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Part 2 DEEP Dive Into Crafting Your 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners

Are you looking to start a marketing plan for your carpet cleaning business, but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for ways to improve your current marketing strategy? In part two of our recent workshop, we outline some effective marketing strategies that you can use in 2022. We will also provide tips on how to adapt these strategies to fit your specific business. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the industry for a while, I’m sure you will gain some valuable insights!

Topics Discussed:


Discover the latest trends

Discover the latest trends – The Internet marketing space is constantly changing. We will outline the most important trends and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Increase your inbound calls

Increase your inbound calls – We will uncover the proven methods to maximize your call count from customers looking online for your services.

Dominate your local market

Dominate your local market – We will show you how to dominate your local market for the Carpet Cleaning related services in your area.
Audio Transcript:
um so last month we did the um your 2022 internet marketing plan we we talked about uh you know setting goals and all of that kind of stuff and the response we got back was was great the people that we were able to attend live the ones that watched it in replay other people asked some questions wanted to go much deeper and we made a decision that it makes sense to kind of run it twice and just but do it differently like i like actually go through the same slides i’m gonna go through the same presentation but we’re gonna really pause on some of the um the really really important parts that we we had to move over quickly welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast.

a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters. a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry. now we’re now into the new year hopefully you’ve set up your business goals you’ve started to strategize what you’re doing first quarter second quarter third quarter so we’ll talk a little bit about that but more importantly is sort of understanding a lot more about the dynamics of of marketing and how your internet marketing and your offline marketing your client database marketing all the different pieces of marketing that you should be doing are tied together and working working together.

so that’s where we’re going to go kind of deeper in some more of those concepts and how to sort of plan that out ahead of time and create a calendar for yourself and really strategize around that so that if you are working with a a web marketing team or a postcard print marketing team or a cold outreach team and all of these different pieces you’re aligning them all together as well you’re you’re managing that if you don’t have sort of like a a marketing management company involved uh so so that that’s the way to think of what we’re going to be doing here so okay so here’s what we’re going to cover we’re going to cover your setting your 20 um your goals for 2022 uh how many leads you’re trying to target what that means to you how you figure out the math on all of that the three fundamentals of marketing success things about optimizing your website for 2022 and beyond because a lot has changed in well even just during the pandemic a lot has changed about people how people interact.

if you guys remember way back you know if you’re in business back in the recession 2009 10 um area i guess late 2008 then 9 and 10 before we kind of pulled ourselves really out of it um interestingly a lot of things changed then as well so prior to that yellow pages were huge coming out of that people started upping their yellow page budgets again and realized the results weren’t there especially service businesses and the reason why is that obviously in that period of time consumers moved away from that type of platform for their for their for their um messaging and for their for the marketing and they ended up uh on digital devices because we we expanded how powerful digital devices were our cell phones became more important our tablets you know showed up and stuff like that.

every grandparent ended up with a tablet so they could flip through and see their grandchildren’s pictures and things like that on facebook and stuff so it became more of a medium for for communication than things like yellow pages yellow pages didn’t figure that out for another five or six years and still tried to sell you but we knew as marketers that there had been a massive shift well there’s a massive shift going on right now as well we’ll talk about that as well so big picture of online marketing channels you should be tapping into to maximize lead flow it’s it’s no longer a one and done kind of thing latest trends things like that um and we got a 2021 right there well that should be 2022 so and stuff like that so all i ask is that we’re gonna try and get this through these um this webinar in an hour um roughly an hour hour and 15 minutes at the most might be a little bit quicker for cutting a few pieces out.

but uh turn off your cell phones turn off your facebook plan to take lots of notes um and stuff like that and we’ll go from there so and if you stay to the end there’s going to be some bonuses for you so it’s always it’s always valuable to stay through the end of these things and engage so if you do stay to the end uh we do have a checklist again carpet cleaner businesses but it works for any business what are you doing online where are you what are you thinking through what how is your website working how is your um outreach working how’s your marketing working we also include a full 87-page guide i wrote on exactly how to understand google my business how to set it up how to work on it they’ve changed their name now to google google business profile um you know it’s a reason for a lot of people to send out emails and stuff like that not much has changed on the back end they’ve just they’re rebranding a little bit there’s there’s some minor changes making things a little bit simpler but it’s the same idea of being able to try and show up in the three pack for the keywords that people are typing in for your services is still important and it’s not just one keyword so in carpet cleaning it’s not just carpet cleaners near me um what about rug cleaners upholstery cleaners uh all those other services and there’s about you know we find that there’s probably about 15 to 25 different keywords that pop up.

um a google maps listing when somebody’s doing a google search um for a term so we’ll talk a little bit about that as well but you can there’s a free guide for that how to optimize your website and a whole bunch of information on the way your way you should look at your website and know that is it optimized for conversions or does it just look pretty and does it is it working at all for you and there’s ways to go through that so so who am i so for any of you who’s on the call who don’t know who i am um career business owner since i was in high school 1990 89 90 was when uh my last year in high school and um i i i started a business um just on a whim because uh i did a project for a business class and uh wrote a thesis and an executive summary had to learn all about that for getting a loan to start a business um and marketing projections and all of that kind of great stuff so it’s a good good you know senior year business course took it to the bank that was for bonus marks uh my partner scott and i took it to the bank and um the bank manager actually sat down with us not being not not one of the small business account managers and before we left his office we just had to present it um again for bonus marks and he said if you guys want to do this i’ll give you the money and he handed us the loan money with literally no credit and just being kids to buy vans and ladders and all to run a window cleaning business so we ditched our summer jobs ran a window cleaning business and actually turned into a with employees and everything else like that over the next couple of years scott went off to college um i started other businesses and uh and started a janitorial company and then carpet cleaning companies and over the years i’ve bought built and sold all of those types of companies.

so and you know in that process i’ve had to learn how to market properly so marketing became that one hat that you need to keep on your head you don’t have to be the one doing it all but you have to be the one that understands the strategy of what you’re trying to do understand your messaging and that’s what we’re going to talk about here today as well so understanding the changing framework and how to engage with people that can help you do the marketing as well so you can always hire a manager to manage your employees you can always hire you know front-end staff to deal with your customers you can always do all of that kind of stuff and you know kind of elevate yourself to the the entrepreneur working on your business not in it the the famous michael gerber quote but if you the marketing is that one hat if you listen to dan kennedy or any of these people um that you should never really take off because that’s what you need to invest a lot of your time money and attention into because most people do me too marketing they see what everybody else does and they do the same thing i’ve heard other people call it marketing incest oh that’s a great yellow page ad oh that’s a great website oh that’s a great this let’s let’s copy that but is it working do you even know how to monitor that you know what kind of metric do any psychology that needs to be involved so that’s all the stuff that i’ve been teaching and training on for a couple of decades now been flown around the world um to teach at elite retreats you know like on the island of samoa stuff like i’ve taught and you know on the stage in vegas and and other places as well and done a lot of presentations for a local chamber of commerce used to do a monthly presentation on them about reputation and reviews back like seven eight years ago when nobody was talking about it because i realized how important that was so um just recently sold my last service business with employees uh so that was in in the middle of a pandemic and sold it for multiple times more than anybody else gets for that size of business um so a two truck operation half a million dollars and it’s based on the fact that that’s the value the banks were quite willing to hand the buyer.

uh the money based on the history of the company and the fact that we’re our dominant market position and stuff like that so so there’s ways to j to build a company from here to there over time and that’s what we’re going to talk about so um here’s just some you know again it’s it’s a slide in there but there’s some of our clients they’ve given us testimonials um still need to get one from you mr wiley on here but um ultimately what we do is we help make our clients the top and again carpet cleaning if you’re not in carpet cleaning put your brand or your niche in there um brand in the local marketplace so that you do attract the best clients you can charge the top breaks and you’re booked out weeks in advance you’re seen as the authority and the obvious expert so um so i guess we talk about what is the you know the hardest part about marketing your business online and that’s kind of a rhetorical question i don’t necessarily need to put it in the chat right now but what i do want you to do is go to this link right here 2022 work dash workbook so if you can go to that link right now um you don’t need to work through it right now but if you just copy that even just take a screenshot and go back to it later what i’ll show you what it what where you’re going to go to if i can open that screen right there so you’re going to get this this workbook here and um it’s 18 pages we’re going to go through some of the stuff we’re talking about on the slide here but it’s also some things that you can do to work through some questions to answer fundamentals to think about um things about deciding your target avatar and then what kind of messaging you’re going to do.

