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Optimizing Your Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign for Carpet Cleaners

Google Ads can be a great way to get your carpet cleaning business in front of your potential customers. But if you’re not doing it right, you are wasting your money. In this masterclass, we’ll show you how to optimize your Google Ads campaign for carpet cleaners so that you can get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Why do most PPC campaigns fail for carpet cleaners and home service businesses?


How does the Google Ads auction process actually work?


Why should PPC be part of your overall internet marketing strategy?


How to structure your PPC campaign for success?


What is conversion tracking & why is it essential?


What is a good cost per lead via PPC?

Audio Transcript:
Part of the angle of running a carpet cleaning business a home service business is getting leads from various sources and not being confined to one source so that’s what we’re going to be discussing today is pay-per-click local service ads paid paid ad um traffic how how to get it how to set it up things that you need to know things that you need to be watching out for if you’re using a service company to help you with that things that you should be making sure they’re doing i’ll show you our methodology and the way we do it as well so that you have a really good idea of everything that that uh that is involved in running a proper pay-per-click ad and even if you should should be running one or not so that’s what we’re going to be talking about today welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clindening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

yeah make sure that you i’ve got your full attention i tend to talk quickly and move through things quickly there will be a replay but that’s another reason why i want your full attention i’m not one of these people that tell you something slowly at all um so i’ve gotta come from an irish family and you know you you have to speak fast and speak up to get a word in edgewise so uh that’s what i learned how to do so if you’re a carpet cleaning business or small business owner and you’re serious about getting results this year um let’s pay attention because it’s gonna be that important um what we’re going to cover today why pay-per-click is key to unlimited scalability in terms of lead flow for your carpet cleaning and home service businesses um i’m going to show you some live examples of pay-per-click campaigns generating anywhere from five to fifteen our times roi um for other carpet cleaners and home service businesses gonna show you how to set up and structure your pay-per-click campaign for maximum cost per lead i’m gonna even tell you why pay-per-click might be a good option for you and what kind of kpis so those are the key performance indicators um what kind of tracking what kind of landing pages what kind of lan campaign structure you need to be thinking of to be able to make this work and just as a little bit of an ethical bribe if you stay until the end we’ve got a bundle of service our of of a marketing kit a carpet cleaner resource marketing kit and we keep adding to it uh every every time we do a webinar or training that’s got lots of stuff to hand out and give you we’ll put that into the kit as well but if you stay to the end i’m going to give you this this whole kit uh one of the most important pieces of it is the checklist if you haven’t gone through uh the ultimate internet marketing checklist for carpet cleaners yet you’re going to want to get your copy of that and make sure that you print it off and check off the things that you’ve got on the go and the things that you don’t it really really helps align your business to how the internet works we know that 95 of all consumers go to the internet um to look for things doesn’t mean postcards don’t work it doesn’t mean that organic outreach marketing doesn’t work it just means it’s part of the flow and it’s one of the biggest parts of the flow to get new clients and if you’re not maximizing your internet then you’re missing out on a whole bunch of clients that are going somewhere else they’re going to your competitors so this right here is going to be important to you and then we just got a bunch of other guides and reports as well on how to how to how to create a website that is designed for conversions and and and then how to do your google listing your google my business google business um um profile it’s now called google instead of google google my business they changed the name of google business profile um not that long ago but that how to maximize that listing because that’s google maps and that’s where people get um find out about you so stick around at the end you’re gonna get this really cool set of resources so who am i and i can spend a lot of time on this but i’ve been a business owner since 1990 while still in high school i’ve owned many many successful cleaning businesses carpet cleaning business duct cleaning i’ve done flood restoration i’ve done uh own janitorial businesses with crews of 20 and 30 people all of that kind of kind of stuff over the years most of the businesses i’ve i’ve held on to for 10 20 30 years so it’s not

just uh kind of come and go and i’ve also lectured at many association workshops and three-day elite retreats um teaching people how to run a service business properly to deliver a great client experience what that means all that kind of stuff and i’ve been a keynote speaker at chamber of commerce events and all kinds of different events over the years as well and bought and sold businesses and um just last year in the middle of a pandemic sold our two two van carpet cleaning business the final one um high high-end carpet cleaning business for you know in the ballpark of half a million dollars in cash um in the middle of a pandemic because of the value that the business has built up over over the 27 years i owned it so um know what i’m doing in the carpet cleaning industry you know what i’m doing in consulting for cleaning businesses and i’m not willing to share all that information i’m not going to go through this you guys can see it on the screen these are clients of ours um that are ranking number one watching their companies grow like crazy just by getting their marketing and internet marketing right so what we do is we help our clients become the top carpet cleaning brand in their local marketplace so that they can attract the best clients they’re able to charge top rates and they’re booked out weeks in advance and i’m going to show you how we do that a little bit like i’m going to kind of touch on it but you can go back to a lot of our other training go to our website um and there’s a free training section where you can go through and even podcast we can go through all of our previous trainings and and things like that lots and lots of great information to explain how we make this possible so that you are not working you know our goal is to have our our our clients be the owner of their business if they don’t want to be the person in the truck if you’re an owner operator and you want to start handing that off to technicians you need to know how to grow um if you want to be able to sell it for more than the price of your equipment you need to know how to grow and one of the ways you need to grow is to become seen as the go-to brand in your local marketplace everybody knows that you are the top dog so if they want a cheaper alternative they may want to call somebody else because you don’t want to be everything to everybody but you’re going to be the top dog in your marketplace and that’s what we’re going to teach you how to do and one of the aspects of that is pay per click should you be part of the old should pay-per-click be part of your over and all internet marketing strategy and that’s a you know question a lot of business owners i talk to uh ask themselves should we be doing pay-per-click at all well our digital dominance method which we talk about every single month on these trainings and is a big part of our website and a big part of our our consultations that we do um discuss how to build a proper service business cleaning business home service business and all of the steps that go into that all the way around but if you notice here part of the visibility is pay-per-click local service ads pay directory listings and paid facebook ads it’s part of the ways that you need to get traffic and i’ll tell you why and i’ll tell you i’ll show you how you can make sure it’s profitable traffic so a lot of businesses miss what we’re going to talk about here today and we’re going to share how you know it’s to make it profitable how you’re going to get an roi on it how to track that so that you know what’s working and what’s not working and what kind of cost you should expect to pay for a lead from a pay-per-click service versus say organic rankings google maps google google maps your organic website rankings and all that kind of stuff all of them have a different cost per lead just like your repeat clients you repeat clients a lot of people oh my repeat clients are free well they shouldn’t be free because you should be mailing them and staying on top of them there’s a cost to get them to come back to you but that cost is per per job they book um is much less than buying a new client so your goal is to buy a new client from a paid source or organic traffic and then bring them into your company and then repeat get repeats and referrals from them by actively marketing all of that so hopefully that makes sense so why should pay-per-click be part of your internet marketing strategy one of the reasons is you can show up online immediately so we talk about seo and organic so about 40 to 50 of all traffic scrolls down the page when they when they’re searching online if they’re searching at google for example they scroll past the ads they scroll past the maps listing and they go down into the organic listings where the websites are so your website needs to be ranking for a lot of your major keyword terms and in every little market that you’re in so if you’ve if you’ve got like 10 surrounding cities around where you’re located you won’t be showing up in the maps for those those cities but you need to be showing in the organic listing but you can also be showing up in the paid listing well it takes you know all of your competitors are trying to show up in the maps all of your competitors are trying to show up organically as well so it takes a while to influence google to make them trust you to trust your website

