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SEO For Carpet Cleaners – Step By Step Guide To Higher Rankings

SEO For Carpet Cleaners – Step By Step Guide To Higher Rankings


SEO For Carpet Cleaners – Step By Step Guide To Higher Rankings

Looking to improve your SEO and rank your carpet cleaning business higher? In this masterclass, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on what is working now, in 2022 to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

We’ll cover everything from keyword research to on-page optimization, and show you how to get the most out of your content. And you will discover what may be hurting your rankings and COSTING YOU CUSTOMERS.  So whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, this video is for you!

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


How to get ranked for your most profitable Carpet Cleaner and Home Service Business keywords. Hint: You need to think beyond just "Carpet"


How to build authority so that the pages on your website rank


How to build relevant links that will move the needle in the Google search listings


Why having duplicate content on your city pages could be killing your rankings


How to communicate your "true service area" to Google automatically


What are the most important online directory listings you should be listed in?


How to get rid of bad links that could be holding your company back


What are the most important Carpet Cleaners keywords that I should be targeting?


Can I still use fake addresses or UPS addresses on Google Maps to rank


What are the most important online review sites?

Audio Transcript:
So what we’re going to be talking about this month is the new seo formula so any of you guys who’ve been around for a while you know that seo is constantly changing it’s it’s one of those things where google is always trying to make the user experience for the people that are searching using their product better and google’s the number one search engine but yahoo bing and the other ones as well that’s all what seo is about search engine optimization so we’re going to be talking about that how the rules have changed they’ve actually trained changed fairly dramatically within the last 24 months or so welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry.

basically what we’re going to go through is the changes the things you need to be doing now that are different than you need to be doing for things that you might have done before that could be damaging your website things like that we’re really going to help kind of clean up the the fog and the mess around around what seo really is what organic rankings are where they play a role in your marketing mix and why your marketing should be a mix and things like that so we’re gonna we’re kind of gonna cover all of that so what we’re going to cover today the latest updates in the google algorithm very important to know if you’re in business in today’s day and age at all um things that you may have put in place in the past that could be hurting you now how to optimize your website for the new seo formula so i need your attention so turn off your cell phones unless you’re watching this on your cell phone then you’re going to see a small screen but you know keep it on but if you’re not watching it on a cell phone turn it off i’m actually going to put mine in do not disturb mode right now so nobody tries to call me there we go um and turn off facebook don’t be browsing around i talk fast anyways so you’re gonna have to pay attention some people on webinars talk slow and then you get all distracted and bored try and keep up there will be a replay you can go back through and look at any of this stuff if you’re a carpet cleaning company small business cleaning firm anything like that work with small businesses service company and you’re serious about getting better results and the next 60 minutes does need your full attention so for all of you on here that don’t know who i am we always get a mix of our clients who really like to you know kind of dive into the master class research and kind of the stuff that we like to teach out there’s things that that we do for our clients there’s things that our clients should do for themselves or you know and and a mix of all of that but any of you that aren’t any any of our clients i want to tell you a quick little bio who i am but um started the business career back in 1990 still in high school i’ve owned cleaning service franchises independent businesses ecom products i’ve got a product line on amazon and a bunch of other places like that for over a decade now i’ve been a marketing agency for over a decade i’ve lectured for many associations in the cleaning space and the flood restoration space and stuff like that i’ve hosted three-day elite retreats i was flown to the island of samoa back in 2010 but i’ve had other um retreats in chilliwack and in vancouver and in vegas and all those kinds of places as well so i’ve been doing marketing consulting for a long time for individual businesses and entire franchise networks and you know keynote speaker and local chamber of commerce and on large events and large stages as well so i’ve bought sol systemized and sold a made business uh in the middle of my career there while running a 27-year carpet cleaning company while owning a duck cleaning company i’ve done janitorial ran janitorial companies as well for for many years and just a mix of all of those kinds of service businesses and finally sold sort of my last brick and mortar business there last year almost uh almost a year to the day of two days from now to be a year to the day um was able to sell sell a two-van carpet cleaning system they’ve been running for 27 years and generated over half a million dollars right in the middle of a pandemic so um and there’s reasons for that there’s systems in place like that i’m the uh host of the carpet cleaner success podcast you can go check that out on spotify and you know apple podcast anywhere you get your podcast and and that kind of thing so that’s a little bit about me more importantly who are our customers well we’ve got lots of

customers that have seen fantastic results over the years we hope to see you as the as the next one but these are just um some of them are well known figures um other ones are just well known in their industry and but that’s what we do is we help carpet cleaners and cleaning service companies home service companies and others stand out from the crowd become the local authority be seen as an authority and just build their brand so that they they can get all that brand equity that that name recognition um from their customers so we do help our clients become the top brand in their local marketplace top brands attract the best customers they can charge the top rates it’s not about price anymore if you’re seen as the best you know you can charge more you need less customers to be just as profitable um and you can be booked out weeks in advance because you’re in demand so even in today’s day and age where everybody wants things immediately and they want it now now now it’s always good to have a service system that helps with that but that should be a premium it’s like hey we’re booking for two weeks from now three weeks from now our schedule’s completely full if you need it sooner than that we can rush and squeeze you in it’s an extra fee it’s a you know an employee staying late coming in on a weekend things like that but yeah you should be booked out solid because that’s what in demand means um so what we talk about on these calls and what we’ve been doing on these master classes for almost a year now consistently we’ve always done sort of trainings and webinars but we’ve started doing a consistent monthly one to basically go around the horn and talk about our digital dominance method so we’re talking about seo and seo optimization we’ve talked about google my business optimization and citation development and things like that um we’ve talked about pay-per-click we’ve talked about all kinds of different aspects of marketing reputation and reviews and setting your whole entire system up around feedback and things like that so we just try and provide a wealth of information for anybody who runs a small business to really get a sense of how to do all of this stuff properly so and i’ve actually got a book coming out soon that goes through all of this as well i’ve got about three or four more chapters to write is about 20 chapter book a nice good size all on digital our digital dominance method as well so anyways enough about that let’s get into the content ultimately what we want to talk about here is uh is the big concept of does seo still matter so kind of if you want to put in the chat um if you find that seo search engine optimization still matters in 2022. let me see what we’ve got coming in here let me switch my screen okay we’ve got some people saying no got a lot of people going yes of course so yeah let’s talk about that because i i want to prove to you a couple of facts so um so yeah so let’s let’s first talk about what is seo well seo is basically what comes up this is a search results page a local search results page when a local search is done so denver carpet cleaning was the search and i’ve this this is a long they can normally would pull up on your browser you scroll down so we just split it in two but what we’ve got up here is we’ve got the local service ads so that’s a paid area pay per lead service right and that could be anywhere from depending on your industry and your marketplace twenty dollars to fifty sixty dollars a lead but you’re competing you see the other these other people and you only pay when a lead actually connects with you through google so that’s google’s pay-per-lead service then we’ve got cool google’s pay-per-click you pay every time somebody clicks then you start getting into what’s called organic organic means you don’t pay to be placed in here you have to be you have to represent what google wants to show you have to represent a good user experience there’s a whole bunch of stuff we’re going to get into today to explain how you show up in the google maps packs that’s google maps listing the first three and then you have to click the more businesses to see the rest and there’s always there’s a map showing up either above or beside google’s moved to the side lately and then you’ve got the organic listings down below that where people scroll down to read and the question is do people scroll down and read anymore what you will notice is a lot of times these the organic list listings are dominated by yelps and they’re dominated by angie’s list you might see thumbtack in there and the better business bureau and all of these directories they literally pay millions and millions of dollars a year to do really great national and local seo to dominate in here but you can see that um businesses can end up in there as well um and have three in the top five on this page is actually unique normally you’ll find that it’s only one or two businesses maybe in the top five and then a few of them lower down if they’re doing really good seo so we’ll talk about it but so the point is where do people actually go to search interestingly enough if you run the stats on the service industry 73 percent of the clicks still end up going to the maps listing or the organic so when people come to a local search results page so a local search results page

only about 25 to 27 of the clicks end up in the page section the rest all end up in the organic they’re they’re looking for what other people say so that’s reviews that you know that that’s they’re going to scroll down here and see the different options they’re going to look at websites and again if you do it right you can actually have reviews showing up in your organic listing as well they’re going to be looking all around for more information more topical information we’ll talk about that what kind of keywords people are actually searching for as well so um it’s really important to kind of understand that the paid has its place do you want to miss out on 25 to 27 of the traffic of course not but so does the maps and so does the organic because that’s where you’re going to get a lot of of of awareness a lot of authoritativeness and you’re going to start standing out over your competitors and it’s also about the differences of keywords some keywords just don’t show up with with paid results doing some research so there’s sort of like a top of funnel and we’ll have a little bit as well

also becomes really important in this interestingly the stats also show that 67 so 70 73 um target organic or we’ll click on the the organic listings whether it’s the maps or the um or the actual websites but 67 percent uh we’ll click on the first five listings so that’s the three in the maps and the first two here that’s where most people are going to click so ultimately you want to be in that you know top one or two organic especially in marketplaces where you can’t be in the maps and we’ll talk about what that means as well so um but that’s the point to cover here is that you want to make sure that for all the different keywords that you can possibly answer questions for help a customer influence the search results you want to make sure that you’re in that one of those top five positions as well and there’s a lot of keywords that we’re going to that you’re going to want to be considering for so does seo still matter in 2022 yes it does you do not want to be missing out on 75 of the potential traffic to your website and and people learning about your brand and potentially calling you and there’s all kinds of ways to influence that it’s one of our clients back-end stats as well just want to show you that again this client here 75 percent of their leads comes from organic so what do we buy organic google my business listing that’s an organic that is again it’s google’s algorithm determines who’s there it’s not a pay-to-play and google organic again is below that so out of all the leads they they got in this month 268 inbound leads 75 percent of them came from the organic rankings that they have and then the rest came from the facebook ads google ads ad extensions um ad content things like that so and that that’s really important as well to understand that you don’t want to just be in in one area um jim rohn a a great business um um consultant and and mind who died just a few years ago jim rohn used to always say that you want to have like somewhere between five to seven very solid sources of leads to run a successful business minimum we always say that you should be you should have sort of like a race for 20 to 30 some of them might only generate one or two leads a month some might you know like a real estate agent referring you in or you know a referral partner things like that but as far as the actual really solid um consistently generating sources the goal is to have five to seven really solid sources like that because say for example one month facebook changes the rules a new competitor comes in and your facebook ads slow down you definitely want to make sure that your organic is still generating leads or if the organic slows down or there’s less people going to um you know seeing the adwords or you know things like that um anything can happen where one source just changes dynamically month by month just based on demographics based on how those platforms operate based on competitors all kinds of things and you want to make sure you have multiple so this is a good example of multiple but also that why organic over time is your best play because the other side of this is

yes seo still matters and you can’t rely on paid advertising alone the point with that is of course you can pay google right now and within you know 24 or 48 hours you can have a campaign set up and generating clicks and if you’ve got a good landing page and you know the audience is buying audience and all that those kinds of good things then you know you’re generating leads the leads from paid sources will always be your most expensive that doesn’t mean you don’t do them that just means in the mix your cost per lead will be higher if somebody organically searches and over time you’re able to influence the search engine so it doesn’t happen right away you can’t pay to show up organically you have to influence over time with lots and lots and lots and lots of ranking signals and we’ll talk about what those are but so if you influence good organic rankings in the

maps and good organic rankings in the search engines you’re going to have that as a stable base foundation and then if you add paid the paid might again you know in the carpet cleaning world you might find that a cost per lead so somebody you know your cost per click might be anywhere from five to fifteen to twenty dollars depending on your market but typically you need five six seven clicks to get one person to fill out a form typically that depends every marketplace is a little bit different but that is a typical number but a lot of people just look and then back off go check somebody else they don’t care if it’s pay-per-click they don’t know that they charged you money they’re just searching around like they do and they click on this link and then they click on this link and some of them you paid for the click so um they’re gonna they’re gonna bounce around like that and to get somebody to fill out a form or to pick up the phone and call you you’re gonna be paying multiple clicks before that becomes an actual lead and then how many leads do you need before you book them but you book at 50 do you book a 75 percent you only book at 25 so how many leads do you need before that becomes a job so you could be looking at you know 75 100 150 a lead now if your average lifetime value of a client is three or four thousand dollars for a decent client even as high as five thousand dollars in carpet cleaning or you know a lifetime value of a recurring made client is over ten thousand dollars from our days only molly made franchises and things like that then it’s well worth it it’s well worth it to pay a couple hundred you know 150 for a lead or for an actual booked job if they’re going to be a recurring client and they’re going to come back and then that’s up to your systems to make sure you wow them make sure they they come back again and again and become a regular client and then if they refer a new one person to you that becomes a client some point you’ve just doubled their lifetime value so it’s always best to think of the lifetime the the job value then the lifetime value of the club your average client run that math and then the referral value of your average client if one out of every 10 clients refer somebody one out of every 50 put that math into your calculations it allows you to out market your competitors but point being on this slide um paid advertising alone is is not a good place to stick there’s a dime a dozen i’m sure you probably get 100 emails a week nowadays you know hey we can run your facebook ads hey we can run your google ads hey you know buy you know paper lead buy the lead buy the lead you know they’re selling you leads they’re selling you leads the downside about that is they’re the most expensive part of your business and as soon as that one source dries up um you’re you’re back to square one again so you want to make sure you have multiple sources so if i beat that one to death enough let’s talk about the biggest changes in in that’s that’s happened in seo

so one of the biggest changes that’s happened uh in the last only the last couple years it’s become more and more important google rolled out um an update called eat authoritative or it’s expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness what that’s how they rank websites in in the in the natural organic rankings so what that means is you want detailed well-written content it now matters more than anything you don’t want to have spammy content you don’t want to have lightweight content you want to make sure it’s detailed well-written deep content so think about it for example in the carpet cleaning industry you could have um you could have a you know a sentence that says hey we do carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning tile cleaning um we clean berber and you know synthetic and natural carp as berber and cup regular cup pile and on and on and you can have all kinds of you know in a list right and that’s one sentence you could also have an entire chapter in a book on how to properly clean berber carpet you can have an entire chapter in a book if you know the difference between like a sheet of paper a one-liner and and deep content google is respecting the deep content you know those 600 800 1200 word pages as as you know as long as they’re written well and and they’re easy they’re understood well and the user experience is proper and we’ll talk about that that is considered authoritative content and it helps you show up more than your competitors for a whole bunch of different keywords and you also want to make sure that you don’t have low quality spammy links pointed back to your website this can crush your chances of ranking so doing a link audit is really important if you’ve been around for a while because years ago it used to be that everybody you know like back in the day um companies figured out like seo um technicians and experts what they’re just trying to do is reverse engineer what google’s algorithm is so if they realized that you know the more links you had the higher you ranked then it became a tactic let’s get more links doesn’t matter the quality doesn’t matter anything let’s just get more links and google comes out with algorithm changes that go oh we we

realize that they’re they’re they’re trying to game the system a bit they’ve figured out a little bit of our our process let’s make it tighter let’s make it better let’s change that and boom within no time all of those get wiped out ideally you need to have a real physical office in the target city you want to rank in as well for google maps we’ll talk a little bit about this going forward as well and site speed matters so those are the some of the really important changes that have happened really recently within the last couple of years so detailed well written content we’re talking about this um let’s just load them all there so um so basically content is king every service you offer should have its own page of well-written informative unique content so every service should have its own page google does not rank websites google ranks pages and it ranks pages for authoritative informative content that people read and stick on um so that’s really really important that you have deep content on a page that is all about that one topic and we’ll even talk about how you can link to that page with even more content that supports that that page and that content that ranks independently on its own as blog posts and other things that is sort of a sub set of what you’ve just written that page on but every single service that that you offer should have a full detailed page about that service and about the nuances of that service as well if you clean wood floors talk about the different types of wood floors that you clean and the different types of finishes that could be on the wood floors have a really deep page about wood floor cleaning and all the different variables about that again the same with carpet cleaning do you do residential do you do commercial um do you do certain you know synthetic do you do natural fiber what’s the difference in those what do people need to know google’s going to read google only really only knows how to read so it’s going to read those pages and it’s going to make an assessment based on the the density of the words and the way the words are placed and it’s getting better and better and better with their deep brain ai on understanding sentiment on those pages so it understands if the page is written well or if it’s written you know by some sort of a bot that doesn’t speak english well and because in the old days you used to be able to get a way to spin out really really bad content and create thousand page websites in like an hour with a spinner and that would rank super well because google didn’t only saw keywords and it didn’t really understand nuance google is way better at understanding nuance um carpet cleaning companies tend to serve for example in any cleaning company and most local businesses tend to serve about um a 25 to 50 mile radius if you’re a local brick and mortar shop it might be smaller than that but um again if you’re a service company that that runs in a in a city that you know it’s not like one on every street corner kind of idea then you’re normally a 25 to maybe 50 mile radius around that city and surrounding cities so and those neighborhoods you should have a page that targets each of those and you need to make that page unique that page has to talk about that city benefit you know things about that city saying things about your service in that specific city um show maps of that city talk about attractions in that city and then talk about your services it’s got to be a really deep page that talks about both your company what you do and the city itself and you need to make those unique um so you the interesting thing about this is you can create all of these pages that are super seo friendly but a customer comes to it or potential customer comes to it and it doesn’t read well it doesn’t sell them you still have to have an eye on persuasive sales and you know explain you know explaining why you you have a paragraph of text or two and then you have a call to action hey if you’d like this if you need to know you know if you want us to help you with this click here to book a you know appointment click here to fill out a form click here to you know call our office make it super super easy for them to get the next piece of information from you for them to request more information from you to pick up the phone and call you that kind of thing it’s got to be big it’s got to be bold and it’s got to be easy so that they you know they know as they scroll down the page they don’t have to kind of oh what do i got to do next every little bit of content oh by the way so if this is something that you need give us a call fill out a form so you you want to make sure that the content has those keywords in it and has the the the the the other the the it’s called um lsi keywords as well which are the you know the ones that support that your main keyword the ones that commonly come together in conversation google knows what those are as well so as you’re writing content you’re not just stuffing keywords the same the same keyword over and over again google can understand that that’s not natural either so you need to be writing with a mixture of the the the keyword the topic you want to rank for and all of the synonyms that work for that as well but you want to be able to have it read in a way that’s compelling and salesy um so that’s that’s really important second point we made was if you have too many irrelevant low quality links pointing

back to your website it could actually hurt your business and there are little um penguin there because that was the penguin update that caused caused that one um it used to be all about links as we talked about penguin update addressed this there was actually a day when uh when the penguin update rolled out um like millions and millions and millions of websites around the world just all of a sudden stopped showing up in page one it was like a bloodbath because google finally figured out how to control these spammy links um so you’re gonna have to do a review of your links and there’s a word here called you can either remove them if you if if you know the source or you disavow them so if you go look at your links and they’re coming from really spammy crappy sources you’re going to want to make sure that you tell google hey you know that’s not mine somebody else pointed at me i don’t i don’t agree with that point or that was from before i can’t get rid of it so i disavow that link you want to tell google that you realize that that’s not a quality link and please don’t use that against me because you want to make sure that you’ve got high authority authoritative backlinks so and just for anybody who’s not quite sure what a backlink is because that could be one of those techie terms that people don’t quite understand um say for example um you are you you sponsored a charity event and that charity event put a link from their website back to your website saying hey thanks so much to abc cleaning for supporting us and donating whatever and there’s a link from them to you that that link is that’s all it is that’s what’s called a backlink it’s a link from some other site to your site and that better be a quality link it better makes sense it better be relevant and what we mean by relevant as well is google knows that there’s certain like a link coming from you know a cooking page in you know in south africa to your carpet cleaning or home cleaning website makes no sense at all that is not a relevant link so that link doesn’t carry any authority and it can actually cause you know if you’ve got a ton of those looks so spammy that you know your your site starts to be demoted and de-ranked because of that so you want to make sure that the the links make sense they come from business directories they come from things in your industry they come from fellow businesses in your town like you know if the local real estate agent links to you that’s totally natural but it doesn’t make sense if it’s sort of like one of these spammy links as well so you want to keep an eye on that because that’s really important and you want to diversify your anchor text so again techy a little bit but what anchor text stands for is um when a link is coming to you the link could be just your website url right that could just be the the your website address the link could also be click here and then when on the when they click here that now that text itself is actually linked back to your website behind it is the is the actual hyperlink that that takes the the visitor when they hit the click here button to you so the anchor text in that one is click here it back in the day it used to be that people would say for example you you were carpet cleaning you know dallas right if that’s the keywords you wanted to rank for hey you would send that you’d every anchor text would say carpet cleaning dallas carpet cleaning dollars carpet cleaning dial so all around the web every anchor text that you every link back to your website would be that google quickly caught on again and created an algorithm the our penguin here that said hey if you’ve got a whole bunch of similar spammy keyword stuffed anchor text that’s bad that’s not natural because the other people that would link to you wouldn’t always use that term you’re obviously trying to game our system so diversified anchor text means that it’s just a it’s just natural it’s like some of them going to be click here some of them are going to be just they’re all linked to your website some are going to be um you know check out my friend bob’s carpet cleaning company you know on and on they’ve got to be diversified around the web so even when you’re when you’re doing it yourself or when you’re working with an seo company there’s a lot of diversification figured out to be natural in in building these anchor texts um you need a real physical office to rank while in google maps um so i’m gonna kind of dig into this one a little bit so google maps still counts as as organic right so it’s all part of that stuff that you’re ranking for that you’re not buying leads from right so um and we did a whole entire training on sort of google maps that you can go back and watch in on our website but in in the organic conversation um google maps had a major change with the pigeon update so pigeon update was this huge update that really affected the maps rankings and there was about i think the number was somewhere around 5 million um in that range 5 million businesses worldwide about 500 000 in the us alone um dropped instantly when the pigeon update rolled out because they were they were being spammy um so the the the whole idea behind sort of having um a real physical presence is it’s really about the fact that google wants to know that you’re legit that that you’re an actual real business that they can um they can send business to um your primary uh your

primary address has got to be is the local maps listing so where this this nuance always starts to happen is there’s a lot of businesses especially service area businesses businesses that service outs like people don’t come to their shop to get the work done or come to their office they leave and go out you know they service them at their residence or at their office so it’s a service area business um it’s easier and cheaper to live outside of town and then work in the big town the downside is you don’t have an address in the big tech and what we’ve actually noticed even more so in the last even four to six months is showing your having an actual physical address um and showing it even more so um because you can hide it but having a physical address and showing it in the town that you want to work in is has become critical to having that chance of ranking against everybody else who already is in that town already has proven that they have already been verified and are showing because part of google’s algorithm is proximity so say for example you’re in you know even um you know uh somewhere like um let’s pick a city here miami and you’re on the far east side of miami in one of the suburbs and you just stand in there and you type in your phone you know carpet cleaners near me roofers in miami whatever the list you’re going to get there and if you drive across town to the west side of town to you know one of the nice suburbs there near the golf courses and you type in the exact same thing the list you’re going to see there is entirely different why because google puts all things considered proximity becomes a very important ranking factor as well we’ve also noticed that that proximity window is getting a little bit smaller so it used to be that you could rank maybe seven eight nine miles away from your pin location um and it seems to be tightening up there are things that can happen but this is where you know knowing that where your target market is this is part of that mix we’re talking about so you want to rank really well in google maps for where you can rank really well in google maps and sometimes it may be is opening a second office is is is worth it if you’re going to generate 10 20 30 000 worth of extra business and for that it’s going to cost you 500 bucks to a thousand bucks to open a a satellite office maybe that’s worth it um so those are kinds of some of the considerations to make that way but you also want to make sure that you can organically rank even in areas where you don’t have a map and we’ll talk about how you organically rank there as well and then you may want to have paid ads and you want a facebook ads you want to have google local service ads so it’s a mix of everything where you can influence people in different ways and get different parts of the crowd so um so anybody had had um fake addresses that was huge so mailbox um ups stores and mailbox etc places and you know regis business offices and things like that those ones were wiped out with the um with the um pigeon update so um talked about that there um work from home addresses and businesses that hidden actually again are becoming more and more influenced to to not show up as well now if you’re in a category where most people hide their address most of the businesses are work for or work from home or that kind of idea then it’s less of a concern because google’s making a local decision but you know in in your local market but if you’re the one guy that you know is hiding your address and all your competitors have you know shops and places where people can pick up their spot remover and drop off their area rugs and stuff like that and that’s the majority of the people that are ranking well and you’re not it’s going to be much harder not impossible but much harder to ever rank in the google three pack in that proximity around you know around where your your your location is so a real physical address in the city um really helps you rank and ideally you need to show it so again as i said you can hide it but there still needs to be an address in that city to rank

so we’re going to move on to site speed because this is another one as well that has become really important because google said it’s important google doesn’t tell us a lot of stuff they they sort of make you inference it and they um they they don’t really come out with a lot of this information um so seos have to sort of band together you know test everything across thousands and thousands of websites band together figure it all out together and then see what changes look like are coming along a whole bunch of websites start not ranking as well anymore well what was that change and they all get together and talk about it there’s forums and and and all kinds of stuff that help but this is one of the ones that google said you know what this is this does matter the longer it takes a site to load um the less likely we’re going to show it because there’s sort of a threshold there where people just aren’t getting a good user experience and google wants you to build a user a better user experience so how fast your website loads in comparison to not only google’s metrics but your competitors um

is is important mobile and desktop must be considered google is a mobile first platform now so they really look at your mobile environment first seventy percent of traffic starts on a mobile device so that’s why they care about that more but both of them play a role you can check your site speed on google’s actual development page slash speed on page speed slash insights so kind of a long one there take a screen cap if you want but you can you can check that so it really is a matter of comparing against competitors there’s a lot of things that can affect site speed um so here let’s kind of take a look at some of them as well and it’s a work in progress because some sites that look really pretty might slow down a little bit because of the way they look and function other sites that run really really fast may look too plain jane to convert well so it is always a game to to play that and there’s lots of plug-ins and things like that that can help and there’s different ways to play with this so um this is way techy so i’m going to kind of rattle through it really quick but here are some of the many ways to increase your site speed so enable compression there’s lots of different tools plug-ins and platforms that can help with compression minify things like the css javascript and html so there’s there’s ways to do that as as well within the build of the site within sort of post site architecture reduce the redirects so don’t have a lot of redirects going on within your website remove render blocking javascript so there’s certain scripts that you can put in place that block certain things from happening um and and that’s that’s helpful sometimes again to make a mobile experience look different than a desktop experience but it’s gotta it’s really a matter of really limiting those and keeping an eye on those leverage browser caching so have have the ability to have somebody’s come to the website the next time they come it loads really really fast that really does help improve server response time so don’t be on like a godaddy server um their siteground is a faster one wp engine is faster amazon um hosting lightspeed um or light sales sorry hosting by amazon are fast servers as well and they’re always competing each other for these these really fast servers the actual server you’re on could be slowing down your entire website speed as well content distribute content distribution networks that what that is is there’s ways where your website can be sort of protected behind a service that the website kind of loads into it first and then when anybody goes to your site they’re actually going to the content distribution network for seeing it there and it’s loading super fast and any changes might be slow to show up you don’t change your site right now and it shows up a second later um any of those sort of changes will happen over a period of an hour or two because the content distribution network grabs your site and and it’s the one that pops it out to the the um the world and it grabs the information back from where your actual site is hosted so things like that really help optimizing images is a big one um so there’s a lot of times we take really cool images that are like you know taken on our phone and they’re you know 12 000 or 12 000 megapixels and blah blah blah massive 4k images well that’s great they look amazing um but the size of an image on a website like look over here the size of this little graphic um you know it’s a couple hundred kilobytes it’s not it’s not megabytes and megabytes and megabytes of information there so you can take a lot of your images and and reduce them right down so there’s plugins and tools and stuff like that that we use that just you know we scrape through a whole site and minimize the images without even damaging the quality because the size that it’s showing up on might only be 400 pixels by 800 pixels yet you’ve got you know it’s reducing down to that and it’s literally like 10 000 by 12 000 the original image so you don’t need the 10 000 by 12 000 image if it’s only going to be showing 400 by 800 pixels you just need the 400 by 800 version so things like that can really help improve the site speed so what else has changed um so seo tastics for from two years ago can know some a lot of them are no longer effective because google is again ranked brain their their ai and and and all of that kind of stuff and the um eat upgrades with the authoritativeness the expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness are really important so all of the um the barnyard animals that showed up panda pigeon penguin all of those are all about the user experience so that’s really really important in seo as well is that the user shows up and stays so the new seo approach requires a heavy focus on user experience and technical on-site optimization

so what are we talking about by user experience and technical on-site optimization so what we’re talking about here is things like um click-through rate click-through rate starts so google looks at you know did somebody do a search find your page organically and click on it right if if they did a search and your page showed up but nobody clicked on it that’s a ranking signal that said google says i don’t think people care about this this topic

this site enough so that’s where on your website things like your title description your meta tags um how they’re written uh and all of that kind of stuff you know they’ve got to include the keywords because google’s looking for those kinds of things on the page and in the title tag and the meta description so in the coding of the page google’s looking for all of that stuff but it’s also got to be compelling enough for somebody to click on it or you don’t even start with the click through rate then scroll time and time on page is essential are they scrolling down when they show up are they bouncing right off so if they scroll down the page read the content if they you know say for they said they’re looking for the best made service in manhattan and they’re looking for that keyword and they they come to the page they scroll down and they’re reading that’s different than if they come look for that and within two three five seconds they’d go nope i don’t think i see anything about that that i’m interested in off they go again that that time on page tells google well these people came you know a number of people went looking for this exact term they found a website we gave them a website that that talks about that exact term and we think it’s authoritative um but people show up and then leave too quickly on average compared to the competitors so it’s always in comparison to the other ones that would show up at the same time and so this this page isn’t as good for that keyword so the page might rank for a couple different keywords or a dozen different keywords around that similar topic but some of those keywords might be falling down and falling off and that’s that’s the matter of actually constantly monitoring your your keyword rankings for different keywords because are you getting pages that are ranking are you getting pages that are are moving up or down and they’ll always be moving but what is some of the reasons and can they be influenced better by having better content having videos that the people watch having other things that just keep them on the page more so that’s that bounce rate it’s got to be watched very very closely as well um branding is huge now google loves brands so it used to be in the day that you could you know you create a lot of spammy websites you know that you could have carpet cleaning dallas as the name of your business and is the name of your website and it’s all you know all keyword keyword keyword google has actually decided in a lot of their recent updates that they prefer the authoritativeness of a brand over the um the the just the key like the keyword stuffing right so does the brand represent the best carpet cleaning in dallas right does the what does the brand and google’s making all of these brand connections now so having just stuffed keywords can actually confuse google having keywords stuffed into your name um like as you know again city and and service and all of that too much stuffing can cause a problem you definitely want to make sure that you know your brand represents the services that you provide but you want to make sure that you’re not just calling yourself city name service dot com and that kind of stuff and then citations reviews and relevant links are all really important so citations are just your name your address and your phone number shared around the web so better business bureau chamber of commerce angie’s list yelp facebook all your social sites um you know best of the web and and foursquare and all of those kinds of places there’s actually sort of 50 60 really core um places that most businesses should get sort of national citations from there’s probably at least a dozen local citations you should have if you’re in business locally um just your you know some of them you have to pay to be a member of but there are citations that are considered you know normal and acceptable um places that should link to you from a local environment and then there’s industry links as well you know all the different associations and board of trades and stuff like that for your for your industry they should have that your name and address and phone number on those sites being you know sharing back to your website and being found on these other sites building that brand being exactly the same the exact same business name exact same address the exact same phone number all around the web really really helps build that those ranking factors those signals that google picks up on and decides that you are more authoritative than your competitors obviously reviews we know are big and you want to make sure you’re answering reviews but not just reviews on google google doesn’t just look on google if you actually go look at your at a search page when you type your business name in and see google pull up that on the left hand right hand side there um they pull up the um your search card your info card basically your google business profile um you’ll see that they’ll find google’s already found reviews on other sites if you scroll down you’ll see also found on you know you know x number of reviews found on facebook and yelp and and better business bureau chamber wherever they can they’ve found them they’ll list a few of the others as well google is looking at all the other review sites you don’t want to be sort of a one and done pony as well

and then again relevant links um that’s you know links from quality sites coming back to you as well and even links from other businesses like if you’ve got a link from you’re a carpet cleaning company you got a link from a real estate agent or a you know carpet store or anything like that google sees that obviously as a very relevant link so you know that’s more important so you know the charities the the chamber of commerce the local associations are all great and then any of your fellow businesses that you know that make obvious sense that would likely share out you know carpet cleaning link and you know hey here’s some of the local businesses we trust kind of thing or whatever that kind of stuff as well so that’s all part of what we need to be talking about in in building our our seo so the new seo formula figure out what the most important keywords are based on your service the service areas which is the cities and the neighborhoods and the search volume of those keywords that’s important so you can use google keyword tool word stream spyfu google adwords to see what the search volume of these keywords are but you want to start building a list of the keywords the most important keywords for your services your service areas what people are actually typing in and then their search volumes you want to set up a great website with unique pages that target those keywords and those keyword clusters so you don’t need a new page for every single keyword but you need a page for your carpet cleaning service for example and your upholstery cleaning service and your tile and grout cleaning service and then within those there’s going to be nuances there’s going to be the difference between cleaning granite tile versus cleaning ceramic tile versus you know um cleaning you know an aggregate stone tile things like that you want to make sure that you you have all of those listed within that that service page you don’t need separate pages for each one of them necessarily but you definitely want to have them all on that page and all of your service areas covered as well so a page for each service and each city and each neighborhood and what we mean by neighborhoods is if people actually say that they live in tribeca if they say they live in soho if they say that they live in the upper east side the upper west side things like that they’re all in manhattan which is just a borough of new york city so new york city manhattan is another key word and then all of those city pages or those neighborhood pages if people say that they’re going to find a locksmith in near me and near me might mean that google knows they’re in they’re in the upper east side or whatever um they might find that they um they they’re they’re looking for a carpet cleaner in battery park they’re looking for a maid service you know the services soho things like that they’re going to be using their local keywords in in those searches so you want to make sure you have pages set up that help influence google so that even if your maps listing isn’t close enough to rank there and these will actually help your map listing a little bit as well spread a little bit wider if it’s within that sort of five mile seven mile sort of max range but you’re trying to get it as wide as possible these pages help but even if you’re not in that window then what you do want to make sure you have happening there is that you’re showing up in the in the um organic listings right below that so that’s the key that we’re going with there so that you do have a page on on on on those each of those neighborhoods and the services you provide and google with a good amount of link building and influencing and stuff like that is going to show your page right below that in the organic listings um you want to optimize your website for user experience make it super easy for people to see you know to navigate through your page find other content watch videos make it nice and sticky um you know show reviews on your service pages and things like that as well so that people you know are going to pause to read those because oh what did somebody else have you know find is a great experience in indianapolis using this service for example and things like that right so you want to make sure that you know it’s another reason for people to stay on the page you want to make it super easy for them to interact with your website so if they’re they’re going to want to find a quote um they’re going to want to call you they’re going to want to get a hold of you in some way it’s got to be super easy and intuitive and and make make sense and not sort of um block them at any any part of that and not be hard to find as well um you want to optimize for your on-site optimization so that means things like your title tags your meta description um we’re talking about things like schema codes and stuff like that so schema is a technical term of how the you know how search engines read your site and you want to make sure that you’ve got all of the right interscope schema markups and all that you want to build your authority off site as well so you want to make sure that you have all of your directories set up you want to have all your social media set up linking back to your site you want to have um again you want to have all the citations around the web you want to be having relevant links coming from understandable places so you can take a you

can do a deep dive in your competitors links look at their link profile and take a look at which ones like the ones that are ranking in the first second third fourth place um for a keyword that you’re not and you know take a look at all of the links that they’ve got coming in to that page that’s ranking and make some decisions like which one of those can you go out and get yourself which ones of those have a lot of of um of authority that are passing that authority on to your competitor that you think you can acquire a link on as well so things like that become part of it and then you track your results you track how well these things are ranking and moving over time so for all our carpet cleaners on the call what i want to do is i want to give you an idea of the keywords because keywords are really really important and see how we’ve got sort of like your city it could be your city your neighborhood it could be carpet cleaning in your city it could be your city carpet cleaning so these are sort of interchangeable as well but these are the types of keywords across and i use carpet cleaning a little loosely here because i did these are actually in fairly decent national order of the types of keywords people type in and the search volumes the number of times they type it in so for carpet cleaning companies who do things like carpeted upholstery tile um you know area cleaning stuff like that this is the kind of search volume order that people type type things in so again your city can be your neighborhood and can be interchanged on either side of the keyword but carpet cleaning carpet cleaner carpet cleaner near me is considered a different keyword carpet cleaning near me upholstery cleaning cleaning upholstery seems very similar um but one is searched more than the other so do you need two separate pages no no no but what you do need to do is see how you rank for both of those and make sure that on your upholstery cleaning page that you’re using variations of different versions of cleaning cleaner and different orders as you write the content as you go deep with the content because it’s really going to help so steam cleaning best carpet cleaners so that’s you know things like best top and top rated are add-on words that can be used but in the carpet cleaning world it’s actually considered a top keyword that people type in best um you know before other types of words you know terms like services are add-ons as well we’ve got mattress cleaning and we just keep coming down the list so this is kind of the types of keywords that you want to be knowing where do you fit in which ones are on your page who who’s ranking for what in your local market and what changes when you change these keywords when you look them up you know if your site is ranking number two or three organically for carpet cleaning but for carpet cleaner you know in dallas you’re you all of a sudden you drop down well your carpet cleaning page needs to also be ranking for carpet cleaner because there’s enough people typing that in and you’ve you’re actually demoted slightly and stuff like that so it’s part of the way to think and then near me has become huge and that’s because of mobile devices and google knows your ip address and knows your location from cell towers and pings and all that kind of stuff um so it knows what near me means it knows where you are on a map if you’ve got your location services turned on so in in my area and near me google actually is able to append what what you’re talking about and add the city on so sometimes you might not use your city name but you might just put near me if you type in carpet cleaning it might give you a wikipedia page on what carpet cleaning is and how to carpet clean if you type in carpet cleaners near me or carpet cleaning near me it googles oh i understand the inference now that’s subtleties right so family oriented green certified recommended residential affordable reputable free estimates free quotes can all be appended to these keywords to see if you still also show up for those and these are great things to talk about on your various service pages and service area pages city pages is you want to talk about that for sure so on-site optimization we’ve touched on a few of them um strong website with good content and a good user experience killer every page has got a it’s got to have a reason for being and be complete to it a really insane depth um you want to leverage multimedia and improve your on on page time so a video on every page would be great video by the owner hey let me tell you about this service and tell you or showing videos of the the the technicians or the company doing the work on that if that causes people to pause and watch that is brilliant because that increases your time on page a page for every service we talked about that um pages for cities and neighborhoods quality content that is well optimized so deep deep deep content your main keyword in the title of the page so we can pop over and take you know pop out and take a quick look at what this means but the title of the page is what shows up in the search bar above above the website relevant keywords um are in the h1 text so that’s the heading and then in the h2s and h3s down the page so we’ll show you what that means as well but that’s really important how this is all structured again this is the

techie stuff but knowing it or knowing that you you’re working with a company that understands this and has it figured out and can deal with this is really really important the meta description is the description that is that it’s in the meta metadata basically so it’s the hidden data it’s the description that sometimes shows up like in the search when you search for um best carpet cleaners what it’s going to show you is a list of websites well it’s going to show you the title more often than not that’s the dark blue in a search results and below it’s going to give you a little blurb of text google kind of bounces between grabbing just a blurb off your website or the meta description but google has already read the meta description and you want to make sure that that meta description is bang on and that it’s a bit salesy as well so if google’s going to use that and lean towards it then it’s it’s going to help you not hurt you name address phone number in the footer with that schema code you want to have service schema on your service pages you want to have city schema on your city pages new schema on your press release news site pages things like that you want to make sure that this schema markup is is um the structured data that that google sees behind the scene is is understood and is designed and built well the most of the websites that we audit when we when we deal with new clients and talk and audit to the audit for them and stuff like that that’s missing um you want to blog on a weekly basis um bi-weekly maybe maybe in a small market you’ll get away with it but your content needs to be deep and you need to be updating your website a lot blogging is one of the best ways to do that because you can write a page about one of those services but go deep about a certain city and a certain service and give people like the five best tips to do whatever the 10 reasons to whatever and it your you interlink deep from the blog into those city and service pages and you can even link out to authoritative sites which generates a few brownie points as well but you want to be deep on that and so blogging every single every single week with a you know 500 or 600 000 1500 word blog um you know you can usually keep it about 600 to 1000 words is usually fine but sometimes in some marketplaces you might need to go deeper than that but having that weekly blog post going deep on the content you guys know about is really really really important um so whether that’s outsourced to somebody blogging for you as part of an seo strategy because then the other thing you can do once you have a blog written is now you can syndicate it and promote it across everywhere you can make a google my business post about it or google business profile is what it’s called now google business profile post a facebook post you can share that out on some of these other directories as well you can put a link to it from your foursquare and from your you know you know anywhere else that allows you to link to it you can set up a tumblr and link back to your blog post and you can start creating some links were to places where other people like you know read it have a reddit hey here’s a great topic here’s this you know the the 10 best reasons to whatever and just give them the headlines and say you know for for the full copy or for the full story click here and bring him back to your blog post there’s lots of ways that you can create great content um that that people will read that will engage them that you can share out and bring them back to your website and now you’re creating a better user experience more time on page better seo optimization more traffic all that kind of stuff and more customers ultimately all of this is not just to look pretty this is all to get more customers and one of the big ones we talk about is a press release media room so it’s one of the things we do uniquely media rooms cost usually about five thousand dollars to build by routers and places like that it basically turns your website a page on your website into a news outlet um what we do is we build them off site and actually link code and to make it show up there we build it within a really cool tool that we have um but what it does is allows us to run press releases so the press releases are allow you to generate more of what is called google signals so everything in google nowadays is about signal so a press release can have a map listing in it a map embed listing so your google your google map listing is embedded in the press release your website link is embedded in the press release a review could be embedded a like a a google review a facebook review whatever could be embedded in in the press release like an image shows an image of that and they if they click on it it takes them to that actual review all of these are signals that is telling google all about your authority it’s creating links around the web you take you take somebody to a google my business um listing and that google my business listing then links back to your website you’ve now taken them from a newsworthy site to a google listing to a back to your website and that creates a ton of authority for google so we find that press releases are just amazing amazing tools a lot of times it takes you costs you know anywhere from 300 to a thousand dollars to get a press release out onto the newswire we help with all of that

as well for some of our clients but we build the media rooms within a really cool tool it’s just a unique coup that we’ve got there that allows that your website to become seen as the news authority site so the press release actually lives on your website and then is shared elsewhere so just something to keep in mind as well as far as ranking goes so let’s talk about a few examples here for example we’ve got carpet cleaning brantford so one of our clients um elite carpet care so you can see here when they came to us they weren’t ranking anywhere they weren’t in the maps listing they’d completely fallen out and they weren’t ranking organically um they now rank number one for pretty much everything um every every service that they they do that we work on for them but so here’s a point for example so up above that is the paid ads but we know there’s a paid ad right there but then maps listing number one and they’re the ranking number one for carpet cleaning brantford because they’re optimized for that their website is optimized for that the google listing is optimized for that all of the link building we do is optimized for that as well that’s one of their major terms they’re number one organically also because they get ton of tons of reviews they’ve actually you know with our system they’re optimized for getting reviews right now 169 as of this picture um there’s a service called three best rated which is again a directory well there’s their van they’re they’re promoted as the premier um number one cleaning in brantford um and there’s a picture of their van um because like you know and they’ve got competitors as well but we know that they’re they’re one of the three best rated for um for that term as well so as an example their website this is just a picture of their website but their website is all about um again the the h1 tags the h2 tags the h3 tags the meta descriptions the carpet cleaning pages the you know all of that kind of all the blogs all the content all of it is built around their major keywords and then as they rank we want to keep these ranking and add more over time so ranking the you know we get asked that question a lot um how long does it take to rank well every market is different but when you’re a brand new website for example a brand new authority you know so again google ranks web pages not websites but it takes the authority of your website and all your pages together and then ranks that page based on the merits of that page as it’s contained by the pages linking to it within your website and off of other websites so um a brand new website or and even a brand new page on a website can be sandboxed for a little bit um so on on its own you’re trying to get in the race and run a little bit faster than the people that have already way out ahead of you they’ve already built links they’ve already got years of authority they’ve already got content you’re trying to do better than them by a little bit provide a few more links get more people to click on those links get that click-through rate up over time and just over time you’re basically catching up to them because you’re running at a slightly faster pace than them and then eventually you overtake them so i always used to say about six to nine months to start getting some really good rankings for the more difficult terms and stuff like that you might get rankings for easier terms less search terms things like that which still are valuable because people still pick up the phone and call and book your business but the bigger terms the more grand daddy terms kind of idea you it might take six to nine months well google’s basically said that it’s closer to a nine to twelve month window minimum because even if you would have been ranking by six to nine months they’ve paused you because you’re too new for them to give you authority so that’s part of the new eat update as well is they’ve delayed the length of time that you rank now the bigger your site is and the more pages you have that rank and the more authority that you’re building on your brand because their brand is huge the faster some of your newer content can rank but that’s the reason for these these these blog posts that are not trying to rank for the granddaddy terms are trying to rank for you know and get clicks and get people reading them time on page and all that kind of stuff they’re trying to rank for longer terms more you know more more words in the term so instead of you know carpet cleaning you know how to remove pet urine stains from my carpet that could be again you might only have 10 searches a month for that in some variation of that but if you show up and rank for that and that page links to your carpet cleaning page or your pet urine removal page you’re helping to build authority of those pages as well so just kind of think in those terms that it really is a matter of influencing and then growing that keyword influence over time it’s not a sort of a three month six month nine month oh that didn’t work seo is about a long-term game to build your your website up to become a monolith and rank for everything and just dominate over time by really being you know you know being very very um thoughtful about how you’re going about doing that and being very intentional was the word i was looking for and once you’ve got that whole thought and intention behind it you’ve got a strategy and then you just monitor and watch it and you

keep that thing rolling so hopefully that kind of all makes sense how does it help a business like say for example this is another kpi off of off of that so 269 total leads v of seo so their total leads were higher than that but this is just the seo side of the stats and we see that you know 178 were phone calls organic phone calls 91 were google maps that’s how many searches they got this is a mixture of their entire budget with ads and everything else like that but you know you know that it’s a cost per lead coming in that many leads came in um filled out a form picked up a phone started a chat and it’s cost of eight dollars and fifty one cents a lead of people that found them and are interested in doing business with them so that’s a really good cost per lead for a cleaning business so what drives these types of results well you definitely need to claim and verify your google google my business listing is now called google business profile but your google maps listing um you don’t want to spam the company name so you don’t want to be adding words to the company name that aren’t part of your actual business license so you don’t want to be you know best carpet upholstery cleaning in dallas texas as the name of your business if you’re if your name your business is joe’s carpet cleaning right you know you don’t want to do best joe’s carpet cleaning in dallas texas you don’t want to be adding any of that because that spam will hurt you and it’ll eventually get your listing shut down you want to be very legit you want to be able to back it up with actual business license that said this is my business name because google may ask at some point and they do ask a lot more than they ever used to before they just sweep through entire industries do what they call a soft suspension it still shows up but until you can’t get back into the back end of your google business profile until you prove that that’s the exact name phone number whatever the information that they’re requesting is um you need to get lots of online reviews across the web you don’t want to just get them all on google so you want to get reviews around the web um and you want to be asking you know your customers for feedback is our strategy works really well you ask them for feedback get a lot of people to fill out feedback and then the happy customers also hey by the way can you do an extra favor and write an online review the only people that can write a review on google are people with a google account the only people can write a review on facebook or people with a facebook account the only people that can write on yelp are people the yelp account the only people who can write on angie’s list have to have an answers list account so you want to make sure that you’re asking for reviews um from people and giving them the ability to go to any of these platforms that they have and that’s why we always say feedback is better because feedback can be marketed and then ask for the review after they’ve provided feedback as well good bad or ugly you don’t want to be review gating as they say but you want to make sure you get lots of reviews um you want a keyword in the title tag um and some variation of it so again the title tag is when you load a website it’s what shows up at uh right here so for example that little line right there is the title tag it’s the code inside so elite carpet care brantford ontario we’ve got our carpet cleaning so we got this carpet cleaning that’s a key word and branford right so for brantford carpet cleaning we’ve got all three words in the title tag so that title tag is buried in the code but it’s what google shows and then this below it here that is the meta description and again we want to have we’ve got brantford in there carpet carpet care um quality carpet cleaning you know guarantee call to action all that kind of stuff um so you want to make sure that you’re optimizing each one of your pages for what you want that page to rank for you want to want your website built out with lots of content and lots of content being added you want lots of citations and you want a solid link profile across the web with consistent seo work and and lots of those authority signals we talked about as well so that’s the press release stuff that’s the you know blogs being shared out that’s social posts that link back you want a lot of authority links around the web as well and that’s really going to help you so being respectful of your time we’re almost hitting that um you know 315 mark i like to be done you know somewhere around 15 20 minutes after the hour at the very latest so here’s some of the key takeaways that you need to be concerned with a great website with pages with each of your services and service cities and neighborhoods get your keyword and geo modified in the title of each page we just talked about that now so a couple of those new pieces into this these takeaways as a modified modify as modifiers geo modifiers in your title tag you want to have unique content on every page you’re not writing the same page over and over and over again you want to leverage multimedia to enhance the time on page you want to get reviews across the web you want to build your citations and consistency across all the major citation sites and again when we went deep on that we talked about you want to get citations locally you want to get citations that are industry specific and you want to

get citations that are um you know national and obvious that people would get you want to post updates on a constant basis so you want to post updates to your website you want to post updates to your google business listing so google posts linking back to your website linking to content your website linking to reviews linking to anything you can link to but you want to have constant posts going out about your business you want to build links and authority around the web you want to get links from really relevant sources coming back to you and you want to leverage paid search in this you know not only to drive traffic you want to leverage paid search you want to leverage page traffic but you can leverage page search to identify high converting keywords so when you’re running pay-per-click and you find that the majority of people come through um any once one specific source then maybe that’s you know like or a lot of people are buying from that source then maybe it’s a

keyword in then they’re going to your landing page or your website then they’re converting so that’s really really important so you want to you can use paid search to also identify high converting keywords so something to keep in mind as well so as we wrap up do we think that this knowing this i guess i understand there’s it’s a technical topic seo is not easy it’s a very technical topic but there’s things that you can do on your own um and there’s things that you need help with to help have a chance of ranking organically so you’re not just paying for leads all the time ranking takes time but once you build that that that snowball and it starts to get bigger and bigger and roll downhill you’re you’re getting all of that brand equity and authority so it’s a mix of all of those jim rohn 101. you need to have five to seven i like to say closer to 20 to 30 lead sources that are generating leads big granddaddy ones five to seven and then secondary ones of strategic partners and things like that everybody generating leads but seo is one of those big grand daddy ones it’s got to be something that’s on on the radar and being invested in as you grow so if it’ll help you make money attract more leads and grow your business um that’s great i hope you agree with that because that’s why seo still exists that’s why it’s still important so for any of you here that want some time um to speak with me about this to have our team do a deep dive research do a competitive analysis on your entire internet visibility and presence get score your actual visibility online your social media your your um your website your reviews um your keywords your all of that kind of stuff what we offer here is very limited um time but you get to actually meet with me for an hour but prior to that our team does all of the research in your marketplace on your business and we identify all of the any key issues that that that we find and we give you a full full strategic plan on how to solve that so some of the things that we can help with that’s great some of the things that your your company that you’re currently working with can maybe do better um some of the things that you’re doing great on that you can you know expand upon all of that kind of stuff so what we do is a full lead acceleration consultation to really help you you know tap into all of those things we’re not one of these companies that hey let us sell you more facebook leads hey let us get you more you know pay-per-click leads it’s a mixture of all of it the best way to run a business trust me from 30 years of experience and building exceptional businesses and selling them for great prices is we built authority in our marketplace we upped our prices we became one of the the the more elite services because we could because we built all of that authority around even in the days before the internet it was all built up in in same psychology different platforms the internet is just a whole bunch of different media that people can get to they can go to facebook that’s social media they can go to google that’s search media there’s different places people can show they go to youtube you know obviously that’s video media um but they can also still pick up a flyer they can also still see the back of a bus they can a fully wrapped van is is important to the success of your business as well billboards can help and all of those things it’s all just part of the the mix and what we can do is we can help you figure out the digital side of it and give you a consultation on all that and see where you fit into the marketplace and give you a hand on that so if you’d like to collect connect at all there is a um button that just popped up in the chat there’s also you can just go to here schedule you’ll actually be booking a time into my calendar and prior to that remo will be reaching out to you to um to do a quick chat with you to ask more questions about your business get more of the details that she can hand over the research team so we know more about you so you know you definitely don’t want to book an appointment for you know a day or two from now because our research team needs some time so if there is an opening always book you know a couple days out to a week out that way rima can get a hold of you take that call for sure and then um we’ll do

this thousand dollar worth of research i do charge 495 an hour to consult with businesses i still do i rarely do them anymore but you know maybe once every month or two i’m still doing a one-on-one consultant with a consultation with a business that just wants more help on stuff and it’s just years of experience and and knowledge and practice and expertise that can help with that i provide that for anybody who watches these webinars and can pick a time in our schedule there’s not that many slots but when there is we put our research team to work the same team that does all the research when we onboard a new client and then we put our um they hand all that information to me i spend some time going through it before we meet and then we meet and we go through what we found and ways to help so if that sounds cool great that’s great if you just learned a lot from this this information here by all means reach out to us give let us know give us a big thank you um hit us up on on facebook or instagram or linkedin or anywhere you find carpet clear marketing masters and give us a big shout out that would appreciate it as well um if you know anybody who could you get some value out of this any business owners that could get value out of either these master class trainings where we go really deep or just you know anybody in the industries that we service that you know could use our services um by all means we appreciate the uh the recommendation as well so thanks everybody i really appreciate your time it takes a little bit there we go so i hope you guys appreciated it um again sorry it’s a deep topic not sorry because it’s a deep topic and it’s part of running a proper business and you need to know this stuff as a business owner you need to take off the doer hats and just keep on that entrepreneurial marketing hat build your business that way that’s what i i believe in take care love you all and see you next time

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Optimizing Your Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign for Carpet Cleaners

Optimizing Your Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign for Carpet Cleaners


Optimizing Your Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign for Carpet Cleaners

Google Ads can be a great way to get your carpet cleaning business in front of your potential customers. But if you’re not doing it right, you are wasting your money. In this masterclass, we’ll show you how to optimize your Google Ads campaign for carpet cleaners so that you can get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Why do most PPC campaigns fail for carpet cleaners and home service businesses?


How does the Google Ads auction process actually work?


Why should PPC be part of your overall internet marketing strategy?


How to structure your PPC campaign for success?


What is conversion tracking & why is it essential?


What is a good cost per lead via PPC?

