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Elevate Your Business: 2024 Marketing Blueprint for Carpet Cleaners

Are you a carpet cleaner looking to transform your business into a highly profitable venture? Let’s delve into the 2024 marketing blueprint for carpet cleaners and explore actionable insights to help you achieve remarkable success in the home service industry.

Crafting Your 2024 Marketing Plan: The Cornerstone of Success

In the ever-changing landscape of service business, it’s essential to have a well-defined marketing plan to steer your carpet cleaning enterprise toward long-term success. The carpet cleaning industry demands a strategic blueprint that not only focuses on attracting new clients but also emphasizes retaining and nurturing existing ones. As a carpet cleaner, are you ready to take your business to the next level with a solid marketing plan?

When formulating your 2024 marketing plan as a carpet cleaner, it’s crucial to consider the following crucial aspects:

1. Setting SMART Goals for Business Growth

Are you setting clear and achievable goals for your carpet cleaning business? SMART goals, which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based, serve as guiding beacons for business owners, allowing them to track progress and maintain a clear focus. Consider implementing a structured approach to goal setting and delineating quarterly rocks and monthly to-dos to stay on track.

By setting deadlines and breaking down targets into manageable chunks, you create a streamlined path to success. For instance, if your goal is to achieve a 20% revenue increase within the next 12 months, what specific marketing strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs) will you utilize to achieve this growth?

2.Understanding Revenue Targets and Marketing Investment

Do you have a comprehensive understanding of the revenue targets essential for your business’s growth and profitability? It’s imperative to calculate the monthly revenue required to attain your yearly goal and identify the levers that can be adjusted to meet the revenue target. By considering the average job value and conversion rate from inquiry to booking, you can make informed decisions related to marketing investment and business expansion.

Tracking and analyzing critical numbers such as job inquiries, bookings, and average job values provides actionable insights for driving business growth. Are you actively monitoring these performance metrics to optimize your marketing strategies and attain your revenue targets?

3. Leveraging Conversion-Centric Websites and Brand Building

Are your business websites optimized to effectively drive conversions and build a compelling brand identity? Your online presence plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. Invest in elements such as impactful brand messaging, authentic images, video features, and compelling founder stories to captivate your audience and differentiate your brand from competitors.

Emphasizing a strong risk-reversal guarantee, implementing personal branding ads, and developing a comprehensive website with seamless conversion pathways can elevate your carpet cleaning business’s visibility and appeal. How are you harnessing the power of your online platforms to maximize brand impressions and improve customer conversions?

4. Implementing a Diversified Marketing Approach for Sustainable Growth

Are you exploring a diversified approach to marketing, enabling sustainable growth for your carpet cleaning business? By leveraging various platforms such as social media, direct mail, emails, videos, and neighborhood targeting, you can effectively reach and engage your target customer base. Additionally, prioritizing search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and brand messaging contributes to establishing an omnipresent and influential presence within your local marketplace.

Explore the potential of implementing cost-effective marketing strategies that gradually build brand awareness while emphasizing the value of professional carpet cleaning over discounted options. How are you aligning your marketing efforts to ensure a diversified and impactful approach to customer acquisition?

5. Elevating Customer Attraction, Service Delivery, and Retention Strategies

How are you navigating the three crucial aspects of your carpet cleaning business: client attraction, service delivery, and client retention? Identifying specific strategies for each facet allows for independent yet interconnected growth, ultimately fostering a thriving and sustainable business model.

From list building and grassroots outreach to in-home consultation techniques and ongoing customer nurture, every stage of the customer journey presents unique opportunities for growth and retention. Are you actively nurturing both residential and commercial customer lists rather than merely focusing on one-off or discount-focused marketing efforts?


1. **What sets the 2024 marketing blueprint apart for carpet cleaners?**
The 2024 marketing blueprint for carpet cleaners is distinguished by its comprehensive focus on customer attraction, service delivery, and client retention, enabling businesses to achieve sustained growth and profitability. By implementing a diversified marketing approach and leveraging conversion-centric websites, carpet cleaners can elevate their brand’s presence and influence within their local marketplace.
2. **How can carpet cleaners define SMART goals for business growth?**
Carpet cleaners can define SMART goals by setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based targets that align with their business objectives. By breaking down yearly goals into quarterly rocks and monthly to-dos, carpet cleaners can maintain a clear focus and track their progress effectively, guiding them toward success in the home service industry.
3. **What essential elements contribute to conversion-centric websites for carpet cleaners?**
Conversion-centric websites for carpet cleaners encompass impactful brand messaging, authentic imagery, video features, compelling founder stories, and a strong risk reversal guarantee. By incorporating these elements, carpet cleaners can craft a compelling online presence that fosters customer engagement and elevates their brand’s appeal.
4. **How can carpet cleaners implement a diversified marketing approach for sustainable growth?**
Carpet cleaners can implement a diversified marketing approach by leveraging various platforms such as social media, direct mail, videos, and neighborhood targeting. Additionally, prioritizing search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and brand messaging enables carpet cleaners to establish an omnipresent and influential presence within their local marketplace, contributing to sustainable growth.
5. **What strategies are essential for elevating customer attraction, service delivery, and retention for carpet cleaners?**
Carpet cleaners should focus on implementing strategies for client attraction, including list building, grassroots outreach, in-home consultation techniques, and ongoing customer nurture. By prioritizing each crucial stage of the customer journey, carpet cleaners can foster sustained growth and retention within their customer base.
6. **How can carpet cleaners differentiate their brand and attract a loyal customer base?**
Carpet cleaners can differentiate their brand by highlighting unique qualities, crafting impactful founder stories, and fostering strong customer engagement through personal branding ads. By effectively sharing their origin stories and leveraging compelling brand messaging, carpet cleaners can create a distinct identity that resonates with their target demographic, ultimately attracting a loyal customer base.


In the realm of carpet cleaning marketing, the 2024 marketing blueprint is more than just a strategy; it’s a transformative approach that empowers businesses to achieve unparalleled success. By focusing on SMART goals, conversion-centric websites, diversified marketing, and customer-centric strategies, carpet cleaners can navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and drive sustainable growth.

Elevate your carpet cleaning business in 2024 by embracing the power of strategic marketing, fostering customer engagement, and setting the stage for remarkable profitability. This blueprint isn’t just about marketing—it’s about turning your business into a top carpet cleaning brand in your local marketplace, attracting the best clients, and commanding top rates while enjoying an influx of bookings for weeks in advance. It’s time to embrace the 2024 marketing blueprint and unleash the potential of your carpet cleaning business.

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Audio Transcript:
00:00 let’s get started I really want to I really want to kind of walk into this we’re going to be talking about the 2024 marketing blueprint and I’m going to walk you through a blueprint of how to think about building your service business and it’s it’s one that has served me well for the 30 years I’ve owned these cleaning service businesses it’s it’s something that if you kind of get your mind around if you really understand where we’re going with this um you’re really really really going to

00:25 see a lot of success in your business it is the formulate plan that is known to build million doll cleaning service businesses welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John Clint Denning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing

00:55 into a lead generation machine tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help FastTrack your success in the carpet cleaning industry let’s kind of dive in and get it all together CU it goes part and partial with what we did last month about sort of really understanding how to set your goals and how to do your plan and now this is more about putting that plan into action so with that said let’s get into the presentation and we’ll get things rocking so we’re unveiling that blueprint that’s what

01:25 we’re talking about here today so obviously as always turn your cell phones off turn your Facebook off um if you’re a cleaning or home service business owner serious about growing the next 60 minutes or so um are going to be very very helpful to to grow your business so what we covered last training was setting your 20124 goals we talked about the three fundamentals of marketing success um we’ll recap some of those during this but we’re really kind of moving on from this but you know we’re talking about the media the market

01:58 and the message and then we how to optimize your website for conversion um and and really really get that dialed in because a pretty website does not cause people to reach out to you there are very specific elements that need to be in a website that cause people to know like and trust you on visual on and then even even other elements for them to reach out to you and stuff like that so um we talked about some of the latest trends and then developing that action plan stay of the end we’re going to have the resource kit available um we gave

02:30 that last month there’s a few extra things added to it so you’re going to want to stick around to the end to get this resource kit all kinds of stuff about the website again about lowcost Grassroots marketing ideas I always say that everybody should be doing those all the time you start with them you never stop them 27 years of owning my carpet cleaning business um over five years owning a maid service uh working with franchise networks and and starting up a flood FL restoration franchise um being involved in the startup of them that

