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Building the Perfect 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners – A Step by Step Guide

So, you have a carpet cleaning company and want to know how you can get ahead of the competition in 2022? I’ll share with you everything from what marketing channels are best for your business, to what tactics work best. I’ll also give you the step-by-step guide so YOU will be able to create your own perfect 2022 marketing plan for carpet cleaners!

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Discover the latest trends

The Internet marketing space is constantly changing. We will outline the most important trends and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Increase your inbound calls

We will uncover the proven methods to maximize your call count from customers looking online for your services.

Dominate your local market

We will show you how to dominate your local market for the Carpet Cleaning related services in your area.
Audio Transcript:
Be to get to where you want to go welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast prepared to roll up your sleeves and really dive into how to build a really successful business in in 2022 and expand from where you are a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry topic at hand we’re going to be talking about your internet marketing plan and we’re actually going to go beyond just internet marketing i’m going to kind of walk you through what’s what you need to do um as a service business as a carpet cleaning business.

Um even for those of you that we do have people that hop on these calls that are you know run mom and pop shops chiropractors things like that as well this message gets out to a lot of people but point is how are you going to grow your business and a lot of things are overlapped so what we’re going to cover is we’re going to help set your um your goals and i don’t know why that says 2021 but that is a 2022 goals um we got the three fundamental um the three fundamentals of marketing success we’re going to get into that as well how to optimize your website for 2022 and beyond the big picture of you know online marketing channels what you need to be looking at where you need to be marketing your business um how they all fit together how to really decide where to spend your money all that kind of stuff and we’re going to actually develop start developing your custom action plan one of the reasons why i’m really really excited about this is um because so i’ve run service businesses i’ll do a quick little bio in a second but i’ve run service businesses for 30 years now and digital marketing agencies for the last eight nine years um consulting services for 15.

But but had crews and technicians and and run service businesses for for most of my life i’ve been self-employed an entrepreneur for my entire life have not worked for anybody through my life and i actually started developing the habit of that week between christmas and new year’s showing up at the office every single day even if we had you know staff off and it’s a slow period and things like that between christmas and new year’s in the carpet cleaning industry you might have a few large commercial contracts because they’re closed down but it’s very quiet in the office that week and i would show up close the door turn off the christmas music and just dive in to last year’s numbers next year’s numbers everything i’ve compiled as far as marketing i wanted to do and put a schedule and a calendar together of what i was going to do for the entire next year not just the next month but the entire next year so that’s what we’re going to be walking through is that kind of idea of how to do that and where you should be focusing so at this point this is critical this is what grew me to you know to to make millions and millions of dollars in in the cleaning industry and sell sell buy and sell businesses for multiple seven figures over the years.

and stuff like that so um do it yourself a favor turn off your cell phones turn off your facebook don’t be distracted back and forth with different things um one little nugget could be that difference between sort of taking staying same old same old having competitors jump leapfrog over you or you becoming the one that leap frogs over your competitors in your marketplace um and if you’re a carpet cleaning business owner just give this next 60 to 90 minutes i’m going to try and do it less than 90 minutes um and we’ll we’ll get that going so and if you stay to the end i’m going to give you a whole bunch of goodies um so a little bit of a bribe here but you’re going to have a checklist of exactly what you need to do things you need to think about it’s it’s a four-page document you’re gonna you’re getting a full checklist i’m gonna give you my full gmb guide so the google my business how to rank in that maps pack and stuff like that we did a webinar on that a couple months ago but very very critical for service businesses to get up into that three pack talks about reviews it talks about google posts it’s it’s it’s an 87-page step-by-step guide and everything you need to do.

So even if you’ve got some of it right you can go through if you’re using a company to do some of the work for you you can double check that they’re doing it right we how to optimize your website we’re going to talk a little bit about this but we’re going to give you the entire workbook on that as well and an idea of how to set up your website so you know we do website building and stuff like that as part of our packages we don’t do it separately we do it with our clients but if you if you’ve got a website if you’ve got a website provider or anything like that you’ve got a marketing provider these are things that you need to know so you can go back to them and say hey i’m not sure if you actually know how to do this you might we made this a really pretty site but does it actually convert properly and i just learned a whole bunch of stuff about that so so who am i and why should you be listening to me for anybody who’s new on the call here so name is john clendening and i’m the ceo of carpet cleaner marketing masters and which is a division of vip consulting group i’ve been a business owner since 1990 while i was still in high school uh there’s lots of stories about that around but um i’ve owned several quite a few cleaning businesses.

One of them for 27 years and sold this may but um other ones have owned made franchises um for you know four or five years actually five six years built them up doubled the sales and then sold them for quite a bit more than what we bought them for organized their operations and things like that uh built janitorial companies did got into flood restoration and have worked with franchise networks and individuals in all of those fields and many many more so i’ve been a keynote speaker i’ve spoke on stages in vegas chilliwack bc flown to the island samoa which was awesome for a three-day elite retreat where they flew in a whole bunch of high-end um carpet cleaning uh companies that just i was the presenter for the three days teaching them how to deliver a service experience and really turn their company into something something really really amazing and that kind of thing so so that’s what i do that’s who i am um i work with a lot of cleaners and i put my focus on carpet cleaning specifically just a couple of years ago instead of you know all the other services we our team does 90 of our work is with carpet cleaners so we because i know the industry so well.

And i know lots and lots and lots of you guys uh it’s something that’s near and dear to my heart and i know how to help that specific industry beyond just all the the others all the little nuances how do you deal with the technicians how are you hiring new people nowadays all of those kinds of stuff i’ve been in the trenches i get it so i’m here to help any way i can on those so here’s just a few of our clients um and and testimonials that we’ve received over the years uh you know helping them double their business up their sales um get more reviews become number one in their local marketplace and and all of that kind of stuff just helping help build businesses a lot of these clients have been with us you know many many many years now so that’s just a little smattering but what we actually do specifically is we make our clients the top carpet cleaning brand in their local marketplace so that they can attract the best clients are able to charge the top rates and are booked out weeks in advance we’ve even done this with made services and janitorial services the better you position yourself the more you can charge rates higher than your competitors you don’t ever have to be.

The discount carpet cleaner you should never be three rooms in a hall for 99 that’s a way and we’ll talk a little bit about that but that is not a strategy for growth that’s not a strategy this for as a business that somebody wants to necessarily buy there is always a marketplace for the person who does a better job and charges more for that but you’ve got to prove it and we’re going to we’re going to talk a little bit about that because that’s how your marketing message goes out so so got a question there and any any of you that are on the call that aren’t specifically carpet cleaners anytime i say carpet cleaning just put your own business category there just replace it in your brain with with your own business um services that you provide but what is the hardest part about marketing your your your cleaning carpet cleaning business online so just put in the chat any ideas that you you can share so yeah nope exactly so not knowing where to put the money that’s what um we just got somebody’s chimed that in as well not knowing like there’s there’s too many options of how to market how to structure it and organize it so those are definitely the right things to be thinking of there guys so yeah what i wanted what y’all to do right now.

