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Proven Strategies to Boost Your Carpet Cleaning Website Conversions

Learn the secret strategies to increase your carpet cleaning website conversions and turn visitors into customers. Find out how the most profitable carpet cleaning businesses optimize their website for better conversion rates, more bookings, and higher revenue.

Topics Discussed:

During this session we will discuss:


5 critical elements that enhance conversions

We share the 5 critical elements you may be missing that can significantly increase the number of leads and calls coming in from your website

Where to place your phone number & social proof

We’ve found that placing your phone number and social proof in the right place can have a major impact on conversion. This is a simple but often overlooked conversion tactic.

Who is your ideal customer and what is their avatar?


A simple trick to convert your visitors that don't call on the first visit.

Did you know that more than 70% of your visitors don’t call or message? We will share a simple strategy for keeping in front of those buyers and doubling the chance of getting a lead.

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Audio Transcript:
thank you hey hey how’s it going everyone um glad you can make it here on a Thursday afternoon what we’re going to be talking about this week is we’re going to be talking about um what you’ll find in chapter 7 of this handy dandy book you can get on Amazon selling like gangbusters but website conversions and setting up your website properly unlocking the potential of your website and we’re going to talk about why that’s important what you need to be doing how things have changed for 2023 the mindset you need to have around around websites welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine Gene tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

let’s get let’s get rolling into it so do the normal turn off the cell phones turn off Facebook we’ll get through this quickly I do speak quickly so there will be a replay you can slow it down a lot of times I say hey when you’re listening to webinars and replays put them on you know one and a half times speed to power through the information um when it’s mine a lot of people tell me they slow it down a little bit so that’s fine but um we’re gonna try to get there’s my cough right now sorry we’re gonna try to get through this in the next um 60 minutes or so and really really give you a ton of a very very important information so that’s our goal for today I’m actually going to turn on my little highlighter that I always do okay so we’re going to talk about five critical elements that enhance conversions um where to place your phone number Social proof things like that like where where like the block and tackling stuff I call it like where does things actually need to show up on your website what what actually has an influenced you know over um a consumer how do their eyes track all of that kind of stuff when you do this long enough whether it’s like about way back in the day Yellow Pages and flyer advertising you talk about the Zed that people look in um and you have to place things on that Zed looking path well websites are slightly different but there’s there’s an importance that you need to be placing things because that’s where they expect to find it and if they have to kind of look around and get confused or it’s not in the right format even it’ll actually reduce the number of people that contact you they just get frustrated to move on it’s it’s quite sad but it happens um and I’m going to give you some simple tricks that can convert your visitors um you know even the ones that don’t call you on the first to visit dude like we’re going to tell you and teach you that um of all the people that come to your website if you actually watch your website stats 95 96 of them don’t even let you know they’re there they don’t pop their head up they don’t ask you a question they kind of look around they either did or didn’t get the information they want and off they go and what we want to teach you here today is how to increase that conversion rate from five percent and blow it out of the water and get like 15 20 conversions from people that show up on your website because of what you do and not only when they show up but when they show up and leave are you tracking them are you following them around are you getting them back to your website are you influencing them in the right way so we’re going to talk about all of that kind of stuff as well so quickly for the newbies here there’s a few of you in the crowd who am I um so John Clendening I’ve been in the cleaning business for over 30 years started in high school um actually running a window cleaning company in in high school and and then got into high-rise window cleaning and had Crews dropping over the side of buildings myself included 40-story buildings all that kind of stuff then decided I want to be on the ground I was in my early 20s mid-20s and started um I bought a carpet cleaning business then I bought three other ones out around me and then got into maid services bought bought build up and sold a maid service franchise two locations uh did Flood Restoration in the mix of that helped the janitorial company we kind of became the operating company for them grow from under a hundred thousand dollars to six hundred thousand dollars in sales in a few years before we sold our way out of that one as well so all of that kind of stuff and then in the middle of the pandemic I sold my um final brick and mortar business the carpet cleaning that I’d started with um all the Ace of 27 28

years earlier sold that in the middle of the pandemic as well um for many multiples just because of how well it was running and how optimized everything was I’ve been a big proponent of of um Michael Gerber the e-myth you know organizing and structuring your business in a way that it runs like a franchise everything has a purpose and a reason you wear all of the hats at the beginning you start taking the hats off you can even have managers be the management at but I really believe you need to keep that marketing hat on so you can hire people to do the marketing for you but you need to have a sense of what your marketing is and part of that is what we’re going to talk about here a good chunk of that we talk about in the book as well so I am the author of the complete guide internet marketing for carpet cleaners I do hear from janitorial companies and maid services and um plumbers and HVAC and roofers and all that who have bought the book as well Home Services that’s what I know that’s what I’ve spent my my entire career in working with with franchises working with independent companies large networks things like that started up a digital marketing business back in right around about 2010 to about 12 13 years ago now really helping with reviews and reputation when nobody really knew what that was because we saw coming out of the last recession how that moved the needle so I’ve been a speaker on stages around the world and a trainer on all of this kind of stuff so that’s who I am but more importantly who are our customers and what do we do for them so this is just a quick little snippet of some of our customers up over 55 percent um based on just having our services involved 40 increase in Revenue there number one all over and more calls and more bookings at higher prices than ever before uh people that have worked with us all around all around North America Canada the US and even around the world we’ve got clients in Australia and New Zealand we’ve worked with as well so that’s what we do we actually help our clients become the top cleaning brand in their local Marketplace so they attract the best clients are able to charge top rates you don’t want to be the discount guy you want to be able to charge well and that’s all about marketing good marketing and then good business management it’s those two pieces and you want to be booked out weeks in advance you don’t want to be waiting for tomorrow’s jobs right you might have a few openings if you’ve got like sort of a an you know an ability like an advertising source that has people that want right away um but you want you want to be booked out weeks in advance you want your regular customers to come into your schedule knowing that they have to book a week or two out minimum because you want to really have that style of business where you can hire well you can pay well and all of that comes from running a really great business and one of the pieces we’re going to talk about today is is all around that so so how do we do all of this how do we do what we do how do I create businesses that um dominate their local Marketplace that become over over the you know over time they become the number one you know business in their local Marketplace well we do it by the Three core principles of digital marketing success it isn’t that challenging it isn’t that you know a brain teaser to figure out how to do how to do internet marketing um what it needs to have happen all the little pieces become the complexities but and that’s again one of the reasons why we wrote the book on it to give you a lot of that insight and those pieces and the how to’s if you want to take it on yourself or at least if you’re hiring it out to know that somebody knows what they’re doing right but it really is all about maximizing your opportunities to generate a qualified lead so if I was going to add any word in there um right here let’s give me a little highlighter again uh where did we go there we are making a mess on my screen but let’s get over here ah right there so I would put in right in this spot right here a qualified lead right um right there because what we’re talking about is you don’t want everybody you do not want to be you know cleaning crappy Apartments um and low-income households that just don’t you know they’re looking for the cheapest price and next time they’re looking for the cheapest price which is the next guy right you walk you want to be cleaning uh people that respect you you want you want to have know who your ideal client is and you want to be get generating leads from those people where they are some of those leads are referrals some of those leads are um them searching and looking for information and getting answers and all of that kind of stuff you want to maximize your brand Impressions to those people right so brand Impressions offline we know what that is the back of the bus the bus bench the Billboards things like that you know you you know the number one plumbing company in town the number one stereo shop in town things like that they have brand Impressions visibly offline and online as well if you go to their website if you’re searching for things that they do you’ve got brand Impressions that are following you around everywhere you go and you want to maximize the conversions and that’s what we’re going to be talking about a lot today is is maximizing the conversions

