’ve got a good lifetime value of a client you know how to market your database every month you know how to you know send those emails send those mailings to your database and keep them active.

Then you know you could pay 150 bucks per for every client you end up actually landing in the um in the in the pay-per-click area um and because you know that you know by that plus your technicians and your solution you know on a 250 or 300 job average you’re kind of just a little bit above break even but you’ve got a really good follow-up system where most of your clients repeat in six to 12 months and they refer at least one one person two people whatever your metrics are then yeah pay for a new client that break even and make all the money on the back end so those are ways to think of of of using using sort of search in in a google search um not going to pause too long on i just thought i’d put this in here so if you haven’t signed up for local services and you just want to get through the process just note this down it’s you know local services sign up so and again if you want to help with that just just let us know pingrim in the chat that you just you know you’d like to chat later or something like that or send us a message um an email to us support at

We can have that conversation to see to see if it’s something we can help you with but that’s the link if you’re looking to sort of start that process just to kind of get in the game there so the whole idea is to own the search results so if you’ve got a paid ad you know and then you’ve got you know your ranking and then you’ve got organic you’re now and again down here in the organic it’s not just websites what we find is that a lot of the directory sites the thumbtacks andy angie’s list yelps those kinds of things actually push push the um the businesses down farther and off of page one they just are more traffic more optimized there’s more things google’s feeling the consumer wants to see over top of your website if your website doesn’t have all the right things so optimizing your website like we talked about last month if you weren’t on last month’s webinar um go check out our our blog.

There’s uh there’s a podcast and a blog about last month’s webinar that will go you can go through the details of of website optimization um it’s more about conversions we’ll do another one on seo coming up but same like there’s a lot of overlapping principles we talked about in there that you want to make sure that you are one of the people that can rank for the keyword terms as best you possibly can in google’s algorithm so so google has reduced fake google maps listings so we’re going to talk a little bit more about this coming up but by you know by starting you know since 2015 you can see here the number of fake listings and how google has penalized and removed them so what we’re talking about um you know fake listings is you know you might have had a buddy an seo company something like that um create a second listing using a ups store or using a um you know virtual office or aunt betty’s house you know in a different town and stuff like that and while that strategy worked really well.

When they didn’t catch on to it once they caught on to it not only did they remove those it can get a lot of them and they don’t catch all of them and it’s a constant ongoing thing but they they also penalize the business if they can make the link if it’s within your google my business account this fake listing or if there’s a duplicate listing out there that’s kind of floating they will penalize your listing and to the point of suspending it at times banning it completely if it’s repeat offenders things like that because they do not want fake list listings or people trying to gain the system and there’s a lot of different ways people try to game the system and the other thing is google local guides so if you start writing a lot of reviews you get invited to become a google local guide and the more you write reviews and the more you upload pictures of the dinner you just had and the you know the dry cleaner you just used and all that kind of stuff you start going from a level one to a level two to a level three to a level four on google local guide.

Well by the time you get to a level five or level six um like i am all you have to do is go into a listing and prove like if it’s a fake listing and you can check it like you there’s no address there there’s like you clear the business isn’t there you call the phone number and the business is a totally different name that answers that’s a fake listing and the world knows it well google local guide about a level six or higher can just flag it as a fake business and actually google trusts them enough that they will remove the listing suspended instantly send an email over to that person saying you have to prove you’re legit we need to see your your business license records and all that kind of stuff or you’re not going to be allowed back in so it’s something a lot of seo companies a lot of digital marketing companies do when they take over uh i have a new client they’ll go in and check the market that that client has an as their name address phone number in their google listing in.

And just to see if there’s any fake ones above them to help them move up that’s the first easy win it wins for you and some of your competit your competitors are legit but it moves everybody up because it gets rid of the guys that are gaming the system um and trying to make fake listings and there’s there’s ways that they do it that kind of tries to buck the algorithm and jump in front of the line and it might look tempting but it’s not tempting if you lose your entire entire google listing and google license or ability to be on the search results in general so so what could be hurting your maps ranking so so here’s a big one in the carpet cleaning industry um we a lot of us run as service area businesses and that is totally fine but just understand that google’s maps listing was originally designed to help people drive to your place so the algorithm still skews really really heavy that way there’s ways to influence it absolutely but and google absolutely does not want you to show your address if you’re running out of your home.

