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The Blueprint for Success: Achieving Financial Freedom and Early Retirement in the Cleaning Industry – with Shawn Barrett

The Blueprint for Success: Achieving Financial Freedom and Early Retirement in the Cleaning Industry – with Shawn Barrett


The Blueprint for Success: Achieving Financial Freedom and Early Retirement in the Cleaning Industry – with Shawn Barrett

Mastering the Marketing Mindset: Lessons Learned from Shawn Barrett’s Journey to Financial Freedom

In the world of cleaning business success, marketing plays a crucial role in determining a business’s trajectory. In a recent episode of the Carpet Cleaner Success Podcast, host John Clendenning sat down with Shawn Barrett, a seasoned cleaning and restoration (former) business owner with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout the interview, Shawn shared valuable insights and lessons learned from his journey, emphasizing the importance of a marketing mindset in achieving business growth and success. In this article, we will delve into the key takeaways from Barrett’s interview and explore how they can be applied to your carpet cleaning business.

1. Understanding the Power of Marketing:

One of the fundamental lessons highlighted by Shawn is the recognition that marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Gone are the days when relying solely on traditional advertising methods, such as the Yellow Pages, was sufficient. With the advent of online platforms like Google, Facebook and digital ad targeting, cost-effective marketing strategies have become the new norm.

2. Wearing Multiple Hats:

Shawn identified three key hats that every business owner should wear: technician, manager, and entrepreneur. While each role is significant, the marketing hat holds tremendous importance. As the visionary of the business, it is crucial to cultivate a marketing mindset and continuously seek ways to promote and differentiate your services.

3. Strategic Expansion:

Shawn’s journey also exemplifies the importance of strategic expansion. Starting with carpet cleaning, he gradually added additional services such as duct cleaning and restoration. By identifying customer needs and expanding their service offerings, carpet cleaning businesses can tap into new revenue streams and solidify their position in the market.

4. Creating Memorable Moments:

To stand out from competitors and foster customer loyalty, Barrett emphasizes the importance of creating memorable moments. Whether it’s through attention to detail in equipment cleanliness or providing additional memorable perks like booties for clients and an after-care kit, every aspect of your business is an opportunity to showcase your commitment to excellence.

5. Investing in Your Business:

Marketing is not a cost, but an investment. Shawn suggests allocating a minimum of 15 to 20% of revenue toward marketing efforts. By having a marketing calendar, setting aside a marketing budget, and regularly evaluating results, businesses can optimize their strategies for long-term success.

6. Continuous Learning and Improvement:

Marketing is a constantly evolving field, and staying informed about industry trends is vital for success. This interview highlights the importance of self-study, absorbing information from industry experts, and continuously testing and iterating marketing strategies. Through split testing and analyzing results, businesses can refine their approaches and maximize their reach.


Shawn Barrett’s business journey is a testament to the power of adopting a marketing mindset and continuously improving your business. From understanding the importance of effective marketing to strategic expansion and creating memorable moments, the lessons learned from his experience can guide cleaning business owners toward growth and success. By investing in marketing, embracing continuous learning, and applying innovative strategies, you can set your business apart from the competition and become a leader in your industry.

Remember, in the world of carpet cleaning success, marketing is the key to unlocking new opportunities and maximizing your business’s potential. So put on your marketing hat, stay informed, and embrace the mindset of continuous improvement. Your business and your customers will thank you.

Now, it’s time to take these valuable lessons and apply them to your carpet cleaning business. The journey toward success begins with a marketing mindset and a commitment to excellence.

Listen To The Podcast:

You will learn:


Discover why Shawn stresses the importance of making marketing a core function of your business.


Understanding the significance of continuous learning and improvement


Marketing techniques that will set your business apart in the carpet cleaning industry


Learn how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, become an authority, and generate never-ending referrals

Audio Transcript:
John Clendenning [00:00:00]:

Hey. Today, guys, on the carpet cleaner success podcast, we have, a good friend of mine, Sean Barrett. Sean is retired out of his carpet cleaning business in his early fifties. The focus of this this interview today is, how to start a carpet cleaning business. In a town of 30,000 people and retire in your early fifties with financial freedom. So if that sounds intriguing to stick around. We’re gonna have a conversation and just kinda dig into the weeds and and and see how all of that happened and get some nuggets out as we go.

Shawn Barrett [00:00:30]:

Welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast. A show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owner to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business. Your host, John Clintonning, has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figure over his marketing into a lead generation machine. Tune in is John shares proven tips, strategies, and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry.

John Clendenning [00:01:05]:

Welcome, Shawn. Thanks for joining the Carpenter Success podcast podcast. And I’m glad we finally were able to catch up and do this.

Shawn Barrett [00:01:12]:

That’s great, John. It’s been too long since we’ve actually sat down and done something like this. So Thank you.

John Clendenning [00:01:19]:

Yeah. Exactly. So, just a a a brief bio, on your background, you know, who you are, where you where you’re where you’re from, and, just just that kind of job. Just, you know, just, you know, a little bit about Sean and, and and that kind of thing.

Shawn Barrett [00:01:35]:

Yeah. No. That’s that’s perfect. Well, like you said, my wife, Leslie and I, we actually 8 eighties in the early nineties. We right out of high school. We decided that we wanted to own, restaurants. So we’ve heard of a a deli and you’re not the plumbing city. And, we were fortunate enough that not going at the time, but looking back now. Like, a lot of the success principles we put into that rush are the same that pull through to Clendenning, effecting, whatever. So from, like, 89 to 92, I believe we owned that and we sold it. For a profit. And, the cool thing was, a local franchise used to clean our carpets, and he hooked us on beanie carpets. All my wife and I moved back back home and started, with 3 franchises in our local service area. As you said, it was around 30,000 people at the time. It’s closer to a 100,000 now in in that service area, but, yeah, started that and not too long after that in 92. I think you and I probably met some time in 90 495.

John Clendenning [00:02:47]:

I’m more in there. Yeah. Yeah.

Shawn Barrett [00:02:48]:

We’re in there. And, And the cool thing for me at that time is that you and I were very like minded and, you know, being able to have that connection with a market. I’m to be able to come up with ideas that nobody else was doing and, you know, just get on all in control with that and not actually able to try this. Hey, hey, John. Did you have any success with this? Yeah, I did and what about this and just a tweak here, a tweak there certainly helped us, expand our carpet cleaning business. And then from there with the carpet cleaning business, what we actually did was, we felt restoration. This is probably gonna be a bigger updated business — local service areas. So we actually be back on our carpet cleaning business to get or to begin for that flood call for the insurance companies, brokers, homeowners directly, and we were able to build a pretty decent restoration company up to forty people, 22 vans, and we sold that in 2020. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s I mean, there’s there’s a lot of stuff in between all that, but that’s that’s a quick version.

John Clendenning [00:03:59]:

Yeah. No. That’s good. And we’ll and we’ll dive into that as well because you’re right. It is that, the part that that we like to talk about on these podcasts and we I talk daily to carpet cleaners, whether they’re clients of ours or just people learning, you know, learning what what we do or how to how to grow their business. We’re we’re talking about that marketing mindset a lot, and it’s something I’m really trying to drive home, how, you know, you you wear multiple hats as a business owner. We talked about the 3 different hats that you, you know, you you wear and you can take off the the management hat. You know, you take off the technician hat first. You should be, you know, you might be the guy in the truck, but let’s get somebody in the truck out working for you so that you can take that hat off as you grow the business. The next one might be the the manager hat. You you can have an office manager or a general manager as you grow. And and, you know, be the entrepreneur. But as we we like to say, the that marketing hat really is, is the on superner and the owner of the business, the visionary of the business. They they have to see where the company is going. They don’t have to know how to do all the little pieces, but they have to see where the company is going and get that messaging in the marketplace while you’re unique and and continue to learn that craft so that you can continue to stand out in a crowd. And that kind of thing. So let’s let’s talk a little bit about the services that you offered because, again, you started with the carpet cleaning. You, you added, The duct cleaning came along at one point. The the restoration came along. And then even when the restoration came along, I remember, popping up to your place and watching you giving seminars and building a dry room in, you know, to hold the the the to bring in the insurance adjusters in the area to see it and have them fill out an application to see if they qualify for you to be their vendor turning the tables on them and and all of that kind of stuff. So Let’s talk a little bit about sort of, that that progression from from, quote, just doing carpet cleaning to adding multiple services to to grow to the next level and and thinking through that process. What, you know, you you saw the writing on the wall. The restoration was gonna be bigger, but it’s still it’s not a hard it’s not or it’s not an easy business just to jump into. So, let’s talk a little bit about sort of what what took you that, you know, gave you the the the the the gumption to take that next leap and and actually invest that next level. Yeah.

Shawn Barrett [00:06:17]:

I think, and I’ve heard you on some of your, interviews in in your YouTube channel talk about the email by Michael Yeah. Probably the not a reader. Probably the first book I ever did from start to finish are probably the best investment I ever made back in and it’s still everything in that book still stands today. And I think keeping that that book actually thought, I think they had them, you know, being with for HVAC. Yeah. Really doesn’t matter, but it’s all it’s it’s all whatever the word would be at all, to any service. Yeah. I just you know, for anybody watching this, if you’ve never read the Emith, it just get both the read and you should have a Although you I still like the hard copy, so I will write all over it and highlight areas so I can refer back to it. And, that’s just the way I learned, but great book. Yeah, as far as, it really we were just very fortunate. I think it’s something that we always preach. Was making sure that whoever you insure your business with, you know, whether it’s gonna be for carpet cleaning restoration, whatever, you’re a real key source for us, that was our first need to go be insured herself in a very large brokerage area.

John Clendenning [00:07:39]:


Shawn Barrett [00:07:40]:

As we put the confidence in the training to do restoration, use them as a resource to get that first phone call. Any insurance industry has gained, but that’s certainly still the focus It’s still about people at that level. It’s not always about social media or, you know, flyers or however you’re attracting your clients. Sometimes it is still a No. Carpenter Clendenning, the natural progression, I think with any carpet cleaning company probably is cleaning because then you can, you know, duct cleaning can be done. It’d be very horrible. And so I don’t like yourself. We got into got into the duct cleaning as well, and It was it was great to get us into fire jobs. Another job. So, again, just setting your, hey, this is what we wanna call to let’s say, the cleanup during after end the duct cleaning. So that was the starting point, and it just it kinda blossomed from there because We wanna do. I I still remember that this day thinking, man, if I could just stay awake 24 hours a day, I’d be rich because I can just work 24 hours a day. And now I just told my god, how could I hear him think?

John Clendenning [00:08:49]:


Shawn Barrett [00:08:50]:

But, at that time, I I did feel that way. And it’s really not about working in your business. Working. Right? And that’s advice you.

John Clendenning [00:09:01]:

Yeah. And the working on your business part of it, again, that there’s that marketing that we talked about because nothing happens until you you you you you a sale until you make a sale, there’s nothing else to do. And then the very next thing to do is deliver on that promise in the marketing message and have staff that buy into that as well. So, you know, making sure you’re hiring well and and and getting great technicians who are representing the company in the home, in, you know, in the restoration world that, you know, you got great subcontractors you’re working with as well as the on staff team and stuff like that and making sure everybody buys in as well. And it’s part of it is even I like to always consider your marketing to the employees as well on why you wanna deliver a great service so that you’re marketing to them. And I remember walking through your office and seeing the signs all over the place. Every everywhere you turned to look, there was and it wasn’t a picture of a field of flowers. It was a sign with, you know, with with a message on it to the staff to keeping engraining in their heads. What you what the company actually means. So you you promise something to the world, and then you build the company that can deliver it as well. And all of that is still just a a great marketing message. Just like we were talking about, or I’d mentioned earlier, like, you know, when it expanded golf tournaments, in the early days, I had employee appreciation or, sorry, client appreciation, barbecues, which I didn’t even know if anybody would show up, but back in my early days in Stratford. I went down by the Avon River and took a barbecue and invited people, and I I I I had hand picked 5 or 6 people to that I knew would show up, but it was like, how many packs of hamburger did you need? But it was, you know, it was to get the name of the business out even more and have those conversations and stuff like that. And, that was something that, I know you did with the, with the adjusters and agents and stuff like that to hockey games and to golf tournaments. And and and actually invest back in your business.

Shawn Barrett [00:10:53]:

So on a

John Clendenning [00:10:53]:

carpet cleaning level, talk a little bit about, sort of one thing I do notice is some some cleaners are shy these days. I guess they always were, but I just I just see it a little bit more not walking into car stores and making those having those conversations and having those referral sources, interior designers and, real estate agents and just that marketing outreach that needs to happen, part of it, just personally meeting people we talked about, but also the marketing outreach to to get people to, you know, you know, come out to lunch with you or, you know, come to your, drying room and an event that you’re having in the facility and stuff like that. There’s a lot of outreach and marketing that that needs to happen there as well. So, just if you remember a little bit of the stuff that you did you know, back in the day to get to get those things to happen to to make those connections.

Shawn Barrett [00:11:43]:

Yeah. For sure. I think It is it is gonna be some personal driven aspect. I mean, if that’s not your comfort zone, your comfort zone is just texting. I mean, eventually, then So, and and we’re still human. I mean, there’s still a connection. You know, whether they like you or don’t like you, just be yourself and share what you’re offering. I think I think we’re missing that in today. I think a lot of people, still value that. So for us, things will, you know, if there’s an organization, so when we built the flood room, Part of that was for the insurance companies for sure, but we also had a local colleague that was writing to, environmental study Yeah. And so not only would we flood it and dry it, we’d also do testing of microbial growth in the insulation and the floors and the walls. And we would invite the local college to bring their classes over, which then, of course, you would also be.

John Clendenning [00:12:45]:


Shawn Barrett [00:12:47]:

On, you know, for that unused, whatever. So that in itself, but there was a book and I know you and I both read it, but not the obvious expert. And, I mean, you know, we did that without saying here the expert. It just

John Clendenning [00:13:00]:

— Yeah.

Shawn Barrett [00:13:00]:

We were obviously expert of the local media for training.

John Clendenning [00:13:04]:


Shawn Barrett [00:13:06]:

Again, a lot of it is just you know, if if you want a job, then go be a car if you want a business, then you gotta think like a business owner. And, and even back in our, you know, our day when we had, I think that was still the way a lot of people think, well, I can make my 60 or $70,000 a year Clendenning carpets, but a lot of times I think what we don’t realize is running on cash not really an investment. Then when you hit 50, 55, 60

John Clendenning [00:13:35]:

— Yeah. —

Shawn Barrett [00:13:36]:

or you have to retire, are you gonna start to clean till you’re 7?

John Clendenning [00:13:39]:


Shawn Barrett [00:13:40]:

I don’t know.

John Clendenning [00:13:41]:

Yeah. And are you gonna sell the business for the price of the vehicles and the equipment, or are you gonna sell it for the goodwill, the database, the name, and And, like, but, again, the authority that you’ve built that that that brand in your local marketplace up to, and that’s a decision you have to make you know, not not the year you plan to sell, but 20 years before. So yeah. I remember the phrase that you once, you I think you brought up to me at one point, but It was that the difference of running, you know, growing your business over 20 years versus running your business year 1 20 times. That you’re you’re never you’re never you’ve never really moved me on year 1. You do the same things. You’re just running year 1 again and again, and you didn’t sort of expand and grow and learn. And tap into all of these resources. Like, this podcast is designed to be a resource, but the books, listen, I don’t I I tend to I remember the first time I saw one of your books. Shocked because I always believed that books should be, you know, revered in this this this pristine thing. I barely wanted to break the spine. I saw one of yours dog ear written on in highlight. I think I borrowed one at one point. I went, holy crap. This is, you know, this is butchered, but it made sense because you’re coming back to the stuff. It’s a study notes. Right? So I kinda picked up that trait from you because it was and it was a hard one because I always thought they should sit neatly on the bookshelf. You read them and they put them down. But what I tend to do now is, it I listen to a a book, of the audio version of the book. And then if I’m getting a lot out of it, it turned out to be a a a good recommended book, regardless of what it is, whatever field it’s in, And then then I’ll pick up the physical copy of the book to then listen to again with the book in front, read, and listen, and highlight, and note, and and all that kind

Shawn Barrett [00:15:24]:

of stuff.

John Clendenning [00:15:24]:

So, yeah, just a way to absorb the information. So —

Shawn Barrett [00:15:28]:

Well, and I think we were both, people went to one point in time, and I I still do it, but I’m trying to contemplating trying to learn Spanish. The holiday perspective and what my clients would be, but, Cyprus cybernetics, right, within Kennedy and, you know, and just willing to sleep, this thing, the same thing over and over. It’s amazing. Sometimes I go, I don’t even know where I learned that, but it’s in

John Clendenning [00:15:51]:

there. Yeah.

Shawn Barrett [00:15:52]:

And, again, a simple way for someone to be learning when they’re sleeping.

John Clendenning [00:15:56]:

Yeah. And if you’re the guy in the truck, I guess if we’re, you know, like, we can go down many paths with this conversation because there’s just so many things we won’t even get to, but when you’re driving around, you’re the guy in the truck Clendenning, or you’ve now handed over the cleaning and you’re out doing the meeting and becoming the obvious expert and the authority in your marketplace. You’re meeting with, the carpet store owners and the the flooring store owners and things like that. You’re joining you go into the chamber events and, you know, making those connections of referral partners and stuff like that. You’re, you know, you’re out meeting commercial clients or whatever you’re doing. There’s a lot of time between stop to stop to stop, and you should be using your vehicle back in the day. We used to put cassette tapes in, and then see it showed up And you’d listen to CDs of, you know, of people teaching you great marketing ideas and advice, and you get one nugget out of that 60 minute interview or or or listening to, you know, buying a course by Dan Kennedy or Michael Gerber or you know, Jay Abraham or any of these guys. Right? It’s just you buy the course. You learn a bit. You go, wow. Can I use that in my marketing swipe and deploy? And today’s day and age, it’s like you shouldn’t be driving around listening to the Joe Rogan podcast. I think Joe’s cool, but that’s that’s that’s a waste of 2 a half hours of your time when you could be listening to the game by Alex Harmozzi. He’s he’s the guy, you know, Gary Vaynerchuk or you know, anything Dan Kennedy and Russell Brunson put out and and stuff like that, the the the whole magnetic marketing world and stuff like that. All of it is just you’re absorbing it. And then when you go to, you know, when you go to do something, you’ve got these ideas in your head. Oh, there’s a better headliner. Why don’t I send this book in the mail with a little note on it and said, you know, not to one guy, but to five people, but make it personal. And, you know, hey. I just wanted to reach out. I read this book. I thought it was cool. And just, you know, to somebody that you want to make a connection within your local community and, a really good chance that they’re not getting books sent in the mail by anybody else, and they’ll, you know, they’ll call you up. And, and thank you for the book, and there’s the conversation starter. So —

Shawn Barrett [00:18:02]:

And really don’t. Like, just imagine, you’re embedding this, but me looking from the outside in, There was somebody who was putting out the kind of content that you’re putting out back then.

John Clendenning [00:18:14]:

Yeah. I

Shawn Barrett [00:18:14]:

mean, you know, how much if they follow, and I think that’s the key is following it. Don’t don’t get your it works on the concepts that you’re sharing or you know that. If you just get, you know, other carpet cleaners or other service, I shouldn’t just say carpet cleaning, but service industry, stuff under. Yep. And that. There’s a formula for success. All the way I did for you. I mean, your book alone, I just go, well, you’re actually giving step by step processes as well, which back in the day, there wasn’t a lot of back. There was a lot of theory and a lot of do this, you know, and and buy this and so on. And you have some of that, but but, I mean, your book alone, I just go in. You couldn’t if you can’t start a nursing business or a service business and follow that process, I don’t know how much better it did. Yeah. Oh, well, thank you. For your 3.99 for your Yeah. If it is, Yeah. 299. I think it

John Clendenning [00:19:11]:

is US. 399 Canadian for the, the, the Kindle version. Yep. Yeah.

Shawn Barrett [00:19:16]:

So I just I just go in. But the, you know, again, if I was back that realm, that part of my life.

John Clendenning [00:19:22]:


Shawn Barrett [00:19:23]:

That’s 3 99 Anderson.

John Clendenning [00:19:25]:

Yeah. There you go. And it’s, like, the the the interesting thing about internet marketing is, we’ve been around, like, my my carpet cleaning journey started in 95. In high school, I started doing window cleaning as most of the people listen to this now and then jumped over the side of forty story buildings till I realized, hey. Wait a minute. People 1 in 10 dot jumped, like, fall to their death at one point. If if you keep up this career, so decided to go on the ground, and that was carpet cleaning and started that whole thing. But and then realized, you know, bought into a franchise. Like, you and I, we met at the the same franchise. We bought into chem and realize that franchises are good at selling franchises, but they’re not and they’re good at selling their brand and the glossy. So and it looks pretty, but it’s not what resonates with people. You you have to then decide, holy crap. Now I need to learn marketing. I can’t just hand that all off. Whether you’re an independent business owner, because we both own the independent business outside of franchises and in in the franchise world, and you can kinda see that comparison, And whether it’s the internet or not, the psychology is still the same. Who is your ideal customer? Who do you want to actually listen to the the marketing message? Are you getting in front of them with the right words? Are you weeding out the ones you don’t want because you’re you’re you’re not trying to be everything to everybody. You you know, if you If you don’t want the people that want $99 whole home cleaning, then let them know that you offer the finest quality cleaning at a reasonable price. Prices start at $200, $250, they’re not gonna call you if that’s right in your ad. If you’re looking for a cheap discount cleaning, please call somebody else. That was in all of our Yellowpage ads. That was, like, that was the near the headline of the there’s a headline and and that that same psychology still works today when somebody lands on your website. Well, what is your website? Well, it’s still it’s gotta convert. It’s gotta influence and convert. They came there for a reason, so they’re they’re at least in the game. They found your website from an ad or from seeing the van on the driveway, somebody’s driveway, whatever. But when they come there, how do you keep them there? It’s there’s a psychology involved so you don’t show the picture of the of the baby lying on the carpet because everybody shows the picture of the baby lying on the carpet. Show the team. Show the owner why you got into this business. Things like that. Have your risk reversal guarantee right up at the top. If you choose us, here’s what we’re gonna do differently. You’ve gotta be different in the marketplace and stand out and then become the authority. And then people will refer you. Your customers will and referral partners will as well. So it’s not much different than putting out 50 or 100,000 flyers in a new market to open up a to to open up a new area, a new territory. And, you know, back in the day, it wasn’t the internet. It was know, get in the yellow pages. It’ll eventually, you know, the the crappiest leads, but you you get a volume of them and you cherry you’ve you’ve you work your way through the ones that are willing to choose you with a good script, and then you you you just blanket market into the ideal neighborhoods the, the message that that you want, and it’s not about a discount in a deal. It’s about what you do differently with a good marketing message and it it starts to build that momentum and the internet’s the same way. It’s it’s just a different medium. It’s, you know, marketing is just message market and medium. And the message is the psychology. It doesn’t change. People still fear the same things. And the the market is, like, you know, how your market is still the same crowd. Your market is who you want. The medium is the only part that that changes over time.

Shawn Barrett [00:22:45]:

So — And it’s probably become more costly. It has come more costly effect as well. But if you

John Clendenning [00:22:50]:


Shawn Barrett [00:22:50]:

about the money we need to spend on yellow pages,

John Clendenning [00:22:53]:

How much was an average? Sorry to cut you off. How much was an average customer? Because you knew your numbers well as well. If you can remember back, the average carpet cleaning customer who finally, like, came through a yellow page ad. So you put call tracking numbers in. 99% of carpet cleaners didn’t. We did. You you put a call tracking number and how many people came from the yellow pages versus versus this, how much did I pay the yellow pages? Cause again, that was the that’s where you found your cold leads was people would flip through the yellow pages when they really didn’t have a name in mind. And at the end of the day, you made a paid, like, we’re paying at $1,560,000 a month to the yellow pages because it was the number one source of cold leads And then doing all the database marketing and everything else on top of it. But what would if you remember back, what was the average cost to buy a new customer after they called? And then you finally booked them in, At the end of the year, you you’ve got x number of carpet or customers from the yellow pages be before that as much as, you know, 30, $40,000 a year investment to be in a number of the different books. Do you kinda remember, do you remember back what the average cost of a a a an actual customer was accurate.

Shawn Barrett [00:23:57]:

And, I mean, it varied every year because I think as you and I talk more, like, we it depends on how many points of contact you were having every death of the client as well. Right? But I I’m pretty sure the first thing was was free, and I, you know, if that average is 150 bucks at the time, it was it was free. And the whole idea of it was a very enough funnel so that you kept it as a client so that the next one was more or less your profit and slowing down the line. So that’s why that offer of Recarpet cleaning because we’re almost doing it for free anyway with all of our teaching. You might as well get enough free carpet cleaning.

John Clendenning [00:24:35]:

Yeah. Find your ideal customer and and if if they’re right for you, offer to do that one room for free. That’s been around for decades now, but it’s still you know, it’s a great offer. What we teach people right now is, like, if you want a great referral partner, reach out, make that contact off just say, hey. Your clientele are people that use our types of services. You’re an interior designer. You have a higher end clientele. Sometimes they need their chaise lounge cleaned, their carpet cleaned, whatever. You’re not you’re not replacing everything in the whole house, and they’ve knit you’ve now renovated the upstairs and the rec room needs a cleaning and stuff like that. You’re a great referral source. Let me come and clean a couple rooms in your house for free. Let’s have that conversation. Let me show you why we do things differently, how we do it, and see if we can be your referral, you know, the the person you refer. But let’s lead with the giving hand. Let me come in clean for free. We try and teach all of our clients, like, make sure you’re doing that outreach, you know, not once a month. Like, once a week pick somebody else that you’re giving, a free cleaning to that could be, you know, even just in that sense, a referral partner, but, yeah, good neighborhoods you could be offering the neighbor one room free just to try you out if it’s in around a golf course road or around your ideal customer and stuff like that. So What I remember is I remember it was about $80.82 was the last number I had before Yellow Pages, you know, crashed and burned during the you know, the as as 2007 iPhones were invented or it came on the market and within a short period of time, the recession happened and you come out of the recession, you’re pumping back your marketing in and realize that these little consumer devices became where the attention of the audience went. So they went away from needing to look at the yellow pages to find anybody or other areas because they’ve now even even grandma and grandpa, you know, ended up checking out Facebook and things like that. And on the internet, they they learned how to do basic searches. So it became the the new attention thing, but about $82 was the last number I remember, average cost to buy a buy a customer. From the yellow pages. And I think it’s funny. I was just talking to one of our clients the other day there, and they were a little concerned that it cost them $15 for a lead from Facebook to raise their hand and say, yeah, I’m I’m interested in your cleaning services. Now Facebook’s disruptive. They didn’t type in looking for a carpet cleaner on Facebook. Right? They do on Google for Google ads and your your rankings of your website. But on Facebook, you came a like, you know, we try and target an ideal, the ideal demographic, uh-uh, you know, a thirty five to fifty five year old college university educated, woman who’s managing the household has a career outside and usually has 2 kids and a dog. That’s the average client. Right? And for for a decent carpet cleaning business, And that person is on Facebook. So let’s let’s target some ads in front of those people that meet that demographic in in your in your marketplace, but $15, even if it takes you 5 of them before one conversation with, oh gosh, you know, god forbid forbid. You just bought that customer for 75 bucks. That’s still less than it cost us in 2004. With the yellow pages. Right?

Shawn Barrett [00:27:43]:

And what would an average? What’s in that? You know, just because I, as I mentioned, Jennifer, on on on a lot of this stuff now that sold the businesses, but it is 350 in average. Yeah. So anywhere anywhere between

John Clendenning [00:28:00]:

300 should be sort of like your average job at the high at the lowest end. If you’re below that, there’s a lot you can do to bring your average job up. You’re trying to sell on price, not on service quality and value, and customers buy on value the best customers and the ones that come back year after year buy on value, the ones that buy on price, you probably won’t see them the next time anyways. So, again, as we said, why waste your money on a give give a free cleaning to somebody who actually pays well in your marketplace, for the services, but 300 is a bottom end. We’ve got some clients that their average job is over 600. In just carpet cleaning. Right?

Shawn Barrett [00:28:34]:

So — — easily. Even after their costs and their expenses, they’re easily doubling that $75 Facebook. Generated that. Yeah.

John Clendenning [00:28:42]:

Yeah. Just for that one, Lee, and and the other thing that we did in the sort of the grunt grass roots wish we had systems that worked better is, you know, everybody called up on the phone. That was your number one way of getting leads. You picked the phone up right away. And, if, you know, you you get their phone number either from caller ID or ask them, hey. If we get disconnected, what’s the best number to call you back on? And at the end of the call, as technology advance. And, again, I don’t wanna sound like the old dog. Oh my gosh. We we I remember the day when, you know, you had to wait 3 hours for the computer to boot up and stuff like that, but it felt like it. Now but we asked for the email address so that we could send over, what we just discussed, if they didn’t book by the end of the the end of the the sales script conversation, then you asked for the email address. Why? Cause now the next day, your office person was to call them up if they didn’t book yesterday. Send them the information, call them the next day, see if they’re ready to make a decision, wait 2 or 3 days, have that list of people, call them again, send them an email, and just start dripping on them. All of your good marketing until they either, you know, buy or tell you to go away. Which either one is totally fine, either they’re not qualified to be your one of your clients, or you’re chasing them because you’re not gonna get them all from that first conversation. It’s you have to have lead nurture built in. So building a lead database that was just a piece of paper on the desk beside you in the day is now so much easier with technology. Every lead that comes in, they’ve either come through a phone number that’s recorded, you know, digitally on call tracking or they filled out a form on Facebook that’s now a into a lead database that you can text message them and drip on them and and and tell them why you started this business and you know, the charities you’re involved in and just let get them to start to know you. So if they didn’t book right away, maybe 3 months, 6 months, 9 months from now, Are you still messaging that lead, not just your database, but that lead so that, yeah, you you now can influence them. Right? So that that goal was, like, that didn’t change. That we just had to do it with pen and paper back in the day. So —

Shawn Barrett [00:30:48]:

You did. And I think and and I think it was saying, Kennedy has resonated with me. Was it if you’re not you’re not pissing off at least 1 or 2 people a day with your marketing. You’re not marketing partner. And, yeah, and then, and and then the reverse happens because you’d send out your your postcards or your reminders to people or whatever, and they would literally call the office apologizing that they still need your services right now, but they’ll call us another time. So you know your marketing’s working. Yeah.

John Clendenning [00:31:18]:

Well, let’s let’s talk about that for a second. Some clients weren’t worth that many touches. Some clients were the apartment rentals. You got them, but you might as well still stay in front of them. They paid your minimum charge, but they’re probably moving out soon, and they don’t own the carpet. They don’t care about it as much. And then some of your clients were like, you know, you know, off white carpet, off white furniture, off white dog, off white everything, and they just want it cleaned three times five times a year, right, and everything in between. Well and segmenting your database to know those is is one step, but then How many times do you touch them? And, I I think the listeners might be a little bit shocked when, when you mentioned your A list customers, how many times would you touch touch them in a year? On average.

Shawn Barrett [00:32:05]:

Yeah. It it was you have to see nominal 100% on my head, but during that, over five times a month.

John Clendenning [00:32:15]:

5 times a month. I’m, yeah, I remember 40 to 50 was the number that, you know, we used to talk about because we we would we would tell other people that, like, other other carpet cleaners and franchise and business owners and stuff like that. That and they’re going, what? How will you not be? Like, I talked to them once or twice a year. I re I reach out if it’s a reminder, and it’s like, well, if you do it well enough, then, you know, you wanna be a welcome guest, not an annoying pest. And that’s so as long as you’re giving them something of value, they’re not gonna be annoyed that you keep sending them stuff.

Shawn Barrett [00:32:46]:

And I think a couple things you it really well. That is Everything that we did was from, like, our fame.

John Clendenning [00:32:55]:


Shawn Barrett [00:32:55]:

So every marketing piece that went out, and we had pictures of, you know, of my daughter going to school and had a crown written, happy father’s day at postcard. And people resonated with us because we were just is going back to me when you’re going out and marketing person to person. Yeah. People, just people. We’re just people trying to run a business and give you a good service and if I see you on the street, I remember you talking about this on another interview, like, I never had to cross the street once because I upset somebody with cleaning or with our restoration service. It’s a small community. If we’re at the hop arenas together, I wanna make sure that person is more than talking to

John Clendenning [00:33:34]:


Shawn Barrett [00:33:34]:

So it’s everything you do, which I think is something that you’ve talked about many times before too. It’s Mark marketing is everything. It’s not just it’s just not the media that you’re using. It’s it’s your names. It’s your uniform. It’s the show you put on in the house. Follow-up after it’s

John Clendenning [00:33:51]:

— Yeah. —

Shawn Barrett [00:33:52]:

everything that you do.

John Clendenning [00:33:53]:

Yeah. It’s it’s drive. It’s at the end of the street where you had the flower shop. That air brushed the name of your business on the were they yellow roses or karnate with yellow? They’re Yeah. And every customer you arrive to the door, you hey. Thank you for allowing us in our home, and you give them a little gift bag and a flower. Like, nobody has to do that stuff, but that’s the the amount of how memorable that is. Well, where does that come from? Well, that didn’t come from, hey. You know, Sean Barrett is the smartest marketer on the planet ever, and he just came up with this in a dream one night. It was somewhere along the way learning about marketing absorbing that information. And somebody said, hey. I always do this. Every customer that we we we go and see, we hand them something. And it was like, what can I hand them? And it’s it’s it’s it’s creating that next memorable moment. Right? So, yeah, if everything is, like, if your vans, if you leave the drive, then you leave the shop, and drive through a car wash before you head out, you know, out on the road. You make sure your equipment’s clean and neat and tidy. Does it have to be? No. Do your technicians? Do they have to wear cocky pants versus jeans? No. They don’t. Do they have to wear, you know, you know, neat looking indoor shoes and outdoor shoes and layout roll out a red carpet and put booties on when they’re walking around with the client, hand the client booties to walk around and look at the job afterwards and deliver it a full client experience. Do they ever have to do that? No. We’ve we we see pictures of, you know, we ask some of our clients send us pictures of your team. And they’re in jeans and and and, like, a feel, a long, hockey jersey. And that’s the technician out cleaning. It’s like, Yeah. You the customer might like you, but you’re not referable. You didn’t create a a referable moment by just taking it up that notch to that professionalism that that that stands out and makes you look different. And that’s all marketing. Every bit of it’s marketing.

Shawn Barrett [00:35:50]:

It is. And your brand can charge more than you

John Clendenning [00:35:52]:

Shawn Barrett [00:35:53]:


John Clendenning [00:35:53]:

Shawn Barrett [00:35:53]:

those are the things. And so instead of cleaning 4 or 5 houses a day, you clean too because you’re making the same kind of money. Better margins.

John Clendenning [00:36:01]:

Yeah. Yeah. As we always say to clients, like, the the internet’s a mixed bag. No different, like, back in the day, it was flyers, flyers, flyers, everything was flyers. And it was like, hey. How can I design that that that one flyer? What’s that one offer? I get those calls every day still. What is the best what, you know, should I be doing Facebook? Should I be doing Google? Google paper collection? Should I be doing local service ads now? Should I, you know, what should I be doing? Where is the and what is the best offer that I should put out? We get asked that almost all the time from from our new clients is. What’s the best offer, John? And my answer is the the best offer is the one that resonates with your clients right now. So what are you split testing? What is your AB test right now? Have you come have you put something out that became the control in its working and test something against it? Always to be testing and tracking, right, because the offer is not gonna be there isn’t one great offer. It’s it’s what’s resonating and how can you deliver a message around the offer? Is it Father’s Day? Well, could you give out a barbecue set with, hey. You know, book for bar book for Father’s Day, and you’ll get a $60 barbecue set for free with your carpet Clendenning. Buy a bunch of them on Alibaba. Nowadays, so much easier to get them from the wholesale guys we used to have to find them from. And now they’ve got, you know, they’ve got the barbecue set as an offer just on Father’s Day. If you don’t sell out all of them this year, guess what? You got some for next year’s promotion. Things like that. It’s just thinking through. Right?

Shawn Barrett [00:37:23]:

It really is. And, again, I just got a reiterating of giving you too much of a a plug here. Anybody in our age bracket didn’t have these, didn’t have the tools that you and others are sharing with. And it’s just all the information it’s provided. It’s just, you know, how much simpler it can get. Right? I still don’t understand if someone would go wearing jeans at a a jersey of between clean or do plumbing or do whatever. I don’t understand that. Yeah. You used to have your staff all used to work tie.

John Clendenning [00:37:55]:

Shirts and ties. I see. It’s like, I it was painful when I finally switched to the polo shirt. It was painful. It’s like, I didn’t want them to stop. It’s just like it finally became sort of a cultural thing where it just like, it was a and it was probably only I sold two two and a half years ago, my final brick and mortar business, I think it was probably only about 4 years 5 years before that. We got rid of the ties. So it was still, like, you know, 2015 or somewhere 14, somewhere that we I finally said, okay. We will go with very, very neat and tidy polo shirts. With the khaki pants and and stuff. But, yeah, it was because, yeah, the tie still stood out. Every customer would say, why are you wearing a tie to clean carpet? Because we provide a professional service, and we wanna look professional in your home. That was a script. It was a script. Right?

Shawn Barrett [00:38:42]:

So And, again, you were probably the first person who really helped our own this understanding. We had that. Right. But until it was put in put in front of the staff that we’re actually doing that’s selling in house and on the phone at the time. Yeah. But that script was so important to close.

John Clendenning [00:39:02]:


Shawn Barrett [00:39:02]:

I’ll ask you, but you’re not going to get the calls.

John Clendenning [00:39:05]:

Yep. No. And it’s it’s it’s like that there’s a psychology to every moment of sale. So it’s Some of it came naturally because, oddly, I’m I’m a naturally shy fellow. So I chose chose carpet cleaning put myself in front of customers to force myself to have to go into homes because I didn’t wanna just be a factory worker or or, you know, somebody that shied away from society. So I did that in my early twenties as a way to challenge myself as self improvement, you know, reading Tony Robbins and all that fun stuff, and that was my entry into carpet cleaning. And when I got a no, I took it painfully, direct. It’s like, oh, I got so the next customer, the next driveway I pulled in, I would say something slightly differently and slightly differently and eventually start getting yeses more yeses than nos and when Oh, well, that’s the way I should say that. It became it was just naturally intuitive to keep myself out of out of pain, you know, as they say. And then I started learning neural neurolinguistic programming and just sales scripting and started picking up when you went into a a commission sales place and hear that somebody’s been trained in their actually weaving you through a conversation and going, I know what you just did there. You just did the assumed close, and you do, you know, whatever. And it’s it’s it’s good to learn, but your front office staff need to know that. The people answering your phones need to know that. 20 years ago answering the phone on your phone on your hip, while out cleaning, was definitely a recipe for failure because you couldn’t deliver that that, you know, scripted response that converted more people to a yes booking and understood why they should choose you over somebody else and make that differentiation. You couldn’t do that while you’re standing in front of the customer or cleaning their couch. And you just pause for a second. And we learned that early on that that was actually the one of the secrets to successes of all of our competitors. We’re still just answering the phone while out in the job. Were gonna be twice as bid busy as them just by having somebody on the phone’s answering properly. In today’s day and age, the phone call is only about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time people want to text so you better have chat to text of some sort on your website and the person answering better treat that as a phone call. You’ve got about, you know, less than a minute to get back to them by by text and, some automation that starts talking to them right away. And even when they fill out a form on your website, back in the day, I was guilty of it too. That we would check the the email inbox in the morning maybe midday and at the end of the day, nowadays, you should be alerted the second a new a new request comes in, and you’re right on the horn with them. We actually built into one of the tools we have for our websites carpet cleaner lead pro, the second somebody fill fills out a form on your website, your phone rings in the office. You pick it up you if you can take that call, like, you’re not busy, you which you shouldn’t be, somebody should be answering the phone. You press 1 and you immediately connect with the person who just filled out the form. If they can’t take the call. They get a text message saying you just tried to call them, right from the system saying, hey. We just tried to give you a quick call. I noticed you filled out a form. How else can I help you? And you try and start the text communication if they’re not in a place they could take a phone call. But just by filling out a form of the website, you should be on the phone with that person or on text with them within one minute. Because your chances of 80% higher chance of converting just by doing that. So —

Shawn Barrett [00:42:16]:

And that that I mean, that goes for Every server. Right? Like, plumbers, HVAC guys. Everybody. It’s just yeah. There are amazing tools that are that are available that I mean, I know what I spent roughly over the years with educating myself and stuff, and I’m pretty sure we were in the same range. Like, there’s 100 of 1000 of dollars of information on into all your systems.

John Clendenning [00:42:40]:


Shawn Barrett [00:42:41]:

And I love the you said, use hand opponent, but we’re on it and scan it and just carry that on. Just — Yeah. That just make any sense to me, but

John Clendenning [00:42:55]:

Yeah. And that whole implementation is everything. Lock and load it. Like, when you learn something new, put it in place, plan plan your first iteration of everything to be, like, when you look back on it, laughable, which is fine, but you still did it. Nothing has to be perfect. Just iterate, put something in place, lock it into a system where it happens every time, and then move on to the next, and move on to the next. So your business is growing because you’re building systems. That’s that working on your business. If you’re working in your business, you never get to the point of of developing this. So if you can step away and work on your business, even if it’s just one day a week at the at the beginning, and then 2 days a week. And, eventually, you’re training you’re working on your business, training technicians to say things the way you say it, you know, to show the customer the spots and the stains and the the before and afters, the way you show them, stuff like that, you’re you’re creating a system in the company that’s repeatable, and now you’re working on your business and you can continue to say, okay. What hey. What can we do next month? What can we do next month? You know, as a marketing thing, plan a month in a in advance, Eventually, that becomes, hey. What’s the year look like? Like, you and I both had a yearly marketing calendar, not year 1, But by year 5 or 6 in the business, there is, hey. I know what I’m doing every month of, you know, every month of the year, what promotions are running out, what types of, you know, campaigns I’m running, it was in advance. The budget was ready and everything. So and now you’re just iterating, hey. Can I tweak this and make it a little bit better? Can I split this a little bit now because that’s that’s a great back to school flyer or offer or mailing or phone call sequence? And yeah. So can I can I tweak and do a split test and send this to 2000 of our database and this to 200 and see if the 200 beats the the the 2000 is the control? And if it does, gonna we’re gonna ramp that up next time and maybe do half and half and try and see if we can beat the control and just get better and better because I learned something new over the last few months that I wanna try when it gets back to September and back to school, you know, marketing and things like that. So but yeah. So it’s kind of a weird conversation to have when we’re talking about, you know, internet marketing and how to get your internet marketing right. And but, again, carpet cleaner success series is all about these are the sort of, like, the tried and true stuff that you just you you’ve gotta get back to if you’ve known them before and kind of forgotten and let things fall off, let let’s reinvigorate that. And if you didn’t know them before, go out and start self studying, like, learn this stuff inside note.