the website has to be built out very specifically lots of content needs to be put on it continuously over time and as you influence google your organic rankings start to grow and grow and grow and you have to influence google for all the different keywords that you you do there’s about 1500 to 2000 different keywords that carpet cleaners can use alone but you know that’s everything from carpet cleaner to carpet cleaning to carpet cleaner near me to you know all of the how to get stains out and all of these kinds of things and then upholstery cleaning and then tile cleaning and then wood floor cleaning all of those have dozens and dozens of keywords as well and you want to be showing up eventually for all of them and that takes time but with pay-per-click you can start to show up immediately in the paid ads and at least get some of that traffic as the organic builds so the organic is the asset it’s the long-term strategy to build your business um the paid ads are just where you put money in a slot machine pull the handle and the goal is to have two or three or four times that money come back out again so you want to put more money in and it’s just a way of generating leads so we’re going to talk about that so immediacy is one of the most important reasons to consider pay-per-click you can show up as much as possible where your customers are looking so the because they’re looking a lot your customers are looking online on google yahoo bing places like that having a paid ad showing up to at least grab that 15 to 20 percent of the population that might be clicking on those paid ads is is worth it there’s also the um the the opportunity to show up for those keywords that you can’t rank for say you’re in a big marketplace and you can’t just rank for the term carpet cleaning because that’s a national term as well like carpet cleaning miami things like that with the geo modifiers sure that that makes it a little bit more specific for google but when somebody just types in carpet cleaning you may not be ranking well for these hugely competitive terms you might not be ranking for you know broader terms like how to get cat p you know or who can get cappy out of my carpet that might be a broader term that doesn’t really that you don’t really rank for but you can run a paid ad to make sure that you show up in front of that traffic as well and it’s the unlimited scalability is a really big one as well so what that basically means is there are companies out there right now carpet cleaning companies right now that spend five and ten thousand dollars a month on their pay-per-click ads because it’s generating you know 20 30 000 a month in work and and they’re running you know that that strategy alone maybe brings in half a million dollars in their million million and a half carpet cleaning business so there’s there’s companies spending a lot of money on pay-per-click because it is a source of traffic it’s not the only source of traffic but what that means is that if you’re if you’re only spending if you’ve only ever tested like a thousand dollars 2 000 there is room to scale in most marketplaces to expand your paid ads so that you get more clicks and more traffic if you want to add a new truck on the road and and things like that you want to expand in a new market a new territory say that um your google maps listing is generating a lot of traffic in and around you know within about a five or ten mile radius of where your your office or location is set but outside of that radius you don’t show up in the maps listing at all well those are the areas you definitely want to have a paid ad so that you can influence those people to uh um that in those other markets where you don’t have a maps listing as well so it allows you just the scalability to expand to new territories and all that kind of stuff um so why do most people pay-per-click um why do most pay-per-click campaigns fail and that’s a really good question because we hear all the time you know what i’ve tried pay-per-click and i was like throwing money down the toilet i sure had generated some clicks they showed me stuff but i didn’t wasn’t able to see um where the where the leads were coming from so one of the reasons is that either the person doing you pay-per-click ads for you or if you’re trying to do it yourself you don’t understand how the auction process works and the complexities of carpet cleaning in home businesses and how it all affects the quality score so um pay-per-click is is a is an algorithm like everything else that google does and ultimately you set your bid and originally way back in the day the pay-per-click algorithm algorithm algorithm was you pay one cent more per click than whatever your highest competitor bid below you if if you won the bid so say for example you bid a hundred dollars a click and your competitor bid five you wouldn’t be paying a hundred dollars a click you would be paying five dollars in one cent it was one cent over but that was sort of like the very crude raw early beginnings of pay-per-click since then google’s added all the complexities of of their algorithms and stuff like that and one of the big ones is the quality score so regardless of what you bid your cost per click is actually affected by how you set up your ads how you set up the keywords what landing pages where you take them to on how that is speaking about the exact same subject matter so say for example

you have an ad talking about carpet or upholstery cleaning and you take them to your general page on your website your home page on your website and that whole home page is optimized for carpet cleaning mostly or all your services well your quality score drops google looks at that and says okay well the ad itself may not be very tied into just carpet cleaning so that affects your quality score and then where you’re taking that traffic isn’t also as congruent and then if people show up there and don’t engage with the page they don’t pick up the phone and call you they don’t stick around they don’t fill out a form they just bounce right off that affects your quality score and everything that affects you affects your quality score ups your price your cost per click goes up google charges you more for a poor experience and they actually charge you less than what you’re bidding if you are providing a great experience and your quality score is high so a lot of businesses don’t even manage the quality score and a lot of pay-per-click companies don’t manage the quality score and we’ll get into that a little bit as well um another one is that setting up one ad group for all services and we’ve seen that a lot we’ll we’ll audit an account and somebody’s just taken a whole bunch of keywords related to carpet cleaning they don’t know the nuances of the industry they’ve never worked with carpet cleaners before so they’re just guessing they’ve dropped them all into one ad group and just say go and that again will cause your campaign to fail miserably don’t use specific text ad text ads and landing pages for the groups of keywords that that you’ve assigned so even if they are smart enough to set up ad groups properly a multiple more than one if they don’t set up the text ads and the um and the landing pages properly that’s going to be that’s going to affect your uh and make it fail as well and there’s no strong call to action or offer on the landing page for those specific keywords so ultimately we’re not trying to be a groupon crowd here we do not need to be selling our carpet cleaning services for three rooms in the hall for 99 we can let you know a lot of other companies do that if you’re really great at upsells and you’re not getting a lot of complaints from people feeling that they bought in at a low end and got sold a high end um maybe you’re good at it but what i have found is that most businesses who who sell for 79 89 99 129 for three rooms in the hall their average job is not much more than 150 bucks to 200 bucks a quality carpet cleaning company in most most major markets their average job should be about you know north of 250 250 to 350 to 400. the carpet cleaning business i just sold our average job in the busy season was 397 last year um in the off season when it’s a little bit off it was down to 364. that was the average job and there’s about 70 to 80 competitors on google alone in our marketplace but we stood out differently and also had a better conversation on the phone and we did not sell a discount or cheap service so what is a strong offer we can show you a couple of examples of those but a strong offer is anything that’s going to cause people to choose you and it can be a bundle of things it could be adding some you know have a premium price but adding on some bonus services like always protecting the carpets 100 of the time for free well your price could be higher but you’re also including cleaning protection a one-year warranty spot removal all of those kinds of things as a bundle and that’s a 150 value yours free with any minimum carpet cleaning things like that so you can just be offering 150 bonus bundle set things like that a free arm chair free you know flight of stairs with any full home cleaning or anything like that there’s ways to create great compelling offers that don’t mean that you just give away money so um we’ll show a little bit about that as well so ultimately why most pay-per-click campaigns fail is that they’re just trying to do everything carpet cleaning commercial cleaning upholstery cleaning towel cleaning wood floor cleaning emergency flood restoration spot removal all of those kind of stuff and then just driving it all to the webpage and that is a recipe for failure so right now um just just off of that alone has you know anybody in the chat here have you used pay-per-click before have you had good results have you had bad results any takeaways from what i just said that kind of resonate with you going oh crap i understand now i know none of this i set it up myself and didn’t know it or i had a company set it up and i don’t know what they did so cool cool thanks bruce yeah so we got somebody saying yeah i’ve had companies in the past that have set things up and no clue what they’re doing awesome yeah somebody here it’s uh alan he just said that he’s had five five years ago he stopped doing pay-per-click because he just didn’t see any benefit in it and i’m going to show you how to know there was a benefit right so let’s let’s get into this let’s get into a case study so i’m going to share a couple of case studies of what it should look like how the reporting should look and the way numbers should actually flesh out so this one here is a is a carpet cleaning company we work with that’s over a million dollars i’ve hidden the name just you know just so nobody’s you know people aren’t going after looking at all their