If they if you do a street view and it’s running out of your home and they know you’re not meeting clients there if you don’t have a shop like your garage turned into a shop with a sign over top of it and stuff like that then they know um and all we need is one human reviewer to do that and they’ll pause your listing and then make you you know oh i’m you have to apologize on story i i forgot to you know put it as a service area business and things like that ultimately all things being equal in your google my business optimization those with a physical address tend to rank higher even still less so than a few years ago but even still in the in google’s multi-algorithm of why they put one person in front of another in the different sections of google when we’re talking about the maps section that that is one of those factors so and it’s you know again as we talk about um you don’t want to spam with fake locations at all so if you really need to be in you know you want to be in the google my business in that other town it’s it’s you know it’s one of those things where if you bite the bullet have a warehouse.

Put a sign over it even if it’s the back bay of you know i know i know a guy that’s got like there’s a pharmacy like um it’s it’s sort of like a by invitation only pharmacy like a a dis um compounding pharmacy of some sort um in an industrial area they don’t need their back where the back warehouse space and it’s you know might be a i think it was a 200 by 200 square foot box basically with a bay door on it well that’s unit b and that you know i know i i i know one of our our clients who’s got a spot like that 500 bucks a month and a phone line is in there they forward the phone elsewhere but you know all of that kind of stuff everything they can do to make it as squeaky clean and legit as possible they’re definitely there if people need to drop off area rugs they schedule a time covert has allowed it to be like buy and you know buy um appointment only so that’s really helped in some of these situations so you can tell google that you’re on a buy appointment only location because of kovitz and things like that.

So yeah all of that works and it still helps you know it might be a strategy if you want to expand your territory reach versus hiring somebody who goes you know what i know how to do it on the download you know that works for now but it could damage your entire list and it doesn’t work all the time and you’re gonna get banned and it’s gonna you spend a lot of money a lot of time building everything you need to make that show up and then have it taken away in an instant one of your competitors could be a local service guide level five level six level four and just report it and you have to prove that it that you know millie’s place is a legitimate address and if you can’t it’s gone so just be be aware of that um consistent name address phone number profile everywhere on the web and we’re going to talk about what everywhere on the web means but you have to have the exact same name address and phone number you’re not spamming.

Any of this it’s got to be able to be proven if google asks um because again somebody could flag you it could be a competitor it could be an seo company it could just be a random person who really feels that they really want to help google have a cleaner listing profiles and that’s who’s going to do that um so you don’t want to spam your city somebody might have said you know you might have heard you might have read a report somewhere years ago that said hey you know make sure you put your your keyword and your city in your your your business your google my business listing name so joe’s carpet cleaning of denver right but if your business name is joe’s cleaning the carpet and the denver are spam and google will eventually find out you’ve got two options one is definitely make it absolutely legit to your business and and do this all legit the other one is literally change your business name and i know people have done that change the business name to help with the services they provide.

Because abc services doesn’t help your business at all and you know people who see that don’t know what you do be very specific you know um we’ve got i think gary’s on the call here um and gary it’s um complete carpet and tile right know exactly what you do you know it’s like that that’s right in your business name and you got keywords in there right so things like that those are things to really really consider um and then reviews we know all about reviews and we’re going to talk a little bit about what you need to do to make this happen really really well some of you guys get this inside don’t backwards and really get it some of you guys know how to make your technicians um just the most active part of your review generation process and other people haven’t figured out the reviews are important yet trust me they’re important so these are some of the things that could be hurting your maps rankings just so you know and driving you down sometimes you actually have an old listing.

You don’t even know about you haven’t even claimed but google knows that there’s your business name in your city two different addresses the old one is kind of in there you never even claimed it but it’s there and that google could that could actually be driving down your uh your your main business rankings as well cleaning that one up getting getting rid of it um claiming it and and and closing it that kind of idea working with google on that can actually help your main listing um start to actually get out of a bit of a sandbox as they call it so just some key points there so we have a basically a proven formula that helps you get ranked in the three pack so optimize your google my business every way we’re going to talk a little bit about what optimizing the google my business means because there’s things you can do we talk about the 80 20 rule there’s about you know 20 of the stuff moves 80 of the of the needle so there’s a lot of really really specific things geotagging photos really helps things like there’s all this kind of stuff i can go into a whole bunch of jargon.

I could have a whole webinar just on the on the the nuances that you could do but re recognize 20 percent or 20 20 of the activity is actually going to move the needle the the you know um 80 percent of the 80 of the way there the rest of it is just those little micro mounts or in a really competitive market they all start have to be layered in and you just have to get ahead of the other guys so one of the best ways i love this little analogy one of the best ways to think of internet marketing in general whether it’s the maps listing rankings whether it’s where you show up in the local service ad you know google’s got an algorithm to place you there where you show up in organic listings all of that kind of stuff think of it as um that there’s a race being run so boston marathon and by optimizing your listings and stuff like that you’re tying your shoes the other runners might have already started the starting guns already gone off they’re running you’re tying your shoes your goal now is to start running a little bit faster than them so that you catch up and then overtake them so there’s no way to just jump the line you can’t teleport you you just have to get in the race tie your shoes start running.