so what’s the problem problem is you you need to invest in your marketing I say in some you know some people like I was on a um a a a a a training there just recently with Howard Partridge uh for clean fax magazine and Jeff Cross was sort of the moderator between the two of us and we’re talking about the investment it takes to run a business and a little bit of a difference of opinion between Howard and I on on that but when you put everything into the bucket and know where all of your leads are coming from you know if you’ve got people running around getting referrals for you if you’ve got digital Mario you’ve got websites you’ve got you need to rank because people are actually searching for topics and you need to actually have answers to those questions they’re searching for because now you’re making an education based marketing play which generates better customers you know everything you do even when you take that real estate agent out for lunch because you want them to refer you that’s a marketing expense all of it so there’s lots and lots and lots of Realms of marketing and digitally you spend a lot of money investing in in your marketing and even if you do it offline and you do door hangers and you do referrals what do we know people do 95 percent of people that are referred to a business offline or online or wherever wherever they heard it from their neighbor their Aunt Martha doesn’t really matter what do 95 percent of people do according to all consumer studies now they Google the business to find out if they’re worth even looking further into they look for that business’s reputation they go look at their social media they go look at their website they go look at reviews they do all of this stuff why because they now want to know if that’s worth you know worth worth using that company think of the investment that you’ve put in all the door hangers the Flyers the Google paid per click ads the local service ads the social media that you’ve been doing um again organic you know answering questions doing videos becoming the face of the company all that stuff just to find out that when they go look you up they find your competitor you spend a lot of money and you know they’re not they’re not coming through so the traffic is there maybe you can see your website stats and you’ve got traffic but the leads aren’t converting so what it what is a good conversion rate on a website you know and what’s what about Roi you spend money to build different marketing channels up and again that’s why it’s maximizing the opportunity to generate a lead you need to be omnipresent that’s the new word because it’s really really important well you’re now omnipresent you’re being found everywhere you’ve got those brand Impressions um and your targeted you’re realizing that your Roi is low why is your Roi low well your return on investment is low because you’re not generating enough leads from that so that’s a fail you’re not generating the leads and therefore for the investment and it’s hard for your business to grow right there’s so there’s some camps of people that believe hey I’m just waiting for that really good Facebook ad I’m just waiting for that really good local service ad that one one thing that’s just gonna you know you know fill my schedule up for for months and months and years and years in advance and you go back 15 20 years and I was being asked in the early days of my Consulting before doing before doing internet marketing running an agency I did Consulting in in marketing and and into the franchise industry and stuff like that and in those days it was what’s the flyer I need John what’s the postcard what’s that one flyer where how can I get all of this this this engagement and traffic and and phone calls from that one thing and the answer never is one thing the answer is you need to have 20 30 40 little things that work that are generating one two three four customers uh new customers a month you got to be marketing your database you got to be delivering a great client experience that you’ve figured out and all that kind of stuff you’ve got to invest in all of the actual aspects of running a proper business and if you do that well and you invest in all of that um you want to make sure that that when you’re generating that new volume of traffic those new people that know you that you’re converting them converting them into somebody who raised their hand and say I’m interested in more so make it a very small hurdle for them to jump over and the other people that go I want you guys oh my gosh you are the dudes I want right so to get that to happen it’s it’s a matter of psychology marketing is basically just math plus psychology so that creates the opportunity that we’re talking about there is an opportunity that most of your competitors don’t know about the odd time they get lucky more often than not I I we audit websites on a daily basis we get calls from from carpet cleaners and maid services and janitorial companies and restoration firms going okay I need you to

take a look at my stuff and tell me what we’re missing right so they might have read the book they might have however they found out of us they really want to know what what is that missing piece is the person that they’re working with is is the person in their company that there’s been and building this stuff for them is the agency that they’ve got one agency doing a little bit of this work they’ve got another agency doing their their Facebook ads but they’re not connected they’ve got another agency maybe doing social media you know and not really sure what that is and what it what’s happening um it’s not all connected and what I noticed first and foremost is that there is a lack of understanding of conversion Elements by the average web designer there’s a lack of understanding of conversion Elements by the average person working in social media they want to get engagement they want to get likes they want to get comments but they don’t know how to convert them into work again websites they make a really pretty website I mean I’ve seen some gore I’ve seen some ugly websites I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous websites that people come to they’ll smile and they’ll leave because it didn’t convert them psychologically into wanting to work with that company and it didn’t give the most secondary reason to respond right so you need as the Hub of your marketing you need a great website that is built to convert why do I think the website is the Hub because everything leads back to your website like you’ve got your your social media it’s element you should have blog posts and information and stuff like that hey here do you want to see a great um customer story that we’ve just done like a customer that we’ve just transformed their carpets their tile floor we’ve just done a cleaning or recoating on their wood floors things like that do you want to see that story great you can show them that on social media but you can also start the conversation there and take them back to your website where a lot more information is about your company and you can pixel them and cookie them and follow them around and do all this great stuff I’m going to tell you about but all of that kind of stuff happens in now contained inside an environment that you can control and you can control the psychology of that that much better as well so you want to consistently convert visitors into callers Messengers and leads and you want a momentum to grow so as more traffic comes to your website more people like there’s more clicks from your Google Business listing to your website and that’s something Google can track and show you how that is increasing over time and it should be increasing over time if you’ve got somebody working for you to grow your Google Business listing visibility then more people are calling you directly from there and more people are clicking through your website why because they want to learn more about what you do people don’t click through to your website because they they’re missing having a brochure in their hand so keep that in mind as well a lot of websites are set up to look like a brochure wrong way to do it so you want to become the authority you want to be the trusted go-to company and you know you want to have all of those pieces tied together and that’s what success looks like is influencing people the right way to make them know that you are the authority in the marketplace you are the if a carpet cleaner you are the number one carpet cleaner in the local area you have the authority you have the respect and you command it because of the way you set up your assets as well and the way you present yourself to the marketplace and again all of that is controlled by your website that is the Hub of where all of that activity comes from so again all of your all of your properties all lead back to your website

