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Grassroots Marketing for Cleaning Businesses: The Key to Carpet Cleaner Success

Are you a carpet cleaner looking to take your business to new heights? Are you tired of relying solely on traditional marketing methods and want to explore more effective and budget-friendly strategies? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of grassroots marketing for cleaning businesses and equip you with the tools and knowledge to achieve carpet cleaner success.

Understanding the Power of Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots marketing is a powerful strategy that involves connecting with your target audience on a local level and building a loyal customer base through personalized interactions. Unlike traditional marketing methods that often require large budgets, grassroots marketing focuses on low-cost and unconventional tactics that can produce remarkable results.

The Role of Sales Scripts in Grassroots Marketing

The Significance of Sales Scripts

In the carpet cleaning industry, having a well-crafted sales script is essential. It not only helps you confidently sell your services but also enables you to answer the fundamental question: “Why should people choose you?” A sales script serves as a roadmap for your interactions with potential customers and ensures that you convey the right message every time.

Selling Trust and Professionalism, Not Just Price

When it comes to hiring a carpet cleaner, price is not the primary factor for most customers. Trust and professionalism are far more important. In fact, ideal customers prioritize these qualities over price when making their decision. A well-developed sales script allows you to convey your commitment to delivering high-quality services and building trust with your customers.

Broad Applications of Sales Scripts

Sales scripts can be used in various scenarios, including:

  • Inbound leads: When potential customers contact you directly.
  • Estimate requests: Delivering a clear and convincing estimate.
  • Chat to text leads: Engaging with customers who reach out via chat to convert them into phone calls.
  • Cold outreach: Approaching potential customers who have shown interest in carpet cleaning services.
  • Commercial customer introductions: Making a memorable first impression on commercial clients.
  • Strategic partner introductions: Building relationships with businesses that can refer customers to you.
  • Database follow-ups: Nurturing relationships with past customers.

Importance of Speed to Lead and Effective Communication**

Speed to Lead: Faster Responses, Increased Bookings

In the carpet cleaning industry, speed matters. Studies have shown that responding quickly to customer inquiries significantly increases the chances of booking a job. Customers appreciate prompt responses and are more likely to choose a company that demonstrates efficiency and reliability.

Utilizing Chat to Text for Improved Influence

Engaging customers who reach out through chat platforms is crucial. Rather than solely relying on text conversations, use chat to text as a means to divert the conversation to a phone call. Verbal communication allows you to exert greater influence and address any hesitations or concerns potential customers may have.

Regular Check-Ins for Increased Service Requests

Maintaining regular communication with both residential and commercial customers can open up doors for additional service requests. By staying top-of-mind with your customers, you increase the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. Quarterly check-ins can help you maintain a friendly relationship with your customers and create opportunities for additional services.

Strategic Partnerships and Referral Programs

Finding the Ideal Partners

Expanding your network and building strategic partnerships is a valuable grassroots marketing strategy. Reach out to local beauty salons and med spas for potential partnerships and referrals. Offer a free cleaning service in exchange for a meeting and discussion about your program. By collaborating with businesses in related industries, you can tap into new and receptive customer bases.

Referral Rewards and Partner Integration

Implementing a referral reward program can incentivize businesses to refer clients to you. Reach out to chiropractors, Mercedes dealerships, BMW dealerships, and other establishments that cater to similar clientele. Offer incentives such as kickbacks for every successful referral. Creating win-win situations with partners increases the likelihood of generating a steady stream of new customers.

Leveraging Other Organizations and Clubs

Churches, organizations, and clubs can be excellent sources of customers. Offer them a discounted rate for members and provide benefits in return, such as sponsoring events or offering exclusive promotions. Establishing relationships with these groups allows you to tap into their existing networks and increase your brand visibility within the community.

Collaboration with Upholsterers and Furniture Stores

Upholsterers and furniture stores can be valuable partners for referrals and promotional opportunities. By offering mutually beneficial incentives, such as special discounts for customers referred by these businesses, you can create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. Building strong partnerships in your local area can significantly expand your customer base.

Effective Grassroots Marketing Tactics

Door Hangers: A Personalized Approach

Door hangers can be a highly effective grassroots marketing tool. Craft a personalized message, showcase your credibility through testimonials from satisfied clients, and include an irresistible offer. Target specific neighborhoods strategically to reach potential long-term customers and maximize your brand exposure.

Professionalism and Branding: The Power of Image

Emphasize professionalism and branding through your company’s visual presence. Ensure that your vans are well-maintained, clean, and clearly branded with your logo and contact information. Equally important is the appearance of your staff. Outfit your team in clean, professional uniforms that reflect your commitment to excellence.

Building a Business Asset: Long-Term Growth Strategy

Remember, the ultimate goal of building a business is to create a valuable asset that can be sold for a high price. To achieve this, you must focus on consistent marketing efforts and strategic expansion. Implement low-cost grassroots marketing strategies from the start and continue them as your business grows. Consistency is key to long-term success and value creation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do I really need a sales script for my carpet cleaning business?

A1. Yes, a sales script is essential for effectively communicating why customers should choose your services. It allows you to confidently convey your value proposition, build trust, and increase your chances of making a sale.

Q2. How can grassroots marketing help my carpet cleaning business?

A2. Grassroots marketing enables you to connect with your target audience on a local level, build relationships, and create a loyal customer base. It offers low-cost and unconventional strategies that can be highly effective in promoting your business.

Q3. How important is speed to lead in the carpet cleaning industry?

A3. Speed to lead is crucial in the carpet cleaning industry. Responding quickly to customer inquiries significantly increases the chances of booking a job. Customers value efficiency and reliability and a prompt response sets you apart from the competition.

Q5. What are some effective grassroots marketing tactics for carpet cleaners?

A5. Door hangers can be an excellent way to target specific neighborhoods and promote your services. Additionally, emphasizing professionalism and branding through your company’s visual presence and strategic collaborations with upholstery and furniture stores can yield great results.

Q6. Is it worth investing in grassroots marketing as my business grows?

A6. Yes, grassroots marketing should be an integral part of your long-term growth strategy. Even as your business expands, continuing to implement low-cost grassroots marketing techniques helps maintain brand visibility, attract new customers, and generate steady revenue.


Achieving carpet cleaner success requires a comprehensive approach that combines traditional marketing methods with the power of grassroots marketing. By focusing on personalized interactions, building trust, and leveraging strategic partnerships, you can create a loyal customer base and achieve long-term growth. Remember, consistency is key, and embracing low-cost strategies allows you to maximize your marketing budget and ultimately build a valuable business asset.

You will learn:


Embrace the Hustle:

Uncover the secrets of low-cost, grassroots marketing – no fear, just hustle!

Amplify Your Success:

Learn the art of effective budgeting and supercharge your business with proven, pocket-friendly marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Unveiled:

Dive deep into the world of unconventional, low-cost strategies to boost your business’s growth

Become a Marketing Maverick:

Gain expertise in unleashing the power of boot-strap, guerrilla marketing for your business
Audio Transcript:
John Clendenning [00:00:00]:

What we’re gonna try and do today is give you an overview of grassroots marketing for carpet cleaners, home service professionals, and all of that kind of stuff. I’m gonna explain why we’re giving you an overview of grassroots marketing as well. So I’m gonna go, hey. Why do I need grassroots marketing? I’m gonna kinda tell you why you absolutely need it. I don’t care how big your business is. I don’t care if you’re doing 2,000 a month or 200,000 a month. This still applies.

John Clendenning [00:01:02]:

What we’re gonna cover today, I highlight it. There’s a big and bold at Top is called embracing the hustle. So uncover the secret low cost grassroots marketing. No fear. Just Hustle, amplify your success, learn the art of effective budgeting, and supercharge your business, with pocket friendly marketing. So it’s not about, oh, let me how how cheap Can I do my marketing? No. It’s like, how can you mix between, you know, things that cost a little bit more to get a lead, which we talk about on all the other webinars, and things that cost time and shoe leather equity and that kind of thing, and a little bit of sort of strategy, but not a lot of money. They always should be in the mix.

John Clendenning [00:01:41]:

So guerilla marketing is what we’re talking about. Deep dive into the world of unconventional low cost strategies and kinda learn how to become a marketing maverick. That’s that’s the goal of today’s call. So if that all sounds good, if you stay until the end, we’ve got a bunch of stuff for you. So, marketing checklist, this is the Internet marketing checklist that we’ve got, and and we’ve got a a report as well on, Google business listings, on website stuff. You know, for any of you, there’s you know, I know there’s a Couple of you on the call here that are are clients of ours, and we just love doing these trainings with with clients. But we always invite in the general audience as well, people in the carpet cleaning world and the home cleaning world. So if you know anybody that owns a business like that and you want them to jump on these calls, you think they’re valuable, definitely share it out.