02:58 grew to about $150 million a year year before they got bought out by Bell for things like that it’s Grassroots never really stops and there’s a reason for that we’ll talk touch a little bit on it we’ve done a training in November all about Grassroots marketing as well and um we’ve got some coaching programs coming up for people that may not even be clients of ours uh that we’re going to be talking about in the New Year where we start retraining back on this Grassroots stuff and some of this other

03:21 blueprint stuff as well so keep an eye out for that um so our our clients know a little bit about that already but people that aren’t clients were thinking of we planning on opening that up to the market as well um with some options there to kind of get into the coaching um even if you already got all your marketing services and Digital Services handled by somebody else so who am I for the newbies on the call John clendenning um started my first business in 1990 uh while I was still in high school uh window cleaning business because I wrote

03:50 a business plan on it with my buddy Scott and took it to the bank manager for extra credit marks if you’ve heard the story before um you know you can pause or you know take a sip of your coffee while I tell s it but um we ended up getting the loan bought Vans and ladders and for the next um several years ran a window cleaning company till he went off to college and um started doing high-rise window cleaning and realized one in 10 F to the death and said okay no no no no not interested in that and started cleaning um doing a

04:18 janitorial Night Cleaning and by my early 20s mid 20s I built up Crews and did all of that kind of stuff ended up in carpet cleaning uh as a you know kind of sold off the the janitorial thing did Carpet Cleaning and that kind of went all the way through to about two years two and a half years ago when I finally sold my last brick and morar business and in the meantime did a lot of lecturing and Consulting taught at three-day Elite Retreats even on the island of Samoa I got flown in to teach carpet cleaners from around the world

04:44 how to do some of the stuff we’re going to be talking about today it was one of our blueprint first first ever blueprint trainings that was 2010 um but did a bunch of Consulting and stuff like that as well while still running my businesses um started in a town of about 30,000 people did in 1995 my f the the carpet cleaning business did 100 just over 100,000 almost $120,000 year one before the days of the internet and no Yellow Page presence and a town I just moved to by starting to learn that and in my early 20s and being painfully shy

05:13 so whole bunch of things against me but kind of moved to a new town where the only people I knew was my sister and brother-in-law rented a broom closet out of my brother-in-law’s computer store started a carpet cleaning business um so so yeah um done all of it um you can get it on Amazon wrote the book The complete guide internet marketing for carpet cleaners and have built um tested impr proven systems that help cleaning businesses grow more importantly we help cleaning businesses grow so these are clients and customers and people that

05:44 have used our systems um and and help them solidify the business that they want whether it’s multi- trucks and not being in in the truck I was in the truck for about the first two years haven’t cleaned a carpet since well other than maybe helping the crew when somebody’s sick or in in the back shop doing area rugs since about 1997 98 I think it was the last time I actually went out on a day-to-day job and uh yeah just uh decided I wanted I realized not just decided but realized I needed to work on

06:13 the business more than working in the business so I was able to take that couple years learn marketing start transitioning out hiring people as we grew and gave myself more time to do what I should be doing as the entrepreneur of the business in a town of 30,000 people and then bought an existing business um about a town away that was maybe doing about 100,000 a year um went back to the bank went back to the bank manager different one this time with a really good business plan because I learned how to write it in

06:38 high school and got a loan and bought the other guys out two brothers that were in fighting and we ended up with their equipment and their uh and stuff like that and uh didn’t realize how bad their business actually was when we bought it but bought it and built it up and that became business number two of three or four that we bought out to build the the cleaning business as well as we grew so we grew by acquisition and just by buying databases and stuff like that from other cleaners going out of business and we grew by expanding

07:04 territory so um I read clean facts Magazine still got cases and cases I was laughing to with Jeff Cross the other day um who’s he’s the you know editor and media director of Issa the association for our industry um and also Issa owns cleanfax magazine and cleaning and maintenance magazine and all of that kind of stuff and I was telling about the Stacks and stacks I still have on our mezzan here in the office of all the facts I ever had all the people I learned from Howard partridges Dusty Roberts Mark sagger Joe polish you name

07:37 all those guys um it’s kind of neat now to be in the magazine and in the books and on a a monthly um call with Jeff teaching helping to teach people uh in the industry all about the the stuff that kind of learned and adapted and changed and modified over the years so and we’ll talk a little bit about that stuff here today so what do we do we we help make our clients the top carpet cleaning or cleaning brands in their local Marketplace so they attract the best clients they are able to charge top rates and they’re booked out for weeks

08:07 in advance that’s ultimately the goal is you want to be the the you know as Grant Cardone has said whether you like them or hate them whether you find him to Brass or he’s right up your alley Grant Cardone is right when he says it’s better to be the best known than the best so L kind of let that thing sink in for a minute um because the best known is the one that gets called it’s the one that’s got name recognition it’s the it’s it’s it’s it’s the um Kleenex brand of your local Marketplace that you know

08:38 think of it that way um not paper tissue we go buy a Kleenex it might be a non-name brand but it’s Kleenex you know and think of all the different products that we have in different businesses and things that we know you know back in the day people used to talk about hoovering their carpets right it’s it’s kind of a you know a little bit of a an older person’s term now but oh we’re going to Hoover the carpets well Hoover was because it was you know it was the Hoover vacuum cleaner was was The

09:03 prominent known vacuum cleaner right we don’t say we’re going to dice on our carpets now but you know think of that in the day where those those name brands well that’s best known doesn’t have to be the best um how do we do this Leverage The Three core marketing principles of digital marketing and just general marketing success you always want to be thinking how can I maximize the opportunities to generate an ideal lead if I was going to add a little word in here it’s ideal and some of our other

09:27 slides show the word ideal because you know you can generate a lead but if they’re not ideal you know then then you know that’s they may come back around there may be ways to automate and nurture them over time but the ideal leads are the ones ready to buy from you you want to maximize your brand Impressions so that again those ideal leads already start to know like and trust you so there’s a way to use your your branding uh to really build the and Captivate your audience again a lot of carpet cleaners just go hey I I know how

09:57 to clean carpets or I’m going to learn how tolean clean carpets just let me start you know start up a blue collar business kind of idea I did the exact same thing when I realized I don’t know what I don’t know I had to start learning all the the pieces and quickly realized if I want to be a carpet cleaner I’m going to go work for somebody else because the owner of a business is actually the person that needs to market the business they don’t have to do the marketing but they have to know how to Market and set up a

10:23 different message and build a team around that meage and and build a company even if you’re a company of one you have to know how to stand out against the everybody else in the marketplace or you might as well just try and be the cheapest you’re 99 next guy comes in at 89 next guy comes in at 79 he’s going to go bankrupt and his truck’s going to fall fall apart full of holes and rust but now are you g to go 69 like you know or can you sell those you know a similar type of service for 300 bucks we’ve got clients that their

10:51 minimum charge is 250 350 in that range and they’ve got competitors at $89 and they’re not in you know LA and stuff like that they’ve just built a better message and a better system so and you want to maximize your conversions you got to think about this as well because um you can you can have a lot of opportunities you can have a lot of brand Impressions but if you don’t know how to convert them say for every 10 leads you convert one or two into a customer because you’re just not good at

11:19 it you just don’t know what that means like not just the first time they call but how do you chase them how do you follow up with the ones that you know aren’t interested right now but they’re interested just not right now nobody ever follows up with them a week two month two three 6 months 9 months 12 months later hey did you like the last guy you know you reached out to us a year ago it’s time for your car if you got it cleaned then it’s time to get it cleaned again you know maybe you didn’t

11:41 like the last guy worth giving us a try we’ve been in your inbox for the last year right those kinds of you can do conversions better than everybody else and you don’t need as many opportunities and you don’t actually even need as many brand Impressions so it’s it’s these big levers you can pull more opportunities more brand impressions for for being the best known cleaner and then more conversions and you’re just stacking you’re it’s it’s not little increments of ones and twos you’re doubling if you

12:08 double your conversions you double the size of your business with the same amount of opportunities so kind of that’s why we talk about the Three core principles there so think about that so what’s the hardest part about marketing carbet cleaning business online offline don’t really care too many options we all know it I don’t care if it was back in 20 or 2002 when yeah you had your Yellow Pages you didn’t have the internet yet but you had the Yellow Pages that was sort of a cold place that people would go look if

12:36 they didn’t have a name to know or you weren’t marketing well but you also had all the other places the Flyers the newspapers the um Val packs the you know Community newsletters and uh millions of places there’s always a direct mail in the mailbox and referral partners and like there’s just too many and you’re unclear where to spend your budget right probably don’t even know what your budget should be so online you’ve got SEO paperclick website social that’s a few top ones but I would tell you right