And rima is going to send this link in the chat as well but we’ve got a workbook so it’s a pdf um you will have to print it off you can do it later just take a notepad for now but come back to it this is that work that mind work i want you to do from now through to the end of the year so um and what you’ve got what you need to do is download this workbook it walks through a lot of the stuff we’re talking about here today and gives you some of the fundamentals and areas where you can write in your own notes and all of that kind of stuff again it’s a pdf so you want to print it off it’s not something you can type in but definitely download the workbook because this is a thinking tool that i use and it’s a thinking tool that we give to our clients as well and it’s something you should be using to help plan your uh your 2022 to make it absolutely super amazing okay so why is it important to plan like what is the like why are why are we even considering this like some people just go you know what no i’ve got my facebook ads running that’s all i need so the truth of the matter is there are so many options to invest your budget and it’s an investment anytime you invest in marketing.

Marketing is not never an expense it’s an investment in the future sometimes if it’s an immediate return it’s an investment in tomorrow but more often than not marketing is an investment in the future couple months away six months away a year away sometimes but it’s it’s growing to a point so there’s things you can do when you’re when you’re just bootstrapping it and you need a bunch of work right now but you always have to have a mindset of okay but how do i build a business like a long-term business not just constantly chasing the next lead so nowhere don’t know where to put the body there’s a lot of um options so we talk about you know our digital dominance method but it goes into a lot more than just digital dominance but we talk about the way the best way it is to to structure your marketing in a cohesive way that starts you know picking up on all of these different channels so seo ppc website social where do you put the money what do you do this here if you guys want to take a screenshot of that um it’ll be available later on as well but if you want to take a screenshot of this um what we like to know is you know and what you need to think of is where do you actually get your leads and jobs from so whether you’re a carpet cleaner or any other business.

But very specifically for carpet cleaners if you think about it there’s a there’s a mix it’s never about getting your leads from one source if you get most of your leads from say a facebook ad campaign and that’s it or you’ve got google ads running and that’s it then you’re literally missing out on everything but that checkbox right there everything else is how you build a proper company everything else is how you build a company that when facebook goes down um the government you know banned something about their ads or you never know now you’ve got no leads now you’re out of business within no time you can’t make the mortgage payment if you’ve got a business that is actually firing on all cylinders your goal is to keep adding new lead sources with the budget and the overflow from the old one so again if you’re charging discount rates you can barely even pay to upgrade your vehicles and upgrade grade your equipment and upgrade your technicians if you’re charging top dollar or good good rates not only can you can you pay for the stuff that you’re needed to grow your business you can also pay for better marketing.

So dan kennedy’s always said the person who can you know can grow a business and charge the the right rates the higher the better rates higher rates um has more money to out-market all of their competitors all of their low-cost competitors so you can let everybody else worry about the 79 89 99 129 clients and you can charge proper rates we know we’ve got clients that their minimum charge is 250 their average ticket is 5 600 in carpet cleaning in marketplaces where their competitors are 79.95 for three rooms in a hall so how do they do that it’s all about positioning so um you want to have paid leads you want to have google maps listings you want to be in that three pack but not just in that google maps listing for carpet cleaning you want to be in that for all of your services any service that pops up a google listing that you do you need to be in that three pack and there’s you need to position yourself that way and it that’s it doesn’t just happen you need to have all the right signals on your website you have to have signals off your website you need to have signals given to google.

You need to have it all set up so that guide that i um that we’re giving out at the end will teach you all about that as well you want organic rankings over 50 of people still scroll past the pay-per-click ads pass the local service ads down past the maps listings and look at what’s on page one below that in the organic even though google keeps pushing that down and making it farther and farther away over fifty percent of people still end up in the organic rankings so that’s where your blog posts come in that’s where your website having the right seo structure comes in social outreach you want to be in online groups you want to be in you know local business groups and mommy blog groups and anywhere else that you can just help the group in the community and gain some authority and land more clients and become seen as the obvious expert get people to share testimonials and all that kind of stuff you really want to be sharing projects your before and after pictures things that you’ve helped that we’re in that world now where everybody reality tv is everything you know all the way back from survivor and big brother but now all of your your um how-to channels and and all that kind of stuff people watch real things happening now.

Youtube people watch somebody putting a wall and and cleaning their golf clubs and you know on and on like there’s channel after channel after channel people just watching other people doing real stuff you need to be showing them that stuff as well whether it’s in video whether it’s in forums whether it’s in post whether it’s on your website local awareness campaigns you want to just let people be aware of you this is like billboard stuff so um so facebook and display ads will talk about eve radio and direct mail as you get bigger these things come into the mix because you’re just really building that authority brand that keeps all of your competitors wondering how you got so big repeat clients needs to be an active activity not passive active means how do you get them what are you mailing them every single month what are you emailing them but emails only get open 30 of the time or less what are you physically mailing them what what phone calls what voice plot what are you doing to offer them that is going to get them to come back what do you what is your active referral program and is it working and if it’s not working can you tweak it to make it work better.

So you need your clients your ideal clients talking about you and telling other people to choose you when somebody asks in a facebook group hey i’m looking for a carpet cleaner who should i choose you want your clients going my gosh you gotta choose these guys right now abc carpet cleaning they’ve been my guys for five years ten years three years i just had them last week they’re amazing that has to be half and you can’t just make it passive you have to actually ask for that and push that and stay in front of them so that that happens strategic partners a lot of people miss out on this flooring stores interior designers realtors you can keep adding this list we used to go after um um mercedes dealerships and bmw dealerships and say hey we’ll come and clean your office all the carpets in your your upper offices for free if you let us do a mailing endorsed by you on your like from you will pay for all the costs to your database offering um a a savings on their cleaning and because why they’re your ideal client nobody else is thinking it this way we used to do that with chiropractic clients as well hey let us put some signage around your chiropractic office and we’ll give you a discount on on your regular monthly maintenance cleaning.

And we would set up maintenance cleanings and charge them much less because we’re getting 5 10 15 of their patients as clients of ours every month as well so you need to have strategic partners you need to think through what what’s your marketing going to be around that your website can’t just be a brochure it’s got to be built to convert is it all about you we’re going to get into that like is it personalized do you re-target everybody who lands on your website and leaves are they being followed around with some of the most affordable ads that you could ever possibly run um online directories you need to be in all of them and some of them that are paid that generate leads and good leads for you you need to pay for those because you know you put five dollars in for every 150 client you get out if that’s the trade-off put five dollars in every day it’s like putting five dollars into a slot machine pulling the handle if you get a hundred dollars out worth of work put another five dollars in pull the handle put another five dollars in pull the handle that’s the way you need to be thinking of it um then your neighborhood marketing as well.

Um we suggest this is just around the horn it’s like a frames at the end of the street put an a-frame up get an a-frame made we’re we’re making a house clean healthy and beautiful just down the street with an arrow and your big logo on it start branding have a yard sign at the house you’re actually cleaning on tell the customer hey um if you’re willing to leave that yard sign up in your yard for the next you know week five days couple days whatever i’ll give you this free bottle of spotter or i will you know whatever whatever you could come up with but have have that yard sign stay go back and pick the a-frame up from the end of the street before you go to the next job so end of the street pointing at the house you’re at at the house put the the yard sign in and ask the customer to leave it there door hangers don’t just do five around have a door hanger we were just at one of your neighbors and we expertly did this we’d love to do it for you too go check out our website go check out our reviews give us a call here’s a friendly neighbor offer not just two on either side and three across the street to do your five or one on either side and three across three to your five around it’s five on either side and ten across the street.

