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How To Get More Customers With These Low-cost Marketing Strategies for Carpet Cleaners

Looking for ways to attract more customers without breaking the bank? Check out these low-cost marketing strategies for carpet cleaners!

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Sales Scripts that will 3X your Job booking rate


What words will double your average job tickets


Which Strategic Local Partners can drive dozens of bookings a year


How to get 5x to 10x more profit on every commercial

Audio Transcript:
i talk with a lot of service business owners carpet cleaners we have a lot of people interested in the services that we provide but also having been in the industry myself owning companies for 30 years and one thing i’ve noticed a lot more lately than than years ago is especially new people to carpet cleaning and owning a service business um there’s there seems to be a thought that everything needs to be online and the only place you get leads from is online so you know i’ll ask hey what’s all the marketing you’re doing right now and i’ll get well we get um you know facebook ads or we do google ads or and okay what else well no that’s it welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clindining has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

so we’ve been helping people understand all of the different things that you need to do to market a business properly we talked about that in in some of our our planning for 2022 webinar that ran in january you can find on our website just click under free training and you can find a lot of our our our past podcast and webinar and um and masterclass sessions there so so we get that a lot where we realize that sort of the old-school way used to call it old-school way of actually building a proper service business and having it grow and expand and become um dominant and and those kinds of things it’s it’s it’s a bit of both it’s online and offline it’s the way you strategically set up your business is the what you do every single day when you’re brand new and you only have one or two jobs a day well you still have an eight or business owners let’s not even say eight hours anymore 10 12 hours a day to grow a brand new business right so your your everything you’re wearing all the hats in the business um and you need to be the person out there promoting and driving the business forward and there’s lots of things you can do then there’s the other crowd that they did all of that like back in 1995 when i started my carpet cleaning business i’d already owned other businesses before that when i started my carpet cleaning business in my early twenties um we did a hundred thousand dollars the first year in 1995 there was no internet and we weren’t even in the yellow page book at the time and in a town of thirty thousand people well how do you start a brand new carpet cleaning company in your early twenties and do a hundred thousand dollars in sales in the first year and again for some of you that might be all john that uh we we were way past that and other of you are going i haven’t got to that level yet and i’ve been in business a number of years um and we’re we’re talking 30 years later almost

30 years later that hundred thousand should be 200 000 in your first year that’s the value of the dollar difference right now and there’s reasons why that happened and a lot of businesses forget to do this these things what i strongly suggest when you’re building your business there’s a couple of key things i talk about um one of them is you actually have three separate businesses so these are writer-downers if you’re writing things down this is a writer-downer you actually are running three separate businesses not one anytime you’re a business owner you have the first business is the um before the sale the lead generation um the branding like what are you looking like to the marketplace and what are you doing to generate leads and where are they coming from what are all the different sources that is a business in itself you need to study that you need to know that you need to hire people to help you with that but you need to be chiefly involved in that then what we call the during the sale business and the during the sale business is from the moment the person reaches out to you whether that’s phone web chat email messenger i don’t care how they’re talking to you that’s from that moment to the moment you’re done in their home servicing them that is during the sale and that’s a whole separate business that you need to manage and strategize and build and then there is the after the sale and after the sale is how you actively get repeats how you actively get referrals how you actively get testimonials how you actively um get the again get them back again and things like that how you get them to share all of those kinds of things how you solve a problem is an after the sale um marketing business it’s it’s that client nurturing and recovery and all of those things that’s a whole separate business and i always suggest you work on your business in in groups of three there’s a magic in the power of three so it was dean jackson that i learned some of these concepts from about the before during and after and three separate businesses like a couple decades ago but whenever you’re building your business don’t just focus on just lead gen because if you have do great at legion and you suck from the moment they communicate to you

somewhere in that realm to the time you’re done the job something about that is off then you could do the greatest lead gen your business won’t grow because you’ve got a log jam there if you do great at um servicing but not great at lead gen we know the problem is going to exist there and then if you don’t follow up properly if you don’t communicate you’re never going to get repeats and referrals properly they’re just going to find the next guy the next time and it’s not you you really have to strategically run your business so that’s the first concept um the other one is as you grow and you start taking off half so mike michael gerber the e-myth and the e-myth revisited some of those books back there include those studies and you want to read that you want to learn from these types of people but you want to make sure that as you start taking off the hat of the technician or the hat of the the manager of the business you can start handing those off as your business grows um the entrepreneur’s hat is always going to be part of the marketing and legion and like what is happening you don’t have to be the one doing it you don’t have to learn how to run pay-per-click ads and you shouldn’t you need to be hiring people that know how to do it better than you but you know you need to know how to manage your marketing and stuff like that but what you should be doing is what we’re going to talk about today and you’re going to get a chance to get this this guide as well so the best low-cost grassroots marketing ideas for carpet cleaners and any in-home service business and in fact a lot of these ideas work across any business so that’s what we’re going to be talking about today is is really really really diving in deep on all of those things that you can do that don’t cost a lot of money that will generate a lot of business over time but you you got to do them consistently this isn’t a one and done you’ve got to run a real business and this is i’m going to give you a whole bunch of ideas and strategies we’re going to walk through a presentation but i’m going to pop in and out i’m going to try and show you some of the resources i’ve got a book right here um this is just some of the marketing that we’ve done for our carpet cleaning business over the years pages and pages and i keep them not only do i keep them to talk about them but i keep them to check um year from year from year we know that we’re going to be doing the miss you campaign in january and february we know we’re going to be doing um the client reactive activation campaign in march we’re going to be doing the um price freeze and upping some of our prices somewhere in april may and we’re gonna be running those

campaigns i’m looking at last year’s who we mailed who we emailed who we text messaged who we phone called what results they were and stuff like that all of that is part of it but again you know there’s ways to make those low cost there’s ways to add funds to that but one of the other things that you want to make sure you’re always doing is you want to project what your revenue is going to be for this coming year so that was the training session we did in january so projecting your actually december and june we did a two-part series on how to figure out your math how to figure out what you want to grow to and how much you should spend in marketing because of that and in carpet cleaning and in home services the magic number is 20 so fifteen percent you can get away with ten percent i’m gonna tell you right now not enough and you’re probably ready to sell the business um or you’re just exiting out and and closing it down so uh twenty percent is is hyper growth you want so for example if you’re 200 000 20 of 200 000 is 40 000 so 40 000 goes to your marketing and then you we teach you how to split that up and it’s not all online at all online’s a big decent part of it but offline marketing and stuff like that and some of these grass roots are so low cost that you’re going to be doing those all the time and then um you know you’re going to want to put that budget in place so if this year you’re at 20 you’re 200 000 you want to go to 250 000 that’s reasonable to try and jump to 300 000 maybe adding new services and building a whole new brand or a whole new side satellite business maybe that kind of idea might be a better concept but you’re going to want to be um 200 to 250 000 is not a bad leap in a year that’s a that’s a huge growth if you think about a 25 growth that’s that’s a massive growth but if you’ve got a lot of plans in place to do that then take that 250 000 and say okay 20 of that that’s 50 grand i’m going to put

50 grand into my marketing budget to get to that level but if you’re only at a hundred thousand you at least still need to be putting in 20 000 to marketing to get to 150 and then at 150 you need to be putting 20 000 to get to the next or 20 so you need to be putting 20 percent this is the the the what we’re talking about but there’s a lot of things that you can do that are you know five and ten and fifteen bucks um or free completely that we’re going to talk about today that should always be complementing those things you never want to just throw money at it to solve it that’s that’s part of the mix but as you start taking off that management hat as you start taking off that um technician hat and all that these are the things that you can keep doing as the owner of the business to grow the business so that’s what we’re going to jump jump into we’re going to talk about so hopefully everybody’s excited if you guys can hear me if everything sounds cool just give me a one in the chat and i will start sharing my screen right now and we will get into it

okay so if everybody can see my screen you see my uh my lovely face and the low-cost marketing strategy for carpet cleaners and home service businesses if you can see the presentation put one over the chat so i i know everybody can hear me and that everything’s good

awesome okay we got a couple of ones coming in is everything cool on your side reema