13:08 now even on top of that there is dozens and dozens of layers below that like think of things like next door and and Yelp do you be on it as a directory do you do you want to be paid to advertise on there can you can you track that to know that that’s helping you at all or not uh you know Judy’s Book Angie’s List and and those Better Business bureaus I can I help you at all um you know those kinds of decisions all the way through all have costs so it’s a major investment and marketing is an investment it’s not an

13:37 expense you’re never going to get to the day where you don’t have you don’t need to invest in the marketing so you might get lucky you might have a lot of clients in your database how are you going to get them to come back you need to invest in marketing and reaching out to them so that they rebook with you you need to continue to nurture and build a fence around them so they don’t leave you and get attracted Away by the competitor you got to keep reminding them why they chose you people forget

14:05 you know over time so you know you want to make sure that you’re building you’re building that fence that’s investing as well you want people to refer you so you you know we’ll talk a little bit about that but that’s part of our Grassroots as well every carpet cleaner needs to have all these referral partners and needs to have an active marketing approach to reach out to the potential referral partners because that’s the on to many marketing right onetoone marketing is hey is Mrs Jones ready to

14:28 get a carpet’s clean and is she going to choose me or one of the other guys and you know do I canvas the whole neighborhood or 50,000 Flyers to get five phone calls or 50 phone calls right who’s ready to clean right now and are they going to pick me if I have the right message right that’s an investment but if you can reach out to somebody who can send you one two five 10 15 20 leads a month who are interested in your services and preposition to buy because the other person talked about you that’s a

14:56 brilliant thing as well so that’s an investment you always have to be inv invting and marketing um if you don’t know where the money’s like what’s to show for it like how much you paying and to where to what platforms what is the platform designed to do and is it showing its return on investment so if you don’t know if it is or isn’t again that’s a whole like a whole another a whole another problem that you need to be concerned with so it’s a fail if you don’t know if you don’t have a clear

15:24 plan because you could overspend um or or Worse under spend that sounds weird but overspending is often better than under spending um in marketing if if at least the Avenue in the vehicle is getting you some omnipresence um we have a lot of conversations with some of our clients and stuff like that and and and other people we talk to in the industry as an example um some things used to work even even in digital marketing a few years ago that seem to be a little bit more challenging now or they seem to you know the quality of the lead may not

15:55 be as strong as somebody would want um an example comes to mind would be like Facebook right you you run ads on Facebook you shouldn’t just be running offer ads because you’re just going to get discount people but you should be doing a blend of different types of ads talking about your Founders story we’ll talk a little bit about that talking about your differences talking about your customers and really building a brand in front of the ideal target audience uh and some of them and and offer ads in the mix and it’s it’s a

16:20 cycle and in the mix some of them will reach out to you and want to know more information now you disrupted them from looking at Aunt Martha’s dinner that she had last night and what you know you know uh their their best friend’s cat just did today you know and and you just disrupted them with an ad in their Newsfeed right done well it should look like um something that was natively in their Newsfeed and not an ad generally but you just disrupted them they didn’t go typing in carpet cleaner near me in

16:48 Facebook you know no none of that happened so so you you disrupted them now you’re influencing a bit some will reach out to you some of those will bookr right now because they’re just interested and you’re good at conversions those two come together more will book if you’re good at conversions but they’ll reach out you have a conversation and you’ll end up with some bookings on the backside of all of that you’ve now built a list you’re starting to build of people that are interested

17:15 in carpet cleaning services maybe not interested right now they’re interested but they don’t know how to shop in the category they need to be educated they think carpet cleaning should be cheap so they all sound like discount Shoppers when you need to teach them with nurture and Outreach the difference between a discount carpet cleaner and a professional carpet cleaner now you may you may be best aligned as a discount carpet cleaner um like say of an email or a text message or a video on your website telling them

17:40 this you may be more aligned as a discount because you you rent the property you don’t you don’t own the carpet but do you own your own upholstery do do you own your own area rugs um are you trying to maintain it do you want it to be maintained in a healthy manner do you want it to be cleaned with a discount provider that uses soaps and detergents that leave a sticky film and within a month the carpet looks just as bad as it did before well wouldn’t that be a waste of your money so you can teach people how

18:05 to shop in your category and be able to sort of elevate them in the the type of client they become most people don’t know what they don’t know until they know it and you have to be the one that lets them know it now they have a different perception and they might come back around try somebody else and go you know what that didn’t that guy was right that didn’t work out at all three months six months later they come back around so one of it is building a list the other one is the impressions of the

18:33 ideal customer seeing you uh because in in places like Facebook Facebook is has a demographic equal to our our our ideal residential customer 35 to 55 year old mostly aligned with women um in in that platform more so than men anyway skewed higher um and and and very social that is our ideal demographic they’re there if you can put your founder story in front of them for 10 or 20 bucks a day and build a list of 10,000 15 20,000 people that see you every single month that is that ideal demographic you know

19:09 not the 12-year-old kid not the 90-year old granny but literally that group and that’s what you can do on Facebook as you can really dial in audience as well you does it matter that you landed three or four jobs that paid for the cost of the ad like 20 bucks a day is 600 bucks a month two jobs you paid for it three jobs you paid the technician to go do it for you and paid for it all and you got seen by 16,000 local people this month next month next month and you start building that brand awareness over time

19:35 back in the days of flyer marketing we used to know that it would take anywhere from seven to 10 months before a flyer would pop in the exact same neighborhood as long as it broke even to pay the costs maybe even at a slight loss I built up entire marketplaces by running running Outreach and mail campaigns at a loss because the clients we did get we get get repeats and referrals next year but also we’re getting an awareness and I knew that we’re going to be sitting there 8 n 10 11 12 months before it

20:08 would just pop and we became the known the best known best known best known and just with again with flyers and mailings and different pieces of mail showing up at doorsteps on in the ideal neighborhood where we wanted to be so same idea so yeah so under spending is worth an overspending sorry for the little rant there um you guys can download the workbook um if you weren’t on last month’s call Carpet Cleaner marketing masters.

20:33 com 201024 dwork 2024 workbook um you can go download that it actually is in the group of stuff that we’re giving at the end of this I believe as well uh but either way you can you can get a copy of that and um some of this stuff that we’re talking about here setting goals and planning and stuff some of the stuff we talked about last month is all included in the workbook so what’s the opportunity well the clear plan of you you know you can have your goals your targets and your key performance indicators the key numbers

21:03 that you need um figured out you can know you can generate enough inquiries let’s not call them leads let’s call them inquiries because you know lead sounds like we’re buying leads oh you got I need to go buy more leads no no you need qualified inquiries from the internet from referrals from referral Partners from past clients from client reactivation campaigns you need enough inquiries to hit your goal and grow your business so you need need to know what that goal is and you have to have a great return on your investment so you

21:34 need to be able to track all of that right and what we’re adding this month so we talked a little bit about that last month but you know there’s a blueprint for this the master plan for running a CIS devised carpet cleaning and home service business that again taught to I taught to uh to around the world I have taught on stages in Vegas and chillag BC and um Miami and I said Samoa and Australia and stuff like that this exact plan looks like this right and it’s there are components about it that we’re

22:11 going to break down a little bit here right so and we’ll talk a little bit more about this as well but step one is you need to set your clear goals right so we talked about the fact that you could be in a sailboat really have a really great plan to sail you know from from Miami to makeup you got a great plan a got no wind in your sales now what are you going to do going to row like you can’t go anywhere right clear goals put the wind in the sales you now have a direction you now have something that you can use and work with to push

22:43 you now does it mean that you’re going straight in a beine no let’s think of boats like you tack this way oh come back tack this way oh come back tack this way so you’re adjusting as you go to the market conditions to your competitors to anything going on right like you’re adjusting the plan as it’s moving you know think of the stock market it’s not always up and to the right it goes up oh drop it goes up I’m into crypto very heav heavily have been since 2013 so um I’m one of these

23:12 weirdos that bought a Bitcoin when it was uh 150 bucks so um and and and lost a bunch of Bitcoin in the middle and and and and other cryptos and stuff like that I watched the market just swing wildly I’m loving the fact that more and more and more institutions are coming in because it stabilizes the swings right so you don’t go up one day you know and then down the next but and that’s even when we we learn to set goals in our business and we learn to aim at something they start off swinging wide