so we’re going to skip through some of that today we talked a lot about that on the last webinar you can find on our website just to go to and then just go look at the podcast area there’s below that you’ll see the webinars or even in our blog we kind of link them in a couple different places but you’re going to get that workbook and it’s just going to be helpful not during the call necessarily just take notes on a notepad right now but it’s going to definitely definitely be helpful but ultimately the answer is you know like why do you need to set goals why do you need to strategize why do you need to plan your marketing that’s what we’re talking about there’s so many options it’s unclear to where to spend your budget if you don’t have a plan ahead of time then when that that advertiser walks in from you know metro land media or whatever the yellow pages used to be called and now they say that they’re doing digital marketing um and or they’ve got this really great postcard strategy or they’ve got this really great geo fencing strategy and stuff like that and you don’t know what you’re doing you don’t have a clear plan in place you don’t have yourself organized you don’t know if that fits into your bud your budget and or your your your your planning at all so there’s everything from seo ppc website social this is all the online kind of stuff that that you need to be you know considering and thinking about but again what we’d like to talk about as well is there’s a lot of offline stuff that you need to be considering as well so um it really is a cohesive picture gone are the days where you can just do one thing.

you know back in the day i used to spend five to seven thousand dollars a month on yellow pages why because 90 of our new clients came through the yellow pages and our yellow page ads were never you know our name our business name and our phone number at the top that was always very small and at the bottom good marketing taught me that the yellow the the headline of the page was the promise to the customer why we’re different than everybody else and then we guarantee that in the great guarantee my face on it determined letting people know i back this guarantee and if you have any problems you’re going to talk to me the business owner um because i guarantee the work we’re doing and we’re different here’s all the stuff that we’re going to do differently and then now if you want to get a hold of us here’s our phone number and here’s our name it’s you know that kind of idea so um it’s yellow pages still generated a lot of your new leads but that didn’t mean you stopped reaching out to all of the other possible referral and lead sources and things like that and marketing your database to get those customers back and all of these kinds of things so what it all looks like nowadays um you’ll get a copy of this in the in the report but um you can also take a screen capture of this if you want but for carpet cleaners in general and i mean a lot of other businesses i’ll keep saying that sort of like this isn’t just for carpet cleaners but it’s just i mean we put that in the heading because that’s who you know we’re talking a lot to but

is you you need to have a lot of lines in the water if i had a picture right here it’d be a picture of a fisherman with like 10 rods around all different lines in the water if you’ve got one line in the water you’re catching one fish if you’ve got 10 lines in the water you have the potential of catching 10 fish right so you’re giving yourself way more opportunity and the businesses that grow become successful become omnipresent and they just take over a marketplace if they do that because they’re not just doing one thing in one area so i do talk to a lot of carpet cleaners that kind of jumped on the facebook ad and bandwagon and whatever company they’re using or doing it themselves they’ve got a lot of facebook ads going out and i asked them well what else do you do what other marketing do you do do you mail your database do you do this do you do that no not really just facebook so if facebook changes their platform they get sued for something the government shuts them down they change the way they can advertise they up their rates anything like that and you’ve just damaged your entire business because you haven’t built the base you haven’t built the foundation and you don’t have multiple lines in the water where if this one doesn’t isn’t producing quite as well this month this one’s producing well and you’ve got ones that are the long-term plays that are starting to build over time so what i need you to really really think about is um where are you getting yourleads from paid leads are always going to be your most expensive but it doesn’t mean you throw you you throw them out and poo poo them and say ah i don’t want paid leads then because they’re

expensive no it’s just part of the mix think of this always as a slot machine you know you’re in vegas if you put a dollar in and you pull the handle and you get three dollars out and you put a dollar in you get three dollars every time you put your dollar in you’re gonna get three dollars out you’ve got one of those broken lucky machines are you gonna stop putting a dollar in right if some of the other another machine you know you put a dollar in and you get five dollars out well why not put a dollar in both now you got three out of this one and five out of that one don’t keep thinking oh let me jump to the next machine you know if there’s a way that you can jump across all of them and you know that kind of idea so the analogy breaks down when we start talking about 10 and 20 machines but you get the point so you need to be running some sort of paid ad campaign um if your competitors are if it’s dialed in if it’s targeted well facebook is a great one but think of facebook as a disruptive campaign so they weren’t looking for you they didn’t go searching for you know the service you provide you know a good facebook marketer like rima on the call here that’s one of the the areas of our company that she also she handles is she she deals with our clients and setting up their facebook ads and and managing all of those kinds of things and um it’s it’s it’s about dialing in the right audience it’s about dialing in the right offer it’s about dialing in the right creatives it’s about changing things up it’s about watching metrics good marketing a b split testing when things start to slow down a little bit is what are the strategies to jump and and try something else because

things change all the time sometimes the audience gets saturated things like that it’s a matter of watching all of that and understanding that so facebook ads but they’re disruptive they showed up in somebody’s news feed and uh and wherever you decide to place them and they weren’t asking for it they didn’t so you’re going to get a lot of impressions the billboard effect but you’re going to get you know some people kicking the tire a little bit or kicking the ball down okay yeah maybe i’m interested in that google ads for example are targeted the only time somebody’s going to see a google pay-per-click ad or a google local service ad is if um if they typed a keyword search term in but there’s even ways around paid ads to deal with that you can take you can take those people that typed in a search term they’re looking for carpet cleaners near me they’re looking for a sign shop near me things like that and you can you can get that list and because google owns youtube and things like that you can actually have a really cool video that runs pre-roll for um when they’re going to watch the silly cat video or whatever whatever it is they watch on on youtube you don’t you don’t have to be targeting the youtube channel of you know something in the sign industry the carpet industry you name it the chiropractic industry you can be targeting people that searched over on google as well within the google paid ads platform as well instagrams and things like that all work that way so that’s how we’re talking about youtube and instagram and facebook and google and bing all of that is it’s part of your paid platform it’s your highest priced clients but if you’ve priced leads but if you do have a good client conversion rate if you’ve got a good

script if you’ve got a good you know back-end metrics you’ve got repeat and referral programs then yeah like i’ve had no problem paying par even like literally not making a dime off of new clients just to have them repeat and refer so um there’s a period time where we spent seventy thousand
dollars opening up a new market seventy thousand dollars over the per year over the period of a year or two just running back in the day flyer drops when flyers work um in very targeted neighborhoods flyer drops and we generated the first year just over 75 000 in in actual work but we bought ourselves over a thousand new clients right so or i think it’s 1200 or something like that um new clients that we now marketed to the next year all of those clients say 50 of them come back and reclaim for the price of a postage stamp a month and a mailing campaign so two years of that built up the marketplace on top of everything else we’re doing we had a great reputation all that stuff jive together and now you you expanded into a new market because you you’re able to find that so that’s the kind of the way to think of stuff as well google maps and google rankings really important so anywhere near your location if you’re a service area business where you travel from your house or office shop that people can’t come to out to them then you have to set it up where you don’t show the address if you’re a physical location you show the address but google knows your address either way and it’s going to basically is proximity based and then a whole bunch of other metrics so you want to make sure that you’re ranking well

for the your immediate area one mile two miles five miles the most you can probably influence is about seven miles depending on your competitors and how active your your marketing is but that’s that circle radius around where you are if you put do everything right get good reviews and review velocity and things like that and and have your website set up right and have google posts and have all these other things that are in that google guide you’ll get at the end um you can start influencing a wider and wider range and try and move up into that three pack for more and more terms but it’s a great place to get leads and it’s just it’s just an activity-based thing you just gotta connect the right dots and let google see that you’re more of an authority than the other guy below you and you keep moving up so and then if you want to expand into another town you’re some people just buy like rent a shop 500 bucks 800 bucks a thousand bucks a month maybe just the warehouse behind something and actually set up a separate location because anytime you play the funny games of faking it you always run the risk of google not only deleting that listing but deleting your other listing as well because now they realize you’ve been gaming them so if they figure it out and a competitor could blow the whistle on you or anything like that um you run a risk so it’s always better to do it more legitimately organic rankings still matter and i’ll talk about that a little bit later as well you need to be ranking for blogs and articles and content your website has to rank it’s the longest play um it used to be that within six to nine months you can start ranking your website google now has at least a nine month sandbox it appears so that even if you would be ranking really well they