Do twenty around your technicians should have write their name on that and if they uh you know if the customer calls hey yeah what what name is on you know who who handed out that flyer oh it was you know braden okay great brayden gets a bonus for having generated another customer all those kinds of things postcards you can have postcards going into a very targeted neighborhoods golf course neighborhoods seniors neighborhoods things like that people that are an ideal client and you can geo-target those with display ads so that only where the postcards go people are also seeing when they go to the weather network and and you know you name it the webmd’s and all those places that have ads you can have your ad matching the postcard showing up everywhere they see online as well because they’re within that that geo-targeted area so lots of things you can do there and then branding and authority building is is essential how-to videos helpful articles press releases sponsoring meetings and presentations local chamber b i’s things like that you got to get out there you got to become that person um charity events you start you get to a point where you got to be at some of the charity events.

Pet events are really good like the um spca events are great and things like that so just be sponsoring stuff like that these are ways that you are going to build a company that you can sell for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars because you’ve built an authority play in the marketplace that your competitors aren’t doing so so major investment in marketing yeah it sounds like it doesn’t if you go back to that last slide lots of stuff to be thinking about and you’ve already put some money into your marketing and you don’t have anything to show for it how do we get beyond that so that’s that failure is not having a clear plan how does it all tie together how do you make this whole message one common theme that you’re just building on and adding to so it just becomes this momentum it’s it’s right now it’s a snowball you’re you know you’re rolling up the hill and it’s getting bigger and bigger there’s a point where you need to get it over that hill and just let it go and it just starts growing on its as you as you locked and loaded these strategies you’re not putting time and attention into them they’re just growing and you’re just adding new ones so that’s the opportunity that’s what we want to talk about.

I want to talk about having a clear plan with goals targets and kb kpis and we’re going to build that today we’re going to be talking about generating enough leads to hit your targets and to keep your your trucks running i’m going to show you exactly what that number is and how you determine that exact number for yourself and we’ll show you how you get a great return on investment we’re going to show you exactly the ways to determine what you need to be investing in how it all pulls together and it’s not about one thing working and the other things didn’t work it’s about how does it all tie together that pushes the entire ball forward so if that sounds good guys put get put a one in the chat we’re gonna start rolling up our sleeves and actually doing some of the the dirty work here soon and i really want to make sure that we’re all on target here to uh um to get that this is what we should be doing awesome okay cool thanks guys awesome well yeah i like the like messages like that that’s called the success is we want to maximize your lead flow so you can hit your sales targets so we’re going to determine what those are so what you need to do is set clear goals.

The starting point is setting clear goals so as brian tracy if you guys don’t follow brian tracy he’s getting up there in age now but brian is is a is an absolute dude and if you haven’t um if you haven’t you haven’t uh followed brian tracy definitely follow him he’s got a lot of great suggestions and stuff like that going on um he’s been around for years and years and years but what he has said is success is a is from your goals everything else is commentary so success is goals which means if you you set your goals you aim for your goals and you’re going to build success from that if you don’t set goals first you don’t achieve success everything else is just storytelling you’re hoping and what that also looks like is you’re dead in the water like if you don’t actually have goals and plans in place and have it strategically mapped out then you’ve got no wind in your sails where you want to be is having clear goals with wind in your sails with a clear goal you now know how to adjust when things aren’t working right you know where you’re at and what you’re doing so there’s a harvard study done some of you guys know about this but there’s a harvard study done back in 1979.

Um and what they did is they studied graduates and they came back and and and checked up with them 20 years later and what they what they asked for the same group of graduates and then followed back up with them 20 years later is which one of you set very specific goals 84 percent of them had not set a goal at all when they graduated 13 had goals in mind but had not written them down and three percent had clear written goals and a plan to accomplish them when they right when they graduated not years later but right when they got graduated the result was 13 of the class who had goals um were earning on average um twice as much as the 84 percent who had never even thought of their goals what was their 20 year plan five year three year 20-year plan what were their goals more staggering was the three percent who had clear written goals were earning on average 10 times as much as the 97 percent of the rest of the class combined put together so these this three percent was earning 10 times all of the rest and the only noticeable difference was they had they they were in tune enough to set goals and be goal oriented so that’s what i want you to take away from that is it’s that important.

So you need to have written goals and a plan you need to set a minimum one-year goals quarterly goals and monthly goals and you must have a stopping point at the beginning of each new year each new quarter to reflect on how how you’re approaching meeting those goals those objectives so you can make adjustments so you can say oh my gosh we’re i’ve got a quarterly goal of this first month i’m not a third of the way in what do i like i got to make some adjustments right annual goal at the end of a quarter okay i’m one quarter in i’ve got three more quarters left and i’m not on target what do i do you know or i’m way ahead of target let me adjust my goals you know there’s there’s ways to do that as well so um so you need to know what are your revenue targets for 2022 how much is that monthly how many calls will that require to get like how many unique calls will that require how many customers will that you know and what is your average transactional value knowing those numbers and we’re going to dive into that in a second knowing those numbers you can reach your goals in 2022 even if they’re lofty goals you you have a path in place and you’ll find the right answers um so what is your average conversion rate.

Um from from a caller or to a booked um um to booked and you divide you know the the you divide your your target by the conversion rate and you’re going to know so for example we’ll get into this but if 50 of the people that that message you or call you turn out to be customers then you know how many you need in a month to meet your number of customers goal right and the number of customers if your average transactional value is 200 bucks you’ll know how many of those you need to make your monthly sales goals because it just all works backwards so you start with hey how much is it and get backwards so here’s what we’ve built for you to make it really really simple to do this you can all go in and download this and so you want to go to 2022 dash worksheet so what i’m actually going to do here is i’m actually going to hop over to that and we’re going to just show you what it looks like and do a quick little exercise to show you what you’re getting in this amazing tool here so so this is what you’re going to you’re going to show up on there’s a bunch of tabs at the bottom here and you’re going to you’re going to land on this page.

Right here so this is just hypothetical let’s say you’re you want a want to reach 450 000 in sales in in 2022 if that’s your goal you want to hit that then what is that monthly well this does the math for you so you can change this number here say we want to say 200 000. right that’s 2 million dude sorry are zeros there’s a group there it changes it that’s how much that is monthly so it doesn’t matter what number you put in here it’s going to tell you what is your average job ticket so say for example we we want to hit say 250 000 let’s do this that’s a good one and a half truck operation if you’re pricing right what’s your average ticket say right now it’s only 225. you are going to need to have 93 service calls a month to hit 20 000 i have like if the average ticket is 225 so some bigger some smaller but that’s your average to get to your sales sales goal as an example what is your average conversion rate from lead anybody who inquires hey i’m interested that includes the people that are repeats that are you know almost 100 percent the referrals that are maybe 90 um 80 somewhere in there depending on your referrals and then the tire kickers that are maybe at 10 and 20.

You talk to five of them before one of them says yeah i’m willing to book or whatever that is put your number in here most people guess too high most people oh i book 75 80 those people normally aren’t tracking the all the lead sources but put a number in here that you know if you know what it is or at least put a guesstimate in and start working towards that so as an example um what’s the average cost to generate a lead i’m going to show you how you determine that number but 24 is a decent number to aim at 24 for every combined all your different lead sources is how much it costs to put a job in your schedule and there’s some that are way higher than that some lead sources that are still valid and there’s some that are way lower than that like repeat visit repeat clients some of them are free but i’m going to tell you that you shouldn’t be relying on them free and hope to come back so that tells you right there that um to meet that goal what’s your monthly budget requirement well your monthly budget requirement is literally just taking your average cost per lead divided by the number of leads you you need that’s four thousand dollars in budget you would need if we go say back up to that 45 450 or 450 000.