Audio Transcript:
Part of the angle of running a carpet cleaning business a home service business is getting leads from various sources and not being confined to one source so that’s what we’re going to be discussing today is pay-per-click local service ads paid paid ad um traffic how how to get it how to set it up things that you need to know things that you need to be watching out for if you’re using a service company to help you with that things that you should be making sure they’re doing i’ll show you our methodology and the way we do it as well so that you have a really good idea of everything that that uh that is involved in running a proper pay-per-click ad and even if you should should be running one or not so that’s what we’re going to be talking about today welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clindening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

yeah make sure that you i’ve got your full attention i tend to talk quickly and move through things quickly there will be a replay but that’s another reason why i want your full attention i’m not one of these people that tell you something slowly at all um so i’ve gotta come from an irish family and you know you you have to speak fast and speak up to get a word in edgewise so uh that’s what i learned how to do so if you’re a carpet cleaning business or small business owner and you’re serious about getting results this year um let’s pay attention because it’s gonna be that important um what we’re going to cover today why pay-per-click is key to unlimited scalability in terms of lead flow for your carpet cleaning and home service businesses um i’m going to show you some live examples of pay-per-click campaigns generating anywhere from five to fifteen our times roi um for other carpet cleaners and home service businesses gonna show you how to set up and structure your pay-per-click campaign for maximum cost per lead i’m gonna even tell you why pay-per-click might be a good option for you and what kind of kpis so those are the key performance indicators um what kind of tracking what kind of landing pages what kind of lan campaign structure you need to be thinking of to be able to make this work and just as a little bit of an ethical bribe if you stay until the end we’ve got a bundle of service our of of a marketing kit a carpet cleaner resource marketing kit and we keep adding to it uh every every time we do a webinar or training that’s got lots of stuff to hand out and give you we’ll put that into the kit as well but if you stay to the end i’m going to give you this this whole kit uh one of the most important pieces of it is the checklist if you haven’t gone through uh the ultimate internet marketing checklist for carpet cleaners yet you’re going to want to get your copy of that and make sure that you print it off and check off the things that you’ve got on the go and the things that you don’t it really really helps align your business to how the internet works we know that 95 of all consumers go to the internet um to look for things doesn’t mean postcards don’t work it doesn’t mean that organic outreach marketing doesn’t work it just means it’s part of the flow and it’s one of the biggest parts of the flow to get new clients and if you’re not maximizing your internet then you’re missing out on a whole bunch of clients that are going somewhere else they’re going to your competitors so this right here is going to be important to you and then we just got a bunch of other guides and reports as well on how to how to how to create a website that is designed for conversions and and and then how to do your google listing your google my business google business um um profile it’s now called google instead of google google my business they changed the name of google business profile um not that long ago but that how to maximize that listing because that’s google maps and that’s where people get um find out about you so stick around at the end you’re gonna get this really cool set of resources so who am i and i can spend a lot of time on this but i’ve been a business owner since 1990 while still in high school i’ve owned many many successful cleaning businesses carpet cleaning business duct cleaning i’ve done flood restoration i’ve done uh own janitorial businesses with crews of 20 and 30 people all of that kind of kind of stuff over the years most of the businesses i’ve i’ve held on to for 10 20 30 years so it’s not

just uh kind of come and go and i’ve also lectured at many association workshops and three-day elite retreats um teaching people how to run a service business properly to deliver a great client experience what that means all that kind of stuff and i’ve been a keynote speaker at chamber of commerce events and all kinds of different events over the years as well and bought and sold businesses and um just last year in the middle of a pandemic sold our two two van carpet cleaning business the final one um high high-end carpet cleaning business for you know in the ballpark of half a million dollars in cash um in the middle of a pandemic because of the value that the business has built up over over the 27 years i owned it so um know what i’m doing in the carpet cleaning industry you know what i’m doing in consulting for cleaning businesses and i’m not willing to share all that information i’m not going to go through this you guys can see it on the screen these are clients of ours um that are ranking number one watching their companies grow like crazy just by getting their marketing and internet marketing right so what we do is we help our clients become the top carpet cleaning brand in their local marketplace so that they can attract the best clients they’re able to charge top rates and they’re booked out weeks in advance and i’m going to show you how we do that a little bit like i’m going to kind of touch on it but you can go back to a lot of our other training go to our website um and there’s a free training section where you can go through and even podcast we can go through all of our previous trainings and and things like that lots and lots of great information to explain how we make this possible so that you are not working you know our goal is to have our our our clients be the owner of their business if they don’t want to be the person in the truck if you’re an owner operator and you want to start handing that off to technicians you need to know how to grow um if you want to be able to sell it for more than the price of your equipment you need to know how to grow and one of the ways you need to grow is to become seen as the go-to brand in your local marketplace everybody knows that you are the top dog so if they want a cheaper alternative they may want to call somebody else because you don’t want to be everything to everybody but you’re going to be the top dog in your marketplace and that’s what we’re going to teach you how to do and one of the aspects of that is pay per click should you be part of the old should pay-per-click be part of your over and all internet marketing strategy and that’s a you know question a lot of business owners i talk to uh ask themselves should we be doing pay-per-click at all well our digital dominance method which we talk about every single month on these trainings and is a big part of our website and a big part of our our consultations that we do um discuss how to build a proper service business cleaning business home service business and all of the steps that go into that all the way around but if you notice here part of the visibility is pay-per-click local service ads pay directory listings and paid facebook ads it’s part of the ways that you need to get traffic and i’ll tell you why and i’ll tell you i’ll show you how you can make sure it’s profitable traffic so a lot of businesses miss what we’re going to talk about here today and we’re going to share how you know it’s to make it profitable how you’re going to get an roi on it how to track that so that you know what’s working and what’s not working and what kind of cost you should expect to pay for a lead from a pay-per-click service versus say organic rankings google maps google google maps your organic website rankings and all that kind of stuff all of them have a different cost per lead just like your repeat clients you repeat clients a lot of people oh my repeat clients are free well they shouldn’t be free because you should be mailing them and staying on top of them there’s a cost to get them to come back to you but that cost is per per job they book um is much less than buying a new client so your goal is to buy a new client from a paid source or organic traffic and then bring them into your company and then repeat get repeats and referrals from them by actively marketing all of that so hopefully that makes sense so why should pay-per-click be part of your internet marketing strategy one of the reasons is you can show up online immediately so we talk about seo and organic so about 40 to 50 of all traffic scrolls down the page when they when they’re searching online if they’re searching at google for example they scroll past the ads they scroll past the maps listing and they go down into the organic listings where the websites are so your website needs to be ranking for a lot of your major keyword terms and in every little market that you’re in so if you’ve if you’ve got like 10 surrounding cities around where you’re located you won’t be showing up in the maps for those those cities but you need to be showing in the organic listing but you can also be showing up in the paid listing well it takes you know all of your competitors are trying to show up in the maps all of your competitors are trying to show up organically as well so it takes a while to influence google to make them trust you to trust your website

the website has to be built out very specifically lots of content needs to be put on it continuously over time and as you influence google your organic rankings start to grow and grow and grow and you have to influence google for all the different keywords that you you do there’s about 1500 to 2000 different keywords that carpet cleaners can use alone but you know that’s everything from carpet cleaner to carpet cleaning to carpet cleaner near me to you know all of the how to get stains out and all of these kinds of things and then upholstery cleaning and then tile cleaning and then wood floor cleaning all of those have dozens and dozens of keywords as well and you want to be showing up eventually for all of them and that takes time but with pay-per-click you can start to show up immediately in the paid ads and at least get some of that traffic as the organic builds so the organic is the asset it’s the long-term strategy to build your business um the paid ads are just where you put money in a slot machine pull the handle and the goal is to have two or three or four times that money come back out again so you want to put more money in and it’s just a way of generating leads so we’re going to talk about that so immediacy is one of the most important reasons to consider pay-per-click you can show up as much as possible where your customers are looking so the because they’re looking a lot your customers are looking online on google yahoo bing places like that having a paid ad showing up to at least grab that 15 to 20 percent of the population that might be clicking on those paid ads is is worth it there’s also the um the the opportunity to show up for those keywords that you can’t rank for say you’re in a big marketplace and you can’t just rank for the term carpet cleaning because that’s a national term as well like carpet cleaning miami things like that with the geo modifiers sure that that makes it a little bit more specific for google but when somebody just types in carpet cleaning you may not be ranking well for these hugely competitive terms you might not be ranking for you know broader terms like how to get cat p you know or who can get cappy out of my carpet that might be a broader term that doesn’t really that you don’t really rank for but you can run a paid ad to make sure that you show up in front of that traffic as well and it’s the unlimited scalability is a really big one as well so what that basically means is there are companies out there right now carpet cleaning companies right now that spend five and ten thousand dollars a month on their pay-per-click ads because it’s generating you know 20 30 000 a month in work and and they’re running you know that that strategy alone maybe brings in half a million dollars in their million million and a half carpet cleaning business so there’s there’s companies spending a lot of money on pay-per-click because it is a source of traffic it’s not the only source of traffic but what that means is that if you’re if you’re only spending if you’ve only ever tested like a thousand dollars 2 000 there is room to scale in most marketplaces to expand your paid ads so that you get more clicks and more traffic if you want to add a new truck on the road and and things like that you want to expand in a new market a new territory say that um your google maps listing is generating a lot of traffic in and around you know within about a five or ten mile radius of where your your office or location is set but outside of that radius you don’t show up in the maps listing at all well those are the areas you definitely want to have a paid ad so that you can influence those people to uh um that in those other markets where you don’t have a maps listing as well so it allows you just the scalability to expand to new territories and all that kind of stuff um so why do most people pay-per-click um why do most pay-per-click campaigns fail and that’s a really good question because we hear all the time you know what i’ve tried pay-per-click and i was like throwing money down the toilet i sure had generated some clicks they showed me stuff but i didn’t wasn’t able to see um where the where the leads were coming from so one of the reasons is that either the person doing you pay-per-click ads for you or if you’re trying to do it yourself you don’t understand how the auction process works and the complexities of carpet cleaning in home businesses and how it all affects the quality score so um pay-per-click is is a is an algorithm like everything else that google does and ultimately you set your bid and originally way back in the day the pay-per-click algorithm algorithm algorithm was you pay one cent more per click than whatever your highest competitor bid below you if if you won the bid so say for example you bid a hundred dollars a click and your competitor bid five you wouldn’t be paying a hundred dollars a click you would be paying five dollars in one cent it was one cent over but that was sort of like the very crude raw early beginnings of pay-per-click since then google’s added all the complexities of of their algorithms and stuff like that and one of the big ones is the quality score so regardless of what you bid your cost per click is actually affected by how you set up your ads how you set up the keywords what landing pages where you take them to on how that is speaking about the exact same subject matter so say for example

you have an ad talking about carpet or upholstery cleaning and you take them to your general page on your website your home page on your website and that whole home page is optimized for carpet cleaning mostly or all your services well your quality score drops google looks at that and says okay well the ad itself may not be very tied into just carpet cleaning so that affects your quality score and then where you’re taking that traffic isn’t also as congruent and then if people show up there and don’t engage with the page they don’t pick up the phone and call you they don’t stick around they don’t fill out a form they just bounce right off that affects your quality score and everything that affects you affects your quality score ups your price your cost per click goes up google charges you more for a poor experience and they actually charge you less than what you’re bidding if you are providing a great experience and your quality score is high so a lot of businesses don’t even manage the quality score and a lot of pay-per-click companies don’t manage the quality score and we’ll get into that a little bit as well um another one is that setting up one ad group for all services and we’ve seen that a lot we’ll we’ll audit an account and somebody’s just taken a whole bunch of keywords related to carpet cleaning they don’t know the nuances of the industry they’ve never worked with carpet cleaners before so they’re just guessing they’ve dropped them all into one ad group and just say go and that again will cause your campaign to fail miserably don’t use specific text ad text ads and landing pages for the groups of keywords that that you’ve assigned so even if they are smart enough to set up ad groups properly a multiple more than one if they don’t set up the text ads and the um and the landing pages properly that’s going to be that’s going to affect your uh and make it fail as well and there’s no strong call to action or offer on the landing page for those specific keywords so ultimately we’re not trying to be a groupon crowd here we do not need to be selling our carpet cleaning services for three rooms in the hall for 99 we can let you know a lot of other companies do that if you’re really great at upsells and you’re not getting a lot of complaints from people feeling that they bought in at a low end and got sold a high end um maybe you’re good at it but what i have found is that most businesses who who sell for 79 89 99 129 for three rooms in the hall their average job is not much more than 150 bucks to 200 bucks a quality carpet cleaning company in most most major markets their average job should be about you know north of 250 250 to 350 to 400. the carpet cleaning business i just sold our average job in the busy season was 397 last year um in the off season when it’s a little bit off it was down to 364. that was the average job and there’s about 70 to 80 competitors on google alone in our marketplace but we stood out differently and also had a better conversation on the phone and we did not sell a discount or cheap service so what is a strong offer we can show you a couple of examples of those but a strong offer is anything that’s going to cause people to choose you and it can be a bundle of things it could be adding some you know have a premium price but adding on some bonus services like always protecting the carpets 100 of the time for free well your price could be higher but you’re also including cleaning protection a one-year warranty spot removal all of those kinds of things as a bundle and that’s a 150 value yours free with any minimum carpet cleaning things like that so you can just be offering 150 bonus bundle set things like that a free arm chair free you know flight of stairs with any full home cleaning or anything like that there’s ways to create great compelling offers that don’t mean that you just give away money so um we’ll show a little bit about that as well so ultimately why most pay-per-click campaigns fail is that they’re just trying to do everything carpet cleaning commercial cleaning upholstery cleaning towel cleaning wood floor cleaning emergency flood restoration spot removal all of those kind of stuff and then just driving it all to the webpage and that is a recipe for failure so right now um just just off of that alone has you know anybody in the chat here have you used pay-per-click before have you had good results have you had bad results any takeaways from what i just said that kind of resonate with you going oh crap i understand now i know none of this i set it up myself and didn’t know it or i had a company set it up and i don’t know what they did so cool cool thanks bruce yeah so we got somebody saying yeah i’ve had companies in the past that have set things up and no clue what they’re doing awesome yeah somebody here it’s uh alan he just said that he’s had five five years ago he stopped doing pay-per-click because he just didn’t see any benefit in it and i’m going to show you how to know there was a benefit right so let’s let’s get into this let’s get into a case study so i’m going to share a couple of case studies of what it should look like how the reporting should look and the way numbers should actually flesh out so this one here is a is a carpet cleaning company we work with that’s over a million dollars i’ve hidden the name just you know just so nobody’s you know people aren’t going after looking at all their

stuff and and you know messaging them and all that kind of stuff but this is one of one of our clients we run a pay-per-click campaign for so this is reporting from our dashboard their total spend every month is twelve thousand dollars across not not just pay-per-click but that’s across all of their marketing so you might go oh my gosh that’s a lot john well their average cost per lead is coming in at at 12.82 cents and if you know anything about carpet cleaning the cost for a lead across everything you know it’s it’s great to be anywhere from 20 to 50 bucks you know back back in the uh the the days of the yellow pages if if you ran your math properly i remember like 2002 3 4 5 6. we we would run five to seven thousand dollars a month worth of yellow page ads and that that that managed a half a million dollar carpet cleaning business because everybody went to the yellow pages there’s no internet at the time that you know there was no people weren’t searching on the internet for for carpet cleaning businesses and things like everybody went to the yellow pages and yeah that back then the cost for a lead would be from the yellow pages would be anywhere between 50 and 80 bucks so here we are fast forward 20 years and across all variables we’re getting a 12 lead for these guys we generated 936 leads so mixed in this price is the cost of our management fees it’s the cost of their ad budget it’s the cost of the seo it’s so they get they got 223 organic calls from the organic rankings they have they had um 224 pay-per-click calls in this month they had 387 maps calls they’re in a big marketplace and we’ve got them ranking in the three pack for almost all of their keyword terms so they’re getting a ton of calls from the maps as well does that mean they want to turn off these 224 calls absolutely not they want to continue to grow their business and then they’ve got web forms that got filled out um 102 of those so that’s how they ended up with the 936 but more importantly let’s take a look let’s take a look at um um what their pay-per-click campaign looked like so this is just the pay-per-click component of that so over that 12 000 spend 9 000 of it is going towards the pay-per-click campaign so pay-per-click as you can see that’s a higher average cost per lead it’s still really good anything under 50 in carpet cleaning to generate a qualified lead and depending on your conversion rates if you’ve got a really good sales team on the phone good you know um you know csr answering the phone or csr team or you’re using a call center i would suggest all of that over picking the phone up yourself if you’re if you’re if you’re in the field do not be answering your phone on your hip you’ll make way more money just having somebody dedicated to answer the phone who can talk to that customer and answer all of their questions properly without having to go because they got a job to do um so that’s that’s the point but if you’ve got a really good sales team then 224 leads should be at least 120 jobs so if your average job is 300 bucks that’s 30 000. four thousand dollars coming from this nine thousand dollar spend minimum minimum and that’s only booking half of them and a really good um call call team can book a lot more than that hey if they don’t book a job let’s book an on-site quote you know meet and greet build some rapport and then get them as a client so um it’s all about position but there’s lots of other great data here we know how many clicks generated that we know the average click-through rate this is how many impressions how many people saw the ad how many people clicked on it things like that so there’s a lot of great data here but we know that between their pay-per-click ad budget and the the minimal management fee to run the ads for them um it was nine thousand dollars of their 12 000 spend the other three thousand goes to other internet marketing initiatives and and seo and google maps and stuff like that so anyways so let’s break down the math here on this they generated 224 leads even if we talk at a conservative rate like if you’re stuck on the phone um and you’ve got a con conservative conversion rate of 40 only 40 of those people turned into a job of any sort so these are leads that actually picked up the phone and called you filled out a chat or started a chat on your on your website or filled out a form and say that you know that so 40 that’s 89 jobs 89 jobs with an average ticket of 3.95 that’s these guys right here actually have an average ticket of 395 bucks um that is 35 000 just from that campaign alone so minus the the nine thousand dollar spend ad spend plus management fee they had almost they just just under a four to one roi so for every one dollar they spent on pay-per-click ads they generated four back would they stop spending one dollar to generate for back sure you’ve got cost of of employees um you’ve got solution and stuff like that as well but there’s still a lot of profit built into this at that number and there’s scalability because now you know that you know you you’re doing a a brand new customer profitably you don’t ever want your customers who have used you before to ever go back and click on an ad and be a cost per click because you want to be in front of them every single we say every single month at least with an email with some text

messages with a mailing we do you know your best clients should have a monthly newsletter mailed to them or at least a quarterly um campaign of some sort because you want your best clients to be on a sort of direct outreach program for you to get a hold of them which is much less expensive than paid ads and leave your paid ads to brand new clients to build that base you want to build your base of of of ideal clients and then you want to market your ideal clients internally and just continue to use this as your building break base i’m of the mindset that if you’ve got a successful business if you’ve got enough money to keep the ball rolling and you’re not desperately looking for more work um so early days you’re doing a lot of bootstrapping we talked about that last month and if you if you didn’t watch that one go back and look at our low-cost marketing strategies for carpet cleaners and service businesses because you need to do a lot of bootstrapping to get your business off the ground um we did a hundred thousand dollars i personally did a hundred thousand dollars in sales in my first year of carpet cleaning business in 1995. that’s equal to over 200 000 in today’s dollars so and that was just a small town of 30 000 people so that was all bootstrapping there was no internet there wasn’t even i didn’t even have a yellow page at that time so there is ways to grow your business but once you’ve got that little bit of scale once you’ve got that little bit of scale i have always been of the mind that if you can break even to buy a new customer by the time you go and service them pay for the ad pay for the technician pay for the solution pay for your hard costs you’re at a break even and your repeat and referral engine in your business is kicking on all cylinders you have that really well designed and worked out your clients don’t come back once every two years even though they thought it was once a year they’re coming back every six nine 12 months um they’re getting the upholstery done their tile done there anything else that you guys are doing things like that and they’re repeating over and over again um you can break even to buy new clients if they’re ideal clients if you’re targeting them well you can break even to buy a new client because the lifetime value of that client becomes four or five thousand dollars so your forty dollar spend to get them as a lead turns into five thousand dollars that’s a hundred to one over a hundred to one roi because so the four to one doesn’t really matter because it’s the lifetime value but even on just the one off cleaning if you’re sitting at about a four to one rri you’re making money and you can scale that um another one here about a half million a year cleaning business so an average size business um similar to the size of the one i sold and 440 leads last month for these people their total investment was six thousand two hundred and eighty two dollars and thirty eight cents that’s how granular we get their average cost per lead was fourteen dollars so roughly within the same range again anything under twenty is amazing across all of your organic calls pay-per-click is a bigger strategy for them so because they they have a bunch of rural markets so they need to be marketing pay-per-click around the areas that their their google maps isn’t quite ranking in so they organically get drive traffic but the pay-per-click is driving the bulk of it so 440 leads and we can take a look at how this factors out the the pay-per-click leads are 237 as we mentioned in the last slide there and way down at 16 per lead um so and you can see right here the click-through rate is sitting around that four five percent which is pretty average uh cost per click is about eight dollars which is pretty good in carpet cleaning you can see it anywhere from five to fifteen dollars per click so here’s another thing to think of if if you’re going well some of these budgets seem really high if you have a thousand dollar a month budget that is just roughly thirty dollars a day 30 a day times 30 days is 900 so you’re in that ballpark within you know and there’s usually there’s more than you know 31 days in a month and blah blah blah so you’re right in that range so if we just use some simple math of 30 a day that’s a thousand dollar budget just under and if you’ve got about a ten dollar click your ads are showing until the first three people click on your ad and after that google turns them off for the day so having a high enough budget to collect enough leads leads and and targeting correctly so that those qualified leads land on a great landing page that converts them better than others having those pieces in place you need a decent budget um so that you can have like a really good click to call ratio of almost 50 percent so let’s check their math out so 237 leads 40 conversion rate again that’s just like i get an average rate that we we find in most pay-per-click campaigns some clients are way higher than that some guys are terrible on the phone and the conversion rate’s way lower and you’ve really got to think is it the pay-per-click campaign that’s having a problem is it a facebook ad campaign that’s having a problem or is it your ability to get in the house right or your csr’s ability again strongly strongly strongly suggest you use a call a call center or a you know great carpet cleaning specific call center if you don’t know of any get

a hold of us we actually have um some that we uh that we recommend refer and have a relationship with that we can help get you on a you know cost per booking type of service so you don’t pay unless they book a job so anyways you can reach out to us if you have any interest in that but 237 dollars a lead times 40 is 94 bookings average ticket these guys are much lower average tickets 275 bucks a little bit more more like you know again some of the average guys we talk to before they start working with us and we help them get their average job up but that was so about 25 000 a month in this business so about 300 000 a year of their 500 000 year business um in that range 250 000 so half to just a little over half of their business comes from from their pay-per-click is what this tells us and they’ve got almost a six and a half to one almost a seven to one six and a half to one roi because their ad spend was only 3 800 bucks so 300 bucks to generate 25 000 in revenue a month is a good trade-off so could you scale to that can you can you afford 3800 bucks right away no well the good thing about google ads as well is you can scale your way through so you you can start building that and what we did suggest is actually um let’s you know run the budget out early in the month and know that you’ve gotten a whole bunch of leads but then you pause because you ran out of money and then use that money like the the jobs that you got to up that budget next time next time so that eventually you cover the whole month um properly and and then you can start scaling your budget and you’re doing it based on the backs of the work that you’re getting from your customers so i’m going to pause another quick pause here i’d like to kind of jump through and pause every every now and then um any insights here what did you learn did you under kind of understand a little bit better what’s possible with the case studies why why things can if you know enough of the math if you know what’s coming in you know where the clicks are coming from um all of that kind of stuff that math can really really help you to design a proper campaign and we’re going to get into tracking and how to do much better tracking so you know what to turn on and turn off as far as ads go what to adjust what’s working what the split test marketing is all about split testing just just remember that marketing is all about math and psychology that’s all it is psychology is how do you influence the person seeing it period right so you might oh i love this this is an amazing looking ad but if it doesn’t influence anybody it’s just pretty but if you if it’s a crappy looking ad and we found this even back in the day with our postcards there’s great looking glossy postcards that get sent out by every stanley steamer and chem dry and you name it all the uh all the you know the franchises have their big corporate looking stuff but the best postcards in the day were always ones that were done on you know a crafty type paper look maybe just even black or black ink maybe with a bit of blue ink looking like you hand wrote all over it and you know something funny something that stood out oversized didn’t match what everything else that they were getting in their mailbox looked like those ones tended to to generate a lot more um interest they didn’t get thrown in the garbage as people shuffle their mail over the garbage and same idea happens here is that um you can influence people’s decisions by split testing and knowing which headline works better so you always split test like only one or two very small things um and let the rest of it run and see if you can make a noticeable change over a reasonable amount of interaction so typically in marketing it’s about a thousand impressions roughly in that range before you can make a decision whether one outperformed the other or not and you have them running at the exact same time so you’re not worrying about politics and the news cycle of the day that might affect all ads you’re just you’re blending that out so running a business is all about a business that grows if you run a business that’s not growing if you’re just doing the work and you’re the technician you bought yourself a job and and that’s okay if that’s what you understood you did but there’s no growth and there’s nothing to sell if you bought a business to grow and sell someday and have employees doing the work for you so you could be more strategic about running the business then you need to understand that marketing is and and positioning your company is your primary focus everything else is tactical and just has to happen so you need to know math and psychology to be able to influence your clients and know what your where your business fits in in your local marketplace and where you want it to fit in so how to set up and structure your pay-per-click marketing campaign for maximum cost per lead or minimum cost per lead i’m sorry and maximum roi so how do we do this

oops there we go so how to structure the paper campaign you must conversion tracking is a must you’ve got to know what’s working what we have found is that most um pay-per-click agencies out there you know boilerplate

agencies former yellow page agencies reach locals and all yodles and all those kinds of guys um they do a basic level of conversion tracking at best they will let you know how many leads they generated and that’s it they don’t even tell you what source it may not be from paper it may be the pay-per-click the organic and everything all bundled together but you need to know at the very base level you need to know how many leads came from the pay-per-click versus organic versus google maps versus direct phone calls and things like that your campaign must be broken down into smaller groups targeting the various services so that you know that your text ads match what the person typed in because if you’re running pay-per-click campaigns talking about carpet cleaning and somebody typed in upholstery cleaning and that’s just bundled together they’re not even going to click on your ad it’s just it’s going to be it’s going to be incongruent not only are you going to get a bad quality score from from google as well so you want to make sure you have a strong understanding of keyword match types um and don’t forget about your negative keywords we’re going to get into all of these and show you examples of it but i just want to kind of rattle through this right now you need to write compelling text ads that resonate with your client avatar so you know what is a client avatar well your ideal client is somebody in carpet cleaning it’s typically a 35 to 55 year old college university educated housewife who makes the family and household decisions usually 2.3 children and 1.2 animals in the home right that’s across the board that is you know two-car garage and one of those cars is a luxury car like a bmw mercedes tesla nowadays things like that that is your ideal client in most marketplaces not every marketplace has that exact ideal client but knowing your ideal demographic who is your client that’s going to pay you to come in and do carpet cleaning throughout the whole house upholstery cleaning wood floor cleaning and they’re not just trying to clean up the urine that you know because they they breed cats in their house and in their in their mobile home and or trailer and they need it clean because it stinks and you know human social services have been called that is not an ideal client for anybody the ideal client lives in a condo lives in their own home is maintaining their stuff understands the value of a dollar and cares for the stuff they wash their car regularly as well they they clean their windows everything about their lifestyle is designed to maintain things that is your ideal client and when you speak to them you speak differently than if you’re just speaking to the masses and most people that write on pay-per-click ads don’t get that and they only they’re only speaking to like a generic crowd and they wonder why all the ads look the same so um you want to leverage ad extensions we’ll talk about this as well killer i find most pay-per-click companies don’t even understand or do this and it’s not that hard you know a lot of companies are you know google ad certified but they still don’t use know how to use all the tools properly um you want to have visitors land on a solid well thought out pages and i’ll tell you um what kinds of pages on your site or on a on a standalone landing page is always better but it has to be built to convert and again maybe not always better you got to test this but i’m going to show you why it’s almost always better and you want to do ongoing split testing tweaking and fine tuning like we talked about you could have a competitor that stopped doing google ads for a while and came back into the space you could have new people show up every single day there could be something changing every single month there definitely is something changing in the marketplace that needs to be tested tweaked adjusted your bidding strategy needs to be moved around there is so much stuff that you need to do to make sure you stay on top of this so if you’re doing it yourself there is gobs and gobs and gobs of books stacks of books that you can read on how to run pay-per-click ads properly i would suggest you start with um perry marshall anything by perry marshall even the for dummies series um but there’s lots and lots of mike rhodes i can’t remember his first name rhodes anyways um he wrote a book with perry marshall but he’s got his own stuff as well that’s a good place to start all us and our entire team have read through and learned from all of those sources as well as many more but that’s a good start to understand proper split testing and tweaking and fine-tuning in google ads it should be part of everything you do in marketing you should be split testing and tweaking and fine tuning everything um 27 years of running my carpet cleaning business as an example you know we we mailed our clients our a-list clients um we sorry we messaged them we stayed in front of them we communicated them 48 times a year sometimes it was a phone call sometimes it became a text message um sometimes it was a physical piece of mail any single campaign we had had three oh i said three steps let them know about it a reminder about it and a final notice before it expires message whether that was a phone call a voice blast um you know following up after a sales letter or a postcard you name it but and

what we would do is we would you know build a control hey we just spent three thousand dollars on a winter mailing campaign and it brought in fourteen thousand three hundred dollars worth of work this this year next year we’re going to run the exact same campaign at the exact same time but say if we’ve got on that mailing list say we’ve got 1500 names well 500 of those maybe 250 is going to get a different a tweak a slightly different offer a slightly different headline something different we’re not going to throw everything out and start again we’re just going to tweak something and try and see if that that group responded better at a better response rate than the control group and you’re always tweaking and that’s the way to think of running a business because that allows you to scale and get bigger and bigger and bigger so don’t even think about spending another penny until you have that con conversion tracking in place it’s essential you need dynamic number swapping so what that means is when somebody comes to you your landing page your website whatever it is the number swaps out so that if somebody came there from pay-per-click versus just organic traffic versus direct traffic what number they call actually what they see on the page and what they call looks different it all rings to your phone but it’s tracking how they got there because the internet sends all that code through you can set it all up to set that code through you put the dynamic swapping on the website and it just looks at the number that you have and says oh this person came from this source and before they even see it in this in a split second fraction of a second it changed change the number before the page even loaded so that the right number is showing for them to be able to track so that’s that’s important the next level up from that is called a keyword pool of dynamic numbers and this allows you to connect um numbers with very specific keyword campaigns within your google ads so typically you only need four to eight number phone numbers because there’s not that many people like literally messaging through to you at any one moment but ultimately it’s to connect back to those numbers switch up but the numbers switch up you know based on the keywords and the ad groups and the campaigns that that person clicked on so now you get even a more granular level for the person managing the account yourself or your the team managing it they have a more granular level of what is driving most of the clicks and then which one of those clicks are converting you might be getting 40 clicks from one keyword and only one conversion and another one you might only be getting five clicks from but three conversions that’s important to know and you can’t know that without setting up all this technology you need web form tracking because you don’t want people just to be picking up the phone and calling you we’re actually in a world now where more people want to chat so it’s web form and you all you want to have um web form and chat tracking as well on your site so you want to make sure that you allow them to um have a live chat or a chat to text we have a tool we’ve built called carpet cleaner lead pro that allows you to put um all of this stuff on your website um it’s built it includes automations and instant messages back to them and nurturing messages and all that kind of stuff to maximize the amount of conversions your website has your landing pages have and all of your marketing platforms have by creating great great nurturing if you want to learn more about that just you know hit ream up in the chat here um or send us a message go to our website send us a message at info or schedule appointment at schedule in fact i’ll pop that into the chat right now there’s a link that if you ever need to do that you can either message reema or click that link and you can schedule some time with us and we can talk about all of this kind of stuff but carpet cleaner lead pro is essential to businesses you have to have a lead a lead nurturing system as well you need to be able to have chat web forms and um and and and call tracking and all that kind of stuff and and smart ai going smart forms that are actually actively participating with your client at the time so anyways i’ll get off that little soapbox and we’ll move on so what are your most important kpis well obviously your total spend how much did you spend but what was the average cost per click if that’s going too high you’ve got a problem you need to be dialing in better you don’t want people clicking on the ad the cost per click um you want to be able to have a great quality score making sure that everything’s aligned properly the higher your cost per click more often means that you’re you’re either bidding incorrectly or the where you’re taking people you’re at your text ads and your landing pages are off um average cost per per lead from so this is lead now not just click but a lead is once they you know they actually filled out a form started a chat or made a phone call once they’ve clicked got through to the landing page or the website and it’s been tracked so calls web forms and chat in carpet cleaning you’re going to find that the average cost per lead from pay-per-click typically runs anywhere

from 25 to 70 or 55 dollars we’ve even seen 75 dollars um work profitably if you’ve got a really good conversion on those leads that is totally fine if your average job is 400 and you convert 75 of every call you can spend up to 75 80 a lead because you know that all in that’s a you bought a new customer for just over 100 bucks and your average job’s 400 bucks you’re right in that range you’re doing beautiful upholstery cleaning a little bit less competitive 15 to 30 a lead it’s typical wood floor cleaning is becoming more competitive because you’re not just the cleaning you know maybe the screen and re-coats things like that they’re becoming a little more competitive because you’ve also got all the you know the the actual hardwood floor sanding and refinishing companies as well so in the cleaning space a lot of us do the wood floor cleaning now and maybe a little bit of coating refresher totally great add-on service for a carpet cleaner pretty much the same equipment we’re all used to running but just realized that the cost per leads higher but the average job is much higher as well the average job is over a thousand bucks in wood floor cleaning so there may be less of them out there in the marketplace and you have to educate your market more why you might need them but um the cost per lead is a little bit higher but still good and you also need to know your return on investment what was the roi how much did you spend how much did you put in the slot machine pulled the handle and how much came back out and you need to be tracking that on a month by month basis so a dashboard to do that um you need to it needs to be giving you the data that looks like this right so you need to know how many leads came in that month from pay-per-click what was the total investment including any management fees right um and if again if your pay-per-click company isn’t providing you any of this data um definitely by all means go ask for it i’ve got a screen coming up here on the slide you can take a screenshot of of all the questions you should be asking your provider anyways you want to know what your average cost per lead is and again we’ve seen a wide range here but it depends on the marketplace there isn’t one number that’s good fifteen twenty dollars cost per per lead from from pay-per-click is really good um but your marketplace that might be great other times it could be forty fifty dollars as i said so anything under fifty dollars is a good number so but you you absolutely know um how many times like how what percentage of you are you showing up above the maps um that’s you know like or sorry above above the other ads and sometimes you don’t want to always be number one number one tends to get a lot of clicks that may not be the best clients so you want to be managing where you’re showing up in that pay-per-click so when somebody types in carpet cleaning near me and first thing that shows up is maybe local service ads are you in there and then below that the pay-per-click ads are you in there but you don’t necessarily be number one because you might get most of the clicks people just looking for any you know discount cleaners and whatever and you might not qualify you want people that want to be a little bit more thorough in thinking your cheapest leads will always come from organic they’ll always come from direct traffic because those are people that read they learn they check your reviews they do all that kind of stuff pay-per-click is a little bit more of a quicker action person they just didn’t even scroll down the page they just saw what came to the top and that’s why google put the ads up there because google’s making money from it it’s how they monetize so um you want to know what the click-to-call ratio and all those kinds of numbers are um but if you want to take it one step farther this is even better it’s what’s called true roi so this is something that you can um we can discuss with you but something you can if you’ve got a crm system and you’ve got ways of tracking this some people even just do it on a spreadsheet but if you can find a way that um and a bunch of the different tools the house call pros service titans things like that they have ways of of doing this that every single lead can be attributed to the source it came from so when you run your monthly reports if it was a pay-per-click lead you know in this example here that the the pay-per-click generated 24 thousand dollars in revenue right organic generated 70 000 this is a a million dollar company um so but you know where in flood restoration their insurance restoration came in it um hundred thousand dollars came in from insurance leads and then referrals from clients and real estate agents and you know returning customers and all of that kind of stuff and actually this is i think this was more of a quarterly breakdown from this company but point being if you can actually break it right down to who booked right and that’s that can be done in a lot of these programs like um service monster and house call pros and service titan and all that kind of stuff um there’s ways to attribute every single lead to its source and by doing so that is true roi because now you know you spent x number of dollars and you actually didn’t just generate this many leads and book you know 40 of them or whatever you’ve generated this exact

amount of revenue so you know and you can break that down by the number of jobs it was and figure out what your cost or your average job is from that source so maybe your repeat clients are the highest and at five six hundred dollars an average job and you’re pay-per-click or lower at 300 you can make those decisions and adjust your campaigns accordingly and adjust your math accordingly so how to structure your campaigns for pay-per-click so one of the biggest things here is about ad groups again as i talked i said earlier i’m going to show you some examples a lot of pay-per-click companies that don’t know carpet cleaning they just throw up an ad group they just throw everything into one ad group and that’s it one set of text ads one ad group dump all the keywords carry on with their day ideally you want to have multiple ad groups set up you won’t have a brand campaign so you’ve got competitors that are probably bidding on your name if somebody typed in you know joe bob’s carpet cleaning and the very first thing that popped up was a um a zero res franchise in the local area that is actually got a pay-per-click campaign targeting your name the first thing they see is them now do those campaigns work really really well do we suggest them sometimes they’re worth testing but if somebody actually knows your name maybe they’re going to try and find you but somebody else is bidding on it what you want is when somebody types in your name you want to make sure that they can find you right away so these are the lowest costs because you can send them to your main your home page or your website they know your name you’re infinitely more optimized for that that term so whatever landing page you sent them send them to that term your brand name your company name joe bob’s carpet cleaning is going to be all over your website all of you know it doesn’t necessarily have to go to a landing page this time but you’re going to find that those are um though that that ad group will will have the lowest cost per click and not spend a ton of money at all because it’s really a small crowd but you’re making sure that your customers the ones that know your name the people that were referred to you can just find you easily so sure you should be in the three pack and sure you should you should organically show up below that as well but ultimately having a little brand campaign makes sense and then you don’t want to just have your company name you want to become a name and all your services so those are the um all the different keywords is you know plus carpet cleaning plus carpet plus cleaning any prominent trade names as well so what i mean by that is um sometimes for example if a franchise like in the chem dry world you know it might be you know chem dry of seattle right so you want to be you know targeting the trade name chem dry but you’re also going to be targeting the trade name chemdroid of seattle so you want to make sure those kinds of things if people are searching by a very specific product then you know it doesn’t really make sense in the carpet cleaning energy most people aren’t looking for you know a a carpet cleaner that uses a master truck mount or whatever but in some industries there are home service industries you know they’re looking for the carrier dealer near them for for their furnace they’re looking you know on and on and on so you want to make sure that any prominent trade names you’re bidding on as well so hopefully that makes sense and then you want your main focus service so not all not all your services stand stand together if you go back and check last year’s revenue any previous year’s revenue if you do this regularly you’ll know that um for most carpet cleaning businesses carpet cleaning is the is the highest revenue generating service you do everything else comes second so it’s upholstery cleaning area cleaning tile cleaning wood floor cleaning things like that by and large you know some companies transition where they want to do more wood floor cleaning they want to do tile cleaning and they market that more heavily but by and large consumer wise there are more people clean their carpets than clean anything else so it usually is your main focus keyword but whatever yours is whatever your main focus target keyword is that should be its own ad group and it’s carpet cleaning carpet cleaners office carpet cleaning geo areas which might be carpet cleaning in you know mention a small town baden carpet cleaning in new hamburg carpet cleaning in um wellesley you know small towns around you where you’re not organically ranking and where you’re you may not be in the the maps package you don’t have a local address you want to make sure that those keywords are all part of part of it and then you want to make sure that you have the words like professional carpet cleaning carpet cleaning services carpet cleaning company there’s hundreds of keywords that go you know that all filter into that but at the very least you want to make sure that your ad group is very tight to those those terms then you want to start going after an ad group for each one of the secondary services you want to target you’re going to assign a budget to these so upholstery cleaning tile and grow each of these all have odor removal wood floor cleaning they all need their

own page that they can go to that talks about that because there’s no sense talking about tile and grout cleaning and then taking driving them to a carpet cleaning page that makes no sense at all the person is not even gonna you know pick up the phone and call doesn’t you’re not congruent with what what you told them you’re going to do you want to make sure that the ad itself if they typed in tile cleaning you don’t want the ad to talk about carpet cleaning you want to make sure the ad talks about tile cleaning and the customer and the local market and stuff like that so these are all secondary ad groups so hopefully i’m not losing anybody i want to go too deep into this but you also want to potentially have service area ad groups so what we mean by that is you may want to just start off by targeting carpet cleaning in one of these smaller towns and separate it out so you got your geo areas in your main focus here that can cover a few of them we talked about right here but your service areas um you want to make sure that you have all of the you know if it’s a prominent second city say you live in a small town near the biggest town and you’re not in the maps listening to the biggest town i’m going to tell you it might be your benefit to rent a uh you know a virtual office space or a warehouse space or a garage door for 500 bucks a month and create a second listing and rank that to get into the mass pack over time because that big city is more important to you than the little small town you’re actually located in but before all that happens you definitely want to be running pay-per-click campaigns and you may want to have a whole separate ad group just around that town so that ad group is targeting that town and you know and then even the smaller towns around so you know hey this one’s not producing at all let’s turn it off right there’s no sense wasting money if it’s not roi and you can break that out with ad groups so that’s you know that’s the way to think of it sometimes you might even want to take it as a full separate campaign and and give it assign it its own budget so there’s different ways to test that but that’s the things you want to be considering beyond that keyword types matter so in the world of google paper collectors there was essentially four different types of keywords that and there’s been a shift recently so i kind of want to talk about that broad match modified broad match phrase match and exact match so broad match means any ad anywhere that has anything to do with something similar to carpet and cleaner or carpet and cleaning that could be you know carpet cleaner rental machine that could be um does a carpet need a cleaner that uses you know a cleaner that uses uh soap and they mean like a spotting product broad match is a mess um broad match can get you showing up in you know for all kinds of searches have nothing to do with you we limit broad matches a lot but that’s an example of what broad matches are i’m going to jump over to exact match exact match means that they have to exactly type that in dallas carpet cleaners and carpet cleaners in dallas are two entirely different searches and you will not show up if somebody typed in dallas carpet cleaners you will not show up if you’re only targeting carpet cleaners in dallas because it’s an exact match term and google defines that by using these little square brackets as well but you want any keyword that is absolutely essential to you that’s generating most of you know a good chunk of revenue the roi is good you’ve tracked it you’ve pulled it out of your your data you want to set up an exact match you definitely want to make sure that you’re targeting the exact match as well and monitoring those now where we get into the middle is sort of phrase match and modified broad well they’ve combined the two modified broad was a way that you could use these little pluses and it would allow for example i got an example down here say the keyword was moving services new york to boston right and that would be a phrase so and then the modified broad as you would set it up with plus moving plus services plus new york plus two plus boston so those words could be in any order so phrase match meant that they could say best moving service services new york to boston and the phrase new york to boston was in there or movie services new york to boston near me blah blah phrases would mean that you could append things around it and that phrase still there um modified broad match meant that these words had to appear anywhere within so for example affordable moving services new york city to boston so there’s your moving services new york to boston affordable that would make it a phrase broad match would be new york so we got the new york right here corporate we don’t that wasn’t one of our words but that’s allowed because it’s just modified um and then moving services to boston so we have all the words moving services new york to boston all mixed around with a couple of other words in there and then also moving services boston to new york it’s twitched it’s now the opposite not new york to boston but boston to new york and that would have been shown in a modified broad so now google has cr scrapped that entirely that was around for years and they what they’ve done is they’ve actually created a phrase an updated phrase match and

now you’ll see that all of it you you can’t target just the phrase anymore it literally starts blending like the modified all of these terms it’ll allow you to bounce the terms around but where it does get smart it uses ai if you if somebody reversed that and just said boston to new york and you were new york to boston it’s smart enough to go i’m not even going to show the ad so there’s a benefit to that it’s also anytime google makes these changes there’s a lot of learning and there’s a lot of little nuances and there’s hiccups and all of that kind of stuff and sometimes it ends up costing you more if you don’t know what you’re doing so keep an eye on it thing that does cost you more is not paying attention to negative keywords so this is this is really important you don’t want people typing in carpet cleaner jobs and you show up that’s somebody looking for a job or careers or rental or spotter or machine carpet cleaning machine you don’t want to be showing up for those keywords you want to make sure that you put them in a negative keyword list that anytime somebody at is includes that in their search you’re not showing up what’s the best carpet cleaning machine that you do not want to be showing up for that you don’t want to be being charged a click for somebody goes i don’t want to hire a carpet cleaner i want to buy a machine right and there is um we’ve identified about 500 negative keywords alone that we we start with for every carpet cleaning campaign and that’s one of the things we monitor every single day every week is what were all the search terms coming in and is there anything new is your is there competitor names is there other terminology in your local marketplace that we didn’t even think of that we need to add to that negative that negative list so very very important to think about that as well so negative keywords you make sure you got to get those figured out so now you need to need to write compelling text ads so now we’ve got ad groups set up we know about what keywords should be in them you’re going to do a bit of research you’re going to learn about this if you’re doing it yourself you’re going to hire somebody who understands this stuff you’re going to set up all your negative keywords but you have to have compelling text ads less is more tell them exactly what you want them to do click now book now call now whatever if you have a special offer for the service that they searched um and reference it in the text ad that’s that’s even better you you’re giving them a call to action that helps or you know number one rated top rated best you know those kinds of things um you know since 1991 you know on and on and on most five star reviews if so you’re not doing a discount you want to tell them why you and talk to that crowd again that ideal avatar that is looking for the best not the cheapest give them one decision this is one of the reasons why landing pages work better as well but you want to because they can be isolated on one page where they can’t click and start getting lost within your website and anywhere offer that but you don’t want to offer them too many options to stray away from your website or from you know again the text ad

so you want to be using things that are called call extensions we know um call out extensions sorry and we notice a lot of agencies don’t even touch these and i’m going to show you some proof of that but what they are is you add them into the back end of google ads these different types of extensions there’s a whole different whole bunch of them and google will decide based on how much room they have where the ads being shown and stuff like that and the previous interactions that’s part of google’s ai here’s a call extension they’ll put your phone number or the call tracking phone number right into the ad somebody can if it’s on a mobile device they can click and call that number and that counts as a click um they can pick up the phone and call that number that counts as a conversion and you’ve got a phone number sitting right in the ad um call out extensions are same day service um 35 off new customers 24 you know 24 7 service up you know things like that you can have a whole list of sort of your bullet points and they can be added as an extension to the ad on you know outside of the headline outside the text and local extensions not only does a local extension put your actual address in there especially if somebody can come to the office drop something off or whatever but it also helps with the local location extension turned on you can influence that your google ad google pay-per-click ad actually shows up in the google maps three pack um google again these extensions are all google’s ai chooses when when do influence them or not so you can’t you can’t just say force it to happen but you set them all up and it creates a lot of variables in your ad and i want to show you an example of that so here for example this ad right here so this is three ads above the map so there’s the map listing and this is just for carpet cleaning guelph and actually this was just this this ad search was just for the broad search of carpet cleaning but with with a device

that was standing inside the zone of guelph in the city of guelph these are all extensions that that because they were turned on google decided to show

right so look at how much larger and how much more room that takes up and then these guys don’t know about it they’ll have it set up and they’re pushed down the page right so you kind of get that example of this is um you know it’s got a bit of a call to action it’s not a discount it like it’s it’s a discount off of an add-on service that they have to pay for um it’s got um other information in the ad that’s that’s really critical so let’s look at a couple more so we call these best performing text ads um again if you’ve got a great upsell i don’t mind suggesting that you uh you have a a discount offer if you’re good at making a 69 offer um actually work for you and and generate 250 to 400 per average job um i find a lot of companies don’t know how to do that therefore i wouldn’t use this as a groupon type area but um you got an example 20 per room voted number one these guys might actually have um a 150 minimum but look at we’ve got ad extensions turned on again here other services ad extensions phone extensions all there’s the phone extension right there for these guys there’s the phone extension for these guys showing up on and on and again it’s up to google what they wanted to add in and not add in but that’s the kind of idea that you want to be looking at so as a landing page you want to make sure that it’s well thought out and and specifically focuses them to take one action and one action only you don’t want people showing up on your website browsing around and then getting getting overwhelmed and leaving um your website is great to build your personality it’s great to build to like let people know what you’re all about it’s great for the people that are interested in researching your company more somebody clicks on a paid ad it’s best to give them a very minimal amount of things to do so you want them to have a number to call a form to fill out ideally a chat to pop up is it one in this example is down in the page farther you want to tell them who you are why you want to personalize it there’s a picture down here of the actual business and scroll down a little bit more and there’s actually pictures of the actual the real technicians not stock photos the real technicians doing the job there’s their real van in front of a real house things like that right so that’s all examples of of how that works it has to be mobile optimized but if you notice if i scr go back and forth this is the exact same page but when it’s turned when it’s pulled up on a mobile device because 70 of your clients are going to be searching on on their mobile device going to google typing or google maps or wherever they go type it in and then click on the ad and they come up to your page if you’re on a mobile device look at we got tap to call right there right above the you know right right at the beginning of the listing they can just click that button and call you so it’s got to be mobilely optimized and there’s the offer there’s the form and then they can scroll down and see examples and testimonials and all that and reviews and all that kind of stuff but that’s what you want to have is you want to make sure you have everything you need above the fold you want to have testimonials and all below why people choose you these pages don’t need to go on and on forever they only need a couple of sections they’ve got to be very direct and every time that you’ve scrolled down as soon as you scroll down one scroll so if they have to scroll the next scroll on the desktop or the phone you want to have even if this sticks to the top up here so they can always find your number you want to have you know a button where they can click to call and maybe a button where it takes them right back to this form to fill up or pops it up so you want to make it easy as they scroll down the page so hopefully that makes sense hopefully you’re taking lots of notes there’s lots of stuff to do with pay-per-click to make it work and how do you accelerate your lead flow let’s get into that conversion tracking is a must your campaign must be broken into smaller groups you must make sure you have a strong understanding of the keywords and match types so that you’re not overspending on things that you don’t shouldn’t be spending on you need to write compelling text ads to talk to your ideal client if they’re not discount shoppers don’t be selling them discounts you need to use ad extensions to make your ads stand out and you want to take people to a solid well thought out landing pages specifically for the service they’ve clicked on so yeah if you have a carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning tile cleaning and you’re running paid paid ads for all those you have three different landing pages or at the very least you have your the pages on your website for those services super well optimized to convert people to becoming you know pick up the phone and call keep it very very simple limit the navigation on those pages and make it very very tight but ideally a landing page that you can split test makes way more sense in most cases so key takeaways again i like to pause every so often and

see what you guys learned so did you learn anything about sort of the the complexities of doing this it it’s a whole subject matter it’s on its own people go through google ad training to learn the basics and then experience to figure out how all the nuances and again most ad agencies are not targeting carpet cleaners and home services they’re targeting everybody so what they did for a chiropractor yesterday like the the ad tech setting up the ads which is usually a college student hired in in their early 20s to sit down and create ads they’re not sophisticated experts they’re just copying what other things have done they’re following a basic set of procedures and they’re not they don’t understand the mindset of every single business that they’re they’re working for they may have never hired a carpet cleaner before probably haven’t and they don’t even really know other than other ads that are running what what they should be saying or what works so you know we know because we’re carpet cleaning marketing masters we know how to do this for carpet cleaners and home service businesses cleaning businesses that kind of thing but i just want to make sure you had that so do one final quick study uh case study but also this is also impressed upon you the importance of having a dashboard so when you have a dashboard you know your numbers you know what is working and what it’s not working how many clicks what’s your click-through rate is that changing going up or down how many people are calling how often are you seeing a you know at the very top or a couple of you know farther slightly farther down in the ad mix and stuff like that this example here 6.5 you know to one roi so again as i said anywhere between four and you know anything above four um you know a four to one roi three and a half four to one roi you’re profitable and you’ve got a lifetime value of the client locked in and you’re making money on the job but as an example this one here with ad spend and management fee um 3 700 or 3 300 bucks to generate 21 000 worth of revenue that creates that 6.5 um to one roi so every one dollar put into the ad campaign six dollars and fifty cents came back out so and that allowed um roughly 66 jobs to book out of 165 leads that were generated and again the other 99 leads we had a whole training on that as well what do you do with the other 99 leads like some of them will go elsewhere but you’ve now just generated a name and the contact information of somebody who buys carpet cleaning why is that not the most valuable thing you’ve ever owned so yeah you’ve got customers your customer list is gold but you should have a list 10 times bigger than you of your than your customer list of leads of people that you know in your marketplace that are at least have bought carpet cleaning because the majority of people still don’t buy carpet cleaning like it’s they don’t have a house they don’t have carpets they they’re renters they’re the majority of people that you could try and put an ad in front may not be carpet cleaners why would you not bring all those people into a tool like carpet cleaner lead pro or whatever you guys are using to keep it and and and run timely campaigns to them you know three months later hey by the way you might be looking at this you might be needing that they are buyers unless they unsubscribe they should be get on now on your lead outreach list um to to try out your company so that’s what you do with the other 99 people that didn’t become customers this time you take them outside of that framework and put them into your ongoing long-term nurture campaigns that’s how you start building a really really large profitable carpet cleaning business and pay-per-click is a big part of that so questions to ask your ppc provider once i get down the screen i’m going to pause for a second you guys can take a screenshot of it but um how much my buddy budget is going to google ads versus the management fee there is a huge movement that’s happened like a lot of these yellow page companies that switched over you know marketing 365 or 360 and blah blah blah um former yellow page companies that just took the old model of hey we’re going to give this guy a price i’m going to charge him a thousand bucks 1500 bucks 800 bucks 600 bucks for his sem his search engine marketing his pay-per-click and the mystery the secret sauce is where are they spending it well i tell you anytime that we’ve peeled back the curtain or talked to any any folks that worked at those companies and have left um during our outreach and hiring sales people and stuff like that and ad support people and things like that we know that it’s it’s usually north of 50 55 60 of whatever you give them is going to the management fee and they won’t tell you that so it’s just a mystery and that’s that’s not good you need to know that breakdown um actually see if there’s any more on this yeah i’m gonna bring them all into the screen so you can take a screenshot while i’m talking um what type of tracking will you be putting in place so is there um is there a call tracking web form tracking um how deep is that conversions going can you separate pay-per-click calls from organic calls especially if they’re going to your your website or if the landing page has more than one purpose um how will the how will they track the

key performance indicators will there be a dashboard that you can go in and look at and actually understand what’s on the dashboard here’s how many leads you got here’s how many impressions you got here’s how many clicks you got here’s how many conversions you got and here’s the cost of each of those will you be setting up specific landing pages for each ad group and can they can they show you those landing pages um do they do are you split testing the ads in each ad group how often what kind of split tests will you be doing do you have a strategy for that will you be leveraging all of the ad extensions to make sure the ads stand out and what are our target cost per lead and return on investment numbers you know sometimes they might actually do a deep dive and then have to run the campaign for a little bit to really get that but they should be giving you sort of a benchmark and then dialing in your local marketplace they might give you a range you’re never going to know exactly but maybe the cost per lead as we showed you at the beginning we know that the cost per lead should be somewhere between that you know 25 and 55 dollars and 25 would be amazingly good but anything you know anything under you know that that 50 55 or less is a really good mark um return on investment you should be looking at around a four to one three and a half to one four to one at a baseline and how much higher can you get that that’s based on you because that return on investment comes from your conversions if we see numbers less than three and a half to one on a conversion like actually you know a conversion to to a lead that’s on us um a lead to a job that’s on you because if you can’t convert over the phone um or by text or whatever you’ve got work to do you need scripts and you need to understand all of that so we’re getting close to wrapping up here if you have any questions pop them in the chat um we’re just over an hour and i like to wrap up about an hour 15 hour and 20 so we’re gonna get to there but what makes our campaigns better or different for us like what do we do different well we split the campaign into the street strategic ad groups obviously we set up conversion optimized landing pages we set up conversion optimization so that all of that kind of you know as the forms get filled out there’s an automation involved as well they get message they get chatted to all of that kind of stuff um we also know on conversion optimization we we track as deeply as we possibly can on where the where the leads are coming from and what groups ad groups what keywords what cities what zones all that kind of stuff so that we can optimize that we also check the split testing the landing pages and find out what’s working better one versus the other things like that so we can continue to optimize things and look for changes that happen something could be working brilliantly and then start to tail off there may be a reason for that and we need to start looking into figuring that out as well um each ad group we set up with multiple text ads and rotate them to find the best converting we provide that that that really deep dashboard to show the kpis and the one that we look at on our end is even deeper than that way more complex but it allows us to see some of the data that that you don’t necessarily need to be reported on and we we aggregate it all together group it all up and give you the the bigger one and we like to have complete transparency here’s how much the management fee is how much the ad spend is and you can increase your ad spend to grow more leads and scale so our dashboard as we’ve shown a couple of examples it looks like that as an example from just last october to november and you can see this company here um did had only 30 like again much smaller budget and a lot of their budget is going towards organic and and mobile google google maps but they generated 30 41 calls because ad extensions are part of that as well 41 calls from their pay-per-click 35 calls from their facebook ads and we know which ones were calls chats and web forms and it’s all broken down and across all of them 14 and then 14.34 cents an average lead and then look there there is the the actual call volume coming in from organic and the call coming in from pay-per-click and all of those calls are even recorded so you can listen to them and figure out if you’re actually answering them properly or not so do you think this will help you make more money if you were able to dial it in know what was working and then scale the winners run the winners so that you know hey i can expand there’s more room in my market for more money to be spent to generate more revenue and that revenue generate allows me to put another truck on the road those kinds of decisions expand into new territory all of that kind of just put in the chat like a one if you find that you know you understand now that knowing the math psychology and math knowing how pay-per-click works knowing a little bit of behind-the-scenes stuff either the team that you’ve got doing it or if you’re not doing it if you’ve failed before why it may have failed and maybe there’s a better strategy to put that in place cool okay we’re getting a bunch of ones coming in awesome guys so no thanks so much and gals sorry so um got a bit of a bonus for you for

sticking around to the end there’s two bonuses here one is um for a limited time we do this that is very limited every month we have a few slots available and we offer a comprehensive marketing audit and 60 minute marketing consultation with me i charge 495 dollars an hour for my time as a consultant have for many years and what we’re actually willing to do here is it’s over a thousand dollars worth of value because what we actually do is we’ll you know our research team will get to work for you for free so about 500 worth of deep dive research identify the key issues that could be harming your online rankings we check your website out we check your website optimizations and all that kind of stuff you review your conversions check your competitors check where you’re showing up check your visibility we do all of that for you um and uh and then we create a strategy um it all comes by me i look it over i spend some time on it and then we hop on a 60-minute call to go over everything the good bad and the ugly where you can start growing your business things that are looking amazing and and all that and you get all of that absolutely for free if you’re looking to grow your carpet cleaning business and you have any interest in knowing all of those variables and and maybe what the types of services that we can help you with where we can fit in helping you generate even more roi um then this is for you and i’ll give you the link to that in a second so you got the lead flow acceleration that’s the button in the chat if you want to book a strategy session remo will reach out to you get some background information for our research team and help you set up a time to uh to book that in also as i mentioned if you stick around to the end if you go to rewards you’re going to find that’ll take you to a folder and in that folder you can download um or look at pdfs and copies of all of these these documents as well and there’s more than that in there we keep adding more and more stuff but um and if you go back to some of our previous trainings there’ll be some some reports in there and resources that that are relevant to a previous training so you definitely want to take a look at that as well and how you connect with us is just schedule and that’s also the same link that is in the chat and if you go to that you can have a chat with us have a conversation and book a strategy session and let our team do research for you and help you grow your business that’s our goal is to help one carpet cleaner in every marketplace become the dominant brand so you can get more customers you can sell your business for higher you can scale it and you can have an easier business and an easier life because you’ve understood that the marketing the psychology and the math generates the helps you generate the right marketing the right marketing helps you grow your company and all the other stuff that you guys do expertly delivering great client experience and doing a super job in the customer’s home can be done by you and your technicians and the marketing can help you continue to grow so anyways i’m going to pop off the screen share here there we go i’m going to come up so if you have any questions at all pop them in the chat rima is going to stick around a little bit longer i’ve got a boot but thanks so much for for giving us an hour and 20 minutes of your time today i hope you found this valuable it is a very very dense subject pay-per-click and pay-per-click ads and marketing in general that’s why i don’t suggest that most carpet cleaners try it themselves if you’re good at that then you’re not good at carpet cleaning it’s like you gotta put on the right hat in your business um and one of them is knowing how to delegate for people that know how to do the job properly but now you know when you’re hiring a pay-per-click company what kind of questions to ask if you want to engage with us you know how to do that go to go to the button in the chat or schedule and you can schedule time with us and we’ll we’ll go through all of this with you talk about our our carpet cleaner lead pro conversion tools our websites our pay-per-click our facebook campaigns all the other marketing that we do around the web for you and how to help all that that makes sense so um anyways look forward to talking to you thanks so much for spending your time with us here today and if you have any questions at all just hit us up go to our website we have chat on our website we have you know you know a form that you can fill out or you can just pick up the phone and call us so whatever way you want to get a hold of us we’re here to help and we look forward to talking to you next time take care

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Top 8 Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business FAST

Top 8 Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business FAST

Carpet cleaning can be a rewarding business “IF” you can generate consistent leads to fill out the schedule for you and your crews. It’s one of the many reasons there constantly appear to be a lot of brand-new carpet cleaners coming into the business. In order to continue to gain direct exposure to new clients, staying current with fresh carpet cleaning marketing ideas can help bring your business the attention it deserves.