Shawn Barrett [00:45:27]:

Most definitely.

John Clendenning [00:45:28]:

Cool. So, you know, I think we got a good conversation. I I think it’s we’ve left with a a a lot of nuggets of value people are gonna go back and relisten to this again and have a bunch of questions, but, just, you know, in in in in a close here, what what nuggets, any additional nuggets of wisdom you would give to say, you know, go back 30 years and you know, 30 year ago, Sean was starting a business right now in today’s day and age in the home service industry. Home cleaning, home service industry. What advice would you give to yourself that it took you the years in business to sort of, learn and and and really refine. What would what would you say to as a as a as a parting shot of vice to the listeners?

Shawn Barrett [00:46:16]:

Yeah. I think I mean, Dane Kennedy always used to say this. You you don’t really you don’t delegate the marketing or the money, and I’m a firm believer in not delegating the marketing without understanding it, but I think you need to delegate not need to delegate the media, but not the massive. Yeah. And, you know, well, man, I I would have been retired at 40 if we had to had 6 years in place, back then to say reading them, for 30 years. Not to that point. So if I was gonna start again, I would research everything in your system that I would And it was in the HVAC. I find out who are the marketers in the HVAC industry as well. I’ve heard about them. Yeah. And then also what I love about parka cleaning HVAC, the plumber, whatever it is swipe swipe and deploy. I would just, hey, that’s something the HVAC guys are doing that I could perfect thing. I think it’s so peaceful and narrow minded. Take it all in and figure out what you can do on your end to do that. Automate yourself and systemize yourself?

John Clendenning [00:47:24]:

No. And that’s that’s that’s that’s great advice. It’s just there’s so much going on nowadays. You know, if if there’s a a landscaping guy in your mark in your neighborhood that’s tick talking every day and and Scott is little, you know, one minute videos, and he’s doing 2 or 3 a day. And blowing up with followers, follow him, learn from them. Can you adapt that? Like, that’s, you know, there’s is the roofer? Is there is there one roofing company standing out among among all the other ones, and what do they do different? How is their message different? Are they, you know, we’re a family owned business. Here’s grandpa that started it. Here’s dad. Here’s me. You know, they doing that or are they trying to hide behind, you know, logos and graphics and without telling you who they are? You you can start picking up these these little pearls of wisdom from even the market around you realizing that the best businesses actually marketed themselves to that point. It didn’t they didn’t just get lucky. There is a million roofers and a million landscapers and a million, you know, stereo installation businesses and carpet cleaners and pool services, but in every town, there’s really only 1 or 2 that are kind of every area that has become the authority and stand out and double check what they’re doing marketing wise, and you’ll realize it’s light years different than what the average person’s doing. They’re investing more in their marketing. They didn’t really get into that, but we I tell everybody that, 15 to 20% is the sweet bought and stay closer to 20 percent of your revenue going to marketing because that takes you from 200,000 to 275, 300,000 the next year to 400,000 to, oh my gosh, I I I there’s no more carpet cleaning customers in my area. It’s not big enough to go to 608100,000, but I should open up a duct cleaning and a hardwood floor Clendenning because I’ve got this database, and I know how to market now, and it’s the same demographic. Let me give them more services and let’s build this to a $1,000,000 business or whatever you wanna get to. But, it’s by investing in the marketing and not trying to say, well, you know, I don’t really market. I rely on word-of-mouth. Well, you know, word-of-mouth is still turning people to go, okay. Well, should I trust these guys? Let me go see what they look like around. Let me ask other people. Let me check the internet. Let me see what they’re all about, and that’s all marketing as well. So so invest in it as well is a is a big message we like to say, not just because we we do digital marketing. We’re we don’t wanna be you know, the bulk of your marketing, but it’s part of a mix, but you should be investing your in your marketing and your marketing knowledge. So, well, thanks for jumping on. I hope, I hope everybody got something out this. I hope it’s another one of those great interviews, where you you go back and listen to it over and over again and bookmark it and, and and write down the things that, you know, inspired you to do to do something and aim at those and send us a message and tell us which things you, you you you liked, which things you actually are planning to implement. And, that way we can we can even tailor more of these sations and some of the master classes we do to the things that you need to know more information about. So, anyways, thanks Sean for hopping on. I really appreciate it. And, yeah, we look to look to catch up with you soon, and we’ll I’ll let you know what the, the listeners say about this episode.

Shawn Barrett [00:50:29]:

Sounds good, John. Thanks so much.

John Clendenning [00:50:30]:

K. Take care.

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Creating Omniscient Presence: The Key to Becoming the “Best-Known Carpet Cleaning Business”

Creating Omniscient Presence: The Key to Becoming the “Best-Known Carpet Cleaning Business”


Creating Omniscient Presence: The Key to Becoming the “Best-Known Carpet Cleaning Business”

In a world where consumer habits are constantly evolving, the need for carpet cleaning businesses to stand out in their local markets has become more crucial than ever. In this podcast episode, the Carpet Cleaner Marketing Masters team reveals the secrets to achieving omnipresence in your local market. By implementing the strategies discussed, you can become “The Best Known Cleaner” attracting more jobs, the best customers, and ultimately growing your business like never before. Let’s dive into the core message of this podcast episode.


Understanding the Power of Omniscient Presence:

Omniscient presence means being visible to your ideal prospects everywhere they look. It involves utilizing various marketing channels to establish a ubiquitous presence in your local market. By achieving omnipresence, you position yourself as the go-to carpet cleaning business in your area, gaining the trust and recognition of your target audience.

Understanding the importance of working ON your business rather than IN it, by continual learning and growing as a business owner are essential for developing a sustainable and successful service business and achieving omnipresence is one of the key aspects of that journey.


Our “Best Known Cleaner” Omnipresence Marketing System here at Carpet Cleaner Marketing Masters consists of 3 key principles that make up the foundation of what we do for cleaning companies.

Those consist of the following:

  • Maximize Your Opportunities …to generate qualified leads
  • Maximize Your Brand Impressions
  • Maximize Your Conversions

When you focus on upgrading all three of these core success drivers simultaneously – your business growth becomes unstoppable!

Strategies for Achieving Omniscient Presence:

1. Improve Conversions on Your Website:

Your website is the digital face of your business. By optimizing it for conversions, you can attract and engage potential customers. The hosts discuss the importance of writing things down, as it helps cement information in your brain and increases the likelihood of taking action. They touch upon the significance of journaling in improving life skills and entrepreneurial mindset, stressing the power of putting your thoughts into words.

2. Utilize local service ads and pay-per-click ads:

To reach a wider audience in your local market, it is crucial to utilize local service ads and pay-per-click ads. These targeted advertising methods allow you to showcase your carpet cleaning services to potential customers actively searching for such services in your area. By embracing these techniques, you can ensure that your business remains at the top of their minds.

3. Implement Content Marketing:

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in establishing your expertise and building credibility. By producing high-quality content such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts, you can engage with your target audience and position yourself as a trusted authority in the carpet cleaning industry. The hosts emphasize the importance of storytelling, leveraging before and after stories, project stories, and branding to effectively connect with potential customers.


Taking Immediate Actions for Best Known Status:

The podcast emphasizes the need to take immediate action to address specific challenges within your carpet cleaning business. It highlights the importance of making a big push to become the best-known cleaner in your marketplace and provides actionable steps to achieve that goal.

One effective strategy discussed is pre-roll advertising, particularly focusing on YouTube ads. The hosts reveal that Google, which owns YouTube, has access to user information such as search history, allowing you to target ads to people actively looking for carpet cleaning services. By strategically targeting competitors’ channels, URLs, or interests, you can reach your ideal prospects effectively.



Achieving omnipresence in your local market and becoming the “best-known carpet cleaning business” requires strategic planning, continuous learning, and utilizing various marketing channels. By improving conversions on your website, utilizing local service ads and pay-per-click ads, implementing content marketing, and taking immediate action, you can stand out, book more jobs, attract the best customers, and grow your carpet cleaning business.

Remember, the core message of this podcast episode is to become omnipresent in your marketplace, ensuring that you are visible to your target audience everywhere they look. By incorporating the strategies shared in this podcast episode, you can elevate your carpet cleaning business and establish yourself as the industry leader, ultimately achieving the best-known status in your local market.

Listen To The Podcast:


You will learn:


The Carpet Cleaner’s Video Ad Framework


Making the Connection for Google Maps Rankings


Building a Website for SEO & Your Visitors


Your New Website Gallery: Social Media


Google Ads for Quick Wins


Don’t Miss out on Local Service Ads


How to Use Facebook Ads the Correct Way


Youtube Ads for Next-Level Growth


Follow Up for Lead Conversions


… and much more!

Audio Transcript:
if you want to be the dominant cleaning service this time next year this time two years from now in five or ten years you want to sell your business for half a million three quarters a million a million two million dollars and retire whatever that is if that’s you if you’re ready to take your business to that next step there’s a proven framework we just walked through it we talk about each one of these individually and in depth every single month this is the overarching framework of becoming the best known cleaner and becoming omnipresent and it is a mapped out framework it works repeatedly over and over and over again regardless of how technology is changing what AI is doing to us what the internet’s doing well on you know whether it’s online or offline omnipresence has a very specific path forward welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

we’re going to be talking about how to become the best known cleaner so as part of our omnipresence series it really is what’s necessary in today’s day and age everything is changing in our world around us and uh and consumer habits are changing economy is changing AI is changing everything and we as business owners home service business owners carpet cleaners maid services and anybody else that’s on this call that’s learning from our year 30 years of experience and training how much that is massively affecting where people find their service providers how they know to choose one over the other and how you can influence that to dramatic effect and literally take over your Marketplace so that’s what we’re going to be talking about today is how to become the best known cleaner and if you happen to me on this call and you’re not a a home cleaning service replace the word cleaner with the best known plumber the best known roofer the best known chiropractor whatever it is that’s LED you here but again most of our most of the people that follow our master classes and training have some sort of a home service home cleaning bent to them so let’s uh let’s dive into uh today’s information if you’re a home service business owner cleaning business owner and you’re serious about getting results let’s put our thinking caps on this is that part of your business where you’re working on your business not in your business you’re learning part of being an entrepreneur and a business owner is constantly upgrading your skills constantly understanding the changing environment around you learning new things and growing so that you’re not 5 10 20 years in business and just repeating year one five ten twenty times you’re actually growing year by year and becoming a Powerhouse in a dominant force and we want to help you with that this is part of that free training Series where we want to absolutely help you understand that so so what are we going to cover today well there’s a lot on the screen we’re going to go through a ton today but consider this the the overview training so we go really deep every month uh in a lot of trainings uh we’ve got a lot of resources on our website we’ve got a lot of resources on our social media you can tap into you can follow our YouTube channels our podcasts things like that all of the information goes goes deep on a lot of these subjects individually but right now we’re going to talk about sort of getting it all in your head and creating that full encompassing view what we find a lot when I deal with a I talk to hundreds and hundreds of of cleaners in this space all the time and individually and in group settings and for years and on stage and speaking at events and stuff like that and kind of what I hear a lot is the fragmentation of I know a little bit about this I know a little bit about that I don’t need to worry about this I don’t need to do any of that kind of thing not really getting sort of like that full cohesive view so let’s talk about that because we’re gonna what we’re going to cover today is we’re gonna create talk about your action plan we’re going to talk about setting your company apart with video talk about building your website for SEO and visitors there’s a fine line there and we’re going to talk about that and show you that we’re going to talk about the new website galleries used to be on your website you had to show galleries of stuff that you do that is now social media how does that play out what do you do there we’re going to talk about making uh the connection uh why you should be at the top of Google Maps and then what that means

and what that doesn’t mean like what areas does that cover where doesn’t it cover we’re going to talk about content marketing why you need it what it’s all about what does content even do what does it mean what types of content do you need we’re going to talk about reviews why they matter more than ever uh we’re gonna you know what you’re missing with Google ads because uh we we audit a lot of Google ad accounts and we got people saying that their Google ads don’t work anymore it’s too expensive well there’s things you’re missing that cause that and we can we can talk about that today as well we’re going to talk about your local service ads why you need to be there even if you’ve tried them you said it’s gotten too expensive they’re all just Tire kickers there’s a way to play that game as well that make it work really really well talk about Facebook ads the right way some companies only run Facebook ads they kind of got a phone call or a message from somebody going oh we know how to run Facebook ads oh that’s my only lead source this is there’s a reason why that doesn’t work long term but there is a right way to use Facebook ads and it’s Facebook and Instagram because meta owns both of them YouTube ads the uh sort of the the new kid on the Block in at least for Home Services obviously YouTube and YouTube ads have been around for a long time for local businesses just starting to scratch the surface on how impactful those can be so we’re going to talk about those as well uh we’re going to talk about becoming omnipresent using retargeting so if you’re not using retargeting it is one of those lowest hanging fruits as well and then we’re going to talk about doing follow-up and stuff so again talking about a lot today so um let’s let’s kind of let’s kind of dive into it right away so who am I why should you listen listen to me so if you’re new here uh for all the other people um yeah this will be really quick if you’re new here uh I’ve I’ve owned cleaning businesses since 1990 while still in high school on my first window cleaning business and then I started doing high-rise window cleaning with cruise job jumping over the uh the side of 40-story buildings in my early 20s and then um decided that that was probably a risky move and moved into janitorial and then started buying cleaning franchises and cleaning businesses and growing them and did that for a 30-year or so career started Consulting in that period of time as well and and marketing Consulting and business Consulting and operations and experience Consulting so delivering a great in-home service experience and a company experience and crafting all of that with businesses and networks and franchises and stuff like that and finally exited out of my actual brick and mortar in you know employees showing up every every morning going off in trucks business back in the you know just over uh two years ago now at the beginning or the middle of the pandemic and sold that for many multiples because of our Omni presence that we’re going to talk about today was allowing us to sell the business for many many times more than what anybody else is getting for their their their their home service businesses and things like that and you know just all about systemizing a business and and making it work also the author of the complete guide to internet marketing for carpet cleaners that you can pick up on Amazon so so that’s that’s about us like and about me and and our company we are um I’m considered an industry leader for uh 2023 and clean facts I’ve kind of appreciate the uh the accolades but more importantly I appreciate the Forum and being able to uh to uh share with a large audience through cleanfact through the Issa and through a lot of other resources be able to connect with people like Howard Partridge and and and do webinars with him and and trainings and stuff like that as well so and we obviously um host the carpet cleaner success podcast as well so but more importantly what about our clients we’d like to see our clients up 55 40 number one everywhere just you know screaming our accolades and letting us know that we have helped transform their business make things easier make marketing better help them grow help them stabilize if they want to have multiple Crews and continue to grow 300 500 000 three quarters of a million a million and more we’ve got clients that are at a million and a half and growing in in in in in fairly reasonable size markets and stuff like that we have other clients that want to stay as a one or two truck operation but want to be the premium service provider in the area make a ton of ton of of profit Revenue take home their 100 150 000 years the business owner and hire employees as well and have you know and and own that bit of a nest egg and have something that they can sell off that isn’t just all about them and their face as well so so that is the the you know the the type of people that we help than the type of businesses that we work with there’s a way to carve that out in any Marketplace so we like to talk about that but what we’re going to talk about is how to achieve omnipresence how to become the best known cleaner for all your ideal local customers doesn’t help that you’re if you’re the best known cleaner for people that are not at all interested in your services or can’t afford your

services uh you can be the best known cleaner on Groupon but that’ll probably put you out of business sorry to tell you the truth if you’re if you’re on Groupon but it’s one of those things where it’s just a law of diminishing returns people find the lowest price cleaner next time they come back and find the lowest price cleaner there’s no loyalty best known cleaner builds loyalty and and brand trust so how does that happen well it’s by leveraging the Three core principles of marketing success so you want to maximize your opportunities to generate a lead from your ideal customer so what does that actually mean what does it mean by maximizing the opportunities well the marketplace is fragmented there’s actually sort of if you think about it when somebody’s about to hire a carpet cleaner there’s going to be really sort of one of three ways that they’re gonna they’re gonna consider right first they’re gonna say hey I know somebody top of mind I have I’ve used somebody before there’s somebody I know like and trust somebody has influenced me so that’s the person they go to right the next is that they’re going to do sort of they’re they’re going to go out and do a bit of a of a bit of a search so they might ask friends they might ask in a Facebook group they they’ll ask around to see who other people are are choosing right then there’s going to be that crowd that’s going to just randomly search and Google it so there’s opportunities all over the place there and then there’s going to be people that were referred in right so we know that the repeat and referrals are the ideal crowd that’s part of that’s top of mind but part of that’s also generating a client experience that is referable but then there’s also that people again that they ask that that’s another way of getting referral they might ask the real estate agent they might ask a carpet or a flooring store they might ask their interior designer and they might ask their maid service they might ask their neighbor next door right we so and they might ask on net on the website next door they might ask on Facebook that you you know those kinds of things on Twitter wherever people are hanging out uh so that’s you want to maximize the opportunities because you want to be everywhere that gets in their head about hey I’m looking for this cleaning service for maid service carpet cleaning and you want to make sure that your present and in every place that there is an opportunity then you want to you want to also be maximizing your brand Impressions so that brand Impressions gets into that no like and Trust Factor so when you’re maximizing the brand Impressions to your ideal target market then they know about you they’ve heard about you they’ve seen you there’s something called the rule of seven and it is that people kind of you know it’s in marketing people need to see your brand seven times before they start to trust it feel good about it they need to see your brand message seven times they need to see your unique sales proposition or we like to call it your compelling sales proposition they need to see your risk reversal guarantees they need to see your customer testimonials not just reviews they actually need to be pushed not just poll marketing where they go and find you because they’re now ready to buy it’s that push marketing they see you all the time if you’re targeting that ideal that ideal demographic and so that’s with brand Impressions positive brand Impressions and then you need to maximize your conversions and maximizing conversions can be on the the website there’s ways to say take more of the traffic that already shows up and convert them into customers maximizing conversions can mean that your Google ads perform better that your landing pages perform better that you’ve built a lead database so people come into your funnel they’re interested they don’t necessarily buy right now or they buy from somebody else well how do you maximize conversions of those people well you bring them into a database and you talk to them and you automate that process of messaging them over time until they’re ready to buy again and maybe they didn’t like the other guy the other guy didn’t Market to them they forgot who they were and you’re always in their awareness so maximizing your conversions is is a big part of this as well so let’s get into it and let’s kind of go through that whole realm so the very first step is actually creating your action plan have you set your goals do you know what you want 2023 to be we’re at that sort of halfway mark so we’re moving into the second half of the year did you jump on our training call you can go back into our archives and see it how to set your goal planning for 2023 what is you what do you want to do how many calls will it take to meet your dollar totals do you know how to do that math have you figured that all out what is your average customer how many customers do you need how many calls does it take to book a job are you booking at seventy percent eighty percent um and I say calls a little bit old school calls messages texts emails all of the ways that people now get a hold of you how many of those leading or you know job inquiries do you need to then book enough appointments at your average dollar rate so can you up the rate of every job is there things you can do there can you deliver a better client experience can you create upsell routines can you

teach your technicians make the average job go from 250 to 350 to 450. we’ve got clients whose average job is over 500 where their competitors are offering through Amazon hall for 99 how do they get there well it’s not doing sleazy sales tactics so know your goals and that can help set up everything that you’re going to do in your marketing and how to really start creating that Omni presence then because you’ll then know your marketing budget so what is a reasonable marketing budget we like to say that uh you know for the 30 years I’ve done it for everybody I’ve consulted that between 15 and 20 percent of your revenue is a great marketing budget to go all in like for all your marketing for your database marketing for your referral remarketing your repeat marketing and also for your cold Outreach marketing and all of it combined together fifteen to twenty percent I never had a year where we dropped Below in 18 we grew consistently through recessions through downturns you know we we had a very active database and a very we marketed at our data our ideal customers in our database several times a month our best customers got in that range of 30 to 40 touches a year are our C lift list clients you know maybe they’re renting an apartment but um so they’re not our ideal client they don’t own the carpet but they’re a good long-term client they’re a senior citizen or whatever they got at least hit from us um with a piece of um welcome piece of mail so not an annoying not being an annoying pest but a welcome guest physical mail email follow-up phone calls um you know ringless voicemails all of those things text messages all of it uh maybe 12 a year right so some some just reminder things and also hey did you know this kind of stuff right so 12 to 30 35 times a year is that range depending on your customers well how are you going to Market your database how are you going to Market out cold how are you going to build a referral list how are you going to stay in touch with those referral partners and all that if you don’t have a marketing budget you don’t know what it is what you end up doing without a budget is you’re going to do a little bit of this you know stop that because then you’re going to do this did that work I don’t know I didn’t track my numbers I didn’t see the ROI on that it just feels like I didn’t get enough leads it should never be a feeling data and math determine how we run these businesses right marketing is just math plus psychology that’s all it is right so you want to Define your perfect customer who is it is your ideal customer right so do you know who that is do you because all of your marketing messages on your website on your social media all of the places that you’re going to Target people all of your audiences that the audience list that you build in social media all of that needs to be based on your ideal Target customer Avatar you might have a customer couple of avatars like for example you might mostly target residential customers right but you might have a commercial cleaning division that’s a different Avatar so you need to have Define the perfect customer in that realm and make sure that that marketing is carved out and looks slightly differently you might have your primary service being carpet upholstery area rug cleaning but you do have a hardwood floor refinishing cleaning maybe even do this not just the scrub and recoil but a sanding like really getting into that market as well and starting a sort of like a side service well that’s a little bit different than home cleaning services so that that ideal customer might be slightly different they have a different budget in mind and you know and a different need and stuff like that so who’s the avatar for that so you want to think of all that kind of stuff because that’s how you’re going to be able to deliver your message so setting your goals if you really we went deep with this with an over an hour an hour and a half training master class at the beginning of the year you can go back in our archives and look at that we’ve got future ones coming up but you really want to be good at goal setting right now what we’re going to talk about is really talking about setting your company apart with video so a lot of people go oh gosh John I don’t want to do video that’s for the influencers and the tick talkers and stuff like that I’m going to tell you right now that video has is becoming and has become one of the most important game changers in all of marketing so we’re going to talk you’re going to see video coming up a number of times in this presentation because it’s it’s that important so uh marketers who use video grow their revenue 49 faster than non-video users so if that’s not reason enough to start picking up your cell phone and just creating selfie videos having somebody follow you around for a day hiring a a a college a university marketing student or a media student with uh with a a nice you know dlsr camera that can do some filming for you things like that right 64 of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded social video so video on landing pages increases conversions by eighty percent what does that mean well you should have landing pages for your pay pay-per-click you should have landing pages for any you know Facebook ads or social ads that are not staying within that platform and those landing pages should have video on them your social media

properties are considered digital storefronts best way to think of your Instagram your Facebook your YouTube is a digital storefront well do you have a video right at the front of that hey thanks so much welcome welcome to our our page Welcome to our site Welcome to our whatever 80 higher conversions if you just have that video imagine having a video on every single one of your your service Pages as well and your service area Pages hey John here from John’s cleaning and yes we offer carpet cleaning the whole page about the services let me tell you a little bit of what we do differently and our 29 Points um Perfect Clean Service System and you know on you go and you have that little conversation hey it’s John here I want to tell you all about our risk reversal guarantee if you’re not happy we have our 200 money back guarantee what do you mean by 200 John let me tell you and all of that all the way through all of your marketing all the way through all of your pages all the way through all your landing pages so pay-per-click somebody clicks there they don’t go to your homepage your website they go go to a very dedicated page that converts at a higher rate we’re going to talk about conversion well that should have a video on it it will convert even higher 46 percent of of users act after viewing a video viewer viewers retain 95 of the message they watched in a video compared to only 10 of what they read in a text so so you need to be making videos now you’re going to go okay John I get it you kind of you kind of beat that home a little bit what kind of videos do I do I need to make well there’s four four categories let’s make this super super simple there are four categories of videos that you should be making you should be making brand awareness videos right so it’s just hey I’m John here I own this company um we do a great job you know let me tell you a little bit about it you should be creating lead generation videos lead generation videos would be hey click here to opt in and download this you know give us your email and we’ll send you a free report on how to care for your carpets how to hire a carpet cleaner things like that how to take spots and stains out for yourself all of that kind of stuff right how to you know click click here now if you’d like a you know a free in-home estimate and get this premium offer book now and we’ll add all these extra services on it no extra charge or at 50 off regular price for these extra services and stuff like that whatever that is so lead generation videos that’s where you give the offer before during and after videos so a lot of people talk about before after during is when you’re actually doing the job you should be taking video of before during and after we call those project capture stories so with all of our customers we create project capture stories where we’re telling a story of Mrs Jones who needed to get the carpets cleaned because her you know her um niece is coming from Europe and she hasn’t seen her in four years because of the pandemic and she’s now coming and her you know Mrs Jones’s little dog has peed all over the carpets and needed they need it she needs her house to look amazing and that would be a great story before during and after pictures create a project story they become pages on your website they become videos that you can Market out and and and retarget people with which is the next one as well retargeting videos anybody who lands on your website or any of your digital properties uh anybody who has seen part of your lead generation video your brand awareness videos and you’ve they’ve watched say 75 of those but they didn’t fill out the form they didn’t do the next action send them retargeting video hey I noticed you came to our website you came to our our offer and you didn’t complete it you know hey come here like you know finish that let’s get let’s get that uh book you in for a free estimate and then you’ll you’ll be locking in those those savings that that you saw as well so it works brilliantly and again what happens at a lot of times is people then say okay John well just a carpet cleaner just a maid service nobody watches our videos I’ve tried video before the numbers aren’t great I’ll tell you that there’s something called the the 9190 rule right or some people call the one 990 rule but ultimately what it means is that only one percent of people on social media are creators so there’s one percent of people that actually create the content there’s only about nine percent that interact with that content like it share it comment do anything with that content ninety percent of the audience are lurkers they are seeing you they are getting those brand Impressions they are starting to know like and trust you you’re starting to build that rule of seven and Beyond you become the best known cleaner in your Marketplace when they see you again and again and again and video is one of those places that they see you again and again and the way to use video from YouTube to to social media to retargeting all of that you can use video in all of your marketing so and on your website and when somebody refers you have a video like anywhere you can think of it it’s a it’s a great way to take that that sort of lurking brand impression crowd and really supercharge supercharger results from that so so one of the things is what kind of videos then okay I’m going to be doing a

bunch of videos John I you mentioned that there’s some that are brand impression and some that are for lead lead generation there’s the retargeting ones and then there’s the before and after ones and stuff like that so what are we doing here well here is a great outline of videos If you created a couple for each of these you would have a six right there if you claimed three for for each you would have 18 to 20 videos just like that that you can use throughout all your marketing and then you can just kind of you know kind of do them in batches and then do a bunch more down the road and you you know you’re just grabbing your phone and going through some stuff so a client success story you know of a whole bunch of clients that you’ve served that have done that you’ve done great things for it became very successful one of our best success stories was uh 30 years in business but I still remember to this day a a person sold a home and part of selling the you know the price on the home they they uh they agreed to touch up the railing on the staircase so white carpet throughout the house wooden railing they’re touching up the railing with some wood stain literally kicked the wood stain the little container of wood stain over down the stairs and the house was already sold and they would have been having to replace not just the stair carpet but it matched all the way upstairs through the bedrooms and all so big huge upstairs Landing sort of you know sitting room open area and then a whole bunch of bedrooms off it huge house right would have been thousands of dollars because of that little spill so they called our company they called the real estate agent went ah real estate I said ah don’t worry about it we know we have some we have our guys they’ll come over and see it we’re like oh no right red red dye removers all of that kind of stuff steam irons um rinsing to get rid of the oil stuff first we were able to get rid of that we got you know one of the world’s best testimonials we used that testimonial to get a whole bunch of other real estate agent agents to use us because we salvaged and saved them thousands and thousands of all the homeowner and and the real estate agent who had sold the home so the new buyers were all happy and solved the problem so client success stories that’s a great story to tell a video on right and character um character story so tell your origin story why did you get into the business what drove you what was different I’ve talked to uh I’ve got one of our clients who used to be a cop and got into doing cleaning instead because of a family story a reason why we have another one who had children that had allergies and they actually had to hire in cleaning services they kind of learned that you know you can make a healthier home with you know an air purifier and clean get everything clean they didn’t want to get rid of the carpets they actually realized that carpets could be the largest filter if they’re vacuumed properly HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners or Central Vac venting outside all of those good things we all know so tell that story tell your origin story why you got into the business what you did before this what led you to this you know your second generation your father was in it your uncle was in it you know things like that teach on a topic how many things do we as cleaners know about we because I’ve been in the industry for 30 years myself were you know trained all of our techness was in the truck for the first couple of years in my early 20s as a as a carpet cleaning business owner and things like that what do we know what training have we gone to have we gone to the IRC ircrc training have we gone to any you know John Don have you gone to any other trainings what do we know that the average customer could benefit from why is that first two or three steps off of the front entrance way going upstairs why are those stairs the dirtiest in the middle and then it fades going up how do you take care of that what about matting um you know when they get when they uh when they spill red wine do they really go after it with white wine well no that’s sticky what do we do club soda things like that blot don’t rub you know all of those kinds of things so we can teach on many many topics build that list grab your phone and teach on a topic right motivate and authenticity share your favorite Mantra don’t just be all about business you know be about yourself too like if you’re heavily invested in the church talk a little bit about why that you know why that’s important to you um if you’re part of the community I was talking to somebody the other day there that what they do to give back is they they um teach kids high school students as a in a young entrepreneurs program they’re giving back because they’ve spent years building businesses and carpet cleaning businesses and restoration businesses and now they’re giving back by talking about everything that they’ve learned over those years and and stuff like that so talk about that like you know you know in a very you know not boisterous sort of way but you can talk about that you know why that’s important to give back and and what you do as well maybe you have a clean water initiative you give to a charity a lot of people give to like the SPCA and stuff like a lot of carpet cleaners because a lot of clients have pets and stuff like that so why do we

give 10 of every job to that or ten percent of your pet you’re in job to that or things like that so all that kind of stuff motivational quotes mantras you know what what fires you up be the expert um so you want to show people like again this is a lot like teaching on a topic but be the expert and be the authority tell them when something in the media is wrong or right have your view on it that is related to the services that you do so if it’s you know if it’s becoming you know the the air quality is really bad right now why not be the expert say hey here’s things you can do here’s things that you can clean here’s the ways that you can deal with that become an expert on the helping them you know in and around their home we even say you know again videos work well newsletters work well as well and you can actually even just take some topics out of the newsletter that you write and talk about those as well and team stories share your team hey this is Carl here he’s he’s been with us for you know five years and you know Carl just got his new training on this and that or whatever you know hey this is just had a new baby here’s here’s Angelo on the team and you know whatever all of that’s all you know like whatever Angelo’s story is and why he joined your team and and have Angelo chat a little bit again technicians don’t tend to like to be on video but think about it they’re they’re in front of customers all day long they have to be personable it is you know the person you hire to be in the customer’s home you know on your behalf or with you has to have uh rapport with customers so let’s let’s pull that out of them to see if they can get a rapport on video as well so now Switching gears we now know video we’re going to continue to talk about video throughout the the rest of this presentation but you know what we need to move on to is talk about building that website that is not only for SEO why is SEO important that we can pause on that a little bit and but it’s also important for visitors I’m sure you’ve all gone to a website that is just you know you know it’s keyword stuffed it says the same words in the heading the subheading all the way through the text it doesn’t feel right it doesn’t read right it feels awkward feels like it was written by machine and it doesn’t doesn’t have anything that makes you go oh I like this company I’m going to stick with them right so so that that you might rank well it might show up and you might have found it but it doesn’t speak to you so on the other side of it you could have a website that looks pretty we see a lot of those I do a lot of website audits for for cleaning services and carpet cleaners and doing those audits I we just pick a part say hey here’s ways you can improve the site based on really really well-known metrics using tools like um um hot jars stuff like that that heat map the website and know what people click on and all that kind of stuff we know what actually causes people to convert which is part of the conversion we’ll talk about but we also know what that fine line between making the website SEO friendly and friendly for visitors so you want to have them clicking on call to action buttons or calling you we know that’s what we what we want them to do there’s three things that people do that we see on all of these websites they tend to do that they tend to go to the about us page more than any other page on the website other than the the page they landed on either the home page or the blog article or this the service area the city page neighborhood page however you’ve you know whatever’s ranking well that they’ve found they’re going to go to that page but you know so then they’re going to click on a call to action button or they’re going to call you because call tracking should be on every single website then you know they’re going to click the about us page because they want to know who are these guys can I trust them in my home or they’re going to leave your site altogether by and large number three is the largest crowd 90 to 95 of your web traffic go check your Google Analytics 99 95 of your web traffic never ever ever did anything they came and they left so we’re going to talk about retargeting are you chasing them around right but is there something that you can do that influences them to not leave to take another action to become a lead to request more information anything like that and there is I want to build your website for for SEO and for visitors there is an exact framework To Build The Better website so we did an entire training just on this one topic we will do trainings in the future again um on this this very specific topic but the point is that you want to have your website set up that when somebody arrives there it fits into what the what the conversation that’s already going on in their head that’s the that’s the definition of great marketing is to tap into a conversation that’s already going on in somebody’s head who are these guys can I trust them what do they do what do they guarantee these are the conversations are you going how do I get a hold of them I don’t feel like picking up the phone and calling how else can I get a hold of them things like that right so how much do they charge all of that kind of stuff right so what we have found is that the quest there are more questions unrelated to pricing than there are about pricing so having you know they land on your page and all your whole house for

99 dollars you just you just told the entire world the type of client you want is a cheap discount buyer period right if it’s all about pricing then you’re teaching the customer you’re teaching the visitor that you’re all about pricing right so you’re you’re just about being the cheap the cheapest guy if it’s all about quality and healthful you know healthy home great for their family great for their pets and and all of the services and the longevity of their carpet and saving them money over the long run um and and being their trusted resource for all home cleaning and Healthy Home needs then you’re speaking to a different crowd your ideal customer is the customer you want to attract to that website and now you’re giving them the message they want to hear right they live in nicer homes they have nicer belongings they’re not looking for the low-cost cleaner they didn’t park their motorcycle in the middle of their living room they’re not they didn’t just have a keg party in the in the rec room or the the family room none these are this is this is ideal proper clients that can refer other ideal proper clients so you build a website that that speaks to that but also has enough words on it has enough keyword density has enough pages on it so you want to have a page for everyone whose Services you want to have a page for every one of the Cities you target you want to have a page for every one of the neighborhoods we’ll talk about that in the content section but that’s all part of building a website for that converts well that is for SEO and for visitors and that ties it all together very well

so moving on and again I understand there’s a lot of information here um this will be available on replay just kind of take bullet point notes this is the things that have changed that you really need to get a whole grasp of to become omnipresent so that everywhere anybody looks you are the best known cleaner in your Marketplace which doubles and triples your business and allows you to sell it for many times more when you’re ready to sell and and move on it’s many times more the multiples of any other cleaning company most cleaning companies sell for the price of their equipment you shouldn’t your equipment is disposable like every five years you should be replacing or at least paying to replace your truck mounts your Vans your you know your Portables your your air movers all of that stuff right that that is all sort of you know it’s it’s it’s a temper you buy it it has a useful life you’re fixing it if it lasts beyond that yeah you got a you know a few gravy years out of it but that’s not what you sell your business for you sell your business for the database you built for the name recognition for the rankings for that that what you mean to the marketplace and how important because that is what’s driving the volume of your businesses so you know that in your Marketplace there is probably a stereo shop there’s probably a plumber there’s probably you know a home a custom home builder you name it that is the one that everybody knows right if you’re in a big big town maybe there’s a couple different areas of town but you know that they’re the ones with the Billboards and back of buses and online everywhere you go people are talking about it you see them they’re following you around if you went to their website if you ever needed them they’re top of mind you have them in your mind so that you don’t end up going when you need that service they’re the first ones you think of you might go and Google their um their website not their category you don’t just go oh carpet cleaner near me you go James carpet cleaning right you know Mighty house carpet cleaning right whatever and you follow them right so anyways let’s talk about galleries galleries used to be these things that sat on your website in today’s day and age galleries on social media platforms so on your Facebook your Instagram even Pinterest things like that you’re the new Gallery is there and you want to have pictures here’s some examples of really good ones you want to have pictures of the team your actual team you don’t want to have stock photos you want to have pictures of your team you want to have videos on some of these of before and afters that we talked about you want to you know if you did a charity event all that kind of stuff you want Happy customer pictures anything you do if you do a contest you want to have the winner um smiling face and a big check all of that kind of stuff you want to know when people come here that Gallery is influencing them you know oh some you know here’s an actual rug in the middle of cleaning and I can see this part’s clean and this part’s dirty not just some sort of arbitrary before and after like example here somebody actually cleaning the area rug and then showing parts of it and things like that so you want to have all of that kind of stuff this the second middle example here um we we see the people cleaning we don’t actually see any faces the first example is much much better the second one at least is showing your gallery on social media and we practice what we preach this is um you know carpet cleaner marketing Masters if you go and check out our Instagram we’ve got videos

we’ve got um Snippets of of longer trainings we’ve got um links and helpful hints and all of that kind of stuff because that’s what we do right so we’re providing that value as well same same idea for your customers so if you could you know you could have how-to tips how to video um an image you know about a red wine stain and here’s how to take it out and then the check the description and then the description of some of that information so anyways use social media as as your galleries use Google my business as a gallery as well don’t just use one place make sure that you’re you’re interacting with all of those because people are going to different places um to see so then that way when you’re talking to a customer and they say well you know is there anywhere I can see the work you do or your testimonials or anything like that you can say yeah just go check out our um you know check us out on Instagram check us out on Facebook because even your Google reviews are turned into images and placed on those in the mix as well so you’ve got a mixture of everything right so that’s really really helpful moving on we can talk about Google Maps so Google Maps has become the Yellow Pages so people don’t use yellow page anymore that kind of died 2008 910 during the last recession um Yellow Pages kind of went down and uh 2007’s when the iPhone was released so all of a sudden consumer products iPhones and tablets and all that kind of stuff that two three years after that during the recession and then next thing you know everybody’s on a digital device everybody’s using the internet a lot more even grandma and grandpas and stuff like that and now there’s there’s no need to go to a directory because the new directory is online and the the maps algorithm really really helped people find their local florist their local butcher their local you know beer store and their local carpet cleaner and things like that so Google Maps is really really important and um you you want to rank prominently and well and there’s a bunch of things that that help you in that regard so Google Maps rankings is all about relevance to start with so if somebody’s looking for a plumber they should not find a carpet cleaner listing it’s always looking for a carpet cleaner they should not find necessarily a maid service they’re not going to find a janitorial service those don’t they’re they’re separate categories they sound really close but they’re separate they’re not really going to find you know a wood floor refinisher if they’re looking for a carpet cleaner relevance is the most is one of the most important things what categories do you have list listed as the categories in your Google Maps listing of the things that you do the services you provide and are they relevant to each other because if there’s an outlier that is totally strange like hey we do carpet cleaning upholster cleaning area cleaning and dog walking you’re never going to show up for dog walking because that’s not relevant to your service category so you want to be very very careful on what it is that you talk about the distance to the person searching or the area that they cert they’re searching into so if they say hey I’m I’m over here in you know New York but I’m looking for my mom I’m trying to find a carpet cleaner in Albuquerque New Mexico so I’m going to type in carpet cleaning near Albuquerque Albuquerque New Mexico Google’s smart enough to go okay well this guy’s over here his IP address is proximity Is way over way over here but he wants to to find somebody here because he put those those terms so it’s going to find either by their proximity of their device the their IP address of their Maps listing or any of those kinds of things or buy what they typed in it’s going to find a proximity and there’s a distance marker so on an example you might have seen one of these grids before but for example this business would be um right in this area here somewhere so if you’re standing within a mile these are all miles if you’re standing within a mile of this business good chance are they’re going to show up in the maps listing because of distance as long as they’ve got their relevance right and then and then we’ll talk about the prominence as well but um if they’ve got a couple things right you’re close enough to them that they’re going to be in the top as soon as you start moving away there’s going to be other businesses that are closer more relevant or more prominent and Google Maps goes nope this guy’s ahead of you oh now you’re down there’s only three Maps listings that show up your number four you’re number five your number six now people don’t find you as easily and and you can see how that can really scatter out usually about five to seven miles if you influence it well with good prominence markers and you’ve got the relevance right you’ve got you know all of that and the distance you can go about five to seven miles out in most most marketplaces that you can influence to be seen on the Google Maps so what does that mean think about it this way are is your pin drop so even if you are a service area business and hide your address Google still knows where they sent the postcard they know your ZIP code they know where your business is located that becomes your Hub they do not show you everywhere you talk about they show you from from a source out it’s still considered a map driving direction