And say our average job is again we can go 325 higher rate next you need less of a budget you need less because you’re you know you save your conversion rate to 75 of all calls you get better at um teaching your csrs to answer the phone properly book you get really good at following up with everybody who inquired and nurturing them and closing them better now all of a sudden your budget can drop because you’re actually putting more people in so you can either raise this number and go you know what because these are such better numbers i’m actually going to raise my my goal to 600 000 or something like that but that’s the way you can use this tool so all you have to do is go up here go file make a copy and then make one your own so you just need a gmail account everybody who’s got gmail has got a google drive and you’re just going to make a copy and you can make this whole file your own now we’re going to look at how you determine the average cost per lead source and i’ve given you some examples here real world examples from our own clients but pay per click this isn’t the cost per click this is how many people went to the landing page or the website and then from there how many of those picked up the phone and called you.

And and became a lead this isn’t even close yet this is just a lead source right we find that the range can be between 25 and 40 is the the range that we try and keep all of our our pay-per-click conversions in so the average it does the math for you you can change these numbers by your own number but that average is 33 dollars google local service ads range somewhere in here if you’re paying more than that or less than that you can put your number in but that’s that’s the average cost for google local service ads if you’re running those to you know pay-per-lead services and there’s other paper lead services than google local service ads but that’s that idea here facebook ads if you’re running facebook ads a lead generation ad not just an awareness ad what is that um repeat referral customers the reason why i put a dollar amount in here is you should be marketing to them at least every quarter if not every month so every month it’s gonna cost you about a buck or two um in postage if you’re gonna run a postcard to them and an email as we know is is mostly free but you definitely need to have you might need you know somebody who writes the copy you might be paying somebody to do it for you.

But you know nine to you know nine dollars a a year would be sort of like a quarterly mailing to your database every month probably about 24 every every um person so you’re going to get them back it averages about 17 to get a lead from that to get somebody in your pipeline um to come back to you and and and work with you seo seo is not free seo is where you rank in the maps seo is where you rank in the organic below that happens but having great website great content um you know weekly or monthly blog posts and constantly doing what google wants to see to make sure that you’re more relevant than your competitors and then starting to work on more and more and more keywords so seo has a cost and on average you can find that if you reverse it back to how many leads came from your website if you’re tracking that with call tracking and form tracking and things like that it usually runs anywhere between 15 and if you want to be really aggressive 45 dollars per lead coming through your website so all in that’s where we got our 24. and you can add a couple other sources in here and and this number will change for you so now we know what our goal is and we know what our average cost per lead is we know what our budget needs to be.

So say we put this back to 51 which is more of an average we know we have to spend about five thousand dollars a month on our marketing to hit a 450 000 an annual annual run rate so with that that’s about 14 of your budget which falls right in line with correct numbers so by putting a number in here on the first tab on the third tab now it’ll automatically populate it for you um this here’s a little guideline saying that a rule of thumb 15 is a good middle mark 20 if you’re aggressively trying to grow the company you’re throwing more money at your marketing because you want to just grow faster 10 you’re maintaining you’re you’re hoping your competitors don’t leapfrog over for you anything less than 10 you’re actually losing market position because you’re not marketing enough there’s no way you’re gonna grow um if you’re less than ten percent of your budget your your revenue going towards marketing just know that in our space so so that breaks down to 15 of that 40 or 67 000 over the course of year across all marketing so where should that go well we suggest depending on the different stages of your business that 70 of that should go to online marketing.

Now that used to be 30 and 40 years ago it’s growing to the point where most leads are going to come from that but not all of them you want to have offline marketing you want to be mailing um you want to do neighborhood mailings you want to do postcards and and door hangers those all cost money you want to be positioned in different ways so um so yeah even some people do radio and stuff as they get bigger so you want to put a part of your budget there and you definitely want to allocate at least 10 of your budget to get repeat business and have a referral campaign in place so that breaks it down to these exact dollar amounts so for internet marketing online 47 000 of this 67 13 000 of that is going towards offline marketing and 6 000 of that and here’s the breakdown month by month and you can adjust these numbers because this is just breaking it down by 12. sometimes people will want to market a little bit heavier in in their prime season a little bit less in the off season we just find that the mix might change a little bit you might be doing a little bit more database marketing in in the slower season just to get your database stimulated and in the busy season.

You just want to go all in make hay when the sun shines you want to go all in with your online marketing be sure you’re found everywhere but again you can’t just turn things on and off you can turn certain things like google paid ads on and off as soon as you turn it off you don’t get any more leads from that source that very minute things like seo and website conversion that’s a growth so you definitely want to have that in place as well so this breaks that down and then in specifically online marketing um the core places you want to be putting that money is seo that’s the long-term growth pay-per-click that is getting and leads facebook ads that is just getting leads in the funnel tomorrow um they’re not always your best quality leads usually your seo leads are better quality but pay-per-click at least is is is getting you’re keeping your pipeline full keeping your trucks full things like that and then display ads and retargeting that’s when anybody lands on your website you’re following them around and and display ads is basically sort of thing think of it as online billboards you’re going to be in front of people where they are they’re not necessarily searching for carpet cleaning.

But you’re in front of them giving your brand message and staying strong in in that way so that would be the breakdown of where to invest your dollars so you would be wanting to look at with an ad budget plus you know an agency and all that kind of stuff helping you out do the seo do the pay-per-click do the facebook ads all of those kinds of things do some display and retargeting on your digital budget that’s how it is a good breakdown for that and then what we’ve given here is just as a bonus we call this our digital domination method you can see it on our website but we gave it to you right here as well and then an idea of the types of offers that work really well just from years of experience and working with carpet cleaners and having our own businesses the types of offers that work well in email so pay-per-click this is what you want to emphasize you want to just target your top two or three core services you don’t always have to give away offers and deals and pay-per-click it’s just a matter of having good messaging and being in front of the right keywords um email and social media usually match up quite well and that includes you know even mailings and voice blasts to your database and then your seo every month you want to be targeting.

You want the seo company to be targeting two of your core services one of your key marketplaces the cities that you service um very very heavily and then once those get built up you start you start moving to the next so that might take if you if you’re nowhere to be found and you’re dead in the water it’s google’s playground not you you don’t get to pay to play you you have to pay to influence the algorithm becomes seen as an authority so it’s a lot of work on a couple of the core keywords and then once those start showing up on page one and you’re starting the three pack for that it’s working on the next and the next and the next so and then you definitely want to do retargeting we always suggest you retarget with reviews and testimonials that’s the number one clicked ads that will get you back and then you want to also um you know so you do a mix you have some retargeting ads that are just hey i use these guys and they’re amazing with your branding and it’s all over the internet somebody landed on your website and leaves they get seen that you’re amazing you’re amazing you’re amazing you’re amazing reviews count everywhere not just on google and but you also want to have in the mix of that those same people.

