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More Carpet Cleaning Leads With Facebook Ad Tweaks

Are you looking for new carpet cleaning leads? In this episode, we share how you can get them with better Facebook advertising!

This works for you whether you offer carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, area rug cleaning and repair services or any type of residential work!

Topics Discussed:


Increase the number of likes and shares on your Facebook AD.


Make use of the FTO ...or fast takeoff technique.


Make your calendar more efficient.


Ad fatigue may be avoided by rotating your ads.

Audio Transcript:
You know that your carpet cleaning business has so much to offer. Your products & services are top tier. Your customers love you but still there you are clicking on every search result hoping to find that holy grail strategy when it comes creating a successful Facebook ad strategy.

If this is you, then …stick around!

Sure there are lots of Facebook ad tips on the web However the majority of them provide superficial instructions such as “Install a Facebook pixel” or “Create a Facebook audience.”

I know you’re sick of hearing the same old rehashed tips and strategies so, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of what it takes to REALLY have success when creating Facebook ads.

If you want to reach every member of your target audience and stay ahead of the competition you’ll need to optimize your Facebook ads both BEFORE and after they go live.

So be prepared to work for it if you want results… But the good news is it’s well worth the time and effort

Let’s go over a few of MY most important Facebook Ad optimization tips to help you take your campaign to the next level.

Tip 1. Increase the number of likes and shares on your Facebook AD.

When it comes to your Facebook – likes and shares are vital

…its called social proof – and it goes like this … If other people appreciate the content then it MUST be a good, right?

Well the same is true for your facebook ads. And you have two options when creating a Facebook ad campaign,

The default is to generate an entirely new piece of content for each ad set and campaign.

And the “Use current post” option is frequently overlooked – BUT its a very effective technique to increase the number of likes and shares for your advertising.

You can use the “Use existing post” option to aggregate all campaign post engagements into a single ad.

If you’re wondering how certain advertisers get hundreds or even thousands of likes on their Facebook ADS, it’s likely this exact optimization technique.

The simplest approach to create numerous ad campaigns with the same content

is to FIRST post a PROMOTIONAL post to your company’s Facebook PAGE

Then, anytime you create new campaigns or A/B test variations, you simply choose the POST which already has social proof linked to it.

Tip 2. Make use of the FTO …or fast takeoff technique.

It may take a while for the campaign to build up enough momentum for the results to improve, especially if you’re dealing with a limited budget.

That’s why I prefer to use rapid takeoff – or FTO – methods to speed up the optimization process.

The FTO technique works as follows:

Allocate daily or lifetime budgets that exceed your anticipated budget when beginning a new campaign.

But avoid using expedited delivery since Facebook will prioritize ad delivery speed over quality and expense.

You can evaluate what’s working and what needs to be improved once your ads have received over 10,000 impressions. Then you can lower your budget after the initial campaign launch to meet your entire intended expenditure.

But remember – after each new change, you need to give Facebook at least 24 hours to modify the performance of your ads

So be sure to wait at least 24 to 48 hours after making significant modifications to your campaigns before drawing any conclusions.

Tip 3. Make your calendar more efficient.

Are your Facebook campaigns active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reaching your target audience?

Analyzing your Facebook ad accounts is a crucial aspect of Facebook optimization.
And I’ve found that certain days and hours are always better than others.

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager reports and use the Breakdown tab to break down your ads by day to discover which days of the week provide the most conversions to the lowest CPA.

To determine the optimum times – use your performance data from your previous Facebook ads.
Then you can set specific time frames when your audience is most likely to respond.

This data allows you to easily identify which times of day perform best
You can then use this data to create an hourly timetable for your campaigns, to make sure that they only run during the most active times of the day.

Tip 4. Ad fatigue may be avoided by rotating your ads.

This means that the CPC will skyrocket when your target demographic has viewed your Facebook ad four or more times. And that sucks!

So, how can you make your Facebook ad campaign more engaging so that people don’t get tired of seeing it?

Create a variety of ads using various Facebook ad styles.

Create an ad campaign with multiple sets of ads, each with a distinct message, and schedule each set of ads to run on a different day of the week.

People will see a fresh ad every day as a result, and your advertising will not appear monotonous.

That’s just a few of the facebook ad tips found in the August issue of our CCMM Magazine – others include: Always run A/B tests on your ideas – Test different variations – Decide on the best campaign objective and so on.

By applying just a few of the techniques outlined in this article you will see a boost in your ads effectiveness without boosting your ad budget.

If you want more cutting edge – and FREE – marketing advice to help you grow your carpet cleaning business just head over to our website at Carpet Cleaner Marketing Masters and click on the CCMM Mag link to get your hands on this month’s issue.

And while you’re there, sign up for alerts so you never miss and issue chalk full of important and actionable marketing advice

Until next time – take care and happy cleaning!

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