And then optimize better than them and that’s the all things being equal google google’s algorithm will place people based on the different things so one of those other things this messy map over here is the citation mix so we’re going to talk about what citations are but you need them you need google to prove that you exist they’ve got to be quality and they’ve got to be very specific as well um you need reviews we talked about that like and there’s we’re going to talk a little bit deeper about that and you need seo on page and off page so we’re going to kind of walk through a couple of things and a really cool strategy that really helps in a lot of your marketing but really helps influence your google listings as well that we’ll talk about here coming up so claim and optimize your google my business listing um just first and foremost make sure you have the login you know if if somebody set it up for you your google listing um it’s yours not theirs.

Make sure that you are at least an admin manager on your listing um preferably the owner but make sure you are you actually can log in and you have access to your google my business listing don’t it’s that important don’t leave it for somebody else to deal with don’t leave it for an employee in your company to deal with because they leave the number of times we find people don’t know how to log into their listing and then you know it takes weeks to months sometimes to get google to prove that you’re the business owner the other person wasn’t and on and on same thing happens with facebook pages as well so own your stuff right um update your company with your real name if you don’t have it already don’t have keywords stuffed in it even if you’ve got you know talk to us if you’ve if you’ve got keywords stuffed in it and it’s helping you rank but it’s not your business name might be worth a conversation with us because yeah i don’t want to say something that all of a sudden you go john um i was ranked in the three pack normally and then i actually made my business name legitimate and i dropped out.

It might have been the one thing that kept you in spot three instead of four or five but it’s as soon as somebody reports you’re guys that have tried you know going to having you know they show up at the storage drive their van in one of those fancy storages load up their truck every day you know meet a client there to put area rugs in google knows it’s a storage locker they’ll suspend your listing so um you’ve got to be really really legit on this stuff photos as many as possible uh what we actually like our clients to do is send the photos to us because we can do some fancy stuff with them before we upload them but photos um really really help move the needle and you want to use personalization just like i talked about in last month’s webinar regarding um one of the keys to making your website sticky and and more optimized and higher conversions people do business with people one of the things i used to teach and used to do in yellow page ads.

Years and years ago people would get us to redesign a yellow page ad for them and we’ve had people call up and say john can you turn off it turn off the ad i’ve got too much work coming in all we did was actually take an ad that was all about their company name and logo at the top and a big phone number and then just a bunch of garbage down below and put a headline why you like what’s the reason they should call you and the face of the owner and a personal guarantee that there alone starts personalizing even just a little yellow page ad can double and triple the response from a yellow page because people go that’s the carpet cleaner i want that’s the mechanic i want he put his face on it he’s not hiding behind something right so same thing happens in google people find you it’s not about showing a picture of your equipment it’s not about showing a picture like before and after pictures we all love them and in the mix sure because that shows a little bit of your work more importantly is you your technicians.

A technician in front of a smiling customer taking us you know a selfie or another person just taking a quick picture things like that um authentic pictures one of the guys you know pulling the hoses out of a truck that kind of thing just anything that’s authentic um you want all of those types of pictures uh on there so if you are going to put pictures of your trucks just make sure it’s there there’s a reason for why it’s there like you know it’s it’s not just the truck um it might be the truck in front of you know carnegie hall because you’re cleaning carnegie hall brilliant that’s okay but team pictures if you do charity events charity pictures all that kind of same kind of stuff that you’d want to do on social media make sure you’re doing in your google my business listing as well and then make sure you list your all hours of operations and services offered inside your google listing so if your hours of operation say for example or eight o’clock in the morning to five o’clock at night but you have a call center that answers your phones from five to midnight or from 24 hours me personally your hours of operation are to the phones aren’t answered anymore.

Because google will mark you as closed as soon as that time ends right so if it’s a physical location where they’re coming to your business um yeah when you lock the door maybe but even if you’re still using a call center then i i would still if it’s a service business where you’re going to people’s homes and very few people are dropping off area rugs and things like that i would still put down your hours of operation for phone calls so that’s just a little hack right there and make sure it matches exactly the same on your website so google looks at your website to see if and everywhere else to see if your hours of operation match because they don’t want to be the odd man out with the wrong hours so and that affects their algorithm as well and then your service is offered there’s a couple different ways to do that a couple ways to hack your services offered um but ultimately just at least list your services and a description about them there’s a section to do that there’s ways to play with services using the products gallery as well but that’s a little bit more advanced let’s keep it to you know again 80 20 rule.