kind of hold your rankings back you’re only on page two and page three for some of your your terms even after all that effort because they want to see if you’re legit and gonna stick around and then and you’re an authority um and if you are you bounce up so and then it’s just a matter of expanding that so organic rankings get people in the readers love to read your content so social outreach online facebook groups online other groups um joining linkedin groups and stuff like that local business groups and stuff like that and just being active people are going to ping back and go who is this what do they do and always you know just make sure your profile links them back to your business and so you’re not interacting as your business you’re interacting as yourself on a lot of these groups but be active there that’s another spot um local awareness campaigns so not this is billboard stuff so not trying to get a lead but making sure that your ideal target market knows about you and some of the great work you
do so case studies before and afters things like that done well we like to link those back to a full page on your website where we’ve told a whole case study of the pet year and you got out or the you know the great service you’ve helped somebody’s problem you give us that info we build the page we create the social media content if you give us a budget we’ll we’ll start marketing that we’re only talking like five bucks a day um to to promote a page like that that talks all about your services and targeting people so um display ads can do that as well some you know so um that’s there’s something called retargeting somebody comes your website you pixel them when they go around the web they go to martha

stewart they go to cnn they go to people they go to anywhere else you think of and if there’s ads on those pages weather networks stuff like that your ad shows up because they landed on your website that’s retargeting everybody should be doing that display ads are where you take your ideal client profile and you let the ad networks all in the geo area you want to target some people call it geofencing and stuff like that but in the geo era you want to target you just let them see that billboard ad as they’re working around the web um you want them to you know you want to try and influence people that have um you know a potential of using you so there’s there’s ways that we would buy in-market data people that have been looking for certain things um over the last month or two in their you know on their ad id like every computer is being tracked so um don’t think it’s not and there’s ways to get in front of that audience there’s ways you can target specific websites or specific intent things like that but all you’re trying to do is just blank it like 20 30 40 50 000 impressions a month you’ll get 100 200 clicks back to your website they’ll get retargeted and at least you’ve got a little activity but you’re you’re letting them know radio still works once you get big enough you’ll hear the the biggest and best companies in your marketplace whether it’s the plumber whether it’s the stereo shop whether it’s you you name it um we’ll do radio ads when they get big enough because it’s just a way to keep that momentum going keep that brand awareness they have to have all the other pieces in place but it’s just another place and i’ll show you it sounds like a lot but i’ll show you how you figure that out with your budget as well direct mail still works mailboxes are more empty

than they ever been before you stand out a lot more so mailing your own clients are great and there’s a bunch of stuff we can talk about as well active repeat and and referral programs active versus versus passive very very important so you can say yeah i get a lot of referral business or i get a lot of repeat customers great did you do anything to make that happen nope i just got lucky okay you might always might not always get lucky you might find another marketer jumps into the marketplace and steals that client because you haven’t influenced them you haven’t nurtured them well enough from lead to customer from customer to repeat customer from repeat customer to referral source you have not nurtured that lead well enough and if you don’t nurture them well enough you’ve got somebody else who jumps into a marketplace and especially nowadays you know younger kids understand they’ve spent the last five six seven years streaming on twitch every video game they’ve played um they all want to be youtube influencers well what if that guy becomes a carpet cleaner i tell the story i know a fellow a town away a town of 30 000 people nick and he set up a snow removal service and he’s doing between five and six hundred thousand dollars a year in snow removal in a very small town and it was all because he just started doing youtube videos he just started going live on facebook and youtube and hey it’s nick here i’m out you know out shoveling snow today or whatever and he used backhoes where they can pull into driveways none of it’s or very little but it’s commercial it’s all residential so just little small driveways puts his little tractor in there and within no time he’s got multiple tractors he’s got um

team members and stuff like that he just goes around and sort of manages the work but he’s always he’s always streaming so even with a crappy website at the time even with all of the other stuff wrong he you know he walked into the bar you know he’s a 19 year old kid walks into the bar hey there’s nick i watch your videos blah blah blah all that kind of stuff he’s he’s made those connections that grew the business and that could happen to any of us where somebody just jumps in and if you don’t have the right marketing mix in place their one little play in the right influencer category could grab your clients because you’re not active so think of those things um jv’s and strategic partners always been big part of our strategy um in every business i’ve ever run so in in the carpet cleaning industry flooring stores for sure um have your spot remover in the flooring store make friends with the the owner of the of the flooring store um clean his house for free won’t you want to meet them you want to take them out for lunch whatever restrictions are being lifted you know less worry nowadays do those kinds of things but definitely walk in if you’re not going to take them out for lunch at least walk in make that conversation and every you know plan to walk in once a month you want to be their carpet cleaning guy you want every time somebody goes hey i just replaced you know half my house with hardwood floor but the other half’s got carpet and i just need somebody to clean it who are they asking they’re asking the company that just replaced half the house with hardwood floor or tile or whatever who do i get to clean my bedrooms and hallway and stairs and rec room or whatever well they’re referring people all the time most of

the time they don’t even want a kickback or anything like that all they want to know is either a discount for their client which is a great in or more importantly just somebody reputable to hand to to to to um influence or to give out that that review so actually i’m going to go back a little bit there’s a few more there i wanted to show so real estate agents interior designers all those people you hit up um i used to i always tell the story that one of the things that we just started is um one of our clients was a mercedes dealership started to realize that a lot of our clients had two um this is just part of my customer avatar we realized that our clients were had two car garages and um a lot of our clients had mercedes or bmws so we were a higher-end cleaning service we hundreds of competitors in our marketplace so we carved ourselves out as being more expensive but way better and that that hit a certain crowd the golf course crowd the people that live around the golf courses and stuff like that and all of that stuff so we’re cleaning their their facility and um and kind of came up with the ideas like hey your customers are our customers sent the the general manager a message and said hey how’d you like your next cleaning on us for free i’ll pay for it and yeah what’s yeah what’s that all about i said well your customers are my customers if you don’t mind i’ll write the letter i’ll pay for the printing i’ll pay for the postage but it’ll come from you just saying hey you know blah blah whatever you want to promote whatever you want to talk about you know in that letter but by the way we use

this company in our office i use them personally in my home they’re great um and i talk the owner john into a deal um that any of our our people have bought cars from us anybody on a dollar list they can get a really a really great price from this great company give them a call find out what they do way before the days of reviews and online nowadays we’d say check their reviews out online they’re amazing those kinds of things and yeah we did that with them we did that with um started doing that with chiropractors started anybody that we had a regular cleaning service with just wouldn’t say hey how’d you like your next cleaning for free or how did you like you know upcoming ones at half price whatever you can always make that offer that’s a strategic partner you need to be actively seeking those and you do that by having a great reputation great reviews a great online presence because when you walk in that door the first time you call them the first time they’re gonna go who’s this guy who’s this chump i don’t trust them so you want to clean for them for free and you also want to uh have to say hey don’t take my word for it go check us out online but i definitely love to come to your home and and provide some services so you see what we do we have a really unique way of doing it here’s our unique sales proposition why we’re different than everybody else here’s my unique guarantee risk reversal guarantee why i’m different than everybody else i want to show you and prove that to you my team’s going to be showing up they’re going to be wearing booties they’re going to roll out the red carpet they’re going to do all those things great so that when you refer me to your family or your friends your customers all that kind of stuff um you’re you know they’re going to get a great a

great uh experience and if there’s anything they’re not happy with risk reversal guarantee um we’re going to go back and reclaim it no questions asked if they’re still not happy we’re going to give their money back because we don’t want unhappy customers sounds scary i will talk i talk every one of our clients who become clients of ours why your risk reverse guarantee is more of a benefit the scarier it is um to your company you’ll get way more jobs than you’ll ever get those people that will take advantage of you so talk about that your website needs to be set up for conversions we’re going to talk about this a little bit as well you need to be on all the online directories some people do go to yelp some people do go to angie’s list some people do go to any of the 150 directories local directories secondary industry directories national directories the people go there some people have them bookmarked on their phones some people sometimes they connect with others you need to be on all of them and it also helps your google listing google looks around the web and goes this guy’s got the same name address phone number everything’s exact everywhere we look that’s one of those ranking factors that moves you up as well neighborhood marketing big big big one as well so in our industry um you need an a-frame like i mean this is just a given you need to have a nice well-made solid could be plastic could be wood not too heavy a-frame when your technicians pull onto a street at the very end of the street the house is going to be down the road somewhere you need them to put the a-frame at the end of the street just