23:39 wildly and then it just you start dialing it in and it becomes very very predictable year after year um so what are your goals for 2024 success is goals all else is commentary you can talk about it but if you haven’t written it down haven’t thought about it hadn’t got a headache and taken your Advil your Tylenol and go okay let me get back at this again and Maj your plan you don’t have goals you have dreams you have commentary so let’s get that in place goal setting is a framework right you

24:07 need to have smart goals so specific measurable achievable don’t oh I do 150,000 this year and by the end of 2024 I want to do two million I’m not the one to say it’s not achievable you know I’m 5 foot six I am not about to play for the Denver Nuggets there’s no way around it right so there’s got to be a bit of achievable like yeah was there a Mugsy Bogues once and stuff like that in the NBA oh my gosh yes there was but rare it’s got to be achievable so what is achievable like you got to kind

24:41 of think that through and be a little bit you know you know stretch goals are good but unrealistic Gets You Off the Mark quicker than anything else you like you just you don’t have the motivation to keep going forward it’s got to be a relevant goal you don’t want to have a goal that is unrelated to to where you want to take the company so you want to make sure it’s smart or specific measurable achievable relevant and time bound time based you want to know that in one month I’m going to have these

25:12 these letters written these programs in place the the the I always I always think in my brain and good better best I’m going to get the good out the door I’m going to you know take massive imperfect action don’t go Ready Aim aim aim oh just aim aim oh oh sweaty hands nope aim aim and never fire why not do this ready fire oh that missed Aim Fire oh oh close oh there we go now I hit it right so ready fire aim is much more makes much more sense so you want to know hey what am I gonna get done in the

25:45 first month what what am I trying to achieve in the quarter you can’t do everything and it’ll become overwhelming so chunk it right set deadlines one year quarterly 90day Sprints our brain works really well in 90day Sprints um and we kind of PA need to regroup anyways and then the monthly goal is to get us to the 90day Sprint and the 90-day Sprint is on track to achieve the annual goal so what are the things that you can do over the next 90 days big rocks they’re called um and what are the little things

26:12 that you can do to get the big rock taken care of and how what are those big rocks that aim at the overarching goal right so um if you don’t know the story of rocks hopefully most of you know the story of big rocks little rocks but um as the story goes um a teacher sat there with a bunch of jars or buckets um rocks Pebbles sand water um and said and a beaker and said we need to get all of these in the beaker what do you guys want to do and oh pour the water in pour the sand in made mud pour the pebbles in

26:50 rocks had nowhere to go he goes yeah but so they don’t fit they won’t fit no watch this or the big rocks in first poured the pebbles in and shook to move them all around pour the sand in shook it and let let all sift through and then poured the glass of water on top so it all fits fine just got to put your big rocks in first so you always have to be targeting the big rocks um you must have a stopping point so again the beginning the end of each year is a great stopping point to reflect how did you do it’s not

27:20 GNA be perfect life is not perfect how did you do did you beat some of your goals and not make some of the other ones what are you going to do to go forward that’s the plan so let’s talk about Revenue before we move into some of the other topics here right um so what is your Revenue Target this is a a really good obviously in business number of customers end of the day what do we really want we want Revenue we want profit um we want to grow the company right so Revenue allows us down the road to sell the company for multiples um and

27:49 make a good income you know we’re going to start looking at profit margins and things like that as we go we’re business owners right but right but if that big hairy a goal at the end of it is revenue and we’re doing 250,000 right now and we’d love to end the year at 400,000 and we think that’s that’s reasonable right that’s a relevant goal because we got some ideas and we know new territory new this I know how long it takes to develop yeah I want to be on track or at the least by the end of the year I want to

28:15 be I want to have a $400,000 year business so I want a run rate a monthly rate that over the next year is definitely 400,000 and then we can up it from there right so you can what is your Revenue Target right how much is that monthly how many jobs will it require and what is your average job value right so these are some levers we can think about as well so you know last month we had a different set of numbers in here I thought I’d change it for this month to give a different context for people that maybe aren’t running their own numbers

28:42 you want to do 350,000 a year right two trucks on the road one and a half trucks if you’re you know and growing kind of idea maybe two technicians you work on the business not in the business that would be a good a good point right there right how much is that monthly it’s 29,000 right plus plus change but it’s $9,000 a month if your average job is $325 you need 90 jobs now you know that’s super simple we now know how many jobs we need wow that’s amazing what are some of the levers you can pull can you up your average job

29:13 then you’ll need Less jobs right can you get more than 90 then you’ll get you know with that you’ll actually beat this goal but there’s ways to play now you’ve got some numbers to think about and play with right if you don’t know your average job your average residential job and it’s not a yes it is actually service monster Marquette um house call Pros a spreadsheet QuickBooks how many jobs did I do last month divided by how many jobs I did last month the revenue so how much revenue I make that St

29:43 divided by how many jobs I did last month pretty simple math right so you’re going to figure out and that should be something you track on a regular basis do you want to break down commercial versus residential I suggest you do but if you do mostly residential maybe commercial just kind of factors in there right so think of it that way but what is your average job value and what can you do about it right so what is your average conversion rate from inquiry to booked job are you even tracking this not a guess again anytime

30:14 I ask money how many what’s your average booking rate oh like 70 80% I’m amazing take them on as a client start listening to every single call tracking it did you know you’re 35% could you get better like can we some scripting some languaging um some sales training some objection handling can you get better like you know we’d like to see up at around 60% 50 50 60% right um realistically right we’re not talking about the repeat customers to just call them book or log in and book we’re not you know referrals 90% chance

30:46 they’re going to book unless you screw it up because they got referred right there’s there’s something already there but the people that don’t know you right they they haven’t tried you before they’ve seen your marketing if it done it’s done well it should pre position them to make it easier to book and now your scripts have to match what they see you have to have a coherent company again some people say well we’re just we’re just carpet cleaners J we’re just made Services we’re just home service

31:11 businesses we’re just pressure washers what it’s it’s business you’re you’re now the owner of a business you run in this well you you can sell it off retire you can have somebody else run it for you you can go fishing that’s the dream of owning a business you don’t need to be slugging it out and then have a bad back take a week two three weeks off and make zero money you can build a business that builds the lifestyle that you’re looking to do that’s why we all did this or because there’s too many headaches

31:36 owning a business that you don’t have as an employee if you really don’t want the end game of owning a business right or what it can achieve for you so end in mind let’s achieve that let’s get down that road so let’s divide our job inquiry Target per month by the rate 50% that 90 leads or 90 jobs that we need at 325 to hit our 3 50,000 a year we only book 50% now we know we need 180 inquiries right so what are your goals what do you want to hit what is your what is your um average uh job if you don’t know great

32:16 if you do know if it’s 425 bucks if it’s $367 last month what did it average over last year is there anything you’re going to can you can you tweak numbers for next year as your goal saying you know what I think I’ve got some selling strategies in the home I can teach our technicians some scripts better scripts in the home to upsell and do stuff like that we can raise our prices a little bit because of the you know the way we Market is better and and we can we can still get raise our prices by 10% and

32:42 not lose very many jobs you’d actually have to lose about 37% of your business if you raise your prices by 10% before the profit drops below where your profit is right now because that 10% is all profit unless you add more money or more expenses to the business so there’s a bunch of stuff there but yeah you there’s lots of things you can do once you know those numbers and how many inquiries you need so knowing your numbers and putting it all together right so if you s now go okay where’s my leads coming from then I don’t have

33:09 enough leads to meet that goal I want to hit right I can move a little bit I can move from you know $325 to $375 an average job over the next couple months with a bunch of things I’m kind of thinking about and learning and talking to other guys and whatever but that’s not going to get me there how am I going to get there so now you need to make a plan to fill in your gaps and what do I mean by gaps um your ideal Target customer is no longer in one place you must have an all-in perspective with your marketing

33:40 you must be omnipresent you must be the best known cleaner and at least have that as a plan to grow towards right for your ideal customer you don’t need to be the best known cleaner to a three-year-old you know or a you know a 90 year old um you know lovely grandmother living in an old folks home you don’t need to be the best known cleaner to her but you need to be the best known cleaner to your ideal Target Avatar which is 35 to 55 skewed most more towards women than men um college and university educated business

34:14 owner Works in corporate Works in medical you know career oriented person with kids and dogs and you know you need to be the best known cleaner service provider in your local Marketplace to them now you don’t have a price problem as well so where do you get that well neighborhoods like they live in the same places you’re in cleaning one house yard signs door hangers all of that fun stuff that we all know about A-frames at the End of the Street pointing down when the crew is there lovely signed Vans and