service at its core so that is how the algorithms all work so are you within three to five miles of your ideal customers go back to that first thing we talked about setting goals knowing your ideal customer are you within three to five miles of them if you’re not then your Maps listing is going to have a very hard time generating quality leads for your business quality phone calls from Google Maps because of how far away you are and it might be valuable because a Google Maps listing done properly prominence talks about things like you’re getting your reviews right getting your citations and your Authority online right having your website right that connects it all we’ll talk a little bit about some of this these things but you get all of that right and you’re within that that five mile area of your ideal customer and you have a you know an office or a your location Center then that generates 10 20 30 50 phone calls per month of people finding you and going yeah I’d like I’d like to know about your services from Google Maps alone that is just one of the many omnipresence then you’re getting calls from all of the other marketing you’re doing as well so that you’re you’re building a massive amount of leads but one of the sources would be and one of the the higher level sources would be the maps listing anywhere you can’t rank in the maps because it’s too far away it’s a town over um it’s Two Towns over whatever but you still want you’ve got a lot of customers there that’s where your organic SEO and website rankings not maps rankings but website rankings and your paid ads come in on a Google conversation and then your Facebook ads and all that other marketing can be influencing people in those marketplaces as well but Google Maps is one of the the big daddies and needs to be considered so some people physically move their offices they open up second offices there’s conversations we can have around that that we’ve helped businesses open two three and four other satellite offices no different than a lawyer or a you know site you know psychiatrist or a you know whatever account sir would do they might be a couple different offices and satellite offices as long as they meet people there or they run a business out of there there’s ways to deal with that as well so think about that so let’s talk about a little bit more of those prominence markers so one of the ways that that gives Google that Authority that understanding that you’re an authority in the marketplace is that you have your name your address your phone number all of that exactly accurate and right all around the web Google checks all of that and if you’re on all of these other listings you’ve got reviews and you’ve got interactions on these listings and you have these listings there’s there’s two benefits to that one there are some people that just use the Better Business Bureau just use Angie’s List there are yelpers that only go to Yelp right so there’s people that you know on Facebook look around for stuff you know ask somebody in a buy and sell group or a mommy blog group and then you know come over to your your Facebook page and never went to Google at all Google gets about 60 to 70 percent of searches the other 40 to 30 30 to 40 percent of searches never went to Google for our category so so you want it you don’t want to just limit yourself to oh I’m only worried about Google no let’s let’s think about it all one of the things to think about is these um these other directories they add um they add a bunch of authority to your Google Maps listing they also um are also places where people can find you so you want to make sure that you’ve got your all of the the directories that your competitors have you want to make sure you’ve got review velocity that your competitors have we’ll talk about reviews later but all of that helps with your Google Maps rankings you want to make sure that you’ve got your website set up to connect to your Map listing properly and create those connections and citations schema code it’s called things like that you want to really connect the dots for Google so that you move up in the maps listing around your your service area properly

now we talked about we talked about a little bit earlier we’re talking about content so why is content even important what do you mean content John why I’m a carpet cleaner I’m a maid service why do I need content well content marketing as it says is you know for the next level wins well what that basically means is 50 of web searchers even looking for services still move past in Google alone if they’re just searching they’re looking for information and they go into the organic listings where the websites are also in those organic listings below the maps is uh the you know the the home advisors and the thumb tax and the uh Yelps and all of those as well the directories kind of in there and there’s there’s a few websites to answer those questions that people are asking so there’s a couple different types of content you need to be thinking about that really help you show up and generate traffic to your website that then become visitors that you can convert into customers you can convert into estimate requests you can convert into followers you can start following them around and retarget you can

create a lot of content so there’s a difference there’s called top of funnel content and bottom of funnel content content you need both so we really suggest that in most average marketplaces that you’re putting out at least a blog post a week a press release a month to generate a lot of these signals in heavily competitive markets you need way more than that to help you rank for different keywords there is a thousands of keywords about 3 000 keywords that you could you should be ranking for what they call long tail so people type in a longer I need to get red wine out of my carpet so red wine out of carpet red wide you know you know carpet stain removal things like that those are long tail they have a lot of words in it is the search term there’s you know carpet cleaner near me that’s a short term that’s the harder one that everybody goes after that one but there is there is might be five or ten people searching for the longer tail one every month every quarter well if you’re ranking for hundreds if not thousands of those because you’ve got enough content and enough things on your website that attract that attention Google is oh I’ve got somebody who can answer that question in this area you know because your website has been crawled you’ve done it well content marketing and and that content marketing is a huge part of SEO now you’re influencing that Omni presence again you’re being found every time somebody searches for anything related to your category oh my God there’s those guys again there’s those guys again oh my God there’s an ad for those guys they came to your website they left oh my God there’s those guys again you know I’m on the Weather Network and I see them because you’ve become omnipresents so top of funnel is is more like um supporting content so these are not people that are ready to buy right now they’re just in research mode they’re looking to solve a problem they’re looking for information uh even some good top of funnel content can even include Geo content because you want it like if you’re if you’re trying to say that hey you know we’re over here but we actually we’re we’re one of the top cleaning companies for um you know this this community over here this retirement community this um you know Golf Course area whatever well then you want to have content you know say some of the um High income areas around Atlanta right if you had that type of content on your website and it it gets found and that that content you know talking about the high income areas and the fact that you know weaved into that content we happen to be a carpet cleaner in the area that services this area but here’s what we like about the area here’s what we you know here’s what people like about the um the amenities of the area so it’s not really trying to sell them carpet cleaning it’s it’s literally showing up and telling Google that you are in that area that’s the people you serve you link that to the city pages that you have and the service pages that you have and then you’re creating this top of funnel content that really helps your your website rank bottle of bottom of funnel content that is the content that is transactional people are ready to to buy they need to be solving a problem and they’re they’re at the bottom of the funnel they’re ready ready to buy and you need both levels of content because that really creates more omnipresence and it really can transform your business we’ve seen people that just with a really good SEO plan alone you know a lot of people going I just I want I want you to I want to buy leads I want to buy leads I want to buy leads it’s like get your SEO right it takes a little bit longer because it’s an asset it’s building the foundation before you build the home um but you you get your SEO right and it it is the number one organic traffic to your website and your online properties organic traffic is the number one driver of most well-established carpet cleaning and home cleaning service businesses done properly you get your content marketing right and your paid ads are just sort of that added little the bit it might be the thing that all you could live on and and and you know make rent on and feed your family with at the beginning you need paid ads before the asset builds up now paid ads is just that gravy that keeps the trucks busy and running your organic traffic is the number one driver of new customers to your business repeats referrals organic and then paid and it becomes this beautiful mix that just keeps your company growing from 300 000 to 500 000 from five hundred thousand to three quarters a million three quarters a million to a million and you just keep growing because you’ve got all of this omnipresence and uh and and and and this this organic base so really really important and the type of content you need like service content and Geo content we talked about that so about the services you provide and you need content about the areas that you service it really helps tie things together in Google’s mind so then we’ve got um we’re looking at you know why reviews matter more than ever so we knew we’ve known that reviews mattered for about a decade now right so again I talked a little story about coming out of the recession prior to the recession my business used to have you know in all of our yellow page ads because I’m not old we used to run yellow page ads like crazy five to seven thousand dollars a month

where the yellow page ads because they generated a lot a lot a lot of leads and we were really good at converting leads on the phone so the more Yellow Pages ads we could the busier we were as well and then we did a whole bunch of other marketing as well and and and that kind of thing so that building the business that way but what we realized was we used to run hey don’t call any carpet cleaner until you listen to this free consumer awareness consumer information message how to shop in this category you know what questions to ask what things to avoid how to how to not be ripped off all of that kind of stuff and obviously that that 12 minute message on a voice machine um you know would would lead people they could press one at any time to call our office and we influenced them that we were the obvious trusted expert why did so many people call that consumer line 20 to 40 people a day would call from our yellow page ads not directly to us that was available but they’d call the consumer number first and we would see them that light up on on our system and we could have three or four people listening at the same time and then um all of a sudden the phone would ring and because they’d be pressing one and ringing through those most of them would listen to at least eight to ten minutes of our 12 minute message what does that tell you as well well they’re looking to figure out who to trust and they didn’t know enough to do that come enough about the industry enough about the service come out of the recession everybody’s using these these these cell phones they’ve all got these consumer Internet connected devices on their hip and now they you know we had less and less calls to that uh part of it the recession things slowed down we had different marketing we went after our our referral partners and stuff like that we you know to keep the business running and growing we dodged and changed things a little bit come back out of it go back to doing some of the investing heavily in that other marketing in calls the calls right there to the consumer line so it’s like oh just put the consumer information on the website that’ll be fine they’ll find it there nope never went there either what did they start doing they started using reviews reviews became popular at that point Amazon and places like that taught people to read the reviews before buying the next cell phone case the next pair of shoes the next golf clubs whatever it is so reviews became important there they became important every year people started realizing I can Outsource my trust to somebody else who’s ever used them and now 10 years hence um 10 12 years hence we’re now saying that it’s not just the volume of reviews it’s the recency of reviews 87 of consumers read online reviews before taking action with a local business 48 percent of consumers would consider a business with fewer than four stars would not consider doing business with them negative reviews can have a significant impact on a consumer’s Behavior so if the very if the most recent review you have on your listing is a negative review and you haven’t responded to it and you haven’t done everything you can to continue to get more reviews to bury it that negative listing that negative review sitting there is there’s a really good chance it’s turning away one two three five potential phone calls a day that just go no this guy’s got you know is better you might have a 4.7 star rating you never want a perfect 5.0 rating that that looks cheesy it looks manufactured nobody is perfect all the time you want to you want to have the odd well it was pretty good they didn’t get the one stain out but they told me about that and they gave me the money back on that so that’s pretty good I’m giving them a you know 4.9 4.8 star rating that is totally fine to have that mix of stuff um and every review should have an answer from the owner every view good bad or ugly should have a should have a response in there that speaks to the person who’s reading the review and what you what you said about it right so just think of that as well and 79 of consumers say they Trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from their friends or family so reviews are critically important they help in rankings but they also help in conversions and reviews should never just sit static on the place that the review came in so they shouldn’t all just be Google there’s actually a golden ratio um of where to get reviews but they should you should also take them off of those places and move them you know dynamically Syndicate them it’s called take pictures of them um take the words and put them in posts and then grab pictures as well and just every single review you get you should be actively seeking reviews you should have a good decent review velocity and so that you have a lot of recent reviews constantly coming in at a decent pace and then you should be taking all of those and marketing them around all of your other web properties so that you’re you’re creating that you know that that many people Trust reviews show it to them everywhere they look omnipresence about your greatness as well so we like to say that 70 of your review should be on Google because again 70 of the traffic goes to Google 20 should be on the Better Business Bureau people still go there but you can also tell people go check

us out on the Better Business Bureau and 10 should be Facebook they actually call them recommendations now but they’re that social media angle Facebook allows consumers to leave in you know positive sentiment get them to do it there so we don’t suggest you do it in one we say suggest you get customers to fill out a feedback survey invite them to leave reviews the ones that are willing to leave reviews will almost 60 to 80 of your customers will fill out a feedback survey if you ask them the right way about 10 to 20 will leave reviews and then you can say hey thanks for that great those great comments could you pick one or all of these places and leave great comments you give them those three Better Business Bureau Facebook and Google and they’ll pick one or all and you’re now getting reviews shared around as well so so we’re we’re wrapping up the last few items here in this omnipresence Marketing System so what you want to do is you want to make sure that um your you you know what you what you might be missing with Google ads you want to make sure that you’re running Google ads properly and that you’re not missing out on the big picture with Google ads sure the leads are expensive on Google ads that doesn’t mean you don’t you don’t take them what is your conversion rate and what is your Roi so if your average cost per click in in Google ads is ten dollars a click and it takes you three three to five clicks before you generate a phone call so now you’ve got you’ve generated a lead for 30 to 50 bucks right sounds like a lot and if you book only half of those you track your math you do you know you do your math you know that of Google ads you know you track you that’s a call tracking number a different ring a different phone line different different way of tracking that a different um when they fill out a text message form when it comes in it lets you know you can track how many people came through your Google ads and you know how many of them ended up booking if you book 50 you just paid 60 in this example to a hundred dollars per lead and that’s pretty average actually well we run hundreds of Google we ad campaigns and 60 to 100 to buy a customer from Google ads it’s pretty reasonable because and it’s pretty average because now you’ve bought an ideal customer that your goal is to lock them in for Life you’ve paid that once they’re if your average job is 300 or 400 you’ve made money but you’ve make money the second time

didn’t turn off my office phone you’ve made money the second time you’ve made money um on the repeats and the referrals and all of that kind of stuff the lifetime value of that customer should be somewhere between two and four thousand dollars are you willing to spend a hundred dollars to get two to four thousand dollars over the lifetime value of the client yeah all day long get as many of those as possible so lead cost isn’t everything you don’t want to say oh well I can get cheaper leads somewhere else you might get cheaper customers somewhere else too these people are at least looking specifically looking for your uh um your services so when they’re looking for you know carpet cleaners near me upholstery cleaners near me area rug cleaning um Studios things like that you want to know that you’re showing up there because that’s part of your omnipresence that’s part of you know making sure that you’re maximizing the opportunities and brand Impressions and that’s you know running branding ads for slippage what what slippage means is there’s a lot of people that go to paper you know the type into Google they’re looking for something at the top of the page they can see the pay-per-click they click on it they go to your landing page they go huh what if these guys are any good they back out of your landing page and they go look you up they go search you you’re You by name they end up on your website right that’s now slippage but because they came to your landing page now you can run branding ads to them to say Hey you know you’re looking for our services you know here you get a get a free estimate you know all that kind of stuff check out what we do our 29 point you know um safe and Healthy Home Cleaning Service you know system or whatever that kind of stuff you can start you know hear some great testimonials from our customers chase them around with that kind of stuff right so um Google ads isn’t just about that that one conversion there are there’s a slippage that still turns into customers that didn’t get tracked properly because they didn’t take action on the landing page but they came back around a different way but they came through you that way so you want to make sure that you’re running branding ads to them to bring them back in because they’re they’re still interested you just gotta you gotta be able to influence that and then artificial intelligence we know AI is everywhere doing everything now um and AI in in Google ads it really is a matter of telling Google it’s getting better and better and better at this over time letting Google know that that click turned into a inquiry that turned into a lead that turned into a customer and was worth 500 bucks if we keep telling AI the AIS that are building out

in the background all of that data they’re going oh you like these customers and these types of people let me show you more often to those because these other guys aren’t telling me that your competitors aren’t telling me that they’re not letting me know when they convert so maybe they don’t and maybe most people like you so it’s how Google search works is like more people end up on your website stay there for longer and seem to find Value in your content the more Google shows that website or that web page over anyone else same idea with ads so um AI is you know will win in in the coming years so keep that in mind Google local service ads um we did some trainings on that recently it’s you know get into this before it’s too late Google local service ads um those are the ads the Google guarantee some people call them they’re the ads that are at the top very very very top of the search results and they’re in almost every market now it was a sort of a trial years ago now it’s just rolled out and those are people you only pay when somebody actually physically calls you so you might have tried and go oh I used to get a lot of good leads out of that back in the day and now I’m getting really expensive or crappy leads they’re all Tire kickers there’s a reason for that part of that is not teaching the algorithm the Google The Google local service ads algorithm the ideal customer that you’re you’re wanting and getting part of that is there’s there’s other influence mechanisms that you can actually set up there’s demographic mechanisms there’s areas where you’re targeting there’s a lot of ways that you can really dial in your ideal customer and not just have it smattered everywhere so everybody just kind of threw up an ad in the in the early days and as there’s more and more and more cleaners realizing that this is a source of paper call leads then you know kind of like what Home Advisor was doing and thumbtack was doing stuff like that this is a source of paper call leads as soon as you get a call you have to pay for it it might have been 17 18 20 in the day it might now be 25 30 40 but again are you booking 50 of them that still might be that you know 60 to 100 customer you just bought and if it’s an ideal customer and you’ve influenced them properly you want to get in into Google local service ads so um with Google local service ads you know you want your ranking is is still all about ranking you only really see three at the top of the page before you have to scroll a little bit so you want to be ranked well so what does Google do for that ranking well the proximity to the potential customers location that is one of the ranking factors of your review score and the number of views reviews you’re receiving inside local service ads and in your Google Maps listing connected to your if you’ve got to connect those two and you connect that in the number of reviews you have but also your review velocity your responsiveness is huge so if you’re getting phone calls and you’ve got your ads on during office hours and have them turning off when there’s nobody in your office and you’re not responding to those calls you’re not getting back to those message leads that are coming in instantly in it like answering every single phone call and getting back to the message leads they say within 24 hours but this as fast as you possibly can then you’re getting demoted you’re you’re not showing up properly and your your results are going to be affected by that if you are very responsive and answering all of the calls getting back to everybody right away um that is a factor that’s going to put you up in front even more so your business hours become really important do not have hours set in local service ads where you cannot answer the phones and you know and whether or not um they receive uh serious or repeat complaints about your business is is another point so you want to make sure that you’re doing delivering a great service if you start if they getting complaints Google guarantee means that they Google guarantees the homeowner that if if they if they’re not happy if there’s a problem Google will pay them will pay them back right so uh you want to make sure that if they’re getting complaints they’re going to demote you as well so keep that in mind

social media next one on the list you want to be on social media so again I get this as a lot this is omnipresence but having a marketing system in place setting those goals and chipping away at this stuff so that you make it automated you do a couple this month a couple next month and you just keep locking it in and doing more and more and more because social media is for browsers not buyers so they didn’t come looking for you they didn’t type in oh I want to find a carpet cleaner on face Facebook that never happened they’re browsing and you’re you end up in front of them so what do you want to end up in front of them with to influence them because social media is a great place to get your omnipresence and your brand message out and create a bunch of those brand Impressions that start to build those those seven touches that they need so they know like and trust you have you top of mind when they’re ready to buy somebody in your account or use somebody in your category

so retargeting anybody that came to your website anybody that came to your landing page anybody that watched your videos those videos we talked about um anybody who watched any you know 75 of the videos all the build retargeting audiences and stay in front of those people that is your active audience branding ads and again videos work well in these as well so the before and after stories project stories that kind of stuff branding is about targeting homeowners your ideal demographic people that are look-alike audience to the ones that visited your website look-alike audience to your customer base things like that you want to you want to run branding ads to those so that they now start learning about your brand and then what you can do is you can take the people that learned about your brand watch say 75 percent of your video about your brand they seem to engaged a bit in your local Marketplace and then send leads leads to them lead generation has its place and can work sort of disruptively but if you’re building a you know sort of a hey here’s some here’s here’s who we are and what we do you know building that brand awareness to your ideal target market and then the ones that seem the most engaged are the ones you place the lead generation ad for the Facebook lead form click here to go to a landing page here’s this premium offer that we’re making available right get your whole home clean and get a couch and loveseat cleaned absolutely free 250 value with any whole home of carpet cleaning over 500 right things like that are over you know 600 square feet or whatever those kinds of things you can create premium offers that are lead gen based on on on that kind of stuff so uh that’s the crowd that you want to Target so the actions to take with Facebook ads are three to four videos um for each of the different those three different types of campaigns that we just talked about uh create your ads and custom audiences based on on what people watch so you can test tests like that which is the fourth one you want to build landing pages and messaging that matches what you’re talking about so you don’t want to be talking about upholstery cleaning or your area or a shop and then take the home page or website that’s all about carpet cleaning no you want to make sure you have landing pages and the and and and assets built out about what it is that you’re driving them towards that’s just that’s common sense right and you want to test everything so you want to find the ads that work the best you want to split test maybe a collage of that of images versus a video for whatever different ad copy and what you do is you you split test them that’s one of the great things about social media and and ads you can split test them against each other and you get rid of the losers and you scale the winners and then you just keep running those tests it’s content marketing is all about testing it’s math plus psychology so and then we roll into the same idea but YouTube this is this sort of um this next level area that is still sort of untapped it’s like what social media was five six seven years ago YouTube’s been around for a while but for local businesses so you got different types of ads you got true view ads pre-roll ads and Discovery ads

ultimately what you want to do pre-roll tends to work the best trueview can show up on on a network all over the place The Weather Network and stuff like that trivia can be everywhere and um Discovery ads are the ones that show up in the sidebar when you’re when somebody’s searching and looking at this here’s some other ones that it might be related what you know um the the best ads we feel are the pre-roll simply because you can actually find people Google owns YouTube they know who’s in the market for cleaning services they know what you’ve searched they they they know your search history you can take people that have searched for carpet cleaners near me and the next time they go into YouTube to look at a silly cat video or to you know watch you know you name it an update from Congress or whatever the you know whatever they do they’re you know people out you know four-wheeling and mudding it whatever their thing is um you can show them an ad before the uh before their video plays they and you can have again a video based ad sitting in there right so you can Target your competitors channels you can actually even Target your competitors URLs or interests that so say for example you load a list of all of your competitor websites and anybody that has visited click through Google and visited your competitor’s website will see an ad from you in Facebook or sorry in YouTube the next time they’re on there a pre-roll that no matter what video they’re going to watch they see you hey by the way you’re looking for quality carpet cleaner in the you know Tulsa Oklahoma area that does an amazing job guarantees our work 200 and you know as um you know been in business blah blah blah and delivers a healthy home cleaning service then come to us let me tell you all about it right and if they last begin that if they don’t skip off that ad in the first five seconds then you you pay for a view but you influence them because they’re interested

they watch the ad and now you’ve got your generating leads as well so and you can even Target keywords so there’s all kinds of targeting in in YouTube ads that are really really really important so the action steps for YouTube ads film your videos with with proper video ad framework the right sizes test a few different hooks to get you know get people to last beyond that first five seconds and then people to actually opt in at the end test a couple different hooks write down a list of all the audiences you could Target all your competitors all of the um websites that your ideal customer goes to all of that all the different channels on YouTube that they that are that that are related to your ideal customer that you can put ads in front of take that entire list write that all down set up your YouTube pre-roll ads um in the Google Google ads interface that’s where you do it you don’t do it in YouTube it’s back in Google ads Google owns YouTube It’s a Google ad product you know you can go up to you know I say minimum 50 a day budget to test you can test it a little bit lower than that you can test you know 20 or 30 bucks a day fifty dollars a day sounds like a lot but again you want to run some split tests and do a couple different things so if you know marketing is all about testing so you can start a little bit smaller than that and see where it goes but um just the whole idea is to put some money behind this because you can take people that searched on Google for carpet cleaning and be exclusively in front of them because your competitors aren’t doing this yet exclusively get a captive audience on YouTube the next time they go look there and we know the majority of people with cell phones and computers go to YouTube and you run them figure out the winners um and losers scale the winners so that’s our goal retargeting 80 of the people that that see you the first time do not do anything they don’t convert so what do we do with this crowd well we make sure that everywhere that they go to everywhere they land everywhere that they come across your brand impression online anywhere that a pixel a pixel can be put a way to put a little cookie on their website and or on their computer and it says hey I can now retarget you I can show you ads when you’re on on Weather Network I can show you ads when you’re on ESPN I can show your ads anywhere you go around the web I can show you ads on Facebook I can show you ads on LinkedIn I can show you ads if you search on Bing I can remarket you anywhere you go around the web you want to make sure you put a Facebook pixel Google pixel Bing pixel LinkedIn pixel uh you want so that you’re generating that entire pixel audience and you can now build this audience of people that have engaged with your brand come and found you didn’t take action you can say hey I noticed you came to our website but you didn’t fill out a form I noticed you came to our website and requested an estimate but you know you haven’t booked yet there’s weight you can break that audience down and send very very very targeted messages final step of what all of this is about is all about the follow-up right so proper lead follow-up is the process that creates those conversions so you can build all the leads in the world you can be the most omnipresent um business in the world but if you don’t follow up you don’t answer your phones use an answering service it rings once to click through through your phone to their phone they get three rings before they pick up excuse me can I put you on hold for a quick second click because it’s a you know answer server and then they finally come back you know 20 30 seconds a minute later that is a really really bad experience for the consumer compared to they you know they they call hey it’s a great day here at ABC Carpet Cleaning how can I make yours have a great day too totally different experience they allow oh that’s funny anyways yeah so I’m looking to get some cleaning done oh great that’s what we do so tell me a little you know off you go right so if you respond right away 78 of consumers buy from the first person who responds and that’s you know um study by lead connect and big players in the industry 78 from the first person that that you respond they’ve done a bunch of their homework they know who they want to call and if you didn’t answer they’re calling the next guy you’re not the only one on their list right so first person who responds after five minutes the odds of qualifying a lead drops by 80 and in today’s day and age a phone call a text message a messenger message a e an email a form fill on your website all of those are the phone ringing the big red phone ringing in the corner the bat phone every one of them is five minutes or less one minute or less we actually have systems in place where if anybody fills out a form on our client’s website their phone rings they press one they’re talking to the customer right away why because it’s that important to convert we are all about high conversions and that’s one of those elements so you don’t want to automate the phone answering system you can have a you can have a phone should be answered live during business hours text messages should be hey thanks so much we’re here to solve that question got a few more questions for you you can automate a few little questions at the beginning make it feel

like it’s real jump a real person in try and get them on the phone if you can if not finish the conversation by selling by text cell by text emails same idea a little bit of back and forth try and get them on the phone if not selling by email or selling by message is really important sharing some videos letting them know why you’re different as you’re delivering the answers to their questions but you wanna you know whether it’s a lead form follow-up or any of that kind of stuff you want to set the appointment no matter what so set the appointment for the estimate set the appointment you can even set the appointment Hey when’s the best time for us to give you a call back um you know if there’s nobody available right now kind of idea um the you can set the appointment for the cleaning service obviously even if you don’t have your calendar in front of you even if the person who’s taking the call set the appointment for four or five days out hey does uh next you know just Thursday between you know one and three work best okay great let’s put you down for that right if you have to call them back and change the appointment I’m so sorry I double booked you um I wasn’t looking at the right calendar can I move you around or something like that you know you’ve got a much better chance of of keeping that appointment if you set the appointment no matter what no calling back unequivocal you’re just you’re setting the appointment because then in their mind they’ve solved that problem they’ve moved on you can adjust but they’re not calling your competitors so having a sort of that lead management system that’s all part of your conversions as well follow-up means that that 80 of the crowd that did nothing saw your stuff did or did not interact you’re able to follow up with and then you can create that you know even if they did email or opt-in they chose not to choose you this time they chose not to do the cleaning right now you want to have a long-term nurture process to follow up with them for months and years till they’re ready to buy from you until they unsubscribe we always stay till they buy or die until they unsubscribe or or buy from you you want to have a constant drip campaign going out as well to do all of that so so there we go that is an omnipresence Marketing System for a home cleaning service carpet cleaning maid service business that will take your business and two and three extra results guaranteed we’ve seen it happen over and over and over again there’s ways to do a lot of learn that and do do some of that yourself there’s ways to use you know Automation and services and tools to help make that happen as well so let me know what are the three takeaways top three takeaways to becoming the best known cleaner what are you going to do right now don’t leave a training like this with yeah that was all good oh I got so many things in my head no write three down if you don’t write three down there’s an act of taking pen to paper that locks through your brain you have to think of how to write again you have to see it it creates an entire neural pathway that’s why journaling works well for you know for life skills and and being a better entrepreneur and a better person writing things down makes them cement in your brain and gives you a much better chance of actually taking action on that so what three things um three goals do you have out of this training is what can you do better are you going to improve your conversions on your website are you going to start looking at local service ads again pay-per-click ads are you gonna you know are you going to uh um look at content marketing so that you can actually be answering questions that people are asking and show up more what are you going to do to become more omnipresent what is the stages what are the three things you can do right away within the next day or week get that solved and what can you do to make this a big big push in your business so that you can take your business by Leaps and Bounds forward and you can make yourself the best known cleaner in your Marketplace so write that down the whole idea is obviously having yourself um being seen by your ideal Prospect everywhere that they’re looking being followed around just becoming oh my gosh those guys are everywhere they’re the guys I need to go to they have the best message they have the best Market they’ve got tons of testimonials they’ve they’re sharing before and afters they’ve got happy clients left right and Center you call them yeah you know that makes sense that you’re a little more expensive than the rest of them that’s totally fine now you’re not price competitive you’re not worrying about your competitors what they’re you know what they’re charging what they’re doing because you’re you’re on an island of your own because you’re the best known so that is the ultimate goal if you need any help with this you can always hop on a call with us so carpet cleaner schedule you can you can hop on a call with us we can talk about take a look at where you are where you want to go what how to connect the dots you know is there any services that you might need us to help you with that’s fine if there’s any services that you know you you need elsewhere that has nothing to do with us that’s fine we help in all directions we do these trainings for that same reason as well so if

there’s any help that you need becoming omnipresent if you want to be the dominant cleaning service this time next year this time two years from now in five or ten years you want to sell your business for half a million three quarters a million a million two million dollars and retire whatever that is if that’s you if you’re ready to take your business to that next step there’s a proven framework we just walked through it we talk about each one of these individually and in depth every single month this is the overarching framework of becoming the best known cleaner and becoming omnipresent and it is a mapped out framework it works repeatedly over and over and over again regardless of how technology is changing what AI is doing to us what the internet’s doing well on you know whether it’s online or offline omnipresence has a very specific path forward it’s very easy to model it’s easy to put in place one step at a time so if that’s something that you think you’re you’re interested in hit us up go to the schedule you’ll book a a time slot hopefully you found value in this training really look forward to seeing you guys next time thank you

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Proven Strategies to Boost Your Carpet Cleaning Website Conversions


Proven Strategies to Boost Your Carpet Cleaning Website Conversions

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Where to place your phone number & social proof

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Who is your ideal customer and what is their avatar?


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Audio Transcript:
thank you hey hey how’s it going everyone um glad you can make it here on a Thursday afternoon what we’re going to be talking about this week is we’re going to be talking about um what you’ll find in chapter 7 of this handy dandy book you can get on Amazon selling like gangbusters but website conversions and setting up your website properly unlocking the potential of your website and we’re going to talk about why that’s important what you need to be doing how things have changed for 2023 the mindset you need to have around around websites welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine Gene tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

let’s get let’s get rolling into it so do the normal turn off the cell phones turn off Facebook we’ll get through this quickly I do speak quickly so there will be a replay you can slow it down a lot of times I say hey when you’re listening to webinars and replays put them on you know one and a half times speed to power through the information um when it’s mine a lot of people tell me they slow it down a little bit so that’s fine but um we’re gonna try to get there’s my cough right now sorry we’re gonna try to get through this in the next um 60 minutes or so and really really give you a ton of a very very important information so that’s our goal for today I’m actually going to turn on my little highlighter that I always do okay so we’re going to talk about five critical elements that enhance conversions um where to place your phone number Social proof things like that like where where like the block and tackling stuff I call it like where does things actually need to show up on your website what what actually has an influenced you know over um a consumer how do their eyes track all of that kind of stuff when you do this long enough whether it’s like about way back in the day Yellow Pages and flyer advertising you talk about the Zed that people look in um and you have to place things on that Zed looking path well websites are slightly different but there’s there’s an importance that you need to be placing things because that’s where they expect to find it and if they have to kind of look around and get confused or it’s not in the right format even it’ll actually reduce the number of people that contact you they just get frustrated to move on it’s it’s quite sad but it happens um and I’m going to give you some simple tricks that can convert your visitors um you know even the ones that don’t call you on the first to visit dude like we’re going to tell you and teach you that um of all the people that come to your website if you actually watch your website stats 95 96 of them don’t even let you know they’re there they don’t pop their head up they don’t ask you a question they kind of look around they either did or didn’t get the information they want and off they go and what we want to teach you here today is how to increase that conversion rate from five percent and blow it out of the water and get like 15 20 conversions from people that show up on your website because of what you do and not only when they show up but when they show up and leave are you tracking them are you following them around are you getting them back to your website are you influencing them in the right way so we’re going to talk about all of that kind of stuff as well so quickly for the newbies here there’s a few of you in the crowd who am I um so John Clendening I’ve been in the cleaning business for over 30 years started in high school um actually running a window cleaning company in in high school and and then got into high-rise window cleaning and had Crews dropping over the side of buildings myself included 40-story buildings all that kind of stuff then decided I want to be on the ground I was in my early 20s mid-20s and started um I bought a carpet cleaning business then I bought three other ones out around me and then got into maid services bought bought build up and sold a maid service franchise two locations uh did Flood Restoration in the mix of that helped the janitorial company we kind of became the operating company for them grow from under a hundred thousand dollars to six hundred thousand dollars in sales in a few years before we sold our way out of that one as well so all of that kind of stuff and then in the middle of the pandemic I sold my um final brick and mortar business the carpet cleaning that I’d started with um all the Ace of 27 28

years earlier sold that in the middle of the pandemic as well um for many multiples just because of how well it was running and how optimized everything was I’ve been a big proponent of of um Michael Gerber the e-myth you know organizing and structuring your business in a way that it runs like a franchise everything has a purpose and a reason you wear all of the hats at the beginning you start taking the hats off you can even have managers be the management at but I really believe you need to keep that marketing hat on so you can hire people to do the marketing for you but you need to have a sense of what your marketing is and part of that is what we’re going to talk about here a good chunk of that we talk about in the book as well so I am the author of the complete guide internet marketing for carpet cleaners I do hear from janitorial companies and maid services and um plumbers and HVAC and roofers and all that who have bought the book as well Home Services that’s what I know that’s what I’ve spent my my entire career in working with with franchises working with independent companies large networks things like that started up a digital marketing business back in right around about 2010 to about 12 13 years ago now really helping with reviews and reputation when nobody really knew what that was because we saw coming out of the last recession how that moved the needle so I’ve been a speaker on stages around the world and a trainer on all of this kind of stuff so that’s who I am but more importantly who are our customers and what do we do for them so this is just a quick little snippet of some of our customers up over 55 percent um based on just having our services involved 40 increase in Revenue there number one all over and more calls and more bookings at higher prices than ever before uh people that have worked with us all around all around North America Canada the US and even around the world we’ve got clients in Australia and New Zealand we’ve worked with as well so that’s what we do we actually help our clients become the top cleaning brand in their local Marketplace so they attract the best clients are able to charge top rates you don’t want to be the discount guy you want to be able to charge well and that’s all about marketing good marketing and then good business management it’s those two pieces and you want to be booked out weeks in advance you don’t want to be waiting for tomorrow’s jobs right you might have a few openings if you’ve got like sort of a an you know an ability like an advertising source that has people that want right away um but you want you want to be booked out weeks in advance you want your regular customers to come into your schedule knowing that they have to book a week or two out minimum because you want to really have that style of business where you can hire well you can pay well and all of that comes from running a really great business and one of the pieces we’re going to talk about today is is all around that so so how do we do all of this how do we do what we do how do I create businesses that um dominate their local Marketplace that become over over the you know over time they become the number one you know business in their local Marketplace well we do it by the Three core principles of digital marketing success it isn’t that challenging it isn’t that you know a brain teaser to figure out how to do how to do internet marketing um what it needs to have happen all the little pieces become the complexities but and that’s again one of the reasons why we wrote the book on it to give you a lot of that insight and those pieces and the how to’s if you want to take it on yourself or at least if you’re hiring it out to know that somebody knows what they’re doing right but it really is all about maximizing your opportunities to generate a qualified lead so if I was going to add any word in there um right here let’s give me a little highlighter again uh where did we go there we are making a mess on my screen but let’s get over here ah right there so I would put in right in this spot right here a qualified lead right um right there because what we’re talking about is you don’t want everybody you do not want to be you know cleaning crappy Apartments um and low-income households that just don’t you know they’re looking for the cheapest price and next time they’re looking for the cheapest price which is the next guy right you walk you want to be cleaning uh people that respect you you want you want to have know who your ideal client is and you want to be get generating leads from those people where they are some of those leads are referrals some of those leads are um them searching and looking for information and getting answers and all of that kind of stuff you want to maximize your brand Impressions to those people right so brand Impressions offline we know what that is the back of the bus the bus bench the Billboards things like that you know you you know the number one plumbing company in town the number one stereo shop in town things like that they have brand Impressions visibly offline and online as well if you go to their website if you’re searching for things that they do you’ve got brand Impressions that are following you around everywhere you go and you want to maximize the conversions and that’s what we’re going to be talking about a lot today is is maximizing the conversions

so what’s the problem problem is you you need to invest in your marketing I say in some you know some people like I was on a um a a a a a training there just recently with Howard Partridge uh for clean fax magazine and Jeff Cross was sort of the moderator between the two of us and we’re talking about the investment it takes to run a business and a little bit of a difference of opinion between Howard and I on on that but when you put everything into the bucket and know where all of your leads are coming from you know if you’ve got people running around getting referrals for you if you’ve got digital Mario you’ve got websites you’ve got you need to rank because people are actually searching for topics and you need to actually have answers to those questions they’re searching for because now you’re making an education based marketing play which generates better customers you know everything you do even when you take that real estate agent out for lunch because you want them to refer you that’s a marketing expense all of it so there’s lots and lots and lots of Realms of marketing and digitally you spend a lot of money investing in in your marketing and even if you do it offline and you do door hangers and you do referrals what do we know people do 95 percent of people that are referred to a business offline or online or wherever wherever they heard it from their neighbor their Aunt Martha doesn’t really matter what do 95 percent of people do according to all consumer studies now they Google the business to find out if they’re worth even looking further into they look for that business’s reputation they go look at their social media they go look at their website they go look at reviews they do all of this stuff why because they now want to know if that’s worth you know worth worth using that company think of the investment that you’ve put in all the door hangers the Flyers the Google paid per click ads the local service ads the social media that you’ve been doing um again organic you know answering questions doing videos becoming the face of the company all that stuff just to find out that when they go look you up they find your competitor you spend a lot of money and you know they’re not they’re not coming through so the traffic is there maybe you can see your website stats and you’ve got traffic but the leads aren’t converting so what it what is a good conversion rate on a website you know and what’s what about Roi you spend money to build different marketing channels up and again that’s why it’s maximizing the opportunity to generate a lead you need to be omnipresent that’s the new word because it’s really really important well you’re now omnipresent you’re being found everywhere you’ve got those brand Impressions um and your targeted you’re realizing that your Roi is low why is your Roi low well your return on investment is low because you’re not generating enough leads from that so that’s a fail you’re not generating the leads and therefore for the investment and it’s hard for your business to grow right there’s so there’s some camps of people that believe hey I’m just waiting for that really good Facebook ad I’m just waiting for that really good local service ad that one one thing that’s just gonna you know you know fill my schedule up for for months and months and years and years in advance and you go back 15 20 years and I was being asked in the early days of my Consulting before doing before doing internet marketing running an agency I did Consulting in in marketing and and into the franchise industry and stuff like that and in those days it was what’s the flyer I need John what’s the postcard what’s that one flyer where how can I get all of this this this engagement and traffic and and phone calls from that one thing and the answer never is one thing the answer is you need to have 20 30 40 little things that work that are generating one two three four customers uh new customers a month you got to be marketing your database you got to be delivering a great client experience that you’ve figured out and all that kind of stuff you’ve got to invest in all of the actual aspects of running a proper business and if you do that well and you invest in all of that um you want to make sure that that when you’re generating that new volume of traffic those new people that know you that you’re converting them converting them into somebody who raised their hand and say I’m interested in more so make it a very small hurdle for them to jump over and the other people that go I want you guys oh my gosh you are the dudes I want right so to get that to happen it’s it’s a matter of psychology marketing is basically just math plus psychology so that creates the opportunity that we’re talking about there is an opportunity that most of your competitors don’t know about the odd time they get lucky more often than not I I we audit websites on a daily basis we get calls from from carpet cleaners and maid services and janitorial companies and restoration firms going okay I need you to

take a look at my stuff and tell me what we’re missing right so they might have read the book they might have however they found out of us they really want to know what what is that missing piece is the person that they’re working with is is the person in their company that there’s been and building this stuff for them is the agency that they’ve got one agency doing a little bit of this work they’ve got another agency doing their their Facebook ads but they’re not connected they’ve got another agency maybe doing social media you know and not really sure what that is and what it what’s happening um it’s not all connected and what I noticed first and foremost is that there is a lack of understanding of conversion Elements by the average web designer there’s a lack of understanding of conversion Elements by the average person working in social media they want to get engagement they want to get likes they want to get comments but they don’t know how to convert them into work again websites they make a really pretty website I mean I’ve seen some gore I’ve seen some ugly websites I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous websites that people come to they’ll smile and they’ll leave because it didn’t convert them psychologically into wanting to work with that company and it didn’t give the most secondary reason to respond right so you need as the Hub of your marketing you need a great website that is built to convert why do I think the website is the Hub because everything leads back to your website like you’ve got your your social media it’s element you should have blog posts and information and stuff like that hey here do you want to see a great um customer story that we’ve just done like a customer that we’ve just transformed their carpets their tile floor we’ve just done a cleaning or recoating on their wood floors things like that do you want to see that story great you can show them that on social media but you can also start the conversation there and take them back to your website where a lot more information is about your company and you can pixel them and cookie them and follow them around and do all this great stuff I’m going to tell you about but all of that kind of stuff happens in now contained inside an environment that you can control and you can control the psychology of that that much better as well so you want to consistently convert visitors into callers Messengers and leads and you want a momentum to grow so as more traffic comes to your website more people like there’s more clicks from your Google Business listing to your website and that’s something Google can track and show you how that is increasing over time and it should be increasing over time if you’ve got somebody working for you to grow your Google Business listing visibility then more people are calling you directly from there and more people are clicking through your website why because they want to learn more about what you do people don’t click through to your website because they they’re missing having a brochure in their hand so keep that in mind as well a lot of websites are set up to look like a brochure wrong way to do it so you want to become the authority you want to be the trusted go-to company and you know you want to have all of those pieces tied together and that’s what success looks like is influencing people the right way to make them know that you are the authority in the marketplace you are the if a carpet cleaner you are the number one carpet cleaner in the local area you have the authority you have the respect and you command it because of the way you set up your assets as well and the way you present yourself to the marketplace and again all of that is controlled by your website that is the Hub of where all of that activity comes from so again all of your all of your properties all lead back to your website

so why is getting your website built to convert important to you think about that for a minute put it in the chat if you want like let’s talk about ourselves here um why would it be important to have your website built to convert what are some of the benefits that can that you can get out of that

yep yeah exactly more leads more money yep you can convert more people for sure so let’s kind of get into that so conversion is important for a couple of reasons check this one out so scenario number one 1500 visitors a month right so you you’ve built your website up and that doesn’t come easily but you’ve built your website up to get 1500 local visitors coming to check out all the different Services you do um the education that you’re giving them how to properly care for their tile floors how to properly get stains out of their carpets all of those kinds of things that’s all blog posts and articles and texts and content that’s what a website is it’s basically just a Content Library of really good stuff that answers questions and if it answers the questions well and people come to find it Google rewards You by saying hey this is great content let’s show it to more people right so 1500 visitors