John Clendenning [00:02:27]:

It’s really helpful, and it’s great for their business whether they ever, You know, use any of our services or not, that’s not the point. Point is actually to elevate the entire industry. So low cost, no cost grassroots Marketing ideas for carpet cleaners is the the guide in the book you’ll get. It’s actually a whole workbook with checklist and a bunch of other stuff as well. So all of that, Stick around to the end, and, all of that’s available, in a resource link. So for those of you who don’t know me, John Clendening, owner of Carpet Cleaner Marketing Masters and the Carpet Cleaner Success podcast. I’ve been in business for myself since 1990 when I was still in high school and, did a window cleaning business that ended up turning it into a high rise window cleaning company that jumping over the side of 40 story buildings till I realized 1 in 10 High rise window cleaners actually fall to their death eventually and said, hey. I don’t want that from me or any b anybody else or any cruise, so kinda went to the ground and Started doing some, opened a janitorial company, bought into carpet cleaning franchises, and made services, and duct cleaning, and restoration companies, and then They’re consulting and working with the in in the entire industry, helped the franchise network start from the ground up to about 100,000,000, $150,000,000 a year in the flood restoration business and other franchises I’ve consulted with as well and worked with everybody on all levels underneath, as a consultant.

John Clendenning [00:03:55]:

And then kinda When the Internet showed up, it was like, hey. I need to make my business go online. I had to learn all that. And all of a sudden, I’m working for a whole bunch of other people. All of a sudden, I had a digital marketing company. So And then we turned it into carpet cleaner marketing masters 4, 5 years ago to just be in our niche, because it was like once people knew I knew how to do a bit of Internet marketing, and we started building a team around that while still running all the other businesses. Yeah. We, we we got calls from chiropractors and roofers and plumbers and everybody local, and then, and all that kind of stuff.

John Clendenning [00:04:26]:

So, anyways, so little that’s a little background. If you wanna learn how to do online marketing for home service businesses, there’s a book on Amazon I wrote. Probably worth getting and just reading through to understand what you need to know. But, I think Jeff is even on the call, but there’s me and Jeff doing, Some of our our monthly take fives for Clean Facts and the cover of the magazine and stuff like that. I’ve I’ve, did a Program last year in February, with Howard Partridge, huge name in the industry. I followed Howard since I was in my twenties. So, and it was great to jump on a call and and and share ideas with him for for the the cleaning crowd as well. And we’ve got Dusty Roberts and, Mark Sager and a whole bunch of other people.

John Clendenning [00:05:09]:

So, yeah, help out the industry as much as possible. That’s that’s my goal. And, you know, and and our clients as well, that’s our The whole goal is not just delivering services, but providing coaching and consulting, helping them grow any way we can, so that’s what we’re gonna do. So we kinda get past this. It’s just testimonials of clients, kinda all the good stuff, but what we do here at our company and what we do, is we make our our clients the top cleaning brand. That doesn’t need to say carpet is cleaning. We work with mostly cleaning services, carpets, and home cleaning services in the local marketplace so they can attract the best clients, be able to charge the top rates, and be booked out weeks in advance. So That is the ultimate goal, and we do that by leveraging leveraging the 3 core four principles of digital marketing success.

John Clendenning [00:05:58]:

So you always wanna be optimizing the opportunities to generate an ideal lead. So you know who your ideal target market is, hopefully. So you know who the the the your customer avatar is, and you wanna be attracting as many of those people as possible where they where they where they can see you. So you wanna maximize those opportunities by being in front of them with ads and offers and websites and SEO and organic and all that kind of stuff. You wanna maximize your brand impressions because brand impressions are Crazy killer at at making sure sure that the public knows about you, starting starting to make that best known cleaner approach. You start getting known more and more and more. So your vans and your your your service cars and your your yard signs and door hangers and outreach into the community and social media and all that kind of stuff. Anything that can continue to increase your your brand impressions to your ideal target market really, really Over time, just compounds and compounds and compounds and creates more and more and more momentum back to your digital marketing assets, back to your, phone calls and lead databases and all that kind of stuff, and you wanna maximize your conversions.

John Clendenning [00:07:12]:

I know far too many people, a, they don’t know the conversion rate. And if they do know the conversion rate, They they’re not working to increase it. You’re if you’ve got a you know, that’s been said. If if you know your conversion rate, you can print money because all you can always Do marketing under the conversion rate, which is what we’re gonna be talking about here today as well, and and and print money because you know how many are gonna convert. So you run that math all the time. If you can increase your conversion rate, you can spend way more money on marketing than your competitors, and still be way more profitable, way bigger. And why do we wanna do that? We can we there’s a couple ways. If you if you wanna keep a small business and, you know, owner operator or, you know, a couple 1 or 2 technicians on the road, that You wanna keep them busy.

John Clendenning [00:07:55]:

But if you’re over inundated with work, you can up your prices. Right? If if you’re busy, busy, busy, and your goal is not to expand to 5, 6, 7 trucks or 2 towns away and 3 towns away, all that kind of stuff, then, Oh, and then thanks, Krishna. Apparently, somebody wants to join, and I’m not oh, there we go. Admit all. Okay. So yeah. So if you’re you you wanna make sure that if you can convert higher, you can absolutely dominate, and then you can, Again, decide if you wanna grow the business bigger or just keep it small and become a sort of a boutique style business. Ultimately, the end goal of running these crazy things called businesses is to create an asset that’s sellable.

John Clendenning [00:08:46]:

So always keep that in mind. The goal, whether that’s to your family, to, you know, whatever or that’s, you know, when you’re ready to retire out into the marketplace. So So you definitely wanna make sure that you’re looking to build that asset so that when somebody comes along and wants to buy it, your business, it’s it’s You’ve built a machine that is pretty much turnkey. They walk into it, and they can get a loan to buy it. And it’s It’s just a a big running machine, and it isn’t you’re selling it for the price of your equipment and, you know, a few extra bucks. You know, you’d be you’re selling your business for 300, 500, 758,000, $1,000,000, that kind of idea because you’ve built you’ve built something that has cash turning, equity in it. So anyways. So that’s that’s why we do these the three core principles of digital marketing.

John Clendenning [00:09:36]:

So what is the biggest challenge I see faced by most new and low revenue businesses. Right? What do we think that challenge might be? Obviously, it’s the focus of this webinar, but not enough customers. Where are my customers? Right? That’s a huge challenge from when when people are not spending enough, The biggest reason is they’re not laser focused on marketing. So if you guys know Dan Kennedy, Dan Kennedy is, You know, marketing guru that’s been around for decades, no BS marketing, magnetic marketing from, like, the Eighties nineties and beyond. I was actually a magnetic marketing consultant back in the early 2000 with Dan under Dan. And The principle is if you own a business, then you are the marketer. You’re in the marketing business. You are the marketer of the business.

John Clendenning [00:10:32]:

Right? So all business succeed or die on effective marketing systems. Keyword there is systems. Marketing done well, does the majority of the selling for you. And it’s the greatest day in a business owner’s life when he stops doing being the doer of the thing and becoming the marketer of the thing. So, yeah, you don’t make money doing. Sounds weird, but you don’t make the money doing. You make the money marketing to generate the clients to then get the doing done. Right? So if the marketing doesn’t work, There’s no doing.

John Clendenning [00:11:01]:

So the money is actually in the marketing always. So Michael Gerber, E Myth, always talks about that’s the entrepreneurial myth. The entrepreneurial myth isn’t isn’t, oh, I’m good at Fixing cars. I should be a mechanic. No. You should go work somewhere as a mechanic, not be the mechanic. I’m I’m great at, You know, landscaping. I should be a land I should own a landscaping business.

John Clendenning [00:11:22]:

Nope. You should go work in a landscaping company. And if if you wanna be the business owner, you gotta think, hey. I might have to be the doer for a while. I might have to have that technician hat on. But the goal is to take that technician hat off at some point, but you also have the manager’s hat, and you have the business expansion and marketing hat. That’s your role. You’re the entrepreneur.

John Clendenning [00:11:44]:

And you could take all those other hats off, but the business expansion and marketing hat, that is that is your key to make sure the business keeps growing because Economies go up and down and sideways, things change, and you’ve gotta be able to adapt. Doesn’t mean you have to know how to Do the digital marketing or create the flyer or, you know, make a really fancy pretty, door hanger in in in Canva or something like that. You can hire people for that, but you gotta know what message you’re putting out. Why you over everybody else and all of that kind of stuff. So you are the marketer of the business, that’s where the money’s made. So not enough marketing budget is one of the things that holds people back. Not the only thing, but one of them. So open secret to grow a successful cleaning business, a portion of every dollar, ideally 15 to 20% in my experience, It should be, must be go back into marketing.

John Clendenning [00:12:38]:

Less marketing just equals less leads, less jobs, and less growth. So I was talking to a fellow the other day there. He’s they’re two and a half years into business, 175, $180,000 a year, in in carpet cleaning sales, the son has a marketing background. He’s just doing it for his dad who is 60 or late late fifties, early sixties, building a business up. And now they, you know, they’ve done some stuff, but they’ve they’ve they’ve been investing over 15% of revenue back into the marketing consistently month after month because of the son’s advice. He works in totally different industry, but he’s been helping them get set up. And that that’s Think of that that stellar growth for that. My own experience, I I grew from 0 to $120,000 in a town of 30,000 people in 1995.