Just just do 20 of the stuff that moves 80 of the needle so this is an example if you’ve logged into your google my business dashboard before um you’ve got the ability to hit info add photos that’s where you’re going to add the photos you can do it from the app as well so you know if you got it on your phone but i like a bigger experience so i can see what i’m doing and that kind of stuff so that’s i just want to show you where you’re going to be adding the photos in that thing you want to make sure it’s a verified listing so you’ve gotten the postcard you’ve gotten the phone call sometimes they actually ask you to do a video tour things like that to verify your listing so you want to make sure that your listing is verified in google as well that really really helps in the algorithm and helps you rank move up um yeah and then there’s again another example um just that you can upload photos once you hit the photos thing you’re in here and you can upload photos so by the owner interior exterior at work teams identity all kinds of different photos that you can actually add into your listings so you want all of them.

You want you want your logo photos and stuff like that under over you but you want you know anything that you upload into your own account from your cell phone is going to be by the owner but you’re going to want to set up interior exteriors things like that you want to show people what it’s going to look like again google made the google maps google and gmb dashboard the google maps um they made that uh originally to drive to the you know the coffee shop to drive to the the restaurant uh you know you name it to the the you know the the bridal gown shop of course you want to see the interior the exterior exterior 360 degree you know panoramic views of what it’s going to look like to walk through the place stuff like that for us in the service industry we’re going to show you know shop room exterior could be on the custom as well physically cleaning the upholstery cleaning the stairs all those great pictures you guys have the team easy just get them all standing in front of you know the truck or when you’re doing a charity event stuff like that just keep adding more and more pictures so and then google gives you valuable insights.

You get to see how many people looked at your pictures how many people called you how many people and that’s a call they on their mobile device the only way google tracks those calls and actually somebody asked the question i forgot to get back to it um so when i was showing those case studies of google my business calls like 148 calls in a month and stuff like that that’s only the only way google knows that that’s not a tracking number that is somebody on the mobile app because we know 60 of people 70 percent of people are using a mobile device at least to start their search if they want to do more research they tend to go to their desktop or their laptop or their tablet but for quick service things like that um and phone calls they’re going to go to the google maps um on their on their phone so at that point google knows there’s they turn your phone number into a click to call button because it’s a mobile device and they know how to do the coding and that allows them to track only the people that clicked on a mobile device.

Anybody else who clicked saw your map listing on a desktop device and then phoned that would actually be tracked in our world as an organic lead on our tracking documents and stuff like that so just so you know but if they click to go look at your website they requested directions um any you know again how how often you’re showing up in maps and how many times they saw your your images and stuff like that you’d be surprised you upload an image within a short a couple of months it’s gotten five six seven eight thousand views it’s insane how much people look at pictures so just just keep that in mind um so best practices update your photos add them on a consistent basis leverage your google posts this is one that we haven’t talked about yet um this is actually a little bit of a an old slide i should update this a little bit um not every 90 days um i’d say once a week uh for our clients we’re tending to post on on their google my business a couple times a week at least unless they’ve got events coming up and we’ll do a little bit more often and things like that.

There’s ways to put you can post reviews and reputation and feedback from other sources you can post um you know service before and after pictures blog posts um content linking back to there but the more google my business posts posts are done from within the google my business dashboard the more posts that you can do and then just seed in some keywords make sure you’re talking about your services carpet cleaning this and that put your phone numbers put your address when relevant put your website link things like that google’s reading all of this and picking up on all of that stuff google can actually read what’s in the images that you post online so if you put text in the images google’s algorithm can read the images and the text can recognize your logo and make all kinds of data connections so just yeah posting is really really helpful respond to reviews huge most businesses never respond to a review good or bad and if they do it’s generally only the bad ones respond to all your reviews even if you have 10 or 15 sort of semi-canned responses you know.

Hey you know somebody said the work was great tommy was awesome got all the stains out this is a great company you want to say hey thanks so much we really appreciated cleaning for you look forward to seeing you next time um something like that thanks again for the great comments you have 10 15 of those sort of semi-canned responses that somebody can go you know copy paste adjust slightly and post make it really really simple that that’s the way to do it because not only are you responding to the reviews and it’s helping google’s algorithm a little bit because everything you type becomes part of the text google’s algorithm is contextual it’s words it’s keywords it’s things like that but it’s also the next person who comes across your listing and sees that you’re very very active you’re an active business and an active business owner and you’re adding comments and if somebody has a negative review you’ve responded i am so very sorry um by all means give us a call here’s my direct cell number.