In this article, I’ll share eight of the leading carpet cleaning marketing ideas to help your business increase your visibility, income, and brand reputation.

Beginning a carpet cleaning business has a relatively low entry cost, and high-profit margins, and with nearly $5.4 billion in industry income to fight over, it’s a service to get into.

Still, the reality is some 95% of cleaning and janitorial businesses stop working within their very first year of operation (according to information from the International Janitorial Services Association.)

– EEEK!!  If you want your guarantee your business can keep flourishing, follow along. We’ve assembled eight carpet cleaning marketing ideas to help do simply that.

1. Choose a specialty and tap into conventional marketing methods

carpet cleaning marketing ideasOne of the best ways to make sure your carpet cleaning company is in the 5% that make it past the very first year is to specialize in a niche. Picking a specialty, like high-end residential carpet cleaning, for example, can considerably increase your chances of success.

Not just will there be fewer competitors than trying to be a discount cleaner, but you will also have an easier time ranking in search engines for crucial keywords.

Also, do not hesitate to utilize conventional marketing approaches to promote your specific niche services, as many are still very effective. From flyers, direct mail, and yard signs to professionally wrapping your vans with your logo and eye-catching design and phone number – just remember, not all marketing needs to be online.

However, the most reliable marketing strategies nowadays are going to attract customers who are looking online for services.

2. Start content marketing to create inbound leads.

Another leading carpet cleaning marketing approach is using content marketing. Content marketing has to do with developing and sharing quality, informative content online. This kind of content is produced to inform your audience and generate consistent inbound leads.

From big to small, every carpet cleaning business should have a quality, well-optimized website. Part of what makes a website great or not is the content. In specific, adding a blog, and project pages to your website can assist produce inbound leads, improve your organic web traffic, and improve your professional image.

For example, Chem-Dry is one of the biggest carpet cleaning businesses in the United States. They have a substantial blog site where they share tips in different locations, from cleaning to green living and allergies.

Their blog helps establish them as a market leader and attracts leads from customers who are looking for carpet cleaning recommendations. Even smaller carpet cleaning services will gain from adding regular, informative, and helpful content to their website.

Nowadays 77% of companies have a content method according to data from studies by SEMrush, so do not get left behind. Start a blog, create a weekly content plan and watch the increase in your incoming leads in a short period of time!

The secret behind a successful content strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). Without creating blogs, videos, and other content that will appear on Google, new clients will not be able to find you when they are searching online!

3. Produce and optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) for local SEO

Before starting your blog, you need to develop your presence online so customers can discover your business. The very best way to do that is with local SEO and an optimized Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business or GMB)

Local SEO is the procedure of increasing your service’s visibility in local searches and on Google Maps. This all starts with a great GBP. GBP enables Google to include your company in local search results.

The local results box appears above natural search results, but below paid advertisements. Since Google Maps listings are used by many consumers to find local service providers, landing a spot in these search results can cause constant incoming leads from consumers trying to find a carpet cleaning service.

However, there are pages and pages of local results. If you wish to get to one of those top 3 spots that show up on page one of the search results, you’ll require local SEO services and an in-depth small business SEO strategy.

4. Request and react to reviews

Often new carpet cleaning services are too shy when it comes to asking for reviews, even when they do an excellent job. Do not be shy! A good amount of consumers nowadays will leave a review if asked.

Reviews are incredibly valuable these days, especially for local services. In truth, according to data from the research firm BIA/Kelsey, 97% of people check out reviews for local organizations. Plus, according to Google, “high-quality, favorable reviews from your clients will improve your organization’s visibility” for local searches.

Not just that, however, Google also states you’ll need to respond to reviews consistently to improve your rankings in local search results and on Google Maps for essential keywords. “Responding to reviews shows that you value your clients and the feedback that they leave about your service.”

5. Build your local consumer base with citations in business directories

Developing a local client base takes some time, effective marketing, and constant quality services. Nevertheless, if you do not have that time, you can conserve years of work building a consumer base with local SEO to increase inbound leads.

One of the leading strategies in local SEO is building citations in service directory sites. Citations are online references to a service that note your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) to potential clients. This can also consist of a link, map, and more, depending upon the directory site.

A great deal of carpet cleaning companies like to get citations from general business directories like the Better Business Bureau. These citations are solid lead generators. Meaning, that these citations help to enhance your professional image, and improve your business’s local SEO.

Other carpet cleaning businesses use more industry-specific carpet cleaning directory sites to secure citations. These are typically totally free, and while the traffic to their websites is much lower, they supply more relevant recommendations and a backlink. Backlinks are essential in determining your company’s position in local and organic search results.

6. Get published in online publications and press to enhance your online presence

Getting published in online publications and news sites is among the strongest methods to improve your online presence.


Online publications will supply a backlink to improve your website’s domain authority. A backlink is a link from one website back to yours. These backlinks will help you rank in the top spots in search engines for important keywords. The higher you rank for appropriate keywords, the more organic traffic your site will receive. More organic traffic = more sales.

If you’re interested in getting published in an online carpet cleaning blog, or in having a story about your organization included in an online publication, contact our team for more information.

7. Usage local social networks groups to market your services

One of the best methods to promote your carpet cleaning business is on local social bulletin boards. These can be community or neighborhood groups, where homeowners near you are constantly trying to find quality services.

We have clients who we’ve shown how to generate thousands of dollars per week simply by posting in their local community  groups on Facebook

It can be a very easy to deploy strategy:

  1. First, make a case-study post with before and after shots of the carpet cleaning work being done and the great results achieved.
  2. In the post copy, just mention how happy you are with the results you or your team achieved on a recent job.
  3. Add in a testimonial that you received from your client thanking you for your great work.
  4. Do NOT make it a promotional pitch… position this as just a share of a great outcome.
  5. Then reply to everyone who engages with the post – and direct message those who ask for more information or want a quote.

The instant connection with potential customers is one of the reasons why you ought to consider using social media.

Even if you don’t have the time to post every day, the tiniest of social media efforts can yield big rewards. And a quality social media presence can generate a flow of hot leads and creates a professional image for your company.

8. Use a checklist to guarantee you have your digital presence set up right

Finally, one of the most vital parts of carpet cleaning marketing ideas or strategies in our modern-day world is making sure you have your total digital marketing set up to maximize your online presence. That way you can attract organic traffic and also convert that traffic into paying customers.

We provide a lot of free resources to help carpet cleaners market and grow their business, including our Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist for Carpet Cleaners.  By investing the time into creating your marketing plan, and getting the help you need from seasoned carpet cleaning marketing experts, you will be well on your way to establishing a fun, successful, and very lucrative cleaning business in no time.



How To Get More Customers With These Low-cost Marketing Strategies for Carpet Cleaners

How To Get More Customers With These Low-cost Marketing Strategies for Carpet Cleaners


How To Get More Customers With These Low-cost Marketing Strategies for Carpet Cleaners

Looking for ways to attract more customers without breaking the bank? Check out these low-cost marketing strategies for carpet cleaners!

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Sales Scripts that will 3X your Job booking rate


What words will double your average job tickets


Which Strategic Local Partners can drive dozens of bookings a year


How to get 5x to 10x more profit on every commercial

Audio Transcript:
i talk with a lot of service business owners carpet cleaners we have a lot of people interested in the services that we provide but also having been in the industry myself owning companies for 30 years and one thing i’ve noticed a lot more lately than than years ago is especially new people to carpet cleaning and owning a service business um there’s there seems to be a thought that everything needs to be online and the only place you get leads from is online so you know i’ll ask hey what’s all the marketing you’re doing right now and i’ll get well we get um you know facebook ads or we do google ads or and okay what else well no that’s it welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clindining has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

so we’ve been helping people understand all of the different things that you need to do to market a business properly we talked about that in in some of our our planning for 2022 webinar that ran in january you can find on our website just click under free training and you can find a lot of our our our past podcast and webinar and um and masterclass sessions there so so we get that a lot where we realize that sort of the old-school way used to call it old-school way of actually building a proper service business and having it grow and expand and become um dominant and and those kinds of things it’s it’s it’s a bit of both it’s online and offline it’s the way you strategically set up your business is the what you do every single day when you’re brand new and you only have one or two jobs a day well you still have an eight or business owners let’s not even say eight hours anymore 10 12 hours a day to grow a brand new business right so your your everything you’re wearing all the hats in the business um and you need to be the person out there promoting and driving the business forward and there’s lots of things you can do then there’s the other crowd that they did all of that like back in 1995 when i started my carpet cleaning business i’d already owned other businesses before that when i started my carpet cleaning business in my early twenties um we did a hundred thousand dollars the first year in 1995 there was no internet and we weren’t even in the yellow page book at the time and in a town of thirty thousand people well how do you start a brand new carpet cleaning company in your early twenties and do a hundred thousand dollars in sales in the first year and again for some of you that might be all john that uh we we were way past that and other of you are going i haven’t got to that level yet and i’ve been in business a number of years um and we’re we’re talking 30 years later almost

30 years later that hundred thousand should be 200 000 in your first year that’s the value of the dollar difference right now and there’s reasons why that happened and a lot of businesses forget to do this these things what i strongly suggest when you’re building your business there’s a couple of key things i talk about um one of them is you actually have three separate businesses so these are writer-downers if you’re writing things down this is a writer-downer you actually are running three separate businesses not one anytime you’re a business owner you have the first business is the um before the sale the lead generation um the branding like what are you looking like to the marketplace and what are you doing to generate leads and where are they coming from what are all the different sources that is a business in itself you need to study that you need to know that you need to hire people to help you with that but you need to be chiefly involved in that then what we call the during the sale business and the during the sale business is from the moment the person reaches out to you whether that’s phone web chat email messenger i don’t care how they’re talking to you that’s from that moment to the moment you’re done in their home servicing them that is during the sale and that’s a whole separate business that you need to manage and strategize and build and then there is the after the sale and after the sale is how you actively get repeats how you actively get referrals how you actively get testimonials how you actively um get the again get them back again and things like that how you get them to share all of those kinds of things how you solve a problem is an after the sale um marketing business it’s it’s that client nurturing and recovery and all of those things that’s a whole separate business and i always suggest you work on your business in in groups of three there’s a magic in the power of three so it was dean jackson that i learned some of these concepts from about the before during and after and three separate businesses like a couple decades ago but whenever you’re building your business don’t just focus on just lead gen because if you have do great at legion and you suck from the moment they communicate to you

somewhere in that realm to the time you’re done the job something about that is off then you could do the greatest lead gen your business won’t grow because you’ve got a log jam there if you do great at um servicing but not great at lead gen we know the problem is going to exist there and then if you don’t follow up properly if you don’t communicate you’re never going to get repeats and referrals properly they’re just going to find the next guy the next time and it’s not you you really have to strategically run your business so that’s the first concept um the other one is as you grow and you start taking off half so mike michael gerber the e-myth and the e-myth revisited some of those books back there include those studies and you want to read that you want to learn from these types of people but you want to make sure that as you start taking off the hat of the technician or the hat of the the manager of the business you can start handing those off as your business grows um the entrepreneur’s hat is always going to be part of the marketing and legion and like what is happening you don’t have to be the one doing it you don’t have to learn how to run pay-per-click ads and you shouldn’t you need to be hiring people that know how to do it better than you but you know you need to know how to manage your marketing and stuff like that but what you should be doing is what we’re going to talk about today and you’re going to get a chance to get this this guide as well so the best low-cost grassroots marketing ideas for carpet cleaners and any in-home service business and in fact a lot of these ideas work across any business so that’s what we’re going to be talking about today is is really really really diving in deep on all of those things that you can do that don’t cost a lot of money that will generate a lot of business over time but you you got to do them consistently this isn’t a one and done you’ve got to run a real business and this is i’m going to give you a whole bunch of ideas and strategies we’re going to walk through a presentation but i’m going to pop in and out i’m going to try and show you some of the resources i’ve got a book right here um this is just some of the marketing that we’ve done for our carpet cleaning business over the years pages and pages and i keep them not only do i keep them to talk about them but i keep them to check um year from year from year we know that we’re going to be doing the miss you campaign in january and february we know we’re going to be doing um the client reactive activation campaign in march we’re going to be doing the um price freeze and upping some of our prices somewhere in april may and we’re gonna be running those

campaigns i’m looking at last year’s who we mailed who we emailed who we text messaged who we phone called what results they were and stuff like that all of that is part of it but again you know there’s ways to make those low cost there’s ways to add funds to that but one of the other things that you want to make sure you’re always doing is you want to project what your revenue is going to be for this coming year so that was the training session we did in january so projecting your actually december and june we did a two-part series on how to figure out your math how to figure out what you want to grow to and how much you should spend in marketing because of that and in carpet cleaning and in home services the magic number is 20 so fifteen percent you can get away with ten percent i’m gonna tell you right now not enough and you’re probably ready to sell the business um or you’re just exiting out and and closing it down so uh twenty percent is is hyper growth you want so for example if you’re 200 000 20 of 200 000 is 40 000 so 40 000 goes to your marketing and then you we teach you how to split that up and it’s not all online at all online’s a big decent part of it but offline marketing and stuff like that and some of these grass roots are so low cost that you’re going to be doing those all the time and then um you know you’re going to want to put that budget in place so if this year you’re at 20 you’re 200 000 you want to go to 250 000 that’s reasonable to try and jump to 300 000 maybe adding new services and building a whole new brand or a whole new side satellite business maybe that kind of idea might be a better concept but you’re going to want to be um 200 to 250 000 is not a bad leap in a year that’s a that’s a huge growth if you think about a 25 growth that’s that’s a massive growth but if you’ve got a lot of plans in place to do that then take that 250 000 and say okay 20 of that that’s 50 grand i’m going to put

50 grand into my marketing budget to get to that level but if you’re only at a hundred thousand you at least still need to be putting in 20 000 to marketing to get to 150 and then at 150 you need to be putting 20 000 to get to the next or 20 so you need to be putting 20 percent this is the the the what we’re talking about but there’s a lot of things that you can do that are you know five and ten and fifteen bucks um or free completely that we’re going to talk about today that should always be complementing those things you never want to just throw money at it to solve it that’s that’s part of the mix but as you start taking off that management hat as you start taking off that um technician hat and all that these are the things that you can keep doing as the owner of the business to grow the business so that’s what we’re going to jump jump into we’re going to talk about so hopefully everybody’s excited if you guys can hear me if everything sounds cool just give me a one in the chat and i will start sharing my screen right now and we will get into it

okay so if everybody can see my screen you see my uh my lovely face and the low-cost marketing strategy for carpet cleaners and home service businesses if you can see the presentation put one over the chat so i i know everybody can hear me and that everything’s good

awesome okay we got a couple of ones coming in is everything cool on your side reema

good good good okay okay good so let’s get let’s get rolling here and i’ve got my highlighter on something new i learned so i’m just gonna um in powerpoints i can highlight stuff so it just means i have to move screens differently but here okay so i need your attention um what we’re talking about here um is very important and i want you guys to make sure your cell phones are off i talk fast anyways so uh a lot of times uh uh you know people listen to these on replay or if you listen to videos on replay and you put them into one and a half and you know 1.75 speed otherwise you’re distracted trust me uh you won’t need to do that with me so stay stay engaged turn your cell phones off turn your facebook off turn your tick tock off just try and stay focused here if you’re a carpet cleaner small business owner and you’re serious about getting better results um we’re gonna try and get this wrapped up in you know 60 to um 60 to 75 minutes that kind of kind of range so let’s let’s stay focused here and now if you stay to the end i’m going to give you something special i’m going to give you that guide i just showed you so the the low cost the best low-cost grassroots marketing ideas for carpet clears but i also decided i’m going to give you guys a bunch of other stuff as well so what i’m going to give you is our full resource kit so we’re going to give you a link you can go online it’s it’s a google doc or google drive folder and you’re going to get our checklist in there so if you go to our website you can request the checklist as well but it’s it’s to understand if you’ve got your online marketing right ways that you can sort of self-evaluate and if you need to consult with us there’s going to be an offer for a consulting as well and then how to set up your website properly your website is the hub of your business so people end up there to find out what you do and how you do it so uh you want to make sure that your website is designed to convert and also designed to rank so it wants to rank well so that you actually show up in your local market and you’re getting all of those leads but you also want it to convert well and that’s different than ranking so a pretty website doesn’t always cut it it’s got to look good but it really has to be built with psychology involved and then we’re going to give you a whole guide on how to do that from a previous training that we did on how to optimize your website for maximum conversions and also this is our 2021 google my business guide it’s um it’s still relevant today google my business has changed their name to

google business profile so gbp instead of gmb don’t worry about it all we’re talking about is google maps and there’s things you need to do to make sure you show up in maps not just for your primary terms so carpet cleaners a lot of times say oh i’m in the google maps yeah well if i type in carpet cleaning you are but if i type in upholstery cleaning area rug cleaning tile cleaning wood floor cleaning you’re not there’s ways you can rank for all of the search terms in your local market that pop up a map listing all of that that’s an 87 page guide right there walk through step by step we did a training on it but we also provide these these these guides and stuff so i just put them all together in a kit added this new one and said hey go at it if you need any if you need any help let us know but this is literally a step-by-step walkthrough to help carpet cleaners be dominate their local marketplace so hopefully there’s a value in that to you so i’m not going to spend a lot of time on this but who am i so um while in high school i started my first service business window cleaning and uh did it on as part of a business class um to pass a business class i just set up a an executive summary and a loan application and all this kind of stuff and a whole business proposal and plan and for bonus marks you could take it to the uh the business to a bank and and and get them to you know give you an assessment on it well my buddy scott and i left the bank with a loan in hand we weren’t even planning on it and we opened up a window cleaning business bought vans and ladders and all that kind of stuff as high school students with zero credit because the bank manager said i’ve never seen a business plan as thorough and well done as that you guys get the money and we kind of laughed and thought it was funny and for a couple of years we ran the the um the window cleaning business he went off to college i started uh opening up other cleaning businesses and janitorial businesses and then eventually my carpet cleaning business so i’ve owned franchises um i’ve i started a digital marketing agency that evolved out of helping people write better ads write better learn how to answer phones properly do scripts how to write a better yellow page ad so that you’re not just saying the name of your business and the logo in the yellow page ad you actually have a title and a headline and your face and a guarantee and the name of your business is secondary because nobody cares who they’re hiring until they know why and what so that all

trans translated very well into web marketing and so we started helping people and built the whole digital agency around that as well so so that’s my my background i’ve spoken around at many conventions and stuff like that and um been the guest speaker the keynote speaker at three day elite retreats for the highest profitable carpet cleaning companies on the planet flown to the island samoa to do that and things like that so anyways that’s who i am we’ll bounce off of that just want to kind of let you know we know what we’re talking about some of our clients here um just a slide showing you that most of these clients have been with us for a long time um and just showing how they’re showing up everywhere getting ranked getting increasing their business by 40 and 60 and things like that why and what do we do and why do we do it so what we know works really really well is that we make our clients the top brand in their local marketplace that way you would trust attract the best clients you can book the top you can charge the top rates and you’re booked out weeks in advance there’s ways to do that there’s many many many like you think of the best real estate agent you think of the best tire shop you think of the best um carpet cleaning company as we know the best made company they’re seen differently but they did that because they positioned themselves differently it’s not just haphazard and there’s ways to make that happen even before you’re a big a big dog because the ones that grew to that point had a strategic plan in place from the day they started they understood where they wanted to position themselves and they worked their butts off to get there all of it together looks like this it’s called our digital dominance method it’s how we help you market your business we do a lot of the digital stuff for you but the stuff that you need to be doing why you that’s called a compelling usp unique sales proposition why should they choose you over anybody else and low price is not the answer you’ll never stay in business if it’s because you’re the cheapest so how can you make it you know how can you compete against the guys that are 99 for three rooms in a haul when example my business we have a ton of those in our marketplace and three rooms in the hall yeah probably about 250 to 300 bucks and we’re the busiest around while the one the business story i just sold um where the busiest around um so i had had our company for 26 years and sold it uh just less than a year ago so you have a risk reversal guarantee you have an engaging logo and branding the number of businesses i talked to that still have a magnet on the side of their white van never going to grow a business that’s considered credible and reputable if you pull into the driveway with a white van just sorry about your luck you need to spend the 1500 bucks and wrap the thing um and it has to be well designed and you have to have your your risk reversal guarantee or at least your compelling sales proposition your tag line on the side of the van and there’s got to be something standing out then you’re you’re you’ve got to anchor that brand and you have to have um personalization everywhere it is not about trying to look like a corporation even if you own a franchise

you’re a stanley steamer you’re an oxy fresher a chem dry i don’t really care you are the one they’re buying from not the franchise let the franchise market how they market you’re the local operator you’re the franchise owner and you’re the guy that’s that the buck stops with you and you need to show that and tell that and why that’s different so your google my business needs to be optimized and stuff like that and then we start getting into your reputation and your authority in the marketplace and stuff like that and that’s our digital dominance method working your way around including email marketings and stuff like that and there’s stuff that you guys do that we don’t do um but we teach you on it we tell you we help you and all that kind of stuff so that’s that’s where this is all coming from but what do i find is the biggest challenge faced by new and small cleaning businesses and i’d even say on this one even some of the big guys that have lost touch with what got them there put it that way as well what are some of those things and what we’re talking about is for the small guys and the new guys not enough marketing budget for the big guys it’s forgetting this stuff it really is so what are we what are we going to talk about so there’s the solution is um that whether whether you know if the problem is not enough budget or forgetting about doing these things and kind of letting it go the open secret is what we talked about ideally you’re going to be spending 15 percent of the money that you earn that’s an open secret of 50 of your projected revenue back into your marketing because less marketing means less leads less jobs and less money more marketing means more leads more jobs and more money and this is going to become trust me when i say this i’m not trying to be a prophet or anything like that and uh and you know the amazing crescent but this is going to become more and more of a conversation in 2022 because now that we’ve put the pandemic behind us we’re running into the inflation conversation we’re running into the war in ukraine terrible situation over there but it’s also creating an economic situation so we’ve got um inflation running wild we’ve got interest rates that are going to be going up think of every homeowner whose mortgage goes from fifteen hundred dollars a month to twenty five hundred dollars a month or twenty two hundred dollars a month for the same home because their interest rates rose you know that kind of thing um are they going to have as much money for services no so the best marketer then wins and the person doing a lot of this low low cost grassroots stuff we’re talking about as well and compliments is going to win and stay stay viable and the other guys are going to fall out of the business as well so so that’s a big part of it is you need to be investing back but you also need to be doing the grassroots stuff and never stop so um so small business owners tend to start on a shoestring budget and they acquire their equipment and things like that and they only have a little bit money left to invest then they wonder hey my leads are how do i get more leads some of them go out and they get an ad that shows up oh we’ll sell you facebook leads oh we’ll sell you these leads oh i need leads and they buy leads and then

they realize hey as soon as i stop spending money to buy leads i don’t have a business anymore because i don’t have any of this other stuff in place i haven’t built you know a a a great client um experience system in place that every client goes oh my gosh that was the most amazing service experience i’ve ever had of course i’m going to use these guys again and tell my friends about them they’ve never crafted a business they’ve never read the e-myth they’ve never they’ve never invested time into hey what should my business look and feel like to the consumer before during and after the sale um and so therefore the business just starts to suffer and they wonder why and then you get a recession and they go to business so what we’re going to do is we’re going to solve for that you need to consistently implement the time-tested low-cost outreach strategies um that you know again every carpet cleaner that i have talked to that is is successful did these to start some of them fall off the bandwagon other ones just do them that’s what the owner does or they hire somebody who’s this is their whole role some of the stuff we’re going to talk about today and they train all their staff through it and then you need to consistently invest 20 percent of your projected revenue consistently if the market is going down and and and you think next year you’re going to go from 300 000 to 200 000 because it’s that bad then take 20 percent of next year but i’m going to tell you right now i’ve rode out many recessions and slow downs and we’ve grown through them we’ve stabilized or grown by consistently investing and not cutting our marketing expenses the first thing we cut you cut other expenses and you amplify your marketing expense and that’s what we’re going to talk about um a remarketing investment it’s never an expense it’s got a return on investment so but what are the low-cost stuff that you can always do regardless of the economy number one we’re going to talk about is sales scripts so sounds a little silly right but really when you answer the phone and um or whoever is answering your phone here’s a couple things we need to talk about and it’s not just answering the phone anymore we’ll talk about that as well but you need to have a a scripted process again we’re not talking exactly like a robot word for word we’re talking you learned a script you teach your phone answering staff a script if you’re using a call center you teach the call center the main gist of the script and you make sure that they stay on on script and when a

customer asks some questions that take them off script you you dodge you go off script and you know you’re coming right back and you know exactly where you’re coming right back to when your technicians are in the home when you’re in the home how are they approaching the door how are they um first introducing themselves are they calling ahead and introducing themselves so it starts a warmer conversation and a friendlier environment in there then when they go through the home and they’re doing the inspection before the cleaning are you just giving a price are you looking around going looks about 300 bucks or are you actually measuring and assessing and testing spots and stains and using uv lights putting on booties and are you scripting that whole thing all the way through so that you become a consultant and by becoming a consultant you’re not charging ninety nine dollars for three rooms in a hall you’re charging two hundred three hundred dollars for three rooms and a hall and they’re more than happy to pay it because everything about your business feels and looks different than everybody else and they know that it’s not just a soak and suck um it’s you’re actually delivering a huge value and you’re teaching them the difference between you and other companies and stuff like that so you need to be able to clearly answer the question hey why should i buy from you and not the other guy that i’m thinking about right and it’s never about price so actually let me see if i can um

that switches quickly enough yep there we go so um i said i’m going to pop in and out and some of this stuff but here’s an example so again i trade on this but this is from our own the company that i’ve just sold i keep pointing that way because literally i’ve con i’ve maintained an office in in the building that i own that um i’m renting out to the person who bought our 27-year carpet cleaning business um and and team and technicians and stuff like that so um this is the script that they still use that we use for years this is a script but if you look at this this is i’m calling to get a price on cleaning my carpets which is normally the entry level call the last thing you answer is the price and all of this other stuff is in between but what is all this other stuff well it was actually built when i learned your neuro linguistic programming because i wanted to go hey how come some of the things i say influence people to make of to buy my protector how come to add on their upholstery cleaned out on other sales and sometimes i don’t get that it be you know just back in my 20s i was saying like there’s there’s ways i can position things and it gets more people to say yes than before and then i learned what is that well it’s the way you talk to people it’s called neuro-linguistic programming if you learn the science of it and within neuro-linguistic programming the very first thing we want to do is the deflection we want to deflect from the price right how much do you charge to clean this we charge you know 192 okay thank you click there is no value and then all of a sudden you say well everybody’s only concerned about price no that’s what you made it about too so the deflection is in the script for example hey i can certainly help you with that um you know tell me a little bit more about the carpets you want cleaned feels logical natural but you’re deflecting them well it’s this and this okay great do you have any pets in the home any stains stuff like that what’s the main concern why are you uh um why are you looking to get this done all because of this okay okay awesome and is it a fairly average size home so you mentioned three bedrooms in a hallway we charge by the cleanable square footage we charge by the you know the room based on psi whatever your method is um you know so just kind of get a general sense of the size of these rooms in the area just so i can give you an accurate estimate we never gave a quote over the phone we always gave an estimate and a range um and a package through different packages they could choose from that way

on the day of cleaning it’s going to be within this range but you get to choose where it falls and based on what we actually see when we finally when we actually do show up that’s the way we’ve always done it but you can do it whichever way you want but as soon as you quote and lock a price in you know that they’re com comparing you to somebody else commodity wise and you have to explain that so the very first one was the deflection as an example now the second is framing so now you need to frame and you need to paint a picture so hey while i’m figuring this out for you you already know the number in your head you already know it on a computer screen you’ve got a calculator in front of you a spreadsheet whatever you guys use but while i’m figuring this out for you let me tell you why most people who call choose us to clean their carpets what did i just do there i just planted a seed that most people who call choose us so when my price starts sounding higher by the end that’s called a cognitive disconnect why did most people choose them if the price sounds higher well that’s all the meat in the middle so really really really understanding that the words you say help people buy from you or buy from somebody else becomes really important the very next thing you say is your guarantees because you’re guarantee your risk reversal guarantee has to be better than anybody else’s so we guarantee that you know the most thorough clean the cleanest fluffiest healthiest longest lasting carpet cleaning ever or it’s free and what we mean by that is if you’re not happy with anything we we do we’ll come back and reclaim clean those areas for free absolutely no problems no strings attached we’re quite happy to do so uh we’re here to make you happy if you’re still not happy with those areas and you can find we’re going to give you money back for that but also to go beyond that if you can find anybody else who can actually get that stain out that those areas cleaner we’re going to pay the bill to do that for you now we’re the only company that does that and the reason why we can guarantee that is because we don’t blah blah blah blah blah we don’t do this method we don’t do that method we don’t you know we don’t offer a discount price come in and soak and suck and leave it stinking and wet for days whatever right what we do so we always here’s a don’t

a donut is a pausing moment right we don’t do that oh you don’t you know here’s what we do right so what’s even better that kind of idea and it just people’s brains are just following along at this point you can pause and ask questions throughout the script here and there but you’re now telling them what we do is and then you explain your method you explain your process you explain your three packages and stuff like that so so based on everything you just told me there um i’m gonna say that you’re gonna be in a range of say somewhere between 250 and 350 bucks really depending on the exact square footage and which one of those packages you choose you don’t have to decide now the technician is going to walk through he’s going to do a full thorough pre-inspection he’s going to test any spots and stains he’s going to give you his assessment and you’re going to choose whichever package you can ask any questions there’s no hard sell or anything like that in fact our technicians aren’t paid paid on commission at all it’s they’re just there to help you but you can pick whichever package makes the most sense to you on the day of cleaning at that moment you don’t say would you like to book with us again that’s just literally like when you walk into a store and say well you know you know when somebody watches hey do you need any help no i’m just looking that’s the 99 of people that’s the answer when you walk into a store and the sales person understands scripting well what do they say they turn around they say hey um welcome to our store i just want to let you know that over there we’ve got some seasonal offers that are on super discount 75 off we’ve got some of the new lines over here i see that your your color scheme is purple um we have a whole rack over here of things that would would complement your your color scheme if you need any help my name is jane and i’m here to help you yeah jane show me that rack 50 of the people will actually have that per that sales person now engage and help them because the script was different so we’ve got it right down to the point where delivering a client experience this is part of the training i’ve done over the years and how delivering a client experience is great this is training for

this is training for technicians so um and the training for example on this one is um call ahead make sure you’re dressed professionally put shoe covers on when you arrive have a package and menu system that you handle the customer laminate something tactile in their hands things like that roll out the red carpet um do a spot before and after test somewhere on the on the job things like that so having all of that scripted is the point of this this this first step right here i’m going to go back to my slides

just think through it spend a couple of hours thinking you know thinking through it this is the grueling work of owning a business and not being just you know working for somebody else this is why you get you get paid the big bucks you know when it’s successful and why you’re taking all the risks so put yourself into it what are the things that help answer the phones better how’s the better way to explain your method how is the better way to explain your risk reversal guarantees how’s the better way to explain stuff in the home what experience can you deliver you get the scripting right and your sales on its own the reason why i put this as low cost you can double easily double the amount of work you’re doing for the exact same amount of calls by solving for this problem so hopefully there’s a little bit of value in that probably spent a little bit longer than normal on scripting but that’s that’s one of the big ones that you need to be thinking of the next one is in-person sales visits so right from day one of your visit of your business do not be shy in stopping around and talking to people so you need to be every single week having a list having it in your van if you’re the technician or if you’re now the business owner you’ve got technicians out on the field don’t ever stop doing this you have a list of the office buildings the medical offices the dentist the doctors the chiropractors the um any of the hotels any of the condo buildings property managers things like that you have a list that you’re going to stop around and you’re not going to see the same people every week but you’re going to work through a list and you’re going to introduce yourself you want to introduce your your company you want to get names you want to so the fir you’re going to have a first cold introduction then you’re going to have a slightly warmer introduction and you’re gonna think through this you’re gonna plan this out so um you wanna introduce your company you wanna have a complimentary what we always used to do is would you know when i first started the business how to do a hundred thousand dollars in 1995 in a town of 30 000 people really easy i hit every single store on the main street i hit every single hotel um and there i joined a bed and breakfast association and on and on you name all of these things and what i offered when i walked into a store is hey how’s it going and they thought i was a customer hey how can i help you today well actually i’m john um just started this this business or i’ve been i run this business i’m not sure if you’ve heard of us and just stopping by leave some information um just also and i brought my spotter kit with me is there any spots or stains that you guys are

dealing with that while i’m here i could do a quick complimentary spot removal for you so we’re going to waive our 95 spot removal fee and do that for free um things like that so we’re ready to do that we’re going to leave information behind about the company any special offers because i stopped in um things like that i’m actually like i’ll i’ll pop back on the screen in a minute just so i’m not going back and forth i’ll show you an example of the type of letters we left behind we’re not talking glossy brochures that people throw in the garbage we’re talking you can have a brochure attached to something you have to have a more meaningful sales letter here’s who i am here’s why i started my business here’s why we’re different here’s why i want to be your service provider you need to answer those questions in in in your in your copy properly and and then you can offer to do a quote while you’re on the spot and if they do that they’ll get a free protection free sanitizing free this free that if you know added to the quote and you can get the okay to measure up and if not no no problems don’t worry i just want to stop and introduce myself you grab some business cards and you’re now going to follow up with them so you meet and greet you build your list you write it down and you stay in touch and you stay in touch until they buy or die that’s that’s the wording but you want to build who are the businesses i want to work for um chet homes calls it the dream 100 but uh you know in any sales environment and you’re in a sales environment who are the businesses and commercial facilities and stuff like that that you would like to be you know learn more about see if they’re hiring outside cleaners who’s the person you need to talk to all those that all happens by walking in the door and asking somebody right and being super friendly bringing some gifts you know like again pens and notepads are a good start um next time you come around you’ve got a person’s name hey jim how’s it going because you read your list from last time hey i brought you coffee whatever whatever you can do you just you’ve got to do that that’s huge in our industry you gotta reach out to real estate offices and what that means is once a month you were going to every real estate office i get it was hard for the last two years to do this we’re doing it now so in the real estate offices they have stand-up meetings monday mornings they have um there’s usually an office manager like you know there’s people that are training the the agents how to do the jobs better there’s a secretary all that kind of stuff you want to stop in you want to provide some sort of information in fact what we used to do is provide a

really great offer um for the uh for the real estate agents and we got them to put it into every one of the real estate agents slots so we we create a little package that was a little bit lumpy put a pen in it things like that anything that’s going to get them to open it and we wanted to we we wanted to be their carpet cleaner they’re a real estate agent and here’s when you can use this and why you can use this here’s what you get from it here’s what your your client’s going to get from it here’s what we guarantee don’t take my word for it go look us up on the web we’ve got the most reviews we’re the best authority when they look us up they go oh my gosh these guys are amazing because of all that digital marketing and all of that other stuff that we talk about the digital dominance and the authority building it all plays off each other but even if you’re brand new um get a little bit of that get some reviews going like you’re supposed to do all that and then you’re gonna you’re gonna do this you’re gonna walk in and at least once a month to every real estate office and you’re going to get a few agents reach out to you next month you’re going to get a few more next month you’re going to get a few more you want to keep a real rolodex of all of the high end agents so you’re going to go around and see the guy that’s on the back of the bus the guy that’s been around for years you know it um we always say that you know there might be 700 real estate agents in your marketplace and 10 of them are actually selling most of the homes and the rest of them are lucky to sell a couple homes a year right those that 10 that are the most active they are the authority they are the market leaders they’ve done good marketing to get to there they understood what the other 90 don’t understand or 99 don’t understand and those are the ones that you want to talk to those are the ones that you want to become your guy and how do you do that well you get them on a list you you pick a phone you call them you send them a monthly printed in the mail newsletter um with a personal little note attached to it we’ve sent newsletters out to our clients and our preferred um our preferred um jv partners and strategic partners um since 2001 so yeah again 20 to 21 years now so um and again it’s not that expensive like if it’s if you have 50 of these people on a list and it costs you know like even if it costs a buck all in with

printing and mailing and stuff like that that’s 50 bucks a month and you’re influencing the people that can hand you 2 3 5 10 jobs a year times how many of those people you’re talking to and you’re you’re going to want to share your before and after stories so get them on an email list get them you know even on a mailing list put a hey here’s a here’s a client that was just selling their home we came in and saved them from having to do this here’s a person who just bought a home didn’t have money to replace this and this here’s how we save them tell them the stories show them the before and after pictures you should be doing that that’s another free tool that we are free uh low-cost uh strategy we talk about anyways which is making sure that you’re promoting your before and after stories properly not just a picture of before and after but what’s the story show the pictures before during after and tell why take some videos all that’s free post it on your your social media post it on your websites have project galleries not just a page of of of just before and after pictures nobody goes to that page have a story of why mrs jones used abc carpet cleaning to get you know to solve her horrendously stinky carpet and then there’s the pictures there’s her testimonial her feedback or review there’s the little story you’ve explained it that’s a page on your website that’s free you put it on social media you share it out to all your friends and family you post it into groups things like that and you can even put five bucks a day against it and boost it for five days and there’s 25 bucks and now you’ve promoted that story so that’s all the stuff you do but you you can send that link to the real estate agents if you’ve got them on messenger hey by the way here’s another successful um job we did i just want to share that with you you just keep dripping on them why you’re better than all of the other ones they’re thinking about and even if their best buddy is a carpet cleaner and they’re going you know what i use my business but these guys market better you’re going to start getting messages from people just because you’re doing this my god your marketing is amazing and all you’re doing is this stuff this low-cost stuff free giveaways is another one so as i mentioned um you want to give away free stuff like if it’s a if it’s a hotel offer to clean their dirtiest area one room 100 square feet 150 square feet whatever but they have to be there to watch you it’s a demo it’s not a oh go over there and clean that come back and talk to me no no

no you you you do it by arranging having a conversation would you like a free demo yeah okay well let’s arrange that one’s a time that you can be available what area would you like let’s go look at that okay cool i’m going to come back next tuesday at 10 o’clock will you be available next tuesday at 10 o’clock to um to to watch my demo so i can show you what we do why we’re different and what kind of results i can get out of this area you can do a little spotting test ahead of time to make sure you’re not you know you’re not going to bag it in your face and it’s just a permanent stain but you’re gonna do that that’s the kind of stuff that we did for years and years and years and just never stop doing so you end up with more and more and more hotels more and more and more um property management and condos um one of our you know one of my good friends and a client of ours runs um carp cleaning business that does dryer vent cleaning well they now do dryer vent cleaning for a whole bunch of day spas do why because they got lots of towels and they got dryer the dryers and it always gets clogged so once every month or once every two months they’re back in there cleaning that consistently on contract why did they get that not because they got a phone call from the day spa maybe they got a phone call from one day spa once and they went oh my gosh why don’t we hit them all up and have a conversation say hey do you run into this problem here’s how we can solve it and prevent a fire and on and on do a quick look and see and that kind of thing so but you want to be able to make sure that you can offer something free free is better than a discount free is better than twenty percent off free spread like add something for free so you can for a nice for for an ideal client you offer a free cleaning to become so they get to know you so they can refer you to other people so if it’s a carpet store we’re going to talk about that in a minute but if it’s a carpet store offer to do the owner’s house for free couple rooms three rooms a whole high list i don’t really care because that that could be 10 20 30 000 a year in work does it matter that you spent 50 bucks or 100 bucks on solution and two hours of your time it doesn’t so this is the way you need to think to become that that different kind of person but you’re not going to show up in jeans and a t-shirt and you’re not going to

show up with a white van he’s not going to refer that you’re going to show up fully branded in uniform and then deliver your experience roll out your red carpets put your booties on make them go holy crap this is obviously the company i need to refer right so things in offers you can always offer a free armchair cleaning um with two or more rooms of carpet cleaning that’s a better offer than saying 10 off or 20 off winter white sale or whatever offer to clean something addition and you know maybe that armchair is an 85 value 85 value absolutely free that’s that’s a better way to position your mark your offers so always think about free giveaways completely free or free as an add-on free spot remover with cleaning you know things like that as as the offer that you’re promoting limited time only and to select people only when you’re putting it in front of them so hopefully that makes sense another one a free maintenance kit we have one of our packages again three packages always clean always clean is you pay this now we’ll do a full cleaning sanitizing healthy home cleaning one year warranty all that kind of stuff we’re going to give you a not just our free bottle of spotter that’s refillable for life every time we’re back we’re going to give you a full carpet maintenance kit that includes a little white hand towel terry cloth towel includes a spotting guide includes our step one spotter our basic spotter and then our more advanced spotter in there on and on and on you’re going to create a whole you know a carpet maintenance kit you might even include one of those little rakes to put the rake lines in if you really want you know because they’re not that expensive whatever that is well our always clean is is 95 cents a square foot and that includes a complimentary traffic lane cleaning of any or all of the same areas within six months if we don’t hear from you by month six we’re calling you and we’ll come back and re-clean so if you’ve got and you’re gonna get the full cleaning protections and deodorizing and all that this time we’re gonna come back and clean the traffic lanes for free why would we do that well for 95 cents you’ve paid you know you got more than enough to do that anyways but we’re going to start marketing them at month 4 saying hey your always clean is going to expire soon it’s due you know by the end of month 6. and here’s all the other bonuses that you can you know while we’re there to do the complimentary free cleaning of the traffic lanes of those rooms would you like to add on a couch a chair a

mattress a tile floor a wood floor cleaning a duct cleaning and you’re gonna get our in-home savings you’re going to save 20 off of those services even though your main service is free and then at a year we’re going to start mailing them by month 11 and calling them and emailing them saying hey you’re you’re always clean um subscription is about to expire you’re one of our vip clients so let’s you know let’s come back and you’re going to be locked in at last year’s prices and as long as you book every 12 months within that that your anniversary month for your cleaning you’re always paying the original price you paid for that service so some clients will be on you’re always clean for 20 years like we’ve had um because they’re still paying the price that it was 20 years ago they just do it every single year so and that’s and then at the six month interval they’re getting other stuff done as well and they’re referring all their friends and you’ve just become their guy so um or gal so think of it that way as well so um let’s pause for a quick second is this good stuff are you guys learning anything from this put a one in the chat if uh if some of this is new to you some of it’s just a refresher put any comments in the chat if there’s um things that you guys are doing similar to this that’s working really well it’s always good to kind of you know banter back and forth but just share in the chat here um and i’ll i’ll go through strategy number five and i’ll check back in a second so cool we got a couple things coming in okay great so let’s go on to outreach department owners and managers so you want to have a direct contact with the manager superintendent sometimes that’s just as a matter of just popping in the building and looking at the board and seeing who the superintendent is hitting a buzz um and asking if you can have a quick second of their time um there’s a whole bunch of ways to approach apartment managers and and condo managers are better than apartments obviously but any of that crowd and again what are you offering you’re offering a free a free room of cleaning a free demo whatever free cleaning of a part of a hallway all that same stuff that we’ve been talking about you want to advertise in the apartment owners magazines and association websites so you want to track all of those down you want to find out who the where the associations are and you want to

you want if you know that’s a minor expense it might be 100 or 200 bucks a year 500 bucks a year in a big marketplace and you want to you want to advertise and get in front of these guys most apartment owners managers rental rental managers um if you’re in a in a sort of a resort town or a you know an attraction town you’re gonna have bed and breakfasts and airbnbs and things like that a lot of these owners are part of associations and you want to be figure out what those associations are and sometimes it’s just as simple as asking um the the one or the you know the one you’re in front of you’re you’re you’re chatting to this guy you’re you’re you’re you’re you put them on your rolodex you’re having a conversation you’re following up with your newsletters you’re picking up the phone every so often seeing if there’s any uh any units or um problems in the hallway that yeah you know that might need your attention things like that you don’t want to be shy about this you want to you want to be persistent and by them it could be just hey russ how’s it going great great it’s john here from you know abc carpet cleaning uh yeah i stopped in there a couple weeks ago and had a good chat with you about the carpet cleaning yeah yeah quick question actually are you guys part of an association i’m just trying to track down a few more associations in the area and just trying to get some names and contacts so that you know we’d like to join a few of them and just uh you know as a vendor and just want to know which ones you guys are part of it could be as simple as that a lot of times just by asking that question you end up getting them going you know even if that’s just your intro you can ask that question as a phone call or a personal stop-in meet and that leads to them going yeah let me what do you guys do yeah we’re looking for a new guy so keep that in mind as well you want to do that same idea outreach to commercial facilities you want to be sending direct mail so actually i’m going to show you an example now so so there’s a headline you know what i mean so for example this one says at the top there um exclusive offer for new select business owners only right and personally signed by me this is you know there’s some of our awards stuff like that and we’re offering a free a free carpet cleaning so absolutely free we’re going to clean the first 100 square feet for free no strings attached as a way to to show you what we do we’ll come out first this is what we always talk about um how we can offer our

guarantees that’s kind of it’s so it’s more like a sales letter will we attach a brochure to this absolutely um but this is the sales letter this will be folded up and mailed this will be handed out when we drop around things like that here’s another example of one for real estate professionals right so here’s another example of what we would leave behind when we stop in and it’s this one’s two-sided there’s the gift of clean um i’m not that fancy this was literally just done in word um but if you can see it’s headline driven it’s personalized it’s got my family on it back when the kids were we um it’s got um you know it’s it’s got all the reasons why they should be um considering us now i’ve got a reason to follow up i’ve sent them something i’ve dropped something off by hand i’ve you know and now i’ve got hey i’m the guy that handed out i gave you that gift of clean you know i want to see if you want to take advantage of that that kind of idea as well so those are kinds of slides here so but that’s that is that idea you need to be sending um oops sorry i think i just paused my audio for a second you need to be sending um direct mail a lot you need to be doing those personal visits you need to be offering free demos at commercial facilities again we found our sweet spot was the um medical facilities like the dentist the doctors the chiropractors um things like that med spas a lot of them still have carpeting or tile in the and we can um you know again they’re not it’s not ten thousand twenty thousand square feet which are nice contracts to get but those are normal you know normally evening jobs and things like that well chiropractors take wednesdays off that’s great middle of the day cleaning perfect you know some dentists have certain hours that are off or whatever and things like that but also um they’re they’re they’re a different sort of class of person they’re not you know they’re not um a procurement manager saying hey we got 800 or 80 000 square feet in our facility

we’re getting or 10 cents going or whatever great contracts to get if you can keep them but they’ll always a lot of times will always go to lowest bidder so we didn’t chase those as often and as much as we chased condos and we chased um those medical higher end medical type places as well but um and that’s when you offer packages to them this was something that is so weird you know what you know and you know you kind of know what you don’t know when you know it as well if that makes sense because we were offering three three tier packages for residential for years and never once always said to ourselves um well commercial is different so commercial only wants the lowest price we’re gonna offer a low price and we did that for years and then by mistake on one quote um and our quote packages are 13 pages long with testimonials and a whole bunch of other stuff but um in by mistake um one of i had an office girl do the quote for me when i was i was away and she put in our residential quote packages in in place of a commercial quote just forgot just put that one little bit in in the middle of the the proposal and it was given the three options and the client took the commercial place took the third option and it was for about a thousand or fifteen hundred bucks more than the lowest and then i went huh playing that interesting so from that point forward every single quote we sent out had three prices basic clean only um full clean and protect and full and a healthy office package with clean protect and and all and sanitizer deodorize and all that kind of stuff and all the bells and whistles and reasons why um and what we found is a lot of businesses actually chose the third package and we priced it so that the difference between the second and third wasn’t that much so clean to clean and protect they go well i do want the protector well a little bit more i get this and yeah it just upped our average commercial ticket um by almost double pricing just by putting those packages in place so be doing that please um that’s definitely make sure that when you’re you’re quoting commercial you’re not just looking walking and looking around going i think that’s about 500 bucks no you’re measuring you’re assessing you’re testing spots and stains you’re leaving a nice big clean circle in the middle of a traffic lane because you did a test right there you’re showing off while you’re there you’re leaving a little bit of information behind you’re going away and you’re going to be sent either coming back with a quote package or sending it by email as a pdf um or both um but you’re going to find out all of that but you’re not just giving a price on the back of a business card and walking out because you’re now just discredited your authority and your positioning you want to continue to build that authority and positioning and that’s

ways to do it doing it that way so sales from employees at commercial accounts this is huge any commercial job you do that has desks at all at all desks at all every single one of these people there could become a residential client of yours so any commercial job you do and again i don’t care if you’re a carpet cleaner now or if you’re a window cleaner if you’re whatever every single job you do every one of their employees can use your services at their home as well if you do business and commercial so what you want to have is a program and you don’t build it new for every single person you build it once this is now an hour or two of thinking a little bit of crafting if you’re not good at word or you know doing a little bit of design you hire somebody to do it you know you hire a kid in high school that’s learning this stuff um and get them to to craft something up you know whatever because the point is the two things that work really best tent card and a flyer really simple so you’re gonna talk to the the contact that you have there and say hey it’s you know blah blah blah um i’d love to like we’re coming in on thursday night to do all the cleaning for you the office yeah yeah do you mind if we leave a little tent card behind on the desks of everybody just with our preferred client discounts because you’re one of our commercial clients now every one of your employees actually get a savings off our services that aren’t available to anybody else and is it okay if i leave one of those behind i we always left it behind with a notepad and a pen we always had no pads and pens just you know with our branding and logos on it and we’d left a little you know gift card like a little tent card with a gift certificate on one side of it um almost like a gift card and then a little explanation they opened it up and it told why why they should choose us and why we’re different two things it does one it lets them know about you two it lets them know about why you’re different and why the company hired you and all of that kind of stuff so they don’t just go oh the cleaners are in last night oh these guys my gosh they use eco-friendly products blah blah blah you know all the all your strong bullet points and reasons why you over everybody else all becomes part of that message and then the flyer you can ask if you can post that up um in the bulletin on their bullseye board in the lunchroom and you can also ask if

they’ve got like a an employee newsletter or employee portal you can send that over if it’s okay for the your contact to get that posted up there as well um anywhere that they can possibly got a slack group some of the people work from home now so what hey we just had the cleaners in last night and they got preferred client discount for all of our staff right so um whatever that is that could be get the protection for free again i’d rather use free than a discount um it could be you know clean the three rooms get the fourth one for free clean three rooms get a couch or an arm chair or a love seat clean for free whatever whatever you guys get the idea that’s the better the better discounts but that’s what you’re going to do so that every single commercial job becomes 5 10 20 times more revenue than the job you just did we’ve done it where we’ve done three and four hundred dollars small little offices and ended up with dozens and dozens and dozens of clients from it that are you know clients for life yeah lifetime value the client four or five grand and we ended up with 20 clients you know what i mean way more than the four or five hundred dollars we made from cleaning that office once a year right so you got to think in those terms as well um beauty salons big one for our industry and i know most carpet cleaners skip this one entirely so who in a high-end neighborhood or high-end beauty shalon so we’re not talking like you’re you’re um you know your first choice hair cutters and discount clippers and things like that we’re talking salons that attract the best clientele right so you are going to walk in the door meet the owner they’ll have a little bit of an error about them we all know that that’s totally fine you’ve got to be good if you’re going to be the owner of the business you got to be good at communicating with people you just have to be i started my business sounding like all of this kind of stuff painfully shy right painfully shy still painfully shy in certain social settings and stuff like that but i would still ramp myself up listen to my few tony robbins tapes or whatever you know and walk in there because i had a script i knew what i was going to say i knew how i was going to approach the situation so i would walk in there get as much information as i could on the first time come back a second time if i had to things like that but all i was doing was offering a

free cleaning either in the salon or in the owner’s home and i often aimed at the owner’s home hey how’s it going i’m john here i’m from this business here handing my business card over and a couple of pieces of it great just wanted to introduce myself um let you know about it and i’d actually i’d like to offer your free cleaning um to you personally so either in the salon here but actually even better in the home and here’s why because i want to show you what we do we’re different and that that information i handed you explains why but your clientele is my clientele because we clean for a lot of high-end people you do um your services for a lot of higher-end people as well and we want we we would love to be you know your the person you recommend we’d love to have a you know you let your clientele know about us and provide a very exclusive discount to anybody who is one of your clientele um to use our services and things like that so because of that i’d like to show you what we’re all about i’d love to give you a free cleaning in your home and show you why we’re different if that makes sense or in the shop here whichever and um and show you why we’re different and you can you know watch it we’ll have a conversation while that’s happening and if it makes sense to you then um we’re gonna leave behind some brochures at the you know you can put right here by the till we’re gonna you know and things like that if you’re ever running you know mailing your list or doing like that you can put a little tag below we’ll talk about all that stuff afterwards but um and then anybody who becomes a client um what we’d like to do is give you um you know a bit of a spiff a bit of a kickback um towards your next cleaning or just just in cash whichever works best for you uh so just have a you know a nice little win-win relationship there so and then every time you do um um clean for one of their clients that use that coupon that discount that’s that promotion you’re going to want to get a testimonial and if you can a review as well but a testimonial feedback from them um because you’re going to share that back to the spa hey thanks so much for referring sally jones we just did a cleaning in her home and look at the great comments and words she said really really appreciate by the way another 15 or 20 whatever has been added to your um to your account so on your next cleaning you get that savings as well or the check is in the mail or the gift card has been sent emailed to you whatever however you’ve got that set

up think your way through of how you want to do it but that’s the point is you’re going to want to you’re going to want to pitch these these people you’re going to want to stop around that’s part of your list of stopping around you’re going to find a list of all the high-end beauty salons and day spas med spas things like that and then you’re going to want to stop around the other place that you can meet these people is the bna or bni groups chamber of commerce a lot of people say i don’t want to join those join them for this exact reason the this hit list becomes the people that you’re going to you know go grab a drink for and have a chat with or whatever you’re gonna you’re gonna kind of step aside with it they’re just gonna get to know you and and now they know like trust you and then you can promote this better marketing than than most people are doing clubs organizations and churches the bulletin boards digital bulletin boards um this is a big one has been a big one for us as well every single we ended up becoming the the cleaning company clean most of the churches around not because we’re cheap but because our discount because we weren’t we’re the most expensive but is because a lot of their parishioners um were clients of ours and became clients of ours through strategies like this so um and then we as soon as we got to cleaning at a church we would do this um we would actually and we’d even reach out and call them and chat to them and see if they’d be interested in in making uh you know you know having a donation program the nation program is we’ll hang the flyer and if any of your you know give a great discount to your your your parishioners and members or if it’s an association or an organization um and any of them that become clients um we’re gonna donate 10 of the job back to your your organization or put it towards cleaning of your organization in the future whichever you choose right and that and you can even offer to do a discount in exchange for you know hey if you’ll post these around we’ll you know we’ll give you a huge a good discount off of the cleaning as a thank you for marketing for us or promoting for us so those that alone and just staying active with it and staying in touch with somebody that alone is just another great idea um that works really really really well and it’s just a matter of you going online picking the list starting to make some phone calls starting to stop by and having some conversations and having a script and a plan in place ahead of time so um reupholsterers great connections less and less of these i get it um reupholsters um you know high-end people will keep the furniture because it was

really expensive this wood the springs the structure is good they just want to change the um the look of it so you’re definitely dealing with high-end clients when you’re dealing with a real pollster and it is literally just a matter of you know they’re again that picture i showed on the previous slide there that’s typical they’re older people um it’s not a lot of young people getting into the upholstery business um but you want to stop around all of them you want to know all of them by name you want to be friends with them you want to go grab a coffee and stop in and say hey jim i just brought you a coffee how’s it going great what are you guys working on today you know you always want to become a friend with that guy and you want to leave some brochures behind and stuff like that and you want that guy to be referring you to every one of his clients who may need hey you just got us adding this new haitian cotton um the only company i would suggest you get clean is is my buddy you know ross over here at russ’s cleaning services kind of idea you just want these guys in your back pocket so anybody you can think of that’s like that as well but yeah any anybody in that industry that services your clients in the exact way you do um any area rug retail stores things like that all of those same idea um residential neighborhood outreach is another great one as well so this is um so there’s there’s this is um two slides on this one because we’re talking about it um it needs to be very very specific you have to understand that when you go and clean for this one customer you’re on stage as walt disney used to say every every member of their every employee is not an employee of walt disney they’re a cast member they’re on stage and they’re performing when you’re in your truck or your technicians are in your the truck from the moment they drive out of your driveway to the moment they come back at the end of the day they are on they are acting like the ideal service technician they’re actually like the ideal um um customer service provider and they have to understand that and everything about your business has to represent that as well so your van is a moving billboard it has to be a moving billboard you’re sitting in in drive-through getting a coffee the ban the van has to be selling for you you’re not throwing cigarettes out the window you’re not spitting out the window you’re not anything that’s going to detract from that because that is taking away from this the the movie that you’re playing out for um and acting out

for the people that are watching it the brand has to be really really strong and it you know so your tagline your slogan your guarantee has got to get known by everybody we actually used to have um vans parked around town um and or letting our technicians take them home if they’re living in a busy on near a busy street because we wanted the van to be a billboard and then show back up at the office the next day ways to think of it that way as well but you know during the slow season and stuff like that we would drive around town and drive through neighborhoods right just just just because it’s a moving billboard uh and ways just to get that impression going as well when you’re on a job you want to use door hangers so it’s everybody talks about the five around there’s actually a process where you’re gonna have door hangers a-frames and yard signs so we’re going to talk about the door hangers a-frames and yard signs and what we’re talking about here is that at the end of the street you’re going to have an a-frame and just like the real estate agents do and you’re gonna have an a-frame it’s gonna have an arrow saying we’re we’re you know we’re creating another healthy healthy clean home down the street here and then your logo and your branding right and your tagline and it’s gonna have a big arrow pointing down so when you pull onto the street you pull over just like a real estate agent does and you put the a-frame on the end of the cul-de-sac at the end of the street and then you drive down to your customer’s home right and then when you’re at the customer’s home you’re going to put a yard sign get out of the van you’re going to put a yard sign right in front of the house before you even start aiming just in the ground and the yard sign is going to be one of those cheap ones you’re going to leave behind it’s going to be like a you know sort of like a wire frame with like the plastic bag over them or whatever they’re really inexpensive you get hundreds of them for for not a lot of money and then you’re going to go to the door you’re going to go and do your cleaning when you’re all done you’re cleaning you’re going to ask the customer um hey by the way i’ve got a sign out in front there just to let your you know the neighborhood know about us and stuff like that um tell you what if it’s okay if we can leave that there behind and we can leave it there if you want to if you can leave it out for a week that would be great or a couple days at least i’ll give you a free bottle of our spotter uh that’s refillable for life just as a

