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Optimizing Your Carpet Cleaning Website For Better Conversions

Not getting the phone calls you want from your website? Maybe you have your phone number and social proof in the wrong place, or you may be missing a simple but powerful trick that can convert more of your visitors into customers. In this eposide we will show you how to get more leads from your website including the 5 critical elements that enhance conversion – you may be missing that can significantly increase the number of carpet cleaning leads and calls coming in from your website.

Topics Discussed:


5 critical elements that enhance conversion


Where to place your phone number & social proof


A simple trick to convert your visitors that don't call on the first visit

Audio Transcript:

hey guys it’s john here from carpet cleaner marketing masters got people piling in right now so let’s just give a few minutes and just in the chat put a one in if you can hear me if you can see me if everything’s looking good and i’ll just give a few more minutes here and just let everybody come in okay we got some ones coming into the chat good so you can see me and hear me that’s awesome cool cool cool so how’s everybody doing today we’ve got rhima monitoring the the chat so Rhima’s been with carpet cleaner marketing masters for a while now and she’s my assistant she’s also one of our key strategists around our facebook ads and a bunch of other outreach campaigns and things like that as well and kind of jack of all trades and she’s monitoring the chat so if you have any questions at all pop them in there and she’ll answer them best you can and otherwise she’ll get your email address from you and we’ll follow up afterwards if there’s anything very specific thanks all of you that sent in your websites to be looked at so part of what we’re going to be talking about today as we get started in a minute is maximizing your conversions and and lead flow on your website so it’s a really really important topic and near and dear to me and i’ll as we go through it.

I’ll explain why but yeah so we did ask to take a look at some of your your websites and that’s always a tough thing live here you know i don’t want to beat you up too much if the if there was if there’s some problems but it’s always good to improve your game and i can show you some ideas and things that should be looked at on your website and that’s what we’ll go through here today so yeah as we get going let’s you know let’s let the rest of the people chime in or join into the the webinar as we as we go but i’m gonna shift over to sharing my screen and we’ll get started you guys can get on with your day so here just give me a quick second okay so now you just get to hear me you can see my face in in in still form there but that’s about it for right now if you can see my screen and you see the the front page there how to optimize your website just put a one in chat again and we’ll go from there great great cool got ones coming in all right so let’s get rolling here obviously we know the topic it’s all about websites the the importance what we want to talk about is is is why this this conversion conversation makes any sense at all so we we talk about here at carpet cleaner marketing masters about the digital dominance method it’s 30 years in development 17 years now as a consultant talk about that in a second but what basically there’s a lot of elements there’s you know you got pay-per-click.

You’ve got local service ads you got facebook ads you’ve got seo and organic you’ve got email marketing you’ve got all of these things you might have you know ads running on different platforms angie’s list and things like that you’ve got physical mailing ads you’ve got digital ads you’ve got all this kind of stuff and you’re trying to fill your funnel and your those are all ways that you’re generating leads an interesting way to think about this is most of your leads will at one point or another end up on your website so it’s it’s a lot of times it might be near the end of the funnel they’ve looked around and now they’re just going to your website for assurances that this is a real company and you you can provide the services they’re looking for and things like that so there’s a there’s a strong need for your website to be an anchor and convert properly and that’s what we’re going to get in today and talk about so before we do that a little bit of housekeeping turn off cell phones so you’re not distracted so you we get through this quickly and you can hear everything we’re talking about turn off facebook this is not the time to chat to anybody if you’re seriously about doubling or even tripling your leads that you can pull from your your carpet cleaning website then give you the next 60 to 90 minutes probably only going to go with 60 minutes or so if we end up with a bunch of questions it might go a little bit longer but just kind of plan on about the next 60 minutes we’re going to dial in exactly what your website needs to have for conversion elements and you’re going to be able to check off which ones you have and which ones you should be looking at improving.

Going forward so who am i quickly boilerplate so started my business career way back in 1990 while i was still in high school so i’ve owned cleaning service franchise businesses independent service businesses ecomm product lines all of that kind of stuff i’ve done service business consultancy and then and we owned and operated digital marketing agency as well so lots of things on the go i’ve lectured for many associations marketing workshops things like that been this the keynote speaker at three day elite retreats including in the island of samoa i was flown into to speak for three days to a select group of carpet cleaners during that time so and so done the marketing consulting and and been a strategist worked with different operations over the years spoken at chamber of commerce events a lot and on the stage in vegas and at other events and stuff like that as well so i have bought sold systemized and sold made franchise for twice the price that we bought it for a fight over a five year window while owning a bunch of other businesses and i’ve sold my system driven to van only carpet cleaning business during the pandemic within the last year and generated over half a million dollars in the sale of that so and and well worth it for the person who bought it as well because of the all the systems and monetizations that are built into that.

So basically i help cleaning business owners reach their growth potential and dominate their market by implementing tested improvement systems so that’s just a little background to who i am more importantly is what do what do we do here at carpet cleaner marketing masters what’s it all about and our parent company is screaming tree media we do digital marketing for a lot of clients carpet cleaner marketing masters is sort of the niche focus that we’ve we’ve really dived into because that’s a service business owner for how many years carpet cleaning business is duct cleaning made service janitorial on top of all those other things so we’ve really really kind of honed a whole division of our company into just helping that niche so but we help our clients become the top brand in their local marketplace so they can attract the best clients they’re able to charge the top rates for their service and they can get booked out weeks in advance and that’s ultimately the the goal here so but we do run into a problem there’s the problem that we’re going to address today here is we all invest a ton of money in our marketing so you know in service businesses it was the yellow pages it seems you know back in the day everybody was fighting for the bigger the better yellow page so it’s the you know the double trunk ads at thousands of dollars a month.

I was at a point where i was paying about 60 000 a year in yellow page ads but it was generating you know again half a million dollars or more in in total company revenue and sales and that was well worth it because it was the place everybody went to find you so we’re in service businesses home service businesses and things like that they need to market out into the marketplace so it was yellow pages it obviously transitioned there’s direct mail there’s now the internet but we have this huge investment in marketing and in the online world sometimes it feels like there’s not enough enough i’ll change the spelling on that there’s a but not enough leads and coming in from that traffic so and you know so if you’re good at looking at your google analytics and stuff like that you can see the type of traffic coming into your website but maybe you’re not getting the leads or it’s a low roi investment so you’re not actually getting the what you’re hoping to get out of the out of the lead source and you’re not really sure why and that’s kind of what we’re going to address here today ultimately the the problem is you’re going to have parked trucks and empty schedules so you know it’s it’s it’s not lost on me that the the the biggest issue right now in 2021 is having technicians in the vans servicing your clients and what we have found from talking to our clients as well is that if you don’t have a consistent lead flow if you’re if you’re missing out on work in your marketplace that could fill that technician’s truck up that could you know be a higher end client because you’ve dialed it in right.