Call me directly i’d like to solve this for you whatever if it’s one of those really difficult customers that you know the story behind don’t tell it online just say i’m really sorry that you know we couldn’t help you out the way you wanted by all means we can discuss this further give me a call directly um but i really apologize and by all means we’ll give you a full refund you know those kinds of things you’re writing your reviews for the next guy that reads it not for the person that wrote it um and answer questions um this is really really good um seed some questions get get some people that you know to log into your just to go to your type in your business name find your google listing and ask a question um if you do it from your own login google is going to know it was you that did it but if you can have a few common questions seated in there and then you pop into your google my business and answer them uh that’s that that there helps influence the algorithm as well so having asking some common questions and um do you service this area do you pick up area rugs on sundays or do you clean on sundays.

Those types of questions that you get asked have four five six seven of those um asked in your you know in in your google listing as well that that’s that that can be helpful to really um to really connect some dots for google and for your the public as well so all of this is kind of a bit of both make sure you’re ranking and then make sure you’re optimized for conversions so we’ve gone through a lot so far there’s you know we’ve got a little bit more left um so we’re gonna talk about building citations but at this point just put one in the chat if this has been helpful so far if you’ve un if you’ve gotten any insights that you didn’t know before if there’s anything here that sort of you know resonated with you that you know you find this a little bit valuable because like digital marketing can be confusing you’re not meant to be the digital marketer of your company you’re meant to be the manager owner of your company that you wear a bunch of different hats you might be on the road this technician as well you might be you know all that kind of stuff you might be doing some of the digital marketing but you’re ultimately the controller of these things and and getting them done.

And hiring out and stuff like that so knowing the knowledge is is key to know if it’s being done right or not so cool yeah so we’ve got some yeah good stuff keep going okay thanks i will keep going um and i respect your time so i’m going to keep moving along here so um so build citations consistency with nav that’s your name address phone number that’s what knaps stands for you want lots of quality citations across the web we call structured local niche relevant there’s unstructured as well so there’s a bunch of different citations we’ll talk about you want consistent reference to your name address and phone number so you want lots of them and you want them to be exact so i’m going to give you a link where you can actually run a port report to see how how close you are to being exact across the web and things that you might need to do and you want to limit um duplicate or incorrect business listings you don’t want two or three yelp listings and four or five angie’s list listings and stuff like that that’s going to confuse everybody.

So google included you want to pay attention to the data aggregators so if you’re one of our clients we’ve already submitted for you you know this but there are four major data aggregators that a lot of the other directories around the web pull from so you know these are the lazy directories as we call it or different types of listings they’ll just go to the data aggregators and grab the info what if you’ve got an old listing on info group and you’ve got 40 sites that have pulled that old listing somebody spammed a um you know an old seo company that created a fake listing and that’s the one that get picked up by these guys and not the right one you need to own your data you need to know what it is you need to make sure it’s accurate so because these guys distribute to three four five hundred different types of sites around the web that just pull from these guys directly so you wanna make sure your data is accurate there by doing that um we do this for all of our clients um some of them you can pay to get like you just pay to help change it it’s not like it’s a paid ongoing paid thing other ones.

Most of the time it’s just a a a free uh um back and forth back and forth to try and you know update the uh update the listing but it’s yours your right to do so make sure you go looking at those there are citation tools that help as well so bright locals one white spark advice local moz yex we know about all of these some of you guys know about all of these or some of these they all cost some sort of amount of money uh but what that these these these types of tools have connections yes is the big daddy on the field um because they have api direct connections with about 50 of the most top major directories so as long as you’re paying yex your your business listing is accurate to what’s in next as soon as you stop paying it goes back to being the mess that it was before which is a little unfortunate but these other ones do a very similar service there’s things like that and we we leverage a bunch of these with our clients on our dime.

But that’s that’s kind of part of it so um if you want to run um a free citation accuracy check you can go to so there’s actually a link on our website as well to get to this but um this is the direct one this is a site that we own and you can just put in your business name it’ll start looking for it in google um so a little bit of a bot we’ve created to help look for your listing and um and your and your phone number and then uh it will it’ll run a report it will do a basic look not just at your google my business and your your directories but it actually looks at a bunch of other stuff as well so it’s just a quick way to create a snapshot of where you’re at so to to see how accurate your data is and some of the other variables that help you show up in your visibility so um and um let me see if i’ve got i can get rima to put that in the in the back end i think it’s some um yes scan so carpet cleaner scan is the easier way to get to it it runs to the same page this is what page looks like when you go there that’s all you need to add in and this is the type of report you’re going to get it’s going to start telling you about your name address phone number.