come to your website a month you have a five percent conversion rate which is really good really good to have five percent of the people actually do something fill out a form they call you that’s 75 calls or leads that just came from your website you have a 30 booking rate from that say for example of those people that came to your website your office staff can book about 30 of those and again knowing your numbers is great where did they come from and how how many of those did I book versus referrals versus repeats versus all the you know all the other sources knowing the conversion rate at every source is really really good information to know so you book 22 jobs 1500 visitors 22 jobs average job is 325 again you want to be a decent company that you’re over 300 an average job maybe getting closer to 400 we’ve got some clients that are up around 500 average job because they it’s the way they Market their clientele the clientele that they Market to they they pick the right people that want the that want the quality service and they have the right message for those people and those people help refer them to others like them those those referrals go look online oh my God these guys are amazing they they’re they’re definitely the local Authority I’m going to hire them too and price becomes less and less and less and less of an issue and repeating and and repeating more often is a bigger a bigger part of it well a lifetime value of a client is way huge in that level so you’ve now just generated 7 100 bucks so it looks like there’s a extra zero on there but you’ve you’ve you’ve generated 71 hundred dollars because of the 22 bookings that you got at 325. let’s look at scenario number two only thing we’re going to change is conversions let’s say you’ve got a better website with better psychology giving them more of the answers they’re looking for giving them a reason to reach out to you giving them a secondary reason to reach out to you a free guide a free report um a way how to hire you know carpet cleaners so you don’t get screwed you know a little a little video series a little guide a little whatever op just an opt-in now you’ve got their email address and they’re getting that or their cell number then you can text them that that kind of stuff now you’ve got 225 calls or leads forms messages from your website because you’ve got 15 of them to actually go hey I’m interested you still can only convert it 30 on the phone we’re not changing the you know our ability to answer the phone and influence people you can always work on that number as well but let’s just convert on the website more that’s 67 bookings let’s not change the amount the average technician brings in let’s say we sell at the exact same rate you have just generated did almost twenty two thousand three times as much all you did was increase the conversion principles on your website so hopefully you can see how important conversion leads in in building up a a more sustainable business because you can say hey I’ve spent all my money on this SEO stuff I’ve spent all my money on this uh you know this ranking stuff I spent all my money on this you know Google local service ads and and all of this stuff if you’re if the the place that you’re driving those that traffic those interested people if the place you’re taking them isn’t built to convert if you you’re leaving all of that money on the table so think of it if you if you spend you know say two thousand dollars a month on on ads running traffic to your website people looking for your services and you’re running traffic to your website and you spend two thousand dollars and you made Seven right so it’ll pay the bills two thousand you’ve got five left over you pay the technicians pay the solution pay the gas all that kind of stuff there’s a little bit of profit in there right are you are you singing and dancing about it no but if you make seven that’s great if you make anything less than six a three to one you’re going to be in a tough spot to make money with teams and Crews and all that kind of stuff but scenario number two you spent the same two thousand dollars and you made twenty one thousand dollars in sales now from that ad Source you’re you’re you’ve got a ten to one Roi now you’ve you’ve got money to invest and Chase these people around you’ve got money to invest in other marketing you’ve got money to invest and grow your company and better equipment and pay better technicians and all that kind of stuff so think of that now now you get better referrals because you’ve got better Crews because they’re getting paid well all of that just comes around from from something as simple as increasing the conversions on the website right which is that third principle maximize Impressions maximize or maximize the opportunity to generate lead maximize Impressions maximize conversions so as an example here web performance one of our clients just the stats from the month we see that they get a good chunk of their traffic almost 60 percent of their traffic from organic sources and got that right there this is I don’t know there we go um and if it again click to call ratio sitting at 32 percent from from these sources so what does that do well 1400 sessions um and you’re looking at a session duration of a minute and a half so people don’t stick around too long uh there’s a bounce rate that you want to watch as

well to make sure you keep the bounce rate down if if the information on your page is not compelling I’m going to show you what compelling looks like if the information is not compelling then that bounce rate starts going up they show up they don’t see what they’re looking for it seems cheesy they see a baby lying on the carpet they see you know a family sitting on a couch all of that generic stuff you know you know we want your business all that stuff that none of it none of it actually influences them to call you because it’s the same garbage they see on everybody else’s website that bounce rate goes way up and when that bounce rate goes up then um you you’ve got all kinds of problems so you want web forms to be filled out you want leads to come in all of that from your traffic and that’s that’s the type of stats you want to see coming in when you’ve worked on that and built the company up so how can you get your website to convert like now we’ve reasoned we’ve given you some reasons why it’s important it’s going to help your company grow right so now that you you know that it’s it’s it’s critical to increase that psychology and influence on the website so you convert better so the traffic you are getting is more valuable to you and then you just can get more traffic you have to get things right so let’s get things right look like this is one of the examples this is this is the ultimate carpet cleaning website conversion machine it’s part of a training that we do as well um stick around to the end and we’ll uh we’ll we’ll give you a link to to grab a copy of of this kind of stuff from us but ultimately there is an actual psychology to the way a website should be set up right so there are elements that need to be on the page we’re going to dive into these elements a lot deeper but you know there really is all the way from the title tag at the top here how you actually set it up where the phone number is placed um what is above the fold what we mean by that is right about here on most laptops think of a laptop that’s all they see until they scroll down so what do you put above the fold what do you put on the next scroll what it what is the really key stuff on the home page and on the interior Pages what kind of navigation do you need all of that influences how somebody interacts with your website and it is as they’re interacting are you starting to develop rapport with them are you starting to get into their head why you’re different than the competitors why they should choose you what is your unique sales proposition what is unique about you are you the same as everybody else um or or do you offer something you unique to the marketplace that they go wow I really need these guys because yeah I’ve had that problem before and these guys solve that problem so again that’s over clear USP um clear and testimonials easy to find navigations all that kind of stuff so all of that stuff you you definitely need on your website so let’s kind of dive into the the most important we can’t go through all of them here again there’s a whole chapter devoted to it in the book but there’s you know hours and hours and hours and hours of conversation and and strategy involved in every single page on a website it has a very specific purpose it has a technical purpose to rank it has a connection purpose to connect to your Google business listings in in the right way to help your Google Business Maps listings rank that’s another value of your website done well it has all of those getting schema codes and all of this so the internet knows how to read the page well and knows what it’s about it’s got all of those kinds of things and then each page has a very specific purpose for converting people into getting them into your funnel top of funnel middle of funnel so they work their way down so that’s what we’re going to talk about you know for maximized conversions and Lead flow so ultimately there’s 11 critical elements we’re going to go through quickly but really these are the most important that you really want to consider you want to be speaking to your target Avatar what the heck does that mean well who is your ideal customer right you’re not talking to somebody who’s 20 years old that is not the ideal home cleaning customer they don’t have the discretionary income and they don’t care for the most part by and large that’s not an audience that has a lot of your ideal customers in it um same goes for seniors 65 and over um there’s more seniors on fixed incomes there’s more seniors that walk in the door they don’t leave the house they walk in the north put their slippers on you know they eat with a towel over their lap so they don’t dribble crumbs they do all of the stuff your mother taught you to do or your grandmother taught you to do um and they do all that and they don’t need cleaning services often right so that’s not your ideal target market as well so what is your ideal demographic are you targeting residential more than commercial if you’re targeting commercial how are you getting in front of them you got to think of all of that but on a typical residential carpet cleaning business or home cleaning service we know that there’s there’s a specific Target demographic right there’s a specific age range sex household income we want to know their fears and the frustrations why they should choose you over somebody else how do you how do you speak to those and do they believe you do

you have testimonials that speak to that those fears and how you’ve solved them as well right you want to be real and authentic you do not want pictures throughout your website that are just the generic baby lying on the carpet like you just don’t you don’t want you know you don’t want stock photography anywhere you want well done pictures of you and your crew but you even want some candid ones like every like everybody’s cell phone these days these things are amazing for taking good pictures if you’ve got a friend with a um a DL a DSLR camera then yeah get get some good pictures taken hire somebody is it worth the 500 600 bucks to hire a local you know photographer videographer from the local high school the university to come out and take some pictures of you maybe even a little a few a few videos you know hey I’m John here with John’s carpet cleaning and thanks so much for stopping by our website I just want to tell you what’s around the site here I want to be your carpet cleaner I’m going to prove that to you on our website go check out some of the stories from our past customers and the results we’ve given go check out our reviews over there if you’re looking for specific service I got some pages on that and you want to talk about our guarantee click the link down below to explain why if you’re not happy with the cleaning we do you don’t pay us and that’s the only way we operate so thanks so much for stopping by the website and I look forward do serving you someday soon right put that video on the front of your website if you don’t put the video at least put the text along that lines as well be real be authentic use the video elements that we’re talking about here leverage social proof all of that stuff I just talked about in that one little you know 30 second segment that that could introduce people on their website as well but that should also be all over the page you’re pointing at it right get the basics in order phone number has to be up in the upper right corner people’s eyes just gravitate over there and if you can make it sticky as you roll down the page it stays there that’s great otherwise and not just otherwise and as well as they scroll you need to create um those conversion elements every scroll don’t make them have to go find it people are lazy don’t make them go find anything have it right in front of them properly the way they need to see it have clear calls to action on each page that speak to the customer Avatar if you’ve got a tile and grout page you’re going to have calls to action saying is it time to get that grout cleaned right part way down the page call us now if you’ve got dirty grout we’ll come out and give you a free estimate near the bottom of the page we’re really show a whole bunch of pictures of before and after grout cleaning and all that stuff and at the bottom of the page we’d like to now do that for you give us a call click on the link to schedule a you know an estimate a time for us to call you back start a chat all that kind of stuff you can give them all those calls to action all the way down the page make it nice and clear have them know exactly what you want them to do use special offers that match the services they’re in need of as well so special offers don’t mean discounts so we we talked a lot of people go oh I you know I I you know three rooms to haul 99 that’s all I can do you know and my competitor just went to 89 that’s that’s one side of the crowd the other side of scrap I don’t run offers I don’t I I don’t give people deals right but what do you do to entice a first-time person to use you what do you do to entice a friend a customer of yours to refer a friend to you right those are what we talk or we’re talking about with offers we’re not saying you have to give a discount you can actually give a premium say hey if you get you know your whole home of carpet cleaning done we will include uh your favorite armchair clean for free or your you know your favorite area rug up to a six by nine absolutely free whatever and take it back to our shop and do our spa treatment on it you know like send Cinderella to our rug Spa things like that you know you can have those types of offers where it’s a premium add-on um you know warranties and guarantees and and you know if you spill something Murphy’s Law seven day warranty if you spill anything on the carpet in the next seven days um and it doesn’t come off with just a damp wipe give us a call we’ll come out and work with that stain for you absolutely free no questions asked anything you do to your carpet is it will come and solve for you um you know that kind of idea you can have that go for a seven day you can go that for you know 30 day I’ve seen people do 60 month in a year guarantees try our spot River give you if that doesn’t take the stain out give us a call we’ll come out free of charge and do everything we can to remove that stain for you good for one year that’s a value add proposition you don’t do that when you’re the cheapest guy in town right so those are the types of things you can do with special offers make it value-added but you have to have a lead magnet something that people can share with their friends something that attracts attention to you you know a bundle and offer a service something like that that gets them over the hump of choosing you and it doesn’t have to be about a cheap price it could just be a value to

your service right you want to make your website mobily optimized absolutely you need live chat less and less people want to pick up the phone I’m sure you’re noticing this by now I would talk about this a year and two ago and people yeah well no what it meant was people were actually chatting with somebody else now it’s imperative if you do not have a live chat and it doesn’t have to be live chat it could be chat to text we’ll talk about that in a minute as well where when they chat it it asks for their cell phone number and it immediately texts them on their phone and it says hey I’ll get back to you soon right here thanks for letting me know you’re interested in the meantime let me know some other things about you know about what you’re looking to get done share a few pictures whatever and start a text conversation that you can get back to a little bit later on again not hours later but you can get you can you can you’ve you’ve automation has responded for you and now you can get back to a little bit later so that’s what we’re talking about as well site speed really matters Google sees that as a a huge ranking Factor these days because if somebody clicks on a link and they’re standing there on the phone and it’s still not loading it’s still not loading what do they do back okay that sucked right and they do the same thing on their desktop so site speed really really matters and marketing automation I talked a little bit about we’re going to talk a lot more about that in a minute so what is the one element that will have the biggest impact overall on your internet marketing efforts anyone want to put that in the chat what is the one element that can have the biggest impact on all of your marketing anyone yes James it is conversions well done it’s on the screen so well done yes conversions are the one thing that has the the biggest impact optimizing maximizing for conversions because it’s going to impact everything else you do so how do you do it how do you optimize to get more phone calls leads we use a little phone call icon it literally just means leads from any Source chat well first if you see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes then you can sell what Joe Jones buys love that little line but ultimately know your avatar that’s what we’re talking about their pains their frustrations all of that kind of stuff who is it that you ideally want to serve so let’s talk about that a little bit right demographics right we know that our ideal customer is a 35 to 55 year old typically woman college or university educated um house like leader of the House the person that takes charge of the cleaning and the maintenance and this you know that kind of idea the the you know again in a stereotypical World um the men might be involved in you know some of the mechanical stuff or whatever but the the woman is the one taking care of the the house for the you know the cleaning of you know hiring the carpet cleaners and making sure things get done it’s usually on her calendar that she knows when the dishwasher repairman’s coming and the you know things like that that’s you know there’s kids being juggled back and forth to soccer and dance and all of that kind of stuff and that’s the person who typically manages the household um usually um the annual household income 65 is a low end these days um 75 85 95 and up household income um so medium family income in an area 100 110 starts getting a little bit better so know those Pockets like you might be in an area where there’s a 55 000 average annual household income in in the main town but around it there’s 3 000 population town over here and eight thousand and twelve thousand over there that have like 125 140 000 annual household income do you know that data it’s available know where you should Market to find your people there’s typically family oriented they normally have pets 75 of them have pets take pride in their home decor things like that so they’re interested in Decor they’re interested in those types of magazines even they’re interested in those topics that’s your ideal person you’re you’re going to be talking to them about that kind of thing the pictures that you’re going to put on your website are going to be of you and your crew in those types of homes not showing up in a hallway of an apartment building if you’re trying to attract a customer that’s in a nice home right so usually live in the suburbs that kind of idea um so then from there we want to know what are the pains and fresh frustrations some of them they can’t get a carpet cleaning company on the phone or in chat like they just can’t talk to them like it seems like days go by before they hear back um they obviously need something clean they like to keep things maintained they’ve got kids that make a mess you know they’ve got sleepovers going on they got dogs that go out in the mud and come back in all that kind of stuff things aren’t smelling fresh they were using Febreze more they’ve got plug-ins everywhere there’s a funk that they’re dealing with right so that’s a frustration they’re too busy to deal with it as well so you know that the ideal customer is not the one that’s just you know you know going on Groupons and things like that they’re they they wanna they they’re gonna ask people you know ask them by they’re going to ask for referrals and recommendations you want to make sure your your customers

are so happy with you that they’re going to recommend you um they’re worried about the you know the situation could get unhealthy for the family and they want to know that they’re you know that they’re maintaining their belongings and their property well so especially as we you know go into any sort of economic challenges and how 2023 is going to play out within the economy and stuff like that people aren’t going to be replacing their their carpets and their tile floors and doing all that kind of stuff as much because again they’re going to want to preserve what they’ve got so there is an entire crowd that moves deeper into the cleaning World um when there’s a Slowdown been through rep recessions and slowdowns before and that’s what we noticed we just pivot our marketing message even more towards maintaining it properly cleaning protection giving them like a follow-up service things like that we called ours they always clean you you know you pay over a dollar square foot with what we’re charging um to do the uh a full cleaning today with you know healthy home cleaning that kind of idea and you get a Free bottle spot remover for life you get all of this kind of stuff and then you also get a traffic lane touch-up cleaning in six months absolutely free included in that package and as long as you renew every year your price doesn’t go up um your grandfathered in things like that we we sold 25 to 30 depending on the technician of our clients on the always clean just because it was a maintenance thing because we were targeting the right clients that that’s what they wanted so we knew that so we gave them an option that way right so um Their Fear being ripped off and overcharged so you need to have language and testimonials and third-party endorsements that speak to that you need you need to have referrals that speak to that um they they’re worried that they they could spend too much on this one that they could have got somewhere else for cheaper so you have to have your messaging why you charge the way you do some companies come in and just use cheap discount soaps and leave your carpet wet for days and leave it all sticky we can actually come in and show you the head of foam that your carpets will generate from that that’s not good you’re leaving all that residue behind you know a proper Carpet Cleaning company should be you know pre-spraying and rinsing pre-vacuing ahead of time moving the movable furniture all of that kind of stuff um you know tell them about it putting air movers down to help it dry quickly putting a protection down to help re-45 the factory protection that’s now worn off a year or two three years later that kind of idea so you’re telling the whole the 29 Point cleaning system that you’ve you put in place for every single room the spots and stains and the identify all this kind of stuff and that’s not you know that’s how you maintain a proper healthy home if you want a cheap discount cleaning please call somebody else because you’ll get cheap discount results and that’s not what we provide you’re talking to the right person now with the right message right so they don’t they’re worried that you’re going to cause a disaster in the home um and you know the price will change so you have to make sure that you’re telling them that we will come out and do an estimate and give you fixed prices and the price will not change you agree we have several packages available you get to choose on our basic package our you know are clean and protected or whatever and our our Healthy Home are always cleaned or whatever you let them know all of that kind of stuff and that really helps them as well and then we know what their goals and desires are right so we want to make sure that and it’s not just around the carpets it’s around the you know they want to travel they want to fund they want to have respect um all of that kind of stuff as well so because of all of that there’s going to be the these same people are going to uh they’re gonna You’re Gonna Wanna Talk to their goals and desires right you want to make sure that you’re telling them that they can spend more time with their family if they’re not worrying about their carpets it’s healthier it’s you know all that kind of stuff They’re Gonna Save money because it’s going to last years longer carpet is very expensive moving all the furniture out is very expensive changing carpet to hard floor is very expensive hardwood floors are very expensive tile and floors are very expensive and if you’re going to start changing those up or worst case scenario decide that the house is now sort of run down so now you want to move and there’s all of that expense you’re going to save them a ton of money just by maintaining it properly and becoming the resource on that so you want to be talking to those fears and messages so the types of messages that work safe natural eco-friendly works really well 100 satisfaction guaranteer it’s free some version of that that you guarantee that if there’s something they’re bothered by you will be back in a whip and you’re going to solve it for them and if you still can’t solve it you’re gonna give their money back for that problem that area that cert that that that that that that um that thing that they’re not happy with right you want to tell them that you want to make sure that that’s bold you don’t hide behind it you have the liability of

the fact that you have to make sure you do a good job and solve problems if they come up you have that liability anyways why not turn it into a marketing asset because they’re looking for it anyways when they come to the site can I trust these guys well geez look at that guarantee and look at these five re these five testimonials or reviews that speak specifically to that guarantee I chose this company because of their guarantee and wow did they ever yeah there was a little spot that came back they came right back out and took it out and you know didn’t charge me anything extra and yeah and handed me a free bottle of spotter just in case anything else happened again as well and offered to come back no matter what okay I love these guys right that that testimonial supporting your guarantee that’s the message that psychologically causes more conversions you want to let them know that you’ve got highly trained technicians show them the technicians on your website show them the training show them sitting in class getting the training all of that kind of stuff you want to make sure that it’s like if it’s an in-house training that you do it’s you teaching them and they’re you know if it’s if the sent to the ircrc training whatever it is make sure everybody knows that you want to make sure your phones are answered live during business hours even if call volume overall is going down if you can answer the phone that is a conversion principle that like no other if you can answer chat right away um you can answer emails as if it’s a live phone call within a minute or two if you’ve got somebody who is working your office and keeping things um humming that way you’re going to convert more people who go oh my God somebody actually answered right because that’s the world we’re in and you want to have honest pricing no hidden cost that kind of stuff you want to tell them what it is you you’ve got a choice of packages here’s the way we charge you know by the square foot we’re going to measure it by the room tell me how many rooms up to a maximum of this you know things like that let me pop out and give you some information first all of that kind of stuff so you got all that going on and now you’re speaking to your ideal client with why they’re going to love you what is the difference between you what is the eight reasons why what are they 11 steps what are the things like that that are why you over everybody else right and you want to be make that very clear and right on right on your home page of your website right you want to be real and authentic so you wanna introduce yourself you’re the owner of the business whether that’s a video or a picture you know your crew your equipment what’s it going to look like when they hire you you want to show videos what is that going to look like on your website these are all clients of ours or that have videos and and images and this is how we build the websites out for them is we really really you know go deep on making sure that the customer can absolutely see what it’s going to be like to work with that company you want to have social proof so you want to have testimonials and reviews live from the web they click on they’re going right to that review on the web it’s not a fake little you know scrolling past you know fake little review that may or may not be real you want to have the real ones linking right back there’s an there’s a and a ranking factor that helps with that you’re linking out to an authority site um Yelps and Facebooks and Googles and all that kind of stuff but it’s also there’s a psychological benefit as well if they click on it another window opens up and there’s that actual live review live on the web and things like that so you and you want to have different different testimonials and reviews and feedback from your customers on different pages about different Services as well you really want to go deep with that so that’s something you definitely want to skip because again think of the psychology of the person wondering if you’re the one that um that they should be choosing right you want to have those those offers again it doesn’t have to be deals and discounts and stuff like that but you want to have those those offers that speak to the the customers so you know while you’re in the home will you do a free pet owner evaluation regularly 125 dollars absolutely free if we’re there doing an estimate where they’re doing a cleaning anything like that right that could be you know that that that would be an offer you could put out in the marketplace here’s all all the things we’re going to do we’re going to give you you know UV lights we’re going to do moisture detectors we’re going to give you a prescription on how to properly handle um the urine issues in your carpet make them solved and we’re going to give you a guarantee that if you know a couple of different options to treat them and a guaranteed Service as well that if the if if we can’t get the smell out then we refund all your money whatever you know that kind of idea how confident you are with your services um allows you to create these types of offers as well so you want to have all of that so you want to have something for your upholstery cleaning something for your area where cleaning you know get you know two rugs clean and the third one of you know equal or lesser size free things like that um get three rugs cleaned

and we will you know do a moss treatment and a protection absolutely no charge it is a you know eighty dollar value absolutely free things like that so you can you can give them some upsell value if they give you more stuff those kinds of things as well you want to make sure your website is insanely mobile friendly and not just mobile friendly you want to make it make sure it looks like an app right so the website should fit onto a mobile phone but the fonts should be big should be big buttons click here click to call buttons um clearly found on the on the website so they know exactly what to do everything should be easy to find the mobile version of your website does not have to just be the main your website kind of turned sideways it can be things on the mobile version can be small or less less of them so less content um you know a simpler site that is really really really succinct because the mobile person is scanning they’re scrolling as if they’re on Instagram or Twitter or Tick Tock they’re just scrolling and if you can make your mobile site feel the same way as that again that’s engaging they’re going to see what they want to see as they scroll down oh there’s a great before and after oh they do that service oh there’s another example of that that kind of stuff right so um yeah you want to absolutely make sure you get the fund mentals right like we talked about so things like the phone number placement of the phone number a risk reversal guarantee above the fold why you over everybody else you want to have social proof so it’ll pop up of reviews that have been coming in is a really really great social proof you want to give them the opportunity above the fold to know how to connect with you ask you questions get in the loop with you that also allows you to collect their information and now that you’ve collected their information you can remarket to them you can you can send them you know helpful friendly informative stuff over time your lead list should be 10 times bigger than your customer list one of the ways to get there is making sure that you say hey got any questions let me know you’ve also you also want to make sure that you have a chat feature as well a chat to text type feature um because all of these things help people find you choose you speak to you in the way they want to speak to you even the phone number at the top you can have as dynamically as a call tracking number what we do is we put a number on our clients websites that when they when the customer Rings it it rings their phone in their office but if for any reason it’s not answered that missed call gets a text back right away oh I am so sorry we didn’t weren’t able to answer the phone like during business hours outside of ours you get an answering machine during business hours I’m so sorry we’re seeing all of our lines must have been busy our office staff must have stepped away um how can I help you and that is a text back that then starts a text conversation no different than the chat to text and the pop-up in the bottom corner another way to make sure that you’re right on top of them and engaging with them as well so live chat or chat to text as we say um only five to ten percent of visitors on your website um take action as we said um call fill out a web form 90 of the visitors leave without calling or doing anything we know that we’re in a market when they’re they’re in the market for your services why else would they be on the website so you want to make sure that you give them a way to that they’re comfortable and it’s convenient for them chat and what we have found is that putting a chat on the website will increase the leads by an average of 35 percent so you know if you’re averaging getting 10 leads a month from your website that you can track to that this is now adding three three and a half more 35 three and a half more leads to your website if you’re used to getting 50 leads you’re now getting an extra 15 you’re now getting 65. like all of those leads turn into more work turn into more money for you so why not have it okay so those are some of the main elements one of the things that we like to talk about and we we sometimes we talk about this um in a totally different uh we actually have we can go deep on this in a totally different training at times as well but is the difference between lead generation everything we just talked about is lead generation and then lead nurture how does your website play into the lead nurturing role as well right so here’s why we need to be thinking about this just as a sort of a final wrap up to this conversation is leads that are not followed up with within 5 to 15 minutes go cold or they go to the competitor the average customer must be followed up with five to seven times before they book some people just book right on the spot although let me think about it blah blah blah and there’s this whole thing and when’s the last time you followed up with maybe you called the next day maybe you send them an email um do you have a team that is still talking to them two weeks later right because some people take that much time you just assume they’re going to call you back no no you need to actually be staying in touch with them you need to you need to be continuing that chase in a meaningful and friendly way consumers today prefer um text over and and texting text messaging two-way messaging over phone calls and even email so you

want to make sure that you’ve got some all of the stuff built in so the proven solution is lead marketing automation to follow up with web forms and message chats within two minutes or less phone calls that that don’t get answered get a text back right away and you want to automate that so that they can be touched you know you’re asking them questions you’re following up with text somebody can get back to them but you’re asking them in the meantime can you give me some more information do you want some more information on this or that you can create that that nurturing and then if they if you end up talking to them or they don’t answer the phone or you know down there like your your staff jumps in the next day like they jump in that day didn’t get a hold of them you know there’s a message goes out to them automated the next day and they responded back boom now now you know your staff didn’t have to call them the next day it automatically happens through automation but maybe it’s a week later before they actually get back to you so is there something that triggers them you know hey by the way here’s a job that we’ve just done recently and the great results what do you think of those um if this is something that you’ve been looking for um message me back that kind of idea that could be an email that could be a text message so you should have that level of automation so that you get those five to seven touches so that they can either say you know what I’m not interested right now awesome no worries we’ll keep in touch over you know over the you know the the duration and and you know coming coming weeks and months and if there’s anything we can help you with just let us know and you put them into your Forever long-term follow-up because they’re not interested right now they went with somebody else all of these things are great but they still raise their hand and say guess what I buy carpet cleaning I buy tile cleaning I buy upholstery cleaning I’m one of these people that do that I don’t rent machines I don’t have a Bissell at home I actually buy into this category so why not stay in touch with them why not keep that list going and you need to do that with a with a a a lead list that you can Market directly to and this is what it looks like this is what lead automation this is our tool is called carpet cleaner lead Pro it works for you know again we built it for carpet cleaners and cleaning service business and home service businesses and it’s all of the automation from all of those touch points messenger chats that are coming in and you know ads that are coming in your Facebook ads your Google ads all of that kind of stuff anywhere that anybody can message you all of that your website messaging you know if somebody calls your your your listing and they don’t get the phone answered for any reason then there’s a text conversation started they’ve now been captured all of that kind of stuff and now there’s full automation funnels that you know remind you to give you know to to talk to them that also automatically reach out to them as well and then put them into all of those different nurture sequences and when they pop their head up and go oh yep I actually do have a question boom they go down another Channel all of that lead marketing automation so that you’re constantly in warm friendly communication what does that do I want to show you this so conversion optimization like we talked about optimal housing for conversions but then marketing adding marketing automation is that secret layer um so you’ve got multiple leads coming in from all sources right wherever you’ve got all your marketing you don’t want to have any one marketing channel you’ll have lots of marketing channels this guy is pretty happy up in the top corner here you know that’s winking at us you got 164 leads in a month this is actually one of our clients stats um out of Edmonton 164 leads in a month 30 conversion rate but no follow-ups that’s where they started with us that was average 49 book jobs out of all of their marketing sources right so 164 leads times 30 49 jobs average ticket 325 49 jobs times 325 that’s a 15 16 000 a month Carpet Cleaning company that’s not bad that’s what does that work out to about that’s on the quick 880 000 a year one truck you know we like to say an average truck should do about 200 to 250 000 a year if you’re on a more of a higher end service 180 would be one truck maybe with a helper um that kind of idea not bad right but you leverage something like um carpet cleaner lead Pro to do all that automation for you now the math looks like this your conversion rate goes up to 70 well how does that happen well because these leads so these are the leads these these aren’t just the the website can like this is the people that actually chatted to you that actually um called you that actually started a conversation with you up above only 30 of them turn into customers down below we turned 70 into customers because a we’ve targeted ideal customers and then we’re we’re following up with them five to seven times and Beyond staying in touch maybe a month later two months later they come back all of that is trackable we know exactly where they started with us and we know exactly when they came back into the funnel and that could be three months later six months later could be a week

later but we’re we’re not letting them go cold and there’s no staff member that has to remember to keep that list and call them right so automated follow-up now you’ve got 114 bookings out of that 164 actual live people that raise their hands and said yeah I’m interested in you so at the same dollar per job dollar you’ve got 30 seven thousand dollars a month we’re now at a four hundred thousand dollar a year business all we did differently was put marketing automation behind a good good Marketing System we’ll put marketing automation behind a company that is investing in multiple channels of marketing and now you’ve now you can see that power where you know nineteen thousand dollars and more revenue from the exact same lead flow per month

so hopefully hopefully that impacts you um on why this is such an important topic um making your website the hub for conversions putting all the psychology into it and then adding that one extra layer of marketing automation that’s sort of that next that next Little Secret Sauce that we’re just kind of Dipping our toe into right now and talking a little bit about so but yeah ultimately the key ideas we talked about here today is real and authentic images add video elements video video anywhere you possibly can showcase your online reviews prominently on your home page and around the website showcase testimonials showcase clients stories before and after with a testimonial and you know why you’re in the home like a whole a whole page about it is great um get the basics in order phone number in the upper right ensure that you there is a web form that the customers can fill out you know to ask you any question add credibility with um Authority symbols and stuff like that let them know that you’re accredited and all of those kinds of good things because it has a psychological role update the calls to action on each page to ensure they speak to that customer Avatar you know you know there’s there are client there are companies we work with that that they only work with super high-end people doctors and lawyers and million dollar neighborhoods and all of that kind of stuff and the messaging is all about the finest carpet cleaning and the quality and the wording is entirely different when you’re marketing that crowd as well because it’s it’s a different want and need that they have and you know again even by by and large sometimes even a different education level so you know leaders are readers you want to be tapping into that as well want to leverage offers that match um the page that they’re on you want to leverage offers that match the what the they’re looking for if if in a higher end neighborhood it’s like whole homes of cleaning two and three thousand square feet of carpet and they typically want their Furniture done as well so you know you’re in a multi-million dollar neighborhood with you know around the golf course and stuff like that have have packages and services that talk about that talk about the executive plan right and things like that um and the things that are different about it and how you go about making sure everything’s protected and you do a deeper vacuum first to get rid of the allergens and things like that so you’ve got different equipment than the average person is going to use you use HEPA filters and on like just really go deep on this stuff right um add to a chat to your website and use marketing automation to make sure that your fault constantly following up with your uh your potential customers so so ask yourself from everything you just learned today is your website optimized for conversions do you have all of these things in place is it personalized all over the place is it does it got those psychological principles baked into it all the way down the page all of that kind of stuff right so think about that is that something you know what I’ve always said in our coaching and Consulting that we do is implementation is everything it’s great to have ideas but if you’re not willing to implement them then they were useless right you can you know you can have goals but if you don’t implement the goals they’re meaningless right so implementation is everything so what are you going to implement as a function of today’s webinar pick three items that you’re going to get placed in place in the next 30 days because I guarantee you you put any three of those items in place that we talked about more personalization around the website change the layout of your website um add that marketing automation to your website and you’re going to see the results from that and you’re going to want to do more and you’re going to want to do more because the results come back to you in your bank account the results come back to you with better customers so pick three things right we covered those critical elements to enhanced conversions where to place your phone number symbol of symbols up and then the simple trick to convert your visitors that don’t call on the first visit which is that marketing automation so we covered we covered a lot what are your key takeaways right this is what you need to think about what are you going to implement what did you learn today that you didn’t know already or maybe you knew but you just

needed a refresher right what are you going to take away from this conversation we call what we do the digital dominance method because we’re talking about this all of this in one cohesive unit we do see the website as as the Hub of the whole of the of the whole marketing marketing plan as one of the core pieces because that’s where you place your content that’s where you build your Authority that’s where you share in and out your Social Media stuff there’s a lot of things that happen between the website and the rest of the web for rankings and for maps and all of that kind of stuff so it’s still an integral part even if fewer people show up at a website perhaps because they’ve got other places to go it’s still an integral part of all of your rankings and all that kind of stuff as well so you want to be looking at things like again you start over number one brand definers you’re compelling sales proposition risk reversal guarantee and Logo well that should also be on your website and on your van and on all your marketing material because you’ve designed a company around a theme why you right brand anchors you know conversion focused website we just talked about that personalization hyper local SEO optimization you want to have your website and your Google my business Google business profile it’s called now optimize and working together so citations or just your name your address your phone number all wherever it shows up around the web you need lots of those and you need them in really high quality places you need them in Industry places and in local sites as well so you need to have a citation development plan because that will help you show up more that will help you can you know maximize your your brand Impressions that’s part of that as well right so think of all that your Authority helps your conversions you want to make sure that you’re managing your reputation but you’re also asking all your clients for feedback not just a review 70 to 75 of your clients will leave you feedback about 10 to 15 will write a review go look at your numbers how many reviews do you got how many customers did you clean a service is it 80 or is it closer to 10 15 at best because most people still don’t review well our review is great because it sits in one place when people come to that one place they see that review feedback allows you to you know ask them some survey questions and what they liked and what they’d like to see more of and what they they like you to buy from you now all that kind of stuff you can write really good surveys and then once they’ve completed the survey hey thanks so much I’d really appreciate if you could give us an online review here’s a couple of links you know Facebook and Google and stuff like that or if you’re a Yelp or just go look us up on Yelp and just tell us tell us what you think right you can have that after the fact and you’ll actually get as many if not more reviews on more places than just saying here go give me Google review but you’ll also get feedback that becomes marketing material that you can share out on social media and everywhere in droves you’ll be sharing that out every day because you get that much of it right so all of that kind of stuff is the authority enhancement and then you can Target people that come to your website and leave on Facebook and around the web when they go to the Weather Network and WebMD you can start targeting all these people to come back and but what are you targeting them with well it’s not deals and offers and discounts you’re targeting with your brand Impressions customer testimonials and and things like that you’re talking targeting with those great positive stories that that are out in the marketplace because that’s what they want to see more of so you give them more of that right so that’s our digital dominance method it pulls it all together with visibility and reach and brand and all of that kind of stuff so if any of that makes sense if if anybody is interested um if you’re thinking you know what I have no clue where I stand on any of this stuff we offer a few spots yeah a few spots you know a month it’s a couple a week at best depending on on my schedule um where we’ll actually do a comprehensive marketing audit for free it’s over a thousand dollars worth of value and I we mean that our entire team goes deep in comparing you to your competitors checking out all of your web properties checking out all of the the marketing that you’re doing so you hop on a quick call with arima answer a few questions get some background the team goes to work does a full research um brings it to me you and I meet and we go through it for half an hour or so um sometimes the conversation goes on to an hour because we’re talking about a step-by-step guide what you need to do differently than what you’re doing now what’s working what what pieces you’re missing and how to put that in place right so that is absolutely complimentary service that we provide to the marketplace because of course some people say hey you know what this is great is there any of those pieces you can help with yeah we’ve got a digital agency that can do this and this and this but we also suggest you you you cover this and this and this with your team your staff your you know whatever there’s things that you need to do to run your own business

we can talk about that Synergy between those things or if you’ve already got people that are doing the work for you you’ll now know if they’re doing it right or not you’ll now know what to tell them to do as well so um so we cover all the core issues during these these conversations so anyways if you’re interested in that um there’s an opportunity to connect with us you just go to schedule fill out a quick little form there remember we’ll reach right out to you and try and get to uh some information on you so the team can do the research and help you book a time in um to get on my calendar as well so thanks so much for attending really really appreciate it um there will be a replay uh for and you know if you want to go back and kind of pause and go through the information in more detail if you’ve got any questions at all reach back out to us at any time follow us on social media Instagram Facebook or everywhere so yeah just just jump into our worlds Reach Out say hi if you want a copy of the book you can get it on Amazon hit us up if that’s uh of interest to you and again thanks so much for attending really really appreciate it I’m looking forward to the next time on the next topic and in the meantime take care and happy marketing all right