John Clendenning [00:13:27]:

$120,000, town of 30,000 people, brand new to carpet cleaning, brand new to that town. So right? So we gotta think how do how did that happen? Well, that happened because I I did some of this low cost grassroots stuff to build up money to then reinvest and then grew the business to 100 and 100 of 1,000 of dollars and bought other businesses out in territories and stuff like that, and eventually 1,000,000 of It was a year across all the the businesses we ran, you know, in a in a in a not a huge market, but because started with grassroots, when if you You you should always be investing that 15 to 20%, but that’s a small number to to start with. So how do you complement that and and grow faster while you do the grassroots stuff? Because you When you have more time than money, then you spend the time. As you grow, you can spend the money and invest in the marketing and then get the success from both. So, why do business fail to grow? Often start on a shoestring budget budget, acquiring equipment and legal start up, and all that is left with little to invest, Low sales to reinvest in the marketing, like I just said, and lack of marketing mindset. They go into business being a technician, thinking that marketing is an, a necessary evil and an expense and, necessary even an expense and something that they hope to get out of at some point. So So, yeah, you don’t wanna be thinking of getting out of out of out of marketing. Marketing is something that will be the lifeblood of the business for the entire length of the business.

John Clendenning [00:14:55]:

If you think of any other successful business, did they just stop marketing someday, or do you see them even more the bigger they are. Just kinda think about that. So marketing is is that important. So okay. Okay? And, Krishna, keeps telling me there’s other people joining, and I gotta keep remembering to add them in, so I will continue to try and watch Krishna as well. So so what’s the solution? The solution is consistently implementing the best time tested, low cost marketing strategies. Every cleaning and home service business wants to grow and thrive. So regardless of the size, years invest, you wanna reinvest the 20%, but you wanna be consistence consistently implementing the time tested low cost marketing outreach services.

John Clendenning [00:15:40]:

What that means is as you get bigger, you don’t go, I don’t have to do those anymore. I’m done. Nope. If, like, outreach is important, grassroots marketing is important, 20 years into the business is still important. You might hire somebody to go do some of the stuff you used to do, but it’s still important. Right? You might wanna get on the truck and be the owner that goes and meets and greets people and, generates the, You know, a lot of that that community awareness and outreach and some of the stuff that we’re gonna talk about here that is in the mix of this, where you’re not the guy out cleaning, but you’re out you’re still out working on the business. This isn’t about kicking your feet up and eating Cheetos, watching, I don’t know. Is it Jerry Springer still? He’s probably not around.

John Clendenning [00:16:17]:

I don’t know who’s. Well, because, say, Ellen, you’re not sitting on the couch watching while other people are working for you. You know, you could take bigger vacations, you know, if you’ve got System set up and people answer your phones and and crews being managed and all that kind of stuff, but, you still wanna be doing low cost grassroots marketing at all times. So let’s talk about what low cost grassroots marketing is. This is we’re just kinda gonna go rattle through a list of the ways to think about this. Again, there’s a workbook at the end, so you don’t really need to be kinda taking too many notes. You can jot down a few major ideas. It’s It’s not a bad idea, but, we’ll we’ll go a little bit deeper in or give you a give you a checklist in the in the the material at the end as well.

John Clendenning [00:16:59]:

So sales scripts, Preparing and practicing per persuasive sales scripts will give you the confidence to sell your services. Right? So you need to be able to clearly Answer the question why people should choose you versus any other company. And if you don’t have an answer to that, it’s gonna be price. Price is about 4th or 5th on the list of people’s reasons why they are gonna hire a carpet cleaner. Trust is a big one. Is the job gonna get done right? Are are they gonna be, you know, are the the people that come to the home, are they gonna be, professional? Are they gonna be kinda hooligans and all of that kind of stuff. These are all the thoughts going on in somebody’s head that would help them choose from 1 to the other. The people that just go, nope.

John Clendenning [00:17:41]:

I want $99 to clean my whole house. Right? Are they your ideal customer? Is that part of that maximize your opportunities to generate an ideal lead? If that’s okay for them and they don’t care if the person comes in and steals their jewelry or or or whatever, they just don’t care, then then they’re not your customer anyways, so you don’t need to attract them. The one that the people that want it done right wanna find their people to then, you know, be who they’re gonna use year after year after year just like they would wanna find their gardener, just like they’d wanna find you think anything that’s recurring. If they Need their house painted. They’re gonna find a painter. Well, the next time they need a painter, there’s if they like that guy, they’re gonna call them back. If they like that or so, there’s people that just build their their their network of service professionals to help them out. So you wanna be able to have a script that It’s scripts, not just 1, but you wanna have scripts that help tell your story in a very succinct way Every time the phone rings, a chat starts, you walk in the door of a building, you’re at a chamber meeting, you know, you know, your 30 2nd, 60 2nd, and 92nd elevated pitch kind of idea, but you wanna have a script that is proven to sell more than not having the script, and then you start working your way up the ladder.

John Clendenning [00:18:59]:

Every call center on the planet has tons and tons and tons, like massive call centers have tons and tons of script training. They have role playing. They teach the new people how to follow a script. The point is at the very end of it, If you read the script word for word just to get the marbles out of your mouth and say it the same way, and it sounds awkward and forced the first 20 or 30 times, it becomes a little more natural. That is gonna sell better than just winging it and having, you know, Sally wing it when she answers the phone and Jim wing it when he answers the phone. And you’re you’re gonna actually have something trackable that you can increase and improve upon. So you can Once once you’ve got a script dialed in, you can start you can learn something new and test something new. I’ll show you an example of that in a second.

John Clendenning [00:19:46]:

So where do you where should you, create sales scripts for? Inbound leads, for sure. Every phone call should follow a pattern. Now it can go off in a couple of different directions and come back, but it should be following a linear path down a down a proven higher booking percentage, higher conversion percentage conversation. So this is where it makes it really hard. If you’re the guy in the truck and your phone rings and you’re driving and you’re in traffic and the guy Cut you off and you’re talking to the customer, you know, or the the lead that comes in on the phone while you’re driving and, you know, all of that. It it that makes it really, really, really difficult. You just have an answering machine answer it and hope to call them back. In today’s day and age, they’ve probably called 3 other people by that point.

John Clendenning [00:20:27]:

Right? So, You know, if they’re a repeat client or referred to you, yeah, it’s a little different story. But if you’re generating cold leads because you’re marketing well, You wanna be able to have that, create that entirely different experience the second they call you over anyone else. Your booking percentage will at minimum double that minimum double. So, so you wanna have make sure that, any website info estimate requests and chat to text Leads, so anybody in your website filling out a form, anybody, doing a chat to text, some of you guys know we have our tool that we build our automation tool called, CCLP, Carpet Cleaner LEAD Pro. And one of the things is when somebody fills out a form on the website, they submit it, the office phone rings, It says, hey. This person just submitted this. They’re they’re interested in these 2 or 3 services, whatever they checked off. Press 1 to connect with them now, and it automatically, smart connect connects them right to the customer.

John Clendenning [00:21:21]:

If the customer answers their phone, you’re having a conversation within a minute of of them filling out the the form. You have a 392% higher chance of booking that customer by all stats and studies if you get to the back to them within that 1st few minutes. If it’s As much as an hour away, that drops by almost 4 times. It’s down it’s down about 80 80 some odd percent. A day later, your chance of booking them is less than 30%. Right? So speed to lead really matters. So you wanna have speed delete and scripts. You wanna know how to sell by chat.

John Clendenning [00:21:55]:

So chat to text, it’s a whole new world. The very first thing you wanna do when somebody starts chatting to you is not start chatting back. Seems weird, but hey. Thanks so much. I got a few questions for you. It’d be easier to cover them over the phone. If they’re on chat to text, is this the best number to call you back on? Try and get them off off chat and onto the phone. You can influence them better with a good script.

John Clendenning [00:22:16]:

If it’s no, you better know how to influence them on chat to text. Social media, direct messages, stuff like that. Where else do you need SalesScrip? Cold outreach, commercial customer introductions by phone and in person, strategic partner introductions and follow ups by phone or in person. So, database follow ups as well and check ins. You should be quarterly checking in with your customers, residential and commercial, and, you know, with Scripps, live on phone and sometimes in person, not for especially the commercial ones, obviously. It’s just a quick check-in. Like, we don’t we shouldn’t be afraid of having customers. A lot of people go, I’ve never called my my clients.

John Clendenning [00:22:50]:

It’s just like we called our clients for 2020 some odd years. I had the business for 27, probably learned most of this stuff going forward. Within the 1st year or 2, I I don’t think we called all of our clients except for an annual reminder call, which is the next one on the list. After a while, it was like every quarter. It just became what Heather had it on her list. And then Sheila, when Heather had went off on mat leave and and then her husband decided to get a job somewhere else and they moved out of the area, Sheila It stayed with us for years years as well, and and they their their job was to call all of our past clients, commercial and residential, on a quarterly basis. So every month, there was somebody that just hit a quarter and give them a quick call and just say, hey. Just it’s you know, Sheila here from, Acclaim Carpet Cleaning, just checking in to see how things are going.