like the real estate agents do pointing down we’re beautifying a local neighbor’s home down here um call for details on how we can do it for you something like that and then in the in the actual house you’re going to put a yard sign and pull your truck in your truck becomes a billboard the yard sign becomes a billboard neighbors look out the door they’re going to take pictures of it they’re going to google it they’re going to see if you’re any good all that kind of stuff they know the neighbor they’re going to walk over and ask later if they’re interested things like that you need to be building that local presence and then when you go to leave you tell the customer um hey i’ll give you this free bottle of spot remover you know that’s refillable for life every you know whatever blah blah blah um if it’s okay i’ll give you one of these for free if you let me leave the um the yard sign just just the little plastic yard sign the little could be those bags over the wire kind of yards um in you know in the yard for a couple days uh you guys can take it down and um dispose of it you know or give us a call we’ll come back and pick it up whatever but if you don’t mind leaving it there for the for you know the next week or until you cut the grass if it’s that kind of thing um yeah i’ll give you this free bottle of spotter 99 percent of your clients will go yep that sounds a great deal you hand them free spotty which you were going to give them anyways um and even if they say no you say yeah okay no i get it no worries tell you what i’ll leave you a bottle spotter anyways just as my gift to you he’s still building friends but you’ve now got you know that all of that local marketing and then you do the door

hangers you go not five around five doors on um to the left of the house walk across the street do the um 10 across the street come back and 5 to your customers home hop in your van and drive away that’s what your technicians should be doing on every job and you as a owner if you’ve got technicians there police this drive around every now check go to go to a neighbor you know that they’ve moved on to the next job go back and make sure they’re door hangers they’re around like just just double check if the person says no soliciting i’ve got one of those signs on the door that’s fine um but just just double check you know go govern that well and the results will will prove themselves so and then so it’s it’s a matter of thinking if you’re not in carpet cleaning industry what are things you can do in your industry that are similar what are what are ways that you can deal with that you go and um like sign shop i as i said um uh john’s on the call right now sign shop so you you do great work for um a plumbing company that is in this industrial park obviously targeting every single one of the other services and trades hey we just did a whole bunch of we just did this great project for this this great company over here i’m sure you’ve seen the vans driving around now they look really sharp here’s some pictures of it um we’d love to give you some uh input on how to upgrade your your fleet as well and be your sign shop things like that it’s still the five around the 20 around but it’s just done in a slightly different way so postcards as well geotargeting so think of those golf course eighborhoods you can now do a mix so you can set up with a postcard company every door mail and say hey here’s the neighborhoods i want to drop my offers off at like you know whatever

that is and you can engage with us or anybody else a digital media company that understands how to do geo-targeting and say hey i’m running the postcards they’re going to be delivered from you know january 15th to the 20th that’s the window they’re going to be dropped okay so starting at january 10th we’re going to geotarget just that neighborhood exactly the same places they’re going to get the postcards or or whatever and we’re going to run display ads back to this display ads thing over here just in that neighborhood with that offer and that image and and start impressing upon they just saw in their mailbox but they’ve been seeing it around their web that’s kind of weird and then they got it in the mailbox and then for a week afterwards they’ll still see it so for like sort of like that you know that takes some five days to drop it off you’re gonna do a two a two to three week campaign of geo-targeted online ads to to cover your your postcard ads so these types of things work when you when you piece them all together because it’s part of the you know that might be you know may is area rug awareness month june is allergy awareness month july is you know pet urine awareness month you name it things like that you’re going to target you’re going to set up your calendar and we’ll go through that a little bit as well and then you start to want to start building your your authority you really need to have um we’re in a world now where video is just essential um we create videos for our clients um using tools and things like that but we do really recommend that you also give us some video content um and we can even teach you hop on a zoom call

you know share screens have you record we will record your side of it there’s different ways to teach you and help you create some videos but you need some of really good how-to content your website needs to be about you so you need to have all of that kind of stuff helpful articles again we write an article a week for for our seo clients um and a press release once a month that’s helpful we don’t write it about hey call us hire us here’s why we’re the best nope here’s how to take care of this this problem in your home here’s how to take care of this this this this issue here’s how here’s the you know the 10 reasons why the bubba all all targeting things that you are and they’re written by you as an expert so things like that really help um build your brand and credibility charity events um having booths set up giving away stuff and taking pictures and social media realizing that that’s all part of it it’s not just doing one thing it’s doing all of it so you’ll never do all of it all at once this is you know what i’ve just given you here is a fire hydrant of you know how am i ever going to do all of this john the answer is what we’re going to talk about set a plan and put a couple of them in place get them really well locked in i call them locked and loaded so that it’s automated it’s very very little of your time a lot of your time to get it set up very little of your time to monitor manage and implement and then now you’ve got you freed up time to do an another one we always say use the rule of threes there’s magic in the num in the number three um and you’re gonna you’re gonna need to put three in place so you’re gonna have marketing pieces and campaigns and if it takes you a week a month

a quarter to get all three done that’s fine just get those all three in place before you move on to the next three and we do really strongly suggest as well you think of your business in threes your business is outreach before the sale branding awareness um visibility where are you being found uh and then the next is the service delivery as they’re actually engaging that’s an entirely separate part of your business now what’s that look like once they walk in the door they become a customer they call you what’s the phone like what are the scripts like what are the on hold messages like think of all of it how do you manage that to build a great experience and then after the sale what’s the follow-up what’s the referral program what’s the uh um you know repeat program how are you managing the after the sale as well think of each business each part of your business as a distinct separate entity and because big corporations those are separate entirely separate departments just because we’re small businesses doesn’t mean we can’t think the same way so think of them and strategically and i always say if you’re doing like implement three strategies implement one in each category so one before the sale marketing one during the sale um marketing event whether whatever that is if that’s getting uniforms and booties and things like that and really upgrading that that’s the the goal for this period and one after your follow-up once all three are in place and working beautifully start again one one one all the way across so hopefully that’s helpful if you guys find that you know again i spent a little bit longer in this this time this was one of the things that i got a lot of questions on was what do you mean all these different strategies um so i wanted to pause on

this one a little bit more for this call and kind of skip over some of the goal planning as we get going forward so just put in the chat if this is helpful to see how how it all kind of needs to be playing together cool okay yo got a couple ones uh some of you guys might be asleep sorry about that trying to wake you up here with asking a question but yeah thanks craig yeah um great so so let’s let’s move on we know it’s a major investment in marketing but how much and do you have something to show for it and do you know how to gauge roi um sometimes customers say hey john i’m not seeing a ton of roi from our our seo and it’s like okay but it’s you’re three months in four months in again you might be in a sandbox for nine months that shouldn’t be your only strategy seo means that you’re starting to rank you’re trying to move up from spot 15 to spot 12 to spot you know six in the google maps and eventually hit the three pack and then other terms and other terms and that takes a lot of influencing um and your website needs to start ranking for more and more terms you can’t do that all at once and if you try to do it all once google will ban you because they see you being spammy so um so yeah and yeah by all means craig if you want to message rima we can hop on a call and go deep with any of these points individually that you’re you’re thinking of as well um because yeah there is a lot of strategy and i do provide anybody who’s on one of these uh webinars if you want to jump on a call with with me i charge 497 an hour for my consulting when i’m when i’m called in to consult um anybody jumps one of these calls can hop on one

of those hour calls with me um complimentary um so as long as there’s time in my schedule there’s not a lot of openings per week but if you can grab one then um we’ll do a bunch of research ahead of time talk about what you want to talk about and really help you set up a plan so you know anyways um so yeah do you have what do you have to show for so as i was mentioning seo takes a long time so you never want to just pause on an seo strategy saying hey all i want is seo unless you’re willing to put in the work like if you’re brand new or your website has nothing going for it first is writing content that’s seo optimizes doing all the coding and stuff like that and then it’s creating new content every week and then it’s creating google my business posts that link back to your website that’s creating social posts that link back to your website it’s creating backlinks it’s creating press releases once a month that that are syndicated out to 20 30 40 news sites that all create signals back and over time you’re influencing google more than your competitors are and you start moving up for those terms so the best way to think of any piece of marketing is paid when you pay for it to be put in front it’s your most expensive but you can show up as soon as the ad goes live but you’re paying for it as soon as you stop paying for it it disappears um seo building up a community on social media that you can outreach to and and things like that building up community and assets that you can sell when you go to sell your business for way more than your competitors can you’re never selling your business for the price of your equipment you’re selling your business for the value of the revenue and client database goodwill that you jet you’ve built your your position in