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so why are we doing part two it’s just something that you need to do at the end of the year beginning of the new year to plan for um what how you want the business to transition what kind of marketing you want to do take stock of where you’re at take stock of where you want to go staff team members um you know customers Services all of that kind of stuff so we’re gonna get into all of that but so why are we doing a part two well um I want to do a much deeper dive into a few of the topics I wanted to go much deeper and I’m going to start sharing with you um a very very exciting training that we’ve only really done I’ve only really done on a very elite level on a one-on-one and I’m gonna start delivering sort of a little bit of that that methodology and thinking because it’s how I built my own carpet cleaning business as maid service businesses janitorial businesses things like that so what we’re going to be talking about today is the goal setting and the planning for for for 2023 welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in is John share’s proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

so what we’re going to talk about we want to turn off your cell phones all that normal stuff turn off Facebook don’t be sitting here kind of noodle on your phone I’m going to turn mine off as well while we’re at it there put it actually airplane mode I won’t even get bugged so do that like let’s let’s plan to spend the next hour together talking about um how to make your business more successful especially regardless of what the economy coming up does in 2023. we have no idea what’s going to happen there’s there’s the doomsdayer saying that we’re you know we’re in for a whole crap storm and there’s the other ones talking about soft Landings and interest rates coming down um cpi’s coming down and and things like that and sort of just a you know a soft recovery we don’t know we don’t run the world there’s other people that do that for us um so we’re only left to do what we can do for ourselves what I do know what I absolutely do know is that uh when there is tough times and difficult economies whether it’s locally whether it’s nationally whether it’s internet internationally the businesses that set themselves up to strategize plan and effectively deploy the right strategies the right thoughts and be willing to dodge and and wait for results and then move and and I can think in a really really effective win the rest of them it’s a shaking out period and they go out of business they leave so you end up with more room to to grow your business there’s businesses that can grow massively during slowdowns there’s many many businesses over in history that they have their biggest growth during slowdowns and then as soon as the slowdown’s over they’re just they just Skyrocket so if that is wants to be you whether it’s Revenue wise and you’re just a one or two or three man show whether that’s yours you want to be adding trucks and now there may be more employees on the marketplace as unemployment happens Google just laid off 12 000 people in the last couple days um that those kinds of things are happening so there are they’re they’re not saying that you know a Google employee might be your best employee but it’s it’s there’s a trickle down in the economy so there might be better employees coming up available as well that will now see your job position as attractive if you’re willing to pay them well how are you willing to pay them well you’re willing to pay them well because you Market well and your ideal customer comes into your business and sticks with you and doesn’t start looking around every single time for somebody to do you’re not always chasing you know new low-end customers so that’s what we’re going to talk about

topic and I think you’re going to get a lot out of it so let’s kind of move through that so we’re gonna set the goals three fundamental three fundamentals marketing success we’ll talk about that how to optimize your website we’ll get a little bit about that as well but the big picture is where we’re going into a little bit more about latest trends and a customized action plan so we’re going to really kind of change the the the the the focus of of what we’re talking about in here for this this next hour so it’s we laid the general found Work Foundation and groundwork last month let’s get a little bit deeper stay to the end you’ll always you’ll get the link to our resource doc pool um so it’s it’s a it’s a Google Drive full of all kinds of things that will really really help you guys um run your business better things to score cards and and um checklists and all of that kind of stuff as well so who am I well if you don’t know go buy the book um and if you don’t want to buy the book and you want us to send us a free copy uh then because you’re you know you’re interested in maybe working with us reach out to Rima we can talk about that um because we lot lots of copies of the book but on Amazon author of the complete guide to internet marketing for carpet cleaners it’s a great book for carpet cleaners Home Service businesses made service businesses any if you’re in the cleaning industry or a Home Service this is the step-by-step latest blueprint 17 chapters 300 some odd pages of exactly what you need to do to optimize your business online to get the maximum amount of leads and be seen as the local Authority everything that’s working today right now so that’s in that book it got launched a few months six months ago I think now um but anyways I started my career in 1990 while still in high school a lot of you guys know that um started actually you know in a business class and and wrote a thesis paper on uh how to get you know to get a loan and an executive summary and a business proposal and one of for brownie points take it to the bank and get the bank manager to rate it he didn’t just rate it he actually said I want to give you guys the money this sounds like a great business um so we decided my my buddy and I Scott that we were um going to start the business up and we started a window cleaning business in high school and bought ladders and vans and all that kind of stuff and ran that successfully for a number of years got into high-rise window cleaning jumping over the side of 40-story buildings it all came out of that business class he went off to college early 20s and I started going in a different direction and built up a janitorial company bought franchises in carpet cleaning and just started the journey that lasted in that world 30 years started Consulting part way through the 2000s um and helping people write better yellow page ads and get you know 10 times the result for the same spend things like that and then speaking around the world and then starting doing 3D three-day Elite Retreats we’re going to talk a little bit about that actually because the elite Retreats were on a very specific framework that we built on how to optimize and run a service-based business properly so we’ll talk about that a little bit as well more than we’ve ever talked about before and we’re going to talk a little bit more about during the year and especially for our our our members our our Mastermind our clients there’s going to be a lot more content about that as well because I think it’s really important as we wonder what this economy is going to do we’re not just going up and up and up every year like it has been for the last 12 years so we’re really going to uh we’re really going to dive into how to be successful regardless of economy so anyways I sold my um my my high-end my final business I told all the other business off built them up sold them for double triple quadruple what I bought them for if they’re existing and then finally sold off my final brick and mortar business in the middle of the pandemic um at a premium price to the um the the owner of the business who was one of our managers at the time so who now runs the business successfully as a automated did everything ready done there for you documented and and just step by step click together business that just had to walk into and take over so um that’s what we’re going to talk about for you guys as well that’s the the ultimate goal I don’t know like you know if you’re if you’re a one-man show one way you can think about it you want to grow to have multiple employees so that if you hurt your leg who’s going to go and do the cleaning things like that hopefully you want to be at least a couple Crews on the road once you get to a couple two or three you don’t need to be in the truck anymore if if it’s your primary income because that’s enough to kind of to kind of support you need there’s a more of a management role needed in the company as well so there’s there’s certain levels that are very predictable in the cleaning industry if you price yourself white right target the right customer and um you know kind of plan your growth cycle that way and we can talk all about that as well so hopefully that makes sense that’s a little bit of my background and a little bit more about what we’re going to be talking about today

um kind of more importantly is what do we do for other clients like when we’ve got clients that are up 55 over the previous year in one month um a 40 increase in Revenue in in a year um you know number one all over the Internet things like that um it just you know had a better year than in one month than they’ve had in results in the last two years things like that so we’ve got you know we’ve got clients that um that like what we do because as a company as an agency not only do we just provide free training and all that kind of stuff we actually provide all of the resources that are in the book uh we can we can offer as a you know in-house service and work with you we call it done together marketing because there’s things you can’t just hand over your mark and go oh you you run you you you run the business you generate all the leads I’ll just go do the work um that you know even franchises can’t handle that like I’ve been in the franchise world that doesn’t happen you have to be actively involved in your business and we help teach you what the roles are the best use of your time and how you can do that while you’re in the truck and have less time to be working on your business and how you can move your way out of that as well so and if you’re already well out of that then you know what we’re talking about and how do you focus your time better and your technician’s time and stuff like that so because what we try and do is we we actually make our clients the top cleaning brand in their local Marketplace so we want you to be attracting the best clients whatever those are in your Marketplace and every Market has a demo a graphic and a market size and we actually do all that research for you and you know who your best clients are and where we check out your competitors and how they’re marketing to them and stuff like that we want you to be able to charge the best rates in your Marketplace so there’s no more competing for the lowest price that is a commodity business where there’s always going to be somebody coming in lower than you even if they’ll be out of business and bankrupt in two years um they come in they try they take the customers because it’s all about the low price well the low price customers go to the lowest price guy every time the value driven customers which is the majority of people don’t go to the lowest price they want great value for their money and that’s actually what they’re seeking and all polls show that as well that if um on in a hierarchy of of what people are looking for when they’re hiring in our cleaning space and home cleaning space it’s more about trust about environmentally friendly things like that they want to know that you’re you’re trained team you can do the work right you’re not Outsourcing and all that price comes way down the list so we you know as cleaners a lot of times we focus on price especially for new or young when when you realize you don’t need to focus on pricing you can focus on quality it changes your marketing as well so you want to be booked out weeks in advance for that so how do we do this well we Leverage The Three core principles of digital marketing success you want to maximize your opportunities to generate a qualified lead so where are those qual who are those people that you need to be targeting where do they live where are they where do they show up where do they go and shop where do they look online what do they physically do that might be different than your not ideal lead right so you know readers are leaders there’s people that still get the newspaper there’s people that still listen to the radio and the News Talk and and things like that those people are different than the ones that you know listen to you know a different radio station as an example so there’s things as a company grows maybe you’re you’re part of your audience what do they consume and how can you get in front of them there that’s the opportunities how can you maximize your brand Impressions because another core principle is maximizing your brand Impressions so to your ideal customer again not just everywhere but to your ideal customer what is a brand impression like your van is a brand impression when you drove pulling into your driveway and into a neighborhood that’s Max that’s your brand impression are you maximizing it what do we mean by maximizing it right so online there’s many many ways that you can maximize your brand impression in a non-salesy way that gets Goodwill and warmth and see you as the authority and then are you maximizing your conversions you can have opportunities all day long you get a brand Impressions all day long you have tons of traffic all day long to your ads your offers your website all that stuff your social media properties but if you don’t maximize for conversions you might get one out of every five one out of every ten to actually reach out to you when you maximize for conversions you can get seven out of ten eight out of ten the exact same ad spend the exact same um work that you’re doing and effort and you end up with a business that’s five times bigger because you maximized for conversions big big key point right there so what’s the hardest part about marketing your carpet cleaning business your service business online we know what it is it’s tons of options it’s unclear we’re like you got a budget well how much do you budget like that’s a big question we’re going to solve today how much do you actually budget to not just online marketing but your Marketing in general and then how much of that should go online right let’s talk about that um so you don’t know where there’s so many choices is it SEO do you try and rank organically pay-per-click do you run with the paid ads um do you do go um Google guarantee local service ads is that better than pay-per-click it’s

still by Google but is it better um is your website important at all anymore right social media should you be posting on social media at all what should you be posting should be running ads on social media you know all that kind of stuff if you you know if you don’t know if you like there’s things like retargeting and and you know funnels and and all kinds of stuff like what should you actually be doing one of the things you should be doing is understanding where carpet cleaners in general get jobs from right what are the many many many many many many many places that carpet cleaners should be getting jobs from and how double check which ones you’re getting jobs from so this is one of the things if you stick around to the end you’re going to get this uh in in the package of information but you need to know where are you getting your jobs from right now right how many and how many and on average like some months one might get a little bit slower we’ve got people that have come to us that all they ever did was Facebook ads right and all of a sudden Facebook ads got more difficult or slower or whatever and now they’ve got you know that that built their business they got from zero to 125 000 a year in sales one truck maybe one guy in the truck with them and then all of a sudden they drop to fifty thousand why because somebody else came in and started marketing on Facebook as well diluted the pool you know there was changes in the marketplace I’ve heard the exact same thing recently about Google local service ads it built the business and then it crashed the business because all of a sudden the average cost per um per per call from Google local service has went from 17 bucks to 45 bucks right or you wouldn’t get a call at all right so now your your math changes well if that’s the only source you’ve got a problem if you’ve got Google ads and Facebook ads and a budget and each one of them you’re putting a dollar or two in the in the slot machine so you put for every dollar you put in the slot machine in ad spend you pull the handle and you know you’re at least going to get three dollars out do you stop that right three dollars out for every dollar you put in you for every you know you put 100 bucks in you get 300 job well the hundred dollars went to pay the ad the 200 paid for the solution the time the tech you profit and now you’ve landed an ideal client that can repeat with you refer with you and that that future is free like it’s it’s very inexpensive you don’t put a hundred dollars in to get you know 300 out you don’t put one dollar in to get three kind of idea so um because it’s now a repeat client you just you know you stay in touch with them and reach out to them on a regular basis and they’ll come back if you did a great job and delivered you know a quality experience chance that they want to come back to and refer so that that’s an important point we’re going to talk about in a minute as well so you think about that if you’ve got all of these sources running and you don’t do them all at once you pick a couple at a time yeah the first quarter of the year that’s what we’re going to talk about goal planning what ones do you want to do you want to do you want to set up your Facebook ads better do you want to set up Google Maps so that you get into the maps listing because you’re going to get 20 30 40 50 calls a month if you’re there if you’re not there if you’re not in that three pack for most of your service terms you’re going to get one or two calls do you want 20 30 calls or one or two because somebody’s getting the 20 30 calls it’s just not you right now how do you get there well there’s a whole bunch of things that need to happen to start influencing you know Google to move you up in there organic rankings 50 of the people still move down below the maps listing on a Google search Google only accounts for 60 70 on the high end of the searches for your service of that 50 of the people that search go down below the pay-per-click and the maps they go down to the organic do you want to be there because that’s a larger volume of people but that’s the people that are reading and want to learn more is your website ranking for all the keyword terms they could possibly type in about 10 000 or so um active keywords in the carpet cleaning space that and and variations of those that people type in to find the server service providers that you should have an answer to and how do you have an answer to it well that’s that’s part of SEO and organic rankings over time you build that up and now you have an asset you can sell it to somebody else because your business shows up and ranks because of the asset value that it has built over time so you got to be thinking of these things where do you want to invest your your money to grow your business in the short term and have that Foundation continue to be built in the long term and it even includes offline stuff you know are you popping into flooring stores you talking interior designers anybody reaching out to real Realtors do you have a maybe you know a service that reaches out and books appointments for you to have a conversation about being a referral partner things like that or you do it yourself if you’re bootstrapping like do you have any of these things in place right um you know are you on all the online directories have you Judy’s Book Angie’s List or Angie’s now without the list um are you are you on Yelp are you all over the place are you are you getting leads from your your optimized listing on there it doesn’t mean a paid listing but is it well optimized is it constantly being updated every month and and therefore it kind of triggers the algorithm to move you up a little bit and things like that you’ve got to be thinking of all these things are you putting door hangers like the 20 around not the five around not one on either side and three across the street five on either side 20 across the street is it nice neighborhood you better be branding brand Impressions online and offline that’s an example of that um are you doing um every door mail or at least geo-targeted um postcards with a geo-targeted display ad they see your postcard in the mail and they also as they go to CNN and WebMD and The Weather Network in the exact same neighborhood they see a the same graphics on the postcard following them around in the sidebar of these ads or on the on these these websites they search you can do that are you are you doing that as part of your branding so lots of things you can do which ones are you doing you need to figure that out

but marketing is a major investment I just told you a whole bunch of stuff and you’re going yeah John but who’s got money to pay for all of that and that’s a good question again it’s that dollar in three dollars out if you’re not if you’re putting a dollar in and getting 50 cents out you’re going to be losing money if you can buy a customer for even at break even sounds terrible but at break even cover all your bills all your overhead and just break even right no profit your accountant’s mad at you you made no profit from that customer your your repeat customers your referral customers all profitable wildly profitable but your new customer ideal customer that’s going to use you for years break even even if you can make some money on them great but even at break even even at a loss if you know your numbers well and you’ve got a great stable business behind you you can even buy new market share at a loss I’ve done that many times over my year years not in the beginning but once you’re at scale that four or five years in um sometimes a little bit quicker but four or five years in usually at a scale where you have to go to base you’ve got predictable recurring income 20 30 40 30 000 a month coming in from your base of clients that come repeat that you’ve got database marketing going out to and all that kind of stuff I got a base going now I’m willing to take some of that and expand into a new market or a new marketing platform right so people that that go to Google see you on Google people that don’t go to Google will never see you on Google why because they don’t go there people that go to social media will see you on social media if you’re not there invest some money now you’ve got those people too that would never find you here but are only going to find you there so think in those terms that’s that’s really the way to think about this so you don’t have money to you don’t have much to show for it again you’re putting money in and it’s not coming back out are you even tracking that do you know how to track that we’ll talk a little bit about that as well so the fail is obviously you’re not doing enough you’re spending too much money you don’t see it coming back you don’t know how to track the ROI of of what is growing your business and and the you know in the ROI of like separating that from the repeat and referral clients like that’s one base and that that and then what are you willing to invest from that in the growth and what’s the ROI of each one of the The Avenues doesn’t mean that the Avenue that’s got a 10 to 1 Roi is better than the Avenue that’s got a three to one Roi it just means that you know the 10 to 1 Roi might only generate you three clients a month the three to one might send you four generate you 40. can you support it right do you have enough of a base that you can continue to grow your database because you know full well that once you’ve got a client you’re going to see them once every 9.3 months you know not once once a year at 12 months not once every two years at best across average but you’ve got an average of 9.3 um 9.3 months of the year so you know nine not you know nine months and seven days or whatever that works out to six days um you you’re gonna is the average duration until you repeat your average client some never see again they moved out they left they died the other ones um more often than that every six months and all in it averages down under a year if you know that you buy clients anywhere you can at break even or better right so and then you do have money to show for it you know what that all means so that’s the opportunity right so what I want you to do is go download the workbook I’m not going to pause in the workbook right now it’s got a lot of the stuff we’re talking about but it’s the thinking tool you you grab a coffee right um some of you big yetis like I use here um during the day keep it warm all day long I’m not a fast coffee drinker but I’m a big coffee drinker um and you sit down turn the to you know close the door turn the phone off and sit down print off the workbook and think the most invaluable point about owning a business is not doing it’s not the area rug you just cleaned it’s not the the carpet you just cleaned it is the thinking and strategizing that you finally did so that you do something new this year that you didn’t do last you do something new this month you thought of you know a way to say something better that lands you that next commercial client better you do a quote you wonder why you never follow up with a quote we’re just talking to one of our clients about this stuff earlier today and you know yeah you if you’re if you go to 10 commercial um commercial quotes and you only Land one right and you go to 10 or you go to 10 and you land five or six what’s the difference it’s not about the cheapest price right if you’re if you’re only going to the on the lowest price you’re targeting the wrong the wrong Commercial Business and and you’re not pre-qualifying them right but a proper Court Commercial Business doesn’t want to you know you know it can’t be goofy high but they know the lowest guys are not going to deliver the value either can you explain why you should be the choice can you influence them in a way to be the choice that’s strategically thinking so we were talking about things like offer to do a demo while you’re there or let’s bring the crew in that’s right once you’re dirty stereo let me bring the guys in I’ll do that for free I just want to show you why most people who reach out for us for a quote end up choosing us even if we’re not the lowest price because we’re we’re in the ballpark but we offer so many more services and a better value and a better service right things like that if they go with somebody else did you follow up and say hey how’d that turn out if there’s any problems let me come in for a second opinion let me go look at the cleaning they did and see if there was something more that we could have done for you if that matters to you right you pop back around things like that that’s strategizing you strategize your business grows so thinking is the most important thing you can do so go here carpet cleaner 2023-workbook

um don’t need to go through it right now but download it print it off have a physical copy of it and fill it up so you need clear goals you need to generate enough leads to hit your goals so what are your goals how do we figure out those numbers right you need to have a return on your investment so you need to know area by area by area what’s happening what are the key metrics how many how many visitors are coming to your website how where are they coming from and like just on a website alone there’s there’s just some numbers you need to know and then how many are converting how many page how long are they staying how many pages are they going to and then how many are converting into filling out a form did you know that a you know on a good website 95 of the people won’t fill out a form if you can improve the conversion optimization of your website to say that instead of 95 won’t reach out to you right away they’ll just think about it go somewhere else forget about your website and if you’re not following up with them if you’re not asking for their email address in exchange for something really valuable so that you can now chase them around a little bit um if you’re not doing any of those things you don’t have any conversion elements right your website maybe not isn’t a great return on investment you can get a lot of traffic to it and it doesn’t generate anything on the other side you can have 10 people show up on your website and at least five of them reach out to you because your website’s designed properly it’s got conversion elements it speaks to what they’re looking for it tells them your guarantee and why you’re different and it makes them go oh my God I need these guys Target the right people get the right people to your right properties and then have the right message on there your return on investment’s easy so this is what I want to talk about is um so again it’s the training called the blueprint for Success that I’ve developed 15 years ago so as part of our our coaching program a Consulting business that worked with franchise networks and individual operators and and and large businesses and it is the master plan for running your systemized service business so I talk a lot about the concepts from this um with a lot of our clients one-on-one during our monthly or quarterly meetings we go through various aspects of this kind of thing but I’m really trying to um bring it back as a formal more of a formal training within our client mix because I think it’s becoming it’s going to become more and more important as as um as 2023 and 2024 develop out and also it’s just it’s such essential so basically what it is this is the exact the exact blueprint um and it’s it’s what I developed to turn my business into automated cash generating machine running virtually on autopilot which allowed me to sell it for multiples like a lot you know a maximum value when I when I saw in all my businesses not just not just the carpet cleaning one I just sold but this is what I did with you know back in the day with the um the the maid services and the janitorial

services and all that and the the Flood Restoration the duck cleaning all the businesses in the middle of that 30 years running carpet cleaning but adding these other elements growing them shooting them off um when it made sense things like that all of that was um was was part of this process and it’s been trained to dozens and dozens of other cleaning business owners probably over a hundred now um in Canada US Australia New Zealand and through one-on-one Consulting to walk them through these things so basically we’ll talk a little bit more about this a couple of the pieces of this today but ultimately it comes down to making sure you have your foundation right and then your business is divided into three very strategic components and you’re you’re the the before the sale component anything that happens before the sale the awareness phase the follow-up phase the whole the whole um prospecting and the funneling and the secondary responses and all that because then there is the during the sale from the moment they reach out to you to the moment you walk out the door and say thanks ma’am right and you and you you your crew is done that is a during the sale moment and every single piece of that has to be congruent with the before it has to be based on your desired um view that you’re putting out into the world that’s unique to you guys um compelling sales proposition is called and then um and it needs to deliver to the client something that they just go oh my God I can’t believe that was amazing and it’s not just meh that’s what I expected right amazing gets referrals and rubies called remarkable they’re willing to remark on you are you remarkable are you able to be remarked on if you’re not you haven’t built this yet and then the end is the back end is the follow-up that’s a whole separate business how do you follow up with everybody that’s been through what it what is your follow-up and client retention referral system system automated running on autopilot look like so that’s that’s the blueprint for success for for um Home Service businesses carpet cleaners it’s it’s it’s very formulaic it works brilliantly if you put the pieces in place and slowly grow through it you’ve got three separate phases of your business every every month every quarter you’re putting in a balance across each you’re putting in a new um before the sale during the sale and after the sale process dialing it in automating it locking it in place and moving on to the next and your business is incrementally growing month after month quarter after quarter year after year in 10 years your business is Light Years different inside and out than the business that started it doesn’t look or feel the same at all because it’s improving constant and never-ending Improvement very structured so how do we get there how do we get there why am I even saying any of this stuff um set clear goals First Step without goals you are a boat sitting in the middle of the ocean with no wind in your sails which way are you going to go and how are you going to get there right are you gonna start rowing that ain’t gonna get you anywhere you need goals because goals act as the wind in your sales they are pushing you in a direction and the cool thing about having goals and that wind in your sales the analogy is brilliant because you can always tack right you don’t have to just go in a straight line you can make an adjustment based on the data and the marketplace and the changing conditions and and aim slightly this way and oh because it’s never a clear path you ever look at the stock market it doesn’t go up and up and up or down and down and down up down down up up up and down up up so does your business right you’re aiming and adjusting along the way based on the data that you got and you can’t get that data if you don’t even know what you’re aiming at right so Harvard study won’t spend too long on this but basically Harvard graduates 1979 um they were interviewed as they graduated and do you have a specific goals 84 didn’t 13 had goals but didn’t write them down three percent had clear written goals not surprising when they followed up with that same class over the decades later 13 of the class who had goals were earning on average twice as much this middle group was earning twice as much as the group that in the interview said they didn’t have any goals they thank you I just graduated Harvard for gosh sakes imagine that expense on you know themselves or mommy and daddy’s money um or the the the loans they are going to pay off until they’re in their 50s um and they didn’t have any clear goals the ones that did 13 had twice the twice as much um earned twice as much twice as much income period staggeringly the three percent that had actually clear written goals and a plan to accomplish them they actually graduated with a goal and a plan and had it set up before them 10 times as much as the other um 97 combined this three percent earned 10 times as much as all of the incomes of these guys combined why because that’s what you you set your brain on it right um Brian Tracy success his goals all else’s commentary it just means it’s you know some people believe in the in the in the the power of manifestation um you know a higher power speaking to God speaking to the universe all of those kinds of things and getting back vibrations all

that kind of stuff who knows if any of that stuff like we we don’t have any way of proving any of that stuff is legit or not but what I do know is that if you think about something long enough if you’re like a little kid and you obsess and obsess and obsess and obsessed and obsess over that thing you really really want and you mention it all the time and Mommy Mommy Mommy please and I really want that and and you obsess over it does it show up in your world because you’re focused on it and it it it you know it becomes children obsessed until they get right so and it gets a little annoying but if you do that with your own brain and you can tap into that you obsess with the goal you picture it you know what it is you lay it in front of you you don’t just write it out once and look at it next year you write it out and what’s my quarter will look going to look like to get me there what what does this month have to hit to get me to that quarterly goal that that quarterly goal is going to get me to that annual goal what’s the growth rate look like you dial that in you write those numbers down we’re going to show that in a minute um you you do all of that you’re you’re you you have now put that in front of you and then you you keep it you review those some people every single day just have that monthly monthly goal Mark how close am I to that monthly goal Mark how close is that getting me to the quarterly goal there’s a reason why Charities have those you know barometers or thermal thermometers and they just keep adding you know coloring them in sometimes if it’s you know at the local store but why because it’s now you’re visually seeing your goal every day and you aim at it harder so you need to have written goals you need to set a minimum a one-year goal five-year goals don’t really cut it anymore there’s too much change in the world I’d say one year goals for sure three year is a is a sort of that next larger number that makes more sense quarterly and monthly you must have a stopping point at the beginning of each New Year and each quarter where you reflect how am I doing how am I on Pace what’s working what do I need to adjust so what are your kpis key performance indicators what numbers do you care about and how is that adjusting for you right so is it the number of phone calls like that could be one if you know that you book seventy percent of all calls and that part doesn’t change and you watch that then the number of phone calls it could be a key performance indicator how do I get more phone calls in today’s day and age phone calls don’t quite cut it because people want a text message and you know web chat and all of that kind of stuff so then we call it you know messages so between phone email and text they’re all as a media as a phone call in today’s day and age you don’t let a text message or even an email go five minutes you don’t because you wouldn’t have let a phone ring and ring hope they leave a message I’m going to get back to them tomorrow you know how those calls go right so if it’s a repeat client that absolutely wants you yay to re repeat client with an emergency by tomorrow they found somebody else anyways and you’ve lost them for life right we know that we’re in an immediate world so at the very least treat every email every text message messenger any any of those DM M’s all of those and phone calls with the same urgency right but what is that number what is your key performance indicators what is your Revenue Target what number are you at right now and how much do you want to be at next year right what is that and how are you going to grow through to that how much is that monthly right so if you’re talking like there’s 12 months in a year 10 000 is a hundred and twenty thousand right if you want ten thousand a month if you want to get you know if you want to hit 360 000 next year you know that’s thirty thousand a month but we also know that there’s slow months and there’s busier months so you can factor that in you get to be strategic right so but you can break it down as a crude the first quarter is always a little bit lower I need this much first quarter more of the second especially if in the northern climates where there’s snow outside I’m staring at today or it’s raining and cold and sitting around freezing that kind of stuff how many jobs will that require and what’s your average job value so as an example you want to hit 550 000 in Revenue how much is that well that’s 45 800 a month right we know that and we can adjust for the months on our own but we know that that’s that that’s that raw number if we’re over that or we’re on target for that if we’re under that and we can always check what did we do last year do you like you go all last year I did a hundred thousand this year I want to do 500 000. probably not realistic right probably not realistic goal can you go from 100 000 to 200 000 yeah you can double if you’ve got the right infrastructure in place you you’ve got you know who who are you hiring and training and doing and what are you upselling and how are you changing your business by all means the smaller the numbers the easier it is to double can you take a million dollar um business and double it on your own effort without buying an existing one or buying all your competition note probably not right you can take in a million dollar and take it to 1.1 1.2 million right um You can do some of those or add a whole new service

and see if that on its own generates 300 000 because of your database and and and you know what you’re doing right maybe you can take one one million to 1.3 because of a new service that’s goal planning but you got to be realistic what’s your average job if your average job is 125 and you want to get to half a million bucks in sales that’s a lot of jobs that is how are you going to get that volume of jobs if your average job is 375 450 we’ve got some clients that are over 500 is their average cleaning job they do two of them a day maybe one job is a 1200 easily at least several of those a week and that’s that that technician goes out that’s his day you know might have a little bit of time to drop off an area rug or something like that and that’s his day um does that work for you what is your average job and how can you find those people that have no problem paying that price because it’s not about cleaning a urine soaked trailer it’s about cleaning a 2 000 square foot condo with white carpet and white furniture and today they’re getting the carpet done and next week they’ve scheduled in to do the furniture or vice versa and maybe come back and do the tile if you guys do that right so um that’s the difference right so do you have those people in your marketplace where do you what people do you have and how many do you have do you have golf courses how many people live around the golf courses is it a thousand in your whole service area or is it 50 right know your service area know your numbers how many jobs does that require so the average what is the average conversion rate from inquiry to book job you need to know that by source so what is the average across all that’s a this is another key performance indicator right another kpi what is the average rate from inquiry because you know everybody inquire that’s not hard to count there’s digital ways and tools and we’ve got services that that count all of that like you know one of our services called carpet cleaner lead Pro it’s a standalone product as well but it’s it’s actual lead management system all your leads come in there and it manages it reaches out it nurtures it warms them up it helps you you jump into the conversations you can text message back and forth you can email you can call all that kind of stuff and you’re managing the lead all the way through to a book job now you know all my leads that came in how many from inquiry by source to book the job know that number can you improve that right don’t have to get any more leads if you can improve the conversion rate is that a better script on the phone do you have scripts on the phone are you winging it and your staff better script on the phone that’s higher conversion rate simple math right so if you go from booking 40 to 60 right that’s a 50 increase in in conversions that’s a 50 increase in jobs do you want a 50 increase in jobs if your everything stays the same that’s a 50 increase in Revenue right and you divide the your calls by your conversion rate your your messages your inbound leads by the by the conversion rate right that’s you’ll know how many leads you need to get to that number right so average conversion rate 50 percent for our example you would need 244 leads to hit that Target right so what we want to do is you want to go to this is just another worksheet um carpet

2023 worksheet let me just let me pull that up let’s see here all right so go to two zero two three dash worksheet not workbook that was the other one let’s go there


so you have access to this you can make a copy go up in the top corner it actually mentions it somewhere in here um our logos coming in in a second not sure why that’s loading so slow uh um file make a copy now it’s yours right just save it on your Google Drive so um you’ve got view only access pop in and do that um that’s step one step two click here to watch um a training this was basically watching um how to go deep in this this was last year’s training on it right and then start start planning your success so again in this example whatever your number is like are you did you hit you know 450 000 last year and you want to hit 550 this year maybe that’s the number maybe you want to hit 200 000 this year just put your numbers in right that’ll it’ll automatically anything in white you’re putting your number in it’ll automatically calculate what the monthly Revenue if you divide that by 12 is right pretty simple what is your average ticket value you should be able to find if you’re using service monster Marquette um house call pros and they got go find out what your job average was last year right it changes month by month because certain months are better than others and different things happen but what was the average last year for all the jobs you went out to what was the average job right and I would I would do Residential in this case if you’re mostly residential like 80 90 residential I would do I would break it out by residential at this point um adding commercial can sometimes skew the number but you know whatever works best for you that way it’ll tell you how many jobs you actually need how many service calls a month to hit that number right so again 122 that would be four trucks on the road three trucks on the road if you’re averaging like you know 15 jobs a week per truck that is 60 a month that’s actually owned two in a bit trucks right so you know if you’re doing three jobs a day five days a week 15 jobs a week that’s 60 a month two trucks will get you 120 right so you can run a half million dollar business on two trucks like I did um what is it with with about a 375 job average what if your job average is only 200 right now you need 220 you need 100 more jobs to get that you need a whole other truck on the road minimum and a hundred more jobs coming in because you’re just rattling through you know you’re just you’re just churning right so the higher you get your job average the less work you need to earn your the dollars what is your average conversion rate from inquiry so it’s not even just you know call blast slash lead to book Job check all your sources every source is going to be slightly different but what is your conversion rate um from a lead to a job we know that our repeats are 100 our referrals are about 90 um but what about the other ones everybody else right who’s just finding you cold what is your average conversion rate if you can get that number to go higher um you need less leads to get your 122 right now if it’s 55 you need 222 leads a month to get 122 jobs because you know your average conversion rate so on average we now know our math right and what is your average cost per lead second tab over so you can put in your numbers right if what if LSA is now starting to get closer to 45. right that changed that to 32 bucks um that’s your average cost per lead coming through there um if you know the exact number just type it in here otherwise just type the range in here and it’ll it’ll estimate it for you now we know our average Blended cost just to get the phone to ring from pay-per-click LSA Facebook ads um repeat and referral because that’s your your your Outreach your marketing your mailings how much do you spend per client A-list client to get them back any SEO how much do you spend to start ranking your Google Maps and all that kind of stuff divided by the number of people that call you from those sources do you even know that that’s all trackable with call tracking numbers and form form automation all easily trackable um so now you know it’s 28 that just changed 228 over here we now know we need to spend about six thousand dollars a month on marketing if we want to hit about 14 that’s going to be six thousand a month because that dollar amount times that many people equals six thousand and we know 14 is pretty close because when we go to the third tab across right there’s that number there I strongly suggest you keep this in mind 15 is the rule of thumb that is if you’re already at scale you’ve been in business three to five years you’re at scale fifteen percent will be your marketing budget across all your marketing database marketing taking the real estate agent out for launch doing all of that stuff doing your home show and if you cost a thousand dollars to to have a booth in the uh you know at the Home and Garden Show and then you you know generate leads have a contest all that kind of stuff do giveaways and then generate a database and call them and get bookings out of it that’s the way you run those by the way um 15 is is now that you’re in the game you’ve got Authority people know you that that’s you know of Revenue what’s next year’s Revenue spend 15 20 is when you’re in growth mode first year people just starting out I say 25 even spend a quarter of every dollar back into marketing to get the next customer next customer next cut I just you invest it back in start growing some of it’s the foundational stuff that’s going to take a while to grow before it starts really showing you but if you never start it you never get there although it’s just going to be the pay to play pay to play right how many how many leads did I get am I working the leads did I get them how many booked and you’re just running the numbers right but 10 um you’re probably looking to sell or retire like it’s really if you look at your dollar your investment in your marketing and it’s only 10 you’re not marketing your database I can tell you that well at all you’re not getting repeat referral customers well you’re you’re maybe putting it all into lead generation for new customers and the business is sort of like grew to a point and then just seemed to pause or even start falling backwards um 10 is sort of like um in a service business industry not enough and for across all your marketing right because you want to break it down about 70 online now why because everybody’s online that used to be offline that used to be Yellow Pages and flyers and all that kind of stuff it’s now online offline’s about 20 right so offline is you know as you grow and your numbers are bigger offline might include back of buses and awareness and things like that and every door mails in the early days offline is going to be your yard signs and

your door hangers and you know again taking the real estate agent out for lunch and maybe Pat like your pens and paper that you’re going to drop off at the um at the you know at the at the doctor’s office walking hey it’s you know here’s here’s an offer you know here’s something we’re doing right now by the way I just you know meet and greet here I’m a local carpet cleaner you know here everybody can use some pens of paper I just want to leave some of that behind and let you know a little bit about us blah whatever like you know do you have any spot or stain they can take out while I’m here great here’s here’s a little offer we’re running look forward to hearing from you um if you need a quote at all let me know I you know I can do it now I can call back later and you just meet and greet and meet and greet and meet and greet that’s part of your offline because you’re handing out stuff right so just think about it that way and then 10 um um is repeat business so these two numbers 30 all in they can be 15 and 15 but know your numbers so on on this budget 77 000 would be online marketing to generate a 550 000 worth of work because all in it’s 110 out of 110 like 450 000 or 550 000 is your Revenue four hundred and forty thousand is is after marketing right we know that technicians are going to take a percentage of your business like the the the gas the solution and the technician that’s roughly 50 roughly um so you can start running your numbers and now we’re left with 30 left for overhead operations profit right and that’s decent in a in a functioning business like this you’re generating a really good cash flow right but you need to put in the marketing so you maintain and grow this number because it will not stick on its own and people don’t show up without being marketed to you are not the owner of a carpet cleaning service you are as a business owner first and foremost you’re the marketer of a carpet cleaning service to generate the revenue and the capacity to run the business if you don’t Market you’ll never get to that second step you are the marketer first that’s the mindset you have to have so hopefully that makes sense um yep so then yeah so now you can see the breakdown if it was even but you can always change the the breakdown um per month these numbers are all like there’s some formulas in there but they’re all flexible you can just type in your own numbers and it it adds to the 100 right so you always want to add up to the full percent of the online offline and and repeat business but this this will work that out help you work that out for you and then where do you split that up right where do you split up the online my world right we help with all the others but like and consult with the rest but where do you where do you split the the online well you need to lay that Foundation you need to be investing in organic rankings on Google Maps and Google across thousands of keywords anytime people type in questions around the services you provide do you have an article on that over time you will if you do it properly you know press releases and articles and all and you’ll be shown as the authority do you have a video on that have you talked about it have you got tick tock on that nowadays all that kind of stuff is that like you want to rank for a lot of stuff you need to invest in that so 35 55 roughly should be your um your paid ads Facebook Google ads local service ads things like that right so how’s your budget grows you can to find more of them it starts small you might can only do fake or you might only be able to do local service ads what is your what is your monthly budget how does it work out and now you as you as your company grows that percentage changes that that 55 of the online budget changes this number annual part of that to a much higher number you’ve got more room right so as your company grows the percentage doesn’t change it’s just the dollar amount keeps going up because it’s now supporting that and it just keeps supporting and growing and the per the the percentage of profit doesn’t necessarily change but the dollar amount of profit goes way up because it’s it’s the it’s the same percentage of a much larger number so that’s the way you need to think of that so then now you know what the the Investments and spends are so we work through this with with our clients that I want to do budget Consulting and then you can actually go through tab added this in now this was usually only for our strategic Partners but you can get right into this and decide what offers you want across pay-per-click email social media SEO and even retargeting around the web display ads and retargeting um at the different times of the year you can plan your whole entire online calendar across all of these and we gave you some examples of ones that we run for our clients right so anyways so hopefully that was valuable hopefully you see the value in that right there but that’s what we want to go deep on is you want to spend a lot of time I want to spend a lot more attention today talking about why that’s important and how to go about it right so what are your goals for 2023 and how many leads do you need to get there if you know that you you’ve got you’ve literally got the keys to the kingdom right then from there it’s about updating the messages we spend a little bit more time on this last month so we don’t

need to go deep on this but it’s really about the the market the message before you figure out the media the who who is the market who are you targeting who are the people you want as your ideal customer and it’s not everybody and it’s not the cheapies and it’s not the you know the trailer parks and stuff like that unless you want to be the best cleaner for all the trailer parks right then adjust your business to that what does that look like what does that sound like what does that feel like how do you state that why is it different why you over anybody else you know you want to be the only carpet cleaner that’s dude like the best carpet cleaner for condo buildings well have you ever called a carpet cleaner and they’re oh they can’t come in because their hose doesn’t reach up that many floors over the balcony no we we exclusively clean condos they’re hallways for the condo management and the the tenants we have a very exclusive company with a very you know a lot of people living in condos maybe a little bit more high-end as well um and you have a different message right so who you’re targeting determines what you’re saying and then it determines how you’re getting in front of them that’s the whole idea so who is your ideal Target customer right you need to figure that out by doing the demographics of your area that that is available on you know info USA in a lot of places on what is the demographic of your how many people in your Marketplace own homes what’s the average price what are the areas what’s the density you get There’s real estate agents being hit up as friends that can help you with that as well but you need to know is it is it realistic what what you’re planning to Target who your competitors look like they’re targeting most competitors don’t understand like the 90 95 of your competitors are just me too me too me too um we call it marketing incest they just look at somebody else and do the same thing you might have done that as well as well call around five or six competitors get their pricing okay that’s my pricing hear their message okay that’s my you know nothing about scripts you know nothing about targeting it well if you know who your absolute ideal person is and we talked about this last month so we won’t get into much detail but if you know who the person you want to Target is and their frustrations right now you can understand that you you can start thinking about their fears and desires right you know this stuff you can look this stuff up but you also you can also you can ask people in that demographic you might not be your ideal demographic and that’s fine you might be but you might not be your ideal demographic might be you know people in a million dollar more home because of the marketplace you’re in I know people in Beverly Hills that that is who they only target you know there’s clients of ours that are that Target high-end areas like that in New York in Manhattan only people that have and you know High net worth right because now security is more important to them what are their fears theft they want to know that here’s a back like what do you do you send a background check of every one of your employees coming in to their home right there’s a whole bunch of things you would do differently you spend way more time in their home but you charge them more for it right think of it that way right that’s once you know your customer Avatar that you want to Target with your business I know people that only that only carpet cleaners carbon upholstery guys but they only target luxury Yachts why because they’re in Miami and I know another another guy in uh Tampa Bay exact same thing carpet cleaning business that only targets luxury Yachts why because now they’ve got a totally different message they talk about how their cleaning isn’t going to damage you know the the the the um you know moisture damage or cause more moisture problems in fact they’re gonna be drying things over like there’s a whole different message that the average homeowner doesn’t care about right so if you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones then you can tell Joe Jones what Joe Jones buys okay so what we’re talking about so the reason why I want to bring back sort of the at this moment bring back the blueprint for success is because now you know at this moment you know who you’re targeting you know what the message is going to be and now you need to know where are they like how are you what media are you going to put that in front of and to get a hold of them you’ve got that clear in your head now that you’re at this point of setting goals right so again today on this call do I expect you to be there no but you know this stuff so now what do we now we talk about the blueprint success that starts with the foundation right so and I’m actually going to go in reverse order here just for a second because it it’ll make sense in a second but we’ve risk reversal guarantee you already have the liability of a guarantee if somebody’s not happy you better be going back to fix it and if they’re still not happy you better be giving their money back at least for that section or the whole home quiet them down don’t let them go online and start complaining because that one complaint is going to cost 10 20 30 50 other people not to choose you that see that at some point in the future right you don’t know when and who it’s gonna you

know a few you don’t know what slowed you but if you’ve got if you’ve got negative reviews at least until while they’re the number one until they filter down that’s going to affect you for a while but people are also going to go look for the train wreck they’re going to go down all of your review reviews if you’ve got like a five-star rating on Facebook or a five five star rating on Yelp or on Google all your reviews are five stars that’s not believable nobody does that that’s that that is definitely a scam you paid for those in some ways what the people are thinking um because you can’t be perfect nobody can you actually want some of those reviews that say hey they screwed up they had a guarantee they get guarantee was they would come back and fix it they came back and they fixed it I love these guys right that might not be a fight that might be a 4.9 why because you had to come back 4.8 4.7 you had to come back but you fixed it that’s a brilliant review right even if it started as a three-star review because you didn’t have a system in place to hey are you happy or you had like a survey system not just give me a review Give me a review but an actual Survey System that jumps in as well surveying the voice of the consumer I’m the owner of the business were you happy with what my technician did today and the way my office and everybody handled it are you happy with the the middle that during the sale moment that should be asked about every single customer right so risk reversal guaranteed you’re guaranteeing your job you’ll do the work better than anyone else if they if you your guys say I can’t get the stain out and they find anyone else you can you’ll pay the bill for that other person to get the stain out why because you should be able to get them all out or you don’t have enough training your company is not set up well enough to actually be able to provide a high-end service maybe that’s why you charge less for now and up your rates and find better customers because they want to know you’re their guy you’re their gal you’re their company compelling sales proposition that’s something I’ve always heard about a unique sales proposition it’s very unique to be the only carpet cleaners that show up in a clown suit that’s incredibly unique does it it’s not compelling who cares who’s going to buy the carpet cleaner that shows up in a clown suit right that’s unique but it’s not a compelling sales proposition what is your compelling sales proposition what does that word proposition mean it means what are you different why you over the competitor what is you what is compelling and unique and compelling and about your business do you have a 29 Point checklist do you do this do you do like what are the things that you do do you offer your risk reversal guarantee do you like on and on and on do you um do you call ahead of time do you make sure you make exact appointment times you know if you do then you have to adjust your company that you need to give a huge window between jobs because anything can happen in our business but I’ve seen some companies try and run exact windows or exact arrival times and not a variable window of arrival and then you know you better be charging that better be something that your customer ideal customer cares about I want to know exactly when they’re at one o’clock they better be at my doorstep at one well then you know the last job should be wrapping up between 11 30 and 12 because in case he runs late he’s still got to be there at one right because you’ve guaranteed that right so you want to have a compelling sales proposition that meets your ideal client Avatar right some people don’t care about that it’s like hey I’ll give you a rival window and we will call on the route right and we’re going to call before the window starts to let you know where in that window we’re gonna fall and we’re going to call when we’re 20 minutes out and now you have to have a routine and have your technicians taught that but that could be part of your compelling sales proposition never wait around to know when we’re coming we’ll always call an hour ahead we’re going to give you an exact arrival window we’ll call an hour ahead and we’ll call when we’re within 10 minutes of arriving every single time if you can structure that into your company you’ve now got a compelling sales profit and one of many right and then an engaging customer experience this has kind of Gone by the the Wayside and I don’t know why um some companies get this a lot of a lot of companies don’t but this is the Disney buying of your business a good friend of mine Vance Morris runs an entire company based on how he’s a carpet cleaner um long since now like like he doesn’t clean the carpets he has teams but he runs a business that helps other companies not just cleaners but other companies Disney find their business because he used to work at Disney right but the whole idea and I learned this years before you know even new Vans um but building and engaging customer experience we built that into our all of our companies anytime we bought out an existing company we built an engaging experience into that flow that is the during the sale moment that middle hat before the sale during the sale after the sale from the moment the phone is picked up is that engaging did you is there a customer experience orchestrated have you got the

