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2023 Carpet Cleaner Marketing Blueprint: How to Create an Effective Strategy for Your Business

Are you looking to create the ultimate 2023 Carpet Cleaner Marketing Blueprint? In this workshop, I’m revealing all my top tactics and strategies to help your business succeed online in 2023. You’ll learn how to plan your local SEO domination, shore up your social media game and ensure your paid advertising gets the results you need. With these key components in place, you can start the new year with a winning internet marketing plan that will set your carpet cleaning business apart from the competition.

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Get crystal clear on WHERE you need to market

HOW you need to market and WHAT messages will work best in 2023 …to keep your business growing!

Did you know there is a BLUEPRINT for success in building a THRIVING cleaning business?

If you plan and implement the exact, proven steps …you’ll make more money in 2023 guaranteed!

Are people seeing your ads and offers but not converting at the prices you want?

Learn the secrets of HYPER Conversion Optimization to get MORE customers from your current marketing budget!

The latest trends of 2023 that you need to focus on and developing a custom action plan based on where you are now & what you need to do now

Audio Transcript:
so why are we doing part two it’s just something that you need to do at the end of the year beginning of the new year to plan for um what how you want the business to transition what kind of marketing you want to do take stock of where you’re at take stock of where you want to go staff team members um you know customers Services all of that kind of stuff so we’re gonna get into all of that but so why are we doing a part two well um I want to do a much deeper dive into a few of the topics I wanted to go much deeper and I’m going to start sharing with you um a very very exciting training that we’ve only really done I’ve only really done on a very elite level on a one-on-one and I’m gonna start delivering sort of a little bit of that that methodology and thinking because it’s how I built my own carpet cleaning business as maid service businesses janitorial businesses things like that so what we’re going to be talking about today is the goal setting and the planning for for for 2023 welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in is John share’s proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

so what we’re going to talk about we want to turn off your cell phones all that normal stuff turn off Facebook don’t be sitting here kind of noodle on your phone I’m going to turn mine off as well while we’re at it there put it actually airplane mode I won’t even get bugged so do that like let’s let’s plan to spend the next hour together talking about um how to make your business more successful especially regardless of what the economy coming up does in 2023. we have no idea what’s going to happen there’s there’s the doomsdayer saying that we’re you know we’re in for a whole crap storm and there’s the other ones talking about soft Landings and interest rates coming down um cpi’s coming down and and things like that and sort of just a you know a soft recovery we don’t know we don’t run the world there’s other people that do that for us um so we’re only left to do what we can do for ourselves what I do know what I absolutely do know is that uh when there is tough times and difficult economies whether it’s locally whether it’s nationally whether it’s internet internationally the businesses that set themselves up to strategize plan and effectively deploy the right strategies the right thoughts and be willing to dodge and and wait for results and then move and and I can think in a really really effective win the rest of them it’s a shaking out period and they go out of business they leave so you end up with more room to to grow your business there’s businesses that can grow massively during slowdowns there’s many many businesses over in history that they have their biggest growth during slowdowns and then as soon as the slowdown’s over they’re just they just Skyrocket so if that is wants to be you whether it’s Revenue wise and you’re just a one or two or three man show whether that’s yours you want to be adding trucks and now there may be more employees on the marketplace as unemployment happens Google just laid off 12 000 people in the last couple days um that those kinds of things are happening so there are they’re they’re not saying that you know a Google employee might be your best employee but it’s it’s there’s a trickle down in the economy so there might be better employees coming up available as well that will now see your job position as attractive if you’re willing to pay them well how are you willing to pay them well you’re willing to pay them well because you Market well and your ideal customer comes into your business and sticks with you and doesn’t start looking around every single time for somebody to do you’re not always chasing you know new low-end customers so that’s what we’re going to talk about

topic and I think you’re going to get a lot out of it so let’s kind of move through that so we’re gonna set the goals three fundamental three fundamentals marketing success we’ll talk about that how to optimize your website we’ll get a little bit about that as well but the big picture is where we’re going into a little bit more about latest trends and a customized action plan so we’re going to really kind of change the the the the the focus of of what we’re talking about in here for this this next hour so it’s we laid the general found Work Foundation and groundwork last month let’s get a little bit deeper stay to the end you’ll always you’ll get the link to our resource doc pool um so it’s it’s a it’s a Google Drive full of all kinds of things that will really really help you guys um run your business better things to score cards and and um checklists and all of that kind of stuff as well so who am I well if you don’t know go buy the book um and if you don’t want to buy the book and you want us to send us a free copy uh then because you’re you know you’re interested in maybe working with us reach out to Rima we can talk about that um because we lot lots of copies of the book but on Amazon author of the complete guide to internet marketing for carpet cleaners it’s a great book for carpet cleaners Home Service businesses made service businesses any if you’re in the cleaning industry or a Home Service this is the step-by-step latest blueprint 17 chapters 300 some odd pages of exactly what you need to do to optimize your business online to get the maximum amount of leads and be seen as the local Authority everything that’s working today right now so that’s in that book it got launched a few months six months ago I think now um but anyways I started my career in 1990 while still in high school a lot of you guys know that um started actually you know in a business class and and wrote a thesis paper on uh how to get you know to get a loan and an executive summary and a business proposal and one of for brownie points take it to the bank and get the bank manager to rate it he didn’t just rate it he actually said I want to give you guys the money this sounds like a great business um so we decided my my buddy and I Scott that we were um going to start the business up and we started a window cleaning business in high school and bought ladders and vans and all that kind of stuff and ran that successfully for a number of years got into high-rise window cleaning jumping over the side of 40-story buildings it all came out of that business class he went off to college early 20s and I started going in a different direction and built up a janitorial company bought franchises in carpet cleaning and just started the journey that lasted in that world 30 years started Consulting part way through the 2000s um and helping people write better yellow page ads and get you know 10 times the result for the same spend things like that and then speaking around the world and then starting doing 3D three-day Elite Retreats we’re going to talk a little bit about that actually because the elite Retreats were on a very specific framework that we built on how to optimize and run a service-based business properly so we’ll talk about that a little bit as well more than we’ve ever talked about before and we’re going to talk a little bit more about during the year and especially for our our our members our our Mastermind our clients there’s going to be a lot more content about that as well because I think it’s really important as we wonder what this economy is going to do we’re not just going up and up and up every year like it has been for the last 12 years so we’re really going to uh we’re really going to dive into how to be successful regardless of economy so anyways I sold my um my my high-end my final business I told all the other business off built them up sold them for double triple quadruple what I bought them for if they’re existing and then finally sold off my final brick and mortar business in the middle of the pandemic um at a premium price to the um the the owner of the business who was one of our managers at the time so who now runs the business successfully as a automated did everything ready done there for you documented and and just step by step click together business that just had to walk into and take over so um that’s what we’re going to talk about for you guys as well that’s the the ultimate goal I don’t know like you know if you’re if you’re a one-man show one way you can think about it you want to grow to have multiple employees so that if you hurt your leg who’s going to go and do the cleaning things like that hopefully you want to be at least a couple Crews on the road once you get to a couple two or three you don’t need to be in the truck anymore if if it’s your primary income because that’s enough to kind of to kind of support you need there’s a more of a management role needed in the company as well so there’s there’s certain levels that are very predictable in the cleaning industry if you price yourself white right target the right customer and um you know kind of plan your growth cycle that way and we can talk all about that as well so hopefully that makes sense that’s a little bit of my background and a little bit more about what we’re going to be talking about today