We’ll talk about a bunch of those things here today and and and that then you may not be able to pay them top dollar and they’ll go to the competition or to another job you may not be able to keep them busy enough that they they’re making enough money to support their family when you can promise them a lot of work and when you can poach them from other cleaners that are a little bit slower for example things like that then it’s not a labor issue anymore it’s it’s a volume of work issues so that’s what we’re going to talk about so and that’s that’s again that’s the fail if you don’t generate enough leads for the you know for the investments that you’re making in your marketing then your business just simply can’t grow so what you need to actually have as we’re talking about here is a website that’s built to convert because as i mentioned it is sort of that last step in the funnel that people people come into so if your website is consistently converting visitors into callers and leads then and it’s doing it in a very scientific and deliberate way that then what you’re going to get out of that is obviously a lot more oomph for your spend so you’ve you’ve invested in this website the website has a bunch of different functions it’s got you know some seo functions to rank it’s got you know letting people know about your business and and things like that.

But ultimately the ultimate goal of your website is when you get people to it it needs it needs to convert so that you can end up with those full schedules and you’re getting momentand you know that it’s working for you so the success looks like the phone’s ringing you know trucks are running businesses is booming that kind of thing so again as i mentioned your website is that hub it seems to be like it’s it’s farther down that awareness chain nowadays less people make it to your website right off the bat but they do go to your website to confirm their decision to call you to work with you things like that and what they see on that website becomes very very important because a lot of people are going to spend hours and hours reading your website you’ll get the odd person who does that but a lot of people it’s it’s it’s sort of a gut instinct thing they look at it it gives them the right impression it gives them the right feel the right look and they and then it it confirms their decision and they pick up on the phone and call or message you or you know enter into your your funnel somehow so why is conversion so important let’s just run a little bit of math here quickly say you have 1500 visitors a month coming to your your website we’re seeing across the board that conversion rates if you’re tracking this very closely how many people that land on your website and actually end up calling messaging any of those sort of tracking metrics that you have in place.

Sort of you know an average in the industry sort of between five and fifteen percent so if we just start at the bottom end of that and say say five percent that equals 75 phone calls so your gen your your website generated 75 phone calls you may not know that you got 1500 visitors unless you’re you know into your data a lot but you got 75 phone calls that that came through because people ended up on your website say you have a 30 conversion rate so out of all the people that call you’re able to book 3 out of 10 in as customers you just book 22 jobs say your your job average is 325 bucks so that’s a decent level in in in our industry some people are way down at like 125 150 bucks other people are five six hundred dollars but that 325 dollar average is is right in there you’ve just generated from those those 75 calls 22 bookings you’ve generated 7 100 and 50 and there’s a little extra zero on there sorry about that so you’ve got you’ve generated 7 100 bucks from from your website and there’s a bunch of numbers in here that you can look at as a business owner to improve you know the results obviously you could do more marketing spend more money and up the 1500 1500 visitors to a higher number the conversion is the one we’re going to be talking about today but you could also have you know train your csrs better to answer the phones book more jobs all of that kind of stuff you could have automations in place that follow up with people.

Better you could have your technicians trained better to upsell better on the job so that your average ticket is higher and all of those things are going to multiply the effect of this but for today’s conversation we’re going to talk about the big one which is conversions if they don’t even call you right off the bat the rest of these numbers don’t even matter so in scenario number two let’s say we just take that five percent to the 15 conversions that we’re seeing or say you’re already getting 15 and we can get that up to 30 as an example let’s that’s the kind of numbers to think in your head but now you’re going to get the same number of visitors we haven’t changed the number of people on the that who have shown up on your your website but we’ve now got 225 calls instead of 75. still the same 30 percent conversion we’ve got 67 bookings same transaction value that exact same amount of traffic every month went from generating seven thousand dollars to twenty one thousand dollars nothing changed but the conversion elements on your website you didn’t have to do anything extra other than service more jobs and you’ve just tripled your revenue so that’s the that’s the the most important point that we’re trying to get to here so can conversion optimization really have that much of an impact well here’s an example so one of our clients that was their website before some good elements on it but it was very very basic very very dated updated the website did a whole bunch of changes to it.

Added some conversion elements that we’re going to talk about here today and really jazzed it up and one of the things we do is track all of our all of the leads and stuff coming into websites into phones like with phone tracking and form tracking and chat tracking and all of that kind of stuff and across all of their variables 351 leads coming in in in different forms from again emails and text messages and phone calls and all that with a an average cost per lead of under ten dollars so and that all the different sources that they’re coming in from but anything organic mobile those kinds of things a lot of them again end up back on the website and that’s the important point is just by improving the con the the the website’s conversion principles the the number of jobs phone calls jobs leads all of that kind of stuff grows so that’s just one of the examples so you’ve got to want to note down for yourself why getting your website built to convert is important to you if that makes sense if you’ve got you know if you understand that sort of the better your website is as as one of those pieces in your marketing pie and one of those key levers you know there’s that old phrase that you know small hinges swing big doors well this is one of those small hinges it’s it’s it’s seemingly sort of a small thing a lot of people put up brochure websites and things like that don’t really think of conversion elements but they can have such a large impact so you’re gonna have to figure out your why for for this here now one thing i did do is i put together a a workbook for you guys to download so you can go to conversion workbook i’m just going to pop over to that right now and make sure this this works.

But so if you can see that there i did it as a a google doc that way you can just go up to this top corner here and go file you have to be logged into your google account first but you can hit file and make a copy and you can make it your own and from there you can you can make your own notes there’s a little checklist down here as well there’s a cool little graphic we’re going to get to but there’s a little checklist as you work through some of these elements or the ones that are most important to you you can you can check those off as well so so you’ve got this handy but definitely you know don’t have that screen open you want to kind of be back on the on the webinar screen and we’re just going to go through some of the most important conversion elements so we should be back on to the the presentation now so just make a copy of that so it’s yours save it and mark it all up as you need and when we get off the call you can kind of go through it in a little bit more detail and with your web people or whoever you’ve got that helps you out with this kind of stuff and we’ll go from there so 11 critical elements to enhance conversion we’re gonna go through these but it’s gonna rattle them off kind of quickly but you wanna speak to your target avatar so if you’ve done any sort of marketing training or you’ve worked with a marketing company and stuff like that they they might start talking to you about your avatar and basically what that is is what is your ideal client.