so why is getting your website built to convert important to you think about that for a minute put it in the chat if you want like let’s talk about ourselves here um why would it be important to have your website built to convert what are some of the benefits that can that you can get out of that

yep yeah exactly more leads more money yep you can convert more people for sure so let’s kind of get into that so conversion is important for a couple of reasons check this one out so scenario number one 1500 visitors a month right so you you’ve built your website up and that doesn’t come easily but you’ve built your website up to get 1500 local visitors coming to check out all the different Services you do um the education that you’re giving them how to properly care for their tile floors how to properly get stains out of their carpets all of those kinds of things that’s all blog posts and articles and texts and content that’s what a website is it’s basically just a Content Library of really good stuff that answers questions and if it answers the questions well and people come to find it Google rewards You by saying hey this is great content let’s show it to more people right so 1500 visitors

come to your website a month you have a five percent conversion rate which is really good really good to have five percent of the people actually do something fill out a form they call you that’s 75 calls or leads that just came from your website you have a 30 booking rate from that say for example of those people that came to your website your office staff can book about 30 of those and again knowing your numbers is great where did they come from and how how many of those did I book versus referrals versus repeats versus all the you know all the other sources knowing the conversion rate at every source is really really good information to know so you book 22 jobs 1500 visitors 22 jobs average job is 325 again you want to be a decent company that you’re over 300 an average job maybe getting closer to 400 we’ve got some clients that are up around 500 average job because they it’s the way they Market their clientele the clientele that they Market to they they pick the right people that want the that want the quality service and they have the right message for those people and those people help refer them to others like them those those referrals go look online oh my God these guys are amazing they they’re they’re definitely the local Authority I’m going to hire them too and price becomes less and less and less and less of an issue and repeating and and repeating more often is a bigger a bigger part of it well a lifetime value of a client is way huge in that level so you’ve now just generated 7 100 bucks so it looks like there’s a extra zero on there but you’ve you’ve you’ve generated 71 hundred dollars because of the 22 bookings that you got at 325. let’s look at scenario number two only thing we’re going to change is conversions let’s say you’ve got a better website with better psychology giving them more of the answers they’re looking for giving them a reason to reach out to you giving them a secondary reason to reach out to you a free guide a free report um a way how to hire you know carpet cleaners so you don’t get screwed you know a little a little video series a little guide a little whatever op just an opt-in now you’ve got their email address and they’re getting that or their cell number then you can text them that that kind of stuff now you’ve got 225 calls or leads forms messages from your website because you’ve got 15 of them to actually go hey I’m interested you still can only convert it 30 on the phone we’re not changing the you know our ability to answer the phone and influence people you can always work on that number as well but let’s just convert on the website more that’s 67 bookings let’s not change the amount the average technician brings in let’s say we sell at the exact same rate you have just generated did almost twenty two thousand three times as much all you did was increase the conversion principles on your website so hopefully you can see how important conversion leads in in building up a a more sustainable business because you can say hey I’ve spent all my money on this SEO stuff I’ve spent all my money on this uh you know this ranking stuff I spent all my money on this you know Google local service ads and and all of this stuff if you’re if the the place that you’re driving those that traffic those interested people if the place you’re taking them isn’t built to convert if you you’re leaving all of that money on the table so think of it if you if you spend you know say two thousand dollars a month on on ads running traffic to your website people looking for your services and you’re running traffic to your website and you spend two thousand dollars and you made Seven right so it’ll pay the bills two thousand you’ve got five left over you pay the technicians pay the solution pay the gas all that kind of stuff there’s a little bit of profit in there right are you are you singing and dancing about it no but if you make seven that’s great if you make anything less than six a three to one you’re going to be in a tough spot to make money with teams and Crews and all that kind of stuff but scenario number two you spent the same two thousand dollars and you made twenty one thousand dollars in sales now from that ad Source you’re you’re you’ve got a ten to one Roi now you’ve you’ve got money to invest and Chase these people around you’ve got money to invest in other marketing you’ve got money to invest and grow your company and better equipment and pay better technicians and all that kind of stuff so think of that now now you get better referrals because you’ve got better Crews because they’re getting paid well all of that just comes around from from something as simple as increasing the conversions on the website right which is that third principle maximize Impressions maximize or maximize the opportunity to generate lead maximize Impressions maximize conversions so as an example here web performance one of our clients just the stats from the month we see that they get a good chunk of their traffic almost 60 percent of their traffic from organic sources and got that right there this is I don’t know there we go um and if it again click to call ratio sitting at 32 percent from from these sources so what does that do well 1400 sessions um and you’re looking at a session duration of a minute and a half so people don’t stick around too long uh there’s a bounce rate that you want to watch as