34:42 stuff like that really stand out thrown through the car wash every single day never because that is marketing your van being clean and tidy and not Rusty is telling a different story than your van being muddy dirty and Rusty different story attracts different people and attracts the right story attracts more of them so think of your brand messaging as well your website right your website should be built to convert it should be ranking so that’s the SEO part of it you should be doing like ranking in today’s

35:10 day and age is content you need content out on the internet so you need to be ranking the website with at least a blog post a week um press releases help all kinds of stuff links pointing back all that because you want your website to be seen by everybody searching for any one of those Search terms over time and it just grows and grows and grows compounds month after month year after year and you just become best known and it becomes one of your strongest assets paid search you turn it on you show up today right now some people go oh paid

35:38 search doesn’t work for me they’re they’re all Tire kickers you’ve got an issue you’ve got a conversion issue you solve the conversion issue you you can spend more and more and more money if you can convert a caller into a customer better than your competitors you can spend more money on your marketing than your competitors if you’re booking six out of every 10 phone calls that come in regardless of where who they and they’re booking two or one maybe they don’t even answer the phone

36:06 and they’re driving down the road and the cell phone’s ringing and the coffee spilling and they’re or they’re standing in front of Mrs Jones and they like right there’s no business building happening there they’re they’re they’re hoping and praying right you have a plan in place and you convert higher you’re now you’re now the guy right so now you you’ve now your revenue is so much higher than theirs you can re you can put a lot more of it back into your marketing right there’s a percentage you

36:30 should be putting into your marketing so the more Revenue you make the more in you can invest in your marketing again $200,000 a year you should be investing about 20% 40 $40,000 into your marketing Allin BS uniforms um taking the real estate agent out for lunch your internet marketing your Flyers your door hangers your all of that like all of the plan in place and I’ll show you what that plan looks like um right but if that grew you from 200,000 to 300,000 ,000 you now got 60 Grand 300,000 to half a million

37:01 you’ve now got 100,000 right 20% of half a million is 100,000 bucks a million dollars right you’ve now got 200,000 right to Market that’s DriveTime radios that’s more omnipresence why do you think businesses start showing up around in other places the Smart Ones the 1% that actually get it do all of this stuff right direct mail emails video radio social media JV Partners we talked about you need referral Partners out in the marketplace right so you have to have an Allin persp perspective so where

37:27 do the jobs come from it looks like this now this is just an overview about 40 places our Grassroots marketing goes deep on this but there’s others as well and some of these have layers right Google has payperclick it’s got local service ads it’s got the Display Network right Facebook’s got Facebook ads it’s got contests that you can run there is boosted posts that you can do around you know some omnipresence stuff like all of them can go deep but you need to have jobs coming in if you could take this

37:57 every single month to go yep got few from I got three or four from there I got four Bing yeah Bing sent me two last month yep Facebook oh yeah I got seven um seven jobs and about 40 leads from there so I’m building my lead database and jobs like we talked about earlier Instagram yeah I did a couple reels and got some you know got shared Out YouTube you know ran ads against them Google Maps oh gosh yeah I got 30 leads last month and and booked 29 of or 25 of them whatever reasonable numbers right organic rankings yep my organic and you

38:24 can track these and you know and you can come down entire list and check all of these off you know that you’re growing your business and can you do that this month or next month no we need a 90-day plan which ones are the most important let’s put some big rocks in place right for the next 90 days annual plan is to take the business from 200 to 300,000 right okay how am I going to get there that’s that’s the ne you know what is what are those numbers work them backwards okay where am I currently getting leads from

38:53 what are some of the gaps I can fill which ones do I want to Target for the next three months right right set a realistic budget so we’ve got this spreadsheet here um I’m not going to spend a lot of time going into it you guys can go and look at it I was going to spend a few minutes on it this this month but I got so many other things I want to kind of point you at that you can just log in it’s again carp cleark master.

39:15 com 2024 2024 D worksheet so the other one was called workbook this one’s worksheet you can log in put your goal in there put your average job have it break down how many jobs you need put your estimated conversion rate play with this number and find out how many actual inquiries still call it leads there I’ll probably update that um inquiries you need to come in to meet that to meet that annual goal and then what’s your average cost per per lead lead Source go to the second tab at the bottom you’re going to need to make a copy of this so

39:44 it’s yours you don’t want to change numbers every this is a public document here so you won’t be allowed to kind of change numbers you’re just G to make a copy of it um and then you can just play with the numbers the next tab over you get to put all your marketing sources and how much costs to generate an inquiry from those sources right so how much does it cost to generate an inquiry from your local service ads how much does it cost to generate an inquiry from payperclick how much like those numbers

40:07 you should know where where leads coming from right how much do you pay for you know organic rankings of your website how many or rank how many what’s the number of leads that you get from there last year based divided by the amount you paid to rank your website uh and there you go that’s how much it costs per inquiry right so you these numbers are all known to us like again math wasn’t my strongest suit in in in high school either I didn’t really like it maybe some you on the call go oh I love

40:32 math good for you do it I didn’t like it but I love business I love knowing how to fix problems and solve things I decided to own businesses from high school onward have not been employed by anybody in my life had to figure out math had to read some books on business numbers had to learn how to do a little bit of Excel spreadsheet and stuff like that so yeah so think of it that way get get your get your pencils out and figure it out this is where we really want to spend the focus the remaining you know 15 20 minutes of this call or so is

41:03 really talking about the blueprint right so I wanted to make sure I have enough time to kind of go through this right so the blueprint starts off with a foundation every business has to have a foundation you have to be able to answer the question to the customer in their mind and through your voice and through everything they see why should that choose you over all these other choices and if you go guy that’s a good question no freaking idea I’m I’m nice oh we offer 100% of money back guarantee well this guy only offers 90% 50% what

41:40 you know oh we guarantee you’re going to be satisfied I don’t see on his web that website that he says we gu we don’t guarantee that you’re satisfied we’re just going to show up right you guys all know the bad guys in town for sure but they all look the same to the customer right we all say oh customers just want the lowest price no price is about fifth or sixth down the list in every consumer Poll for home services including carpet cleaning and made Services right very few people are so Thrifty and so cheap

42:09 that they just want the the the cheapest even if it’s the worst service they could ever get they want value for their money and they want to know that they’re spending it well right if you care about like maybe your thing is electronics and if I turned around and said I bought an off-brand TV to put in a spare room of our home uh during Black Friday I got a 65 inch TV for like under 250 bucks there’s some of you that be laughing right now you’ve just I’ve just made you chuckle oh my God you didn’t

42:44 buy the I don’t even know the Sonos blah blah blah at four grand you should see my TV I don’t care right I am not the TV offici anado it’s a spare room room now if I watched a lot of movies had friends over we watched football games every Sunday and I wanted like you know the big screen experience and Surround Sound and all of that kind of stuff I would get educated on what’s better and I would start deciding what what value I would place on that what I spend six grand on a on the latest TV no because

43:23 we know the price will be two grand in in maybe a year or two when the techn ology comes down but would I buy something two or three grand if it made sense and sounded worth it yeah because that was the thing our customers think the same way right so the foundation helps you set that all up so compelling sales proposition why you over everybody else not unique a lot of people talk about your USP oh what’s well you know unique what’s unique about you over everybody else no what’s compelling right so you can call around all the

43:52 competitors you can look at all of their ads and lay out all the things they say about what they do you know what you do differently you know what you want to say differently even if you know they do it but they don’t say it you need to lay that it’s like cleaning your bedroom you need to throw everything out on the floor and start organizing it into piles and categories don’t shove it in the corner or organize it and then decide what is compelling what can I do what do we do differently what do we guarantee

44:20 what are our values what do we promise right risk reversal guarantee is the next one you need a guarantee so scary that it keeps you up at night for at least two or three nights I always say this to everybody two or three nights after you come up with it or it’s not not good enough right you want your competitors to be scared of your guarantee why because if you do not deliver a great service for a client and they’re unhappy of course you’re going to go back and recan it if they’re still unhappy with you of course

44:52 you’re going to give that customer the money back because salvaging that person’s from going online and flaming you and telling everybody how bad you are is way more important quieting them down oh sorry sorry sorry sorry couldn’t help you oh by the way here have the money back is so much better for business than having them tell everybody not to call you the amount of work you will lose the liability that you already have of making sure that you re that you you redo the job give the money back is