um kind of more importantly is what do we do for other clients like when we’ve got clients that are up 55 over the previous year in one month um a 40 increase in Revenue in in a year um you know number one all over the Internet things like that um it just you know had a better year than in one month than they’ve had in results in the last two years things like that so we’ve got you know we’ve got clients that um that like what we do because as a company as an agency not only do we just provide free training and all that kind of stuff we actually provide all of the resources that are in the book uh we can we can offer as a you know in-house service and work with you we call it done together marketing because there’s things you can’t just hand over your mark and go oh you you run you you you run the business you generate all the leads I’ll just go do the work um that you know even franchises can’t handle that like I’ve been in the franchise world that doesn’t happen you have to be actively involved in your business and we help teach you what the roles are the best use of your time and how you can do that while you’re in the truck and have less time to be working on your business and how you can move your way out of that as well so and if you’re already well out of that then you know what we’re talking about and how do you focus your time better and your technician’s time and stuff like that so because what we try and do is we we actually make our clients the top cleaning brand in their local Marketplace so we want you to be attracting the best clients whatever those are in your Marketplace and every Market has a demo a graphic and a market size and we actually do all that research for you and you know who your best clients are and where we check out your competitors and how they’re marketing to them and stuff like that we want you to be able to charge the best rates in your Marketplace so there’s no more competing for the lowest price that is a commodity business where there’s always going to be somebody coming in lower than you even if they’ll be out of business and bankrupt in two years um they come in they try they take the customers because it’s all about the low price well the low price customers go to the lowest price guy every time the value driven customers which is the majority of people don’t go to the lowest price they want great value for their money and that’s actually what they’re seeking and all polls show that as well that if um on in a hierarchy of of what people are looking for when they’re hiring in our cleaning space and home cleaning space it’s more about trust about environmentally friendly things like that they want to know that you’re you’re trained team you can do the work right you’re not Outsourcing and all that price comes way down the list so we you know as cleaners a lot of times we focus on price especially for new or young when when you realize you don’t need to focus on pricing you can focus on quality it changes your marketing as well so you want to be booked out weeks in advance for that so how do we do this well we Leverage The Three core principles of digital marketing success you want to maximize your opportunities to generate a qualified lead so where are those qual who are those people that you need to be targeting where do they live where are they where do they show up where do they go and shop where do they look online what do they physically do that might be different than your not ideal lead right so you know readers are leaders there’s people that still get the newspaper there’s people that still listen to the radio and the News Talk and and things like that those people are different than the ones that you know listen to you know a different radio station as an example so there’s things as a company grows maybe you’re you’re part of your audience what do they consume and how can you get in front of them there that’s the opportunities how can you maximize your brand Impressions because another core principle is maximizing your brand Impressions so to your ideal customer again not just everywhere but to your ideal customer what is a brand impression like your van is a brand impression when you drove pulling into your driveway and into a neighborhood that’s Max that’s your brand impression are you maximizing it what do we mean by maximizing it right so online there’s many many ways that you can maximize your brand impression in a non-salesy way that gets Goodwill and warmth and see you as the authority and then are you maximizing your conversions you can have opportunities all day long you get a brand Impressions all day long you have tons of traffic all day long to your ads your offers your website all that stuff your social media properties but if you don’t maximize for conversions you might get one out of every five one out of every ten to actually reach out to you when you maximize for conversions you can get seven out of ten eight out of ten the exact same ad spend the exact same um work that you’re doing and effort and you end up with a business that’s five times bigger because you maximized for conversions big big key point right there so what’s the hardest part about marketing your carpet cleaning business your service business online we know what it is it’s tons of options it’s unclear we’re like you got a budget well how much do you budget like that’s a big question we’re going to solve today how much do you actually budget to not just online marketing but your Marketing in general and then how much of that should go online right let’s talk about that um so you don’t know where there’s so many choices is it SEO do you try and rank organically pay-per-click do you run with the paid ads um do you do go um Google guarantee local service ads is that better than pay-per-click it’s

still by Google but is it better um is your website important at all anymore right social media should you be posting on social media at all what should you be posting should be running ads on social media you know all that kind of stuff if you you know if you don’t know if you like there’s things like retargeting and and you know funnels and and all kinds of stuff like what should you actually be doing one of the things you should be doing is understanding where carpet cleaners in general get jobs from right what are the many many many many many many many places that carpet cleaners should be getting jobs from and how double check which ones you’re getting jobs from so this is one of the things if you stick around to the end you’re going to get this uh in in the package of information but you need to know where are you getting your jobs from right now right how many and how many and on average like some months one might get a little bit slower we’ve got people that have come to us that all they ever did was Facebook ads right and all of a sudden Facebook ads got more difficult or slower or whatever and now they’ve got you know that that built their business they got from zero to 125 000 a year in sales one truck maybe one guy in the truck with them and then all of a sudden they drop to fifty thousand why because somebody else came in and started marketing on Facebook as well diluted the pool you know there was changes in the marketplace I’ve heard the exact same thing recently about Google local service ads it built the business and then it crashed the business because all of a sudden the average cost per um per per call from Google local service has went from 17 bucks to 45 bucks right or you wouldn’t get a call at all right so now your your math changes well if that’s the only source you’ve got a problem if you’ve got Google ads and Facebook ads and a budget and each one of them you’re putting a dollar or two in the in the slot machine so you put for every dollar you put in the slot machine in ad spend you pull the handle and you know you’re at least going to get three dollars out do you stop that right three dollars out for every dollar you put in you for every you know you put 100 bucks in you get 300 job well the hundred dollars went to pay the ad the 200 paid for the solution the time the tech you profit and now you’ve landed an ideal client that can repeat with you refer with you and that that future is free like it’s it’s very inexpensive you don’t put a hundred dollars in to get you know 300 out you don’t put one dollar in to get three kind of idea so um because it’s now a repeat client you just you know you stay in touch with them and reach out to them on a regular basis and they’ll come back if you did a great job and delivered you know a quality experience chance that they want to come back to and refer so that that’s an important point we’re going to talk about in a minute as well so you think about that if you’ve got all of these sources running and you don’t do them all at once you pick a couple at a time yeah the first quarter of the year that’s what we’re going to talk about goal planning what ones do you want to do you want to do you want to set up your Facebook ads better do you want to set up Google Maps so that you get into the maps listing because you’re going to get 20 30 40 50 calls a month if you’re there if you’re not there if you’re not in that three pack for most of your service terms you’re going to get one or two calls do you want 20 30 calls or one or two because somebody’s getting the 20 30 calls it’s just not you right now how do you get there well there’s a whole bunch of things that need to happen to start influencing you know Google to move you up in there organic rankings 50 of the people still move down below the maps listing on a Google search Google only accounts for 60 70 on the high end of the searches for your service of that 50 of the people that search go down below the pay-per-click and the maps they go down to the organic do you want to be there because that’s a larger volume of people but that’s the people that are reading and want to learn more is your website ranking for all the keyword terms they could possibly type in about 10 000 or so um active keywords in the carpet cleaning space that and and variations of those that people type in to find the server service providers that you should have an answer to and how do you have an answer to it well that’s that’s part of SEO and organic rankings over time you build that up and now you have an asset you can sell it to somebody else because your business shows up and ranks because of the asset value that it has built over time so you got to be thinking of these things where do you want to invest your your money to grow your business in the short term and have that Foundation continue to be built in the long term and it even includes offline stuff you know are you popping into flooring stores you talking interior designers anybody reaching out to real Realtors do you have a maybe you know a service that reaches out and books appointments for you to have a conversation about being a referral partner things like that or you do it yourself if you’re bootstrapping like do you have any of these things in place right um you know are you on all the online directories have you Judy’s Book Angie’s List or Angie’s now without the list um are you are you on Yelp are you all over the place are you are you getting leads from your your optimized listing on there it doesn’t mean a paid listing but is it well optimized is it constantly being updated every month and and therefore it kind of triggers the algorithm to move you up a little bit and things like that you’ve got to be thinking of all these things are you putting door hangers like the 20 around not the five around not one on either side and three across the street five on either side 20 across the street is it nice neighborhood you better be branding brand Impressions online and offline that’s an example of that um are you doing um every door mail or at least geo-targeted um postcards with a geo-targeted display ad they see your postcard in the mail and they also as they go to CNN and WebMD and The Weather Network in the exact same neighborhood they see a the same graphics on the postcard following them around in the sidebar of these ads or on the on these these websites they search you can do that are you are you doing that as part of your branding so lots of things you can do which ones are you doing you need to figure that out