good good good okay okay good so let’s get let’s get rolling here and i’ve got my highlighter on something new i learned so i’m just gonna um in powerpoints i can highlight stuff so it just means i have to move screens differently but here okay so i need your attention um what we’re talking about here um is very important and i want you guys to make sure your cell phones are off i talk fast anyways so uh a lot of times uh uh you know people listen to these on replay or if you listen to videos on replay and you put them into one and a half and you know 1.75 speed otherwise you’re distracted trust me uh you won’t need to do that with me so stay stay engaged turn your cell phones off turn your facebook off turn your tick tock off just try and stay focused here if you’re a carpet cleaner small business owner and you’re serious about getting better results um we’re gonna try and get this wrapped up in you know 60 to um 60 to 75 minutes that kind of kind of range so let’s let’s stay focused here and now if you stay to the end i’m going to give you something special i’m going to give you that guide i just showed you so the the low cost the best low-cost grassroots marketing ideas for carpet clears but i also decided i’m going to give you guys a bunch of other stuff as well so what i’m going to give you is our full resource kit so we’re going to give you a link you can go online it’s it’s a google doc or google drive folder and you’re going to get our checklist in there so if you go to our website you can request the checklist as well but it’s it’s to understand if you’ve got your online marketing right ways that you can sort of self-evaluate and if you need to consult with us there’s going to be an offer for a consulting as well and then how to set up your website properly your website is the hub of your business so people end up there to find out what you do and how you do it so uh you want to make sure that your website is designed to convert and also designed to rank so it wants to rank well so that you actually show up in your local market and you’re getting all of those leads but you also want it to convert well and that’s different than ranking so a pretty website doesn’t always cut it it’s got to look good but it really has to be built with psychology involved and then we’re going to give you a whole guide on how to do that from a previous training that we did on how to optimize your website for maximum conversions and also this is our 2021 google my business guide it’s um it’s still relevant today google my business has changed their name to

google business profile so gbp instead of gmb don’t worry about it all we’re talking about is google maps and there’s things you need to do to make sure you show up in maps not just for your primary terms so carpet cleaners a lot of times say oh i’m in the google maps yeah well if i type in carpet cleaning you are but if i type in upholstery cleaning area rug cleaning tile cleaning wood floor cleaning you’re not there’s ways you can rank for all of the search terms in your local market that pop up a map listing all of that that’s an 87 page guide right there walk through step by step we did a training on it but we also provide these these these guides and stuff so i just put them all together in a kit added this new one and said hey go at it if you need any if you need any help let us know but this is literally a step-by-step walkthrough to help carpet cleaners be dominate their local marketplace so hopefully there’s a value in that to you so i’m not going to spend a lot of time on this but who am i so um while in high school i started my first service business window cleaning and uh did it on as part of a business class um to pass a business class i just set up a an executive summary and a loan application and all this kind of stuff and a whole business proposal and plan and for bonus marks you could take it to the uh the business to a bank and and and get them to you know give you an assessment on it well my buddy scott and i left the bank with a loan in hand we weren’t even planning on it and we opened up a window cleaning business bought vans and ladders and all that kind of stuff as high school students with zero credit because the bank manager said i’ve never seen a business plan as thorough and well done as that you guys get the money and we kind of laughed and thought it was funny and for a couple of years we ran the the um the window cleaning business he went off to college i started uh opening up other cleaning businesses and janitorial businesses and then eventually my carpet cleaning business so i’ve owned franchises um i’ve i started a digital marketing agency that evolved out of helping people write better ads write better learn how to answer phones properly do scripts how to write a better yellow page ad so that you’re not just saying the name of your business and the logo in the yellow page ad you actually have a title and a headline and your face and a guarantee and the name of your business is secondary because nobody cares who they’re hiring until they know why and what so that all

trans translated very well into web marketing and so we started helping people and built the whole digital agency around that as well so so that’s my my background i’ve spoken around at many conventions and stuff like that and um been the guest speaker the keynote speaker at three day elite retreats for the highest profitable carpet cleaning companies on the planet flown to the island samoa to do that and things like that so anyways that’s who i am we’ll bounce off of that just want to kind of let you know we know what we’re talking about some of our clients here um just a slide showing you that most of these clients have been with us for a long time um and just showing how they’re showing up everywhere getting ranked getting increasing their business by 40 and 60 and things like that why and what do we do and why do we do it so what we know works really really well is that we make our clients the top brand in their local marketplace that way you would trust attract the best clients you can book the top you can charge the top rates and you’re booked out weeks in advance there’s ways to do that there’s many many many like you think of the best real estate agent you think of the best tire shop you think of the best um carpet cleaning company as we know the best made company they’re seen differently but they did that because they positioned themselves differently it’s not just haphazard and there’s ways to make that happen even before you’re a big a big dog because the ones that grew to that point had a strategic plan in place from the day they started they understood where they wanted to position themselves and they worked their butts off to get there all of it together looks like this it’s called our digital dominance method it’s how we help you market your business we do a lot of the digital stuff for you but the stuff that you need to be doing why you that’s called a compelling usp unique sales proposition why should they choose you over anybody else and low price is not the answer you’ll never stay in business if it’s because you’re the cheapest so how can you make it you know how can you compete against the guys that are 99 for three rooms in a haul when example my business we have a ton of those in our marketplace and three rooms in the hall yeah probably about 250 to 300 bucks and we’re the busiest around while the one the business story i just sold um where the busiest around um so i had had our company for 26 years and sold it uh just less than a year ago so you have a risk reversal guarantee you have an engaging logo and branding the number of businesses i talked to that still have a magnet on the side of their white van never going to grow a business that’s considered credible and reputable if you pull into the driveway with a white van just sorry about your luck you need to spend the 1500 bucks and wrap the thing um and it has to be well designed and you have to have your your risk reversal guarantee or at least your compelling sales proposition your tag line on the side of the van and there’s got to be something standing out then you’re you’re you’ve got to anchor that brand and you have to have um personalization everywhere it is not about trying to look like a corporation even if you own a franchise

you’re a stanley steamer you’re an oxy fresher a chem dry i don’t really care you are the one they’re buying from not the franchise let the franchise market how they market you’re the local operator you’re the franchise owner and you’re the guy that’s that the buck stops with you and you need to show that and tell that and why that’s different so your google my business needs to be optimized and stuff like that and then we start getting into your reputation and your authority in the marketplace and stuff like that and that’s our digital dominance method working your way around including email marketings and stuff like that and there’s stuff that you guys do that we don’t do um but we teach you on it we tell you we help you and all that kind of stuff so that’s that’s where this is all coming from but what do i find is the biggest challenge faced by new and small cleaning businesses and i’d even say on this one even some of the big guys that have lost touch with what got them there put it that way as well what are some of those things and what we’re talking about is for the small guys and the new guys not enough marketing budget for the big guys it’s forgetting this stuff it really is so what are we what are we going to talk about so there’s the solution is um that whether whether you know if the problem is not enough budget or forgetting about doing these things and kind of letting it go the open secret is what we talked about ideally you’re going to be spending 15 percent of the money that you earn that’s an open secret of 50 of your projected revenue back into your marketing because less marketing means less leads less jobs and less money more marketing means more leads more jobs and more money and this is going to become trust me when i say this i’m not trying to be a prophet or anything like that and uh and you know the amazing crescent but this is going to become more and more of a conversation in 2022 because now that we’ve put the pandemic behind us we’re running into the inflation conversation we’re running into the war in ukraine terrible situation over there but it’s also creating an economic situation so we’ve got um inflation running wild we’ve got interest rates that are going to be going up think of every homeowner whose mortgage goes from fifteen hundred dollars a month to twenty five hundred dollars a month or twenty two hundred dollars a month for the same home because their interest rates rose you know that kind of thing um are they going to have as much money for services no so the best marketer then wins and the person doing a lot of this low low cost grassroots stuff we’re talking about as well and compliments is going to win and stay stay viable and the other guys are going to fall out of the business as well so so that’s a big part of it is you need to be investing back but you also need to be doing the grassroots stuff and never stop so um so small business owners tend to start on a shoestring budget and they acquire their equipment and things like that and they only have a little bit money left to invest then they wonder hey my leads are how do i get more leads some of them go out and they get an ad that shows up oh we’ll sell you facebook leads oh we’ll sell you these leads oh i need leads and they buy leads and then