well to make sure you keep the bounce rate down if if the information on your page is not compelling I’m going to show you what compelling looks like if the information is not compelling then that bounce rate starts going up they show up they don’t see what they’re looking for it seems cheesy they see a baby lying on the carpet they see you know a family sitting on a couch all of that generic stuff you know you know we want your business all that stuff that none of it none of it actually influences them to call you because it’s the same garbage they see on everybody else’s website that bounce rate goes way up and when that bounce rate goes up then um you you’ve got all kinds of problems so you want web forms to be filled out you want leads to come in all of that from your traffic and that’s that’s the type of stats you want to see coming in when you’ve worked on that and built the company up so how can you get your website to convert like now we’ve reasoned we’ve given you some reasons why it’s important it’s going to help your company grow right so now that you you know that it’s it’s it’s critical to increase that psychology and influence on the website so you convert better so the traffic you are getting is more valuable to you and then you just can get more traffic you have to get things right so let’s get things right look like this is one of the examples this is this is the ultimate carpet cleaning website conversion machine it’s part of a training that we do as well um stick around to the end and we’ll uh we’ll we’ll give you a link to to grab a copy of of this kind of stuff from us but ultimately there is an actual psychology to the way a website should be set up right so there are elements that need to be on the page we’re going to dive into these elements a lot deeper but you know there really is all the way from the title tag at the top here how you actually set it up where the phone number is placed um what is above the fold what we mean by that is right about here on most laptops think of a laptop that’s all they see until they scroll down so what do you put above the fold what do you put on the next scroll what it what is the really key stuff on the home page and on the interior Pages what kind of navigation do you need all of that influences how somebody interacts with your website and it is as they’re interacting are you starting to develop rapport with them are you starting to get into their head why you’re different than the competitors why they should choose you what is your unique sales proposition what is unique about you are you the same as everybody else um or or do you offer something you unique to the marketplace that they go wow I really need these guys because yeah I’ve had that problem before and these guys solve that problem so again that’s over clear USP um clear and testimonials easy to find navigations all that kind of stuff so all of that stuff you you definitely need on your website so let’s kind of dive into the the most important we can’t go through all of them here again there’s a whole chapter devoted to it in the book but there’s you know hours and hours and hours and hours of conversation and and strategy involved in every single page on a website it has a very specific purpose it has a technical purpose to rank it has a connection purpose to connect to your Google business listings in in the right way to help your Google Business Maps listings rank that’s another value of your website done well it has all of those getting schema codes and all of this so the internet knows how to read the page well and knows what it’s about it’s got all of those kinds of things and then each page has a very specific purpose for converting people into getting them into your funnel top of funnel middle of funnel so they work their way down so that’s what we’re going to talk about you know for maximized conversions and Lead flow so ultimately there’s 11 critical elements we’re going to go through quickly but really these are the most important that you really want to consider you want to be speaking to your target Avatar what the heck does that mean well who is your ideal customer right you’re not talking to somebody who’s 20 years old that is not the ideal home cleaning customer they don’t have the discretionary income and they don’t care for the most part by and large that’s not an audience that has a lot of your ideal customers in it um same goes for seniors 65 and over um there’s more seniors on fixed incomes there’s more seniors that walk in the door they don’t leave the house they walk in the north put their slippers on you know they eat with a towel over their lap so they don’t dribble crumbs they do all of the stuff your mother taught you to do or your grandmother taught you to do um and they do all that and they don’t need cleaning services often right so that’s not your ideal target market as well so what is your ideal demographic are you targeting residential more than commercial if you’re targeting commercial how are you getting in front of them you got to think of all of that but on a typical residential carpet cleaning business or home cleaning service we know that there’s there’s a specific Target demographic right there’s a specific age range sex household income we want to know their fears and the frustrations why they should choose you over somebody else how do you how do you speak to those and do they believe you do

you have testimonials that speak to that those fears and how you’ve solved them as well right you want to be real and authentic you do not want pictures throughout your website that are just the generic baby lying on the carpet like you just don’t you don’t want you know you don’t want stock photography anywhere you want well done pictures of you and your crew but you even want some candid ones like every like everybody’s cell phone these days these things are amazing for taking good pictures if you’ve got a friend with a um a DL a DSLR camera then yeah get get some good pictures taken hire somebody is it worth the 500 600 bucks to hire a local you know photographer videographer from the local high school the university to come out and take some pictures of you maybe even a little a few a few videos you know hey I’m John here with John’s carpet cleaning and thanks so much for stopping by our website I just want to tell you what’s around the site here I want to be your carpet cleaner I’m going to prove that to you on our website go check out some of the stories from our past customers and the results we’ve given go check out our reviews over there if you’re looking for specific service I got some pages on that and you want to talk about our guarantee click the link down below to explain why if you’re not happy with the cleaning we do you don’t pay us and that’s the only way we operate so thanks so much for stopping by the website and I look forward do serving you someday soon right put that video on the front of your website if you don’t put the video at least put the text along that lines as well be real be authentic use the video elements that we’re talking about here leverage social proof all of that stuff I just talked about in that one little you know 30 second segment that that could introduce people on their website as well but that should also be all over the page you’re pointing at it right get the basics in order phone number has to be up in the upper right corner people’s eyes just gravitate over there and if you can make it sticky as you roll down the page it stays there that’s great otherwise and not just otherwise and as well as they scroll you need to create um those conversion elements every scroll don’t make them have to go find it people are lazy don’t make them go find anything have it right in front of them properly the way they need to see it have clear calls to action on each page that speak to the customer Avatar if you’ve got a tile and grout page you’re going to have calls to action saying is it time to get that grout cleaned right part way down the page call us now if you’ve got dirty grout we’ll come out and give you a free estimate near the bottom of the page we’re really show a whole bunch of pictures of before and after grout cleaning and all that stuff and at the bottom of the page we’d like to now do that for you give us a call click on the link to schedule a you know an estimate a time for us to call you back start a chat all that kind of stuff you can give them all those calls to action all the way down the page make it nice and clear have them know exactly what you want them to do use special offers that match the services they’re in need of as well so special offers don’t mean discounts so we we talked a lot of people go oh I you know I I you know three rooms to haul 99 that’s all I can do you know and my competitor just went to 89 that’s that’s one side of the crowd the other side of scrap I don’t run offers I don’t I I don’t give people deals right but what do you do to entice a first-time person to use you what do you do to entice a friend a customer of yours to refer a friend to you right those are what we talk or we’re talking about with offers we’re not saying you have to give a discount you can actually give a premium say hey if you get you know your whole home of carpet cleaning done we will include uh your favorite armchair clean for free or your you know your favorite area rug up to a six by nine absolutely free whatever and take it back to our shop and do our spa treatment on it you know like send Cinderella to our rug Spa things like that you know you can have those types of offers where it’s a premium add-on um you know warranties and guarantees and and you know if you spill something Murphy’s Law seven day warranty if you spill anything on the carpet in the next seven days um and it doesn’t come off with just a damp wipe give us a call we’ll come out and work with that stain for you absolutely free no questions asked anything you do to your carpet is it will come and solve for you um you know that kind of idea you can have that go for a seven day you can go that for you know 30 day I’ve seen people do 60 month in a year guarantees try our spot River give you if that doesn’t take the stain out give us a call we’ll come out free of charge and do everything we can to remove that stain for you good for one year that’s a value add proposition you don’t do that when you’re the cheapest guy in town right so those are the types of things you can do with special offers make it value-added but you have to have a lead magnet something that people can share with their friends something that attracts attention to you you know a bundle and offer a service something like that that gets them over the hump of choosing you and it doesn’t have to be about a cheap price it could just be a value to