What’s their demographic their age their sex their household income who is the person that you actually feel and is your best client in your marketplace that is the one that if that’s all your clients were with those people your business would be just peachy keen it’d be everything you want out of it that person is who you need to be talking to on your website so you know what are their fears and frustrations why should they choose you over the competition those are the types of questions going through their heads those are the things your website needs to answer you want to be real you want to use authentic images on your homepage and throughout the website you do not want a website that is just a brochure that’s using stock photos the baby lying on the carpet all of those kinds of things you want no different than in yourself when you’re booking or you’re looking to get somebody to do some work for you if you can put up that personal connection to the the business and and the business owner and how they feel in the community that whole feeling is instant you you you end up with a level of trust go back 15 20 years ago when i used to consult on yellow pages we would not change the size of the ad at all we would actually tell our client you know if it was a quarter page ad or in that size or bigger that they’re already paying for let’s not touch it let’s just leave it that size let’s just change what’s on the ad itself and and that was one of the things that we used to provide.

And one of the first things we’d always do is put the owner’s photo in the in the yellow page ad and a personal guarantee from the owner to the consumer and that was more important than the logo the name the phone number would obviously be down in the bottom corner it’s a yellow page ad but the photo of the owner guaranteeing their service and their company stood out and we get people that would double and triple the number of calls they got from the yellow pages just by updating the ad with these types of principles so it works on the web as well use video multimedia elements as well so your website should have a video welcome of some sort that’s ideal if you’re doing it absolutely to the the you know to the nines on this one if you’ve got the owner of the business or a key spokesman in the business greeting people welcome to the website welcoming them to the business you know having them check things around that that just changes the whole look and feel of your company in their minds that just feels different than everybody else they’re looking at as well if each one of your services each one of your service pages has a little video about that service and why you guys are different again from the owner the spokesperson for the website that has a huge appeal as well some people are visual and like the you know the the the videos some people are readers there’s different ways that people engage with content and with businesses so you want to be able to be in front of all of them and we’re in a world now where video can be consumed very very easily as well you want to leverage social proof.

So you want to showcase your online reviews prominently on your home page on your service pages on your booking page on your project galleries anywhere that you’re sharing before and afters things like that you want to be sharing testimonials feedback and online reviews that are recent we know they’re going to if they look at them on your website they’re going to go online and search to make sure it’s congruent when they look at facebook and when they look at google and and things like that they’re good we know that they’re going to going to do that so so you want to make sure that you’re you’re using real and authentic and recent feedback and reviews all over your website as well for each product each page each service helps even more project galleries are really really cool because they have a multiple effects you can have like say for example you did a really really amazing tile and growth cleaning job two cities over so you’re not the city that you have your your actual google my business address in and always harder to rank in those cities always harder to get your word out you take those pictures on your phone for example now they’re geotagged to where you were standing when you took the pictures which is the customer house in that town those go up as a page on your website as a before and after get the customer to provide feedback through a feedback survey of some sort and testimonial online reviews even you know is great as well but the feedback really helps a video one if you can get them but if you got all of that information and a little story behind you know a paragraph or two.

You know why the customer needed you what you were brought into what you came across why it was you know you know terrible and how it solved this you know how you were able to solve it with your with your services you’ve now got a page about a city about a service with a customer’s testimonial and all of that that can be shared out as ads on facebook that can be shared everywhere but you’ve now created when people land on that page they just feel so much better about you and that’s that’s social proof all over the place it’s just it’s just amazing so it’s a really cool strategy kind of a little off topic here a little bit but it’s something that every website should have is start to do project gallery pages one by one not not just not just like a gallery of 10 or 20 different before and afters but one by one tell a story we all love stories so you want to get the basics in order you want to have the phone number upper right corner all stats have shown that that’s the place that the the best that people’s eyes gravitate to to to look for contact information if you’ve ever used any of those heat mapping and stuff like that to see where people are clicking on your website or anything it’s the upper right corners where they’re automatically looking for numbers so that’s where it wants to be you want to ensure that there’s a web form for customers to fill out and you want to have any credibility symbols so better business bureau may not hold as much credibility as it used to but you know anything like angie’s list awards you’ve won best of the webs and things like that anything that you’ve won charities.

You’ve been involved with all of those credibility symbols all help as well you want a clear call to action on each speech each page that speaks to your customer avatar and tell them exactly what to do next i see this bit missed by a lot of businesses you might have it on on the home page maybe but you go to some of the other pages they go in to check out your upholstery cleaning page your pet urine removal page anything like that and they’re getting some information maybe you’ve even got it right and you got a video on there showing the work being done or something like that and they scroll to the bottom that’s the end of the page and it just just in basic marketing 101 tell people what to do next hey if that’s all good click here and chat with us click here give us a call whatever make it very very clear what you want them to do have the calls to action use special offers and i know there’s a debate over like we’re not talking about discounting some some businesses like to be the discount a lot a lot of businesses like to be the premioffering but we do know that clients like to have some sort of an offer so if it’s an area rug cleaning page and this is the first time they’ve you know for first-time customers get you know 25 off if you want to do it that way or you know get free protection when you get you know on three or more rugs things like that there’s ways you can make it a pre you know a a freemior whatever so it’s a premion on the offer so it’s free to them if they’ve done something else so there’s ways to structure offers that just help that little bit more get a little bit higher conversion you know what while i’m here.

Yeah let me hit these guys up because that seems like a decent deal make sure that your website is mobily optimized and not just that it goes it shrinks down and looks good on a phone mobile optimize is actually a little bit different you want elements to change you don’t want the website to necessarily be the exact same thing on mobile if you’ve got a nice long page telling a lot of information you may not want that page to be a big long scroll scroll scroll scroll on the phone if you do have a scroll worthy pages you want them to look like facebook or instagram we know how to scroll nowadays we know what we want to see it’s going to be it’s got to have that look and feel that we’re used to it’s got to look like tick tock and things like that so if you you know having your website designed that when it’s in a mobile every phone number you click on it and automatically is ready to click to call is really important and having it the scroll thought about what you want them to see how easy do you want them to digest the content how far do you really need them to go down the content from a mobile device you want to leverage live chat this is just killer nowadays you need to have a way to have live chat and what we actually suggest is chat to text it might even be better where our stats are showing that that might even be better you don’t necessarily have to have a man service waiting there to to be a 24 7 chat but if you give somebody the ability to chat nowadays we’re finding 35 percent of leads are willing to or wanting to text and chat versus pick up the phone and call we all want people to pick up the phone and call like it’s we know that if our scripts are good.