What google sees as your category those kinds of things so the categories are what you know what business are you in you don’t want to spam that either you want to be very accurate with those on your google listings so you know that’s that’s kind of what you’re going to get and it’s going to help it’s going to give you a reputation report and stuff like that as well it’s going to do a bunch of different stuff so um oh there it is sir sorry that’s the right link they both work but it’s um oops and i clicked on the link by mistake and it’s trying to open up another link in my computer and we’ll get past that okay so let’s move on okay so citations best practices manually claim and optimize your google my business listing don’t do it automatic anyway leverage tools that have the api connection wherever you can or use a service like a company like ours that is going to be leveraging a bunch of those get listed on the major data aggregators and then use tools like bright local citation finder white spark to find some niche opportunities so you can’t just stop at the big ones the the google yelps facebook angie’s list judy’s book.

Those kids you can’t just stop there you have to get into the niche ones as well so some of the best top citations for carpet cleaners these are the ones like again home advisor better business bureau facebook manta porch those kinds of things are some of the big ones again some of these api connecting tools connect to some of the lesser known ones nice specific for carpet cleaning um getting on these ones international janitorial cleaning association we actually have a list of about 50 and we don’t put them all on at once it’s sort of like four or five a month to make it look natural to the to the google the internet as well so over time you’re building more and more and more you’re building that authority you tied your shoes you got into the race and you’re just quickening your pace and that’s the way google likes to see a business move through their directories there’s no way to sort of leap frog in front of somebody and you know you know drink a uh a red bull and get a jolt and run ahead of everybody that kind of idea so um take a screen cap of that if you’ve got it give us a call we’ve got you know there’s there’s a much longer list but these are some of the big daddies in the for the carpet cleaning industry.

So now we’re going to talk about reviews so again one of the clients 151 reviews and growing you know with competitors with much less than that so that’s the important part we have a very unique way of getting reviews we actually got into the digital marketing space being a reputation building and marketing provider first um and everything else second so because back six seven eight years ago we kind of realized how important this was before the average person did because we knew that people will you know love testimonials they love especially in the carpet cleaning space they you know that you’re you’re in their home you’re in the bedroom you’re in the areas of the house that even their best friend aren’t they care a little bit more so it was big to our business every time we sent out a sales letter we always sent three or four or five customer testimonial letters behind it like in in the same package and things like that because we always say hey we’re good we’re good these people love us so when reviews started showing up i went wow that’s brilliant and people are gonna start looking there instead of elsewhere so we we realized there’s a power to feedback and reputation more than just reviews.

So feedback um by asking for feedback you actually you know a survey private you actually hear and correspond you know um to the client before there’s anything negative showing up around the web um so we actually found that you can recover them and create a referral relationship if they’re upset they can tell you privately you go solve the problem you’ll get a great public review from that as well so feedback is really important you can avoid any negative online reviews a lot of people just say hey here’s my link go give me a google review there’s a problem with that what if they weren’t happy what if they smiled sweetly to the technician yeah everything’s fine he walked out the door and go that guy was an idiot yeah i’m not going to give him a good review i’m going to give a bad review that can happen in our world so especially as we grow in with technicians and stuff like that um so so now we’re looking at um you want to make sure that that that you can you know reinforce that they made a good decision.

So by asking them for the feedback because it helps grow your company they made a good decision and they know that so um that’s one of the benefits of writing writing good feedback and you’re not hounding for reviews so the benefit though is not only getting consistent um easily manageable way of getting more online reviews you’re getting way better better business intelligence than just what people write in a review you can ask them questions in a survey as well how was the office staff how was the technician how was this how was that you know what more what would you like to see more of what you like see less of which one of these other services would you like more information on that we can upsell you right away those are great things you can do in a survey so you want to leverage tools to request that feedback make it easy put somebody’s first name or first last name email cell phone number in and click send 10 seconds or less you’re doing it integrate it into a tool if you can that you know if there’s you know connections to tools and stuff like that so as soon as you complete an invoice anything like that get the technician to do it in the driveway.