stuff and and you know messaging them and all that kind of stuff but this is one of one of our clients we run a pay-per-click campaign for so this is reporting from our dashboard their total spend every month is twelve thousand dollars across not not just pay-per-click but that’s across all of their marketing so you might go oh my gosh that’s a lot john well their average cost per lead is coming in at at 12.82 cents and if you know anything about carpet cleaning the cost for a lead across everything you know it’s it’s great to be anywhere from 20 to 50 bucks you know back back in the uh the the days of the yellow pages if if you ran your math properly i remember like 2002 3 4 5 6. we we would run five to seven thousand dollars a month worth of yellow page ads and that that that managed a half a million dollar carpet cleaning business because everybody went to the yellow pages there’s no internet at the time that you know there was no people weren’t searching on the internet for for carpet cleaning businesses and things like everybody went to the yellow pages and yeah that back then the cost for a lead would be from the yellow pages would be anywhere between 50 and 80 bucks so here we are fast forward 20 years and across all variables we’re getting a 12 lead for these guys we generated 936 leads so mixed in this price is the cost of our management fees it’s the cost of their ad budget it’s the cost of the seo it’s so they get they got 223 organic calls from the organic rankings they have they had um 224 pay-per-click calls in this month they had 387 maps calls they’re in a big marketplace and we’ve got them ranking in the three pack for almost all of their keyword terms so they’re getting a ton of calls from the maps as well does that mean they want to turn off these 224 calls absolutely not they want to continue to grow their business and then they’ve got web forms that got filled out um 102 of those so that’s how they ended up with the 936 but more importantly let’s take a look let’s take a look at um um what their pay-per-click campaign looked like so this is just the pay-per-click component of that so over that 12 000 spend 9 000 of it is going towards the pay-per-click campaign so pay-per-click as you can see that’s a higher average cost per lead it’s still really good anything under 50 in carpet cleaning to generate a qualified lead and depending on your conversion rates if you’ve got a really good sales team on the phone good you know um you know csr answering the phone or csr team or you’re using a call center i would suggest all of that over picking the phone up yourself if you’re if you’re if you’re in the field do not be answering your phone on your hip you’ll make way more money just having somebody dedicated to answer the phone who can talk to that customer and answer all of their questions properly without having to go because they got a job to do um so that’s that’s the point but if you’ve got a really good sales team then 224 leads should be at least 120 jobs so if your average job is 300 bucks that’s 30 000. four thousand dollars coming from this nine thousand dollar spend minimum minimum and that’s only booking half of them and a really good um call call team can book a lot more than that hey if they don’t book a job let’s book an on-site quote you know meet and greet build some rapport and then get them as a client so um it’s all about position but there’s lots of other great data here we know how many clicks generated that we know the average click-through rate this is how many impressions how many people saw the ad how many people clicked on it things like that so there’s a lot of great data here but we know that between their pay-per-click ad budget and the the minimal management fee to run the ads for them um it was nine thousand dollars of their 12 000 spend the other three thousand goes to other internet marketing initiatives and and seo and google maps and stuff like that so anyways so let’s break down the math here on this they generated 224 leads even if we talk at a conservative rate like if you’re stuck on the phone um and you’ve got a con conservative conversion rate of 40 only 40 of those people turned into a job of any sort so these are leads that actually picked up the phone and called you filled out a chat or started a chat on your on your website or filled out a form and say that you know that so 40 that’s 89 jobs 89 jobs with an average ticket of 3.95 that’s these guys right here actually have an average ticket of 395 bucks um that is 35 000 just from that campaign alone so minus the the nine thousand dollar spend ad spend plus management fee they had almost they just just under a four to one roi so for every one dollar they spent on pay-per-click ads they generated four back would they stop spending one dollar to generate for back sure you’ve got cost of of employees um you’ve got solution and stuff like that as well but there’s still a lot of profit built into this at that number and there’s scalability because now you know that you know you you’re doing a a brand new customer profitably you don’t ever want your customers who have used you before to ever go back and click on an ad and be a cost per click because you want to be in front of them every single we say every single month at least with an email with some text

messages with a mailing we do you know your best clients should have a monthly newsletter mailed to them or at least a quarterly um campaign of some sort because you want your best clients to be on a sort of direct outreach program for you to get a hold of them which is much less expensive than paid ads and leave your paid ads to brand new clients to build that base you want to build your base of of of ideal clients and then you want to market your ideal clients internally and just continue to use this as your building break base i’m of the mindset that if you’ve got a successful business if you’ve got enough money to keep the ball rolling and you’re not desperately looking for more work um so early days you’re doing a lot of bootstrapping we talked about that last month and if you if you didn’t watch that one go back and look at our low-cost marketing strategies for carpet cleaners and service businesses because you need to do a lot of bootstrapping to get your business off the ground um we did a hundred thousand dollars i personally did a hundred thousand dollars in sales in my first year of carpet cleaning business in 1995. that’s equal to over 200 000 in today’s dollars so and that was just a small town of 30 000 people so that was all bootstrapping there was no internet there wasn’t even i didn’t even have a yellow page at that time so there is ways to grow your business but once you’ve got that little bit of scale once you’ve got that little bit of scale i have always been of the mind that if you can break even to buy a new customer by the time you go and service them pay for the ad pay for the technician pay for the solution pay for your hard costs you’re at a break even and your repeat and referral engine in your business is kicking on all cylinders you have that really well designed and worked out your clients don’t come back once every two years even though they thought it was once a year they’re coming back every six nine 12 months um they’re getting the upholstery done their tile done there anything else that you guys are doing things like that and they’re repeating over and over again um you can break even to buy new clients if they’re ideal clients if you’re targeting them well you can break even to buy a new client because the lifetime value of that client becomes four or five thousand dollars so your forty dollar spend to get them as a lead turns into five thousand dollars that’s a hundred to one over a hundred to one roi because so the four to one doesn’t really matter because it’s the lifetime value but even on just the one off cleaning if you’re sitting at about a four to one rri you’re making money and you can scale that um another one here about a half million a year cleaning business so an average size business um similar to the size of the one i sold and 440 leads last month for these people their total investment was six thousand two hundred and eighty two dollars and thirty eight cents that’s how granular we get their average cost per lead was fourteen dollars so roughly within the same range again anything under twenty is amazing across all of your organic calls pay-per-click is a bigger strategy for them so because they they have a bunch of rural markets so they need to be marketing pay-per-click around the areas that their their google maps isn’t quite ranking in so they organically get drive traffic but the pay-per-click is driving the bulk of it so 440 leads and we can take a look at how this factors out the the pay-per-click leads are 237 as we mentioned in the last slide there and way down at 16 per lead um so and you can see right here the click-through rate is sitting around that four five percent which is pretty average uh cost per click is about eight dollars which is pretty good in carpet cleaning you can see it anywhere from five to fifteen dollars per click so here’s another thing to think of if if you’re going well some of these budgets seem really high if you have a thousand dollar a month budget that is just roughly thirty dollars a day 30 a day times 30 days is 900 so you’re in that ballpark within you know and there’s usually there’s more than you know 31 days in a month and blah blah blah so you’re right in that range so if we just use some simple math of 30 a day that’s a thousand dollar budget just under and if you’ve got about a ten dollar click your ads are showing until the first three people click on your ad and after that google turns them off for the day so having a high enough budget to collect enough leads leads and and targeting correctly so that those qualified leads land on a great landing page that converts them better than others having those pieces in place you need a decent budget um so that you can have like a really good click to call ratio of almost 50 percent so let’s check their math out so 237 leads 40 conversion rate again that’s just like i get an average rate that we we find in most pay-per-click campaigns some clients are way higher than that some guys are terrible on the phone and the conversion rate’s way lower and you’ve really got to think is it the pay-per-click campaign that’s having a problem is it a facebook ad campaign that’s having a problem or is it your ability to get in the house right or your csr’s ability again strongly strongly strongly suggest you use a call a call center or a you know great carpet cleaning specific call center if you don’t know of any get