they realize hey as soon as i stop spending money to buy leads i don’t have a business anymore because i don’t have any of this other stuff in place i haven’t built you know a a a great client um experience system in place that every client goes oh my gosh that was the most amazing service experience i’ve ever had of course i’m going to use these guys again and tell my friends about them they’ve never crafted a business they’ve never read the e-myth they’ve never they’ve never invested time into hey what should my business look and feel like to the consumer before during and after the sale um and so therefore the business just starts to suffer and they wonder why and then you get a recession and they go to business so what we’re going to do is we’re going to solve for that you need to consistently implement the time-tested low-cost outreach strategies um that you know again every carpet cleaner that i have talked to that is is successful did these to start some of them fall off the bandwagon other ones just do them that’s what the owner does or they hire somebody who’s this is their whole role some of the stuff we’re going to talk about today and they train all their staff through it and then you need to consistently invest 20 percent of your projected revenue consistently if the market is going down and and and you think next year you’re going to go from 300 000 to 200 000 because it’s that bad then take 20 percent of next year but i’m going to tell you right now i’ve rode out many recessions and slow downs and we’ve grown through them we’ve stabilized or grown by consistently investing and not cutting our marketing expenses the first thing we cut you cut other expenses and you amplify your marketing expense and that’s what we’re going to talk about um a remarketing investment it’s never an expense it’s got a return on investment so but what are the low-cost stuff that you can always do regardless of the economy number one we’re going to talk about is sales scripts so sounds a little silly right but really when you answer the phone and um or whoever is answering your phone here’s a couple things we need to talk about and it’s not just answering the phone anymore we’ll talk about that as well but you need to have a a scripted process again we’re not talking exactly like a robot word for word we’re talking you learned a script you teach your phone answering staff a script if you’re using a call center you teach the call center the main gist of the script and you make sure that they stay on on script and when a

customer asks some questions that take them off script you you dodge you go off script and you know you’re coming right back and you know exactly where you’re coming right back to when your technicians are in the home when you’re in the home how are they approaching the door how are they um first introducing themselves are they calling ahead and introducing themselves so it starts a warmer conversation and a friendlier environment in there then when they go through the home and they’re doing the inspection before the cleaning are you just giving a price are you looking around going looks about 300 bucks or are you actually measuring and assessing and testing spots and stains and using uv lights putting on booties and are you scripting that whole thing all the way through so that you become a consultant and by becoming a consultant you’re not charging ninety nine dollars for three rooms in a hall you’re charging two hundred three hundred dollars for three rooms and a hall and they’re more than happy to pay it because everything about your business feels and looks different than everybody else and they know that it’s not just a soak and suck um it’s you’re actually delivering a huge value and you’re teaching them the difference between you and other companies and stuff like that so you need to be able to clearly answer the question hey why should i buy from you and not the other guy that i’m thinking about right and it’s never about price so actually let me see if i can um

that switches quickly enough yep there we go so um i said i’m going to pop in and out and some of this stuff but here’s an example so again i trade on this but this is from our own the company that i’ve just sold i keep pointing that way because literally i’ve con i’ve maintained an office in in the building that i own that um i’m renting out to the person who bought our 27-year carpet cleaning business um and and team and technicians and stuff like that so um this is the script that they still use that we use for years this is a script but if you look at this this is i’m calling to get a price on cleaning my carpets which is normally the entry level call the last thing you answer is the price and all of this other stuff is in between but what is all this other stuff well it was actually built when i learned your neuro linguistic programming because i wanted to go hey how come some of the things i say influence people to make of to buy my protector how come to add on their upholstery cleaned out on other sales and sometimes i don’t get that it be you know just back in my 20s i was saying like there’s there’s ways i can position things and it gets more people to say yes than before and then i learned what is that well it’s the way you talk to people it’s called neuro-linguistic programming if you learn the science of it and within neuro-linguistic programming the very first thing we want to do is the deflection we want to deflect from the price right how much do you charge to clean this we charge you know 192 okay thank you click there is no value and then all of a sudden you say well everybody’s only concerned about price no that’s what you made it about too so the deflection is in the script for example hey i can certainly help you with that um you know tell me a little bit more about the carpets you want cleaned feels logical natural but you’re deflecting them well it’s this and this okay great do you have any pets in the home any stains stuff like that what’s the main concern why are you uh um why are you looking to get this done all because of this okay okay awesome and is it a fairly average size home so you mentioned three bedrooms in a hallway we charge by the cleanable square footage we charge by the you know the room based on psi whatever your method is um you know so just kind of get a general sense of the size of these rooms in the area just so i can give you an accurate estimate we never gave a quote over the phone we always gave an estimate and a range um and a package through different packages they could choose from that way

on the day of cleaning it’s going to be within this range but you get to choose where it falls and based on what we actually see when we finally when we actually do show up that’s the way we’ve always done it but you can do it whichever way you want but as soon as you quote and lock a price in you know that they’re com comparing you to somebody else commodity wise and you have to explain that so the very first one was the deflection as an example now the second is framing so now you need to frame and you need to paint a picture so hey while i’m figuring this out for you you already know the number in your head you already know it on a computer screen you’ve got a calculator in front of you a spreadsheet whatever you guys use but while i’m figuring this out for you let me tell you why most people who call choose us to clean their carpets what did i just do there i just planted a seed that most people who call choose us so when my price starts sounding higher by the end that’s called a cognitive disconnect why did most people choose them if the price sounds higher well that’s all the meat in the middle so really really really understanding that the words you say help people buy from you or buy from somebody else becomes really important the very next thing you say is your guarantees because you’re guarantee your risk reversal guarantee has to be better than anybody else’s so we guarantee that you know the most thorough clean the cleanest fluffiest healthiest longest lasting carpet cleaning ever or it’s free and what we mean by that is if you’re not happy with anything we we do we’ll come back and reclaim clean those areas for free absolutely no problems no strings attached we’re quite happy to do so uh we’re here to make you happy if you’re still not happy with those areas and you can find we’re going to give you money back for that but also to go beyond that if you can find anybody else who can actually get that stain out that those areas cleaner we’re going to pay the bill to do that for you now we’re the only company that does that and the reason why we can guarantee that is because we don’t blah blah blah blah blah we don’t do this method we don’t do that method we don’t you know we don’t offer a discount price come in and soak and suck and leave it stinking and wet for days whatever right what we do so we always here’s a don’t

a donut is a pausing moment right we don’t do that oh you don’t you know here’s what we do right so what’s even better that kind of idea and it just people’s brains are just following along at this point you can pause and ask questions throughout the script here and there but you’re now telling them what we do is and then you explain your method you explain your process you explain your three packages and stuff like that so so based on everything you just told me there um i’m gonna say that you’re gonna be in a range of say somewhere between 250 and 350 bucks really depending on the exact square footage and which one of those packages you choose you don’t have to decide now the technician is going to walk through he’s going to do a full thorough pre-inspection he’s going to test any spots and stains he’s going to give you his assessment and you’re going to choose whichever package you can ask any questions there’s no hard sell or anything like that in fact our technicians aren’t paid paid on commission at all it’s they’re just there to help you but you can pick whichever package makes the most sense to you on the day of cleaning at that moment you don’t say would you like to book with us again that’s just literally like when you walk into a store and say well you know you know when somebody watches hey do you need any help no i’m just looking that’s the 99 of people that’s the answer when you walk into a store and the sales person understands scripting well what do they say they turn around they say hey um welcome to our store i just want to let you know that over there we’ve got some seasonal offers that are on super discount 75 off we’ve got some of the new lines over here i see that your your color scheme is purple um we have a whole rack over here of things that would would complement your your color scheme if you need any help my name is jane and i’m here to help you yeah jane show me that rack 50 of the people will actually have that per that sales person now engage and help them because the script was different so we’ve got it right down to the point where delivering a client experience this is part of the training i’ve done over the years and how delivering a client experience is great this is training for

this is training for technicians so um and the training for example on this one is um call ahead make sure you’re dressed professionally put shoe covers on when you arrive have a package and menu system that you handle the customer laminate something tactile in their hands things like that roll out the red carpet um do a spot before and after test somewhere on the on the job things like that so having all of that scripted is the point of this this this first step right here i’m going to go back to my slides