John Clendenning [00:23:38]:

It’s been a couple months since we’ve been there. If there’s any any spots or stains you’re concerned about, need help with, if there’s any other other cleaning you need, upholstery, tile and grout, area rug, stuff like that, just let us know. And by the way, we have this little bit of an offer going on right now. If you did, like a VIP offer for repeat clients, Just just letting you know about we sent you an email about it or we sent you a letter about it, whatever you’re mailing, a postcard, just following up on that as well. Right? And just every quarter, just check-in. And then At the they were surprised at how many people actually decide that, yeah. You know what? I I do want I do have something else. Or, no.

John Clendenning [00:24:09]:

My friend was actually thinking about you. I forgot. Yeah. And You’re just trigger and you’re just being nice and friendly. Right? And you do that commercially as well. It’s been a couple months. Just check and see if there’s any, traffic lanes, areas starting to build up again, maybe you need to touch up around the doorways, blah blah blah. Do you need somebody to pop by and take a look? Things like that.

John Clendenning [00:24:25]:

It’s it’s just being in business. It’s just it’s just but you need scripts for that so you don’t feel weird about it. Right? And then, yeah, lead list check-in. Most people don’t even understand. We did a a training there last month, all about how the the importance of keeping a lead database that is 10 times bigger than your customer database because there’s people that Say, hey. I buy in from your category. I’m interested in what you what you do, which isn’t everybody that owns a home, which It is it’s a it’s a fairly small percentage of people that own home that actually hire professional carpet cleaners, professional home cleaning services, and things like that. So if they raise their hand and say I’m interested, but then decide not to do it.

John Clendenning [00:25:02]:

Maybe something happened in their life, and they had to allocate the money somewhere else. Maybe they went with somebody else. Who knows if they’re happy with that person or not? But if you stay in touch with these people, the your lead list, which we talked about last month, all with automations and stuff like that, and the and check ins from time to time, then, yeah, why wouldn’t you? Like, so maybe that’s a a lead list every 6 months. You just, hey. It’s been, you know, a number of months ago, you you You know, you checked in with us. You’re looking for, some cleaning services, and we weren’t able to, you know, to help you out at the time. But just double checking with you to see if there’s anything going on, if anything we can help you with? We’ve we’ve we’ve got you on our our email list to keep you updated with what’s going on around here. So Right now, this month is whatever the promotion is, if that that works for you, but just wanna check-in and see if there’s anything we can help with.

John Clendenning [00:25:48]:

Just make it a nice friendly call. Right? And all of that kind of stuff just builds your authority in the marketplace, and it doesn’t cost you anything but a little bit of time to run down a list. So So example of pervasive sales script. So I got really deep into script writing, script understanding neuro linguistic programming, so things like we we talk about the deflection, the framing, the anchor, the, you know, exclusive benefits, and the close Doesn’t really matter about the the the spith specific there. The linchpin and the reengagement are actually the 2 big ones. But, ultimately, this was our phone script for decades, with slight little changes from time to time, but it’s all, like, as an example. This is one of many scripts that are used for all different reasons. Right? So when somebody calls, you know, we you know, back in the day, we we would do, hey.

John Clendenning [00:26:37]:

It’s a great day at Acclaim claim carpet cleaning. How can I help you? In today’s day and age, some new NLP in psychology. Actually, what we recommend all of our clients do is, instead of saying, how can I help you, which is so generic, but also people have been desensitized because every time you walk into a store, hey? How can I help you? How can I help you? How can I help you? Right? And it just becomes, like, there’s there’s nothing to that. So it’s, you know, hey. It’s a great day here at whatever. Puts a smile into your words, makes them know you’re smiling because they can’t see you on the phone, and then, what information are you looking from a more today? Right? It’s a better question, more strategic question. What information are you looking that I can get for you today? Right? It causes people to pause. Wait.

John Clendenning [00:27:19]:

That’s an odd that’s a different quest and You get more engagement with the with the conversation, so it’s another to it’s it’s another linguistic way of sort of pausing a brain a little bit. The other and then once they tell you kinda, I’m just looking to get a couple rooms cleaned in my house or whatever, wondering how much you charge. Awesome. I appreciate that. And what research have you done us so far? How many people just go, oh, well, your 3 rooms? That’s gonna be $159. Okay. Thanks. There’s absolutely no persuasion in that at all.

John Clendenning [00:27:49]:

It’s just a crapshoot whether they choose you or not. Right? Why would they choose you over anybody else? They don’t know anything at this point. Right? But if you say what information or or what what research have you done on us so far, then at that moment, they’re going, well, actually, Actually, my real estate agent referred you, then I went on your website, and then I watched some of your videos and blah blah blah and all this kind of stuff as opposed to the other one. Why? I just saw this Google Ad. Two entirely different conversations between, between that one or the other. Right? So So, ultimately, you want if you ask that, what research have you done? You get a little bit more information, but you’re starting to build rapport. You’re starting to sound intelligent. You’re starting to, you know, Pull them in, like and then you go, great.

John Clendenning [00:28:31]:

Well, tell me a little bit more about the areas. Tell me a little more about spots and stains. Tell me a little bit. Do you have pets in the home? Blah blah blah, all that kind of stuff. Have you ever had it cleaned before? How old? Just ask some quick leading questions. Awesome. Okay. So and whatever whatever you need to kind of be able to provide an estimate.

John Clendenning [00:28:46]:

I always hated providing a quote on the phone Because things could change when you show up and all of a sudden you’re pissed off, so we we give them an estimate. Right? Fairly average estimate based on average sized areas and rooms and stuff like that. So The the next part of it is, while I’m figuring this figuring out an estimate for you, let me tell you why most people who call choose us to clean their carpets. Right? What does that do? That says, hey. I’m gonna be doing something in the background. I’m gonna get a price for you, so you’re you need you wanted that. That’s coming. And while I’m figuring that out, let me tell you why most people who call choose us.

John Clendenning [00:29:19]:

And now you’re prepositioned that by the end of it, it doesn’t have to be the cheapest because that’s That you could be the most expensive, and they’re they gotta go, why why do most people who call choose them then? And it has to challenge their belief system because maybe they have a belief system that carpet cleaning is a commodity and it’s showing it costs $90. The stat between or all the all the the the stack of of of of persuasion and influence in your script is to change their mindset by the time you get there. So then the very first thing you should put up front is your compelling sales proposition. Why you over everybody else? What do you do differently? How do you package it differently? What do you call it differently? And your risk reversal guarantee. The only reason we’re able to, you know, like, a so let me tell you why most people call Chuse. The the main reason is because, we offer the most thorough cleaning ever, or it’s free. We call it our 200% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with anything our technicians or any cleaning they got done, we’ll come back free of charge, No questions asked.

John Clendenning [00:30:15]:

Happily as fast as we possibly can, we clean those areas. If you’re still not happy, we’re gonna give you your money back for those areas, but we’re gonna take it even 1 step farther. If If there’s anybody else, any of our competitors that you can find that will clean that area or clean that spot better that we couldn’t, that we came back a second time, We’ll pay them to do that for you. Now we’ve never had to pay anybody else’s bill yet, but if that day comes, don’t worry about it. We’ll pay their bill, and all we’ll do is take them out for lunch and find out what they did so we know how to do So I’m and you laugh about it, you carry on. Now the only reason why we can offer these guarantees is because we don’t, and then you throw all the competitors under the bus. Sorry. Sounds a little harsh, but you just why did you build your system? Why are you cleaning your way? Tell them what you do differently.

John Clendenning [00:30:55]:

We don’t do this and this and this. We don’t use shampoo. We don’t use dry compound. We don’t blah blah or, you know, the sticky dry compound that leaves a residue behind. We don’t you know, what we do is actually use, you know, a clear rainwater softened and filtered rinsing solution or whatever whatever you do differently, sell it. Sell it in a way that’s, you know, that that is compelling and and tell them what you do, and then you move them through. And then at the very end of so you tell them the estimate. Yeah.

John Clendenning [00:31:26]:

So based on the areas you told me on the day of clean, that’s gonna be between, like, 295 and 375 just depending on, You know, which package you go with, you know, how big the areas are, any spots and stains or whatever, like, you know, but based on the information given in that range. Now does the morning or afternoon work for you? Again, psychology. You don’t say, hey. So, yeah, that’s great. How does that sound? You know, do do you wanna go ahead with that? No. I just told you, most people call, book with us. So does a morning or afternoon work? The number of people just go morning to work better? Awesome. Okay.

John Clendenning [00:31:57]:

Our next Vero Morning is on Thursday, next a week Thursday. So, does that work for you? Well, I don’t Thursdays don’t really work. What what day works better? Well, Wednesdays. Okay. Yep. Let me see what we got. Yeah. Actually, looking at the schedule now, the Wednesday right before that does have an opening.

John Clendenning [00:32:11]:

Whatever. You know? Let’s get you booked in. Now on the day of cleaning, the technician is gonna come out. He’s gonna measure everything, walk through everything, test the spot stains, give you a full full thorough pre inspection, and give you those options With the packages, you just choose which you wanna which one goes for you, and we’ll get started and get it cleaned right away. And you’ve got a script, and you’ve got a script if they say, well, let me talk think it to my husband or let me let me think about it. Let me call I’m calling around a few places. Awesome. Totally appreciate that.