Our csrs are good we’re good at converting we want to talk to them on the phone and that’s really hard to get through chat the average person wants to have more and more people the the the millennial crowd stuff they they just want to be able to to text back and forth with somebody so a chat the text takes them off your website onto their cell phone so they don’t have to sit there and wait for a response they can go about their day and you can get back to them on text so that’s why the chat to text is actually becoming even more popular than than just sort of like a website chat and that kind of thing and speed matters as well your website needs to load really really quickly there’s a seo principle to that but more so if you think about it a customer who’s waiting for your page to load there’s a really good chance that they’re just gonna bounce off as well so speed is really really important and marketing automation is becoming a game changer between between companies so automation is is just there’s there’s things from chat bots where they can get some basic information be redirected on the site through through bots that that’s one way of automating another way of automating is if somebody is fills out a form if somebody starts to chat with you they they go to your schedule service page and they fill out their information the automation is that they instantly get you know a message right back to them maybe they even get a phone call or a voice message and a lot of good automations it’s their phone will ring because they filled out a form and then if they pick it up the office phone rings and the office can connect to that person and talk right away.

And if they don’t pick it up then a voicemail is left so really cool automations that that they get you and we’ll talk a little bit more about that but get get the customer into your world right away because we know that time is of the essence in in all of this stuff so that’s important as well to make sure that you’ve got some of that kicking around so what is the one element that will have the biggest impact on the results of your internet marketing efforts as we go through this and what we’ve i hope i’ve just kind of proven is optimizing your website will generate more leads calls bookings that kind of thing because you’re giving the information that the person wants to consume so is your website set up to convert visitors into callers so there’s some elements where and we’ll i’ll pop off here and kind of look at a few websites on the internet in a second as well some of you sent in your websites thank you thank you thank you but you know does it have some of those those principles that we’re talking about here’s an example like just this website is actually converting at a 35 conversion rate here’s another website that we’ve got that all the different channels in our analytics 32 conversion rate so we’re saying 5 to 15 is the average and we’re liking to actually see closer to those 30 numbers so some of the elements here is an example of some of the elements that that help in this regard and another so we’ve got phone numbers we’ve got social proof this is just all above the fold as well somebody comes here the only thing about this website that needs changed is is better main image here lots of images of the business and the customer there but on on this one in the background.

This was to match a theme at the time but it is one of the things that needs to be switched up but even that because they do have videos and stuff like that 38 conversion rates and those kinds of things so so basically how do you get your website to convert like that what are some of the things that you need to be to be thinking about so we’re looking at this this is in that that workbook that we’ve got as well and this is actually available as a downloaded as a full pdf but this is the ultimate carpet cleaner website conversion machine we call it so we’re talking about this this covers everything from the conversions the findability so you need keywords in the right places to to have it found by google found by the search engines then you need to have make sure that there’s some of those elements like your name address and phone number shows up on the website and is exactly what google wants to see so it they help rank you in the maps listings we like to use wordpress there’s a couple other building platforms out there as well but wordpress gives us the most flexibility to create have you know the speed have the plugins have all of that kind of stuff to really really make it an interactive website have all the elements you want change things up keep it modern those kinds of things as well you want to have the engagement elements so a very clear unique selling proposition so if you don’t know what that is it’s actually the very first step in the digital domination method method is the usp unique sales proposition so why you over everybody else how can you explain that to the the customer on your website.

Is it a guarantee of service is it years in business is it like what is it that is different about you and the way you do your work over everybody else and can you say that in a compelling way in a sentence or less like domino’s does with you know that 30 minutes or it’s free things like that like the there’s lots and lots of examples of what a usp is you’ve got to figure out what yours is and why it’s why you stand out over your competitors because you need to tell your customers that or they’re not going to have a clear idea either you need to have good easy navigation so that they know how to get around your website and that’s got to be nice and clear we like to make a sticky header so that when they move down the page the header stays up there you want to have those trust icons you want to have all your messaging talking to the avatar and and that kind of thing you want to have make sure that you’ve got your phone number up in the top near the right you want to clears calls to action all the way down the page if they scroll more than once or twice and there isn’t another chance for them to fill out a form click a button to call you you don’t have enough calls to action on the page as well you want to have that live chat or that chat to text you want to have streaming reviews of some sort you don’t want to just have those boilerplate ones that are 20 years old you want to have up-to-date recent plug-ins and tools where they’re grabbing them live off the internet really really help as well real photos of you and the team and then you want to have a lot of the the techie stuff figured out so so that’s what a just a overview wireframe snapshot of of what a good laid out website is all about.

And when we’re talking about the messaging one of the best ways to think of it here is this is a phrase that i heard years and years ago in business school is like if you can see joe jones through jones eyes then you can sell what joe jones buys and basically what that is is if you can get into the mind of your consumer your ideal customer avatar that we talked about if you can get into their head figure out what it is that they’re they want why they’re picking the person they’re picking the company so if your ideal avatar is a cheap person who only likes a discount and a deal then you know that’s you know what to do your websites are all about that and you know that next time they’re just going to find the next discount and deal they’re not necessarily going to be your lifetime customer and if that’s your business model and it works for you then yeah you know exactly what to do on your website but if your business model is i want the discerning consumer who’s going to use me for years and years and years tell all their friends about it and i’m their guy i answer their problems i solve their their concerns i’m the one that they just want 20 years from now they’re still calling us then what are the what do they want when they find that person their mechanic that they always use they’re you know the dentist they haven’t left since they were a kid you know what what is it that that gets into their head that allows them to make those decisions if you can figure that out by going through your customer avatar spending some time spending an hour or two and just thinking of the your ideal client and what bothers them what pains them and and and then schedules put all your messaging on your website around that that is really really really valuable time well spent not just for not only for your marketing outside of your website but for how you build your website as well.