just think through it spend a couple of hours thinking you know thinking through it this is the grueling work of owning a business and not being just you know working for somebody else this is why you get you get paid the big bucks you know when it’s successful and why you’re taking all the risks so put yourself into it what are the things that help answer the phones better how’s the better way to explain your method how is the better way to explain your risk reversal guarantees how’s the better way to explain stuff in the home what experience can you deliver you get the scripting right and your sales on its own the reason why i put this as low cost you can double easily double the amount of work you’re doing for the exact same amount of calls by solving for this problem so hopefully there’s a little bit of value in that probably spent a little bit longer than normal on scripting but that’s that’s one of the big ones that you need to be thinking of the next one is in-person sales visits so right from day one of your visit of your business do not be shy in stopping around and talking to people so you need to be every single week having a list having it in your van if you’re the technician or if you’re now the business owner you’ve got technicians out on the field don’t ever stop doing this you have a list of the office buildings the medical offices the dentist the doctors the chiropractors the um any of the hotels any of the condo buildings property managers things like that you have a list that you’re going to stop around and you’re not going to see the same people every week but you’re going to work through a list and you’re going to introduce yourself you want to introduce your your company you want to get names you want to so the fir you’re going to have a first cold introduction then you’re going to have a slightly warmer introduction and you’re gonna think through this you’re gonna plan this out so um you wanna introduce your company you wanna have a complimentary what we always used to do is would you know when i first started the business how to do a hundred thousand dollars in 1995 in a town of 30 000 people really easy i hit every single store on the main street i hit every single hotel um and there i joined a bed and breakfast association and on and on you name all of these things and what i offered when i walked into a store is hey how’s it going and they thought i was a customer hey how can i help you today well actually i’m john um just started this this business or i’ve been i run this business i’m not sure if you’ve heard of us and just stopping by leave some information um just also and i brought my spotter kit with me is there any spots or stains that you guys are

dealing with that while i’m here i could do a quick complimentary spot removal for you so we’re going to waive our 95 spot removal fee and do that for free um things like that so we’re ready to do that we’re going to leave information behind about the company any special offers because i stopped in um things like that i’m actually like i’ll i’ll pop back on the screen in a minute just so i’m not going back and forth i’ll show you an example of the type of letters we left behind we’re not talking glossy brochures that people throw in the garbage we’re talking you can have a brochure attached to something you have to have a more meaningful sales letter here’s who i am here’s why i started my business here’s why we’re different here’s why i want to be your service provider you need to answer those questions in in in your in your copy properly and and then you can offer to do a quote while you’re on the spot and if they do that they’ll get a free protection free sanitizing free this free that if you know added to the quote and you can get the okay to measure up and if not no no problems don’t worry i just want to stop and introduce myself you grab some business cards and you’re now going to follow up with them so you meet and greet you build your list you write it down and you stay in touch and you stay in touch until they buy or die that’s that’s the wording but you want to build who are the businesses i want to work for um chet homes calls it the dream 100 but uh you know in any sales environment and you’re in a sales environment who are the businesses and commercial facilities and stuff like that that you would like to be you know learn more about see if they’re hiring outside cleaners who’s the person you need to talk to all those that all happens by walking in the door and asking somebody right and being super friendly bringing some gifts you know like again pens and notepads are a good start um next time you come around you’ve got a person’s name hey jim how’s it going because you read your list from last time hey i brought you coffee whatever whatever you can do you just you’ve got to do that that’s huge in our industry you gotta reach out to real estate offices and what that means is once a month you were going to every real estate office i get it was hard for the last two years to do this we’re doing it now so in the real estate offices they have stand-up meetings monday mornings they have um there’s usually an office manager like you know there’s people that are training the the agents how to do the jobs better there’s a secretary all that kind of stuff you want to stop in you want to provide some sort of information in fact what we used to do is provide a

really great offer um for the uh for the real estate agents and we got them to put it into every one of the real estate agents slots so we we create a little package that was a little bit lumpy put a pen in it things like that anything that’s going to get them to open it and we wanted to we we wanted to be their carpet cleaner they’re a real estate agent and here’s when you can use this and why you can use this here’s what you get from it here’s what your your client’s going to get from it here’s what we guarantee don’t take my word for it go look us up on the web we’ve got the most reviews we’re the best authority when they look us up they go oh my gosh these guys are amazing because of all that digital marketing and all of that other stuff that we talk about the digital dominance and the authority building it all plays off each other but even if you’re brand new um get a little bit of that get some reviews going like you’re supposed to do all that and then you’re gonna you’re gonna do this you’re gonna walk in and at least once a month to every real estate office and you’re going to get a few agents reach out to you next month you’re going to get a few more next month you’re going to get a few more you want to keep a real rolodex of all of the high end agents so you’re going to go around and see the guy that’s on the back of the bus the guy that’s been around for years you know it um we always say that you know there might be 700 real estate agents in your marketplace and 10 of them are actually selling most of the homes and the rest of them are lucky to sell a couple homes a year right those that 10 that are the most active they are the authority they are the market leaders they’ve done good marketing to get to there they understood what the other 90 don’t understand or 99 don’t understand and those are the ones that you want to talk to those are the ones that you want to become your guy and how do you do that well you get them on a list you you pick a phone you call them you send them a monthly printed in the mail newsletter um with a personal little note attached to it we’ve sent newsletters out to our clients and our preferred um our preferred um jv partners and strategic partners um since 2001 so yeah again 20 to 21 years now so um and again it’s not that expensive like if it’s if you have 50 of these people on a list and it costs you know like even if it costs a buck all in with

printing and mailing and stuff like that that’s 50 bucks a month and you’re influencing the people that can hand you 2 3 5 10 jobs a year times how many of those people you’re talking to and you’re you’re going to want to share your before and after stories so get them on an email list get them you know even on a mailing list put a hey here’s a here’s a client that was just selling their home we came in and saved them from having to do this here’s a person who just bought a home didn’t have money to replace this and this here’s how we save them tell them the stories show them the before and after pictures you should be doing that that’s another free tool that we are free uh low-cost uh strategy we talk about anyways which is making sure that you’re promoting your before and after stories properly not just a picture of before and after but what’s the story show the pictures before during after and tell why take some videos all that’s free post it on your your social media post it on your websites have project galleries not just a page of of of just before and after pictures nobody goes to that page have a story of why mrs jones used abc carpet cleaning to get you know to solve her horrendously stinky carpet and then there’s the pictures there’s her testimonial her feedback or review there’s the little story you’ve explained it that’s a page on your website that’s free you put it on social media you share it out to all your friends and family you post it into groups things like that and you can even put five bucks a day against it and boost it for five days and there’s 25 bucks and now you’ve promoted that story so that’s all the stuff you do but you you can send that link to the real estate agents if you’ve got them on messenger hey by the way here’s another successful um job we did i just want to share that with you you just keep dripping on them why you’re better than all of the other ones they’re thinking about and even if their best buddy is a carpet cleaner and they’re going you know what i use my business but these guys market better you’re going to start getting messages from people just because you’re doing this my god your marketing is amazing and all you’re doing is this stuff this low-cost stuff free giveaways is another one so as i mentioned um you want to give away free stuff like if it’s a if it’s a hotel offer to clean their dirtiest area one room 100 square feet 150 square feet whatever but they have to be there to watch you it’s a demo it’s not a oh go over there and clean that come back and talk to me no no

no you you you do it by arranging having a conversation would you like a free demo yeah okay well let’s arrange that one’s a time that you can be available what area would you like let’s go look at that okay cool i’m going to come back next tuesday at 10 o’clock will you be available next tuesday at 10 o’clock to um to to watch my demo so i can show you what we do why we’re different and what kind of results i can get out of this area you can do a little spotting test ahead of time to make sure you’re not you know you’re not going to bag it in your face and it’s just a permanent stain but you’re gonna do that that’s the kind of stuff that we did for years and years and years and just never stop doing so you end up with more and more and more hotels more and more and more um property management and condos um one of our you know one of my good friends and a client of ours runs um carp cleaning business that does dryer vent cleaning well they now do dryer vent cleaning for a whole bunch of day spas do why because they got lots of towels and they got dryer the dryers and it always gets clogged so once every month or once every two months they’re back in there cleaning that consistently on contract why did they get that not because they got a phone call from the day spa maybe they got a phone call from one day spa once and they went oh my gosh why don’t we hit them all up and have a conversation say hey do you run into this problem here’s how we can solve it and prevent a fire and on and on do a quick look and see and that kind of thing so but you want to be able to make sure that you can offer something free free is better than a discount free is better than twenty percent off free spread like add something for free so you can for a nice for for an ideal client you offer a free cleaning to become so they get to know you so they can refer you to other people so if it’s a carpet store we’re going to talk about that in a minute but if it’s a carpet store offer to do the owner’s house for free couple rooms three rooms a whole high list i don’t really care because that that could be 10 20 30 000 a year in work does it matter that you spent 50 bucks or 100 bucks on solution and two hours of your time it doesn’t so this is the way you need to think to become that that different kind of person but you’re not going to show up in jeans and a t-shirt and you’re not going to