45:23 is it’s so strong especially in today’s day and age with the internet and reviews and somebody doesn’t write one revieww one place they write it one place and copy and paste it 20 places right they can destroy your business customers have all of the control and they know it now right so the world has changed that way even before it used to be that at least the word had to get out Word of Mouth you know around the neighborhood it still would nowadays gone it’s out and everybody knows it and it turns a bunch of other people away so

45:50 if you’ve got a risk reversal guarantee that is so strong that they go how can I not try these guys right there might be a little bit more expensive but holy crap they must be amazing if they offer that guarantee right Founders origin story people even from Brands like I worked in franchise networks um Molly made franchises and chem drve franchises and I’ve worked with franchisees you know around the world and cprop painer franchises and you know know you name it again Bell fors and all that kind of

46:16 stuff right yeah there’s a Founder story to that that’s why you bought the franchise it’s part of the reason why they tell you who the founder is and what they believe in and what they why they decided to do things differently why are you not doing that locally like when I worked in the franchises hey I bought into the molade because of this right here’s why my wife and I did chose this made this decision and didn’t choose something else here’s where we came from here’s our thoughts

46:44 right you’re an independent business owner why why did you start it why this community did you grow up here did you move here did you fall in love with it like what is your founder story you tell people that it resonates with them and you have an impactful brand message that is your logos your uniform your van it it it turns into the words that you use all of it builds the entire rest of the blueprint you start with the foundation if you start somewhere later in this process and you don’t have that yet

47:13 you’re just making mud right your website we talked a little bit about being the Hub um and conversions you tell that brand story that brand message that risk reversal guarantee right at the top so now we figured it out there it is right at the top before they even scroll down they call it above the fold most people don’t scroll more more than once or twice everything you want to say that’s the most important sits at the top your phone number your logo there’s your again your your your brand

47:38 messaging that we talked about right oops one more back your impactful brand messaging it fits on the website it’s your colors it’s your logo it’s your words it is why you over everybody else it is meeting you like your founder story there’s the founder of the business right there in the right right below the fold and there’s part of the story why he started the business and what he’s going to do for you click here to learn the rest of it you know the number of clients or customers like we

48:03 we track everything that happens on the websites we build the number of people that actually go to the about us page because of the way the websites that we design are designed right I’ll give you an example in a second but um yeah like that’s because you’re telling a different message the Facebook ads we we we have what we call personal branding ads tell the story tell the story they work well in real estate they work well in carpet cleaning they work well in pressure washing they work well it’s

48:29 like you know hey I’m the old guy in the picture here’s me with my family out out on a vacation anyways here I started this business and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it and if you’re interested I’d really love you you know you can give us a try and we have a bit of a VIP offer right now you can do that if you need to you don’t even need to put the offer in there but it’s not a discount it’s like you know I don’t you get a couple rooms cleaned at a regular price and we’ll throw in a free armchair

48:52 because it’s coming up to Father’s Day and we’ll get Dad’s armchair favorite armchair chair clean for free about 75 to $80 value um depending on the size of the armchair absolutely yours free just to try us out because yeah yeah we’re here to help that’s a different story right so you want to tell your story so does your website have authentic images does it speak to your ideal customer Avatar you know oh my God are you being pulled in 20 different directions you’ve got kids to run to dance class and

49:16 gymnastics and blah blah blah and all that kind of stuff and you know you also have to take care of the household and yeah husband does a great job cutting the grass and doing all that kind of stuff but the last thing he’s interested is how the house smells and you care about what it how it looks and smells because you got you know friends and family coming over yeah we get it we’re here to help blah blah blah right that you’re telling the right story does it showcase your online reviews does it

49:37 have video elements people pause in video elements it helps you rank but it helps you tell your story as well we don’t have to be the next Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner and influence people we don’t need to be the rock who has got an influence brand is tequila I don’t know billion dollar business because of his you know he’s an influence no no no but we should be able to be able pick up our phones and you know hey I’m Carlos and I I run you know um best clean carpet cleaning and I just thank you for

50:07 popping by my website I want to tell you a little bit of my business and you can record that 50 times till you get it right but that’s still better than not having it right um right make it easier for them to take action everywhere they scroll there should be a button to take action um make sure you have your basics in order all your calls to action leverage offers not discounts offers we train our clients on how to do offers properly how to create a mafia offer offer that’s so so good they can’t uh um

50:33 they can’t refuse if they’re your ideal client um make sure there’s two-way chat and all that Automation and leverage leverage all of that so that when you land on a website is it set up to convert do you have branding do you have colors do you have looks do you have optin like you got reviews streaming are you telling your risk reversal guarantee do you have ways for them to chat with you right now do you have like again a personal image of your company your team whatever and the very first scroll is it

50:59 you the owner talking about why you started the business right have you got your website the basic setup to convert and then you got the Automation in there when somebody starts chatting and texting does your phone ring when they fill out a form right away and you can press one and click and talk to them through carpet cleaner lead Pro all of our client sites does do you have chat so they want to do a two-way text message right and it’s right to their cell phone tech they don’t have to sit on your website it actually comes into

51:24 their native SMS text so from point for you guys can have a chat and if they turn out not to book do you have automation set up to be texting them and emailing them for the next year or to right until they unsubscribe or buy right because you’re and what are you texting them oh we got a great offering deal absolutely not hey we just solved this this this cat urine issue for this customer just thought you might be interested here’s the story that’s what you follow up with them with right so you want to use the

51:52 rule of three to transform your business the rule of three is everywhere right you’ve you complex story ideas comp complex idea stories everything broken down into three are more memorable it’s been proven by science right um there basically in Latin it basically everything that comes from threes is perfect we know that you know plays have three acts U matter has three states chess game has three phases sales you know offers three product type you’ve offered you know McDonald’s you know small medium large if you guys

52:27 don’t have packages in your service business you should have three separate packages for each one of your three separate packages for tile cleaning three separate packages for upholster cleaning three separate packages for carpet cleaning be able to to to provide those in threes threes work really really well in our in our in in our world they’re visually a great pattern um people typically remember three sometimes four things they won’t remember the fifth right so it’s it’s pattern recognition so did you know that

52:54 you actually operate three business businesses right you have a client attraction business the blueprint breaks this down you have a service delivery business and you have a client retention business if you only run a service delivery business you don’t have enough clients youve attracted and you don’t retain enough if you only have a client attraction business and your service delivery sucks you have no and they’re not going to retain anyways and and and you’re going to you’re going to run out

53:23 of customers really really soon you have three separate businesses that needed to be worked on independently at the same time rule of three so before the sale are you the best known cleaner are you building your lists everything you do in the client attraction business is about list building and then Market the list relent relentlessly client attraction business is not not and write this down not about Just Landing a job it’s not about a booking your whole job is to build lists of Ideal people and I’ll actually show

54:01 you what those lists actually be you got to do grass reach Grassroots Outreach we call it the hustle we actually even have a hustle helpers package for people that aren’t at a level yet it’s it’s a new package in our services to help them you do the hustle we’ll do some training with you and coaching on the blueprint and all this stuff and on Grassroots Outreach and we’ll take care of the basics that you need started right now to build that brand right so that you start stacking and growing because

54:27 there’s a proven formula for that right um local referral Partners weekly Outreach and and awareness campaigns referral um partner rewards um weekly commercial Outreach and follow-ups as well neighborhood brand awareness we talk about door hangers and postcards and um yard signs and all that kind of stuff um digital lead generation SEO Google Maps Facebook Google you know social media all of it and Lead Chase and nurture all of that happens before the sale during the sale we think oh I just got to show up

55:01 and clean a lot of people think that oh heavens no when you answer the phone do you know how to influence the person who calls do you know how to sell by chat when they don’t want to talk on the phone oops which is most the people nowaday can you influence them to get on the phone and if not can you influence them with visuals that say the same thing as you would have said with words hey you know hey it’s a great day here at ABC Carpet what information can I get for you today right what information you looking

55:30 for right you can even start I know people hey it’s a great day blah blah blah um Can can I have your name yeah it’s Sandy hey Sandy what information are you looking for today from us well I’m actually well good question actually changes the whole thought pattern just the words we use have power right so then okay great and what research have you done on us so far if you don’t know that how you going going to carry on the rest of the conversation oh I just saw an ad versus well I got referred to you by this

56:01 person then I on your website I watch some of your videos I saw the founder well I heard his whole story it sounds amazing that’s awesome so do you know about our this and that yeah I know all about that too awesome okay tell me a look what you’re looking to get done right let’s go a little bit deeper on those areas you said three bedrooms BL now you’re off okay well while I’m figuring out a price for you let me tell you why most people who call do actually book us to clean their carpets we offer the best cleaning the