a hold of us we actually have um some that we uh that we recommend refer and have a relationship with that we can help get you on a you know cost per booking type of service so you don’t pay unless they book a job so anyways you can reach out to us if you have any interest in that but 237 dollars a lead times 40 is 94 bookings average ticket these guys are much lower average tickets 275 bucks a little bit more more like you know again some of the average guys we talk to before they start working with us and we help them get their average job up but that was so about 25 000 a month in this business so about 300 000 a year of their 500 000 year business um in that range 250 000 so half to just a little over half of their business comes from from their pay-per-click is what this tells us and they’ve got almost a six and a half to one almost a seven to one six and a half to one roi because their ad spend was only 3 800 bucks so 300 bucks to generate 25 000 in revenue a month is a good trade-off so could you scale to that can you can you afford 3800 bucks right away no well the good thing about google ads as well is you can scale your way through so you you can start building that and what we did suggest is actually um let’s you know run the budget out early in the month and know that you’ve gotten a whole bunch of leads but then you pause because you ran out of money and then use that money like the the jobs that you got to up that budget next time next time so that eventually you cover the whole month um properly and and then you can start scaling your budget and you’re doing it based on the backs of the work that you’re getting from your customers so i’m going to pause another quick pause here i’d like to kind of jump through and pause every every now and then um any insights here what did you learn did you under kind of understand a little bit better what’s possible with the case studies why why things can if you know enough of the math if you know what’s coming in you know where the clicks are coming from um all of that kind of stuff that math can really really help you to design a proper campaign and we’re going to get into tracking and how to do much better tracking so you know what to turn on and turn off as far as ads go what to adjust what’s working what the split test marketing is all about split testing just just remember that marketing is all about math and psychology that’s all it is psychology is how do you influence the person seeing it period right so you might oh i love this this is an amazing looking ad but if it doesn’t influence anybody it’s just pretty but if you if it’s a crappy looking ad and we found this even back in the day with our postcards there’s great looking glossy postcards that get sent out by every stanley steamer and chem dry and you name it all the uh all the you know the franchises have their big corporate looking stuff but the best postcards in the day were always ones that were done on you know a crafty type paper look maybe just even black or black ink maybe with a bit of blue ink looking like you hand wrote all over it and you know something funny something that stood out oversized didn’t match what everything else that they were getting in their mailbox looked like those ones tended to to generate a lot more um interest they didn’t get thrown in the garbage as people shuffle their mail over the garbage and same idea happens here is that um you can influence people’s decisions by split testing and knowing which headline works better so you always split test like only one or two very small things um and let the rest of it run and see if you can make a noticeable change over a reasonable amount of interaction so typically in marketing it’s about a thousand impressions roughly in that range before you can make a decision whether one outperformed the other or not and you have them running at the exact same time so you’re not worrying about politics and the news cycle of the day that might affect all ads you’re just you’re blending that out so running a business is all about a business that grows if you run a business that’s not growing if you’re just doing the work and you’re the technician you bought yourself a job and and that’s okay if that’s what you understood you did but there’s no growth and there’s nothing to sell if you bought a business to grow and sell someday and have employees doing the work for you so you could be more strategic about running the business then you need to understand that marketing is and and positioning your company is your primary focus everything else is tactical and just has to happen so you need to know math and psychology to be able to influence your clients and know what your where your business fits in in your local marketplace and where you want it to fit in so how to set up and structure your pay-per-click marketing campaign for maximum cost per lead or minimum cost per lead i’m sorry and maximum roi so how do we do this

oops there we go so how to structure the paper campaign you must conversion tracking is a must you’ve got to know what’s working what we have found is that most um pay-per-click agencies out there you know boilerplate

agencies former yellow page agencies reach locals and all yodles and all those kinds of guys um they do a basic level of conversion tracking at best they will let you know how many leads they generated and that’s it they don’t even tell you what source it may not be from paper it may be the pay-per-click the organic and everything all bundled together but you need to know at the very base level you need to know how many leads came from the pay-per-click versus organic versus google maps versus direct phone calls and things like that your campaign must be broken down into smaller groups targeting the various services so that you know that your text ads match what the person typed in because if you’re running pay-per-click campaigns talking about carpet cleaning and somebody typed in upholstery cleaning and that’s just bundled together they’re not even going to click on your ad it’s just it’s going to be it’s going to be incongruent not only are you going to get a bad quality score from from google as well so you want to make sure you have a strong understanding of keyword match types um and don’t forget about your negative keywords we’re going to get into all of these and show you examples of it but i just want to kind of rattle through this right now you need to write compelling text ads that resonate with your client avatar so you know what is a client avatar well your ideal client is somebody in carpet cleaning it’s typically a 35 to 55 year old college university educated housewife who makes the family and household decisions usually 2.3 children and 1.2 animals in the home right that’s across the board that is you know two-car garage and one of those cars is a luxury car like a bmw mercedes tesla nowadays things like that that is your ideal client in most marketplaces not every marketplace has that exact ideal client but knowing your ideal demographic who is your client that’s going to pay you to come in and do carpet cleaning throughout the whole house upholstery cleaning wood floor cleaning and they’re not just trying to clean up the urine that you know because they they breed cats in their house and in their in their mobile home and or trailer and they need it clean because it stinks and you know human social services have been called that is not an ideal client for anybody the ideal client lives in a condo lives in their own home is maintaining their stuff understands the value of a dollar and cares for the stuff they wash their car regularly as well they they clean their windows everything about their lifestyle is designed to maintain things that is your ideal client and when you speak to them you speak differently than if you’re just speaking to the masses and most people that write on pay-per-click ads don’t get that and they only they’re only speaking to like a generic crowd and they wonder why all the ads look the same so um you want to leverage ad extensions we’ll talk about this as well killer i find most pay-per-click companies don’t even understand or do this and it’s not that hard you know a lot of companies are you know google ad certified but they still don’t use know how to use all the tools properly um you want to have visitors land on a solid well thought out pages and i’ll tell you um what kinds of pages on your site or on a on a standalone landing page is always better but it has to be built to convert and again maybe not always better you got to test this but i’m going to show you why it’s almost always better and you want to do ongoing split testing tweaking and fine tuning like we talked about you could have a competitor that stopped doing google ads for a while and came back into the space you could have new people show up every single day there could be something changing every single month there definitely is something changing in the marketplace that needs to be tested tweaked adjusted your bidding strategy needs to be moved around there is so much stuff that you need to do to make sure you stay on top of this so if you’re doing it yourself there is gobs and gobs and gobs of books stacks of books that you can read on how to run pay-per-click ads properly i would suggest you start with um perry marshall anything by perry marshall even the for dummies series um but there’s lots and lots of mike rhodes i can’t remember his first name rhodes anyways um he wrote a book with perry marshall but he’s got his own stuff as well that’s a good place to start all us and our entire team have read through and learned from all of those sources as well as many more but that’s a good start to understand proper split testing and tweaking and fine-tuning in google ads it should be part of everything you do in marketing you should be split testing and tweaking and fine tuning everything um 27 years of running my carpet cleaning business as an example you know we we mailed our clients our a-list clients um we sorry we messaged them we stayed in front of them we communicated them 48 times a year sometimes it was a phone call sometimes it became a text message um sometimes it was a physical piece of mail any single campaign we had had three oh i said three steps let them know about it a reminder about it and a final notice before it expires message whether that was a phone call a voice blast um you know following up after a sales letter or a postcard you name it but and