show up with a white van he’s not going to refer that you’re going to show up fully branded in uniform and then deliver your experience roll out your red carpets put your booties on make them go holy crap this is obviously the company i need to refer right so things in offers you can always offer a free armchair cleaning um with two or more rooms of carpet cleaning that’s a better offer than saying 10 off or 20 off winter white sale or whatever offer to clean something addition and you know maybe that armchair is an 85 value 85 value absolutely free that’s that’s a better way to position your mark your offers so always think about free giveaways completely free or free as an add-on free spot remover with cleaning you know things like that as as the offer that you’re promoting limited time only and to select people only when you’re putting it in front of them so hopefully that makes sense another one a free maintenance kit we have one of our packages again three packages always clean always clean is you pay this now we’ll do a full cleaning sanitizing healthy home cleaning one year warranty all that kind of stuff we’re going to give you a not just our free bottle of spotter that’s refillable for life every time we’re back we’re going to give you a full carpet maintenance kit that includes a little white hand towel terry cloth towel includes a spotting guide includes our step one spotter our basic spotter and then our more advanced spotter in there on and on and on you’re going to create a whole you know a carpet maintenance kit you might even include one of those little rakes to put the rake lines in if you really want you know because they’re not that expensive whatever that is well our always clean is is 95 cents a square foot and that includes a complimentary traffic lane cleaning of any or all of the same areas within six months if we don’t hear from you by month six we’re calling you and we’ll come back and re-clean so if you’ve got and you’re gonna get the full cleaning protections and deodorizing and all that this time we’re gonna come back and clean the traffic lanes for free why would we do that well for 95 cents you’ve paid you know you got more than enough to do that anyways but we’re going to start marketing them at month 4 saying hey your always clean is going to expire soon it’s due you know by the end of month 6. and here’s all the other bonuses that you can you know while we’re there to do the complimentary free cleaning of the traffic lanes of those rooms would you like to add on a couch a chair a

mattress a tile floor a wood floor cleaning a duct cleaning and you’re gonna get our in-home savings you’re going to save 20 off of those services even though your main service is free and then at a year we’re going to start mailing them by month 11 and calling them and emailing them saying hey you’re you’re always clean um subscription is about to expire you’re one of our vip clients so let’s you know let’s come back and you’re going to be locked in at last year’s prices and as long as you book every 12 months within that that your anniversary month for your cleaning you’re always paying the original price you paid for that service so some clients will be on you’re always clean for 20 years like we’ve had um because they’re still paying the price that it was 20 years ago they just do it every single year so and that’s and then at the six month interval they’re getting other stuff done as well and they’re referring all their friends and you’ve just become their guy so um or gal so think of it that way as well so um let’s pause for a quick second is this good stuff are you guys learning anything from this put a one in the chat if uh if some of this is new to you some of it’s just a refresher put any comments in the chat if there’s um things that you guys are doing similar to this that’s working really well it’s always good to kind of you know banter back and forth but just share in the chat here um and i’ll i’ll go through strategy number five and i’ll check back in a second so cool we got a couple things coming in okay great so let’s go on to outreach department owners and managers so you want to have a direct contact with the manager superintendent sometimes that’s just as a matter of just popping in the building and looking at the board and seeing who the superintendent is hitting a buzz um and asking if you can have a quick second of their time um there’s a whole bunch of ways to approach apartment managers and and condo managers are better than apartments obviously but any of that crowd and again what are you offering you’re offering a free a free room of cleaning a free demo whatever free cleaning of a part of a hallway all that same stuff that we’ve been talking about you want to advertise in the apartment owners magazines and association websites so you want to track all of those down you want to find out who the where the associations are and you want to

you want if you know that’s a minor expense it might be 100 or 200 bucks a year 500 bucks a year in a big marketplace and you want to you want to advertise and get in front of these guys most apartment owners managers rental rental managers um if you’re in a in a sort of a resort town or a you know an attraction town you’re gonna have bed and breakfasts and airbnbs and things like that a lot of these owners are part of associations and you want to be figure out what those associations are and sometimes it’s just as simple as asking um the the one or the you know the one you’re in front of you’re you’re you’re chatting to this guy you’re you’re you’re you’re you put them on your rolodex you’re having a conversation you’re following up with your newsletters you’re picking up the phone every so often seeing if there’s any uh any units or um problems in the hallway that yeah you know that might need your attention things like that you don’t want to be shy about this you want to you want to be persistent and by them it could be just hey russ how’s it going great great it’s john here from you know abc carpet cleaning uh yeah i stopped in there a couple weeks ago and had a good chat with you about the carpet cleaning yeah yeah quick question actually are you guys part of an association i’m just trying to track down a few more associations in the area and just trying to get some names and contacts so that you know we’d like to join a few of them and just uh you know as a vendor and just want to know which ones you guys are part of it could be as simple as that a lot of times just by asking that question you end up getting them going you know even if that’s just your intro you can ask that question as a phone call or a personal stop-in meet and that leads to them going yeah let me what do you guys do yeah we’re looking for a new guy so keep that in mind as well you want to do that same idea outreach to commercial facilities you want to be sending direct mail so actually i’m going to show you an example now so so there’s a headline you know what i mean so for example this one says at the top there um exclusive offer for new select business owners only right and personally signed by me this is you know there’s some of our awards stuff like that and we’re offering a free a free carpet cleaning so absolutely free we’re going to clean the first 100 square feet for free no strings attached as a way to to show you what we do we’ll come out first this is what we always talk about um how we can offer our

guarantees that’s kind of it’s so it’s more like a sales letter will we attach a brochure to this absolutely um but this is the sales letter this will be folded up and mailed this will be handed out when we drop around things like that here’s another example of one for real estate professionals right so here’s another example of what we would leave behind when we stop in and it’s this one’s two-sided there’s the gift of clean um i’m not that fancy this was literally just done in word um but if you can see it’s headline driven it’s personalized it’s got my family on it back when the kids were we um it’s got um you know it’s it’s got all the reasons why they should be um considering us now i’ve got a reason to follow up i’ve sent them something i’ve dropped something off by hand i’ve you know and now i’ve got hey i’m the guy that handed out i gave you that gift of clean you know i want to see if you want to take advantage of that that kind of idea as well so those are kinds of slides here so but that’s that is that idea you need to be sending um oops sorry i think i just paused my audio for a second you need to be sending um direct mail a lot you need to be doing those personal visits you need to be offering free demos at commercial facilities again we found our sweet spot was the um medical facilities like the dentist the doctors the chiropractors um things like that med spas a lot of them still have carpeting or tile in the and we can um you know again they’re not it’s not ten thousand twenty thousand square feet which are nice contracts to get but those are normal you know normally evening jobs and things like that well chiropractors take wednesdays off that’s great middle of the day cleaning perfect you know some dentists have certain hours that are off or whatever and things like that but also um they’re they’re they’re a different sort of class of person they’re not you know they’re not um a procurement manager saying hey we got 800 or 80 000 square feet in our facility

we’re getting or 10 cents going or whatever great contracts to get if you can keep them but they’ll always a lot of times will always go to lowest bidder so we didn’t chase those as often and as much as we chased condos and we chased um those medical higher end medical type places as well but um and that’s when you offer packages to them this was something that is so weird you know what you know and you know you kind of know what you don’t know when you know it as well if that makes sense because we were offering three three tier packages for residential for years and never once always said to ourselves um well commercial is different so commercial only wants the lowest price we’re gonna offer a low price and we did that for years and then by mistake on one quote um and our quote packages are 13 pages long with testimonials and a whole bunch of other stuff but um in by mistake um one of i had an office girl do the quote for me when i was i was away and she put in our residential quote packages in in place of a commercial quote just forgot just put that one little bit in in the middle of the the proposal and it was given the three options and the client took the commercial place took the third option and it was for about a thousand or fifteen hundred bucks more than the lowest and then i went huh playing that interesting so from that point forward every single quote we sent out had three prices basic clean only um full clean and protect and full and a healthy office package with clean protect and and all and sanitizer deodorize and all that kind of stuff and all the bells and whistles and reasons why um and what we found is a lot of businesses actually chose the third package and we priced it so that the difference between the second and third wasn’t that much so clean to clean and protect they go well i do want the protector well a little bit more i get this and yeah it just upped our average commercial ticket um by almost double pricing just by putting those packages in place so be doing that please um that’s definitely make sure that when you’re you’re quoting commercial you’re not just looking walking and looking around going i think that’s about 500 bucks no you’re measuring you’re assessing you’re testing spots and stains you’re leaving a nice big clean circle in the middle of a traffic lane because you did a test right there you’re showing off while you’re there you’re leaving a little bit of information behind you’re going away and you’re going to be sent either coming back with a quote package or sending it by email as a pdf um or both um but you’re going to find out all of that but you’re not just giving a price on the back of a business card and walking out because you’re now just discredited your authority and your positioning you want to continue to build that authority and positioning and that’s