but marketing is a major investment I just told you a whole bunch of stuff and you’re going yeah John but who’s got money to pay for all of that and that’s a good question again it’s that dollar in three dollars out if you’re not if you’re putting a dollar in and getting 50 cents out you’re going to be losing money if you can buy a customer for even at break even sounds terrible but at break even cover all your bills all your overhead and just break even right no profit your accountant’s mad at you you made no profit from that customer your your repeat customers your referral customers all profitable wildly profitable but your new customer ideal customer that’s going to use you for years break even even if you can make some money on them great but even at break even even at a loss if you know your numbers well and you’ve got a great stable business behind you you can even buy new market share at a loss I’ve done that many times over my year years not in the beginning but once you’re at scale that four or five years in um sometimes a little bit quicker but four or five years in usually at a scale where you have to go to base you’ve got predictable recurring income 20 30 40 30 000 a month coming in from your base of clients that come repeat that you’ve got database marketing going out to and all that kind of stuff I got a base going now I’m willing to take some of that and expand into a new market or a new marketing platform right so people that that go to Google see you on Google people that don’t go to Google will never see you on Google why because they don’t go there people that go to social media will see you on social media if you’re not there invest some money now you’ve got those people too that would never find you here but are only going to find you there so think in those terms that’s that’s really the way to think about this so you don’t have money to you don’t have much to show for it again you’re putting money in and it’s not coming back out are you even tracking that do you know how to track that we’ll talk a little bit about that as well so the fail is obviously you’re not doing enough you’re spending too much money you don’t see it coming back you don’t know how to track the ROI of of what is growing your business and and the you know in the ROI of like separating that from the repeat and referral clients like that’s one base and that that and then what are you willing to invest from that in the growth and what’s the ROI of each one of the The Avenues doesn’t mean that the Avenue that’s got a 10 to 1 Roi is better than the Avenue that’s got a three to one Roi it just means that you know the 10 to 1 Roi might only generate you three clients a month the three to one might send you four generate you 40. can you support it right do you have enough of a base that you can continue to grow your database because you know full well that once you’ve got a client you’re going to see them once every 9.3 months you know not once once a year at 12 months not once every two years at best across average but you’ve got an average of 9.3 um 9.3 months of the year so you know nine not you know nine months and seven days or whatever that works out to six days um you you’re gonna is the average duration until you repeat your average client some never see again they moved out they left they died the other ones um more often than that every six months and all in it averages down under a year if you know that you buy clients anywhere you can at break even or better right so and then you do have money to show for it you know what that all means so that’s the opportunity right so what I want you to do is go download the workbook I’m not going to pause in the workbook right now it’s got a lot of the stuff we’re talking about but it’s the thinking tool you you grab a coffee right um some of you big yetis like I use here um during the day keep it warm all day long I’m not a fast coffee drinker but I’m a big coffee drinker um and you sit down turn the to you know close the door turn the phone off and sit down print off the workbook and think the most invaluable point about owning a business is not doing it’s not the area rug you just cleaned it’s not the the carpet you just cleaned it is the thinking and strategizing that you finally did so that you do something new this year that you didn’t do last you do something new this month you thought of you know a way to say something better that lands you that next commercial client better you do a quote you wonder why you never follow up with a quote we’re just talking to one of our clients about this stuff earlier today and you know yeah you if you’re if you go to 10 commercial um commercial quotes and you only Land one right and you go to 10 or you go to 10 and you land five or six what’s the difference it’s not about the cheapest price right if you’re if you’re only going to the on the lowest price you’re targeting the wrong the wrong Commercial Business and and you’re not pre-qualifying them right but a proper Court Commercial Business doesn’t want to you know you know it can’t be goofy high but they know the lowest guys are not going to deliver the value either can you explain why you should be the choice can you influence them in a way to be the choice that’s strategically thinking so we were talking about things like offer to do a demo while you’re there or let’s bring the crew in that’s right once you’re dirty stereo let me bring the guys in I’ll do that for free I just want to show you why most people who reach out for us for a quote end up choosing us even if we’re not the lowest price because we’re we’re in the ballpark but we offer so many more services and a better value and a better service right things like that if they go with somebody else did you follow up and say hey how’d that turn out if there’s any problems let me come in for a second opinion let me go look at the cleaning they did and see if there was something more that we could have done for you if that matters to you right you pop back around things like that that’s strategizing you strategize your business grows so thinking is the most important thing you can do so go here carpet cleaner 2023-workbook

um don’t need to go through it right now but download it print it off have a physical copy of it and fill it up so you need clear goals you need to generate enough leads to hit your goals so what are your goals how do we figure out those numbers right you need to have a return on your investment so you need to know area by area by area what’s happening what are the key metrics how many how many visitors are coming to your website how where are they coming from and like just on a website alone there’s there’s just some numbers you need to know and then how many are converting how many page how long are they staying how many pages are they going to and then how many are converting into filling out a form did you know that a you know on a good website 95 of the people won’t fill out a form if you can improve the conversion optimization of your website to say that instead of 95 won’t reach out to you right away they’ll just think about it go somewhere else forget about your website and if you’re not following up with them if you’re not asking for their email address in exchange for something really valuable so that you can now chase them around a little bit um if you’re not doing any of those things you don’t have any conversion elements right your website maybe not isn’t a great return on investment you can get a lot of traffic to it and it doesn’t generate anything on the other side you can have 10 people show up on your website and at least five of them reach out to you because your website’s designed properly it’s got conversion elements it speaks to what they’re looking for it tells them your guarantee and why you’re different and it makes them go oh my God I need these guys Target the right people get the right people to your right properties and then have the right message on there your return on investment’s easy so this is what I want to talk about is um so again it’s the training called the blueprint for Success that I’ve developed 15 years ago so as part of our our coaching program a Consulting business that worked with franchise networks and individual operators and and and large businesses and it is the master plan for running your systemized service business so I talk a lot about the concepts from this um with a lot of our clients one-on-one during our monthly or quarterly meetings we go through various aspects of this kind of thing but I’m really trying to um bring it back as a formal more of a formal training within our client mix because I think it’s becoming it’s going to become more and more important as as um as 2023 and 2024 develop out and also it’s just it’s such essential so basically what it is this is the exact the exact blueprint um and it’s it’s what I developed to turn my business into automated cash generating machine running virtually on autopilot which allowed me to sell it for multiples like a lot you know a maximum value when I when I saw in all my businesses not just not just the carpet cleaning one I just sold but this is what I did with you know back in the day with the um the the maid services and the janitorial

services and all that and the the Flood Restoration the duck cleaning all the businesses in the middle of that 30 years running carpet cleaning but adding these other elements growing them shooting them off um when it made sense things like that all of that was um was was part of this process and it’s been trained to dozens and dozens of other cleaning business owners probably over a hundred now um in Canada US Australia New Zealand and through one-on-one Consulting to walk them through these things so basically we’ll talk a little bit more about this a couple of the pieces of this today but ultimately it comes down to making sure you have your foundation right and then your business is divided into three very strategic components and you’re you’re the the before the sale component anything that happens before the sale the awareness phase the follow-up phase the whole the whole um prospecting and the funneling and the secondary responses and all that because then there is the during the sale from the moment they reach out to you to the moment you walk out the door and say thanks ma’am right and you and you you your crew is done that is a during the sale moment and every single piece of that has to be congruent with the before it has to be based on your desired um view that you’re putting out into the world that’s unique to you guys um compelling sales proposition is called and then um and it needs to deliver to the client something that they just go oh my God I can’t believe that was amazing and it’s not just meh that’s what I expected right amazing gets referrals and rubies called remarkable they’re willing to remark on you are you remarkable are you able to be remarked on if you’re not you haven’t built this yet and then the end is the back end is the follow-up that’s a whole separate business how do you follow up with everybody that’s been through what it what is your follow-up and client retention referral system system automated running on autopilot look like so that’s that’s the blueprint for success for for um Home Service businesses carpet cleaners it’s it’s it’s very formulaic it works brilliantly if you put the pieces in place and slowly grow through it you’ve got three separate phases of your business every every month every quarter you’re putting in a balance across each you’re putting in a new um before the sale during the sale and after the sale process dialing it in automating it locking it in place and moving on to the next and your business is incrementally growing month after month quarter after quarter year after year in 10 years your business is Light Years different inside and out than the business that started it doesn’t look or feel the same at all because it’s improving constant and never-ending Improvement very structured so how do we get there how do we get there why am I even saying any of this stuff um set clear goals First Step without goals you are a boat sitting in the middle of the ocean with no wind in your sails which way are you going to go and how are you going to get there right are you gonna start rowing that ain’t gonna get you anywhere you need goals because goals act as the wind in your sales they are pushing you in a direction and the cool thing about having goals and that wind in your sales the analogy is brilliant because you can always tack right you don’t have to just go in a straight line you can make an adjustment based on the data and the marketplace and the changing conditions and and aim slightly this way and oh because it’s never a clear path you ever look at the stock market it doesn’t go up and up and up or down and down and down up down down up up up and down up up so does your business right you’re aiming and adjusting along the way based on the data that you got and you can’t get that data if you don’t even know what you’re aiming at right so Harvard study won’t spend too long on this but basically Harvard graduates 1979 um they were interviewed as they graduated and do you have a specific goals 84 didn’t 13 had goals but didn’t write them down three percent had clear written goals not surprising when they followed up with that same class over the decades later 13 of the class who had goals were earning on average twice as much this middle group was earning twice as much as the group that in the interview said they didn’t have any goals they thank you I just graduated Harvard for gosh sakes imagine that expense on you know themselves or mommy and daddy’s money um or the the the loans they are going to pay off until they’re in their 50s um and they didn’t have any clear goals the ones that did 13 had twice the twice as much um earned twice as much twice as much income period staggeringly the three percent that had actually clear written goals and a plan to accomplish them they actually graduated with a goal and a plan and had it set up before them 10 times as much as the other um 97 combined this three percent earned 10 times as much as all of the incomes of these guys combined why because that’s what you you set your brain on it right um Brian Tracy success his goals all else’s commentary it just means it’s you know some people believe in the in the in the the power of manifestation um you know a higher power speaking to God speaking to the universe all of those kinds of things and getting back vibrations all