Incentivize them leave printed review cards the most important part is you can’t just rely on the technology alone that’ll only get you so far you really need to make it humanized so you have to make it part of your company culture that your that your technicians are mentioning that the company’s going to follow up and you’d really love i hope we did everything great today and you know if so i’d really love a positive comment because that helps with my performance bonuses and stuff like that but it also helps the company grow so they’re going to be sending you that right after this job i would really appreciate you fill it out and mention my name something like that now um the printed review card or flyer is an anchor don’t assume that people are going to read the link on it and go to it that just that’s an anchor to remind your technician and to remind the customer that you have this conversation you train your technicians to plant the seed and that should be bold and big plant the seed is what they’re doing they have to mention it every single time um then do you make do you make a a follow-up call afterwards right so if you do and it’s really you know just a you know happy.

Call as some people call it um customer service quality call the next day two days later whatever from the office so you did you get all this you asked for the feedback hey how’s everything looking now that’s always a great way to customer service anyways then you can also say hey we sent that a bit you know the survey over for your feedback did you get that we’d really love to get your you know get your your comments if they say no you can pop it up on your screen and say oh let me let me fill it out for you right now but okay what’s your email address again just you know telling them hey your comments help me grow my or help me internally run a better business and give you a better cleaning next time the review helps our business to help you it doesn’t help them at all feedback helps them to get a better job you know and makes them feel better and stuff like that and build review recognition to the culture of your company the person the team member that gets the most reviews or the best review at the month you’re doing your team meeting given a you know a starbucks card or a free pizza or whatever and stuff like.

That because it’s got to become part of the company culture the companies that have five six eight this dialed in just no that’s the difference um and the ones that have one two three reviews have addition system it doesn’t just do the collect feedback and then but it also does a whole marketing platform around the reputation all around the web um but there’s other ones bird eye customer ones also um they don’t do surveys necessarily but they will trigger uh hey we really like your um your review online do you mind clicking this link and giving us a review they’ll at least do that so there’s a bunch of them that do those kinds of things ours we’ve built it around an actual marketing principle to get feedback convert them to reviews and all of that kind of stuff so so our proven formula we’ve we’ve touched on these the google my business optimization citations and reviews the next the last piece is seo you want to make sure your website has your name address phone number right on it that exactly matches and your um is usually best in the footer and your your hours of operation.

Your google my business listing so if you go in and change your google my business listing for any reason um you know we gotta know as as your provider to update numbers and things like that but our update times and dates and what have you but the exact your site and there’s a way to code it that data but they’ll find it on your site because they just read your site as code so very very important and these are a couple of other features reviews popping up text platforms really help your website as well but this is for the testing lots of citations build up your reviews online to leverage the best tools one final piece we’re going to talk about and then i’ll let you guys carry on with your day but you want a lot of to other properties and you want strategic content syndication that’s very if you’ve got a website that has not been updated in a while that’s on your website ain’t going to cut any anymore most clients we we come across they either have one blog post or none maybe five or six maybe they worked with an seo company for a while and have a few but they’re just static.

And they sat there and that was it that doesn’t cut it anymore blogging is a strategy but it has to be put into a mix so authoritative the the new authority signal generation approach is what we are heavily invested in so we don’t need to get into all of this google has changed their entire algorithm a year and a half two years ago to do this thing called eat so eat stands for all of their their websites that they they rank expert authority and trust so we’re not going to get into the mix of the algorithms and stuff like that but one of the ways to do that is making sure you have rich media content content structured data um on you know again it’s the way the articles are written the where they’re being placed you know every image is coded properly all that kind of stuff but you also want to have be seen on authority sites news sites are very authoritative and they le and to get them to link back to you that’s amazing and there’s ways to make that happen because they will tr pass the trust the page rank and a lot of these link signals so we like um link signals a month for our to get into this again as well you don’t need to but this is the seo periodic table.

These are all the different things that matter in ranking ultimately google’s purpose was to make sure that they that’s better for the user experience so no need to dive in the technical but so google’s three pack rankings have three major um criteria proximity they’ve added proximity as a big part if somebody is in you know manhattan and your office is in you know across the river in hoboken new jersey you’re not close enough and the guys that are in manhattan are closer and proximity counts as part of the mix relevance how relevant are you to the search terms have you optimized your website and all of this stuff that you are relevant for area rug cleaning mattress cleaning and these other things as well or is it just the one term so how relevant are you to the searcher’s term and how much authority and that’s what we’re talking about here is the authority so authority looks like this our clients have been upgraded to what we call a media room now some of the big media room providers um the the big media houses they charge fifteen thousand dollars set up and five thousand dollars a year to maintain a media room for their clients we’ve been able to um partnering with a a couple very very strategic partners been able to create media rooms with all of the same power that these other guys are paying.