ways to do it doing it that way so sales from employees at commercial accounts this is huge any commercial job you do that has desks at all at all desks at all every single one of these people there could become a residential client of yours so any commercial job you do and again i don’t care if you’re a carpet cleaner now or if you’re a window cleaner if you’re whatever every single job you do every one of their employees can use your services at their home as well if you do business and commercial so what you want to have is a program and you don’t build it new for every single person you build it once this is now an hour or two of thinking a little bit of crafting if you’re not good at word or you know doing a little bit of design you hire somebody to do it you know you hire a kid in high school that’s learning this stuff um and get them to to craft something up you know whatever because the point is the two things that work really best tent card and a flyer really simple so you’re gonna talk to the the contact that you have there and say hey it’s you know blah blah blah um i’d love to like we’re coming in on thursday night to do all the cleaning for you the office yeah yeah do you mind if we leave a little tent card behind on the desks of everybody just with our preferred client discounts because you’re one of our commercial clients now every one of your employees actually get a savings off our services that aren’t available to anybody else and is it okay if i leave one of those behind i we always left it behind with a notepad and a pen we always had no pads and pens just you know with our branding and logos on it and we’d left a little you know gift card like a little tent card with a gift certificate on one side of it um almost like a gift card and then a little explanation they opened it up and it told why why they should choose us and why we’re different two things it does one it lets them know about you two it lets them know about why you’re different and why the company hired you and all of that kind of stuff so they don’t just go oh the cleaners are in last night oh these guys my gosh they use eco-friendly products blah blah blah you know all the all your strong bullet points and reasons why you over everybody else all becomes part of that message and then the flyer you can ask if you can post that up um in the bulletin on their bullseye board in the lunchroom and you can also ask if

they’ve got like a an employee newsletter or employee portal you can send that over if it’s okay for the your contact to get that posted up there as well um anywhere that they can possibly got a slack group some of the people work from home now so what hey we just had the cleaners in last night and they got preferred client discount for all of our staff right so um whatever that is that could be get the protection for free again i’d rather use free than a discount um it could be you know clean the three rooms get the fourth one for free clean three rooms get a couch or an arm chair or a love seat clean for free whatever whatever you guys get the idea that’s the better the better discounts but that’s what you’re going to do so that every single commercial job becomes 5 10 20 times more revenue than the job you just did we’ve done it where we’ve done three and four hundred dollars small little offices and ended up with dozens and dozens and dozens of clients from it that are you know clients for life yeah lifetime value the client four or five grand and we ended up with 20 clients you know what i mean way more than the four or five hundred dollars we made from cleaning that office once a year right so you got to think in those terms as well um beauty salons big one for our industry and i know most carpet cleaners skip this one entirely so who in a high-end neighborhood or high-end beauty shalon so we’re not talking like you’re you’re um you know your first choice hair cutters and discount clippers and things like that we’re talking salons that attract the best clientele right so you are going to walk in the door meet the owner they’ll have a little bit of an error about them we all know that that’s totally fine you’ve got to be good if you’re going to be the owner of the business you got to be good at communicating with people you just have to be i started my business sounding like all of this kind of stuff painfully shy right painfully shy still painfully shy in certain social settings and stuff like that but i would still ramp myself up listen to my few tony robbins tapes or whatever you know and walk in there because i had a script i knew what i was going to say i knew how i was going to approach the situation so i would walk in there get as much information as i could on the first time come back a second time if i had to things like that but all i was doing was offering a

free cleaning either in the salon or in the owner’s home and i often aimed at the owner’s home hey how’s it going i’m john here i’m from this business here handing my business card over and a couple of pieces of it great just wanted to introduce myself um let you know about it and i’d actually i’d like to offer your free cleaning um to you personally so either in the salon here but actually even better in the home and here’s why because i want to show you what we do we’re different and that that information i handed you explains why but your clientele is my clientele because we clean for a lot of high-end people you do um your services for a lot of higher-end people as well and we want we we would love to be you know your the person you recommend we’d love to have a you know you let your clientele know about us and provide a very exclusive discount to anybody who is one of your clientele um to use our services and things like that so because of that i’d like to show you what we’re all about i’d love to give you a free cleaning in your home and show you why we’re different if that makes sense or in the shop here whichever and um and show you why we’re different and you can you know watch it we’ll have a conversation while that’s happening and if it makes sense to you then um we’re gonna leave behind some brochures at the you know you can put right here by the till we’re gonna you know and things like that if you’re ever running you know mailing your list or doing like that you can put a little tag below we’ll talk about all that stuff afterwards but um and then anybody who becomes a client um what we’d like to do is give you um you know a bit of a spiff a bit of a kickback um towards your next cleaning or just just in cash whichever works best for you uh so just have a you know a nice little win-win relationship there so and then every time you do um um clean for one of their clients that use that coupon that discount that’s that promotion you’re going to want to get a testimonial and if you can a review as well but a testimonial feedback from them um because you’re going to share that back to the spa hey thanks so much for referring sally jones we just did a cleaning in her home and look at the great comments and words she said really really appreciate by the way another 15 or 20 whatever has been added to your um to your account so on your next cleaning you get that savings as well or the check is in the mail or the gift card has been sent emailed to you whatever however you’ve got that set

up think your way through of how you want to do it but that’s the point is you’re going to want to you’re going to want to pitch these these people you’re going to want to stop around that’s part of your list of stopping around you’re going to find a list of all the high-end beauty salons and day spas med spas things like that and then you’re going to want to stop around the other place that you can meet these people is the bna or bni groups chamber of commerce a lot of people say i don’t want to join those join them for this exact reason the this hit list becomes the people that you’re going to you know go grab a drink for and have a chat with or whatever you’re gonna you’re gonna kind of step aside with it they’re just gonna get to know you and and now they know like trust you and then you can promote this better marketing than than most people are doing clubs organizations and churches the bulletin boards digital bulletin boards um this is a big one has been a big one for us as well every single we ended up becoming the the cleaning company clean most of the churches around not because we’re cheap but because our discount because we weren’t we’re the most expensive but is because a lot of their parishioners um were clients of ours and became clients of ours through strategies like this so um and then we as soon as we got to cleaning at a church we would do this um we would actually and we’d even reach out and call them and chat to them and see if they’d be interested in in making uh you know you know having a donation program the nation program is we’ll hang the flyer and if any of your you know give a great discount to your your your parishioners and members or if it’s an association or an organization um and any of them that become clients um we’re gonna donate 10 of the job back to your your organization or put it towards cleaning of your organization in the future whichever you choose right and that and you can even offer to do a discount in exchange for you know hey if you’ll post these around we’ll you know we’ll give you a huge a good discount off of the cleaning as a thank you for marketing for us or promoting for us so those that alone and just staying active with it and staying in touch with somebody that alone is just another great idea um that works really really really well and it’s just a matter of you going online picking the list starting to make some phone calls starting to stop by and having some conversations and having a script and a plan in place ahead of time so um reupholsterers great connections less and less of these i get it um reupholsters um you know high-end people will keep the furniture because it was