But that’s gonna that’s gonna serve you when you’re where to place your ads what budgets you’re going to put behind different paid ad platforms facebooks and google and things like that as well so so a couple of things we won’t go too terribly deep into the customer avatar but here’s a couple things to think of like in in the carpet cleaning space home service space we know that they’re a homeowner we know that the people that our ideal client is usually between 35 and 55 they’re established a bit more they’re maintaining their stuff they’ve got a busy lifestyle so they’re not you know things aren’t aren’t being maintained naturally longer things like that so they they have a a lot on the go and they just want to pay to get things solved typically female are the the ones who book the calls for things around the home for carpet cleaning and cleaning services and things like that males might take over some of the mechanical services more so potentially but married with two or three kids the woman is typically the head of the household in that regard yeah you know annual household income is at least 65 000 that’s probably higher than depending on your marketplace there’s some household homes where you know it’s a hundred thousand or more would be the ideal demographic their starting point family oriented reliable most of them are pet owners about 75 percent of clients are pet owners so you know who to target you know what to target if you’re a member of a kennel club personally if you have your own you know breed dogs tell everybody about that on your on your website they take pride in their home.

And their home decor so that’s a very strong point um they like to help others and expect the same they like gardening crafting arts and entertainment it just seems to be an average demographic after re you know researching all of the types of people that have booked these types of services to particularly live in the suburbs upper middle class and they take an interest in their community pains and frustrations around our industry they can’t get a carpet cleaning company on the phone like and that we all know it pick up the phone and start calling around your competitors and see how many actually answer the phone they need to get they need to get some carpet furniture tile floors area rugs hardwood floors whatever services you provide they’re in need of that that’s obviously a pain or frustration maybe their house is not smelling fresh especially with everybody working from home these days they’re really starting to notice the funk in their home that they can kind of get away with over the weekends and stuff like that so you know think of your the pains and frustrations that you’re solving they’re too busy to deal with it they’re worried about having that you know with the situation that the house could become unhealthy for their family so they have a health mind input we’ve been talking about how healthy carpet cleaning is for decades now there are consumers that get that message and they’re not the ones that want the cheap discount guy then because health becomes a concern and you can really focus in on that on in your messaging on your website and that as well if that is one of the pains and frustrations of your consumer class that you’ve noted.

And they they’re concerned who to work with they’re concerned that the person coming into their home is going to you know may not be reliable and trustworthy so so yeah so their goals and desire to get their carpets cleaned have the issue put behind them having a well-kept home taking care of their family they want more income money and wealth in their life these are just goals and desires outside of just the services we provide they want to live in a nicer more luxurious home drive a nicer car they want to make sure their family’s healthy they spend more time with their family you know get respect and approval from friends and family and have peace of mind so they don’t want to be ripped off or overcharged so you got to speak to that um they don’t want to pay too much for something they could have gotten elsewhere for less so you got to make sure that if you’re explaining why your your prices are higher you can explain that in a way that they understand it’s not just a commodity and they’re getting it from somewhere else less they want to make sure that the home is is that won’t be damaged by faulty workmanship so that you’re insured you’re bonded you know have customers even speak to that in testimonials hey there’s a little bit of a mishap they solved it right away you know and i’m so so happy a lot of other people would have you know not dealt with it that way things like that they want to not have to wait around for the carpet cleaner to arrive at the home so you you know you can talk about your appointment times you can talk about those kinds of things they they want to make sure that they’re you know it’s it’s they’re not going to be inconvenienced trying to coordinate the cleaning so it’s not this telephone tag it’s not and that’s another testament to the fact that people really like to do these these text messages and and that kind of thing and you don’t want to be causing a disaster in the home and creating a whole.

You know turn things upside down all the furniture has to be left out of the rooms for you know for the next couple days things like that and they want to make sure they’re able to afford it so your website needs to talk to all of that kind of stuff so so some of the messaging that works in our space safe eco-friendly natural 100 satisfaction guaranteed or it’s free that’s very weak but that’s the type of call to action that you need to say is hey if you’re not happy with this we’re going to reclaim it if you’re still not happy you don’t pay us or we’re going to actually if somebody find somebody who can get it cleaner we’ll pay their bill to do that for you things like that those types of guarantees really help convert people from meh this guy seems like everybody else to wow this business owner really stands behind his work you want to know that they want to know that technicians are highly trained and trustworthy so seeing the technicians hearing from the technicians on the website things like that are really really helpful as well that the phones are answered live messages are going to be taught you know gone back and that you’ve got honest pricing of some sort that’s the messages that work in our industry really really well so i’m going to show you here but let me switch to a few few websites to give you some examples live what this kind of can look like so here’s an example one of our client websites but if you’ve noticed already we go on it there’s your your social proof right there popping up in the bottom corner and that rotates we’ve got the phone number up here you start scrolling everything stays up there.

We’ve got their call to action right there eco-friendly products industry-leading equipment all of those kinds of things right there this form here automatically as soon as somebody fills it out they can talk about what services they’re looking to get done and as soon as it fills it out there’s a phone call goes to the office and says this person just filled out a form press one to connect with them right now and again if they they can’t if the person’s not willing to connect the person gets a text and a voice message dropped on them anyways and there’s the click to chat right there fill that out and it’s right to a text message and we’ll talk a little bit about these automations in a minute we’ve got coveted messaging up at the top used to be front and center as a pop-up but now that we’re sort of moving on from that at least the people that want to know here’s the whole coveted message scroll down and these are all personal pictures we’ve got pictures of the owner telling exactly why to choose him got videos playing here as well with reviews and spokes models and all of that kind of stuff live reviews streaming with more reviews on the on the full local review page and feedback again actual job being done by technicians right on this page on every page as well and there’s more about the team and the company so if you can see an example like and everywhere you go call to action call to action scroll down call to action called action because we scroll down a little bit you know everywhere you go there’s a call to action moving down the page even though it’s still up here it’s all moving down the page as well so examples like that and we go back to the presentation some of the things on the page include you know the difference between clean carpet and healthy carpet speaks to that message right away eight reasons why you’ll love the company you know exact appointment times and what that means we give you arrival windows not hey sometime today.