Maybe a day later see an ad with an offer and what’s that offer well you can align it to the season obviously it makes most of the most sense so so we’ve given you some ideas there on how to create offers as well but the most important is starting here what is your target and working your way off of that so put a one in the chat if you find that this tool will be helpful in helping you decide where to focus your marketing money how to get to your growth and really start doing some of that deep thinking that’s really really important awesome thanks guys i’m glad you appreciate it so a lot of work goes into this we’ve dealt with uh we’ve obviously 30 years of of goal planning and strategizing is actually combined in a little document like this so let me pop back over here again i hope you guys are all finding great value from this but let’s get back into the presentation there we go okay so let’s keep moving on so we now so you so what are your goals for 2022 how many leaves do you need to get there we now got that that locked and loaded you guys got homework to do on that but you’ve got the basic strategy of how to do that now it’s the fundamentals um fundamental of any marketing is the message market and media match.

So the message is what what are you offering um what deals what discounts what bonuses what is the message that you’re sending why why you over everybody else what is your actual message who is your target market like don’t talk to everybody you don’t necessarily want to have you know the the downtown you know above the shops low-income clients you don’t want to be doing you know that kind of crowd you want to be doing you know higher-end homes people that care for stuff and want you back in two or three times a year you know do a 1500 hardwood floor cleaning and then come back a couple months later and do all their tile and seal it and on and on and on and then the media how where where is that being placed so let’s take a look at this now so you want to start updating your marketing message and you start with that by who is your ideal client so we’re not going to spend a lot of time on this but this is stuff that you need to think about if you want to go back to our webinar on creating you know optimizing your website for conversion one of the tools if you stay to the end that you’re going to get is is some thinking tools and all of this as well but you want to know who your ideal client is.

Because that’s who your message needs to speak to you can’t speak to everybody you’ve got to speak to the ideal person right so your ideal customer this is just from years and years of doing this we know in general they’re a homeowner not a renter renters don’t care about their carpets and their tile and their floors and they’re cleaning as much as maybe they’re upholstery maybe but again it’s a homeowner 35 to 55 year old they have discretionary income and they’ve already made mistakes they’ve rented machines they understand problems and now they’re just they’ve got discretionary income and they want to pay for it is typically the one that that books the cleaning married with two or three kids kids are making a mess they’re frustrated they just want to clean smell better all that stuff usually the female is the head of the household in this type of department in hiring in these services annual income um is usually at 65k or or higher um the higher you get that in pockets and markets the more services they will take from you family oriented reliable they usually have pets take pride in their home home decor they they entertain a lot these are just some of the common traits that we’ve identified their pains and frustrations.

Around this industry can’t get somebody on the phone they need they need stuff clean um their things aren’t smelling well too busy to deal with it um they just want it done fast they want to find a reputable reliable company they need to see that quickly in in all of your marketing you need to speak to these messages they’re worried that the situation in the house might become unhealthy that maybe the people aren’t doing the right job it’s going to stay wet too long it’s going to be all kinds of problems so their fears going to get ripped off they’re worried about that paying too much you need to speak to this in your marketing reviews testimonials before and afters brand yourself with them let them know who you are because you start you start quelling a lot of these fears that they have um they want to know they can afford it again it doesn’t have to be cheap they just want to know that’s affordable that they’re not again that they’re they’re not overpaying but you know price is what you pay value is what you get you need to sell that um goals and desires you know again they want a nice home they want they want their carpets cleaned for sure but they want to have the issue behind them.

Or now they want to have their guy that tells them when it’s time to do it again they want to know that it’s just it’s just handled um so and again they most people like this are not disrespected in the community people that get cleaning regularly and care for their things are usually you know they they spend more time in their home more time with their family things like that so there’s just a lot of common traits that that’s your ideal customer so that’s who you need to speak to so basically the story is if you can see joe jones through joe jones’s eyes then you can sell what joe joe jones buys and that’s just an old axiom but it’s it’s true it’s if you can actually see your ideal customer then you know what they’re going to pay you for so you need to craft that message so what kind you know what kind of messages um do you need to to pick why would somebody choose to do business with you over the competitor and if price is your only target then you’re a commodity that’s why people will shop at walmart versus shopping at you know a high-end store right they’ll go by the tv at walmart instead of buying it at a high-end.

You know electronics store well why does the highlight highly and electronic store still succeed well it succeeds because it’s got an entirely different clientele that needs different things so why should somebody pick you over somebody else you need to have a good couple of reasons that’s your unique sales proposition and you need to know that you have better guarantees you have better trained technicians do you have you know do you do a job better do you do do you do different services that other people don’t do do you do it in a different way do you all of those kinds of things um what benefits do you offer your target customer avatar will resonate with what is a benefit that fits that crowd so you need to think of all of these things so some marketing messages that work safe eco-friendly 100 satisfaction guarantee or it’s free sounds scary but sometimes that we have a 200 200 satisfaction guarantee if you’re not happy not only will come back and reclean it if you’re still not happy not only do you not pay for that area that you were unhappy with if you can find anybody else who can clean it better will pay their bill for you 200 money-back guarantee on anything you’re not happy with why because that sells more people on choosing you because you’re confident.

Then it does on the odd few that will take you up on that that guarantee so you’re way ahead of the game trained technicians trustworthy knowing that they’ve gone through steps having them be introduced before they show up having you know text messages and and have them on your website like just make it very very easy for them to choose you over somebody else phones answered live really big one um i’ve we’ve dominated our marketplaces just by making sure that we have our phones answered live by reputable people that know how to answer the questions and book a job honest pricing don’t don’t come in at one price and go in and upsell the rest don’t have discount pricing if if you’re not willing to do the whole job for 99 bucks have honest pricing let them know have packages you can have our renters package our our health our clean and protection package and you know our healthy home package have packages that that people can choose between so the pricing is very very honest as well so you need to decide at this point you need to write down on your notepad or whatever what is your message why you what is different about you what can you make different about you and your company over everybody else that would cause people to want to choose you.

So that’s a really key takeaway in building your your 2022 marketing plan is how can you continuously develop that and what does that look like what does it look like when you arrive at the door do the technicians put booties on do they roll out the red carpet um do they take a step back have they been trained to hand out a business card did they do a consultation and test spots and stains before like have you got a whole experience in place where they go wow wow wow you guys are amazing that’s actually worth a higher price and they’ll tell more people you come in and go yep i’m here to clean scan it oh that’s about 200 i’ll do it for 200 and off you go and clean they’re not telling their friends about you you know they might use you again but there is nothing wow about that so you know you need to have that all built into your marketing message and then you need to make sure that your website is the hub that converts it all so that website has to tell that entire story who are you why did you get in the business what do you do show pictures it’s got to be authentic authentic authentic so as an example here it’s got to be all about the company all about the the the history it’s got to be why you most thorough in the area or it’s free one you know one way of of creating that risk reversal guarantee and.

And then there’s a whole bunch of the website that explains that story talks about the company history shares the the the owner pictures and stories and stuff like that you need to have all of those in place and we’re going to talk about some of these other um conversion principles as well having chat to text having forms right above the fold so that as soon as they land on your website they don’t have to scroll anywhere and they can start engaging with you have the phone number huge click to call when it turns onto when it’s mobile all kinds of cool stuff so when your website’s ready to convert you get leads from all kinds of sources you get leads from you’re tracking organic leads coming to your website pay-per-click leads coming your website and landing page google my google my business leads finding you all around the web when you’ve got all of that and everything is set up to convert so and then that way you’ve got multiple lead sources and your average cost per lead is really really affordable so and you know that’s you’ve got an ad budget plus you’ve got a company involved and stuff like that but if you’ve gotten 684 leads and you don’t even book 50 of them.