your service right you want to make your website mobily optimized absolutely you need live chat less and less people want to pick up the phone I’m sure you’re noticing this by now I would talk about this a year and two ago and people yeah well no what it meant was people were actually chatting with somebody else now it’s imperative if you do not have a live chat and it doesn’t have to be live chat it could be chat to text we’ll talk about that in a minute as well where when they chat it it asks for their cell phone number and it immediately texts them on their phone and it says hey I’ll get back to you soon right here thanks for letting me know you’re interested in the meantime let me know some other things about you know about what you’re looking to get done share a few pictures whatever and start a text conversation that you can get back to a little bit later on again not hours later but you can get you can you can you’ve you’ve automation has responded for you and now you can get back to a little bit later so that’s what we’re talking about as well site speed really matters Google sees that as a a huge ranking Factor these days because if somebody clicks on a link and they’re standing there on the phone and it’s still not loading it’s still not loading what do they do back okay that sucked right and they do the same thing on their desktop so site speed really really matters and marketing automation I talked a little bit about we’re going to talk a lot more about that in a minute so what is the one element that will have the biggest impact overall on your internet marketing efforts anyone want to put that in the chat what is the one element that can have the biggest impact on all of your marketing anyone yes James it is conversions well done it’s on the screen so well done yes conversions are the one thing that has the the biggest impact optimizing maximizing for conversions because it’s going to impact everything else you do so how do you do it how do you optimize to get more phone calls leads we use a little phone call icon it literally just means leads from any Source chat well first if you see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes then you can sell what Joe Jones buys love that little line but ultimately know your avatar that’s what we’re talking about their pains their frustrations all of that kind of stuff who is it that you ideally want to serve so let’s talk about that a little bit right demographics right we know that our ideal customer is a 35 to 55 year old typically woman college or university educated um house like leader of the House the person that takes charge of the cleaning and the maintenance and this you know that kind of idea the the you know again in a stereotypical World um the men might be involved in you know some of the mechanical stuff or whatever but the the woman is the one taking care of the the house for the you know the cleaning of you know hiring the carpet cleaners and making sure things get done it’s usually on her calendar that she knows when the dishwasher repairman’s coming and the you know things like that that’s you know there’s kids being juggled back and forth to soccer and dance and all of that kind of stuff and that’s the person who typically manages the household um usually um the annual household income 65 is a low end these days um 75 85 95 and up household income um so medium family income in an area 100 110 starts getting a little bit better so know those Pockets like you might be in an area where there’s a 55 000 average annual household income in in the main town but around it there’s 3 000 population town over here and eight thousand and twelve thousand over there that have like 125 140 000 annual household income do you know that data it’s available know where you should Market to find your people there’s typically family oriented they normally have pets 75 of them have pets take pride in their home decor things like that so they’re interested in Decor they’re interested in those types of magazines even they’re interested in those topics that’s your ideal person you’re you’re going to be talking to them about that kind of thing the pictures that you’re going to put on your website are going to be of you and your crew in those types of homes not showing up in a hallway of an apartment building if you’re trying to attract a customer that’s in a nice home right so usually live in the suburbs that kind of idea um so then from there we want to know what are the pains and fresh frustrations some of them they can’t get a carpet cleaning company on the phone or in chat like they just can’t talk to them like it seems like days go by before they hear back um they obviously need something clean they like to keep things maintained they’ve got kids that make a mess you know they’ve got sleepovers going on they got dogs that go out in the mud and come back in all that kind of stuff things aren’t smelling fresh they were using Febreze more they’ve got plug-ins everywhere there’s a funk that they’re dealing with right so that’s a frustration they’re too busy to deal with it as well so you know that the ideal customer is not the one that’s just you know you know going on Groupons and things like that they’re they they wanna they they’re gonna ask people you know ask them by they’re going to ask for referrals and recommendations you want to make sure your your customers

are so happy with you that they’re going to recommend you um they’re worried about the you know the situation could get unhealthy for the family and they want to know that they’re you know that they’re maintaining their belongings and their property well so especially as we you know go into any sort of economic challenges and how 2023 is going to play out within the economy and stuff like that people aren’t going to be replacing their their carpets and their tile floors and doing all that kind of stuff as much because again they’re going to want to preserve what they’ve got so there is an entire crowd that moves deeper into the cleaning World um when there’s a Slowdown been through rep recessions and slowdowns before and that’s what we noticed we just pivot our marketing message even more towards maintaining it properly cleaning protection giving them like a follow-up service things like that we called ours they always clean you you know you pay over a dollar square foot with what we’re charging um to do the uh a full cleaning today with you know healthy home cleaning that kind of idea and you get a Free bottle spot remover for life you get all of this kind of stuff and then you also get a traffic lane touch-up cleaning in six months absolutely free included in that package and as long as you renew every year your price doesn’t go up um your grandfathered in things like that we we sold 25 to 30 depending on the technician of our clients on the always clean just because it was a maintenance thing because we were targeting the right clients that that’s what they wanted so we knew that so we gave them an option that way right so um Their Fear being ripped off and overcharged so you need to have language and testimonials and third-party endorsements that speak to that you need you need to have referrals that speak to that um they they’re worried that they they could spend too much on this one that they could have got somewhere else for cheaper so you have to have your messaging why you charge the way you do some companies come in and just use cheap discount soaps and leave your carpet wet for days and leave it all sticky we can actually come in and show you the head of foam that your carpets will generate from that that’s not good you’re leaving all that residue behind you know a proper Carpet Cleaning company should be you know pre-spraying and rinsing pre-vacuing ahead of time moving the movable furniture all of that kind of stuff um you know tell them about it putting air movers down to help it dry quickly putting a protection down to help re-45 the factory protection that’s now worn off a year or two three years later that kind of idea so you’re telling the whole the 29 Point cleaning system that you’ve you put in place for every single room the spots and stains and the identify all this kind of stuff and that’s not you know that’s how you maintain a proper healthy home if you want a cheap discount cleaning please call somebody else because you’ll get cheap discount results and that’s not what we provide you’re talking to the right person now with the right message right so they don’t they’re worried that you’re going to cause a disaster in the home um and you know the price will change so you have to make sure that you’re telling them that we will come out and do an estimate and give you fixed prices and the price will not change you agree we have several packages available you get to choose on our basic package our you know are clean and protected or whatever and our our Healthy Home are always cleaned or whatever you let them know all of that kind of stuff and that really helps them as well and then we know what their goals and desires are right so we want to make sure that and it’s not just around the carpets it’s around the you know they want to travel they want to fund they want to have respect um all of that kind of stuff as well so because of all of that there’s going to be the these same people are going to uh they’re gonna You’re Gonna Wanna Talk to their goals and desires right you want to make sure that you’re telling them that they can spend more time with their family if they’re not worrying about their carpets it’s healthier it’s you know all that kind of stuff They’re Gonna Save money because it’s going to last years longer carpet is very expensive moving all the furniture out is very expensive changing carpet to hard floor is very expensive hardwood floors are very expensive tile and floors are very expensive and if you’re going to start changing those up or worst case scenario decide that the house is now sort of run down so now you want to move and there’s all of that expense you’re going to save them a ton of money just by maintaining it properly and becoming the resource on that so you want to be talking to those fears and messages so the types of messages that work safe natural eco-friendly works really well 100 satisfaction guaranteer it’s free some version of that that you guarantee that if there’s something they’re bothered by you will be back in a whip and you’re going to solve it for them and if you still can’t solve it you’re gonna give their money back for that problem that area that cert that that that that that that um that thing that they’re not happy with right you want to tell them that you want to make sure that that’s bold you don’t hide behind it you have the liability of