the community and it’s very easy to talk bankers and stuff if you’ve got the right presentation they understand that where they only want to assign value to the equipment i always tell them the equipment’s useless yeah any business i’ve sold the equipment’s useless the vehicles are leased um the equipment has a five-year lifespan before we’re pasting it together and keeping it looking great it’s useless i don’t care about the equipment that’s there’s no value in the equipment the value is in the database and the people calling and the referrals and the network you’ve built so that’s
the group best way to think of your business in when you’re going to sell it that’s the best way to think of building your business so you never want to say well seo doesn’t work because it takes a long time to grow no it’s just what percentage of your budget goes towards it determines how long it takes but that’s the asset you’re building over time just like reviews you don’t want to get 200 reviews next month and then none again google’s going to see that and go that’s funny and you’re not you’re going to get demoted you want to have review velocity coming in that’s maybe if the industry is averaging two or three you average two or three or four right the whole idea is all of this stuff means that you’re putting your your shorts on you’re putting your shirt on you’re you’re getting a nice pair of um sakoni running shoes you’re tying up your shoes you’re getting to the starting line and your competitors are already running the race you’re just trying to run slightly quicker pace to catch up and then pass them and every little bit of marketing is slightly different google my business you might have some competitors that are are

really good and really savvy and you may be able to get neck and neck with them but you may never not be able to pass them any time soon but in other marketplaces your competitors suck and you could sprint past them pretty quickly so and other you know other uh avenues as well so we’ve kind of talked about how this all pulls together so the opportunity is clear um so you want to generate enough leads to hit your targets and keep your trucks running you want to have a great return on your investment over time that’s that’s what we’re talking about there and in fact actually one of the slides that we kind of jumped over a little bit was that wheel that that wheel that we we talked about it is in the guide probably easiest way to find it for you is right here this one right here so this is our digital dominance method it’s built out of years and years and years of consulting offline online it’s actually more than just digital dominance but we talk about email marketing monthly mail newsletters um things like that staying in regular promotions and offers staying in touch with your database staying in touch with your um uh your referral partners every single month there’s ways to do that meaningfully so they feel valued but it starts with what’s why you compelling usp risk reversal guarantee engaging logo great branding personalization we’re going to talk about as well because people don’t the people want to buy from you that’s why way back 20 years ago every yellow page ad had my face in it right i wasn’t the guy that showed up i mean i was in the truck for a year and a half and said screw this i want to build a bigger business and i can’t while i’m in the

truck and i hired employees learned that and learned marketing so but my face was always on everything and as you can see even with carpet cleaner marketing masters we’ve got a huge team my face is on everything because i stand behind the work we do and that’s important so it’s personalized that way as well so and then you get into authority management and visibility um where are you being seen so it’s about putting all the pieces together finding out what you currently have that’s working and that is good that it does check off these boxes and filling in the gaps and coming up with that plan so we talked about i’m going to skip through the goals but you know you do definitely need to sell set clear goals this is a picture of a there’s no wind in the sails um if you’ve got no momentum you’ve got no wind of the sails you can’t you can’t adjust course you try and go that direction or this direction but you’re not even moving it’s not going to happen so with clear goals you’ve got wind in your sails you know you’ve got a goal you know where you’re targeting now you can adjust now you can say hey i’ve got this goal in mind are these strategies getting me closer incrementally are they longer term strategies are the short-term state which ones am i going to put in place so um this is just about the goal study we’ll skip past it but basically setting goals have proven that you can out earn anybody who doesn’t set goals and that was harvard studies and stuff that did that um so you want one year quarterly and monthly goals gone are the days of 10-year goals and five-year goals what’s your goal for this year you can have a three-year goal i’ve heard that’s still relevant but the world changes way

too fast on this right now what if in three years the entire somebody invents something brand new that the actu you know the average consumer can you know actually clean their home properly you know on their own or something silly like or plugged into the house is a you know like a roomba but it actually does carpet cleaning or you name it right there’s you know we don’t know their technology is changing all the time everything industry is changing all the time right so um but you can set a one-year goal for sure you can plan what’s going to happen this year um and then quarterly goals okay how how many of those things are going to be able to implement and then monthly goals what’s this month’s topic what’s the push this month what’s the sprint think of 90 day sprints 30 day sprints and 12 months sprints think of it that are combining the sprints together into a 12-month plan so you need to know what’s your revenue target how much is that monthly how many calls will that require and hat’s your average transaction value what is your average conversion rate from caller to booked calls you need to know all these we do have these questions in the guide so i’m flipping through this pretty quickly but what i do want to do is i want to pause on here so again take a screenshot of this this is yours to keep you can make a copy but i’m going to bounce over it and just show you how this spreadsheet works this was something we kept really private and only worked with our clients on as part of our um like once you came on as a client okay let’s let’s tear apart your business and figure out the part that we’re helping you with the part i’m just going to help you as a guy i’m going to consult you you know guide a guy guy to

gal here’s here’s what you need to do here’s from massive 30 years of experience marketing and learning this stuff and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in myself and working with corporate companies all the way down to individual you know one truck operations and for years this is this there’s there’s a breakdown so i’m going to help you and this is something internally that we used to to share out so when you go there you’re going to end up on this screen right here so we showed this in the last webinar but we could talk a little bit deeper about it now because we got a little bit more time just to deal with this stuff um so for example what is your annual revenue target right so what’s the goal so the year’s just done what did you do last year like you know we’ve got big numbers here like you know 450 000 is either gonna be a two to five truck operation depending on your price points and your market and your competitors and it really does relate to that you want to be pushing the competitors you want to be better than the competitors to carve out a proper niche but you might have to grow to that point if you’re a discount guy right now you need to you might have to move up a little bit you might have to you know take a little bit of you know time to do that but what is the goal so say for example um anything with the arrow on it you’re going to change so all you do is go up here go file this is just a view only right now make a copy make a copy of your own it becomes yours just name it it’s going to name it copy just name it yours your business name keep it in your google drive and you can come back to

this anytime you want but say for example yeah so a company that’s running a couple trucks and they did 350 000 in 2021 and their goal is to add a hundred thousand dollars aggressive goal okay well how are you going to do it let’s figure this out so this automatically tells us that that’s thirty seven thousand five hundred a month we know there’s fluctuations some months are bigger than others but that’s the goal that’s we now have a clear goal um on a raw crude monthly number um what is your average ticket go check your house call pros your service monsters your marquette go check your quickbooks i don’t care where you keep your your information what is your average ticket value of all the jobs you do what is the average right so you don’t want to guess this you don’t go oh well i think no you need to know you’re a business owner you need to know these numbers what is it is there ways you can up that number so say for example you go right now my my average ticket is 225 right you’re gonna need 167 service calls um to meet that goal that monthly goal you can use 22 work days in a month if it’s monday to friday if you add you know saturdays you’re going to take that up to 26. so on average so you can divide that by that and that’s how many crews you need that’s how many you know but what if you did this and just changed it up to your average value changed your price a little bit um added more you know added upsell opportunities taught your technicians how to ethically say hey mrs jones while we’re in here cleaning all of your carpets um they’re going to look

beautiful i’d really like you know i really think you might need a freshening up on on that couch love seating chair over there and while we’re in the home you get a 20 discount off of that so if you’d like to take advantage of it i got a little bit of extra time today or i can call the office and wiggle out a little bit of time before my next job if you’d like to get that discount right teach your technicians this stuff if you don’t train them have meetings at least once a week if not morning quick morning huddles um going over this kind of stuff use that lingo yourself because if you can take if you can start watching that number on in in your database um your your customer service uh management system go up and up and up the number of jobs you need to get to your goal starts going down which is great now what’s your average conversion rate from a call or a lead to a job you need to know that like you’re gonna get phone calls you’re gonna get text messages if you’ve got that set up you’re gonna get messenger messages you’re gonna get emails you need to track that you need a tool or somebody tracking that for you to say hey i got this many calls how many of those did i book how many came across to become a booking right you need to know that because everybody says that hey 75 80 90 of the calls i get i book it’s not true um so is it 50 is it 60 you know 100 of your referral or your repeats well book ninety percent of your referrals will book on the call but that’s only part of your jobs what about all the people that just found you from the facebook ad the google ad the the organic rankings your three pack your truck in the driveway your door hangers