that kind of stuff who knows if any of that stuff like we we don’t have any way of proving any of that stuff is legit or not but what I do know is that if you think about something long enough if you’re like a little kid and you obsess and obsess and obsess and obsessed and obsess over that thing you really really want and you mention it all the time and Mommy Mommy Mommy please and I really want that and and you obsess over it does it show up in your world because you’re focused on it and it it it you know it becomes children obsessed until they get right so and it gets a little annoying but if you do that with your own brain and you can tap into that you obsess with the goal you picture it you know what it is you lay it in front of you you don’t just write it out once and look at it next year you write it out and what’s my quarter will look going to look like to get me there what what does this month have to hit to get me to that quarterly goal that that quarterly goal is going to get me to that annual goal what’s the growth rate look like you dial that in you write those numbers down we’re going to show that in a minute um you you do all of that you’re you’re you you have now put that in front of you and then you you keep it you review those some people every single day just have that monthly monthly goal Mark how close am I to that monthly goal Mark how close is that getting me to the quarterly goal there’s a reason why Charities have those you know barometers or thermal thermometers and they just keep adding you know coloring them in sometimes if it’s you know at the local store but why because it’s now you’re visually seeing your goal every day and you aim at it harder so you need to have written goals you need to set a minimum a one-year goal five-year goals don’t really cut it anymore there’s too much change in the world I’d say one year goals for sure three year is a is a sort of that next larger number that makes more sense quarterly and monthly you must have a stopping point at the beginning of each New Year and each quarter where you reflect how am I doing how am I on Pace what’s working what do I need to adjust so what are your kpis key performance indicators what numbers do you care about and how is that adjusting for you right so is it the number of phone calls like that could be one if you know that you book seventy percent of all calls and that part doesn’t change and you watch that then the number of phone calls it could be a key performance indicator how do I get more phone calls in today’s day and age phone calls don’t quite cut it because people want a text message and you know web chat and all of that kind of stuff so then we call it you know messages so between phone email and text they’re all as a media as a phone call in today’s day and age you don’t let a text message or even an email go five minutes you don’t because you wouldn’t have let a phone ring and ring hope they leave a message I’m going to get back to them tomorrow you know how those calls go right so if it’s a repeat client that absolutely wants you yay to re repeat client with an emergency by tomorrow they found somebody else anyways and you’ve lost them for life right we know that we’re in an immediate world so at the very least treat every email every text message messenger any any of those DM M’s all of those and phone calls with the same urgency right but what is that number what is your key performance indicators what is your Revenue Target what number are you at right now and how much do you want to be at next year right what is that and how are you going to grow through to that how much is that monthly right so if you’re talking like there’s 12 months in a year 10 000 is a hundred and twenty thousand right if you want ten thousand a month if you want to get you know if you want to hit 360 000 next year you know that’s thirty thousand a month but we also know that there’s slow months and there’s busier months so you can factor that in you get to be strategic right so but you can break it down as a crude the first quarter is always a little bit lower I need this much first quarter more of the second especially if in the northern climates where there’s snow outside I’m staring at today or it’s raining and cold and sitting around freezing that kind of stuff how many jobs will that require and what’s your average job value so as an example you want to hit 550 000 in Revenue how much is that well that’s 45 800 a month right we know that and we can adjust for the months on our own but we know that that’s that that’s that raw number if we’re over that or we’re on target for that if we’re under that and we can always check what did we do last year do you like you go all last year I did a hundred thousand this year I want to do 500 000. probably not realistic right probably not realistic goal can you go from 100 000 to 200 000 yeah you can double if you’ve got the right infrastructure in place you you’ve got you know who who are you hiring and training and doing and what are you upselling and how are you changing your business by all means the smaller the numbers the easier it is to double can you take a million dollar um business and double it on your own effort without buying an existing one or buying all your competition note probably not right you can take in a million dollar and take it to 1.1 1.2 million right um You can do some of those or add a whole new service

and see if that on its own generates 300 000 because of your database and and and you know what you’re doing right maybe you can take one one million to 1.3 because of a new service that’s goal planning but you got to be realistic what’s your average job if your average job is 125 and you want to get to half a million bucks in sales that’s a lot of jobs that is how are you going to get that volume of jobs if your average job is 375 450 we’ve got some clients that are over 500 is their average cleaning job they do two of them a day maybe one job is a 1200 easily at least several of those a week and that’s that that technician goes out that’s his day you know might have a little bit of time to drop off an area rug or something like that and that’s his day um does that work for you what is your average job and how can you find those people that have no problem paying that price because it’s not about cleaning a urine soaked trailer it’s about cleaning a 2 000 square foot condo with white carpet and white furniture and today they’re getting the carpet done and next week they’ve scheduled in to do the furniture or vice versa and maybe come back and do the tile if you guys do that right so um that’s the difference right so do you have those people in your marketplace where do you what people do you have and how many do you have do you have golf courses how many people live around the golf courses is it a thousand in your whole service area or is it 50 right know your service area know your numbers how many jobs does that require so the average what is the average conversion rate from inquiry to book job you need to know that by source so what is the average across all that’s a this is another key performance indicator right another kpi what is the average rate from inquiry because you know everybody inquire that’s not hard to count there’s digital ways and tools and we’ve got services that that count all of that like you know one of our services called carpet cleaner lead Pro it’s a standalone product as well but it’s it’s actual lead management system all your leads come in there and it manages it reaches out it nurtures it warms them up it helps you you jump into the conversations you can text message back and forth you can email you can call all that kind of stuff and you’re managing the lead all the way through to a book job now you know all my leads that came in how many from inquiry by source to book the job know that number can you improve that right don’t have to get any more leads if you can improve the conversion rate is that a better script on the phone do you have scripts on the phone are you winging it and your staff better script on the phone that’s higher conversion rate simple math right so if you go from booking 40 to 60 right that’s a 50 increase in in conversions that’s a 50 increase in jobs do you want a 50 increase in jobs if your everything stays the same that’s a 50 increase in Revenue right and you divide the your calls by your conversion rate your your messages your inbound leads by the by the conversion rate right that’s you’ll know how many leads you need to get to that number right so average conversion rate 50 percent for our example you would need 244 leads to hit that Target right so what we want to do is you want to go to this is just another worksheet um carpet