thank you for doing that if they say no ninety-nine percent of people are gonna go yep that’s fine if they say well my husband’s not gonna like it or no or whatever hey no problem i’ll take it with me i’m going to leave you the bottle spot or anyways just as a thank you right so it’s never about not leaving the spotter it’s just a reason why and a little bit of a carrot to get a yes right and then when you leave you’re going to do the door hangers you and i don’t i strongly suggest you don’t do five around you do 20 around five on either side 10 across the street so you you leave the house door hanger door handle 5 across walk across the street put them around takes about five minutes teach your technicians to do this it doesn’t have to be huge offers our best offer was seven dollars off a whole home of carpet cleaning it’s not about discounts and being cheap it’s about branding telling them why you your risk reversal guarantee picture of you as the owner on the on on the door hanger as well all personalized and being really about you they’re going to look out they’re going to see the door and they’re going to look at the window they’re going to see that there’s a you know a yard sign that was the neighbor who just got the cleaning the message on the door hangers hey we just clean for one of your neighbors and help beautify their house right you go back to the industry pick up your your a-frame and off you go again that alone is going to generate work for you just that alone and then another neighborhood strategy that works really really well pick your ideal neighborhood and offer one free room of cleaning no strings attached as a letter in a white envelope on the doorstep right so if they say no soliciting move past i get it but we’ve done this for years and years and years in golf course neighborhoods and nicer neighborhoods and stuff like that just one free room of cleaning no strings attached we want to become your carpet cleaner we want to get to know you things like that they open it up and it’s it’s like a personal letter the best ones look like you typed it on a typewriter even for gosh sakes um this isn’t about flyers and flashy you can put some reviews in there from recent clients and things like that but you’re basically telling them why you over anybody else and you want to prove it and it’s a two-step process so when they call you say yeah i got the free room letter that’s

awesome great tell you what a lot of people have taken us up on that offer so what i’m going to do is i’m going to pop around i’m going to take a look at your home with you going to figure out take a look at the room you want cleaned um and give you and in fact beyond just the free room i’m going to give you a bit of information about how to properly care for your carpets and your different flooring and stuff like that while i’m there um we call it an audit i’m going to give you you know a full cleaning and healthy home audit and then you’re going to get the one you know we’re going to get we’re going to schedule time to do the one free room of cleaning does that sound great what’s the best time to come out right and you can leave a bottle i’ll give you a free bottle of spotter while i’m there and all that kind of stuff as well you give them a reason to have you there twice and the reason why that works better than just the first time is you can really position yourself you can measure everything up you can look at the whole home you can say hey tell you what so you did tell me on the audit form here that you’ve got three kids and a dog you have an edgy carpet clean in five years the recommendation by the you know epa and the carpet manufacturers every six to 12 months so you’re way behind the cleaning i showed you on my white towel how dirty the carpet was everywhere so um i’m totally willing to give you the one free room of cleaning just to try us out before you get any anywhere else in the house done or you can schedule us to do the whole home and we’ll still give you that free room of cleaning and take that savings off you get to decide no pressure um here here’s the you know here’s the pricing if you want you know everything done um just think it over and give us a call when you know when you’re ready i never even tried to sell it there i made it such a soft sell that people most people would call and get their whole home cleaned the odd person would call and just would just get the one room totally fine all we did is ask hey thanks so much for getting the free room clean did you like it yeah great can you give us a review on google as a thank you for getting that free room that also helps your business as well

and great here’s our referral program can you tell your friends about us great so free rooms really work to help build the business and can be used in a recession can we use when the market is slow because your solution and your time is is isn’t that like your your solution isn’t that expensive you’ve got time to you know on your schedule anyways employ your time employ your time building clients and building a customer base so one of the last strategies we’ve got here right now is the online networking so i’m going to talk about the the local face group facebook group strategy but you can do this with any groups and online they might be linked in groups there might be other you know alignable and places like that have groups that you know local groups and stuff like that but think of it that way but let’s talk about um the facebook group strategy and you’ll get the full concepts of this and remember um by all you guys sticking to the end and it doesn’t look like we’ve dropped one person dropped off but um you’re going to get a full guide on all of this when we’re done as well so i know i’m kind of going fast and going through a lot of stuff but you got a guide to digest when we’re done as well so um what we’re talking about here is um you want to join all the local groups you can the buy and sell groups the mommy blogs the mommy clubs um you’re going to take a you’re going to look for local facebook groups you’re going to ask around you’re going to talk to your friends the business network groups the local you know the local business owners of you know um you name it like gainesville florida i don’t really there’s there’s tons and tons and tons and tons of these public and private groups on facebook you want to create a spreadsheet whether i don’t care if that’s pen and paper i don’t care if you’re not if you use google sheets or excel i don’t really care but you’re going to create a spreadsheet of the groups you’ve joined put the direct link that’s why a digital one works better but whatever um a direct link to get to that group so as long as you’re signed into facebook boom you’re back at that group again a notation on the rules of posting because you’re going to read that they’re going to tell you what the rules are about what you can and can’t post and who the admins of the group are because you’re going to end up reaching out to these admins but before you do you just want to join the group and you’re joining the group personally not as a business most of these groups won’t let a business your business page join the group it’s you as an individual person so you’re going to join the group and you’re going to start engaging that’s your plan i don’t care if you

don’t like facebook i don’t care if you don’t like social media you’re running a business you’re going to like posts you’re going to make comments about the post you’re going to get a feel for how the group operates and you’re going to do that for one or two weeks sometimes even a month strategically as a plan you’re going to become seen as somebody in the group and active personally right when you do that you want to set up your personal facebook page to look great for visitors that is a mix of your family stuff and your business posts so there’s lots of simple youtube videos that show you how to how to you know hide things only your family can see these things one of your your closest friends can see these things um other visitors to your facebook page will not see these certain posts and these things like that you’re going to be strategic about this again you’re a business owner you need to learn this stuff or you’re going to find a 15 year old kid that knows already knows how to use facebook or tools and they’re going to do it for you this is simple simple simple stuff so if it’s all brand new to you don’t be scared just deal with it because it’s it’s not that hard and the stuff you’re going to do is you’re going to show a little bit about your business you’re going to you know in your bio you’re going to talk about who you’re busy who you are stuff like that um your cover photo could be you know you holding your kids or besides your kids beside your van whatever but you’re going to let them know that you know not only your friends and family know you own a business obviously but this is this is a broader a broader perspective on this one and then you’re going to connect directly with the group admins and you’re going to wait till after you’ve been in that group and sharing and become a a valuable community member for them first right you’re gonna get on their radar basically is what i’m getting at and then you’re gonna introduce yourself and your business you’re gonna ask if there’s an opportunity to provide special offers um to group members this works really great on the mommy groups and stuff like that the new mom groups and things like that hey um love your group here you know blah blah blah they’re gonna go yeah you’ve been engaging and you’ve been chatting to people that’s awesome and all that stuff and again not business related at all just good person stuff right and then you’re gonna say yeah so here’s what we do and in fact your your group is great um for like you know what we’d love to do is is

provide a very very uh you know a special offer to anybody in the group who might want to use our services and stuff like that is that available right and yeah again you can even get the admin to post this if you have to like every group is slightly different some of them say oh yeah on tuesdays you can promote everyone okay whatever other one says no we don’t really allow promotions no no no worries at all i’m just wondering if you know you could even protest saying hey you know and then that’s where you can even offer to the admin of the group again if it’s local it’s a local group they’re a local person tell you what would you like me to give you a free cleaning at your home i can come up and clean a room or two to get to know us learn about what we do and then if that’s cool from there um if anybody asks questions about carpet cleaning i’ll answer it and i’ll leave an offer for them that’s a good starting point you can work it up from there um but you when you do get to do a post it’s a non-salesy post you’re not posting a flyer you’re not posting oh super special blah blah blah no no no what you’re going to do is showing a bit of a before and after of a job you just recently did a problem you just recently solved um in the post you’re going to explain a bit about hey i just wanted to share this um one of our clients had a baby baby spit up all over the carpet they tried this and this and this and turned it bright pink we came in we were able to solve the problem just want to share that in case anybody has that problem here’s who i am i’ve been in the cleaning industry for 20 years i own this company blah blah blah blah blah again it’s not an ad you show some pictures and you tell a story and then if you’re allowed to then you make your unique offer to the group say and by the way um i know you guys are all you know a lot of new moms in the group here so if anybody wants to use our services um it’s been okayed by maryland one you know the admin or whatever um that you know i can give you guys this offer um if you if you get us into to do any any cleaning in your home um baby spit up or not um here’s what i’m gonna do for you blah blah blah and free free free right we’re gonna do that you pay for our cleaning um yep any more questions hit us up go to our website your website should be very personal should have your face on it should have your story on it things like

that um go to our facebook page just have those before and afters and those little stories of things you’ve helped everything you’re doing is just layering on top of each other and again none of this costs any money at all right so that’s the strategies that’s that’s the i could go on for hours but that’s the strategies do you put in the chat here if you think any of this even any one of these strategies will help you make make some more money in 2022 and maybe help recession proof your business um depending on what’s happening to our economy coming up so just yes throw one in the chat if that’s if that sounds like something that’s been valuable to you guys cool hey great thanks sandy thanks kate yep yeah i see ya cool so i’m glad you guys like that so so here’s what we’re gonna do here’s where you need to go

rewards nothing to opt into you’re going to get free access to the the guide that we just went through and you’re going to get free access to all of these other tools as well so you’re going to learn a lot from us you can go to our website on its own without the slash rewards and check out some of our podcasts check out some of our uh our past master classes and training sessions all we do is help carpet cleaners run better businesses um what we do know is that you know you that are on the call right now want to run a better business and the ones that aren’t on the call um are either too busy and don’t need to or don’t understand um and what i found is that a lot of carpet cleaners miss all of the basics they need to do um to run a proper business and then they wonder why they weren’t successful they bought leads for a number of years and then went and started another business or or got a job the ones that are successful are thinking from day one that this is a business i’m going to grow and sell someday not for the price of the equipment but for the value of the business there’s a reason why i was able to sell a two truck operation for half a million dollars in cash and prizes as we say um in the middle of a pandemic it wasn’t because i had a half a million dollars worth of equipment in fact the equipment was valued at you know lease costs and and and that kind of thing it had nothing to do with that it was the value of the database the value of the marketing positioning the value of the profit coming in every day to the company um regardless of who owned it so that’s what we teach you that’s what we do um if you need any help with any of that here’s where you go go to schedule what you’re going to get there is um first rima on the call here she’s going to reach out to you and she’s going to learn a little bit more about your business of a 5-10 minute call um if you can’t get on the phone we do you can we give you a form to fill out but um you’re going to learn about your business a little bit more and then we’re going to put our research team up in you know to work for you it’s about a 500 value right there alone because what we’re going to do is we’re going to go check your your entire online presence your entire competition’s online presence in your local marketplace we’re going to make assessments about you know what you’re doing right what you’re doing you know not quite right i don’t like to say wrong but what can be improved upon things like that and then all of that gets handed to me i spend a bunch of time looking at all of it for you and i charge 495 an hour to consult for the businesses i consult for carpet cleaners and otherwise to help them get all of these strategies right in their business i’m going to look at all of that for you and you and i are going to get on a call and these calls usually last about an hour and we’re going to go back and forth and we’re going to we’re going to i’m going to show you give you a step-by-step plan of how to go from where you are to where you want to go we’re going to actually open up that spreadsheet and say hey what was your revenue this year what do you want to be next year here’s the plan here’s how much it costs to land in a

client here’s all of it you know and then if you know our digital marketing agency carpet cleaner marketing masters if you want to hire us to do some of the pieces for you build world-class websites set up your um your lead nurture and automation so that whenever anybody comes to your website anybody comes to your social media anywhere like that they’re they’re actually being nurtured and spoken to properly you you have a way to chat and text with them um you’ve got an immediate form-filled callback so as soon as somebody fills a form it rings your phone you press one and you’re talking to them right away so you got that immediacy that everybody wants nowadays any time it takes longer than 15 minutes to get back to somebody even if it was just an email or a form fill or a chat um the chances of them booking with you drop by 70 we have tools and systems in place and our tool called carpet cleaner lead pro all designed to help carpet cleaners become more successful we’ll talk all about that but that’s just even that’s just a part of our base program with our marketing so we’re going to help you with everything we can if you want us to and otherwise you’re going to leave with a step-by-step plan of what you need to do anyways to grow your business whether you have other vendors helping you or whether you want to consider using us down the road so you can get on that one of those calls one of those strategy sessions by going to schedule and again i’ll go back to that previous slide you’re going to go to rewards and get this entire kit so hopefully that’s been valuable to you got to bounce off we’ve been pretty close it’s uh an hour and 20 minutes um got through this so that’s not bad kind of close to my my expectations there if you have any questions at all i got a bounce rima is going to stay in the chat for a few more minutes you can ask your questions there you can reach out there is a button in the chat at the top called schedule strategy session if you want to jump on one of those right now we don’t have a ton of them there’s only a couple of hours from here and there in my my upcoming schedule that i keep available for these obviously there’s a lot of time and attention that we give to these so and we deliver a ton of value it’s not a sales call it’s a it’s just how to help you build your business better so if that sounds exciting and intriguing to you jump on one of those calls and thanks so much for attending and keep an eye out for the next

master class thanks so much for joining everybody i really appreciate it i appreciate all the comments in the chat the back and forth that’s been going on with rima and everybody so we look forward to talking to you next time with another great powerful marketing strategies to help you grow your carpet cleaning business to hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars a year whatever level you want to take it we know how to do that we’re here to help thanks so much take care

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Solving The Biggest Carpet Cleaner Marketing Challenge

Solving The Biggest Carpet Cleaner Marketing Challenge


Solving The Biggest Carpet Cleaner Marketing Challenge

Growing your carpet cleaning business can be tough. And the biggest challenge we face with marketing our service as a carpet cleaner is getting potential customers to book with us. Here’s how you can solve this problem and get more customers and fill your schedule!

Topics Discussed:


Why the biggest marketing challenge facing your Carpet Cleaning Business is NOT's a lack of lead conversion & how to solve it.


How you can TRIPLE the conversion rate with all your leads


Why do you have to follow up with your leads in 15 minutes or less


A new way to engage with your customers & prospects that will make them LOVE you and 10X more likely to book their service call with you vs the competition


How to automate your follow-up using systems & A.I.

Audio Transcript:

in today’s training, we’re going to be talking about solving what i consider the biggest marketing challenging challenge facing carpet cleaners home service companies restoration companies things like that and also just just anybody in general that deals with the public and business depends on how your business is set up as we go through this you’ll really get an idea of what i’m talking about here so it it is a big problem in the in in the world that a lot of things have shifted i’ve kind of alluded to this a couple times in past webinars but i wanted an entire you know an hour or so just diving deep showing you exactly how to solve this problem what the problem is exposing it and then how to solve it welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry you’re carpet cleaner small business owner you’re serious about getting better results in 2022 then the next 60 minutes is going to be what you need so i’m not going to spend a lot of time on this most of you guys have been on webinars before you know me but um so ultimately i have worked in the i’ve owned small businesses since i was my final year in

high school was the first small business i owned and i have been gainfully self-employed ever since i’ve bought and sold grown and um and sold off many many uh service businesses in the cleaning space i started with um and that kind of thing but i also have an amazon store that uh sells products and a bunch of other stuff as well so i’ve been heavily invested in the marketing mindset and i’ve been teaching this stuff for over 15 years as well and in the carpet cleaning space we work with hundreds of carpet cleaners speak to at least thousands of them a year from trainings like this to events i attend to um i have a personal network of well over six or eight hundred carpet cleaners that i reach out to and chat to on a regular basis have for decades and that kind of thing so i know the industry while i’ve owned the businesses and i’ve only i’ve had the employees manage the employees watched all of that change and watch marketing concepts and strategies change with while the psychology and methodology doesn’t change it it’s a matter of tapping into human psychology and emotions so um so that’s sort of my little background uh recently i sold my final um my final business that was brick and mortar as you call it i guess um because a digital marketing consulting agency is more virtual uh but i finally sold that last year in may in the middle of a pandemic as they say uh and just uh what would be considered by some a small carpet cleaning company um we did carpets and ducks and a whole bunch of other stuff but um and uh generated over half a million dollars in selling that and it was well worth the value to uh um to the buyer carl because um it was he got fully loaned the loans he needed and stuff like that based on the

the asset equity of the company not any of the equipment that was all you know basically fires and out kind of write off stuff but the actual database the marketing positioning the local positioning and things like that the call volumes you name it the marketing assets that were in place the reputation assets that were in place so all of that stuff is what you need to know and need to grow because someday you need to sell your business you never want to walk away the majority of carpet cleaners i talked to that have never thought of this maybe get a couple you know 10 20 30 50 100 000 for the equipment they’ve got and if they were smart maybe they bought a strip mall and put their shop in one of it and have now got built themselves an asset but most of the time they don’t even have that and without a corporate job they don’t have their um you know they don’t have a pension or anything like that as well so the ultimate goal of business is to earn the money you want um hire the people to do the job for you if that’s your goal and then um exit out as being you know the number one provider in your marketplace having that that local authority that allows you to sell for multiples of what other people would possibly exit for so all of that kind of always plays in the back of my brain and always did for the 30 years of my my my carpet cleaning business career as well so um here’s just a few of our clients um just some of the stuff that
we’ve done many of these have been with us for for many many years some of them decades like over a decade or so prior to even having a full digital marketing agency we did we did marketing for them back in the days of yellow pages and stuff like that as well some of them newer but yeah um that’s that’s what our goal is we want to make um our clients

the top in in the carpet cleaning world top carpet cleaning brand in their local marketplace so they attract the best clients can charge the top rates and are booked out weeks in advance so they’re not the discount providers most of the clients we work with whether it’s carpet cleaner or any other industry are not trying to ever be the discount guy we typically avoid taking any of those honest clients as well it’s a different mindset the the growth needs a lot more owner attention it seems easy to be a commodity hey this guy’s 89 i’m going to be 79 and and then wondering why um you can’t pay for new equipment you can’t pay for good marketing we’re actually talk about ways that you can out market your competition by understanding that psychology as well so that’s going to be a core part of what we’re focusing on here today so let’s move along here oops i hanged the what tab i’m on and got myself all lost okay so what is the big spit what are the biggest challenges when it comes to to marketing your business and i’ll tell you the ones that we hear a lot and i’ll tell you why i think it’s not the case so not enough leads now in the case of some people that are brand new like bruce you’re on the line here i’m one of our newer clients and bruce is really really new to running a business um like he’s under a year in the in in in the business so obviously developing different lead sources is going to be critical to people like that but typically it’s it’s you know we hear about it being not enough leads and i’m going to challenge why i don’t think that is necessarily always the case so when you’re just starting out you need to have a mix of sort of guerrilla marketing grassroots stuff going out all

the outreach that i used to do like i did a hundred thousand dollars in my first uh um well first six months of business ended the year sixty thousand dollars in 19 well first carpet cleaning business 1995 by the end of my first full year it was over a hundred thousand dollars and there was no internet i hadn’t even gotten into the yellow pages until the last few months of that year yellow pages was the only place for people to go so what did what is what did we do to get in to get those kinds of sales um there’s ways to generate leads that has nothing to do with just running you know ads um there’s ways to physically force that as well we won’t be talking about that here probably talk about that next month actually it’s a topic near and dear to my heart but we also find that people say that the quality of the leads are really low um so you’ve got a really low lead quality and there’s ways to to deal with that as well you can always improve your messaging and up your lead quality but i don’t believe that that is the main issue as well um the lead costs are too high or the roi is too low so if you’re actually tracking this and what we do find is a lot of people just don’t know how to track this properly but if you’re actually tracking the source of the leads um especially in a paid platform or whatever and determining how many actually became bookings and you’ve got different ways of managing the dollar value you get from each customer there’s ways to play with that again i tend to push back and challenge that a little bit depending on the source there are some sources where the the roi is too low but you do need to be thinking about the lifetime value of a client and the referral value of a client not just the one-off value but that’s a different conversation as well um but a lack of

clear tracking is what i’m talking about here as well is we do find that people just tend not to track source specific leads and relate it back to the specific roi from that source and and and that and then there’s always too many options and and i agree with that as well but um but i do ask the question is lead flow really the problem and in most cases it’s not you’ve got everything from seo it takes time to generate but it will generate local service ads if they’re available in your area can generate leads at a at a profitability and i’ll teach you how um direct mail always a great way you just got to be strategic about it but direct mail works brilliantly for your database direct mail works brilliantly for your staying in touch with your strategic partners and and large accounts that refer you a lot of work direct mail can can be a compliment to your digital strategy your website will generate leads fully signed up vehicles that look snazzy in the marketplace um just the branding in general or or billboards i know um john that’s on the call here he’s got actual billboards in town um that just stand out like crazy and attract a lot of attention and that that generates an amount of awareness and amount of lead flow google ads are always a great option as well um anytime you’re paying for ads you’ve got to have that balance between how can we how can we get the maximum value out of the client how can we target the right client but we’re going to teach you how to land more of them as well facebook ads have become really important more of a disruptive ad platform than a targeted so targeted we always say with google ads is they went searching for you so and google ads can include youtube pre-roll videos and all that as well because it’s all part

of the same platform but they they went searching they asked to find information about what your what you’re going to present your ad in front of the ads are targeted to the keywords they’ve typed in facebook not at all facebook is you try and influence the right demographic and show them so part of its awareness part of its lead gen um part of it is is you know again trying to get people that are active and interested right now and there’s a lot of psychological influencing going on with facebook and things like that but it is just a matter of trying to to influence a lot and that’s why facebook charges per impression whereas facebook google charges per click and then google local service ad charges per lead that actually fills out so all different ways of getting it and then referrals and repeats in your referral network there’s just lots and lots and lots of ways of getting of generating leads and in fact our full digital dominance method talks about all of the different ways to generate lead influences leads more high conversion websites personalized things like that um all help when people end up at the website but building that awareness and into into the into your messaging making sure that you’re marketing your reviews you’re asking for feedback from clients and then marketing that feedback as well you just want to drip upon them everywhere while you’re amazing and why everybody else thinks you’re amazing and there’s ways to do that and then you expand expand your visibility as well and all of that um all of that together becomes our digital dominance method but i’m going to show you something that takes that everything that we’re talking about here and puts it on massive steroids so um the other thing is um where do you get your leads from and we talk about this with every

single one of the consulting clients i work with and every single one of um of our current clients when we when we hop on monthly or quarterly calls we’re talking about this kind of stuff as well so you might be doing some paid ads on facebook and google maybe some instagram like overlapping and even possibly youtube really good strategy with the right budget you definitely want to be ranking organically that takes a while but you want to be doing that you want your google maps rankings to move up organically as well there’s ways to influence that but you know you want to get leads from all of these sources you want to get leads from social outreach so online groups sharing projects you’ve recently done properly you want to have awareness ads going as well out on display ads you might even get to the point where radio is helpful um that’s at a bigger budget and and there’s a reason why some companies can afford that and some can’t and we’re actually going to explain exactly how that is and for some of you i think the light bulbs are going to go off and going oh now i get why those companies are able to do all of that um so and then you do want active repeat and referral campaigns and programs in place and active means they literally are um set up and mapped out and flow in the way you want they’re going to get an email they’re going to get a phone call they’re going to get a mailing they’re going to get a follow-up they’re going to get this and you’re going to create a pace of making sure that that is active so that you do generate more repeat business and more referral business over time so strategic partners are huge who are the people that can refer people to you um who have customers that are
similar to your customers and how can

you work with them and and you know share some value so what are things that you can do for them in the carpet cleaning space flooring stores interior designers realtors don’t just stop there spas like um hair salons you go to a high-end hair salon almost every single one of their customers is an ideal carpet cleaning customer are a woman usually between the age of 35 or 55 maybe slightly older um college or university educated decent income and you know good discretionary income obviously if they’re in a high-end salon things like that that’s that’s more likely they’re the ideal client why not make that jv relationship with those people and see if you can have your message go to their clientele as well we we’ve done it in the past with mercedes dealerships for carpet cleaning chiropractors um wellness clinics all kinds of stuff um i’ve spoken stood in front of monday morning realty meetings more times than i can imagine for five or ten minutes just giving tips and ideas and then handing out business cards at the end never selling our services selling our knowledge um and um anyways website conversions retargeting anybody lands on your website should be followed up online directories there’s hundreds of them neighborhood marketing uh brand marketing and authority building all kinds of there’s a million ways that you can be getting business but as i said what do i believe is the actual biggest challenge facing carpet cleaners small business owners personally from our data and from talking to literally thousands i know i know for a fact that it’s it’s unconverted leads because here’s the problem 50 to 60 of inbound leads tend to stay unconverted so even the people that say oh i’m

amazing i booked 75 of my jobs if we listen to all the calls and look at the back end that is simply not the case um what we do find out is it’s much lower than what they think it is um across all platforms 90 of web form fills um in most cases do not turn out to become a client and there’s a reason for that it’s just very strategic it’s it’s just human psychology so uh and and what you know there’s a couple reasons why we’re gonna we’re gonna get into why that happens but here’s a few of them right now what we know is that leads that are not followed up with within 15 minutes go cold so a lot of companies we work with they get all of their inbound leads and they have a routine in place whether they’ve got a staff member that does this or whether um whether it’s the owner operator doing this or not they’ve got a routine where twice a day they check their inboxes they check their lead sources um they maybe pop on facebook every so often and see if anybody’s chatting over to them over there and there’s all different kinds of ways to talk to people but um but yeah if if it’s over 15 minutes they tend to go cold to go to the competition because he who answers the message first tends to win and i’ll show you the numbers on that so so that is a common that’s that that’s old school that all that used to work in the day we used to do that in the day too check your email in the morning check your email maybe after lunch and maybe one time at the end of the day before you lock turn off the lights and things like that but there’s ways but the customers tend to not want to sit and wait that long anymore now if it’s a repeat client sure all bets are off because they want you they’re waiting for you but if it’s somebody who’s never heard of you before

uh don’t be so vain to think you’re the only one they’re reaching out to um the average customer needs to be followed up five to seven times before booking um and that’s i mean there are some people that are ready to book right away and there’s ways to influence that as well the other people need something very specific needs some very specific psychology i’m gonna show you what that is as well and today’s consumers actually prefer to interact by messaging text messaging um versus phone calls or emails so we know email open rates are pretty low so it doesn’t mean throw the baby out with the bath water and don’t do it it just means do it strategically but also make sure that you’re you’re you’re kind of a multimedia approach you’re going across different modalities so you’re you know you’re thinking of different ways to communicate with the the same customer um to to get their attention and to get their attention over again so here’s here’s what the solution is you need to be leveraging marketing automation to follow up with the web forms within the first two minutes um and you want uh via phone email text message and other and i’ll talk to you about that um automated follow-up so that you you have every prospect is is in touch you’re in touch with them at least five times and you engage with them in two-way text messaging so and we’re going to talk about that and why that’s important because you know some of you this is intuitive and if you like you can put in the chat if you if you text message like a lot of your clients like what percentage of clients of your of your new leads maybe not your existing clients that might have your cell phone number for example but of of new interested people are you actually

messaging by chat or text you can throw that in the chat here i’ll take a look over at it and see what you guys are kind of letting me know perfect so bruce is saying that he’s got he’s he’s finding that it’s about 80 and again as i said bruce is one of our newer clients and he is bang on um because we’re finding that and some some of you guys are saying 20 and stuff and you know so keep that in mind um because yeah we’re finding that the shift has already happened so that that is one of the shifts you got to take away from this is giving people the opportunity to text message um or chat like two-way chat but i’m going to explain to you why i’m not even a big fan of 2a 2a chat as much as i am um specifically text messaging but we’ll talk about that here as well so but um i’ve shared this on a couple recent webinars if you’ve been on it but we’ll do some simple math here just to show you because this is um this just shows you um some conversion rates i’m going to get into some live examples as well but this is just the generic um you get 100 leads that come in and they come in save to your website so who cares where they came from what if they were again from thumbtack what if you’ve got facebook ads running google ads running you know you name it you’ve got all this kind of stuff going on and um and and you’ve got 100 leads that land on your website i can tell you from personal experience the average conversion rate um just from listening to phone calls and everything else like that um is about 30 from people that actually reach out to you and i can tell you that the outreach is even is even um not as great as it should be if the the mechanisms for outreach aren’t designed into your website the conversion stuff we had a whole webinar on designing your website for proper conversions back a

couple months ago and it’s on our website under the free training go take a look at that but ultimately if you want to run the math get 30 bookings in this scenario this is an average carpet cleaner average ticket of 325 bucks so those 30 bookings from 100 leads is just under ten thousand dollars in work right so if we take that and say let’s get that conversion rate up to 70 with all of the stuff i’m going to share with you today now you get it up to 70 we’re seeing that across the board in our clients in the background is that 65 to 75 on a high end percent um you can get um we’re seeing that the uh from people that actually reach out to actually booking um for the ones that give us the data and help us track that we’re seeing that that is the that is a common increase from low 30s people that are really good we see them in the low 50s on on this conversion rate over here but getting them up to 70 see what that does to the numbers nothing else changed you didn’t spend an extra dime in marketing you didn’t spend an extra time in lead sources and you are now almost three times more more revenue two to three times is what it works out to um increase in sales revenue from the same volume of leads and there’s a psychological reason for that so um again that’s why i call it simple math so what we’re talking about is making every lead that you get way more valuable so um put in the chat what some of your key takeaways are so far you know um what you’ve kind of gotten out of this that you know we’re talking about automation we’re talking about conversion rates and lead value and

there are some strategic ways we’re going to show how to do this but what have you gotten so far about some of the numbers and data about people needing to be followed up five times and having to contact them within 15 minutes is that what you’re seeing in your own business as well that if you if if you wait for a while to call them some people that you talk to go you know what i’ve already found somebody else you know for example the old way of doing things where you’re not being proactive so if you’ve noticed that we’ve got a few yeses coming in yeah yeah yeah for sure and that’s what we find as well is the exact same thing is that there’s you know you might get some people that are waiting on you because your marketing message is so great that they go no i want these guys period and i’m going to wait on them the rest of it is is you know hey i like these guys but i’ve got two or three choices and i just want to solve this problem i’m moving on with my day i want to solve this i don’t want to wait around so that’s that’s what we find as well so oops so let’s talk about solving this problem okay so we’re going to go through the three key triggers on this and then we’re going to get right into the actionable events as well and show you exactly what you need to do so three triggers the first one is engage how your customers want to be engaged and this is becoming really important 98 of all text messages are open that’s just national stats right now so we respect our text messages more than we respect email and even phone calls the number you know the number of time phone calls just go to voicemail um a lot of people go i don’t know what that number is or i don’t want

to pay attention to that right now and they don’t pick up their phone but they respond to a text message um so 98 of all text messages are open 95 for text messages are open and responded to within three minutes that’s great for us to know and what’s more is consumers are five times more likely to send and receive text messages than phone calls so there’s an entire generation that is hey text me first don’t just call me right and it’s it’s sort of like um i think it was a hint from heloise i saw years ago that basically said finally technology has caught up with decorum why do you think that you should be able to interrupt somebody’s day somebody’s activities what they’re doing and why they’re doing it because you feel that you’re so important that the call should be picked up and that doesn’t matter if it’s a family member a friend um or or again a customer and that kind of thing so businesses obviously we live and die by customers so we should be picking up the phone every single time it rings but um but consumers they they don’t they don’t necessarily have to so if you’re you know if you’re trying to call them back um we’re going to talk about that but it’s going to be you know you’re going to find the text messaging is probably going to be your number one source following up quickly lisa and i have followed up with in 15 minutes go cold we know that but here’s the actual data a follow up within five minutes has been statistically shown to be 20 21 times more effective than calling after 30 minutes so more effective means that um if you follow up within five minutes they’ll answer you because they’re still in that mode um you have a a much higher chance of of booking with them 50 of leads in in in our space say that they

tend to go with the vendor that responds first so that’s important to know as well so and then after five minutes the odds of um qualifying a lead drop by about 80 percent so there is a massive amount of magic that happens within that first five minutes and i know what a lot of people are saying is well that sucks because how am i gonna ever make that happen um some people have these systems dialed in beautifully internally with staff members and payrolls and budgets um i’m going to show you a way that can help that a little bit along now and and minimize uh the need of expanding that budget too much i’m not trying to get anybody fired on this there’s ways that our our office staff can can do other things but in a lot of cases the person that’s answering the phones is also dealing with some dispatch work they’re also dealing with some customer follow-up work they’re dealing with a bunch of stuff so they’ve got a lot of stuff on their plate that’s why if an email comes in right now they’re not going to turn their attention directly to it because they’re on the phone with somebody else they got three other calls to call back perhaps and then they’ve got to go make sure they know where the crews are how is all that going to happen when an email just came in or a text message just came in so i’m going to talk about that as well because that is the the core advantage of levering automation and leveraging ai as well so not just automation but we’re in that world now where we can actually leverage some really cool ai as well so the ideal outcome is this here’s here’s how we run an ideal business every lead um gets an email and a text message back within 30 seconds of them

messaging you or less and someone on the phone with them from your company during business hours within five minutes i know some companies that actually have this set up where when they’re not available they use like a jill’s office or one of those kinds of services to 24 7 somebody is on the phone with them getting back to them from emails and sms and with the right automation that that call center gets a message i know people that have just hired um stay-at-home moms and say hey i’ll i’ll pay you for every booking you you get me so you know twenty dollars thirty dollars whatever that is so if they’re already at home anyways and today they book one tomorrow they book five you know decent decent money there um and it’s just based on when the phones you know or when messages come in and then calling them back and talking to them or messaging them back and talking every lead that’s followed up with at least seven times um uh every lead is is follow up the ideal income is that they’re followed up at least seven times via email sms and phone and this isn’t an or this isn’t an or that’s an and statement until they book or tell you that they’re not interested and that’s the core you continue to follow up with all of your lead sources until they book or tell you they’re not interested slash unsubscribe so and that’s that’s important so do you think if you followed up with every one of your leads in the way we just talked about so within seconds of them reaching out to you and on all platforms on every source um and using automation and assistance to do that and then actually able to get them on the phone within five minutes um or at least having that

booking conversation within five minutes while there’s it’s still fresh in their mind and they haven’t moved on to one of your competitors do you think it would actually help you convert more and we’re not even going to get into scripting right now on ways to actually make that conversation very very psychologically strategic but write that alone just put one in the chat if you think um um if that’s going to uh if that’s going to help you yeah yeah and even yeah we got yeah great thank you we got a bunch of ones coming in bruce said earlier that he was thinking that three to four times um he’ll keep working on the seven to eight times um and good good takeaway bruce um you know thanks for being so engaged you know anybody else who wants to kind of keep chiming in remus monitoring the chat as well uh but yeah absolutely it really is important um the number of touches like even in our marketing it’s like there there is sort of a sense like some people just you know think of those people that turn around and say for example um i’ve got kind of two tangents to go off on here for a quick second one of them is that people say um i’m interested but i’ve got to talk to my wife i’ve got to talk to my husband i’ve got to talk to my boss if it’s commercial i got to think about it i’m going to call around right those people are interested but right now it’s a soft no right or a soft maybe those people need to be stayed in touch with if you go in the world of that didn’t have automation existing what should you be doing with those go if any of you have been involved in multi-level marketing before you know that they all teach you about the tickler file like reach out to somebody then reach out again and reach

out again and it’s never like there’s there’s times that that’s 15 20 times before they go you know what yeah i’m interested now again if it’s done meaningfully well and done in a strategic way it should never come across as a pain in the butt if it comes across as a pain in the butt to to some of them they may not be your ideal client if it comes across as a pain in the butt to a lot of them then your messaging is wrong so it is really a matter of and your timing and your your strategy is off so if you get the strategy right it works brilliantly and there’s ways to stay in touch with people consistently ongoing you know there’s ways to stay in touch with your leads that never converted for for years until they either unsubscribe or finally use your services if it’s done strategically well so we’ll talk about that as well oops let me click over here so i can move along so here’s what it actually looks like notice that we’re talking about carpet cleaner lead pro here so that’s our our tool that we have we have built that that’s built by our team and our company our dev team um and uh um ahmed and and and his uh and his group there’s six of them on that that side of the development team that that work on this for us all the time and continue to build out really really cool concepts that pop into my brain and um that can fit into the technology and the ai flow so but ultimately we’re going to break this down i know it’s really hard to see but we’re just going to kind of walk through this a little bit but um carpet cleaner lead pro allows regardless of lead source a way to message automate communicate stay in touch and um have a better chance of converting your cl your your leads

to clients then then then not having any of this in place or trying to hack together some sort of manual process that normally works for a little bit and doesn’t continue to work after people just stop doing it and it’s it’s it’s if you’re the owner of the business and it’s your job to do it you’ll stop because it just feels grueling if you task it to somebody else unless you monitor it very very specifically they’re going to start slacking it’s better to have it automated and make it super easy for them just to engage so here’s actually one of our clients this is a multi-million dollar carpet cleaning client so here’s their actual math so i’ve kind of blurred their name so you don’t see that but here’s their actual math on this and the math is very very specific they we generated in a month 599 leads um 10 000 total investment they spend a lot of money on on paid ads and and other ad sources and other lead sources and stuff like that so that is their fee with us including all the paid ad fees and the management fees of all of those things generated 599 leads on an average of about 18 a lead in carpet cleaning that’s pretty good um anywhere anywhere around twenty dollars a lead across the board is great uh some some lead sources you’re looking at forty and fifty dollars an actual lead so this is just leave this in the book job this is just the lead um other sources you’re you can get down around 10 12 15 bucks but if you can blend it all in at about um about 20 a lead then you’re doing pretty good so that’s that’s definitely the way to think about it um so and we we break down where they’re coming from and all that kind of stuff as well but if we kind of go through and look at what that is

so conversion rate they were averaging 40 um 39.65 if i remember accurately when we ran the data on them so they averaged 239 bookings in in a month when there’s 599 leads going to them the average ticket is 350 bucks it’s actually just a little bit over 352 something um and it varies different times a year slightly goes up slightly goes down but 350 is a decent mark to aim for um in a home service business carpet cleaning pecifically uh so 83 000 in revenue generated from all of the marketing efforts that we’re involved in that we we can track so there’s ones that we just can’t track but that that ultimately we knew that again of their million dollar business we’re responsible for about that much um driving that much of the business to them so projected roa eight to one and if i tell you that you’re gonna get an eight to one roi for every one dollar you put in you’re gonna get eight dollars back you’re gonna be a happy camper and that comes from you know a really good ticket price and even but i consider that a very low conversion average in the old days low now and i’ll show you why so take the same number 599 leads um so we say that this month here got duplicated it didn’t we’re now we’ve now um upped their actual conversion rate to 65 and we’re still working on increasing that
that may be the cap we’ll see but there’s little psychological elements that we can add in as well that can really help teaching people how to answer the phones better or call back better message better script themselves better things like that there’s ways to

do that but they’re up to 65 um conversion rate now and that’s the important part so if we go back to that previous month where they only got 599 leads but they were able to continue to get the 65 booking rate um that they are now enjoying same average ticket now we’re at 136 000 from the exact same volume of leads and the exact same spend so a 13 to one roi so that difference it’s almost double like it literally is and you just think of it nothing changed but this the percentage of people that booked and that’s that’s the core message here that you need to kind of understand is um and dan kennedy if you guys don’t know who dan kennedy is start following dan kennedy the gentleman almost died a few years ago um and he’s kind of back at it again but i have been personally mentored by dan kennedy over the years um spent a weekend with him at um um in in disney uh him and and the rest of the glazer kennedy um uh gkic it’s called group but dan kennedy writes an amazing amount of books for us for small business owners um on exactly how to do what we need to do and he’s he’s just considered the godfather of direct response marketing and you know customer psychology and just he’s also considered the godfather of harsh truth he does not sugarcoat anything if if what you’re doing is stupid if it’s idiotic he’ll tell you it’s stupid it’ll tell you it’s idiotic he’ll show national campaigns that are just stupid and idiotic he’s been brought in to consult on massive massive massive multi multi multi hundreds of

millions of dollar campaigns and stuff like that and um just told them to throw the whole thing out it’s not even worth looking at start to start again and one of his best comments is the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins and just think about that for a minute so you wonder why again i’m saying like that radio ads oh i can’t afford radio ads but there’s people in the marketplace that can in your own service category that can why can they well they’re able to spend more to acquire a customer well why can they spend more to acquire a customer not necessarily a lead problem it’s a conversion problem and then a pricing and upsell so if you can make enough money by changing the messaging the psychology the delivery the experience everything about your brand that they see becomes more aligned with what they they actually truly want if you can change that and you get more business and it’s not at a discount you now are able to spend more to acquire more customers than the guys at a discount i know companies that went bankrupt getting two in jobs from groupon in carpet cleaning oh my god groupon’s around i’m going to do groupon and they these super deals the super discounts that they have to apply two and three hundred people bought the groupon and it made the company go bankrupt because they did not have the ability to make enough money at that discounted price and wait long enough for the repeat business a year or two down the road you know at full price and not even being attracting the right clients that would pay full price next time so

they’ll always go back to a groupon you’ve basically just gutted your entire business and you’re not able to spend the most to acquire customers so key takeaway right there is if you’ve got your business set up right that’s great so let’s talk about how to implement this thing um so ultimately what we what we call ours is smart forms so smart forms are we all know about website forms but what do we do differently with with with smartphones how what can you do with automation that makes the forms on your website smart so somebody ends up at your website i don’t care how they got there any matter you know from adwords to facebook ads to organic to they saw the side of your truck do you have a door hanger like you know you did postcards there’s a million ways email campaigns anything um just straight search um google my business whatever they land on your website interesting enough your website is con you know psychologically converting enough um personalized well enough tells the right things gives them the right messaging that they go you know what i’m interested i want to reach out to these people so they complete a smart form and we even include the way we do chat as a smart form as well so they complete some sort of call to action and they end up on some sort of thank you page and but where this actually starts to get smart is the automation that can be built into instantly on the back end of when that happens what are all the little things that can be instantly triggered one of them can be even like on the thank you page there’s ways to say hey um you know

there are some clients that like to have people self-book i disagree with that because now one they see your whole schedule they know that you’re free tomorrow which can set up a psychological deterrent well if they’re free tomorrow but they keep telling me they’re amazing that doesn’t make sense to me and it’s a disconnect so depending on the booking app um if they if it can be set up where they can do that um without seeing sort of every opening that might be an option i haven’t found one of those yet but what we do like to suggest is possibly soft booking so it’s like you know hey what what would be the ideal day and time or day and time window you know eight to eight to noon ten to two noon to four two to six what would be the ideal time window and date or day of the week that works best for you if they’re ready to go and have them fill that out as well there’s ways to do that on a thank you page to have them give you a little bit more information after they’ve they’ve asked their question ask them for something else afterwards so don’t make it too opposing all in the front end but ultimately what do we do with smartphone forms so want to make an appointment that should either be a pop-up or taken to a page where it’s a smart form so they fill out a form thinks that they think it’s a normal form that they’re just sending a message and someday you’ll get back to them and it allows you to communicate with them instantly um on the home page ask the expert hey you got any questions at all um we’re here just ask like let’s start making friends here let’s start building a list these should not be dead leads they should all of a sudden be in a lead funnel that you’re actively involved even if it’s the stupidest question you ever heard if they landed

on your website there’s a reason for it and if they’re a potential customer let’s talk to them right well we’re gonna make these smart and then also chat and it’s chat to text not not a two-way chat bot on your website i don’t like two-way chat bots because a lot of times unless you’ve got a full dedicated staff to sit and stare at them um they don’t get communicated fast enough that the person sitting on your website gets frustrated chat to text gets rid of all of that so and then we make all of these smart so what does smart mean smart smart means um smart forms top mean also smart connect so smart connect is basically um the second they fill out the chat um or they fill out the form on the website any one of the forms wherever they are the automation kicks in in a very smart intuitive and ai way so one of the very first things that should happen done properly is you should get a call right so you get a phone call at your office you pick up the phone so i don’t care if you stared at your screen checked your emails saw an alert i don’t care at all your phone rings you pick it up and it it says um you’ve got a you know a lead that just filled out one of your one of your smart forms press one now to connect with them that can happen during business hours and you’re instantly within within that five minute window you are now back on the phone with them and if for any reason they can’t take the call then um it rings and rings and rings hangs up you actually drop a voicemail and the voicemail hey it’s ashley here over at abc carpet cleaning i noticed

you filled out a form and looking for some more information i’d definitely love to connect with you here’s our phone number i’m going to give you a quick message back on on text and email as well so reach out to me whichever way works best for you right there’s a voicemail dropped so and if you can’t take the call at all the phone rings say you’re an owner operator in the field i strongly suggest you have somebody answering your phones all the time even if you’re the guy in the field never have it try to answer on your hip how are you going to be able to talk to the customer or order your coffee at mcdonald’s on the way through while your phone’s ringing it just doesn’t happen and you’ve just lost that person so i suggest you always have somebody answering your phones even if it’s that stay-at-home mom strategy but ultimately you have if you can’t take that call then you definitely want them within 30 seconds they’re gonna get a text message and an email right away and then the customer replies to you by text message boom you now know their channel they reply to you by email boom you now know your channel but you can still continue to influence all of these if they reply to you you know um you know would you like to schedule time on our you know a a service like this just a natural message
this is automated hi it’s ashley this one plum perfect heating and cooling um thank you for reaching out to us via our your for your service call so that could be part of the messaging right and you’re going to get a yes or no the no would mean they want more information no problem

we can reach out to you further answer any questions you have and discuss your needs um yes can again automate open up that form hey tell us tell us sort of when you’re looking at what services you’re looking at um and we’ll find a suitable time and get a hold of you so there’s ways that you can actually make this again ai automated so that you can take the 50 to 60 of the people that might just be coming through a one of just book um out of sort of the cue of needing more influence so that’s part of the ai as well and that can be done through um through email and through the text message done properly so and that’s what we call a soft booking so we talked a little bit about that i don’t need to spend a lot of time on it but basically you’re gonna get sort of their ideal windows of time and days um if they’re saying yes i want to book with you guys i don’t need any more information um and but you know here’s what i need kind of idea so again a lot of times on our um on our outreach forums on our on the website we even just say hey when do you need when do you need this this completed by give us that idea um but again if it’s in the chat and it’s automated uh and you’re not actively engaged with them right away then this could be some of those questions that that kind of go out back and forth a little bit as well um depending on sort of the way you want to use use an ai system like this but ultimately what we’re trying to do is we’re going to get every lead followed up within five minutes or less and if we can do that we’ve we’ve solved that one game that one part of the game now the other part is the automatic lead nurture follow-up what about those you know those people

that’s you know hey i need to talk to somebody or they just they don’t answer back when you message them and you just need to stay in further communication so all of this should alert you so we talk about that where you’re going to get all the alerts um when this happens you’re going to you’re going to know right away you’re going to get an alert with our system you’re going to get alert within the app so the app can be opened on your your desktop and can also be put on anybody’s phone just with the logins um and you’re gonna get the alert in-app just like normal you’re gonna you know if it’s on the desktop you’re gonna get a pop-up in in windows that says hey you’ve got a new chat started whatever you’re also gonna get the email and we can even set it up where you get a text message just on your phone saying hey pop back over to your carpet cleaner
lead pro you’ve got somebody looking to talk to you right whether that’s email whatever and we can actually even have it where all your phone calls root through there as well and then bounce to your main phone um there’s there’s tools that we’ve built that way where if you don’t answer the phone they end up with a voicemail message as well so if it rings so many times and you didn’t pick it up it’s in the system so there’s ways to play that game as well but ultimately what’s automatic lead nurture what are again that five to seven times we’re talking about so if you know if you’re actively able to sort of say hey yes this person booked that’s you know that’s a trigger that says so i don’t need to you know to ask them if they’d like to book anymore right um if this person didn’t book hasn’t been communicated with yet you talked to them but they said you know they didn’t say they’re not interested it wasn’t a hard no it

was let me think about it let me talk something those are the people that need to be dripped on what are some of the ideas on ways to drip on them showing them customer testimonials telling them your story the history why you started the business telling them about your technicians um showing any sort of charity events and awards that you’ve got as well um talking showing some recent projects that’s a reason to stay in touch with people for a long period of time if you know what they’re interested in or even if you don’t say in the carpet cleaning world say um you don’t take the you know you can take the automation to any level you want hey they were interested in carpet cleaning let’s talk about carpet cleaning from now on or you can just say hey once every two to three weeks they’re a lead that never booked they never got moved into the book column um let’s just stay in touch with them let’s every two or three weeks hey here’s a recent client we just did a cleaning for not sure if you’re still interested in the cleaning or not but i just wanted to share with you some of the results that we’re getting and their comments their feedback so not always a review but they’re just their testimony just their feedback that you got through the feedback system you want to get the clients comments and you can share one of those those case studies you know once or twice a month that works as a great email um just to show them hey we just did up some upholstery hey we just some tile hey we just did some you know um hardwood floor cleaning again for some of our other clients that are on the the call i know uh john wiley’s here and that he’s uh that’s a you know vehicle wrap and sign business so any of the carpet cleaners on the call if you need that i would

suggest you reach out to to john wiley at don’t drive naked they do amazing work but what their their clients showing them hey we just did a fleet for a ben franklin plumbing outlet here in town or we just you know on and that’s a reason to stay in touch with them that’s a reason to message them another messages are called spears so spears are messages that are just they’re usually text messages or a voice drop and they’re very very simple and specific hey i haven’t heard back from you um you reached out to us on our website i haven’t heard back from you are you still looking to go ahead with um getting some work done question mark very specific very short and normally gets a yes or no and again that yes or no can be put into other flows there’s ways to go really really deep with this um and we do that with with clients that want to expand their the the usage of the of their carpet cleaner lead pro for most of our clients it’s just a matter of let’s get some communication in front of these people let’s nurture a little bit longer and let you guys jump into the conversation but that’s what automatic lead nurture long-term follow-up is so if you think about it now we’re back to that original all the different ways that leads come in and now we’ve taken every single one of our lead sources and for no matter where they come from and i’ll show you a couple of new exciting ones as well and you put them in to the funnel you get alerted that’s
this whole section here they get the smart forms and the smart connect and you got the ai automation routing things back and forth properly based on what they say part of that ai is sentiment analysis so they don’t have to come back and say yes they can go sure yep nope whatever and again

ai is smart enough to understand the general sentiment of that um and there’s even ways to say hey if it didn’t get the sentiment at all if they said something that is totally off-base then hey i’m sorry um you know didn’t quite understand that or move them in a different path entirely and try and get them to actually give you a yes or no um but one of the newest things that we’ve added into carpet cleaner lead pro is we’ve worked with google to be able to get the google chat um and facebook messenger facebook messenger integration um is is is doable it’s it it’s easy it’s an api and facebook made that available as soon as they opened up messenger for for business within a few months after messenger for business they allowed the api it’s not great api but it works and allows you to have all your messages coming to one platform so they all come in one place you’re not bouncing around and you can message them back right from that platform um google chat is cool so it’s now called google google business profile um not google my business you used to be gmb now is ggbp but ultimately if you turn that on the only way to turn that on is you have to normally is you have to download the app on your phone so if you’ve got an office person they have to download the app on their personal phone um and then and connect the app to your google business profile logging in and all that kind of stuff and they have to have managers access and all that and then you end up with this button right here that says message and google’s saying that they might open up the chat to even be allowed to be done on on from the google listing on on desktop but right now it’s only on the mobile devices but 60 to 70 of our clients are starting on mobile anyways

so they see your listing they know your name they want to chat they can message you right there and that chat integration is one of our newest apis that we spend a ton of money on um but we’ve got that integrated as well so anybody who wants to chat right from there um pulls in and we’ll automatically start to start the conversation for you give you that window of opportunity to get back to them and um and let them know that at least hey yeah i’ve got it we’re gonna get back to you as soon as we possibly can and here we’re chatting to you on your phone we’re chatting to you right here we’re not you don’t need to be leaving you know staying on the screen on the platform on our website and things like that so um pop in the chat if there’s any questions you have at this point does that make sense are we are we sort of tracking you understand sort of how the world has changed and you know the kinds of things that we need to be looking at because we really really want to start dealing with the fact that people need faster answers business can’t be slow we can’t have messaging people back this thing that happens once or twice a day it has to happen instantly and um and even in off hours you can have it where hey nobody’s a you know um we’ll get back to you as soon as somebody’s back in the office kind of idea um there’s ways to make all that happen so yeah just put in the chat if you’re if that makes sense to you guys so just put a one in the chat as i always say if that works or if you got any comments that’s great as well awesome cool okay so we seem to be tracking well on this so that’s good so any question you guys have as we’re getting close to the end here um just respect your time we’re almost at an hour so you know how these go but remember what we’re talking

about um leads that are not followed up with 50 minutes go cold a follow-up within five minutes is 21 times more effective than calling after 30 minutes so waiting 30 minutes and calling is just all stats across across the service industry in general find that you’re 21 times more effective to have an engaging conversation that can turn into a job than um waiting 30 minutes 50 of leads will go to a the vendor that responds first so if you respond if the vendor responds first and they actually know what they’re doing in that communication then then that’s important and statistics show that 98 of all text messages are open 85 95 of all text message opened within three minutes so these are really key stats right here as well that we know that you have to be talking to people that are interested in you within seconds to minutes period one thing i do want to say about um about chat messaging so if you’re old school like me having run businesses for years you understand the value of a phone call a lead is normally a phone call and the ones that get the most priority the ones that call in and talk to you everything else is sort of yeah i’ll get around to that that’s that other channel but people that call in um i know what to say i know how to influence them i know how to sell them i know how to you know answer their objections and all of that kind of stuff as soon as it becomes chat or an email chain back and forth ninety percent of that knowledge goes out the window how can you influence them when you talk to them you can influence them with psychology you can influence influence them with neuro-linguistic programming there is ways to influence people and say hey just to get them to get one thing out of their mind and something else into their mind right so

if they think that all carpet cleaning is 99 and you can you start off a conversation on a script saying hey you know thanks for calling um you know how did you hear about us or were you referred to us by a friend no no i just found you online okay that works too you’ve just told them that most people get referred to you which changes the influence and then you say um okay well let me tell you why most people who call do choose us to be their carpet cleaner you state that in the beginning of the conversation somewhere once you’ve gotten some of their information well when you turn around at the end and you’re not 99 and they think that that’s the price that carpet cleaning should be hopefully what you’ve told them is why most people call choose you and now at the end of the call they have that cognitive dissonance they they um they can’t understand why you know their brain pauses for me to go i just was expecting like this commodity price i thought all carpet cleaners were 99 and they don’t get that well you’ve influenced them with these little strategic conversations that’s hard to do on on text you have to learn how to have a meaningful conversation on text in short one and you know one sentence two sentence blurbs and you have to have that scripted ahead of time so even your staff that are answering these need to understand that when it’s not somebody’s just ready to book and they need more information you’ve got to find a way to either get them on the phone or you’ve got to find a way to automate that information back and forth have you checked this video out on our website have you seen this have you you know wobbled there’s ways like that there’s ways that we can actually help you um if you’re having a problem with that teach them so you don’t just answer the you know how much for a 5×7 area rug

5723 thank you that is entirely the wrong way to to to sell by chat just so you know so well you know do you think this will make money for you will it help you um convert more leads and grow your business if you had systems like this set up yep just put one in the chat if that makes sense to you as well if you think you can actually grow your business um just getting some automations in place cool we got a bunch of ones coming in awesome so um yeah and i i i don’t just believe it i know it i want to show you an example another example um why i do know this so recent client case study first quarter on carpet cleaner lead pro october to december 2021 right so clients been with us a while but they added we added carpet cleaner lead pro um it’s um it’s typically an upsell in our service some people um it’s part of their package but a lot of times you know the development of it different there’s different levels of carbocation elite pro as you saw when i talked about the way we can scale the automation to extremes there’s some levels of that that are um again more involved by our team and not just the base price because we’re actually creating and recoding a whole bunch of stuff but um just so you know for that software it’s a software as a service that we we provide but again it’s just a matter of figuring out your own automation if you’re not having a conversation with us about that but lead conversion was exactly 31 um and we were able to change that to 65 percent and growing so not the same client we talked about before this is just a new client that we’re talking about here this is their um

they’re much smaller client 367 leads in a quarter and that’s their total investment over a quarter so just over two thousand twenty two hundred dollars a month um to generate that many leads and again their average ticket is quite a bit higher they’re in a higher end area they’re really good upselling it’s 415 bucks um so that’s really good in the car anything over 400 in carpet cleaning as an average ticket um in residential is really good so we do i’ve got some clients that are way higher than that but 400 is is a really good benchmark to aim towards as you grow your business so we’re talking 98 000 in work in that three months 15 times roi which is a great roi and um so the new revenue captured versus what based on their previous conversion rate prior to sort of implementing all of these things because everything was just manual before it was the owner following up at the end of the day um trying to get on the phone with people he was in the truck with one you know technician there’s another crew on the road and basically most of it was just done on the hip and having some of this automation um and and all that and actually stay-at-home mom was was
brought in to uh to to answer some of the calls and messaging stuff like that that’s a net gain over that quarter of 51 000 that wouldn’t have happened if he’d maintained his 31 um level so as i said at the beginning i don’t think you have a lead problem i think you likely have a conversion
problem again unless you’re brand new you need both you need to generate more and more lead sources and again grassroots and guerrilla marketing and

digital marketing and paid marketing and let the seo grow and do all that kind of stuff let your gmb start to to grow um start generating those leads and all that kind of stuff just and repeats you know keep mailing your database and your strategic partner sources there’s just all kinds of really cool stuff that you need to do when you’re just starting out um i usually say never stop it just keep adding to it over time but there’s grassroots stuff that’s needed to get to just really get awareness but for the most part anybody who’s been business for a year or two or more you don’t have a lead problem you specifically have a conversion problem you can always add more lead sources if you can afford them and you can afford them when you convert better so and it’s easily solved so that’s it that’s all we’re going to talk about today uh we always say let’s connect if you’re looking at just sort of the automation side of the platform we do on selective cases carve that out and make that available if you’ve got a bunch of the other stuff um already in place and you’re just really going dude i need this i need what you’ve got you just told me all about i need that part plugged in i’ve got other stuff figured out perfectly most of our clients what we basically say are or people that you know reach out to us is schedule a call um you’ll talk to reema first you’ll get a bit of information on your your company it’ll go back to our research team we’ll do an entire deep dive on you and your competitors all that kind of stuff see what everybody’s doing in your marketplace and and and look at all of that and then it all lands on my desk we schedule a time for a one hour consultation so you don’t pay my 500 an hour consulting rate you get it for yet as a complimentary service so between that and the research we do and all the

material we give you and the step-by-step plan that we hand you on how to sort of overcome a lot of the obstacles in your business not just um you know maybe a bad website maybe bad ads maybe you know you know not positioning yourself well we’ve had clients have come on they’ve been three and four years in the business i’m sorry leads and people that we’ve talked to that still had white vans with magnets on the side of it um and weren’t actually branding themselves in every neighborhood they were in properly and that alone can grow your business a lot more than just a white van with a sticker on the side so um things like that so we talk about all of that we just literally tear your business apart and rebuild it on the way to become you know what we promise is your your brand your authority and your visibility over time needs to become the strongest player in your marketplace and there’s ways to do that so um anyways um and rima’s going to get mad at me i’m sure because she would have wanted me to drop a button in the chat a lot sooner that if anybody is interested in scheduling a strategy session click that button um if that that’s that’s for anybody who’s not one of our clients yet um if you’re a client you want to hop on a call and talk more about this you know this type of thing um just you know either reach out to reema reach out to our help desk you guys all know that um and um you can get on the schedule to have a conversation uh and things like that but if if if you’re brand new to carpet cleaner marketing masters don’t know much about what we do we just we just help you run your business better um and we give a lot of great free advice and if it’s time to work with us then we’d love to have you as a customer if it makes sense um and some marketplaces and

some clients it just doesn’t make sense but if it does make sense we’ll let you know that as well if there’s any information that you need any questions any final questions pop them in the chat if i miss them i’ve got to balance shortly um but if i if i miss them then um marimo will collect them and we’ll get back to you by email uh so just make sure you put your email in the chat as well and um yeah we’ll we’ll stay in touch if there’s anything we can help you with great again next month we’re going to be talking a lot more about the um a lot of those grassroots strategies and the outreach strategies that i again everybody had to do back in the day when there was only the yellow pages and nothing else uh but nowadays a lot of businesses shy away from business owners shy away from doing the leg work the feet to the pavement work and what i suggest is that not only do you do it you never stop and we’ll talk about what those things are ways to you know influence the marketplace and continue to become that authority and stuff like that so we’ll talk about that next month we’re wrapping up for this month hopefully you guys got a lot of great information and understanding about the technology that’s changing our world and the way you can use you know smart forms and smart connect
and messaging two-way messaging and instant replies and ai and all that kind of stuff to just generate more and more and more conversions to the leads you’re already getting you

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How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Company

How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Company

If you want to generate income working for yourself and be your own boss, start a carpet cleaning company… it can be a rewarding business to enter. When you launch a service business there are 2 crucial elements that you require, a service to sell and somebody who’s ready to purchase it. Carpet cleaning is not brain surgery but does need knowledge on general carpet cleaning, stain removal, and knowing the constraints of what your equipment can deal with.