scripts do you know what it’s being said is like how is it or is it hey how’s it going how can I help you right that is that engaging or is it hey it’s a great day here at ABC Carpet Cleaning how can I make yours even better that’s more oh Jesus you know happy smile everybody knows even if you’re you just got yelled at you’re in a pissed off mood how did you how did your office girl answer the phone how did your office guy answer the phone how did is everybody on the team know what that’s all about did your technician call ahead and I was like this is Alonzo I’m coming over now or is it hey how’s it going Alonzo I’m your technician um from ABC Carpet Cleaning I’m on my way over I’m about 10 minutes out um do you want I could swing through uh Starbucks if you want me to grab you a coffee Alonso is a whole different dude now right is that engaging have you built that in not just a wing in it and Alonso does a but can it be put in as a process right thought about does they have a map of every single Starbucks in town and they actually can make this happen who knows right in you know in in Canada I’m from Canada in Canada you can make that happen with Tim Hortons it’s on every second street corner literally so you can always say would you like me to bring you a Tim Hortons a Timmy’s coffee and you could and we did we did that only on Saturday jobs I’m not gonna lie and say we did that every job every Saturday jobs that we had the technicians brought brought um we I gave them Tim Hortons gift cards that they could use to buy the coffee they just had to bring their receipt back and they could even buy one for themselves if they wanted I would pay their Saturday coffee because they’re working overtime um and the customer go yeah I take a double double perfect no I’m fine I just put on a pot perfect whatever it’s part of that phone call right engage in customer experience you arrive you put on the booties when you walk in the door are you gonna take your shoes off and walk around in sweaty socks and there’s not a customer on the planet that wants to see the sock marks on their hardwood floors as you get towards the carpet or whatever right so no are you changing into indoor shoes always do that when you’re cleaning obviously don’t be walking out across the yard back into the house in the same pair of shoes customers know that you have to train this in as an experience Disney called it casting that you didn’t hire employees you hired cast cast members they didn’t even have HR they had Central Casting why because everybody had a role to play and that’s why Disney is different than any other theme park you go to it’s designed for an experience every moment you walk within 10 feet of somebody sweeping the grounds they look up and they nod at you you walk you and smile you walk within five feet can I help you with something right you ask them a question they pull out a map out of their back pocket at least walk you at least halfway there if not all the way there before they come back to their role of sweeper they still sweeping still needs to be done but that’s the role they’re playing until somebody comes near them right and they don’t shy their their eyes away that’s you know there’s a lot of policing does it always happen more often than not it’s designed to be more right than wrong it’s behind stage and on stage anytime you’re in front of a customer you are on stage and they have they have mystery shoppers running around the park at all times why because that’s how they deliver the experience that people are willing to pay two three five ten times more than any other theme park and still show up in droves regardless of the economy think of it that way so can you build that into your company well definitely jeans and a t-shirt don’t cut it right so khaki pants and a and and polishers with your logo on it and your color theme color scheme or whatever and two more in the the van so if they get sweaty dirty stains whatever they could switch it up so they always look nice things like that buy your technicians deodorant and have it in the console right so that they between if they if they got smelly let’s smell good right put on the booties as you walk around hand the customer a laminate things like that there’s a way to build a client experience so think of it that way you set that Foundation right the rest of the blueprint you’re now wowing everybody you walk into everybody’s talking about it everybody’s referring you you have a referral program of course people are going to share it with their friends and family of course they are why because you just wild the crap out of them and then as soon as you left boom they got a um you know within an hour or two the owner’s going how was it survey automated doesn’t have to be manual right and then the next day okay customer the the office staff is phony leaving a phone call all right that’s nothing to do with you’re gonna get tons of Google reviews you haven’t chased for a Google review at all you’ve chased for actual and actionable intelligence of the company of what how you did how was how is the booking process how was the um arrival process like when you know how how was the cleaning job how was you know how was the technician you know well tell me honestly I’m the business owner I want to know right that should be part of every job so what’s

your message why should someone do business choose this business do business with you versus your competition let’s go back to that one um and what benefits do you offer that Target your ideal customer Avatar and they resonate with think of these things right so some of the messages that work we know that safe natural or eco-friendly and that didn’t even be or have messages in your you know in your message we’re safe and natural um safe for your pets and your children and blah blah blah um we use on eco-friendly biologically degradable clean compost what’s the next question they have in their head well is it if it’s not safe and friendly is it going to clean my carpets we offer the cleanest carpets cleanest upholstery the fluffiest um most thorough all those kinds of things or it’s free what does that mean you get to qualify that what do you mean or it’s free well free will come back and re-clean it if you’re still not happy we’ll give your money back on that area because it’s up to you the owner of the technician to set the expectations yep can we get that out absolutely and then you don’t that’s your problem can we get that let me test let me show you what I do guarantee is if I can’t get this out and you find anybody else you can our company’s going to pay the bill for them to do that for you so let me let me see give me an assessment you know what that stain right there I think it’s going to lighten a lot look at my exam my test here but I don’t think it’s going to come fully come out like I mean you’re going to always know it’s there you guys probably won’t they’re going to overlook it maybe like it looks like it’s going to reduce quite a bit that’s you know right so now you’re you set the expectations properly if they call up yeah I thought that stain was going to come in a little bit more yeah we talked all about that let me come back and try again you know send the technician back out you can see if there’s anything else that can be done but that one we did say that was going to be was going to be difficult and I’m not sure there’s much more to do right come back try again 99.9 of customers thanks you tried your hardest right okay so you know if they go well I really thought it was going to be better than that then they’re the pain in the ass customer you know what let me take that off the bill for you you know that that stain was worth it you know up there this room that area whatever that’s fifty dollars left you know let me let me would you like that you know um the company sent that to you or would you like it as a credit towards your next cleaning make them happy have them you know I wasn’t happy some you know whatever didn’t quite do what I thought and they gave me my money back on that area I love these guys you know I mean you still get good stuff highly trained trustworthy technicians you can send that out fully bonded and insured you know things like that we’ll send you our client our technician’s background check before we arrive could be if you’re again targeting very high-end people things like that um phones and chat answered live during business hours you’re on it right you tell people that in your messaging that works really well honest pricing no sales gimmicks no hidden costs um you know those kinds of things we don’t charge you you know you can have exact quotes over the phone if you want to risk that and do that um we never did we gave you um very accurate estimates and exact pricing before we started um that was our role or we’d come out if you know if you wanted to know exactly first we gave you a range we’d come out and do an on-site quote First that worked as well because you always upsell them on the onside quote so same day say or faster same day estimates faster same day cleaning if you can qualify for what are these These are the messages can you make a case for any of these right um we always say don’t give discounts give bonuses so if you get this you’ll get this half price for free whatever so that you’re you’re getting your core you’re getting your price you’re just you’re not teaching people to get a discount you’re teaching people to add more to get savings right um things like that so those are things that that they’re all in the um the guide as well and you’ve got access to this recording so um yeah so that’s that’s you’re figuring that out you know now you can look at at the media now that you’ve got all that and you now need to we talked about a lot more of this last time so we’re not going to get in this your website needs to convert it needs to have conversion principles and psychology all marketing is is math plus psychology is your website designed by um by somebody who understands human emotions and web design and runs tests constantly and and heat map testing to know what people are actually pausing and clicking on and not and stuff like that if not you need that because done properly you can find out where all of your jobs are coming from how much you’re investing and what your average cost across all your jobs are and then you know you can you can if your website is converting well as the Hub of your business got all the psychological principles again you’re going to get access to this um now you can pull you can pull up your website and compare it now you know that you have changes you need to make increase the conversions of the traffic you’re already getting and your your

website is more valuable and that’s what unconverted leads is um you have to be following up with everybody within 5 to 15 minutes we automate this so that within the first minute at least they get a message back saying hey got your message thanks so much go back to you as soon as I can right all right or they go to your competition average customer must be followed up five to seven times some people will book right away more of the people need to be dripped on they said no they get some people say oh my booking rate I only book about you know 20 of the leads I get from Facebook other guys go that’s weird I book 80. 20 is that they only message them once they only have that one conversation that’s one out of five that’s that’s you know if you follow up with them five times all of a sudden you collect more and more and more yeah you know what I’m going to give you guys a try do you know what your message has been back with right interact by phone and text and all of it so you leverage carpet cleaner lead Pro is the tool we’ve built but you leverage marketing automation to follow up so web forms within the first two minutes and it rings your phone somebody just filled out your web form press one now and we’ll we’ll try and connect you with them if you press one at your office or on your cell phone it rings their number if they’re available you two are talking why because it automate automatically Rings you because they filled out a form text messaging comes right into your phone or right into your office screen and it’s chat to text they get it on their text from the cell number that that we embed in the back end so now you don’t have to give out your personal number you’re texting everybody right and you can start if they you know you go back and forth by text message it gives you a little bit more wiggle room if somebody isn’t available right away they want to send me some pictures okay I’ll send you some pictures you’ve got that back and forth automations means that if it went quiet for more than two days our system is going hey checking in with you and checking in with them right just want to follow up make sure that we’ve met your needs did we actually did uh have you thought about have you did you actually get into or scheduled a book um or or would you or would you like some more information right because maybe we don’t know but you you didn’t you know they booked and didn’t mark the the lead properly so it’s an automation that keeps them going on and on and on right looks like this carpet cleaner lead Pro all sources everywhere you could possibly get a lead dumped into one database is there a DM waiting on Facebook for you right now or on uh on on on Instagram LinkedIn is there a message on Google Chat coming in anything like that you don’t know it should all go into one place and automation gets the initial message to them and let them know hey I’m going to follow up with you here and that’s on their cell phone as text or a phone call or the email goes right back out within a minute simple math 100 leads conversion rates only 30 percent no good follow-up you know at average 325 100 leads you book 30 jobs you made 10 grand 9 750 bucks same hundred leads now you follow up with them over the next two weeks even the ones that you know and then even at the end of the month and that every month of the leads that just didn’t book with you yet all of a sudden all of those 70 of these become customers of yours because they’re ideally targeted that’s all given in both of these but now you followed up better you converted better your website told them better things your script told them better things that’s conversion math conversion not one thing it’s multiple things you told them in the automated flow hey you want to say like you know hey while you know until I get you on the phone I want to tell you why I started our cleaning business and why we’re different do you send that message right now if you don’t and you have a difference which you should and you send that message you have now got a conversion principle built into your follow-up communication that none of your competitors are even thinking about and now you’ve told them why you started your business I was 24 years old you know blah blah blah blah blah anyways you know I’ll tell you more about that another time but in the meantime here’s you know and you one pair paragraph and move on why because you’re going to send them another message if they don’t call you or book back with you a couple days later a week later they’re getting another message hey just checking in again you remember I told you about I started the business like well here’s one of the things I want to guarantee and here’s one of our clients that just loved what we did you know and you just you just drip on them you know and they’re either going to unsubscribe which means that they were never your client or they’re going to follow along and eventually you catch them five to seven times before they book and now same number of leads you’ve just more than doubled the revenue from them you’ve put another van on the road right so think about the conversion elements in the workbook as well so we’re done takeaways do you know your kpis are you going to track them right do you know what numbers people are

coming from do you know this is an exact live example do you know like this live example how many leads came in the breakdown your conversion rate how how much that generated in one month in actual jobs based on the their job average and what the ROI was of that across the company 18 average lead 6 000 spent that sounds like a lot not when you brought in 98 000 that month right Million Dollar Carpet Cleaning client that we have 6 000 in ad spend and and marketing investment with us 18 average lead in breaking all of that down including the marketing investment the the the somebody managing the ads for them and managing the SEO and managing all of their marketing their social media all of that and their ad budget generates a you know 100 000 in a month right so and by knowing that you they these guys went from 31 to 65 by putting the conversion principles in place their business doubled it took you know a year took time to move all that in place but they went from averaging 50 000 a month to almost 100 000 a month on the same volume of leads all right better leads targeted more but clear so all in perspective is what we’re talking about that’s the trends for 2023 um you need to be doing more than just one source it’s got to be all in you got to be doing video we didn’t really touch on that we’ve been touching that over the the last couple of months um on social media um master class and stuff like that but more video you do the better we make videos for our clients who are shy on camera and we even got ways to help you be on camera and we walk you through it and then get some b-roll and a-roll and put it together and make make media content for you if you’re not good on camera but otherwise we you see at the very least don’t put your face on camera but share out actual before during and after images and videos um and have conversion optimization and artificial intelligence baked into your messaging from Moment One so go build your plan I’m going to give you access to all of this stuff and you got to set your goals if you haven’t already jump on a call with us if you haven’t this you’re going to go to carpet cleaner rewards you’re going to get all the you can go to the worksheets the 2023-worksheet to get the worksheets go to this to get all of the other stuff we went through today and on last class go back and look at it’s on our website you just go under the um the podcast area because it’s a podcast as well um and find last months the December episode masterclass and you’ll find the other parts of this why this is a part two and how much deeper we went on other topics built into the exact same conversation right our digital dominance method is this um we work with every client you can see the risk reversal guarantee um the engaging logos compelling sales propositions all of that stuff and conversion focused all of that that’s the digital side of it that moves people into your business digital dominance but more or as important I wouldn’t say more important is the blueprint where you’re following the foundation all of that other stuff that we just showed fits into so the lead generation secondary response and some of the follow-up all the rest of it here is is is running an optimized business that you have every single aspect figured out over time you know this is like a you know a multi-year plan but how fast can you implement and automate Implement automate Implement automate your business will grow and grow and grow so every customer gets an amazing client experience and then every touch Point all the way through is orchestrated to continue to deliver on that client experience so if you want to learn more about that if you want to learn to go deep on where you guys are what your number is if you’re you know um if you’re one of our clients we can hop on a call and talk about the blueprint for success and what that looks like for you and ways that you know we can help Implement that depending on which package and plan you’re currently in and and things like that um if you’re not one of our clients um and some of this sounds interesting to you do your planning go ahead and do that first if you want again no this isn’t a sales pitch this is if we can help we know how to turn carpet cleaner businesses into successful businesses if you follow along it’s not done for you it’s done with you there’s a there’s a following along there’s stuff that every business has to do to make everything that happens online and offline even more impactful and you tie the two together and build your brand up better it works we help advise we do that stuff we’ll jump on a 60-minute consultation um prior to that you actually jump on a five minute five to ten minute um sort of business Discovery call with Rima and she gets to know your business a little bit more gets the certain data sends it off through our research team same research team that researches all the keywords for our clients and researches all the um for the for the SEO department and the pay-per-click department and all that kind of stuff and all of the demographics we do all that research for you for free we’re not charging you a dime the value of that alone is about 500 with that plus the step-by-step plan and then you jump on a one-hour Consulting call with me sometimes it only goes half an hour um if you

have no questions sometimes it goes along a little bit longer than an hour if you’ve got lots of questions but we’re building your step-by-step plan I’m going to share where you are right now where you need to go and the strategy to get there um and that’s with me I charge 497 or 4.95 an hour for my Consulting time literally do I don’t open up a lot of Consulting hours um but I have several in the month and they’re always filled up I charge that I give a free one of those selectively to very select people and customer or and then and and people that want the help with their business if you’re if you qualify if you’re growing a carpet cleaning business and you’re serious about going to the next level then you qualify and we have a conversation not trying to sell you anything it’s just a conversation so these are all the things we do on that call you get a hold of us you just go to carpet schedule you go there you can book a time it’ll show up in my calendar first but Remo will reach out to you if you don’t talk to Rima you don’t get to see me it’s this books you in and then then we then Reema goes through and does the discovery call learns more about your business gets the research team involved and then you can meet with me so when you do book A Time always make sure it’s you know a couple days to a week out so that you’ve got time to meet with Rima and got time for the the um the um the research team to come in as well I normally don’t have openings earlier than that anyways but just in case don’t book for the next day if one’s available um it’s not enough time you’re just gonna meet with Rima then anyway so um anyways hopefully you found some value in this hopefully you’re going to go through this maybe catch the replay go slowly through it maybe chime us um hit us up on Facebook hit us up on Instagram um hit us up on our website there’s a chat to text on our website as well the same tools we we would use for our clients we use for ourselves and ask any questions you got how do I I do this what about that whatever download all those resources really really dive in we’re here to help I hope that makes sense I hope you kind of get that from from everything we’ve talked about because that’s that’s really what it’s all about if there’s anything to help with give us a call otherwise I really appreciate your time today thanks so much and uh and we’ll chat soon

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The 5 Most Important Components of a Winning 2023 Internet Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners

The 5 Most Important Components of a Winning 2023 Internet Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners


The 5 Most Important Components of a Winning 2023 Internet Marketing Plan for Carpet Cleaners

As we enter 2023, it’s important to have a winning internet marketing plan in place. In this year-end workshop, I’ll go over the most important components of a successful plan for carpet cleaners. From SEO to social media to paid advertising, we’ve got you covered!

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


Goal setting - how many leads to hit your target


The 3 fundamentals of marketing success


How to optimize your website for conversion


The BIG picture of all the online marketing channels you should be tapping into to MAXIMIZE your lead flow online


The latest trends that you need to focus on in 2023


Developing your custom action plan based on where you are now & what you need to do now

Audio Transcript:
You know the years and years and years 30 years or so that I own my cleaning businesses this was pretty much the the most important if not the favorite part of the year I almost always took the week between Christmas and New Year’s off and did things like this I still went into the office still worked uh I did the planning I recapped on how the previous year went I looked forward to what’s coming up I and you know what new Services I wanted to add what marketing I was going to do all of that kind of stuff and just really really got ready for the year ahead where I wanted to grow the business took here and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

and we always say about every quarter you should be checking in every at the six month Mark you could be doing like a half time check-in to see how close they are to your goals do you need to adjust or things you’re pushing for were there amazing plans yet at the beginning of the year that you didn’t quite get to and things like that so that’s what we’re going to talk about here today okay so so regular housekeeping rules so make sure you turn off your cell phones uh you know turn off Facebook if you’re watching this on a cell phone the very least uh turn off your Facebook turn off your notifications don’t get distracted they’re cleaning business owner carpet cleaning business owner maid service home service business owner and you’re serious about getting great results the next 60 minutes or so are really really really going to be transformative to your business so what we’re going to talk about why do I think it’s so important we’re going to talk about goal setting for 2023. we’re going to get right right down to the nitty-gritty and be very specific about it but we’re going to talk about goal setting for 2023 and how to hit your targets we’re going to talk about the three fundamentals of marketing success if you know these it makes marketing your business infinitely easier in fact I just did a um a quick little um uh take five it’s called with Jeff Cross uh clean fax magazine on the Issa media uh website so it’s on the YouTube channel and on their website we just did a week or two ago um whatever it’s just gotten really least and it was all about the three fundamentals so it’s just a quick little five minute primer to that just because they’re that important so you want to know how to optimize your website for conversions we’re going to talk about why conversions are so important most people miss this most marketing companies miss talking about conversions and it’s critical and I’ll show you why it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website or how much traffic you drive to your offer how much traffic you drive to your social media if you’re not converting that traffic you’re spending a lot of money on nothing so big picture of all the online marketing channels you should be tapping into and they’re different they they change like channels are like channels on your TV marketing channels are are they have individual attention so you know there might be people that watch the discovery Network there might be people that watch um ESPN there might be people that watch have the Weather Network on all day or CNN or Fox News or ABC or NBC and all of those kinds of things so those those are those are channels we’re used to in the tradition National World well what why do they run those shows why do the news have why are news stations even in existence seems like they’re trying to hand out news and give you good stories but ultimately they’re a media company and the media company is is trying to sell eyeballs to advertisers right so you’re an Advertiser and there are eyeballs around the internet there are eyeballs in different forms of media and we’ll talk about that so you want to be able to maximize those you want to tap into the um the right places to be doing that and how to do that right so that you’re not wasting your time doing something that no longer works uh that’s old school or you’re not missing out on a major Trend so we’re going to talk about the latest trends and what you really need to be focusing on because we’re I think you know that our world changes constantly so what the kids are into you know the tick tocks and things like that may not be right for for your business at you know the the type of clientele you’re looking for but it doesn’t mean that the type of clientele

you’re looking for is still reading the newspaper print by they’re still flipping through the Yellow Pages um you know you think of all the old traditional media that that used to be the way us carpet cleaners and Home Service businesses generated attention and that has shifted and we know that shifted over the last decade or so well it’s continuing to shift and at a faster and faster pace so when you’re the owner of a business you your number one job I really want you to understand this and write this down the number one job is not delivering the service you can hire to people to do that and as you grow you should hire people to do to do that the number one job even if you want to be the guy in the truck and that’s where you want to be but you want to be the guy in the truck that makes a hundred hundred fifty thousand dollar a year take-home income how do you do that well you do that with better marketing right marketing drives the sales marketing is the engine behind the company and marketing isn’t just running an offer or a flyer a discount that and in fact it’s it’s vastly different than that what marketing is is marketing is is your ability to get attention to your brand and create brand Impressions so it’s the the vehicle driving down the street it’s the uniforms on the technicians it’s it’s it’s everything that you do that impacts the marketplace is a moment of marketing um Google calls it a zmod zero Moment of Truth and it’s the the moment the brand impresses upon somebody else right and puts a thought in their head and there’s a million touch points where that happens and you need to be thinking of all of them as a as a moment of marketing and then ways to get in front of your Market the right way so we’re going to talk about that and we’re going to build a custom plan we’re going to teach you exactly how to build a custom plan we’re going to get started on that we don’t have enough time to kind of go through that in depth I used to do um a whole day of of coaching and Consulting with them that when when I got into coaching and Consulting still own my business but started coaching Consulting other other carpet cleaning businesses and and franchise networks and stuff like that we would do an entire day um there’d be some prep work ahead of time a good couple of hours with a coffee close the door and just fill out some forms and fill out so get some ideas written down and then a whole day of um action planning to create the year so um so yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna go through you know the prep work of that and I’ve got a little bit of a of you know a bonus for you as well just so you know um if you stay until the end

got some goodies for you as well we’ve got some work worksheets and things are going out but at the end of this presentation I’m going to teach you how to get our our checklist our online marketing checklist so you can gauge yourself against where you should be um our website conversion machine um summary so that you understand what should be on your website and the things that need to be changed if you’ve got a webmaster somebody building your website you know what you can tell them to do next to fix it up if you need help with that then you know you can reach out uh and we’re gonna you know how to optimize the Google my business guides so the most recent version of our Google my business guide I’m going to be giving out as well so Google my business is the Google Maps listing and we know in our service injury industry it’s one of the main places you should be it’s not the only place but it’s one of the main places where if you’re ranking well for all of the different Services you provide you get a lot of good phone calls day in and day out so um and that’s that’s without sort of paying for leads um so just just something to keep in mind there as well so who am I anybody who’s new most of you guys know me by now um but who am I so uh John clementing owned uh carpet cleaning businesses janitorial business maid services Bots bought built and sold for you know 30 years I was actually owned a window cleaning company while I was still in high school uh and grew that and then got into all of the other services as well over the years and had Crews and teams started in a town of 30 000 people so we’re not talking to Millions population deliver a generated realized start I needed to learn marketing most important thing not how to do the work but how to market the work so within two years early 20s I was out of the truck not the guy in the truck anymore hiring people then had to learn how to hire and manage and all that fun stuff started doing um lecturing and teaching about and three-day workshops around the world and um and I literally mean around the world island of Samoa Chilliwack BC Vegas um all of them Orlando places like that and teaching other carpet cleaners and service business owners how to how to deliver and Market deliver a client experience that gets people talking about you and how to Market your business better and different than anybody else um so all of that’s kind of culminated into um our digital marketing service that we have carpet

cleaner marketing Masters and on Amazon if you want to get it the complete guide there’s a copy of the book right there the complete guide to internet marketing for carpet cleaners any service business any home service business will get a lot of value to it’s literally that 30 years of knowledge plus the digital side of it all um in disseminated into 17 chapters and 300 Pages took a good long time to to kind of pull all that information together and write that but it’s it’s it was released this year in the summer and it’s the most Cutting Edge information everything you need to know and we’re gonna tip into a little bit of that stuff right now um just kind of an overview on it so more importantly what do we do for people we help companies grow we help carpet cleaning companies grow and um be seen number one everywhere become the top local brand in fact that’s our mission is to turn 500 carpet cleaners make them the top cleaning brand in their local Marketplace because we want you guys to be attracting the best clients and they’re our best clients in every Market I don’t care how big your Marketplace is there are people that pay more to get Services done well it’s better than being scraping the bottom of the barrel and competing against all the people that just run to the bottom at the lowest discount because the customer will find the lowest price guy next time so you know you don’t want to be that so what do you do to Market differently well you don’t you don’t model the Stanley Steamers and the and the sort of like the discount volume marketing because it’s it’s a rough life and it’s a hard way to grow you you you deliver great services at Great Value and especially with the our economy economy being all in flux that one cool thing about that is the people that have discretionary income continue to have discretionary income through any market slowdowns and stuff like that so if you’re tapping into them more and more they don’t buy the discount stuff anyways obviously they want to they want value for their money and they want to see a good deal there’s ways to put a marketing message in front of them and we’ll actually talk about that today but you want to make sure that you’re delivering a huge amount of value so you don’t need the volume of jobs because you’re charging really well so you’ve got the top rates and you’re booked out weeks in advance and there’s ways to position yourself like that so that you are seen as the best in the marketplace and people are willing to pay more for that sometimes twice as much more three times as much more literally some companies their average job is 120 and in the exact same Market we’re working with the companies their average job is 400 450 same exact market so people literally are willing to pay three four times more sometimes um because there’s more value in it so and if that if that seems a little shocking to you you’re gonna get a lot out of this if that if you guys go John I know that that’s what we do we’re the value driven um higher end carpet cleaner then that’s perfect as well so um so how do we do all of this well we do it by leveraging Three core principles of digital marketing especially specifically in the digital marketing side of it so we maximize the opportunities to generate a lead that’s what you want to do you don’t want to have one source to generate a lead you don’t want to take a phone call from somebody saying hey I’ll sell you Facebook leads I’ll sell you Google you know Google pay-per-click leads all you know all that kind of stuff you don’t want people selling you leads because that’s not building a business you want to maximize the opportunities to generate a lead that’s from your list that’s from your list of of anybody who’s inquired in the past who didn’t book with you yet that list is a very active list that you need to be working that’s from your social media that’s from you know your Google Maps listing and Google you know Google ads and search ads and things like that your organic rankings every one of them can generate a possible lead your van driving down the road can generate a lead you want to maximize the opportunities generated lead you want to maximize your brand Impressions how many times did they see you so they don’t forget about you right so you know they we do know that you know the average person needs to hear from you five to seven times before they decide to to book with you they’ve already seen you dozens by that point they’ve looked you up they’ve heard about you it’s rare that the the one and done oh I just saw you I just heard about you I’m calling and now I’m booking very rare and you need to keep that going even after they become customers of yours and you need to maximize your conversions so maximizing conversions means it’s great to drive traffic to your website to your social media to an offer to a video to anything like that you can drive traffic to anything you want if that traffic does not convert into a phone call and you know and your phone calls convert them into a um a customer then you’re not maximizing your conversions and you’re leaving most of the money on the table I’m going to show you how shocking that is and how much money you could actually be leaving on the table so so what’s the hardest part about marketing a carpet cleaning business online

type in the chat let us know what what do you find Difficult about marketing your carpet cleaning business online I got to tell you what some of the answers are going to be right now as they’re coming in there’s too many options completely unclear where to spend your budget what is your budget how much should you be spending on marketing that’s the question we get all the time as well and where do you actually place that money where is the attention of your Marketplace and where are you going to get the best bang for your buck and where are places that you can continuously hedge your bet because you do not want to be in just one place because they constantly change the way the rules go and and the way they work and if you’re only in one place and it starts to Peter off you’re back to square one again you’re starting your business all over again so so yeah you’ve got SEO and pay-per-click and websites and social and you got directory listings and um you name it like there’s there’s there’s there’s lead aggregator Services there’s a million different places that you can actually Market your business online that you can brand your business all of those kinds of things and it is very very confusing in fact we’ve built this little chart for our customers we talk about it from time to time and like the internet side of things are down here paid leads and and Google Maps and organic rankings and social Outreach and that even on social Outreach there’s online groups there’s project shares there’s local awareness Facebook has display ads offline there’s radio and Direct Mail repeat clients and referral clients should be marketed to online and offline very very well strategic partners that means that you can be on their websites but also offline as well so we know in our industry there’s a lot of good strategic partners your website needs to have conversion optimization retargeting people most people who visit leave well what do you do you don’t just let them walk away Amazon doesn’t let you walk away most online stores don’t let you walk away as soon as you leave the site you’re being chased around with ads about the thing you just looked at that should be happening for small businesses as well because it’s it’s a great way to maintain that brand Impressions and intention as as people are thinking about it and moving away from your website they’ll forget about who you are they didn’t bookmark you so you want to be in all the online directories neighborhood marketing offline and online and brand Authority building how-to videos that’s all online that’s YouTube That’s website things like that helpful articles helping people understand why you know your industry better than anybody else in your local Marketplace you may not know your industry better than everybody else in your local Marketplace but you better have content that makes them think you do press releases really really really help move the needle on in on marketing and sponsorships and all kinds of stuff so that’s the list right problem to Major investment right the other problem is not so much to show for it if you’re not doing it right you’re spending a lot of money and and wondering where the results are so that’s a fail so you don’t you don’t have a clear plan you can overspend or worse you can understand and I really mean that or worse you can understand we see that all the time people putting in you know a couple thousand dollars for a carpet cleaning business doing 100 150 200 000 500 000 and they’re trying to get away with a you know 500 to a thousand dollar marketing budget thinking that that’s going to grow a service business it just doesn’t happen and it literally doesn’t because your competitors are are going going crazy so um so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to drop a workbook on you I know the graphic says 2022. it’s actually the 2023 version of the book um so you can go to carpet cleaner slash 2023-workbook Rima could put that in his chat right now that link so you can get it it’s the 2023 version um it’s it’s a it’s a thinking tool it goes along with these um the the presentation we’re doing here today uh so you don’t need to you don’t need to download it and watch it along with us it’s it’s a takeaway that you can now fill in the blanks we’re going to get you to do some some sort of writing and stuff like that right now just grab a scrap a piece of paper and start writing on it but you can download the workbook print it off and fill it in when you’re when we’re done as well so what’s the opportunity so we just said the fail the problems here’s we all know it’s you know it’s expensive and it doesn’t return what’s the opportunity well with a clear plan and clear goals in clear targets and kpis if you don’t know what kpis their key performance indicators what numbers do you need to hit how many leads do you need to and phone calls and messages do you need coming in to meet your targets when you have that clear you know this Source isn’t going to be enough I need to be adding these multiple sources and you want to have a bunch of things automated and just generating leads different times of year different times of the the month they you you’ll get more leads from One Source than another all in you’re going to be generating

a lot of a lot of those uh those leads from different sources so you want to generate enough leads to hit your goals that’s that’s the goal and you want to have a great return on your investment always think of marketing as an investment not an expense I have this conversation almost on the daily basis um with people interested in you know having a conversation with me about the services we offer but also people that we just talked to and consult and other carpet cleaners in the industry and stuff like that they go you know John on marketing just seems like such a a waste of money and it’s it to me that that conversation does not make any sense I’m probably thought of that my first year in business again in high school but I was actually running a business um the window cleaning business because of a project in in business class and it turned into an actual job that started my whole journey um just to get a marks in business class so I was already learning that marketing is an investment in the growth and the future of your business if you don’t invest a dollar today you don’t make five ten dollars tomorrow so some of the marketing you invest in today literally shows up tomorrow or next week some of it doesn’t show up until the next month and some of it doesn’t show up until next quarter and all of it should be snowballing to build your brand and pressure so in six months and 12 months and 24 months you’re just continuing to grow and add and and the best way to think of marketing then is a percentage of Revenue as your Revenue grows your marketing budget needs to grow to support it and there’s very specific numbers in the home service industry cleaning industry that if you drop below those um you’re treading water and if you go well John I’ve only spent five percent of Revenue you know I do you know two hundred thousand dollars in sales and I only spend ten thousand dollars in all all in in my marketing I’m gonna tell you right now that it’s the riskiest place to be in because you might get away with it for a little while you might be the only guy in town you might be the latest you know they’ve been around the longest and stuff like that but there are people and other companies and other people waiting to enter the industry that know more about modern social media than you that know more about connecting um and any one of them could come in and be a disrupter and take over 90 of the business in a local Marketplace from all of the other competitors just by out marketing them really really well so it really comes down to investing strategically in your marketing so you need your goals what are your goals for 2023 as Brian Tracy says success is goals everything else is commentary if you do not have your goals written down and planned it’s not just I kind of want to get to right that’s a lot of you know kind of by the seat of our pants um running a business that’s not running a business sorry it’s a hobby right running a business is thinking as a business owner being very strategic what is my branding what is it what what what is who are my customers what do I wanna what I want to project into the marketplace who are willing to pay me what I want what are my goals in my business how much revenue do I want how much profit do I want how much money do I want to take home to um Satisfy My Lifestyle how am I going to get there if I’m not there yet how am I going to get there if I’m there how do I maintain it and how do I plan that this thing I’ve built becomes something you can sell for you know three 400 500 000 half a million dollars like I did in the middle of a pandemic a million dollars two million dollars depending on the size of your business how do you bundle it up to sell it well you don’t do that if you don’t have goals so right so without goals the other thing is goals are like the wind in your sales if there’s no wind your boat ain’t moving right you’re in a sailboat and there’s no wind you’re sitting there until the wind you know shows up when when you’ve got goal set clear goals they are pushing you forward can you adjust and Tack back and forth for sure okay you can you can you can watch what’s coming you can check you know look in your rearview mirrors here where you’ve gone where you’re headed and and you know tack into the wind so you can keep on path then there’s ways you can adjust and do those check-ins at three months and six months and and once a year on a you know on a two and a three and a five year plan things like that but you got to have those goals set or you’ll never get there Harvard did a study um I’m you may know about the Harvard study 1979 um there was an interview of grads right so the grad the graduates who had graduated from Harvard of those graduates 84 percent of them had no specific goals so what they did is they had a class and they they watched the class for I think it was a decade after maybe five years but I think it was 10 years after they came back to the the graduating class and um and and asked them a series of questions and when they were when they left school did they have any specific goals 84 had no specific goals 13 had had goals that they planned for their life when they graduated but they had not written them down and three percent of of the all of those graduate graduates that were um were interviewed had written down goals and a plan to accomplish them from

whatever vocation they are graduating from right of the class 13 of the class who had goals were earning on average twice as much so the 13 of the class here that had actually had goals in mind when they left specific goals just didn’t write them down they’re earning twice as much as the average in the class more staggering is the three percent that had clear goals written them down and knew had a plan in place to accomplish them even if their plan didn’t work out and they had to adjust they had a plan in place when they left school of exactly what they’re going to do I’m going this is what I want these are this is how much I want to make by this and this and this this is the type of company I want to work for this is who I’m going to interview with you know these are all the resumes I’m going to put out blah blah blah and if I don’t like the company I’m going to move up I’m going to do this and they had all that written out earned 10 times 10 times as much as the 97 percent of the rest of the class the three percent that written clear goals earn 10 times as much so hopefully that impresses upon you how you need to set clear goals because it gets in your head it gives you a direction it really rallies all of your sources some people talk about manifesting and all that kind of stuff um you know you can manifest something that you want in your life what I truly think manifesting is is just part of the human condition and the way the brain works um sure you might be aligning some quantum physics in the universe and and spirituality and all that stuff sure but you’re also focusing your attention on a very specific outcome and next thing you know it’s no different than when you see you know you buy a red car and all of a sudden everybody go oh my God there’s so many red cars I didn’t see them before because now your attention is focused on seeing something you hadn’t looked at before and I when you set goals you’re focusing on that thing and when you focus on that thing um you conversations that happen you focus in oh my gosh you’re talking about something I’m interested in um you start aligning yourself with the right people you start getting the right training you start thinking about how do I go from here I don’t know how to do this but I want to accomplish this and you start asking the right questions and and finding the right people um in your life and that’s the power of setting goals it’s the power of focus so there’s a framework to focusing on goals you need to have written goals and a plan so we’re going to show you how to do that but you’re going to write the goals down you’re going to what what do I wanna accomplish and by when do I want to accomplish them you need to set one-year goals quarterly goals and monthly goals that’s a good start right not 5 10 20 year goals start with you know where are you at the end of this year take stock of where you are where you want to be this time next year on this date December 29th 2023 you look back on your business what would you want to have accomplished you want another van on the road do you want to if you want Revenue up 25 do you want Revenue up 50 um Do You Want It Up 100 what are you going to do to make that happen how do you what how do you break that down quarterly and how what what has to happen every month to get you there you must have a stopping point at the beginning of every new new year and the end of each quarter to reflect on how your goals are and how what has turned out from the goal setting you’ve had and what you want to do next um how are you going to adjust going forward so a stopping point every quarter and at the end of the year this is the big one we’re talking about right now right so here’s some things you’re going to be asking yourself what is your Revenue Target for this time next year how much did you earn in that 12 months how much is that monthly pretty easy divided by 12. if it’s a ramping up process think that out a little bit saying hey right now I’m at this level you know say you’re at 20 000 a month in sales and you know that’s roughly 240 000 a year but you want you know you want to hit 400 000 right so you need a hundred and sixty thousand more well you might be twenty thousand at the end or twenty five thousand at the end of January if you put some marketing into place but you might be 27 000 in February close to 30 000 in in in in March so plan it out how are you going to get to a year-end goal of of being all in at the 400 000 what do you need to do to grow through what does that number need to look like right so how many jobs will that require and what’s your average job value right and all of these things are changeable all of these things you you have control over so say you want to hit 550 000 bucks that’s 45 000 a month in Revenue right pretty simple so what’s your average job is your average job 375 right now which is a decent average to generate good marketing and to generate good profits and to pay your technicians well is it lower than that do you know how to get it up to that right so put your number in where it’s at now or where you want it to be again whether this is a goal where do you want your average job to be and are you going to learn how to get from here where you are here to how to get there do you package your services so people have bundles to choose from and things like that which always UPS the value and can up

the price a little bit and things like that so you’re not just selling one thing and then at trying to add on the protectors and all the other stuff as separate Services have them bundled into packages people can choose which one they want um but that’s going to be if your average job is 375 that’s gonna be 122. um jobs that you’re required it’s pretty simple math you just take 45 000 divided by 375 and it’s 122 jobs so pretty simple pretty simple math to get to so what is your average conversion rate from inquiry right now do you know that number are you tracking how many calls how many text messages emails all of those kinds of things you’re getting social messages that you’re getting asking about your services and what is you know what is the the number that you’re actually converting into a job right now you divide the total number of calls or leads or inquiries coming in by that conversion rate right so for example in this scenario say you book 50 right of all the people that inquire about you over right away or over the next coming weeks the ones that come back because you’re chasing them a little bit you actually have lead nurture and conversion in place something we’ll talk about here you’re getting about 50 of the people that inquire booking so you should get about 100 of your repeat clients

usually about 90 of referrals maybe 80 to 90 of referrals some referrals still just think about it um you know and then everybody else is at fifty percent forty percent twenty percent all in what’s your overall booking rate divide that by the number of of of um the the calls that you need um and you’ll know that you need 244 leads per month based on that last slide we saw you’re going to need 244 leads per month to generate 122 actual bookings to meet your goal do you know where you’re going to get 244 leads to run your 550 000 a month business or a year business right that was the level that that our business was running at and in a couple small markets and we knew where our leads were coming from at all times and as they changed from offline to online um we knew where that was all coming from as well so um so the next thing I’m going to give you is a I’m going to walk you through a quick little calculator so you can figure this out but you guys can play with this um just make a copy I’ll show you how to use this quickly and then we’ll move on but this is this is a a really great Tool uh to to determine to figure out this math for yourself so let me see here [Music] um there it is right there okay so that’s the link you so it’s it’s the um worksheet so it’s carpet cleaner two zero two three dash worksheet so Rima can put that um in the chat as well for everybody so you can all see um that link

perfect um and for example here’s just so simply what you’re going to do first is Click file up here and make a copy so you have a copy of your own to play with because you only got view only copy of this right now um and yeah so what you’re going to do is you’re going to put in what is your annual Target rate so anything with a little arrow you’re just going to move put a number in right so if say you wanted to be 450 or our example that we just had before let’s call it 550. all right all right so you want there’s your 45 000 a month to hit that say we said that say your average job was 375 let’s just put the numbers in we had there we know we need 122 um your booking percentage was 50 say you’re actually a little higher say you’re at 55 percent right you need you need um 222 um 222 uh leads to book in and what’s your average cost per lead average cost per lead is on the next tab are you running PPC you know these numbers might be a little uh low in today’s day and age you might be as high as 65 dollars and as low as maybe 30 dollars on pay-per-click because the cost of pay-per-click is going way up see the way that up that number there Google local service ads that’s a good range some markets are as high as 75 now before you can even buy a lead on Google Google guarantee Facebook ads that’s a good range for every inquiry leads you get if you’re running Facebook ads repeating referrals this is your mailings and your um you know the marketing that you do a lot of it’s in-house but cost of a stamp you should be mailing your database once every month to two months once every you know 30 to 60 days period get in their mailbox as well as emails because they don’t open their emails but they they’ll see you in the mailbox for sure postcards and letters and and things like that different ways to to Market people like that so in the course of a year that might be 17 per per qualified customer you want to be able to rank and rank in Google apps and you might have some other sources so now we’ve got 27 dollars is the average cost to buy a lead if you run all of these kind of Blended through now there’s lots of other things we can do but that gives you a good idea so how much you need minimum minimum monthly marketing budget to hit that goal at that cost because you figured out how much a lead cost you to buy you need to spend of your forty five thousand dollars just about six

thousand dollars of it right you need to spend that to generate that much revenue so and where do you allocated it that’s the third tab across and now you get to see there’s that 50 you know 550 000 just showed up I’m going to tell you right now that we’ve got a little um you’re gonna adjust this number right here 15 is the lowest number you’re going to want to put in there in fact what you’re going to want to do if you want to continue to grow and not just maintain 20 is the service is is what a service business needs to spend a service business doing half a million dollars needs to spend about a hundred thousand dollars in marketing 20 and that’s database marketing that you might be oh my gosh that’s a lot that leaves you four hundred thousand dollars to run the business um so that you’ve got technicians to pay you’ve got equipment you’ve got supplies and you’ve got your own wages the owner of the business and you have a profit that the business generates every single year now you’ve got a mature business that’s not just gonna flounder because you take every every dollar out it’s not going to flatter because you’re not investing well in your marketing you’ve got a business that is a mature business running really really well well and it’s going to go from 550 000 to 650 000 the next year and 700 and 750 you’re going to grow the company because you’re investing for growth fifteen percent you’re investing just to maintain and you will not grow less than 15 you might hover for a while and then you’ll drop off a cliff it doesn’t happen gradually it hovers slowly comes down and then just drops I’ve seen it a million times from three trucks to one because you just didn’t continue to invest and other people caught up and then the second they catch up and pass you you know the lights are off so um anyway so you want to allocate about 70 of that to online these days because that’s where most people’s attention are and their eyeballs are 20 to offline and ten percent to repeating customers to get them back into your database so very simply on that twenty percent over the course of the year you know you’re going to be putting with ad spend and you know and companies that you’re working with you know management fees and things like that you know put about seventy thousand seventy seven thousand dollars in 22 into offline marketing that your your door hangers and your yard signs and your postcards and you know taking the uh the real estate agents out for lunch and things like that that all becomes an offline marketing expense and repeat business is your your mailings and anything that has a cost to get your customers to come back so we’re not talking about discounts and things that it’s just the cost the actual raw physical marketing costs to get the customers to come back and then so that’s the breakdown if every month is fairly even in the area that you’re in that you’re just going to break it down by this this value right here the online the offline and the repeat business about a thousand dollars a month in marketing back to get customers to come back in that’s how you support a 45 000 per month cleaning business is your marketing your database your marketing offline and your Marketing Online to generate new leads and new customers as well and then in the online breakdown we suggest SEO that gets you ranking really well paid ad sources that’s Google Facebook local service ads Google guarantee stuff like that and then a specific budget and told you it’s a much smaller but a specific budget going towards retargeting anybody lands on your website they’re getting followed up and chased around so display ads and retargeting so you split it like that SEO um and or and and organic type stuff social media SEO the organic play um Facebook and and Google ads pay per lead pay per pay-per-click services and then retargeting and that’s your good mix and then we even got on the back end here of the last tab you can actually there’s our digital dominance method of how to actually build a growing carpet cleaning business uh and what kind of offers you can add all throughout the course of the year so you got to think of this ahead of time so you got 12 months do you have 12 months worth of offers and we’re not talking offers like hey three of them haul for 39.95 99.95 129 no no that’s we’re talking what kind of offers can you give where you’re adding value here’s what we would give you and if you take us up on this month we’re going to give we’re going to add value it’s Father’s Day we’re going to give you a free barbecue set you know valued you know 69.95 or whatever you you bought on Alibaba about a case of you know 50 of them for five bucks each and a dad’s favorite armchair clean free with any minimum Carpet Cleaning Service things like that value-added offers that’s the best way to go so hopefully that makes sense but that’s you’ve got this to play with but I would start this is your your planning I would start with pay tab one you got four tabs to work across but just put in your numbers where do you want to be at the end of the year be reasonable you’re not going to Triple your business in a year but be reasonable and um and work with this uh play with this so carpet cleaning 2023-worksheet hopefully you find find that an amazing and valuable tool because it really is it’s a it’s a planning and thinking tool that allows