56:24 best guarantees well what I mean by that is risk reversal guarantee unique sale or compelling sales proposition boom boom you’ve already created those we talked about it now you get to save them right so what we don’t do what everybody else does what we do is what you do right and we’ve got our services divided in three separate packages so you can pick whichever one makes the most sense to you on the day of cleaning our technician will do a full thorough pre-inspection he will basically do a consultation and smile sweetly and you

56:53 choose you can ask any questions you want but he’s not selling you anything you pick which package makes the most sense to you make it easy for for people right so I can’t give you an exact price over the phone I’m not going to quote you on the phone because we haven’t seen the carpets yet anybody who does quote you on the phone is probably doing you disservice you’re either overpaying or underpaying um for what you’ve got and if you’re underpaying they’re rushing and if you’re overpaying that doesn’t

57:13 make sense either so we do it the right way we give you an estimate a range and we come out and we give you a quote now does a t does a morning or afternoon work best for you not oh how does that sound would you like to book no no no no most people who call choose us to clean their carpets so now I’m just asking you what day of the week right call scripts make sense we train on this as well because it’s you have to know how to convert people and you have to know how to do it by chat so your sales skills and your objection

57:37 handling you have to craft your craft your quote visit for Success some of these all things with TMS are part of the training that we do right because you want to go and do some people like to only show up and do a quote and never look over the phone we did a hybrid we did a bit of both right if we couldn’t sell the job we sold the quote if we couldn’t sell the quote we sold the information what’s your name address like we got all of that what’s the best email address I’ll send you over everything we talked about so if you are

58:01 calling around you’ll have all of our information handy and know what questions to ask yeah I’d really like that my email is blah it’s not like oh can I have your email I don’t really give that out no you get it 99% of the time right right so how do you craft your remarkable inhome cleaning experience if you can’t and I put re in in red there because they you want them to remark on it it’s remarkable because you want them to remark on it to other people right so that is not showing up

58:29 with tongues hanging out and jeans and pants down around the knees and a hoodie on and you know sure might be a great technician might be lovely rusted old van dripping oil in the driveway right maybe it’s the cleanest night as’s van technician hey how’s it going right at the door in front of Mrs Jones who answers the door usually the housewife or their mother-in-law who’s opening the door for us like those are all the people we know that right so you want to make sure that it’s clean professional clipboard in hand we always

59:00 used to had a a bag slung over our shoulder with other information or material in it and stuff like that um rolling tape measures sticking up we charged by the cleanable square footage so we always measured right take a giant step back we trained the guys we did role playing oh I hate role playing yeah front office I’m going to pretend to be Mrs Jones you’re going to be showing up for the job and you’re going to knock on the door ring the doorbell and I’m going to open the door right and we went

59:24 through this no no the giant step back and slightly turn on an angle you’re more imposing than than Mrs Jones is you want have your business card ready and hand it over ask to be invited in well may I come in Mr Jones like yeah that’s where the carpet’s are of course you start putting your booties on don’t walk around in sweaty sock feet or your shoes from outside all your shoes are fine you’re GNA be cleaning it anyways no ma’am no I’m not dragging anything in from outside in fact we’re going to roll

59:49 out a carpet uh we always use the red carpet so we’re going to roll out the red carpet for you when you know when I start bringing my equipment in I have indoor shoes that I put on when I clean um just don’t want to trade the shoes right now um just going to put these booties on let’s go take a look at what you what you need done right put hand her a laminate hand her something put her in control um give her something tactile and now put assumed control upon her as you ask your questions and do your dog and pony show have an

01:00:13 experience that everybody’s trained on you will double and triple your sales and your revenue and the average value of a job just by learning that alone right so now you need less leads to hit your target number or you can grow your company faster right and you now know exactly which technicians you need to hire as well right you want to Anchor your expertise you want to you know start introducing feedback so anchoring your expertise is the handouts and the package you leave at the end resell the job after you leave resell your company

01:00:40 resell the good decision right you buyer remorse you have to start reselling the second you walk you be before you even walk away um you want to introduce feedback not just reviews Google reviews are great you’re asking for them to do you a favor feedback is you’re asking for them to give their honest opinion to the boss or the office not you feedback feels different more people like average number of reviews people 10% of the population gives reviews 70% of the population will will write feedback if they’re asked politely andc

01:01:15 correctly so referral rewards introduction VIP Club you want to you want to during during the sale after the sale you want to build your fence every one of your customers is trying like every single month you lose 10% of that relationship value every single month you’re not in touch with your clients going forward your competitors are nipping at their heels their friends are getting in their ear there maybe I don’t want you a carpet cleaner you know the husband honey we can just rent a machine I can do it myself right who wants any

01:01:42 of that you want to start building your fence right so you want to sell the feedback get them to give you feedback because it anchors the experience that they just had in the home it reminds them and gets them to write it down why do we think journaling everybody talks about oh journal every single day you’ll you’ll kind of get stuff off your head it’ll make you calmer less stressed and you’ll remember stuff as business owners you know have your phone and take voice notes right anytime you’re sort of you

01:02:04 know providing your input and thoughts on something it anchors it a lot deeper right sell the referral sell the repeat right talk to them right away about reexperiencing you and continue to resell that right hey that great experience you had love to come back and do that again do you have any upholster needs clean you have any a rugs you have any Taco I’d really love to come back and just give you that experience again right you resell that’s your marketing you’re now marketing to your database right service follow-up followup for

01:02:31 Success um process there’s an exact science to this um after service next service upsell talked about that a bit um referral request and the recipe for Recovery a very unique strategy that we taught how to term people that are you know have a complaint thought something should be done better whatever into the happiest people on on the planet and not only love you better than your average customer does but refer you to more people and stick around longer simply because they had a problem if you do recovery right if you have a recipe for

01:03:04 your recovery and you do it right it turns your the person that’s a little unsure about the way things turned out into one of your biggest cheerleaders right you want a ongoing customer nurture and retention marketing client quarterly check-ins and annual reminder marketing seasonal promotion marketing six-month VIP package up sell marketing lost client reactivation marketing are we seeing a theme here you’re a marketer of cleaning services not a cleaner even if you’re the only guy in the truck right so the power of three to

01:03:36 fill in the gaps um build your list we’ll talk about this we’ll wrap up shortly we’re almost just a little over I trying to go quarter after the hour so let’s we’re almost done here so um what marketing lists are you building and nurturing again I said you’re not buying customers you’re not buying leads you’re not buying one-offs that’s why Groupon never worked the you bought a discount customer that’s going to go find a discount service next time unless your price is lower than the other guy you

01:04:03 know and you can’t run a business being the lowest PRC guy you can’t build a sustainable business and you can’t sell it for half a million of million dollars in the middle of a pandemic like somebody on this call know you you know did um you can’t do that if you’re the discount guy in town if you’re the best known cleaner at the perceived highest prices we weren’t but everybody thought we because of the way we Market it right then you can right so you want to have a residential customer list you want to

01:04:31 have a commercial customer list we decidedly realized we don’t want 10 20 30 40,000 square foot commercial buildings you might be going oh John you’re crazy those are amazing till two three four o’clock in the morning the technician has to get up the next day and do the residential or we take a day off because we took the night and now no no we realized I we completely stopped quoting those we realized that it took a while again I’m not the smartest you know um or sharpest tack in in the pack like took about 10

01:05:02 years to realize you know what I shouldn’t be chasing these these big commercial jobs if we can’t clean it during the day or at the end of the day dentists chiropractors car lots you know you like places that shut down and we can go in and clean that didn’t have to be a Saturday or Sunday didn’t have to be at you know stupid o’clock at night we don’t want it I can’t hire technicians for that everybody’s grumpy about it it’s pain in the ass and the money’s not worth it and they only want

01:05:30 the cheapest price a dentist doesn’t care he’s only got about the same square footage he guys his house right yeah I pay about 600 at my home that makes a much sense you go in at 5 you’re done at 7 7:30 right so um you want to have um you want you want to have your your customers divided by service do you know know all the clients you have with pets who could use pet urine do you know all the clients that have hardwood floors if you do hardwood floor screening and recording do you know all the clients