There are 3 main types of carpet cleaning; dry foam and encapsulation carpet cleaning, liquid extraction carpet cleaning, and hybrid – using both a bonnet or something similar to thoroughly scrub the cleaner into the carpet followed by a liquid extraction rinse. Most carpet cleaners use the liquid extraction approach because it is most economical. When beginning your company you should start by drafting a solid business plan to know what you need to invest in financially, what you need to learn, what time investment you will need to get your business off the ground, and how you expect to gain customers. To establish a carpet cleaning service you must have cash for a start-up because your business is equipment-based and will also need time and money investment for marketing so your potential customers can find you in the places they are looking for services you will offer.

When you initially go to buy carpet cleaning equipment you’ll be surprised at how many different types of extraction equipment is offered.

how to start a carpet cleaning business

To source carpet cleaning equipment it is a good idea to shop at local cleaning and janitorial equipment suppliers and look online at carpet cleaning supply websites. There are numerous kinds of carpet cleaning systems readily available, a few of these types include carpet spotters, portable carpet extractors, and truck mount carpet extractor units.

Carpet spotter units are made for cleaning smaller spaces and locations like automobiles, boats, and some furniture. Carpet spotters are also great at eliminating small spills and stains and are light and easy to transport. A great method to expand what you use in your carpet cleaning company is to provide mobile car detailing. Mobile car detailing is quickly catching on and people will pay excellent money for this extra service.

Portable carpet extractors are what you are probably going to be looking at if you’re simply starting in the carpet cleaning market due to their lower cost.

There are two kinds of portable carpet extractors, tank and wand units, and portable walk behind. Tank systems are the best if you are going to be cleaning a lot of carpets regularly. Tank units enable you to connect carpet wand tools for a range of jobs and are the most versatile. Tank extractors likewise will have heaters to warm up the solution to acceptable temperatures necessary to remove more oils and soils, providing cleaner carpets as a result. These portable carpet extractors normally vary in cost from $1200 to $7000 dollars new and are available with numerous choices.

The 3rd kind of carpet extraction unit is the truck mount. Having a truck mount unit is often considered the supreme way to go. Truck mount carpet extractors are installed in a truck, van, or trailer and include huge suction motors that either have their own motors or run off of the vehicle’s own power. Truck install carpet extractors include much higher solution heating temperatures, which can be beneficial the farther away from the truck you are running your solution hoses.

Truck-installed units are usually self-contained so both the solution tank and the waste liquid tank are contained within the automobile. Truck mount setups can range anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 dollars depending upon the alternatives you pick. If you are starting out in the carpet cleaning business a used truck mount system may be a fantastic way to go.

The standard equipment required to begin your carpet cleaning service is a van to get to your carpet cleaning locations, a carpet extraction system, and carpet cleaning chemicals and cleaning materials. After you have actually acquired all your cleaning equipment it’s time to get trained, certified, and insured. It is not advised that you clean somebody else’s carpets with out insurance and most people who hire you will need proof that you are insured and bonded for their own security. Knowledge of carpet cleaning techniques, chemistry and methods is required if you are serious about making this a viable business. There are many books and online training courses provided by industry experts, associations, and equipment manufacturers that are dedicated to carpet cleaning from which you can acquire an understanding of the carpet cleaning industry.

After you have found and experimented with your own equipment it’s time to get some clients. A fantastic method to learn and get experience is to clean your buddies and loved ones’ carpet totally free or at a discounted rate. This is a great method to acquire experience and knowledge about carpet cleaning and sometimes finding out by making errors is the very best way to improve your carpet cleaning abilities. One of the most cost-effective methods to get your first few clients is by networking. Inform people about your carpet cleaning undertakings and ask them to help you get the word out.  But this will only take you so far, and after a few weeks, you will likely tap all of your direct networking options.

Creating your professional online presence immediately out of the gate has actually become a necessary aspect to starting a new, local service business. Getting your company signed up and listed on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and on the various online directories, creating an engaging, personalized website, and generating genuine customer reviews needs to be your #1 goals in your very first month of service.

Distributing flyers, door hangers, and other “bootstrap” marketing strategies will also help to get the ball rolling, however having a budget planned in advance to run paid online advertising in places like Google Ads, Local Service Ads and Facebook ads is an excellent choice because you can target particular individuals who might be interested in your service and restrict your ads to only those specific communities you service.

When you first start out, you may need to use some incentives and deals, even if you are breaking even on the actual carpet cleaning expenses of the job, to help establish your trustworthiness, generate much-needed reviews, and get the word out that you are in business and do good work.  If you do a terrific job, communicate well and deliver a “remarkable” service (i.e so good people are willing to remark to others about you). then word will spread quickly.

When you are cleaning your clients’ carpets it is very important that you look and act very professionally. Clean, professional-looking equipment, uniformed staff members (i.e no jeans and tshits – think of what a national franchise service would show up looking like, and model that), professionally signed vans, professional-looking handouts, invoices and so on all help set the stage that you are a legitimate service and this will provide your client with confidence that they have hired the best company.

Remember that you are in somebody else’s home and that you are being paid as a service to clean their carpets. They demand courtesy, respect and honesty above all else.

Before starting to clean your clients’ carpets, have them show you all the problem areas and let them understand if it is possible to get specific stains and troubled areas looking better. Lots of people think that expert carpet cleaners can eliminate every stain from their carpeting however this is not true due to the fact that some spots can be ground in and irreversible.

It’s ok to let the customer know if you are unable to eliminate a stain if it is indeed permanent. After you are done cleaning the carpets take the customer around and show them any problem areas prior to you leaving. Describe to them why you can’t get the stain out and what other treatments such as dying can be done to the carpet. Make certain before you leave that the customer is 100% happy with your work  – just like excellent carpet cleaning spreads by word of mouth, news of a bad carpet cleaning experience will spread even quicker and could give you a bad reputation in your local community – or worse – a negative online review 🙁

Finally, make sure to keep a database of ALL your customers and leads that come in so you can follow up with them at least once a quarter by physical mail, e-mail, and phone (i.e. choose ALL of these methods, NOT just email because it’s the easiest and cheapest one) to see if your cleaning services are needed once again in their home or office and to invite them to refer you to their friends and family.  Gradually you will build up repeat customers to add to your new customers and grow your revenue.  If you have put into your business plan the requirement to reinvest at least 15% of your gross revenue back into your marketing and map that out effectively, over time your carpet cleaning business will grow and expand into a solid, satisfying, and profitable business that can weather market fluctuations and downturns and thrive for years to come.



Part 2 DEEP Dive Into Crafting Your 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners

Part 2 DEEP Dive Into Crafting Your 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners


Part 2 DEEP Dive Into Crafting Your 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners

Are you looking to start a marketing plan for your carpet cleaning business, but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for ways to improve your current marketing strategy? In part two of our recent workshop, we outline some effective marketing strategies that you can use in 2022. We will also provide tips on how to adapt these strategies to fit your specific business. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the industry for a while, I’m sure you will gain some valuable insights!

Topics Discussed:


Discover the latest trends

Discover the latest trends – The Internet marketing space is constantly changing. We will outline the most important trends and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Increase your inbound calls

Increase your inbound calls – We will uncover the proven methods to maximize your call count from customers looking online for your services.

Dominate your local market

Dominate your local market – We will show you how to dominate your local market for the Carpet Cleaning related services in your area.
Audio Transcript:
um so last month we did the um your 2022 internet marketing plan we we talked about uh you know setting goals and all of that kind of stuff and the response we got back was was great the people that we were able to attend live the ones that watched it in replay other people asked some questions wanted to go much deeper and we made a decision that it makes sense to kind of run it twice and just but do it differently like i like actually go through the same slides i’m gonna go through the same presentation but we’re gonna really pause on some of the um the really really important parts that we we had to move over quickly welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast.

a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters. a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry. now we’re now into the new year hopefully you’ve set up your business goals you’ve started to strategize what you’re doing first quarter second quarter third quarter so we’ll talk a little bit about that but more importantly is sort of understanding a lot more about the dynamics of of marketing and how your internet marketing and your offline marketing your client database marketing all the different pieces of marketing that you should be doing are tied together and working working together.

so that’s where we’re going to go kind of deeper in some more of those concepts and how to sort of plan that out ahead of time and create a calendar for yourself and really strategize around that so that if you are working with a a web marketing team or a postcard print marketing team or a cold outreach team and all of these different pieces you’re aligning them all together as well you’re you’re managing that if you don’t have sort of like a a marketing management company involved uh so so that that’s the way to think of what we’re going to be doing here so okay so here’s what we’re going to cover we’re going to cover your setting your 20 um your goals for 2022 uh how many leads you’re trying to target what that means to you how you figure out the math on all of that the three fundamentals of marketing success things about optimizing your website for 2022 and beyond because a lot has changed in well even just during the pandemic a lot has changed about people how people interact.

if you guys remember way back you know if you’re in business back in the recession 2009 10 um area i guess late 2008 then 9 and 10 before we kind of pulled ourselves really out of it um interestingly a lot of things changed then as well so prior to that yellow pages were huge coming out of that people started upping their yellow page budgets again and realized the results weren’t there especially service businesses and the reason why is that obviously in that period of time consumers moved away from that type of platform for their for their for their um messaging and for their for the marketing and they ended up uh on digital devices because we we expanded how powerful digital devices were our cell phones became more important our tablets you know showed up and stuff like that.

every grandparent ended up with a tablet so they could flip through and see their grandchildren’s pictures and things like that on facebook and stuff so it became more of a medium for for communication than things like yellow pages yellow pages didn’t figure that out for another five or six years and still tried to sell you but we knew as marketers that there had been a massive shift well there’s a massive shift going on right now as well we’ll talk about that as well so big picture of online marketing channels you should be tapping into to maximize lead flow it’s it’s no longer a one and done kind of thing latest trends things like that um and we got a 2021 right there well that should be 2022 so and stuff like that so all i ask is that we’re gonna try and get this through these um this webinar in an hour um roughly an hour hour and 15 minutes at the most might be a little bit quicker for cutting a few pieces out.

but uh turn off your cell phones turn off your facebook plan to take lots of notes um and stuff like that and we’ll go from there so and if you stay to the end there’s going to be some bonuses for you so it’s always it’s always valuable to stay through the end of these things and engage so if you do stay to the end uh we do have a checklist again carpet cleaner businesses but it works for any business what are you doing online where are you what are you thinking through what how is your website working how is your um outreach working how’s your marketing working we also include a full 87-page guide i wrote on exactly how to understand google my business how to set it up how to work on it they’ve changed their name now to google google business profile um you know it’s a reason for a lot of people to send out emails and stuff like that not much has changed on the back end they’ve just they’re rebranding a little bit there’s there’s some minor changes making things a little bit simpler but it’s the same idea of being able to try and show up in the three pack for the keywords that people are typing in for your services is still important and it’s not just one keyword so in carpet cleaning it’s not just carpet cleaners near me um what about rug cleaners upholstery cleaners uh all those other services and there’s about you know we find that there’s probably about 15 to 25 different keywords that pop up.

um a google maps listing when somebody’s doing a google search um for a term so we’ll talk a little bit about that as well but you can there’s a free guide for that how to optimize your website and a whole bunch of information on the way your way you should look at your website and know that is it optimized for conversions or does it just look pretty and does it is it working at all for you and there’s ways to go through that so so who am i so for any of you who’s on the call who don’t know who i am um career business owner since i was in high school 1990 89 90 was when uh my last year in high school and um i i i started a business um just on a whim because uh i did a project for a business class and uh wrote a thesis and an executive summary had to learn all about that for getting a loan to start a business um and marketing projections and all of that kind of great stuff so it’s a good good you know senior year business course took it to the bank that was for bonus marks uh my partner scott and i took it to the bank and um the bank manager actually sat down with us not being not not one of the small business account managers and before we left his office we just had to present it um again for bonus marks and he said if you guys want to do this i’ll give you the money and he handed us the loan money with literally no credit and just being kids to buy vans and ladders and all to run a window cleaning business so we ditched our summer jobs ran a window cleaning business and actually turned into a with employees and everything else like that over the next couple of years scott went off to college um i started other businesses and uh and started a janitorial company and then carpet cleaning companies and over the years i’ve bought built and sold all of those types of companies.

so and you know in that process i’ve had to learn how to market properly so marketing became that one hat that you need to keep on your head you don’t have to be the one doing it all but you have to be the one that understands the strategy of what you’re trying to do understand your messaging and that’s what we’re going to talk about here today as well so understanding the changing framework and how to engage with people that can help you do the marketing as well so you can always hire a manager to manage your employees you can always hire you know front-end staff to deal with your customers you can always do all of that kind of stuff and you know kind of elevate yourself to the the entrepreneur working on your business not in it the the famous michael gerber quote but if you the marketing is that one hat if you listen to dan kennedy or any of these people um that you should never really take off because that’s what you need to invest a lot of your time money and attention into because most people do me too marketing they see what everybody else does and they do the same thing i’ve heard other people call it marketing incest oh that’s a great yellow page ad oh that’s a great website oh that’s a great this let’s let’s copy that but is it working do you even know how to monitor that you know what kind of metric do any psychology that needs to be involved so that’s all the stuff that i’ve been teaching and training on for a couple of decades now been flown around the world um to teach at elite retreats you know like on the island of samoa stuff like i’ve taught and you know on the stage in vegas and and other places as well and done a lot of presentations for a local chamber of commerce used to do a monthly presentation on them about reputation and reviews back like seven eight years ago when nobody was talking about it because i realized how important that was so um just recently sold my last service business with employees uh so that was in in the middle of a pandemic and sold it for multiple times more than anybody else gets for that size of business um so a two truck operation half a million dollars and it’s based on the fact that that’s the value the banks were quite willing to hand the buyer.

uh the money based on the history of the company and the fact that we’re our dominant market position and stuff like that so so there’s ways to j to build a company from here to there over time and that’s what we’re going to talk about so um here’s just some you know again it’s it’s a slide in there but there’s some of our clients they’ve given us testimonials um still need to get one from you mr wiley on here but um ultimately what we do is we help make our clients the top and again carpet cleaning if you’re not in carpet cleaning put your brand or your niche in there um brand in the local marketplace so that you do attract the best clients you can charge the top breaks and you’re booked out weeks in advance you’re seen as the authority and the obvious expert so um so i guess we talk about what is the you know the hardest part about marketing your business online and that’s kind of a rhetorical question i don’t necessarily need to put it in the chat right now but what i do want you to do is go to this link right here 2022 work dash workbook so if you can go to that link right now um you don’t need to work through it right now but if you just copy that even just take a screenshot and go back to it later what i’ll show you what it what where you’re going to go to if i can open that screen right there so you’re going to get this this workbook here and um it’s 18 pages we’re going to go through some of the stuff we’re talking about on the slide here but it’s also some things that you can do to work through some questions to answer fundamentals to think about um things about deciding your target avatar and then what kind of messaging you’re going to do.

so we’re going to skip through some of that today we talked a lot about that on the last webinar you can find on our website just to go to and then just go look at the podcast area there’s below that you’ll see the webinars or even in our blog we kind of link them in a couple different places but you’re going to get that workbook and it’s just going to be helpful not during the call necessarily just take notes on a notepad right now but it’s going to definitely definitely be helpful but ultimately the answer is you know like why do you need to set goals why do you need to strategize why do you need to plan your marketing that’s what we’re talking about there’s so many options it’s unclear to where to spend your budget if you don’t have a plan ahead of time then when that that advertiser walks in from you know metro land media or whatever the yellow pages used to be called and now they say that they’re doing digital marketing um and or they’ve got this really great postcard strategy or they’ve got this really great geo fencing strategy and stuff like that and you don’t know what you’re doing you don’t have a clear plan in place you don’t have yourself organized you don’t know if that fits into your bud your budget and or your your your your planning at all so there’s everything from seo ppc website social this is all the online kind of stuff that that you need to be you know considering and thinking about but again what we’d like to talk about as well is there’s a lot of offline stuff that you need to be considering as well so um it really is a cohesive picture gone are the days where you can just do one thing.

you know back in the day i used to spend five to seven thousand dollars a month on yellow pages why because 90 of our new clients came through the yellow pages and our yellow page ads were never you know our name our business name and our phone number at the top that was always very small and at the bottom good marketing taught me that the yellow the the headline of the page was the promise to the customer why we’re different than everybody else and then we guarantee that in the great guarantee my face on it determined letting people know i back this guarantee and if you have any problems you’re going to talk to me the business owner um because i guarantee the work we’re doing and we’re different here’s all the stuff that we’re going to do differently and then now if you want to get a hold of us here’s our phone number and here’s our name it’s you know that kind of idea so um it’s yellow pages still generated a lot of your new leads but that didn’t mean you stopped reaching out to all of the other possible referral and lead sources and things like that and marketing your database to get those customers back and all of these kinds of things so what it all looks like nowadays um you’ll get a copy of this in the in the report but um you can also take a screen capture of this if you want but for carpet cleaners in general and i mean a lot of other businesses i’ll keep saying that sort of like this isn’t just for carpet cleaners but it’s just i mean we put that in the heading because that’s who you know we’re talking a lot to but

is you you need to have a lot of lines in the water if i had a picture right here it’d be a picture of a fisherman with like 10 rods around all different lines in the water if you’ve got one line in the water you’re catching one fish if you’ve got 10 lines in the water you have the potential of catching 10 fish right so you’re giving yourself way more opportunity and the businesses that grow become successful become omnipresent and they just take over a marketplace if they do that because they’re not just doing one thing in one area so i do talk to a lot of carpet cleaners that kind of jumped on the facebook ad and bandwagon and whatever company they’re using or doing it themselves they’ve got a lot of facebook ads going out and i asked them well what else do you do what other marketing do you do do you mail your database do you do this do you do that no not really just facebook so if facebook changes their platform they get sued for something the government shuts them down they change the way they can advertise they up their rates anything like that and you’ve just damaged your entire business because you haven’t built the base you haven’t built the foundation and you don’t have multiple lines in the water where if this one doesn’t isn’t producing quite as well this month this one’s producing well and you’ve got ones that are the long-term plays that are starting to build over time so what i need you to really really think about is um where are you getting yourleads from paid leads are always going to be your most expensive but it doesn’t mean you throw you you throw them out and poo poo them and say ah i don’t want paid leads then because they’re

expensive no it’s just part of the mix think of this always as a slot machine you know you’re in vegas if you put a dollar in and you pull the handle and you get three dollars out and you put a dollar in you get three dollars every time you put your dollar in you’re gonna get three dollars out you’ve got one of those broken lucky machines are you gonna stop putting a dollar in right if some of the other another machine you know you put a dollar in and you get five dollars out well why not put a dollar in both now you got three out of this one and five out of that one don’t keep thinking oh let me jump to the next machine you know if there’s a way that you can jump across all of them and you know that kind of idea so the analogy breaks down when we start talking about 10 and 20 machines but you get the point so you need to be running some sort of paid ad campaign um if your competitors are if it’s dialed in if it’s targeted well facebook is a great one but think of facebook as a disruptive campaign so they weren’t looking for you they didn’t go searching for you know the service you provide you know a good facebook marketer like rima on the call here that’s one of the the areas of our company that she also she handles is she she deals with our clients and setting up their facebook ads and and managing all of those kinds of things and um it’s it’s it’s about dialing in the right audience it’s about dialing in the right offer it’s about dialing in the right creatives it’s about changing things up it’s about watching metrics good marketing a b split testing when things start to slow down a little bit is what are the strategies to jump and and try something else because

things change all the time sometimes the audience gets saturated things like that it’s a matter of watching all of that and understanding that so facebook ads but they’re disruptive they showed up in somebody’s news feed and uh and wherever you decide to place them and they weren’t asking for it they didn’t so you’re going to get a lot of impressions the billboard effect but you’re going to get you know some people kicking the tire a little bit or kicking the ball down okay yeah maybe i’m interested in that google ads for example are targeted the only time somebody’s going to see a google pay-per-click ad or a google local service ad is if um if they typed a keyword search term in but there’s even ways around paid ads to deal with that you can take you can take those people that typed in a search term they’re looking for carpet cleaners near me they’re looking for a sign shop near me things like that and you can you can get that list and because google owns youtube and things like that you can actually have a really cool video that runs pre-roll for um when they’re going to watch the silly cat video or whatever whatever it is they watch on on youtube you don’t you don’t have to be targeting the youtube channel of you know something in the sign industry the carpet industry you name it the chiropractic industry you can be targeting people that searched over on google as well within the google paid ads platform as well instagrams and things like that all work that way so that’s how we’re talking about youtube and instagram and facebook and google and bing all of that is it’s part of your paid platform it’s your highest priced clients but if you’ve priced leads but if you do have a good client conversion rate if you’ve got a good

script if you’ve got a good you know back-end metrics you’ve got repeat and referral programs then yeah like i’ve had no problem paying par even like literally not making a dime off of new clients just to have them repeat and refer so um there’s a period time where we spent seventy thousand
dollars opening up a new market seventy thousand dollars over the per year over the period of a year or two just running back in the day flyer drops when flyers work um in very targeted neighborhoods flyer drops and we generated the first year just over 75 000 in in actual work but we bought ourselves over a thousand new clients right so or i think it’s 1200 or something like that um new clients that we now marketed to the next year all of those clients say 50 of them come back and reclaim for the price of a postage stamp a month and a mailing campaign so two years of that built up the marketplace on top of everything else we’re doing we had a great reputation all that stuff jive together and now you you expanded into a new market because you you’re able to find that so that’s the kind of the way to think of stuff as well google maps and google rankings really important so anywhere near your location if you’re a service area business where you travel from your house or office shop that people can’t come to out to them then you have to set it up where you don’t show the address if you’re a physical location you show the address but google knows your address either way and it’s going to basically is proximity based and then a whole bunch of other metrics so you want to make sure that you’re ranking well

for the your immediate area one mile two miles five miles the most you can probably influence is about seven miles depending on your competitors and how active your your marketing is but that’s that circle radius around where you are if you put do everything right get good reviews and review velocity and things like that and and have your website set up right and have google posts and have all these other things that are in that google guide you’ll get at the end um you can start influencing a wider and wider range and try and move up into that three pack for more and more terms but it’s a great place to get leads and it’s just it’s just an activity-based thing you just gotta connect the right dots and let google see that you’re more of an authority than the other guy below you and you keep moving up so and then if you want to expand into another town you’re some people just buy like rent a shop 500 bucks 800 bucks a thousand bucks a month maybe just the warehouse behind something and actually set up a separate location because anytime you play the funny games of faking it you always run the risk of google not only deleting that listing but deleting your other listing as well because now they realize you’ve been gaming them so if they figure it out and a competitor could blow the whistle on you or anything like that um you run a risk so it’s always better to do it more legitimately organic rankings still matter and i’ll talk about that a little bit later as well you need to be ranking for blogs and articles and content your website has to rank it’s the longest play um it used to be that within six to nine months you can start ranking your website google now has at least a nine month sandbox it appears so that even if you would be ranking really well they

kind of hold your rankings back you’re only on page two and page three for some of your your terms even after all that effort because they want to see if you’re legit and gonna stick around and then and you’re an authority um and if you are you bounce up so and then it’s just a matter of expanding that so organic rankings get people in the readers love to read your content so social outreach online facebook groups online other groups um joining linkedin groups and stuff like that local business groups and stuff like that and just being active people are going to ping back and go who is this what do they do and always you know just make sure your profile links them back to your business and so you’re not interacting as your business you’re interacting as yourself on a lot of these groups but be active there that’s another spot um local awareness campaigns so not this is billboard stuff so not trying to get a lead but making sure that your ideal target market knows about you and some of the great work you
do so case studies before and afters things like that done well we like to link those back to a full page on your website where we’ve told a whole case study of the pet year and you got out or the you know the great service you’ve helped somebody’s problem you give us that info we build the page we create the social media content if you give us a budget we’ll we’ll start marketing that we’re only talking like five bucks a day um to to promote a page like that that talks all about your services and targeting people so um display ads can do that as well some you know so um that’s there’s something called retargeting somebody comes your website you pixel them when they go around the web they go to martha

stewart they go to cnn they go to people they go to anywhere else you think of and if there’s ads on those pages weather networks stuff like that your ad shows up because they landed on your website that’s retargeting everybody should be doing that display ads are where you take your ideal client profile and you let the ad networks all in the geo area you want to target some people call it geofencing and stuff like that but in the geo era you want to target you just let them see that billboard ad as they’re working around the web um you want them to you know you want to try and influence people that have um you know a potential of using you so there’s there’s ways that we would buy in-market data people that have been looking for certain things um over the last month or two in their you know on their ad id like every computer is being tracked so um don’t think it’s not and there’s ways to get in front of that audience there’s ways you can target specific websites or specific intent things like that but all you’re trying to do is just blank it like 20 30 40 50 000 impressions a month you’ll get 100 200 clicks back to your website they’ll get retargeted and at least you’ve got a little activity but you’re you’re letting them know radio still works once you get big enough you’ll hear the the biggest and best companies in your marketplace whether it’s the plumber whether it’s the stereo shop whether it’s you you name it um we’ll do radio ads when they get big enough because it’s just a way to keep that momentum going keep that brand awareness they have to have all the other pieces in place but it’s just another place and i’ll show you it sounds like a lot but i’ll show you how you figure that out with your budget as well direct mail still works mailboxes are more empty

than they ever been before you stand out a lot more so mailing your own clients are great and there’s a bunch of stuff we can talk about as well active repeat and and referral programs active versus versus passive very very important so you can say yeah i get a lot of referral business or i get a lot of repeat customers great did you do anything to make that happen nope i just got lucky okay you might always might not always get lucky you might find another marketer jumps into the marketplace and steals that client because you haven’t influenced them you haven’t nurtured them well enough from lead to customer from customer to repeat customer from repeat customer to referral source you have not nurtured that lead well enough and if you don’t nurture them well enough you’ve got somebody else who jumps into a marketplace and especially nowadays you know younger kids understand they’ve spent the last five six seven years streaming on twitch every video game they’ve played um they all want to be youtube influencers well what if that guy becomes a carpet cleaner i tell the story i know a fellow a town away a town of 30 000 people nick and he set up a snow removal service and he’s doing between five and six hundred thousand dollars a year in snow removal in a very small town and it was all because he just started doing youtube videos he just started going live on facebook and youtube and hey it’s nick here i’m out you know out shoveling snow today or whatever and he used backhoes where they can pull into driveways none of it’s or very little but it’s commercial it’s all residential so just little small driveways puts his little tractor in there and within no time he’s got multiple tractors he’s got um

team members and stuff like that he just goes around and sort of manages the work but he’s always he’s always streaming so even with a crappy website at the time even with all of the other stuff wrong he you know he walked into the bar you know he’s a 19 year old kid walks into the bar hey there’s nick i watch your videos blah blah blah all that kind of stuff he’s he’s made those connections that grew the business and that could happen to any of us where somebody just jumps in and if you don’t have the right marketing mix in place their one little play in the right influencer category could grab your clients because you’re not active so think of those things um jv’s and strategic partners always been big part of our strategy um in every business i’ve ever run so in in the carpet cleaning industry flooring stores for sure um have your spot remover in the flooring store make friends with the the owner of the of the flooring store um clean his house for free won’t you want to meet them you want to take them out for lunch whatever restrictions are being lifted you know less worry nowadays do those kinds of things but definitely walk in if you’re not going to take them out for lunch at least walk in make that conversation and every you know plan to walk in once a month you want to be their carpet cleaning guy you want every time somebody goes hey i just replaced you know half my house with hardwood floor but the other half’s got carpet and i just need somebody to clean it who are they asking they’re asking the company that just replaced half the house with hardwood floor or tile or whatever who do i get to clean my bedrooms and hallway and stairs and rec room or whatever well they’re referring people all the time most of

the time they don’t even want a kickback or anything like that all they want to know is either a discount for their client which is a great in or more importantly just somebody reputable to hand to to to to um influence or to give out that that review so actually i’m going to go back a little bit there’s a few more there i wanted to show so real estate agents interior designers all those people you hit up um i used to i always tell the story that one of the things that we just started is um one of our clients was a mercedes dealership started to realize that a lot of our clients had two um this is just part of my customer avatar we realized that our clients were had two car garages and um a lot of our clients had mercedes or bmws so we were a higher-end cleaning service we hundreds of competitors in our marketplace so we carved ourselves out as being more expensive but way better and that that hit a certain crowd the golf course crowd the people that live around the golf courses and stuff like that and all of that stuff so we’re cleaning their their facility and um and kind of came up with the ideas like hey your customers are our customers sent the the general manager a message and said hey how’d you like your next cleaning on us for free i’ll pay for it and yeah what’s yeah what’s that all about i said well your customers are my customers if you don’t mind i’ll write the letter i’ll pay for the printing i’ll pay for the postage but it’ll come from you just saying hey you know blah blah whatever you want to promote whatever you want to talk about you know in that letter but by the way we use

this company in our office i use them personally in my home they’re great um and i talk the owner john into a deal um that any of our our people have bought cars from us anybody on a dollar list they can get a really a really great price from this great company give them a call find out what they do way before the days of reviews and online nowadays we’d say check their reviews out online they’re amazing those kinds of things and yeah we did that with them we did that with um started doing that with chiropractors started anybody that we had a regular cleaning service with just wouldn’t say hey how’d you like your next cleaning for free or how did you like you know upcoming ones at half price whatever you can always make that offer that’s a strategic partner you need to be actively seeking those and you do that by having a great reputation great reviews a great online presence because when you walk in that door the first time you call them the first time they’re gonna go who’s this guy who’s this chump i don’t trust them so you want to clean for them for free and you also want to uh have to say hey don’t take my word for it go check us out online but i definitely love to come to your home and and provide some services so you see what we do we have a really unique way of doing it here’s our unique sales proposition why we’re different than everybody else here’s my unique guarantee risk reversal guarantee why i’m different than everybody else i want to show you and prove that to you my team’s going to be showing up they’re going to be wearing booties they’re going to roll out the red carpet they’re going to do all those things great so that when you refer me to your family or your friends your customers all that kind of stuff um you’re you know they’re going to get a great a

great uh experience and if there’s anything they’re not happy with risk reversal guarantee um we’re going to go back and reclaim it no questions asked if they’re still not happy we’re going to give their money back because we don’t want unhappy customers sounds scary i will talk i talk every one of our clients who become clients of ours why your risk reverse guarantee is more of a benefit the scarier it is um to your company you’ll get way more jobs than you’ll ever get those people that will take advantage of you so talk about that your website needs to be set up for conversions we’re going to talk about this a little bit as well you need to be on all the online directories some people do go to yelp some people do go to angie’s list some people do go to any of the 150 directories local directories secondary industry directories national directories the people go there some people have them bookmarked on their phones some people sometimes they connect with others you need to be on all of them and it also helps your google listing google looks around the web and goes this guy’s got the same name address phone number everything’s exact everywhere we look that’s one of those ranking factors that moves you up as well neighborhood marketing big big big one as well so in our industry um you need an a-frame like i mean this is just a given you need to have a nice well-made solid could be plastic could be wood not too heavy a-frame when your technicians pull onto a street at the very end of the street the house is going to be down the road somewhere you need them to put the a-frame at the end of the street just

like the real estate agents do pointing down we’re beautifying a local neighbor’s home down here um call for details on how we can do it for you something like that and then in the in the actual house you’re going to put a yard sign and pull your truck in your truck becomes a billboard the yard sign becomes a billboard neighbors look out the door they’re going to take pictures of it they’re going to google it they’re going to see if you’re any good all that kind of stuff they know the neighbor they’re going to walk over and ask later if they’re interested things like that you need to be building that local presence and then when you go to leave you tell the customer um hey i’ll give you this free bottle of spot remover you know that’s refillable for life every you know whatever blah blah blah um if it’s okay i’ll give you one of these for free if you let me leave the um the yard sign just just the little plastic yard sign the little could be those bags over the wire kind of yards um in you know in the yard for a couple days uh you guys can take it down and um dispose of it you know or give us a call we’ll come back and pick it up whatever but if you don’t mind leaving it there for the for you know the next week or until you cut the grass if it’s that kind of thing um yeah i’ll give you this free bottle of spotter 99 percent of your clients will go yep that sounds a great deal you hand them free spotty which you were going to give them anyways um and even if they say no you say yeah okay no i get it no worries tell you what i’ll leave you a bottle spotter anyways just as my gift to you he’s still building friends but you’ve now got you know that all of that local marketing and then you do the door

hangers you go not five around five doors on um to the left of the house walk across the street do the um 10 across the street come back and 5 to your customers home hop in your van and drive away that’s what your technicians should be doing on every job and you as a owner if you’ve got technicians there police this drive around every now check go to go to a neighbor you know that they’ve moved on to the next job go back and make sure they’re door hangers they’re around like just just double check if the person says no soliciting i’ve got one of those signs on the door that’s fine um but just just double check you know go govern that well and the results will will prove themselves so and then so it’s it’s a matter of thinking if you’re not in carpet cleaning industry what are things you can do in your industry that are similar what are what are ways that you can deal with that you go and um like sign shop i as i said um uh john’s on the call right now sign shop so you you do great work for um a plumbing company that is in this industrial park obviously targeting every single one of the other services and trades hey we just did a whole bunch of we just did this great project for this this great company over here i’m sure you’ve seen the vans driving around now they look really sharp here’s some pictures of it um we’d love to give you some uh input on how to upgrade your your fleet as well and be your sign shop things like that it’s still the five around the 20 around but it’s just done in a slightly different way so postcards as well geotargeting so think of those golf course eighborhoods you can now do a mix so you can set up with a postcard company every door mail and say hey here’s the neighborhoods i want to drop my offers off at like you know whatever

that is and you can engage with us or anybody else a digital media company that understands how to do geo-targeting and say hey i’m running the postcards they’re going to be delivered from you know january 15th to the 20th that’s the window they’re going to be dropped okay so starting at january 10th we’re going to geotarget just that neighborhood exactly the same places they’re going to get the postcards or or whatever and we’re going to run display ads back to this display ads thing over here just in that neighborhood with that offer and that image and and start impressing upon they just saw in their mailbox but they’ve been seeing it around their web that’s kind of weird and then they got it in the mailbox and then for a week afterwards they’ll still see it so for like sort of like that you know that takes some five days to drop it off you’re gonna do a two a two to three week campaign of geo-targeted online ads to to cover your your postcard ads so these types of things work when you when you piece them all together because it’s part of the you know that might be you know may is area rug awareness month june is allergy awareness month july is you know pet urine awareness month you name it things like that you’re going to target you’re going to set up your calendar and we’ll go through that a little bit as well and then you start to want to start building your your authority you really need to have um we’re in a world now where video is just essential um we create videos for our clients um using tools and things like that but we do really recommend that you also give us some video content um and we can even teach you hop on a zoom call

you know share screens have you record we will record your side of it there’s different ways to teach you and help you create some videos but you need some of really good how-to content your website needs to be about you so you need to have all of that kind of stuff helpful articles again we write an article a week for for our seo clients um and a press release once a month that’s helpful we don’t write it about hey call us hire us here’s why we’re the best nope here’s how to take care of this this problem in your home here’s how to take care of this this this this issue here’s how here’s the you know the 10 reasons why the bubba all all targeting things that you are and they’re written by you as an expert so things like that really help um build your brand and credibility charity events um having booths set up giving away stuff and taking pictures and social media realizing that that’s all part of it it’s not just doing one thing it’s doing all of it so you’ll never do all of it all at once this is you know what i’ve just given you here is a fire hydrant of you know how am i ever going to do all of this john the answer is what we’re going to talk about set a plan and put a couple of them in place get them really well locked in i call them locked and loaded so that it’s automated it’s very very little of your time a lot of your time to get it set up very little of your time to monitor manage and implement and then now you’ve got you freed up time to do an another one we always say use the rule of threes there’s magic in the num in the number three um and you’re gonna you’re gonna need to put three in place so you’re gonna have marketing pieces and campaigns and if it takes you a week a month

a quarter to get all three done that’s fine just get those all three in place before you move on to the next three and we do really strongly suggest as well you think of your business in threes your business is outreach before the sale branding awareness um visibility where are you being found uh and then the next is the service delivery as they’re actually engaging that’s an entirely separate part of your business now what’s that look like once they walk in the door they become a customer they call you what’s the phone like what are the scripts like what are the on hold messages like think of all of it how do you manage that to build a great experience and then after the sale what’s the follow-up what’s the referral program what’s the uh um you know repeat program how are you managing the after the sale as well think of each business each part of your business as a distinct separate entity and because big corporations those are separate entirely separate departments just because we’re small businesses doesn’t mean we can’t think the same way so think of them and strategically and i always say if you’re doing like implement three strategies implement one in each category so one before the sale marketing one during the sale um marketing event whether whatever that is if that’s getting uniforms and booties and things like that and really upgrading that that’s the the goal for this period and one after your follow-up once all three are in place and working beautifully start again one one one all the way across so hopefully that’s helpful if you guys find that you know again i spent a little bit longer in this this time this was one of the things that i got a lot of questions on was what do you mean all these different strategies um so i wanted to pause on

this one a little bit more for this call and kind of skip over some of the goal planning as we get going forward so just put in the chat if this is helpful to see how how it all kind of needs to be playing together cool okay yo got a couple ones uh some of you guys might be asleep sorry about that trying to wake you up here with asking a question but yeah thanks craig yeah um great so so let’s let’s move on we know it’s a major investment in marketing but how much and do you have something to show for it and do you know how to gauge roi um sometimes customers say hey john i’m not seeing a ton of roi from our our seo and it’s like okay but it’s you’re three months in four months in again you might be in a sandbox for nine months that shouldn’t be your only strategy seo means that you’re starting to rank you’re trying to move up from spot 15 to spot 12 to spot you know six in the google maps and eventually hit the three pack and then other terms and other terms and that takes a lot of influencing um and your website needs to start ranking for more and more terms you can’t do that all at once and if you try to do it all once google will ban you because they see you being spammy so um so yeah and yeah by all means craig if you want to message rima we can hop on a call and go deep with any of these points individually that you’re you’re thinking of as well um because yeah there is a lot of strategy and i do provide anybody who’s on one of these uh webinars if you want to jump on a call with with me i charge 497 an hour for my consulting when i’m when i’m called in to consult um anybody jumps one of these calls can hop on one

of those hour calls with me um complimentary um so as long as there’s time in my schedule there’s not a lot of openings per week but if you can grab one then um we’ll do a bunch of research ahead of time talk about what you want to talk about and really help you set up a plan so you know anyways um so yeah do you have what do you have to show for so as i was mentioning seo takes a long time so you never want to just pause on an seo strategy saying hey all i want is seo unless you’re willing to put in the work like if you’re brand new or your website has nothing going for it first is writing content that’s seo optimizes doing all the coding and stuff like that and then it’s creating new content every week and then it’s creating google my business posts that link back to your website that’s creating social posts that link back to your website it’s creating backlinks it’s creating press releases once a month that that are syndicated out to 20 30 40 news sites that all create signals back and over time you’re influencing google more than your competitors are and you start moving up for those terms so the best way to think of any piece of marketing is paid when you pay for it to be put in front it’s your most expensive but you can show up as soon as the ad goes live but you’re paying for it as soon as you stop paying for it it disappears um seo building up a community on social media that you can outreach to and and things like that building up community and assets that you can sell when you go to sell your business for way more than your competitors can you’re never selling your business for the price of your equipment you’re selling your business for the value of the revenue and client database goodwill that you jet you’ve built your your position in

the community and it’s very easy to talk bankers and stuff if you’ve got the right presentation they understand that where they only want to assign value to the equipment i always tell them the equipment’s useless yeah any business i’ve sold the equipment’s useless the vehicles are leased um the equipment has a five-year lifespan before we’re pasting it together and keeping it looking great it’s useless i don’t care about the equipment that’s there’s no value in the equipment the value is in the database and the people calling and the referrals and the network you’ve built so that’s
the group best way to think of your business in when you’re going to sell it that’s the best way to think of building your business so you never want to say well seo doesn’t work because it takes a long time to grow no it’s just what percentage of your budget goes towards it determines how long it takes but that’s the asset you’re building over time just like reviews you don’t want to get 200 reviews next month and then none again google’s going to see that and go that’s funny and you’re not you’re going to get demoted you want to have review velocity coming in that’s maybe if the industry is averaging two or three you average two or three or four right the whole idea is all of this stuff means that you’re putting your your shorts on you’re putting your shirt on you’re you’re getting a nice pair of um sakoni running shoes you’re tying up your shoes you’re getting to the starting line and your competitors are already running the race you’re just trying to run slightly quicker pace to catch up and then pass them and every little bit of marketing is slightly different google my business you might have some competitors that are are

really good and really savvy and you may be able to get neck and neck with them but you may never not be able to pass them any time soon but in other marketplaces your competitors suck and you could sprint past them pretty quickly so and other you know other uh avenues as well so we’ve kind of talked about how this all pulls together so the opportunity is clear um so you want to generate enough leads to hit your targets and keep your trucks running you want to have a great return on your investment over time that’s that’s what we’re talking about there and in fact actually one of the slides that we kind of jumped over a little bit was that wheel that that wheel that we we talked about it is in the guide probably easiest way to find it for you is right here this one right here so this is our digital dominance method it’s built out of years and years and years of consulting offline online it’s actually more than just digital dominance but we talk about email marketing monthly mail newsletters um things like that staying in regular promotions and offers staying in touch with your database staying in touch with your um uh your referral partners every single month there’s ways to do that meaningfully so they feel valued but it starts with what’s why you compelling usp risk reversal guarantee engaging logo great branding personalization we’re going to talk about as well because people don’t the people want to buy from you that’s why way back 20 years ago every yellow page ad had my face in it right i wasn’t the guy that showed up i mean i was in the truck for a year and a half and said screw this i want to build a bigger business and i can’t while i’m in the

truck and i hired employees learned that and learned marketing so but my face was always on everything and as you can see even with carpet cleaner marketing masters we’ve got a huge team my face is on everything because i stand behind the work we do and that’s important so it’s personalized that way as well so and then you get into authority management and visibility um where are you being seen so it’s about putting all the pieces together finding out what you currently have that’s working and that is good that it does check off these boxes and filling in the gaps and coming up with that plan so we talked about i’m going to skip through the goals but you know you do definitely need to sell set clear goals this is a picture of a there’s no wind in the sails um if you’ve got no momentum you’ve got no wind of the sails you can’t you can’t adjust course you try and go that direction or this direction but you’re not even moving it’s not going to happen so with clear goals you’ve got wind in your sails you know you’ve got a goal you know where you’re targeting now you can adjust now you can say hey i’ve got this goal in mind are these strategies getting me closer incrementally are they longer term strategies are the short-term state which ones am i going to put in place so um this is just about the goal study we’ll skip past it but basically setting goals have proven that you can out earn anybody who doesn’t set goals and that was harvard studies and stuff that did that um so you want one year quarterly and monthly goals gone are the days of 10-year goals and five-year goals what’s your goal for this year you can have a three-year goal i’ve heard that’s still relevant but the world changes way

too fast on this right now what if in three years the entire somebody invents something brand new that the actu you know the average consumer can you know actually clean their home properly you know on their own or something silly like or plugged into the house is a you know like a roomba but it actually does carpet cleaning or you name it right there’s you know we don’t know their technology is changing all the time everything industry is changing all the time right so um but you can set a one-year goal for sure you can plan what’s going to happen this year um and then quarterly goals okay how how many of those things are going to be able to implement and then monthly goals what’s this month’s topic what’s the push this month what’s the sprint think of 90 day sprints 30 day sprints and 12 months sprints think of it that are combining the sprints together into a 12-month plan so you need to know what’s your revenue target how much is that monthly how many calls will that require and hat’s your average transaction value what is your average conversion rate from caller to booked calls you need to know all these we do have these questions in the guide so i’m flipping through this pretty quickly but what i do want to do is i want to pause on here so again take a screenshot of this this is yours to keep you can make a copy but i’m going to bounce over it and just show you how this spreadsheet works this was something we kept really private and only worked with our clients on as part of our um like once you came on as a client okay let’s let’s tear apart your business and figure out the part that we’re helping you with the part i’m just going to help you as a guy i’m going to consult you you know guide a guy guy to

gal here’s here’s what you need to do here’s from massive 30 years of experience marketing and learning this stuff and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in myself and working with corporate companies all the way down to individual you know one truck operations and for years this is this there’s there’s a breakdown so i’m going to help you and this is something internally that we used to to share out so when you go there you’re going to end up on this screen right here so we showed this in the last webinar but we could talk a little bit deeper about it now because we got a little bit more time just to deal with this stuff um so for example what is your annual revenue target right so what’s the goal so the year’s just done what did you do last year like you know we’ve got big numbers here like you know 450 000 is either gonna be a two to five truck operation depending on your price points and your market and your competitors and it really does relate to that you want to be pushing the competitors you want to be better than the competitors to carve out a proper niche but you might have to grow to that point if you’re a discount guy right now you need to you might have to move up a little bit you might have to you know take a little bit of you know time to do that but what is the goal so say for example um anything with the arrow on it you’re going to change so all you do is go up here go file this is just a view only right now make a copy make a copy of your own it becomes yours just name it it’s going to name it copy just name it yours your business name keep it in your google drive and you can come back to

this anytime you want but say for example yeah so a company that’s running a couple trucks and they did 350 000 in 2021 and their goal is to add a hundred thousand dollars aggressive goal okay well how are you going to do it let’s figure this out so this automatically tells us that that’s thirty seven thousand five hundred a month we know there’s fluctuations some months are bigger than others but that’s the goal that’s we now have a clear goal um on a raw crude monthly number um what is your average ticket go check your house call pros your service monsters your marquette go check your quickbooks i don’t care where you keep your your information what is your average ticket value of all the jobs you do what is the average right so you don’t want to guess this you don’t go oh well i think no you need to know you’re a business owner you need to know these numbers what is it is there ways you can up that number so say for example you go right now my my average ticket is 225 right you’re gonna need 167 service calls um to meet that goal that monthly goal you can use 22 work days in a month if it’s monday to friday if you add you know saturdays you’re going to take that up to 26. so on average so you can divide that by that and that’s how many crews you need that’s how many you know but what if you did this and just changed it up to your average value changed your price a little bit um added more you know added upsell opportunities taught your technicians how to ethically say hey mrs jones while we’re in here cleaning all of your carpets um they’re going to look

beautiful i’d really like you know i really think you might need a freshening up on on that couch love seating chair over there and while we’re in the home you get a 20 discount off of that so if you’d like to take advantage of it i got a little bit of extra time today or i can call the office and wiggle out a little bit of time before my next job if you’d like to get that discount right teach your technicians this stuff if you don’t train them have meetings at least once a week if not morning quick morning huddles um going over this kind of stuff use that lingo yourself because if you can take if you can start watching that number on in in your database um your your customer service uh management system go up and up and up the number of jobs you need to get to your goal starts going down which is great now what’s your average conversion rate from a call or a lead to a job you need to know that like you’re gonna get phone calls you’re gonna get text messages if you’ve got that set up you’re gonna get messenger messages you’re gonna get emails you need to track that you need a tool or somebody tracking that for you to say hey i got this many calls how many of those did i book how many came across to become a booking right you need to know that because everybody says that hey 75 80 90 of the calls i get i book it’s not true um so is it 50 is it 60 you know 100 of your referral or your repeats well book ninety percent of your referrals will book on the call but that’s only part of your jobs what about all the people that just found you from the facebook ad the google ad the the organic rankings your three pack your truck in the driveway your door hangers

all this other stuff we talked about your referral partners you know all of those kinds of things how many people found you um because of those and now need more information they need to build that trust so is it 50 is that um 70 is that 20 you need to know because again we take this say down to 40 and all of a sudden it changes how many leads you need you now need 288 leads a month to get 115 jobs so you can start plugging all your numbers in here and really on a like a macro level a 30 000 foot view level really start to dial in your business by knowing your numbers and knowing which numbers to improve what if you can improve that up to 70 of everybody who called came into your shop did whatever booked right now to get 115 jobs to meet your goal because of that 325 range you only need 165 leads to come in that month right that’s that’s an important number to know so so these this is how you can play around with this now what’s the average cost per lead generated from all sources actually a little spreadsheet on page two tabs at the bottom here to help you figure that out right here these are averages from all of our our clients um in in this space so pay-per-click this is not the cost per click this is the cost per click divided by the number of people that actually then reach out and become a lead right they’re not booked yet they just they actually reached out and became an active lead so it averages between 25 and 40 to 41 dollars across the board with our clients um depending on their marketplace their competitors how

expensive the cost per clicks are in their area what keywords we’re targeting are we targeting secondary keywords area rug cleaning versus carpet cleaning which is the most expensive things like that so um if you’re running paper it’s average is about 33 bucks if you’re running um google local service ads 19 to 26 um dollars is the usually the cost per lead there so this just averages there’s a little formula in here that just averages it so um if you know your numbers just kill my formulas um but if you if you don’t use these ones for now you can add a couple of other sources but um repeat referrals we’re talking 9 to 24 because yeah some of them happen just automatically but automatic isn’t active so what we’re talking about is you know are you mailing them every month what’s the cost of a stamp and printing off that postcard or that little sales letter right are you mailing them quarterly and emailing them are you three stepping it every piece of marketing you do should be exactly the same as what the um the collection agencies do collections just go oh friendly notice you forgot to pay the bill and then never talk to you again oh gosh no no they cut they within a couple of days like they got a window and they got it exactly coordinated 10 days later 15 days later it goes from a friendly reminder to a collection notice and from a collection notice to a collection phone call from a collection phone call to a final note and from final notice to a lawyer letter or whatever they’re gonna do right they understand that’s that’s marketing they’re right that sounds like collection it’s marketing they’re ramping it up what you should be doing is if you’re sending out an offer to your database hey i’m dropping this in the uh this offer in the uh in the

mail um today you know should we reach you in the next couple days just wanted to give you a quick heads up this could be a phone call like a voice blast it could be an email it could be a text message just want to give a quick heads up and let you get in early before all the spots are filled right shot across the bow let them know about it put it on their awareness some people will engage then they get the postcard postcard talked about limited time limited number of people whatever the great offer all that kind of stuff it’s going to generate some more people and then what you do is you do a final notice hey that that promotion is wrapping up or extended for a short time only due to popular demand whatever there’s your three-step marketing plan what we have found every single time every marketing piece should have three steps and what we found with our carpet cleaning businesses winter white sales you name it when winter volunteers you know give them bigger discounts get them into the winter send them send out once it’s mediocre at best the third piece usually collects more people than the first piece and at least as much as the second in most cases you can take a campaign that generated five thousand seven ten thousand dollars worth of revenue and turn it into twenty twenty five thousand dollars worth of revenue just by tripling the marketing so that’s that’s part of the repeat and referral that’s why we got those numbers there is be mailing each client so every client should be you know considered at least two dollars a month you know anywhere from just under a buck to two depending if they’re a great client or a crappy client you can segregate those seo just think of this as seo the amount of money

you need to invest in in good proper rankings ranking your gmb having people and companies and tools involved to help with all of that um it’s gonna break down to roughly about 15 to 45 bucks um because you need to do something to influence those places you need to start you know you need somebody managing your website you need to be doing blog posting you need all of this kind of stuff you’re going to do it all yourself um i don’t recommend it because why are you wearing a digital marketing technician hat when you can wear a marketing manager hat and hire it out because you want to grow the business anytime you become the technician of something you’ve stalled yourself and you’ve stalled the business so just keep that in mind as well so twenty four dollars that’s how i got that number it just it literally comes over from the other great you can type it in but you can calculate it here and then just type it in there so the monthly budget required to hit this target this is we’re going to break this down a little bit this is how you start thinking about budget so what i strongly suggest and i’ve suggested this for 30 years and the last 15 20 years of my consulting again to franchise networks corporations and individual companies it’s all the same if you’re in a service business 20 of your of your projected revenue is um this is a sweet spot for growth because you’re going to be out marketing your competitors so good pricing upselling keeping this number high means that you can you can spend more money on marketing than your competitors the discount guys cannot spend a lot of money period they just don’t have enough of it the the higher end clients or

customers or businesses can spend way more money on their marketing they can outmarket their competitors that’s a dan kennedy concept and thought and and proven proven truth so um 20 you’re aggressive 10 you’re treading water you’re maintaining where you’re at you’re staying active and you’re hoping the competitors don’t jump ahead of you and you’re okay you’re 20 years in business 15 year business and you’re just kind of i’m okay with this i don’t i don’t want to grow anymore i don’t agree with that because you can always grow grow grow sell right so if you’re in a growth mode sales to sell your business you get way more money but if you just if you know it’s never about just closing the doors and walking away most carpet cleaning companies most service businesses um close the doors and walk away and sell the equipment off proper businesses strategically set up properly have a five or ten year 20-year exit plan either handing it to their employees their employees their family or just selling it and to do that you need to be prominent so 15 14 15 would be in the middle so we just kind of said hey if you want to be sort of moderately aggressive for now at least set it at about 14 15 so let’s and actually um we’ll take that same numbers here i think we had 14 here but let’s make that 15. just to get the numbers to change there we go um just to make the match here just on the screen i was playing around with the numbers earlier so uh they weren’t matching there i got the 15 right here and there’s that little breakdown i told you about so 15 of your projected goal is total marketing budget of sixty seven thousand

five hundred dollars to make that goal so that means you do keep um three hundred and ninety thousand dollars for all the other bills but understand that fifteen percent of your revenue has got to go to marketing to get that revenue level million dollar businesses don’t do it on five thousand dollars a year million dollar businesses do it on a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars a year in in in marketing period so here’s you can the breakdown we’re in a world now where online marketing is way more important than offline in most businesses categories and niches doesn’t mean you you don’t do offline you just need to invest heavily in online because that’s where you go where the people are and the people are there they’re seeing messages there so we do a 70 2010 to split that budget up it breaks down to 47 000 on online 13 000 on offline and 6700 bucks on repeat that’s your mailings and stuff like that um the rest of it’s your staff phoning and all of that stuff but that’s that’s the actual out-of-pocket and then this just breaks it down how much each month then in each category are you spending 560 on your repeat business marketing to meet that total if you’re not you’re probably missing out now you can adjust these numbers slightly where you say hey i want more in certain months when it’s you know make hay when the sun shines a little bit less than other times but this is the way to break it down so hey here craig that you’re having a bit of connection issues if anybody else is let me know um the replay will be solid um because it’s recording on my computer so if there’s any connection issues on my end or your end um just

skip through to the replay and you’ll you’ll catch up on those so um but yeah so online budget let’s break the online down so i don’t the rest of it we talk about we don’t break it down you can see that i just say hey let’s take this 47 000. if you’re going to be that level of business at 15 47 000 35 of it should go to seo 55 should go to paid ads and this will change over time but if you depending on what you’re doing um paid ads help fill the funnel now while the seo and the long term place grow the business and create the base at some point you never want to get rid of all the paid ads at some point you can start tailoring it back and metering it back a little bit as your um as you’re dominating the marketplace but doesn’t change the budget the budget just allocates differently around so that’s the way to play it and then display retargeting we do suggest you always have a bit of play in that so anybody lands on your website follow them around you know be all over them until they buy or die as we say um and you don’t want to follow them around with offers all the time we actually have a very strategic 5x program we call it where our display or our retargeting ads they start off with a review so the you know somebody goes your website and they leave we’ve actually created our entirely owned system that allows us to not just put one ad up and have it go into the ad networks and media buyers and and buy those ad spots it’s an auction process and stuff like that and that they see the same ad we actually have it where that ad turns off in three or four days and then the the next ad that starts to that same person is