All of these messages are filtered throughout the website in different different lists different areas speaking directly to the the clientele that they want to attract so really really important to have those types of elements on your website not just on the landing pages but also on the interior pages as well so again you want to be authentic what your business is all about one of the other things i’ll actually show you i’ll flip back over to it is you want to have an about page that tells your story so a lot of times what we do is we get our clients to actually just record why’d you get into the industry what do you like about it all that just and they have it explained on the website if they don’t want to do a video on it have it explained on the website what started this like you know for example gary here the business started was started by his father and back in 1958 and on and on and on and just talks about the whole story and and that kind of thing and those types of pages get consumed really really well and they can be actually used in your social media marketing and everything else like that hey do you want to know a little bit more about us they can be used in your email follow-up marketing hey do you wanna know a little bit more about you know our business here’s a little bit of snippet if you want the full story click here and take people to your about page and things like that so they can be used in part of your warming and nurturing sequences as well having videos on the website if you’re taking videos right on the job with customers customer testimonials before and afters again i prefer the project pages.

But having these videos throughout the website of here’s what it looks like when when you’re home we’re in your home doing the job here’s what it looks like when we’re performing this service for you you know that kind of idea we talked about the streaming reviews having some sort of tool that allows you to have the most recent reviews and have feedback have your clients leave feedback not just online reviews but actual testimonial feedback it’s only about 10 or 15 of the population that writes reviews right now but 75 85 percent of people given a reason why will fill out a survey a short survey explaining why they they chose you why they like you really good marketing intel but that can also be used when they when you get them to explain the experience that they had in the home that becomes a review but that can be shared out across social media and all that as well and put on every one of your web pages your website so now you’ve got somebody explaining how they had really bad stains on their upholstery and you’re able to get it out well if you don’t have before and after pictures and you can’t create a project page about that but you can put those testimonials on the upholstery cleaning page so copy and paste them onto the now you’re speaking about upholstery cleaning specifically on the upholstery cleaning page with actual customers so a bunch of the elements phone number you want to make sure you have that unique sales proposition front and center why you over everybody else you want social proof if all of this can be above the fold as they say before you have to scroll that’s even better you want to have give them multiple ways to get a hold of you so we’ve got the phone we’ve got the form and we’ve got the chat all above the fold waiting to to to collect and get that conversion so we’ve got you’re going to want some offers of some sort so if you’ve got offers on the very specific pages.

You’ve got you know a web specials type page things like that that convert some of these people that have just come into your website new and you’ve just converted them into um into potential like at least a lead a phone call that you can now work your magic on your csrs can work your magic on and turn them into customers and you want to make sure that it’s mobile friendly we talked about that as in the list of stuff but we’re just going to show you what that means so you want to make sure that this website if you can see here it looks more like an app now when it’s when it size down things change things move the phone number is very prominent click to make an appointment click to call it’s very simple we know that you know upwards north of 60 of the people that land on your website are going to come on to it at first from a mobile device they may bookmark it they may look at it on you know desktop if there’s something they want to see especially those project pages and things like that but they’re going to come and make a decision if they’re going to click they’re going to click the call and they just need to get that feeling right away and it needs to be nice and easy so you know you you want to make sure that the the site loads quickly that it’s got those very very simple elements to allow them to interact with your site really well so when they click on a phone number big click to call boom it pops up and they’re ready to ready to call and we want to make sure again we talked about the live chat but you wanna you know only five to fifteen or ten percent of visitors on your website.

Take action right now so that’s a caller web form and we’re trying to get that that conversion rate way up ninety 90 of your visitors leave without calling we know that chat and text has become so so so important that you want to make sure that you have that that handled really really well in fact if you guys have like anybody on the on the call here if you’ve already got a chat to text or a chat widget that is being monitored being used that people are on top of on your your company already put a one in the chat just give me an i i want to see an idea of sort of how many people on the call here have have kind of got this part figured out already so cool so we got a couple ones coming in anybody else we’re finding that it’s it’s starting to play its way into this into the mix here but definitely something that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors just by putting that piece in place and the conversion of that is insane so you want to and it’s only going to get more and more important so if you can get people to to go right through the whole booking process by chat even some people just don’t want the phone phone call so you might start the chat and say hey it’s okay if i give you a quick call your csr might do that and if they say no i’m not available right now okay no problem next and you can have some of those canned responses just waiting so it’s not like you have to type it all out copy paste put it in or have it as little templates when they ask about this you can at least get the next little bit out quickly make it as quick as possible but get them right in or you know find the time in the schedule.

And book them in and the the number of people that will appreciate that and if they have to pause they you know they’re doing it at work and then the next thing they have to go into a meeting and they don’t get back to you right away that’s entirely because it’s chat to text on their cell phone that’s normal we talk to our friends and family and then sometimes oh be right back you know and then a while later well if that’s an active two-way chat going on by text then it’s okay for them to go silent for a little bit and then come back to you and or you can pick it up the next day and say hey just checking to see if you know we can complete this this booking or something like that so just keep an eye on that as well and and so yeah so we see that it actually we’re finding that it’s it’s increasing the number of leads on a website by as much as 35 percent just having that chat so we got real authentic images video elements on the website showcase your online reviews and feedback get to get the basics right the phone number is sure that the web form the customers can fill out that are actionable you know you want authority symbols you want to calls to action are updated throughout the site and specific to each page you want to make sure that at the bottom of any page you’re telling them what to do next you want to leverage offers where appropriate you want two-way chat and you want to use that automation as much as you possibly can in your marketing to make everything start to really really really make sense so we had a few of you so a few of you chimed in with your websites.

I don’t have a chance to get to like a ton of them but let’s take a look first because i think that would be helpful as well to see what just do a couple of deep dives here so um we had one this one here from a while ago but we’ll take a look at this so fairly prominent business but this is an example of websites that we’ll walk into a lot when when somebody asks us to diagnose their website and they just haven’t updated in years it’s on an old platform it loaded quick i like that the phone number as we can tell not big and prominent we got a logo here but we don’t really have a reason why to call them just generic photography a couple of pages through the website but not a lot of information these images aren’t clickable you know we’re all used to clicking on things nowadays there’s no buttons and clickable so don’t want to beat you guys up too much but this website here doesn’t tell me really anything at all about the company why i should pick you over the competitors it there’s not a lot of conversion this website would convert i’d be surprised if it converts at the five percent even it’s it really doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t feel well or fit well and if i kind of try and see if i can make it smaller and see if it’s mobile response it’s not even mobile responsive so it won’t look good on a cell phone as well so so that’s an example of of of sort of an older site that is just not going to serve you well and with a bunch of those changes that we just talked about that site would be great here’s a better one i mean this one’s got a phone number up here i would like to see it larger it’s trying to use the whole space but you know running the the the content right down the middle.