You know that’s you know even call it 600 for easy math 300 booked your average job is 200 300 people booked at 200 there’s 60 000 a month just from that many leads if you can book if you can if you can book that many on a three thousand dollar budget so totally doable so we’re going to give you a copy of this as well so whether whether um you’ve got a a website that you go you know is dated and isn’t converting whether you’ve got a web company that’s built something this is the way a a website should be set up so we’re going to give you this web conversion machine setup um document and a detailed report on why this is important it’s got to look like an app and a quick click to call on a when it when your website’s loading on a phone it’s got to be mobile responsive but you need to have that that 24 hour it doesn’t have to be 24 7 live chat in fact we really suggest chat to text as soon as they put a message in it gets texted right back to them and we’ll talk about that and texts to you so they know they don’t have to sit on your website or any of your competitors websites you’re going to be talking to them so do you have you know does it speak to your target avatar.

This is just a quick run through what we just talked about do you have real authentic images does it include video all over the website of all the services everything you do you your company your guarantees are you on video on there does it showcase your online reviews live on your website does it make it easy for them to take action as soon as they scroll down one scroll is there another call to action scroll down is it easy again they’re not going to scroll back up and find you people are lazy um does it have the basics in order phone number in the upper right ensure that the web form um you know customers can fill out add credit credibility with all of your your um better business bureaus and and other awards and things like that that make them go yeah these are the guys i need um are there calls to action on every page is there call to action on the carpet cleaning page specifically about carpet cleaning on the upholstery cleaning page specifically about upholstery cleaning on and on and on you can’t have them all in one page google won’t rank one a website that has you know for all your services being on one page google ranks pages not full websites.

So you want each one of the pages to be ranking well in your service area are you leveraging offers that match the service um are you giving the opportunity to two-way chat with you we’re in a world where that is now essential it’s not even it’s not even kind of maybe i’ll get to that it is essential now the number of people that want to text instead of phone is insane so let’s take a little pause your website pull up your website right now is it built to convert what do you need to tweak it just take a quick scan pull it up on your computer pull it up on your phone whatever what from you what you just learned here and you can always go back and listen to the replay but from what you learned here what is your website missing that needs to go on your 2022 marketing plan how are you going to go from where you are now to where you need to be and when is that going to happen is that in quarter one i suggest it should be but is that now or is that later you need this button down now it is just part of the mix but it’s a big part of the mix because it’s the hub so now that we’ve got that in place we’re going to start talking about the biggest marketing issue facing carpet cleaning and home service companies that we have seen from consulting and working with hundreds and hundreds.

And it’s unconverted leads fifty to sixty percent of inbound leads leave without being converted ninety percent of all web form leads fail that’s on average go back and look at your own stats and see where you fit into that but there’s a reason for that um leads are not followed up with within 15 minutes tend to go cold if it’s the next day before you answer the email if it’s you know well before the customer hears back from you at all if it’s you know a phone and it doesn’t get answered and you don’t call them back till later oh i found somebody else or yeah here’s what i’m looking to do they never call you back why because they’re being polite and they’re giving you some more some info but they’re not impressed with your your response the average customer must be followed up with five to seven times before booking some people book right away the ones that don’t you can still get they don’t have to go somewhere else the ones that don’t book right over right away over phone or chat they can be followed up with and go oh you know what this is the guys i need i booked with these other guys but i don’t want them anymore.

Because these guys have shared something some things with me that tell me why they’re better today’s consumers prefer to be in you know interact via text message versus phone call and email so text is becoming even more more important than phone calls and emails so you need to leverage market automation to do this you can’t do it all on your own if you’ve got office staff that’s that’s helpful but it still needs to be automated so what within a web form that within two minutes they need they need to be on the phone with you one of the tools that we use one of the technologies that we’ve built called carpet cleaner lead pro as soon as somebody fills out a form within a minute it’s calling your phone number your office number say and giving you a message this person just filled out a phone a form press one now to connect with them right away you press one their phone will ring and they if they’re willing to take the call if they’re able to take the call they’ll connect right away if they’re not they don’t take that call as soon as that call disconnects they get a text message saying hey thanks so much for filling out the form um we’ll get back to you you know get back to you as soon as we can we just try to call you blah blah blah.

There’s a message to them right away by text and keep an eye out for some more information so now they’re on your radar and you can continue to try but you know that that moment isn’t ready for them but if it is you’re on the phone with them within two minutes of them submitting a survey and you know what they’re looking for so you even on text again we suggest text to chat they fill out the form and as soon as they’re done filling out the form the first thing that happens is they get a text saying hey thanks so much we’re going to continue a conversation here on your phone so they don’t have to sit on the website they don’t have to wait for a live agent and they get that message you get a message as well or your office where you can just log into an app and start texting to them if you don’t have time right away you know that they’ve at least been responded to and you can let the automation send hey i you know got a chance to get back to you but i want to give you a little bit more information or click this link and see why you know watch watch our cleaning method in play or whatever things like there’s ways you can now communicate while you’re waiting to actually personally be available to reach out to them.

Say that’s on the weekend in the evening whatever simple math on this say you get 100 leads in a month and you convert right now at a 30 conversion rate so 100 leads across all different sources come to your website and you convert it 30 there’s no follow-up it’s just you picked up the phone you sent one message you sent one email if they we get back to you great if they don’t so what so 30 of 100 you book 30 jobs so 100 leads times 30 30 jobs your average ticket 325 that those hundred leads made you a nine thousand seven hundred fifty dollar a month company from those hundred leads what if you took the exact same hundred leads but could convert a much higher percentage because you responded to them immediately you followed up with them you had automation in place that send the messages hey here’s why i started my cleaning business in the first place hey um you know i haven’t heard back from you yet but here’s something else that we do differently than everybody else here’s our guarantee blah blah blah things like that hey go check this video you’ve got some automation in place that they can unsubscribe from but most people don’t because they were interested.

Now you’re booking at 70 percent now that 70 is 70 leads nothing else changed other than you have automated follow-up you did nothing different but it automates the follow-up nobody goes unresponded to and you have it right in front of you what you need to do that ten thousand dollar a month company is now a 23 000 a month company and the only difference is adding automation nothing else changed and you probably have to add a technician because that’s going to be two trucks on the road so hopefully that gives you the reason why you need to make every lead um you generate way more valuable and you need to implement this in your business here’s what it looks like here’s what our carpet cleaner lead pro looks like all this stuff happens ultimately all you’re doing is is messaging jumping into the message flow and and connecting with the customer and solving their needs when you can jump into the flow in the meantime they’re getting all of that nurturing learning about your company why you’re different your unique sales proposition seeing some before and afters of jobs you’ve done some case studies that should be on your website.