different so there’s a lot of investment to build to be involved in this process of building out that platform but it allows us to build a marketing funnel even around retargeting we found that reputation and reviews are the number one ads um that you can put out in the marketplace people go i don’t know if i can trust these guys oh my gosh everywhere i look i see reviews about them yeah they’re on they’re on you know they’re on um the weather network whatever because they came to your website they got pixeled and as they go around they’re seeing you they don’t know why they’re seeing you all over the place but you look like a huge player for one and first thing they start seeing is the reason why other people bought from you same branding all that and then they might see an offer they might see another service maybe they came to your website didn’t have the time to look for what they were looking they wanted and it wasn’t carpet cleaning is one of the other services you start showing them the other services like here’s a oh we do upholstery clean we do tile cleaning we do wood floor cleaning and then after a couple days show them offer ads so we run these for 60 days or so 60 to 90 days depending on the ad platform after somebody landed on your website just to continue to influence them that you’re the right choice and bring them back to your website um so just retargeting and display ads just targets people that are have a similar interest as those people in your local marketplace again it’s more like what we talked about with facebook it’s it’s disruptive they weren’t necessarily looking for you with display ads um but they match the same

demographic profile or the pages they’ve gone to have a similar feel so it might be all the people that have landed on good housekeeping um page in your local marketplace that could be one of the websites urls that we put your ads on things like that so that’s the way to think of it and so you want to have say 1300 bucks a month on seo 2100 a month on pay-per-click and um you know throw 200 bucks towards your retargeting and display ads as an idea right that’s sort of a way to think of mixing it up so so some of that’s going to be an agency’s fee um to manage it and do the great work for you and the cheaper you pay for an agency the cheaper the results you’re going to get that’s obvious but you know part of a good chunk of that’s budget as well like i mean ppc 2100 you know in our company one of our packages includes managing your ppc included in the seo and all package so it’s part of the monthly marketing fee but if it was a standalone and we were charging 600 bucks to manage your uh pay-per-click then all the rest of that’s budget so that’s part of ways of thinking of like ad budget and stuff like that so so this is the way i want you guys to spend time digging through this make it your own if you’re not a carpet cleaner you can adjust some of these numbers around but really really spend some time thinking about how you’re breaking it down and at least what you should be doing i’ve even added this little little piece here that was sort of a secret sauce that we left we we didn’t we used i wasn’t planning to provide but as a way of showing how to create um um a calendar for your your different offers and programs over the course of a

year right and what it should emphasize so i put some placeholder ones in here from ones that we do with our clients um there is a tab missing here when we work with our clients we actually go deep into hey here’s what your competitors are we do a deep competitor research here’s what your competitors are offering here’s what competitors are doing here’s what you’ve offered in the past what’s worked what’s not worked what are things that you can think of here’s a whole list of ideas of things that have worked for me and my own business and you know have worked for our clients and stuff like that as as options um so you want to kind of rotate through a bunch of different marketing options for example a great marketer a good friend of mine vance morris so he runs a carpet cleaning business and he also runs a um a marketing consulting strategy service as well and he’s like as an example one of his his marketing pieces this is brilliant is you go on alibaba or somewhere like that and you buy you know a bunch of um uh barbecue utensil sets with an apron right so you get them cheap right you buy them wholesale somewhere like that and you you buy a case of them and then your your marketing starts a month before father’s day and anybody who books a cleaning with you um you’re gonna give them that barbecue set that you know either for dad they can give to dad the wife can handle whatever but you know you do this and you get this and you know it’s got a 67 87 whatever price it is at the hardware store um a similar thing value you spent five bucks on them because you bought them by the case right so five dollar for a value add as a and gives you a

reason to market them as well right and you might get 10 or 15 people out from your database that accept that think that’s cool and that’s a good database one where they already know you they you’re fun you’re being friendly and you put it out that way so that that’s an option as a bonus an upsell maybe they get a free flight of stairs and the gift the gift set maybe they get clean your whole home and with our healthy home package clean and sanitize and protect and you get a free armchair and being father’s day we’re also going to give you this gift set worth 90 bucks right um book now that’s just a reason why to get them over the edge that doesn’t cost you a ton so there’s lots of ideas we just talked about a few of the main concepts like what like you know spooky stain removal sale back to school clean the funk out things like that the ones that we’ve used before and where to market them so seo retargeting social media how to how to tie it all together and make it fit into your digital dominance method so hopefully you found that valuable um to go a lot deeper into that the people have been asking that if we could go a little you know a little bit deeper into how that um how that all works so um if you found that valuable um let rima know in the chat put one in the chat i’ve got my chat screen disappeared on me for a second so i’m not sure where it is um but ultimately i’m going to move on just so that we get through this and you know value your time and we’re going to kind of move on but that’s the parts i wanted to spend a lot more time on so fundamentals your message your marketing and your media all have to fit we talk about this in the guide that you get so um we don’t

need to spend a lot of time on that um but you need to figure out who your ideal customer is because all your marketing needs to talk to one person not all the the all the trees at large as they say you know talk to the tree not the forest um so you want to know is your average client as an example we’ve given some examples on past webinars as well in carpet cleaning 35 to 55 year old homeowner typically female married with two to three kids um head of the household annual household household income 65 that’s actually low now it’s close to about 75 80 000 minimum um is the average household for the people that hire carpet cleaners usually above 100 now um family oriented reliable pet owners 75 of the time take pride in their home if you started talking to that in your message you know hey i know you have you know you got kids running around pets making a mess of your house blah blah blah blah here’s how we can help right and then we’ve got um you know their pains and frustrations they can’t get a carpet cleaning company on the phone people you know they get answering machines all the way place you could carve out a niche just being the guy that answers the freaking phone in this industry um you know they need to get their carpets and furniture cleaned obviously that’s a pain um house is not failing smelling fresh too busy these are things that you can talk to in all of your marketing that’s your avatar right so these are their goals and desires in life these are their fears implications we’ve done a deep dive in my own company and again all my consulting we know who exactly the average um carpet cleaning customer is this is the avatar all your

marketing should be written to these people but know yours if yours is slightly different if your marketplace is slightly different um if you’re in the middle of you know um backwoods kansas and your your entire marketplace is 70 000 people and it’s all rural there’s a slight difference to the right they’re farmers and their avatar is slightly different they may not be college university educated housewife with you know two you know two-car garage and three kids you know that talk to them so basically if you can see joe jones through joe jones eyes you can sell what joe jones buys that’s that little um rhyme that tells you what you’re supposed to be doing so you need to craft your message um why should someone choose your business versus a competition you can’t say well because we’re the best we offer the best cleaning we offer the you know the uh the best service so your your competitors are saying that they offer the second best yeah these guys are the best but we offer the second best no they’re saying the exact same thing what literally makes you different tire changes classic example you know a tire change you can go to you can go to a mechanic and get your the tires change and you know rotate it and stuff like that winter tires put on for what fifteen dollars a rim right or somebody marketing well you know i’m i’m up here in the north it’s snowing like crazy you need to get your winter tires on hey we’ve got a a a special on right now 119 129 we’re gonna put on your winter tires for you we’re gonna balance them we’re gonna put a new valve stem in for you we’re going to do a 29 point inspection on your car we’re going to blah blah blah

blah blah blah blah blah blah all of this for only 129 or 119. they just did what cost 60 bucks and marketed it better um and told them why is this important you know why should they do business with you over somebody else well here’s why you should use us over here’s all the people that love us here’s our guarantee here’s why things are different you’re going to get a discount off of other services what like there’s a whole bunch of reasons you need to strategize that for yourself and what benefits you offer the target customer um will resonate with so we always talk about dan kennedy talks about unique sales proposition what’s unique about uyu i don’t like that term because you could uniquely be the only carpet cleaners that show up in clown outfits that’s no benefit to the customer but that’s unique but what’s compelling what is your compelling sales proposition what is different about you than everybody else that you can hang your hat on and it may not be hugely different but in your marketing you better make it sound hugely different because your competitors just aren’t saying that those words and if they’re not saying it and you’re saying it you win so messaging that works eco-friendly 100 satisfaction guarantee or it’s free and really that word free is important i know a lot of people push back on me on that until i prove it to them highly trained technicians background check blah blah blah meet our team see their photos all this kind of stuff phone answered live during business hours honest pricing explain what that means this is all messaging that works

so then you want to make sure your website converts and we did a whole conversion website or webinar you can go back and check on our website a webinar just on this topic alone so i will spend very little time on this because the meat potatoes are what i want to talk about today we’ve kind of wrapped up but i do want to talk about um a website that converts better if you’ve got um a 100 people come to your website a month and it converts 30 versus converting 70. and the difference is the way the website is designed and influenced so this is you’re going to get this at the end stick around i’ll show you what we’re talking about but you need to have some sort of a chat to text you need to have a form to fill out above the fold because people hate scrolling so if they want to get a hold of you make it easy when it’s on a mobile make it look like an app you want to have your phone number in the top right corner that’s where everybody’s eyes go to you want to make sure that you have a bold strong guarantee um personalize the website all about you all of these things are really really important so does it speak to your avatar does your website speak to your avatar is it real authentic images are you using stock photography does it include video does it showcase your online reviews does it make um you know give them an easy call to action make them to do something um do you have all of the basics in place and are you using call to actions all the way down the page as soon as they scroll more than one page down the screen they better be getting another make it easy click here to fill out a form click here to give us a click to call right away it’s got to be easy and

you’ll get more conversions and you need two-way chat and we’ll talk about that so number one issue facing most carpet cleaning companies home services service companies a lot of companies not even just those unconverted leads 60 percent of inbound leads are tend to be left unconverted 90 of web form forms tend to fail they just don’t get nurtured properly so leads that are followed up within 15 minutes um within 50 minutes they aren’t tend to start going cold or the competitor gets them um the average customer followed up between five and seven times before they book some sort of back and forth is gonna happen and today customers prefer text um over even emails and phone calls so you wanna leverage market automation to do this you wanna know that if you’ve got 100 leads and you’re converting at 30 you need to know your website conversion rates you know your average job is 325 like we talked before that’s a 9 000 um gain you’re getting from those hundred clients whether that’s a month a quarter a week i don’t really care it’s nine thousand bucks in jobs all you do is change the conversion rate and all of a sudden you’ve jumped from nine thousand dollars for the same amount of traffic to twenty three thousand dollars for the same amount of traffic the only thing you changed is the conversion elements on your website so you need to make sure that every every person that lands on your website is being nurtured immediately gets a message back automated um hey we’re going to get a hold of you you immediately get a message what we like

to do is even have it where you get a phone call if you can press one on the phone it’ll ring their phone and if they’re willing to take it within five minutes you’re on the phone with them because they filled out a form you got the message they got a text back saying hey we’re gonna get back to you as soon as we can and boom within a minute or two their phone rings and if they pick it up you’re connected to them through our platform we call it carpet cleaner lead pro and this is all the bells and whistles and stuff that happens in the background basically all you need to know is that it’s a form on your website chat on your website and it goes on all of your tools it brings in your google my business so people go on there want to chat with you it goes right into carpet cleaner lead pro and it’s a full nurturing system they learn about you they learn about your company why you started it they learn about your projects all of that kind of stuff it just drips on them why you’re better than everybody else and drips on them your guarantees and all those unique sales propositions so all of that messaging is done so that when you’re communicating with them you’re just reinforcing it and giving them prices so um so that’s pretty much it your takeaways hopefully you wrote a lot down um if you have any questions hit us up by email um message us back um if if you want to meet and discuss more of this how we can help you know some strategy those kinds of conversations by all means but first dig through um the information we provided uh you need to know how to track you need to set your clear goals you need to and you need to know how to track everything so key trends video you need

video case studies video you need to shift from phone conversations to message conversations and you need to have an all-in perspective it can’t just be one thing you’ve got to be planning the entire framework so um this example of our chat right here live two-way chat and you want to build your plan you want to look through this and build your plan out so um these are the things i would suggest take a screenshot of this these are the things i would suggest you you focus on first um your website is built to convert you’ve got proactive seo working you’ve got google maps optimization working you’re focusing on online reviews reputation and feedback from your clients we didn’t pause and talk about that but feedback go back and look at our previous webinar on reputation proper reputation building and marketing it’s not about hey give me a review give me a review give me a review it’s about getting great feedback and engaging with that feedback and asking people to give a review review from there you’ll find that 50 to 75 of your customers will give you feedback when only about 10 to 15 of the entire population writes reviews adult populations so you’re going to get a lot more feedback it becomes marketing material you can share out as well um social presence email marketing lead nurture automation for sure and tracking everything you need all of those pieces in place so we can help you build a custom plan you can start by getting our our checklist that’s just a good overview of everything we just talked about um and we covered all of that and there’s where

you go so carpet rewards you’re going to go to a google drive there where you can click open and download all of these pieces and make them yours so some of them you can just make a copy and save because they’re actually a google drive doc some of their pdfs you just download so there’s a bunch of stuff in there um probably a few extra bonuses that we didn’t talk about as well but we’ve given you lots of value there so um anyways want to connect with us you go to schedule that’s where you need to go if you want to connect if you’re not one of our clients that’s um what’s going to happen is rima will reach out to you she’ll get a little bit of background information on you first you’ll see a point in my schedule pick it a couple days away for sure um usually my schedule’s you know pretty booked for about three or four days out on average at any time time anyways before i have some of these slots open but we really want our team to go and do a whole bunch of investigation for you it’s a thousand dollar value you’re getting me for an hour but you’ve also got the team spending a couple of hours ahead of time checking out your competition checking out your online footprint and visibility um comparing it to your competitors and sort of giving a list of hey these are the things that this guy’s doing great these are the guys sucks at and they present that to me i spend about half an hour before we even jump on the call going through all that data and checking everything else as well and so between the team and i we do that and then we meet for an hour and we talk about all of it and give you a step-by-step plan so it’s a thousand

dollars worth of consulting value that you’re going to get for free just go there and then remo reach out to you and you fill out a quick survey with her and that gives our team the data to know um how to research your company so um so that’s it i’m going to pop back went a little bit deeper in a few things but anyways i appreciate your time if you have any comments at all um put them in the chat um talk to rima she’ll stick around a little bit longer than i am i’ve gotta bounce off this call and get ready for a couple client calls i’ve got this afternoon yet too we’re working on some of this stuff directly with a few of our clients so um so yeah hopefully you found this valuable i really really appreciate your time if you know other carpet cleaners um who didn’t jump on this call by all means share this out if you’re in part of any facebook groups and you found this valuable you’re going to get the replay link it’s going to come to you definitely share it out i’d appreciate more people knowing about the type of stuff that we provide for free to the industry and and ways to help businesses grow it’s my passion i was in the industry for 30 years i’m still actively involved the business i sold runs out of the back end of my office over here and i consult the the buyer of the business and he’s also one of our clients as well obviously and yeah it’s a big passion of mine still so definitely if you know anybody who could use some help and some advice let them see this webinar let them know about us and in the meantime i really really appreciate your time and uh yeah and sorry craig yeah the recordings so once this is done the platform starts turning it into a

recording we we get that information tomorrow um and then uh our team my team goes to work the web team and stuff like that they upload it they get it onto a replay page and we send out a link so we will be sending that link probably either end today tomorrow or over the weekend here’s the replay to watch it so um you’ll get that no worries at all and here let me put a little i’ve got the ability to put a button if you make it easy if you want a scheduled strategy session there’s a button that just appeared at the top of the chat as well um so you can click that that will take you right to my calendar and again as i said pick it a couple days out um for right now i’d say like wednesday thursday friday next week that gives our team a good amount of time to do research but you do have to have to hop on that call with remo as well and get some good you know get let us have that um that background data on you so the team can do the research so anyways hopefully you guys found this valuable please please share it with anybody you can if you’ve got that opportunity and keep an eye out for the next one we’re starting to do some some interview podcasts with industry leaders as well to even provide more value that’s coming up shortly as well so we’ll just continuously add more education so that you can build your business properly and grow and just stand out from your competitors and survive any craziness this world throws at us next take care love you all thanks so much bye

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Building the Perfect 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners – A Step by Step Guide

Building the Perfect 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners – A Step by Step Guide


Building the Perfect 2022 Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners – A Step by Step Guide

So, you have a carpet cleaning company and want to know how you can get ahead of the competition in 2022? I’ll share with you everything from what marketing channels are best for your business, to what tactics work best. I’ll also give you the step-by-step guide so YOU will be able to create your own perfect 2022 marketing plan for carpet cleaners!

Topics Discussed:


Discover the latest trends

The Internet marketing space is constantly changing. We will outline the most important trends and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Increase your inbound calls

We will uncover the proven methods to maximize your call count from customers looking online for your services.

Dominate your local market

We will show you how to dominate your local market for the Carpet Cleaning related services in your area.
Audio Transcript:
Be to get to where you want to go welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast prepared to roll up your sleeves and really dive into how to build a really successful business in in 2022 and expand from where you are a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry topic at hand we’re going to be talking about your internet marketing plan and we’re actually going to go beyond just internet marketing i’m going to kind of walk you through what’s what you need to do um as a service business as a carpet cleaning business.

Um even for those of you that we do have people that hop on these calls that are you know run mom and pop shops chiropractors things like that as well this message gets out to a lot of people but point is how are you going to grow your business and a lot of things are overlapped so what we’re going to cover is we’re going to help set your um your goals and i don’t know why that says 2021 but that is a 2022 goals um we got the three fundamental um the three fundamentals of marketing success we’re going to get into that as well how to optimize your website for 2022 and beyond the big picture of you know online marketing channels what you need to be looking at where you need to be marketing your business um how they all fit together how to really decide where to spend your money all that kind of stuff and we’re going to actually develop start developing your custom action plan one of the reasons why i’m really really excited about this is um because so i’ve run service businesses i’ll do a quick little bio in a second but i’ve run service businesses for 30 years now and digital marketing agencies for the last eight nine years um consulting services for 15.

But but had crews and technicians and and run service businesses for for most of my life i’ve been self-employed an entrepreneur for my entire life have not worked for anybody through my life and i actually started developing the habit of that week between christmas and new year’s showing up at the office every single day even if we had you know staff off and it’s a slow period and things like that between christmas and new year’s in the carpet cleaning industry you might have a few large commercial contracts because they’re closed down but it’s very quiet in the office that week and i would show up close the door turn off the christmas music and just dive in to last year’s numbers next year’s numbers everything i’ve compiled as far as marketing i wanted to do and put a schedule and a calendar together of what i was going to do for the entire next year not just the next month but the entire next year so that’s what we’re going to be walking through is that kind of idea of how to do that and where you should be focusing so at this point this is critical this is what grew me to you know to to make millions and millions of dollars in in the cleaning industry and sell sell buy and sell businesses for multiple seven figures over the years.

and stuff like that so um do it yourself a favor turn off your cell phones turn off your facebook don’t be distracted back and forth with different things um one little nugget could be that difference between sort of taking staying same old same old having competitors jump leapfrog over you or you becoming the one that leap frogs over your competitors in your marketplace um and if you’re a carpet cleaning business owner just give this next 60 to 90 minutes i’m going to try and do it less than 90 minutes um and we’ll we’ll get that going so and if you stay to the end i’m going to give you a whole bunch of goodies um so a little bit of a bribe here but you’re going to have a checklist of exactly what you need to do things you need to think about it’s it’s a four-page document you’re gonna you’re getting a full checklist i’m gonna give you my full gmb guide so the google my business how to rank in that maps pack and stuff like that we did a webinar on that a couple months ago but very very critical for service businesses to get up into that three pack talks about reviews it talks about google posts it’s it’s it’s an 87-page step-by-step guide and everything you need to do.

So even if you’ve got some of it right you can go through if you’re using a company to do some of the work for you you can double check that they’re doing it right we how to optimize your website we’re going to talk a little bit about this but we’re going to give you the entire workbook on that as well and an idea of how to set up your website so you know we do website building and stuff like that as part of our packages we don’t do it separately we do it with our clients but if you if you’ve got a website if you’ve got a website provider or anything like that you’ve got a marketing provider these are things that you need to know so you can go back to them and say hey i’m not sure if you actually know how to do this you might we made this a really pretty site but does it actually convert properly and i just learned a whole bunch of stuff about that so so who am i and why should you be listening to me for anybody who’s new on the call here so name is john clendening and i’m the ceo of carpet cleaner marketing masters and which is a division of vip consulting group i’ve been a business owner since 1990 while i was still in high school uh there’s lots of stories about that around but um i’ve owned several quite a few cleaning businesses.

One of them for 27 years and sold this may but um other ones have owned made franchises um for you know four or five years actually five six years built them up doubled the sales and then sold them for quite a bit more than what we bought them for organized their operations and things like that uh built janitorial companies did got into flood restoration and have worked with franchise networks and individuals in all of those fields and many many more so i’ve been a keynote speaker i’ve spoke on stages in vegas chilliwack bc flown to the island samoa which was awesome for a three-day elite retreat where they flew in a whole bunch of high-end um carpet cleaning uh companies that just i was the presenter for the three days teaching them how to deliver a service experience and really turn their company into something something really really amazing and that kind of thing so so that’s what i do that’s who i am um i work with a lot of cleaners and i put my focus on carpet cleaning specifically just a couple of years ago instead of you know all the other services we our team does 90 of our work is with carpet cleaners so we because i know the industry so well.

And i know lots and lots and lots of you guys uh it’s something that’s near and dear to my heart and i know how to help that specific industry beyond just all the the others all the little nuances how do you deal with the technicians how are you hiring new people nowadays all of those kinds of stuff i’ve been in the trenches i get it so i’m here to help any way i can on those so here’s just a few of our clients um and and testimonials that we’ve received over the years uh you know helping them double their business up their sales um get more reviews become number one in their local marketplace and and all of that kind of stuff just helping help build businesses a lot of these clients have been with us you know many many many years now so that’s just a little smattering but what we actually do specifically is we make our clients the top carpet cleaning brand in their local marketplace so that they can attract the best clients are able to charge the top rates and are booked out weeks in advance we’ve even done this with made services and janitorial services the better you position yourself the more you can charge rates higher than your competitors you don’t ever have to be.

The discount carpet cleaner you should never be three rooms in a hall for 99 that’s a way and we’ll talk a little bit about that but that is not a strategy for growth that’s not a strategy this for as a business that somebody wants to necessarily buy there is always a marketplace for the person who does a better job and charges more for that but you’ve got to prove it and we’re going to we’re going to talk a little bit about that because that’s how your marketing message goes out so so got a question there and any any of you that are on the call that aren’t specifically carpet cleaners anytime i say carpet cleaning just put your own business category there just replace it in your brain with with your own business um services that you provide but what is the hardest part about marketing your your your cleaning carpet cleaning business online so just put in the chat any ideas that you you can share so yeah nope exactly so not knowing where to put the money that’s what um we just got somebody’s chimed that in as well not knowing like there’s there’s too many options of how to market how to structure it and organize it so those are definitely the right things to be thinking of there guys so yeah what i wanted what y’all to do right now.

And rima is going to send this link in the chat as well but we’ve got a workbook so it’s a pdf um you will have to print it off you can do it later just take a notepad for now but come back to it this is that work that mind work i want you to do from now through to the end of the year so um and what you’ve got what you need to do is download this workbook it walks through a lot of the stuff we’re talking about here today and gives you some of the fundamentals and areas where you can write in your own notes and all of that kind of stuff again it’s a pdf so you want to print it off it’s not something you can type in but definitely download the workbook because this is a thinking tool that i use and it’s a thinking tool that we give to our clients as well and it’s something you should be using to help plan your uh your 2022 to make it absolutely super amazing okay so why is it important to plan like what is the like why are why are we even considering this like some people just go you know what no i’ve got my facebook ads running that’s all i need so the truth of the matter is there are so many options to invest your budget and it’s an investment anytime you invest in marketing.

Marketing is not never an expense it’s an investment in the future sometimes if it’s an immediate return it’s an investment in tomorrow but more often than not marketing is an investment in the future couple months away six months away a year away sometimes but it’s it’s growing to a point so there’s things you can do when you’re when you’re just bootstrapping it and you need a bunch of work right now but you always have to have a mindset of okay but how do i build a business like a long-term business not just constantly chasing the next lead so nowhere don’t know where to put the body there’s a lot of um options so we talk about you know our digital dominance method but it goes into a lot more than just digital dominance but we talk about the way the best way it is to to structure your marketing in a cohesive way that starts you know picking up on all of these different channels so seo ppc website social where do you put the money what do you do this here if you guys want to take a screenshot of that um it’ll be available later on as well but if you want to take a screenshot of this um what we like to know is you know and what you need to think of is where do you actually get your leads and jobs from so whether you’re a carpet cleaner or any other business.

But very specifically for carpet cleaners if you think about it there’s a there’s a mix it’s never about getting your leads from one source if you get most of your leads from say a facebook ad campaign and that’s it or you’ve got google ads running and that’s it then you’re literally missing out on everything but that checkbox right there everything else is how you build a proper company everything else is how you build a company that when facebook goes down um the government you know banned something about their ads or you never know now you’ve got no leads now you’re out of business within no time you can’t make the mortgage payment if you’ve got a business that is actually firing on all cylinders your goal is to keep adding new lead sources with the budget and the overflow from the old one so again if you’re charging discount rates you can barely even pay to upgrade your vehicles and upgrade grade your equipment and upgrade your technicians if you’re charging top dollar or good good rates not only can you can you pay for the stuff that you’re needed to grow your business you can also pay for better marketing.

So dan kennedy’s always said the person who can you know can grow a business and charge the the right rates the higher the better rates higher rates um has more money to out-market all of their competitors all of their low-cost competitors so you can let everybody else worry about the 79 89 99 129 clients and you can charge proper rates we know we’ve got clients that their minimum charge is 250 their average ticket is 5 600 in carpet cleaning in marketplaces where their competitors are 79.95 for three rooms in a hall so how do they do that it’s all about positioning so um you want to have paid leads you want to have google maps listings you want to be in that three pack but not just in that google maps listing for carpet cleaning you want to be in that for all of your services any service that pops up a google listing that you do you need to be in that three pack and there’s you need to position yourself that way and it that’s it doesn’t just happen you need to have all the right signals on your website you have to have signals off your website you need to have signals given to google.

You need to have it all set up so that guide that i um that we’re giving out at the end will teach you all about that as well you want organic rankings over 50 of people still scroll past the pay-per-click ads pass the local service ads down past the maps listings and look at what’s on page one below that in the organic even though google keeps pushing that down and making it farther and farther away over fifty percent of people still end up in the organic rankings so that’s where your blog posts come in that’s where your website having the right seo structure comes in social outreach you want to be in online groups you want to be in you know local business groups and mommy blog groups and anywhere else that you can just help the group in the community and gain some authority and land more clients and become seen as the obvious expert get people to share testimonials and all that kind of stuff you really want to be sharing projects your before and after pictures things that you’ve helped that we’re in that world now where everybody reality tv is everything you know all the way back from survivor and big brother but now all of your your um how-to channels and and all that kind of stuff people watch real things happening now.

Youtube people watch somebody putting a wall and and cleaning their golf clubs and you know on and on like there’s channel after channel after channel people just watching other people doing real stuff you need to be showing them that stuff as well whether it’s in video whether it’s in forums whether it’s in post whether it’s on your website local awareness campaigns you want to just let people be aware of you this is like billboard stuff so um so facebook and display ads will talk about eve radio and direct mail as you get bigger these things come into the mix because you’re just really building that authority brand that keeps all of your competitors wondering how you got so big repeat clients needs to be an active activity not passive active means how do you get them what are you mailing them every single month what are you emailing them but emails only get open 30 of the time or less what are you physically mailing them what what phone calls what voice plot what are you doing to offer them that is going to get them to come back what do you what is your active referral program and is it working and if it’s not working can you tweak it to make it work better.

So you need your clients your ideal clients talking about you and telling other people to choose you when somebody asks in a facebook group hey i’m looking for a carpet cleaner who should i choose you want your clients going my gosh you gotta choose these guys right now abc carpet cleaning they’ve been my guys for five years ten years three years i just had them last week they’re amazing that has to be half and you can’t just make it passive you have to actually ask for that and push that and stay in front of them so that that happens strategic partners a lot of people miss out on this flooring stores interior designers realtors you can keep adding this list we used to go after um um mercedes dealerships and bmw dealerships and say hey we’ll come and clean your office all the carpets in your your upper offices for free if you let us do a mailing endorsed by you on your like from you will pay for all the costs to your database offering um a a savings on their cleaning and because why they’re your ideal client nobody else is thinking it this way we used to do that with chiropractic clients as well hey let us put some signage around your chiropractic office and we’ll give you a discount on on your regular monthly maintenance cleaning.

And we would set up maintenance cleanings and charge them much less because we’re getting 5 10 15 of their patients as clients of ours every month as well so you need to have strategic partners you need to think through what what’s your marketing going to be around that your website can’t just be a brochure it’s got to be built to convert is it all about you we’re going to get into that like is it personalized do you re-target everybody who lands on your website and leaves are they being followed around with some of the most affordable ads that you could ever possibly run um online directories you need to be in all of them and some of them that are paid that generate leads and good leads for you you need to pay for those because you know you put five dollars in for every 150 client you get out if that’s the trade-off put five dollars in every day it’s like putting five dollars into a slot machine pulling the handle if you get a hundred dollars out worth of work put another five dollars in pull the handle put another five dollars in pull the handle that’s the way you need to be thinking of it um then your neighborhood marketing as well.

Um we suggest this is just around the horn it’s like a frames at the end of the street put an a-frame up get an a-frame made we’re we’re making a house clean healthy and beautiful just down the street with an arrow and your big logo on it start branding have a yard sign at the house you’re actually cleaning on tell the customer hey um if you’re willing to leave that yard sign up in your yard for the next you know week five days couple days whatever i’ll give you this free bottle of spotter or i will you know whatever whatever you could come up with but have have that yard sign stay go back and pick the a-frame up from the end of the street before you go to the next job so end of the street pointing at the house you’re at at the house put the the yard sign in and ask the customer to leave it there door hangers don’t just do five around have a door hanger we were just at one of your neighbors and we expertly did this we’d love to do it for you too go check out our website go check out our reviews give us a call here’s a friendly neighbor offer not just two on either side and three across the street to do your five or one on either side and three across three to your five around it’s five on either side and ten across the street.

Do twenty around your technicians should have write their name on that and if they uh you know if the customer calls hey yeah what what name is on you know who who handed out that flyer oh it was you know braden okay great brayden gets a bonus for having generated another customer all those kinds of things postcards you can have postcards going into a very targeted neighborhoods golf course neighborhoods seniors neighborhoods things like that people that are an ideal client and you can geo-target those with display ads so that only where the postcards go people are also seeing when they go to the weather network and and you know you name it the webmd’s and all those places that have ads you can have your ad matching the postcard showing up everywhere they see online as well because they’re within that that geo-targeted area so lots of things you can do there and then branding and authority building is is essential how-to videos helpful articles press releases sponsoring meetings and presentations local chamber b i’s things like that you got to get out there you got to become that person um charity events you start you get to a point where you got to be at some of the charity events.

Pet events are really good like the um spca events are great and things like that so just be sponsoring stuff like that these are ways that you are going to build a company that you can sell for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars because you’ve built an authority play in the marketplace that your competitors aren’t doing so so major investment in marketing yeah it sounds like it doesn’t if you go back to that last slide lots of stuff to be thinking about and you’ve already put some money into your marketing and you don’t have anything to show for it how do we get beyond that so that’s that failure is not having a clear plan how does it all tie together how do you make this whole message one common theme that you’re just building on and adding to so it just becomes this momentum it’s it’s right now it’s a snowball you’re you know you’re rolling up the hill and it’s getting bigger and bigger there’s a point where you need to get it over that hill and just let it go and it just starts growing on its as you as you locked and loaded these strategies you’re not putting time and attention into them they’re just growing and you’re just adding new ones so that’s the opportunity that’s what we want to talk about.

I want to talk about having a clear plan with goals targets and kb kpis and we’re going to build that today we’re going to be talking about generating enough leads to hit your targets and to keep your your trucks running i’m going to show you exactly what that number is and how you determine that exact number for yourself and we’ll show you how you get a great return on investment we’re going to show you exactly the ways to determine what you need to be investing in how it all pulls together and it’s not about one thing working and the other things didn’t work it’s about how does it all tie together that pushes the entire ball forward so if that sounds good guys put get put a one in the chat we’re gonna start rolling up our sleeves and actually doing some of the the dirty work here soon and i really want to make sure that we’re all on target here to uh um to get that this is what we should be doing awesome okay cool thanks guys awesome well yeah i like the like messages like that that’s called the success is we want to maximize your lead flow so you can hit your sales targets so we’re going to determine what those are so what you need to do is set clear goals.

The starting point is setting clear goals so as brian tracy if you guys don’t follow brian tracy he’s getting up there in age now but brian is is a is an absolute dude and if you haven’t um if you haven’t you haven’t uh followed brian tracy definitely follow him he’s got a lot of great suggestions and stuff like that going on um he’s been around for years and years and years but what he has said is success is a is from your goals everything else is commentary so success is goals which means if you you set your goals you aim for your goals and you’re going to build success from that if you don’t set goals first you don’t achieve success everything else is just storytelling you’re hoping and what that also looks like is you’re dead in the water like if you don’t actually have goals and plans in place and have it strategically mapped out then you’ve got no wind in your sails where you want to be is having clear goals with wind in your sails with a clear goal you now know how to adjust when things aren’t working right you know where you’re at and what you’re doing so there’s a harvard study done some of you guys know about this but there’s a harvard study done back in 1979.

Um and what they did is they studied graduates and they came back and and and checked up with them 20 years later and what they what they asked for the same group of graduates and then followed back up with them 20 years later is which one of you set very specific goals 84 percent of them had not set a goal at all when they graduated 13 had goals in mind but had not written them down and three percent had clear written goals and a plan to accomplish them when they right when they graduated not years later but right when they got graduated the result was 13 of the class who had goals um were earning on average um twice as much as the 84 percent who had never even thought of their goals what was their 20 year plan five year three year 20-year plan what were their goals more staggering was the three percent who had clear written goals were earning on average 10 times as much as the 97 percent of the rest of the class combined put together so these this three percent was earning 10 times all of the rest and the only noticeable difference was they had they they were in tune enough to set goals and be goal oriented so that’s what i want you to take away from that is it’s that important.

So you need to have written goals and a plan you need to set a minimum one-year goals quarterly goals and monthly goals and you must have a stopping point at the beginning of each new year each new quarter to reflect on how how you’re approaching meeting those goals those objectives so you can make adjustments so you can say oh my gosh we’re i’ve got a quarterly goal of this first month i’m not a third of the way in what do i like i got to make some adjustments right annual goal at the end of a quarter okay i’m one quarter in i’ve got three more quarters left and i’m not on target what do i do you know or i’m way ahead of target let me adjust my goals you know there’s there’s ways to do that as well so um so you need to know what are your revenue targets for 2022 how much is that monthly how many calls will that require to get like how many unique calls will that require how many customers will that you know and what is your average transactional value knowing those numbers and we’re going to dive into that in a second knowing those numbers you can reach your goals in 2022 even if they’re lofty goals you you have a path in place and you’ll find the right answers um so what is your average conversion rate.

Um from from a caller or to a booked um um to booked and you divide you know the the you divide your your target by the conversion rate and you’re going to know so for example we’ll get into this but if 50 of the people that that message you or call you turn out to be customers then you know how many you need in a month to meet your number of customers goal right and the number of customers if your average transactional value is 200 bucks you’ll know how many of those you need to make your monthly sales goals because it just all works backwards so you start with hey how much is it and get backwards so here’s what we’ve built for you to make it really really simple to do this you can all go in and download this and so you want to go to 2022 dash worksheet so what i’m actually going to do here is i’m actually going to hop over to that and we’re going to just show you what it looks like and do a quick little exercise to show you what you’re getting in this amazing tool here so so this is what you’re going to you’re going to show up on there’s a bunch of tabs at the bottom here and you’re going to you’re going to land on this page.

Right here so this is just hypothetical let’s say you’re you want a want to reach 450 000 in sales in in 2022 if that’s your goal you want to hit that then what is that monthly well this does the math for you so you can change this number here say we want to say 200 000. right that’s 2 million dude sorry are zeros there’s a group there it changes it that’s how much that is monthly so it doesn’t matter what number you put in here it’s going to tell you what is your average job ticket so say for example we we want to hit say 250 000 let’s do this that’s a good one and a half truck operation if you’re pricing right what’s your average ticket say right now it’s only 225. you are going to need to have 93 service calls a month to hit 20 000 i have like if the average ticket is 225 so some bigger some smaller but that’s your average to get to your sales sales goal as an example what is your average conversion rate from lead anybody who inquires hey i’m interested that includes the people that are repeats that are you know almost 100 percent the referrals that are maybe 90 um 80 somewhere in there depending on your referrals and then the tire kickers that are maybe at 10 and 20.

You talk to five of them before one of them says yeah i’m willing to book or whatever that is put your number in here most people guess too high most people oh i book 75 80 those people normally aren’t tracking the all the lead sources but put a number in here that you know if you know what it is or at least put a guesstimate in and start working towards that so as an example um what’s the average cost to generate a lead i’m going to show you how you determine that number but 24 is a decent number to aim at 24 for every combined all your different lead sources is how much it costs to put a job in your schedule and there’s some that are way higher than that some lead sources that are still valid and there’s some that are way lower than that like repeat visit repeat clients some of them are free but i’m going to tell you that you shouldn’t be relying on them free and hope to come back so that tells you right there that um to meet that goal what’s your monthly budget requirement well your monthly budget requirement is literally just taking your average cost per lead divided by the number of leads you you need that’s four thousand dollars in budget you would need if we go say back up to that 45 450 or 450 000.

And say our average job is again we can go 325 higher rate next you need less of a budget you need less because you’re you know you save your conversion rate to 75 of all calls you get better at um teaching your csrs to answer the phone properly book you get really good at following up with everybody who inquired and nurturing them and closing them better now all of a sudden your budget can drop because you’re actually putting more people in so you can either raise this number and go you know what because these are such better numbers i’m actually going to raise my my goal to 600 000 or something like that but that’s the way you can use this tool so all you have to do is go up here go file make a copy and then make one your own so you just need a gmail account everybody who’s got gmail has got a google drive and you’re just going to make a copy and you can make this whole file your own now we’re going to look at how you determine the average cost per lead source and i’ve given you some examples here real world examples from our own clients but pay per click this isn’t the cost per click this is how many people went to the landing page or the website and then from there how many of those picked up the phone and called you.

And and became a lead this isn’t even close yet this is just a lead source right we find that the range can be between 25 and 40 is the the range that we try and keep all of our our pay-per-click conversions in so the average it does the math for you you can change these numbers by your own number but that average is 33 dollars google local service ads range somewhere in here if you’re paying more than that or less than that you can put your number in but that’s that’s the average cost for google local service ads if you’re running those to you know pay-per-lead services and there’s other paper lead services than google local service ads but that’s that idea here facebook ads if you’re running facebook ads a lead generation ad not just an awareness ad what is that um repeat referral customers the reason why i put a dollar amount in here is you should be marketing to them at least every quarter if not every month so every month it’s gonna cost you about a buck or two um in postage if you’re gonna run a postcard to them and an email as we know is is mostly free but you definitely need to have you might need you know somebody who writes the copy you might be paying somebody to do it for you.

But you know nine to you know nine dollars a a year would be sort of like a quarterly mailing to your database every month probably about 24 every every um person so you’re going to get them back it averages about 17 to get a lead from that to get somebody in your pipeline um to come back to you and and and work with you seo seo is not free seo is where you rank in the maps seo is where you rank in the organic below that happens but having great website great content um you know weekly or monthly blog posts and constantly doing what google wants to see to make sure that you’re more relevant than your competitors and then starting to work on more and more and more keywords so seo has a cost and on average you can find that if you reverse it back to how many leads came from your website if you’re tracking that with call tracking and form tracking and things like that it usually runs anywhere between 15 and if you want to be really aggressive 45 dollars per lead coming through your website so all in that’s where we got our 24. and you can add a couple other sources in here and and this number will change for you so now we know what our goal is and we know what our average cost per lead is we know what our budget needs to be.

So say we put this back to 51 which is more of an average we know we have to spend about five thousand dollars a month on our marketing to hit a 450 000 an annual annual run rate so with that that’s about 14 of your budget which falls right in line with correct numbers so by putting a number in here on the first tab on the third tab now it’ll automatically populate it for you um this here’s a little guideline saying that a rule of thumb 15 is a good middle mark 20 if you’re aggressively trying to grow the company you’re throwing more money at your marketing because you want to just grow faster 10 you’re maintaining you’re you’re hoping your competitors don’t leapfrog over for you anything less than 10 you’re actually losing market position because you’re not marketing enough there’s no way you’re gonna grow um if you’re less than ten percent of your budget your your revenue going towards marketing just know that in our space so so that breaks down to 15 of that 40 or 67 000 over the course of year across all marketing so where should that go well we suggest depending on the different stages of your business that 70 of that should go to online marketing.

Now that used to be 30 and 40 years ago it’s growing to the point where most leads are going to come from that but not all of them you want to have offline marketing you want to be mailing um you want to do neighborhood mailings you want to do postcards and and door hangers those all cost money you want to be positioned in different ways so um so yeah even some people do radio and stuff as they get bigger so you want to put a part of your budget there and you definitely want to allocate at least 10 of your budget to get repeat business and have a referral campaign in place so that breaks it down to these exact dollar amounts so for internet marketing online 47 000 of this 67 13 000 of that is going towards offline marketing and 6 000 of that and here’s the breakdown month by month and you can adjust these numbers because this is just breaking it down by 12. sometimes people will want to market a little bit heavier in in their prime season a little bit less in the off season we just find that the mix might change a little bit you might be doing a little bit more database marketing in in the slower season just to get your database stimulated and in the busy season.

You just want to go all in make hay when the sun shines you want to go all in with your online marketing be sure you’re found everywhere but again you can’t just turn things on and off you can turn certain things like google paid ads on and off as soon as you turn it off you don’t get any more leads from that source that very minute things like seo and website conversion that’s a growth so you definitely want to have that in place as well so this breaks that down and then in specifically online marketing um the core places you want to be putting that money is seo that’s the long-term growth pay-per-click that is getting and leads facebook ads that is just getting leads in the funnel tomorrow um they’re not always your best quality leads usually your seo leads are better quality but pay-per-click at least is is is getting you’re keeping your pipeline full keeping your trucks full things like that and then display ads and retargeting that’s when anybody lands on your website you’re following them around and and display ads is basically sort of thing think of it as online billboards you’re going to be in front of people where they are they’re not necessarily searching for carpet cleaning.

But you’re in front of them giving your brand message and staying strong in in that way so that would be the breakdown of where to invest your dollars so you would be wanting to look at with an ad budget plus you know an agency and all that kind of stuff helping you out do the seo do the pay-per-click do the facebook ads all of those kinds of things do some display and retargeting on your digital budget that’s how it is a good breakdown for that and then what we’ve given here is just as a bonus we call this our digital domination method you can see it on our website but we gave it to you right here as well and then an idea of the types of offers that work really well just from years of experience and working with carpet cleaners and having our own businesses the types of offers that work well in email so pay-per-click this is what you want to emphasize you want to just target your top two or three core services you don’t always have to give away offers and deals and pay-per-click it’s just a matter of having good messaging and being in front of the right keywords um email and social media usually match up quite well and that includes you know even mailings and voice blasts to your database and then your seo every month you want to be targeting.

You want the seo company to be targeting two of your core services one of your key marketplaces the cities that you service um very very heavily and then once those get built up you start you start moving to the next so that might take if you if you’re nowhere to be found and you’re dead in the water it’s google’s playground not you you don’t get to pay to play you you have to pay to influence the algorithm becomes seen as an authority so it’s a lot of work on a couple of the core keywords and then once those start showing up on page one and you’re starting the three pack for that it’s working on the next and the next and the next so and then you definitely want to do retargeting we always suggest you retarget with reviews and testimonials that’s the number one clicked ads that will get you back and then you want to also um you know so you do a mix you have some retargeting ads that are just hey i use these guys and they’re amazing with your branding and it’s all over the internet somebody landed on your website and leaves they get seen that you’re amazing you’re amazing you’re amazing you’re amazing reviews count everywhere not just on google and but you also want to have in the mix of that those same people.

Maybe a day later see an ad with an offer and what’s that offer well you can align it to the season obviously it makes most of the most sense so so we’ve given you some ideas there on how to create offers as well but the most important is starting here what is your target and working your way off of that so put a one in the chat if you find that this tool will be helpful in helping you decide where to focus your marketing money how to get to your growth and really start doing some of that deep thinking that’s really really important awesome thanks guys i’m glad you appreciate it so a lot of work goes into this we’ve dealt with uh we’ve obviously 30 years of of goal planning and strategizing is actually combined in a little document like this so let me pop back over here again i hope you guys are all finding great value from this but let’s get back into the presentation there we go okay so let’s keep moving on so we now so you so what are your goals for 2022 how many leaves do you need to get there we now got that that locked and loaded you guys got homework to do on that but you’ve got the basic strategy of how to do that now it’s the fundamentals um fundamental of any marketing is the message market and media match.

So the message is what what are you offering um what deals what discounts what bonuses what is the message that you’re sending why why you over everybody else what is your actual message who is your target market like don’t talk to everybody you don’t necessarily want to have you know the the downtown you know above the shops low-income clients you don’t want to be doing you know that kind of crowd you want to be doing you know higher-end homes people that care for stuff and want you back in two or three times a year you know do a 1500 hardwood floor cleaning and then come back a couple months later and do all their tile and seal it and on and on and on and then the media how where where is that being placed so let’s take a look at this now so you want to start updating your marketing message and you start with that by who is your ideal client so we’re not going to spend a lot of time on this but this is stuff that you need to think about if you want to go back to our webinar on creating you know optimizing your website for conversion one of the tools if you stay to the end that you’re going to get is is some thinking tools and all of this as well but you want to know who your ideal client is.

Because that’s who your message needs to speak to you can’t speak to everybody you’ve got to speak to the ideal person right so your ideal customer this is just from years and years of doing this we know in general they’re a homeowner not a renter renters don’t care about their carpets and their tile and their floors and they’re cleaning as much as maybe they’re upholstery maybe but again it’s a homeowner 35 to 55 year old they have discretionary income and they’ve already made mistakes they’ve rented machines they understand problems and now they’re just they’ve got discretionary income and they want to pay for it is typically the one that that books the cleaning married with two or three kids kids are making a mess they’re frustrated they just want to clean smell better all that stuff usually the female is the head of the household in this type of department in hiring in these services annual income um is usually at 65k or or higher um the higher you get that in pockets and markets the more services they will take from you family oriented reliable they usually have pets take pride in their home home decor they they entertain a lot these are just some of the common traits that we’ve identified their pains and frustrations.

Around this industry can’t get somebody on the phone they need they need stuff clean um their things aren’t smelling well too busy to deal with it um they just want it done fast they want to find a reputable reliable company they need to see that quickly in in all of your marketing you need to speak to these messages they’re worried that the situation in the house might become unhealthy that maybe the people aren’t doing the right job it’s going to stay wet too long it’s going to be all kinds of problems so their fears going to get ripped off they’re worried about that paying too much you need to speak to this in your marketing reviews testimonials before and afters brand yourself with them let them know who you are because you start you start quelling a lot of these fears that they have um they want to know they can afford it again it doesn’t have to be cheap they just want to know that’s affordable that they’re not again that they’re they’re not overpaying but you know price is what you pay value is what you get you need to sell that um goals and desires you know again they want a nice home they want they want their carpets cleaned for sure but they want to have the issue behind them.

Or now they want to have their guy that tells them when it’s time to do it again they want to know that it’s just it’s just handled um so and again they most people like this are not disrespected in the community people that get cleaning regularly and care for their things are usually you know they they spend more time in their home more time with their family things like that so there’s just a lot of common traits that that’s your ideal customer so that’s who you need to speak to so basically the story is if you can see joe jones through joe jones’s eyes then you can sell what joe joe jones buys and that’s just an old axiom but it’s it’s true it’s if you can actually see your ideal customer then you know what they’re going to pay you for so you need to craft that message so what kind you know what kind of messages um do you need to to pick why would somebody choose to do business with you over the competitor and if price is your only target then you’re a commodity that’s why people will shop at walmart versus shopping at you know a high-end store right they’ll go by the tv at walmart instead of buying it at a high-end.

You know electronics store well why does the highlight highly and electronic store still succeed well it succeeds because it’s got an entirely different clientele that needs different things so why should somebody pick you over somebody else you need to have a good couple of reasons that’s your unique sales proposition and you need to know that you have better guarantees you have better trained technicians do you have you know do you do a job better do you do do you do different services that other people don’t do do you do it in a different way do you all of those kinds of things um what benefits do you offer your target customer avatar will resonate with what is a benefit that fits that crowd so you need to think of all of these things so some marketing messages that work safe eco-friendly 100 satisfaction guarantee or it’s free sounds scary but sometimes that we have a 200 200 satisfaction guarantee if you’re not happy not only will come back and reclean it if you’re still not happy not only do you not pay for that area that you were unhappy with if you can find anybody else who can clean it better will pay their bill for you 200 money-back guarantee on anything you’re not happy with why because that sells more people on choosing you because you’re confident.

Then it does on the odd few that will take you up on that that guarantee so you’re way ahead of the game trained technicians trustworthy knowing that they’ve gone through steps having them be introduced before they show up having you know text messages and and have them on your website like just make it very very easy for them to choose you over somebody else phones answered live really big one um i’ve we’ve dominated our marketplaces just by making sure that we have our phones answered live by reputable people that know how to answer the questions and book a job honest pricing don’t don’t come in at one price and go in and upsell the rest don’t have discount pricing if if you’re not willing to do the whole job for 99 bucks have honest pricing let them know have packages you can have our renters package our our health our clean and protection package and you know our healthy home package have packages that that people can choose between so the pricing is very very honest as well so you need to decide at this point you need to write down on your notepad or whatever what is your message why you what is different about you what can you make different about you and your company over everybody else that would cause people to want to choose you.

So that’s a really key takeaway in building your your 2022 marketing plan is how can you continuously develop that and what does that look like what does it look like when you arrive at the door do the technicians put booties on do they roll out the red carpet um do they take a step back have they been trained to hand out a business card did they do a consultation and test spots and stains before like have you got a whole experience in place where they go wow wow wow you guys are amazing that’s actually worth a higher price and they’ll tell more people you come in and go yep i’m here to clean scan it oh that’s about 200 i’ll do it for 200 and off you go and clean they’re not telling their friends about you you know they might use you again but there is nothing wow about that so you know you need to have that all built into your marketing message and then you need to make sure that your website is the hub that converts it all so that website has to tell that entire story who are you why did you get in the business what do you do show pictures it’s got to be authentic authentic authentic so as an example here it’s got to be all about the company all about the the the history it’s got to be why you most thorough in the area or it’s free one you know one way of of creating that risk reversal guarantee and.

And then there’s a whole bunch of the website that explains that story talks about the company history shares the the the owner pictures and stories and stuff like that you need to have all of those in place and we’re going to talk about some of these other um conversion principles as well having chat to text having forms right above the fold so that as soon as they land on your website they don’t have to scroll anywhere and they can start engaging with you have the phone number huge click to call when it turns onto when it’s mobile all kinds of cool stuff so when your website’s ready to convert you get leads from all kinds of sources you get leads from you’re tracking organic leads coming to your website pay-per-click leads coming your website and landing page google my google my business leads finding you all around the web when you’ve got all of that and everything is set up to convert so and then that way you’ve got multiple lead sources and your average cost per lead is really really affordable so and you know that’s you’ve got an ad budget plus you’ve got a company involved and stuff like that but if you’ve gotten 684 leads and you don’t even book 50 of them.

You know that’s you know even call it 600 for easy math 300 booked your average job is 200 300 people booked at 200 there’s 60 000 a month just from that many leads if you can book if you can if you can book that many on a three thousand dollar budget so totally doable so we’re going to give you a copy of this as well so whether whether um you’ve got a a website that you go you know is dated and isn’t converting whether you’ve got a web company that’s built something this is the way a a website should be set up so we’re going to give you this web conversion machine setup um document and a detailed report on why this is important it’s got to look like an app and a quick click to call on a when it when your website’s loading on a phone it’s got to be mobile responsive but you need to have that that 24 hour it doesn’t have to be 24 7 live chat in fact we really suggest chat to text as soon as they put a message in it gets texted right back to them and we’ll talk about that and texts to you so they know they don’t have to sit on your website or any of your competitors websites you’re going to be talking to them so do you have you know does it speak to your target avatar.

This is just a quick run through what we just talked about do you have real authentic images does it include video all over the website of all the services everything you do you your company your guarantees are you on video on there does it showcase your online reviews live on your website does it make it easy for them to take action as soon as they scroll down one scroll is there another call to action scroll down is it easy again they’re not going to scroll back up and find you people are lazy um does it have the basics in order phone number in the upper right ensure that the web form um you know customers can fill out add credit credibility with all of your your um better business bureaus and and other awards and things like that that make them go yeah these are the guys i need um are there calls to action on every page is there call to action on the carpet cleaning page specifically about carpet cleaning on the upholstery cleaning page specifically about upholstery cleaning on and on and on you can’t have them all in one page google won’t rank one a website that has you know for all your services being on one page google ranks pages not full websites.

So you want each one of the pages to be ranking well in your service area are you leveraging offers that match the service um are you giving the opportunity to two-way chat with you we’re in a world where that is now essential it’s not even it’s not even kind of maybe i’ll get to that it is essential now the number of people that want to text instead of phone is insane so let’s take a little pause your website pull up your website right now is it built to convert what do you need to tweak it just take a quick scan pull it up on your computer pull it up on your phone whatever what from you what you just learned here and you can always go back and listen to the replay but from what you learned here what is your website missing that needs to go on your 2022 marketing plan how are you going to go from where you are now to where you need to be and when is that going to happen is that in quarter one i suggest it should be but is that now or is that later you need this button down now it is just part of the mix but it’s a big part of the mix because it’s the hub so now that we’ve got that in place we’re going to start talking about the biggest marketing issue facing carpet cleaning and home service companies that we have seen from consulting and working with hundreds and hundreds.

And it’s unconverted leads fifty to sixty percent of inbound leads leave without being converted ninety percent of all web form leads fail that’s on average go back and look at your own stats and see where you fit into that but there’s a reason for that um leads are not followed up with within 15 minutes tend to go cold if it’s the next day before you answer the email if it’s you know well before the customer hears back from you at all if it’s you know a phone and it doesn’t get answered and you don’t call them back till later oh i found somebody else or yeah here’s what i’m looking to do they never call you back why because they’re being polite and they’re giving you some more some info but they’re not impressed with your your response the average customer must be followed up with five to seven times before booking some people book right away the ones that don’t you can still get they don’t have to go somewhere else the ones that don’t book right over right away over phone or chat they can be followed up with and go oh you know what this is the guys i need i booked with these other guys but i don’t want them anymore.

Because these guys have shared something some things with me that tell me why they’re better today’s consumers prefer to be in you know interact via text message versus phone call and email so text is becoming even more more important than phone calls and emails so you need to leverage market automation to do this you can’t do it all on your own if you’ve got office staff that’s that’s helpful but it still needs to be automated so what within a web form that within two minutes they need they need to be on the phone with you one of the tools that we use one of the technologies that we’ve built called carpet cleaner lead pro as soon as somebody fills out a form within a minute it’s calling your phone number your office number say and giving you a message this person just filled out a phone a form press one now to connect with them right away you press one their phone will ring and they if they’re willing to take the call if they’re able to take the call they’ll connect right away if they’re not they don’t take that call as soon as that call disconnects they get a text message saying hey thanks so much for filling out the form um we’ll get back to you you know get back to you as soon as we can we just try to call you blah blah blah.

There’s a message to them right away by text and keep an eye out for some more information so now they’re on your radar and you can continue to try but you know that that moment isn’t ready for them but if it is you’re on the phone with them within two minutes of them submitting a survey and you know what they’re looking for so you even on text again we suggest text to chat they fill out the form and as soon as they’re done filling out the form the first thing that happens is they get a text saying hey thanks so much we’re going to continue a conversation here on your phone so they don’t have to sit on the website they don’t have to wait for a live agent and they get that message you get a message as well or your office where you can just log into an app and start texting to them if you don’t have time right away you know that they’ve at least been responded to and you can let the automation send hey i you know got a chance to get back to you but i want to give you a little bit more information or click this link and see why you know watch watch our cleaning method in play or whatever things like there’s ways you can now communicate while you’re waiting to actually personally be available to reach out to them.

Say that’s on the weekend in the evening whatever simple math on this say you get 100 leads in a month and you convert right now at a 30 conversion rate so 100 leads across all different sources come to your website and you convert it 30 there’s no follow-up it’s just you picked up the phone you sent one message you sent one email if they we get back to you great if they don’t so what so 30 of 100 you book 30 jobs so 100 leads times 30 30 jobs your average ticket 325 that those hundred leads made you a nine thousand seven hundred fifty dollar a month company from those hundred leads what if you took the exact same hundred leads but could convert a much higher percentage because you responded to them immediately you followed up with them you had automation in place that send the messages hey here’s why i started my cleaning business in the first place hey um you know i haven’t heard back from you yet but here’s something else that we do differently than everybody else here’s our guarantee blah blah blah things like that hey go check this video you’ve got some automation in place that they can unsubscribe from but most people don’t because they were interested.

Now you’re booking at 70 percent now that 70 is 70 leads nothing else changed other than you have automated follow-up you did nothing different but it automates the follow-up nobody goes unresponded to and you have it right in front of you what you need to do that ten thousand dollar a month company is now a 23 000 a month company and the only difference is adding automation nothing else changed and you probably have to add a technician because that’s going to be two trucks on the road so hopefully that gives you the reason why you need to make every lead um you generate way more valuable and you need to implement this in your business here’s what it looks like here’s what our carpet cleaner lead pro looks like all this stuff happens ultimately all you’re doing is is messaging jumping into the message flow and and connecting with the customer and solving their needs when you can jump into the flow in the meantime they’re getting all of that nurturing learning about your company why you’re different your unique sales proposition seeing some before and afters of jobs you’ve done some case studies that should be on your website.

All that kind of stuff all of that’s being influenced upon them and all you’re doing is hey so what was that you needed done great and yeah let’s get on a call to talk about the areas you need done i’ll give you a fairly accurate estimate um on the day of cleaning we’ll we’ll measure it up all exactly and give you the exact price whatever your process is but that happens there so what three conversion elements will you implement on your website take a moment jot down at least three of the ones we talked about there’s there’s dozens i get that it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant i fully understand there’s lots you need to do you’re either gonna hire somebody to do it for you or you’re gonna have to figure out how to do it yourself but you need to start with three the rules of threes are amazing just at least do three things and then pause three things and then pause think of your business in threes you’ve got three separate businesses you’re running you’ve got the business that is the lead generation before how do you position yourself your authority your brand your visibility the the during that’s when they phone you all the way through to the cleaning the service what happens in the home.