what we would do is we would you know build a control hey we just spent three thousand dollars on a winter mailing campaign and it brought in fourteen thousand three hundred dollars worth of work this this year next year we’re going to run the exact same campaign at the exact same time but say if we’ve got on that mailing list say we’ve got 1500 names well 500 of those maybe 250 is going to get a different a tweak a slightly different offer a slightly different headline something different we’re not going to throw everything out and start again we’re just going to tweak something and try and see if that that group responded better at a better response rate than the control group and you’re always tweaking and that’s the way to think of running a business because that allows you to scale and get bigger and bigger and bigger so don’t even think about spending another penny until you have that con conversion tracking in place it’s essential you need dynamic number swapping so what that means is when somebody comes to you your landing page your website whatever it is the number swaps out so that if somebody came there from pay-per-click versus just organic traffic versus direct traffic what number they call actually what they see on the page and what they call looks different it all rings to your phone but it’s tracking how they got there because the internet sends all that code through you can set it all up to set that code through you put the dynamic swapping on the website and it just looks at the number that you have and says oh this person came from this source and before they even see it in this in a split second fraction of a second it changed change the number before the page even loaded so that the right number is showing for them to be able to track so that’s that’s important the next level up from that is called a keyword pool of dynamic numbers and this allows you to connect um numbers with very specific keyword campaigns within your google ads so typically you only need four to eight number phone numbers because there’s not that many people like literally messaging through to you at any one moment but ultimately it’s to connect back to those numbers switch up but the numbers switch up you know based on the keywords and the ad groups and the campaigns that that person clicked on so now you get even a more granular level for the person managing the account yourself or your the team managing it they have a more granular level of what is driving most of the clicks and then which one of those clicks are converting you might be getting 40 clicks from one keyword and only one conversion and another one you might only be getting five clicks from but three conversions that’s important to know and you can’t know that without setting up all this technology you need web form tracking because you don’t want people just to be picking up the phone and calling you we’re actually in a world now where more people want to chat so it’s web form and you all you want to have um web form and chat tracking as well on your site so you want to make sure that you allow them to um have a live chat or a chat to text we have a tool we’ve built called carpet cleaner lead pro that allows you to put um all of this stuff on your website um it’s built it includes automations and instant messages back to them and nurturing messages and all that kind of stuff to maximize the amount of conversions your website has your landing pages have and all of your marketing platforms have by creating great great nurturing if you want to learn more about that just you know hit ream up in the chat here um or send us a message go to our website send us a message at info or schedule appointment at schedule in fact i’ll pop that into the chat right now there’s a link that if you ever need to do that you can either message reema or click that link and you can schedule some time with us and we can talk about all of this kind of stuff but carpet cleaner lead pro is essential to businesses you have to have a lead a lead nurturing system as well you need to be able to have chat web forms and um and and and call tracking and all that kind of stuff and and smart ai going smart forms that are actually actively participating with your client at the time so anyways i’ll get off that little soapbox and we’ll move on so what are your most important kpis well obviously your total spend how much did you spend but what was the average cost per click if that’s going too high you’ve got a problem you need to be dialing in better you don’t want people clicking on the ad the cost per click um you want to be able to have a great quality score making sure that everything’s aligned properly the higher your cost per click more often means that you’re you’re either bidding incorrectly or the where you’re taking people you’re at your text ads and your landing pages are off um average cost per per lead from so this is lead now not just click but a lead is once they you know they actually filled out a form started a chat or made a phone call once they’ve clicked got through to the landing page or the website and it’s been tracked so calls web forms and chat in carpet cleaning you’re going to find that the average cost per lead from pay-per-click typically runs anywhere

from 25 to 70 or 55 dollars we’ve even seen 75 dollars um work profitably if you’ve got a really good conversion on those leads that is totally fine if your average job is 400 and you convert 75 of every call you can spend up to 75 80 a lead because you know that all in that’s a you bought a new customer for just over 100 bucks and your average job’s 400 bucks you’re right in that range you’re doing beautiful upholstery cleaning a little bit less competitive 15 to 30 a lead it’s typical wood floor cleaning is becoming more competitive because you’re not just the cleaning you know maybe the screen and re-coats things like that they’re becoming a little more competitive because you’ve also got all the you know the the actual hardwood floor sanding and refinishing companies as well so in the cleaning space a lot of us do the wood floor cleaning now and maybe a little bit of coating refresher totally great add-on service for a carpet cleaner pretty much the same equipment we’re all used to running but just realized that the cost per leads higher but the average job is much higher as well the average job is over a thousand bucks in wood floor cleaning so there may be less of them out there in the marketplace and you have to educate your market more why you might need them but um the cost per lead is a little bit higher but still good and you also need to know your return on investment what was the roi how much did you spend how much did you put in the slot machine pulled the handle and how much came back out and you need to be tracking that on a month by month basis so a dashboard to do that um you need to it needs to be giving you the data that looks like this right so you need to know how many leads came in that month from pay-per-click what was the total investment including any management fees right um and if again if your pay-per-click company isn’t providing you any of this data um definitely by all means go ask for it i’ve got a screen coming up here on the slide you can take a screenshot of of all the questions you should be asking your provider anyways you want to know what your average cost per lead is and again we’ve seen a wide range here but it depends on the marketplace there isn’t one number that’s good fifteen twenty dollars cost per per lead from from pay-per-click is really good um but your marketplace that might be great other times it could be forty fifty dollars as i said so anything under fifty dollars is a good number so but you you absolutely know um how many times like how what percentage of you are you showing up above the maps um that’s you know like or sorry above above the other ads and sometimes you don’t want to always be number one number one tends to get a lot of clicks that may not be the best clients so you want to be managing where you’re showing up in that pay-per-click so when somebody types in carpet cleaning near me and first thing that shows up is maybe local service ads are you in there and then below that the pay-per-click ads are you in there but you don’t necessarily be number one because you might get most of the clicks people just looking for any you know discount cleaners and whatever and you might not qualify you want people that want to be a little bit more thorough in thinking your cheapest leads will always come from organic they’ll always come from direct traffic because those are people that read they learn they check your reviews they do all that kind of stuff pay-per-click is a little bit more of a quicker action person they just didn’t even scroll down the page they just saw what came to the top and that’s why google put the ads up there because google’s making money from it it’s how they monetize so um you want to know what the click-to-call ratio and all those kinds of numbers are um but if you want to take it one step farther this is even better it’s what’s called true roi so this is something that you can um we can discuss with you but something you can if you’ve got a crm system and you’ve got ways of tracking this some people even just do it on a spreadsheet but if you can find a way that um and a bunch of the different tools the house call pros service titans things like that they have ways of of doing this that every single lead can be attributed to the source it came from so when you run your monthly reports if it was a pay-per-click lead you know in this example here that the the pay-per-click generated 24 thousand dollars in revenue right organic generated 70 000 this is a a million dollar company um so but you know where in flood restoration their insurance restoration came in it um hundred thousand dollars came in from insurance leads and then referrals from clients and real estate agents and you know returning customers and all of that kind of stuff and actually this is i think this was more of a quarterly breakdown from this company but point being if you can actually break it right down to who booked right and that’s that can be done in a lot of these programs like um service monster and house call pros and service titan and all that kind of stuff um there’s ways to attribute every single lead to its source and by doing so that is true roi because now you know you spent x number of dollars and you actually didn’t just generate this many leads and book you know 40 of them or whatever you’ve generated this exact