All that kind of stuff all of that’s being influenced upon them and all you’re doing is hey so what was that you needed done great and yeah let’s get on a call to talk about the areas you need done i’ll give you a fairly accurate estimate um on the day of cleaning we’ll we’ll measure it up all exactly and give you the exact price whatever your process is but that happens there so what three conversion elements will you implement on your website take a moment jot down at least three of the ones we talked about there’s there’s dozens i get that it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant i fully understand there’s lots you need to do you’re either gonna hire somebody to do it for you or you’re gonna have to figure out how to do it yourself but you need to start with three the rules of threes are amazing just at least do three things and then pause three things and then pause think of your business in threes you’ve got three separate businesses you’re running you’ve got the business that is the lead generation before how do you position yourself your authority your brand your visibility the the during that’s when they phone you all the way through to the cleaning the service what happens in the home.

And the follow up right after the immediate follow-up that is the during the service and then the after which is how do you do the the the next day follow-up from that point forward how do you do the um reminding them to come back the referrals all of that kind of stuff making everything right those are three separate businesses that you run one is a lead generation business one is a service delivery business and one is a client retention and follow-up business and if you think of your business in threes and thinking everything that you do in threes it becomes way way simpler so takeaways what did you learn what have you noticed that you need to improve on um and yeah share in the chat share in the chat rima’s chatting to you guys share back and forth what are some of the things that you’d like to share that you you do excellently already and what are some of the things that you know you definitely know you need improvement on make it put a little post in the chat here it’s always good to hear from you guys what you’re what you’re looking to do remo will chat back and forth i want to respect your time and i’m going to keep moving here so that we can get done shortly.

Now we want to know and track our numbers you need a dashboard that tells you everything how many people showed up on your website how many people booked where they all came from what your lead sources are what your cost for various different lead sources are you need some sort of a tracking dashboard if you don’t have one to be able to micromanage everything and you need it easy you need it set up once and easy to use so that you can just go look at the pulse of your business and see if you’re on track or off track and you want to know if your conversion rates are going up or down on your on your website is your website converting better now that you put your face on it that you put a video from you hey i’m the owner and you know right at the top of the page i’m the owner and i want to tell you why i want to be your carpet cleaner those guys say hey my here’s my guarantee you know click on you know click on this to learn all about our guarantee boom they click on the guarantee page and they’re you going hey i want to tell you why i’ve built the guarantee the way we have we’re very confident blah blah blah that is you can write it but you can also say it.

And that becomes really really important so you need to know your kpis so so far you need to have clear goals and targets for 2022. you need clarity around your market your message and your media who are you targeting what’s the message and how are you getting it out there to them and that’s got to be more than one place we’ve shared how your website needs to be optimized so that when they do find out about you they’re going to go research you more and they’re going to make it to your website at some point the very the best clients the active clients the ones that you know start loving you repeating and referring they came through by doing good good study and a lot of the people end up on your website and you want to be able to track all your kpis so let’s let’s wrap up near here with some key trends video coming super important we all just love watching video so if you’re not comfortable doing selfie videos and stuff like that there’s a ways we can help you do that a little bit better um there’s some strategies that we have but you want to create more videos even if it’s just one video shoot that you create um and can be sliced and diced and used around your website for the whole whole year.

Some people just hire a videographer for part of a day shoot a bunch of different videos and just be done with it so um but there’s ways to do it where you just grab a phone and just do a quick selfie there’s ways you can get your technicians don’t even go on on video they just show the you know the before and afters and stuff like that and created a little bit of videos but you want to be doing case studies with before and after pictures before and after stories and videos if you can um how-tos how to take a spot out you’re working on an area rug in the back of your studio um your rug care studio and they’ve got a big coffee stain hey this person didn’t get on the stain right away or hey this person got on the stain right away let me tell you what to do here’s i want you guys to use club soda blah blah blah you just teach people put it up on a youtube channel it’s not about sales it’s just about authority building you want to shift from phone conversations to message conversations so phone conversations are great you get more of your story out it’s easier to have that conversation and understand it you got to get really good at message conversations that don’t tie up your entire day.

You have to have automation in there you have to find a way to not just give them a price and have them price shop you have to tell them why you’re different and you have to have that all in place you have to get really good at message conversations or have an automation tool like ours that fits that that need for you you must have an all-in perspective you can’t just run facebook ads you can’t just run google ads you can’t just run local service ads you’ve got to have an all-in you’ve got to have some paid you’ve got to have organic being built over the you know six months a year two years you need to start building and building and building your authority you need to be doing some emails and direct mails um properly every single month we do a monthly newsletter to our a-list clients and quarterly to the b-list clients that’s that carpet cleaning business i just sold we did that for 20 years monthly newsletter printed and mailed not in the email because it kept them understanding what we’re doing um and it’s consumer content it’s not just all about us nobody cares about a carpet cleaner to get a monthly newsletter it’s it’s how to care for your home and you know jokes of the month and the sudoku and client testimonials of contest of the month and things like that.

It’s just a four page you know 11 by 17 folded in half folded again and self mailed every single month and something we actually provide to all of our our our carpet cleaner marketing master clients for free we still have the same professional writers writing it that we did for ourselves and we actually make it available as a template you can mail out yourself so you need to have a bunch of different um hooks in the in the water you can’t be fishing with one fishing pole and one hook you just can’t it to build a proper business you got to do all of that kind of stuff you need live chat this is what ours looks like chat to text um either live chat during the day which is doable on or chat to text and have people be able to just add it and get off the website and onto their phone where they are natively naturally known want to chat with you anyways um you need to incorporate facebook messenger google my business has a chat you need to incorporate all of those into your into into your lead flow you if one if somebody goes to a google listing and they can chat with somebody right away it’s usually through the app well with our app we can actually pull all we can pull all of those in.

So i’ve got my my my phone talking to me now every time i mention siri and things like that and google but um yeah so you can pull in all of these different chat sources into one platform make it super super easy to connect to all of your possible leads don’t leave any lead untalked to don’t leave any lead unknowing what you do differently if they’re not a good fit for you let them weed themselves out no i just want a cheap cleaning because i’m you know i’m moving out that’s not your ideal client you’re never going to get them again anyways the best value to your customer is the lifetime value a one-off cleaning can in many cases cost you money it doesn’t build your business the person that comes back year after year um it refers their friends and family we’ve got clients that were now cleaning their the children that we watched grow up and and and became teenagers now own their own homes and are now saying i’m using the company mom and dad used like that’s that’s the legacy that you can build and that made my company super easy to sell when i when i decided i wanted to focus 100 on you guys and this and uh and not be running my business as well.

So i still manage and are still market for the for the company and still assist um the owner which was one of my managers who bought it out from us but um but yeah it’s it’s it’s definitely bought a great business that that has all kinds of automations and and years and years and years of this stuff baked in so that’s where you want to be thinking so you want to build your plan you want to know which one of these can you get to now which one of these do you have and don’t have you need a checklist like this you need to know what you’re going to focus your marketing dollars on based on that split on that spreadsheet that we talked about you need to split that all up i’m going to give you a few of the key ones that i suggest you start with if you don’t already have it you need your website built to convert you need to proactive seo that works you need weekly blog posts monthly press releases and all kinds of stuff that start building your keyword rankings in in areas where you don’t have any keyword rankings you need to get traffic to your website so that it can convert you want your google maps optimized and start moving up for all these different terms sometimes that takes time some marketplaces.