2023 worksheet let me just let me pull that up let’s see here all right so go to two zero two three dash worksheet not workbook that was the other one let’s go there


so you have access to this you can make a copy go up in the top corner it actually mentions it somewhere in here um our logos coming in in a second not sure why that’s loading so slow uh um file make a copy now it’s yours right just save it on your Google Drive so um you’ve got view only access pop in and do that um that’s step one step two click here to watch um a training this was basically watching um how to go deep in this this was last year’s training on it right and then start start planning your success so again in this example whatever your number is like are you did you hit you know 450 000 last year and you want to hit 550 this year maybe that’s the number maybe you want to hit 200 000 this year just put your numbers in right that’ll it’ll automatically anything in white you’re putting your number in it’ll automatically calculate what the monthly Revenue if you divide that by 12 is right pretty simple what is your average ticket value you should be able to find if you’re using service monster Marquette um house call pros and they got go find out what your job average was last year right it changes month by month because certain months are better than others and different things happen but what was the average last year for all the jobs you went out to what was the average job right and I would I would do Residential in this case if you’re mostly residential like 80 90 residential I would do I would break it out by residential at this point um adding commercial can sometimes skew the number but you know whatever works best for you that way it’ll tell you how many jobs you actually need how many service calls a month to hit that number right so again 122 that would be four trucks on the road three trucks on the road if you’re averaging like you know 15 jobs a week per truck that is 60 a month that’s actually owned two in a bit trucks right so you know if you’re doing three jobs a day five days a week 15 jobs a week that’s 60 a month two trucks will get you 120 right so you can run a half million dollar business on two trucks like I did um what is it with with about a 375 job average what if your job average is only 200 right now you need 220 you need 100 more jobs to get that you need a whole other truck on the road minimum and a hundred more jobs coming in because you’re just rattling through you know you’re just you’re just churning right so the higher you get your job average the less work you need to earn your the dollars what is your average conversion rate from inquiry so it’s not even just you know call blast slash lead to book Job check all your sources every source is going to be slightly different but what is your conversion rate um from a lead to a job we know that our repeats are 100 our referrals are about 90 um but what about the other ones everybody else right who’s just finding you cold what is your average conversion rate if you can get that number to go higher um you need less leads to get your 122 right now if it’s 55 you need 222 leads a month to get 122 jobs because you know your average conversion rate so on average we now know our math right and what is your average cost per lead second tab over so you can put in your numbers right if what if LSA is now starting to get closer to 45. right that changed that to 32 bucks um that’s your average cost per lead coming through there um if you know the exact number just type it in here otherwise just type the range in here and it’ll it’ll estimate it for you now we know our average Blended cost just to get the phone to ring from pay-per-click LSA Facebook ads um repeat and referral because that’s your your your Outreach your marketing your mailings how much do you spend per client A-list client to get them back any SEO how much do you spend to start ranking your Google Maps and all that kind of stuff divided by the number of people that call you from those sources do you even know that that’s all trackable with call tracking numbers and form form automation all easily trackable um so now you know it’s 28 that just changed 228 over here we now know we need to spend about six thousand dollars a month on marketing if we want to hit about 14 that’s going to be six thousand a month because that dollar amount times that many people equals six thousand and we know 14 is pretty close because when we go to the third tab across right there’s that number there I strongly suggest you keep this in mind 15 is the rule of thumb that is if you’re already at scale you’ve been in business three to five years you’re at scale fifteen percent will be your marketing budget across all your marketing database marketing taking the real estate agent out for launch doing all of that stuff doing your home show and if you cost a thousand dollars to to have a booth in the uh you know at the Home and Garden Show and then you you know generate leads have a contest all that kind of stuff do giveaways and then generate a database and call them and get bookings out of it that’s the way you run those by the way um 15 is is now that you’re in the game you’ve got Authority people know you that that’s you know of Revenue what’s next year’s Revenue spend 15 20 is when you’re in growth mode first year people just starting out I say 25 even spend a quarter of every dollar back into marketing to get the next customer next customer next cut I just you invest it back in start growing some of it’s the foundational stuff that’s going to take a while to grow before it starts really showing you but if you never start it you never get there although it’s just going to be the pay to play pay to play right how many how many leads did I get am I working the leads did I get them how many booked and you’re just running the numbers right but 10 um you’re probably looking to sell or retire like it’s really if you look at your dollar your investment in your marketing and it’s only 10 you’re not marketing your database I can tell you that well at all you’re not getting repeat referral customers well you’re you’re maybe putting it all into lead generation for new customers and the business is sort of like grew to a point and then just seemed to pause or even start falling backwards um 10 is sort of like um in a service business industry not enough and for across all your marketing right because you want to break it down about 70 online now why because everybody’s online that used to be offline that used to be Yellow Pages and flyers and all that kind of stuff it’s now online offline’s about 20 right so offline is you know as you grow and your numbers are bigger offline might include back of buses and awareness and things like that and every door mails in the early days offline is going to be your yard signs and

your door hangers and you know again taking the real estate agent out for lunch and maybe Pat like your pens and paper that you’re going to drop off at the um at the you know at the at the doctor’s office walking hey it’s you know here’s here’s an offer you know here’s something we’re doing right now by the way I just you know meet and greet here I’m a local carpet cleaner you know here everybody can use some pens of paper I just want to leave some of that behind and let you know a little bit about us blah whatever like you know do you have any spot or stain they can take out while I’m here great here’s here’s a little offer we’re running look forward to hearing from you um if you need a quote at all let me know I you know I can do it now I can call back later and you just meet and greet and meet and greet and meet and greet that’s part of your offline because you’re handing out stuff right so just think about it that way and then 10 um um is repeat business so these two numbers 30 all in they can be 15 and 15 but know your numbers so on on this budget 77 000 would be online marketing to generate a 550 000 worth of work because all in it’s 110 out of 110 like 450 000 or 550 000 is your Revenue four hundred and forty thousand is is after marketing right we know that technicians are going to take a percentage of your business like the the the gas the solution and the technician that’s roughly 50 roughly um so you can start running your numbers and now we’re left with 30 left for overhead operations profit right and that’s decent in a in a functioning business like this you’re generating a really good cash flow right but you need to put in the marketing so you maintain and grow this number because it will not stick on its own and people don’t show up without being marketed to you are not the owner of a carpet cleaning service you are as a business owner first and foremost you’re the marketer of a carpet cleaning service to generate the revenue and the capacity to run the business if you don’t Market you’ll never get to that second step you are the marketer first that’s the mindset you have to have so hopefully that makes sense um yep so then yeah so now you can see the breakdown if it was even but you can always change the the breakdown um per month these numbers are all like there’s some formulas in there but they’re all flexible you can just type in your own numbers and it it adds to the 100 right so you always want to add up to the full percent of the online offline and and repeat business but this this will work that out help you work that out for you and then where do you split that up right where do you split up the online my world right we help with all the others but like and consult with the rest but where do you where do you split the the online well you need to lay that Foundation you need to be investing in organic rankings on Google Maps and Google across thousands of keywords anytime people type in questions around the services you provide do you have an article on that over time you will if you do it properly you know press releases and articles and all and you’ll be shown as the authority do you have a video on that have you talked about it have you got tick tock on that nowadays all that kind of stuff is that like you want to rank for a lot of stuff you need to invest in that so 35 55 roughly should be your um your paid ads Facebook Google ads local service ads things like that right so how’s your budget grows you can to find more of them it starts small you might can only do fake or you might only be able to do local service ads what is your what is your monthly budget how does it work out and now you as you as your company grows that percentage changes that that 55 of the online budget changes this number annual part of that to a much higher number you’ve got more room right so as your company grows the percentage doesn’t change it’s just the dollar amount keeps going up because it’s now supporting that and it just keeps supporting and growing and the per the the percentage of profit doesn’t necessarily change but the dollar amount of profit goes way up because it’s it’s the it’s the same percentage of a much larger number so that’s the way you need to think of that so then now you know what the the Investments and spends are so we work through this with with our clients that I want to do budget Consulting and then you can actually go through tab added this in now this was usually only for our strategic Partners but you can get right into this and decide what offers you want across pay-per-click email social media SEO and even retargeting around the web display ads and retargeting um at the different times of the year you can plan your whole entire online calendar across all of these and we gave you some examples of ones that we run for our clients right so anyways so hopefully that was valuable hopefully you see the value in that right there but that’s what we want to go deep on is you want to spend a lot of time I want to spend a lot more attention today talking about why that’s important and how to go about it right so what are your goals for 2023 and how many leads do you need to get there if you know that you you’ve got you’ve literally got the keys to the kingdom right then from there it’s about updating the messages we spend a little bit more time on this last month so we don’t