So we got a little bit of before and after but it’s not really explaining why we don’t have a web form at the top so that would be something we obviously don’t have chat we don’t have any social proof up here yet at all we don’t know anything about the company we’ve got generic photos so not again nothing about the company it doesn’t speak authenticity doesn’t explain why them we’ve got this little you know we are section but if it’s the business owner explaining hey here’s who i am here’s why you should choose me let me see if any of their pictures have actually you know their their scrolls a little wonky as well so we got a little bit of broken tech before and after i get it but no who’s the company who’s going to show up what do your trucks look like what do your equipment look like all of that kind of stuff so so yeah i mean that would be a little bit of take if you’re getting some information out of this that from your own website if you look at yours there’s a lot of seo elements that would be in the background but just on a straight hey i just landed on this website because i went to a pay-per-click ad and i got here i saw it organically somebody referred me on facebook you know hey who should i choose as a carpet cleaner i’d suggest you use deep clean oh you know you got their phone number no here here’s their website you know just check them out whatever you know people will google and end up on here and nothing about this tells me to choose this company just so there’s lots of things that can can be tweaked around let’s take a look at another one so we’ll kind of do let’s do one more so all-star we know mark merrick and know this website quite well actually so rima handed me this one and said this was somebody who’d sent it over so we’ll talk a little bit about it.

But yeah so first off right off the bat it doesn’t come through as secure automatically let me see if i can make it secure yes colon so secure just means that no and we can’t so the website the hosting needs to upgrade so that it’s actually considered a secure website like if you see here all locked and secure and that some browsers just kick up a warning like the one i showed you here if if the security isn’t put in place that was sort of a protocol that that the internet put in that mandated about two years ago now as mandatory that or they’re gonna start sort of diminishing the the effectiveness effectiveness of the the website and possibly even affect the seo and the ranking but more so the visitor experience so so we do have the phone number up here which is good but again we’ve got the baby lying on the carpet i know this is a franchise so that’s that’s common but it makes way more sense that you as the owner of the franchise talk about why you bought the franchise why they should choose your franchise in your market area and things like that and your service i’ve got a covet message which is great we’ve got an offer that’s all these people are doing there and we’ve got a little bit of social proof from home stars and other reviews we’ve got a broken video something worth looking at so all in all like there’s no conversion elements as i’m moving down there’s no click to call i don’t have a phone number here i don’t have anything you know again no chat going on we’ve got the form fill here but way down there that’s you know obviously better up at the top we’ve got the crest.

Request the free quote and buttons for people to click on but it’s just it’s just not as easy and not as intuitive for the different ways for people that want to sort of consume a website so if that you know if that’s a little bit helpful there’s some ideas there but that checklist that you or the workbook that you downloaded will have a lot of these points that you can dig through take a look at your own website tick off the things that do and don’t quite fit well and and go from there so your website needs to be set to convert we we know that that’s the focus and just as we wrap up here which of the following should you implement in your business now that will have the biggest impact what i suggest you do is pick three so i didn’t give you this page in the workbook but you can just type it down or check off on the the checklist on page three or whatever that is there’s little check boxes if you’ve made a copy and you own it on your own which three that you think are absolutely important that you work on your website right now write those down mark those down because even just getting that right and you’ll you’ll increase your conversions we’ll see them by as much as 30 to 50 just by getting a couple of the missing pieces right put them all in place and you’re going to see those two to three times you know conversion enhancements depending on where your site currently is compared to where it needs to be so so those are that’s your homework from this from this training but one of the biggest marketing issues faced by carpet cleaning businesses and all businesses in general actually is unconverted leads.

So i’d kind of be a little a little remiss if i didn’t have a spend a minute to talk about this um because the problem is 50 to 60 of of inbound leave unconverted if you’re like that that’s that’s the person who’s already filled out a form so they filled out a form on your website they and 90 of typical web forms fail we see this on the back end if you’re really good at answering every single email that comes in in a timely manner then good on you what we find is that there’s just a lot of fall between the cracks that happens and you have a very short window so knowing if your team is responding well and all that is a very key business metric as the owner but finding a way to automate that a little bit more will really help because leads that are not followed up with within 15 minutes can go cold they might be messaging you and a bunch of the other competitors if you’ve ever got the message back nope i’ve already got a you know reply from somebody else then you know what i’m talking about as well so and the average customer who isn’t just in a panic to do it right now actually needs to be followed up with five to seven times before they’re booking there’s a back and forth that happens and you know even if it’s on the phone and they go well let me talk to my family let’s let me talk to my wife my husband whatever i’ll get back to you there’s always a bit of a back and forth that happens and it happens more so in the text and form fill world we all want to pick up the phone and talk to somebody they don’t all want to talk to us so where are these what’s happening with these unconverted leads and today’s consumers prefer to talk by text message.

So here’s the solution you want to leverage that automation that we talked about to follow up with web forms within the first two minutes of submission with a phone call an email and a text so it’s not overkill to do all three but you want to make sure that you know they filled out a form they’re hot they’re thinking about it they get a text message or a phone call right away if they can’t take the message or take the phone call they’ve got a voicemail left they get the text message they can respond to and they’ve got an email they can go back to and it’s all automatic and you want to make sure that you automatically follow up with these prospects so if they didn’t get back to you if they don’t respond to that does your automation know that they didn’t respond to that do you have like somebody managing that so you know manually if you don’t have automation so that you know that you’ve got a sequence of five touches you maybe got a second follow-up call you’ve got a message from the owner hey you know it’s john here from the owner of the company just want to make sure that my team has been able to solve your problems you know things like that if if not just reply back to this text and let me know same thing with an email you want to have that that two-way communication so that the customer feels the difference in this and part of the emails could even be that story that we talked about hey thanks so much for reaching out to us on our website one of our team members is going to get back to you as soon as we possibly can if there’s any more information you want to provide.

Just reply to this email right now in the meantime let me tell you a little bit about our company boom you you’ve got the license for a couple sentences they’re not going to spend a long time on it but if you want to learn more click here to learn about more about our company and why we’re different and they can get back into the website but you know and and then a day or two later send another message hey hopefully my team’s been able to solve your problems but in the meantime i just want to give you a little bit more information about us and our company and you can start doing this little bit of a drip your automation should know if your teams talk to them or not but if it doesn’t you can still have a sequence in place that just warms and nurtures them even if they end up going with somebody else until they unsubscribe you can have that little warming sequence over the first week after they entered your funnel and then maybe once or twice a month after that with you know helpful information a newsletter things like that but automation is really really really key so simple math and automation goes like this if you have 100 leads and your conversion rate is 30 on those leads so you actually got live leads they’ve come in and you’re converting about 30 of them into jobs and that’s 30 bookings and the average ticket 325 again you’ve got you’ve made 9750 from those 30 jobs that came in from those hundred forms that that got filled out if we can take and put an automation in place where we can up your conversion rate so they don’t go to the competitor they don’t drop off everybody is in a funnel.