really expensive this wood the springs the structure is good they just want to change the um the look of it so you’re definitely dealing with high-end clients when you’re dealing with a real pollster and it is literally just a matter of you know they’re again that picture i showed on the previous slide there that’s typical they’re older people um it’s not a lot of young people getting into the upholstery business um but you want to stop around all of them you want to know all of them by name you want to be friends with them you want to go grab a coffee and stop in and say hey jim i just brought you a coffee how’s it going great what are you guys working on today you know you always want to become a friend with that guy and you want to leave some brochures behind and stuff like that and you want that guy to be referring you to every one of his clients who may need hey you just got us adding this new haitian cotton um the only company i would suggest you get clean is is my buddy you know ross over here at russ’s cleaning services kind of idea you just want these guys in your back pocket so anybody you can think of that’s like that as well but yeah any anybody in that industry that services your clients in the exact way you do um any area rug retail stores things like that all of those same idea um residential neighborhood outreach is another great one as well so this is um so there’s there’s this is um two slides on this one because we’re talking about it um it needs to be very very specific you have to understand that when you go and clean for this one customer you’re on stage as walt disney used to say every every member of their every employee is not an employee of walt disney they’re a cast member they’re on stage and they’re performing when you’re in your truck or your technicians are in your the truck from the moment they drive out of your driveway to the moment they come back at the end of the day they are on they are acting like the ideal service technician they’re actually like the ideal um um customer service provider and they have to understand that and everything about your business has to represent that as well so your van is a moving billboard it has to be a moving billboard you’re sitting in in drive-through getting a coffee the ban the van has to be selling for you you’re not throwing cigarettes out the window you’re not spitting out the window you’re not anything that’s going to detract from that because that is taking away from this the the movie that you’re playing out for um and acting out

for the people that are watching it the brand has to be really really strong and it you know so your tagline your slogan your guarantee has got to get known by everybody we actually used to have um vans parked around town um and or letting our technicians take them home if they’re living in a busy on near a busy street because we wanted the van to be a billboard and then show back up at the office the next day ways to think of it that way as well but you know during the slow season and stuff like that we would drive around town and drive through neighborhoods right just just just because it’s a moving billboard uh and ways just to get that impression going as well when you’re on a job you want to use door hangers so it’s everybody talks about the five around there’s actually a process where you’re gonna have door hangers a-frames and yard signs so we’re going to talk about the door hangers a-frames and yard signs and what we’re talking about here is that at the end of the street you’re going to have an a-frame and just like the real estate agents do and you’re gonna have an a-frame it’s gonna have an arrow saying we’re we’re you know we’re creating another healthy healthy clean home down the street here and then your logo and your branding right and your tagline and it’s gonna have a big arrow pointing down so when you pull onto the street you pull over just like a real estate agent does and you put the a-frame on the end of the cul-de-sac at the end of the street and then you drive down to your customer’s home right and then when you’re at the customer’s home you’re going to put a yard sign get out of the van you’re going to put a yard sign right in front of the house before you even start aiming just in the ground and the yard sign is going to be one of those cheap ones you’re going to leave behind it’s going to be like a you know sort of like a wire frame with like the plastic bag over them or whatever they’re really inexpensive you get hundreds of them for for not a lot of money and then you’re going to go to the door you’re going to go and do your cleaning when you’re all done you’re cleaning you’re going to ask the customer um hey by the way i’ve got a sign out in front there just to let your you know the neighborhood know about us and stuff like that um tell you what if it’s okay if we can leave that there behind and we can leave it there if you want to if you can leave it out for a week that would be great or a couple days at least i’ll give you a free bottle of our spotter uh that’s refillable for life just as a

thank you for doing that if they say no ninety-nine percent of people are gonna go yep that’s fine if they say well my husband’s not gonna like it or no or whatever hey no problem i’ll take it with me i’m going to leave you the bottle spot or anyways just as a thank you right so it’s never about not leaving the spotter it’s just a reason why and a little bit of a carrot to get a yes right and then when you leave you’re going to do the door hangers you and i don’t i strongly suggest you don’t do five around you do 20 around five on either side 10 across the street so you you leave the house door hanger door handle 5 across walk across the street put them around takes about five minutes teach your technicians to do this it doesn’t have to be huge offers our best offer was seven dollars off a whole home of carpet cleaning it’s not about discounts and being cheap it’s about branding telling them why you your risk reversal guarantee picture of you as the owner on the on on the door hanger as well all personalized and being really about you they’re going to look out they’re going to see the door and they’re going to look at the window they’re going to see that there’s a you know a yard sign that was the neighbor who just got the cleaning the message on the door hangers hey we just clean for one of your neighbors and help beautify their house right you go back to the industry pick up your your a-frame and off you go again that alone is going to generate work for you just that alone and then another neighborhood strategy that works really really well pick your ideal neighborhood and offer one free room of cleaning no strings attached as a letter in a white envelope on the doorstep right so if they say no soliciting move past i get it but we’ve done this for years and years and years in golf course neighborhoods and nicer neighborhoods and stuff like that just one free room of cleaning no strings attached we want to become your carpet cleaner we want to get to know you things like that they open it up and it’s it’s like a personal letter the best ones look like you typed it on a typewriter even for gosh sakes um this isn’t about flyers and flashy you can put some reviews in there from recent clients and things like that but you’re basically telling them why you over anybody else and you want to prove it and it’s a two-step process so when they call you say yeah i got the free room letter that’s

awesome great tell you what a lot of people have taken us up on that offer so what i’m going to do is i’m going to pop around i’m going to take a look at your home with you going to figure out take a look at the room you want cleaned um and give you and in fact beyond just the free room i’m going to give you a bit of information about how to properly care for your carpets and your different flooring and stuff like that while i’m there um we call it an audit i’m going to give you you know a full cleaning and healthy home audit and then you’re going to get the one you know we’re going to get we’re going to schedule time to do the one free room of cleaning does that sound great what’s the best time to come out right and you can leave a bottle i’ll give you a free bottle of spotter while i’m there and all that kind of stuff as well you give them a reason to have you there twice and the reason why that works better than just the first time is you can really position yourself you can measure everything up you can look at the whole home you can say hey tell you what so you did tell me on the audit form here that you’ve got three kids and a dog you have an edgy carpet clean in five years the recommendation by the you know epa and the carpet manufacturers every six to 12 months so you’re way behind the cleaning i showed you on my white towel how dirty the carpet was everywhere so um i’m totally willing to give you the one free room of cleaning just to try us out before you get any anywhere else in the house done or you can schedule us to do the whole home and we’ll still give you that free room of cleaning and take that savings off you get to decide no pressure um here here’s the you know here’s the pricing if you want you know everything done um just think it over and give us a call when you know when you’re ready i never even tried to sell it there i made it such a soft sell that people most people would call and get their whole home cleaned the odd person would call and just would just get the one room totally fine all we did is ask hey thanks so much for getting the free room clean did you like it yeah great can you give us a review on google as a thank you for getting that free room that also helps your business as well

and great here’s our referral program can you tell your friends about us great so free rooms really work to help build the business and can be used in a recession can we use when the market is slow because your solution and your time is is isn’t that like your your solution isn’t that expensive you’ve got time to you know on your schedule anyways employ your time employ your time building clients and building a customer base so one of the last strategies we’ve got here right now is the online networking so i’m going to talk about the the local face group facebook group strategy but you can do this with any groups and online they might be linked in groups there might be other you know alignable and places like that have groups that you know local groups and stuff like that but think of it that way but let’s talk about um the facebook group strategy and you’ll get the full concepts of this and remember um by all you guys sticking to the end and it doesn’t look like we’ve dropped one person dropped off but um you’re going to get a full guide on all of this when we’re done as well so i know i’m kind of going fast and going through a lot of stuff but you got a guide to digest when we’re done as well so um what we’re talking about here is um you want to join all the local groups you can the buy and sell groups the mommy blogs the mommy clubs um you’re going to take a you’re going to look for local facebook groups you’re going to ask around you’re going to talk to your friends the business network groups the local you know the local business owners of you know um you name it like gainesville florida i don’t really there’s there’s tons and tons and tons and tons of these public and private groups on facebook you want to create a spreadsheet whether i don’t care if that’s pen and paper i don’t care if you’re not if you use google sheets or excel i don’t really care but you’re going to create a spreadsheet of the groups you’ve joined put the direct link that’s why a digital one works better but whatever um a direct link to get to that group so as long as you’re signed into facebook boom you’re back at that group again a notation on the rules of posting because you’re going to read that they’re going to tell you what the rules are about what you can and can’t post and who the admins of the group are because you’re going to end up reaching out to these admins but before you do you just want to join the group and you’re joining the group personally not as a business most of these groups won’t let a business your business page join the group it’s you as an individual person so you’re going to join the group and you’re going to start engaging that’s your plan i don’t care if you