John Clendenning [00:32:38]:

That makes tons of sense. If you are calling around, make sure you ask a couple of these questions. And you, again, Line them up to throw the other people under the bus that don’t have a great guarantee, that that are using systems that are wet for 3 days, whatever. Right? And and things like that. So then they go, you know what? Never mind. I’m just gonna use you guys. Or they call around, they call back, oh my god. Everybody else sounded like like, you know, they’re speaking on their cell phone, driving down the street, eating a hamburger.

John Clendenning [00:33:01]:

No. I want you guys. You guys sound professional. Your higher end client’s gonna wanna use a professional service. So so that’s an example of scripting and how you think through it, And there is a lot of training and books and stuff on how to build persuasive sales scripts. Again, great call centers. This is just all they do. They spend, like gobs and gobs of time, money, and effort and consultants and all just to build scripts for stuff.

John Clendenning [00:33:26]:

Where else do you oops. Let’s go back for a second. Where else do you need scripts? Think about it. We talked about those other places. When you go to walk in the the store, actually, that’s I’ll go to this one. You’re gonna do in person sales visits. Right? Set aside specific time every week to stop into at least 10 commercial facilities, offices, hotels, medical offices, if you’re a carpet cleaner, places like that. Introduce your company.

John Clendenning [00:33:49]:

Offer complimentary on the spot spotting demo. Leave information behind maybe a bit of an offer, you know, a free protection, free sanitizing on your 1st cleaning, whatever, and offer to provide a quotation as well. So We used to call this our downtime routine, so I would do it myself. This was the bulk of what I did. I I was I was in the truck for the 1st 2 years, a year and a half, 95 to into 97. I wasn’t in the truck by 98. On my own, I in that small town, I’d already grown to have tech 1 technician, then 2 technicians so that I could be out doing all of this stuff. And the interesting thing is I couldn’t even present I I skipped out of every single presentation in English class and history class, my entire high school career because it was painful for me to stand up in front of of the class and and talk to them, but one of the reasons why I actually got into business on my own was, yeah, I needed I needed to challenge some of those that that that, that shyness, that that sort of introvertedness and do it in a way.

John Clendenning [00:34:48]:

So I needed to put on a persona. I I need to go on stage, like Walt Disney says, and turn into a an outreach specialist, right, or a business owner. And I I would kinda gear myself up and go do this, and I would I made it a habit of at least 10 commercial facilities Just to meet and greet, stop in. I sold the business 2 years ago or just over 2 years ago in the middle of COVID, 27 years in business. There are some clients Now that 1st year and 2 walking to up and down the street, the main street, and going into the shoe stores and the bookstores and the all that kind of stuff and going into the joining the Bed and Breakfast Association and and the, condo association and all that kind of stuff and just all of those kinds of things, we got clients then that we still have to this day. Right? When I sold the business, they they they were they still called and got their their semiannual or annual cleanings, But the owners of the businesses always had us clean their home, and then next thing you know, there are kids that we saw, you know, as toddlers grow up, High school off to college or university, decide to move back to town. Now they’re going, mom, dad, who was those carpet cleaners you guys had? They’re awesome. Because, again, we we would, you know, Stay in touch with them.

John Clendenning [00:36:03]:

Become do all of that other stuff we talked about earlier, and and keep the company growing that way. So you wanna this starting process builds the legacy of your business. Outreach to commercial businesses include walk ins. Right? Send direct mail. It’s another big one. Offer free demo. So again, think think of you walking into a hotel and just say, hey. Love to be your car cleaner.

John Clendenning [00:36:27]:

And, just just I’m just out and about, meeting and greeting people, and you hand out business cards and a little package about what you are. We’d Absolutely love to give you a demo of our of our 5 step whiz bang cleaning system, whatever you call it, whatever your USP is, unique sales proposition. You walk into the the the stores and or these hotels and the condos and the all that kind of stuff, and they say, well, we already got somebody. Not a problem. Totally totally appreciate that. We’d really love to be your backup. So, you know, if it’s okay, we’d love to, you know, schedule time to come do a demo. If you can be around to Watch and just walk through what we do differently.

John Clendenning [00:37:01]:

In case it’s ever a need, at least you know what we’re all about. You can give us the dirtiest hallway or dirtiest area. We’ll do a couple 100 square feet for free, or we’ll take, you know, whatever you guys are challenged with, just just as a, you know, a way to get to know you. And they could say yes or no, but you’re gonna stay in touch with that person for ever now on a regular consistent basis. Right? Outreach to strategic referral partners is the next big, big, big one. So In that world, you wanna make, again, personal visits at least once a month to anybody who is a strategic partner. Carpet stores, interior designers, real estate agents, maid services are a good starting point. You wanna reach out to At least 10 of those a week, just on the list.

John Clendenning [00:37:45]:

Phone call, set up a time to take them for a coffee or come back, turn around and meet them, have a little package prepared, Who you are, what you do, and what’s in it for them, a little referral reward package. Right? Keep a ro Rolodex of all business contacts you have spoken with, and stay in touch regularly by phone, Email, SMS, just over just checking in, just seeing if you got anybody that, you know, whatever. Offer to give them a cleaning in their own home for free, like up to whatever. Does it really matter if it takes 2 hours and you spend $40 in solution and or $20 in solution or whatever, and you’ve now just showing them your full system. You put your booties on. You do put your corner guards. You do it deliver a great client experience. You show them that this is what you do for all the clients.

John Clendenning [00:38:24]:

You talk about your guarantee, how If they refer anybody, there’s no risk because if they’re not happy, you just give the money back and if we clean it, if they’re still not happy, you give the money back, and you could even have it ramped up where and if they find anybody else can clean, I can pay pay their bill. So we’re different than everybody else, so we’re we’re you can confidently refer us. I just wanna show you how how we clean. You do all of that, and you can stay in touch. You send direct mail. We suggest a monthly print newsletter to all of your strategic partners, and you can even send them out to the ones you’ve been in conversation with. You just stay in touch. Stay in touch.

John Clendenning [00:38:56]:

And next thing you know, you you have 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, Twenty places referring you because you’re active about it. Free giveaways, another low cost marketing strategy, And, you know, 1 room of free cleaning is a great strategy that’s that’s worked for decades. So to the right client, offering a free room. Typically, what we did with this one was we offer to come in, do a full assessment measure, and all that, and then they would qualify for 1 free room of cleaning because I didn’t do the cleaning, so I would go do this assessment. The cleaning would be on a different day. We give them a quote for the whole house and just say you can get the 1 free room done. We’ll book that in for you. Have the team come around.

John Clendenning [00:39:42]:

I just want to come around and meet and greet and assess What you need done, you can have that free room done, you know, before worrying about getting the rest of the home cleaned, or you if you get the whole all these areas that we discussed or some of them done, as well, you’ll still get that that that 1 1 room clean for free. So you’re still gonna get that savings. Give us a callback. Let us know, book we need to book that in now or just leave the information with you, and you can call back. And just the FaceTime in front of customers or potential customers, That alone books jobs. So free giveaways gets you in front of people, and that’s the point, puts you FaceTime in front of people. You can always offer an extra service, like a an armchair cleaning, an area rug cleaning, with 2 or more rooms, things like that. So instead of discounting your prices, oh, we we’ve got a sale on right now.

John Clendenning [00:40:31]:

We’re only, you know, 129, regularly 159 or whatever. That now you’re a commodity, and now your people will buy you because your discount. Better than that is actually, is is is ups giving them bonuses and upsells on top of that. Free spot remover with any cleaning, free deodorizer, free carpet maintenance kit, those kinds of things. So free giveaways really help. Outreach to apartment owners and managers, apartment and condos condos, really. Again, we talked a little bit about that, but direct contact with the superintendents. Really, really critical.

John Clendenning [00:41:08]:

Advertisements in the local condo owners and meg you know, associations, Websites, newsletters, join the groups, just just be be visible in front of the people that can get you into an environment where a lot of your ideal customers are behind every door when you’re going up and down the hallways. So what do you think happens when you’re cleaning a hallway in a condo building? Right? You got the condo, but you didn’t even give a little bit of a discount or a price to the condo building or whatever If they allow you to put a sign up in the, in the lawn you know, the the the the the maintenance room or there’s the community room and things like that, and the bulletin board, if they’ll that you’re coming 3 weeks from now. And if they call and book, while you’re on their floor, they will the the tenant will get a bit of a discount or whatever, and for allowing you to post that up and maybe even put a flyer in the this everybody’s mailbox. I’ve I’ve been able been able to get many condo managers to allow give take a stack and put them in and and that kind of thing, and now you’ve got Now you’re building, a whole residential list inside that condo. Right? So that all always helps. So The other 1 would be sales from employees of your commercial accounts. Another grassroots one, as you’re outreaching and landing these commercial accounts, A lot of people just go in and clean. Oh, hey.