all this other stuff we talked about your referral partners you know all of those kinds of things how many people found you um because of those and now need more information they need to build that trust so is it 50 is that um 70 is that 20 you need to know because again we take this say down to 40 and all of a sudden it changes how many leads you need you now need 288 leads a month to get 115 jobs so you can start plugging all your numbers in here and really on a like a macro level a 30 000 foot view level really start to dial in your business by knowing your numbers and knowing which numbers to improve what if you can improve that up to 70 of everybody who called came into your shop did whatever booked right now to get 115 jobs to meet your goal because of that 325 range you only need 165 leads to come in that month right that’s that’s an important number to know so so these this is how you can play around with this now what’s the average cost per lead generated from all sources actually a little spreadsheet on page two tabs at the bottom here to help you figure that out right here these are averages from all of our our clients um in in this space so pay-per-click this is not the cost per click this is the cost per click divided by the number of people that actually then reach out and become a lead right they’re not booked yet they just they actually reached out and became an active lead so it averages between 25 and 40 to 41 dollars across the board with our clients um depending on their marketplace their competitors how

expensive the cost per clicks are in their area what keywords we’re targeting are we targeting secondary keywords area rug cleaning versus carpet cleaning which is the most expensive things like that so um if you’re running paper it’s average is about 33 bucks if you’re running um google local service ads 19 to 26 um dollars is the usually the cost per lead there so this just averages there’s a little formula in here that just averages it so um if you know your numbers just kill my formulas um but if you if you don’t use these ones for now you can add a couple of other sources but um repeat referrals we’re talking 9 to 24 because yeah some of them happen just automatically but automatic isn’t active so what we’re talking about is you know are you mailing them every month what’s the cost of a stamp and printing off that postcard or that little sales letter right are you mailing them quarterly and emailing them are you three stepping it every piece of marketing you do should be exactly the same as what the um the collection agencies do collections just go oh friendly notice you forgot to pay the bill and then never talk to you again oh gosh no no they cut they within a couple of days like they got a window and they got it exactly coordinated 10 days later 15 days later it goes from a friendly reminder to a collection notice and from a collection notice to a collection phone call from a collection phone call to a final note and from final notice to a lawyer letter or whatever they’re gonna do right they understand that’s that’s marketing they’re right that sounds like collection it’s marketing they’re ramping it up what you should be doing is if you’re sending out an offer to your database hey i’m dropping this in the uh this offer in the uh in the

mail um today you know should we reach you in the next couple days just wanted to give you a quick heads up this could be a phone call like a voice blast it could be an email it could be a text message just want to give a quick heads up and let you get in early before all the spots are filled right shot across the bow let them know about it put it on their awareness some people will engage then they get the postcard postcard talked about limited time limited number of people whatever the great offer all that kind of stuff it’s going to generate some more people and then what you do is you do a final notice hey that that promotion is wrapping up or extended for a short time only due to popular demand whatever there’s your three-step marketing plan what we have found every single time every marketing piece should have three steps and what we found with our carpet cleaning businesses winter white sales you name it when winter volunteers you know give them bigger discounts get them into the winter send them send out once it’s mediocre at best the third piece usually collects more people than the first piece and at least as much as the second in most cases you can take a campaign that generated five thousand seven ten thousand dollars worth of revenue and turn it into twenty twenty five thousand dollars worth of revenue just by tripling the marketing so that’s that’s part of the repeat and referral that’s why we got those numbers there is be mailing each client so every client should be you know considered at least two dollars a month you know anywhere from just under a buck to two depending if they’re a great client or a crappy client you can segregate those seo just think of this as seo the amount of money

you need to invest in in good proper rankings ranking your gmb having people and companies and tools involved to help with all of that um it’s gonna break down to roughly about 15 to 45 bucks um because you need to do something to influence those places you need to start you know you need somebody managing your website you need to be doing blog posting you need all of this kind of stuff you’re going to do it all yourself um i don’t recommend it because why are you wearing a digital marketing technician hat when you can wear a marketing manager hat and hire it out because you want to grow the business anytime you become the technician of something you’ve stalled yourself and you’ve stalled the business so just keep that in mind as well so twenty four dollars that’s how i got that number it just it literally comes over from the other great you can type it in but you can calculate it here and then just type it in there so the monthly budget required to hit this target this is we’re going to break this down a little bit this is how you start thinking about budget so what i strongly suggest and i’ve suggested this for 30 years and the last 15 20 years of my consulting again to franchise networks corporations and individual companies it’s all the same if you’re in a service business 20 of your of your projected revenue is um this is a sweet spot for growth because you’re going to be out marketing your competitors so good pricing upselling keeping this number high means that you can you can spend more money on marketing than your competitors the discount guys cannot spend a lot of money period they just don’t have enough of it the the higher end clients or

customers or businesses can spend way more money on their marketing they can outmarket their competitors that’s a dan kennedy concept and thought and and proven proven truth so um 20 you’re aggressive 10 you’re treading water you’re maintaining where you’re at you’re staying active and you’re hoping the competitors don’t jump ahead of you and you’re okay you’re 20 years in business 15 year business and you’re just kind of i’m okay with this i don’t i don’t want to grow anymore i don’t agree with that because you can always grow grow grow sell right so if you’re in a growth mode sales to sell your business you get way more money but if you just if you know it’s never about just closing the doors and walking away most carpet cleaning companies most service businesses um close the doors and walk away and sell the equipment off proper businesses strategically set up properly have a five or ten year 20-year exit plan either handing it to their employees their employees their family or just selling it and to do that you need to be prominent so 15 14 15 would be in the middle so we just kind of said hey if you want to be sort of moderately aggressive for now at least set it at about 14 15 so let’s and actually um we’ll take that same numbers here i think we had 14 here but let’s make that 15. just to get the numbers to change there we go um just to make the match here just on the screen i was playing around with the numbers earlier so uh they weren’t matching there i got the 15 right here and there’s that little breakdown i told you about so 15 of your projected goal is total marketing budget of sixty seven thousand

five hundred dollars to make that goal so that means you do keep um three hundred and ninety thousand dollars for all the other bills but understand that fifteen percent of your revenue has got to go to marketing to get that revenue level million dollar businesses don’t do it on five thousand dollars a year million dollar businesses do it on a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars a year in in in marketing period so here’s you can the breakdown we’re in a world now where online marketing is way more important than offline in most businesses categories and niches doesn’t mean you you don’t do offline you just need to invest heavily in online because that’s where you go where the people are and the people are there they’re seeing messages there so we do a 70 2010 to split that budget up it breaks down to 47 000 on online 13 000 on offline and 6700 bucks on repeat that’s your mailings and stuff like that um the rest of it’s your staff phoning and all of that stuff but that’s that’s the actual out-of-pocket and then this just breaks it down how much each month then in each category are you spending 560 on your repeat business marketing to meet that total if you’re not you’re probably missing out now you can adjust these numbers slightly where you say hey i want more in certain months when it’s you know make hay when the sun shines a little bit less than other times but this is the way to break it down so hey here craig that you’re having a bit of connection issues if anybody else is let me know um the replay will be solid um because it’s recording on my computer so if there’s any connection issues on my end or your end um just

skip through to the replay and you’ll you’ll catch up on those so um but yeah so online budget let’s break the online down so i don’t the rest of it we talk about we don’t break it down you can see that i just say hey let’s take this 47 000. if you’re going to be that level of business at 15 47 000 35 of it should go to seo 55 should go to paid ads and this will change over time but if you depending on what you’re doing um paid ads help fill the funnel now while the seo and the long term place grow the business and create the base at some point you never want to get rid of all the paid ads at some point you can start tailoring it back and metering it back a little bit as your um as you’re dominating the marketplace but doesn’t change the budget the budget just allocates differently around so that’s the way to play it and then display retargeting we do suggest you always have a bit of play in that so anybody lands on your website follow them around you know be all over them until they buy or die as we say um and you don’t want to follow them around with offers all the time we actually have a very strategic 5x program we call it where our display or our retargeting ads they start off with a review so the you know somebody goes your website and they leave we’ve actually created our entirely owned system that allows us to not just put one ad up and have it go into the ad networks and media buyers and and buy those ad spots it’s an auction process and stuff like that and that they see the same ad we actually have it where that ad turns off in three or four days and then the the next ad that starts to that same person is