need to go deep on this but it’s really about the the market the message before you figure out the media the who who is the market who are you targeting who are the people you want as your ideal customer and it’s not everybody and it’s not the cheapies and it’s not the you know the trailer parks and stuff like that unless you want to be the best cleaner for all the trailer parks right then adjust your business to that what does that look like what does that sound like what does that feel like how do you state that why is it different why you over anybody else you know you want to be the only carpet cleaner that’s dude like the best carpet cleaner for condo buildings well have you ever called a carpet cleaner and they’re oh they can’t come in because their hose doesn’t reach up that many floors over the balcony no we we exclusively clean condos they’re hallways for the condo management and the the tenants we have a very exclusive company with a very you know a lot of people living in condos maybe a little bit more high-end as well um and you have a different message right so who you’re targeting determines what you’re saying and then it determines how you’re getting in front of them that’s the whole idea so who is your ideal Target customer right you need to figure that out by doing the demographics of your area that that is available on you know info USA in a lot of places on what is the demographic of your how many people in your Marketplace own homes what’s the average price what are the areas what’s the density you get There’s real estate agents being hit up as friends that can help you with that as well but you need to know is it is it realistic what what you’re planning to Target who your competitors look like they’re targeting most competitors don’t understand like the 90 95 of your competitors are just me too me too me too um we call it marketing incest they just look at somebody else and do the same thing you might have done that as well as well call around five or six competitors get their pricing okay that’s my pricing hear their message okay that’s my you know nothing about scripts you know nothing about targeting it well if you know who your absolute ideal person is and we talked about this last month so we won’t get into much detail but if you know who the person you want to Target is and their frustrations right now you can understand that you you can start thinking about their fears and desires right you know this stuff you can look this stuff up but you also you can also you can ask people in that demographic you might not be your ideal demographic and that’s fine you might be but you might not be your ideal demographic might be you know people in a million dollar more home because of the marketplace you’re in I know people in Beverly Hills that that is who they only target you know there’s clients of ours that are that Target high-end areas like that in New York in Manhattan only people that have and you know High net worth right because now security is more important to them what are their fears theft they want to know that here’s a back like what do you do you send a background check of every one of your employees coming in to their home right there’s a whole bunch of things you would do differently you spend way more time in their home but you charge them more for it right think of it that way right that’s once you know your customer Avatar that you want to Target with your business I know people that only that only carpet cleaners carbon upholstery guys but they only target luxury Yachts why because they’re in Miami and I know another another guy in uh Tampa Bay exact same thing carpet cleaning business that only targets luxury Yachts why because now they’ve got a totally different message they talk about how their cleaning isn’t going to damage you know the the the the um you know moisture damage or cause more moisture problems in fact they’re gonna be drying things over like there’s a whole different message that the average homeowner doesn’t care about right so if you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones then you can tell Joe Jones what Joe Jones buys okay so what we’re talking about so the reason why I want to bring back sort of the at this moment bring back the blueprint for success is because now you know at this moment you know who you’re targeting you know what the message is going to be and now you need to know where are they like how are you what media are you going to put that in front of and to get a hold of them you’ve got that clear in your head now that you’re at this point of setting goals right so again today on this call do I expect you to be there no but you know this stuff so now what do we now we talk about the blueprint success that starts with the foundation right so and I’m actually going to go in reverse order here just for a second because it it’ll make sense in a second but we’ve risk reversal guarantee you already have the liability of a guarantee if somebody’s not happy you better be going back to fix it and if they’re still not happy you better be giving their money back at least for that section or the whole home quiet them down don’t let them go online and start complaining because that one complaint is going to cost 10 20 30 50 other people not to choose you that see that at some point in the future right you don’t know when and who it’s gonna you

know a few you don’t know what slowed you but if you’ve got if you’ve got negative reviews at least until while they’re the number one until they filter down that’s going to affect you for a while but people are also going to go look for the train wreck they’re going to go down all of your review reviews if you’ve got like a five-star rating on Facebook or a five five star rating on Yelp or on Google all your reviews are five stars that’s not believable nobody does that that’s that that is definitely a scam you paid for those in some ways what the people are thinking um because you can’t be perfect nobody can you actually want some of those reviews that say hey they screwed up they had a guarantee they get guarantee was they would come back and fix it they came back and they fixed it I love these guys right that might not be a fight that might be a 4.9 why because you had to come back 4.8 4.7 you had to come back but you fixed it that’s a brilliant review right even if it started as a three-star review because you didn’t have a system in place to hey are you happy or you had like a survey system not just give me a review Give me a review but an actual Survey System that jumps in as well surveying the voice of the consumer I’m the owner of the business were you happy with what my technician did today and the way my office and everybody handled it are you happy with the the middle that during the sale moment that should be asked about every single customer right so risk reversal guaranteed you’re guaranteeing your job you’ll do the work better than anyone else if they if you your guys say I can’t get the stain out and they find anyone else you can you’ll pay the bill for that other person to get the stain out why because you should be able to get them all out or you don’t have enough training your company is not set up well enough to actually be able to provide a high-end service maybe that’s why you charge less for now and up your rates and find better customers because they want to know you’re their guy you’re their gal you’re their company compelling sales proposition that’s something I’ve always heard about a unique sales proposition it’s very unique to be the only carpet cleaners that show up in a clown suit that’s incredibly unique does it it’s not compelling who cares who’s going to buy the carpet cleaner that shows up in a clown suit right that’s unique but it’s not a compelling sales proposition what is your compelling sales proposition what does that word proposition mean it means what are you different why you over the competitor what is you what is compelling and unique and compelling and about your business do you have a 29 Point checklist do you do this do you do like what are the things that you do do you offer your risk reversal guarantee do you like on and on and on do you um do you call ahead of time do you make sure you make exact appointment times you know if you do then you have to adjust your company that you need to give a huge window between jobs because anything can happen in our business but I’ve seen some companies try and run exact windows or exact arrival times and not a variable window of arrival and then you know you better be charging that better be something that your customer ideal customer cares about I want to know exactly when they’re at one o’clock they better be at my doorstep at one well then you know the last job should be wrapping up between 11 30 and 12 because in case he runs late he’s still got to be there at one right because you’ve guaranteed that right so you want to have a compelling sales proposition that meets your ideal client Avatar right some people don’t care about that it’s like hey I’ll give you a rival window and we will call on the route right and we’re going to call before the window starts to let you know where in that window we’re gonna fall and we’re going to call when we’re 20 minutes out and now you have to have a routine and have your technicians taught that but that could be part of your compelling sales proposition never wait around to know when we’re coming we’ll always call an hour ahead we’re going to give you an exact arrival window we’ll call an hour ahead and we’ll call when we’re within 10 minutes of arriving every single time if you can structure that into your company you’ve now got a compelling sales profit and one of many right and then an engaging customer experience this has kind of Gone by the the Wayside and I don’t know why um some companies get this a lot of a lot of companies don’t but this is the Disney buying of your business a good friend of mine Vance Morris runs an entire company based on how he’s a carpet cleaner um long since now like like he doesn’t clean the carpets he has teams but he runs a business that helps other companies not just cleaners but other companies Disney find their business because he used to work at Disney right but the whole idea and I learned this years before you know even new Vans um but building and engaging customer experience we built that into our all of our companies anytime we bought out an existing company we built an engaging experience into that flow that is the during the sale moment that middle hat before the sale during the sale after the sale from the moment the phone is picked up is that engaging did you is there a customer experience orchestrated have you got the