You got guys way ahead of you you’re tying your shoes and getting in the race and they’re already 300 reviews ahead of you and 500 backlinks and they do a google google my business post optimized every single day there’s all kinds of things that have made them influence google better than you their website is influencing google um all the directory listings are influencing google to to help that three pack listing but you need to start optimizing that because that’s that is a great source of phone calls as we all know um you need to focus on online reviews and reputation not just on google your reputation has to be seen everywhere you need ads that show your reviews and reputation you need um that retargeting stuff facebook you need every third or fourth post on facebook should be a review not not some customer coming in to do it live necessarily it should be you taking a screen cap of one on yelp a screen cap of one on on on google um telling a little story having a whole page on your website of a great review you got but you also had the before and after pictures and you told a little story that becomes a project that you can post on facebook and around talking about a five-star client.

Um you need strategic pay-per-click campaigns or paid campaigns of some sort whether it’s pay-per-click on google or facebook paid ads you need a paid ad platform in the mix right away um you need social presence and email marketing for sure lead nurture automation has become essential and you need to be able to track all of this this is the highlight so we can talk about all of this stuff this is the core um items that you need to be taking away we cover a lot of that and we can help build a custom plan with you but we talk about a lot of that in our checklist and again for you guys that have stuck around to the end here we’re going to wrap up we’re just over an hour i try and go between an hour an hour and 15 minutes if i can so sorry if i rattled through a lot of this a little fast but we’ve got all the workbooks and guides to help you out i really want to make sure that you understand the importance of building a strategic plan now to hit 2022 running on all cylinders so what are your top three internet marketing initiatives you’re going to implement and hit the ground running first of january what are you going to try and get in place think of the internet marketing strategies that you need.

That you don’t have and how are you going to figure out how to get them in place who are you going to talk to what are you going to do what are you going to learn um who are you going to outsource it to you need to be thinking of those things but what are the three internet marketing initiatives is that a better website that’s going to convert that needs to be near the top is that going to be adding a paid ad platform if you don’t have one or refining that better what is it is it going to be getting into the google listings is it going to be working really hard to make sure you’re you’re getting more reviews um all of those kinds of things you got to pick what your top three are so takeaways what did you learn what did you notice that you you need help with what did you notice that you’re great at like that’s always important too hey i’ve got this one in spades man that’s great that john talked about that i understand this one this is this is great and again share in the chat share with reema share with us what what is it that you need help with what is it that you found informative from you know from this section of of sort of putting it all together because what we’ve covered is we need to set goals.

Your three fundamentals of marketing is your message media market match you need to optimize your website big picture of all online marketing channels you should be maximizing your lead flow you need to know that by dollars and cents what kind of budget are you putting towards it you can’t just haphazardly hope you have money in the bank account to throw up marketing because that’s not going to be the way to work as our economy goes up and down like we have all had that downturn the companies that did the best during the downturn around the beginning of covet and stuff like that were the ones that didn’t stop marketing they they’ve marketed different messages but they didn’t stop marketing the last thing you do the last dollar you stop in when when the economy goes down is your marketing dollar you can trim everywhere else unnecessary um technology unnecessary tools unnecessary employees whatever you have to do you know um all of those kinds of things try and cut your hydro bill do this and that streamline streamline streamline for sure but the last thing you should stop is your marketing budget because you might have to adjust where it’s going and what your message is.

But those who market best stay in business through ups and downs so it’s really really that important the latest trends you need to focus on that chatting is gonna is important and it’s it’s just it’s dominating and you need to develop a custom plan that works for you so to help you do that i want you guys to go to rewards all lower case it’ll take you to a google drive where you can access and download and print off all of these guides so you can print off the checklist you can print off um the the google my business guide 87 pages or you can download as a pdf and read it on your phone or your tablet you can print off our worksheet about optimizing your website and you can print off this this guide here i know some people print it off and laminated it and keep it beside their desk to make sure that when they’re talking to their web people if that’s not us they’re saying hey i need this and i need this and i need this on my website because they understand how important that is so hopefully that was valuable to you um if you did find it valuable as we always ask we’re here to help we’re here to serve i’d love to connect with you.

All you have to do is go to schedule you’ll be booking a time in my schedule where we will meet one-on-one and discuss all of this i i will carve aside an hour of my time for you if you’re interested what will happen first is remo will actually reach out to you and learn more about your business then she’ll take that information away and and our team is going to do some competitive research we’re going to do research on you we’re going to do research on your competitor in your marketplace and you’re going to meet with me i charge 495 dollars an hour to consult and you’re going to get a free hour of consulting plus free competitive analysis and research and all that stuff easily a thousand dollars or more you’d pay for for this this service anybody who’s actually jumped on a call with us it’s not a sales pitch it’s here just to help if there’s ways we can help and it makes sense we’ll have that conversation if it’s just me giving you some ideas and showing you where you can you know pick things up more i’m totally fine with that as well for select people who who jump on these webinars and learn you know are interested in going to the next level we have those strategic calls if you do become a client of ours.

We have those strategic strategic calls either monthly or quarterly whatever fits your schedule and your you know your momentum and where you’re at in your business and we help i help before you know beyond just digital marketing services it’s like hey did you guys run that postcard campaign great what company did you use again yep how did it go for you great have you you know what offers are you trending for this year like have you got your your marketing calendar that 12-month calendar played out and fixed you know what deals you’re gonna or are you gonna are you gonna add a bonus or you’re gonna add a discount you know we prefer bonuses over discounts give you something extra if you book now as opposed to dropping the price if you’re always dropping your price um then then you’re always looking like a discount provider if you’re giving them more value for their dollar you can easily up your prices um because you’re going to be handing more and more more value.

And all your testimonials and stuff are going to say hey these guys might be a little bit pricier than others but they’re well worth it because they do this and this and this differently and your customers will get that that message will sell 10 more people who just read that one review or post or testimonial and you carve it out copy it share it everywhere around the web or leave that like when people work with us we do that we dynamically syndicate every review and every bit of feedback that comes in we don’t even like just reviews we like customers every customer to fill out a feedback form off like that’s that’s that’s not on google it’s it’s private and internal first and take that feedback and use that as part of the marketing copy and also ways to help grow the business and then let the and then ask those hey would you mind posting that on google or facebook or yelp or all of the above because that would really help grow our business the amount of reviews you get by asking for their honest feedback and a quick survey first is insanely better better quality and more reviews than and better focused reviews than just saying hey go to google and write something.

go to google and write something so we deal with all of that and help all of that but if that’s something you guys need to do internally we can talk about that and share different ways that you guys can do that piece that together on a strategy session calls so if that sounds interesting to you um by all means book something with us and i know i jumped over a few things quickly but the point is you can go back and just dig into the stuff we gave you the workbooks we gave you those spreadsheets we gave you all the stuff that you can just go back and dig into you need to you need to spend a couple of hours at this put your thinking cap on close the door grab yourself a coffee or your favorite beverage if it’s wine or beer maybe stick to one during the process and the one afterwards to defrag but put a lot of deep thought into it turn your phones off everything else and just really really focus on this i guarantee you it’ll grow your business i know it will because it’s done for me and everybody else we consult with if you do this hard work now it becomes so much easier and next year it’s just a matter of you know every quarter every month every quarter you’re checking your numbers and it just becomes easier and easier and easier to build.

Learn new ideas new strategies and see where they fit into your marketing plan and into your marketing budget and uh and go from there so anyways i hope everybody had a good time on this i hope i i hope we shared a lot of value and um definitely let us know take a look at our website we got all that stuff posted on there carpet and thanks again for joining us today we look forward to talking to you next time take care everybody.

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