And the follow up right after the immediate follow-up that is the during the service and then the after which is how do you do the the the next day follow-up from that point forward how do you do the um reminding them to come back the referrals all of that kind of stuff making everything right those are three separate businesses that you run one is a lead generation business one is a service delivery business and one is a client retention and follow-up business and if you think of your business in threes and thinking everything that you do in threes it becomes way way simpler so takeaways what did you learn what have you noticed that you need to improve on um and yeah share in the chat share in the chat rima’s chatting to you guys share back and forth what are some of the things that you’d like to share that you you do excellently already and what are some of the things that you know you definitely know you need improvement on make it put a little post in the chat here it’s always good to hear from you guys what you’re what you’re looking to do remo will chat back and forth i want to respect your time and i’m going to keep moving here so that we can get done shortly.

Now we want to know and track our numbers you need a dashboard that tells you everything how many people showed up on your website how many people booked where they all came from what your lead sources are what your cost for various different lead sources are you need some sort of a tracking dashboard if you don’t have one to be able to micromanage everything and you need it easy you need it set up once and easy to use so that you can just go look at the pulse of your business and see if you’re on track or off track and you want to know if your conversion rates are going up or down on your on your website is your website converting better now that you put your face on it that you put a video from you hey i’m the owner and you know right at the top of the page i’m the owner and i want to tell you why i want to be your carpet cleaner those guys say hey my here’s my guarantee you know click on you know click on this to learn all about our guarantee boom they click on the guarantee page and they’re you going hey i want to tell you why i’ve built the guarantee the way we have we’re very confident blah blah blah that is you can write it but you can also say it.

And that becomes really really important so you need to know your kpis so so far you need to have clear goals and targets for 2022. you need clarity around your market your message and your media who are you targeting what’s the message and how are you getting it out there to them and that’s got to be more than one place we’ve shared how your website needs to be optimized so that when they do find out about you they’re going to go research you more and they’re going to make it to your website at some point the very the best clients the active clients the ones that you know start loving you repeating and referring they came through by doing good good study and a lot of the people end up on your website and you want to be able to track all your kpis so let’s let’s wrap up near here with some key trends video coming super important we all just love watching video so if you’re not comfortable doing selfie videos and stuff like that there’s a ways we can help you do that a little bit better um there’s some strategies that we have but you want to create more videos even if it’s just one video shoot that you create um and can be sliced and diced and used around your website for the whole whole year.

Some people just hire a videographer for part of a day shoot a bunch of different videos and just be done with it so um but there’s ways to do it where you just grab a phone and just do a quick selfie there’s ways you can get your technicians don’t even go on on video they just show the you know the before and afters and stuff like that and created a little bit of videos but you want to be doing case studies with before and after pictures before and after stories and videos if you can um how-tos how to take a spot out you’re working on an area rug in the back of your studio um your rug care studio and they’ve got a big coffee stain hey this person didn’t get on the stain right away or hey this person got on the stain right away let me tell you what to do here’s i want you guys to use club soda blah blah blah you just teach people put it up on a youtube channel it’s not about sales it’s just about authority building you want to shift from phone conversations to message conversations so phone conversations are great you get more of your story out it’s easier to have that conversation and understand it you got to get really good at message conversations that don’t tie up your entire day.

You have to have automation in there you have to find a way to not just give them a price and have them price shop you have to tell them why you’re different and you have to have that all in place you have to get really good at message conversations or have an automation tool like ours that fits that that need for you you must have an all-in perspective you can’t just run facebook ads you can’t just run google ads you can’t just run local service ads you’ve got to have an all-in you’ve got to have some paid you’ve got to have organic being built over the you know six months a year two years you need to start building and building and building your authority you need to be doing some emails and direct mails um properly every single month we do a monthly newsletter to our a-list clients and quarterly to the b-list clients that’s that carpet cleaning business i just sold we did that for 20 years monthly newsletter printed and mailed not in the email because it kept them understanding what we’re doing um and it’s consumer content it’s not just all about us nobody cares about a carpet cleaner to get a monthly newsletter it’s it’s how to care for your home and you know jokes of the month and the sudoku and client testimonials of contest of the month and things like that.

It’s just a four page you know 11 by 17 folded in half folded again and self mailed every single month and something we actually provide to all of our our our carpet cleaner marketing master clients for free we still have the same professional writers writing it that we did for ourselves and we actually make it available as a template you can mail out yourself so you need to have a bunch of different um hooks in the in the water you can’t be fishing with one fishing pole and one hook you just can’t it to build a proper business you got to do all of that kind of stuff you need live chat this is what ours looks like chat to text um either live chat during the day which is doable on or chat to text and have people be able to just add it and get off the website and onto their phone where they are natively naturally known want to chat with you anyways um you need to incorporate facebook messenger google my business has a chat you need to incorporate all of those into your into into your lead flow you if one if somebody goes to a google listing and they can chat with somebody right away it’s usually through the app well with our app we can actually pull all we can pull all of those in.

So i’ve got my my my phone talking to me now every time i mention siri and things like that and google but um yeah so you can pull in all of these different chat sources into one platform make it super super easy to connect to all of your possible leads don’t leave any lead untalked to don’t leave any lead unknowing what you do differently if they’re not a good fit for you let them weed themselves out no i just want a cheap cleaning because i’m you know i’m moving out that’s not your ideal client you’re never going to get them again anyways the best value to your customer is the lifetime value a one-off cleaning can in many cases cost you money it doesn’t build your business the person that comes back year after year um it refers their friends and family we’ve got clients that were now cleaning their the children that we watched grow up and and and became teenagers now own their own homes and are now saying i’m using the company mom and dad used like that’s that’s the legacy that you can build and that made my company super easy to sell when i when i decided i wanted to focus 100 on you guys and this and uh and not be running my business as well.

So i still manage and are still market for the for the company and still assist um the owner which was one of my managers who bought it out from us but um but yeah it’s it’s it’s definitely bought a great business that that has all kinds of automations and and years and years and years of this stuff baked in so that’s where you want to be thinking so you want to build your plan you want to know which one of these can you get to now which one of these do you have and don’t have you need a checklist like this you need to know what you’re going to focus your marketing dollars on based on that split on that spreadsheet that we talked about you need to split that all up i’m going to give you a few of the key ones that i suggest you start with if you don’t already have it you need your website built to convert you need to proactive seo that works you need weekly blog posts monthly press releases and all kinds of stuff that start building your keyword rankings in in areas where you don’t have any keyword rankings you need to get traffic to your website so that it can convert you want your google maps optimized and start moving up for all these different terms sometimes that takes time some marketplaces.

You got guys way ahead of you you’re tying your shoes and getting in the race and they’re already 300 reviews ahead of you and 500 backlinks and they do a google google my business post optimized every single day there’s all kinds of things that have made them influence google better than you their website is influencing google um all the directory listings are influencing google to to help that three pack listing but you need to start optimizing that because that’s that is a great source of phone calls as we all know um you need to focus on online reviews and reputation not just on google your reputation has to be seen everywhere you need ads that show your reviews and reputation you need um that retargeting stuff facebook you need every third or fourth post on facebook should be a review not not some customer coming in to do it live necessarily it should be you taking a screen cap of one on yelp a screen cap of one on on on google um telling a little story having a whole page on your website of a great review you got but you also had the before and after pictures and you told a little story that becomes a project that you can post on facebook and around talking about a five-star client.

Um you need strategic pay-per-click campaigns or paid campaigns of some sort whether it’s pay-per-click on google or facebook paid ads you need a paid ad platform in the mix right away um you need social presence and email marketing for sure lead nurture automation has become essential and you need to be able to track all of this this is the highlight so we can talk about all of this stuff this is the core um items that you need to be taking away we cover a lot of that and we can help build a custom plan with you but we talk about a lot of that in our checklist and again for you guys that have stuck around to the end here we’re going to wrap up we’re just over an hour i try and go between an hour an hour and 15 minutes if i can so sorry if i rattled through a lot of this a little fast but we’ve got all the workbooks and guides to help you out i really want to make sure that you understand the importance of building a strategic plan now to hit 2022 running on all cylinders so what are your top three internet marketing initiatives you’re going to implement and hit the ground running first of january what are you going to try and get in place think of the internet marketing strategies that you need.

That you don’t have and how are you going to figure out how to get them in place who are you going to talk to what are you going to do what are you going to learn um who are you going to outsource it to you need to be thinking of those things but what are the three internet marketing initiatives is that a better website that’s going to convert that needs to be near the top is that going to be adding a paid ad platform if you don’t have one or refining that better what is it is it going to be getting into the google listings is it going to be working really hard to make sure you’re you’re getting more reviews um all of those kinds of things you got to pick what your top three are so takeaways what did you learn what did you notice that you you need help with what did you notice that you’re great at like that’s always important too hey i’ve got this one in spades man that’s great that john talked about that i understand this one this is this is great and again share in the chat share with reema share with us what what is it that you need help with what is it that you found informative from you know from this section of of sort of putting it all together because what we’ve covered is we need to set goals.

Your three fundamentals of marketing is your message media market match you need to optimize your website big picture of all online marketing channels you should be maximizing your lead flow you need to know that by dollars and cents what kind of budget are you putting towards it you can’t just haphazardly hope you have money in the bank account to throw up marketing because that’s not going to be the way to work as our economy goes up and down like we have all had that downturn the companies that did the best during the downturn around the beginning of covet and stuff like that were the ones that didn’t stop marketing they they’ve marketed different messages but they didn’t stop marketing the last thing you do the last dollar you stop in when when the economy goes down is your marketing dollar you can trim everywhere else unnecessary um technology unnecessary tools unnecessary employees whatever you have to do you know um all of those kinds of things try and cut your hydro bill do this and that streamline streamline streamline for sure but the last thing you should stop is your marketing budget because you might have to adjust where it’s going and what your message is.

But those who market best stay in business through ups and downs so it’s really really that important the latest trends you need to focus on that chatting is gonna is important and it’s it’s just it’s dominating and you need to develop a custom plan that works for you so to help you do that i want you guys to go to rewards all lower case it’ll take you to a google drive where you can access and download and print off all of these guides so you can print off the checklist you can print off um the the google my business guide 87 pages or you can download as a pdf and read it on your phone or your tablet you can print off our worksheet about optimizing your website and you can print off this this guide here i know some people print it off and laminated it and keep it beside their desk to make sure that when they’re talking to their web people if that’s not us they’re saying hey i need this and i need this and i need this on my website because they understand how important that is so hopefully that was valuable to you um if you did find it valuable as we always ask we’re here to help we’re here to serve i’d love to connect with you.

All you have to do is go to schedule you’ll be booking a time in my schedule where we will meet one-on-one and discuss all of this i i will carve aside an hour of my time for you if you’re interested what will happen first is remo will actually reach out to you and learn more about your business then she’ll take that information away and and our team is going to do some competitive research we’re going to do research on you we’re going to do research on your competitor in your marketplace and you’re going to meet with me i charge 495 dollars an hour to consult and you’re going to get a free hour of consulting plus free competitive analysis and research and all that stuff easily a thousand dollars or more you’d pay for for this this service anybody who’s actually jumped on a call with us it’s not a sales pitch it’s here just to help if there’s ways we can help and it makes sense we’ll have that conversation if it’s just me giving you some ideas and showing you where you can you know pick things up more i’m totally fine with that as well for select people who who jump on these webinars and learn you know are interested in going to the next level we have those strategic calls if you do become a client of ours.

We have those strategic strategic calls either monthly or quarterly whatever fits your schedule and your you know your momentum and where you’re at in your business and we help i help before you know beyond just digital marketing services it’s like hey did you guys run that postcard campaign great what company did you use again yep how did it go for you great have you you know what offers are you trending for this year like have you got your your marketing calendar that 12-month calendar played out and fixed you know what deals you’re gonna or are you gonna are you gonna add a bonus or you’re gonna add a discount you know we prefer bonuses over discounts give you something extra if you book now as opposed to dropping the price if you’re always dropping your price um then then you’re always looking like a discount provider if you’re giving them more value for their dollar you can easily up your prices um because you’re going to be handing more and more more value.

And all your testimonials and stuff are going to say hey these guys might be a little bit pricier than others but they’re well worth it because they do this and this and this differently and your customers will get that that message will sell 10 more people who just read that one review or post or testimonial and you carve it out copy it share it everywhere around the web or leave that like when people work with us we do that we dynamically syndicate every review and every bit of feedback that comes in we don’t even like just reviews we like customers every customer to fill out a feedback form off like that’s that’s that’s not on google it’s it’s private and internal first and take that feedback and use that as part of the marketing copy and also ways to help grow the business and then let the and then ask those hey would you mind posting that on google or facebook or yelp or all of the above because that would really help grow our business the amount of reviews you get by asking for their honest feedback and a quick survey first is insanely better better quality and more reviews than and better focused reviews than just saying hey go to google and write something.

go to google and write something so we deal with all of that and help all of that but if that’s something you guys need to do internally we can talk about that and share different ways that you guys can do that piece that together on a strategy session calls so if that sounds interesting to you um by all means book something with us and i know i jumped over a few things quickly but the point is you can go back and just dig into the stuff we gave you the workbooks we gave you those spreadsheets we gave you all the stuff that you can just go back and dig into you need to you need to spend a couple of hours at this put your thinking cap on close the door grab yourself a coffee or your favorite beverage if it’s wine or beer maybe stick to one during the process and the one afterwards to defrag but put a lot of deep thought into it turn your phones off everything else and just really really focus on this i guarantee you it’ll grow your business i know it will because it’s done for me and everybody else we consult with if you do this hard work now it becomes so much easier and next year it’s just a matter of you know every quarter every month every quarter you’re checking your numbers and it just becomes easier and easier and easier to build.

Learn new ideas new strategies and see where they fit into your marketing plan and into your marketing budget and uh and go from there so anyways i hope everybody had a good time on this i hope i i hope we shared a lot of value and um definitely let us know take a look at our website we got all that stuff posted on there carpet and thanks again for joining us today we look forward to talking to you next time take care everybody.

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Your Complete Guide to Growing Your Online Reputation for Carpet Cleaners


Your Complete Guide to Growing Your Online Reputation for Carpet Cleaners

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Reviews and reputation is a TEAM SPORT and to succeed you need to get the entire team on board & bake a focus on online reputation into your team culture


Why Trust Engineering™ is far more valuable than hounding for Google reviews.

Audio Transcript:
Hey guys it’s john here back for another uh hopefully exciting uh uh webinar training on everything you need to know to uh to run a great service business and and very very important things that you need to know in the world today welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clendening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry so we’re going to be talking about taking control of your online reputation to drive more sales so this this training is something that uh i’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Because it is sort of where um where i cut my teeth so um we’ll get into a little bit of my history very very briefly but online reputation and and even before online offline reputation and and all of that kind of stuff and and how you use your authority and your reputation in your marketing uh has been a huge part of my growth and in the service businesses i’ve owned and in in everything that i’ve done for the last 30 years took probably about the first 10 or 15 years to figure out what it was like to actually really put my head around it um but then i became a consultant i’m helping franchise networks and um and organizations and groups uh learn this stuff and and became a speaker for our chamber of commerce and stuff like that for years all on this topic so uh and it evolves constantly so we’re going to talk about some of the evolutions of that so ultimately through my 30 years of business and growth and and you know successes and and failures early on and then more successes and couple hundred thousand dollars worth of investment.

In my own marketing and business knowledge um i’ve been able to sort of boil it all down in creating a highly successful home service business this works for any service business um even if it’s not in home service businesses but supporting businesses and things like that is you know there’s a strategic way to go about building your business um and marketing your business and it’s all about your brand your authority and your visibility and none of this changed with online it just went different places but if you’re building it properly your brand your authority and your visibility then you’re the go-to provider of those services you’re the cat’s ass you’re the ones that everybody wants and a lot about your business can change because of that your pricing can change the way you speak to people can change um the way they speak to you changes all of that kind of stuff so we’re going to talk about how you manufacture that how you how you manage that and manufacture that and deal with that in the online realm.

So um we call it our digital dominance method all in so all in the digital dominance method is your brand your authority and your visibility and how all of the pieces tie together so we’ve been talking about a bunch of these over the last few webinars and stuff like that we’ve been talking about um sort of the you know optimizing your website for conversion which fits into convergent con conversion focus personalization all that it overlays a little bit into authority as well and then you know we’ve we’ve talked about your google my business and ways to sort of hijack that for visibility so we’ve been talking about different elements of of this chart we’re not just going around in order we’re realizing that you need all three so there’s sections in each one of these you need to implement then you come back around and do more here more more in authority then more invisibility you come back you do more and and in brand then authority than visibility and we always call it the rule of threes.

If you can be implementing three things at a time it doesn’t care if that takes a week a month a quarter whatever but three strategies that you implement lock and load so that they’re automatic all your standard operating procedures are in place it’s repeatable it’s documented it’s being done it’s working and then you move on to the next three and so you’re constantly growing because there’s many many businesses we talk to that you know oh yeah i’ve been in business 20 years and you look at it and you know i look into their businesses and do some consulting and go no you’ve been in business one year and you’ve repeated it 20 times but you’ve done nothing different since year one you haven’t grown a 20-year business you’ve just happened to be the same business for 20 years and you want to get out of that rut so that’s just a good mindset to kind of think of with all of this so a little bit of housekeeping turn off cell phones turn off facebook uh if you’re actually serious about doubling and even tripling the number of leads that you pull from the internet presence.

All in then this next 60 to 90 minutes it’s not going to go 90 minutes but the next 60 minutes or so is really really critical just to pay attention and understand where where we’re going and what this is all about so so what we’re going to cover today today is um why you can have the best tools um and still not be sort of driving five star reviews or a five-star reputation and we’re really going to define the difference between this word reviews and reputation because they’re they’re actually different and you focus too much on on one and the other one actually falls by the wayside do you want to how to tap into the power of multi-channel communications so email sms physical mail handouts things like that there’s there’s ways that you can do that to increase your review count which is again part of the equation and then online reviews are really a team sport it can never be driven by one person in the company or the head of the company or anything like that it really is um something that everybody has to be on board with it’s got to be baked into your culture.

Everybody’s got to know why when i first started talking about this seven and eight years ago it was sort of like i’d get people looking at me from the audience going you know yeah i don’t my team knows nothing about i don’t really care and yeah i’ll push this through because it makes sense as a business owner but not really you know the average person’s not really figuring this out i really can’t get my team on board nowadays we all know that your reviews and reputation and the way they’re they’re they’re integrated into the online experience is so powerful your staff obviously knows about it you have to let them know why it’s important to you and your company so we’ll be talking about that as well uh why you must acknowledge and respond to all your reviews good bad or ugly and there’s ways to respond correctly not just not just the good or the bad there’s just ways that you need to be responding to uh to those those reviews that help the search engines that help the future people looking at it um all of that kind of stuff so there’s ways you can really support that and then what trust engineering is it’s a little term that i’ve trademarked.

Um why it’s 100 times more valuable than hounding for google reviews and that’s where we’re going to start showing the differentiation between reviews and your overall reputation and how um reviews are good without them it’s meaningless but reviews are an end product of doing all of the rest of the stuff right to build your reputation and authority it’s not what you’re trying to do it’s it’s a byproduct of it and they’ll come in spades if you’re doing all the other stuff right so so that’s what we’re going to be hitting on a little little quick about me for anybody who’s new on here but um yeah so i’ve been a business owner since i was in high school uh in 1990 um so that ages me and dates me quite a bit but um and um so yeah part of a project in business class and uh i’ve heard the story took it to the bank just just for for fun.

Um and the actual banker was so impressed he handed handed me and my buddy that were together on the project in grade um handed us the money um to actually open up a business so we did that summer and um we actually ran it for a that business for a year and a half until he went off to college and i actually bought more businesses and just grew that way just decided that’s what i’m doing so um i have a lectured uh around the world um including the island of samoa and vegas and chilliwack and a bunch of other places had speeches and presentations and three-day trainings for for for helping businesses understand the um the blueprint for success around us running a service business again way before the internet even but um so i’ve been doing all that kind of stuff and i’ve bought and systemized and sold um a maid franchise for twice the price um in a five-year period i’ve bought and sold other businesses been in the cleaning industry with um with restoration businesses and duct cleaning businesses sold our two-band carpet cleaning business just this year.

Still during the end of a pandemic um for a decent return because of the way it was built and systemized and all of that kind of stuff and it’s just my passion is to build businesses and to organize and systemize them work on them not in them so that’s that’s what i help other businesses do as well and that’s how we’ve built the digital marketing agencies that we have the consultancies and all that kind of stuff so so what we do um we help make our clients the top carpet cleaning brand for carpet cleaning marketing master carpet cleaning brand in their local marketplace so they can attract the best clients able to charge the top rates and are booked out weeks in advance so we do have clients um with our legacy our main agency um that aren’t carpet cleaners and um we have the carpet cleaner marketing masters which is our very specific to you know my history in that specific industry as well and our entire team focused around that but we still have we have lots of clients that are outside of that that read this sentence as being make our clients the top fill in the blank brand in your local marketplace.

So that you you have the best clients charge the best rates all that fun stuff so does it work i’m just i’m not going to pause on any of these we’ve got clients at 45 55 um number one from being non-existent um you’ve got uh clients that have used us for decades you know a decade or more now and and things like that so um yeah what we do helps businesses change where they were and go go in the right direction and it’s a holistic approach we’re not about just being the person that only provides pay-per-click ads and then if you need something else you go somewhere else or you know there’s services that we don’t perform that uh that we would suggest hey you need this it’s part of your mix that’s part of the consulting that you get but you know we don’t do that but here here’s some companies that we say could fit in with that but it’s all part of the full marketing approach that that you need to be ascending and growing through so if that makes sense so why reputation like why why is reputation such a big focus that i’m doing an entire training on it so online reviews and reputation can make or break your company um and i think we most know that but if any of you if if you’re not sure of that write that down.

If you don’t understand that people um we’re in what we call the recommendation economy now so um it’s not the reputation economy it’s the recommendation economy so people basically say hey i need a mechanic i need a plumber i need you know i need to wrap my vehicles in graphics i need a carpet cleaner i need you name it what a lot of us do now is we we we ask on on forums and groups that we’re part of we ask you know we’re part of a local small business group we’re part of a local mommy blog group or you know whatever and we we ask for some recommendations and then we don’t just pause there we go and look to see if the recommendations we got are worth it or not and so again price is not even part of the conversation at this point it’s not about the cheapest if you’re looking for the cheapest most people do that on their own they go to groupon they go wherever they just find cheap and off they go they’re actually looking for something serious.

It’s it’s these recommendations that we’re looking for and when they come around get a recommendation go online do some searching and your reputation is not where they see it so not just google but wherever they find you wherever they’re they’re referred to their your facebook pages your other thing we’ll go through all of this if they don’t see that you are the one that everybody’s talking about you know your stuff you’re the authority and you your your reputation um precedes you uh then they go somewhere else and they thank their friend for the recommendation or whatever and they find one of your competitors will pop up during their search and you you know all of those efforts and all of that stuff that you’ve done has actually driven them to go to a competitor so worth thinking about as well um your online re reputation maybe it doesn’t reflect the top quality uh service that you provide so if your reputation shows that you’ve got six google reviews and an average of a 4.1 star rating and you know you’re amazing and your customers know you’re amazing.

Though there’s a disconnect there so if your competitor who you know is not as good as you has 250 reviews and a 4.9 star rating and you know you’re better then that’s that’s that’s a you problem because you know you’re better but nobody else does and you can’t be found that way so getting a handle on this is really going to allow you to show why you are that that authority play in that choice so um there’s some of there’s many many tools that you can use and we’ll talk about some of them as well but the point is what we end up dealing with is we talk to a lot of a lot of clients do a lot of consulting and they’ve invested in tools there’s people that bounce through most of these but it’s still not doing what it needs to do it’s still not driving um enough reviews if that’s their end goal but as i said reputation online reputation should be your end goal not just google reviews on google important to have google reviews but not an end all be all so it’s not about the tools so the thing is the other point is regardless of tools.

All what we’ve just kind of covered is that your reputation will drag down all of your other marketing it wastes conversion opportunities one of the number one conversion elements normally sort of at the it could be at the beginning middle or end of the of the buying cycle beginning they find the guy with the best reviews and then start looking around and the best reputation start looking around at the middle they’ve found they’ve narrowed it down to a few and then they check um while making some of the decisions and stuff like that and picking up the phone and finding out if you do the service they’re looking for at the end of the buying cycle is okay they’ve narrowed it down now they know who they’re they’re they’re targeting they’re renovating their kitchen they’re they’re in office and they’re getting you know their whole office properly cleaned their carpets clean you name it and they’re now down to a couple of choices and then at that point your reputation your authority your reviews what they see about you is going to be that final deciding factor.

So you don’t want them going to your competitor you want to get this right so that means there’s an opportunity so the the problem is where do you fit in in your local marketplace visibly so you know you might say well john i’ve got 200 reviews and the next closest guys got 90. okay are they visible are you number one in the google maps like we talked about last month are you because it is one of those ranking factors but only one of the ranking factors where do you fit in for them to be able to see that and if they don’t go to google what does it look like i’m bing what does it look like on yelp what does it look like on facebook angie’s list judy’s book all of those citations we talked about last month as well so there’s a huge opportunity so the opportunity is to be the provider of choice in your service area and stand out from your competition.

With a great reputation that has multi-faceted facets faceted and you’re going to see that in when i get to that point at the end as well um but you want to be able to leverage the systems and psychology to the fullest uh to get the highest quality feedback and if you write nothing else down write down this word feedback and put an x through the word reviews so i will prove to you that feedback is far more important than reviews and how leveraging feedback automatically generates reviews and most of these tools don’t even understand that psychology but there’s a psychology to um to to leveraging these systems properly and you want to have your reputation speak for itself online everywhere so and online online’s not the only place um like there’s a lot of companies that will use customer testimonials as their only advertising i’ve seen it with apple auto glass on billboards like physical billboards on the side of the highway i’ve seen it with um i’m trying to think of a couple of companies where literally all they have is a customer review.

Customer testimony their their ratings the number of raving fans and that’s their ad you know you should be next is their message um so there’s ways that obviously having it speak for itself but having having the ability to share that out as well that we’ll get into so so sex success is being seen as the number one carpet cleaning authority or again replace carpet cleaning with what service business you provide um authority in your area um and ranking accordingly so if you’re the authority and you don’t rank there’s a disconnect in people’s minds that one they can’t find you but even if they do find you it’s like why is this guy so invisible if he’s so good how come he’s not and people don’t understand online marketing and why those things may or may not happen but that is something to be very cognizant about and you want to maximize your conversions as well so why do reviews and online reputation matter so much i think we’ve kind of gone through a bunch of them but we’ll just kind of quickly cover sort of what we talked about last month.

Google my business google my business is a mess as far as how many different factors influence the way you rank and for all the different keyword terms you rank for a lot of people go oh you know i’m a carpet cleaner and i’m in google i’m in the three pack one two or three for carpet cleaning in my city or carpet cleaning near me or whatever so question being okay if you drove halfway across town are you still right that’s that’s important because it’s proximity but what about all the other services you provide are you do they pull up a map and are you also in the the listing for those because it’s not about just one so and there’s ways that re reviews even influence that but your citations your reviews and your your seo on page and off page actually seo all influence the rankings in google maps but reviews are a big one and not just from google google actually looks around and says oh by the way this this business is can also hear some comments also found around the web google knows to aggregate that that data at least in their algorithm and again reviews aren’t like hey if you get if you have the most reviews.

You’re gonna rank in the three pack no it’s it it’s weighted at about um again it’s a guess because google doesn’t tell you but on on average somewhere somewhere between 15 and 20 at the most um but that’s still a significant weighting of 26 or 28 known factors that are built into that algorithm so um reviews become that important because they can move the needle but pardon me they also um the words in the reviews have a huge significant uh benefit as well that we’ll talk about so there’s sort of ways to influence influence that a little bit eighty-four percent of people trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation so we talk about the recommendation economy.

Well if if they get recommended to somebody and they see that you’ve got great reviews or poor reviews they’ll that’s a trust level if somebody recommends you and then they go and they they find a bunch of negative stuff like we all do hey if somebody’s got a 3.9 star rating what’s the first thing you’re gonna do is go read through the bad stuff and figure out you know is is that is that really that bad is that somebody having a bad day and writing a bad review do i want that experience you’re going to do a little bit of due diligence on on that as well but and they’re good people are going to trust that that that that review as much as a recommendation and 77 of consumers think that reviews more than three months old are irrelevant and in fact um the younger crowd the sort of that 25 to 40 range 25 to 35 25 to 40 consumer range are actually finding that um it’s it’s usually about in in a lot of their searches focused studies have found that’s about two to four weeks and after that i don’t care because they might have changed their staff.

They might have a different process yeah how good are you right now right they don’t care about how good you were a year and two years ago so it’s not about having the most reviews it’s about having recent reviews in an ongoing predictable velocity that’s the other thing that the algorithm actually checks is if you get 200 reviews in a month and then none again for a year that’s not a benefit to your business not only to conversions because of this but it’s also not a benefit to google’s algorithm because they see that you did an event of some sort to collect a bunch of reviews and then you stopped and people are not commenting on you people are not um remarking about you you’re not remarkable because they’re not making a remark about you on on platforms like this and the algorithm knows that as well so just keep that in mind so again reviews are part of that ranking factor but they’re more importantly a conversion factor so if again if you’ve got on google for example your google reviews will generate more phone calls because the better your your reviews are the better your rating is all that kind of stuff.

The more people will call and you’ll see that on your google google insights for you google my business google can track how many people are on a mobile device and clicked the phone number to call and so that number we always see improve over time as your reputation improves especially especially on google so on specifically thinking of only google um again 151 reviews over here and generating a good ton of map maps leads and calls and all of that kind of stuff as well so it’s it’s part of that that mix where if you’ve got a bad reputation you may not be ranking high enough for all the different search terms as well but you’re also not getting those conversions so reviews should be should be streamed and found everywhere so do people just find you on google no do they go to your website sure do they go to your facebook page sure do they go to your youtube channel if you have one sure um are you out reaching on twitter are you reaching on instagram things like that like if you’re on tick tock all of that kind of stuff is there a way that you can influence them with your reputation.

And showing them this stuff on a platform that isn’t review centric itself because don’t make them go looking for it you got to make sure that where they are is where you’re showing them your stuff so they impact your rankings consumers look for online reviews to make a buying decision and it’s therefore a major conversion factor so um so right now if you want to type in chat you guys can add this write it down on your note notepad whatever you’re doing but why is controlling and managing your online reputation and reviews critical to you what is it about your business that you find from what you’ve just heard here pause for a minute you can definitely by all means put it in chat but this is more important for your own self-study um what is it that you understand from that that you know maybe you already knew but you want to reinforce maybe you didn’t know again bringing your getting your team involved things like that.

What have we kind of covered so far that um managing your online reviews and your online reputation is critical for the growth of your business so make a couple points down there just to kind of focus your brain back into um because we’re going to get into sort of the house next and you want to always keep in mind why you’re doing whatever you’re doing or then the house just don’t make sense and people just don’t take action and the most important thing is is to take action on this stuff so we’ll give you a little bit of homework at the end of this as well so five key principles you have to provide world-class customer experience in today’s day and age there is too many people that will go online and flame about a bad experience they had and stuff like that you have to have the systems in place that you your staff all of that kind of stuff is um the look and the feel of everything that you put together has got to come across and represent you and your brand properly it’s got to be world world class so they can’t have a great experience on the phone.

Have a great experience when somebody gives them a quote and then say for example you come out to do the service whatever that is a carpet cleaner a painter whatever and the employee has you know um comes in looking like a slob the equipment’s terrible every time they walk out the door to go to their vehicle they’re spitting all over the front lawn and the neighbors are seeing that that kind of stuff you have got to be able to wow at every level so the disney side of this um a good friend of mine vance morris talks a lot about this um in his deliver service now and stuff like that he’s a former disney executive teaches how to disneify your business runs a service business themselves very very successfully based on these principles but the whole idea is baking in to your culture your systems that everybody knows when you’re on stage versus when you’re off stage and what on stage is so a dirty van pulling up in the driveway it would be the same as going to disney and finding garbage lying all over the ground you just doesn’t happen because they know the experience is every little detail and the better you get at controlling and managing those details.

The better you have a chance of delivering a world-class experience that makes you remarkable and remember you want to be remarkable which means you want people to remark about you you want them to be so impressed that they remember you and talk about you at every stage of your business so um the other point is you want to build an online reputation um build your online meditation management and reviews into your company culture everybody has to know that we need people to see before they call us and find find us personally we need them to see when they’re looking for something in our category that we’re great and that comes from staff so when the staff buys in at this they they deal with customers differently they deal with different difficult customers differently as well um there’s a lot of differences and they they put the pieces in place that elicit more reviews as well they they drop the seeds early on in the conversation they you know you know well i hope you’re happy with what we’re going to do for you here today and if you are i love you you know how did you find this well i read some of your reviews great and i’d love you to be writing review on us when we’re done as well our goal is to wow you.

So much that you can’t help but write a review you drop those seeds because it’s not you it’s the staff that has to be thinking that way and that’s all part of the culture as well that you build what you measure inspect and celebrate you create more of so that is something where you you want to measure keep an eye on um know every time that somebody gives you feedback or review celebrate it share it with the team member ask the customer to you know as an employee you want to make sure you ask the customer that hey when you’re when you’re providing feedback so not always straight to a review we’ll talk about that but when you’re providing feedback can you mention my name because you know we got you know there’s some brownie points back in the office and some you know kudos you know that that kind of helps my job right you make mention of that then because that also helps with it and then you celebrate all of that and then here um leverage a process to request feedback at every service call and ensure that you communicate using all the channels available to you email sms physical people just respond in different ways like email open rates plummet like i’ve plummeted over the years.

SMS is still really high right now so but you don’t want to leave one for the other some people just respond to emails and don’t check their texts or don’t want text from people that that aren’t friends and family and things like that so you’ve got to be cognizant of all that so we say hit them up on all platforms and let them respond on the one that makes the most sense and physical becomes a process of anchoring so anchoring is really really big in in neuro-linguistic programming in sales in in in the way we get you know sort of train people to do things you want to anchor something to something else well physical could be handing them out a postcard or a flyer and say hey we really you’re going to get a a message for your feedback um if you want to beat it um you know beat us to it just go to this link here but i just you know when you do that could you put my make sure you mention my name in it and just write your name right on the flyer and hand it to them will they beat you to it by going into that link never maybe one percent of the time but when that when that message comes in from the company saying hey we’d really love your feedback they go oh yeah i got handed that thing i it becomes tactile it becomes part of their um something they agreed to well they feel more indebted to do it.

So um and then you want to acknowledge and respond to every single review we talked about that we’ll talk about that a little bit more but every review good bad or ugly you want to go in at any source so you want to know where they are did you get a review yesterday on foursquare did you get a review over on angie’s list you need to be monitoring all of these places not just google but you want to be writing a response and this is something that can be delegated to staff it could be outsourced but you know if you’ve got a set group of say 20 or 30 common responses um for positive comments and negative comments so you can put a slight little twist on but they’re already in the can this doesn’t have to take a long time it’s just the fact that you have to do it and acknowledging responding to every view review also gives you the ability to actually embed some key terms that maybe the customer didn’t so because google reads those and they know keyword phrases and stuff like that so something important so now we’ve just gone through those those those five points right there which one of those do you think you can work on because as we said we really only get in our brains at groups of threes so if you want to pick a couple of those things that you want to work on there.

Which ones of those should you work on write that down right now is it a matter of getting the culture in your company right is it a matter of making sure that you’re sending out multiple requests or requests across multiple platforms is it the fact that you’re gonna go back and respond to all of the reviews you’ve got good and bad in all the different platforms or you’re gonna you’re gonna task that to somebody like pick a couple of things that you’re actually good action steps you’re gonna take away with um and and implement within you know i would say within the next uh have a plan in place within the next 24 hours or less make this an instructional workshop not just something to listen to so so strategy for driving consistent reviews leverage tools to request review after every service call so it’s tools you need not um it’s got to be simple something that takes like you know 10 20 seconds or less and you know an army is employed behind or deployed behind you to do this for you um leave printed review cards we’ve talked about train your your text to plant the seeds and deliver world-class service explain to them why make it an important part of your culture remind them every single you know if you do weekly meetings on tuesday mornings for your entire team.

Remind them every single time show them how many reviews have come in so much time feedback has come in and remind them why it’s important and just keep hammering that home give rewards out for people who get mentioned all of that kind of stuff make a call after the service to walk them through the review process so hey how was everything great um you know so some some of our clients do that every single like right after you’re going to get a message or you got a message i haven’t seen um you fill out feedback yet i’d really appreciate that that really really helps um we can actually do that over the phone if you’d like pull the form up fill it out whatever if you’re using a survey whatever you’ve got on the go but you can you can do that with a follow-up phone call and at that point you can actually say hey by the way thanks for that great feedback um you’re gonna have the opportunity to write that online as a review we’d really appreciate that that’s that really helps but it you also have that point of contact as well if you can make those phone calls but you want to make sure that you’re you’re helping all the way through we’ve got some clients that call once a month like they have a referral or sorry a feedback contest.

If you provided feedback anytime during that month there’s a prize at the end like you’re putting a draw and there’s a prize so at the end of the month it’s a reason to call hey you haven’t provided feedback yet from your cleaning visit at the beginning of the month um we have that contest wrapping up your odds are really good we’re not like we don’t service thousands and thousands of customers a month so your odds are really good at winning um would you like to fill out that feedback with me over the phone about your service visit and just make it contest driven as well there’s ways to do that and then rep you know recognize it in the company and and leverage um multiple sources so that’s that’s the strategy for driving consistent reviews if you want to take a screenshot of that pause on that again there’s some there’s some resources we’re going to give out at the end but uh some of these things are really great to grab just sort of like bullet points like that for yourself as well so as we said there’s lots of tools that will help like there’s again um nearby now bird eye customer lobby podium review buzz there’s probably about 50 others so tell us and i mean i i’ve met a bunch of them at conferences and conventions and stuff like that i know most of the people that have jumped into this space.

Because it’s become that important but most of them come from a corporate standpoint and they’re they’re only driving one variable and they don’t get it so that’s why i’ve got the butt right here and the butt is where we kind of turn the corner sure reviews are important but you need to take it much further than just reviews all of your competitors know reviews are important too the guy that’s got no reviews and if unfortunately if that’s you i’m sorry if i’m picking on you but the guy that’s got you know a handful five 10 15 reviews in today’s day and age you don’t look credible you don’t look like you’ve been in business long enough you just don’t meet um what people are expecting and if you go well yeah but my competitors in my marketplace only have that as well then be ready to do a happy dance because that puts you in a position of learning this information and enacting this information before them and standing out so much in front of them that they won’t even know what hit them and why more and more and more work is going to you over them based on just this one piece alone so so yeah we call it trust engineering and because it’s not a matter of hoping.

It’s not like oh oh please sir write me a review we call that hounding um or hoping that you know that all the stars align right and and and you get some positive mentions and oh by the way you also get them around the web not just in one place i’ve seen people that have had 200 and 300 yelp reviews and nothing anywhere else there’s there’s nothing about that that unless somebody goes to yelp they didn’t find you they didn’t find your reputation they know nothing about you you want to engineer this you want them you want to have a strategic and systematic plan to be seen as the expert and the market leader you want you want to create that you want to engineer that and it’s not as hard as it sounds so your authority are you the go-to are you the number one are you the thought leader in your space plus your five-star reputation so you can have great authority but if your reputation doesn’t back it up you don’t have trust the consumer will not trust you so they go oh this this person has a lot of authority and we’ll talk about what that means in different ways you could sort of um you can hack your authority but if you don’t have the reputation and if you’ve got a great reputation but no authority in the marketplace you’re it’s better.

But your trust is still way off because no trust means no sale in today’s day and age that’s part of our recommendation economy um your job is the owners to build trust to get more sales and you need to excel you need to accelerate that at the speed of trust it’s moving really really fast you need to accelerate that you need to cross syndicate comments you need to do a lot more stuff you need a lot more volume for example in just staying in awareness i don’t know if any of you guys follow gary vaynerchuk garyvee but if you follow him he’ll tell you about syndicating content he’s got people that follow him around all day long that just videotape everything he says put into snippets and throw it out there he believes at a couple of hundred pieces of content a day across all the different platforms he is still not producing enough content to be relevant and he knows he’s ahead of most people but he understands the speed at which um we make decisions and get found and stuff like that and content being done properly and valuable and and syndicated in other platforms so you don’t have to make 100 and 200 pieces of content you have to create valuable content that you can syndicate to 100 and 200 different places and in our world that should be you know on a daily you know.

I know carpet cleaners that can create five and ten solid pieces of content syndicated around every day so they might only create one piece a month or one piece a week but it turns into five or ten a day and that’s part of it and it’s you can do the same exact same thing with your reputation so the three rules so again rule of threes things actually fit in our world and our brains in threes really really really well there’s a magic to that number nikola tesla knew it and you know the bible has you know the father son and holy ghost there’s threes all around us um the trinity is on everything well it’s actually there’s a lot deeper reason for that as well if you ever want to go and research that but trust engineering actually comes in a group of threes as well first rule have a system to request feedback from every client have a system to request feedback from every client so why feedback so the benefits of asking for feedback and not just a review is so the aberdeen research council basically um a research group does research they charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars they’re going to pay about 500 a year to get their download the report every year and it’s basically the state of the consumer.

Uh and what is influencing brands what is influencing small businesses based on what consumers tell you um and what they tell you and what the data shows very clearly is uh when when a person provides feedback the voice of the consumer feedback you have a 55 greater customer retention rate when they provide you internal not public but internal feedback there’s a different psychology to it they feel like they’re helping their next experience with your company they’re helping you get better they you you enter a different place in their brain and their psyche uh you have an average of 23 decrease in year-over-year customer service costs you ask for feedback they’ll tell you how to solve the problem.

and it’s less than what you think it is almost always a ni 292 percent greater employee engagement we’re in a world now where employees are one of the hardest things to hire maintain um stay engaged for a whole bunch of different reasons help wanted signs are everywhere and even pre-pandemic it’s been a problem like for the last five or six years it’s become a growing ever-growing concern there’s entire industries that can’t find people there’s entire trades that can’t find enough new trades people and stuff like that employees are are are are one of the you know as a business owner always one of the biggest um things that keep you awake at night but even more so now and then during and now as we’re transitioning into post-pandemic it’s it’s a it’s a big big piece and you know a millennial crowd has a different way of thinking of things anyways it’s just not good not bad not right not wrong just different as as cultures change um attitudes change and if you can you can share great feedback with your employees that they received give them kudos and wins for that their engagement goes way up and that’s that saves as a business owner saves you a ton of money um it’s another stick strategy that helps the employee want to stay around you know on top of wages and feeling rewarded.

And all that stuff but this really helps that they know that they’re doing a good job and that the end consumer is seeing that um 14.5 increase in customer satisfaction just by filling out a survey their satisfaction with your company actually goes up which means they refer you more and on average it accounts this alone accounts for a 28.3 increase in annual company revenue for the companies that institute a voice of consumer feedback survey versus asking for just reviews so who doesn’t want 30 from just doing something like that what you also do is we actually get to figure out who our cheerleaders are because our cheerleaders are five five times more responsive they’re the ones you can market more to the ones that will refer you more they’re the ones that love you more the ones that will you know you ask for something they’ll deliver it they’ll do it for you you ask them to fill out a survey hey we’re looking at adding this new service what do you think those that’s that that 80 20 rule and you want to find your a-list cheerleaders that just respond to everything and one great way to find them is ask them to fill out feedback because those people will the cream will rise to the top and you’ll know who they are within a couple of iterations of them filling out feedback every single time.

And and just being really engaged and that can you can grow your company just on cheerleaders and and strategic partners alone so um you’ll immediately hear um and respond to anybody who didn’t have a great experience that’s really important you have the opportunity to recover them and save that that referrer relationship when you ask for feedback as soon as it’s a public review hey can you go to google and tell us how we did yeah you guys sucked ain’t going anywhere it’s permanent now everybody knows and they won’t just tell you there they’re gonna copy and paste that around five other directories it’s gonna end up on facebook and and and yahoo bing and um yelp and everywhere so we just know that you want to be able to internalize that more you know avoid negative reviews getting online you want to generate ongoing positive feedback to share with your staff so and there’s a reason for what we’ve what we have discovered is that done properly 50 to 75 percent of your clients will provide you with feedback fill out a survey a short survey uh and it provides a whole bunch of benefit only about 10 to 15 of the population right now writes reviews and writes them regularly.

That’s even a smaller number so if you’re spending you know for every 100 customers that walk in the door you have a chance of getting 15 reviews by asking a lot and doing a lot of work but you have a chance of getting 50 to 75 of those people provide feedback and then you can thank them for the feedback and and tell them why it’s important if if you could help our company out thank you so much for that great feedback um i’d love you to do me a favor and help our company out um one step further and just go publish that online here’s that the nice comments you made and here’s a couple of links to go do that now you get more reviews you can you can jack that 10 to 15 percent of the population up to 20 25 because they feel more indebted because of all that other stuff that we just talked about there’s actually a deeper um psychological relationship you’ve built some more rapport just at this step alone so and you’re not hounding for reviews there’s a point at which every employee saying you know hey well reviews are really important to our business and if you can go write a review i actually get a little bit of a stipend for it and stuff like that i’d really appreciate more reviews and they say that every single time all the time customers are hearing that from everybody and it does feel and there’s a lot of people yeah yeah yeah but it’s only 10 to 15 percent.

Um but it’s they they hear that from everybody and it’s becoming a hounding thing it really makes more sense to say hey the company’s going to send you a survey about the services you’ve received from our company and every point across the board i really appreciate if you could mention my name when you fill out that survey a little bit of neuro-linguistic programming there but when you fill out the survey assumes that they’re automatically going to can you mention my name is asking for agreement and you’re never hounding for a review and it sounds way more authentic and legitimate and the benefits of doing this is you get a consistent easily manageable way of getting a lot more online reviews but you create a ton more content by the feedback it comes in but you can then share it that feedback can be shared all over the web and i’m going to show you all the places so the breakdown looks like this you add a customer to some form of reputation system some people piece this together by creating a survey monkey survey and then um sending that out and then when it comes back in they they have an email an auto email that they can automatically send out hey thanks for the fee you know the the feedback if it was positive um or if it was negative.

I’m so sorry about that and they can manually send out an email like a pre-written email template and and ask them to take that and put it online somewhere and do all that kind of stuff um send them a text message with the same stuff and just kind of do that always obviously better to have a system in place that just automatically does that you put the customer in and all of these things happen so they get triggered and also we know in our world that people treat their email the same way they treat twitter as soon as it’s scrolled past it’s gone um as soon as it drops off the page it’s gone never to be found again um no different than google search page two of google and beyond is the best place to hide anything because nobody ever gets there so they used to say that’s the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of google because it will never be found so same idea here if they didn’t open the email they didn’t see the email there’s their smart technology that can figure that out like um then then it’s counted as not having been received and you send again if their email is dialed so tight that it end up in junk or spam they’ll never see it so you that’s why you double it up with a text hey i sent you an email about this if you missed it here’s a link we’d really love your input things like that.

So it’s you’re one chewing the whole entire process making it multi-step and then stopping those as soon as they they respond or or click on something and go to it have it smart technology where in the world of ai’s now and all that have it stop have it transition to something else then the customer fills out a survey fills out the feedback um on that form some other psychology you want to make sure that when they’re filling that out there’s other customer testimonials all over that form anywhere that people your customers go to see more about you you should have testimonials and feedback everywhere so if it’s on a sales page if it’s on a page about your carpet cleaning service ton of carpet cleaning um feedback on that page upholstery cleaning service ton of upholstery cleaning feedback on that page live streaming reviews on your home page and on your contact us page and again on a survey page and then you want to smart road that so if they fill that out properly you can do this manually or have tools that do this um then invite them to leave it leave their their great comments online because that’s now the favor you need from them this is you know the first part is hey this helps our company this helps you next time this helps you know if you’re referring people to us.

It helps everybody get a better a better experience with our company tell us how it was everything about it how was the phone answering how was the technician how was the the service delivery all that kind of stuff so um and i’m going to give you a little secret right here on these surveys you can also ask them about other services you provide don’t assume they know about all your services so in the carpet cleaning world you ask about hey would you like us to send information and maybe future specials and savings on our upholstery cleaning tile cleaning hardwood floor cleaning duct cleaning area road cleaning pet urine cleaning things like that the number of people that will respond back and go wow i didn’t know you did all these other things even though it’s on the side of your truck it’s all over your website it’s everywhere they’ve looked but they only focused on the one thing until they had to check a box and of course i’d like to learn more savings on this what we found in our own company is that that about 20 25 of people will actually answer that question that they want more information on one of your other services and you immediately call them up thank them for the feedback it’s all about hey thanks so much for the feedback i’m glad tommy did a great job for you um i’m definitely going to share that with all your great comments with them.

So i just wanted to you know thank you for that by the way i noticed that you checked off that you wanted more information on our tile and grout cleaning sorry that the the technicians didn’t mention that to you when they were there but yeah by all means there’s actually a savings that when we’re in the home doing service for you if you add on another service you get a 20 savings for example um now if you’d like to book that you know if you’d like more information on that i can send it over to you if you’d like to book that in as long as you book it in within uh the next you know 30 days from your your service date uh then uh we’ll all i have no problem honoring that 20 discount you would have got we found that one out of five people said yeah i just booked me in for that and now you’ve got an automatic upsell and you’ve doubled the value of that job so that alone can add thousands if not ten thousand dollars monthly just by having a survey and asking a strategic question as one of the points and then you get them to give you a star rating and tell them tell them one or two sentences a little bit about their experience with your company and that experience is becomes the the testimonial and the review and if they have a negative experience.

Immediately they should be telling ask to tell what went wrong and how would you like us to solve it and the big button on that should say go right to the manager’s desk 85 percent of people reported that the reason why they actually go and complain online is because they don’t believe the staff will ever tell management and it will never get solved that’s why they do it they’re not trying to destroy your business by and large they’re trying the customer’s negative reviews because they either tried to get it solved and didn’t or they don’t believe you will so immediately when they fill out that if the feedback comes right away like within a few hours to a day at the most of the service comes multi-channel and they’re not happy and for any reason and you give them the opportunity to make it go right to the manager and then automatically they get an email back we delay it on our system about five minutes and then hey thanks so much um this is owner of business this just came across my desk i will look into this and get back to you um shortly within you know within the next 24 to 48 hours at the latest right that’s an automatic message that goes across gives you time to go talk to the people involved in the company figure out what the problem is and call the customer up knowing already one of the questions was on this negative impact.

What how would you like to see us resolve this you already know what they want before you pick up the phone and have that difficult conversation and you’ve blocked them in a way from going online and writing a negative review because they know if you if they give you a negative review you may not solve the problem they already know that we’re in a world where people figure that out already so if they stay positive if they say hey i just like it solved that’s my most important thing again unless they’re you know a complaining care and of of the world or i can’t remember the male version of that complaining kevin i don’t know um whatever we call our karens and kevin’s or whatever um unless they’re just out to out for blood um and they do that with everybody they’re gonna wait because they want it solved and that’s their most important metric so so rule number two now you want to dominate online marketing um by marketing your reputation as your local brand your brand is not your name your brand is how people perceive your company that already exists whether you’re managing it whether you’re engineering it or not so let’s engineer that so you want to make sure that you have reviews live reviews and testimonials and feedback all over your website.

You want to make sure that you’re marketing those all over social media so if you’ve got a good google review that’s got to be marketed snapshot take picture um do whatever market it all over all of the other platforms as they come in so they they become dynamic they’re not just sitting hoping somebody shows up over there they’re becoming dynamic everywhere across all platforms even in google my business you can put a post up of a yelp review you can put a post up of a facebook review an angie’s list review a foursquare you know anything like that so or even it doesn’t have to be a review it could be a you could put post up of feedback and testimonials that have come in as well um so there’s lots of ways that you can play with that then you can also um turn them into images and share them on on image sharing sites a lot of a lot of image sharing sites let you share the image and then put a comment well the comment becomes the their their text and their text is full of keywords i had blah blah carpet cleaning come over and do blah blah blah pet urine they’re using keywords all the way through and that’s being picked up around the web and your um image sharing sites around the web.

Actually link back to your website your your name address your phone number these become those unstructured citations we talked about two months ago so you get a lot of benefit back to you as link building videos you can talk about the review in a video hey we just got these three or four reviews in recently i just wanted to share some of the information and uh blah blah blah there’s different ways you can do videos we actually hire spokes models and create videos that we post up on youtube and stuff all around reviews to really really make when somebody goes looking for you they can find a video on your website on youtube on on google my business posts on facebook on twitter everywhere they’re going to find videos about you as well with a spokes model talking about your review it’s hard to get customers to do video reviews sometimes you can um there’s a lot that’s involved in that if you need to know more about that we can talk about that privately but there is a whole process involved in trying to get regular video reviews but one way to do it is just read the reviews and share some information on it and then what we really like to do as well is we like to re-target so retargeting is when somebody lands on your website and then leaves so 94 to 96 of all web traffic to a local website leaves and didn’t do anything didn’t fill out a form didn’t call you did nothing they just looked at it and left it doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

It’s just not interested right now or they’ve got three or four other websites to look at and they didn’t find you they forgot about you didn’t find you back again didn’t look at their history and just went with somebody else they maybe three four five days go by they’re ready to make the decision and you’re not on the top of their list what we have found is retargeting anybody who lands on your website keeps you top of mind when they go to the weather network webmd any website anywhere around the web they could be looking up how to do something in photoshop and it’s a blog well blogs have ads around them they connect to ad networks so they can make some money from their blog and that ad network is running display ads well what we have found is that display ads not only get people back to your website and it’s like billboards online it’s a it’s a billboard system for the internet but retargeting means that they had to come to your website first they’re now in your herd and you’re trying to put a fence around them well what we have found is the ads that get the most clicks back to your website are the ones that talk about a review so you have your branding on these ads switch the ads up a little bit.

Change the look and feel of them a little bit but have a spot where the most salient point of that review and that feedback that customer testimonial is put into that ad and follow people around with a whole bunch of those and everywhere they go they see different ones different ones different ones and they’re going holy crap these guys are great and all everybody’s talking about is how great they are that builds your authority that’s authority building right there by marketing it and now you want to position yourself as a local authority beyond just those types of tools there’s ways that you can do that so we’ve built your reputation and we want to build your authority as part of the play so you want to deploy um prolific authority branding so you want to you know we’re the number one we’re the best we’ve got the most reviews we’ve got we want to brand the authority that you have in the marketplace and that there’s a whole bunch of different ways you can do that with influencers and you know who you work for becomes part of that as well credentials awards um things like that but you want to we want to make sure that you’re prolifically building your authority the stuff we talked about up to this point with reviews and reputation will also help that mixes into the prolific side of branding your authority.

Other people’s comments are the most important and let’s put that all over the web as well you want to publish images and content to build your authority so again what we’re talking about does that as well but also think of youtube think of going live on facebook think of quick little how-to tips think of the 10 questions that most people ask every single time they engage with your service think of the 10 questions people should have asked but didn’t and barely ever do um think of the how to’s that you can help people with if if you’re teaching somebody how to do it and you think that that’s going to mean that they won’t call you if they’re looking at how to do it um you want to be the authority to show them how so that you become an authority if they decide not to do it themselves they’re going to pick you if they decide to do it themselves they would have never picked you and you still built an authority and when one of their friends says hey i noticed you just did this yourself um how do i do that oh that sounds too hard yeah well i learned it from this guy so he’s local give him a call right think of it that way so video content is becoming huge and it is a huge authority play um you want to leverage referral marketing to build your authority.

So um and that’s the referral strategic partners people that are in front of your ideal target audience you want you want to hit them up you want to take them out for lunch you want to talk you want to you want to get referrals from them you want to all of those kinds of things well what’s the first thing they’re going to do as soon as you call them message them meet them at a bni meet them at a chamber of commerce or board of trade meetings shake their hand hand them the card and say hey we should go for lunch sometime um i’d really like to you know talk about ways that we can help your customers um you know referral swaps a kickback program whatever it is you want they go yeah great yeah give me your card let’s do that what’s the first thing they’re going to do if they’re even slightly interested they’re going to go look you up online and see if you’re even worth talking to and if your reputation doesn’t precede you positively you’ve lost that opportunity um you want to get local expert interviews anywhere you can you want to be you know if the newspaper is putting out a you know ask the expert section if there’s any videos or anybody doing anything you want to make sure that you’re you’re leveraging that and local press releases even if you write them yourself.

In the third person but giving your authority i’m talking about things that can help the consumer not how to buy from you but how to deal with problems that you’re that you’re innately capable of helping to solve or know a lot of information on that can be put out in press releases and and that becomes part of an authority play as well and then obviously you publish those press releases on your website and everywhere else you can anytime you’ve got anything like that going on you’ve published all of your social media and your authority is just growing and growing and growing so that’s how you make an authority play all in it looks like this rep like our reputation building and marketing process map just on reputation alone this is our process map so enter a customer’s name and then all of this stuff happens surveys phone calls yes or no were they happy were they unhappy did it get syndicated anywhere was it a feedback or a review did it get posted you know to become um what do you call it uh retargeting and branding for your company did it get posted to social media to get it turned into images do you have like 150 to 200 citation sites that you can influence with this content can you post to them all of that kind of stuff all linking back to your website.

All linking back to you all linking back to your social media all linking back to your authority so anywhere anybody looks or if somebody types in the the google search company name they know your name the number one addendum to the end of your business name is either complaints or reviews so if you start typing your business name in um sometimes you don’t have to put the r in there but if you put the r like start typing your business name into a google search and then you’ll see that google has suggest and you’ll see that complaints or reviews will pop up in that you might have to put the r in to influence that in google but google suggest is just based on what people have been typing in in your area with your name with those keywords so and review and suggest um auditory review and complaints almost always comes up in google suggest because that’s what people care about the most so this is how you influence that that’s the process map so um would you guys like to see what this all looks like in the real world when it’s put together how it looks where it shows up and and just put one in the chat if you’d like to see sort of a lot of information shared now let’s take it all the way down and say okay now now show me what this means john show me how somebody’s authority and reputation can be influenced by by doing the the trust engineering.