amount of revenue so you know and you can break that down by the number of jobs it was and figure out what your cost or your average job is from that source so maybe your repeat clients are the highest and at five six hundred dollars an average job and you’re pay-per-click or lower at 300 you can make those decisions and adjust your campaigns accordingly and adjust your math accordingly so how to structure your campaigns for pay-per-click so one of the biggest things here is about ad groups again as i talked i said earlier i’m going to show you some examples a lot of pay-per-click companies that don’t know carpet cleaning they just throw up an ad group they just throw everything into one ad group and that’s it one set of text ads one ad group dump all the keywords carry on with their day ideally you want to have multiple ad groups set up you won’t have a brand campaign so you’ve got competitors that are probably bidding on your name if somebody typed in you know joe bob’s carpet cleaning and the very first thing that popped up was a um a zero res franchise in the local area that is actually got a pay-per-click campaign targeting your name the first thing they see is them now do those campaigns work really really well do we suggest them sometimes they’re worth testing but if somebody actually knows your name maybe they’re going to try and find you but somebody else is bidding on it what you want is when somebody types in your name you want to make sure that they can find you right away so these are the lowest costs because you can send them to your main your home page or your website they know your name you’re infinitely more optimized for that that term so whatever landing page you sent them send them to that term your brand name your company name joe bob’s carpet cleaning is going to be all over your website all of you know it doesn’t necessarily have to go to a landing page this time but you’re going to find that those are um though that that ad group will will have the lowest cost per click and not spend a ton of money at all because it’s really a small crowd but you’re making sure that your customers the ones that know your name the people that were referred to you can just find you easily so sure you should be in the three pack and sure you should you should organically show up below that as well but ultimately having a little brand campaign makes sense and then you don’t want to just have your company name you want to become a name and all your services so those are the um all the different keywords is you know plus carpet cleaning plus carpet plus cleaning any prominent trade names as well so what i mean by that is um sometimes for example if a franchise like in the chem dry world you know it might be you know chem dry of seattle right so you want to be you know targeting the trade name chem dry but you’re also going to be targeting the trade name chemdroid of seattle so you want to make sure those kinds of things if people are searching by a very specific product then you know it doesn’t really make sense in the carpet cleaning energy most people aren’t looking for you know a a carpet cleaner that uses a master truck mount or whatever but in some industries there are home service industries you know they’re looking for the carrier dealer near them for for their furnace they’re looking you know on and on and on so you want to make sure that any prominent trade names you’re bidding on as well so hopefully that makes sense and then you want your main focus service so not all not all your services stand stand together if you go back and check last year’s revenue any previous year’s revenue if you do this regularly you’ll know that um for most carpet cleaning businesses carpet cleaning is the is the highest revenue generating service you do everything else comes second so it’s upholstery cleaning area cleaning tile cleaning wood floor cleaning things like that by and large you know some companies transition where they want to do more wood floor cleaning they want to do tile cleaning and they market that more heavily but by and large consumer wise there are more people clean their carpets than clean anything else so it usually is your main focus keyword but whatever yours is whatever your main focus target keyword is that should be its own ad group and it’s carpet cleaning carpet cleaners office carpet cleaning geo areas which might be carpet cleaning in you know mention a small town baden carpet cleaning in new hamburg carpet cleaning in um wellesley you know small towns around you where you’re not organically ranking and where you’re you may not be in the the maps package you don’t have a local address you want to make sure that those keywords are all part of part of it and then you want to make sure that you have the words like professional carpet cleaning carpet cleaning services carpet cleaning company there’s hundreds of keywords that go you know that all filter into that but at the very least you want to make sure that your ad group is very tight to those those terms then you want to start going after an ad group for each one of the secondary services you want to target you’re going to assign a budget to these so upholstery cleaning tile and grow each of these all have odor removal wood floor cleaning they all need their

own page that they can go to that talks about that because there’s no sense talking about tile and grout cleaning and then taking driving them to a carpet cleaning page that makes no sense at all the person is not even gonna you know pick up the phone and call doesn’t you’re not congruent with what what you told them you’re going to do you want to make sure that the ad itself if they typed in tile cleaning you don’t want the ad to talk about carpet cleaning you want to make sure the ad talks about tile cleaning and the customer and the local market and stuff like that so these are all secondary ad groups so hopefully i’m not losing anybody i want to go too deep into this but you also want to potentially have service area ad groups so what we mean by that is you may want to just start off by targeting carpet cleaning in one of these smaller towns and separate it out so you got your geo areas in your main focus here that can cover a few of them we talked about right here but your service areas um you want to make sure that you have all of the you know if it’s a prominent second city say you live in a small town near the biggest town and you’re not in the maps listening to the biggest town i’m going to tell you it might be your benefit to rent a uh you know a virtual office space or a warehouse space or a garage door for 500 bucks a month and create a second listing and rank that to get into the mass pack over time because that big city is more important to you than the little small town you’re actually located in but before all that happens you definitely want to be running pay-per-click campaigns and you may want to have a whole separate ad group just around that town so that ad group is targeting that town and you know and then even the smaller towns around so you know hey this one’s not producing at all let’s turn it off right there’s no sense wasting money if it’s not roi and you can break that out with ad groups so that’s you know that’s the way to think of it sometimes you might even want to take it as a full separate campaign and and give it assign it its own budget so there’s different ways to test that but that’s the things you want to be considering beyond that keyword types matter so in the world of google paper collectors there was essentially four different types of keywords that and there’s been a shift recently so i kind of want to talk about that broad match modified broad match phrase match and exact match so broad match means any ad anywhere that has anything to do with something similar to carpet and cleaner or carpet and cleaning that could be you know carpet cleaner rental machine that could be um does a carpet need a cleaner that uses you know a cleaner that uses uh soap and they mean like a spotting product broad match is a mess um broad match can get you showing up in you know for all kinds of searches have nothing to do with you we limit broad matches a lot but that’s an example of what broad matches are i’m going to jump over to exact match exact match means that they have to exactly type that in dallas carpet cleaners and carpet cleaners in dallas are two entirely different searches and you will not show up if somebody typed in dallas carpet cleaners you will not show up if you’re only targeting carpet cleaners in dallas because it’s an exact match term and google defines that by using these little square brackets as well but you want any keyword that is absolutely essential to you that’s generating most of you know a good chunk of revenue the roi is good you’ve tracked it you’ve pulled it out of your your data you want to set up an exact match you definitely want to make sure that you’re targeting the exact match as well and monitoring those now where we get into the middle is sort of phrase match and modified broad well they’ve combined the two modified broad was a way that you could use these little pluses and it would allow for example i got an example down here say the keyword was moving services new york to boston right and that would be a phrase so and then the modified broad as you would set it up with plus moving plus services plus new york plus two plus boston so those words could be in any order so phrase match meant that they could say best moving service services new york to boston and the phrase new york to boston was in there or movie services new york to boston near me blah blah phrases would mean that you could append things around it and that phrase still there um modified broad match meant that these words had to appear anywhere within so for example affordable moving services new york city to boston so there’s your moving services new york to boston affordable that would make it a phrase broad match would be new york so we got the new york right here corporate we don’t that wasn’t one of our words but that’s allowed because it’s just modified um and then moving services to boston so we have all the words moving services new york to boston all mixed around with a couple of other words in there and then also moving services boston to new york it’s twitched it’s now the opposite not new york to boston but boston to new york and that would have been shown in a modified broad so now google has cr scrapped that entirely that was around for years and they what they’ve done is they’ve actually created a phrase an updated phrase match and

now you’ll see that all of it you you can’t target just the phrase anymore it literally starts blending like the modified all of these terms it’ll allow you to bounce the terms around but where it does get smart it uses ai if you if somebody reversed that and just said boston to new york and you were new york to boston it’s smart enough to go i’m not even going to show the ad so there’s a benefit to that it’s also anytime google makes these changes there’s a lot of learning and there’s a lot of little nuances and there’s hiccups and all of that kind of stuff and sometimes it ends up costing you more if you don’t know what you’re doing so keep an eye on it thing that does cost you more is not paying attention to negative keywords so this is this is really important you don’t want people typing in carpet cleaner jobs and you show up that’s somebody looking for a job or careers or rental or spotter or machine carpet cleaning machine you don’t want to be showing up for those keywords you want to make sure that you put them in a negative keyword list that anytime somebody at is includes that in their search you’re not showing up what’s the best carpet cleaning machine that you do not want to be showing up for that you don’t want to be being charged a click for somebody goes i don’t want to hire a carpet cleaner i want to buy a machine right and there is um we’ve identified about 500 negative keywords alone that we we start with for every carpet cleaning campaign and that’s one of the things we monitor every single day every week is what were all the search terms coming in and is there anything new is your is there competitor names is there other terminology in your local marketplace that we didn’t even think of that we need to add to that negative that negative list so very very important to think about that as well so negative keywords you make sure you got to get those figured out so now you need to need to write compelling text ads so now we’ve got ad groups set up we know about what keywords should be in them you’re going to do a bit of research you’re going to learn about this if you’re doing it yourself you’re going to hire somebody who understands this stuff you’re going to set up all your negative keywords but you have to have compelling text ads less is more tell them exactly what you want them to do click now book now call now whatever if you have a special offer for the service that they searched um and reference it in the text ad that’s that’s even better you you’re giving them a call to action that helps or you know number one rated top rated best you know those kinds of things um you know since 1991 you know on and on and on most five star reviews if so you’re not doing a discount you want to tell them why you and talk to that crowd again that ideal avatar that is looking for the best not the cheapest give them one decision this is one of the reasons why landing pages work better as well but you want to because they can be isolated on one page where they can’t click and start getting lost within your website and anywhere offer that but you don’t want to offer them too many options to stray away from your website or from you know again the text ad