you to really get focused so what goal what are your goals for 2023 how many leads do you need monthly to get there figure that out now you can update your marketing message right the fundamentals of marketing is the market the message the market and the media so you can kind of go around this this one here but really the message is the what what do you do why are you different why should your customers choose you over anybody else that’s your message what is unique about you what what attracts them to using your services and the uniqueness should not be the cheapest price or you’ll go out of business it really shouldn’t you can’t have a race to the bottom because the next time that customer needs service they just find the next cheapest guy your Market is who so who is your ideal customer right who who is it that you want a service think of the last 25 50 customers that you did work for which were the best customers which ones had no problem paying the rates you wanted to charge which had the nicest you know the easiest jobs love the service you did gave you reviews just really thought you’re amazing think about the ideal customer that you want to clean for and then and only then once you figure out who that you want to Target do you want to Target all of the you know million dollar homes is there enough of them in your area the you know people with large discretionary income half a million dollars and up um you know that kind of stuff household income of 150 200 000 where are those communities you can find that data that data is available online you can find out where they you know the demographics of each little neighborhood and you can start marketing the neighborhoods that you want but you have to Market differently because of that because there are different people um and that becomes the message why should they choose you over but everybody else the people that live in you know million dollar homes aren’t looking for a 99 carpet cleaner I can tell you that right now and then you can figure out the media what’s you know what media they uh attracts them how do they actually get to see who you are what is that because it’s different for every demographic so who’s your ideal customer let’s think about that for a little bit we call it the customer Avatar right so think about who your ideal customer is and what are some of their um what do we know about them right we’re targeting homeowners renters tend not to pay for cleaning services repeatedly because it’s somebody else’s carpeting tile floor hardwood floor things like that they might own the furniture they might not um but we typically find that the best customers are the 35 to 55 year olds because they’re in that period of life where things are getting dirty kids are around but they’re trying to they’ve got a little bit more discretionary income their careers are a little bit better um and they’re they’re growing through their careers and they’re maintaining their stuff they have better stuff and they’re maintaining it typically it’s the female at least 75 percent of the time that call us so you want to make sure that you’re targeting the you know the females in your message right so you want to make sure that it’s the it’s it’s that’s the sentiment um somebody who cares you know as kids they’re the head of the household or you know head of the you know thinking about the household more you know you know it’s I know it’s very stereotypical but you know men might be the one that go out and cut the grass stuff like that and and the women might be the ones more caring about who’s coming into the home to do stuff in in general um so again it’s a generality but in marketing it actually Bears out with you know some demographic information and that you want to Target for sure annual household income that’s really low um but you want to make sure that like in some markets that’s not bad but you want to make sure it’s at least above that we usually find 80 90 000 and up is a better household income um depending on the economy of the local area family oriented um reliable they typically own pets we know that you know pets make a mess and they typically own pets take pride in their home and they’re into home decor so think about that how can you like they’re into home decor they’re looking and thinking about you know home decor as well so is there ways you can tap in that way um they like to help others um they you know maybe maybe not the gardening crafting entertaining there’s there’s there’s things that they like to do around the home they’re not just in grab a meal go out for the night that’s not the crowd right so you think about it they tend to live in suburbs or quiet quieter areas upper middle class neighborhoods and that kind of thing that’s that’s our demographic right think about those um they’re pains and frustrations around our industry can’t seem to get a carpet cleaning company on the phone to return their phone call they text they can’t seem to get messages back things like that um they they definitely need their carpet and pulse and Furniture cleaned um things aren’t smelling well the animals have made a mess whatever teenagers have made a mess they’re too busy to deal with it they’re just trying to get it solved they’re worried that the situation the house could get unhealthy and they they want to know that they’re

maintaining the home and their belongings properly those are the fears right so the implications of the fears they don’t want to be ripped off or overcharged right they don’t want that sense that they’re that they’re they’re not going to get a good job they’re paying so too much for something got somewhere else that does not mean you need to be the cheapest that’s not what we’re saying here you need to understand that you need to express the value that you’re providing they have um they don’t want their home damaged by faulty workmanship they don’t want carpets soaked for days um they won’t want to wait around you know for somebody to arrive at their home they want to know when you’re arriving things like that we all know this stuff but that’s fear that they have oh my God how how do I uh you know I need to hire this I’ve never hired it before the last time I hired it the you know the whole situation sucked can you talk about that in your marketing hey we guarantee this we’ll always text on the way over we give you a one hour rival window blah blah blah blah blah like whatever it is talk about it in your marketing because that’s their fears right um you know we won’t cause a disaster in your home you know you know whatever like there’s ways that you can talk around those things um you know we have honest upfront pricing um you might guarantee the price that you give over the phone you might guaran you know you might let them know that you know we’ll come out and do an in-home or in-home quotation first um the price you give them before the job starts is the price they’ll pay things like that um and then the goals and desires obviously they want to have the carpets cleaned they want to put the issue behind them which also means they want once they solve it once you the you become their service provider that’s what that means as well so because they want to have a well-capped home you’re going to be advising them you’re now the consultant to that um they want to take care of their family you know they obviously want more income money and wealth so you can talk about that how you can save money by maintaining and not having to replace the furniture it’s expensive not having to replace the flooring it’s expensive um maintaining it is always better than replacing it um and they could be living in a nicer home because of it in a cleaner home so you know things like that so you just want to go down that list and we’ve given the list in the workbook as well so you want to make sure you really understand who your ideal customer is you want to these are some ideas you want to figure out which one’s yours are so hopefully that makes sense because once you know who your ideal customer is now you can talk to them because if you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes then you can sell what Joe Jones buys I’ve always loved that little that little Limerick that little um quote because it’s so true if you can actually see you know not from your own perspective and you know what you knew growing up and what where you where where your life is at right now but where’s their life at and what do they care about and if you can put yourself again marketing is basically math plus psychology if you can put yourself in the head of the other person and speak to them in the way they they you know make them feel at ease about oh this is such a great company these are who I want in your marketing you dominate you absolutely dominate so that’s now you’re crafting your message um

you know why should you um so now you know who your Market is you’re gonna start crafting your message so uh why should someone choose do business with you versus your competition you need to answer that what are the top three reasons write them down put them in the chat like what are some of the reasons why people should uh you know choose you over your competitors right and again price should not be one of them in fact price is about fifth or six on in in the average consumer’s mind of what they need when they pick trust is more important than than price and um you know safe healthy products and those kinds of things always come up higher in consumer surveys over the price they pay we always think price is a concern consumers actually have better concerns and if your marketing message can tell them why the cheaper price can’t offer what you do and here’s why you you don’t run those prices because we pay great technicians um who stay with us for years and have families and blah blah blah all those kinds of things you can tell them a really good message so why should they choose to do business with you or anybody else and what benefits do you offer your target Avatar that will res resonate with them right your benefits have to resonate with them you can have amazing benefits to you but if it doesn’t resonate with your target Avatar the target person you want it doesn’t matter those are those are useless benefits so messaging that work eco-friendly 100 satisfaction guarantee it’s free if the spot comes back so do we free of charge if we can’t get a spot out and you find anyone else you can we’ll

pay their bill to do that for you we guarantee to get more spots out than anyone else things like that we can’t guarantee to get your carpet cleaner than anyone else we have highly trained technicians bonded and insured trustworthy you’re going to get a picture of them you’re going to meet them you’re gonna you’re gonna get um some you know a quick little video or an introduction message from them before you they even show up in your home things like that you could talk about things like that you can easily set this type of things up um we have phones and chat um live two-way chat answered live during business hours you’re not going to get recorded messages and um that kind of thing honest pricing no sales gimmicks no hidden costs things like that so those are the messages that resonate well with your customers so and you can make the case for you know um other things that you can actually add in there is fast same day estimates maybe it’s an estimate not same day service um so on the same day you can pop out and do an estimate or you know phone estimates things like that um you have money saving offers they can bundle and save if they get the carpets and upholstery clean there’s a discount on the upholstery things like that um you leave the job job site squeaky clean um so you’re not going to make it dirtier you know in their entrance way and around the home just because you’re cleaning the carpets everything gets cleaned up afterwards the floors get swept you know all that you you use um you roll out the red carpet you use booties and mats and and all of that guys if you talk about that let them know that you do it you do the job differently you have experience proven track record don’t just say it show it have very specific testimonials and reviews that you’re going to show in your marketing that talk to that and you have great service guarantees it’s great to have um um you know risk reversal guarantees they’re called where you’re reversing the risk the customer doesn’t take any risk to take you on you’ll end up with 10 times more customers than will ever after you get the odd customer that might ask for a refund or ask you to honor the guarantee but you’ve attracted 10 20 30 50 more customers because you have it so you’re always at a net gain if you run a great company and deliver great service a great guarantee will always put you ahead of your your competitors so keep that in mind as well and have have testimonials and reviews and all that speak to that right I didn’t I didn’t think that they uh they would honor the guarantee but I had a spot that came back and they came right back out gave me a gift when they arrived to apologize for having to come back out and took the stain out permanently and it stayed gone right and they explained why it came back um blah blah blah and a review like that will sell 10 20 30 more people um because they read that and go oh my gosh these guys seem so honest right so once you’ve got the market and the message now you can figure out the media everybody jumps to the media first oh I want to do Facebook ads oh I want to do you know Google local service ads oh what if the Google local service ads only attract discount buyers do you really want to do them if your message and your Market is not that it’s not just they’ll give me any jobs I can get no you don’t grow a business that way you target to grow a business right so now you want to make sure that your Hub converts so now you’ve got your your Market you know who they are you’ve got your message to that market so you need the market and the message match that’s part of it now you you have you know what media that you that has their attention right so and there’s a couple media we’ll talk about here but once you have their attention what do they do they don’t just pick up a phone and call you a lot of them end up on your website that’s how they get to your website they’ve heard about you they’ve seen they’ve read some reviews okay let me check these guys out right and your website is the Hub of all of your digital marketing it is your digital storefront and your digital storefront better be set up to convert and what do we mean by that there’s a bunch of things that are really really key to to make sure your your website is set up to convert but when your website is set up to convert we’ll talk through a few of them but this is an example of of a site that’s got a lot of conversion principles and psychology built just like the first thing you see before you even scroll down the amount of psychology and conversion um that’s built into the top of this website this is one of our clients but at the top of this one is is insane and what it does is it drives down the cost per lead so your average cost per lead is is because what that means is you’re spending the same amount of money to trying to track the customers but more and more and more of them become bookings and your average cost per lead drops substantially so you want to have multiple sources to get them again that as many places as you as you can can get a good Roi if you put a dollar in the slot machine pull the handle and you get 20 or four dollars out put another dollar and get four dollars out why would you ever stop right so if you’ve got you know five six seven eight ten twenty different levers that are generating new customers

but every single one on one of them you put a dollar in it’s three dollar you know three dollars back worth of customers Dollar in three dollars back another one’s a dollar in five dollars back another one’s a dollar in and four dollars back and ten dollars back and all that the goal is how many of those levers can you put in place at any one time how many customers can you serve because you just want to keep racking up levers and that all of that with the with a great conversion principles when they get to your website they really feel like doing business with you over anybody else they really get what you’re all about when that happens your cost per lead just goes down so what are those conversion principles you have to have real authentic images the baby lying on the carpet with the dog and the family sitting on the couch and blah blah no you have to have real family authentic images does your does your text speak to your customer Avatar does it talk about those fears we talked about does is your marketing message that they see right away answering those questions and making them feel that they can trust you do you have video elements on your website people watch video nowadays more than you know then read text you want to be able to show them in pictures you want to be able to tell them in words and you want to be able to tell them in videos um does it showcase your online reviews prominently so feedback and reviews right on the home page and is it like not just just those static ones that come back the next time they come back it’s the exact same reviews scrolling through like a plug-in we’re talking actual online live reviews they click on it they end up on that website where those reviews came from and they can see the actual online reviews does it make it easier for them to take action are there multiple ways for them to connect with you um does it have basics in order do you have the phone number in the top right hand corner if you don’t have your phone number big and in the top right hand corner people miss it it can be buried on the site they’d have no clue um you want to is there a place where they can fill out a form and start you know in a web chat can they start talking to you right away and do you have all your credibility symbols are you part of the Better Business Bureau Angie’s List you know Yelp five-star rating on Google you know with 522 reviews what you want to be able to add The credibility so that they know they made a good decision are there calls to action every time they scroll down the page you know you Scroll once is there a call to action there you scroll again there’s a little bit more information is there a call to action there um and are you leveraging offers in any way check out our you know our bonuses check out you know the different offers again not discounts but value-added offers that speak to your audience and are you giving them that opportunity for a two-way chat more people want to chat nowadays than ever pick up the phone and call and you want to be able to have a two-way chat one of the best ways to do a two-way chat is chat to text so it gets them off your website once they’ve been there they start talking their phone pings and hey we’re going to carry on the conversation over here and now they’re texting you you don’t want to give away your text number but there’s technology that does that and we can talk about that as well I know you’re loving leveraging automation so that they’re getting emails and text messages and other forms of communication automatically so are you are you leveraging all of that so what does that look like

carpet cleaning conversion machine there’s very specifics that a carpet cleaner a service Business website should have like they can look and feel differently but they have to have these things built in the title tag the phone number the logo the risk reversal guarantee right at the top call to action Y U the trust icons the client testimonials the the forms the live chat doesn’t have to be 24 7 but the live ability to chat with you again this is available stick to the end and you can get all of these resources um available as well give out that link so you want to pull up your website right now if you want to pause um you know pull up the website is it built to convert do you know what you need to tweak do you have personal pictures of you and your family do you have social proof and credibility do you have a form they can fill out do you have a chat do you have a phone number in the top right corner are you using all of those elements what does it look like on a mobile device versus a desktop device all of those things so think about those and write down right now um three of those conversion elements that you want to implement on your website what are you missing do you need more pictures of you and your team and your staff do you need a video of you saying hey welcome to Moya my website my name is Joe and I’ve uh I’ve owned Joe’s Carpet Cleaning for the last 22 years here’s why I became a carpet cleaner and here’s why I want to be your carpet cleaner do you got that message on your website like are people hearing from you is it in text with your face is it like you know when they scroll down do they see like you know some stock photo of a carpet cleaning dude um or do they see you and your team and the equipment that’s going to be in their home does it look professional and presentable or is it all A Rat’s Nest and messy looking as well things like that

so now the biggest challenge facing carpet cleaners literally is unconverted leads because you can generate leads there’s a million ways to generate leads um with our with our clients we’ve got we’ve got multiple ways to generate leads we every client that comes with comes on board with us has like dozens of lead generation things added into their their website and their marketing just as part of our core package because it’s never a one and done it’s not just one thing it’s it’s all of it online right but the point is unconverted leads are the biggest problem and we’ll show you how to solve that the reason why is 50 to 60 percent of inbound inbound um leads leave they come to your website they come to your social media they go under they just leave they just leave 90 of web forms completely fail to convert completely so doesn’t mean you don’t have web forms it just means because nobody answered them there wasn’t an effective communication on the back end the truth is you need to be following up in your leads within 5 to 15 minutes or they go cold and I say stick closer to five closer to one minute the better whether they filled out a form emailed your company sent you a message on messenger sent you a message on your website a text message anything like that any way that they communicate with you or picked up the phone and called treat them all as a live phone call a live phone call you will answer it hey you know ABC Carpet Cleaning how can I help you today it’s a great day here in Sacramento how can I make it a great day for you whatever your script is and you’re talking to the customer right away when they message you and say hey I’m interested in this do you guys do that if they get a message back right away hey thanks so much for you know yes um absolutely something we do or they get a message saying yeah we’ll get back to you soon right away just an automatic message shows up on their cell phone they go oh cool it’s over here now that’s great I don’t have to sit on the website anymore off they go about their day and within a minute or two some hey yes I can definitely help you with that you know um what are you looking to get done let me ask some questions and you start the process right the average customer must also be followed up five to seven times before they book they do not book on the first okay let me think about it let me come back they come back with another question are you dripping upon them are you giving them more information in between those those interactions did they take a day or two and in the meantime you’ve shown them a great before and after um case study of a job that you’ve done similar to theirs you know things like that there’s ways to influence the lead to keep them engaged with you and today’s consumers prefer text messages over phone calls a lot so if you’re doing if you’re still answering a lot of phone calls and emails and you don’t have a text message solution then you’re missing out somebody else in your Marketplace who does is getting those messages it’s not that the customer go okay I just I guess I’ll call they will actually default and find somebody the text message if they can so you want to be able here’s the solution you want to be able to Market leverage marketing automation you want to follow up with web forms within the first two minutes um of the submission again five to Fifteen sooner the better two minutes is actually um infinitely better than five minutes uh and you want to be a phone email text message all of it you want to automate the follow-up so every Prospect is touched five times and they’re able to engage in two-way text messaging so you want to be able to to connect all of the dots what does it look like it looks like this so we have a solution called carpet cleaner lead Pro but either you build your own solution you patching up something but what you need is whether it’s organic rankings Google Maps um you know the the they come to University there’s organic rankings whether it’s um Google ads Facebook ads Google local service ads directory listings social media however they find out about you they dropped into a funnel and they instantly get message back thanking them and letting you know if somebody’s going to get a hold of them whether that’s and on the phone you’re talking to them whether that’s um an email or a you know a form on your on your website or again a text message or a messaging service or Facebook Messenger instantly get a communication back they get some you know if you don’t get back to them right away it’s not during business hours you’re not available that that kind of thing then they get a nurture message within a short period of time to keep them engaged and ask them a few more questions get a little bit more detail from them and that should be

automated that’s the automated process and then you get a hold of them go a little bit more detailed on on what they want ask them if they can jump on a phone call run through your script with them have a text messaging script that you can have little conversations with them it’s called chat to text so you’re you’re you know um you’re you’re chatting um they’re sell by chat sorry you’re selling by chat and you have to know how to do that you have to have your team trained on how to sell by chat properly you do all of that kind of stuff and now you’re engaging and you’re converting at a much higher rate and then the people that turn out yeah let me think about it whatever they kind of go quiet most businesses never talk to them again right most businesses don’t message them back don’t call them again don’t email them again an automated business means that if they’ve gone quiet for a couple of days they should get a voicemail that drops into their voicemail go quiet for a couple days then she got an email and a text message and this should be ongoing for the first couple of weeks until they they you know yeah I think I’m gonna hold off right now or I went with somebody else whatever the message is um now you want to drop them into your long-term nurture and you want to be able to get in front of them you know once a month or so with just a you know hey just checking in type message is there anything that we can help you with by the way here’s something we’ve done for one of you know another person in town that we’re really happy here’s their testimonial here’s their the work we did um if you ever need something like that we’d love to you know we’d love to give you some pricing on that you’d keep dropping like that over time and that person might have chose somebody else they might have decided to push it off and then they’re going to come back up and go okay yeah how much would they let me how much would that be yeah great I got a few more questions for you I went back and looked at the notes but you know is it great to give you a call and ask you a few questions boom you’ve now landed that client that was a lead six months ago they’re now a job now they would never have called you or found you again if you’re if you’re not nurturing and and bringing them into your world and what that looks like is really simple math say you get 100 leads so in our previous example that’s that’s about 15 10 days 10 to 15 days worth of of of leads coming into a company um that might be a whole month to you right whatever that is 100 leads coming in and you convert it 30 which is sort of like a an average no no follow-up they come in you either answer them or you don’t you don’t get back to text messages instantly your Messengers instantly you don’t get back to emails maybe but once a day that kind of idea you’ll book out of those about 30 30 jobs out of those 100 messages and you’ll be frustrated and working them oh my God this these these people are just all Tire kickers say your average job is 325. so you’re decent right that’s a nine thousand dollar um a month business 100 leads nine thousand dollars a month right not bad you know nothing to write home about you take the exact same hundred leads and ramp it up to 70 conversion because you’re you’re responsive you’re on top of it you’re chasing them down you’re giving them reasons to buy from you all of that kind of stuff now it’s the same 100 leads that’s all automated so you’re not doing anything extra they get you get 70 bookings from that right so that’s something carpet cleaner lead Pro can help with you get 70 bookings 325 nothing else changed there now now with the simple math you’ve now generated 22 almost 23 000 so you’re up thirteen thousand dollars for the exact same amount of leads would that transform your business is that once a month is that once you know twice a month you get 200 leads a month you know whatever that is you build the leads you get the right target market and then you convert um and have conversion principles in place and Automation and you’ve got it solved so it makes every lead way more valuable like that’s a key slide right there it really does so what 3 conversion elements will you implement on your website think about that for a second what are the conversion elements that you’re going to implement on your website so some takeaways right we’re almost wrapping up here which has been just over an hour um probably about five five six seven minutes left um but we wanted some takeaways put in the chat write down what did you learn what do you what do you understand more now about the business is it that you should be investing more investing more in your marketing 20 is key that you need to plan the you know the the growth you need to know who your Market is you need to know where they live how are you going to Target them and what message do they want to hear what are some of the things you took away you understand that once you get all these eyeballs to you and you got the right message the message is going to help convert but so are these other conversion principles the ability to see you ahead of the job and hear from you um and be you know on you know and start feeling that trust so that because people buy based on trust especially with home cleaning services or Home Services in general

they need to know they want to trust you and it’s not about the lowest price your prices can be quite a bit higher than than than the discount folks around and you’ll easily easily get those prices if you’ve got the right message in the marketplace and the final one is just know your know your know your numbers no one track your kpis when you know and track your kpis you know how many you know how many sessions are coming into your website how many how many people are there what is what’s happening um you know how many people are bouncing from certain offers you want to be able to have data on all of the different things that are out there so that you you have things you can adjust you need you know that you know you’re you’ve got Google ads running and your Google ad um you’ve got a conversion rate of 12 percent is that good you know you know it’s you know it’s 20 better well you know is is 10 too low the the conversion rate might mean that the the landing page or the you know you’re not taking the land of page you’re taking them to a website and they’re and they’re they’re they’re going off to somewhere else and getting confused and leaving or if you have a dedicated landing page for carpet cleaning and a dedicated landing page for upholstery cleaning and a dedicated landing page for area rug cleaning and a dedicated landing page for tile and growth that’s all you’re talking about that’s all your examples that’s the whole and you give them one thing to think about one thing to do and your conversion should go higher as well so again once you know your kpis you know where to do the math so hopefully that about tracking and knowing right so example case study from one of our clients um is October to December um they were converted they went up from converting at 31 to 65 percent over that um from the previous year the 367 leads is the number of leads that we tracked coming in based on our marketing efforts for them in a month or sorry that two month period three months three month period um so they they’re converting at 60 uh 65 percent they generated 238 booked jobs that’s the exact number we know right from their their their their database their average ticket is 415 they run a decent business 415 is a good a good a good um higher end Market

so in that three-month period of time they generated just under a um almost a hundred thousand dollars was that a hundred and thirty dollars short of a hundred thousand dollars um in that in October to December three month period um so yeah so they’re the 300 that this is a business that was a one truck operation that was growing now to um two two and a half trucks and in a very short period of time they’ve almost doubled their business because they got the conversions right the leads were coming in and then they got the conversions right so they’re they’re projected Roi return on investment because we know their investment um to do that over that period of time it was 6 677 in all of the different types of marketing that were being done for them including the management fee 15 times Roi which is absolutely amazing numbers so think about it if you got your conversion right you can spend more on marketing right so that’s roughly about 2 000 a month and if you run the math that’s sitting right around that um um 20 percent 18 um of Revenue of the of their new growth and their marketing budget is going to go up because the revenue has gone up and they need they spend more Revenue to Market even better and grow even faster and get even bigger right so that’s you know that’s that’s the point of how you get to growth so so far what we’ve talked about clear goals and targets you need to set those we’ve got a guide for you I’ve got a worksheet for you all that kind of stuff you need to have Clarity around your Market who they are then the message right why should they choose you and then pick the media where do they hang out and how are you going to get that message in front of them you want to make sure your website is optimized for conversions and you want to have a kpis and tracking so key trends for 2023 let’s keep an eye on what’s coming up this is all very important you must have an all-in perspective uh this is this is critical omnipresence is the is the key you need to be talking thinking about SEO pay-per-click local service social media email Direct Mail all of it you need to be omnipresent you need to be everywhere your your potential customer is that can find you because that is how you convert marketing is is tough the market is saturated the economy is going to go you know is up and down like a yoyo right now we have no idea where it’s going to go and you need to be seen by everybody who is interested and could be interested in your cleaning your ideal customer video 2023 um if 2022 was sort of the year of of of text and automation 2023 is the year of video um you need to be looking at how can you generate more video content there’s ways there’s ways that we help our clients do that there’s trainings involved in that but is there any way can you add some some video to your

website can you add videos to your social social media is there you know is there ways that you can add video and tell you know teach and tips and or at least hi thank you welcome to my website is there ways that you can add video because that is really going to resonate with with more and more people and conversion optimization and artificial intelligence artificial intelligence is taking over everything is there ways that you can tie the two together um can you have automation that answers questions for customers before you even have to jump in things like that is their way to to add those pieces can you have Automation in the background lead automation lead nurturing things like that so you really want to think about that so you want to be building your plan so um want to think about where all your jobs can come from so this will be in the um the workbook and the guide and stuff like that as well you’ve stuck around to the end we want you to have um the custom action plan you want to go through the checklist see what you need to put in place print it off go through it check off the things that um that uh that that you need um that you don’t have in place and think about how you’re going to get them in place into your marketing plan so you want you want to eventually have every one of these checked off you want to have all of your digital marketing checked off so but what you want to do is you want to do it in in chunks so we always say in groups of three what are the top three internet marketing initiatives that you need to implement to hit your and again that should be 2023 goals so what do you want to do to hit your what did you do to hit your 2022 goals did you hit them what do you want to do to hit your 2023 goals what are the big things you want to do and what are the things that you can handle in the first quarter and what are you going to break them down by the month so what are the you know write down to the specifics you want to go through and spend some time doing this so this was just an overview of how to get there so we’ve covered do you need to set the goals you need to know you we know the three fundamentals of marketing success which is the market the message and then the media in that order I want to optimize our website for conversions for sure and everywhere else that we can for conversions you want to be you want to give them a reason why they should buy from you and part of that is telling that message but part of that is making sure it’s optimized everywhere the big picture on all marketing channels should be to maximize your lead flow you want to be omnipresent the latest trends to focus on again you want to be all in on your marketing you want to be finding ways to continuously Market in more and more channels because the more channels you’re on the more eyeballs people will see you and your ideal customer you want to be on the channels that your ideal customers are on you want to develop a custom action plan based on where you are now and where you know you need to be right so get that all in place key takeaways right we talked about what we what have you learned what are you going to implement don’t just walk away from that hey that was a lot of great information my gosh listening to John is like uh drinking from a fire hydrant there’s so much information no what are you going to implement what can you do what resonated with you start with that go back through the worksheets we’ve got um all of that kind of stuff and you know for those of you who stuck around to the end go to carpet rewards we’re going to give you the checklists and the guides and all that stuff we talked about in the website conversion machine you’re going to learn all of that and you’re going to be able to understand what you need to do you don’t have to be the one to do it you can hand it off to somebody to do but you’re going to understand what you need to get in place and you can really add that to your plan knowing that you’re going to get your website made totally personal just about you in the next 30 60 days 90 days get some pictures taken whatever you need you know hire a videographer for a day have your brother-in-law chasing around with a cell phone doesn’t really matter find ways to make it all about you know you and why you’re different structure your message that you want your customers to understand right we call that our digital dominance method it includes everything from your risk reversal guarantee things that we know convert a business your personalization um your citation development things like that your Authority which is your get feedback from your customers not just reviews Syndicate the feedback Syndicate reviews cross-channel promotions retarget in a very strategic way you can actually retarget almost like a funnel where they see different different retargeting messages every couple of days that lead them through a path make sure you’re running paid ads somewhere in the mix you can’t survive without with some paid marketing some organic marketing you want to be having referral marketing every client should be referring you and posting out on social media about you and there’s ways to make that happen automatically you want to be getting strategic Partners in your Marketplace to promote you as well and there’s ways to do that you want to be doing emails and newsletters and all that kind of stuff you build to this this isn’t all done at once but you build to this

and you’re running a machine of a business that is profitable and fun to manage easy to run you’re not necessarily the guy in the truck if you don’t want to be the gal in the truck if you don’t want to be if you want to be that’s great these things can be done and you’re you’re you know outsourced and you’re a profitable company if you want to be running a business with technicians and growing and adding other services maybe in your Marketplace you want to add maid services janitorial services um you know you want to do hardwood refinishing not just cleaning things like that there’s all these other services that once you get this right you can add to your business if that’s your growth plan over the next multiple years so anyways we always like to end these webinars anybody who sticks around to the end and is on the webinar you’ve got the ability to actually get a consultation so go through the planning download the stuff just hop on a call with us we’ll do it with you but for a limited time it’s a thousand dollars worth of research consultation and advice why do we say that because we literally put our research team in place to go after check your Market check your competition check your demographics check the average household income check the pockets and areas of your neighbor of your Marketplace that that you could Target and and and and have a different looking business than the one you have now or expand the business you have and then we go through all that and you jump on a call on a one-hour call with me where we dive deep into all the numbers and the metrics what’s holding your website back what’s holding your social media back what’s holding your paid ads back all that kind of stuff and where are you at in your business and where do you need to go it’s a great time of year to do that you can jump on one of those calls um and to do that we have limited spots so you you connect with us you can connect with Rima in the chat or you can just reach out to us at schedule and what’s going to happen is you can schedule a time you’re not locked into that that appointment until Rima gets a hold of you and get some background information to put our research team to work for you so you always want to schedule a couple days out so and and take the call from Rima or she’ll message you and make sure that we’ve got the information that we can do our research and then you can jump on a call I do a couple of those a month and you can pick a time and jump on a call and once the slots are gone we just shut it down to the next month so this is me giving back a way to help your business if there’s something we can help you with um you know with our services and it makes sense sure otherwise it’s here’s a whole step by step here’s what you need to put in place let’s get going so you know depending where you’re at we can help at any level so hopefully that makes sense um hopefully you found uh found the information that we’ve provided here you know helpful to you foreign there we go let the bubbles go by so um another thing you can actually do is pick a couple copy of the of the book it’s on Amazon um you can get the Kindle version for a couple bucks um or the actual physical version where you can put notes and highlight and and all that kind of stuff um we’ve got worksheets and stuff like that in here as well it’s a deep dive into marketing for your carpet cleaning business um it’s I think it’s retailing for about 20 22 bucks on on Amazon so you can find that easily but um yeah hop on a call if you need us um and hopefully you found this valuable but do the work right now plan for plan your 2023 goals and what you’re going to put in place and break it down into bite-sized chunks and just start doing it that’s how your business grows you don’t want to be a business that the majority of businesses 75 80 of small businesses repeat year one over and over and over again they don’t really get much better than the end of year one maybe year two and they just repeat the same things they know what they know and that’s all they do and they never plan for growth the Strategic businesses that that smaller percentage they plan for growth put it in place and they’re the ones that survive and last and and don’t go out of business in the five ten year average lifespan of a business window they they can hand it off to their kids they can they can sell the business for good value and and build a nest egg and have a profit and all of those kinds of Lifestyle things that you started your business for in the first place so you can get to there it just takes a bit of thinking and and planning and hopefully this was a good guide to help you plan your 20 uh 2023 outright and again if you need any help give us a call and in the meantime thanks so much guys really appreciated being with you here today and uh I look forward to chatting at you next time take care

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The Ultimate Blueprint for Social Media Success for Carpet Cleaners

The Ultimate Blueprint for Social Media Success for Carpet Cleaners


The Ultimate Blueprint for Social Media Success for Carpet Cleaners

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing for your carpet cleaning business? In this video, you will learn the blueprint for social media success. From setting goals to creating content, you will have everything you need to get started.

Topics Discussed:

You will learn how to do marketing your Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget, including: 


The idea Social Media RECIPE


How to create video content for Social Media


A weekly planning process for posting


How to Syndicate and Repurpose content for maximum reach and increase the frequency of your posts

Audio Transcript:
we’re going to be talking about the blueprint for social media and we’re going to go off on a really interesting angle so we’re going to we’re going to talk about social media in the context of how does it work for your your home service business your carpet cleaning business your maid service business home cleaning business that kind of thing what should you be doing what are all the questions around it and then what actually is working right now that you need to be doing so that’s what we’re going to talk about welcome to the carpet cleaner success podcast a show created to inspire carpet cleaning business owners to build their own thriving residential and commercial cleaning business your host John clendinning has built and sold successful cleaning businesses for multiple six figures over his 30-year career and is the founder of carpet cleaner marketing Masters a digital agency that turns your online marketing into a lead generation machine tune in is John shares proven tips strategies and expert interviews to help fast track your success in the carpet cleaning industry

foreign if you’re serious about growing your your business and getting better better results for your marketing budget how to get better results you know on a shoestring budget for free from some of the stuff that we’re talking about with social media and things like that that the next 60 Minutes can actually change your business and your life because if you can get more and more results from for sort of less and less effort on your part you’re growing and that’s the most important thing we like to see with everybody all of our customers and all the people that are following us is that your business is on an upward trajectory you’re not just repeating the same thing you do year in year out I talked to a lot of businesses that might have been around 5 10 20 years but they haven’t grown by a factor of 5 10 or 20. they’re kind of running Year One repeatedly so they’ve run year one 20 times and the results show for it if you’re constantly growing constantly learning constantly putting new things in place and staying attentive like you are by being on webinars like this and trainings then then you’re definitely putting things in place that help you to grow so um so what we’re going to cover today we’re going to cover the ideal social media recipe we’re actually going to give you the exact recipe that you should be doing on social media we’re going to explain why social media as well why it’s one of the things you need to have in the mix we’re going to be talking about how to create video content and before you go oh no I don’t want to be creating any videos we’re going to show you a very simple process to do that the perfect framework how to make it super easy and then how to Syndicate and repurpose that content to get maximum reach you don’t want things just lying in one place we say that with our reputation and reviews you don’t want Google reviews just sitting in Google you don’t want Facebook reviews just sitting in Facebook you want to syndicate syndicate means grabbing from one place and sharing it everywhere and and you want to make sure you’re doing that with your social media as well so quickly before we start if you don’t know who John is who am I and why should you listen to me so um essentially what you’re looking at is I’ve been in this business for years I’ve owned cleaning businesses since 1990 when I was still in high school I’ve owned franchises I’ve I’ve consulted with major franchise networks I’ve owned independent cleaning businesses I’ve helped businesses grow from forty thousand a year as a hobby to six hundred thousand dollars a year as a as a business friends of mine and and customers and and Consulting and stuff like that that’s spoken around the world I’m the author of the book the internet marketing how to the complete guide internet marketing for carpet cleaners so you can pick that up on Amazon you can see that and I’ve bought and sold businesses systemized businesses this is what I’ve done for years and um transitioned into not only Consulting but then digital marketing as the marketing World changed so learning marketing understanding the principles and the psychology of marketing and then where where the media changes obviously so it’s always about the message the market and the media where the media changes where you need to get the eyeballs from so that you can grow your business as that changes marketing has to change around that and you have to develop that so that’s that’s who I am but more importantly what do we do well we help customers get growth like this we help carpet cleaners and Home Service businesses be seen everywhere get phone calls from everywhere and and just really dominate their local Marketplace as the authority in that Marketplace so that’s what we do we help take our clients become the

top brand in their local Marketplace that way they are attracting the best clients they’re able to charge the top rates and they’re booked out weeks in advance so marketing is all about making sure you you do that well how do we do that well we do that by leveraging the Three core principles of digital marketing success you want to maximize the opportunities to generate a lead where are all the leads possible and are you maximizing those opportunities you want to maximize your brand Impressions so are people seeing you are people knowing about you are you being seen as the authority we’re going to talk a lot about that in the social media context as well and you want to maximize the conversions so when people hear about you are they buying from you or are you driving them to a competitor you talk them about the services and they need them but you’re not converting them you’re actually driving them to a competitor that can happen a lot if you’re not being very very strategic right so those are the three core principles of how a business should grow and run those those are the the most important factors you need to focus on and in social media what we want to talk about today is you know we the the social media dilemma I don’t know if you watch that um on Netflix that documentary it really really cracked the code on on the algorithm and how it is designed to suck people in the way they’ve manipulated psychology to give you dopamine hits and cause people to spend time on Facebook to spend time on Tick Tock oh my gosh to spend time on on Instagram and Twitter and wherever those social signals you get from even even LinkedIn is is a social platform for business to business and they’re all designed to give you those little dopamine hits and keep the eyeballs within their system so you should be posting you should be relevant in those platforms because they have eyeballs right and most people The Dilemma is that you know you know you should be there but most carpet cleaning business owners home service business owners don’t really feel they’re doing a good job the odd few might the most of them don’t feel they’re doing a good job and why aren’t you doing a good job well one of the big fears or one of the big problems is inconsistency so it’s you need to be consistent you need to be posting on a regular basis do you have a competitor out there that every time you open up your your social media platform there they are you see them all the time they’re getting all of that billboard effect brand awareness brand Impressions because they’re being consistent right and it might be in your industry it might be just somebody else in your Marketplace but there’s certain there’s certain people that you see are posting all the time and that consistency breeds results as well but what’s the problem with that well creative creativity takes time right so you know what your audience actually want to hear why are you even doing this like what what is the net outcome you want from this we’re going to talk about this today because what is it that you’re going to do and how do you make it systemized and easy so you’re not just constantly racking your brain on how to what you should post when you should post it how often what platforms you should be posting on what’s it even going to do for your business you know all the time we audit lots and lots of businesses we go through their SEO we see if they’re ranking organically and getting those leads we see if they’re running paid ads and getting those leads we see if they’re ranking the maps and they’re getting those leads we check out their social media and to see if they’re actually in getting eyeballs on their content right are they actually creating an awareness of their brand and Rising their brand above their competitors and what we find is that some people the very odd few do it okay major already you know you go into the social media feed and when they change their cover graphic that’s the most recent post um maybe they posted once a few months ago and it’s not there’s nothing engaging about it might be an offer oh look at our discounts look at our deals all of that kind of stuff is that engaging is that what you go and look at when you’re on social media if it’s not don’t assume that that’s what your your um your audience is looking at either so and then ultimately you post stuff and then all you want you want that immediate dopamine hit that’s that whole idea behind the social dilemma is like you want you want to be hit by dopamine oh my God look at people are liking it people are comment commenting on it I’m getting all of this engagement right we know part of the algorithm is if the more engagement you get then obviously the more um um the the higher up in the uh the the the the algorithm you show the more often you’re being seen by by people but there’s another variable that’s mixed into this as well so if you’re always waiting for likes and comments and then deciding it’s not not really worth it if you don’t get those I’m going to show you a little stat that maybe changes your mind on that as well so But ultimately the fails that you’re worried about is you know low Authority low positioning low organic momentum on social media on Facebook on on social platforms there’s paid and there’s organic we’re not going to be talking about the pay