John Clendenning [00:42:34]:

Look. We just got, you know, Deloitte and Touche office. We’ve got, like, a 1000 square feet to clean on Wednesday night. Okay? And they go and clean it, make sure that are we happy with the cleaning? Yeah. Okay. Thanks. Right? There’s no marketing involved in that. Like, once you’ve like, you you got the But what about all the people sitting at the desks who know nothing about who the carpet cleaners were or what what happened? What we always did, and it makes a ton of sense.

John Clendenning [00:43:00]:

Now let’s market to the people sitting at the desks. So we left everybody a tent card, had them prepared ahead of time, And they don’t have to be fancy. They don’t have to be glossy, but just a little tent card like you would get at a a wedding sitting on your your your table. And it’s just got a it basically it’s got a an offer for them, letting them know who you are, why you’re different, your your unique sales proposition, your risk reversal guarantee, the benefits of using your service, not the features, the benefits to them of your cleaning service, and the a little bit of a savings or a little bit of an extra offer, like we talked about earlier, for anybody because they are a employee of one of your commercial clients. You can even get the, the the maintenance manager, whoever’s hiring you, to give you the okay to put a flyer up on the in the lunchroom, on the bulletin board. Hey. Yeah. Both you know, so the night of the cleaning, you leave all the 10 cards, you put the flyer up, and with with that offer to their staff, good for the next, you know, 30, 60 days, whatever whatever duration you want.

John Clendenning [00:44:04]:

Right? So Now you’re you’re taking a job that might have given you 3, 4, 5, 600, $800, $1,000, whatever your size it is and pricing, and turned it into 5, $6,000 worth of cleaning over the next 30 days with these other people. You’ve built your you’re doing brand awareness. People now start knowing your name, all that kind of stuff that may maybe they don’t need you right now, but their best friend just said, oh my god. The dog peed on the carpet again. I need to hire Somebody, oh my god. These guys just cleaned our office and left me this thing. You know? Like, it’s that’s how we grow businesses, and the grassroots part of it works brilliantly well. Referral referrals from beauty salons.

John Clendenning [00:44:41]:

So this is now starting to think outside of the box. So, obviously, Good strategic partners are carpet stores, flooring stores, interior designers, Real estate agents and, you know, if you’re a carpet cleaner, maid services. If you’re maid service, carpet cleaners and other home services, all those kind of those are all great strategic partners. When you start thinking outside of the box, you’re thinking about who is your ideal client and where do they hang out? What are other businesses that actually collect your ideal client around them. We know in carpet cleaning, our ideal client is a 35 to 55 year old college or university educated Woman, 80% of the if you check Google Analytics or any of those stats, 80% of the the clicks, the leads, all of that are coming from women. They’re the ones that that choose the service more often than not. So there are ideal, ideal target demographic. They usually they are working outside of the home in in corporate or medical or something like that, and or they run their own businesses, all of that cool stuff.

John Clendenning [00:45:46]:

And they’ve got the kids to run around because that’s that age group, 35 After 55, the kids are kinda young to teenagers to, you know, maybe heading off to college, whatever, and It’s just hectic life during that period of time as we all know. So now you’ve got dance lessons and soccer and all that fun stuff, and That that is your ideal demographic. Who else has those people? And what we realized, we’re beauty salons. And in today’s day, they have med spas and things like that, because, you know, especially the higher end ones. So we started doing our outreach to them, a phone call from the office, from Heather. John would like to stop around, talk about blah blah blah, all this kind of stuff, give you some, you know, We’ve we’ve got a referral reward program. We’d love to give you, we’d love to meet with you, and if you’re okay with it, give you a free cleaning in your home, so that’s the perk, that’s the benefit, and talk about our program, right, to to see if there’s a way we can sort of work together. Right? And walk in, stop into something.

John Clendenning [00:46:44]:

Hey. Heather called you a while ago. We sent you a letter as well. So then I just Pop it in to see, you know, if the owners in to see any any any chance to talk for a moment. Right? You’re gonna get some noes. That’s okay. Life life comes with noes, but you’re gonna get a lot of of yeses. You join the Chamber of Commerce.

John Clendenning [00:46:59]:

You find out somebody owns a spa or this or that. They’re a business owner. You you have a conversation, you know, at the business after 5 with a glass of wine with them and just say, hey. Well, we got a really cool program that might might be, you know, be great for you. It makes you look like a rock star because you’re given you get to give Your client’s a bit of an offer that they won’t get anywhere else, and we’ll give you a little bit of a kickback for that, a little bit of our referral reward program. Right? Other ones that we used to do with our chiropractors that we cleaned for, because a lot of people in the higher end chiropractic neighborhoods we’re higher end people, and we just said, hey. You know, we’ll give you a discount off your cleaning if you, if you If you refer us in, send a letter out, do that, we’ll actually pay for the whole mailing for you. We did that with Mercedes dealerships and BMW dealerships because we’ve Been cleaning them for a while.

John Clendenning [00:47:49]:

I went in and talked to the owner and said, hey. You liking all the cleaning? Yeah. Hey. Got an idea for you. What’s your next mailing going out? Right? What if I pay for that for you? Why would you do that? Well, because, you know, your clients are our clients, I realized most of our clients have high are, like, higher a little bit higher end. They have Beamers in their driveway. They have or whatever, Mercedes, all that kind of stuff, and, or nowadays, Teslas maybe. And, Just yeah.

John Clendenning [00:48:13]:

So what I’d like to do is you send out your mailing, but I just want you endorse us. Right? So an endorse and a bit of a savings offer. And for that, we’ll take discount off your next all your next cleanings. Here’s here’s the referral reward program. You can get that back in cash or just as a discount off your next cleaning, because we’ve been cleaning for you every 6 months for the last Year or 2, you know, let’s let’s let’s let’s kinda work together on this. Right? All of that kind of stuff really, really helps. Clubs, organizations, and churches, another way to just super easy. If you’re brand new and starting starting up or you’re 20 years in business, Churches need cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, you name it.

John Clendenning [00:48:53]:

And if you can put a package together where they allow, allow you to put the, a notice on the bulletin board again and in the Sunday, handout newsletter, and knowing that The, patrons of the church get a little bit of a discount off the cleaning because you’re the cleaner of the church. And, also, part of their Cleaning, instead of kicking back to the church, if they don’t want it that way, it could be tied towards the next cleaning. So it’s 1 or the other. Would you like that to come back to you Now, you know, a little bit of a kickback in cash or just as a savings off your next cleaning, so you’re you’re you might get in a carpet cleaning for free on the ongoing basis if your church members, You know, keep using our church offer for you. Right? So now how many churches can you talk to and reach out to and say, hey. I’ve got a, you know, I’ve got a way to for you guys to get free carpet cleaning, free cleaning services in your church. I’d love to come stop around and talk about it. Right? So think about that.

John Clendenning [00:49:48]:

Organizations work well as as well, like, baseball associations and because families are there with their kids, families need carpet cleaning, anybody who’s a member of the the baseball association Gets the the discount, the deal, all of that kind of stuff. All kinds of things like that that can that can really, really help. Connecting with upholsterers and furniture stores, Another another great one, stop around, bring a coffee, ask for some business cards to refer them to your clients, Stay in touch with them, same idea, referral reward. They they could put a sign up on their their, beside their till. Hey. If you ever need any cleaning of any of this stuff, whatever. You know, if they reupholster, they could hand when they when they give away the or when they when they give the client back their furniture, and by the way, here’s a bit of a savings, you know, for, you know, a year from now when you need it cleaned. Right? Or if you wanna get we don’t put protection on it, these guys do, give them a call, things like that.

John Clendenning [00:50:43]:

You can have a a good referral swap. And again, none of it cost you any money. You’re it’s a conversation. And then neighborhood outreach, so Your van must be a billboard that presents your brand and compelling message everywhere you go. And So you got your van. You’ve got your uniform. You don’t show up in jeans and a t shirt and a white van with a magnet on the side, or worse, you had a white van with no magnet on the side. You’re you’re building a brand and you’re gonna get phone calls even just from the person behind you at McDonald’s if you’re not spitting out the window, throwing cigarettes out the window, You look professional because you’re on stage, you’ve got a great looking vehicle, and you’ve got a call to action on your vehicle itself.

John Clendenning [00:51:27]:

You know? We’re always looking for, you know, for new customers. If you want the blah blah blah experience, give us a call. Right? That on the back doors of your vans and all too. Think about your van as a marketing piece that is there to is to generate a call to action. And then you use door hangers, 20 round approach. Right? So that’s 5 on the other side and 10 across the street. If you’re in a neighborhood where Missus Jones, you just claimed for is a great ideal long term lifetime value of a client customer that’s gonna give you 5, 7, $8,000 over the lifetime of of her being a client of yours, not to mention the referrals. Her neighbors are similar, so you want to introduce yourself.