the fact that you have to make sure you do a good job and solve problems if they come up you have that liability anyways why not turn it into a marketing asset because they’re looking for it anyways when they come to the site can I trust these guys well geez look at that guarantee and look at these five re these five testimonials or reviews that speak specifically to that guarantee I chose this company because of their guarantee and wow did they ever yeah there was a little spot that came back they came right back out and took it out and you know didn’t charge me anything extra and yeah and handed me a free bottle of spotter just in case anything else happened again as well and offered to come back no matter what okay I love these guys right that that testimonial supporting your guarantee that’s the message that psychologically causes more conversions you want to let them know that you’ve got highly trained technicians show them the technicians on your website show them the training show them sitting in class getting the training all of that kind of stuff you want to make sure that it’s like if it’s an in-house training that you do it’s you teaching them and they’re you know if it’s if the sent to the ircrc training whatever it is make sure everybody knows that you want to make sure your phones are answered live during business hours even if call volume overall is going down if you can answer the phone that is a conversion principle that like no other if you can answer chat right away um you can answer emails as if it’s a live phone call within a minute or two if you’ve got somebody who is working your office and keeping things um humming that way you’re going to convert more people who go oh my God somebody actually answered right because that’s the world we’re in and you want to have honest pricing no hidden cost that kind of stuff you want to tell them what it is you you’ve got a choice of packages here’s the way we charge you know by the square foot we’re going to measure it by the room tell me how many rooms up to a maximum of this you know things like that let me pop out and give you some information first all of that kind of stuff so you got all that going on and now you’re speaking to your ideal client with why they’re going to love you what is the difference between you what is the eight reasons why what are they 11 steps what are the things like that that are why you over everybody else right and you want to be make that very clear and right on right on your home page of your website right you want to be real and authentic so you wanna introduce yourself you’re the owner of the business whether that’s a video or a picture you know your crew your equipment what’s it going to look like when they hire you you want to show videos what is that going to look like on your website these are all clients of ours or that have videos and and images and this is how we build the websites out for them is we really really you know go deep on making sure that the customer can absolutely see what it’s going to be like to work with that company you want to have social proof so you want to have testimonials and reviews live from the web they click on they’re going right to that review on the web it’s not a fake little you know scrolling past you know fake little review that may or may not be real you want to have the real ones linking right back there’s an there’s a and a ranking factor that helps with that you’re linking out to an authority site um Yelps and Facebooks and Googles and all that kind of stuff but it’s also there’s a psychological benefit as well if they click on it another window opens up and there’s that actual live review live on the web and things like that so you and you want to have different different testimonials and reviews and feedback from your customers on different pages about different Services as well you really want to go deep with that so that’s something you definitely want to skip because again think of the psychology of the person wondering if you’re the one that um that they should be choosing right you want to have those those offers again it doesn’t have to be deals and discounts and stuff like that but you want to have those those offers that speak to the the customers so you know while you’re in the home will you do a free pet owner evaluation regularly 125 dollars absolutely free if we’re there doing an estimate where they’re doing a cleaning anything like that right that could be you know that that that would be an offer you could put out in the marketplace here’s all all the things we’re going to do we’re going to give you you know UV lights we’re going to do moisture detectors we’re going to give you a prescription on how to properly handle um the urine issues in your carpet make them solved and we’re going to give you a guarantee that if you know a couple of different options to treat them and a guaranteed Service as well that if the if if we can’t get the smell out then we refund all your money whatever you know that kind of idea how confident you are with your services um allows you to create these types of offers as well so you want to have all of that so you want to have something for your upholstery cleaning something for your area where cleaning you know get you know two rugs clean and the third one of you know equal or lesser size free things like that um get three rugs cleaned

and we will you know do a moss treatment and a protection absolutely no charge it is a you know eighty dollar value absolutely free things like that so you can you can give them some upsell value if they give you more stuff those kinds of things as well you want to make sure your website is insanely mobile friendly and not just mobile friendly you want to make it make sure it looks like an app right so the website should fit onto a mobile phone but the fonts should be big should be big buttons click here click to call buttons um clearly found on the on the website so they know exactly what to do everything should be easy to find the mobile version of your website does not have to just be the main your website kind of turned sideways it can be things on the mobile version can be small or less less of them so less content um you know a simpler site that is really really really succinct because the mobile person is scanning they’re scrolling as if they’re on Instagram or Twitter or Tick Tock they’re just scrolling and if you can make your mobile site feel the same way as that again that’s engaging they’re going to see what they want to see as they scroll down oh there’s a great before and after oh they do that service oh there’s another example of that that kind of stuff right so um yeah you want to absolutely make sure you get the fund mentals right like we talked about so things like the phone number placement of the phone number a risk reversal guarantee above the fold why you over everybody else you want to have social proof so it’ll pop up of reviews that have been coming in is a really really great social proof you want to give them the opportunity above the fold to know how to connect with you ask you questions get in the loop with you that also allows you to collect their information and now that you’ve collected their information you can remarket to them you can you can send them you know helpful friendly informative stuff over time your lead list should be 10 times bigger than your customer list one of the ways to get there is making sure that you say hey got any questions let me know you’ve also you also want to make sure that you have a chat feature as well a chat to text type feature um because all of these things help people find you choose you speak to you in the way they want to speak to you even the phone number at the top you can have as dynamically as a call tracking number what we do is we put a number on our clients websites that when they when the customer Rings it it rings their phone in their office but if for any reason it’s not answered that missed call gets a text back right away oh I am so sorry we didn’t weren’t able to answer the phone like during business hours outside of ours you get an answering machine during business hours I’m so sorry we’re seeing all of our lines must have been busy our office staff must have stepped away um how can I help you and that is a text back that then starts a text conversation no different than the chat to text and the pop-up in the bottom corner another way to make sure that you’re right on top of them and engaging with them as well so live chat or chat to text as we say um only five to ten percent of visitors on your website um take action as we said um call fill out a web form 90 of the visitors leave without calling or doing anything we know that we’re in a market when they’re they’re in the market for your services why else would they be on the website so you want to make sure that you give them a way to that they’re comfortable and it’s convenient for them chat and what we have found is that putting a chat on the website will increase the leads by an average of 35 percent so you know if you’re averaging getting 10 leads a month from your website that you can track to that this is now adding three three and a half more 35 three and a half more leads to your website if you’re used to getting 50 leads you’re now getting an extra 15 you’re now getting 65. like all of those leads turn into more work turn into more money for you so why not have it okay so those are some of the main elements one of the things that we like to talk about and we we sometimes we talk about this um in a totally different uh we actually have we can go deep on this in a totally different training at times as well but is the difference between lead generation everything we just talked about is lead generation and then lead nurture how does your website play into the lead nurturing role as well right so here’s why we need to be thinking about this just as a sort of a final wrap up to this conversation is leads that are not followed up with within 5 to 15 minutes go cold or they go to the competitor the average customer must be followed up with five to seven times before they book some people just book right on the spot although let me think about it blah blah blah and there’s this whole thing and when’s the last time you followed up with maybe you called the next day maybe you send them an email um do you have a team that is still talking to them two weeks later right because some people take that much time you just assume they’re going to call you back no no you need to actually be staying in touch with them you need to you need to be continuing that chase in a meaningful and friendly way consumers today prefer um text over and and texting text messaging two-way messaging over phone calls and even email so you