different so there’s a lot of investment to build to be involved in this process of building out that platform but it allows us to build a marketing funnel even around retargeting we found that reputation and reviews are the number one ads um that you can put out in the marketplace people go i don’t know if i can trust these guys oh my gosh everywhere i look i see reviews about them yeah they’re on they’re on you know they’re on um the weather network whatever because they came to your website they got pixeled and as they go around they’re seeing you they don’t know why they’re seeing you all over the place but you look like a huge player for one and first thing they start seeing is the reason why other people bought from you same branding all that and then they might see an offer they might see another service maybe they came to your website didn’t have the time to look for what they were looking they wanted and it wasn’t carpet cleaning is one of the other services you start showing them the other services like here’s a oh we do upholstery clean we do tile cleaning we do wood floor cleaning and then after a couple days show them offer ads so we run these for 60 days or so 60 to 90 days depending on the ad platform after somebody landed on your website just to continue to influence them that you’re the right choice and bring them back to your website um so just retargeting and display ads just targets people that are have a similar interest as those people in your local marketplace again it’s more like what we talked about with facebook it’s it’s disruptive they weren’t necessarily looking for you with display ads um but they match the same

demographic profile or the pages they’ve gone to have a similar feel so it might be all the people that have landed on good housekeeping um page in your local marketplace that could be one of the websites urls that we put your ads on things like that so that’s the way to think of it and so you want to have say 1300 bucks a month on seo 2100 a month on pay-per-click and um you know throw 200 bucks towards your retargeting and display ads as an idea right that’s sort of a way to think of mixing it up so so some of that’s going to be an agency’s fee um to manage it and do the great work for you and the cheaper you pay for an agency the cheaper the results you’re going to get that’s obvious but you know part of a good chunk of that’s budget as well like i mean ppc 2100 you know in our company one of our packages includes managing your ppc included in the seo and all package so it’s part of the monthly marketing fee but if it was a standalone and we were charging 600 bucks to manage your uh pay-per-click then all the rest of that’s budget so that’s part of ways of thinking of like ad budget and stuff like that so so this is the way i want you guys to spend time digging through this make it your own if you’re not a carpet cleaner you can adjust some of these numbers around but really really spend some time thinking about how you’re breaking it down and at least what you should be doing i’ve even added this little little piece here that was sort of a secret sauce that we left we we didn’t we used i wasn’t planning to provide but as a way of showing how to create um um a calendar for your your different offers and programs over the course of a

year right and what it should emphasize so i put some placeholder ones in here from ones that we do with our clients um there is a tab missing here when we work with our clients we actually go deep into hey here’s what your competitors are we do a deep competitor research here’s what your competitors are offering here’s what competitors are doing here’s what you’ve offered in the past what’s worked what’s not worked what are things that you can think of here’s a whole list of ideas of things that have worked for me and my own business and you know have worked for our clients and stuff like that as as options um so you want to kind of rotate through a bunch of different marketing options for example a great marketer a good friend of mine vance morris so he runs a carpet cleaning business and he also runs a um a marketing consulting strategy service as well and he’s like as an example one of his his marketing pieces this is brilliant is you go on alibaba or somewhere like that and you buy you know a bunch of um uh barbecue utensil sets with an apron right so you get them cheap right you buy them wholesale somewhere like that and you you buy a case of them and then your your marketing starts a month before father’s day and anybody who books a cleaning with you um you’re gonna give them that barbecue set that you know either for dad they can give to dad the wife can handle whatever but you know you do this and you get this and you know it’s got a 67 87 whatever price it is at the hardware store um a similar thing value you spent five bucks on them because you bought them by the case right so five dollar for a value add as a and gives you a

reason to market them as well right and you might get 10 or 15 people out from your database that accept that think that’s cool and that’s a good database one where they already know you they you’re fun you’re being friendly and you put it out that way so that that’s an option as a bonus an upsell maybe they get a free flight of stairs and the gift the gift set maybe they get clean your whole home and with our healthy home package clean and sanitize and protect and you get a free armchair and being father’s day we’re also going to give you this gift set worth 90 bucks right um book now that’s just a reason why to get them over the edge that doesn’t cost you a ton so there’s lots of ideas we just talked about a few of the main concepts like what like you know spooky stain removal sale back to school clean the funk out things like that the ones that we’ve used before and where to market them so seo retargeting social media how to how to tie it all together and make it fit into your digital dominance method so hopefully you found that valuable um to go a lot deeper into that the people have been asking that if we could go a little you know a little bit deeper into how that um how that all works so um if you found that valuable um let rima know in the chat put one in the chat i’ve got my chat screen disappeared on me for a second so i’m not sure where it is um but ultimately i’m going to move on just so that we get through this and you know value your time and we’re going to kind of move on but that’s the parts i wanted to spend a lot more time on so fundamentals your message your marketing and your media all have to fit we talk about this in the guide that you get so um we don’t

need to spend a lot of time on that um but you need to figure out who your ideal customer is because all your marketing needs to talk to one person not all the the all the trees at large as they say you know talk to the tree not the forest um so you want to know is your average client as an example we’ve given some examples on past webinars as well in carpet cleaning 35 to 55 year old homeowner typically female married with two to three kids um head of the household annual household household income 65 that’s actually low now it’s close to about 75 80 000 minimum um is the average household for the people that hire carpet cleaners usually above 100 now um family oriented reliable pet owners 75 of the time take pride in their home if you started talking to that in your message you know hey i know you have you know you got kids running around pets making a mess of your house blah blah blah blah here’s how we can help right and then we’ve got um you know their pains and frustrations they can’t get a carpet cleaning company on the phone people you know they get answering machines all the way place you could carve out a niche just being the guy that answers the freaking phone in this industry um you know they need to get their carpets and furniture cleaned obviously that’s a pain um house is not failing smelling fresh too busy these are things that you can talk to in all of your marketing that’s your avatar right so these are their goals and desires in life these are their fears implications we’ve done a deep dive in my own company and again all my consulting we know who exactly the average um carpet cleaning customer is this is the avatar all your

marketing should be written to these people but know yours if yours is slightly different if your marketplace is slightly different um if you’re in the middle of you know um backwoods kansas and your your entire marketplace is 70 000 people and it’s all rural there’s a slight difference to the right they’re farmers and their avatar is slightly different they may not be college university educated housewife with you know two you know two-car garage and three kids you know that talk to them so basically if you can see joe jones through joe jones eyes you can sell what joe jones buys that’s that little um rhyme that tells you what you’re supposed to be doing so you need to craft your message um why should someone choose your business versus a competition you can’t say well because we’re the best we offer the best cleaning we offer the you know the uh the best service so your your competitors are saying that they offer the second best yeah these guys are the best but we offer the second best no they’re saying the exact same thing what literally makes you different tire changes classic example you know a tire change you can go to you can go to a mechanic and get your the tires change and you know rotate it and stuff like that winter tires put on for what fifteen dollars a rim right or somebody marketing well you know i’m i’m up here in the north it’s snowing like crazy you need to get your winter tires on hey we’ve got a a a special on right now 119 129 we’re gonna put on your winter tires for you we’re gonna balance them we’re gonna put a new valve stem in for you we’re going to do a 29 point inspection on your car we’re going to blah blah blah

blah blah blah blah blah blah all of this for only 129 or 119. they just did what cost 60 bucks and marketed it better um and told them why is this important you know why should they do business with you over somebody else well here’s why you should use us over here’s all the people that love us here’s our guarantee here’s why things are different you’re going to get a discount off of other services what like there’s a whole bunch of reasons you need to strategize that for yourself and what benefits you offer the target customer um will resonate with so we always talk about dan kennedy talks about unique sales proposition what’s unique about uyu i don’t like that term because you could uniquely be the only carpet cleaners that show up in clown outfits that’s no benefit to the customer but that’s unique but what’s compelling what is your compelling sales proposition what is different about you than everybody else that you can hang your hat on and it may not be hugely different but in your marketing you better make it sound hugely different because your competitors just aren’t saying that those words and if they’re not saying it and you’re saying it you win so messaging that works eco-friendly 100 satisfaction guarantee or it’s free and really that word free is important i know a lot of people push back on me on that until i prove it to them highly trained technicians background check blah blah blah meet our team see their photos all this kind of stuff phone answered live during business hours honest pricing explain what that means this is all messaging that works