don’t like facebook i don’t care if you don’t like social media you’re running a business you’re going to like posts you’re going to make comments about the post you’re going to get a feel for how the group operates and you’re going to do that for one or two weeks sometimes even a month strategically as a plan you’re going to become seen as somebody in the group and active personally right when you do that you want to set up your personal facebook page to look great for visitors that is a mix of your family stuff and your business posts so there’s lots of simple youtube videos that show you how to how to you know hide things only your family can see these things one of your your closest friends can see these things um other visitors to your facebook page will not see these certain posts and these things like that you’re going to be strategic about this again you’re a business owner you need to learn this stuff or you’re going to find a 15 year old kid that knows already knows how to use facebook or tools and they’re going to do it for you this is simple simple simple stuff so if it’s all brand new to you don’t be scared just deal with it because it’s it’s not that hard and the stuff you’re going to do is you’re going to show a little bit about your business you’re going to you know in your bio you’re going to talk about who you’re busy who you are stuff like that um your cover photo could be you know you holding your kids or besides your kids beside your van whatever but you’re going to let them know that you know not only your friends and family know you own a business obviously but this is this is a broader a broader perspective on this one and then you’re going to connect directly with the group admins and you’re going to wait till after you’ve been in that group and sharing and become a a valuable community member for them first right you’re gonna get on their radar basically is what i’m getting at and then you’re gonna introduce yourself and your business you’re gonna ask if there’s an opportunity to provide special offers um to group members this works really great on the mommy groups and stuff like that the new mom groups and things like that hey um love your group here you know blah blah blah they’re gonna go yeah you’ve been engaging and you’ve been chatting to people that’s awesome and all that stuff and again not business related at all just good person stuff right and then you’re gonna say yeah so here’s what we do and in fact your your group is great um for like you know what we’d love to do is is

provide a very very uh you know a special offer to anybody in the group who might want to use our services and stuff like that is that available right and yeah again you can even get the admin to post this if you have to like every group is slightly different some of them say oh yeah on tuesdays you can promote everyone okay whatever other one says no we don’t really allow promotions no no no worries at all i’m just wondering if you know you could even protest saying hey you know and then that’s where you can even offer to the admin of the group again if it’s local it’s a local group they’re a local person tell you what would you like me to give you a free cleaning at your home i can come up and clean a room or two to get to know us learn about what we do and then if that’s cool from there um if anybody asks questions about carpet cleaning i’ll answer it and i’ll leave an offer for them that’s a good starting point you can work it up from there um but you when you do get to do a post it’s a non-salesy post you’re not posting a flyer you’re not posting oh super special blah blah blah no no no what you’re going to do is showing a bit of a before and after of a job you just recently did a problem you just recently solved um in the post you’re going to explain a bit about hey i just wanted to share this um one of our clients had a baby baby spit up all over the carpet they tried this and this and this and turned it bright pink we came in we were able to solve the problem just want to share that in case anybody has that problem here’s who i am i’ve been in the cleaning industry for 20 years i own this company blah blah blah blah blah again it’s not an ad you show some pictures and you tell a story and then if you’re allowed to then you make your unique offer to the group say and by the way um i know you guys are all you know a lot of new moms in the group here so if anybody wants to use our services um it’s been okayed by maryland one you know the admin or whatever um that you know i can give you guys this offer um if you if you get us into to do any any cleaning in your home um baby spit up or not um here’s what i’m gonna do for you blah blah blah and free free free right we’re gonna do that you pay for our cleaning um yep any more questions hit us up go to our website your website should be very personal should have your face on it should have your story on it things like

that um go to our facebook page just have those before and afters and those little stories of things you’ve helped everything you’re doing is just layering on top of each other and again none of this costs any money at all right so that’s the strategies that’s that’s the i could go on for hours but that’s the strategies do you put in the chat here if you think any of this even any one of these strategies will help you make make some more money in 2022 and maybe help recession proof your business um depending on what’s happening to our economy coming up so just yes throw one in the chat if that’s if that sounds like something that’s been valuable to you guys cool hey great thanks sandy thanks kate yep yeah i see ya cool so i’m glad you guys like that so so here’s what we’re gonna do here’s where you need to go

rewards nothing to opt into you’re going to get free access to the the guide that we just went through and you’re going to get free access to all of these other tools as well so you’re going to learn a lot from us you can go to our website on its own without the slash rewards and check out some of our podcasts check out some of our uh our past master classes and training sessions all we do is help carpet cleaners run better businesses um what we do know is that you know you that are on the call right now want to run a better business and the ones that aren’t on the call um are either too busy and don’t need to or don’t understand um and what i found is that a lot of carpet cleaners miss all of the basics they need to do um to run a proper business and then they wonder why they weren’t successful they bought leads for a number of years and then went and started another business or or got a job the ones that are successful are thinking from day one that this is a business i’m going to grow and sell someday not for the price of the equipment but for the value of the business there’s a reason why i was able to sell a two truck operation for half a million dollars in cash and prizes as we say um in the middle of a pandemic it wasn’t because i had a half a million dollars worth of equipment in fact the equipment was valued at you know lease costs and and and that kind of thing it had nothing to do with that it was the value of the database the value of the marketing positioning the value of the profit coming in every day to the company um regardless of who owned it so that’s what we teach you that’s what we do um if you need any help with any of that here’s where you go go to schedule what you’re going to get there is um first rima on the call here she’s going to reach out to you and she’s going to learn a little bit more about your business of a 5-10 minute call um if you can’t get on the phone we do you can we give you a form to fill out but um you’re going to learn about your business a little bit more and then we’re going to put our research team up in you know to work for you it’s about a 500 value right there alone because what we’re going to do is we’re going to go check your your entire online presence your entire competition’s online presence in your local marketplace we’re going to make assessments about you know what you’re doing right what you’re doing you know not quite right i don’t like to say wrong but what can be improved upon things like that and then all of that gets handed to me i spend a bunch of time looking at all of it for you and i charge 495 an hour to consult for the businesses i consult for carpet cleaners and otherwise to help them get all of these strategies right in their business i’m going to look at all of that for you and you and i are going to get on a call and these calls usually last about an hour and we’re going to go back and forth and we’re going to we’re going to i’m going to show you give you a step-by-step plan of how to go from where you are to where you want to go we’re going to actually open up that spreadsheet and say hey what was your revenue this year what do you want to be next year here’s the plan here’s how much it costs to land in a

client here’s all of it you know and then if you know our digital marketing agency carpet cleaner marketing masters if you want to hire us to do some of the pieces for you build world-class websites set up your um your lead nurture and automation so that whenever anybody comes to your website anybody comes to your social media anywhere like that they’re they’re actually being nurtured and spoken to properly you you have a way to chat and text with them um you’ve got an immediate form-filled callback so as soon as somebody fills a form it rings your phone you press one and you’re talking to them right away so you got that immediacy that everybody wants nowadays any time it takes longer than 15 minutes to get back to somebody even if it was just an email or a form fill or a chat um the chances of them booking with you drop by 70 we have tools and systems in place and our tool called carpet cleaner lead pro all designed to help carpet cleaners become more successful we’ll talk all about that but that’s just even that’s just a part of our base program with our marketing so we’re going to help you with everything we can if you want us to and otherwise you’re going to leave with a step-by-step plan of what you need to do anyways to grow your business whether you have other vendors helping you or whether you want to consider using us down the road so you can get on that one of those calls one of those strategy sessions by going to schedule and again i’ll go back to that previous slide you’re going to go to rewards and get this entire kit so hopefully that’s been valuable to you got to bounce off we’ve been pretty close it’s uh an hour and 20 minutes um got through this so that’s not bad kind of close to my my expectations there if you have any questions at all i got a bounce rima is going to stay in the chat for a few more minutes you can ask your questions there you can reach out there is a button in the chat at the top called schedule strategy session if you want to jump on one of those right now we don’t have a ton of them there’s only a couple of hours from here and there in my my upcoming schedule that i keep available for these obviously there’s a lot of time and attention that we give to these so and we deliver a ton of value it’s not a sales call it’s a it’s just how to help you build your business better so if that sounds exciting and intriguing to you jump on one of those calls and thanks so much for attending and keep an eye out for the next

master class thanks so much for joining everybody i really appreciate it i appreciate all the comments in the chat the back and forth that’s been going on with rima and everybody so we look forward to talking to you next time with another great powerful marketing strategies to help you grow your carpet cleaning business to hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars a year whatever level you want to take it we know how to do that we’re here to help thanks so much take care

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