want to make sure that you’ve got some all of the stuff built in so the proven solution is lead marketing automation to follow up with web forms and message chats within two minutes or less phone calls that that don’t get answered get a text back right away and you want to automate that so that they can be touched you know you’re asking them questions you’re following up with text somebody can get back to them but you’re asking them in the meantime can you give me some more information do you want some more information on this or that you can create that that nurturing and then if they if you end up talking to them or they don’t answer the phone or you know down there like your your staff jumps in the next day like they jump in that day didn’t get a hold of them you know there’s a message goes out to them automated the next day and they responded back boom now now you know your staff didn’t have to call them the next day it automatically happens through automation but maybe it’s a week later before they actually get back to you so is there something that triggers them you know hey by the way here’s a job that we’ve just done recently and the great results what do you think of those um if this is something that you’ve been looking for um message me back that kind of idea that could be an email that could be a text message so you should have that level of automation so that you get those five to seven touches so that they can either say you know what I’m not interested right now awesome no worries we’ll keep in touch over you know over the you know the the duration and and you know coming coming weeks and months and if there’s anything we can help you with just let us know and you put them into your Forever long-term follow-up because they’re not interested right now they went with somebody else all of these things are great but they still raise their hand and say guess what I buy carpet cleaning I buy tile cleaning I buy upholstery cleaning I’m one of these people that do that I don’t rent machines I don’t have a Bissell at home I actually buy into this category so why not stay in touch with them why not keep that list going and you need to do that with a with a a a lead list that you can Market directly to and this is what it looks like this is what lead automation this is our tool is called carpet cleaner lead Pro it works for you know again we built it for carpet cleaners and cleaning service business and home service businesses and it’s all of the automation from all of those touch points messenger chats that are coming in and you know ads that are coming in your Facebook ads your Google ads all of that kind of stuff anywhere that anybody can message you all of that your website messaging you know if somebody calls your your your listing and they don’t get the phone answered for any reason then there’s a text conversation started they’ve now been captured all of that kind of stuff and now there’s full automation funnels that you know remind you to give you know to to talk to them that also automatically reach out to them as well and then put them into all of those different nurture sequences and when they pop their head up and go oh yep I actually do have a question boom they go down another Channel all of that lead marketing automation so that you’re constantly in warm friendly communication what does that do I want to show you this so conversion optimization like we talked about optimal housing for conversions but then marketing adding marketing automation is that secret layer um so you’ve got multiple leads coming in from all sources right wherever you’ve got all your marketing you don’t want to have any one marketing channel you’ll have lots of marketing channels this guy is pretty happy up in the top corner here you know that’s winking at us you got 164 leads in a month this is actually one of our clients stats um out of Edmonton 164 leads in a month 30 conversion rate but no follow-ups that’s where they started with us that was average 49 book jobs out of all of their marketing sources right so 164 leads times 30 49 jobs average ticket 325 49 jobs times 325 that’s a 15 16 000 a month Carpet Cleaning company that’s not bad that’s what does that work out to about that’s on the quick 880 000 a year one truck you know we like to say an average truck should do about 200 to 250 000 a year if you’re on a more of a higher end service 180 would be one truck maybe with a helper um that kind of idea not bad right but you leverage something like um carpet cleaner lead Pro to do all that automation for you now the math looks like this your conversion rate goes up to 70 well how does that happen well because these leads so these are the leads these these aren’t just the the website can like this is the people that actually chatted to you that actually um called you that actually started a conversation with you up above only 30 of them turn into customers down below we turned 70 into customers because a we’ve targeted ideal customers and then we’re we’re following up with them five to seven times and Beyond staying in touch maybe a month later two months later they come back all of that is trackable we know exactly where they started with us and we know exactly when they came back into the funnel and that could be three months later six months later could be a week

later but we’re we’re not letting them go cold and there’s no staff member that has to remember to keep that list and call them right so automated follow-up now you’ve got 114 bookings out of that 164 actual live people that raise their hands and said yeah I’m interested in you so at the same dollar per job dollar you’ve got 30 seven thousand dollars a month we’re now at a four hundred thousand dollar a year business all we did differently was put marketing automation behind a good good Marketing System we’ll put marketing automation behind a company that is investing in multiple channels of marketing and now you’ve now you can see that power where you know nineteen thousand dollars and more revenue from the exact same lead flow per month