so then you want to make sure your website converts and we did a whole conversion website or webinar you can go back and check on our website a webinar just on this topic alone so i will spend very little time on this because the meat potatoes are what i want to talk about today we’ve kind of wrapped up but i do want to talk about um a website that converts better if you’ve got um a 100 people come to your website a month and it converts 30 versus converting 70. and the difference is the way the website is designed and influenced so this is you’re going to get this at the end stick around i’ll show you what we’re talking about but you need to have some sort of a chat to text you need to have a form to fill out above the fold because people hate scrolling so if they want to get a hold of you make it easy when it’s on a mobile make it look like an app you want to have your phone number in the top right corner that’s where everybody’s eyes go to you want to make sure that you have a bold strong guarantee um personalize the website all about you all of these things are really really important so does it speak to your avatar does your website speak to your avatar is it real authentic images are you using stock photography does it include video does it showcase your online reviews does it make um you know give them an easy call to action make them to do something um do you have all of the basics in place and are you using call to actions all the way down the page as soon as they scroll more than one page down the screen they better be getting another make it easy click here to fill out a form click here to give us a click to call right away it’s got to be easy and

you’ll get more conversions and you need two-way chat and we’ll talk about that so number one issue facing most carpet cleaning companies home services service companies a lot of companies not even just those unconverted leads 60 percent of inbound leads are tend to be left unconverted 90 of web form forms tend to fail they just don’t get nurtured properly so leads that are followed up within 15 minutes um within 50 minutes they aren’t tend to start going cold or the competitor gets them um the average customer followed up between five and seven times before they book some sort of back and forth is gonna happen and today customers prefer text um over even emails and phone calls so you wanna leverage market automation to do this you wanna know that if you’ve got 100 leads and you’re converting at 30 you need to know your website conversion rates you know your average job is 325 like we talked before that’s a 9 000 um gain you’re getting from those hundred clients whether that’s a month a quarter a week i don’t really care it’s nine thousand bucks in jobs all you do is change the conversion rate and all of a sudden you’ve jumped from nine thousand dollars for the same amount of traffic to twenty three thousand dollars for the same amount of traffic the only thing you changed is the conversion elements on your website so you need to make sure that every every person that lands on your website is being nurtured immediately gets a message back automated um hey we’re going to get a hold of you you immediately get a message what we like

to do is even have it where you get a phone call if you can press one on the phone it’ll ring their phone and if they’re willing to take it within five minutes you’re on the phone with them because they filled out a form you got the message they got a text back saying hey we’re gonna get back to you as soon as we can and boom within a minute or two their phone rings and if they pick it up you’re connected to them through our platform we call it carpet cleaner lead pro and this is all the bells and whistles and stuff that happens in the background basically all you need to know is that it’s a form on your website chat on your website and it goes on all of your tools it brings in your google my business so people go on there want to chat with you it goes right into carpet cleaner lead pro and it’s a full nurturing system they learn about you they learn about your company why you started it they learn about your projects all of that kind of stuff it just drips on them why you’re better than everybody else and drips on them your guarantees and all those unique sales propositions so all of that messaging is done so that when you’re communicating with them you’re just reinforcing it and giving them prices so um so that’s pretty much it your takeaways hopefully you wrote a lot down um if you have any questions hit us up by email um message us back um if if you want to meet and discuss more of this how we can help you know some strategy those kinds of conversations by all means but first dig through um the information we provided uh you need to know how to track you need to set your clear goals you need to and you need to know how to track everything so key trends video you need

video case studies video you need to shift from phone conversations to message conversations and you need to have an all-in perspective it can’t just be one thing you’ve got to be planning the entire framework so um this example of our chat right here live two-way chat and you want to build your plan you want to look through this and build your plan out so um these are the things i would suggest take a screenshot of this these are the things i would suggest you you focus on first um your website is built to convert you’ve got proactive seo working you’ve got google maps optimization working you’re focusing on online reviews reputation and feedback from your clients we didn’t pause and talk about that but feedback go back and look at our previous webinar on reputation proper reputation building and marketing it’s not about hey give me a review give me a review give me a review it’s about getting great feedback and engaging with that feedback and asking people to give a review review from there you’ll find that 50 to 75 of your customers will give you feedback when only about 10 to 15 of the entire population writes reviews adult populations so you’re going to get a lot more feedback it becomes marketing material you can share out as well um social presence email marketing lead nurture automation for sure and tracking everything you need all of those pieces in place so we can help you build a custom plan you can start by getting our our checklist that’s just a good overview of everything we just talked about um and we covered all of that and there’s where

you go so carpet rewards you’re going to go to a google drive there where you can click open and download all of these pieces and make them yours so some of them you can just make a copy and save because they’re actually a google drive doc some of their pdfs you just download so there’s a bunch of stuff in there um probably a few extra bonuses that we didn’t talk about as well but we’ve given you lots of value there so um anyways want to connect with us you go to schedule that’s where you need to go if you want to connect if you’re not one of our clients that’s um what’s going to happen is rima will reach out to you she’ll get a little bit of background information on you first you’ll see a point in my schedule pick it a couple days away for sure um usually my schedule’s you know pretty booked for about three or four days out on average at any time time anyways before i have some of these slots open but we really want our team to go and do a whole bunch of investigation for you it’s a thousand dollar value you’re getting me for an hour but you’ve also got the team spending a couple of hours ahead of time checking out your competition checking out your online footprint and visibility um comparing it to your competitors and sort of giving a list of hey these are the things that this guy’s doing great these are the guys sucks at and they present that to me i spend about half an hour before we even jump on the call going through all that data and checking everything else as well and so between the team and i we do that and then we meet for an hour and we talk about all of it and give you a step-by-step plan so it’s a thousand

dollars worth of consulting value that you’re going to get for free just go there and then remo reach out to you and you fill out a quick survey with her and that gives our team the data to know um how to research your company so um so that’s it i’m going to pop back went a little bit deeper in a few things but anyways i appreciate your time if you have any comments at all um put them in the chat um talk to rima she’ll stick around a little bit longer than i am i’ve gotta bounce off this call and get ready for a couple client calls i’ve got this afternoon yet too we’re working on some of this stuff directly with a few of our clients so um so yeah hopefully you found this valuable i really really appreciate your time if you know other carpet cleaners um who didn’t jump on this call by all means share this out if you’re in part of any facebook groups and you found this valuable you’re going to get the replay link it’s going to come to you definitely share it out i’d appreciate more people knowing about the type of stuff that we provide for free to the industry and and ways to help businesses grow it’s my passion i was in the industry for 30 years i’m still actively involved the business i sold runs out of the back end of my office over here and i consult the the buyer of the business and he’s also one of our clients as well obviously and yeah it’s a big passion of mine still so definitely if you know anybody who could use some help and some advice let them see this webinar let them know about us and in the meantime i really really appreciate your time and uh yeah and sorry craig yeah the recordings so once this is done the platform starts turning it into a

recording we we get that information tomorrow um and then uh our team my team goes to work the web team and stuff like that they upload it they get it onto a replay page and we send out a link so we will be sending that link probably either end today tomorrow or over the weekend here’s the replay to watch it so um you’ll get that no worries at all and here let me put a little i’ve got the ability to put a button if you make it easy if you want a scheduled strategy session there’s a button that just appeared at the top of the chat as well um so you can click that that will take you right to my calendar and again as i said pick it a couple days out um for right now i’d say like wednesday thursday friday next week that gives our team a good amount of time to do research but you do have to have to hop on that call with remo as well and get some good you know get let us have that um that background data on you so the team can do the research so anyways hopefully you guys found this valuable please please share it with anybody you can if you’ve got that opportunity and keep an eye out for the next one we’re starting to do some some interview podcasts with industry leaders as well to even provide more value that’s coming up shortly as well so we’ll just continuously add more education so that you can build your business properly and grow and just stand out from your competitors and survive any craziness this world throws at us next take care love you all thanks so much bye

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