there’s a lot of value in having a paid ad service going on a paid awareness paid brand building put some budget behind it because there’s lots and lots of lots more eyeballs you can you can attract and there’s ways to play that game but we’re not talking about that right now we’re talking about the free organic reach that you can get when done well so that you’re actually becoming an influencer in your local Marketplace and it’s all part of that all part of that building your Authority which is a big part of what we talk about you’re you know you want to have your brand your Authority and your visibility right so your brand it that that that is the cause of your your company you need to have that that brand that brand awareness what does your brand stand for what is your main messaging all of that what is your Authority are you seen as the obvious expert in your category locally right are you seen as that if you’re not and somebody else is they are getting the majority of the phone calls the referrals the everything because they’re the authority and then are you visible everywhere and this is one of those Avenues where you need to be visible as well and seen as the authority so what’s the hardest part about creating content right what is it like put in the chat what do you what do you run into when you’re when you’re trying to post and create content yeah exactly Susan part of it is not knowing even what to create like you don’t know what topics to talk about how do you even typed out what kind of mix absolutely any other comments like what else yeah originality yep thanks Tom originality is a big one as well you want to have you want to be unique you don’t want to be sort of you know taking over from what somebody else is doing you want to watch other people that are doing it well maybe in a different industry maybe there’s a local landscaper that just does amazingly well on social media um and you’re always seeing his stuff maybe there’s a roofer things like that well you can learn from those but you want originality for sure you want to your voice your you know you have a a direction for your company you have you have a something that you stand for right you have a brand message and you want that to come across as well and you want the authenticity right so the hardest part of that is what do you do and you want the content that flows so what do I mean by content that flows well you want you want to make sure that again it’s consistency that it it has a reason for being there but you know it’s it’s it’s it’s something that just kind of comes out across the different channels that you’re on right so but you don’t want to be difficult you would rather it be paint by numbers right if you had to constantly think of the best way to like what to post when to post how to post and all of that kind of stuff you’re gonna you’re not going to you’re not going to do it you’re you’re it’s going to be too overwhelming you either have to hire a social media manager in your company you have to hopefully you know have an office secretary who has a really good handle on social media or it’s just hit or miss it’s just that shotgun approach and it’d rather be paint by numbers you’d rather know that you know red goes where the ones are and and orange is where the twos are kind of idea you want you want to go back to that easy I know what I’m doing and and how to how to get it to run and you want to be prolific when you get those other two right then when it’s easy to produce and you’ve got that content flow going all that you’re prolific you are seen everywhere you want people to really the the goal of your your social media again is not to get likes and comments and all of that kind of stuff that’s great but the goal really one of the primary goals of your social media efforts your organic social media efforts specifically is that when somebody comes to the platform when they’re when they’re in their Facebook when they’re on Instagram you’re in their news feed they are seeing you they might pause only for a short period of time they might they might engage with them they pause longer and I’m going to talk to you about those engagement rates and and sort of like the the math on that but you want to be seen you want to be like driving to work there’s that billboard and two years from now there’s that billboard still and it catches your attention and there’s the back of the bus and there you know it’s there’s the yard sign and people start going oh my gosh these guys are everywhere you want that you want to get that that that sentiment across and that’s being prolific so success means that you lead your Market you’re the one that everybody knows and sees around and we’re going to show you how to make that super easy to do again it’s it’s easy um and simple are kind of two different things you really want you you don’t want to make it difficult but actually putting it in place there’s gonna be some work it’s not something where you give it 10 minutes thought a week if you want to grow a business there’s areas that you need to focus on you need to train your technicians you need to deliver client experiences you need to make sure your Vans are clean so you don’t have a dirty van showing up to clean carpets at aisles that looks terrible you’re like you know all this you want to wear uniforms you want to look like the job is done right and see you you put time and effort into that you

want to do the same thing with social media you want to make sure that you’ve put some thought into it but you want to have a framework to build that thought process in you want to become that Authority and The Trusted is the go-to company and organic social media is free it costs you time but there’s no ad costs so there’s a benefit to doing it that’s one of the big reasons why it’s it’s really key right so that’s we just mentioned that that’s your reasons why you want to have a really good reason why you’re doing this so that you’re not focusing on oh I got a whole bunch of likes views great watch how many views things are getting and really trying to ramp up views and I’m going to show you ways to really really sort of Skyrocket the views on things on your organic posts but again it’s not necessarily all about engagement you’re gonna get jobs you’re going to get conversions you’re going to have people see you as the authority and therefore choose you over somebody else that’s higher prices than somebody else for example you don’t have to be the discount guy because it’s it’s you’re seen as the authority that can do it right and there’s a way to do that there’s a pattern to make that happen so anyways so hopefully we’ve uh figured out sort of in your own brain the reason why social media needs to be one of those core features of running a successful business local business local service business it’s just got to be one of those things you tackle and and put in place so now that we know why you’re going to want to know what to post right and I like to break it down into two separate categories so what to post you want to post daily with curated content that is your social social activity you want your accounts to be active right so you want something hitting them once twice a day maybe a little bit more often on a platform like Twitter but you know you want some activity so those are those are the posts and we’re going to walk into what what kind of posts are activity posts but then you want to post regularly with personalized content and the personalized content provides the social conversions so now you’re seen as the authority now people are getting a really good sense of what you’re doing right we don’t want you know we don’t want people coming to your social media platforms and only seeing a whole bunch of the same thing so you want to make sure that you’re doing a mix and there’s a there’s actually a recipe for this the what is the right mix of content and how do you kind of go about getting it and then how do you add that personalized personalization in there so would you like to see what the actual recipe is for social media content put one in the chat if you’d like to see an easy to follow recipe that takes the thinking out of it great got a couple ones coming in come on everybody if you if you want to see this if you want to really understand sort of finally once and for all what kind of what kind of approach you need to put behind your social media to get the most bang for your buck or your time not your book perfect okay let’s show this so here is it you know take a screenshot of this if you want um this is the recipe right and we’ve kind of broken it down to the actual acronym of of recipe so and it what you want to kind of understand is that it’s no different than you know if getting a newsletter from your insurance agent do you want that newsletter all about insurance do you want that newsletter all about your agent no you want it to have a mix of stuff Readers Digest dialed this in really really well social media is basically just the same idea as years and years of those little Readers Digest books it’s it’s what what is that short Snappy short form content that you will be engaged in and be interested in and can you apply that to your social media channel like if you go to your dentist’s office and you know there on the on the um coffee table is a whole bunch of different magazines and they’re not Dentistry today right of course not they’re you know Good Housekeeping and um there’s going to be a People magazine and there’s going to be you know you know maybe a tech magazine and consumer reports and things like that for all different types of people it’s going to be that mix of of of content that is easily absorbed and engaging so think of your recipe like that so ultimately you want to have content that is first and foremost curated activity-based content right so this isn’t the personalized stuff this is just the curated stuff so facts and trivia tips and tricks case studies surveys and polls fill in the blanks um advice and questions and answers funny jokes Throwbacks holiday messages and stuff like that um you know inspirational quotes you might want to have some before and after type stuff client success things like that so what you’re looking at is in fact when we look at this this this chart here the p and the E of the word recipe are actually the personalized right so you some promotion and some entrepreneurial behind the scenes personal life and stuff like that so that’s the personal stuff we’re talking about so the bulk of your feeds are going to be sort of sort of this stuff so ultimately a good number score to run by as well is you know you want if you’re actively posting you want for every six sort of just general recreational type posts you want to have a mix of five educational posts four that fit in the conversational area three of them

that are inspirational two that are promotional and one or so that is behind the scenes so where this really fits in is for example if you’re creating video content which we’re going to talk about obviously as well um if you created if we’ve got you know right here there’s 11 15 21 posts so that would roughly be three a day if you’re doing you know seven days a week and if you’re doing five days a week you’re just under between four and five posts a day right so Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday that kind of idea so 20 20 to 25 posts a week across the platforms recreational funny jokes and stuff like that though that’s just those are that’s a Content hell those are memes those are again they’re curated your their things that you find around the the web we actually have a service that we offer where we will create um uh like a a series of one to two posts a day of just this kind of stuff and then you can throw in reviews customer reviews you get reviews from um from Google take screen captures of them or take you know create little canva Graphics around them but you know you can take reviews from one platform and share them as a post in another platform right so offers and stuff like that again if you’ve got a promotion on the go just mention it once or twice a week that’s it just in the mix don’t don’t not 20 times just understand that things in social media scroll away people tend not to scroll down so take out like too far so take a take a look at what shows up in the first and second scroll and you can repurpose and bring things back again as well right so webinars and trainings you can you can have uh you know a little how-to that could be a video a little how-to how to do something right so you could go live and do a demo that’s that’s an option of something personalized as well right a little bit about your personal life you can have share a little story um why you got into this business in the first place and things like that so we’ll talk about sort of how to create those stories and share it but the rest of this stuff is just is literally just stuff you know Martha Stewart um how to prepare your home for the holidays you might share that out hey here’s a great article coming you know for the holidays coming up you you curate a bunch of content and then you you put it into account content calendar and you just post it out so you can curate 30 days worth of content in maybe an hour’s worth of your time and there’s tools we’ll talk about the tools that you can use as well so that is the recipe is you want to have a mix of stuff that you can post out on a regular basis that you spend a few hours collecting and then put it into a posting calendar we’ll talk about that like the services that you can use for that that are you know pretty inexpensive where it’s just a tool that you can load up or you can hire a service that does this type of stuff for you and it leaves you just having to worry about um some of the personal stuff and how to do the personalized content so does that make sense so that you’re just doing a mix of of of things you’re just sharing like a client success story well you can have 10 of them in the bag and you can share one of those every couple of weeks that could be one of your three posts that week you got quotes inspirational quotes maybe one of those a week one two of those a week some before and after but then a client success story um inspiring images you know things like that you can just have a mix of those waiting and just put a couple of those in your weekly mix right and you just drag and drop it and you know this client success story might show up again three months later why not you know the people that saw it before it’s not going to hurt to see it again and there’s gonna be all kinds of new people that see it that show up and it just becomes part of that mix in in your in your um in your feed so that’s the way you think of it this is the most important right this personalized content is the conversion side of it as we mentioned in the previous slide this keeps your keeps giving you social signals allows your Social account to get picked up more it creates all of that kind of stuff you’re not going to get a lot of people liking and and subscribing because of that um they might share it around and things like that but you’re going to get eyeballs on it you’re going to get some engagement you want to put your branding on a bunch of it um if you can like just a little Watermark or a logo things like that but the very most important part is you don’t you want to make sure it’s a mix when they land on your social media pages and when they land into your feeds but you want to have this personalized stuff running past them on a fairly consistent basis okay

so the again the curated content create a gallery of it that’s what you’re going to be posting we can we can talk about that at depth at a later date but it’s not that difficult it’s just a matter of finding things that your audience needs to know a little bit more about what what do they like to do like you know if it’s homeowners and Housewives what’s if that’s the bulk of the people that call you if that’s the bulk of your client interactions then that’s going to be the type of content what are you know not about carpet cleaning not about home cleaning

maybe a little bit about green cleaning maybe a little bit about home decor and and interior design and things like that think of those types of General topics that they’re interested and just have some of that passes by as a link to a blog post as a link to an article with your own little one or two sentence comment and again once you build that that dossier of those it’s just sitting there in a spreadsheet or whatever now you’ve got content forever now you’ve got now you can reuse that and repurpose that content over again but what you want to concern yourself with is the personalized content so I want to with that in mind what I want to do is I want to talk you through the five key principles of creating this personalized content and video is becoming one of the most important sources of that content so we’ll kind of focus on video but think of it you can also you can also create sort of like a written content and some photographs and things like that and a collage but video is faster and actually in the end of the day even if you’re shy on camera it’s the easiest content to create

so first point you want to come up with topics in advance if you have to sit there and think what am I going to create you know a post on today what am I going to create a video on right um you’re never going to do it you’re going to procrastinate but there is a way to do this so um Marcus Sheridan uh if you guys have heard of him there’s a book called they ask you answer he he was one of the co-owners of a pool business he learned content marketing to grow the pool business realized how important it was and the content marketing was around the questions that he gets asked as a as a pool salesman in ground pool salesman um the questions he got asked every single day and he made content around all of that and it became that sticky content that drove more and more views and likes and stuff like that and that was just for blogging that was for SEO but it works across social media and everything what are the questions they’re asking so there’s a framework called 10 and 10 which is what are the 10 things that you get asked every single day about your business in carpet cleaning you know how soon can you get here what is the best carpet cleaning method um think of how much do you how much do you charge how what kind of pricing what is what is the average going rate for carpet cleaning in our area and anyways what’s the difference between steam cleaning and shampooing or whatever you know those those kinds of questions think of the 10 most common questions you get asked every single day that you’re answering all the time when you’re in front of customers when you’re on the phone with customers you know when you’re at meetups anything like that what is the what are those 10 questions um think of the 10 questions that you know they should ask so the audience your Marketplace always asks specific questions um all the time how much does it cost to blah blah blah but you know yourself that there are far more important questions than that that they never ask right um so you know things like you know what is eco-friendly cleaning you know why do you use um why you know why do you use a CRV before CRV before you um um before you start the cleaning process and and other people don’t um what is the importance of pre-vacuing like things like that you know there’s there’s a lot of questions in the marketplace what what you know why do the different types of carpet matter in a proper carpet cleaning you know um process right so think think of those kinds of things that you know people should ask but they never do because they just don’t know the Nuance you do but there is more important questions to ask you know you know why why are some companies discount and why some companies costs charge more you know based on risk reversal guarantees and you know there’s all kinds of things you can get into but think of those questions the 10 and 10 10 questions you get asked every single day 10 questions that you know people should ask but don’t there’s 20 pieces of content right there and a lot of times that content can be broken down into multiple pieces of content if you start really thinking about and going deep right and then again they ask you answer what are what are the the deeper answers around that um so that book they ask you that you answer is um is really is worth picking up um or if you’re like me listen you know get the audiobook and listen to it there’s a lot of just great great insights into how to have a limitless amount of content because you don’t have to really think it up you just have to write down what you’ve been asked right and then it becomes fairly easy so once we move past the topics you want to have topics in advance you just want to you want to block out half an hour an hour and just write a list write a list of of the types of things you can you know that your you know your customers need to know how to get a red wine stain out um you know why carpet cleaning on its own won’t get rid of urine stains you know all of that kind of stuff think of those kinds of things right then when you’re doing video you don’t want to grab it once a time you want

one at a time you want to shoot the video in batches right so you want to set aside some time and do say three to five of these videos all at once right you’ve got your you get all geared up you’re all ready to go you’re either using your cell phone you’re gonna have like a a um a digital camera set up on a stand however you wanted there’s different ways to do that but you’re gonna record them in batches so that you you can you can piece them together create the edit edit the final version sometimes you you know you can just go live a couple times in there now you know answer four or five questions in a row and now you’ve created four or five pieces of video content that you can then use elsewhere again right so you want to create batches but you don’t want to just Freewheel you want a freestyle within a framework so there’s a very specific framework that that we use that I can teach you we’ll talk about in a few minutes that will show that kind of um how to how to just kind of structure a video that crap captures people’s attention gives them some valuable information and then directs them what to do next right so problem agitate solve that kind of that kind of solution but you want to do it within a framework and then you know your topics really really well so don’t don’t pigeon yourself your whole your pigeonhole yourself into creating a script and having to read from a script it’s going to feel like you need to at first trust me I know you don’t you know your topic inside and out give yourself that framework and then it all the rest becomes easy

and then from there you just want to amplify your reach right so amplifying your reach basically means syndicating it out so you want to be able to share that out to the world in a bunch of different places you don’t want to just create one video and and then it sits on one place right there’s ways that you can create content that allows you to cut it up slice it put it in you know repurpose it for all the different platforms and you want to be able to to share that out and amplify your reach by posting that one piece of content in multiple forms and we’ll talk about that as well and then essentially pardon me you want to be able to move yourself remove yourself from the posting so when you get really good at this you will let it actually have all of this content and then you’re going to have somebody do the posting for you right so you’re just going to provide the content and let it go so you’re gonna you’re gonna create this repository you’re going to use a tool to let you know to have your activity post go out you’re gonna your personalized content is going to be created in batches and then put into that tool so you’re removing yourself from having to do the posting you’re just putting it into a scheduler or you’re hiring somebody you know maybe it’s a student maybe it’s again a digital marketing firm um your vendor your provider you’re gonna you’re gonna have them post it out for you help help the process but you want to make it super easy where you’re not the one constantly constantly thinking about what to post next when to post because you might get all excited and understand the value of this and how it can really transform your business and really make you a local Authority as one of those pieces of marketing that you should be doing and you might do it for a couple weeks or a month or even two months and then something happens it gets harder and you stop doing it because you’re individually posting every single day and you forget to and then you forget to post a couple times tomorrow okay I’ll get it the next day no no you want to schedule that out and be weeks in advance

right so there’s a a really cool book called the content rule another book worth worth reading um in the content rule they talk about the stats of the 9190 rule and what that basically is is one percent of everybody on social media platforms are the actual creators there’s only one percent of the people that are on the platforms that are creating anything there’s only nine percent that are the contributors those are the people that comment they share um they like all of that kind of stuff that’s only about nine percent ninety percent of the people on social media are lurkers they see but they don’t interact so when I was saying that hey you’re not getting enough likes you’re not getting enough you know follows and this and that it’s because the the nine percent is really the only ones that will do that which is fine but 10 times bigger of a crowd is seeing your stuff so visibility and Views is way more important like sure the the interactions Drive the algorithms and that’s great right so you do need some interactions and you you do want to kind of get but don’t think because you’re not getting tons and tons and tons of interactions that it’s not um it’s not valuable to have out there the 90 are the ones that you’re creating that billboard effect the back of the bus the the door hangers the the yard signs things like that you’re creating that awareness of your brand and you’re creating it in a very strategic way and I’m going to show you

how the first 10 seconds is the most important um in when you’re creating video content and how to really dial in and rule the first 10 seconds as well so content rules tells you what’s happening in social media and you start creating some content you’re part of the one percent which is really interesting as well so 65 of all face Facebook video views come from mobile device so you want it mobile friendly for sure which is tall not wide um 85 of Facebook users watch video with the sound off so you want to make sure that you’re not worrying like you’re having captions right there’s lots and lots of free ways to have captions you do it in Instagram it’s built right in you can actually have captions turned on and it will just start creating captions when you’re talking there’s other tools that do that but you want to there’s apps that you can download and have on your phone when you’re creating content content that way but you want to make sure that your video content has captions that people can read in the content as well and most people only watch 10 seconds we just talked about that so that’s fine they watch 10 seconds because it’s not their topic they’re not interested it’s not they’re not interested right now does that mean you didn’t influence them in those 10 seconds when somebody’s flipping through a magazine they only see an ad for a split second when somebody’s reading a blog post and there’s ads around they’ve they’ve got a few seconds of eyeball attention and that’s it if they’re not interested their attention turns away but there was there was an impression made right and it’s repeated Impressions so that 10 seconds there’s a way to rule that 10 seconds so you want to keep your content in bite-sized three minute or less chunks one to three minutes is the rule now and that’s a good starting rule ultimately the truth is the content needs to be as as big or as long as it takes to make the point right and there’s ways that you can take 10 minute content and tell them an entire story around you know your risk reversal guarantee what it means and all the nuances of it but out of that you might be pulling two three five little 45 second 30 second one minute Snippets some platforms only allow one minute um so like Instagram and stuff for example reels you want to make sure that you your whichever platform you’re using your content fits within that as well so there’s ways to to create one piece of content and then break it up and use it in the right platforms and ultimately if you start at first just to get used to this start creating little one to three minute um pieces of video content just grab your phone put it on a stand hold it in your hand have a digital camera whatever it is and just just create those little pieces of content I’m going to show you what content you create how easy it can be to to create that schedule but you’re just going to do the one to three minute bite size pieces um to start with and then eventually if it’s longer content understanding your brain you’re going to start breaking it up but everybody invariably you know sucks at doing content hates doing content when they first start but you you just do it you just create it create it a couple minutes it does not to be perfect just just get it out there and and then as you get better at it and I’ll give you that framework to make it super easy as you get better at making that content what’s going to happen is you’re going to start seeing content everywhere so you’re going to go oh that’s a really cool point oh that I just that that’s a really good thing oh that customer just asked me a question I’m going to make a video of that like that’s a great question you know you’re going to start seeing content everywhere because it becomes natural what you want to do right so so that becomes the the point is if you get used to creating these little bite-sized Snippets it becomes easier and easier and easier and then you might end up with a little bit longer content down the road but that’s fine it’s it’s and some of that longer content might get engaged with differently better on some of it if it’s answering a very important question but by less people and the smaller content might get but seen by more people but again it’s your ideal audience is going to be the ones that that resonates with right now at that moment when they come across it so hopefully that makes sense put a one in the chat if this is kind of helpful if it’s useful if you’re getting some value out of this this this this um training this master class on how social media Works in our world and how you need to be engaging with it to grow your business awesome awesome I like seeing ones coming through the chat any questions at all pop them in the chat um obviously rima’s gonna try and uh direct us and if there’s any really pertinent questions um she can bring it to my attention as we move forward so one of the things you want to make sure you’re doing is not hitting the same key every time so what that means is you don’t want all your content to be to be the exact same thing so you don’t always want to be just showing you know if you’ve gone to you know a carpet cleaning Facebook page and all you see is before and after before and after before and after before now that’s you scroll down forever and all it is before and after pictures that’s hitting the same key there’s a point at which the what the hell okay yeah I get it right but

if in the mix of that is customer reviews shared from this source to that Source it’s helpful tips it’s a you know a whole customer story with you know um you know a a project that you’ve done in a you know in a case study if there’s a video of you going hey I want to tell you um if you’ve got this problem or whatever you know like you’ve got a really dirty area um right off your kitchen as you enter the dining room so you got your carbon your dining rooms carpeted um or your rec room family room is carpeted right off the hard floor you’ve got a really dirty area before it it kind of Blends back into looking like what your carpet should you want to know what’s causing that blah blah blah off you go right you know that stuff you know what’s all that’s all about you know what to do to solve that that’s a video right so if you’ve got a mix of all of that content you’re not hitting the same key so would you like to see some examples of what this actually looks like in the real world I’m not sure if you’re gonna be able to hear these um Rima can let us know if uh if the audio is coming through um but here’s an example of some mixes of content right so devron’s really good at this um he’s got some content out there that’s that’s done really really really well um three and four million views on some of it which is insane but you know again don’t expect to that level but um here’s an example of sort of how-to videos and again Rima can give me uh a thumbs up um if uh if if we’re hearing the audio on this one excuse the second here

I’m not actually hearing the audio right now either so maybe there isn’t any at this beginning oh there we go

probably a bit quiet can can you hear that Rima can you give me a one in uh the chat

oh hit pause let me let me see if I can turn the audio up a little bit no maybe not okay

all right

so before and after our how-to video we’re talking about um how soiled it is what you’re going to be doing to do it what type of material it is things like that so this is a little bit longer this is five minutes but yeah there’s

he’s talking about breaking down the dirts and soils and things like that and and emulsification so all of that kind of normal stuff all right and then a little bit speed up here you don’t need to be fancy but this was a good way of you know showing the process you can be a little bit you know slower on one section but you get the idea

and see the difference

so I read a bit of an audio I’ll try to get my computer audio to play through the the webinar thing and it’s not uh it’s not working as I wanted to but um let’s see here so anyway is that the board after you can see how much different is but again that’s a five minute video we can easily see how that could be one to two minutes right just uh how how to care for your upholstery properly right that’d be a how-to video um this is a before and after there is actually no talking on this one but it is like just a whole job build and spell

right so that’s another way to do it just using an app right on your phone take the take the video you know say oh this is going to look really good and just fill the whole process time lapsed

right this is only a minute and a half long all right so going around cleaning the edges then they get their rx20 on the go

right and again this is that example off a hard surface Honda entrance you know things like that this was like huge traffic Lanes not been cleaned obviously in years but look at how well it turned out right good carpet good standard resistant carpet obviously but yeah that’s a that’s a great video that’s the Eraser video where you’re actually erasing the Dirt away and showing people that your funky machine your method whatever method you’re using provides a really good job now this is one way to do a before and after another one is hey hey folks

I’m here you know at one of our clients house Sally’s and you know I want to show you uh um we got this area here and it’s that you know first couple of steps up a flight of stairs and they’re really dirty and the rest of the steps look okay less because this is being used as a doormat blah blah and um we’re gonna go ahead and clean this um shortly and we’re gonna apply our funky pre-sprays and our blah blah blah and we’re just going to show you the kind of results we can get right you might pause your video camera turn that video Stitch them together or just press pause go ahead and clean half the step turn your video back on and go okay so I’ve cleaned about half this step here and you can see the massive difference I’ve used this tool right here in my hand and look at this is what we’re getting out so you don’t have to necessarily do a time lapse you could just do an expose that and then pause again and finish it completely and go okay now we’re all done and this looks amazing I strongly suggest we put a protector on this but you know you get the idea right so those types of videos the before and afters the how to’s the how to take a spot out all of those you know how to get rid of you know what to do when you’ve got a red wine stain what’s the first thing you should do um if it doesn’t come out this way then give us a call again teach your audience um what they should do and they’re going to see you as the authority uh we’re gonna switch over here as well to um a company that actually creates a ton of videos so let me see Mountain rug cleaning they’re out of UK but as you can see for an example they’re running they’re running a channel they’ve got videos every week um they’ve got kind of a different strategy for it but they’re an area of a cleaning company and they’ve got like tons and tons of videos now they’ve had some other videos like two million views 4.8 million views from six months ago things like that um they’re kind of they’re targeting not only their company but the whole um ASMR sort of thing like it’s all about the relaxing sound people can play in the background as well different reason but there is some videos in here as well that have um the owner talking and explaining the process and stuff like that and there’s some shorts and they’re you know all of that kind of stuff so it’s just an example of how many videos you can create totally totally easily just by um turning on the camera when you go to do something right there’s a lot let me see if they’ve got the shorts here these are this so longer videos turned into short videos so again there’s not going to be any talking in this one I don’t believe but you’ll see in the short again short is a tall version see that the way so that would work well on your cell phone right it’s got the audio turned up so you really hear the audio but look at you’re also seeing Oh my gosh that’s a disgusting rug it obviously gotten a flood or something like that but you’re seeing them and their cleaning process and now you’re going to question who are these guys right these these videos can be targeted to local marketplaces and local keywords as well so you get that idea right so really cool videos and this guy’s going after sort of an audio version of the video but um the other examples let’s go to the next view here so there’s a roof for example there’s there’s Roofing videos so we’ve got this right

again a four or five minute video that could be easily repurposed around the web for other content as well but this is an on-the-job video so think of this in carpet cleaning maid service janitorial we’re doing a strip and wax um we’re doing a commercial carpet cleaning job for example so let’s there we go hey guys Gator here with Texas select instruction we’re at first day on our new project First United Methodist Church Garland just wanted to walk around and show you some of the problems they’ve been having here so he’s walking around showing the problems um what the customer so again he’s problem agitate right so you know why that’s a problem he’s gonna be talking about um he’s got the text down here

now he’s agitating the water permeates everything it gets in it’s creating leaks it’s got low spikies again I know nothing about Roofing but he’s taught he’s walking around talking about this job coming up City and the things that he’s gonna have to run into the the way they’re going to be solving it and then the solution um

putting on a roofing system and solving that problem right so another one here how to Consumer education same guy you got a magnet on the side of his truck that’s the number one sign that he is probably a little shady right talking about how to how to spot a shady roofing contractor how to spot a shady carpet cleaner how to you know you know things like that bait and switch you can have those little how to you know the answers to those crab grab a you know get a video up and running this is only a minute and a half long good for almost every

platform and it’s just it’s a how-to consumer education consumer education video on how to shop in your category right and then another example is of a visual um so this is um Andrew Andrew is from master roofing so I kind of just I kind of stuck to the roofing theme on this uh on for these examples here but this is his Instagram so I’m going to show you example of an Instagram video again explaining how to solve a problem a tip and then I’ll show you his channel his whole Instagram Channel he’s a master of this so let me turn the I don’t know

about it is

all leaves off your house so he’s talking about keeping leaves off your house problems that’s that’s not like again he’s at the end of it we’re gonna I’m gonna show you a little bit about a formula he’s going to mention he’s going to have a call to action um but he’s coming across as a local Authority and now if we go to his channel he’s a master at this like he’s if we go to the Instagram Channel look at the feed yes I can hear there we go um you know he’s got he’s got some drone videos again that’s Roofing drone videos but he’s got some you know zooming in on on a problem area he’s got his family a little bit of his family he’s got a charity give back that they’ve done um he’s got team he’s got ones that are just text over top of a video so created a video film some content and then just ran some text over top of it right so doesn’t even have to talk on it on this one this is the four Lessons Learned selling roofs right he’s gonna teach the four lessons so he’s got some video content and then he’s gonna right um the three steps to removing red wine stains properly that’s another one you’ve got some video content don’t always have to be the one talking um there’s some Team videos or images and things like that so posting that mix but it’s there’s a lot of reels a lot of video in that mix right so you can do some static posts things like that but you’re also going to be doing a lot of that video content on the job and how to’s and a little bit of that family little story of how you got in the business things like that as well so just another example so hopefully that makes sense um that’s kind of the point I’m trying to drive home here is that you want to make sure you’ve got that kind of mix of content

so here done look through the actual Doom right so you want to have a monthly plan and the monthly plan just means what types of videos are you doing and we’ve talked about them success story um character story like your Origins what you got a white guy in the business um um teaching on a topic motivation share your favorite Mantra quote whatever um be the expert show a tool that solves a problem do you guys use you know um crbs you um kind of rotate yeah see our yeah kind of crbs um do you guys are you using um Corner guards are you using you know um door genies and things like that talk about you know be the expert talk about that kind of stuff right um you want to teach on a topic so you could have it where every Wednesday as you’re teaching on a topic day if you want to do it five days a week you can have one or two pieces of this video content a week it mixed with all of your other stuff and then it’s just that again that monthly plan one of these could be on that personalization before and after success story could be a post could be um a um uh collage and then a little story of how you got in the business that could be you just grabbing your phone and filming it teaching on a topic again could be you know one of those um create some video put pull the content together a little bit and put text over top of it right there’s lots of apps that make this super super easy as well we’ll talk about that so um again you just want to have that mix so you want to have that monthly plan uh and you want to have it just just kind of running through the same type of content right so character study character study team story you want to talk about your team you know you want to be the expert a bunch of times things like that so you want to create a monthly plan and then you want to have a framework that you can that you that you you don’t you know you can follow but you’re not reading from a script so you can Freewheel a little bit within the framework so this is the framework we recommend is where you start off with a promise right what is this video going to deliver just like um Andrew did in the previous example I want to tell you guys about this here’s right you want to quickly then mention your branding because that’s that first 10 seconds and you want to plant the seed of what you’re going to solve and why like what what why you’re making decision why this comes up what it what what that’s all about and that’s your first 10 seconds is promise branding and usually seed and people hear that and then

move on and they at least see you as the expert they know what you’re talking about and this is sort of a little bit of social proof as well um and then you want to give your tips your training then you want to have your call to action and you want to sign off and all of that can be done within one to three minutes so let’s see an example right here right so here’s an example for typical carpet cleaner on this video I’ll share you I’ll share how to determine the cost of carpet cleaning in kitchen and Waterloo right so on this video I’ll share the how to determine the the cost of carpet cleaning and kitchen Waterloo hi it’s John cleaning here with Mighty cleaning systems this is one of the most common questions we get from homeowners right so there within 10 seconds promise what I’m going to do who I am my branding right away and Company right up front and this is one of the most common questions we get from homeowners um I’d like to help you you know understand so let’s talk about what goes into the cost of a typical cleaning right and now you’re just going to Rattle off the stuff you know the type of carpet cleaning um is there spot cleaning included or is it extra um is there urine involved that’s a that’s an extra cost um you know is there Furniture to move are there area rugs in the area things like that um you know that kind of stuff so you’re gonna all of those things are gonna you know the type of method being used think of the stuff that you know of right so what goes into the typical cost of carpet cleaners in your area that guarantees how long they take is it somebody that’s gonna be in your in your home for like 30 minutes or are they going to be there for a couple of hours and do the job right that kind of thing right so so depending on these different variables you know carpet cleaning in our area typically runs at a range of you know 35 to 75 a room or you know an average three rooms in the hallway from 125 to 250. really depending on you know as protectors included pre-vacuing all of those kinds of things if you’d like to receive a detailed estimate on whole house cleaning carpet cleaning please visit our website at or and schedule a free estimate thanks so much um you know thanks for joining me on this quick video we’ll talk later alright that’s your sign off so that becomes your framework where you know promise in this video I’m going to talk about uh you know the best way to remove red wine stain so that you don’t leave a permanent Mark hey it’s John here from mighty cleaning systems this is a question we get around the holidays all the time you’ve got guest overs there’s spills and stains happening and you just don’t know what to do and you don’t want that embarrassing permanent stain so let’s talk about it well the first what you want to do is act quickly you want to blot up as much of that liquid as possible and then you want to put something down on that to dilute it some people say well put red wine or white wine on red wine well no that’s sticky we don’t suggest that at all but club soda good fizzing carbonated water would be good put it down and put another you know clear the white towel down stand on it absorb up as much as possible right you can just give a few tips like that and if you’d like to if you’ve got a red wine stain or any other stains on your carpet you’d like to receive a detailed estimate um to get those stains taken out you can visit us on our website uh hit us up on social media send us a DM um we’ll get back to you and we’ll schedule a free estimate thanks so much for joining us look forward to talking to you next time right there’s another video you can do dozens of these really easily because now you’ve got a framework and see how easy that is with a framework that you’re just following along right so have that framework and and then you’re gonna you it’s going to be so much easier right so what I want to do as a video exercise so um right we’re gonna we’re gonna be wrapping up here in about the next 10 minutes and what I We’re not gonna have time to record a video right now so you know before you kind of go oh crap I don’t know I’m not going live I’m not coming on I’m not recording a video what I want you to do is actually I want you to pick three topics right what are three topics that you know you can talk about that can just solve a problem we’ve given you a couple of examples type some in the chat if you want um let me know what you’re thinking but three topics that you want um that you know you can talk about quickly and easily right take that framework that topic is going to become basically that fourth slide right you’re gonna do the intro the promise the foresight of the how-to and then the rest of it is just the frame right and then what you’re going to want to do is when you get off this video so write down three topics right away when you get done this training before you go anywhere record your three videos follow that framework record your three videos so let’s go back really quickly take a screen capture of the framework promise branding seed topic call to action and sign off and here’s an example right you can do this one if you want sorry about my yellow squiggles all over the place um

nope apparently erase so take a screen capture of that pause it like on your on your phone if you’re on a smartphone on your computer just capture that use that as your framework plan three questions fill in the blanks and shoot um three videos so three topics three videos two to three minutes each I don’t care if you use a webcam right on your computer right on your laptop smartphone if you’ve got a digital camera don’t overthink it start with either just a webcam or a smartphone just get them recorded don’t critique it don’t think twice about it just just do it and you’ll get a little bit more comfortable about it doesn’t mean you have to post them right away I think you should but at least get them video recorded

and then you know that you’re going to repurpose your content everywhere so we talked about that as well so for example this is our social media feed right here’s a lot of our short tips so um interviews with Jeff Cross been on cleanfax magazines take five things like that those are little Snippets of a longer conversation that’s on Instagram the longer conversations are on YouTube our webinars our podcasts things like that all on you know YouTube in longer form but they’re also in short cut up a little bit and then just just again little this is these are from webinars these are from trainings things like that there’s a little segment that’s only a minute long right so that’s the kind of stuff you want to do you want to you want to just have your channel be a mix of content

and then you’re going to use tools again we want to remove you from the posting process you’re going to use tools like sendable social pilot Sprout social plannable meat Edgar these are all tools that you can get for you know a few bucks a month that allow you to create a posting schedule across multiple platforms so now you can re you know you can take a hundred pieces of content 50 pieces of content 30 pieces of content and just drag and drop them around and reuse them again know that you know you know just because you recorded a how to get red wine stains out now is that you know is that still applicable in six months from now well if you mentioned the holidays it’s good for next year but if you just you know if it’s pet urine stains if it’s whatever now you’ve got content that you can reuse again and again and put back in the mix so you don’t as you make new content it’s going into a library of content it’s not just gone right so think of it that way as well and then you can create that curated content and put that in the mix and together you’ve got a great content plan

so what are the next steps you want to customize your content plan you want to plan it out what are you going to post where’s the content coming from you want to put some time into it you want to think about it um and and create that that good mix of stuff you want to block out time that you will shoot your videos I suggest weekly right so you can do a you know you can do on the job videos if you’re out on the job um you can have your technicians send back before and after pictures and and images and quick little videos and stuff like that teach them how to just grab content without even speaking if you have one of those technicians that really likes to go on camera by all means exploit that but otherwise just get them take pictures you know sound off that you can add again you’ve got a sort of b-roll content that you can add in add in your own text over top of or use in different ways as well but you want to grab a phone and some you as the owner of the business the principal manager of the business you want to Market your business so you want to you want to be able to answer some of those questions even if you’re just sitting at your desk on your webcam or whatever or walking around your van right so you’ve just got a quick little topic you got your little framework and you’re just going to walk around the van so on the you know there’s Motion in the background but you’re holding the selfie stick or the the camera in your hand just press go and record right and you want to set up your syndication so that when you post it here you post it everywhere right so you’re posting on Facebook it also goes to Instagram you you’re using one of those tools that’s going out to your LinkedIn all of those are connected in there and boom your one piece of content is being syndicated everywhere it possibly can be so hopefully that makes sense it’s a it’s actually a very basic three-step plan but with everything we gave you here today with the the Frameworks and the examples and the you know all of that kind of stuff and the recipe it becomes a full strategy that’s going to have your business become more visible and you’re going to have more of those brand Impressions and create more of that Authority and you’re going to stand out where your competitors don’t right so what do we talk about today what have we covered we covered the idea of the social media recipe how to create videos um content

for your social media weekly planning process for posting perfect video framework that’s that’s golden right there I don’t think anybody’s ever shared that with you before something internal that we’ve developed that works really really well based on your normal again problem agitate solve a principle things like that how to take content for maximum reach repurposing content for increased frequency of your post so you’re not constantly having to make new content all the time you’ve got a a a reservoir repertoire of content that you can just pull from and put into your posting calendar so you’re just constantly growing that so from that list what are your takeaways right write them down put them in the chat what are you guys going to do next are you going to start making more content are you going to start creating videos are you going to take that framework and come up with a list of questions and start aiming at that right are you going to start filming more when you’re out on the job right well before more more before and afters things like that don’t over complicate it if you really want to create some of those speed up videos and things like that and you’re not sure you’re not that’s not technically what you do for your own family and your own social media find a teenager who whose it is give them a few bucks and say hey I’ve I’ve captured all this video can you can you help me convert it into something like a little speed up this and that that kind of stuff it’s not going to cost you much at all every kid and every kid who’s on social media knows how to do something like that so you know hire a student um do have go to your local high school um talk to the the co-op director say hey I’ve got a little bit of social medias or somebody I can you know have come in for a few hours a week you know for the next semester things like that and do that have them film you have them hold the camera up and film you as you as you as you do it things like that so it’s not that challenging you want to build that that repertoire of content and you want to kind of get good at just being the go-to person that answers tips and questions and ideas and helpful information and who you are and why you got into this business and your family history and all that kind of stuff um just really really personalizing yourself to the community because that is the conversion content and it all fits into our digital dominance method it’s all part about you know defining your brand building your brand anchors and your voice creating that Authority and creating that visibility so brand Authority and visibility is everything we talk about around the web whether that’s pay-per-click whether it’s SEO whether it’s your website all of them play a role in making you the dominant player in your Marketplace which protects you in case of recessions and downturns in the economy because you’re you’re the dominant the other ones fall away and you’re the one left you a lot of times if you’re the dominant player in the marketplace you end up with more work when the economy slows down because other people end up going out of work and you’re the one collecting all of that you know their phone numbers no longer work their websites are down they’re not getting any interaction and the person comes to you and they see you everywhere because of that so think of it that way um social media is one of those pieces you have to add in you can’t just do one thing we’re in an all any um mindset with uh with marketing nowadays and uh and digital marketing specifically it’s not one thing it’s dominating everywhere increasing and maximizing those opportunities to generate a lead where are all the opportunities well this is one of them on top of all the other ones and then you want to maximize your brand Impressions this is a way to maximize that those first 10 seconds when people hear about you and they come to your Facebook page they hear about you and they they come to any of your social media channels you’re not just it’s not just crickets on your on your on your feed you look like the obvious expert you’ve got videos you’ve got testimonials you’ve got before and afters and they go oh my God this these guys are amazing right and you’ve now stood out from your competition that’s that’s conversions because now you’re maximizing from the brand Impressions you’re maximizing your Authority therefore you’re maximizing your ability to convert that is the role so if you want to talk to us about it you know what’s your next step obviously you can hop on a call with us so we have what we call lead acceleration consultations we break down your entire business we check out all of your marketing you hop onto a 15-minute call with Rima um and she she gets all the background information on your company and it goes to our research team the same team that does the research and the work for all of our clients every single week it goes to those those members of our team we break down what we see missing what you’re doing well what your competitors are doing better than you where you fit into that dominance and Authority structure in your local Marketplace and how to go from where you are to where you need to be and then that is created generates a report and then you and I meet on a call to go step by step and create a plan on how to go from

where you are to where you need to be and we create all that and that’s a thousand dollars worth of Consulting and marketing advice and and tools and and budgeting advice and all that kind of stuff and resources and and everything worksheets all that kind of stuff absolutely free for a select group of people so we do it for a limited time we only do it very select you you all you have to do is contact us um any of our social media platforms DM us go to our website there’s chat there with Rima um give us a call leave a message anything like that and say that you’re looking for your lead flow acceleration or you’d like a consultation you’d like to chat you’d like us to look at your social media you like this look at your web presence um you’d like to see if your current pay-per-click provider your current Facebook ad provider is actually doing a good job or not do you have a mix of multiple marketing um and uh yeah you can go to uh if you want to schedule that session right now carpet cleaner schedule and you can again hop on that calendar and then Remo will reach out to you and before that before that meeting we’re going to get all that information from you run all of our reports do all of our Deep dive do a whole bunch of research for you and that’s all free to you if you qualify and qualifying means that you’re actually running a business um and your your service business that that uh that we can help out that that we’ve got the ability to give you that advice on right so we are specifically in the cleaning industry I’ve run cleaning businesses as you know for 30 years um can we help other service business providers sure we could but we know cleaning inside and out we know what your customers want we know what the buzzwords are we know what the keywords are we know what the competitors are doing and not doing we know what the franchise networks are doing and not doing we know how to get you ahead of the competition and we know how to give you that step-by-step plan so that’s what we want to do and if that makes sense to you guys by all means and schedule one of those and otherwise let us know what you thought of this webinar this is uh again we do this training for free we help out the industry so that so that you guys can get the most value and be able to run your business successfully make it easier to run the business and grow your business so that you’re not just repeating the same thing year after year you’re locking and loading new strategies new ways to generate clients new ways to generate leads new ways to generate your Authority and you’re building over time that you just become a snowball running downhill an Unstoppable momentum machine and to do that you need to be learning new strategies all the time from books webinars podcasts all of those places and you need to be picking a couple of those and putting them in place locking them into a system getting them off your plate and going on to the next making them super easy to use and that’s what we do we build systems we help out where we can and we provide the training that helps the industry move forward and the big players in the industry the key players whether you’re a one truck or a 10 truck operation we’re here to help you grow your business with lots of free training and lots of other stuff that we can help you with as well so anyways hopefully that was valuable hope you enjoyed this webinar like subscribe to all of our stuff so you don’t miss anything in the future and we look forward to seeing you next time take care everybody

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