so hopefully hopefully that impacts you um on why this is such an important topic um making your website the hub for conversions putting all the psychology into it and then adding that one extra layer of marketing automation that’s sort of that next that next Little Secret Sauce that we’re just kind of Dipping our toe into right now and talking a little bit about so but yeah ultimately the key ideas we talked about here today is real and authentic images add video elements video video anywhere you possibly can showcase your online reviews prominently on your home page and around the website showcase testimonials showcase clients stories before and after with a testimonial and you know why you’re in the home like a whole a whole page about it is great um get the basics in order phone number in the upper right ensure that you there is a web form that the customers can fill out you know to ask you any question add credibility with um Authority symbols and stuff like that let them know that you’re accredited and all of those kinds of good things because it has a psychological role update the calls to action on each page to ensure they speak to that customer Avatar you know you know there’s there are client there are companies we work with that that they only work with super high-end people doctors and lawyers and million dollar neighborhoods and all of that kind of stuff and the messaging is all about the finest carpet cleaning and the quality and the wording is entirely different when you’re marketing that crowd as well because it’s it’s a different want and need that they have and you know again even by by and large sometimes even a different education level so you know leaders are readers you want to be tapping into that as well want to leverage offers that match um the page that they’re on you want to leverage offers that match the what the they’re looking for if if in a higher end neighborhood it’s like whole homes of cleaning two and three thousand square feet of carpet and they typically want their Furniture done as well so you know you’re in a multi-million dollar neighborhood with you know around the golf course and stuff like that have have packages and services that talk about that talk about the executive plan right and things like that um and the things that are different about it and how you go about making sure everything’s protected and you do a deeper vacuum first to get rid of the allergens and things like that so you’ve got different equipment than the average person is going to use you use HEPA filters and on like just really go deep on this stuff right um add to a chat to your website and use marketing automation to make sure that your fault constantly following up with your uh your potential customers so so ask yourself from everything you just learned today is your website optimized for conversions do you have all of these things in place is it personalized all over the place is it does it got those psychological principles baked into it all the way down the page all of that kind of stuff right so think about that is that something you know what I’ve always said in our coaching and Consulting that we do is implementation is everything it’s great to have ideas but if you’re not willing to implement them then they were useless right you can you know you can have goals but if you don’t implement the goals they’re meaningless right so implementation is everything so what are you going to implement as a function of today’s webinar pick three items that you’re going to get placed in place in the next 30 days because I guarantee you you put any three of those items in place that we talked about more personalization around the website change the layout of your website um add that marketing automation to your website and you’re going to see the results from that and you’re going to want to do more and you’re going to want to do more because the results come back to you in your bank account the results come back to you with better customers so pick three things right we covered those critical elements to enhanced conversions where to place your phone number symbol of symbols up and then the simple trick to convert your visitors that don’t call on the first visit which is that marketing automation so we covered we covered a lot what are your key takeaways right this is what you need to think about what are you going to implement what did you learn today that you didn’t know already or maybe you knew but you just

needed a refresher right what are you going to take away from this conversation we call what we do the digital dominance method because we’re talking about this all of this in one cohesive unit we do see the website as as the Hub of the whole of the of the whole marketing marketing plan as one of the core pieces because that’s where you place your content that’s where you build your Authority that’s where you share in and out your Social Media stuff there’s a lot of things that happen between the website and the rest of the web for rankings and for maps and all of that kind of stuff so it’s still an integral part even if fewer people show up at a website perhaps because they’ve got other places to go it’s still an integral part of all of your rankings and all that kind of stuff as well so you want to be looking at things like again you start over number one brand definers you’re compelling sales proposition risk reversal guarantee and Logo well that should also be on your website and on your van and on all your marketing material because you’ve designed a company around a theme why you right brand anchors you know conversion focused website we just talked about that personalization hyper local SEO optimization you want to have your website and your Google my business Google business profile it’s called now optimize and working together so citations or just your name your address your phone number all wherever it shows up around the web you need lots of those and you need them in really high quality places you need them in Industry places and in local sites as well so you need to have a citation development plan because that will help you show up more that will help you can you know maximize your your brand Impressions that’s part of that as well right so think of all that your Authority helps your conversions you want to make sure that you’re managing your reputation but you’re also asking all your clients for feedback not just a review 70 to 75 of your clients will leave you feedback about 10 to 15 will write a review go look at your numbers how many reviews do you got how many customers did you clean a service is it 80 or is it closer to 10 15 at best because most people still don’t review well our review is great because it sits in one place when people come to that one place they see that review feedback allows you to you know ask them some survey questions and what they liked and what they’d like to see more of and what they they like you to buy from you now all that kind of stuff you can write really good surveys and then once they’ve completed the survey hey thanks so much I’d really appreciate if you could give us an online review here’s a couple of links you know Facebook and Google and stuff like that or if you’re a Yelp or just go look us up on Yelp and just tell us tell us what you think right you can have that after the fact and you’ll actually get as many if not more reviews on more places than just saying here go give me Google review but you’ll also get feedback that becomes marketing material that you can share out on social media and everywhere in droves you’ll be sharing that out every day because you get that much of it right so all of that kind of stuff is the authority enhancement and then you can Target people that come to your website and leave on Facebook and around the web when they go to the Weather Network and WebMD you can start targeting all these people to come back and but what are you targeting them with well it’s not deals and offers and discounts you’re targeting with your brand Impressions customer testimonials and and things like that you’re talking targeting with those great positive stories that that are out in the marketplace because that’s what they want to see more of so you give them more of that right so that’s our digital dominance method it pulls it all together with visibility and reach and brand and all of that kind of stuff so if any of that makes sense if if anybody is interested um if you’re thinking you know what I have no clue where I stand on any of this stuff we offer a few spots yeah a few spots you know a month it’s a couple a week at best depending on on my schedule um where we’ll actually do a comprehensive marketing audit for free it’s over a thousand dollars worth of value and I we mean that our entire team goes deep in comparing you to your competitors checking out all of your web properties checking out all of the the marketing that you’re doing so you hop on a quick call with arima answer a few questions get some background the team goes to work does a full research um brings it to me you and I meet and we go through it for half an hour or so um sometimes the conversation goes on to an hour because we’re talking about a step-by-step guide what you need to do differently than what you’re doing now what’s working what what pieces you’re missing and how to put that in place right so that is absolutely complimentary service that we provide to the marketplace because of course some people say hey you know what this is great is there any of those pieces you can help with yeah we’ve got a digital agency that can do this and this and this but we also suggest you you you cover this and this and this with your team your staff your you know whatever there’s things that you need to do to run your own business

we can talk about that Synergy between those things or if you’ve already got people that are doing the work for you you’ll now know if they’re doing it right or not you’ll now know what to tell them to do as well so um so we cover all the core issues during these these conversations so anyways if you’re interested in that um there’s an opportunity to connect with us you just go to schedule fill out a quick little form there remember we’ll reach right out to you and try and get to uh some information on you so the team can do the research and help you book a time in um to get on my calendar as well so thanks so much for attending really really appreciate it um there will be a replay uh for and you know if you want to go back and kind of pause and go through the information in more detail if you’ve got any questions at all reach back out to us at any time follow us on social media Instagram Facebook or everywhere so yeah just just jump into our worlds Reach Out say hi if you want a copy of the book you can get it on Amazon hit us up if that’s uh of interest to you and again thanks so much for attending really really appreciate it I’m looking forward to the next time on the next topic and in the meantime take care and happy marketing all right

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