scripts do you know what it’s being said is like how is it or is it hey how’s it going how can I help you right that is that engaging or is it hey it’s a great day here at ABC Carpet Cleaning how can I make yours even better that’s more oh Jesus you know happy smile everybody knows even if you’re you just got yelled at you’re in a pissed off mood how did you how did your office girl answer the phone how did your office guy answer the phone how did is everybody on the team know what that’s all about did your technician call ahead and I was like this is Alonzo I’m coming over now or is it hey how’s it going Alonzo I’m your technician um from ABC Carpet Cleaning I’m on my way over I’m about 10 minutes out um do you want I could swing through uh Starbucks if you want me to grab you a coffee Alonso is a whole different dude now right is that engaging have you built that in not just a wing in it and Alonso does a but can it be put in as a process right thought about does they have a map of every single Starbucks in town and they actually can make this happen who knows right in you know in in Canada I’m from Canada in Canada you can make that happen with Tim Hortons it’s on every second street corner literally so you can always say would you like me to bring you a Tim Hortons a Timmy’s coffee and you could and we did we did that only on Saturday jobs I’m not gonna lie and say we did that every job every Saturday jobs that we had the technicians brought brought um we I gave them Tim Hortons gift cards that they could use to buy the coffee they just had to bring their receipt back and they could even buy one for themselves if they wanted I would pay their Saturday coffee because they’re working overtime um and the customer go yeah I take a double double perfect no I’m fine I just put on a pot perfect whatever it’s part of that phone call right engage in customer experience you arrive you put on the booties when you walk in the door are you gonna take your shoes off and walk around in sweaty socks and there’s not a customer on the planet that wants to see the sock marks on their hardwood floors as you get towards the carpet or whatever right so no are you changing into indoor shoes always do that when you’re cleaning obviously don’t be walking out across the yard back into the house in the same pair of shoes customers know that you have to train this in as an experience Disney called it casting that you didn’t hire employees you hired cast cast members they didn’t even have HR they had Central Casting why because everybody had a role to play and that’s why Disney is different than any other theme park you go to it’s designed for an experience every moment you walk within 10 feet of somebody sweeping the grounds they look up and they nod at you you walk you and smile you walk within five feet can I help you with something right you ask them a question they pull out a map out of their back pocket at least walk you at least halfway there if not all the way there before they come back to their role of sweeper they still sweeping still needs to be done but that’s the role they’re playing until somebody comes near them right and they don’t shy their their eyes away that’s you know there’s a lot of policing does it always happen more often than not it’s designed to be more right than wrong it’s behind stage and on stage anytime you’re in front of a customer you are on stage and they have they have mystery shoppers running around the park at all times why because that’s how they deliver the experience that people are willing to pay two three five ten times more than any other theme park and still show up in droves regardless of the economy think of it that way so can you build that into your company well definitely jeans and a t-shirt don’t cut it right so khaki pants and a and and polishers with your logo on it and your color theme color scheme or whatever and two more in the the van so if they get sweaty dirty stains whatever they could switch it up so they always look nice things like that buy your technicians deodorant and have it in the console right so that they between if they if they got smelly let’s smell good right put on the booties as you walk around hand the customer a laminate things like that there’s a way to build a client experience so think of it that way you set that Foundation right the rest of the blueprint you’re now wowing everybody you walk into everybody’s talking about it everybody’s referring you you have a referral program of course people are going to share it with their friends and family of course they are why because you just wild the crap out of them and then as soon as you left boom they got a um you know within an hour or two the owner’s going how was it survey automated doesn’t have to be manual right and then the next day okay customer the the office staff is phony leaving a phone call all right that’s nothing to do with you’re gonna get tons of Google reviews you haven’t chased for a Google review at all you’ve chased for actual and actionable intelligence of the company of what how you did how was how is the booking process how was the um arrival process like when you know how how was the cleaning job how was you know how was the technician you know well tell me honestly I’m the business owner I want to know right that should be part of every job so what’s

your message why should someone do business choose this business do business with you versus your competition let’s go back to that one um and what benefits do you offer that Target your ideal customer Avatar and they resonate with think of these things right so some of the messages that work we know that safe natural or eco-friendly and that didn’t even be or have messages in your you know in your message we’re safe and natural um safe for your pets and your children and blah blah blah um we use on eco-friendly biologically degradable clean compost what’s the next question they have in their head well is it if it’s not safe and friendly is it going to clean my carpets we offer the cleanest carpets cleanest upholstery the fluffiest um most thorough all those kinds of things or it’s free what does that mean you get to qualify that what do you mean or it’s free well free will come back and re-clean it if you’re still not happy we’ll give your money back on that area because it’s up to you the owner of the technician to set the expectations yep can we get that out absolutely and then you don’t that’s your problem can we get that let me test let me show you what I do guarantee is if I can’t get this out and you find anybody else you can our company’s going to pay the bill for them to do that for you so let me let me see give me an assessment you know what that stain right there I think it’s going to lighten a lot look at my exam my test here but I don’t think it’s going to come fully come out like I mean you’re going to always know it’s there you guys probably won’t they’re going to overlook it maybe like it looks like it’s going to reduce quite a bit that’s you know right so now you’re you set the expectations properly if they call up yeah I thought that stain was going to come in a little bit more yeah we talked all about that let me come back and try again you know send the technician back out you can see if there’s anything else that can be done but that one we did say that was going to be was going to be difficult and I’m not sure there’s much more to do right come back try again 99.9 of customers thanks you tried your hardest right okay so you know if they go well I really thought it was going to be better than that then they’re the pain in the ass customer you know what let me take that off the bill for you you know that that stain was worth it you know up there this room that area whatever that’s fifty dollars left you know let me let me would you like that you know um the company sent that to you or would you like it as a credit towards your next cleaning make them happy have them you know I wasn’t happy some you know whatever didn’t quite do what I thought and they gave me my money back on that area I love these guys you know I mean you still get good stuff highly trained trustworthy technicians you can send that out fully bonded and insured you know things like that we’ll send you our client our technician’s background check before we arrive could be if you’re again targeting very high-end people things like that um phones and chat answered live during business hours you’re on it right you tell people that in your messaging that works really well honest pricing no sales gimmicks no hidden costs um you know those kinds of things we don’t charge you you know you can have exact quotes over the phone if you want to risk that and do that um we never did we gave you um very accurate estimates and exact pricing before we started um that was our role or we’d come out if you know if you wanted to know exactly first we gave you a range we’d come out and do an on-site quote First that worked as well because you always upsell them on the onside quote so same day say or faster same day estimates faster same day cleaning if you can qualify for what are these These are the messages can you make a case for any of these right um we always say don’t give discounts give bonuses so if you get this you’ll get this half price for free whatever so that you’re you’re getting your core you’re getting your price you’re just you’re not teaching people to get a discount you’re teaching people to add more to get savings right um things like that so those are things that that they’re all in the um the guide as well and you’ve got access to this recording so um yeah so that’s that’s you’re figuring that out you know now you can look at at the media now that you’ve got all that and you now need to we talked about a lot more of this last time so we’re not going to get in this your website needs to convert it needs to have conversion principles and psychology all marketing is is math plus psychology is your website designed by um by somebody who understands human emotions and web design and runs tests constantly and and heat map testing to know what people are actually pausing and clicking on and not and stuff like that if not you need that because done properly you can find out where all of your jobs are coming from how much you’re investing and what your average cost across all your jobs are and then you know you can you can if your website is converting well as the Hub of your business got all the psychological principles again you’re going to get access to this um now you can pull you can pull up your website and compare it now you know that you have changes you need to make increase the conversions of the traffic you’re already getting and your your