so you want to be using things that are called call extensions we know um call out extensions sorry and we notice a lot of agencies don’t even touch these and i’m going to show you some proof of that but what they are is you add them into the back end of google ads these different types of extensions there’s a whole different whole bunch of them and google will decide based on how much room they have where the ads being shown and stuff like that and the previous interactions that’s part of google’s ai here’s a call extension they’ll put your phone number or the call tracking phone number right into the ad somebody can if it’s on a mobile device they can click and call that number and that counts as a click um they can pick up the phone and call that number that counts as a conversion and you’ve got a phone number sitting right in the ad um call out extensions are same day service um 35 off new customers 24 you know 24 7 service up you know things like that you can have a whole list of sort of your bullet points and they can be added as an extension to the ad on you know outside of the headline outside the text and local extensions not only does a local extension put your actual address in there especially if somebody can come to the office drop something off or whatever but it also helps with the local location extension turned on you can influence that your google ad google pay-per-click ad actually shows up in the google maps three pack um google again these extensions are all google’s ai chooses when when do influence them or not so you can’t you can’t just say force it to happen but you set them all up and it creates a lot of variables in your ad and i want to show you an example of that so here for example this ad right here so this is three ads above the map so there’s the map listing and this is just for carpet cleaning guelph and actually this was just this this ad search was just for the broad search of carpet cleaning but with with a device

that was standing inside the zone of guelph in the city of guelph these are all extensions that that because they were turned on google decided to show

right so look at how much larger and how much more room that takes up and then these guys don’t know about it they’ll have it set up and they’re pushed down the page right so you kind of get that example of this is um you know it’s got a bit of a call to action it’s not a discount it like it’s it’s a discount off of an add-on service that they have to pay for um it’s got um other information in the ad that’s that’s really critical so let’s look at a couple more so we call these best performing text ads um again if you’ve got a great upsell i don’t mind suggesting that you uh you have a a discount offer if you’re good at making a 69 offer um actually work for you and and generate 250 to 400 per average job um i find a lot of companies don’t know how to do that therefore i wouldn’t use this as a groupon type area but um you got an example 20 per room voted number one these guys might actually have um a 150 minimum but look at we’ve got ad extensions turned on again here other services ad extensions phone extensions all there’s the phone extension right there for these guys there’s the phone extension for these guys showing up on and on and again it’s up to google what they wanted to add in and not add in but that’s the kind of idea that you want to be looking at so as a landing page you want to make sure that it’s well thought out and and specifically focuses them to take one action and one action only you don’t want people showing up on your website browsing around and then getting getting overwhelmed and leaving um your website is great to build your personality it’s great to build to like let people know what you’re all about it’s great for the people that are interested in researching your company more somebody clicks on a paid ad it’s best to give them a very minimal amount of things to do so you want them to have a number to call a form to fill out ideally a chat to pop up is it one in this example is down in the page farther you want to tell them who you are why you want to personalize it there’s a picture down here of the actual business and scroll down a little bit more and there’s actually pictures of the actual the real technicians not stock photos the real technicians doing the job there’s their real van in front of a real house things like that right so that’s all examples of of how that works it has to be mobile optimized but if you notice if i scr go back and forth this is the exact same page but when it’s turned when it’s pulled up on a mobile device because 70 of your clients are going to be searching on on their mobile device going to google typing or google maps or wherever they go type it in and then click on the ad and they come up to your page if you’re on a mobile device look at we got tap to call right there right above the you know right right at the beginning of the listing they can just click that button and call you so it’s got to be mobilely optimized and there’s the offer there’s the form and then they can scroll down and see examples and testimonials and all that and reviews and all that kind of stuff but that’s what you want to have is you want to make sure you have everything you need above the fold you want to have testimonials and all below why people choose you these pages don’t need to go on and on forever they only need a couple of sections they’ve got to be very direct and every time that you’ve scrolled down as soon as you scroll down one scroll so if they have to scroll the next scroll on the desktop or the phone you want to have even if this sticks to the top up here so they can always find your number you want to have you know a button where they can click to call and maybe a button where it takes them right back to this form to fill up or pops it up so you want to make it easy as they scroll down the page so hopefully that makes sense hopefully you’re taking lots of notes there’s lots of stuff to do with pay-per-click to make it work and how do you accelerate your lead flow let’s get into that conversion tracking is a must your campaign must be broken into smaller groups you must make sure you have a strong understanding of the keywords and match types so that you’re not overspending on things that you don’t shouldn’t be spending on you need to write compelling text ads to talk to your ideal client if they’re not discount shoppers don’t be selling them discounts you need to use ad extensions to make your ads stand out and you want to take people to a solid well thought out landing pages specifically for the service they’ve clicked on so yeah if you have a carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning tile cleaning and you’re running paid paid ads for all those you have three different landing pages or at the very least you have your the pages on your website for those services super well optimized to convert people to becoming you know pick up the phone and call keep it very very simple limit the navigation on those pages and make it very very tight but ideally a landing page that you can split test makes way more sense in most cases so key takeaways again i like to pause every so often and

see what you guys learned so did you learn anything about sort of the the complexities of doing this it it’s a whole subject matter it’s on its own people go through google ad training to learn the basics and then experience to figure out how all the nuances and again most ad agencies are not targeting carpet cleaners and home services they’re targeting everybody so what they did for a chiropractor yesterday like the the ad tech setting up the ads which is usually a college student hired in in their early 20s to sit down and create ads they’re not sophisticated experts they’re just copying what other things have done they’re following a basic set of procedures and they’re not they don’t understand the mindset of every single business that they’re they’re working for they may have never hired a carpet cleaner before probably haven’t and they don’t even really know other than other ads that are running what what they should be saying or what works so you know we know because we’re carpet cleaning marketing masters we know how to do this for carpet cleaners and home service businesses cleaning businesses that kind of thing but i just want to make sure you had that so do one final quick study uh case study but also this is also impressed upon you the importance of having a dashboard so when you have a dashboard you know your numbers you know what is working and what it’s not working how many clicks what’s your click-through rate is that changing going up or down how many people are calling how often are you seeing a you know at the very top or a couple of you know farther slightly farther down in the ad mix and stuff like that this example here 6.5 you know to one roi so again as i said anywhere between four and you know anything above four um you know a four to one roi three and a half four to one roi you’re profitable and you’ve got a lifetime value of the client locked in and you’re making money on the job but as an example this one here with ad spend and management fee um 3 700 or 3 300 bucks to generate 21 000 worth of revenue that creates that 6.5 um to one roi so every one dollar put into the ad campaign six dollars and fifty cents came back out so and that allowed um roughly 66 jobs to book out of 165 leads that were generated and again the other 99 leads we had a whole training on that as well what do you do with the other 99 leads like some of them will go elsewhere but you’ve now just generated a name and the contact information of somebody who buys carpet cleaning why is that not the most valuable thing you’ve ever owned so yeah you’ve got customers your customer list is gold but you should have a list 10 times bigger than you of your than your customer list of leads of people that you know in your marketplace that are at least have bought carpet cleaning because the majority of people still don’t buy carpet cleaning like it’s they don’t have a house they don’t have carpets they they’re renters they’re the majority of people that you could try and put an ad in front may not be carpet cleaners why would you not bring all those people into a tool like carpet cleaner lead pro or whatever you guys are using to keep it and and and run timely campaigns to them you know three months later hey by the way you might be looking at this you might be needing that they are buyers unless they unsubscribe they should be get on now on your lead outreach list um to to try out your company so that’s what you do with the other 99 people that didn’t become customers this time you take them outside of that framework and put them into your ongoing long-term nurture campaigns that’s how you start building a really really large profitable carpet cleaning business and pay-per-click is a big part of that so questions to ask your ppc provider once i get down the screen i’m going to pause for a second you guys can take a screenshot of it but um how much my buddy budget is going to google ads versus the management fee there is a huge movement that’s happened like a lot of these yellow page companies that switched over you know marketing 365 or 360 and blah blah blah um former yellow page companies that just took the old model of hey we’re going to give this guy a price i’m going to charge him a thousand bucks 1500 bucks 800 bucks 600 bucks for his sem his search engine marketing his pay-per-click and the mystery the secret sauce is where are they spending it well i tell you anytime that we’ve peeled back the curtain or talked to any any folks that worked at those companies and have left um during our outreach and hiring sales people and stuff like that and ad support people and things like that we know that it’s it’s usually north of 50 55 60 of whatever you give them is going to the management fee and they won’t tell you that so it’s just a mystery and that’s that’s not good you need to know that breakdown um actually see if there’s any more on this yeah i’m gonna bring them all into the screen so you can take a screenshot while i’m talking um what type of tracking will you be putting in place so is there um is there a call tracking web form tracking um how deep is that conversions going can you separate pay-per-click calls from organic calls especially if they’re going to your your website or if the landing page has more than one purpose um how will the how will they track the