01:06:02 that have tile and grow even if you’re just called in to clean their chair their upholstery do you have your clients broken down by that are you sending a oh time to get your TI and grow clean to somebody who whole house is hardwood and area Rogues right have your lists property managers right why yeah maybe you can do the hallways and the all that kind of stuff but you can also do the the building and give them a kickback and like hey we’d love we your client we we do two or three clients of ours are are

01:06:32 member are in in your building one of them sits on the board you know stally CRS um we’d really love to give the building a bit of an offer um a value added offer and for doing so yeah we’ll we’ll we’ll give you back to your your coffers your maintenance plan whatever 10% of what they uh what they give us is okay if we um put a promotion around the building right now if you want us to do the hallways or do any of our service cleaning we’ll take that off the bill that that but otherwise we just

01:07:02 give it to you but thank you for letting us promote right um you want to have a a lead list you want leads that didn’t turn into customers and you want that to be 10 times bigger than your customer list you want to have referral partners and you want to be marketing these all the time you want to every every single week reaching out to five or 10 potential referral partners with an ex a marketing package and exact scripts and words B Bas on your compelling sales proposition your risk reversal guarantee why should they refer you because

01:07:29 nobody’s ever going to have a problem with you because you’re going to give all their money back if they don’t and you’re going to recan it again and you’re going to give them a dinner out at a steak restaurant if they’re really that unhappy right whatever it is whatever you’re again whatever keeps you up a night for two or three nights you’re getting close to being right so you’ve got all of that and you’ve got a great brand and everywhere they look it’s amazing referral partner is going sure

01:07:49 I’m going to I’m going to choose you so you got have to have your list built out because if you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes you can sell Jo Joe Jones what Joe Jones buys I love that phrase because every one of those lists that I just mentioned have different buying criteria they are a slightly different customer Avatar so you don’t have one customer Avatar you have one for every one of your your your list and again you can’t do this all so you start with a plan quarterly big rocks divide it by

01:08:16 the month what can I get in place how do what do I do for the next how do I break that down you don’t plan you’re winging it right so why should have somebody choose you do business with you versus your competition you need to know why what benefits do you offer that your Target customer Avatar will resonate with what can you add that’s different what do you offer that’s different that becomes part of your compelling sales proposition right so you need to Define your message and if that’s to a dentist

01:08:47 and a dentist office that can be a different benefit than to Mrs Jones right so so you want to make every lead more valuable because inbound leads the average person doesn’t convert their inbound leads and most website form fills fail because most people don’t follow up with them well enough fast enough when somebody fills out a form on your website you still only have five minutes to get back to them or they start calling around or looking for something else so five to 15 minutes they could end up at the competition or

01:09:15 just kind of think you don’t care or you must just be a fly by night maybe it’s just one guy right that’s not the same thing as being best known and growing your average customer must be followed up with five to seven times inquiry before they become a customer actually um five to seven times right it’s no different than brand building people need to see your brand five six seven eight nine 10 12 times before they start recognizing and trusting you right so your ideal customer needs to see it that many times

01:09:44 the followup needs to happen a lot of people don’t just book they just don’t right when we listen to the calls when somebody says oh I booked 70% of the calls no no let you book 35% 25% of the ones that that that weren’t referred to you or heard from you like 30% across the board and that includes the repeats that are going to be should be 100% so you’re you’re way down the list right so but if you followed up with them five to seven times with the right messages in automation especially um you’re you’re

01:10:13 going to get a lot of those deciding to choose you because you start educating them right so you want to measure leverage marketing automation to do this so you can follow up within the first two minutes by phone call text email boom boom boom out the door start a conversation and it’s automated um right you want to automate followup so every Prospect gets touched five seven times we we there’s actually a formula for this um Harvard came out with it’s called The Chase formula like 20 30 years ago I don’t know where it came

01:10:42 from but but it’s for salesmen how you chase um customers ethically over over over that first two or three week window how many times you should touch them how many it feels like it feels like too much for the average person for the average business owner the average salesman whatever two or three times feels too much the customer perspective was yeah I don’t think you followed up a couple times and it was 17 it’s their perspective and what you do is entirely different so you want to definitely have all of those in place

01:11:13 and it’s just simple math if you’re booking about 30% across all of them and your average job is 325 right you make about 9 10 grand on1 leads in a month take the exact same 100 leads change nothing about your money nothing about your marketing nothing about anything and just convert better convert better with better scripts you’re at 50% convert better with better follow-up you’re at 70% that exact same investment up here exact same investment to get the leads now brought you in $23,000 two and a half times more money

01:11:49 in your pocket and the only difference is you converted better right so it looks like this automation part of carpet cleaner lead Pro you can ask us about it if you’re interested but um yeah there’s a there’s a lot of psychology involved in good automation right so you want to build your plan we’re we’re wrapped up now we’re right on time 3:15 so um what are your takeaways what did you learn what are you going to implement what gaps are you going to fill build your custom plan you can go

01:12:21 to our website and download a um the um carpet cleaner checklist the internet marketing checklist it’s helpful for sure um yeah you want to start off right now what are your three internet marketing initiatives or Marketing in general initiatives that you you need to implement to hit your 2024 goal do you know what your goal is what are the three big hairy goal big hairy things you need to implement to hit that goal and then can you break those down into quarterly rocks monthly to-dos right so if you want to get the

01:12:53 whole kit includ includes the checklist and all of that stuff you can go to carpet cleaner marketing rewards it’ll be a Google Drive where these files are available most you know view only or make copies different things like that depending on what’s if it’s a PDF versus a a worksheet um but you can get all of that and start thinking through this process you can by all means ping us um if you need any help um keep an eye out for all the blueprint stuff coming out this year we’re really going to go back deep with

01:13:18 this again um again it was something I did 10 15 years ago um and and through through that whole period of time and then kind of got into building other businesses and we just I just stopped doing the blueprint training um got into a digital marketing agency and grew that so um we’re going back to start teaching our clients and few select lucky people that are in the marketplace um again how to how to think through all of this how to chunk it down we’ve got a um implementation course as well teach you

01:13:47 how to implement things slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed right um all that kind of stuff so all of that’s um part of our 2024 plan how did it get there I made a goal I have a goal for the end of 2024 for me my business personally um all of it and then I broke it down by quarterly rocks and monthly to-dos and I’ve got those lists and I run I’m we’re set we just started implementing a whole system called EOS entrepreneur operating system to do all of this kind kind of stuff in our company with all of our

01:14:19 team members chrisha that’s on the call has just been introduced to EOS recently as well on top of all this the exact same stuff but just another level of of planning so um we call it our digital dominance method all that stuff we talked about today that turns into that blueprint um so the our digital dominance method came out of the blueprint it’s the digital marketing pieces of it build your brand build your Authority and then build your visibility it all fits into that before the sale during the sale after the sale mentality

01:14:47 and how all of that delivering your client experience and all that kind of stuff is all part of it so um if you need help creating your Larger than Life appearance online to become the best known cleaner hop on my schedule there’s not a lot of openings I think Chris just said we’re well into February um I do podcasts and webinars and training and build a team and work with our clients and all of that kind of stuff and we open up some time where you can hop on the schedule and have a chat so uh if there’s something we can help you with

01:15:17 that would be great but um yeah take a look at kind of what we’ve got available and If if that if any of this resonates with you and you’re looking to to take that next step I’ve given you a ton of information go back to all of our podcasts and webinars learn from all of those um and yeah and and just stay in touch let’s let’s let’s keep this going there’s again as I said let’s pop screen back here for a second there is a blueprint there’s a workbook there is training stuff I work

01:15:49 on with with coaching clients and stuff like that there is lots of stuff available to get get you from where you are get you unstuck give you the ideal plan and start it moving forward so that you actually do get to the place you want to get to in a predictable manner it’ll do this like the sale but you’re moving in the right direction so anyways if that makes sense appreciate everybody jumping on the call today um yeah if you you got some value out of this let us know if you know any other cleaners that

01:16:18 should be um interested in this material by all means um share the replay when it comes to you in a couple days uh once we bundle this all up share our podcast all of that let other people know about us as well because again we’re here to change the industry it’s one of the things that I love talking to Jeff Cross at cleanfax about and stuff like that is he’s passionate about the industry I’m passionate about the industry anything I’ve learned I’ve given back for 25 years 30 years right I learned something

01:16:45 new oh I learned it I’m excited and I teach somebody else a friend a colleague eventually rooms full of people now clients so yeah I love giving back you can do the same thing just pay it forward share it out right if you think somebody else is GNA get some value from this that’s great really appreciate it thanks everybody for hopping on and um yeah we’ll catch up with you next time take care

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