website is more valuable and that’s what unconverted leads is um you have to be following up with everybody within 5 to 15 minutes we automate this so that within the first minute at least they get a message back saying hey got your message thanks so much go back to you as soon as I can right all right or they go to your competition average customer must be followed up five to seven times some people will book right away more of the people need to be dripped on they said no they get some people say oh my booking rate I only book about you know 20 of the leads I get from Facebook other guys go that’s weird I book 80. 20 is that they only message them once they only have that one conversation that’s one out of five that’s that’s you know if you follow up with them five times all of a sudden you collect more and more and more yeah you know what I’m going to give you guys a try do you know what your message has been back with right interact by phone and text and all of it so you leverage carpet cleaner lead Pro is the tool we’ve built but you leverage marketing automation to follow up so web forms within the first two minutes and it rings your phone somebody just filled out your web form press one now and we’ll we’ll try and connect you with them if you press one at your office or on your cell phone it rings their number if they’re available you two are talking why because it automate automatically Rings you because they filled out a form text messaging comes right into your phone or right into your office screen and it’s chat to text they get it on their text from the cell number that that we embed in the back end so now you don’t have to give out your personal number you’re texting everybody right and you can start if they you know you go back and forth by text message it gives you a little bit more wiggle room if somebody isn’t available right away they want to send me some pictures okay I’ll send you some pictures you’ve got that back and forth automations means that if it went quiet for more than two days our system is going hey checking in with you and checking in with them right just want to follow up make sure that we’ve met your needs did we actually did uh have you thought about have you did you actually get into or scheduled a book um or or would you or would you like some more information right because maybe we don’t know but you you didn’t you know they booked and didn’t mark the the lead properly so it’s an automation that keeps them going on and on and on right looks like this carpet cleaner lead Pro all sources everywhere you could possibly get a lead dumped into one database is there a DM waiting on Facebook for you right now or on uh on on on Instagram LinkedIn is there a message on Google Chat coming in anything like that you don’t know it should all go into one place and automation gets the initial message to them and let them know hey I’m going to follow up with you here and that’s on their cell phone as text or a phone call or the email goes right back out within a minute simple math 100 leads conversion rates only 30 percent no good follow-up you know at average 325 100 leads you book 30 jobs you made 10 grand 9 750 bucks same hundred leads now you follow up with them over the next two weeks even the ones that you know and then even at the end of the month and that every month of the leads that just didn’t book with you yet all of a sudden all of those 70 of these become customers of yours because they’re ideally targeted that’s all given in both of these but now you followed up better you converted better your website told them better things your script told them better things that’s conversion math conversion not one thing it’s multiple things you told them in the automated flow hey you want to say like you know hey while you know until I get you on the phone I want to tell you why I started our cleaning business and why we’re different do you send that message right now if you don’t and you have a difference which you should and you send that message you have now got a conversion principle built into your follow-up communication that none of your competitors are even thinking about and now you’ve told them why you started your business I was 24 years old you know blah blah blah blah blah anyways you know I’ll tell you more about that another time but in the meantime here’s you know and you one pair paragraph and move on why because you’re going to send them another message if they don’t call you or book back with you a couple days later a week later they’re getting another message hey just checking in again you remember I told you about I started the business like well here’s one of the things I want to guarantee and here’s one of our clients that just loved what we did you know and you just you just drip on them you know and they’re either going to unsubscribe which means that they were never your client or they’re going to follow along and eventually you catch them five to seven times before they book and now same number of leads you’ve just more than doubled the revenue from them you’ve put another van on the road right so think about the conversion elements in the workbook as well so we’re done takeaways do you know your kpis are you going to track them right do you know what numbers people are

coming from do you know this is an exact live example do you know like this live example how many leads came in the breakdown your conversion rate how how much that generated in one month in actual jobs based on the their job average and what the ROI was of that across the company 18 average lead 6 000 spent that sounds like a lot not when you brought in 98 000 that month right Million Dollar Carpet Cleaning client that we have 6 000 in ad spend and and marketing investment with us 18 average lead in breaking all of that down including the marketing investment the the the somebody managing the ads for them and managing the SEO and managing all of their marketing their social media all of that and their ad budget generates a you know 100 000 in a month right so and by knowing that you they these guys went from 31 to 65 by putting the conversion principles in place their business doubled it took you know a year took time to move all that in place but they went from averaging 50 000 a month to almost 100 000 a month on the same volume of leads all right better leads targeted more but clear so all in perspective is what we’re talking about that’s the trends for 2023 um you need to be doing more than just one source it’s got to be all in you got to be doing video we didn’t really touch on that we’ve been touching that over the the last couple of months um on social media um master class and stuff like that but more video you do the better we make videos for our clients who are shy on camera and we even got ways to help you be on camera and we walk you through it and then get some b-roll and a-roll and put it together and make make media content for you if you’re not good on camera but otherwise we you see at the very least don’t put your face on camera but share out actual before during and after images and videos um and have conversion optimization and artificial intelligence baked into your messaging from Moment One so go build your plan I’m going to give you access to all of this stuff and you got to set your goals if you haven’t already jump on a call with us if you haven’t this you’re going to go to carpet cleaner rewards you’re going to get all the you can go to the worksheets the 2023-worksheet to get the worksheets go to this to get all of the other stuff we went through today and on last class go back and look at it’s on our website you just go under the um the podcast area because it’s a podcast as well um and find last months the December episode masterclass and you’ll find the other parts of this why this is a part two and how much deeper we went on other topics built into the exact same conversation right our digital dominance method is this um we work with every client you can see the risk reversal guarantee um the engaging logos compelling sales propositions all of that stuff and conversion focused all of that that’s the digital side of it that moves people into your business digital dominance but more or as important I wouldn’t say more important is the blueprint where you’re following the foundation all of that other stuff that we just showed fits into so the lead generation secondary response and some of the follow-up all the rest of it here is is is running an optimized business that you have every single aspect figured out over time you know this is like a you know a multi-year plan but how fast can you implement and automate Implement automate Implement automate your business will grow and grow and grow so every customer gets an amazing client experience and then every touch Point all the way through is orchestrated to continue to deliver on that client experience so if you want to learn more about that if you want to learn to go deep on where you guys are what your number is if you’re you know um if you’re one of our clients we can hop on a call and talk about the blueprint for success and what that looks like for you and ways that you know we can help Implement that depending on which package and plan you’re currently in and and things like that um if you’re not one of our clients um and some of this sounds interesting to you do your planning go ahead and do that first if you want again no this isn’t a sales pitch this is if we can help we know how to turn carpet cleaner businesses into successful businesses if you follow along it’s not done for you it’s done with you there’s a there’s a following along there’s stuff that every business has to do to make everything that happens online and offline even more impactful and you tie the two together and build your brand up better it works we help advise we do that stuff we’ll jump on a 60-minute consultation um prior to that you actually jump on a five minute five to ten minute um sort of business Discovery call with Rima and she gets to know your business a little bit more gets the certain data sends it off through our research team same research team that researches all the keywords for our clients and researches all the um for the for the SEO department and the pay-per-click department and all that kind of stuff and all of the demographics we do all that research for you for free we’re not charging you a dime the value of that alone is about 500 with that plus the step-by-step plan and then you jump on a one-hour Consulting call with me sometimes it only goes half an hour um if you

have no questions sometimes it goes along a little bit longer than an hour if you’ve got lots of questions but we’re building your step-by-step plan I’m going to share where you are right now where you need to go and the strategy to get there um and that’s with me I charge 497 or 4.95 an hour for my Consulting time literally do I don’t open up a lot of Consulting hours um but I have several in the month and they’re always filled up I charge that I give a free one of those selectively to very select people and customer or and then and and people that want the help with their business if you’re if you qualify if you’re growing a carpet cleaning business and you’re serious about going to the next level then you qualify and we have a conversation not trying to sell you anything it’s just a conversation so these are all the things we do on that call you get a hold of us you just go to carpet schedule you go there you can book a time it’ll show up in my calendar first but Remo will reach out to you if you don’t talk to Rima you don’t get to see me it’s this books you in and then then we then Reema goes through and does the discovery call learns more about your business gets the research team involved and then you can meet with me so when you do book A Time always make sure it’s you know a couple days to a week out so that you’ve got time to meet with Rima and got time for the the um the um the research team to come in as well I normally don’t have openings earlier than that anyways but just in case don’t book for the next day if one’s available um it’s not enough time you’re just gonna meet with Rima then anyway so um anyways hopefully you found some value in this hopefully you’re going to go through this maybe catch the replay go slowly through it maybe chime us um hit us up on Facebook hit us up on Instagram um hit us up on our website there’s a chat to text on our website as well the same tools we we would use for our clients we use for ourselves and ask any questions you got how do I I do this what about that whatever download all those resources really really dive in we’re here to help I hope that makes sense I hope you kind of get that from from everything we’ve talked about because that’s that’s really what it’s all about if there’s anything to help with give us a call otherwise I really appreciate your time today thanks so much and uh and we’ll chat soon

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