Somewhere everybody’s looped around and you ever the whole entire company knows who’s talking to who and when they’ve actually moved off of automation into a live conversation all of that kind of stuff and you’re now able to book 70 of those people that were interested enough in you to reach out to you by phone by text message by email by form fill you’ve got all of that automated and you can up that conversion rate to 70 which we see across the board really easily here’s another place where you now have another chance to up your numbers so if you think about it this way we’ve upped your the number of people that are going to even become a conversion become a lead by upping your website now we’ve now upped that again by having an automation in place but when they do have that you know that input that information and become a lead of your company you’re warming and nurturing and having teaching them why you over everybody else and you’ve you’ve now locked it in that’s called a multiplier that’s not just we we went from five to 15 percent or 15 to 30 percent of people that land on your website become a lead in the first place and then we’ve just upped it here from 30 to 70 to 40 percent you’d add those together no this is a multiplier so we’ve doubled over double the number of conversions here so if the leads are already have gone up by you know a factor of you know two or three times from five percent to fifteen percent and then the conversions have gone up by a factor of two we’re now we’re now multiples we’re now six seven eight ten times more profitable in our company.

Our company has just grown and all we’ve done is made a better website and made better lead conversion automation so without even running more ads we’ve just made more money so that’s the reason why this is such a hot topic to do so in the carpet cleaning space we call this carpet cleaner lead pro we’ve actually built an entire tool around this that plugs into any website any any service where we do all of this where we are become your lead automation so whether they they messaged you through google my business chat whether they message you through facebook whether they message you through your website whether they filled out a form whether they you know you’ve got a whole hub where that whole lead conversion is happening for you and then you can jump in at any time and carry it on personally and off you go so we call that carpet cleaner lead pro and it makes every lead you generate way more valuable so you know if you you need to implement something like that in your business we we need to make sure that whether it’s us or anybody else whether you’re great with automations whether you’ve got some tools that work for you you need to make sure that you’ve got all the pieces put together in fact to show you um i’m just going to pop this up on the screen here let’s see if that can get you to that so if that shows for you this is an example of sort of carpet cleaner lead pro inbound phone calls can actually be captured by this and so if the phone doesn’t get answered by the the company during regular business hours there’s a there’s an automation that happens that immediately puts them into a funnel and all of that kind of stuff so it’s not just about it’s not just about getting hitting an answering machine but there’s actually stuff that can happen more importantly the website chat and the form fills go through entire sequencing of if this happens.

Then this and have it all built out into multi-message systems that all interact with each other and are all automated and then even right down to sort of like facebook and google all that kind of stuff can all be integrated into a whole mess messaging funnel so it all happens in one dashboard so i just want to give you an idea of what that kind of looks like so here’s where we’re at we went through all of this stuff you know that your website needs optimized for all of these things it’s in your workbook the things that you need to be thinking about and going through and and and and all that kind of stuff so definitely take some time if you’ve got it rest this afternoon or a little bit to put down your top three action items that you want to see implement on your website to help this move that needle and make more money from the current traffic you already have that is one of those big levers again small hinges swing big doors or you can think of it as a lever you make those changes once and they feed you and your family for years and years to come so this is very very valuable work for business owners to do if you need any help with this at all by all means that’s what we do that’s what we can help with we can just have a conversation if you want to you can just you know if you’re if you’re not a client of ours yet or you’ve never had a conversation again rima’s monitoring the chat you can just put let’s talk in the chat and give her your phone number your email she can reach out to you go back and forth and set up the time have a quick conversation with you and just you know just a little fireside chat with reema to see how things are going.

And if you need a full strategy session i have no problem hopping on and doing a full having the team doing a full diagnostic of your website and if you want to do that you can just go go to schedule that puts you right into my schedule and i carve out a couple of certain times of the week where i’ll spend an hour our team has already spent maybe an hour doing research on your company and your competitors and we just spent an hour going through ways to help improve your business any any your goals any shortcomings any things that you’re concerned about things that are working well and how to pull it all together into a cohesive plan there’s some of those elements we can help you with if you need our help otherwise we we part friends stay in touch you jump on these webinars and stuff like that and you just keep learning from from us and what we do and if there’s ever a moment we can help then great but i do those complimentary strategy sessions and again being a consultant in the marketing industry i have a pretty hefty hourly fee just to consult one-on-one i make a few of those available every single week to jump on my calendar and go through all of this kind of stuff because i just like talking to you guys i like seeing things that are working things that aren’t working and yeah a couple of things that we would cover on that call would be um we’re going to analyze your online visibility going to do a full keyword research for you ranking reports analysis analyze your online directory inconsistencies online reviews and reputation.

Your social presence everything like our team is just going to go deep deep deep this is the work we typically do when we take on a new client we spend a good while researching everything we need to figure out fix and improve but but here we we do that you know ahead of time and and for free for the for a consult for anybody who just needs any of that help so if you’ve got anything from this this training here today thinking of your business in a cohesive plan a digital dominant dominance method as we talk about your website becomes the hub of all of that your your authority management your visibility your brand your brand definers your your personalization and risk reversal guarantees and all of that is all part of your entire marketing mix but it all anchors and the highest conversion rates you can get is by anchoring that all on your website so that’s all i’ve got if you guys find value out of this by all means put like put 10 in the chat if you found that this was important and you know invaluable to you and there we go.

Thank you so much guys and yeah if you if you need to reach out to us great download the workbook if you just want to send us a message and tell us what you thought of the webinar or what other webinars or other training that you you would like to see come your way let me know we’re going to be trying to do more regular training calls coming up here so yeah so we’re just going to keep helping you do more do better and and convert higher in all of your marketing so if you want to talk to us either put a message in the chat for for rima there and she’ll get back to you directly or to get onto my schedule schedule and that’s everything we’re gonna call it a wrap for today but hopefully you guys found this valuable carry on with your day make sure you deal with that workbook and check off the things and if you have any questions at all hit us up we’re here to help any way we can so just before i go i will bye guys thanks for showing up i really appreciate it and take care and enjoy the rest of your day

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