That much money for and for a fraction of the cost is built into put the media room up but and as a press release sources and then looks like this there’s a new so let me pop over to an example where did i put that let me see if i still got that open so here’s one complete carpet and tile’s just been upgraded to the media room from and we syndicate those and we do a lot of cool stuff with google my business posts around the blog post so they’re not just sitting static on your website and then once a month we actually get our professional so the media room has a lot of structured data to it it’s got your your maps listing and it’s got a whole bunch of stuff that the internet just loves to eat up but then if we go to the most recent one this one was published october 7th here’s the press release gorgeous looking release really well formatted lots of good links in see there’s a naked citation and are unstructured sometimes but and then we’ve got the maps listing again here but look at this these are all the news click on that one as an example there is now a link we go find those links as they get picked up and we place them in here and there is now a link affiliate they pick up the new site they found the topic valuable enough to pick up um and there’s different ways reasons and ways they do that.

But we we influence we put push out on the news wires what they do it really really helps us but all of this as it comes there we go it comes in it just promotes the business look at all the graphics that we put in each one of these like this graphic right here oops let me see one of them will be clickable let’s go down probably the next one yeah there’s a review graphic i click on it uh google my business listing and right right there to that the actual review it’s gonna pop up the listing so now google has followed that chain and has now given credit to this review for this client it’s in a news article so if you see the connections however connect down there and it’s it’s it’s actually the website is the original source not some media outlet not you know not you know newswire or something like that it’s directly on the website so very very important to get these signals right um so that’s something that we we do very very strategically as well it’s unique i don’t know any other it’s actually um doing that right now.

So give me a quick second just as we get there we go so what does that look like we get rankings that are jumping um so if any of you like you guys are my clients you know that when we talk about your rankings we’re going to see how many new new links have been built that are jumping on the you know in in google search and how you’re moving up because that’s part of the strategy one of the many pieces of overall website seo but really good for for google my business so on page stuff h1 tags the keywords on your website all over the place each service page home page gmb i’m going a couple times a week and then leveraging signals your competitors like crazy so read through it um it’s a 85 page guide i wrote um on exactly all if you want to jump on a call if it’s something that you don’t want to do on your own by all means get the guide anyways it’s on the next slide i’ll give you the link but you can always carpet schedule we’ll have a chat with you we will dissect your entire business see where how you know how close you are to being in the game where your problems are where the strengths are and we’ll dive in and we’ll give you an idea and if it makes sense to work together to start fixing some of those things up before it breaks completely.

Um and and you start falling away backwards that’s where we’re we’re here to help with that as well um so here’s the guy g so carpet cleaner gmb guide you’ll get this just flip right through it on there you can print it off you can do a bunch of different things with it you can download it as a pdf but you have a full guide of step by step talking about images talking about optimization talking about categories and it’s all designed just for carpet cleaners all i got for you today if you’re if you’re looking rima can put the link back in um if you want to schedule strategy session carpetcleanermarketingmasters.comschedule or the she’s got one in there go place but that’s yeah that’s the importance of google you can rima can get you uh um sorted out there and email you back and stuff like that as well so um i’m gonna wrap up so you guys carry on i’ve got you know more meetings today too we’re all busy people so i got it just over an hour i tried my best so it’s an hour and 13 minutes we got close but um anyways hope you enjoyed this hope you got a lot of value out of it um my passion is helping carpet cleaners uh grow their business.

Our goal is to have 500 carpet cleaners become the number one carpet cleaner in the marketplace and triple their business in the next 10 years like like our goal is to have 500 being tripled their business in 10 years we try and make sure our clients double and triple their business within within a year or two that’s our goal um depending on where they’re starting from we’re pulling them along to get them out of a mud first or if they’re in a good place or just doubling and compounding so and we can help with employees as well as one of the newest things we’re dealing with is we can run a lot of our marketing machine and actually set up a marketing machine that helps you attract the best employees the best company with the best marketing and the best reputation in town can charge more can pay their technicians more and can attract the best technicians and poach them from the other companies which is really good and we’ve got strategic ways to actually target ads in and around some of your competitors offices and things like that.

So that those guys can see that you’re hiring as well and maybe might be interested and automate the hiring process a little bit where they can actually fill out an application and give you some info um and even a little video before they even before you even decide if you want to talk to them or not so um lots of things we help with our clients with and we keep adding to and adding to but our goal is to help you grow any way we can um and help you up your rates and just make more more money on the bottom line so if that sounds good to you give us a call let us know chime in let’s hop on a strategy session and until next time we’ll talk about the next great strategy and the next things you should be doing to grow your business take care everyone.

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