key performance indicators will there be a dashboard that you can go in and look at and actually understand what’s on the dashboard here’s how many leads you got here’s how many impressions you got here’s how many clicks you got here’s how many conversions you got and here’s the cost of each of those will you be setting up specific landing pages for each ad group and can they can they show you those landing pages um do they do are you split testing the ads in each ad group how often what kind of split tests will you be doing do you have a strategy for that will you be leveraging all of the ad extensions to make sure the ads stand out and what are our target cost per lead and return on investment numbers you know sometimes they might actually do a deep dive and then have to run the campaign for a little bit to really get that but they should be giving you sort of a benchmark and then dialing in your local marketplace they might give you a range you’re never going to know exactly but maybe the cost per lead as we showed you at the beginning we know that the cost per lead should be somewhere between that you know 25 and 55 dollars and 25 would be amazingly good but anything you know anything under you know that that 50 55 or less is a really good mark um return on investment you should be looking at around a four to one three and a half to one four to one at a baseline and how much higher can you get that that’s based on you because that return on investment comes from your conversions if we see numbers less than three and a half to one on a conversion like actually you know a conversion to to a lead that’s on us um a lead to a job that’s on you because if you can’t convert over the phone um or by text or whatever you’ve got work to do you need scripts and you need to understand all of that so we’re getting close to wrapping up here if you have any questions pop them in the chat um we’re just over an hour and i like to wrap up about an hour 15 hour and 20 so we’re gonna get to there but what makes our campaigns better or different for us like what do we do different well we split the campaign into the street strategic ad groups obviously we set up conversion optimized landing pages we set up conversion optimization so that all of that kind of you know as the forms get filled out there’s an automation involved as well they get message they get chatted to all of that kind of stuff um we also know on conversion optimization we we track as deeply as we possibly can on where the where the leads are coming from and what groups ad groups what keywords what cities what zones all that kind of stuff so that we can optimize that we also check the split testing the landing pages and find out what’s working better one versus the other things like that so we can continue to optimize things and look for changes that happen something could be working brilliantly and then start to tail off there may be a reason for that and we need to start looking into figuring that out as well um each ad group we set up with multiple text ads and rotate them to find the best converting we provide that that that really deep dashboard to show the kpis and the one that we look at on our end is even deeper than that way more complex but it allows us to see some of the data that that you don’t necessarily need to be reported on and we we aggregate it all together group it all up and give you the the bigger one and we like to have complete transparency here’s how much the management fee is how much the ad spend is and you can increase your ad spend to grow more leads and scale so our dashboard as we’ve shown a couple of examples it looks like that as an example from just last october to november and you can see this company here um did had only 30 like again much smaller budget and a lot of their budget is going towards organic and and mobile google google maps but they generated 30 41 calls because ad extensions are part of that as well 41 calls from their pay-per-click 35 calls from their facebook ads and we know which ones were calls chats and web forms and it’s all broken down and across all of them 14 and then 14.34 cents an average lead and then look there there is the the actual call volume coming in from organic and the call coming in from pay-per-click and all of those calls are even recorded so you can listen to them and figure out if you’re actually answering them properly or not so do you think this will help you make more money if you were able to dial it in know what was working and then scale the winners run the winners so that you know hey i can expand there’s more room in my market for more money to be spent to generate more revenue and that revenue generate allows me to put another truck on the road those kinds of decisions expand into new territory all of that kind of just put in the chat like a one if you find that you know you understand now that knowing the math psychology and math knowing how pay-per-click works knowing a little bit of behind-the-scenes stuff either the team that you’ve got doing it or if you’re not doing it if you’ve failed before why it may have failed and maybe there’s a better strategy to put that in place cool okay we’re getting a bunch of ones coming in awesome guys so no thanks so much and gals sorry so um got a bit of a bonus for you for

sticking around to the end there’s two bonuses here one is um for a limited time we do this that is very limited every month we have a few slots available and we offer a comprehensive marketing audit and 60 minute marketing consultation with me i charge 495 dollars an hour for my time as a consultant have for many years and what we’re actually willing to do here is it’s over a thousand dollars worth of value because what we actually do is we’ll you know our research team will get to work for you for free so about 500 worth of deep dive research identify the key issues that could be harming your online rankings we check your website out we check your website optimizations and all that kind of stuff you review your conversions check your competitors check where you’re showing up check your visibility we do all of that for you um and uh and then we create a strategy um it all comes by me i look it over i spend some time on it and then we hop on a 60-minute call to go over everything the good bad and the ugly where you can start growing your business things that are looking amazing and and all that and you get all of that absolutely for free if you’re looking to grow your carpet cleaning business and you have any interest in knowing all of those variables and and maybe what the types of services that we can help you with where we can fit in helping you generate even more roi um then this is for you and i’ll give you the link to that in a second so you got the lead flow acceleration that’s the button in the chat if you want to book a strategy session remo will reach out to you get some background information for our research team and help you set up a time to uh to book that in also as i mentioned if you stick around to the end if you go to rewards you’re going to find that’ll take you to a folder and in that folder you can download um or look at pdfs and copies of all of these these documents as well and there’s more than that in there we keep adding more and more stuff but um and if you go back to some of our previous trainings there’ll be some some reports in there and resources that that are relevant to a previous training so you definitely want to take a look at that as well and how you connect with us is just schedule and that’s also the same link that is in the chat and if you go to that you can have a chat with us have a conversation and book a strategy session and let our team do research for you and help you grow your business that’s our goal is to help one carpet cleaner in every marketplace become the dominant brand so you can get more customers you can sell your business for higher you can scale it and you can have an easier business and an easier life because you’ve understood that the marketing the psychology and the math generates the helps you generate the right marketing the right marketing helps you grow your company and all the other stuff that you guys do expertly delivering great client experience and doing a super job in the customer’s home can be done by you and your technicians and the marketing can help you continue to grow so anyways i’m going to pop off the screen share here there we go i’m going to come up so if you have any questions at all pop them in the chat rima is going to stick around a little bit longer i’ve got a boot but thanks so much for for giving us an hour and 20 minutes of your time today i hope you found this valuable it is a very very dense subject pay-per-click and pay-per-click ads and marketing in general that’s why i don’t suggest that most carpet cleaners try it themselves if you’re good at that then you’re not good at carpet cleaning it’s like you gotta put on the right hat in your business um and one of them is knowing how to delegate for people that know how to do the job properly but now you know when you’re hiring a pay-per-click company what kind of questions to ask if you want to engage with us you know how to do that go to go to the button in the chat or schedule and you can schedule time with us and we’ll we’ll go through all of this with you talk about our our carpet cleaner lead pro conversion tools our websites our pay-per-click our facebook campaigns all the other marketing that we do around the web for you and how to help all that that makes sense so um anyways look forward to talking to you thanks so much for spending your time with us here today and if you have any questions at all just hit us up go to our website we have chat on our website we have you know you know a form that you can fill out or you can just pick up the phone and call us so whatever way you want to get a hold of us we’re here to help and we look forward to talking to you next time take care

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