John Clendenning [00:52:09]:

Now a lot of people create door hangers that are like big promotional and flashy colors and all that kind of stuff. We tried those. They’re good for brand awareness. Didn’t work as well as fairly plain looking door hangers with a picture of Me, my wife, the kids, and a whole story about why we got into the carpet cleaning, what you know, from our family to yours, here’s what we Promise, here’s what we do, all of that kind of stuff, and a little, like, a little bit of an offer, a little bit of, hey. You’ll get a free spotting kit. You’ll get, you know, a free spotting Kit, and a $50 savings off of any second service you add, over, you know, minimum charges over our minimum charges or That kind of idea, for 1st time clients doesn’t really matter. You can print on both sides of it, but you’re telling a story of your of who you are, what you stand for, what your risk reversal guarantee is, how you stand behind your work, a couple testimonials from clients, that you know, telling, you know, they tried you out for the 1st time, and, oh my god, they were amazing, blah blah blah. You know, I even like testimonials that say, hey.

John Clendenning [00:53:13]:

I tried these guys out. I had a bit of a problem. One of the stains came back. I was actually shocked. They honored the guarantee. They came back right away and took that stain out, no no questions asked, and, also brought a gift When they came back apologizing, having to show back up again, you know, all that those testimonials are better than just everybody being 5 stars. So setting up a a an a frame at the end of the street. So we always say yard signs, they still work.

John Clendenning [00:53:37]:

They work well because you just ask the customer if they can leave they can leave the yard sign up, for a couple days, you know, for the next week or so just so the neighbors and all can see it, you’d really appreciate it. And if so, you’ll give them Spot remover, if they say no, you’re still gonna give them the bottle of spot remover. Never mind. I’ll give you the spotter anyways. But, yeah, thanks so much. Appreciate it. But have an a frame at the end of the street like the real estate agents do. Right? Just because because real estate agents do it, but they’re open to house down the street.

John Clendenning [00:54:02]:

You can have a a a frame at the end of the street saying, hey. We’re beautifying another house down, you know, down the street. Just a nice Plastic a frame set at a corner. Have your technician set at the corner. When they leave, just go back out the same way, pick your a frame up, and drive away, just like the real estate agents It’s just more brand awareness generating more work. Right? So we got the art signs. And you yeah. I mean, in the right ideal neighborhoods, I used to drop letters on doorsteps, plain white envelope, looked like the neighbor might have left something behind, and it was a whole story about why I started the carpet cleaning and a free room of carpet cleaning, just to give us a try.

John Clendenning [00:54:35]:

We really wanna be your your carpet cleaner. If there’s anything I’d love to and to prove it, I’d like to give you 1 room for you. Right? They call to book the free room. Awesome. Absolutely. Actually, what I do is, my technicians do the cleaning. I’ll I wanna come up 1st, meet and greet you, take a look at the areas you want done, give you a full carpet audit and assessment, and then Well, you can pick which room that we would be doing the free cleaning in when we’re done there, and we’ll book that appointment. So we just always did it in 2 steps because that meeting is the influence.

John Clendenning [00:55:01]:

We have scripts for that. We’d walk in, go go through a whole process. How many how many pets? How many how many children? Blah blah blah, all that kind of stuff. Check around. Use UV lights. Go, my gosh. Oh my gosh. Here’s this problem.

John Clendenning [00:55:10]:

Look, dude, this traffic lane, you know about that. How long has it been since it’s been clean? Yeah. Here’s the problem. If you get if you clean this This traffic lane between the kitchen and the dining room where everybody walks off the hard floor in the kitchen into a carpeted dining room or whatever, the area rug, it looks like a doormat right now. That’s great. Clean that off. That dirt looks like it’s gonna go away, but the protection’s gone. So the next thing you spill on it is not Sitting on top of dirt and body oils, it’s sitting on top of a raw carpet.

John Clendenning [00:55:35]:

Well, it sinks in and you’ve permanently damaged that. So you really do need to get this cleaned and protected. So, You know? So you can choose whichever room you know, the free room in your home is up to 150 square feet, but if you want The the whole 1st floor, the the bedrooms and the hallways and the and the living room clean, we’ll take a 150 square feet off the bill or whichever room is, you know, the biggest, closest to 150 square feet as a, you know, as your as your first time cleaning. And those would be left on doorsteps a 100 at a time, way back like, I get started when I had no money walking around doing it, taught a lot of cleaners how to do that. We did that in Other ways, without me having to walk around and leave them on doorsteps, we had, neighborhood canvassing companies that would leave it, Put a white envelope inside a a package of stuff they’re leaving behind with also the the guy that wants to replace the, the windows and the, all that goes. But we’d leave that Same approach, though. They open it up, and it’s a letter, handwritten looking letter, telling them that whole story that we’d love to be and we knew the target demographic neighborhoods. We’d hit people that have half a1000000 to a $1,000,000 homes.

John Clendenning [00:56:43]:

Right? An offer to do a free cleaning, and we always did the audit carpet audit first and the cleaning. Some people just got the free cleaning. But As a return on investment, it was always a 8 to 10 to 1 ROI. So work and we generated clients for life. So So, also, online networking, another big one here. You wanna join all your local social media Facebook groups. You just personally just wanna be a member of the local businesses of, You know, Kansas City groups. You wanna be a member of the buy and sell groups.

John Clendenning [00:57:20]:

You wanna be a member of the, of any of those sort of consumer service business, anywhere that the handymen who already know this whole hustle culture inside, note, backwards, like, handymen are great at hustling, and Most of their careers are hustled to get the next 3, 4, $500, you know, railing fix on a back deck and whatever, all that kind of stuff. They’re they’re just They’re in groups. They’re they’re handing out business cards at Home Depots, all that kind of stuff. We, as cleaners, need to be thinking in the same way that we’re always hustling to grow our business in just a fun, friendly way. So we join these groups. Right? Takes a couple hours one day to search them up, find them, and join them, as yourself, not as a business, And then, you know, you just you just lurk. You you 5 or 10 minutes a day, scan the groups. Just open them up On your computer, in Facebook, open your little groups thing, go down, and just just look at what’s going on.

John Clendenning [00:58:15]:

Like a few things, comment in a few things. Don’t spend this isn’t to go down a rabbit hole, spend 3, 4 hours in the groups. This is to, again, 10 minutes. Right? You could you do a little bit of that for a while, and then you, and then you, you keep an eye on how if businesses are are allowed to promote anything, if you see any promotions and you kinda know, you reach out to the administrator all the time to just say, hey. Just checking into this. But prior to that, what you can start sharing is good client stories. So, hey, missus Jones. This is this is a Customer of ours, miss Jones, she had her you know, her carpets were absolutely trashed out.

John Clendenning [00:58:49]:

She’d have to replace them. We did some cleaning on it. Here’s some before and after pictures. Here’s here’s a little story about her, all that kind of stuff, and that’s it. Just post it on your Facebook page, shared by you into that group. And You keep doing things like that, helpful tips. Oh, by the way, the hollies are coming up. You got to fill spilled cranberry sauce on your carpets.

John Clendenning [00:59:08]:

Here’s a couple good ways to take care of that before it becomes a permanent stain. You don’t end with, oh, and if you need a cleaning, give us a call. It’s obvious. And today and we know that. So they You’re sharing it in, so what do they do? They go look at, who’s this person sharing that? They they click on your profile, and your profile, Your personal profile shows where you work and what you do because you’re proud of it. Right? And now they click through to your Facebook page, to your website, all that kind of stuff. And they go, oh my gosh. And you kinda and it’s just it’s volume over time of brand impressions just subtly and slowly.

John Clendenning [00:59:42]:

Who could who could be seeing those? Well, another business owner, maybe one of these hair salons or med spas, the real estate agents, interior designers, maid service, you know, owners, all of that are all watching you show up in these groups. So, you wanna just kinda share some feel good, friendly I’m just a member of the biz the local business community, I’m just sharing some helpful stuff. And that that generates so much massive goodwill and work. So and you’ll you’ll get a lot of work from it. So, local that’s the local Facebook groups. Again, non sales y. Explain a bit about yourself and your business in the post if you need to, you know. Hey.

John Clendenning [01:00:30]:

I you know, my husband and I own blah blah blah cleaning and, just thinking around the holidays. A lot of people have a couple questions about this, so here’s that. And that’s it. You didn’t wasn’t Give us a call, but you you dropped a little bit of a hint as well, things like that. So it’s it’s it’s that direction that actually works beautifully in grassroots. I know people that have, that that have generated massive amounts of work out of small Facebook groups. One of the fellows I was talking to, he was he’s in Tampa, in Florida, Tampa Bay, and There is a a woman in Tampa Bay that owns dozens and dozens set up and started dozens and dozens of Facebook groups, buy and sell, book swaps, local service shares, you name it, all that. And he just found out about her, came across her, and realized that she charges She has she has an offer that to make money, because these groups are free to her, but she can make money by she’s the admin.

John Clendenning [01:01:29]:

She allows people to post, offers once a month, but she also vets anybody. And if somebody in the group mentions, you know, hey. I’m looking for a plumber. Hey. I’m looking for a carpet cleaner or whatever. And she goes, hey. Well, she’ll chime in right away. Have you seen the offer by our guy? I’ve actually had them come and clean my house.

John Clendenning [01:01:49]:

Really great. I really highly recommend them. Other people in the group have used them, and they’re a good good source. Have you always seen my plumber guy? Yeah. Whatever. And she makes money. So I think, I can’t remember. It was $30 a month per group.