So putting a budget towards that um is like you know a couple dollars a day and switching those up great great authority play uh and then actually running um image posts on your on your your your all your social media properties where you’re actually showing the text and the images of feedback you got doesn’t have to be reviews online just feedback because again if you’re getting you know 50 to 70 people out of 100 leaving you feedback and only 10 leaving your reviews this is the volume play this is the way you build authority and dominate digital storefront so youtube um see the header there’s reviews and authority play right there there’s authority play right there um there’s a a an interview video right there that’s that’s all authority and reputation play and we’ve got um facebook here again header graphics should not be just a picture of your company it should be customer testimonials it should be switched up every quarter at least things like that and it should just really represent your brand and your brand representation is what other people say about you and then again there that’s on twitter and things like that so all played together um this is retargeting we talked about so look um cnn there’s there’s an ad running on cnn with the reviews.

Um weather network there’s ads running on their in their ad platforms on on reviews so so a whole bunch of different ways to play play this um retargeting of the reputation with different types of ads ultimately what we like to see is depending on on ad budget and stuff like that you can get as much as 60 000 impressions in a month and 100 people clicking back into your website and post-click conversions all tracked by knowing that they they targeted well they came through to you retargeted because they’re on your website brought them back and actually got them to make a phone call you’ve influenced them all over your website there should be your testimonials and your live reviews streaming so the feedback if it’s digital then it’s coming in digital the old days of having a whole bunch of testimonials in a filing cabinet um that just sat there and did nothing made no sense i’ve always stated that what we used to do is we we sent out a self-addressed stamped envelope to all of our clients after every cleaning next day follow-up call and then an envelope that went out a couple days later and we wanted their feedback on it and often we didn’t even run a contest we just said hey can you just tell us how we did we’d really appreciate it blah blah blah all that kind of stuff.

And we would get a good chunk of those back because we left a stamp on it so there’s a little bit of that uh reciprocity or that little um you know you gave like you you invested some money in it they know that they’re going to go tick tick tick write something down and send it back we didn’t just put those in a filing cabinet and say thank you did it help us run the business better did it help us improve services did it help us improve weaknesses we didn’t even know we had absolutely totally better company because of it but we also took a ton of those put them in binders and every job we went to we showed them to customers saying hey here’s a binder of everything we do all of our services and by the way there’s a you know some comments from our customers as well and we just put like five six pages of our services and a hundred pages of of these testimonials coming back to them.

Anytime we were trying to land commercial jobs we would take 10 20 30 letters written to us from other commercial jobs that we’d asked for they didn’t just do it on their own and we’d put that into the quote and send that over still do that digitally in a pdf but we used to manually physically add those photocopy them add them and say hey you know if you want to be like some of these other companies you know city hall and this and that here um here’s our quote and here’s some testimonials why you should choose us so that’s all part of it that’s why you do it digitally now too so recap you got to be the top trusted company to get most of the work your public and social reputation must be your number one focus best customers do not look for the lowest price they look for trust all of your advertising efforts online offline word of mouth anywhere is impacted by what people see when they look you up so you need to know what that is at every moment of every day when you build and then market your five-star reputation you’re positioning yourself your company as the market leader when you therefore you’ll attract more clients and grow your business and it becomes way easier because you’re seen properly the bottom line is reputation marketing provides more customers and more profits.

So action items we’re we’re at the end of of of the main tools right here i’m going to give you something a strategy you can go kind of look up what you are if you’re not one of our clients by all means this is really important take a look at where you’re where you’re sitting right now um but you want to write down your actions steps what are you going to do like we’ve gone through a lot of stuff there’s going to be a replay you might want to go back and watch the replay and take even more notes but what are you going to do to influence and and make that all happen and we talk about this on a lot of the webinars but you can go to scan and we actually do a reputation audit a full visibility report um it’s a tool that we’ve invested in and that does a whole bunch of of of research in the background finds connection points finds what google sees and and makes some connections that way as well so you can see where your game is weak and where you need to pick it up.

So steps to trust engineering piece it together piece together a survey um create a review capturing page of some sort write a number of emails in the series set up an autoresponder if you know how to do that so that they go out automatically train your staff how to request reviews publish and post reviews to your website create shareable social review images and syndicate them everywhere you can part of your seo strategy and your reputation strategy and monitor all the directories for for positive and negative reviews and respond to every single one of them not just google but all of them that’s how you do it what if you don’t have time or the know-how to do all this i get that the only the only easy button to get something like this in place.

Would be talking to us we can point you in the right direction obviously we’ve got some tools that can help and we can talk about how that fits into your business we like to do it as part of a whole holistic marketing but we can always do a deep dive see where your business is at um and go from there if you’re if you’re interested at all in kind of just having a marketing consultation done for you um what that looks like is uh we we do actually um it’s it’s free for people to jump on the webinar we have limited spots but what we actually do is we put our entire research team to work and analyze your online visibility but we also analyze your competitors find the gaps find out where you’re not showing up well things you can do more of do a whole bunch of stuff but we don’t just leave it there we don’t just send you a report and go oh here go do all this we schedule a one-on-one meeting for one hour with me.

I charge 499 dollars an hour for my consulting when i’m being when consulting on business management and growth and stuff like that for corporations and companies and franchises and you name it i give an hour for free with with these and again there’s limited spots in my schedule there’s not a lot of openings but if you want to jump on one of those we will go through all everything that that our team found out everything i found out we’ll go through every little piece you will come away with that with a step-by-step action plan whether you want our help with it or whether you’re just going to try and do it yourself or piece something together you know it’s you know it’s it’s it’s a friendly conversation no pitch it’s not a sales conversation it’s just here’s where you are here’s where you need to be here’s a path to get there here’s some of the things that we can help with if you’re interested um and some of the pieces we can pick up here’s some of the things that you need to do with your team and your meetings and things like that.

And here’s how you move forward so if you’re interested in any of that just schedule some time remo will reach out to you you can actually even mention in chat right now room i’m interested and give her your contact information she’ll reach out to you but you schedule something she’ll reach out she’ll get the information we need to set put the research team in place get everybody working on your behalf it’s like it’s the value to you is way beyond 500 bucks of my consulting time and it’s complementary for people that jump on these webinars that are interested and find a time that fits with my schedule and yours is something that we’re willing to do to help out so ultimately what we’d like to see everybody have is a fully functioned functioning digital dominance system in place again not all of these things we do this is what you need to do we can help in some of these things and we can advise on others and we can point you in the right direction on others but we want to see everybody have a full digital dominance method in place and become the local authority in their marketplace and and and stand out from the rest and just be the dominant brand be the be the mcdonald’s of your area in your marketplace be the one that everybody knows.

And goes to like the market leader that makes your business more sellable that’s why my business was more sellable that makes business easier that makes attracting employees easier because employees are looking at what company they’re that that you know they just they just put a an indeed resume into and you responded back saying hey you like it you’d like to interview them what do they do they’re going to look you up before or after they put that resume in and go yeah i don’t want to work there oh my god yeah these guys are great so again you’re influencing so much when you influence um and your reputation and you start doing trust engineering so if you want to learn more about trust engineering and all that hit me up if you found this valuable by all means let us know tell us in the comments email us back let us know that that this was you found this is valuable share the replay out with any friends and business colleagues that you know that you think could actually uh to learn a little bit and help their business as well as business owners we want to work on our business not in it and we want to always grow and learn cutting edge stuff and what i like to bring to you guys is what’s actually working.

You know you know with brass the brass tacks of it all um shoe leather to to pavement stuff um that is actually working right now um and cut through all the clutter and all of the tools and all of the the the mess that’s out there and say hey here’s how it all fits together and works properly so that makes sense to you um hit us up um if you’re one of our clients thanks for being on it you’ve got a lot of more information and if there’s some things that you know that you’re not doing in in-house and you want a little bit more help with that give us like schedule some time with me as a client and we’ll we’ll walk through ways to help you do the stuff that has nothing to do with even what we’re doing for you.

I hope you found this valuable and we look forward to sharing more information and really getting your digital dominance dialed in in these these upcoming sessions thanks so much take care.

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Ranking In Google Maps For Carpet Cleaners

Ranking In Google Maps For Carpet Cleaners


Ranking In Google Maps For Carpet Cleaners

Ranking in Google Maps is the key to success for carpet cleaners. The more you rank, the more customers you’ll get! In this video, I show you three different ways that will help your business be found on Google Maps – and will help rank your carpet cleaning company higher than its competitors.

Topics Discussed:


Our Proven 4 Step Formula for Getting Carpet Cleaning Businesses Ranked in Google My Business in even the most competitive markets.


The #1 issue that could be preventing your company from ranking on the Map in your area.


The key ingredient for a top 3 listing and how to leverage it for great long-term results.


How to properly claim & optimize your Google My Business listing beyond just typing in your PIN.


How to develop your authority through proactive citation development & the best tools to automate the process


How to identify inconsistency with your NAP profile across the web and how to clean it up for improved rankings.

Audio Transcript:
So we’re going to be talking about google my business so we’re we’re kind of you know into the last quarter of the year and uh so there’s lots of changes with google my business so we’re going to kind of walk through sort of the the big stuff uh the the the ideas the stuff that you guys can do the stuff that uh you know digital marketing agency if you’re working with us if you’re working with somebody else what they should be doing um if you’re working with the kid across the street you know that kind of stuff welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host john clindening has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in as john shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry.

We’ve been doing a couple webinars on the one last month was all about website conversions setting up your optimization on the conversion stuff like that and it’s all part of a our digital dominance method you know digital marketing digital has taken over the world as we know so the days of yellow pages are gone doesn’t mean that you know every door mail flyers print mail things like that don’t have a place but most of us live on our digital devices these days digital world that whole thing so we know that in business that’s where the customers are and we need to be in front of them in a bunch of different ways there’s a whole bunch of things that make up a digital dominance method and this is one of the main pieces and there’s a reason why but there’s lots of others there’s paid ads and stuff like that as well so we’re going to kind of get into into that a little bit but as you know there’s you know your there’s a lot of things your reputation your authority uh your rankings your google my business we’re talking about your facebook your paid ads.

All of that kind of stuff all fits around this whole digital dominance method and there’s ways to make all of them connect with a with a great compelling sales proposition with great converting elements and stuff like that they all just kind of start compounding together as you get more authority in your marketplace video is another big one we’ll be doing a whole webinar on on maximizing video in your business as well and things like that coming up but for now we’re just going to talk about you know what something is very near and dear to my heart and something very excited about is the uh the whole google my business google maps uh world here so let’s go through that so a little bit housekeeping uh you know you’ve kind of committed to the next 60 minutes or so to go through this i’ll try and i’ll chime in you guys can chat in in the chat with with remo she’ll try and catch my attention as well if there’s something very specific you want to you want to ask as we keep going but turn your cell phones off we don’t you know you don’t want to kind of get distracted during the middle of this.

You want to make sure that you know if you’ve got a facebook tab open close it you know this isn’t the time for that and yeah if you’re serious about you know doubling and tripling your carpet cleaning leads and then the next you know 60 i’m not going to go 90 minutes but the next 60 minutes or so is is going to be one of those pieces that’s really really going to help it’s a cohesive strategy but you know and things have to build over time depending on where you currently are but this is one of those major pieces that that really really helps move the needle as well so we’re going to talk about that so what we’re going to cover today the latest updates with google maps and google my business listings it changes all the time so google’s constantly changing the algorithm tweaking things um banning things creating all kinds of problems um and and that kind of thing so there are five the biggest issues that could be preventing you from ranking that’s worth knowing noting and and then we’re going to talk about you know our our proven model for google my business.

Google rankings expanding your your zone your reach and the keywords that you’re showing up for and then the best tools to systemize and automate some of the heavy lifting for you as well so we’ll go through that there so who am i for those of you who don’t know yet haven’t been on a webinar can’t remember or aren’t one of our clients um so you know i i have been a business owner since the 1990s so 1990s actually it’s a little bit earlier than that but i was in high school and uh a friend of mine and i wrote a a a project an executive summary for a for funding for a business class and on a lark took it to a bank and um we were we wrote it on doing a window cleaning business and including buying van and ladders and all this kind of stuff we had part-time jobs and that was about it as high school students and the the bank manager was uh so impressed uh that he actually gave us the loan and it was hilarious so we we went out that summer bought the van the ladders.

All that kind of stuff and started a window cleaning business actually started a high-rise window cleaning business within a year dropping over the side of 40-story buildings and all that kind of stuff so skipped college goes great the last year of high school skipped college for that my partner took off to college and i literally just started opening other businesses so i’ve used the you know the schooling of hard knocks and learning hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in my own marketing and business education but running lots of businesses so i i’ve owned and run cleaning franchises and very different various different franchises janitorial businesses i’ve i’ve done all of you know that kind of thing i’ve got into doing some ecom products on amazon we have an amazon store that uh that we run as well and i’ve done service business consultancy for the last 15 years uh just one-on-one consultancies for for service businesses.

And networks and things like that and opened up the digital marketing agency about seven eight years ago and made it very specific to the cleaning industry and carpet cleaning about two years ago it’s kind of one of those things where you know open it up and started doing chamber of commerce presentations and stuff like that and uh never even uh never really even occurred to me that hey i have all this cleaning knowledge maybe i should just target the cleaning industry so not saying i’m the brightest light bulb there but uh kind of kind of figured it out late in the game but our digital marketing agency um is is mostly focuses on the cleaning industry we still have some of the legacy clients from my chamber presentations and stuff over the years but that’s where we’re at i’ve i’ve hosted three day elite retreats on like on the island of samoa was one of them vegas chilliwack bc where teaching carpet cleaners and cleaning business owners how to um automate and optimize their business.

Not digital this is just like everything else around the business so a little bit on digital but you know that kind of thing and so done that keynote speaking written a couple books around the topic actually sold my uh system driven two van cleaning business during the pandemic uh for you know about and then half a million dollar range and well worth it to the buyer as well because it’s fully operational um fully systemized marketing running all that kind of stuff and number one reputation in the local market area and just highest price point all that kind of stuff so that’s what i do i help business owners reach their growth potential take them from where they are to where they want to be with a bunch of different things so our digital marketing agency but also consulting them on the stuff that they need to do that is outside of digital marketing so what we do at carpet cleaner marketing masters is we make our clients the top brand in their local marketplace so they can attract the best clients.

Get the top rates and be booked out weeks in advance so the way that happens is creating a lot of authority so it’s it’s getting your digital presence right and then it’s expanding upon that and again video and stuff like that we’ll talk about on a different webinar really really helps with all of this but there’s a foundation you need you don’t want to be on a foundation of sand you need to fix the problems that were existing in your business and we’re going to talk about some of those big problems so one question i get asked a lot here is does google maps or google my business so the names are interchangeable it used to be called google maps it is the map listing but google my business is the dashboard that google’s created to manage all of this does it really even matter and i get asked that question a lot um it’s sort of like well you could do local service ads you can do pay-per-click you can do facebook ads.

There’s a lot of people that you running running different types of facebook ads um discount ones or higher-end delete ones and stuff like that and getting some leads on it so why why would we really need to even worry about google maps google my business and i want to kind of prove to you here why that’s important through this through this webinar but it is again part of that mix you don’t want to just be in one place or one other place you you kind of want to start dominating and we’ll we’ll talk about that and google maps is very very important in 2021 going into 2022. it’s a huge driver so what we’ve noticed is there’s all different numbers on the internet but from our own stats from our own clients google maps actually so this is like a a chart here of of talking about the you know the overall for most service businesses what we found is actually closer to 43 of the clicks to your website or the phone calls directly to your business and i’ll show you how we track that as well.

But it is you know you’re looking at the google maps listing as being a big driver so we’ll be we’re getting into some of the nuances about how you manage that how you deal with it when you’ve got a market that you don’t have a physical presence in and things like that um because we’re not about spamming google they’re catching on or they’ve already caught on so but yeah you do have at the top um pay-per-click and actually even above that local service ads are almost in most major markets now and then pay-per-click and you got a map itself people click on the map and open the whole maps program and then you’ve got the three pack there’s only three listings there and then you’ve got the organic results and if you notice here the organic results done well are still the number one place that drives clicks and calls most people scan down there but you don’t want to miss the other the other half of them up here so we’ll kind of walk through what that’s all about.

So hopefully just quickly there i’ve kind of proven that yes google maps do actually matter because you know it’s part of the digital mix you need to be uh you need to be looking at so so what we’re talking about here here’s an example right here um number one ranked in in the local search and driving you know this would this is the monthly budget that includes paid ads that includes every you know all the digital ads going on right now this is about a month or two ago i didn’t grab the updated one but averaging about 6.53 cents a lead across a whole bunch of different places but 152 are considered organic calls so what that is is we actually have a tracking number on the on on the websites and stuff like that anything that we can determine google will tell us where the lead came from that got to the website so and that kind of thing so if somebody actually went to a directory listing and just picked up the phone and called from there hard to track those we don’t want to put.

We don’t want to put funny numbers on that we’ll talk about that but we do track the website so we’ll put an uh a call tracking number on the website that they call but we’re still going to make sure the website’s optimized properly for the real number and then pay-per-click calls again usually one of your more expensive calls but you can target and be high quality clients if if you want to and then the google maps calls and then web form fills and and chats and stuff like that so that you know again that was 421 total leads coming in at about six dollars and 53 cents so real case study there um another one would be an example here another one of our clients elite carpet care again lots and lots of reviews a little bit higher budgets on some of the paid ads and stuff like that but generating 148 calls from maps so a good mix across the different sources organic pay-per-click google maps that kind of thing um and this is actually just this screenshot probably has a little bit of a glitch because their chat to text is just blows up constantly.

So um so that would have been counting in there but uh they those the web forms and chat detects sometimes get blended into the organic depending on the source of the data and the way google analytics is hit up so it doesn’t really matter the point is lots and lots of leads lots and lots of activity 13 is the the cost per lead so in the carpet cleaning world go back to the yellow pages days i used to invest anywhere from five to seven thousand dollars a month in yellow page ads to run a half a million dollar carpet cleaning business really dialed in yellow page ads properly but a bunch of different books a bunch of different territories competing books all that kind of stuff drive drove that price up but that was really one of the main sources that flyers yard signs back before digital that was the main source and we would be happy if we landed a client for the um that that neighborhood around uh around about fifty dollars um sixty dollars uh.

A lead because we were converting 50 to 75 of them on the phone into clients so you know again that that was really good if if if the number of leads we generated from the the yellow pages in the day divided you know again they a tracking number on the ad would be the way we would do it out of the whole course of the year divided by our huge budget for the year maybe about 50 to seventy dollars a lead but you know our average ticket sitting at about three to four hundred bucks back in the day was probably about 300 bucks now um the business i just sold 400 to 450 average average job so 1200 1500 jobs every day plus your 200 minimum jobs average right around that that that 350 range or so and that’s how you you figure out your average cost per lead so definitely a major source without it you would just have a hundred and without google google maps generating any phone calls to google my business you just have almost 150 less less leads in a month to try and convert.

And it really depends like we’re actually going to do a whole training on convert like phone conversions at some point as well outside of digital marketing but the proper scripts and the ways to actually book people properly so and this is the one that’s outside of the um the carpet cleaning industry but one of our clients that has uh basically a large operation and very very specifically wants driven on google my business been around for a while they’ve got multiple territories they’ve got multiple offices and it’s a big part of their business i see they don’t do paid ads at all they just want to drive on their name recognition only so digital budget’s pretty low because it’s really there’s not a lot of paid ads at all it’s just maximizing this so that’s where they’re getting all of it now again plumbing emergency plumbing things like that uh it is a matter like their cost per lead is is is really low uh carpet cleaners usually a little bit higher than that oddly but um just because such a competitive industry.

But yeah that’s that’s one of the most important things to think of is is it part of the mix of the leads you’re getting every single month and these are monthly numbers not annual not quarterly these are monthly numbers so um so yes google maps drives calls the size of your market determines how many people are actually on the maps looking and then the number of services and keywords that they type in that a map shows up so in our space in the cleaning industry it could be carpet cleaning area rug cleaning tile cleaning upholstery cleaning mattress cleaning things like that pet urine if google pops up a map listing sometimes they don’t but if they pop up on that list map listing at all then those are all terms that you need to be optimizing for in a various different ways and it takes a while to get google to understand that you do all of these different services and there’s a lot of little games to play but what we’re going to talk about here is sort of the big ones that make it you know move most of the the issues.

So um biggest biggest changes so we know that google google used to have a seven pack it used to take up a good chunk of the page um and then the seven pack shortened into a three pack a few years ago and people freaked out and cried because if they were number four five six or seven they were no longer on the first page of google and people had to click that that little down here if you can see it says more places to see the rest of them so that that obviously restricted it you’re in a marketplace that’s got 40 50 60 80 100 200 competitors that are in the maps listing um to be in the top three it becomes really really important so and then google’s actually been testing this year you know much to the chagrin of a lot of us a two pack because google wants to make money and the more sort of free areas they give you the the less the the paid so the local service ad becomes a paid at the top the pay-per-click next becomes a paid you can actually pay to get in the maps listing right here.

Um there’s ways to do that with your your google ads if you’re running google pay-per-click ads um you can ask google to put it in and it’ll it’s an algorithm it’ll it’ll pop in and out it doesn’t sit there permanently you can’t say i want to pay for this spot but you can influence it with your google ads and allow it to happen as an extension so so there’s paid people so you can end up with a fourth person in right now but that’s one of the reasons why google’s looking at two and one paid is what their thought is it’s been a test on different markets and we’re part of a group that just constantly keeps an eye on what google’s doing and reports back and that was people were screaming about that back in in april and may that google is testing in a few key markets uh those kinds of things same key markets that they tested local service ads in for quite a while before they rolled it out everywhere else and stuff like that so they test stuff and sometimes it comes to fruition.

Sometimes it doesn’t but something to keep an eye on um so look local service ads are live in most markets as we mentioned so home service and maps takes up what we call above the fold so it’s when somebody goes to a search page before they scroll down that’s the first place to see so you want to be visible there and um even part of that it’s not a bad idea we we do recommend um that you know you you complete that advanced um verification process google guarantees stuff like that even if you’re not going to sort of use it if you’re not going to go into the local service ads it doesn’t hurt to run through the process it’s not an easy process there’s a lot of stuff you have to step through we can help actually if anybody’s interested but um it’s yeah it’s it’s just a process of proving that you’re a legitimate business and all of that kind of stuff you have insurance and all that kind of stuff so you want to go through the advanced verification process if you can.

So yeah so here’s an example of an ad being in the three pack because that’s a paid from a google google ads used to be google adwords it’s now just called google ads and this is an example of how that’s sort of above the fold as we’re talking about so you’ve got the um local service ads at the top one paid ad here right now the picture of the map and google’s tested moving that picture around a bunch of times and then the actual maps listing and you have to click um more businesses before you can see the full maps listing so think of it as a modules in a way so google’s search page is just a bunch of different modules it used to be just the organic searches that start below this that was the search page and then they added in the maps module so you’re where you’re you’re actually your um your your business location is at and then they added in the paid and then they’ve added so there’s just these modules that are bolted in and they’re all slightly different or they’re all different algorithms that determine who shows up where.

So just kind of think of it as modules put in so again maps and local service ads we’re just highlighting it there to talk about it so um the idea is you know because you’ve got all of these different zones here the more you can the more you can dominate i like to say that obviously maps and organic are the most important maps are going to drive a lot more phone calls organics going to drive a lot more leads to your you know and page views and and things like that where you can now re-target people they landed on your website and left you can actually start following around with ads and do stuff like that so you don’t want to miss out on those and then the paid platforms you test to see if they make sense so if you can if you can dial in a good a good ad for a good budget and you’ve got a good lifetime value of a client you know how to market your database every month you know how to you know send those emails send those mailings to your database and keep them active.

Then you know you could pay 150 bucks per for every client you end up actually landing in the um in the in the pay-per-click area um and because you know that you know by that plus your technicians and your solution you know on a 250 or 300 job average you’re kind of just a little bit above break even but you’ve got a really good follow-up system where most of your clients repeat in six to 12 months and they refer at least one one person two people whatever your metrics are then yeah pay for a new client that break even and make all the money on the back end so those are ways to think of of of using using sort of search in in a google search um not going to pause too long on i just thought i’d put this in here so if you haven’t signed up for local services and you just want to get through the process just note this down it’s you know local services sign up so and again if you want to help with that just just let us know pingrim in the chat that you just you know you’d like to chat later or something like that or send us a message um an email to us support at

We can have that conversation to see to see if it’s something we can help you with but that’s the link if you’re looking to sort of start that process just to kind of get in the game there so the whole idea is to own the search results so if you’ve got a paid ad you know and then you’ve got you know your ranking and then you’ve got organic you’re now and again down here in the organic it’s not just websites what we find is that a lot of the directory sites the thumbtacks andy angie’s list yelps those kinds of things actually push push the um the businesses down farther and off of page one they just are more traffic more optimized there’s more things google’s feeling the consumer wants to see over top of your website if your website doesn’t have all the right things so optimizing your website like we talked about last month if you weren’t on last month’s webinar um go check out our our blog.

There’s uh there’s a podcast and a blog about last month’s webinar that will go you can go through the details of of website optimization um it’s more about conversions we’ll do another one on seo coming up but same like there’s a lot of overlapping principles we talked about in there that you want to make sure that you are one of the people that can rank for the keyword terms as best you possibly can in google’s algorithm so so google has reduced fake google maps listings so we’re going to talk a little bit more about this coming up but by you know by starting you know since 2015 you can see here the number of fake listings and how google has penalized and removed them so what we’re talking about um you know fake listings is you know you might have had a buddy an seo company something like that um create a second listing using a ups store or using a um you know virtual office or aunt betty’s house you know in a different town and stuff like that and while that strategy worked really well.

When they didn’t catch on to it once they caught on to it not only did they remove those it can get a lot of them and they don’t catch all of them and it’s a constant ongoing thing but they they also penalize the business if they can make the link if it’s within your google my business account this fake listing or if there’s a duplicate listing out there that’s kind of floating they will penalize your listing and to the point of suspending it at times banning it completely if it’s repeat offenders things like that because they do not want fake list listings or people trying to gain the system and there’s a lot of different ways people try to game the system and the other thing is google local guides so if you start writing a lot of reviews you get invited to become a google local guide and the more you write reviews and the more you upload pictures of the dinner you just had and the you know the dry cleaner you just used and all that kind of stuff you start going from a level one to a level two to a level three to a level four on google local guide.

Well by the time you get to a level five or level six um like i am all you have to do is go into a listing and prove like if it’s a fake listing and you can check it like you there’s no address there there’s like you clear the business isn’t there you call the phone number and the business is a totally different name that answers that’s a fake listing and the world knows it well google local guide about a level six or higher can just flag it as a fake business and actually google trusts them enough that they will remove the listing suspended instantly send an email over to that person saying you have to prove you’re legit we need to see your your business license records and all that kind of stuff or you’re not going to be allowed back in so it’s something a lot of seo companies a lot of digital marketing companies do when they take over uh i have a new client they’ll go in and check the market that that client has an as their name address phone number in their google listing in.

And just to see if there’s any fake ones above them to help them move up that’s the first easy win it wins for you and some of your competit your competitors are legit but it moves everybody up because it gets rid of the guys that are gaming the system um and trying to make fake listings and there’s there’s ways that they do it that kind of tries to buck the algorithm and jump in front of the line and it might look tempting but it’s not tempting if you lose your entire entire google listing and google license or ability to be on the search results in general so so what could be hurting your maps ranking so so here’s a big one in the carpet cleaning industry um we a lot of us run as service area businesses and that is totally fine but just understand that google’s maps listing was originally designed to help people drive to your place so the algorithm still skews really really heavy that way there’s ways to influence it absolutely but and google absolutely does not want you to show your address if you’re running out of your home.

If they if you do a street view and it’s running out of your home and they know you’re not meeting clients there if you don’t have a shop like your garage turned into a shop with a sign over top of it and stuff like that then they know um and all we need is one human reviewer to do that and they’ll pause your listing and then make you you know oh i’m you have to apologize on story i i forgot to you know put it as a service area business and things like that ultimately all things being equal in your google my business optimization those with a physical address tend to rank higher even still less so than a few years ago but even still in the in google’s multi-algorithm of why they put one person in front of another in the different sections of google when we’re talking about the maps section that that is one of those factors so and it’s you know again as we talk about um you don’t want to spam with fake locations at all so if you really need to be in you know you want to be in the google my business in that other town it’s it’s you know it’s one of those things where if you bite the bullet have a warehouse.

Put a sign over it even if it’s the back bay of you know i know i know a guy that’s got like there’s a pharmacy like um it’s it’s sort of like a by invitation only pharmacy like a a dis um compounding pharmacy of some sort um in an industrial area they don’t need their back where the back warehouse space and it’s you know might be a i think it was a 200 by 200 square foot box basically with a bay door on it well that’s unit b and that you know i know i i i know one of our our clients who’s got a spot like that 500 bucks a month and a phone line is in there they forward the phone elsewhere but you know all of that kind of stuff everything they can do to make it as squeaky clean and legit as possible they’re definitely there if people need to drop off area rugs they schedule a time covert has allowed it to be like buy and you know buy um appointment only so that’s really helped in some of these situations so you can tell google that you’re on a buy appointment only location because of kovitz and things like that.

So yeah all of that works and it still helps you know it might be a strategy if you want to expand your territory reach versus hiring somebody who goes you know what i know how to do it on the download you know that works for now but it could damage your entire list and it doesn’t work all the time and you’re gonna get banned and it’s gonna you spend a lot of money a lot of time building everything you need to make that show up and then have it taken away in an instant one of your competitors could be a local service guide level five level six level four and just report it and you have to prove that it that you know millie’s place is a legitimate address and if you can’t it’s gone so just be be aware of that um consistent name address phone number profile everywhere on the web and we’re going to talk about what everywhere on the web means but you have to have the exact same name address and phone number you’re not spamming.

Any of this it’s got to be able to be proven if google asks um because again somebody could flag you it could be a competitor it could be an seo company it could just be a random person who really feels that they really want to help google have a cleaner listing profiles and that’s who’s going to do that um so you don’t want to spam your city somebody might have said you know you might have heard you might have read a report somewhere years ago that said hey you know make sure you put your your keyword and your city in your your your business your google my business listing name so joe’s carpet cleaning of denver right but if your business name is joe’s cleaning the carpet and the denver are spam and google will eventually find out you’ve got two options one is definitely make it absolutely legit to your business and and do this all legit the other one is literally change your business name and i know people have done that change the business name to help with the services they provide.

Because abc services doesn’t help your business at all and you know people who see that don’t know what you do be very specific you know um we’ve got i think gary’s on the call here um and gary it’s um complete carpet and tile right know exactly what you do you know it’s like that that’s right in your business name and you got keywords in there right so things like that those are things to really really consider um and then reviews we know all about reviews and we’re going to talk a little bit about what you need to do to make this happen really really well some of you guys get this inside don’t backwards and really get it some of you guys know how to make your technicians um just the most active part of your review generation process and other people haven’t figured out the reviews are important yet trust me they’re important so these are some of the things that could be hurting your maps rankings just so you know and driving you down sometimes you actually have an old listing.

You don’t even know about you haven’t even claimed but google knows that there’s your business name in your city two different addresses the old one is kind of in there you never even claimed it but it’s there and that google could that could actually be driving down your uh your your main business rankings as well cleaning that one up getting getting rid of it um claiming it and and and closing it that kind of idea working with google on that can actually help your main listing um start to actually get out of a bit of a sandbox as they call it so just some key points there so we have a basically a proven formula that helps you get ranked in the three pack so optimize your google my business every way we’re going to talk a little bit about what optimizing the google my business means because there’s things you can do we talk about the 80 20 rule there’s about you know 20 of the stuff moves 80 of the of the needle so there’s a lot of really really specific things geotagging photos really helps things like there’s all this kind of stuff i can go into a whole bunch of jargon.

I could have a whole webinar just on the on the the nuances that you could do but re recognize 20 percent or 20 20 of the activity is actually going to move the needle the the you know um 80 percent of the 80 of the way there the rest of it is just those little micro mounts or in a really competitive market they all start have to be layered in and you just have to get ahead of the other guys so one of the best ways i love this little analogy one of the best ways to think of internet marketing in general whether it’s the maps listing rankings whether it’s where you show up in the local service ad you know google’s got an algorithm to place you there where you show up in organic listings all of that kind of stuff think of it as um that there’s a race being run so boston marathon and by optimizing your listings and stuff like that you’re tying your shoes the other runners might have already started the starting guns already gone off they’re running you’re tying your shoes your goal now is to start running a little bit faster than them so that you catch up and then overtake them so there’s no way to just jump the line you can’t teleport you you just have to get in the race tie your shoes start running.

And then optimize better than them and that’s the all things being equal google google’s algorithm will place people based on the different things so one of those other things this messy map over here is the citation mix so we’re going to talk about what citations are but you need them you need google to prove that you exist they’ve got to be quality and they’ve got to be very specific as well um you need reviews we talked about that like and there’s we’re going to talk a little bit deeper about that and you need seo on page and off page so we’re going to kind of walk through a couple of things and a really cool strategy that really helps in a lot of your marketing but really helps influence your google listings as well that we’ll talk about here coming up so claim and optimize your google my business listing um just first and foremost make sure you have the login you know if if somebody set it up for you your google listing um it’s yours not theirs.

Make sure that you are at least an admin manager on your listing um preferably the owner but make sure you are you actually can log in and you have access to your google my business listing don’t it’s that important don’t leave it for somebody else to deal with don’t leave it for an employee in your company to deal with because they leave the number of times we find people don’t know how to log into their listing and then you know it takes weeks to months sometimes to get google to prove that you’re the business owner the other person wasn’t and on and on same thing happens with facebook pages as well so own your stuff right um update your company with your real name if you don’t have it already don’t have keywords stuffed in it even if you’ve got you know talk to us if you’ve if you’ve got keywords stuffed in it and it’s helping you rank but it’s not your business name might be worth a conversation with us because yeah i don’t want to say something that all of a sudden you go john um i was ranked in the three pack normally and then i actually made my business name legitimate and i dropped out.

It might have been the one thing that kept you in spot three instead of four or five but it’s as soon as somebody reports you’re guys that have tried you know going to having you know they show up at the storage drive their van in one of those fancy storages load up their truck every day you know meet a client there to put area rugs in google knows it’s a storage locker they’ll suspend your listing so um you’ve got to be really really legit on this stuff photos as many as possible uh what we actually like our clients to do is send the photos to us because we can do some fancy stuff with them before we upload them but photos um really really help move the needle and you want to use personalization just like i talked about in last month’s webinar regarding um one of the keys to making your website sticky and and more optimized and higher conversions people do business with people one of the things i used to teach and used to do in yellow page ads.

Years and years ago people would get us to redesign a yellow page ad for them and we’ve had people call up and say john can you turn off it turn off the ad i’ve got too much work coming in all we did was actually take an ad that was all about their company name and logo at the top and a big phone number and then just a bunch of garbage down below and put a headline why you like what’s the reason they should call you and the face of the owner and a personal guarantee that there alone starts personalizing even just a little yellow page ad can double and triple the response from a yellow page because people go that’s the carpet cleaner i want that’s the mechanic i want he put his face on it he’s not hiding behind something right so same thing happens in google people find you it’s not about showing a picture of your equipment it’s not about showing a picture like before and after pictures we all love them and in the mix sure because that shows a little bit of your work more importantly is you your technicians.

A technician in front of a smiling customer taking us you know a selfie or another person just taking a quick picture things like that um authentic pictures one of the guys you know pulling the hoses out of a truck that kind of thing just anything that’s authentic um you want all of those types of pictures uh on there so if you are going to put pictures of your trucks just make sure it’s there there’s a reason for why it’s there like you know it’s it’s not just the truck um it might be the truck in front of you know carnegie hall because you’re cleaning carnegie hall brilliant that’s okay but team pictures if you do charity events charity pictures all that kind of same kind of stuff that you’d want to do on social media make sure you’re doing in your google my business listing as well and then make sure you list your all hours of operations and services offered inside your google listing so if your hours of operation say for example or eight o’clock in the morning to five o’clock at night but you have a call center that answers your phones from five to midnight or from 24 hours me personally your hours of operation are to the phones aren’t answered anymore.

Because google will mark you as closed as soon as that time ends right so if it’s a physical location where they’re coming to your business um yeah when you lock the door maybe but even if you’re still using a call center then i i would still if it’s a service business where you’re going to people’s homes and very few people are dropping off area rugs and things like that i would still put down your hours of operation for phone calls so that’s just a little hack right there and make sure it matches exactly the same on your website so google looks at your website to see if and everywhere else to see if your hours of operation match because they don’t want to be the odd man out with the wrong hours so and that affects their algorithm as well and then your service is offered there’s a couple different ways to do that a couple ways to hack your services offered um but ultimately just at least list your services and a description about them there’s a section to do that there’s ways to play with services using the products gallery as well but that’s a little bit more advanced let’s keep it to you know again 80 20 rule.

Just just do 20 of the stuff that moves 80 of the needle so this is an example if you’ve logged into your google my business dashboard before um you’ve got the ability to hit info add photos that’s where you’re going to add the photos you can do it from the app as well so you know if you got it on your phone but i like a bigger experience so i can see what i’m doing and that kind of stuff so that’s i just want to show you where you’re going to be adding the photos in that thing you want to make sure it’s a verified listing so you’ve gotten the postcard you’ve gotten the phone call sometimes they actually ask you to do a video tour things like that to verify your listing so you want to make sure that your listing is verified in google as well that really really helps in the algorithm and helps you rank move up um yeah and then there’s again another example um just that you can upload photos once you hit the photos thing you’re in here and you can upload photos so by the owner interior exterior at work teams identity all kinds of different photos that you can actually add into your listings so you want all of them.

You want you want your logo photos and stuff like that under over you but you want you know anything that you upload into your own account from your cell phone is going to be by the owner but you’re going to want to set up interior exteriors things like that you want to show people what it’s going to look like again google made the google maps google and gmb dashboard the google maps um they made that uh originally to drive to the you know the coffee shop to drive to the the restaurant uh you know you name it to the the you know the the bridal gown shop of course you want to see the interior the exterior exterior 360 degree you know panoramic views of what it’s going to look like to walk through the place stuff like that for us in the service industry we’re going to show you know shop room exterior could be on the custom as well physically cleaning the upholstery cleaning the stairs all those great pictures you guys have the team easy just get them all standing in front of you know the truck or when you’re doing a charity event stuff like that just keep adding more and more pictures so and then google gives you valuable insights.

You get to see how many people looked at your pictures how many people called you how many people and that’s a call they on their mobile device the only way google tracks those calls and actually somebody asked the question i forgot to get back to it um so when i was showing those case studies of google my business calls like 148 calls in a month and stuff like that that’s only the only way google knows that that’s not a tracking number that is somebody on the mobile app because we know 60 of people 70 percent of people are using a mobile device at least to start their search if they want to do more research they tend to go to their desktop or their laptop or their tablet but for quick service things like that um and phone calls they’re going to go to the google maps um on their on their phone so at that point google knows there’s they turn your phone number into a click to call button because it’s a mobile device and they know how to do the coding and that allows them to track only the people that clicked on a mobile device.

Anybody else who clicked saw your map listing on a desktop device and then phoned that would actually be tracked in our world as an organic lead on our tracking documents and stuff like that so just so you know but if they click to go look at your website they requested directions um any you know again how how often you’re showing up in maps and how many times they saw your your images and stuff like that you’d be surprised you upload an image within a short a couple of months it’s gotten five six seven eight thousand views it’s insane how much people look at pictures so just just keep that in mind um so best practices update your photos add them on a consistent basis leverage your google posts this is one that we haven’t talked about yet um this is actually a little bit of a an old slide i should update this a little bit um not every 90 days um i’d say once a week uh for our clients we’re tending to post on on their google my business a couple times a week at least unless they’ve got events coming up and we’ll do a little bit more often and things like that.

There’s ways to put you can post reviews and reputation and feedback from other sources you can post um you know service before and after pictures blog posts um content linking back to there but the more google my business posts posts are done from within the google my business dashboard the more posts that you can do and then just seed in some keywords make sure you’re talking about your services carpet cleaning this and that put your phone numbers put your address when relevant put your website link things like that google’s reading all of this and picking up on all of that stuff google can actually read what’s in the images that you post online so if you put text in the images google’s algorithm can read the images and the text can recognize your logo and make all kinds of data connections so just yeah posting is really really helpful respond to reviews huge most businesses never respond to a review good or bad and if they do it’s generally only the bad ones respond to all your reviews even if you have 10 or 15 sort of semi-canned responses you know.

Hey you know somebody said the work was great tommy was awesome got all the stains out this is a great company you want to say hey thanks so much we really appreciated cleaning for you look forward to seeing you next time um something like that thanks again for the great comments you have 10 15 of those sort of semi-canned responses that somebody can go you know copy paste adjust slightly and post make it really really simple that that’s the way to do it because not only are you responding to the reviews and it’s helping google’s algorithm a little bit because everything you type becomes part of the text google’s algorithm is contextual it’s words it’s keywords it’s things like that but it’s also the next person who comes across your listing and sees that you’re very very active you’re an active business and an active business owner and you’re adding comments and if somebody has a negative review you’ve responded i am so very sorry um by all means give us a call here’s my direct cell number.

Call me directly i’d like to solve this for you whatever if it’s one of those really difficult customers that you know the story behind don’t tell it online just say i’m really sorry that you know we couldn’t help you out the way you wanted by all means we can discuss this further give me a call directly um but i really apologize and by all means we’ll give you a full refund you know those kinds of things you’re writing your reviews for the next guy that reads it not for the person that wrote it um and answer questions um this is really really good um seed some questions get get some people that you know to log into your just to go to your type in your business name find your google listing and ask a question um if you do it from your own login google is going to know it was you that did it but if you can have a few common questions seated in there and then you pop into your google my business and answer them uh that’s that that there helps influence the algorithm as well so having asking some common questions and um do you service this area do you pick up area rugs on sundays or do you clean on sundays.

Those types of questions that you get asked have four five six seven of those um asked in your you know in in your google listing as well that that’s that that can be helpful to really um to really connect some dots for google and for your the public as well so all of this is kind of a bit of both make sure you’re ranking and then make sure you’re optimized for conversions so we’ve gone through a lot so far there’s you know we’ve got a little bit more left um so we’re gonna talk about building citations but at this point just put one in the chat if this has been helpful so far if you’ve un if you’ve gotten any insights that you didn’t know before if there’s anything here that sort of you know resonated with you that you know you find this a little bit valuable because like digital marketing can be confusing you’re not meant to be the digital marketer of your company you’re meant to be the manager owner of your company that you wear a bunch of different hats you might be on the road this technician as well you might be you know all that kind of stuff you might be doing some of the digital marketing but you’re ultimately the controller of these things and and getting them done.

And hiring out and stuff like that so knowing the knowledge is is key to know if it’s being done right or not so cool yeah so we’ve got some yeah good stuff keep going okay thanks i will keep going um and i respect your time so i’m going to keep moving along here so um so build citations consistency with nav that’s your name address phone number that’s what knaps stands for you want lots of quality citations across the web we call structured local niche relevant there’s unstructured as well so there’s a bunch of different citations we’ll talk about you want consistent reference to your name address and phone number so you want lots of them and you want them to be exact so i’m going to give you a link where you can actually run a port report to see how how close you are to being exact across the web and things that you might need to do and you want to limit um duplicate or incorrect business listings you don’t want two or three yelp listings and four or five angie’s list listings and stuff like that that’s going to confuse everybody.

So google included you want to pay attention to the data aggregators so if you’re one of our clients we’ve already submitted for you you know this but there are four major data aggregators that a lot of the other directories around the web pull from so you know these are the lazy directories as we call it or different types of listings they’ll just go to the data aggregators and grab the info what if you’ve got an old listing on info group and you’ve got 40 sites that have pulled that old listing somebody spammed a um you know an old seo company that created a fake listing and that’s the one that get picked up by these guys and not the right one you need to own your data you need to know what it is you need to make sure it’s accurate so because these guys distribute to three four five hundred different types of sites around the web that just pull from these guys directly so you wanna make sure your data is accurate there by doing that um we do this for all of our clients um some of them you can pay to get like you just pay to help change it it’s not like it’s a paid ongoing paid thing other ones.

Most of the time it’s just a a a free uh um back and forth back and forth to try and you know update the uh update the listing but it’s yours your right to do so make sure you go looking at those there are citation tools that help as well so bright locals one white spark advice local moz yex we know about all of these some of you guys know about all of these or some of these they all cost some sort of amount of money uh but what that these these these types of tools have connections yes is the big daddy on the field um because they have api direct connections with about 50 of the most top major directories so as long as you’re paying yex your your business listing is accurate to what’s in next as soon as you stop paying it goes back to being the mess that it was before which is a little unfortunate but these other ones do a very similar service there’s things like that and we we leverage a bunch of these with our clients on our dime.

But that’s that’s kind of part of it so um if you want to run um a free citation accuracy check you can go to so there’s actually a link on our website as well to get to this but um this is the direct one this is a site that we own and you can just put in your business name it’ll start looking for it in google um so a little bit of a bot we’ve created to help look for your listing and um and your and your phone number and then uh it will it’ll run a report it will do a basic look not just at your google my business and your your directories but it actually looks at a bunch of other stuff as well so it’s just a quick way to create a snapshot of where you’re at so to to see how accurate your data is and some of the other variables that help you show up in your visibility so um and um let me see if i’ve got i can get rima to put that in the in the back end i think it’s some um yes scan so carpet cleaner scan is the easier way to get to it it runs to the same page this is what page looks like when you go there that’s all you need to add in and this is the type of report you’re going to get it’s going to start telling you about your name address phone number.

What google sees as your category those kinds of things so the categories are what you know what business are you in you don’t want to spam that either you want to be very accurate with those on your google listings so you know that’s that’s kind of what you’re going to get and it’s going to help it’s going to give you a reputation report and stuff like that as well it’s going to do a bunch of different stuff so um oh there it is sir sorry that’s the right link they both work but it’s um oops and i clicked on the link by mistake and it’s trying to open up another link in my computer and we’ll get past that okay so let’s move on okay so citations best practices manually claim and optimize your google my business listing don’t do it automatic anyway leverage tools that have the api connection wherever you can or use a service like a company like ours that is going to be leveraging a bunch of those get listed on the major data aggregators and then use tools like bright local citation finder white spark to find some niche opportunities so you can’t just stop at the big ones the the google yelps facebook angie’s list judy’s book.

Those kids you can’t just stop there you have to get into the niche ones as well so some of the best top citations for carpet cleaners these are the ones like again home advisor better business bureau facebook manta porch those kinds of things are some of the big ones again some of these api connecting tools connect to some of the lesser known ones nice specific for carpet cleaning um getting on these ones international janitorial cleaning association we actually have a list of about 50 and we don’t put them all on at once it’s sort of like four or five a month to make it look natural to the to the google the internet as well so over time you’re building more and more and more you’re building that authority you tied your shoes you got into the race and you’re just quickening your pace and that’s the way google likes to see a business move through their directories there’s no way to sort of leap frog in front of somebody and you know you know drink a uh a red bull and get a jolt and run ahead of everybody that kind of idea so um take a screen cap of that if you’ve got it give us a call we’ve got you know there’s there’s a much longer list but these are some of the big daddies in the for the carpet cleaning industry.

So now we’re going to talk about reviews so again one of the clients 151 reviews and growing you know with competitors with much less than that so that’s the important part we have a very unique way of getting reviews we actually got into the digital marketing space being a reputation building and marketing provider first um and everything else second so because back six seven eight years ago we kind of realized how important this was before the average person did because we knew that people will you know love testimonials they love especially in the carpet cleaning space they you know that you’re you’re in their home you’re in the bedroom you’re in the areas of the house that even their best friend aren’t they care a little bit more so it was big to our business every time we sent out a sales letter we always sent three or four or five customer testimonial letters behind it like in in the same package and things like that because we always say hey we’re good we’re good these people love us so when reviews started showing up i went wow that’s brilliant and people are gonna start looking there instead of elsewhere so we we realized there’s a power to feedback and reputation more than just reviews.

So feedback um by asking for feedback you actually you know a survey private you actually hear and correspond you know um to the client before there’s anything negative showing up around the web um so we actually found that you can recover them and create a referral relationship if they’re upset they can tell you privately you go solve the problem you’ll get a great public review from that as well so feedback is really important you can avoid any negative online reviews a lot of people just say hey here’s my link go give me a google review there’s a problem with that what if they weren’t happy what if they smiled sweetly to the technician yeah everything’s fine he walked out the door and go that guy was an idiot yeah i’m not going to give him a good review i’m going to give a bad review that can happen in our world so especially as we grow in with technicians and stuff like that um so so now we’re looking at um you want to make sure that that that you can you know reinforce that they made a good decision.

So by asking them for the feedback because it helps grow your company they made a good decision and they know that so um that’s one of the benefits of writing writing good feedback and you’re not hounding for reviews so the benefit though is not only getting consistent um easily manageable way of getting more online reviews you’re getting way better better business intelligence than just what people write in a review you can ask them questions in a survey as well how was the office staff how was the technician how was this how was that you know what more what would you like to see more of what you like see less of which one of these other services would you like more information on that we can upsell you right away those are great things you can do in a survey so you want to leverage tools to request that feedback make it easy put somebody’s first name or first last name email cell phone number in and click send 10 seconds or less you’re doing it integrate it into a tool if you can that you know if there’s you know connections to tools and stuff like that so as soon as you complete an invoice anything like that get the technician to do it in the driveway.

Incentivize them leave printed review cards the most important part is you can’t just rely on the technology alone that’ll only get you so far you really need to make it humanized so you have to make it part of your company culture that your that your technicians are mentioning that the company’s going to follow up and you’d really love i hope we did everything great today and you know if so i’d really love a positive comment because that helps with my performance bonuses and stuff like that but it also helps the company grow so they’re going to be sending you that right after this job i would really appreciate you fill it out and mention my name something like that now um the printed review card or flyer is an anchor don’t assume that people are going to read the link on it and go to it that just that’s an anchor to remind your technician and to remind the customer that you have this conversation you train your technicians to plant the seed and that should be bold and big plant the seed is what they’re doing they have to mention it every single time um then do you make do you make a a follow-up call afterwards right so if you do and it’s really you know just a you know happy.

Call as some people call it um customer service quality call the next day two days later whatever from the office so you did you get all this you asked for the feedback hey how’s everything looking now that’s always a great way to customer service anyways then you can also say hey we sent that a bit you know the survey over for your feedback did you get that we’d really love to get your you know get your your comments if they say no you can pop it up on your screen and say oh let me let me fill it out for you right now but okay what’s your email address again just you know telling them hey your comments help me grow my or help me internally run a better business and give you a better cleaning next time the review helps our business to help you it doesn’t help them at all feedback helps them to get a better job you know and makes them feel better and stuff like that and build review recognition to the culture of your company the person the team member that gets the most reviews or the best review at the month you’re doing your team meeting given a you know a starbucks card or a free pizza or whatever and stuff like.

That because it’s got to become part of the company culture the companies that have five six eight this dialed in just no that’s the difference um and the ones that have one two three reviews have addition system it doesn’t just do the collect feedback and then but it also does a whole marketing platform around the reputation all around the web um but there’s other ones bird eye customer ones also um they don’t do surveys necessarily but they will trigger uh hey we really like your um your review online do you mind clicking this link and giving us a review they’ll at least do that so there’s a bunch of them that do those kinds of things ours we’ve built it around an actual marketing principle to get feedback convert them to reviews and all of that kind of stuff so so our proven formula we’ve we’ve touched on these the google my business optimization citations and reviews the next the last piece is seo you want to make sure your website has your name address phone number right on it that exactly matches and your um is usually best in the footer and your your hours of operation.

Your google my business listing so if you go in and change your google my business listing for any reason um you know we gotta know as as your provider to update numbers and things like that but our update times and dates and what have you but the exact your site and there’s a way to code it that data but they’ll find it on your site because they just read your site as code so very very important and these are a couple of other features reviews popping up text platforms really help your website as well but this is for the testing lots of citations build up your reviews online to leverage the best tools one final piece we’re going to talk about and then i’ll let you guys carry on with your day but you want a lot of to other properties and you want strategic content syndication that’s very if you’ve got a website that has not been updated in a while that’s on your website ain’t going to cut any anymore most clients we we come across they either have one blog post or none maybe five or six maybe they worked with an seo company for a while and have a few but they’re just static.

And they sat there and that was it that doesn’t cut it anymore blogging is a strategy but it has to be put into a mix so authoritative the the new authority signal generation approach is what we are heavily invested in so we don’t need to get into all of this google has changed their entire algorithm a year and a half two years ago to do this thing called eat so eat stands for all of their their websites that they they rank expert authority and trust so we’re not going to get into the mix of the algorithms and stuff like that but one of the ways to do that is making sure you have rich media content content structured data um on you know again it’s the way the articles are written the where they’re being placed you know every image is coded properly all that kind of stuff but you also want to have be seen on authority sites news sites are very authoritative and they le and to get them to link back to you that’s amazing and there’s ways to make that happen because they will tr pass the trust the page rank and a lot of these link signals so we like um link signals a month for our to get into this again as well you don’t need to but this is the seo periodic table.

These are all the different things that matter in ranking ultimately google’s purpose was to make sure that they that’s better for the user experience so no need to dive in the technical but so google’s three pack rankings have three major um criteria proximity they’ve added proximity as a big part if somebody is in you know manhattan and your office is in you know across the river in hoboken new jersey you’re not close enough and the guys that are in manhattan are closer and proximity counts as part of the mix relevance how relevant are you to the search terms have you optimized your website and all of this stuff that you are relevant for area rug cleaning mattress cleaning and these other things as well or is it just the one term so how relevant are you to the searcher’s term and how much authority and that’s what we’re talking about here is the authority so authority looks like this our clients have been upgraded to what we call a media room now some of the big media room providers um the the big media houses they charge fifteen thousand dollars set up and five thousand dollars a year to maintain a media room for their clients we’ve been able to um partnering with a a couple very very strategic partners been able to create media rooms with all of the same power that these other guys are paying.

That much money for and for a fraction of the cost is built into put the media room up but and as a press release sources and then looks like this there’s a new so let me pop over to an example where did i put that let me see if i still got that open so here’s one complete carpet and tile’s just been upgraded to the media room from and we syndicate those and we do a lot of cool stuff with google my business posts around the blog post so they’re not just sitting static on your website and then once a month we actually get our professional so the media room has a lot of structured data to it it’s got your your maps listing and it’s got a whole bunch of stuff that the internet just loves to eat up but then if we go to the most recent one this one was published october 7th here’s the press release gorgeous looking release really well formatted lots of good links in see there’s a naked citation and are unstructured sometimes but and then we’ve got the maps listing again here but look at this these are all the news click on that one as an example there is now a link we go find those links as they get picked up and we place them in here and there is now a link affiliate they pick up the new site they found the topic valuable enough to pick up um and there’s different ways reasons and ways they do that.

But we we influence we put push out on the news wires what they do it really really helps us but all of this as it comes there we go it comes in it just promotes the business look at all the graphics that we put in each one of these like this graphic right here oops let me see one of them will be clickable let’s go down probably the next one yeah there’s a review graphic i click on it uh google my business listing and right right there to that the actual review it’s gonna pop up the listing so now google has followed that chain and has now given credit to this review for this client it’s in a news article so if you see the connections however connect down there and it’s it’s it’s actually the website is the original source not some media outlet not you know not you know newswire or something like that it’s directly on the website so very very important to get these signals right um so that’s something that we we do very very strategically as well it’s unique i don’t know any other it’s actually um doing that right now.

So give me a quick second just as we get there we go so what does that look like we get rankings that are jumping um so if any of you like you guys are my clients you know that when we talk about your rankings we’re going to see how many new new links have been built that are jumping on the you know in in google search and how you’re moving up because that’s part of the strategy one of the many pieces of overall website seo but really good for for google my business so on page stuff h1 tags the keywords on your website all over the place each service page home page gmb i’m going a couple times a week and then leveraging signals your competitors like crazy so read through it um it’s a 85 page guide i wrote um on exactly all if you want to jump on a call if it’s something that you don’t want to do on your own by all means get the guide anyways it’s on the next slide i’ll give you the link but you can always carpet schedule we’ll have a chat with you we will dissect your entire business see where how you know how close you are to being in the game where your problems are where the strengths are and we’ll dive in and we’ll give you an idea and if it makes sense to work together to start fixing some of those things up before it breaks completely.

Um and and you start falling away backwards that’s where we’re we’re here to help with that as well um so here’s the guy g so carpet cleaner gmb guide you’ll get this just flip right through it on there you can print it off you can do a bunch of different things with it you can download it as a pdf but you have a full guide of step by step talking about images talking about optimization talking about categories and it’s all designed just for carpet cleaners all i got for you today if you’re if you’re looking rima can put the link back in um if you want to schedule strategy session carpetcleanermarketingmasters.comschedule or the she’s got one in there go place but that’s yeah that’s the importance of google you can rima can get you uh um sorted out there and email you back and stuff like that as well so um i’m gonna wrap up so you guys carry on i’ve got you know more meetings today too we’re all busy people so i got it just over an hour i tried my best so it’s an hour and 13 minutes we got close but um anyways hope you enjoyed this hope you got a lot of value out of it um my passion is helping carpet cleaners uh grow their business.

Our goal is to have 500 carpet cleaners become the number one carpet cleaner in the marketplace and triple their business in the next 10 years like like our goal is to have 500 being tripled their business in 10 years we try and make sure our clients double and triple their business within within a year or two that’s our goal um depending on where they’re starting from we’re pulling them along to get them out of a mud first or if they’re in a good place or just doubling and compounding so and we can help with employees as well as one of the newest things we’re dealing with is we can run a lot of our marketing machine and actually set up a marketing machine that helps you attract the best employees the best company with the best marketing and the best reputation in town can charge more can pay their technicians more and can attract the best technicians and poach them from the other companies which is really good and we’ve got strategic ways to actually target ads in and around some of your competitors offices and things like that.

So that those guys can see that you’re hiring as well and maybe might be interested and automate the hiring process a little bit where they can actually fill out an application and give you some info um and even a little video before they even before you even decide if you want to talk to them or not so um lots of things we help with our clients with and we keep adding to and adding to but our goal is to help you grow any way we can um and help you up your rates and just make more more money on the bottom line so if that sounds good to you give us a call let us know chime in let’s hop on a strategy session and until next time we’ll talk about the next great strategy and the next things you should be doing to grow your business take care everyone.

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