John Clendenning [01:02:04]:

So this guy joined 10 groups of hers, and so $300 a month was his was his fee and generated in the 1st year he was in that group, $75,000 worth of work just from those shout outs I mentioned. Now he went to the group every day and helped out with questions as but she was the owner of the group and jumped in. There is a lot of little subgroups of people making money by collecting people together like that locally. Think of local influencers. We’re in a world now where there are influencers in every town that aren’t national and international. They’re not TikTokers, You know, trying to be or YouTubers trying to be, you know, sort of international successes. They are just a maybe somebody who’s in a multilevel marketing, Pampered chef or, you know, Epicure Spices, you think, all that. And they run small little groups, have a lot of followers, 10, 20, 30,000 local followers following their Instagram channel or whatever, their TikTok, they take sponsorship all the time.

John Clendenning [01:03:05]:

So you can actually have and and there’s there’s actually firms you can hire that will go out and find those for you. And usually, a a good way that those deals work is that You offer a cleaning for free for them in exchange for them taking pictures, doing a shout out, maybe 3 or 4 shout outs over the month, and all that kind of stuff. And and as and they get the free cleaning and maybe a kickback of 10% of any any jobs that come through from from that source. Different different influencers do it different ways. They don’t want tens of 1,000 of dollars. They don’t want 1,000,000 of dollars like Kim Kardashian wants for 1 shout out of for a dog food brand or whatever. They want a couple $100. It’s just it’s just another just another little way of making money around their side hustle.

John Clendenning [01:03:46]:

So all of that is very low cost. It costs you almost nothing to go out and do a free cleaning and get somebody to do a shout out as well. So just another way to think about using online net networking, and and stuff like that. So so to recap, because I know there’s a lot, that’s We’ve got a guide going through what this call is for is to open up your mind to think outside the box. You go, hey. I do 3 or 4 things John said. I don’t really have our script styled in, though. Yeah.

John Clendenning [01:04:16]:

I don’t really know anything about influencers. Right? Yeah. We we gotta join the Facebook groups and chat around Like, I don’t do any of this other stuff and whatever. This is that pulling it all together in your brain and going, wow. Every Everywhere around me, there’s an opportunity to market that doesn’t cost the the like, doesn’t cost ad spend. So ad spend marketing generates leads that turn into customers long term, so you do that. That’s one of the things you stack. Low cost, Grassroots, you do that because that’s one of the things that works.

John Clendenning [01:04:48]:

You call your database back regularly, and you have database promotions. Why? Because the ROI on that, you get More customers coming back to you every month, more often and and not waiting 2 3 years before they call you, but, You know, 9, 10, 12, 15 months, and they they call you back, and that doubles, you know, if your average return rate of a of a client so some clients will never return, some will return in 6 months. But what is your know your average return rate of a client as well. Because if your average return rate is 18 months and you can take that down to 12 months, You have just added 50% more revenue to your business. You’ve taken a $300,000 business and turned it into a 400 $400,000 business, per year, 450, just by marketing your database better. Like, every little option that you everything you do in business has a nuance that you can put some form of of marketing thought and influence and persuasion behind, and you so you don’t do it all. You do I always call it lock and loading. You do pick 1 or 2, put it in place.

John Clendenning [01:05:50]:

If that takes you 2 weeks, 2 months, Doesn’t really matter. You’re in business. You put that in place. You lock and load it. You don’t stop doing that to do something else. You now automate that as much as possible, make it a system, and do next. So if it’s outreaching to all these people we’re talking about, well, if it’s 10 a week, go build a step 1, build a list. Build a list of at least a month’s worth, you know, or more.

John Clendenning [01:06:14]:

Go online and scrape a list of all of the interior designers in your area, all of the janitorial maid services in your area. Build that list. Join the chamber. Get the list of the chamber people. I don’t identify the ones that would be great, referral partners, that kind of idea. All the commercially, we know If you’re if you’re if you’re into doing sort of high volume, low cost nighttime and weekend carpet cleaning, well, you chase that down. We always found it was way better to go after the high end commercial carpet cleaner that didn’t care about the lowest price. That was the doctors, the dentists, the chiropractors, You know, all of you know, physiotherapists and all that, they wanted it dry quickly, no odors, clean and healthy, safe.

John Clendenning [01:06:55]:

So all of the reasons all of the stuff that we had in our Our USP, our unique sales propositions, and all of that were all aligned with what those those wanted, so we could sell them cleaning services, not at at low low end prices. Right? So we weren’t going out for 6, 8, 10, 12¢ a square foot at night at, you know, at midnight and, on a on a Friday so they could hopefully dry by Monday. We could we could they close at 5. We’d be at the door cleaning out by 7 o’clock, and one of our technicians just had a you know, got some overtime that that that day. And that would be that 2 hours would be a 5, 6, $700 cleaning, And we’d leave 10 cards behind so that all of the staff knew about us and an offer and blah blah blah, get get some more money out of it. And then then we call them every 3 months to make sure that they hey. Do you want us to come back in and touch anything up? How’s the chairs in the waiting room? All on, and now they’re just a client. And we’d I’d pop in from time to time to say, hey.

John Clendenning [01:07:49]:

Is there any spots and stains? I brought my spotting kit. Is there anything you want me to pop out between cleaning? It’s just just you’re our client now. I’m just staying on top of it. And they’re going, wow. That’s never happened before. Why? Because you’re running that kind of business. So anyways, so it all amplifies your success. It is guerilla marketing.

John Clendenning [01:08:04]:

And you gotta kinda think about being a becoming a marketing maverick. So it is just about really diving into ways that you can add that that extra layer of marketing to everything you do that doesn’t cost you much extra, but generates Tons of revenue and the ROI goes through the roof. So takeaways. Write down what your your takeaways are, plan Plan to put some stuff in place, you can go to It’ll take you to a folder on Google Drive where you’ve got access to this in resource kit and information. From time to time, we add some new stuff just out of the blue, so Doesn’t hurt to come back to it. Once you’ve got the link, you’re in. But when we do some other trainings or we update some stuff, we’ll we’ll we’ll drop some stuff in there.

John Clendenning [01:08:53]:

There’s probably more than this in there right now, actually, just so you know. So definitely go there, start with the best low cost grassroots marketing ideas, checklist and and and research document. And for any of the people on the call, obviously, not, Not not one of our clients yet. There’s again, there’s always a mix on the call of our clients kinda were getting reminded of this stuff, being trained on this stuff, and then a lot of just general public. So, we have an offer. I have a few spots in my calendar from time to time to do a 1 hour comprehensive consultation. So I charge $500 an hour to do business consulting, and we give away one of those hours to people that are Seriously interested in in in seeing where their business sits. We actually put our research team in place, the same team that when we high when when we take on a new client, goes in and researches all your competitors, finds all the keywords, does all that kind of stuff to help set up the marketing.

John Clendenning [01:09:51]:

We go in and do a deep dive, find out what’s missing on your website, if it’s not optimized properly what’s missing in your marketing mix, what’s, what you could do a little bit better, and we just give you a full strategic, step by step plan. We we let you know what is missing and where you need to go. Doesn’t mean you have to hire us. We we we have a couple packages of services and things like that that we can help with, But a lot of stuff that we talk about are things that we don’t even do. It’s just it’s like this. How can you run your business better? How can you do things maybe a little bit differently, Tweak it up a little bit and generate 1,000, tens of 1,000, 100 of 1,000 of dollars worth of extra extra revenue every year and grow your business to that next level, next level, next level. And, again, if you wanna stay small in in in employee size, as you get busier and more, you know, more prominent and are seen as the best known cleaner, you can raise your prices to keep the volume down. Right? Because you’re gonna turn away a few more people, you’re gonna make more profit for every job.

John Clendenning [01:10:50]:

So you’re just a more profitable company at 300,000 than being A little bit, you know, lower priced and at 700,000 with 5 trucks on the road or 4 trucks on the road or whatever you wanna be. So It’s always available to whatever level you wanna grow, whatever level your marketplace is. There is always an angle to be the top top of mind, best known person, and that all comes from omnipresence marketing and grassroots outreach, and then good digital marketing and good offline marketing. It’s all put it all together as 1 big bundle, and your business just grows like crazy. So, Yep. So if anybody’s interested in that, you can schedule. Krisha will reach out to you and get a little bit of background information so we can run those reports, and then, and get a time in in my calendar that’s that’s available. Again, they’re not tons of spots in my calendar.

John Clendenning [01:11:39]:

I’ve got a few for through to the end of the year right now. So if you need one of those, definitely jump in and talk to Krisha and all of that kind of stuff. So we know how to help businesses grow, and we know how many little moving parts there are. And I know how it feels like a lot, because it felt like a lot to me as I put them in place in my own businesses. So but once you kinda get them, it it starts to snowball. You just do a couple and you do a couple and you do, And it just becomes, oh my gosh. Oh my god. Oh, I already did that over here.

John Clendenning [01:12:08]:

I can just take that whole thing and now put it in this. And it just becomes a little bit easier and a little bit easier. So it’s just a matter of thinking of how to combine all of that that those elements together. So, hopefully, you found that this one was a really good overview of sort of that outreach Brut

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